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How about a /tg/ filename thread?

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hard to beat that one.

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Everyday is valentine's day.

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Having trouble making this gif

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I'm keeping this one.

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I love it! Saved.

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Str vs Dex?

I got nothin'

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I don't get it.

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I imagine that escort got paid a lot of money

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re: Iron Warriors

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As it should be.

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>dodge charms

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Shit son, laughed so hard I started coughing.

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>dat dance

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>GURPS harsh realism for martial arts

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>A snake staff that spits out another snake staff that spits out multiple snake ropes
Sounds like something the Germans would do.

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Did that snake NOT bite the kid?

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Snake is de-fanged. Presumably some relative of the baby is a snake-charmer.

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Kill it with fire.

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Did something try to escape that box?

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> rouge

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I am seduce

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what the hell is that from

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should be
>playing against a blue deck.gif

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It's a movie called Ironclad. Fun if you like to see people get horifically fucked up by medieval weapons, but make sure to stop caring about any kind of historical accuracy before you watch.

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Tao v weapon master.

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>Chaotic evil
>Has the tastes of a god.
Everything seems to check out.

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>inb4 no one gets it.

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He may like rape, scat, vomit, torture, diapers, furry and gay shit, but he likes his shitty porn to have love.
LG in charge of fetishes, I bet you fap to your goddess imagining her boning every other paladin while she ignores you.

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Isn't that a Spanish book? This is an English board, and we don't take kindly to yer Commie-talk 'round here

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>go to exhentai
>first entry "favourites netorare 1"

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Explaining the joke kinda ruins it m8.
It's not about the book.
It's about OTHER spanish book.

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Please die

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>being this butthurt
I'm sorry netofag, but NTR is world's worst fetish.

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fuck anime is bad.

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Only if it is actually NTR and not a strange three way.

Which is difficult, but not impossible to do.

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>I have NEVER read a NTR doujin.
He doesn't get to fuck her faggot.

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you wanna know something bad? Once I saw that .gif on /b/ and a /k/omando got butthurt because she cowboy slams shut the cylinder. Like that's the only thing that upsets from that scene. Fucking /k/

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But then again, she does have proper trigger discipline during the reload.

Yeah, no kidding. I tried to watch Attack on Titan because the setting looked pretty cool, but I couldn't make it through. The whole "LET ME SHOUT OUT MY MOTIVATIONS AND FEELINGS IN AN UNINTERRUPTED MONOLOGUE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DRAMATIC BUT LOOKS RIDICULOUS" thing happening like three times during the first episode turned me straight off. Do the directors simply not get that subtext is a thing or do they just think so little of their audience that they feel the need to spell out every little detail?

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I wonder what /k/ thinks about pic related

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this was proved to be possible m8

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Foreverially holy shit. That's lasagna-levels of what the fuck. That thing is probably a landwhale to boot (or more likely just not real).

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>(or more likely just not real)

I don't know which alternative is scarier: Somebody actually being like this, or somebody fantasizing about being like this.
Anyways, if you've ever visitied TroperTales when it was still around you know it's probably real. There used to be dozens if not hundreds of posts just like these, each one worse than the last one.

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...jesus christ, well spotted

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It just looks that way, if there was anything living in there you would see a red stain appear on the crushers. The door opens because the lower half is crushed earlier and causes the remaining upper bit to pivot around the top joint. What you see popping out is just insulation and other material squeezed out of the walls.

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>demn hips.
would crusade/10

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Monk BaB progression.gif

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Probably just a chubby chaser

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>Implying it was bad

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That's his o-face

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how did it end anyways?
Any pictures?
More ideas?

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Goes with a set, for context.

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Sorry brah, I couldn't handle it. Just not at all my kind of thing.
>never been to /d/, not planning on it anytime soon

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Is that the one where Paul Giamatti has one of the best villian/despot speeches ever?

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It's kinda scary how close that is to my current party.

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I like to think it's not real, but TVTropes has a rather...special...community so I wouldn't be surprised if this was real.

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That's the joke.

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>Implying that the Mugatu dynasty didn't make its fortune on cosmetics and fashion

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please no

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I lol'd

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Not real. No one like that would have the highest GPA. Not to mention highest GPA is stupid because it's usually tied for perfect/perfect (unless you have a really stupid or small school).

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If anything, it's probably a fa/tg/uy parodying TVTropes' typical contributors.

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Oh god, it's so true.

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Hi James!

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I guess I didn't have as many of these as I thought.

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Jesus fuck, what is this from?

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An actual fight. That really happened.

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How? Did he fracture it earlier and just not know about it?

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A bad hit, he dislocated his feet.

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Oh okay I see. That makes sense. That would still hurt like a motherfucker but at first I thought he snapped his leg. Considering the thickness of the tibia that is a terrifying thought but the dislocated foot thing makes so much more sense.

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You can see it flopping from the union, it's brutally dislocated.

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>mfw Lastros fan

That was very painful to watch again.

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Which gundam is this from? The 00 stuff?

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You wish. Build Fighters.

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You sure, man? It looks like a shin-height break. Thai-style kickboxers put their legs through a lot of punishment and deaden their nerves for brutal kick strength, so I always assumed that he fractured it in training and later broke it with that kick.

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I really wish it isn't because that 00 stuff was pretty awful. Not destiny awful but still pretty bad.

>> No.28883434

that'd work too.

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Yeah, but if that WAS in 00, the series would have been better.

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It's a leg break. It happens in Muay Thai sometimes.

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My first experience trying to heal in Dark Heresy ended with all the ammunition on us exploding. Afterwards we always did healing naked

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By who

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>we always did healing naked

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My party in 5e got a quest line after a few goblins had gone in and stolen food from a local inn, as they were fighting them to escape they goblins all turned around and starting throwing fruit at a low health ranger, one crit and managed to knock him down and they got away, after examining the pinapple it was determined to be a...(if I remember right) Loud Warleading ancient human pinapple.

When activated it would sound a war horn for a few miles and you could use it to speak to things within a few miles.

Eventually it led them to finding an ancient temple where they easily took down a high level devil(5e was broken as fuck) who they discovered was enchanting whatever a local tribe could find(fruit) so they could beat out other tribes much more easily so the devil would have things to sacrifice/eat/do devilish things to.

rolled games are simply the best, though I should organize that story better.

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>Alright boys...
>slowly start to take off shirt
>Time to heal.

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was only a little awkward playing a sister of battle

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>Your SoB face when the Psyker starts to Kiss all of the burly priest
>Then fondle the tech priest fleshy bits making him blush and wiggle
>then he just taps the SoB head and says "Yeah there done"

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Oh god the nostaliga. I loved that show.

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the things I would do to amanda...

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Needs a name

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Feign Death?

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>party Barbarian takes a critical hit

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Oh god, me too...

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that's all fun and games until you realize she needs diapers.

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...Still muh fetish.

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so is mine.

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You know, sometimes I forget whether I am in /tg/ or /d/.

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I played a character along the lines of this once. a telepath that would use the body fuel feat to the point where he couldn't move but had a crap ton of power points. the party just strapped him to the back of the ogre.

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Yes, Fortunato.

For the love of God.

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She wouldn't need diapers if she had someone on hand to bring her to the restroom and wipe for her.

>> No.28888648

Or you put a ring of sustenance on her, meaning she requires neither food nor water, and excretes nothing as well.

Meaning she cannot starve or dehydrate.

Meaning if she was left somewhere, she would lie there aware, awake, and unable to do anything about it, forever. Unable to even take her own life. Forever. Forever.

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>No hands

>> No.28890558

Making it an amulet is +50% cost. No biggie.

>> No.28890571

With DM approval

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A ring of sustenance prevents all aging? I was not aware of that.

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>not Ajani

>> No.28892031

...did that tank just rocket jump

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It's pretty obviously man of steel, anon

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I have never seen the movie. I am not up to date with current films.

>> No.28894869

I get it, he's not doing shit.

>> No.28894870

Dude, that's some red dead redemption shit going on there

>> No.28895132

I haven't seen it either, but it was still pretty clear to me. But, then again, I'm unnecessarily hostile, so eh

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If your GM allows that character concept...

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6 String Samurai
Yup, that is totally how you combat bard

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>Image limit hit
> Whynotboth?.jpg

>> No.28905064

What was he supposed to do?

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It's a rite of passage.

No true fa/tg/uy can call call himself such without visiting our on-and-off girlfriend board now and then.

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