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Would the Indricotherium species make for cool mounts, /tg/, or is it too tryhard?

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There was a thread a few weeks ago about how palaeontology is the best monster book. It also has the advantage of shutting up player whiners.
>hurr that's gay that couldn't have existed in DnD let alone here
>yes it did and here's fossil evidence

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It's like a faster, flimsier, dumber elephant, isn't it?

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why not Phorusrhacids?
They're pretty badass

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Mostly it's twice the size. Could be interesting to have a civilization taming them. The logistics necessary to feed them would be interesting, to say the least.

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The same reason our ancestors decided to ride horses and not dire wolves - carnivorous mounts are a terrible idea, especially if you want to move beyond scattered nomadic life.

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They'd make for great draft beasts.
Imagine the merchandise you could shift with one of those.
Any bandits that tied to attack would have to seriously consider the consequences of scaring is, you can't rob a cart that's been smashed to pieces, and you can't rob a cart when the animal accidentally crushes your face in.

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Using animals that actually existed in settings is fine. Seriously, you're playing in a fantastical setting, using real things based off real animals shouldn't be frowned upon at all.

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Call it a rhinophant or horsezilla or something. Most fantasy characters are illiterate peasants, after all, and that Latin name is a mouthful.

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The great problem would be how much workload they can bare vs. how much feed they require. Also how many young do they have and how long is the gestation time which are both huge when it comes to domestication.
The cheetah for example is a great hunter and from what I understand pretty easy to train because they are quite clever and not as territorially aggressive but the tendency not to breed i captivity makes them pretty shitty companion animals as compared to dogs.
Elephants and horses are pretty much the same, and I'd wager it would be the same with this thing.

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This happens a lot. People get stuck on ideas and then overdevelop them to the point of enter my magical realm because they lose sight of the big picture. Tell a story, don't hold a lecture.

Have Indricotherium mounts. Just don't call them that. And don't get lost in biological reason or historical accuracy. You want a big ass dinosaur mount - have a big ass dinosaur mount. But don't use it to shoehorn in your 11th grade paleontology because nobody cares.

In this spirit: Big ass dinosaur mount pics?

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Speaking of mounts, how about these guys as a playable race?

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I had a culture of peeps riding those big birdies

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That seems prudent.

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Their skin is actually very sensitive, so no "armored beast", anons.

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Bird-riders are not as heavily armed as foot soldiers because birds generally dont handle a lot of extra weight well (I think. I am not a bird-doctor).
And They have to steal eggs from wild birds and train the mount from the time it is born. They tried to domesticate them, but that eventually made the birds smaller and fatter and not very good for tearing heads off.

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i like the idea

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In fact, they ended up with a lot of tiny little fat birds that ate too much. So they had to put them all down, but the clergy got pissed because APPARENTLY extinction is HARAM.
So they graciously re-introduced the new breed into the wild.
By which I mean released them into the wheat fields of the enemy nation next door.

But I am waaaay off topic now! I'll post some cool pre-historic mounts next

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Thanks, man.

Now ride this thing!
Soldiers in front of you? Just TRIP em up!

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No, not at all. Do go on, best storytiem all day!

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finally you can ride rabbits!

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Oh it's not really any more than that. I have not built this bird-culture any more than that yet.

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fund it!

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military purpose of this creature?

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Hide behind it while approaching a wall

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Living turtle formation and battering ram.

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Wait a second... that style looks familiar

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god i love those beasts

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Fuck it!

Let's build one.

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There's this series of Books by Julian May called the Saga of Pliocene Exile series. Chalicotheriums are used as Mounts by the Alien Elves. pretty cool series. they also use Bear-Dogs for hunting... well, people.

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Stick cannons on its sides. Bam, instant living tank.

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Befriend the Ogres?

Sure, they seem smart, but everyone knows they'll just club you over the head and smash your bones against the floor.

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>on ground

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Ever heard of "ships of the desert"? or "landships"?

Same thing. That's a leviathan of the ground.

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That's the series name, faggot.

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Ey dude, did you do the Hippo Riders yet? I want to see them!

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These didn't exist. No way they did.

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"Leviathan" has had many somewhat related meanings, although mostly it's just ominous and big.

From the biblical sea monster over Hobbes' symbol for the delegation of power in a civilized society to Westerfeld's novels and the blimp whales therein, so your agitation seems unjustified.

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I believe they're from a "what if" future evolution book. Along with the rabbit-deer.

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"After Man" by Dougal Dixon. Good stuff.

The Indricotherium was used in The Fantasy Trip as a mount for giants, though they just called it an Indri.

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That series didn't depict the Chalico quite that upright, though. The Hunt would be a lot creepier if they had.

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Actually he's right and you're overthinking it. It's from a series called Leviathan (hence the filename) where the titular creature is a huge goddamn whale-based thing.

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He should be in charge of tactics or logistics. He looks like a very educated glyptodon. He's just pretending to seem innocent and hapless, his smilodon pals are actually hiding behind him. When the 'sapes try and take him down? He'll turn to the side and WHAM, they won't know what hit 'em.

I salute you, commander glyptodon!

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Just say it's armored anyway. It's fantasy! Fuck it!

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>Fuck it!
No. That gets you half-Indri, and no one wants to see that.

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>Would the Indricotherium species make for cool mounts, /tg/, or is it too tryhard?

Already using them.
No body see's any issue with them, it's a "fantasy setting" after all. I've had people be more object to monsters and animal people, but no one bats an eye at all the extinct creatures roaming around: Mammoths, Mastodons, Terror Birds, Dire everything, and a few dinosaurs. No one questions it, it's honestly funny.

They're used as pack and herd animals and kept for their meat, bones, hide, and milk: which are all just as thick and tough as you'd think they would be. They're not really used as mounts though since they're so wide and gigantic it's kind of impractical, but they make fantastic mounts for carrying and carting supplies during War times given their thick, thick, hides are much more reliant than an Elephants or mastodons. The hard part though is that they're even more difficult to train as war animals than elephants or horses since they have a natural aversion to stepping on things since they despise the feeling of squishy bodies underneath their feet.

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more like the unholy ofspring of a rhino and a giraffe.

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>witty joke about humans being the living incarnation of war
I'll let you decide if it was "humanity: fuck yeah!" or a scathing condemnation.

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>so let's flip it over and jab it with these pointed sticks
>brilliant! promotions and monster steaks for everyone when we get back to camp!

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Which makes all that rage on the WotC boards years ago about how dinosaurs don't belong in D&D that much funnier. They've been in D&D since brown box, kids.

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For those wondering, the terrestrial analog to the Leviathon is the Behemoth.

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These creatures are a main source of entertainment in Turning Point. Let me give you some snippets from one of the bedouin characters run by my Australian friend.

>Be Earthfooter from 'Northern Indrikki' Tribe
>Paint body with blue markings.
>Go on a hunt for some giant dodo birds in wilderness.
>Due to weirdness of dice and the GM operating on rule of cool 100% of the time, end up in a fight with dodo birds and being kicked so hard get sent flying.
PC's player screams "BLUE INDRIKKI GIVES YOU WINGS!" as his character goes flying.

We had to stop the session there because we were laughing so hard.

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Anyone outside of a scholar in-universe would just call it a 'dire [thing]' anyway...

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Way too big.

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Already done, sort of.

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had too much work. But I got the idea now! I know what they'll look like

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I've always been a fan of giving them mythological names.

The Indricotherium could be a Catoblepas.

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dire wolves were not big enough to be mounted anyways, only the fantasy versions come close

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just made those up, seriously, is like asking the king why all the royal guard elite is made up by lvl 3 fighters with no magical weapons at all

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Huzzah! For Keith's art, it's what made me pick up the book in the first place.

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