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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and what not if you're hesitant. I hear Lewd's just giving them out.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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Master smut list:

/a/'s Monstergirl Fic collection: http://pastebin.com/mZEhPMMW

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> I actually worry that Lelith's stuff is lacking in the usual "roughness" we see around DEldar.
Thats the main reason why I enjoy it...

Just reposting in the new thread incase GEoM misses the last
>that was awesome, any chance of continuing it seeing the day after and how the interrogation continues after she regains her senses?

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Same here- any dolt could just go through the classic S and M motions and follow a stereotype as old as the Dark Eldar themselves, but it takes real skill and guts to not only show one secretly breaking from the norm, but doing so in a way that still remains true to how they would act in normal circumstances. (Gotta love Lelith's tendency to start stammering whenever she gives into the temptation to just let go and get intimate- it shows that she's just as awkward about it as he is, if not even more so.)

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hey guys. tell me if this sounds interesting.
im currently writting a story about a man receving an 'artifcial woman', that would basically scan his mind to turn into his perfect mate.
now i plan to make this a known thing in the world, to the point where there are resistence groups attemping to stop this from spreading. be it due to religious fervor, or moral highgrounds.
of course it will be filled with sexy times. mostly consensual love. but with some dark passing as well

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Tumblr feminism as BBEG. It prevents it from going too grimdark because most of them would calm right down with a good dicking.

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what i have in mind is much darker lel.
that was not intentional. i assure you.
>captcga speculations gaymong
not now captcha...

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Don't get me wrong, this idea intrigues me

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that... frightens me.
the mates personaility woukd be tailored to their 'owners' disposition.
so they wont alwaya be gentle and kind. hell ive been toying with the idea of introducing one mate that would be a dom...

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I am sure I missed something in proofreading:


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From the other thread

Yeah, but I was writing at pretty much 3-5 am so as long as the content was good.

Like I said, if you felt bad after reading it, mission accomplished

possibly, though the rest of it would kinda be bland

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Its like you are describing a sub plot to the Aeric and Dalia story I have...

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>possibly, though the rest of it would kinda be bland
I'm a fan of vanilla cuddles and hand holding, bland is my fetish

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>rest of it would kinda be bland
thats fine, as it is I feel like the DEldar on the table, anticipating so much and not getting anything

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Lewd's going to be pleased to see that you included the "shining spear-crouching scorpion".

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I always knew Tumble was evil.

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A few things, but I think I cleaned most of them up.

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Obligatory pic. Casanova himself said that oysters could be quite the aphrodisiac, and the unique talents of the cook do quite an impressive job of emphasizing that.

Also, the mental image of Lelith going full spaghetti-dropping mode is both hilarious and hot as all hell.

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I almost left in the joke about how her breath was uneven too.


I fixed it further. Will commit seppuku if there's something else.

She drops more in 12/13. Both of which are coming out today along with an epilogue

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>Both of which are coming out today
oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy


ELH you're a gentleman and a scholar, keep being awesome, and lewd.

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I knew that I should have waited a little longer to fap. Oh well- a little chafing won't hurt anybody.

I get the feeling that the inquisitor who "gave" Avitus to Lelith would probably explode from jealousy if he knew anything about what his acolyte has been doing with his "beloved Hesperax".

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>No DOOM: Repercussions of Smut added to master list


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What, the greentext from yesterday? I'll fix that right now.

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No, not the ND shit
The actual Repercussions of Evil variant

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You mean this one?

>ELH waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were anons in the thread. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to pastebin organiser were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. ELH was a smut writer for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the threads and he said to dad "I want to write in the threads daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE REQUEST BY ANONS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the thread base of the /tg/ he knew there were anons.
"This is pastebin organiser" the radio crackered. "You must write smut for anons!"
So ELH gotted his keyboard and wroted the smut.
"HE GOING TO WRITE SMUT FOR US" said the anons
"I will draw at him" said the lewdanon and he fired the lewd drawing. ELH wroted at him and tried to get drawings. But then the thread fell off the board and they were trapped and not able to write.
"No! I must write for the anons" he shouted
The radio said "No, ELH. You are the anons"
And then ELH was a namefag.

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There we go

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Does anyone have the /ss/ x Sister of Battle piss stuff from last thread?

because i wrote that but i forgot to save it

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archive foolz tg and search smut thread

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I am disappoint all that there hasn't been more requests/ideas for the glory of the smut throne.

Now when I deliver some horrifying post-apocalypse filled with my perverse and deviant fetishes like romantic cuddling and missionary sex next week, you'll have noone to blame but yourselves! Mwuhahahahaha!

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dats my fetish

>you'll have noone to blame but yourselves!
also my fetish

again, also my fetish

You have played into my hands perfectly

also my fetish

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If you really insist, I've got a crazy idea knocking around my head. This would be set in the Firefly 'verse. Picture is only related to elf babes.

We already know from the very first episode of the series that the Alliance is capable of imprinting things on a molecular level. We know from River's plot arc that the Alliance is also willing and able to tinker with humanity to make them "better." The outer rim planets are dangerously imbalanced sausage fests, and the Alliance wants a reliable source of income since those pesky bastards don't pay taxes.

Enter genetically engineered elf waifus from that other thread. Now the Alliance, like any good cartel, isn't going to let something as rare and valuable as a vat-grown perfect woman depreciate and mutate through free breeding. Their solution was simple: they embedded one of their molecular markers all over the DNA of the elves, like a yellow star you can never remove. Any child shows that marker, and they're taken away and never heard from again. On the inner worlds, this is enough to scare people into compliance. Out on the rim though, the elves are nearly the only women willing to live in such shitty backwaters with the type of man willing to live there, and genetic scanners are rarer than artifacts from Earth-That-Was.

Your ERP mission, should you choose to accept it, begins when an Alliance cruiser drops into orbit over one of these icy half-terraformed border planets about thirty years after the first shipment of elves, and about twenty five years since this planet has had to worry about the Alliance checking for pointy ears and flagged DNA. He is an Alliance officer sent to hunt down rogue half-elves on a planet full of them. She is a half-elf farmgirl that hates everything he stands for. They end up in bed and I'll leave it to you how and why.

Godspeed, writefag.

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Now this Anon knows how to get my attention. 3 paragraphs of detail, a well-known sci-fi verse that hasnt been smut-mined to death, and elf waifus.

Two by two, balls that are blue. Mission accepted.

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What do you think about callidus, smut-thread?

>> No.28878954

Yes, please. Writing or requesting?

>> No.28878959

they're shit and they've been done hundreds of time

>> No.28878978

sigh is a word, not an onomatopoeia, only massive autists from TVTropes say "sigh" when they sigh.

>> No.28879056

And only even more massive autists sperg out over dialogue in a tangentially related Macha smut comic. Less neckbeard, more pubes.

>> No.28879095

Just a fun little sketch before I go to church, will upload to imgur later. Should I bother colouring it or move on to something else?

>> No.28879130

Mmm, up to you artfriend. Since its an SoB I'd say its probably not worth the effort of colouring in, since shes mostly nude and will have white hair anyway. But I'm a sucker for really good, clean lineart so maybe im biased.

>> No.28879205

It's cute, nice work, man! Move on for more practice.

Looks like pelvis is missed and because of this legs look disproportionately short.

>> No.28879233

Do SoBs have to have white hair? I see it a lot in the official and unofficial art, but I'm just curious as to why. Is there any reason why they can't be blonde/brunette/redhead?

>> No.28879246

I hear ya, I'll get on some other stuff when I come back. And yeah, as soon as I finished the pic, zoomed out and saw the pelvis (or lack of one), I was like "Fuuuuuuuck".

>> No.28879257

It's a stylistic choice. It just looks good. I think with white-armoured SoB black hair may be more common.

>> No.28879258

I think its something to do with purity for the Emperor or some such b/s. I remember older edition SoBs sometimes had black hair depending on their Order/rank, but I can honestly say I've never seen any SoBs who had any other colour hair.

>> No.28879433

Thanks. I'm working on a long smut(ish) story about a group of acolytes and I wanted to add a Sister to the group. For my story I'm going to say that she bleaches her hair while in the convent, but as an inquisitorial acolyte she returns to her natural hair colour.

>> No.28879436

>I'll leave it to you how and why.
Oh no you don't, you get back here and write delicious sci-fi half elf smut

>> No.28879450

No one has white.

>> No.28879482

I tnk its seen as something of a show of piety and zealousness, you see all the brand new SoBs with black hair and the veterans with streaks of white, and then you have the cannonesses and living saints with nothing but shining white hair

>> No.28879540

I wrote that as a challenge for JustAnotherWritefag. I haven't had sex since 2007 myself so I probably wouldn't be any good at writing it. probably a half step above spurdo tier BENIS IN BAGINA :DDDDDD trolling

>> No.28879544

I added some more stuff into the master list by request. Mostly /a/ stuff with minimal relevance to /tg/, but who am I to refuse new smut?

(In unrelated news, the contact e-mail address is being changed due to circumstances beyond my control- the old one's deactivated, so don't bother with it.)

>> No.28879608

Thank you for care of smut thread!

>> No.28879609

well it seems he has taken up the challenge, so good work on that

>> No.28879653

> since 2007
How it's going, man?

>> No.28879655

You see that's what I found confusing. They either have pure white hair or black hair with that exact same bowl-cut that I actually despise. Anyway, thanks for the info guys, I'll churn this over and see what comes up in the story.

>> No.28879694

I was really, horribly depressed and/or living in my dad's basement for most of that time so there wasn't much I could realistically do. Now that I'm ready I just have no idea how to go about finding a willing woman.

>> No.28879750

>since 2007

Lucky you. At this rate I'll end up becoming a wizard in no time.

>> No.28879764

Hit the gym, find a hobby that requires you to leave the house and stop thinking about girls as potential sex dolls and more as complex individuals that you should get to know and understand a little.

There's a girl out there for you, anon. You just have to put the effort in to find her.

Sorry for the generic advice, but it will help if you take it seriously.

>> No.28879836

Obligatory transparency.

>> No.28880105

> No Exalted or Shadowrun
Why no smut in settings custom made for smut?

>> No.28880174

FATAL incoming. Start rolling for that circumference.

>> No.28880389

I think Edinbro had a Shadowrun-like story he was working on a long while back, but it's pretty far in his backlog now. Plus, most of the writers here simply don't really know those settings well enough to write smut for them. It's not a problem with the settings themselves so much as the fact that they appeal to a smaller number of fa/tg/uys (and in extension a smaller number of writefags) than mainstays such as 40k and DnD.

>> No.28880411

How faithful to Shadowrun was the 360 game? I only ever played that and I thought the universe was pretty cool, fantasy and cyberpunk done right in my opinion.

It could always use some rule34...

>> No.28880441

/tg/ constantly has Shadowrun and Exalted generals. It's not like they're obscure games.

>> No.28880476

I can't vouch for its accuracy, but Wikipedia says that the Shadowrun video game for the 360 actually takes place in an alternate continuity not too closely related to the originals.

Good point, but for whatever reason they just don't seem to generate nearly as many writefags.I don't know why that is- it's not like they're short on material or interest.

>> No.28880553

You mean that creepy Elf Waifu Wars thing /tg/ was trying to make into a setting? Well, smut is pretty much the only good thing that could come from that, I guess.

>> No.28880597

/tg/ makes the strangest things into settings sometimes.

>> No.28880641

Not at, really. SR is more Deus Ex with magic and elves than whatever the the SR360 game was. I played it and it was a pretty fun shooter, but it wasn't Shadowrun. For starters, there are no clear and defined sides to Shadowrun, and most certainly not just two. Its paranoia and conspiracies all the way down.

Which is why Shadowlewds would be so tasty. Nothing quite like paranoia to spice up the bedroom.

>> No.28880673

And a delicious brown elf with sex magic and the best body cosmetic sculpting can afford is a viable character concept.

>> No.28880710

I would be very happy to see a write or artfag take up this gauntlet. Its hard to think of a way to cram more of my fetishes into this premise. Cyberpunk Chocolate elf sex magi balls-deep involved in a thirty-xanatos pileup orgy conspiracy? Do want.

>> No.28880864

I like this, who is her?

>> No.28880886

I think it was a character in a campaign the artist was in- he's never really given a straight answer, but it doesn't really matter much.

>> No.28880942 [SPOILER] 

She's a whore.

>> No.28881008

It meshes really well with the Firefly verse. The government is oppressive enough that you don't need a shadowy cabal, and something almost exactly like the "dark elf" crap already HAPPENED to regular people, creating living rape machines that cut themselves for fun. Basically the grimdark-o-meter doesn't move so you end with a net gain of happiness and smut in the universe.

>> No.28881424

Who ever wrote this.


Knows how to write characters, came for the smut, stayed for the Dialog

>> No.28881632

Who knew that the God-Emperor wrote smut when he's not safeguarding humanity and all? I sure didn't.

If memory serves, he's working on a Howling Banshee femdom/reverse rape story next- all the previous attempts at Banshee smut never seemed to get finished, but I'm confident that this will be an exception.

>> No.28881721

>custom made for smut
Is anyone here a bad enough dude to write an Exalted smutfic?

Hard mode: Don't involve House Cynis.

Ebon Dragon mode: Consensual without metal influence Charms.

>> No.28882028

You are welcome

>> No.28882202

I'm no Exalted expert, but I can toss around a few ideas to see if they spark something.

>"Luna is either intensely cunning or utterly mad, or perhaps both. Some say she is a Fair Folk noble. Like the Wyld, she is malleable able to take whatever form pleases her." (shapeshifting/polymorph fun)

>a fivesome with all of the 5 Maidens.

>Adorjan and her followers sound like they'd be interested in S and M stuff.

>It's said that Isidoros enjoys penetrating things. Draw your own conclusions from there.

>> No.28882678

I guess everyone's busy writing eh? I'll just drop a sketch to bump the thread

>> No.28882864

Or fapping. Its bound to be one of those things. I can wait.

>> No.28882917

>Adorjan and her followers sound like they'd be interested in S and M stuff.

A door jamb is only interested in one thing.

>> No.28882926

You are a funny funny man

>> No.28882931

Erotic asphyxiation?

>> No.28882970

"I roll to seduce the guard" turns into a full table gangbang of the players.
gender of all parties is up to the writefag.

>> No.28883030

I was able to find this an archive of Exalted fapfics that were originally on the Freedom Stone Forums. Enjoy.


>> No.28883071


>> No.28883197

Right then, pumped another one out real quick, still working on perspectives, and took this chance to practice female anatomy. I don't think anyone even reads this part so I'm gonna say that I love older woman, like milfs but without the destroyed vagina. So I used a thicker brush this time to give the lines a more pronounced look, and I also feel like thicker lines make the bodies feel like they have weight to them, which I like. Anyway, uncensored here. Actually my gallery has all the uploads anyway, so maybe I should link just to that...Ah whatever, I'll just link both for now.


>> No.28883243

Commanders are almost never commanding officers. And even then it's a rank separate from Commissar. As in Commissar-Colonel Gaunt.

He commands you because he is a Colonel, not because he's a Commie.

>> No.28883260

Not Commanders, but Commissars.

>> No.28883273

I-I'm not sure I understand, are we talking about vaginas?

>> No.28883291

Outstanding find. I'll be sure to get this in with the other fics as soon as I can.

>> No.28883306

We take our porn seriously. This is serious business.

>> No.28883343

No, we are talking about how Commissars are plotical officers.

>> No.28883390

>> No.28883417

Have there been any Raege/Boone fics in /tg/'s history?

>> No.28883602

I can remember only some smutty arts. Mostly because of DE participation.

>> No.28883902

One on 1d4chan, called "The Rape of Raege". Not the most pleasant read by any definition.

>> No.28884160

Sweet, another one bites the dust.


>> No.28884323

forgot the link.


>> No.28884468

Wow. "Not the most pleasant" was probably an apt descriptor for this.

>> No.28884599

I know the weekend is almost over, but can I make a last request?

Can I get some vanilla? Like, awkward first-time vanilla? People talking kind of uncomfortably during sex? With fumbling and embarrassment and people not knowing what to do with their hands and then it ends happily? It would also be great if it was human/blueberry, but whatever floats your boat.

I shit you not, tender consensual sex is my fetish.

>> No.28884663

You sick sick bastard

>> No.28884741

Judging by the fact that the same OC that stars in The Fall of Lelith Hesperax is mentioned by name, I can only assume it's more of Creed of Heresy's unpleasant handiwork. (Hard to believe he was the only source of Lelith-related fapfics before ELH showed up. Seriously, how the FUCK do you manage to create a Mary Sue in a porn fic of all things?)

Over? There's still plenty of time left, and it's not unheard of for some threads to last well into Monday. Worst case, someone will pick it up by next week. (I've got the OP pic chosen and everything. A shame that I just seem to keep narrowly missing Chink- I figure that he could be convinced to do just a little drawfagging for old times' sake, but I can't afford to lurk Skullgirls General on /vg/ in case he decides to show up there. Maybe one of you guys could poke around there?)

>> No.28884790

>how the FUCK do you manage to create a Mary Sue in a porn fic of all things?
It happens more often than you think. Oeople love to imagine themselves at the center of attention and neck-deep in pussy.
Cough Solaron cough.

>> No.28884852

>Dat christmas Macha
We need a pervy sexy Santa Macha trying to get kids and hunky monkeigh fathers alike to "sit on her lap" and also asks them to close their eyes for it all to come true.

Before she gets thrown out by mall security of course.

>> No.28884903

Well okay then. Time zones. Weekend is over where I am. Anyways, yeah. Happy consent, maybe Tau. Thanks!

>> No.28885027

No, Solaron was just written by a dope who didn't know how /tg/ worked. CoH's Mary Sue feels like he was using a checklist of faggotry.

Dark and mysterious past, complete with edgy name? (Enigma? REALLY?) Check.

Part of an Officio Assassinorum temple the author openly admits he made up in order to make him seem cooler? Check.

Insane amounts of power even by Inquisition standards? Check.

Gets to add xenos into his retinue without anyone even batting an eyelash? Check.

Capable of making one of the most experienced and dangerous fighters in the galaxy into his bitch (literally)? Double check.

Add his complete and utter refusal to listen to criticism into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. (I'm almost positive he got banned at least once once for constantly posting uncensored NSFW art and then again for trying to evade his ban.)

>> No.28885230


>> No.28885360

What is this, a photo for squats?

>> No.28885400

Gretchin who took it was not a very big one.

>> No.28885659

>Admittedly, the SxK is a hard trick to follow. It's either really, really angry sex, or it's the kind of subtle social fuckery that can't really be put into words - Can't kill her, can't bang him, when one of them snaps and decides they've got to have the other one the other guy gets the better-than-sex mental high ground.
Well my take on this idea was a twist gender reversal.
Khorne would be the female point of view character, and her actual motivation would be post-coital cuddles.

Three cheers for pillowy Tiraniddo asses!

I think the out-of-universe reason is due to a disproportionate representation of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, who uses a Black and Red Armor color scheme.

Well what would YOU do stuck on a throne being a glorified light bulb all day?

>In the grim, dark future of the 41st Millennium, the Galaxies only Light of Hope passes the days writing amateur porn…

>> No.28885777

>being a glorified light bulb all day

>> No.28886086

What does /tg/ think of consensual monster on girl, possibly with said monster being some sort of pet or something?

>> No.28886128

Mite b cute.

>> No.28886132

Doesn't sound that different from LIIVI.

>> No.28886477

Unlike Enigma, LIVII was completely lacking in all but the most basic social skills and his superiors wanted him dead (as opposed to going "sure, you can keep the xeno as your underling/sex slave"), not to mention that he is not a sadistic and arrogant dickbag like Enigma.

Basically, the relationship (if you can even call it that) is a dysfunctional clusterfuck based solely on abuse and exploitation of the worst kind. By any objective standard it would have ended with an impaler jammed in the inquisitor's back as he sleeps.

And that's not to get into the massive textwall that is his setting description (which can basically be described as "the Farsight Enclaves, but in the Imperium"). Honestly, it reads less like a fapfic and more like shameless wish-fulfillment.

>> No.28886534

Except LIIVID is a member of an ACTUAL Assassinorum Temple, and his whole character revolves around "What is this thing you Xeno call Love?"

>> No.28886678

I wouldnt say his entire character revolves around it, but for once you may actually have a good point.

But enough about that. How's everyone's writing going so far?

>> No.28886921

Why not make yourself useful and write it then? We could use a good laugh right now.

>> No.28886942

>Female Khorne
So the wife of the Scotsman from Samurai Jack?

>> No.28886984

>Add his complete and utter refusal to listen to criticism into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.
Fucking American hero.

>> No.28887140

Once I gave him a frank rundown of what was wrong with his setting (read: nearly everything) and got a semicoherent rant about how I was in no position to question his oh-so-brilliant writing in return. I think if you look at the 1d4chan talk page history for The Fall of Lelith Hesperax you can find it. (That whole screed and the criticism that sparked it were "coincidentally" removed a short time later. Draw your own conclusions.)

>> No.28887290

...Not all Americans are bad...

>> No.28887605

I think he was being sarcastic. But no need to dwell on the past- he's not the only source of Lelith smut like he used to be (a fact which I am grateful for).

>> No.28887606


Since you brought up Exalted fap, while I've never written fapfics before, I did have an interesting idea. You know how Alchemicals need human contact to keep from turning into emotionless, hyperlogical machines? And that some of them take mortal lovers for this exact purpose? The idea is that the fic would follow a male factory worker that accepts the position of the lover of the female Alchemical champion of the city.

He goes in there expecting a cushy life away from the factories, but finds its even more work keeping a robot woman who is frequently isolated from human contact satisfied. Thus, in an effort to stimulate her both sexually and emotionally, he engages in very elaborate sexual and emotional scenarios with her. Things like having sex with her in locations where they might be found, or deliberately putting himself in danger so she could rescue him, or making sure she finds out that he's sleeping with other people so she could get jealous and have angry sex with him.

Basically a heroic mortal constantly risking life and limb to keep an Exalt happy. How's that sound?

I had another idea with the same premise (going to elaborate lengths to keep a powerful woman sexually satisfied), but in this case it's a Chose of Serenity Sidereal trying to keep Mnemon (a power hungry superpowered noblewoman) distracted from her schemes of world domination.

He uses various resplendencies and his charms to find out some of her deepest and most secret fetishes and fantasies, and then bring those scenarios to life for her.

Hell I'll try to write both once finals are over next week. Again, though, I've never written fapfiction before, so criticism and feedback would be welcome.c

>> No.28887638


>> No.28887651

And we'll be happy to provide criticism and commentary. Both of those concepts sound pretty interesting, so I say you should go give it a shot.

>> No.28887719

I'm afraid of Americans.

>> No.28887749

Not all of them are bad, Anon.

>> No.28887778

Jesus fucking Christ. I thought the 'enigma' thing was a fucking joke. How does somebody write this unironically?

>> No.28887779

holy mother of freedom

>> No.28887803 [DELETED] 

I want a young American.

>> No.28887838

I wasn't being sarcastic, I like NSFW on /tg/ because I'm still stewing over Hitlermod destroying this board.

Don't be an apologetic suck-up pussy.

>> No.28887876

10/10 would waifu again

>> No.28887885


>> No.28887956

It sounds more like Enigma:Drive::LIVII:The Professional.

>> No.28888296

What the fuck are you talking about? He was objecting to being lumped in with a pompous douchebag.

It's more complex than that- the differences between them become increasingly apparent as you read through the works where they originally appeared in- and even more so when you compare the two Lelith fapfics to one another.

Where are our writefags now, anyway? It's been a while since one of them poked their heads in here.

>> No.28888384

Hm, alright

I'm a bit of a writer, I've not been writing at all lately. I'm not too familiar with too much of anything, unfortunately. I just figured this would be a good place to get something done if I wanted to request it? I could do it myself if something caught my interest, I guess.

>> No.28888424

Yes this is the place for requests. That said, many of our writers are up to their armpits in requests, so writing it up yourself will make everyone very happy. We could always use another writefag.

>> No.28888464

Alright. I wish I were still full of ideas. Or good at writing

>> No.28888688

Its never too early to start, right? There's a quick guide to fapfic writing in the master list, so look at that if you feel like you could use a little guidance.

>> No.28888843

I am trolled.

>> No.28888855

Ah, I've written a few unfinished things /vp/ related, no prizes for guessing what it is given what I asked way back., but I don't consider them all that great. Like, worse than one of my friends, whose writing I criticize a lot. I guess I could post a link to the drafts, if anyone cares to see...

>> No.28889066

Don't be shy, post them.

>> No.28889170

OK, but please know they are pretty bad
A Squirtle story I was working on for a friend, I didn't like how it was going

A Typhlosion story based off a fantasy some girl on /vp/ had, the origonal fantasy is between the actual parts. I wanted to expand on it, but I never managed to do so.

>> No.28889188

Well, I'm done with university stuff for the time being. I'm starting up with grad school in about 5 weeks, but in the meantime I should have considerably more time to write.

Speaking of which, I'm going to try getting back into the groove by picking up a request that, as far as I can tell, seems to have been dropped by the original writer. Namely, the lesbian fic with the half-elf and halfling. The idea tickles my fancy, and it seems as good a place as any to start over.

I shouldn't have any trouble getting it done by next weekend, at which time I'll be opening for requests again. In the meantime, here's some mood music that always helps me write:

>> No.28889287

Sounds like a good plan. I'll be sure to hold onto my request until then. (I think I mentioned it last week, but I can repeat it if needed.)

>> No.28890177


>> No.28890232

Because that's what she wanted. Sorry for the weird turtle penis I guess? Or did you mean the entire thing was a horrible mess? Because I agree.

>> No.28891487

Hey, at least you admitted it. That alone makes you better than most.

Anyway, wasn't Edinbro going to finish up the Linvala fic soon?

>> No.28892736

Where is everybody? It got real quiet here all of a sudden.

>> No.28892775

lurking, waiting patiently for any smut

>> No.28892867

I wish I could make some of my own. For now I suppose one of lewd's gifs will suffice.

>> No.28893026

Well I was actually one of the first to volunteer for it...

Actually, she's look more like this:
A red Muscle girl.
...Or maybe something more like this...

>> No.28893089

Here's your regularly scheduled reminder, folks.

>> No.28893198

Yeah, I should be done in like an hour or so. I got sidetracked.

>> No.28894517

So, is it ready yet?

>> No.28894578

So here it is. http://pastebin.com/hjdkSFVE

Open for critique, especially relating to continuity errors and to the last few paragraphs.

>> No.28894701

Well that was hot, I just need moar. Probably gonna have to go over it some more to see if there are any cont. errorss.

>> No.28894721

I see that the doc I provided you earlier was quite helpful regarding some of the logistics of mid-flight sex. (And I don't have the Muju pic you referenced in that last paragraph- I gotta fix that ASAP.)

>> No.28894730

I found a few relating to the dude's missing arm before that current update. I should have gotten them all.

>> No.28894756

I do. I was happy he took my request.

I really am considering ways of getting this as card sleeves for DnT.

>> No.28894763

>With her fingernails and thumbs meeting in the middle, she positioned her hands carefully between her breasts to form the outline of a heart, and smiled.
Okay thats just fucking adorable.

>> No.28895087

Yup. I keep telling myself to stop getting feels over fapfic, but it doesn't seem to do me any good. I guess sometimes that can be a good thing.

On that note, I should really get to sleep- with any luck this thread will still be around. If not, I'd just like to say that this is shaping up to be a fine holiday season with you guys around and I'll try and come up with creative versions of Christmas carols tailor-made for the thread.

>> No.28895309

It's definitely a good thing when you're reading The Extra Large Heresy.

>> No.28895349

Yup. I look forward to the day Edinbro starts work on it again. (No rush, though- plenty of heresy to go around for the time being.)

>> No.28895371

>ctrl + f "orc"

Ah well, it is a rather specific topic that I just lack writing skills/patience to make myself.

Does anyone know of fics elsewhere which involve orc women in essentially "amazonian" fantasies? Or just pretty much anything remotely orc woman + weaker race male?

>> No.28895513

Not that I know of. Orcs are an almost completely un-exploited niche.

>> No.28895613

More proofreading fails incoming:


>> No.28895626

>two chapters in one weekend

>> No.28895643

Looking over it right now- I'll fix any mistakes I can find.

>> No.28895646

>mfw Lelith goes on a "long corsair mission" and hangs out with hubby.

>> No.28895655


Hell with it then, I'll try to give it ago and see what I can contribute next week.

Certainly this fantasy can not be an extremely rare special snowflake.

>> No.28895666


>> No.28895667

looking good to my untrained eye, and also making me salivate with how adorable Lilith is

>> No.28895682

>mfw Lelith is dropping enough spaghetti to fill an Italian restaurant

It's a thing of beauty,

>> No.28895931

>Certainly this fantasy can not be an extremely rare special snowflake.
Theres at least one more person with it, fellow orcbro.

>> No.28896560


Probably not the best ending, but whatever. Shit's done. I'm free you fuckers. I'm free.

[spoilers]...Fuck I have to work on Lofn now, don't I?[/spoiler]

>> No.28896581 [SPOILER] 

they drop the whole mistress/pet thing and have a daughter

>> No.28896611


Who says they dropped it?

>> No.28896618

that was delicious, though I was disappointed that T'riss wasn't their daughter

>> No.28896625


I dropped that rewrite, so I had to give their daughter a different name. Someone else can write about the romps of the "Princess of Commorragh"

>> No.28896762

could always make it that Reri is T'riss' mother, continuing the family tradition

>> No.28897054


I vote we just change the greentexts to match. They'll lose some impact, but whatever. Let Reri Hesperax have her own story, kinda like Lofn does.

Also, Edinbro is welcome to expand on chapter 13 if he so wishes. Either way, I'm sure the ERP folks are laughing.

>> No.28897091

>I dropped that rewrite, so I had to give their daughter a different name.
Not seeing the logic there, but meh, I'm loving the smut, you write some good stuff ELH

>> No.28897117


See >>28897054.

Instead of shoehorning Lelith's daughter into an existing story (even though it was going to be rewritten), now people can decide for themselves what hijinks she gets up to.

>> No.28897155

>even though it was going to be rewritten
Hah, like thats ever going to happen.

Does anyone know what happened to Varia? heard on his twitter that he got out of hospital a couple months ago and nothing since.

>> No.28897214


Dropped of the face of the earth as far as I know. I dropped him a line awhile back letting him know that I didn't have time/lost interest in fixing up Fallen from Grace, never heard back.

In other news, I fixed up the Dracosa fic if you've already read that. Give it another read and see if it's any better. I'll be working on that next. Probably will be three parts total - 2nd one will be a little about Mike and them actually getting to be romantic, 3rd will be the most adorably awkward sex that makes Lelith's spaghetti seem tame.

>> No.28897242

>3rd will be the most adorably awkward sex that makes Lelith's spaghetti seem tame.

I just popped a boner thinking about that.

Damnit stop being so awesome.

>> No.28898559

I just realized that if Reri ever searches for "mom's spaghetti" she'll find her parents having kinky sex that may or may not have led to her conception.

>> No.28898597


...Where's Lewd when you need him? This is gold material right here.

>> No.28898625


>> No.28898676

Sounds good to me. You could always give Sands of Desire another shit too.

>> No.28898779

I can get the greentexts fixed up later. Also, this was worth the wait in every possible way.

>> No.28900170


>> No.28900303

It's Monday, but I'll leave one update for the week: it's catgirl week. I'm planning to finish the Felinid Sister + Canoness fic, and I've also got a request for a Guardswoman getting dogpiled by catgirls in heat.

Also, expect a Heresy-flavored Christmas gift the weekend of the 28th and 29th.

>> No.28900558


>> No.28900563

you are too kind to us

>Felinid Sister + Canoness fic
now I'm remembering the feels of that catgirl reading her canoness lover's message to her in the event of her death, would this be the same story or a different one?

>> No.28900719

I feel I have to object to rewriting the old greentexts to fit the "new fluff."
We're not GW, we can handle a little incongruity. Ollanius Pius, anyone?

Besides, it seems rather rude to the people that wrote it. ELH doesn't dictate other people's writing, you know.

>> No.28900750


...But he wrote the greentexts in question.

>> No.28900840

Not all of them.

A Trip to the Mall, A Kiss for Good Luck, Duel to the Death, Hunting for Trouble, The Talk, On Vacation, Paging Dr. Freud..., The New Ranger on the Block, The Talk, Part 2, The New Ranger on the Block, Part 2, Dickishness Runs in their Family, Hunting For Trouble, Part 2, Horniness, Thy Name is Macha, Da Funstikk, and Mail Order Mania were all done by me.

Names by archive anon, of course.

>> No.28900857

Same story. It's still not done yet.

>> No.28900868

ah, well I'm glad we're getting more, but also sad about the inevitable ending

>> No.28900975

Like I said, it's still not done yet.

At this point, nothing is inevitable.

>> No.28901119

Afternoon mates, 40k is getting a bit stale so I mixed up some muscle orc in the meantime.


I'm still practicing, so if you've got something you hate about it, just shout it out

>> No.28901238

c-can you draw some sisters of battle?

>> No.28901296


I just meant the ones where T'riss stars. The name needs to be changed to Reri. That's it.

>> No.28901351

More Sisters? But I already have so many in my gallery

>> No.28901382

how about more?

>> No.28901413


>> No.28901420

I did "Childhood Innocence? What's That?" (half of it, anyhow), both "A Private Discussion" greentexts, and the one with Sylandri. (You can probably tell because they aren't quite as good as the others, if you ask me.)

Already fixed them.

>> No.28901430

Aight, I'll get to it in a bit, I just gotta draw a few more guilty pleasures and wipe them from my hard drive before the RCMP finds it

>> No.28901456

> with Sylandri
You are my hero.

>> No.28901465

What can I say? These threads don't die all that easily.

>> No.28901467

thank you a lot.

>> No.28901499

How do I write something with existing character that's very much (in)famous for bad attitude without coming across as a tsundere?

Picture possibly related.

>> No.28901544

Don't go Dere mid-way through. Tsundere isn't just the girl being an asshole/unhelpful, it's also her turning soft near the end towards the other partner.

For a character like that, just have her being a dick the whole time, insulting, being disdainful... All-around unhappy in general. At the end, she'll get even, probably turning into a big puppy to eat the poor dude. 'least he died happy.

>> No.28901549

For example, you can make this character a bitch with no reason. It works IRL, at least.

>> No.28901552

Depends. Which character do you mean?

>> No.28901601 [SPOILER] 


You got that right

>> No.28901609

So you want Ebon Dragon on Scarlet Empress? That I can do... possibly.

>> No.28901675

As much as it may sound unlikely, I'd prefer not breaching waters of vore/gore.

I've never met a bitch that was a bitch for no reason whatsoever. Be it IRL or in fiction. Just some where the reason was them not being able to deal with their own problem and some I didn't bother figuring out what the actual reason is...

The best girl, obviously! Gavrill Madaraki.

>> No.28901693

>I'd prefer not breaching waters of vore/gore

Good instincts. That can be a touchy fetish for a lot of people, to say the least.

>> No.28901706

>Inb4 Water Elemental with vore fetish shows up again

>> No.28901836

So, elves.
Ears have to be a weak point, right?
How high on the toe-curling scale are we talking here?

>> No.28901841

like 8/10

>> No.28901881


>> No.28901925

a good 7/10.

>> No.28901977

Casual gentle earplay? 10/10.
Intricate pervy teasing? cunt-shattering/10

>> No.28901982


Consider that humans can find that arousing, and then triple the sensitivity levels.

>> No.28902077

Depends on how many times people have gone for the ears. After a while the normal, clumsy ear lovings would become more of a nuisance. Still capable of bringing pleasure, but less so than you'd expect. Maybe a 6/10.

Good, skilled earplay would still be a solid 8 or a 9, and good earplay added to already good sex should push it up to "I CAN'T FORM A COHERENT THOUGHT"/10.

>> No.28902093

Alright, another SoB pic, I guess I can stick with the musclegirl thing they've got going on


>> No.28902119

I dunno man, I know some prettttty sensative humans

>> No.28902162

Thank you! You're really good at this.

>> No.28902209

Glad you liked it, wasn't sure of this whole thing when I started out last week, but it's been the main driving force behind my improvement. I guess you can say porn saved my life.

>> No.28902226


I knew a lass who had a thing with her wrists.

She would go absolutely crazy if you kissed and nibbled her inner wrists just a little, all a shiver and gasping for air.

It's surprising, how people can share so many similarities and yet have so many little unique nuances.

Little unique nuances to eagerly search for, find, and then plunder ruthlessly.

Also, back of the knees. Big old bundle of nerves, kinda like the feet, ticklish and annoying if done incorrectly, but a passing glance of the fingertips, a passing nibble on the way up to more fertile country, good times.

>> No.28902313

You could always do an orc girl using dem tusks to nibble on some elf girl ears.

>> No.28902352


I second this motion.

>> No.28902379

That sounds really painful

>> No.28902521

Mmmm, cooked elf ear sandwhich!

>> No.28902565

Attack on the Turkis ladies?

>> No.28902580


>> No.28902620

I read that first line and I thought you were writing a little jig. I have not been this disappointed for a long time.

>> No.28902629

Just a gentle nibbling, nothing to break the skin or leave a mark.

>> No.28902685

> deleteme

>> No.28902828


Well, we can't have that, can we now.

>I once knew a girl with the most curious wrists,
>she would quiver and shiver each time they were kissed.
>She would plead for desist, but I would firmly insist,
>for to see her bosom blush, no man could resist.

>> No.28902852


Say what you want about CoH, I had the biggest biner at the end of FoLH

>> No.28902904

What the hell is a "biner"?

>> No.28902964

A boner with an eye. Gaze too long into the fapbyss and the fapbyss will gaze too into you.

>> No.28902982

>literal one-eyed monster
So sort of like Gendo and his hand, but with dicks?

>> No.28903009

Okay you sick fucks, let's do this

>> No.28903051



You're doing the Lord's work, son.

>> No.28903092


>> No.28903149

Last line has too many syllables you fool!

>> No.28903170

Its a one eyed trouser man

>> No.28903193


12, 12, 13, 12, but I'll admit, bosom trips up the cadence.

>> No.28903469

You guys have some weird ass fetishes. I'm just happy it it ended up as nibble nibble and not CHOMP CHOMP


>> No.28903488



>> No.28903514

Yeah leave that out and it's good.

>> No.28903529



>> No.28903544

Awww yisss.

>> No.28903750


>> No.28903767


>> No.28903780


>> No.28903833


>> No.28903864


>> No.28903945

Oh great, we're turning into a hivemind again.

>> No.28904013


>> No.28904075


no, just Australians.

>> No.28904117

You're the best.

>> No.28904135

The instant you said "chomp chomp" I wanted some of it.

Unfortunately, I am not a skilled man. Please excuse my poor excuse for ear biting fetishes.

I am secretly hoping a later drawfriend will do it better, and then I will be satisfied.

>> No.28904248

So ear nibbling has been explored, but what happens when you tickle an elf's ears, /tg/?

>> No.28904300

The same thing, which may or may not be even more intense.

>> No.28904305

Oh fuck, I felt that. I'd rather get stabbed with a sword.

>> No.28904327

More intense, except the lewd noises are interspersed with giggling fits.

>> No.28904371


You were not the only one.

>> No.28904427

Oh shit! She has been hanging around Reasonable Daemonette!

>> No.28904480

>tfw reading Bedroom Infiltration
So how long before Lofn asks Auntie Macha for pointers on the art of self-service?

>> No.28904514

That one was bretty good. Taldeer is best cock vacuum.

>> No.28904526

Depending on how long you do it for, it goes...

>> No.28904543

...from this...

>> No.28904661

Go on?

>> No.28904713

I can't stop laughing.

>> No.28904717

To having her mind completely snap and lose all her memories to such a degree that she can be tricked into thinking she's a human psyker. (I hated that twist so much when it first appeared and still do.)

>> No.28904742

...to this, a few hours later.
Captcha ate my post

>> No.28904744

I'm a bit new. Link or name?

>> No.28904757

Me too
I like to pretend she just faked the mindbreak to get more ear rubbins.

>> No.28904760

That was a fun quest.

>> No.28904797

It's amazing! Strongly need excited nipples.

>> No.28904805

"The Commissar and Marcia", a quest of sorts you can find on suptg. Don't get too enthusiastic- after said mindbreak and brainwashing it goes downhill from there. Way downhill. (There isn't even any explicit lewdness.)

Yes, I'm still bitter even though it was abandoned at least a year ago when the artist/writer vanished.

>> No.28904869

If Extra Large Heresy's Inter-Lewd is any indication, she probably already has. I swear that Sigmund Freud would have a field day with the Ulthran family.

>> No.28904871

I named that character, because I always loved the name Marcia. It is like, the only Latin martial-based name for a woman.

Now I can never name a character, either one I play or an non-player character that because for now on my players connect it with the cutesy fetish /tg/ waifu. I now know true shame.

>> No.28904930

Requesting a chaos sister 'testing an Inquisitor's faith' for next week.

And by testing his faith I mean raping him senseless

>> No.28904957

[Spoilah]Yeah we guessed that[/spoilah]

>> No.28904984

>chaos sister

>> No.28905005

>Slaaneshi Sister
>Basically Harley Quinn in power armor
Think of the possibilities, Anon! Think of the possibilities!

>> No.28905019

There is one recorded instance of a Sister falling (to Slaanesh, naturally). I can't remember her name, but it is canon.Alternately, it could be a Chaos cultist disguised as a SoB.

>> No.28905039

> pic
How do you know that it's sister? Not a femine marine with tits? I mean weapon and armor look like more emperor's children than sororitas'.

>> No.28905052

>Chaos cultist disguised as a SoB.
And how would they pull that off around an Inquisitor?

>> No.28905062

We need Sabatiel for this.

>> No.28905204

How do you know what she is?

>How do you know what she ISN'T!

>> No.28905209


Some Inquisitors are quite radical, the "Sister" testing his faith could be a less than faithful Cultist dressed as a sister as a disguise working under another Inquisitor.

>> No.28905240

Sounds legit. Fap approved.

>> No.28905411

>12, 12, 13, 12, but I'll admit, bosom trips up the cadence.
Not the only thing that bosom tripped up I'm sure.

>> No.28905447

>Some Inquisitors are quite radical
But none are quite as RADICAL as the Ordo Chronos, dude.

>> No.28905453

> Sabatiel

>> No.28905472

And then the rival Inquisitor punishes him for his 'heresy'

With her vagina

>> No.28905490

>Implying that's not Amberley Vail
>Implying that she has eyes for anyone but Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF HER FANFICS

>> No.28905512

Thought it was a random Inquisitor

>> No.28905535

Probably is. Just that the image of a blonde, bodacious FemInquisitor immediately brings Amberley to mind. I've been reading way too much Cain.

>> No.28905645

You guys wouldn't mind if I made some beefcake would you? I've been making nothing but females for the past few days

>> No.28905650


>> No.28905662


>> No.28905733

Why do I get the feeling that this is the prelude to a Great Crusade calendar featuring the Primarchs, oil, and lots of bara?

>> No.28905754

Because you might be a powerful psyker

>> No.28905800


>> No.28905866

Please tell me they'll be posed JJBA-style.

>> No.28905932

Suddenly everyone's a mind reader...yeah, I'm making a primarch parody 12 of the manga covers

>> No.28905955

My battle-brother of the Salamanders Chapter.

>> No.28905983

I can't believe we're still going strong even in autosage. This has been a good week for us indeed.

Still drawing a blank in regards to lewd 40k-themed Christmas carols here. Mostly because very few things rhyme with "dragon dildos".

>> No.28906023

We need some cuddly Marcia lewds to make it worth it. Maybe her and Blue doing something lewd together.
Ones an eldar whos convinced shes a human
Ones a tau whos convinced shes an ork
Together they fight crime. Or fuck, I forget which.
Actually, forget lewds, I just want to see those two interacting.

>> No.28906081

>They fight crime

Coming to theaters this January!

>> No.28906099

No. There's nothing left to salvage as it is forever tainted by LMK's sick fuckery. A shame he insisted on wasting his talent like that.

>> No.28906104

Dirty Pair 40K

>> No.28906144

Just for you, next 40Kute Drawthread, Im gonna request Marcia shouting FOR THE EMEROR at a Blue shouting WAAAGH while a desperately confused eldar and ork watch the two.

>> No.28906162

>sick fuckery

It's not like LMK wasn't adverse to drawing the LEWDS for us. It's just that everyone voted to be practical all the time. Although it did start with the perspective switch to the commissar...

>> No.28906236

I distinctly remember a whole bunch of people who were quite vocal about his adding mind break without warning, and they were just as numerous as the so-called practical ones.

>> No.28906249

Ah, was this from early on? When we were just 'torturing' Marcia?

>> No.28906271

Ah, those good old times...

>> No.28906342


Needs more Lelith in a sundress or Reri dominating the schoolyard with Lofn

>> No.28906394

Great, now we need a 40K playground, with Marcia, Lofn, Reri, and Blue mucking about while LIIVI/Taldeer, Lelith/Avitus, the Commissar, and Big Mek Zizzbitz watch from nearby.

>> No.28906428

I know its late, but anyone like The good, the bad and the ugly?

>> No.28906494

The whole time I was hoping for that to come back and bite everyone in the ass- you can't just expect to kidnap and brainwash an Eldar, force her to fight her own people, and at the same time expect nothing bad to happen (e.g. the entire Craftworld makes an example of the Commissar, Marcia recovers her memories and is all too willing to exact revenge on her former captors, etc.)

As one of those people, I simply quit the quest in disgust when it became clear that LMK wouldn't even bother considering to make their actions have consequences. Even the lewd scenes were more disturbing than erotic (but unlike God-Emperor's work from earlier, the creepiness was unintentional and gave some very unpleasant implications to the whole thing).

I'll be honest here- I simply don't see how mind-break could even be a fetish. What's erotic about essentially destroying a person's mind, leaving them a broken shell of their former selves (possibly for the rest of their lives)? It's something I would expect from a Slaaneshi cult, not from a Commissar of the Imperial Guard.

Or Lelith snuggling with Avitus after their role reversal in Chapter 13.

It's not over til we fall off the board. Mind explaining what you mean?

>> No.28906826

The funny thing is, this is still not the gayest thing to come out of 40k

>> No.28906877

Then what is? My vote goes for anything involving Fulgrim or Sanguinius.

>> No.28906884

Not Jojo enough, either.

>> No.28907055

Is this >>28878969 JoJo enough for you?

>> No.28907153

Just a sketch for now, I'll prolly work on it during the week

>> No.28907155

He got the poses down better and its probably as Jojo as spess muhreens will ever get, but without the skimpy, fabulous clothes it just feels lacking.

>> No.28907498

They probably wouldnt fit in the outfits anyway.

>> No.28907572

How do you write threesomes?

>> No.28907712

Very carefully? I'm not sure what you need help with- it's similar to writing normal smut, I would guess.

>> No.28907844

How do you handle the challenges solely inherent to having two people doing a third simultaneously?

>> No.28907945

I don't know for sure, but I know it does certainly add potential for multiple new positions depending on the combination in question. (e.g. Female/female/male can have one straddling the man while the other sits on his face.)

I'm not much of a writer myself, so the help I can give is limited. But I think you might get more guidance if you ask next thread.

>> No.28908040

I think I might try my hand at the InquisitorxFake!Chaos SisterxFem!Inquisitor fic next week.

Any fetishes you guys want?

>> No.28908067

I can't think of anything in particular- surprise us.

>> No.28908071

That position seems to be the default two girl one male threesome position in this thread.

>> No.28908099

Are tickling and feet on the menu?

>> No.28908103

There's also both of them doggy, alternating thrusts between one and the other. And I'm sure there are others, but they should be googled easily enough I think.

>> No.28908219

I'm willing to write nearly anything with the Cultist.

Except for anything too hardcore, like scat or gore

>> No.28908270

I haven't seen that in any of these threads.

>> No.28908310

Not yet, but throwing out the suggestion should get others thinking about trying it, right?

>> No.28909178

Almost at the bottom of the catalog now. Goodnight everyone, see you next thread.

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