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Suptg Archive:


Archive compiled with story posts and pictures for an easier read, as well as ability and metadata tables:(big thanks to contributors, especially Sorry!):


Twitter (quest times, cancellations, updates):


Theme music:



Notes on Rolls and Voting:

When I request rolls, each set of three rolls counts for one action. For example, a two-step plan would take the first 6 linked rolls. A particularly bad failure can stop your plans early.

When rolling 1d100, I will consider criticals within the first ten linked rolls. Only criticals that occur in the first three rolls will be counted as "supercrits". This is still the case even if you'd have plan long enough to require more than ten rolls.

When I roll 1d20, the rules are the same, but I only consider criticals for the first five rolls, rather than ten. Criticals in the first three are still "supercrits".

When a plot choice results in extensive debate, I'll try to weed out the most popular trains of thought, and then call a vote on them. When voting, please respond with only a link back to the post and the number corresponding to your opinion. Other votes are discounted.

Finally, note that this is not a democracy; it is a benevolent dictatorship.

>> No.28862825

Recent Events Summary:

You have collected and reforged each Shard of your past self. Three of the four keys to Hecate's prison are in your possession; you are certain as to the location of the last. The Black Lady has joined the alliance between the Great Forest, Felnoir, and Archon. More importantly, you've convinced both you allies in Haven that this is a good thing. Soon, your collected followers will meet in Arland, ready to shock the world with a force comprised of outsiders and rulers joined together against the demon lords summoned by Kan-Abar.

It's halfway through winter. Auriel has predicted that Kan-Abar won't move until the snow thaws and spring arrives, working in the meantime to consolidate control over their newly captured territories. So far, that prediction has held true.

A banquet was held in the Black Lady's honor by Yi Fang, introducing her to the Archon nobility. Originally, it was to celebrate Abigail's councilorhood, but the twin purpose served perfectly: it made good on Abigail's promise to extend a hand to new allies, and remake Archon not as an antagonist to the Empire of Light, but cornerstone of world stability. The ball concluded without incident, cementing Abigail as a major political force in Archon, and building ties between the Archonians and the Black Lady.

Once again, Fang turned the unexpected into a powerful advantage. The only people that know the Black Lady's true identity, however, are yourself and Auriel. You hope that the secret stays just that, as you find yourself unable to predict exactly how Fang would react.

On the whole, things seem to be aligning themselves as you've planned for some time. However, one last thing weighs on your mind: City 002, the source of the highly aggressive constructs that have repeatedly attacked you. You followed the trail of the robots through the tunnels they dug to attack you, and meandered into the Timorian Deep, the dark underground reaches of Venia.


>> No.28862848

You encountered and fought a Vog Brain, a powerful Spirit creature that could use other Vog as part of a larger body. And to your pleasant surprise, Steward 001, the amicable robot that first made contact with you, came to your aid. But your battle drew the attention of a second robot: Steward 002.

001 held off his counterpart briefly so you could make your escape, and now you're on the run from 002, sprinting through the Deep at top speed.

You reached the ancient dwarven city of Va'ad, and found Steward once more. He explained the nature of the situation, including 002's quest for vengeance against the surface by harnessing the power of the Core of Chaos at the heart of Venia.

He also suggested a plan: by deactivating the power generators feeding mana to the city, it would be possible to weaken 002 so that the code holding the other artificial intelligences under his command could be eliminated. You've managed to Pocket both of the generators, and the city has gone dark.

You confronted 002 in the core of the city. After a lengthy battle in which you dismantled his automated defenses and fought with him directly, you were forced to chase him down into the depths of the earth.

The tunnel he flew into proved nearly endless, but it did end - at the very core of the world. Fearful of the consequences of further combat near something so vital and sensitive, you used one of your most dangerous powers and Erased 002.

>> No.28862870

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

All Revealed Ability Descriptions:


Books the Main Character has read:


Character Sheet including learned abilities and other important information:


>> No.28862890

Current Statistics:

HP: 38/81
Mana: 27/58
EXP: 12

Shards of Order and Chaos:

(Retribution) - Strong
(Maker) - Normal
(Silence) - Normal
(Peace) - Normal
(Breeze) - Weak
(Hammer) - Strong
(Ardor) - Normal
{Resolve} - Broken
{Humanity} - Resonant


Wisp - 1 mana to order


Vita (Shade)


Utility belt with purse


Aurora Water Gem (pocket)
Steam Golem Core (pocket)

--Teleport Anchor--

Haven - Inner Fortress

--Current Location--

Beneath the Timorian Deep


Known Mana Pools:

Jacob's Field - entrance to Hecate's tomb - Spirit
Palthair Mines - Magnock's Lair - Spirit
Archon - Spirit District - Spirit
Archon - Shadow District - Shadow
Archon - Earth District - Earth
Archon - Water Distric - Water
Haven - Shadow
Abbotsford - Shadow
Aurora - Water
Va'ad - South Generator - Earth
Va'ad - North Generator - Earth

>> No.28862905


And then the tunnel bored into the earth ends. You're falling through open space. 002's arm releases you. But you don't release him.

Darkness surrounds you both. It's as if the cavern has opened up into the void. There's no light, no sound. Nothing. Just you and the robot, rushing down through the blackness.

And then you see it.

Flickers, at first. You can feel it, radiating. Power. Endless power. Chaos.

It's behind something - a black shield. It is the biggest thing you have ever seen - but you can tell it's a sphere. Just faintly, at the far edge of your vision, you see a dividing line between the blackness of darkness and the slight light gray of the barrier.

This is it - the Core of Chaos. The heart of the world itself.

A light like a sun flares. For an instant, there's no color - you and your foe are cast in white light and black shadows. Streamers of power trail from your bodies.

>mana: 27/58

Black power flares from the barrier, and the whiteness dies.

This heart is beating.

Steward's punch comes suddenly, but you manage to dodge it. He keeps boosting downward, trying to throw you once again, but your grip is firm.

As you plummet toward the thing keeping Chaos in check, you realize that the time for holding back is over. If you don't bring your full power to bear, right this instant, something terrible could happen.

You call upon something you've haven't had need to call upon in a long time. It's not even really because you've ignored it. More because you don't need to see it to remember it's there. Humanity is a part of you, now.

>exp: 12


>> No.28862922


Chaos unleashed consumes you.

White flames erupt from your body, a violent clash to your black aura. In an instant, they eat away the metal where you held 002. For a moment, you think you've lost him - but he doesn't go anywhere. The flames grow, and grow. They eat everything.

The air vanishes, because even the wind itself is consumed. There's a terrible sound, like a scream of a blizzard over the peak of a mountain. A vortex swirls about you, sucking everything in with an inescapable pull.

002's feet flare with power. His jets try to boost him away. For a moment, he gains distance.

And then space itself buckles.

You watch the robot with a sort of sick fascination. He starts to stretch - not break, but stretch, as if made of rubber, not metal. And his body turns in toward you, bent along the curve of space that the flames distort as they chew through the very fabric of reality.

002 is sucked in and annihilated.

The flames vanish, and you're left alone in the silence of the abyss above the barrier.

What do you do now?

>explore the space between Venia and the edge of the barrier
>head back the way you came; time is of the essence
>some other strategy

>> No.28862937

>Shadow Quest time

>> No.28862944

>explore the space between Venia and the edge of the barrier
This shit is reacting kind of funny to us. We should figure out why. Shouldn't waste too much time on it, though. Just a quick check, if nothing obvious comes we save it for later.

>> No.28863008

Seems pretty quiet. No one else here or does everyone just agree with that one vote?

>> No.28863044

>explore the space between Venia and the edge of the barrier
explore it so we can fuck it up in a majestic way.

>> No.28863089


so it shall be

>> No.28863092

I agree at least. How many other lurkers are here?

>> No.28863107

Woo! Shadow Quest time! Too bad I gotta study for finals...

>> No.28863141

there will be archives of this, you should go and study. /

>> No.28863168

This is the first shadow quest thread I have ever caught since the very first one.
I've read all the archives and I'd like to thank you SM for making such a great quest.

>> No.28863178

Just got here. I normally lurk until there's a vote a feel strongly about.

>> No.28863233


I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you continue to do so!


>You've gained 10 experience from helping Va'ad and defeating 002!
>EXP: 22

This is a good opportunity to explore - and gain knowledge. You wonder how many people know this place exists. And among them, how many have actually been here? You're at the cusp of what makes magic work; of what keeps the world alive. And if you're going to take a crack at helping the world into a better future, you need to understand what makes it tick.

You press your aura behind you and take off with a BOOM of supersonic speed.

The core is huge. Even at your current velocity, your progress along the outter edge is barely noticeable. But slowly, you do make progress.

>regen: HP: 64/81
>mana: 29/58

The whiteness returns, a flash of chaos that presses against the barrier. The thrum of a great heart. Your vision is bleached by the pure power.

>mana: 58/58

The barrier hums against the white, and the endless black returns.

You fly for some time. A few minutes...perhaps tens of minutes? It's difficult to keep track of time here.

You notice white at the edge of the great core. You fly along, maintaining your distance. The light comes into view.

There is a crack in the barrier - a jagged, twisting cut that pulses with both light and darkness. A mesh of Shadow and Light is folded and turned over the massive gulf in a sort of patch. The Pure Chaos below roils against it like boiling water rattling the lid of a pot on a stove.

What do you do?

>investigate the patch more closely
>leave it, for now. You'll need tools and allies to deal with this.
>some other strategy

>> No.28863256

>Shadow Quest starts as soon as I'm going to sleep


I would love to play but I doubt my halfasleep self would make coherent choices

>> No.28863271

Leave it

>> No.28863291

Whatever we do, don't mess with it until we know more. Looking at it closely is fine. Touching it isn't.

I'd say leave it and report back.

>> No.28863298


>> No.28863321

>investigate the patch more closely
Do NOT do anything that can mess with it. Don't touch it physically or magically. If we can not find anything about it without messing with it, then leave it. Note it so we can take a look at it with allies.

>> No.28863335

Leave it. At least now we have an inkling as to what happened to Hyperion...

>> No.28863380

>mesh of Shadow and Light
Hyperion confirmed for Erebro

>> No.28863405

No its because were a mixture of chaos and order now

>> No.28863423

Analyze/Focus appropriate here?

>> No.28863432

>explore the space between Venia and the edge of the barrier

>> No.28863438

>Leave it
We need to finish setting up steward (and make sure there's no unexpected double cross coming our way) ASAP. The robots could be a game changer for our little alliance.

>> No.28863448

Focus won't do much with all this chaotic energy blasting around unless we crit succeed or something.

>> No.28863465

>investigate the patch more closely

>> No.28863487

>investigate the patch more closely

>> No.28863510

You decide to investigate the patch more closely, but are careful to keep your distance. No sense touching something that could blow up in your face. You learned that lesson the hard way back at the Palace of Shadow.

It is as you first sensed; a mixture of Order, and not-quite-chaos - the Light element. You hover there, analyzing it for a long moment.

How did the core crack in the first place? It might have been simple age...or some kind of traume. But even then...who made this container? What exactly is it containing?

What is chaos? What is order? You realize that you don't even have the answer to these most fundamental of questions. Everyone is constantly using Chaos to fuel their magic; you use Order. Two sides of a coin. But what does that make the coin?

The light flares again.

Dozens of bubbles of chaos form at the edge of the patch. A corona of Chaos blasts up around the patch, and the bubbles are sent rocketing past you at an unbelievable speed, so fast you can barely follow them. They vanish into the darkness high above you.

The light dies back. The patch returns to normal. The bubble of chaos are long gone.

What do you do?

>follow the bubbles of Chaos
>return the way you came
>some other strategy

>> No.28863526

>follow the bubbles of Chaos

>> No.28863532

>follow the bubbles of Chaos
As long as it's not fucking with the patch I don't see any harm in seeing where this is going.

>> No.28863564

>>follow the bubbles of Plot

>> No.28863573

>follow the bubbles of Chaos
Are we destroying things yet?

>> No.28863591

>follow the bubbles of Chaos

>> No.28863601

>return the way we came
I'm well aware I'm going to lose this vote, but mainly I just want to drop off the power generators we have in our pocket before venturing forth.

>> No.28863620

are you a retard deliberately or

>> No.28863672

You fly a good distance from the patch, and then go supersonic.

With a burst of speed, you rocket away from the core. It slowly shrinks behind you, a massive planetoid sitting in the darkness.

Ahead, you can see the end of the blackness - the beginning of the rocky underside of Venia itself.

There is a hole in it. A torn, jagged hole. You glance back down, and your suspicion is correct. Each turn and corner of this canyon in the Timorian Deep matches that of the ugly crack in the core below, as if some great power ripped through the earth and down into the bottom of the world.

What do you do?

>proceed up on the trail of the bubbles
>that's enough for now; back to business
>some other strategy

>> No.28863688

>proceed up on the trail of the bubbles
Let's see what's going on here. Someone might be taking advantage of these bubbles of chaos.

>> No.28863696

>>proceed up on the trail of the bubbles
It's not like we're losing time. We can teleport to have, and then from haven to the manapools in Va'ad.

>> No.28863707

>proceed up on the trail of the bubbles
We can instantly teleport back to Haven and then Va'ad using the mana pool. So we can afford a few moments now that the threat is gone.

>> No.28863714

get dem bubbles

>> No.28863735

I have a theory.

This is how mana pools are made.

>> No.28863743

>proceed up on the trail of the bubbles
what's with these things?

>> No.28863801

You continue on the course you've set, up and into the jagged canyon that matches the shape of the crack below.

Once again, you're surrounded by rock and dirt and stone. You fly up the canyon at full supersonic, your gaze and senses seeking any trace of the strange bubbles.

And then you see it. You spread your wings and slowly brings yourself to a halt in a rush of air. Your aura gathers under you and lets you fall down the hundred feet or so you overshot your target.

One of the bubbles rests on a rock outcropping. It's about 7 or 8 feet across.

It's moving. Writhing. You can feel a presence within it.

What do you do?

>Remove this problem by consuming it.
>Continue to observe.
>Attack (write-in)
>Attempt communication
>some other strategy

>> No.28863810

We need to collect Ila before we teleport.

>> No.28863824

i have no idea what to do.

>> No.28863825

>Continue to observe.
Need to see what this is about first.

>> No.28863829

analyze it
Maybe we can get a light elemental friend

>> No.28863832


Eat it.

>> No.28863833


>> No.28863839

>Continue to observe.
Science first.

>> No.28863857

>Continue to observe.

>> No.28863864

>Teleport to Haven
>Teleport through mana pool to Va'ad
>Pick up Ila

>> No.28863939

You decide to observe the sphere further before taking action. You've got only one question: what in the name of all the elements is this thing?

That question is quickly answered.

The sphere splits down the middle. The glowing outer surface begins to disintegrate. The golden particulates left behind condense in the revealed center.

And standing before you is something that is very familiar to your senses.

A wyrm - small, by your own standards. But a demon nonetheless, a being of magic without the inner core you've come to associate with the soul.

Its eyes blink. Its head twists up to look at you. An angry shriek resounds from its mouth, and it takes wing, diving straight at you!

What do you do?

>consume this pathetic thing
>smash it into the wall like a fly
>some other strategy

>> No.28863950

Consume the thing.

>> No.28863955

>consume this pathetic thing
So the Nether is leaking out of that crack, is it?

>> No.28863961

What the hell? Smash it.

>> No.28863968

>Fighting demons on the underside of the world
metal as hell

>> No.28863970

>consume this pathetic thing
ah well am man can dream

>> No.28863979

>Eat it
Which should see about fixing the breach. Or, at least, stemming the flow.

>> No.28864033

I wonder how much chaotic creatures are wandering around here. I also kinda wonder if a Demon Lord can occur naturally given enough chaos.

>> No.28864035

>>consume this pathetic thing

So Hyperion and Erebus teamed up to contain the Nether?

>> No.28864037

You wait in midair, wings spread, aura supporting you. You're in no hurry.

The wyrm whips itself across the chasm. It winds up to you, and its jaws snap shut around your arm.

Your arm melts into a black ooze and locks around the creatures head. Wings that were a moment earlier beating to reach you now begin to desperately try to wrest their owner from your grasp. A muffled roar punctuates the effort.

It is not successful. The head melts into your body as you chew and absorb it bit by bit. It stops struggling.

>you've gained 1HP (65/81)
>you've gained 1 EXP (23)

What do you do now?

>continue up the passage. There were a lot more bubbles than that...
>bring this information back to your allies
>some other strategy

>> No.28864053

>bring this information back to your allies
teleport, manaport back to Ila then return to Haven with her.

>> No.28864056

I'm pretty sure we're on the surface now

>> No.28864067

>bring this information back to your allies
We aren't here to monster hunt. Back to the objective.

>> No.28864074

I would say go get lla and tell our people and then go and come back here. this is very important

>> No.28864077

you know what, cancel this. Deep Focus. See if we can't find a manapool near by.

Or if the half off xp cost still applies we could always make one.

>> No.28864085

That's kind of pointless.

>> No.28864093


Would the Shield count as a manapool?

>> No.28864102

This is probably the demonlords' work. It's where they're trying to crack open the Chaos. Hell these bubbles are probably how their summoning new demons! Alternatively, a crack could be where the demon lords were originally pulled from.

>> No.28864108

>bring this information back to your allies

>> No.28864113

Or would the Core count as a mana pool?

>> No.28864132

Deep Focus then go retrieve lla and inform allies before returning.

>> No.28864133

>bring this information back to your allies
I think we've wasted enough time for the moment.

>> No.28864136

you guys serously want to touch the Shield or the Core? Really? Truly?

Im sure nothing will go wrong. Besides it'd be SCIENCE!

>> No.28864145

SM i just had a thought. the world as far as we know consists of one big continent with nothing beyond but water and beyond that is a void. and yet here we are under the crust of the earth, staring at the core, the ROUND core. i cant help but wonder what would be on the other side if anything at all, would the ground above us just stop if we kept going or is there a second shadow florin on the other side within the void. i dont expect you to answer i just thought it was intresting and maybe did you mess up or maybe it is all acording to plan.

>> No.28864156

I don't think anything would, though it is a risk.

>> No.28864172

very good point. Venia is flat. The World is not.

>> No.28864187




Those are interesting observations, aren't they?


Vote 1:
>bring this info back to your allies; you've got other things to deal with

Vote 2:
>use Deep Focus to try and find a mana pool or other points of interest

>> No.28864199


>> No.28864208


>> No.28864209


>> No.28864213


>> No.28864216


>> No.28864217


>> No.28864219

Guiz plz core touch no dont bad

>No sense touching something that could blow up in your face. You learned that lesson the hard way back at the Palace of Shadow.

>> No.28864222


>> No.28864232

Wait for more bubbles.

>> No.28864241

not to Va'ad

>> No.28864244


>> No.28864252


>> No.28864268

We can take the mana pool at Haven to Va'ad.

>> No.28864291


>> No.28864303

Roll 1d100 for your focus

>> No.28864313 [DELETED] 

Rolled 37


>> No.28864323

Rolled 66


>> No.28864328

Rolled 81


>> No.28864337

Rolled 26

still focus looks for anything interesting


>> No.28864360

Rolled 16

I hope lla didn't go down the hole, cause she totally would.


>> No.28864362

Rolled 54


>> No.28864369

Rolled 13


>> No.28864394

We've been flying for a while.
Is the sky-sever active down here?

>> No.28864419

If we just detect a mana pool i suggest we go to it simply because it may be somewhere important, like beneath the demons, or in Kan-abar, or Atlantis.

>> No.28864423


Not close to the core. Up past where the crust of the world begins, yes.

I'm just not bothering to write "you touch the wall and keep going. And then you do it again, and again"

>> No.28864468

Yeah, i know you don't write that we touch it every X minutes.
But I had a suspicion the its influence was waning as we got closer to the core, so I felt like I should ask.

>> No.28864472


But why?


You Focus.

Below, you sense the core, and the shield of Order that contains it - though, from what you've seen, it could use some serious repair work.

But it is what rests above you that now grabs your attention.

Your senses fly up the vast canyon, and as before, they echo off the walls - walls filled with adamantium ore. Beyond the lower depths of the canyon you sense vast networks of tunnels. And within the tunnels you sense demons - a lot of demons, every kind you've seen before, and then some you haven't.

Thankfully, you do not detect the signature of a demon lord. Perhaps that means the breach in the core below isn't great enough to release that much energy.

Or something like that.

What do you do now?

>return to home base
>investigate the upper reaches of the canyon
>some other strategy

>> No.28864476

So are we still going to that choas island?

>> No.28864493

>return to home base

>> No.28864497

>return to home base

I think that's for after we stop the demons.

>> No.28864506

Rolled 75

Get sewin' on that light/dark patchwork.

>> No.28864507

is this shit under everyone?
If so the demon lord problem is a shit ton worse then we thought.

>> No.28864530

>I think that's for after we stop the demons.
we had a choice of going to it, before the robots.
So shadow master can we still go to chaos island?

>> No.28864544

>>return to home base
We can send people from Haven to help out here. They're all powerful mages, after all.

>> No.28864592

Meant to say Order Island, and can we still go to it?(we were only gone for a day max).

>> No.28864606

It's end-game stuff, let's keep the world from plunging into total demon war first.

>> No.28864633

>chaos island?

Yes, Order Island.

You certainly have the option to reach it before the war council. Why would I say no? You're making the decisions here, not me.

See your extended conversation with Valeria Kavanere for more detailed information about your motives for doing so and how you might get there.

It isn't the most popular option because, while it's a priority for solving the greater problems of the world, stopping the immediate thread of the demon lords is necessary or that all might not matter anyway.

>> No.28864661

>returning to home base

>> No.28864672

the war council is still 2 weeks away, how long would it take to go to this island?

>> No.28864697

Here is what i think the world would look like if we were to step way the fuck back and see it from the side. Pardon my lack of any skill whatsoever

>> No.28864753

IIRC It's winters' end that is two weeks away, and having the war council with Arland before winter ends is the idea.

>> No.28864781


It's vaguely getting there.

>> No.28864786

>return to home base

>> No.28864795

The war council is sooner than that.

Considering the island is in fucking space it may take a long time to even fly there. Then there's whatever shit that's actually happening there that we have to deal with.

>> No.28864826

>implying we won't be spending a ridiculous amount of time meditating on our shards

Can we ask Auriel about her connections to the King of Atlantis and whether or not she would feel like we have a long enough time to involve him?

>> No.28864828

it was already confirmed that the war council will have our Nat 1, and i think we should be prepared, yeah its up to majority rule.
you act like distance matters to shadow or his ship?

>> No.28864895

I'm pretty sure it does since we can only teleport to places we've already been.

Speed of sound isn't that fast in terms of fucking space.

Also, how the fuck does checking out the island help prepare for the nat 1?

>> No.28864937


So I check several times but I can't find Pestilence in the Ability Descriptions. Is it missing for some reason?

>> No.28865104

You've explored enough for now. You've got priorities elsewhere.

You open a portal to Haven. There's a rush of wind - a difference in pressure creates a constant breeze into the central portal room of the fort.

Everyone heaves a sigh of relief when they see it's you - a bit quicker than last time. Steward looks to you. "Shadow."

<002 is dealt with. It's over.>

Steward nods. "Understood. Take me to his servers."


It takes a bit of time, but you get the generators back in position. Steward does whatever he needs to do to erase 002's control codes. A few hours later, power is restored to the City. Steward tells you that every A.I. is in favor of lending you their support in the coming conflict. Though their own internal strife has reduced the amount of resources that can be brought to bear in time to fight the Demon Lords, you're sure they'll prove and exceptionally formidable force to tip the scales in your favor.

You now sit at the meeting table on the backside of the bridge of the Cirrus. Steward is in attendance, standing with a silent attention on the consoles and controls spread below the wall-size bow windows. Ila lingers with Cain and Hamil down a few stairs to your right. Sir Flint and Tyrael stand together by the doors, chatting idly.

The doors to the bridge open. Obis and Freja walk in, accompanied by another two guests: Valeria Kavanere, and Young Bull, the werewolf who represents the more feral half of the Great Forest Den.

And a surprise third guest saunters in after them: Vaz Grak, the chieftain of the orcs that rule over the eastern part of the forest near Abbotsford. He glances your way. His face is expressionless. His eyes glance to the robot standing next to you, and then pass over the rest of the occupants.


>> No.28865137

The doors swing again, and someone you've been waiting for enters. Auriel - accompanied by Abigail.

You stand from your chair and move around the table. Abigail's dress swishes around her feet as she clacks across the steel floor. She smiles at you. "Shadow." She embraces you briefly, then steps away. "I've heard a lot of crazy things from the Highest. Again. You're always up to something."

<It sure seems that way to me, too.>

Auriel greets you simply. "Hello, Shadow."


Her stern face twists into a smirk. "Did you ever get around to renaming the Cirrus?"





It's on the full ability list, but I may have forgotten it on the character sheet.

Pestilence - Enemy physical strength is halved and all regeneration halted until they are touched by light magic. Applies to first target Shadow touches after activation. (7 exp)

>> No.28865162


Actually, it's on the character sheet, but not the full ability list.

>> No.28865172


>> No.28865184

it takes us around 13 minutes to go from earth to the moon going supersonic.

>> No.28865199







>> No.28865225

Do it.

And then when they guffaw, ask them why Elementals can't make jokes, too.

>> No.28865228

Nyx, Aether, Hemera, Hesperis, Erytheia, Geras, Nemesis.

I'm just going to throw Greek primordial diety names around and hope something sticks.

>> No.28865232

this works for me.

>> No.28865234


>> No.28865242


From google:

(384 800 kilometers) / speed of sound at sea level =
13.0879653 days

>> No.28865253


Ooooh, I like Nemesis.

>> No.28865254

say this as the joke, and then let the name be.

>> No.28865269

i mussed have forgotten a zero, i stand corrected.(this also means that the people who wanted to rush it were wrong as well.)

>> No.28865279

Aether or Nemesis work for me.

>> No.28865280

Rolled 85


>> No.28865286

You know some captains DO name their ships after their sweathearts.

>> No.28865297

any chance about the king of Atlantis bit happening?

>> No.28865300


I like Aether.

>> No.28865302

I am resisting the urge to completely fucking keyboard physicist your jollies in regards to your collective absences in knowledge of acceleration in low resistance environments.

>> No.28865303


Voting for Nemesis.

>> No.28865310

Make humor >>28865199
And then make real name. I'm partial to "Boat" or "ship," but if Auriel demands something "real" I could also get behind "Nemesis."

>> No.28865333

this works and is in character.
that is a bit forward for shadow isn't it?

>> No.28865334

Aether or Nemesis sound good.

>> No.28865344

Me too, brother.

>> No.28865358

then do explain.

>> No.28865389


Nemesis is a classic name.


>> No.28865394


The context doesn't matter. The ability lets you travel at the speed of sound at sea level regardless of atmospheric context.

Solid and liquid barriers notwithstanding.

>> No.28865399


>> No.28865407

air ship or ship, this is in character.

>> No.28865423

Vote 1:

Vote 2:
>make a bad joke, then name it Nemesis

Vote 3:
>bad joke, then name it Ship

>> No.28865432


>> No.28865434


>> No.28865435


>> No.28865439


>> No.28865442

If our supersonic has propulsion like I assume it does?
We would be going 1.4x hypersonic within three minutes of travel in any environment that has as much resistance as space. Veniaspace? Who knows.

And then you said something like that which basically means shadowquest physics are best physics.

>> No.28865444


>> No.28865448


>> No.28865451


>> No.28865463


>> No.28865471


>> No.28865472


>> No.28865476


>> No.28865478

he just said that it is not propulsion based, but reality fuckage based

>> No.28865480


>> No.28865482


>> No.28865492

That joke is going to be so fucking groan worthy that I'll probably feel second-hand emarrasment for Shadow.

>> No.28865494


>> No.28865497

>Not making the bad joke
It's like you hate fun.

>> No.28865499


>> No.28865502


>> No.28865503

Whoa. Gaseous substances DON'T hinder our supersonic?

So... how... what... but... HUH?!

>> No.28865512


Magic bitch.

>> No.28865523


>> No.28865526

We are a being of nonreality. that's how

>> No.28865527


cutting off votes


Magic, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

>> No.28865528

so is that how far away the island is?

>> No.28865529

I know, I also pointed it out. Shadowquest physics are indeed best physics.

>> No.28865531


>> No.28865540


>> No.28865549


>> No.28865571


Might have something to do with our form not being entirely tangible. I'm kind of curious how much thought SM put into this.

>> No.28865596

Not really a big fan of nemesis.
A remorseless goddess: the goddess of revenge.
A source of harm or ruin:

>> No.28865614

that is what it will be to our enemies.

Wasn't nemesis also very motherly? or is my brain fucked?

>> No.28865627

That's what Nemesis became after she became popular.

>> No.28865632


Not from what I read in Percy Jackson. :O

>> No.28865634

Wait guys, Cumulonimbus is a storm cloud right? What if we name the ship Nimbus?
Or DARK NIMBUS or something edgy like that, I don't give a fuck.

>> No.28865645

Revenge as a term used to be less loaded with negativity.
It's use for Nemesis is closer to "Retribution".

>> No.28865652

>The word Nemesis originally meant the distributor of fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to what was deserved; then, nemesis came to suggest the resentment caused by any disturbance of this right proportion, the sense of justice which could not allow it to pass unpunished.

>> No.28865654

Nemesis isn't just revenge/antagonism, it's also about Balance.

>> No.28865658

>Percy Jackson

movie/book adaptations will bastardize anything and everythin ever.

>> No.28865662

Voidbearer, you're worse at names than Shadow.
Save it for Edgy Quest.

>> No.28865676


Dude, I'm joking, chill.

>> No.28865693


Yeh, I wasn't on board with the name until I looked this up. It's pretty much perfect.

>> No.28865696

Well that makes sense.
this doesn't at all.

>> No.28865720

I just don't like people using that as a source. bit of a history/mythological buff here, or used to be.

It would be like if someone started claiming fanfictions were cannon.


>> No.28865743

Eh i was going off of the webster dictionary term, but ok.

>> No.28865778


There is a fair amount of Greek mythology in the naming scheme for this quest.

>> No.28865816

like what exactly?
Just out of curiosity.

>> No.28865849

Erebus, Hyperion, and Hecate; for starters.

>> No.28865850



>> No.28865859


>> No.28865868

>The swirling chaos at the center of the world is actually our wife, Nyx
>Hyperion is our son, !Aether
>The Elementomachy was just because he was pissed that we were treating mom like some kind of unknowable primordial concept

>> No.28865885

>In Greek mythology, Erebus /ˈɛrəbəs/, also Erebos (Ancient Greek: Ἔρεβος, "deep darkness, shadow"), was often conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness; for instance, Hesiod's Theogony identifies him as one of the first five beings in existence, born of Chaos.

SM you are a bastard.

>> No.28865896

Also a bit of biblical to.

just realized it has kind of been Christianity Vs Greek

>> No.28865904

so the name "Shadow" that abby gave us and "Erebus" are just literal definitions of each other


>> No.28865921

Don't forget that the Elementomachy is totally not the Titanomachy/Gigantomachy.

>> No.28865934

>born of Chaos.

Well now i don't know if i should factor this into my thought process now. cause erebus (we think) was pure order.

>> No.28865958

Ehh kinda sorta i could see it maybe.

it wasn't Elementals vs humans though.

>> No.28865974

We could also name it NIGHTBLADE
Or Reckoning of the Moon
Or The Black Mamba
Or The Nighthawk
Or The Twilight
Or The Opaque Moon
Or The Oberon
Or The Umbra
Or Orpheus
Or The Hades
Or Tarterus
Or Thanatos
Or Asteria
Or Selene
Or Lethe
Or Penthos

>> No.28866000

But it was. Holy shit, it was. Aurora didn't burn itself. Tarun Gakuth wasn't target because it was empty. Holy shit you are so wrong it hurts my life.

>> No.28866003


This is actually not a bad name, I wish it came up sooner.

>> No.28866026

Don't forget that lots of the elementomachy conflict happened because of the conflicts between the followers of the elementals, at least according to one of our friends.

>> No.28866038

At their core, the Titanmachy and Gigantomachy were struggles between Titans and Olympians/Olympians and Chaos.
Just as the Elementomachy was really between the Lesser and Greater Elements.

>> No.28866057

No, It was elementals and humans vs elementals and humans. if the elementals had wanted the humans dead then they would all be dead. literally the humans were like playthings compared to the elementals. Aeolus destroyed the massively powerful Dwarf civilization by himself

>> No.28866094

we totally should've named it ship

>> No.28866097

but they were both elementals. it would be more akin to if hades were to take half of the gods and demigods and attack Zeus.

The titanmachy and gigantomachy were seperate beings fighting eachother.

>> No.28866125

>implying that wasn't Erebus' keikaku in order to destroy the beings separate from himself

>> No.28866165

Shadow Master is taking a long time to write a joke.

Paranoia time.

>> No.28866169

Well you can't really comare Erebuses Keikaku to any sort of mythos because apparently there was no schemeing ever in any ancient myths. as a generalization it is almost always straight up fights, with very little manipulation.

>> No.28866203

>there was no schemeing ever in any ancient myths. as a generalization it is almost always straight up fights, with very little manipulation.


>> No.28866221

>as a generalization

>> No.28866224

guys I just had a crazy idea, what if instead of attacking the Kan-Abar army directly we fly the Nemesis cloaked to Kan-Abar's capitol dispose of the Usurper King and put Obis on the throne

>> No.28866239


Are we getting that rit fail now? All our ties will be broken because of one poorly received bad joke.

>> No.28866252

I still like the name The Deliverance.

>> No.28866263

You draw yourself up slightly, puffing out your chest. <Why yes, yes I have.>

"Oh yeah? Let's hear it."

<Nyxystix Abby-Sabbatical Ship #6.>

Abigail blinks for a moment. She blushes slightly, but seems more confused than anything.

Auriel just gives you a disbelieving look. "...why?"

<I sounds impressive. I wanted to include Abigail's name for sentimental reasons. Also, I've destroyed many other airships. I believe this is my sixth. It's all perfectly logical.>

Auriel slaps a hand to her forehead. "It's like I'm naked in Vellik's castle all over again."

Abigail does a double-take. "Wait, what?!"

<Only joking,> you say. <It's name is Nemesis.>

Auriel stops, looks up at you. She purses her lips. "Maybe a bit expected, but it works well. Might as well get on with this." She sits down at the table.

"Wait, what about the castle?" Abigail says.

"Don't worry about it, dear," Auriel says. "I do my best to block it from my memory."

At this point, Abigail looks ready to fall over. You guide her to a seat. <I'll tell you another time. It's not what you think.>

Abigail reluctantly sits and folds her arms gruffly, tucking her bad arm under her good one. "Where have I heard that before?"


>> No.28866279


Because the Demon Lords would be off the leash and the problem wouldn't be entirely fixed. We can't fix everything with a single action.

>> No.28866285

They were conflicts between groups of deities. The groups were just labeled less obviously.
It would be like saying a War between Triangles and Squares is not a war between geometrics shapes, just because they called them triangles and squares insteand of three-sides shapes and four-sided shapes.

>> No.28866286

I still like The Gavel

>> No.28866292


You've already told the 'inner circle' of Haven, and Steward, about what you found at the core. You learned something important in exchange - the breach there is known by only by a few dozen at the top of Ring City's hierarchy, and the Black Lady.

The Shadow War culminated in a confrontation between Sandalphon and the Black Lady. The angel's most powerful spell - the Sun Call - collided with the Lady's own extremely potent magic. The resulting blast produced the Lady's Finger, a gulf in the world leading all the way to the core, which was damaged in the process. As demons rushed forward, uncontrolled, the Lady and Sandalphon worked together to patch the breach as they could.

The popular version of the tale holds that the armistice was based on efforts to clean up the demons following the actual conflict. The cities of Demonclaw, within Vampiria, and Gaphold, in the The Frontier, have the mutual goal of watching each other and making sure nothing nasty makes it out of the Finger.

In reality, both the Lady and Sandalphon know that the patch is only a temporary measure. However, Sandalphon refused on principle to work with the vampire and further, and has since been attempting to relieve the pressure on the seal itself by controlling magic. This has resulted in the empire's policies of killing off wild elementals, strictly regulating the usage of mana pools, and suppressing spiritual magics which utilize summons from the Nether. It was also an excuse to 'regulate' all forms of magic, giving legitimacy to what was the systemized slavery of Shadow mages. Before that, Auriel told you, they were simply executed.


>> No.28866297


and after the supplies stop coming in from Kan-Abar the Army would be forced to relinquish their conquest and return home.

perfect plan

>> No.28866315

Auriel had been sitting on the information because she was afraid of splitting your priorities. Her thought was that the seal would hold; for now, gathering together the nations of the world to fight the enemy in front of them was the most important thing. And in the aftermath, perhaps they'd be willing to join hands and help with greater problems, as well.

She apologized for not including you in her most private thoughts - but she also revealed she'd been hoping that Sandalphon would relent. After months out of the Empire, she's finally put that hope behind her.

A brutal reality. But now you know the truth behind the truth.


While the members of the room gather together, the orc, Vaz Grak, approaches you. He towers over your human form, a hulk of green muscle and armor. "I have something to say to you, Shadow mage."


"You took my sword," Grak growls. Young Bull and Kavanere glance over, their faces a bit worried. "But," the orc continues, "you also destroyed the thing at Abbotsford. We saw the tomb you made there. So listen." He points a clawed finger at you. "The feud between us is not settled, but my people owe you a debt. And so we will fight against the demons with you. But do not expect Vax Grak to forgive, or forget."

<You forced my hand back in the forest,> you say. <And I'm sorry to have earned your enmity. But I'm glad you'll be on my side.>

"In this...yes. Tomorrow's portents are for another day." The orc roughly takes a seat next to Young Bull.

And with that, the meeting in the Cirrus - no, the Nemesis - commences. Conversation is halting, at first, but picks up quickly as your allies begin to coordinate men and resources. Who will move where, and at what time, and with what tools and equipment, and what supplies...it's a dizzying prospect. Thankfully, Auriel seems to thrive on it.

Do you have any concerns or points to raise?


>> No.28866318

we could if the summoners were there.

>> No.28866391

>implying demons eat food

>> No.28866401

The king of atlantis, and how many demon lords there.

>> No.28866413

an inventory of our "heavy weaponry"
(eg: power pieces we now have at our disposal against demon lords)

Reconnaissance, knowing the opponents pieces and how much they know about us

>> No.28866428

Ask how long it takes for a person to summon a demon lord and how fast is the process sped up by other demon lords.

>> No.28866429

How many Demon Lords are there and how much time do we have before it goes out of control.

The King of Atlantis.

The Nemesis can fit an army inside and has cloaking abilities, so it would be best for an attack on Kan-Abar and it's summoners.

Bring up getting a prosthetic for Abby to Steward in private.

What threads were sperg-anons rants in? Include all the shit from that.

>> No.28866448


ask about


even if it let the Demon Lords off the hook they would lose their human support and supplies making it a much easier time cleaning up the left overs

>> No.28866450

So who all will be coming to Arland?

Will werewolf guy and orc guy come too? what about Steward? and Aruiel(which will piss off sandalthong)? and how about atlantis dude?

Also shouldn't we inform everyone of the massive amount of demons waiting in tarun gakth? probably should tell refuge aswell.

>> No.28866457

How far has the demon lord army spread and what is the new about sandy.
>What threads were sperg-anons rants in? Include all the shit from that.
you really expect him to dig for those threads?

>> No.28866477

talk about supplies and weaponry.

>> No.28866509

Oh yeah, they kind of have a massive unbound demon army just sitting there waiting to spring up at any moment. Might be a little important.

>> No.28866512

Ask them if there is any problems they can think about before the meeting begins.

>> No.28866520

Mention that we don't want Kan-Abar to become too weakened to do anything after the fight when Obis takes over. It's imperative that Obis can stand on his own. We need a swift victory.

Bring up Kulia and our theories about her and that she may be involved in all this.

>> No.28866533

and a half a ton of raw adamantium.

Can we afford HT?

>> No.28866536

Hm. Not that other anon but it teally depends on which ancient myths of which culture and whose interpretation/translation of them you're relying on.
Ancient Indian and Asian myths, middle-eastern/North African myths in particular have lots of scheming in them.
And if you want to generalize them the vast majority of ancient myths involve quite a bit of trickery and manipulation. Ancient mythology is fun like that.

Thread 81 has the 7 post one, but I wouldn't advise relying on the old speculation too much.
Thread 82 had the 2 post one with a risky plan I don't believe in anymore.
I forget which thread I posted the 5 post kan-abar one in though.

>> No.28866537

>Also shouldn't we inform everyone of the massive amount of demons waiting in tarun gakth? probably should tell refuge aswell.
this gets my vote.

>> No.28866562

SM is gonna have some writing to do.

>> No.28866564

nope, we are 2xp short

>> No.28866565

I plan to dig it up myself, I just wanted some idea to where they were.

>> No.28866589



>> No.28866593


>> No.28866623


>> No.28866627

I still find it weird SM keeps ignoring this suggestion.

>> No.28866648

Do it. A giant pilotable robot would be damn good for this war.

>> No.28866652

so who is up for some exp spending?

he hasn't really, hasn't been appropriatly brought up yet.

We should totally walk into Arland riding the titan.

>> No.28866675

Let's do it, then. Or at least buy the skill and bring it up.

>> No.28866693

its been suggested several time during lulls in combat, and agreed to be done by others.

>> No.28866700

this. Eat the core and buy the ability. then we see what comes after it and can see about getting the materials.

>> No.28866726

You alive SM?

I think people want to spend some EXP. Or call a vote on it or whatever.

>> No.28866727

still need 10xp and we don't know if we want to save up for whats after HT.

>> No.28866748

I searched quickly and found the Kan-Abar vomit the top of thread 69. Though much of it is irrelevant now.

>> No.28866787

12 + 1 + 10 = 23

and we have that steam Golem core to eat. probably 2-5 xp.

and we arent going to buy the other one. just wanted to see what it is.

>> No.28866793

shadoooow masstuurrrr

>> No.28866801

Using HS requires 10 exp.

>> No.28866842


That is indescribably creepy.

Also, I'm busy answering 564,092 questions, hang on a second.

>> No.28866850

Oh, well i still suggest buying it now and start collecting the materials. after ho usefull shade was for city 002, the HT will be multitudes better for the war.

>> No.28866865

shadooooooowwww amsthurrrrrrr

>> No.28866872

I'd rather think how useful WE would be if we spent experience on the central tree.


>> No.28866897

For some reason i want to fuck that.

>> No.28866942

We can't be everywhere at once, infact it would be much better to have something that can actually stomp enemy forces like that fucking behemoth. remember back from Tarun Gakth that old, giant robot that completely and utterly had us running for our lives?

We get a new and improved version of that.

>> No.28866962


So, a list:

>Magic Power 5
>Earth Tree
>Void Ring/Eclipse
>Physical Shadow Tree
>Order Immateria/Pure Darkness
>Spirit Tree

>> No.28866968

you will have your way after we get ours, the gravity party died off a long time ago.

>> No.28866969

magic powah foive

>> No.28866974

Heartstone Titan

>> No.28866993

not as good as heartstone titan.

especialy if we artifact it

>> No.28867009

Rolled 30

fuck off

>> No.28867023

No you

>> No.28867056

What was so good about magic power 5 anyway?

>> No.28867073

So for things to bring up here, I guess:

>>28866520 This.

Mention a concern of what kind of restitution on Kan-Abars part will be demanded for the Demon Lord wars,

And ask Auriel specifically if she feels it would be wise to scout Kan-Abar stealthily before forming solid attack plans.

>> No.28867084

Our magic regeneration rate and cap will increase, and maybe even the overall effectiveness of our spells. I'm not certain about that last bit.

>> No.28867090

More mana, all our spells become stronger, and better mana regen.

>> No.28867105

So nothing special?

link it?

>> No.28867142

IIRC about the passive bonus to our spells SM stated it pretty flatly.

>> No.28867171

>So nothing special?
Dude we use magic all the fucking time. We'll regen magic faster, our magic regen cap will increase a lot, and we'll have even more magic overall which is awesome. On top of that improving the effectiveness of all of our spells is awesome. We use magic a shitton

>> No.28867187

>link it
It would be easier to ask SM if you don't believe that anon about information that you probably missed.

>> No.28867210


What he says.

It's an all-around utility boost and we use magic in every fight. No brainer.

>> No.28867232

>We'll regen magic faster
these last two fights show that our regen rate is shit and that we needed to use spirit siphon more.

>> No.28867242


Mention these two to Auriel first, and then the Council.

>> No.28867250

And if we get Magic Power are regen rate will be less shit. We'll also have more mana.

>> No.28867256

i want the boost to be solid bonuses, not general ones that we don't know.

>> No.28867259

>regen magic faster
not that great unless it can replenish lots of mana within a fight, since we port in and out between fights.

>more mana
not that good since we consume things and for reasons mentioned above

>improving the effectiveness of all of our spells
still need citiation. and even then it will be a very small bonus.

HT is clearly superior.

>> No.28867289

for it to even matter we would have to get like a minimum of 4 or 5 per turn to have ay decent effect.

>> No.28867298

We run out of mana mid-fight all the fucking time, dude. We need more of it.

>> No.28867327

and then we do what we are good at and use melee.

I don't know why you guys even use any magic besides nightblaze, our melee is clearly superior.

>> No.28867336


Look at our recent fights with the Order Shards, 002, the Vog-brain, Maker, Wrath, et cetera. Our magic did the most damage in all of them. More mana can only be a good thing.

>> No.28867337

For several threads now It's always the people with the uncapitlized sentences which seem to support their opinions in the silliest of manners, I am beginning to sense a pattern.

>> No.28867359


And I see spelling and grammar errors in your post up the fucking wazoo. Pot and kettle, much?

>> No.28867360

Phone posters probably.

>> No.28867375

Yeah, we have the speed and abilities to intantly be right on top of any enemy we see, we have the strength to literally move airships, diamond hard skin, thousands of incredibly prehensile limbs, and fucking DW and Adamantize.

nuff said.

>> No.28867381

Nah, i just find the usefulness of spirit siphon a lot more than magic regen.

>> No.28867383

After some time talking to Kavanere, Auriel takes a break, sipping a glass of water. You use the opportunity to get your own questions in.

<What do we know about the Demon Lords?> you ask. <How many are there, precisely?>

"Three," Auriel says. "Two are at the front - that was confirmed by Vellik's people. One is in Kan-Abar."

<And is there an estimated time for a fourth to arrive?>

Auriel shakes her head. "No. But we can expect them to be doing everything in their power to get that done. I'm sure that having Demon Lords themselves assisting in the effort is making is easier on them."

<About our attack,> you say. <I think that the...Nemesis, is best suited for a direct strike on Kan-Abar itself.>

Obis leans in toward you at that. "Be careful, Shadow. I don't want to destroy my own city. There are innocent people there."

<That's exactly why we should try to end the fight as quickly as possible. The Nemesis is huge. We can hide an entire army with its cloaking capabilities.>

"I can capitalize on that suggestion," Steward says. "The density with which constructs can be packed is much greater than human soldiers."

"I like it," Cain says. "An invisible ship that dumps an army of robots out of nowhere!"

"It certainly sounds formidable," Young Bull says. He eyes Steward warily.

"I'll be sure to keep it in mind," Auriel says. Most of the table pauses to listen about her. "I've been thinking about a general attack strategy. First, we'll need an army to keep Kan-Abar's main force busy. In fact, it will be best if we attack them - choose the battlefield, as it were. That will keep some of the Demon Lords pinned. If all three panic and return to defend the capital, it will be almost impossible to get at Nulis."


>> No.28867393

But it isn't. Every time we get fucked over it's because we just tried to smash things over thinking it through.

>> No.28867396


And as the fights with Wrath and 002 showed, sometimes immense physical power and durability isn't enough.

>> No.28867404

The very fact that you acre about grammar means you are shallow and grasping at straws.

>> No.28867407

"So...an army to distract them, and a team to strike them from behind where they're vulnerable," Obis says. He rubs his chin. "They'll expect it."

"Not if we come at their main force with everything we have," Auriel says. "We have to make sure all the main players are in sight. While the variables they don't know about..." She looks at Steward, then you. "Those are the ones that strike the city."

"If it comes to that, I'm going with Shadow," Obis says.

"That's a terrible idea."

Obis stares at Auriel. "I -will- be there when Nulis is confronted."

Auriel looks away. "In any case, all of this is just conjecture until we know where Arland stands. Any firm strategy will have to wait until every resource is well and tallied."

"I suppose so," Obis says.

<What about the king of Atlantis? You mentioned him to me, earlier.>

Auriel nods. "So I did."

"I have news on that front," Cain says. "While you were away, Auriel sent me in your stead. He's being pinned by Sandalphon. There's a massive political campaign that is removing anyone that's sympathized even slightly with our cause. He's purging his base."

<Always Sandalphon,> you say. <I have had enough of him.>

"Join the club," Auriel grunts. "Anyway, it is what it is. If Atlantis shows up, it'll be alongside the Empire, not us."

<How are we approaching Arland, exactly?> you ask. <Just walk up to Dobshire and knock?>

Everyone looks at Flint.

"Uh, well..." he rubs the back of his neck. "I wrote that letter. They'll be expecting me, and...many guests of vital import come to defend against the demonic attack. I was...vague, in my descriptions."

Vax Grak hacks a laugh. "Vague enough to avoid mentioning green-skins?"


>> No.28867422

It's more about the consistency of the logic behind the opinions than the grammar, the capitalization part doesn't matter as much as the silliness but it works as a marker if you look at the previous threads.
They sound exactly like the people who argued for the early vogsumption.

>> No.28867430

Young Bull frowns. "Or werewolves, I'm sure." He glances at Abigail. "Councilor...I'm curious as to how Archon plans to present itself."

"As part of the general entourage," Abigail says. "My uncle means to come personally, along with two other councilors, who I'm still considering. And a token force, of course."

"Yi Fang?" Young Bull says. "I will be honest with you. I was born free, in the wood, unlike my grandfather. But I have heard plenty of stories about his rule."

"Stories," Vaz spits. "Wait until you meet the man."

Abigail raises her good hand, palm up. "I realize that he is a controversial figure. But in this, his intentions are good."

"Bah," Vaz says. "I will believe it when I'm dead."

"I admit a certain skepticism," Young Bull says. "But it's not the time to be picky." He continues to meet Abigail's gaze. "Just remember that I'll be watching."

"I am confident that I can keep him...in check," Abigail says.

<I vouch for her, and for Fang, myself,> you say.

"The word of a sword-eater only goes so far," Vaz says. "I will be watching, too. If he tries to bend things to his advantage, my spears and shields will march home without a second thought."

<I appreciate the situation.>

"You had better." He cocks his head. "The elf told me that the Lady herself means to join our cause."

Valeria raises an eyebrow. "The elf? I'm reduced to a representation of my species, then?" She sighs. "Indeed, Vaz. The Black Lady will be joining us."

Vaz cracks a hard laugh. "And I suppose the knight-lands are going to welcome her on top of me and the wolf-men? What a joke."

<She'll come into play when the time is right,> you say.

"When will that be? A thousand years from now?"

<When the fact that she fights with us outweighs past conflicts.>

"I hope that day comes," Valeria says quietly. Her words are soft, but they pass over the now-quiet table without trouble.


>> No.28867440

It was our melee that ended it with 002 and wrath just supports my side because we can use him now.

>> No.28867456

Sorry, I wasn't clear in what I was actually addressing, see >>28867422

>> No.28867469


Currently Available Forces:


Airship Crew - 34 - elite soldiers specially trained to operate airship systems
Angels - 54 - powerful light mages that can easily soar through the sky
Shadow Mages - 329 - shadow mages of varying strengths, trained as assassins, spies, and field support
Spirit Mages - 34 - Spirit mages that perform specialized tasks for the empire, including summoning, mental interrogation, and teleportation. Untrained for battle, but not defenseless
Donovan Flint


Yi Fang
Other Councilors
17,500 soldiers
1,200 mages (500 spirit, 200 shadow, 200 water, 200 earth, 100 other four elements)


250 Rangers
1,000 Soldiers
Obis Vin
Freja Blackwater
Vidar Blackwater


Vaz Grak
2,500 Warriors - orcs are physically stronger and faster than humans, and highly resistant to magic


Valeria Kavanere
Young Bull
Great Tree
1,400 werewolves - stronger even than orcs when transformed; more powerful than normal men while normal. Relatively resistant to magic.
2,000 elvish warriors
1,000 elvish archers
200 Earth Mages


Duke Vellik
1,500 soldiers
50 mages (various)
Janus Miller
150 mercenaries and brigands of uncertain repute


Steward 001 Mobile Platform
2 Dynamo Warriors
100 Flight Bots (winged, capable of full flight and detaching and reattaching pieces, powerful earth magic)
300 Glide Bots (limited gliding ability, quickly moving and mid-tier earth magic)
1,000 attack constructs (basic attack constructs)
2,000 repair drones (smaller floating droids capable of light stun attacks; main function is repair and assistance)
5 Steelstone Golems


There is general agreement to set out and meet with everyone at Vichon in two days; from there, you will sail downriver to Dobshire.

Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?


>> No.28867490

>who argued for the early vogsumption.
Now you are just plain making shit up, i'm the one who made the plan about using nightblaze on the exposed core, and those fuckers ignore the other options.

>> No.28867506


>calming down now

Okay, point. I actually disagree with the posters you pointed out.

Guys, we can all agree that more magic to cap people with is a good thing, right?


The frak are you on? Erasure ended our fight with 002. Beating his shit only made him run to the core and nearly led to disaster.

Beating the shit out of Temerity, now that worked great.

>> No.28867541

So everyone but us and the robots will be in the main battle, while we'll be attacking Kan-Abar?

>> No.28867551


The elvish kingdom. Will there be time for us to make a quick visit to the queen?

>> No.28867564

But anon if I was making shit up then those posters that I indicated wouldn't share any similarities to the posters in the thread that I argued with before about why it was a bad idea.
And I'm almost positive I didn't say you said so unless you were one of those initial posters I linked because of how different you're presenting the opinion.

>> No.28867572

the simple fact is that Melee (and nightblaze) is really what we are good at.

he literally just said it when we fought 002. he said that melee is what we are best at when we got ahold of him. melee is what forced him onto the ropes. same with temerity, melee is what won that.

>> No.28867577

So we got 2 days to do stuff. What do we have that we can do.


Elf Kingdom.
Scout Kan-Abar(might be out of the question)
Check in on Atlantis


Ask Steward about prosthetics.

>> No.28867597

Inform everyone of the massive demon army waiting in Tarun Gakth, including refuge.

>> No.28867603


I'll agree that we're death on shadowy appendages up close and personal, but wouldn't more versatility or at least more Nightblazes in the form of more mana be useful?

>> No.28867608

You basically said that we were like the retards that rush the vog, and i'm still pissed those fuckers rushed the damn thing.

>> No.28867616

We already did.

>> No.28867632


I presume that the Island in the Void comes after the demon lord stuff is over with?

>> No.28867633

Not when we use up our mana like there is no tomorrow and usually end up relying on physical attacks.

>> No.28867656

Pretty much. That's basically end-game fix the world's metaphysics shit.

>> No.28867658

We didn't tell the refuges.

>> No.28867668


never been matched in physical prowess

yes it would be nice, just not as nice as a fuckhuge unstopable shadow golem, that someone can pilot.

>> No.28867687

I don't think we told them abuot the tarun gakth situation, just the patch and core and that shit.

>> No.28867690

SM can you confirm whether or not Magic Power has increased our overall ability at magic?

>melee is what won that
Does that mean we shouldn't improve our magical abilities? With more mana and more regen we could use more nightblazes on top of more spirit siphons, more fast blinks, and more cones of destruction. I understan why people want Hearthstone Titan, but getting magic power five will increase the usefulness of so many of our abilities, and make us able to use them more often.

>> No.28867701

Can we take a chance to meditate on our broken and weak shards?

Especially the one responsible for our magic.

>> No.28867708


>use up our mana like there is no tomorrow

What I meant was that more mana would allow us to not do that so often.


Sure, we're better than 002 in a fistfight. It helped, but it wasn't the game-winning move.

>> No.28867720

Also, Hearthstone Titan we'll only be able to use in some situations unless we pocket him and take him with us wherever we go (now there's an idea). We use magic wherever we go.

>> No.28867766

but it has won almost every important game there was. and we have never even us retrebuition. people get so caught up in the LOL COOL MAGIK, and foget that it isn't what we are best at.

i am saying that melee is what we are best at, which means that we can go without miagic power 5 with little to no harm, while HT would be a massive tangible bonus on the battlefield.

>> No.28867774

Resolve I mean, I think it would be a good idea to fix Resolve before the Arland meeting.

>> No.28867775


>Elf Kingdom.

Valeria has been in contact with her sister. She informs you that the other elves cannot contribute in a meaningful way at this time.

That is, Queen Kalladar is recovering from a months-long coma and has in the meantime been politically hamstrung by xenophobic, isolationist nobles.

>Scout Kan-Abar(might be out of the question)

Yes, it is.

>Check in on Atlantis

You're going to have to be a little more specific. The king won't be helping you, but I suppose you could travel there if you wanted.

>Ask Steward about prosthetics.


>We didn't tell the refuges.

It's not under Refuge, or Tarun Gakth. It's under the Lady's Finger, and everyone important is well aware of that.


Increased magic power will increase your overall magical abilities, yes.


That's basically why I gave you two days.


List of things to do:

>ask Steward about prosthetics
>other things

>> No.28867776


>> No.28867786

we would always pocket the HT or send him to important battlefields

good idea

>> No.28867803


Instant Jaeger for the cost of 2 mana. I'd love to see a demon lord's reaction to a giant adamantium fist flying at its face from the Nether.


Dude, what the fuck does Heartstone Titan have to do with Melee? It's a giant fucking robot.

>> No.28867811

>ask Steward about prosthesis
>meditate on resolve

Please and thank you SM.

>> No.28867813

but the massive demon army is in tarun gakth. refuge should know about the massive demon army in their basement

>> No.28867829

Currently Available Forces:

Updated for airship names as well as Vampiria:


Airship Crew - 34
Angels - 54
Shadow Mages - 329
Spirit Mages - 34

Donovan Flint

The Nemesis


Yi Fang
Other Councilors

17,500 soldiers
1,200 mages (500 spirit, 200 shadow, 200 water, 200 earth, 100 other four elements)

Mini-Airship Fleet - 76 small fighters

The Lesser Element
The Light's Bane
The Guen Tal
The Fang



250 Rangers
1,000 Soldiers
Obis Vin
Freja Blackwater
Vidar Blackwater


Vaz Grak
2,500 Warriors - orcs are physically stronger and faster than humans, and highly resistant to magic


Valeria Kavanere
Young Bull
Great Tree
1,400 werewolves - stronger even than orcs when transformed; more powerful than normal men while normal. Relatively resistant to magic.
2,000 elvish warriors
1,000 elvish archers
200 Earth Mages


Duke Vellik
1,500 soldiers
50 mages (various)
Janus Miller
150 mercenaries and brigands of uncertain repute


Steward 001 Mobile Platform
2 Dynamo Warriors
100 Flight Bots (winged, capable of full flight and detaching and reattaching pieces, powerful earth magic)
300 Glide Bots (limited gliding ability, quickly moving and mid-tier earth magic)
1,000 attack constructs (basic attack constructs)
2,000 repair drones (smaller floating droids capable of light stun attacks; main function is repair and assistance)
5 Steelstone Golems


The Black Lady

35,000 soldiers (not all available)
4,000 mages (various)
57 Evolved Vampires (mages infect with vampirism; mostly army officers and nobility)

The Lady's Fist
The Vengeance
The Haumod
The Vahn Duman

>> No.28867831


Man, I would fucking kill for a Pacific Rim video game in the style of XCOM.

>> No.28867834

look at the second part of that post, if you cannot understand the correlation then you are fucking stupid.

>> No.28867841

He just said that it's under the Lady's Finger, anon.

>> No.28867858

>but the massive demon army is in tarun gakth. refuge should know about the massive demon army in their basement

I don't think I can get any clearer:

No, it isn't.

>> No.28867873

>I don't think I can get any clearer
You could become transparent

>> No.28867902


>i am saying that melee is what we are best at, which means that we can go without miagic power 5 with little to no harm, while HT would be a massive tangible bonus on the battlefield.

What fucking correlation? HT is a summoning/crafting skill, which falls under the purview of magic. Unless you're stating that it can help us in melee, which it most definitely can, but only in the open and where it won't crush our allies by accident.

Enlighten me, oh wise one.

>> No.28867906

Oh, I got Timorian Deep and Tarun Gakth mixed up, my bad.

>> No.28867925

>You could become transparent



I was starting to suspect that might be the case.


With only two days until the war council, you decide to meditate on your shards.

What shard do you meditate on?

(Retribution) - Strong
(Maker) - Normal
(Silence) - Normal
(Peace) - Normal
(Breeze) - Weak
(Hammer) - Strong
(Ardor) - Normal
{Resolve} - Broken
{Humanity} - Resonant

>> No.28867928

Lots of bad wolves are getting their treat tonight it seems.

>> No.28867947


Resolve and Breeze.

>> No.28867960

Resolve & Breeze.
Maybe do Resolve twice if we have the time for it, so that it's at least normal or above.

>> No.28867961

>i am saying that melee is what we are best at, which means that we can go without magic power 5 with little to no harm
do you understand this?

> HT would be a massive tangible bonus on the battlefield.
now do you understand this?

now it is obvious that the Heartstone Titan provides a much better benefit than maigic power 5.

>> No.28867962


>> No.28867965

what do you even mean?

>> No.28867970

Resolve and Breeze.

Ardor and Peace could use a bump up if we have time.

>> No.28867984

>{Resolve} - Broken
>(Breeze) - Weak

>> No.28867988

So what about eating that power core SM?

>> No.28867997


Resolve and Breeze. Broken shards is not what we want going into Demon Lord Boss Battles

>> No.28868003

meant to say higher benefit

and then spending some of that exp

>> No.28868010


I understood it perfectly. I don't agree with it. Magic is much more versatile than melee or a giant golem, no matter how awesome either of those are.

Ideally, we could get both. I doubt we can.

>> No.28868017

don't you think maybe we should snag a demon lord before assualting kan-abar? sometime after the summit

>> No.28868051


You eat the power core.

EXP: 25

go nuts

just remember

I thew you a bone

>> No.28868053

we can if we do this
It would help our friends greatly.

>> No.28868056

pretty much everything we have ever run into (except that fucking vog beast) can be beaten to death physically. Melee has always been more reliant for us. Melee works, magic sometimes does not.

>> No.28868061

magic power

>> No.28868084

purchase heartstone titan. we can't use it yet though

>> No.28868086




That was quick.

We'll get to it in a minute, please debate the merits of your chosen branch of the skill tree in the meantime.


Roll 1d100 for Resolve and Breeze

>> No.28868090


>> No.28868093

your gonna have to make it a vote between HT and Mp5.

>> No.28868106

Rolled 100


>> No.28868110

Rolled 74


>> No.28868114

Rolled 58


Voting for Magic Power 5 and rolling for shard repair.

>> No.28868115

Rolled 47

yeah rolla!

>> No.28868122

Rolled 49


>> No.28868123

just throwing it out there that magic poewr 5 is a choice that benefits us, while HT will benefit our allies and men

>> No.28868124


>> No.28868126

We should buy Ray of Darkness + Void Ring.

>> No.28868129

My dick is erect with how happy i am to roll that.
I've rolled four 1s and a 13 questing today. This is what its been building up to.

>> No.28868132


>> No.28868141

That was fast.

>> No.28868145


>> No.28868147


>> No.28868152



>> No.28868159

Rolled 55


>> No.28868162


>> No.28868172


>> No.28868176

Then there's this one guy off to the side who has been saying the same thing since the beginning.

>> No.28868183


Sooo, is it Resonant now?

>> No.28868235

Breeze - Empowered

Resolve - Empowered


No, you just got the best possible result. You can't achieve resonance simply by meditation. Humanity is special.

A half day passes.

Do you continue to meditate, or talk to someone in Haven?

If you meditate, which shards?

(Retribution) - Strong
(Maker) - Normal
(Silence) - Normal
(Peace) - Normal
(Breeze) - Empowered
(Hammer) - Strong
(Ardor) - Normal
{Resolve} - Empowered
{Humanity} - Resonant

>> No.28868257

Peace (for shielding) and Silence (for stealth)

>> No.28868273

Ardor and Peace.

Then talk to Steward about getting Abby a new hand.

>> No.28868275

Rolled 12


>> No.28868277

>(Peace) - Normal
because absorbtion shield

>(Ardor) - Normal
for the consumption

Two oldest bros

>> No.28868281

>half day

it's night, lets wait till people are awake to do talking things...

or we can visit abagail and "meditate" at her place

(next two shards are Silence and Maker)

>> No.28868317


Not to mention they are the ones we work the hardest.

>> No.28868345

Roll 1d100 for Ardor and Peace

>> No.28868361

Rolled 98

true, we use them more


>> No.28868362

Rolled 32


>> No.28868373

Rolled 52


>> No.28868378

Rolled 93


>> No.28868386

Rolled 49

so close. trying agian


>> No.28868394

Rolled 39


>> No.28868402


Okayish. But still, dat 100.

>> No.28868412

Rolled 59

once more, WE MARCH!

>> No.28868435

Rolled 40


>> No.28868499

SM has it always taken a quarter of a day to meditate on our shards?

>> No.28868519

Wow that's messy. What I mean is one shard per quarter of a day.

>> No.28868520

After this we should get any talking out of the way before going back to shard charging. Need to make sure there isn't anything up.

>> No.28868533

and exp purchasing

>> No.28868540


At least half a day. But then we had the crit.

>> No.28868549

Also ask steward about dat prosthesis. Maybe let him know we can craft pretty damn well now too, at least with Maker.

>> No.28868607

If we really wanna go ahead with that we should probably ask for Abigails opinions on an interim magic robot hand.

>> No.28868610

Have we shown Steward how to make dynamos yet?

>> No.28868633


Oh yes, this. He might not know that it involves spinning mana.

>> No.28868645


The fact that you can make a dynamo is one thing. It's constructing the Dynamo SHELL that is the real issue.

>> No.28868650

I don't believe we have. Of course we also haven't the knowledge to recreate a dynamo housing, but maybe he can figure out something from what we know.

>> No.28868661

Rolled 75

we don't even know, but we could find a way if we build a HT.

>> No.28868668


And Steward's figured that part out? Or did I misread during his little tour of Va'ad?

>> No.28868693

Wasn't it just metal rings with adamantium and small holes for the mana or something?
...I'll look back at that thread where we saved the Cirrus I guess.

>> No.28868696

Steward can create dynamo shells most likely. we should broachthe subject.

>> No.28868704

We have the ingredient list. Most of it anyway.

>> No.28868726

since the dwarves built the dynamo shells i imagine steward might have the plans for them.

>> No.28868793


With his help we can probably start making some educated guesses. He might even have one or two shells laying around, or parts for them.

>> No.28868801

>mfw we can mass manufacture shadow dynamos with Steward if he can make the housing and apparatus behind them
>mfw elite legion of shadow dynamo robots

>> No.28868815


Even if Steward can create the shells, it seems unlikely that he can manufacture them for use in the battle of Kan-Abar.

>> No.28868838

This is never going to happen and you know it.

>> No.28868869

>implying my imagination is limited by the reality in which you live

>> No.28868873

You never know. This kis kinda the puzzle piece we have been missing for so long.

We might be able to bring the other airship back to the sky.

>> No.28868893

Oh shit. Dwarves built the best Airships.

>> No.28868897

Ardor - Strong
Peace - Strong


As the night turns back to day, you explore the newly christened Nemesis for Steward's construct.

You find him standing in the wide 'courtyard' of the airship. The tower-like space is comprised of several levels; their balconies ring the courtyard itself. The top of the tower is a dome of glass, which lets the morning sunlight shine down on the small garden set in the middle of the steel walkway.



<What are you doing here?>

"I was appreciating the aesthetics of the airship interior."

<I see. Actually, something I wanted to ask you.>


You tell Steward about what happened with Abigail...and about your hopes for some sort of prosthetic.

Steward considers the request in silence.

"Creating a mechanically functional hand is simple," he says. "Integrating it with her biology is another matter. I am not sure how to proceed."

<...well, if it's not too much trouble. I think I might have a away around that. But I need to ask her, as well.>

"Understood. I will see that it is done. I observed the stump of her arm earlier, and will gauge appropriate proportions by her intact hand."

<...thank you.>

"I owe you much. This is the beginning my my repayment."

<Another thing,> you say. <I've learned a lot about manufacturing dynamos. If we put our heads together, maybe we can do something.>

And you do. You tell him about how you created a dynamo in the airship's engine, and walk with him there so he can inspect the machinery from himself. After a time, he nods to you. "This would certainly be reproducible if we had empty dynamo shells."

<You mean you can't make them?>

Steward shakes his head. "Our creators destroyed all data regarding their most precious techniques so that it would not fall into the hands of the enemy. The method is lost. Rediscovering it will...take time. Though perhaps some intact shells have survived, somewhere."

<I'll keep an eye out.>

What do you do now?


>> No.28868908

Can we artifact Steward?

>> No.28868936

this is totally possible.

>> No.28868941

maker and silence

>> No.28868951

Would we be able to "stop" a core?
To make it into just the shell?

>> No.28868953

Can we tell him about dynamo shells being based off of Xile's engine? That would at least be a start.

>> No.28868954

I told you. I told you it'd never be allowed.

>> No.28868959

Obviously we ask Abigail if she's alright with... a biologically integrated mechanical hand.

Oh god, what the fuck would happen if we failed that maker roll?

>> No.28868970

Rolled 36


>> No.28868978

(Retribution) - Strong
(Silence) - Normal

>> No.28868991

Maker for sure. We need that for fixing her hand.

>> No.28868998

(Silence) - Normal
(Retribution) - Strong
because magic a shit

>> No.28869022

why would we be doing that prodecure? there are much much better qualified individuals here.

>> No.28869027


Someday. I suspect if we ever get to the stage of being able to manufacture them, it will either be an extremely slow and delicate process. The shells are probably ridiculously complex. Or they will be needed for more static purposes like fixing the crack in the world.

>> No.28869034

>(Retribution) - Strong
>(Silence) - Normal

>> No.28869044

Maker and Silence.

>> No.28869047

Mostly because of how great Maker has proven itself in crafting.
But you're completely right, let's get Auriel into the process somehow if Abgail is okay with the idea.

>> No.28869065

Steward just said that he had no way of grafting it to her.

>> No.28869072

>giving Abigail AUTOMAIL

Why do I sense impending disaster.

>> No.28869078

i would say leave it entirely up to Auriel and Steward with Fang watching to intervene. We have zero kkowledge of the human body

>> No.28869081


Uh, I really think the best option is let Steward chew it over.

Maker has specifically told us that he can't do replacement limbs, you know.

>> No.28869088


>> No.28869103

he said he doesn't yet know and has not considered it. Lest leave this to the experts here, Auriel and Steward, perhaps get a water mage aswell.

>> No.28869112

I still want to improve Maker. Nothing to do with Abigail's hand. It would just be nice to have some extra magic power. Retribution is already at strong, anyway. We don't need to increase it.

>> No.28869114

Specifically he told us that he can't make limbs, although this would be grafting. (oh god that sounds painful, doesn't it?) So yes, let's let Steward see if he can make what we need.

>> No.28869138

>zero knowledge of the human body

We know a few things. We know it is delicious... And other stuff.

>> No.28869142

but magic has repeatedly failed us when we needed it, lets rely on what has always worked Melee.

>> No.28869158

We know they reproduce sexually!


>> No.28869170


The shards have very rarely failed us. Except for Silence that is.

>> No.28869178

><...well, if it's not too much trouble. I think I might have a away around that. But I need to ask her, as well.>
Can we get clarification on this, SM. Some think Shadow will be doing something, others think we're asking Auriel, and some think Steward will figure it out.

No it hasn't. It works often. We just don't use it often. Stop being a one trick pony. That's being as bad as the consume fags.

>> No.28869189

With the assistance of ignorance potions!

>> No.28869193

Seconding for clarification.

>> No.28869194


We are not fully convinced.

We know that they need their organs for some reason.

>> No.28869200

Retribution is already good to go. Don't waste meditaition time on a shard that doesn't need it

>> No.28869219

And.. they have to use beds! It's just part of the equation, somehow.
Something about also having to touch each other a lot?

>> No.28869220

but magic does, which means we should be suing it in the first place.

>> No.28869229


I would like as many nets to fall back on as possible.

>> No.28869238


Non-perfect dynamo? What's that?

Let me put it in...magically electric terms.

A mana pool represents essentially infinite mana if tapped and properly controlled. However, the actual power output is low - you could say that the current is quite small. It can power a variety of things, of a very large number, like lights, hot water, etc, but you couldn't run a giant construct.

Similarly, there are some things that require such immediate output from their power source - such alarge current - that mana, concentrated into a dynamo, is the only way to get that done. I.E., a dynamo warrior, or an airship.

A non-perfect dynamo - by which I assume you mean a dynamo that is not housed in a shell, but is just contained by sheer force of will/concentration - would fall apart as soon as you tried to draw power from it.


I believe everyone had the idea of using artifact on Abigail's hand earlier as a means of circumventing the integration problem. That's why I threw that in there.

I'll save you time and tell you that Auriel will not be able to help you in this.

Roll 1d100 for Maker and Silence

>> No.28869239

SM please I need to know this.

We've learnt that dynamos can explode from Steward.

If we can even contain it for a few days, we can build up a strategic stockpile.

>> No.28869247


whenever we really need it, it doesn't work. or it requires many successes for anything to matter.

>> No.28869249

Rolled 5


>> No.28869250

Then you should be increasing Maker or another shard, not Retribution

>> No.28869266

Rolled 20


>> No.28869277

>Non-perfect dynamo
Forgive my poor description. I mean the adamantium shell. As I said in >>28869239, we know that they can explode, so if we can contain them for long enough we'd have a nice little bomb stockpile.

>> No.28869280

Rolled 33


>> No.28869284

But they don't use beds like we use beds.
At least, I'm pretty sure no one's mentioned 'eating out' while in bed
Pretty sure.

>> No.28869285

I think he meant power cores.

what is the difference between power cores and dynamos?

>> No.28869288

Rolled 34


>> No.28869291

Rolled 24

>f using artifact on Abigail's hand earlier as a means of circumventing
who fuck said that, we were talking about using maker.

>> No.28869302

Oi, that's just terrible.

>> No.28869313

>I believe everyone had the idea of using artifact on Abigail's hand earlier as a means of circumventing the integration problem. That's why I threw that in there.
Oh, right. We have the EXP for that. Might as well. It'd keep her from losing the hand again, at least.

>> No.28869320

some people have talked about it

>> No.28869332

Maker a shit

Silence a bit less a shit

No. not right now.

>> No.28869341

It was a while ago. Like, back when we first got Artifact. We already know Maker won't work with it.

>> No.28869359

>I believe everyone had the idea of using artifact on Abigail's hand earlier as a means of circumventing the integration problem. That's why I threw that in there.
...I was actually thinking of using Maker for that. Because it was fine grafting flesh to flesh before, and works well with Earth magic, I'm ASSUMING that it can graft a mechanical hand to a stump.
Though now I'm having some doubts.

>> No.28869361

Rolled 53

still don't have the 6th roll yet

>> No.28869362

Rolled 34

I thought they were joking like the chuckle fucks that wanted to waste it on our own construct or on people.>>28869238

>> No.28869396

Rolled 79


>> No.28869410

If we get the hand, and we've got Abby right there, there isn't much to wait on. We've got to make up our mistake.

>> No.28869411

it won't.

Artifacting a Heartstone Titan is a completely legitimate idea .

>> No.28869413

It seems like a gamble, honestly.

>> No.28869440

pretty big risk involved. abby would probably turn us down if we explained everything to her.

>> No.28869464

Rolled 8

>Artifacting a Heartstone Titan
its a complete waste.

>> No.28869478

>thinking Maker can graft nerves to a mechanical hand
>thinking Artifact can graft nerves to a mechanical hand
>thinking a mechanical hand can be biologically integrated with a person just by throwing vague assumptions of magic around

>> No.28869479

Artifact isn't a risk. Now rolling for Maker is. Look how Artifacting the airship went. Instant success.

>> No.28869498

Maker - Normal (unchanged)

Silence - Strong



The power would eat through even adamantium too quickly for it to be feasible as a temporary bomb; we've seen magic spells dent and rip holes in adamantium many times.


It's now the night of the second day. What do you do?

>further meditation
>something else

>> No.28869514

No it really isn't. Would create an ultimate fighting machine, with an elite force of Shade equivalent forces inside him.

>> No.28869529

buy magic power v

>> No.28869540

>night of the second day
does that mean we missed the conference?

lets just fast forward to the conference now.

>> No.28869546

Rolled 77

>>further meditation
>retribution and Hammer

>> No.28869555

Talk to Abby about the prosthetic and what to do about it. Or is she back in Archon?

>> No.28869559

buy heartstone titan

>> No.28869560

...Why don't we ask Abigail about our thoughts on her hand?
>since we're pretty inept at this stuff and need her second and important opinion on the matter

>> No.28869577

we don't even know what is after HT and people are talking about artifact it.
>>further meditation
We got to be prepared.

>> No.28869594

ask about prostehticies and see abby before a shitton of bloodshed

>> No.28869596

That's a shame. Can we at least go and strip the old airship of its dynamo housing and turn that into a bomb?

>> No.28869602

well of course seeing what is after it is important, just going off of current knowledge.

>> No.28869633

if the shell is still there we could just create another one, but i think it broke.

>> No.28869650

Actually, even more important than asking Abigail about the prosthetic is if she feels truly prepared to face the kind of scrutiny that Arlands hometown is going to bear against Archon.
She seemed confident about being able to keep Fang in line, but how does she feel herself?

>> No.28869664


It asploded.


>going to talk to Abigail

>> No.28869670

Probably a good idea. She seems good at the politics, though. Even if she's about just as bad as Shadow at the interpersonal stuff.

>> No.28869680

>Arlands hometown
Should be Flints' homeland, damn brain...

Fuck, maybe even talk to Flint a bit before he sees his home again? He's probably still a little bit nervous.

>> No.28869693

We should definitely consider doing that next.

>> No.28869721

Adavan a shit if he rushes for the Wind key.
Aurial a shit if she tries to ship Yi/Melody during the council.

>> No.28869744

>Aurial a shit if she tries to ship Yi/Melody during the council.
Isn't that sort of the plan to keep Fang from pulling any shit?

>> No.28869764


>> No.28869785

>No Dynamonukes

shadowww masturrr you're killing me here

We'll never be able to title the Nemesis a strategic stealth bomber now.

>> No.28869837

It's an invisible fucking airship that can drop an entire army of robots on a city completely undected. It doesn't need the crazy bombs.

That's a complete waste of a dynamo shell anyway.

>> No.28869864

I recall telling her not to try shit during the council very acutely because it was Abigails job to reel Fang in and because Fang is trying to change for Abby's sake as well, and because it would become clear that we broke our promise to keep the Black Lady's past to ourselves. Since she's not an idiot.

Also: >any party member who reveals that we are Erebus on accident also automatically a massive a shit

>> No.28869880

>That's a complete waste of a dynamo shell anyway.
That's just like, your opinion, man.

>> No.28869894

I share his opinion too, though the idea of a dynamo nuke arouses my inner Erebus.

>> No.28869912

We could be studying it to mass produce it. Or making an actual Dynamo to power more airships and super powered robots.
Throwing away all that for one fucking explosion is dumb.

>> No.28869932

especially one that could be as powerful as a nuke.

>> No.28869953

That too, big explosions don't really care about innocent people.

>> No.28870010

I feel really bad with how we haven't followed up on how depressed we made Ila.

She's probably alone in her room right now, crying into one of Nemesis' artifacted pillows.

>> No.28870034

more like masturbating into it

but yeah we should deffnately go talk to her.

>> No.28870035

You approach Abigail's room on the Nemesis. It's a cabin on the third level off the tower, a few flights above the bridge.

As you approach her room, you hear singing - it's her voice.

She's rather terrible. The notes are all off key, and she has a rather broken, warbley tone. But still, it makes you smile.

"Working in the fields, I was working in the fields,
"Gotta work from sun to dusk to get my three square meals,
"Plant the hoe, scrape the dirt, rut another weed,
"Bend the knee and...mmm..."

You hear a long sigh.. "...never remember...stupid song..."

You knock on the door. <Abigail?>

Footsteps. It opens swiftly. Abigail is in her dress, the long enchanted pin taken from her hair. It hands down around her shoulders. "Shadow!"

<I heard you singing.>

"Oh." A bit of pink flushes through her neck. "Uh...yeah, I know I'm not that good."

<Practice makes perfect,> you say. <Besides, I liked it.>

"You're just saying that."

<It made me smile. That's enough for me.>

Abigail's blush deepens, and she smiles along with you. "Yeah...I...well, I was trying to remember it."

<I noticed. Seemed like the last line fell out.>

She nods. Her face droops somewhat. "I...that was a song my mother sung when we weeded our field. But...somewhere in the Archonium...I forgot the exact words."

<Well...maybe you'll remember.>

"So...to what do I owe the pleasure?" She pauses, then waves her hand rapidly. "I mean, not that you need a reason to come see me, or anything!"


>> No.28870093

Get some pleasantries out of the way first. Maybe ask her about her mother and such. That's definitely got to be bothering her. Losing an important memory to that thing.

>> No.28870100

>bend the knee
Scandalous wench.

>> No.28870125

This. Also ask about if she's ready for the meeting. That's a lot of pressure.

>> No.28870159

<I was talking to Steward about your missing hand. He said making a mechanical limb wasn't difficult but grafting it would be. I have a few ideas of how to go about it but I thought I'd ask about how you feel about this first.>

>> No.28870161


Fool city folk can't get their minds out of the gutter...

>> No.28870165


Voting for this. It might be better if we leave the prosthetic hand for a surprise, guys.

We don't want to promise something we can't deliver, and we should wait until we actually have a replacement hand to give her before saying shit.

>> No.28870168

<My dearest Abigail, mine mind lingers hotly on the candescent matter of thy troubles in facing the Adversities of Arland, and more somberly, the manner in which you might reacquire a simpler form of thy beauteous hand.>

>> No.28870175

when can we tentacle rape her

>> No.28870189

We should check to see if she even WANTS a robo-hand, dude.

>> No.28870211

This. "Surprise Automail" doesn't sound like a fun surprise, and we can tell steward to stop pursuing that path if she doesn't want it in the first place.

>> No.28870212

And I just imagined an artifacted dildo.
Thanks for that

>> No.28870235


I dunno, man. I'd sure as shit take a robo-hand if I lost the original.

I feel like SM would have to stretch to make Abigail pissed that we got her a one-of-a-kind prosthetic that functions just like the one we cost her in the first place

>> No.28870261

These. In that general order.

>> No.28870277

When Sorry stops being a lazy cunt and writes more smut instead of archiving.

>> No.28870287

She probably wouldn't be mad about it, but a mechanical prosthetic that we're... not entirely sure how to proceed with is something she's better off knowing about ahead of time.

>> No.28870347

Couldn't we circumvent the whole needing to graft to nerves thing with some kind of mind-link? Like, the whole point of nerves is to allow the brain to move the body, just do that with magic instead of through the nerves.

>> No.28870365

Might be a good idea to ask her about using her spirit magic for that. Well fuck that's a pretty obvious choice isn't it?

>> No.28870396

That sounds 6000% than some anomalous grafting. And steward already knows how to operate machinery remotely with magic, so it wouldn't be too much of a leap to think that he could get that tech into a hand.

>> No.28870404


Maybe she has a deep-seated phobia of prosthetics hands. Maybe she has a stump fetish. Who knows.

>> No.28870452

Yeah. All we need to do is connect the brain to the hand. It doesn't have to be through the nerves. Nice thinking.

>> No.28870474

Spirit magic is prefect for that.

>> No.28870492

Lo-and behold she is a spirit mage.

>> No.28870540

<I do have a reason,> you say, <but you're more important than that.> You step into the room, and she lets the door fall closed behind you. <How...have you been?>

Abigail looks at her feet. The fingers on her hand fiddle with her dress. She looks back up to you and lets her hand fall down. Her handless stump doesn't move. "I'm...better." Her eyes start to well up. "Um, I mean..."

She falls into you, bawling her eyes out. You hold her tightly.

"I just...I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to - "

<You don't have to be sorry,> you say. <A lot has happened. A lot. So many changes. There's so much pressure on us - on you. If you need me...I'm always there for you.>

She wipes her eyes with her hand. "Elements. I feel like I'm always crying on you. I...need to stand on my own, too."

<Then I will stand at your side.>

She smiles slowly, and the tears dry like a departing raincloud. "Yeah. I know. I'm glad." She sniffs, hard. "I'm glad I got that out of my system. Phew. There's...so much riding on this. I mean...we're the same. We're...new, I guess you could say. We don't have their memories of all these terrible things, all these wars, all the enmity...I just want them to work together. But they hate each other."

<We'll just have to do our best. If it doesn't happen now, with us, while facing this great of a threat...well, at least it will have been done with everything we could bring to bear.>


<I...was speaking with Steward.>

"He's nice, isn't he?" Abigail says. "I spoke with him before. He was...well, actually, he wanted to know how I'd aged so fast. Something about recognizing my soul signature from when I was...uh, little. But...I mean, the way he put things was eloquent, in a good way. I felt like I could talk to him about it, and it wasn't a big deal."


>> No.28870570

You give her a slow nod. <He does have that...approachability, in a way. I guess I felt the same, to go and talk to him.>

"What did you talk about?"

<...your hand.>

Abigail frowns, then lifts her stump. "...this?"

<That's right,> you say. <He's confident he could create a prosthetic. A replacement. But...well, integrating it, as he put it, would be a challenge. I'm not sure what sort of magic to use. Perhaps Spirit could let you control such a thing?>

Abigail nods. "I...could easily control a hand. But...I can just..." She looks to a side table. Her arm gestures. A cup of water floats across the room and raises itself to her lips. She drinks a sip, and the cup floats back and sets down on the table. "Uncle Yi's been stressing mental control over objects as a way to train me...and overcome my handicap. So if it's just a fake arm...I don't need it. He offered to have a false hand made for me...but...I'd rather just have it like this, to be honest, then wear a wooden...thing." She sighs. "It's tough to explain."

<What if...I used my power on it?> you ask. <I could do the same thing I did to the airship. Make it go beyond what's natural. That might really make it a new hand. One you could feel.>

"...sometimes...I can still feel it," she says. She raises her stump to her eyes. "It's like...I can still flex it. But it's not there." She shivers. "If you can really do that...then please do so."

<I will do my best.>

>> No.28870585


What do you do now?

>speak more with Abigail
>go talk to Flint
>go talk to Ila
>something else

>> No.28870600

Give her the shadowy appendage

>> No.28870607

>speak more with Abigail
Ask about her mum.

All we know about her parents is just what we learned about in the diary.

>> No.28870622

>go talk to Flint
>go talk to Ila
In that order. Flint because we're finally going to see his homeland, Ila because... well fuck, you know why.

>> No.28870626

Seconded. What was her dad like, too?

>> No.28870632

This works, lets get some ignorance potions!

>> No.28870639

More Abbychat then go thank Ila for her help and see how she's doing. Also maybe upgrade her

>> No.28870647

C'mooon guuuuys.

>> No.28870650

Go talk to Ila

>> No.28870666

we will rock her world.

>> No.28870673

This. Then go talk to Flint about approaching his home.

>> No.28870686

What am I even looking at

>> No.28870688

well we got to have a love child to keep her safe.from saving rolls

>> No.28870699

Go talk to Flint and the Ila

>> No.28870702

Shadow trying to bang abby.

>> No.28870717

He'd just have us roll for how deformed the baby was from her banshee heritage and our shadow heritage.

>maybe having banshee heritage means she doesn't actually produce eggs

oh god sm
you monster

>> No.28870732

we have to try this at least once.

>> No.28870738


>> No.28870750

You're all pervy rusers I swear.

>> No.28870751

I don't think now is the time.

>> No.28870763

what you think he knows what a penis looks like or works, hell we tried to help our best friend by staring at him naked for hours with the angel.

>> No.28870791

Shadow watched an imaginary him fuck an imaginary Abby for two weeks in the Archonium. I think he gets it.

>> No.28870799

We read that demon summoning book with the dolphins.
Maybe we'll recreate a dolphin penis?

>> No.28870820

he didn't study what they were doing, all he did was observe grinding.

>> No.28870822

Abigail goes up on her toes and kisses you briefly on the lips. "I know you will."

You take her hand up in yours. It's nice to feel her. To know she's there. Something solid. Something warm. Tying you down...but not in a way that feels restricting. It comforts you. She's so...real.

<What were your parents like?>

Abigail smiles. She closes her eyes. "My mother...she was beautiful. She was the prettiest woman in Jacob's Field." She opens them again. "There were a one time - heh - she was approached by drunks. My father chased them off, though. I remember not really getting it at the time, but now I know. Besides that, though...she was warm. She always smiled. That's what I remember most. Always a smile, no matter who it was." Abigail frowns a bit. "She smiled at those men, too, but it was a smile like a viper would give a rat. I think...it was good that my dad intervened. But I never saw her get angry, not once."

<What about your father?>

"My dad," Abigail says. "He was similar. Very...intent on things. He could get so involved in just tinkering around that you could come up right behind him and he wouldn't notice. But he was kind...always kind to me."

She sighs. "It's nice to talk about it. It was so long ago...I feel like the memories I have are fading."

<Tell me about them,> you say. <That will keep them new.>

Abigail smiles. "Well, there was this one time...mother was baking a pie, see, and there were a few boys in the village that..."


After a few goodbye kisses, you leave Abigail's room, feeling as though your relationship with her is stronger than ever.

What do you do now?

>talk to Flint
>talk to Ila
>something else

>> No.28870843

>talk to Flint

>> No.28870867

Wait does shadow even understand what Monogamy is?

>> No.28870880

I just imagine shadow having an awkward as fuck first time with him giving abby rug burn.years later they would be doing some freaky shit with tentacles.
>>talk to Ila
She is not in the best state of mind, last time we saw her

>> No.28870887

Time to give the big guy some more screen time.

I miss Joey.

>> No.28870899

>talk to Flint

>> No.28870917

no, he doesn't even understand love
.>I miss Joey.
You will be hating him soon enough after the sandy brainwashing and the nat 1 are used.

>> No.28870925

Hey, let's do that, bring up Joey somewhere in the conversation.
Hopefully the kid doesn't have abandonment issues.

>> No.28870943

>>talk to Ila

>> No.28870951

well SM forgot about him until people kept bringing him up and then SM made him part of the plot some how.

>> No.28870970

>talk to Flint
He's got a lot to worry about right now, I'd imagine.

>> No.28870973

>SM made him part of the plot some how.

Yes, yes I did.

>> No.28870994

Should you have said that with or without a doom paul image?

>> No.28871001

so how did sandy brainwash the kid.

>> No.28871006

yeah, but we still needto go so lla so she doesn't have emotional troubles.

>> No.28871008

This is perfectly inconspicuous and not ominous at all.

>> No.28871023

Talk to Ila

>> No.28871036

You know, we'll finish up the friend chats and get started with the meeting next time. That will give me a chance to pre-write a bit, I've got a good deal in mind but very little down in text.


Who knows what the future holds?

You'll see...



Brief meta, I've got to get to bed.

Next thread is likely Monday night!

>> No.28871041

She's always gonna have emotional troubles anon, we dumped her.

>> No.28871062


Thanks for the thread, SM!


We were never in a relationship beyond friends.

>> No.28871077

but we still need to go talk to her to make sure she can function and won't go full sacrifice, need to keep tabs on the servanted.

wouldn't want her using some sort of fucked up blood magic sacrifice.

>> No.28871079

Thank you for another enjoyable thread SM. This feels perfectly like the calm before the storm, so I'm really revved up for the next thread.

As far as meta goes I've only got one question for you;

Boxers... or briefs?

>> No.28871102

....or boxer briefs?

>> No.28871110


Boxer briefs.

Did you think you'd corner me so easily?

>> No.28871112

Can we have Abby wear shadow like a piece of clothing

>> No.28871120

>a massively powerful light entity approaches
>lesser soldiers have their eyes burned out by gazing upon it
>it approaches shadow and grabs him, lifting him in to the air
>the light fades
>it's fucking Joey

>> No.28871128

nailed it

>> No.28871146

I'll corner you someday you sonuvabitch. Just you wati.

>> No.28871155

Joey is no Hyperion + Dave

>> No.28871168

Hey man, don't underestimate Joey

>> No.28871171


>> No.28871176


>> No.28871181


Joey is a nonmage. SM specifically said that.

>> No.28871192

<Abby you seems to have a fever and you are also leaking fluids on my is everything well?>

>> No.28871194

meant to say he is now dave and hyperion combined.

you underestimate plot.

>> No.28871207

Everyone abandon ship, captain buzzkill is at the helm

>> No.28871222

Sorry if you're reading this in the Archives; please, please, PLEASE, do this.

>> No.28871234

Exactly what I had in mind.

>> No.28871254

Another Captain? Where? I'll ready the cannons so I can sink his tiny ship.

There can only be one!

>> No.28871255


Killing fun! My only joy!

>> No.28871268


>> No.28871326


u wot m8

>> No.28871452

Don't think you will win the great space war.

>> No.28871957


You were saying?

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