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Not Bilbo.

Christ, I'd prefer female Gandalf or Thorin over female Bilbo.

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You trying to say something, or just posting Bilmoe Baggins?

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>Not wanting to pet those furry feet

>She's 50 years old

I love older women

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>Weebobo bilbo
>Weebobo dwarf

Holy christ that's horrendous looking.

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>one character is 63'd
>another isn't
>"I can't ship this, it's gay! Let's just genderbend one."

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>Christ, I'd prefer female Gandalf or Thorin over female Bilbo.
You know, I don't think I've ever seen a woman Gandalf.

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Are those all Bilbo, or is the shorter haired one Sam? I suspect so , seeing as I don;t recall anyone but Sam having kids.

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Any more?

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Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo~!

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I suppose those are all Bilbo. The little hobbit is supposed to be Frodo, right?

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Why call her Mama? I know they were close, but he was just his Uncle.

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Man, Fuck Tom and his nonsense bullshit.

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i think the kid is Thorin's.

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What are you talking... OH! I get it.
Fucking hell.

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Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!
Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

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But Thorin died at the Battle of Five Armies

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We don't know the gestation period of Hobbit Dwarf hybrids.

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We do know that dwarves most likely can't breed with non-dwarves given they aren't created by the same deity that created all other sentient life in existance.

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except hobbits exist to buck the conventions of all other races

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Oh she was 'bucking' all right

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bilbette is a black hole of moe

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Is beorn in the new movie?

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For about 3 minutes.

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oh you

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Have a black woman saruman at least

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>Complaining about too many whites in a setting based almost entirely on the premises set by Scandinavian mythology

Fucking Tumblr idiots.

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>social justice warriors
>making things into issues

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Seriously, this is like complaining that fucking Chinese mythology didn't have enough Native Americans. Fucking retarded.

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I see your racebent Saruman, and raise you by trap Sauron and hunk Melkor.

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That image is stupid (and bait because people will pointlessly rage over it) but Tolkien takes massive liberties with his supposed source material. There's very, very little info on Norse elves whereas Tolkien deeply fills out his own - they aren't likely to be the same thing at all.

I wouldn't say Tolkien's stuff is entirely derived from Scandinavian mythology, at least not directly.

Besides which, the source material has fuck all impact on fantasy set in another world. Just because you're basing something on Scandinavian mythology doesn't mean everyone in it has to be white. Putting aside that historically the Scandinavians in the medieval period were absolutely aware of black and brown people.

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Fuck you for confusing my heteronormativity. Here, have another variant Sauron.

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nice :^)

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Oh yeah, because that one just looks 100% straight.

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they're theoretically not wrong in asking for more diversity in movies. But holy fuck that is even more stupid than demanding the main characters of Frozen, a movie based on a Danish fairy take, be black.

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Your beefcake Sauron is pitiful and I laugh at you.

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This artist should draw Fingolfin.

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'Cept Scandinavian mythology actually did have non-whites. Though it was less a case of racial variety and more a case of Svartálfar had pitch black skin and some more nature-oriented beings had tanned or brown skin to match the earth or the trees.

This is just nonsensical political-correctness for no reason other than to shoehorn it into everything. You might as well recast everyone in King Arthur's court as being asian, black and hispanic. Or to have Ranmaru Mori be portrayed as a freaking Indian person, or Mayan. While we're at it, let's make Heracles an Inuit.

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The artists simply made an error, considering Frodo was 21 when Bilbo adopted him. But that's clearly Frodo in the pic.

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pls no. Not into my childhood.

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>You might as well recast everyone in King Arthur's court as being asian, black and hispanic. Or to have Ranmaru Mori be portrayed as a freaking Indian person, or Mayan. While we're at it, let's make Heracles an Inuit.
In remakes of works derived from the source material, possibly in different settings, none of these things would bother me.

I just don't find that image particularly rage-inspiring. It really is a guaranteedreplies.jpg troll image too.

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Pretty sure it would look less gay than the Fingolfin in your image m8.

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He is described in the Silm as having used to take the form of a beautiful elf with werewolves who basically looked like elegant hunting hounds, and

Sauron's only three positive traits were persistence, a love for order, and an amazingly subservient attitude towards Melkor.

I hate to bring Exalted into it but Sauron fits as a bonded lunar so damn much: a shapeshifter (shapeshifted PROFUSELY in a fight in one case as well, in addition to having tons of aliases in general), trickster, master of illusions, and totally subservient.

How many deeply loyal subservient immortal illusionist shapeshifters that have taken on animal form are there in fiction? Sauron's the ONLY loyal

Tolkien writes fucking great feminine personalities for certain chars (mainly Bilbo and Sauron). I found Sauron to even be a little moe, in the context of his whole life was destroyed with Melkor, he did it all for him, and then had no purpose. He wanted to go repent, but figured he'd suffer a horrible fate too, and so the insane resentment festered in him with realizing he would have to troll the entire planet into submission or die trying.

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that is because he 1v1ed a balrog, and is manly as fuck.

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>Tolkien writes fucking great feminine personalities for certain chars (mainly Bilbo and Sauron)
Just stop.

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Middle Earth is supposed to be primarily about constructing a British mythology. Its not supposed to be set in another world. Neither is Elric's world.

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I'm pissed off about Frozen enough as is with how they fucked up the Snow Queen and changed her from being this cold, emotionless - but nonetheless frightfully beautiful and regal - entity that embodied the chilling harshness of winter (and a VILLAIN), and then changed her into a generic Disney princess heroine.

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Yeah, okay, we get the whole hints of the impending future and the fading of the supernatural but anon, I want you to understand: none of that shit actually happened. It's a fictional world.

Besides which equating it to the real world makes all the unintentionally uncomfortable shit, like dark skin = evil, even worse. Of course Tolkien was not a racist, only a product of the period, and he wrote that he would have liked to correct some of this with the orcs and such but Death of the Author, it still exists in the work.

There is no reason that the opinions in that image, while pretty dumb, should fill you with a festering rage.

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It's more accurate to say it was inspired by the fairy tale. It's set in a fictional Kingdom covered in snow, a royal with ice magic sits around in some castle, and trolls exist. The two stories don't have much else in common.

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The actual baddest of asses
>gets really fucking angry
>fights god
>god's a huge malevolent black-armored evil giant
>demonstrates if god wasn't god, he would have killed him seven times over
>leaves god with a limp
>gets squished
Even Feanor can't equal it.

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but the fact is that is supposed to be set in a british analogue if nothing else, sure it didnt really happen but its got a set cultural and racial background
its really annoying when it happens in any direction(Avatar the Last Airbender the Film for instance)

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>Besides which equating it to the real world makes all the unintentionally uncomfortable shit, like dark skin = evil, even worse.

You gotta be a real prude to be offended by a book that has some of its evil characters be non european.

>There is no reason that the opinions in that image, while pretty dumb, should fill you with a festering rage.

It doesn't. Are you trying to use reverse psychology...?

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>Avatar the Last Airbender the Film
>The Chinese-styled Fire Nation are portrayed by Indians
>The Inuit Water Tribes are white as fuck save for a handful

Oy vey.. don't remind me.

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You seriously don't think Bilbo and/or Silm-Sauron's personalities would make ideal traits in a female character?

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It's not prudish, I still enjoyed reading the book, but even when I first read LotR when I was a kid I felt awkward that in something with an ostensibly respectable morality dark skin was completely equated with evil.

Regarding the festering rage - good! I'm just talking about how image inevitably causing discussion and arguments when posting, and some people apparently get incredibly annoyed.

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The water tribes were damn pretty and I interpreted them as nordic types.

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They're male. You're getting to a bizarre and weird ground where the primary factor in a character's personality traits should be their gender. If you want to write good characters, that should (almost) never be the case.

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>set cultural and racial background
I'm just iffy on the sanctity of that racial background when a production is fantastical and a re-interpretation anyway. The cultural background is definitely the more important of the two.

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Disney does that with every one of their adaptations.

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No, and I wish people who equate their personalities with 'totally a girl' would drop off this planet and spare us their horrific mental states that see the need to turn everything into gaysex and genderbends.

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Actually there's nothing that would equate dark skin with evil in Tolkien's works. Silmarilion also specifies how part of the dark skinned first men aligned themselves with Valar against Melkor.

By the time of Lord of the Rings the dark skinned warriors were aligned with evil by grace of falling under Sauron's sphere of influence, there was nothing inherent about that.

Unless you are saying that orcs are supposed to represent black people, which is both bullshit and racist on your part.

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Yeah, yeah, I know, but in this case it's just so.. painfully blatant. I mean, they literally just made the main villain the heroine in this. This is like them making Hades the hero in their Hercules film (although ironically Disney fucked that up since out of all the Greek pantheon, Hades is the LEAST douchebaggy of the lot). Or making Ursula a princess that gets the prince in the end. Or Maleficent is actually a misunderstood fairy princess.

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Its more pitiful (in the "wait, this isn't satire?") than rage inducing.

As to yonder dusky folk, the men of the east aren't portrayed as evil, they're portrayed as invading (and that sort of thing did happen IRL), and there's certainly a potential story as to how they fell under the sway of evil forces, considering the blue wizards went into the east, never to be seen again.

The only emotions the Haradrim ever conjured in the films, for me at least, were wonder and pity.

All that way just to die for nothing.

Frodo introspects on the topic in the book.

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>Unless you are saying that orcs are supposed to represent black people, which is both bullshit and racist on your part.
Uh, that's not what I'm saying.

>Actually there's nothing that would equate dark skin with evil in Tolkien's works.
Okay so I'm specifically speaking about Lord of the Rings. Everyone with darker skin in the Lord of the Rings is evil. That's absolutely an equating, even if an unintentional and non-racist one. Like I said, Death of the Author. I find it uncomfortable to a modern reader.

If you don't cool. I did also mention Tolkien's attempts to back away from this somewhat in later works.

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>Hades is the LEAST douchebaggy of the lot
He's still pretty fucking douchebaggy.

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but like >>28875813
said, this exact thing happened with Avatar the Last Airbender films
its annoying more than anything because it clashes with the image that has been built up

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>I wish people who equate their personalities with 'totally a girl'

Holy fuck, all dat projection.

Your rant is amusing, so I'll reassure you that Melkor is one of the friggin single digit characters that is directly stated to have desire for a female, and Sauron had the only female evil supernatural creature (and the only vampire) as his messinger, Thuringwethil (sp). So I seriously doubt either were gay.

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badly phrased

I happen to agree they show some typically 'feminine' traits
but they also have plenty 'masculine' ones
I think they are effective enough character where gender blends fairly easy(not that it should really change out of silly fan speculation like this)

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There's nothing bizarre about thinking that your sex is an essential psychological trait, and by flipping a theoretical character's sex, the rest of their personality traits acquire a different tone.

>If you want to write good characters

I see no evidence for that. I can think of plenty of female characters who are hindered by being written as males.

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Maleficent IS fairy royalty though. She's basically Mab. Really from a moral-telling standpoint, Sleeping Beauty tells us that Fairies are dicks and mortals very often are the casualties of fairy bickering and swaggering.

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List some, I'll go make some popcorn.

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Stupid sexy Sauron.

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The last thing I'll say on Sauron... he is a deeply fascinating character to me, because he, as mentioned before, because, he is a shapeshifter, has reinvented his nature quite a few times (rare for a dark maiar -- and the only one who is noted as having wanted to seek redemption), and even manages to reconstitute his body after drowning in not-Atlantis. The forging of the ring is another example of his ability to reimagine himself.

He's also amazingly contrasted with Melkor -- who is all raging, fiery destruction, never at peace even in victory, and he just gets worse and is destructive in every direction, to himself, to his subjects, and to the world. Sauron's got a cooler head, but never wanted to lead.

There's tons of stuff I'll never know about Middle Earth, but I really would like to know if his physical shapeshifting was supposed to be a reflection of his nearly unique ability to reimagine himself in mind.

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Sam, actually.

>'He wondered what the man’s name was and where he came from; and if he was really evil of heart, or what lies or threats had led him on the long march from his home; and if he would not really rather have stayed there in peace.'

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I didn't know being tired of every single series and situation in fiction ever being turned into a case for "how can we homolust this?" or that finding it about as low-brow and uninspired as fuck when someone goes "these two male characters care deeply for one another - that means they must want to fuck, right?" was projecting. Learn something new every day.

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Oh, get over yourself. One of the big bads of the book is Saruman the White. You sound like you're just looking for an excuse to not like the book and spout off some postmodern reasoning to stroke yourself.

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But he's not Saruman the White!

He's Saruman of Many COLOURS! See, so every COLOURED person, be they black, brown, red or yellow is evil!

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Its not like hobbits age like humans though. I vaguely recall that he was 55 when he left Hobbiton.

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Not bait. Satire. If you couldn't tell the difference between a facetious remark and bait, you really shouldn't be using that image.

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Right back at you. That COULD be satire, but not in this context.

>> No.28876128

What could be satire but isn't? The Many Colours thing? It most certainly is.

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If it can be seen as something other than satire, then you didn't do it well enough. Sorry to tell you, but I (mis?)interpreted it as just general dickery for the sake of making people angry.

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I should say, written by males without really thinking how them being female should affect them.

For example, with video game action protagonists like Lara Croft (this may be different in the later ones) and Rayne from BR, there really isn't much characterization as far as how they relate to a life of violence. They're sexy, and they kill stuff. Of course, this is par the course for action heroes as well, who aren't fleshed out either, but it doesn't help them.

I can also certainly consider a few protagonists that were written as men that were damn good, like Ripley. You'll notice, though, that this sort of thing is the case in visual medium, but not written fiction.

With anything that really spells out what the character is thinking, you absolutely need to keep the character's sex in mind. The exact same personality traits in a man or a woman will cause them to develop very differently as people, and obviously this is relative to the culture, but no less true today. The audience, and the character's friends, are going to be more forgiving of fearfulness in a female character than a male, and they're going to be more forgiving of aggression (or alcoholism, or whatever) in a male than a female.

Then onto their life plans, and so on and so forth. To take D&D protagonists, a man is extremely likely to have wildly different motivations for going on as an adventurer than a woman. Or to cite the military, its simultaneously the home of the most traditional of men and the least traditional of women.

So I seriously don't think ignoring the character's sex is a good thing in writing fiction. It works in movies way moreso than in the written word, though, because the actress can fill in the essential humanness.

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Or you just suck at identifying satire. The statement was so over the top silly in its declaration that 'Saruman of Many Colours' could be taken as a racist strike against people of all colours that only the most easily offended person imaginable could see it and interpret it as offensive.

>> No.28876192


I pointed out how Bilbo and Sauron's characterization are great ideas for female characters.

Your mind apparently went straight from "inspiration for writing female characters" to, as you say, homolust and male characters fucking each other.

So yes, invoking gay sex (in post after post, no less) to someone who is talking about something completely unrelated is... pretty damn projecting.

Sorry slash writers are getting you down though.

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I'm pretty sure early Laura and Rayne's character problems are less about them being men cast as women and more them being action video game characters from an era and genre where character development wasn't very important.

>> No.28876214

You knoooow, its implied that Saruman race mixed orcs and humans to produce urukhai by Treebeard, this horrifies him, and he calls it a "black evil." It is this act of encouraging race mixing that inspires Saruman to become "of Many Colors" and he states that white is "a good beginning."

Also keep in mind when Tolkien said he didn't believe in the doctrine of racism, the term, at the time, solely referred to what we'd consider subraces within a racial group -- specifically, germanic vs alpine vs nordic vs whatever and so forth.

Saruman was also a flamboyant metrosexual in the book.

>> No.28876218

I'm sorry. I've just spent a lot of time on some of the other boards here, where stuff like that is not meant as satire, but as bait in general.
Perhaps your humor is not for me. Let's call it a misunderstanding and go back to discussing genderbent hobbits.

>> No.28876227

Yep, at the time, character development was considered unimportant.

Hence using them examples as not very well developed characters, and how the character's sex is an important part.

I'm definitely not moralizing here in the least, I'm speaking from the perspective of writing, not SJWery.

>> No.28876235

Actually, the reason I came to that conclusion was because I read your statement was 'Bilbo and Sauron would make great girls!'

If that wasn't your intended meaning, then I apologize for lashing out at you particularly. My prior points about the amount of relentless slash fiction that's offensive to common sense fueled my ire and you undeservedly was targeted as a result.

>> No.28876238

but in non-migratory groups, skin tone is determined by latitude, once a group is settled in an area their skin colour will adapt to the region they live in

>> No.28876244

Works for me. My humor tends to lie mainly in being facetious, so it's understandably not for everyone.

>CAPTCHA brotello she

>> No.28876282

Or rather, how the character's sex is an important part if you want to flesh them out.

Even the sorta-sex of a not actually fix-gendered being, like a robot or changeling, is probably going to have some impact on how they behave -- even if its just which direction they've noticed chivalry is expected to flow.

Likewise, subverting expectations are just as fine -- I currently have a very tall (6'1") female elf character who treats humans with the same chivalrous, deferential, even chauvinistic attitude male protagonists often give towards women, treating them like they're fragile, helpless, wispy things. Its a minor trait of the character, but its amusing.

>> No.28876335


>Actually, the reason I came to that conclusion was because I read your statement was 'Bilbo and Sauron would make great girls!'

You gotta remember, writing is my favorite hobby (hence, /tg/) and so I'm always trying to see what story elements or personality traits or what not are good for inspiration.

Both Peter Jackson and Tolkien did that sort of thing too, you know. For example, the concepts Tolkien had about Odin were chopped up to largely inspire both Gandalf and Sauron, and they were basically the good and evil qualities he associated with Odin. The two chars are parallel in many ways, both were mysterious wanderers who went on epic journeys, had magic rings, and were the two only maiar to actually return to life after dying.

Splitting, splicing, and reconstituting characters is totally normal.

>> No.28876440

That is because he is Odin, and women can't have beards.

Maybe something about wizard staffs being phallic objects as well.

>> No.28876502

>tfw no qt witch gf

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>> No.28876623

Seidr was traditional a female discipline though. Odin's masculinity was questioned because he practiced it.

>> No.28876631

Honestly a little surprised Japan hasn't made this yet.

>> No.28876632

>Sauron's prototype had questionable masculinity as well


>> No.28876647

Well, kind of not really. Loki says that and that kind of Norse witchcraft is seen as a woman thing, but Odin is a pretty masculine figure. I think like four or five of his runes are relating to banging women and he's got an inescapable spear.

>> No.28876675

Yeah, I just thought it was funny. Of course, Loki questioning anyone's masculinity is... hilarious.

>> No.28876727

WHat the hell is "POC"?

>> No.28876738

Person of Colour. Didn't even know that, it was just evident.

>> No.28876753

I always disliked Tolkien's explanation for how Melkor went from second to God in power to a little fucking bitch. I mean, he was stronger than the rest of the Valar put together in the beginning, wasn't he?

>> No.28876766

Maybe overall, not at their particular specialties.

>> No.28876784

>Saruman and Gandalf the white

>> No.28876788

Since when "of" is included in acronyms...
Oh wait, I guess it's somekind of "fight the system" thing.

>> No.28876803

>Doesn't give a single source
>Clearly trying to make you rage
Seriously lads? Seriously?

>> No.28876827

Sauron is best girl

>> No.28876838


>> No.28876848

Is it gay if it's a spirit pretending to be an elf?

>> No.28876884

Sauron consistently both has a male gender identity and (unlike Loki) always takes male forms, so yes, having homosexual sex with a male-identified man is pretty much homosexual.

>> No.28876893

If they didn't include the O then it'd be "I'm a PC" and Apple would sue the living shit out of them.

>> No.28876933

Why not "Colored People"?

>> No.28876966


>> No.28876988

Acronyms puts readers at the disadvantage of having to look it up or conceding to being ignorant, thus making weak arguments look more valid.

>> No.28876990

Because that term was used by the evil racist white establishment to refer to them in the past.

They had to come up with a new phrase with essentially the same meaning that hadn't been appropriated by their privileged oppressors.

>> No.28877005

why be politically correct when you can be right?

most people described as 'colored people' LOATHE the term for a reason

>> No.28877014

So it's a Valar-equivalent of Black Jesus kind of revamp, basically? Could be kinda funny, although the most diabolical being in the history of existence being a large, angry black man could be controversial

>> No.28877025

>tfw you will never have a qt3.14 Maia at your beck and call

>> No.28877033

or by privelege ninjas

>> No.28877066

Basically it's like that South Park episode where Chef has to keep coming up with new slang because white folks keep stealing it

Black people basically created American culture by trying to keep coming up with something that white folks wouldn't steal. You worry about a black guy stealing your wallet but a white guy will steal your song.

>> No.28877068


Maybe it's just me, but I've always thought that Melkor looks like he's about to pull some pro-wrasslin body slam shit in this picture.

>> No.28877069

I miss the old /tg/ before /pol/ ruined it ;;;;_;;;;

>> No.28877088

Stop being delusional. '/pol/' has nothing to do with it. Or are you implying being politically correct is normal and desirable? Because I can assure you a lot of people here who never visit /pol/ have absolutely no time for idiots who care more about peoples feelings than staying true to the source material.

>> No.28877089

White burden, they aren't using it properly.

I miss old /tg/ when emoticons and "lol" got you burned off the page

>> No.28877100

Melkor originally did nearly equal all of the Valar initially. He had the greatest share of knowledge and power to himself out of all of them.

However, he "cast off" pieces of himself in his efforts to create new forms and to corrupt the world. Melkor's essence kinda sorta permeates Middle-Earth in a sense; the form called Morgoth Bauglir that did battle with Fingolfin was greatly diminished from the Melkor of the Ainulindale.

Morgoth Bauglir could not even overcome Arien, the valarauko spirit that guides the Sun (a total qt, btw,) though Melkor commanded the loyalty of most of the valaraukar, his balrog legion, and the Melkor of old would have had little trouble quashing a mere Maiar in single combat. Morgoth Bauglir would not even face Arien in combat, such was his fear and vulnerability towards the light she held.

Basically, Melkor squandered his power to make a bunch of dragons and shit, and also to corrupt the fabric of existence such that the peoples of Middle-Earth could know Evil, and perform Evil deeds.

and yes,
>planting the seeds of all Evil
>squandered power

>> No.28877136


Check your dirty mischling retard privilege. /tg/'s pretty much always been the same, with the sole exception that D&D was rarely mentioned until 4e hit.

>> No.28877146


To be fair, if he had been able to let his dragons breed and develop longer, he would have won. The valar only barely beat the dragons.

>> No.28877159

>with the sole exception that D&D was rarely mentioned until 4e hit.
What a barefaced lie.

>> No.28877169

It was unquestionably third place behind White Wolf and Warhammer, if that.

>> No.28877170

Since it looks like Tolkien general also, explain please several things for someone who read his book in childhood and don't remember thing well.
1) What was the point of taking Bilbo to the journey. Considering Gandalf did nothing without a plan.
2) How was it possible for that spider broodmother to beat the shit out of Melkor.
3) Did Gandalf meet the Withc King in books or it is movie only thing. If first, why Gandalf had this big problems with a guy who was only Sauron's buttslave.

>> No.28877199

Not the same guy, but I've got to disagree.

D&D isn't *specifically mentioned* in the vast majority of old /tg/ threads, but whenever someone started talking about characters--especially whenever "elves and shit" came up--and there wasn't a particular setting being mentioned, they were referring to D&D.

Those old plothooks, silly characters, and "things I'm never allowed to do"? Mostly D&D.

>> No.28877208

>Melkor is one of the friggin single digit characters that is directly stated to have desire for a female

Dat Varda, son...

>> No.28877211

1. When dealing with a slumbery monster with a ton of treasure and ton of mind control, it could be good to have a sneaky hobbit who is resistant to corruption and greed.

2. Ungoliant was a nameless thing from the Void, whose power was greatly swollen by devouring the precursor to the sun and moon.

3. They don't fight. It is, however, easily conceivable that it could go either way. The Witch King of Angmar is probably the most powerful human in the setting. Both the Witch King and Gandalf had rings of power, Gandalf was a wizard, and the Witch King was the greatest of all human sorcerers. Plus an undead with a barrow blade, and fighting isn't Gandalf's specialty.

The Witch King was a human swollen beyond his natural limits of power, and Gandalf was a maiar with heavy limiters placed on him.

He could probably beat the Witch King if he revealed his full POWER LEVEL though.

>> No.28877223 [DELETED] 


lol stay mad le oldfag :DDDDDD

>> No.28877231

Wow, okay, I forgot about her. So, not only is he one of the few male chars that is ever described as experiencing desire (for a woman), but he has lusted over two women. Varda and Luthien.

>> No.28877244


There is a Chinese Don Quixote film called Móxiáchuán zhī Tángjíkědé.

>> No.28877245

>all the dark-skinned peoples are victims of the Morgoth and Sauron's evil imperialism
>that means those people themselves are evil

That's hardly fair, Anon. They can't choose where they're born, and if it's into horrible bondage, tyranny, and a religion of Evil, it's difficult to blame them, especially when they get levied and conscripted into an insane war far from home against the descendants of the mighty God-Men and Super-Elves of old.

The Haradrim and Easterlings are victims here, buddy.

>> No.28877247

Fair enough.

>> No.28877272

Based Sam, with the valuable, moral commentary!
Top tier character, no joke.

>> No.28877274

>Everyone with darker skin in the Lord of the Rings is evil

[citation needed]

Where does it say the soldiers of Rhun and Easterlings are evil?

As opposed to, you know, people who happen to be on the other side of a conflict?

>> No.28877288

This whole thing comes off less as "muh diversity" and more as "how can we add more romance movie into this action fantasy?"

>> No.28877291

In addition, the only voluntarily evil people is the "Dark" numenoreans, who are pale fuck and all about dark worship and blood purity.

>> No.28877292

just had this running through my head for a game Im running in the Tolkien universe using the 7 deadly sins as part of the plot
accurate you think?
Humans: Envy
Dwarves: Greed
Elves: Pride
Hobbits: Gluttony
Orcs: Wrath
Ents: Sloth
got nothing for Lust though

>> No.28877297

>I pointed out how Bilbo and Sauron's characterization are great ideas for female characters.
See, I could agree with you on the Sauron point; I personally prefer Bilbo as a subdued feller, but the crafty (and artsy!) demigoddess is quite acceptable.

>> No.28877301

i object. old lara croft had plenty of character. did you even play the games?

she's a rich english high society girl who dives tombs for fun and profit. she's an adventurous breakaway from what she sees as a boring life of sloth.

how is this not a character?

amusingly, after the feminists got involved she actually lost her character entirely.

feminists can't write girls very well

>> No.28877303

To be honest Sauron being gay for Melkor seems pretty plausible.

>> No.28877307

>7 deadly wins
No. Stop.

>> No.28877310

Gandalf just wasn't that powerful a maiar. Sauron is directly called out as being vastly more powerful.

>tfw first reading the books as a child I thought they would fight

>> No.28877311


I was under the impression magic was a supernatural creature "gotta be made with it" thing.

>> No.28877318

>Alatar and Pallando are the cutest
>they don't have character qualities, so one can project ideal traits onto them

Sounds like Orc mischief to me!

>> No.28877319

>behind WW
You're deluded. It's more like D&D was the default for everything.

>> No.28877323

>feminine traits
>should have been female characters
Isn't that a little sexist?

>> No.28877327

In terms of board activity

>> No.28877328

Sorry, "dark" doesn't equate "non-white people".

Do you also think Star Wars is racist, because Dark Force users are evil assholes?

>> No.28877330

I suspect it's more that their hair covers their eyes because less is known about them.

>> No.28877332


Seriously, some love bullshit is at least SOME characterization to Bard, other than a masterful troll proto-Aragorn.

>random ass DMPC named "Bard" comes out of nowhere
>one shots dragon after the whole story is about how the derfs want revenge on the dragon

Please imagine how you'd feel if that shit was the climax of your RPG campaign. Imagine it. Feel it gooood.

I was so pissed as a kid reading that, how random, anticlimactic and out of fucking nowhere it all was.

>> No.28877336

You know that in the little mermaid (the story), "Ursula" gets the prince and the little mermaid turns into sea shome, while her sisters murder all the sailors?

>> No.28877343

D&D was the default. The only reason D&D might have been mentioned directly more when 4e came out was because there was suddenly a divide in what you might be playing.

>> No.28877356

How so? When did feminists write a tomb raider game? Please explain more

>> No.28877358

>implying Earendil didn't school those niggas
Halfbreed Pride, son

>> No.28877361

Before that WW was riding high after NWOD ruined/tidied up the system and setting.

>> No.28877369

I would prefer to stick with the idea but if theres a problem with the idea of incorporating them please explain, im more interested in giving my players a fun game then sticking by an idea I came up with

>> No.28877373

m8, WW has never even come close to the popularity of D&D. I can't actually believe you were on the board at this time.

>> No.28877378

The last one.
She is now "almost-rape victim with issues" and lesbian.

>> No.28877381


Having only just read the Hobbit, it is worth keeping in mind that Bard could never have defeated Smaug if not for the Thrush telling him about the weak spot in his armour, and the Thrush had in turn heard it from Bilbo.

>> No.28877388

>nigger jedi uses grape drank sword
>gets force lynched by old man Palpatine after stabbed in the back (or hands) by Justin Bieber
>around whites prepare for fights dot jpg
>killer uses a voice synthesizer to duplicate the dead dude's voice actor
>only black man left in space is a traitor
>gets off the hook at the end of the movie series, only white jedi become ghosts (subtle reference to the KKK)

>> No.28877391

Is that the guy with the flying ship? He's like something out of a totally different story.

>> No.28877399

Not him, but I guess main problem is that you will attract religious freaks&warring atheists into a thread full of "muh skin color" already.

>> No.28877408


>> No.28877415

True, but its still a big missed opportunity.

D&D and WW have had their ups and downs, man. Edition releases do have a greatly noticeable effect.

>> No.28877418


>> No.28877422

If you think WW has ever beat out D&D, you are deluded.

>> No.28877428


And a euphoric day to you, my brother.
>*tips fedora*

>> No.28877429

Can we stop shitting at each other and post more Rule 63 Bilbo and Sauron?

>> No.28877432

>>only black man left in space is a traitor
Oh come on, leave Lando out of this

>> No.28877433

The Nazgul are kinda like Morgoth's dragons; as Sauron's magical agents, they sort of embody a portion of his formerly vast power in themselves. They're quite robust.

>> No.28877445

There are many times that there are no D&D threads on the front page.

Such as right now.

>> No.28877448

You think so? Maybe he just wanted to have a strong, assertive ruler to follow, not like that absent-minded rascal, Aule.

>> No.28877450

In terms of /tg/ threads, it's happened.

>> No.28877453

>my brother
pls staph

>> No.28877454

That isn't Rule 63 Sauron.

>> No.28877459

really? because all im aiming for is a vice that the major races tend to fall victim to, more psychology than religion, and the idea is that the players would need to overcome this vice because the eventual BBEG has been using these vices to push the nations towards war
(part of the reason ive had the biggest trouble finding out where lust should fit, because it could get creepy very easily)

>> No.28877460


>> No.28877466

Also keep in mind that black people are always associated with treachery.

The black dude gets betrayed, and Anakin, the traitor, becomes black. Lando becomes black only after committing treason as well.

>> No.28877469

Fuck, son, when I first read the books, at the beginning I was convinced that Aragorn was going to fuck those hobbits up.
First they told me all these suspicious-as-fuck dark riders were hunting them, and then this suspicious-as-fuck tall nigga starts cozying up to them?

I was terrified, thought the Ringwraiths were trying a subversive tactic or some shit for at least a chapter...

>> No.28877473


>> No.28877478

>> No.28877485

You should look up the systems played in the Eu.

D&D's babbys first game, replaced instantly with WoD, CoC, In Carne and such the second role-playing goes from one hour of giggling at elf-tits in 7th grade and becomes a weekly event.

>> No.28877486


>> No.28877489

There might not be one saying 'D&D' thread but they're talking about XP for killing things, LG alignment, Paladins.

D&D is the omnipresent PnP.

>> No.28877495

>> No.28877498

He is the guy with the flying ship, but he used it to defeat the greatest dragon ever to live, Ancalagon the Black, bro. The flying dragons came off the assembly line in time for the climactic battle at the end of the First Age, and Earendil sailed to Valinor, finally convinced Manwe & pals to quit fucking around, and they all jumped on Morgoth's shit.

Better believe some dragons were schooled.

>> No.28877500

I'm just saying it's not the weirdest intepretation. Sauron is given as being seduced by Melkor to darkness and as absolutely adoring him. Whether romantic interest comes first and fuels the other, or vice versa, it's not exactly an out-of-nowhere supposition.

I can likewise believe Melkor would fuck anything.

>> No.28877510


>> No.28877512

If only you'd been Witch-King...

I also thought the fat hobbit was going to accompany them the whole way. And then that he was going to come back later when he didn't.

>> No.28877520

>implying Aule wasn't best Valar
He was just such a nice dude, Anon. Though most of them seemed pretty pleasant.

>> No.28877528

The Eu? Did you mean the EU? What are you talking about. There are French, Swedish, German, British homegrown PnPs but they're localised and niche (the German and Swedish ones are so heavily influenced by D&D too).

D&D is, unquestionably, the most popular roleplaying game around. It's a household name - no other roleplaying game is. I do not understand why you have a problem with this.

>> No.28877541

I know. I'm just saying it's crazy. He rides around on the super ship through the sky which glows with light and he dive-bombs dragons in high speed air combat.

He's like some science fantasy character, rather than a LotR one.

>> No.28877544


To be fair it's only the most popular because the japanese like it.

Which I suppose makes D&D a JRPG, doesn't it?

>> No.28877547

That's some funny shit, Anon

>> No.28877552

>To be fair it's only the most popular because the japanese like it.
Nope. Try again.

This is ridiculous.

>> No.28877566

Fair point. I dunno, though; does being pretty much despicable preclude having legitimate feelings for someone else?

>> No.28877577

Oh, totally. That shit was silly as hell. Granted, it was the Big Climax for that chapter of the history, but still, crazy stuff.

>> No.28877581

>does being pretty much despicable preclude having legitimate feelings for someone else?
Of course not. Especially not in Sauron's case, as he started out good and even after having been a servant of Melkor is still indicated to be capable of redemption.

>> No.28877586

To be honest, despite that Melkor is quantifiably the most heterosexual character in all Middle Earth, Sauron does come off as bizarrely infatuated with Melkor.

I can't really think of any character in fiction remotely like Sauron. Usually the shapeshifting beguiling trickster is into japing jack fuckery 24/7, not being a totally devoted servant.

Were Sauron a girl, that'd be basically what you'd want in a girl. Level headed, able to assume any form you so desire, creative and hard working, and obedient.

>> No.28877592

I want to hate you so much, but...

curse my love for kawaii magica girls.

>> No.28877598

the augment is whether WoD, CoC or D&D was the most prevalent system on /tg/ before 4'e hit.

Not really, it's the old Jedi shit.
Love is the path to the dark side.Love leads to fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.Suffering leads to the dark side.

When one is loved above all else, all else can easily be sacrificed for the one.

>> No.28877600

and Sauron never wants for jewelry, being a master of its craft!

>> No.28877607


>implying D&D isn't a JRPG
>implying D&D players are all hopeless weeaboos

no u.

>> No.28877610

>implying Loki wasn't a motherfucking hairy ass man-eating jotun

>> No.28877618

>Lando becomes black only after committing treason as well.

>> No.28877625


>> No.28877627

>Gandalf, the Genki
>Saruman, the Kuudere
>Radagast, the Moe

>> No.28877629

Well his hairy ass did eat two foot of horsemeat.

>> No.28877632

So you're suggesting that Sauron is Best Girl material, teeg?

>> No.28877642

Naw, too tall.

>> No.28877650

LotR is not racist but is pretty classist.

>> No.28877665

>Were Sauron a girl, that'd be basically what you'd want in a girl. Level headed, able to assume any form you so desire, creative and hard working, and obedient.
Uh, maybe what you'd want.

>> No.28877670 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28877676

It was D&D, and Tolkien's Middle-Earth doesn't portray love as the downfall, like Star Wars does.

Are you just wrong about everything?

>> No.28877685

>too tall.
Speak for yourself, anon of average height.

>> No.28877686

Incidentally, I just remembered that Luthien fucking blows up Sauron's first tower, in the island of werewolves. Fuck.

Tolkien definitely had a thing for magical girlfriends. Melian, Luthien and Galadriel all had power levels that LUDICROUSLY exceeded their husbands, probably moreso than 3.5 fighter vs wizard levels.

They're just good, obedient wizards that let the boys have their fun then BLOW UP THE WHOLE GOD DAMN FORTRESS.

>> No.28877699

It's not tolkien's interpretation that's being discussed, it's
>does being pretty much despicable preclude having legitimate feelings for someone else?

>> No.28877707

If it's any consolation, Manwe and Varda seemed pretty comparable, plus they had that cool effect where being near one another extended their respective super-perception over the whole world.

>> No.28877719

>not liking tall girls

I do agree there, though. Partially, at least. That can be nice too, but the opposite is rather tempting as well.

>> No.28877722

He and his wife straight up fucked pretending they were Beren and Luthien.

>> No.28877728

>Naw, too tall.
Got a problem with the tall ones, Anon?

>> No.28877731

They're more like Evil Aligned Clerics, really.

>> No.28877741

You people realise the pretty Sauron art, he's still a guy, right?

>> No.28877755

Nah, humans and a couple of elves practice it. The only people who'd teach it are evil though.

>> No.28877759



Yeah. I totally have to read my wife the Silm now, after this thread. Not just you know, Sauron, the ideal magical girlfriend thing (and there's a lot of magical girlfriends in Middle Earth), but also having other elements of the Silm parsed for me, like Earendil.

>> No.28877769

I actually liked it in this specific instance, though I'd usually agree with you on what Disney does to mythology and folklore.

>> No.28877770

>Do you know where you are dot jay peg

>> No.28877777

I like tall girls, I prefer short(er) ones.

My most redeeming quality is being able to reach the top shelf, lift moderately heavy stuff, and work with my hands.

A tall chick would leave me rather superfluous in the relationship.

Might also explain why dwarf chicks don't work for me either.

>> No.28877786

What about Earendil and Sauron makes you want to read the book to your wife? Also, is this like storytime with Anon, where you'll read a few pages, maybe show an illustration occasionally, or what?

>> No.28877797

>Constantly stalking you and trying to get you to put on rings
>Wants to rule over the entire world because he thinks he can do it better
>Sends out some incredibly suspicious characters clad in black to chase after midgets
>Literally can't comprehend anyone ever thinking about anything else but power

Uh, whatever tickles your fancy, mate.

>> No.28877801

Hello boner my old friend,
I've come to fap with you again.

>> No.28877803

Not that there's anything wrong with a good storytime, I was mostly just curious.

>> No.28877810

>There and Black Again
>A Hobbit's Tale

>> No.28877833


>> No.28877838

That's Sauron after everything else has been burned away.

>> No.28877839

>choosing Pallando over Alatar

>> No.28877843

Yeah. That's not a problem to some /tg/ denizens (especially since he's a shapeshifter), but he's written akin to what most would probably want in a magical girlfriend.

Oh I don't mind. I find it HILARIOUS. And how dry and boring Tolkien seems to find epic feats of blasty-wizardry. Dude devotes pages to walking, and blowing up a fortress gets one short, terse sentence.

Part of why I like Middle Earth so much is that you start getting a good idea on what Tolkien was like, at least deep down. Liked tales of walking to faraway lands, found giant magical explosions boring, probably perceived women as enigmatic, magical and mysterious, and had very particular views on pastoral and industrial topics. His political views were, as one might expect, anarcho-monarchist (its as odd as it sounds).

>> No.28877851

Why not both?

>> No.28877852

You keep saying 'best girl'.

>> No.28877855

>he sees your ring

>> No.28877873

I've seen complaints about her being "yet another Blonde Aryan princess"
She looks albino to me, as much as animation will let a character look albino without coming of as an error.

>> No.28877880

Oh, god, I can totally see the plot of the books being adopted into a Magical Girl series too...

>Five ordinary girls in a a Magical Kingdom across the sea are bestowed with amazing powers by the gods of goodness.
>They are sent to the human world to battle the forces of evil and ensure that the Evil Queen of Darkness, Sauron, does not get her hands on a magical artefact and return to power
>One of the magical girls gets corrupted, becoming the evil rival of the others
>Now it's up to the girls to defeat the Queen and save the day before it's too late!
>The name of their team is Magical Maiar Hearts

Forgive me, Professor Tolkien, I know not what I do.

>> No.28877888

We get what you mean though. Basically the view is in favor of multiple smaller, independent governments who agree to stick to their own shit most of the time and then cooperate whenever it became necessary to do so, with a single governing body within each that was expected to emulate the goals and desires of the common man and pass laws and orders based on the interests of the many over the interests of the elite.

>> No.28877890


>thinks you can't be a girl just because you're a man

Typical pig disgusting tumblrite.

>> No.28877906


>gandalf the pretty cure

someone wake the Drawfags

>> No.28877908

Its gonna sound trite as fuck, but she loves vampires, werewolves, airships, elves, and basically everything ever pertinent to the Silm. But good luck getting her to read it on her own.

I admit that the style of the Silm is weird enough that I often don't figure out til years later, during discussions, what the hell happened in it.

Oh, I was just going to sit beside her and read it sometime.

>> No.28877915

I don't know why these people don't love Elementary, it has a female Watson, dude.

>> No.28877922

I find it funny that the same groups would complain about Disney playing stereotypes if they made something with folklore and people from a predominantly non-white culture, or would say that they were just re-painted white people if they didn't make it an explicitly African/Asian/whatever culture but made the characters not black or brown or whatever.

Because there's no pleasing people with victim complexes.

>> No.28877934

> Tfw all the girls i've been with were taller than me.

>> No.28877941

Now I really want someone to write this fanfic. Right now.

>> No.28877946

To answer the question specifically: that Earendil is a pivotal as fuck char that I had apparently blanked out of my mind, the valar fight having utterly eclipsed him, and of course...

Sauron's also both got enough shapeshifting Loki like bastardry and paradoxical devotion that the Silm-Sauron is a char I gotta absolutely share with her.

>> No.28877948

But you actually can't.

>> No.28877951

I am black, the first thing I read that wasn't pulp 1960s-1975is novels (my grandma was a teacher and had a MASSIVE collection of old sci fi books) was LOTR and that just bothered me. BLACK IS EVIL. Its why I liked sci fi more (doubly so when the first sf thing I saw was TNG), it felt less racist.

>> No.28877953 [DELETED] 

Because they can't have their gay babies if Watson is female and not in love with Sherlock.

Srsly, do you think the BBC program got popular because of the quality of its acting? Half its fanbase probably doesn't know good acting from a highschool reproduction of Hamlet. No, they don't care if the show has good actors and performances in it, only if they can get off to the idea of fucking the actors or the actors fucking one another.

The fuck do you think shippers -are-, people?

>> No.28877954

Oh, and Gwaihir the Windlord will be the group mascot.

>> No.28877961

>You know, I don't think I've ever seen a woman Gandalf.
Here you go.

>> No.28877962

Because they can't have their gay babies if Watson is female and not in love with Sherlock.

Srsly, do you think the BBC program got popular because of the quality of its acting? Half its fanbase probably doesn't know good acting from a highschool reproduction of Hamlet. No, they don't care if the show has good actors and performances in it, only if they can get off to the idea of fucking the actors or the actors fucking one another.

Shippers are fans in only the most shallow and thinly-veiled way, and make up the bulk of the "fanbase" for shit like that.

>> No.28877976

Whilst mtf disturbeth me there's no denying that a beguiling shapeshifter would totally play pretend.

>> No.28877987

...at once? Oh god, is that what happened to them? Did Sauron force them into his diabolical bondage centuries ago?

>> No.28877988


>> No.28877999

Then you read it wrong.
Not black.
Seriously, do you consider something "brightly shining with light" laso as a racial slur?

>> No.28878006

Sounds cute. Are you going to do the voices? I always have to resist doing silly voices when I read things to others.

>> No.28878012

Nah, they went off somewhere warm in the south and got all lesbian while everyone else did the fighting.

Tropical lesbian wizard party is a highly exclusive event.

>> No.28878015

I don't know if all those of you who are posting in this thread had seen the second The Hobbit movie but you weren't a bit shocked to see black people in Lake Town?

>> No.28878021

>Black is evil
Wrong, dark is evil, you know why? because people are and were, since the begining of times, afraid of the darkness.

>> No.28878025

I can dig it

>> No.28878033

Dude, it is also color of death (beside Asia).
And you aren't really black, you know that?

>> No.28878039

If by shocked you mean I didn't care, because there are people from the east and south who easily could have emigrated to that region generations ago and by now are just off-colored locals then yes.

>> No.28878042

>read it wrong
>literally a common reading
Sorry that Tolkien writes drek that can be seen (and commonly is) as racist garbage. Also, the topic change is amusing enough, but its just why is
also bad then? Its why I have a huge distaste for most fantasy, it just feels like an excuse for I HATE NEGROES BUT LETS CALL THEM ORCS GUYS GUYS I'M NOT RACIST shit. Its just like how early Heinlein before he became a pervert was I HATE VIETNAMESE, CHINESE AND COMMIES OH WAIT SPACE ALIENS

>> No.28878048

No, but he probably does consider "fair" used as a synonym for "beautiful" to be kinda, you know, racist.

>> No.28878051

You mean the same girl over and over again, srly, I thought that girl was like really wanting to be in every frame. Then I remembered it was probably put there because people is stupid and they want "muh diversity" even in norse mythology because white guilt, while Chinese mythology, hidue mythology, etc etc, are fine the way they're

>> No.28878053

Black (color) =/= Black (racial term)
Especially in fantasy epic from 40/50ties England.

>> No.28878058

Oh yeah. She fucking adores my vocal impressions. Unfortunately I have completely, irredeemably ruined Bane for her, as she starts giggling hysterically whenever the Dark Knight Rises is on.

Its probably going to be Silm, then Elric. Or Elric, then Silm.

Both strike me as crazy pertinent to any D&D enthusiast.

>> No.28878062

Not black PEOPLE, you dolt.

The overwhelming, crushing darkness of night is terrifying and draws people to think it evil, because noctural predators were the scariest shit ever for early man.

Black people are, if anything, better suited to hiding from and defending against these terrors. They're not evil, they just have their own way of countering it.

>> No.28878065

So, that is your culture then, Darkness was always something that existed, why would you fear a part of life? See its the subtle things like that that piss me off about fantasy.
Well thanks to deployment I'm now not #FFFFF like I used to be but I was damn well close, don't you fucking tell me what my skin color is, prick!

>> No.28878071

You blow your load to early dude, you needto bait them more...srly, can't kids troll anymore?

>> No.28878074

People get legitimately mad if you put non-Asians in Asian mythology.

>> No.28878076

Knowing black people are from beyond Far Harad, yes, is still shocking to see them so far away in the North.I wouldn't be in case they were Asian looking as Khand and Rhund are quite close to those lands.

>> No.28878077

Thorondor (Gwaihir's ancestor and the greatest Lord of the Eagles) had a wingspan of thirty fathoms, teeg. That's in the neighborhood of 180 feet, or 54.86 meters.

He was a very large eagle-thing.

>> No.28878080

Brown people can have those qualities. For instance, sexy chocolate elves.

>> No.28878085

Because predators attack at night, that's why you're afraid of it...oh wait, it was bait, damn, I always fall for this.

>> No.28878099

But they're ok if you put non-Europeans in European mythology and call you whatever if you don't, odd.

>> No.28878100


In fairness, guys, no one was afraid of the darkness of Middle-Earth until Morgoth corrupted the world and made them afraid.

>> No.28878107

You're making me laugh, dude. Are you sure you're not a white troll roleplaying as a black dude with no sense of humor or context?

Should I feel deeply offended that all the people in Middle Earth who CHOSE TO BE EVIL were white?

Should I feel offended that the white dragon is the weakest kind of dragon in D&D AND its Chaotic Evil?

>> No.28878108

So he's their sky base.

>> No.28878115

In fairness they were because Ungoliath was before Morgoth
Did you even read the Silmarillion?

>> No.28878120

>I want night to be same as day

>> No.28878126

Sun is racist because his light is white-ish.

>> No.28878129

Manwe, patron valar of AMURIKAW

>> No.28878131

See, they made a change to the book because the book was BAD in some places. I liked the expansion of Bard in the movie, the whole laketown thing.

I get so sick of people complaining that every change to the holy writ of the Hobbit makes the films worse. There's problems with them, sure, but cut down on the fucking autism, guys.

And I am SO sick of "diversity" shit. That shit's just so artificially imposed, and demanding it is itself kind of racist. I'm also annoyed that it utterly ignores a character's race or background apart from purely visual stuff; our heritage is kind of important and does affect us a lot.

I mean, if you want to establish that all elves in your setting are black, then go for it, whatever. But don't just make one or two of them black for the sake of diversity with no fucking explanation.

I'm thinking of the new Starhawk game. In the story mode, the main character was black. The team said that the only reason was they thought that the darker skin looked cooler with the glowy blue lines he had from being infected with rift energy.

I mean, crap game, but I liked that little detail.

Spider Man being black in some modern iteration? Sure, there's plenty of black people in New York, and it gives an excuse for nerdy smart peter parker to still be shit on and made fun of, despite it not being the 60s anymore.

>> No.28878135

White people aren't even white and black people aren't even black.

>> No.28878139

The sun is racist because it burn white folks and not black folks.

>> No.28878142

>Things attack at night
>not going out and raiding
This is confusing, since when I go home, we never have issues with lions (unlike southern Africa, we don't slaughter everything and wonder why lions start eating people), and there is nothing much that eats people in the homeland. This is a thing that seems so .. bizarre, is most of European mythology honestly based on OUTSIDERS ATTACK, because what would explain so much.

man, I am used to "trolls trolling trolls" as mythology. I hate to use this analogy, but imagine cosmic beings with 4chan personalities.

>> No.28878144

>also bad then?

>> No.28878145

You're white, you aren't allowed to be offended because what you did to other cultures.

>> No.28878146

>I get so sick of people complaining that every change to the holy writ of the Hobbit makes the films worse.
Nobody in this thread is making that complaint. They're saying it sucks, but not for that reason.

>> No.28878156

>People should never be black unless there is a reason for it
Are you for real?

>> No.28878163

>Sorry that Tolkien writes drek
You try to hard, anon.
Have a white (omg so racist) owl.

>> No.28878164

Laketown depiction as a mix of all those fashion and architect styles belonging to the city states linked by the Hansa League was a very nice touch, however I complain for be a city full of spies thanks to the Burgmeister being a paranoid and still Bolg orcs being able to get in (as well as Megablocklas and Tauriel) made me cringe a bit.

>> No.28878177

Bad padawan! Subtlety, learn you must! Yess, mmm!

>> No.28878186

Are you a mischling or something?

>> No.28878193

The fun thing is it's universal, whites getting that big is mostly a quirk of geological placement, and all that oppression is just a result of expansion.

The Orient is racist, blacks were pretty damn racist among themselves, South Americans routinely fucked each other over hard, Middle East had a whole lotta oppression for everyone around depending on the time. It's rare to see any mayor power in history that did not try ti fuck everyone else over.

>> No.28878197

Mildy Surprised, but I figured that someone casting extras got a complaint about only white people being hired. And she looked ethnically african, too.

I'm sure there was some wacky story behind that about political exiles or wandering merchants, but whatever. Even in pre-indusrial settings, people still traveled, and "scientific colonial racism" hadn't been invented yet.

I think complaining about shit like that makes us look bad. We should save our complaining for shit like >>28875595

>> No.28878203

>Tolkien writes drek

"And lo, Anon had set amongst them a great Bait, that dissension and discord might blossom in their midst."

>> No.28878208

I had to look that up. What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.28878215

Not shocked, no.

>> No.28878226

I'm saying that if your reason for a character being black was "We wanted more diversity" is a shitty dumb reason that's still racist. Better reasons are "They looked cooler," or "We wanted to explore some themes that worked better with a black cultural background" or "Meh, why not?"

>> No.28878231

In my mind poped the idea those were people influenced by the Blue Wizards who flee from the lands under the influence of Morgoth and Sauron.
Maybe they never take shelter in Gondor or Rohan for obvious reasons and go far into the North, which people didn't care much about what the hell was happening in the south that much.

>> No.28878237

>Loki, the norse god of mischievious mischief, crouched in all his hairy assed, man-eating jotun glory. Hunched before this new fangled computer device, he thought to himself.

"What's this? The INTERNET? I think I'll... troll them! How diabolically appropriate! Uwee hee hee! But what to post?"


"Mwee hee hee, I sure showed them! Wauh wauh wauh wauh wauh!

>and so, Loki did return to his troll, I mean jotun cave, there to imagine the bloodshed and anarchy in the streets as a result of his diabolical mischief-making

>> No.28878239

I get this is probably not your intent, but you realise you're saying a character should never just be black, right?

>> No.28878245

This thread needs more moe.

>> No.28878249

People really flip out when you say Tolkien isn't a very good writer on this board. I am not that anon and I don't agree that Tolkien was a racist but I definitely do not think he was a great writer. He's impressive for what he did rather than his actual ability to write text.

>> No.28878264

I am black as fuck (well more a dark brown now, being underway turns you less dark, damn lack of sun exposure)
So, what I get is you hate diversity then. Fair enough, but in a world with literal magic and metafiction, my WHITE POWER is most important than.
Surface where the ozone layer is thin, even I got a slight burn (damn you CFCs!)

>> No.28878269

Remember when I said
>"Meh, why not?"
That's "just being black." A character being black or trans or gay because the diversity guy was complaining that you're not representing a multi-cultural post-racial post-gender society properly, and offending all the fine-tuned sensibilities of liberal-arts college students? That's dumb as all fuck

>> No.28878288

Thing is, the Rhovanion had been having military and migratory interactions with loads of different Eastern nations by this point. Multiple Easterling invasions, Wainriders (whatever they were,) different groups of Northmen and proto-Rohirrim, Gondorian "liberation" and abandonment, etc.

It's not entirely implausible that the Wainriders or other Easterling hordes that had struck out further south could head up north, burn and kill some, ultimately get devastated and defeated, and leave vestigial human elements of their horde lying around.

Anyone can pretty easily get acclimated to Northman culture anyway, so it wouldn't be too egregious.

>> No.28878300

What happened to your sense of humor? Black people are supposed to be all funny, jiving, and making you laugh, you know, "what are you talking about William," not becoming angry at fiction.

Should I feel angry that in WoW, the white elves are evil and the colored elves are good?

>> No.28878322

I don't see much difference, beside the lack of beard.

>> No.28878323

I get mad at nerds, and
get out.
>implying I'm liberal arts.
I'm so hard science I shit neutrons and calculus, fucking postgrad, how does it work.

>> No.28878324 [SPOILER] 


Check that privilege.

And those dubs.

>> No.28878325

Not that guy, but totally different situation as its not a constant.

>> No.28878351

>I get mad at nerds

>> No.28878367

It is exactly the same situation: people who are desperately seeking something, anything to feel offended about, so they can feel special.

Not to mention the hilarity of a guy on /tg/ who "gets mad at nerds."

>> No.28878369

>I'm so hard science I shit neutrons and calculus, fucking postgrad, how does it work.
sleeping with postgrad doesn't make you "hard science", anon.

>> No.28878382

>It is exactly the same situation: people who are desperately seeking something, anything to feel offended about, so they can feel special.
It really isn't but okay, whatever.

>> No.28878391

>I get mad at nerds
>I'm so hard science I shit neutrons and calculus, fucking postgrad
>I get mad at nerds
>I'm so hard science I shit neutrons and calculus, fucking postgrad

>> No.28878392

Working on a nuclear reactor does though. FISSSIONNNNN

I get mad at nerds, which is why I generally don't bother with most threads, but this felt like "Oh god they are going to just have racism all thread, its like /pol/". (and sleeping with postgrads just makes me a horrible person, Anon)

>> No.28878402

I laughed, but probably only because I'm so racist and privileged.

>> No.28878440


Textbook example. Not to mention, he's a self hating nerd...


>> No.28878443

>Working on a nuclear reactor does though. FISSSIONNNNN
I think we have that discovered and developed already.

>> No.28878457

>and sleeping with postgrads just makes me a horrible person, Anon

>> No.28878458

>Non-white people says that they're and should be proud to be who they're
Then why I shouldn't be proud of being racist and so privileged?
Also, how can I be racist if my half-korean, half-mulata gf isn't real?

>> No.28878463

>> No.28878475

Not the new tech though, its all stuff that is theory, not proven, so I get the fun job of taking theory to practice. Bleeding edge, unlike pure research, so hopefully we don't fuck up (but unlike some groups, we have safety culture built in!)
Most of them are just.. I mean how do I say this, they are just lonely people who want human contact,you know what I mean.

>> No.28878482

Were Melkor and Sauron racists?, I mean, they were the brightest and chose the darkness as the color of evil...

>> No.28878483


Where does Vivec fit into the Silmarillion?


Basically you have to understand that Europe was first pacified by filthy invading outsiders in the form of the romans.

Like an abused child, the european has never gotten over that first abusive relationship.

>> No.28878491

Judging from the pic, I think your half korean half mulata gf is a dude, dude. Check your half korean half mulata gf non existent privilege.

>> No.28878507

I think you got that word wrong, see, outsiders mean from outside, like in not from here.

>> No.28878510

More like champions of multiculturalism, oppressed by racist elves, don't you think?

>> No.28878522

>Decent thread derailed by one whiny twat who thinks the world revolves around skin color and feels he should be entitled to things because of it.
Thank god this thread is past the bump threshold.

>> No.28878524

How can she be a dude if she's non existent?

>> No.28878572

>Anything below 47th parallel north
Sandniggers aren't European

>> No.28878575

he's also been mother various times.

>> No.28878606

>"Oh god they are going to just have racism all thread, its like /pol/"
And you've just proven anon's point about 'looking for thing to get offended about', you fucking mongoloid. We were having a fun time sexualizing a female Sauron and you just had to come in here and make everything about yourself just because you're black. Fuck off, attention whore.

>> No.28878607

Would you?

>> No.28878617

It's different for gods

>> No.28878623



>> No.28878627


What does that have to do with Vivec's place in the silmarillion?

>> No.28878639

Unpopular opinion coming in.

I liked her character, and even knowing it was only because "muh diversity" I thought it was well done.

>> No.28878668

Can anyone explain to me why "people of color" is politically correct, but saying "colored people" is a fucking hate crime apparently?

>> No.28878700

The fuck we know, that people is crazy. And by that people I mean those who take everything as an offense.

>> No.28878708


Wait what?

I was told growing up that using "person of colour" was racist to use. When the hell did that change?
That doesn't even make any sense, how the hell is that the "proper" term, it's simplistic as fuck.

>> No.28878746

In my country "person of colour" is now impolite as fuck, the polite version is "black", "asian", etc I shit you not. Completely counterintuitive

>> No.28878775

That actually makes some rational sense, though, since saying 'that dude is black' is significantly less segregating than putting people into two categories, colored and white.

>> No.28878776

Even with Muh Diversity, I liked her too. Lord of the Rings is really short on female characters, and the whole movie would have been a giant sausage-fest without her. It still fails the beckdel test hardcore, though.

Having more female characters is less annoying than racelifting for the sake of racelifting because 50% of the population is female, regardless of race. No asian people in scandinavia analog? That's just expected. No women with speaking parts? That's getting a little sausagy.

One could say "its an adventure, they're being true to the time period its meant to emulate, women stayed in the kitchen and didnt fight, there's good biological reasons for it."

But 1: she's an elf. different culture.
2. we shouldn't feel like we need to replicate all the shitty things about the past in our modern movies, especially when its not historical fiction, its fantasy.

Sure, you don't see black people much in european fantasy. But when you do, they aren't called darkie niggers. And whenever something bad happens, people don't blame the local equivalent of jews, and women aren't casually raped or treated as less than human, children aren't beaten or forced to work in mines, people don't kill other people over matters of religious doctrine.

There's nothing offensive about "everyone in this group of 12 people is white" when compared to "also, every one of them hates jews and talks about it often, and also rapes women when given the opportunity."

>> No.28878837

Fucking this. /pol/ hasn't even made a mark on /tg/, the only change is the flock of screeching tumblrites screaming at /pol/ when anything they hear threatens the sanctity of their echo chamber.

>> No.28878855

B-but if orcs are black people, how is that the're so racist?

>> No.28878875

>Black people can't be racist

>> No.28878881

I get that but...it just feels like a cop out really. I understand it followed his religious views but it turned Melkor into a Dick Dastardly " I'll get you next time, NEEEEEH!"

>> No.28878920

Untrue. Last year around this time there were significantly fewer hurrI'mracist and mysoginist threads. Not to say there weren't any, but the tone has changed from mostly joking with some exceptions to Trollfest 2013.

/pol/, trolls, or tumblrites or whatever the cause, there has been a change. /tg/ is never static, though, it has a sort of cyclic or more likely spiral-ish movement.

>> No.28878939

Ancalagon the Black says you are a bitch faggot nigger

>> No.28879012

Bilbo wasn't just Frodo's uncle; he was his first cousin AND second cousin.

Hobbits be inbred all up in this piece.

>> No.28879089

The only reason this board hasn't been overrun by '/pol/, trolls, or tumblrites or whatever' yet is because people here are generally intelligent and know how to spot bullshit when they see it.

>> No.28879099

I think its because /tg/ is by-and-large pretty open minded and accepting. We make jokes, but we're pretty self-aware of our own biases, and despite our problems with women, we're only misogynist towards ThatGirl behaviors, and we vilify ThatGuys just as much.

So when people come in calling us racist and misogynist, it really gets our goats, because we know that we're mostly white middle-class men who have trouble with the ladies, and who's hobbies aren't particularly attractive to black and hispanic people. It makes us feel itchy sometimes.

>> No.28879113

Because sometimes the euphemism treadmill goes full circle.

>> No.28879164

Than look like regular elfs but tanned. And apart of humongous butts, they don't resemble negroid in the slightest.

>> No.28879169

>hispanic people
That's because we don't like weeaboo stuff

>> No.28879196

All of the biggest anime fans I know are Mexican.

>> No.28879210

Have you ever been to South America? Ever? They fucking love DBZ.

>> No.28879231

Is it because there was a time when Sailor Moon was the only thing on Mexican TV that wasn't like this?

>> No.28879284

>That's because we don't like weeaboo stuff
We don't?

>> No.28879296

I would not at all be surprised to learn that's part of it, but I never really bothered to look into the origins of the trend. All I know is that when I first saw Evangelion and Akira, it was because a 40 year old Mexican waitress loaned me the DVDs.

Giselle was so fucking bro-tier, dude...I miss her.

>> No.28879310

That's what I implied, hipanic people aren't into our stuff because we don't like weeaboo stuff.

I know I didn't sleep much today, but I thought it was clear...I was wrong.

>> No.28879344

I thought it was clear. Everyone else was being dumb.

>> No.28879357

Oh, I thought you were identifying yourself as hispanic, and claiming hispanics don't like weeaboo stuff. It's clear now what you meant. Sorry about that.

>> No.28879379

Who else is psyched for Spanish Breaking Bad?

>> No.28879397

Heh, odd, I like anime (not that I consider myself an weeaboo or anything, just happens that among my favorite stuff there's japanese stuff too) and I have a Spanish friend who hates anime...

>> No.28879399

I agree :^)
epic strudels

>> No.28879411


I'll wait to hear some reviews on it.

If it's going to just be a carbon-copy of the American one, I really don't care. If they change it slightly to fit with the setting/culture a bit better, I'm all game for it.

I just don't want to watch the same show twice.

>> No.28879477

Obviously it's just a trend, not a deterministic relationship. Are a fair number of popped collar college bros douches? Yes. Is it 100% that every one of them is? No.

>> No.28879489

They'll probably change it a bit to reflect that it's set in Colombia where a lot more of the audience has seen parts of the drug trade firsthand, maybe been tempted to break bad themselves. And hell, maybe they'll make Gus white.

>> No.28879513

>implying that isn't how Melkor was

>> No.28879531

>literally the biggest weeaboo I have ever met was Mexican

>> No.28879550

>Whit...oh fuck, you know the deal

>> No.28879558

Nice Quints. Also, Anon, if you were really charismatic and assertive, Sauron could make himself short for you, bro.

>> No.28879575


That would actually be a pretty funny twist on it.

>> No.28879980

What the fuck did you people do to my thread?
I wanted Hobbit Chicks motherfuckers!

>> No.28880019

>Wanting hobbits
>not wanting Maiar

>> No.28880054

>black elves

absolutely disgusting

>> No.28880219

Given the implications about what Gus actually was, I wonder if they'll make it more explicit. After all, it's military junta country down there.

>> No.28880660

And those awful hairstyles

>> No.28880733


Proper I say. Not some qt witch waifu material.

>> No.28880769

What's wrong with qt witches?

>> No.28880883

More like best guy.

>> No.28880898

I like that one.

>> No.28880910

Of course!

>> No.28880914

Behold Melkor– Valar of Being Fucking Fabulous.

>> No.28880915

Wait, hold on, we're well over 400 posts in a thread that started with a genderswapped Bilbo picture. Where are the genderswapped monstergirl Smaug pictures at?

>> No.28880949

Dude, Smaug is a girl

>> No.28880971 [SPOILER] 

Considering his special expertise seemed to revolve around fire, cold, and the extremes of temperature, it's not surprise that Melkor was hot stuff back in the day.

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