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No sisterly thread? Let's change that. Can Sisters of battle fall out of Emperor's grace, in a way similar to dnd paladins? And if they sin, is there other way to repent, then joining the Repentia?

Also, if you want to roll an order, dice+1d10 goes to email field.

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I approve of this action.

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What numbers are for each ordo?

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in the creation tables
Order Militant majority 1-5
Order Hospitaller 6
Order Dialogus 7
Order Famulous 8
Minor Orders 9-10 - let's split them, 9 for Sabine, 10 for Pronatus

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Rolled 8

Ah cheers. Where are these creation tables?

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battle sisters have orders, not ordos

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Order Famulous then, diplomats, advisers and chamberlains who have an excellent knowledge of Imperial blood lines and act well when disputes form on worlds over ruler-ship.

All Minor Orders originate from one of the six Major Orders. Which is your Order derived from? 1d10


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yes, there is another way to repent, when they haven't been acting like big girls, they have to wear exposed diapers as their sentence.

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Yeah, sorry. I'm just used to writing about the Inquisition.

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thanks, I'll implement this in our game for sure

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Rolled 4

I have no idea what I'm doing but OK!

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Argent Shroud it is. Cools.

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Order of the Ebon Chalice - the vanilla Order. These Sisters haven't changed a whole lot since they were first created, preferring to stick to their tried and tested methods.

No Order is created without purpose, what is yours?

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That table really doesn't make sense. The rest of the rolls in that article are all for militant Orders. It seems weird to have non-militants in there.

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nope, I am sorry for confusion, but I don't like the six-sided die, so I recalculate it for 1d10... but it might be Argent Shroud, they're cool and it's not like my party will know

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When will the Sisters of Battle stop getting their asses handed to them every time they fight?
They have a cool concept, but their lore reads like someone just wants to spite them
Fucking killed by the Grey Knights, Seriously?
Will the lore ever stop raping them?

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Rolled 10


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Rolled 4

Well let's see.

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Rolled 1

Alright, I don't mind.

Rolling for purpose.

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never thought about this, but it makes sense - though weren't all orders militant at first and the non-militants split latter? not really knowledgeable in the 40k, just poor foreverGM thrown into the universe

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Rolled 8

To fuck bitches, hopefully.

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Crusade - "We need people running around and hitting the Imperium's enemies. Found an Order!"
hitting enemies amongst the diplomats and nobles? not sure how it would work

None save the Emperor are perfect, Where is your Order found wanting? 1d10

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Rolled 8

Being too attractive?

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Rolled 7

We're too damn sexy, being sweet-talkers and such.

Rolling for flaw.

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What we do is examine imperial bloodlines for evidence of TRAITORS AND HERESY! Then we PURGE THOSE LINES TO THE MAN!

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An Eye of an Eye


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An Eye for an Eye - The Order refuses to use the tactics of cowards and will sacrifice every soldier before retreating.
since when has been "never give up" a flaw?

what's our Order Demeanour? 1d10

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Rolled 6


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Rolled 9

Rolling for demeanour.

Personally hoping for a 9 or 6.

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well, you got what you wanted

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You said it, sister.

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See, But Don't Be Seen - Stay sensible, stay alive.

Each Order has a Saint to whom the sisters look to for guidance Who is ours? 1d100

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Rolled 74

I'm a happy, stealthy sister.


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Rolled 81


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Rolled 59

Lets get something cool

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Celestian Commander (in Order Famulous?), that is famous for ... what legendary deed? 1d100

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Rolled 87

Gimme a 99

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Oh don't listen to the 1d4chan article. The Sisters get treated okay in the lore, there's plenty of stories of them kicking ass. They're just less known than stories like the Bloodtide, which provoked a lot hubbub.

Nah, when they were on San Leor, before Goge found them, they studied not-combat stuff too.

See, in a minute, we'll start rolling favoured combat tactics and such for our Famulous Order, and they don't do comat. Nor would they be descended from Ebon Shroud, a militant Order.

I guess the person who wrote this originally slipped up a bit on this detail. I think it'd be best to change it, but I know that some people here have a lit of fun rolling up non-Militants too. Maybe they could get se of their own tables to roll on?

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Lives still and may one day return to them in glory. ... that's quite an achievement

What is the formal designation of your Order's homeworld? 1d100

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Rolled 14


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The table is flawed since it includes non-combat Orders in generation but treats them as combat Orders for the rest of the table. I agree a separate noncombat Order generator should be made.

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Hive world, could be worse, I guess?

What sort of terrain is your Homeworld made of? 1d100

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Rolled 50

Ice please!

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Rolled 11

Lets get 81 to be redundant

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Rolled 31


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>What sort of terrain is your Homeworld made of?
In before urban.

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God damn it.

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A desert is fine too.

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>Crusade - "We need people running around and hitting the Imperium's enemies. Found an Order!"
>hitting enemies amongst the diplomats and nobles? not sure how it would work
Maybe the order is trying to push for more crusades ? Setting disputes to unite imperial forces, advice for invading new worlds, raising young nobles for military command and such...

>Oh don't listen to the 1d4chan article. The Sisters get treated okay in the lore, there's plenty of stories of them kicking ass. They're just less known than stories like the Bloodtide, which provoked a lot hubbub.
Well, to be honest they still get wrecked more often than other, because of their martyr theme.

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Desert... but hey, there are polar deserts too, though I wouldn't mind having Alibaba themed Hive in my game

How does your Order rule your Homeworld? 1d10

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Rolled 8

I really want a nosy, powerful Order. Just to go against the trend

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Its actually a dessert world, but was labels wrong and we are stuck there after appropriately filing the forms to get it re-listed.

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I think a 3-6 would be the most suiting to our roles as Famulus.

I think I'm out of Sister pics.

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How about a seperate section on the same article? You could do an initial roll to determine your Order's function (or just pick one) and then proceed to the appropriate section.

But I dunno, do non-militants have enough meat to get their own individual sections? I suppose you could have specialisations for each, like a specific area of study for Dialogus Orders or legendary healers for Hospitallers, but I'm not sure there's as much to work with as there is with Militant Orders. Famulous Orders could be fun, though. They could be geared towards political intrigue. Pronatus could also be fun, since they're sort of like Tomb Raiders.

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Rolled 2

>>Well I rolled a fucking 8

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No Involvement- "Our sacred maidens shall not be political tools"
... seriously, See, But Don't Be Seen, Fabulous and you refuse to get involved?

How is your Order organized? 1d10

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Rolled 9

Our order is fucking terrible.

>> No.28900197

Rolled 3

It's organised by people too scared to fight. For the Emperor's sake...

I'm hoping for a unique organization.

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If by terrible you mean THE BEST ORDER EVER!

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>Shock and Awe

>> No.28900221

That's the next role to decide how we engage. I'm hoping for either stealth or terror.

>> No.28900223

Oh wait, I was looking at the wrong table

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Radically Different
and it's, I am almost decided to little improve them and turn them into Bene Gesserit in an oriental themed hive

If we have to fight, how do we engage the enemy? 1d10

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Rolled 7

This is Awful.

>> No.28900238

Rolled 4

We don't.

>> No.28900243

Rolled 3

>If we have to fight, how do we engage the enemy? 1d10

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Rolled 9


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awfully close air support!

What form do the Orders' beliefs take? 1d10

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Rolled 2

>Walking down the street

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We don't qualify for special equipment?

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nope, I think it's only for the uniquely organized?

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I kinda see them as drones, killing heretical imperial families.

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Will we use my role here>>28900281
Or will we roll again?

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Divergent or Unique. We're Divergent

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Rolled 8

Probably like 'fucking shit our pants' or something

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Divergent only shows up twice on the page, I think they meant radically different or unique.

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oh, okay then,
Personal Charm: This Order has strong beliefs in the icons of either the Emperor or their Saint. A Battle-Sister from this Order would never be caught without such an icon on their person. Example: Order Sigils on a necklace, Fluer-de-lis tattooed under the right eye.

that could work

Faith Over Steel - "Let steadfast faith replace this corroded iron!"
Words, not swords! works too

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now, how many sisters are in our Order? 1d10

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Rolled 8

The Sisters of Pacifism.
The Mighty Pen.
Heart of Peace.

Rolling for numbers

>> No.28900395

Rolled 5

How many bitches do we have for our pimpchapel

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nominal, we have many sisters to sacrifice

Who are our Allies? 1d100

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Rolled 72


>> No.28900448

Rolled 47

Give me a 99!

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Imperial Guardsmen from a specific world are our best buddies. But our tables don't say what world.

And our worst enemies? maybe the reason why we try to organize the crusade? 1d100

>> No.28900480

Rolled 2


>> No.28900495

Rolled 85

Rolling on the Allies table

>> No.28900500


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guess we will roll again, Space Marines >>28900448 aren't our friends, but they still might be our enemies
roll 1d100

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ough, inquisition? no shooting then, this game will be purely political with lots of backstabbing
I actually like how they turned out, Sisters as an opponent to the party?

>> No.28900557

Rolled 97


>> No.28900574

>no shooting then
Well, better not, considering their close air support doctrine.

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The order of the Mighty Pen. >>28900393
Order Famulous
origins: Order of the Ebon Chalice
purpose: Crusade - "We need people running around and hitting the Imperium's enemies. Found an Order!"
Flaw: An Eye for an Eye - The Order refuses to use the tactics of cowards and will sacrifice every soldier before retreating.
Demeanour: See, But Don't Be Seen - Stay sensible, stay alive.
Saint: Celestian Commander, who lives still and may one day return to them in glory
Homeworld: Desert hive, we are not involvement in ruling it - "Our sacred maidens shall not be political tools" (officially)
Combat doctrine: Close Air Support
Special equipment: Personal Charm: This Order has strong beliefs in the icons of either the Emperor or their Saint. A Battle-Sister from this Order would never be caught without such an icon on their person. Example: Order Sigils on a necklace, Fluer-de-lis tattooed under the right eye.
Our belief: Faith Over Steel - "Let steadfast faith replace this corroded iron!"
Nominal strength
Allies: Imperial Guardsmen
Enemies: the Inquisition

thank you for those minor villains, going to drop the rest of my sister folder

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>> No.28900800

Do you want to roll another one, or do we want to fluff out the Order of the Obsidian Mirror?

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>Order of the Obsidian Mirror
now those are cool sisters

I've always wondered, what would the Imperial cult think of "Mesoamerican/Aztec" worshippers that offered the SunEmperor bloody sacrifices and hearts? Would they try to convert and civilize them, or would they be perceived as cultists?

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>> No.28900957

Is she going Heretic or is Emprah touching her?

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>> No.28900997

See them as cultists I guess. To bloody and not-ecclesiarchical to be permitted

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>Can Sisters of battle fall out of Emperor's grace, in a way similar to dnd paladins?
Not every game has to devolve into your magical realm fetishes.

>> No.28901027

Rolled 66

I think they would chalk it up to a more primitive version of the Imperial creed. The Imperial religion varies a lot from world to world and it would probably be tolerated on a Feral world as long as they were thinking about the Emperor when they did it.

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no, if her Father touched her, she'd have dreamy expression, she's just going crazy from seeing too many things with too many sticky tentacles

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I like mermaids and nobody want to play underwater adventures with me, but paladins are fine too - whatever floats your boat. To me the sister in Inquisitors handbook seems a little too strong career to not have any drawbacks, at least in the form of in vows/oaths that the character has to follow. And I am little worried that the game might turn into "purge first and ask questions later, the Emperor will know if he was ours or not".

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My local store is doing an escalation league, so we had our first tournament (650 points) on Saturday. Since I just started a Sisters army, I took them and had a great time.

Canoness, Rosarius, Blade of Admonition
10-woman Sisters squad, VSS, 2x meltaguns, Simulacrum
10-woman Sisters squad, VSS, 2x flamers, Simulacrum
5-woman Seraphim squad, 2x paired Hand Flamers
Exorcist, Laud Hailers

First round, versus Dark Eldar. I won the die roll, went first, and the Exorcist popped a darklance Raider full of Wyches, and killed 6 of the 10 with the transport-explosion damage. Sisters squads moved up, and glanced the second raider to death during 2nd turn. The dudes that popped out got 4 hand flamer templates dropped on them by the Seraphim, and then got charged and wiped out. The last unit of Kabalites shot down the 5 seraphim, but then died in a hail of righteous bolter fire. Almost-flawless victory.

Second round, versus Black Templars. Hammer-and-anvil deployment, so it was a bit weird. A dreadnought podded in and nuked my Exorcist with a multimelta, and my melta squad was vastly out of position to deal with both the podded dread and the asscannon Ven Dread that was advancing up the table, so I got ripped apart by things that I couldn't damage (except with Krak grenades, and then only on a 6). On the upside, I figured out that I can roll 6++ saves like a motherfucker. 1 surviving Seraphim tanked a powersword captain (5 attacks on the charge) AND a powerfist sergeant (4 attacks) and didn't fail a single 6++ (granted, Angelic Visage for rerolls). Got tabled though, and only managed to kill 2 tac marines the whole battle.

Third round, versus Bugs. Player didn't show back up from lunch, TO gave me a draw. Ended up getting 4th place out of 8. Not too shabby for my first games with my Sisters.

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i'm playing Sisters at my local club; beaten Dark Eldar (twice), Tournament Mureen / WolfWolf army, Black Templars, Tyranids and drew against Deathwing and Iron Hands

Canoness 120
Rosarius, ophelia, power maul

Sisters 157
+1 (6), heavy flamer, flamer, similcrum, immolator

Sisters 157
+1 (6), heavy flamer, flamer, similcrum immolator

Sisters 157
+1 (6), heavy flamer, flamer, similcrum immolator

Repentia 191
+4 (9), Rhino, extra armour

Seraphim 150
+5 (10)

Dominion 174
+3 (8), 3x Storm Bolter, Power Maul, Rhino

Exorcist 130
storm bolter

Exorcist 130
storm bolter

Exorcist 130
storm bolter

>pic related
it's the Objective marker made for me by a friend at the club
it moves 'cause it vibrates!

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too slaaneshy for me

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is it stated anywhere Sororitas are celibate?

>> No.28903626


I don't use Inquisitors Handbook Sisters, too Sueish on the stat/ability front. I've been running a Blood of Martyrs Sister into Ascension and it's been a total blast.

>> No.28903646

not all orders are
some even have children, one specific order mass produces quality waifus to marry for political influence and heresy surveillance

>> No.28904516

A Famulous Order who have no involvement in their planet's politics, eh? Sounds like a lazy Order to me.

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the creation table definitely needs an update to version 2.0

>> No.28904758

Agreed. Let's see if we can't get the ball rolling on that, shall we?

We could just remove the non-militants altogether, would easily solve the problem. But do people quite like them being on there? If so, I guess we could try to make them their own tables. As long as we do change it, because it's broken at the moment.

>> No.28904830

I'd keep the non-militants, they give sisterhood different flavour than just "purge it with fire" and are pretty important for the Imperium. But I am not sure if there is any fluff for their orders (Eternal Candle, Cleansing Water etc.)

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Is it wrong that I'm upset with that fact that a majority of artists make them all White-haired, when it's only one group of bolter bitches that have the white hair?

>> No.28904977

>But I am not sure if there is any fluff for their orders
That might not matter, we just need to know the basics of them. Famulous Orders use political machinations to keep nobles in line, so we could have rolls about how they operate politically, maybe prefering threats or open dialogue to achieve their ends? Suff like that.

>> No.28908567


Could be that they're GRU to Obsidian's KGB. Since famalous is all dealing with nobles, perhaps they keep very, very deep cover and then, when the time comes, denounce the heretic to their face and whisk them away in their planes.

And yeah, I'd love some more stuff for Obsidian Mirror. I think there was a really cool story that was lost when the 3rd thread saged?

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