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The old General is dead. Long live the new General!

Dark Age is best era.
Succession Wars babies should not aply

Old Thread


/btg/ does a TRO.

Never heard of Battletech?
>Read this to get a brief overview of the game and the fluff

How Battletech works?
>A summary explaining a little of everything. Read this if you stopped playing a long time ago or if you are a newcomer

>Battletech Wiki

>computer version of Battletech. Play with AI or other players

SSW Mech Designer
>create almost any mech you want. Useful to print existing mechs RS too

Battletech IRC
>come chat with whoever is online!
#battletech on irc.rizon.net

Rookie guides
>strategy and tactics

PDF links
>Want a book? Almost everything is here. We accept requests

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After the Dark Age, will there be a Light Age and a complete clusterfuck of backwards compatibility rules because technology would have advanced by then?

>> No.28857145

>backwards compatibility
>being a problem in BT

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Time to be the devil's advocate: I think Alex did a good job with the clan mechs. He didn't redesigned them too much and made them cohesive to MWO style. Some details are fucked up (Masakari's missile launcher isn't on its shoulder) but that's my autism speaking louder.

>> No.28857189

I completely agree.
But grognards gonna grognard.

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On the other hand, what the fuck are those prices? Shit can't be more p2w than this. Also, why there are Nova Cat and Diamond Shark mechs? Too early for them

>> No.28857295

I don't follow the game, but aren't they putting Clan mechs behind a paywall so that there aren't so many Clanners once its released?

>> No.28857335

It's like when people bitched about the reseen, even though almost all of the unseen not from Macross look dumb as fuck.

The Wolverine had a frigging briefcase.

>> No.28857362

Not really. These prices are mostly typical of the prices for any 'Mechs in the game. People are pissed because those prices are goddamn ridiculous, especially when they've been so consistently terrible about getting other features released.

>> No.28857468

Each of those 'Mechs is one of the 16 original Clan Omnis from TRO:3050.
They're also pretty widespread amongst the Clans by the time the invasion rolls around.

>> No.28857492

To me what is funniest (besides the $500 gold plated versions) is the most popular clan mech is at the second highest level. So clanner tube babies will have to shell out $210 for their precious kitties.

>> No.28857528

>Released June 17th.
Not only do they charge 10 times the price of a game for the Warhawk package, you don't actually get anything for half a year?

>> No.28857604

I'm hoping that this will b the straw that breaks the camel's back for the customer base

>> No.28857670

It won't be. I have a couple friends who love that piece of shit and one is tripping over himself to shell out money for the clan crap, he bought the $240 package already. Though even he admits the $500 gold plated mechs are stupid.

>> No.28857698

I think I explained it bad. The Nova and Thor have a Nova Cat and Diamond Shark insignia. They aren't part of the 4 inicial clans

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First they bitch about how heavy the casualties they took in the Jihad were, ignoring the fact they got off more lightly than anyone but the Capellans. Then they bitch that their military wasn't further reduced by sending more units to the RAF than anyone else.

Seriously, what the actual fuck?

>> No.28857962

Ah, I see what you mean.

I think that can be chalked up to PGI not caring much for canon anymore or whatever.

>> No.28858244

>hanging medallions

>> No.28858314

Bothers the fuck out of me that the Nova can torso twist.

Incidentally, haven't seen N-Scaler in any of the threads in a while. Is he still doing his thing?

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So, I was reading through 3085 again and I noticed that there was a mention of a possible energy weapon variant...

>To date, no variants of the Shen Yi have been reported, likely because the ’Mech has yet to fully enter production. However, leading military theorists suggest that an all-energy weapon variation is a likely extension of the stealth combat concept that the Capellans seek to employ.

This variant has never been released or named. So, how would you make it?

>> No.28858382

I'm curious too. Is it just like the hanging dice/hula dancer or what?

Last I heard he was still working on the Phobos figures.

>> No.28858398

>an all-energy weapon variation is a likely extension of the stealth combat concept

What's heat lol

>> No.28858410


I like how he SL Potatoed a lot of them.

>> No.28858480

Wait is that actually a thing in MWO? PGI may be hearbreaking money-grubbing bastards but at least they have cool paid stuff sometimes.

>> No.28858488

I've been working on a pair of mechs for combined arms fighting. (not combined arms as in "tanks/infantry/mechs combined" but as in "mechs in specialised roles working together" sense)
The Sköll is the big slow tough trooper, started as an attempt at a bigger Hel, but I wanted to try out the FL armor.
The Hati is a slow medium intended as filling specialised support roles rather than working as a line fighter.

>> No.28858542

Yeah, I don't think the republic's analysts really understood how stealth worked in the 3080s... Then again, you have mentions in the Phoenix Hawk entry of Capellan units just activating their stealth armor, going to the nearest bit of cover, and staying there even when the enemy is screening their troops with smoke, calling in artillery, or just going around. So I guess the Caps didn't really know how to use it either at the time. The MRMs on the basic Shen Yi also show that they were kinda just slapping stealth on everything. Of course, the Dark Age model with the LRM 20s is a huge improvement...

>> No.28858635

>>28858488 contd
Sköll is a timberwolf derivitive mostly.
Prime is a combination of Timberwolf prime and A (little prime, mostly A).
A is a city fighter with iJJ's, med pulse spam and SRM's. Mix and match SRM's and lasers to the situation you are in.
B was an interpretation of a Sagittaire as a clan mech,
C is an AC trooper variant.
D is an attempt to build a config around a pair of ATM 12's. Not a big fan of how it turned out though.

>> No.28858653

>Dark Age
>huge improvement
But Dark Age makes everything better, anon.

>> No.28858681

as an unashamed fedsuns player, FUCK THE RAF. I dont want to lose any units to them.

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>> No.28858755

On the other hand, it gives people a faction to bitch about and whine that they're "mary sues getting all the fiat" or whatever, that isn't Federated Suns.

So there is one upside.

Also it lets me dream of running silly campaigns where I throw super heavies willy-nilly for my players to chew up and spit out and feel badass.

>> No.28858766

Someone that knows MWO tell us what warhorns are

>> No.28858796

>player's faces when a lance of superheavy tripods with support

>> No.28858804

Maybe it gives your 'mech a novelty car horn, like one that plays La Cucaracha?

Yes I am not being serious.

>> No.28858829

beep beep motherfucker

Or at least, that's my guess.

>> No.28858847

>>28858488 contd
The Hati is more of a specialist with no troopers and only 1 skirmisher config.
Prime is LRM support, with a longbow or salamanders salvo sizes.
A is antipersonel hunter that can be pressed into service as a street brawler in a pinch. It has enough SRM ammo for inferno/frags for infantry hunting. Its intended to counter BA and infantry spam.
B is a Jumpy skirmisher with a pair of cERPPC's for countering IS gausswalls.
C is AA variant in case the enemy brings air support, with HAG 20+TC as its centerpiece, with a cLPL for extra precision and an LRM 15 because it fit perfectly in what room was left.
D is a tank hunter, with a supercharger for extra speed and a pair of LB 10x's for raking up tons of mobility kills and a single SRM for inferno's.

>> No.28858921

What about it?

>> No.28859464

>Era Digest: Age of War has the articles of the Ares Conventions actually written out in faux-legalese
>just gives a quick summary of the appendixes of the Ares Conventions
Dammit I was kind of curious about that.

>> No.28859739

Where are you getting this?

>> No.28859798

Era Digest: Age of War

>> No.28859840


>> No.28859869

Ohhh, sorry. Somehow I read it as ED: Dark Age. I just wake up

>> No.28860424

Speaking of missing posters, has anyone seen Muninn or NEA?

>> No.28860448

Oh there you are Muninn.
Are you still working on the fan TRO?

>> No.28862488

That art just bugs me. The Shen Yi's missile racks are 5 tubes tall and 4 wide, while the art there has them 5 wide (and logically 4 tall). It also clearly has a RAC or some other sort of AC in the right arm, while neither of the two Shen Yi variants have anything but lasers there. Yes, it's just pointless bitching that one artist isn't 100% accurate to the TRO art. That said, the RAC is easy enough to put in...

The SHY-3Br replaces the Extended-Range Large laser and paired Medium Pulse lasers with a Rotary Class 2 autocannon taken from captured AFFS supply depots. Two tons of ammunition give the autocannon plenty of endurance. While the 3Br carries 25% less missile ammo than the 3B, the MRMs are still capable of 3 minutes of continuous fire. The 3Br has proven surprisingly popular among Capellan pilots, mainly due to the significantly decreased heat of the RAC compared to the standard model's lasers.

>> No.28863222

What's not needing to worry about ammo on a long guerrilla campaign, making stealth strikes against enemy forces lol

>> No.28863359


There was a big blow-up at the official forums. NEA hasn't been seen since then.

But it is a busy time of year, too.

>> No.28863614


Oh hey, I did this once.

>> No.28863635


And yes, I know the name Hound is taken. These are old as hell though and I wasn't gonna change the name just to post.

>> No.28864444

How's this for a Clanner '3rd-line' garrison mech?
Something they pound out in packs of 10 and ship off to planets they don't even want to waste a washed-out trueborn on.

It's supposed to be sturdy enough to take down the odd pirate invasion or whatnot, but not good enough to let them rebel or anything. Oh, and it uses no clantech but the MGs.

>> No.28864688


>> No.28864719

Why would a clan spend extra resources on producing IS grade equipment?
I mean, a production line for single heatsinks would cost more than just using regular DHS's they already make in bulk for other mechs.

>> No.28864793

>using pilot images and implying you're putting effort into things

You are a cool dude. Good luck.

>> No.28864823

Because they have the factories sitting around already.

Not to mention they still do make SHS for all their vees and stuff.

>> No.28864977

Why not make it a vee then? No insult meant, just curious; if it's seen as something shitty weak sauce that -real- warriors don't get wasted on, why not make it a tank? It'll probably get more survivability with the armor in less locations despite dying once one of them is destroyed, will cost less in C-bills... yeah. Just a thought. I guess the Fusion engine will take more weight because lolvehicleequality but f you go Fuel Cell and swap the Mlas for some more rockets and a Small Laser...

>> No.28865058

And the IS grade medium lasers? The clan has a production line for them lying around too?

>> No.28865124

>Good luck.
The game locked up.

>> No.28865189

Oh dear. Also you know you can turn on Isometric right?

>> No.28865217

Yeah, I prefer deploying with Isometric on but playing with it off.
That'll teach me to always save my unit lists before starting a match.

>> No.28865290

Oof. Yeah, that lessen is often hard learned.

>> No.28865343

In return, I get Ross Cockx. That makes it worth it.

>> No.28865395

Because then the name wouldn't work.
That's the only reason. I started with the name and made the mech around it.

You're telling me that the Clans didn't capture a SINGLE factory that could make the most common mech-sized weapon in all the IS?
Really? Maybe they are the ones torn off the (c) refits from 3050 or something, I dunno. Mlasers are just exceptionally common.

>> No.28865440

>and he's in a Sunder Prime

Niiiiiiiice. Honestly, that's probably my favorite Sunder config. More Tourney level IS designs need to use vanilla Large Lasers.

>> No.28865466

OK, let's try this again.

>> No.28865479


They captured them.

But then they either upgraded those factories to Clan specs, or had them blown up in the Jihad.

The only time Clan chassis use IS gear is when they simply have nothing to match it, like with TSEMP. Medium Lasers would be replaced with ER or Heavy versions.

>> No.28865569

Pretty much. It's like if you wanted to make a Sherman tank in modern times. You could, but times have moved on so much that it'd likely be actually harder and more expensive to find the parts and make it than to make a modern tank. After a point, inferior tech becomes HARDER to make because no one uses it anymore and no factories make it, or in this case they do but then you have to import them from someplace that has the factories and why not just use ER Clan spec ones then? It'll probably cost less.

>> No.28865615

How much cheaper are ER Medium Lasers versus Clan Machine Guns and ammo?

>> No.28865828

Probably not at all. the Clan MGs would be cheaper than the Clan ERMlas. Both would likely be easier for them to make and produce than refitting a factory to produce IS Mediums though.

>> No.28865895


You guys aren't going techtard enough.

Chemlasers and Fuel Cell engine.

>> No.28865918

That's shoulda-used-a-vee tier, though.

>> No.28865960


Well right now it's "Coulda been done with a SW-Stinger by ripping out the jets and still been faster" tier so....

>> No.28866141

Failed piloting rolls, skidding everywhere

>> No.28866299

Actually, there are rare instances it happens.

Biggest example is the Gravedigger. Made initially as a basic moneymaker product by Odin, the standard model is pure IS tech and they exported it, while the Dominion used the version using Clan weapons, which was later put out for export as well.

Which is kind of the impression I get from this guy's mech, seems more like something the Foxes would try selling in the backwater periphery market, than what any Clan would make for themselves, or maybe a periphery backwater's home grown battlemech that they've bought Clan MGs from the Foxes for.

>> No.28866470

Speaking for myself at the least, I would rather field new mechs and old mechs, than new mechs and new vees.

>> No.28866482

Yes, but when I started I was much less busy than I am now, so work on it has correspondingly slowed down. Should pick back up though.

One of the biggest hurdles is simply figuring out a good way to pick mechs.

And more submissions are always welcome (hint hint).

I've gotten submissions from a few people that need to go on the list. But for now I am going to lapse into food coma.

>> No.28866624

As the guy who originally mad it, I will admit that they are mostly right.
There's not much mixing except with CWiE stuff and the Gravedigger.

And the design is explicitly supposed to suck against Clanners. There's a reason it can take a 5 point damage grouping anywhere on the front, but a 7-point one cuts through to internals. The movement mod is too low to generate a respectable TMM and the Mlasers can't hit a design without getting into cERML medium range. I suppose replacing them with a clan MPL would keep most of the intent behind the design.

>> No.28866917

Are vehicles supposed to take critical hits every time they get hit, or do I just have terrible luck with them?

>> No.28867027

Bit of both. Vehicles -do- suffer a TAC on a 5 and a 9, iirc, as well as on a 2 as per Mechs. So they suffer crits way more often. The Vehicle Effectiveness optional rules remove that, though they still take motive crits on an 8.

>> No.28867188


It's the holidays. I'm busy as shit.

>> No.28867308

Seriously though. I respect that they ensure 'mechs are the best units on the battlefield, but come on.

>> No.28867343


>> No.28867388


I got horribly sick right before Thanksgiving and am working on some modeling stuff for Shimmy right now so not much Btech going on right this second.

I still lurk in here though.

>> No.28867392

What mechs are those? they look great

>> No.28867400

Well. Those are movement criticals. Not TACs. I agree it's silly that vees have to worry about motive crits when mechs don't, baring a leg TAC or the armor being gone, but treads are kinda not the sturdiest thing. They really need to start making them out of the plastic that the NES and Gameboy were made out of.

>> No.28867435

Or old Nokias. Though I think that's what they use for hardened armor...

>> No.28867450

Well son, one way to look at it is by acknowledging that "they" are indeed not a single person with a cohesive agenda. Trust me on this. Rather, it's just a bunch of boogernosed miniature wargame players overly attached to their faction talking. And worst of all, every one of them has their own idea of what's good and what's not. As such, there's really no sense in demonizing an entire group of players on these anecdotes.

I know, it's crazy!

>> No.28867453

Raven II, and Tian-Zong.

Also Amazon BA.

>> No.28867487


Please tell me this is a drawfag making those posts from last thread come true.

"Where's Waldo with concealed intent for murder." was the best post of that whole thing.

>> No.28867514

I haven't touched anything Mech since Warrior 4, and that game sucked.

Well I did buy the RPG but never did anything with it because no one near me has a fetish for giant robots to my level.

I now must google new mechs

>> No.28867532

>not treating a large mass of people with differing tastes, views and opinions the same based on which faction they like

Seriously dude, do you even sweeping generalization? Also, nice job using words and phrases with condescending connotations attached to them, sport!

>> No.28867544

>Knife not even built into hand
Pfft, look at this fucking frail.

>> No.28867589

>I haven't touched anything Mech since Warrior 4, and that game sucked
Hey now, MechWarrior 4: Vengeance was fun. Black Knights was awful.

I'm still struggling to get Mercenaries working, though. If anyone could help with that I'd be grateful.

>> No.28867648

Just download all the new TROs and go nuts.

>> No.28867670

Close it down, and set up a new game through an autosave.

>> No.28867676

>not having five tabs of Sarna open at all times so you can wiki anything instantly

Why do we even bother armoring vehicles

>> No.28867755

To see the look on your opponent's face that one glorious day he fails to mission-kill one of your tanks with crits and instead has to beat it all the way to death with weapon damage.

>> No.28867761

It wasn't bad, but after MW3 I was super sad

Where do I find such things? The links in the OP or what

I am now there. Knowledge is become me

A 75 ton scout mech with TWO gaus. Jesus fucking christ

This is awesome.

>> No.28867795

>Also, nice job using words and phrases with condescending connotations attached to them, sport!

Aw, shucks, thanks! I didn't really aim for that, though, it's just your poor self-esteem talking.

>> No.28867821

>The links in the OP or what
More specifically,

>A 75 ton scout mech
This is how you do a fat scout.

>> No.28867830

Hovercraft have a very good mobility to carry weight to BV equation. Those TACs are there just to make them manageable. You need to handle them with much more care, that's all.

>> No.28867878


Thanks a bunch. I was just going by the description on the website what with stealth armor and force recon and shit.

Also, that's a lot of fucking books.

>> No.28867918

>This is how you do a fat scout.

>Zeus X behind a window, looking in

>> No.28867934


I had to do this once with an Awesome against a vanilla AC2 Pike. And the same game the enemy Warhammer ate like 150 damage and pretty much just had all it's armor stripped off and every system still functioning.

My Harassers both died with virgin armor to single AC2 love taps from that same Pike on 11 THN's.

And my Orion's AC10 exploded the first time I fired it and tried to double-tap.

I could not catch a fucking break that game.

>> No.28868095

The core rulebook is Total Warfare. The second core book is the TechManual. That's all you need. Major optional rules are found in Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations, but they are not necessary to enjoying all the Technical Readouts (TROs).

We still don't have a TRO for the Free Worlds League for ~3060, do we?

>> No.28868109

>And my Orion's AC10 exploded the first time I fired it and tried to double-tap.

Well you deserved that. AC variant rules are for losers.

>> No.28868160

You don't even really -need- techmanual unless you want to build your own units, right? Total Warfare has all the weapon stats and kerjiggers, I thought?

>> No.28868218

This game could still go either way, but I think the Kuritans have the advantage. The Dragon made a run-in on the Arrow IV vehicle and hit it but only damaged its armor. The last homing missile was fired this turn. Through a happy accident two turns ago I arranged two homing Arrow IVs to land in the same map in the same turn. They both hit the Daikyu's left leg, so his efforts to stomp on the immobile hovercraft were ruined.

The Sunder's taken some center torso damage but he's doing fine. The Dragon has armor stripped off of an arm and a torso. Everything else is as you see.

All these 'mech designs are pretty good on heat management.

Sarna said TechManual had things like Heavy Lasers in it, so I dunno. Total Warfare has a very large percentage of everything, at least.

>> No.28868299

>Sarna said TechManual had things like Heavy Lasers in it, so I dunno. Total Warfare has a very large percentage of everything, at least.
Ah, fair enough.

>> No.28868314

I think you guys can help me out here. My friend wants to run Read: wants me to gm a pen & paper game based off of Battletech.
Now, ignoring the fact that I have never touched anything from the game before, is there a system that I can use to run a game like this?

>> No.28868363

Yep! The A Time of War system is the most recent Battletech PNP RPG. Should be able to find it in the Battletech mediafire thing near the bottom of the OP.

>> No.28868369

A Time of War.

>> No.28868390

Heavies' damage is statted in TW.

>> No.28868405

Also what's the Buzhang got for weapons?

>> No.28868487


Good to hear you're not dead man.

>> No.28868497

Don't mind me, just Dork Agin' it up a little.

>> No.28868506

Two medium pulses and an Artemis LRM-10.
I learned about the Po, Regulator, and Zhukov vehicles yesterday, and I wanted a 'mech design that would accompany those tanks, while also using a bunch of Helm Memory Core tech for the fun of it. This was my first attempt.

>> No.28868602

Huh. Looks pretty decent. ECM and TAG for electronics. Average speed given the standard engine. CASE. Good armor. Low BV and cbill cost. I like it.

>> No.28868630

Do you like your settings Lethal as Fuck?
Then yes, you can apply the character survivability options to bring the game down to just being "Lethal as Fuck" rather than being in the realm of "Holy shit every living thing not wrapped in at least half a ton of military hardware is made of tissue paper."

>> No.28868646

uh.... don't know how ">first" got in there, don't remember typing that.

>> No.28868654

Drop that shit down to 5/7/7 and drop the XL, or slap more armor on. Or make it a 5/7/10 giga-nigga. You know you want to.

>> No.28869245

This Regulator has to be the MVP of the match so far. He's a hovercraft who was disabled in the first shot (that hit) from the Dracs. The rest of the lance went to target more important Capellans, but a Daikyu went to step on him. Coincidentially in the same turn, that Daikyu got hit with two Arrow IVs to the leg and was knocked prone. Being prone in the same hex as the Regulator, his only option for attacks against it were punches. The hovercraft has tanked these like a Po and despite having its turret locked it has still provided invaluable Gauss Rifle fire. I think it's the one that took out the Grand Dragon. The Daikyu finally got up, so this hovercraft's life may be at its end.

>> No.28869282

I dunno man, it could work, but I think the hardened armor requires a 6/8 groundspeed so it can still max out modifiers while working out facings.

Ain't got enough torso crits for jump 10 though.

>> No.28869426

So I just checked my mail and I got FM:3145 in the mail today so the deadtree is out.

Might be old news but I figured I'd say something in case it wasn't.

>> No.28869428


>10 jump

Have I got a deal for you, friend...

And yes, for those who were around for the debut of this thing, I plan on redoing the loadout. Eventually. Still trying to plan something with more character than 4 MLas + TarComp, as effective as that is.

>> No.28869455

That's nice. How's the print quality?

>> No.28869486


So isn't that basically an IS Eyrie? Just looking at the armament and weight and stuff.

>> No.28869520

RIP in peace.

Gary Oldman was using the demo model. ;_;

>> No.28869544


Good. They used the JHS type of paper instead of that cheaper stuff they used in FFE and TRO3145. And all the deployment maps in the center are quality color on glossy stock.

>> No.28869572

RIP in piece, Regulator bro.

>> No.28869906

This Sunder isn't having that great of a day. He's been harassed and knocked over by Gauss fire. He got a mission kill on Po #2, stranding him with a fixed turret behind a burning forest where he couldn't help anyone. But he's also been shot up by the other Po. He finally took it out, with an ammo explosion. Around 500 combined points of damage of MG and AC/10 ammo went up. It sprayed the Sunder with 25 damage. No critical damage yet except for a hit on the pilot from falling earlier.

The Arrow IV vehicle avoided a Lynx that tried to nab it, and it buzzed off to the opposite end of the map. It only has indirect rounds to fire now.

The Daikyu has one point of structure left on its one remaining leg, so it may turn out that the other Regulator brings it down. I like Regulators, they're gnats with Gauss Rifles.

>> No.28870022


>> No.28870072

Sunder-chan, no!

>> No.28870284

And that's about it. One hovercraft is immobile and facing down an Assault and Medium 'mech. The other is out of ammo and is going to run away. The only remaining Liao unit is the mission-killed tank. Kuritas will win this day. But at a cost! Two 'mechs were destroyed.

>> No.28870336

Fucking Windows 8.
Notice there's no "don't shut down my computer" button. It's "your computer is getting shut down whether you like it or not."

It'll safe my Chrome tabs, at least.

>> No.28870378


>Windows 8

>> No.28870387

Windows 8~~~

>> No.28870568

Well, that's that. Regulator got destroyed (can't see it here) and its last shot did no good. The Regulator Arrow IV fled the field and the crew of the Po ditched out. Kuritans win but take 50% casualties and heavy armor damage to the Sunder.

>> No.28870689


Yeah I guess; it's faster than an Eyrie but has less punch as a result. I was considering changing one of the MMLs out for something else but it doesn't seem like much of a trade; you'd get at best some electronics or an ERMLas and an ERSLas or something. Dunno about that, but I'll keep fiddling with it.

>> No.28870749

Hmmm.... if it's a Dark Age mech, it wouldn't be too out there to give it a cERLL. Maybe advertize it as an alternative to the Hussar? The remaining ton could go towards another DHS or an IS-tech Targ Comp, or a SPL for backup against infantry, etc.

>> No.28870805

>myomer implants
>TSM implants
Hot damn, I guess I should read up on the Jihad.

>> No.28870988


Those aren't even Jihad-tech. That's Fedcom Civil War tech. The pic is from A Guide to Covert Ops that was recycled.

>> No.28871135

What does the Inner Sphere think of implants, cybernetics, and genetic alteration? Do they prefer their nobles to be purely human? Do they look down on cybernetics or are they cool with it?

>> No.28871214

I know the FWL was fairly anti-cybernetics for a while, don't know if that's still the case. The Wobbie thing probably soured them on it further though. AFAIK though, no one else really cares much. And of course there's the MoC with their cybernetic catgirls. No, this is -not- an exaggeration.

>> No.28871219

I should read up on that too.

You know what would have encouraged me to do such homework a long time ago? If VSD and KSD had TSM muscle implants and got into a brawl. I would've been all over the Fedcom Civil War then.

>> No.28871278


Yeah that's one of the variants already, except with an IS ERLLas. And I love the Hussar so it was only natural when I ended up with that amount of space.

What I might end up doing is just working out 4-5 variants and keep the MML one as the base, since it wouldn't be the only 'Mech to really come into its own with variants, plus the base model is pretty useful with all the different ammos.

>> No.28871280


To be an old school mechwarrior without VDNI you need to be pretty much all flesh. And people tend to look at it as creepy to have too many doodads. Justin Allard and Clanners being exceptions. Like remember when George Hasek II got his hand shredded by a needler and they said he's never be able to pilot a mech again?

That means it's usually just the specops people and top shelf security that go full cyborg.

Well and people like the MD but remember "The first must be given freely."

Now dem cosmetic and pheromone enhancements, mmmmm hmmm. I bet that stuff is popular out by Canopus.

>> No.28871412

Could even make it an Omni.

>> No.28871529


Maybe, but 5 tons of pod space doesn't seem like enough to make it worthwhile. I could flavor it like a Mercury though, since the era it is in would make sense to have a pseudo-Omni running around expressly built to be flexible but not so technologically demanding.

>> No.28871585

Sold. I'll take a lance of them.

>> No.28871639


The Jihad books detail a widespread and very strong anti-cybernetics sentiment sweeping across the entire Sphere thanks to the Word.

>> No.28872407

So this game just happened.
The Night Gyr and Sentinel even managed to kill each other the same turn.

>> No.28872553

This those Princess bots kill your family or something? Geez guy. You're all playing for keeps.

>> No.28873931

>Two punches hit the head
Damn, son. that's as rare as a normal headcap.

>> No.28875348

I don't mean to be a party pooper, but the download links up at the top are failing with alarming regularity. Am I the only one this is happening to?

>> No.28875379

You mean folders or individual files?

Because folders work fine for me. And the last file I needed was the 3080's Objectives DC last week and it worked fine.

If you're getting that "download not working? Try again" then just do it a second time and it will kick over.

>> No.28875401

THe files themselves. I don't actually have the premium account needed to dl multiple files at once, and on occasion, particularly the quirks and some of the 3145 TROs, the download button sends me to an error message along the lines of cannot find url.

>> No.28875476


When I get the url error, I choose "copy link" instead of "download" from the dropdown list and then paste that into my browser and it bypasses the problem and lets you download. I got no idea why it does that either.

>> No.28875548

You have saved my bacon, my friend.

>> No.28875591

>You have saved my bacon
Your bacon is in good hands my mysteriously-a-tripfag friend.

>> No.28875607

I bid a Firestarter. I will fry the very bacon you stand upon.

>> No.28875623 [DELETED] 

I bid a Gùn for his right to my bacon, Surat.

>> No.28875645

B-but he was saving that bacon.

>> No.28875666


>I will fry the very bacon you stand upon.

>> No.28876380

I love the way Alpha Strike handles Clan honor.

>> No.28876470

War is a crispy hell.

>> No.28876713

By far the best triples I've seen in a long time.

Bacon and War, icons of the human condition.

>> No.28877296

Don't you know? Fat men make the best leaders.

>> No.28877309

1/1 right here

>> No.28878862


Fuck Alex Knight. Seriously.

God fucking forbid anyone want to play a faction other than his precious Cappellans or Suns.

>> No.28878896

I should really rewatch the Battletech cartoon, I don't remember this at all.

Yes I know it's from Dougram, don't hurt me /m/

>> No.28879227

>Alexander Knight
>precious Capellans


>> No.28879266

Will we ever see Steiner Superheavy Scouts in the future?

>> No.28879387

Yes. It's called a Trutzberg.

>> No.28879401

Who? Why?

>> No.28879412


He *claims* to be a Cappie, even though he spends all his time whining about how badly the Suns has had things since forever.

>> No.28879417

The legend of Alex Knight expands wildly, it seems. The guy's a dork, but then again, so are the bitchfestmeisters on a propaganda parade against the guy. I just can't take the whole situation seriously anymore thanks to the "officially worse than Hitler" level of seriousness people attach to it and the guy's doings.

I just wish the whole forumfaggotry issue stayed where it came from altogether.

>> No.28879569

Isn't that a dropship though?

>> No.28879605


Catalyst design team, fact checker, and writer. Renowned for his hatred of any faction other than the Caps, the Suns, and anyone who doesn't think R-E Lasers are the best thing ever.

It may have just been Paul (Sjardin), but the tone of writing and attitude looks a lot like Alex.

That shit might be fine as a tongue-in-cheek joke while the book was being written, but it has no business being in the final product. If anyone who didn't have a Beemer next to their name posted a "Clans hurr durr" spiel like that that, they'd be looking at a warning for sure.

At best, there's simply no need to troll Clan players with an official product. At worst it reflects the contempt with which the majority of Catalyst staff view the player base, especially those who don't play their preferred faction.

Either way it shouldn't have made it to print.


What did you think the Mjolnir (WarShip) was meant to be?

>> No.28879927

And then there's the apparent possibility that you're just reading way too much into that. To the point that CGL clumsily attempting to display a sense of humour appears like an insult.

>> No.28879938

I haven't seen shit from him that indicates he actually likes anyone other than his Fedsuns. Yeah, he claims to like the caps, but he's never acted like he actually does, nor has he done anything that would indicate he knows shit about them.

Also, aside from everyone in the example snickering after the start of the Batchall, it doesn't seem horribly anti-clanner like >>28879605 seems to think. It seems like it was written to help new players understand how clan honor works and how to implement it. And given that pretty much the entire purpose of Alpha Strike is to make the game easier to play and thus draw in new players...

But then again, I'm also not seeing AK being the one that wrote it, probably because there's no goalpost moving, Fedsuns Uber Alles, or mention of how great Re-Lasers are.

>> No.28880007

I'm a clan player, and I personally don't have a problem with that particular excerpt.
My faction has characters that speak in a unique, occasionally stupid-sounding way.
I accept that, and I laugh and move on.

>> No.28880095

>implying we can't finally recreate the Battle at Stanrey these days.

>> No.28880144


It is a game, meant to be fun; games shouldn't be FULL ON SRS BSNS. That being said, there's no reason to outright mock Clan players in the product they're hoping will bring in fresh blood to the game and revitalize it.

Precisely the reverse, in fact.

>> No.28880227

Can you toss me a bone here? I'm a bit out of the game for the whole AK/re-engineered laser thing, so could you explain what the deal with the RElasers is, rules-wise?

>> No.28880309

From what I've heard, the medium ReLas has a niche use and the others are just shit.
But AK thinks they're the best thing ever, and a couple people got banned from the official forums when they refuted him with mathematical proof.

>> No.28880314

They ignore special armor effects that reduce damage, so hardened, ferro-lamellor, and reflective armore, RElasers do full damage against.

The problem is they weigh so much you're better off taking an equivalent mass of normal lasers, which will do more damage even with the reduction. The only ways the RElasers are better are that they only require one roll to do the damage, and do it all in a single location.

>> No.28880338

Even considering heat or critical hit spaces?

>> No.28880357


Eh, the basic argument still is that there isn't enough stuff using special armour around to make it worth your while. Though they apparently really shine on aerospace fighters, just like light gauss rifles.

>> No.28880359

How bad are they in BV, crits, weight and heat then?

>> No.28880385

>using lumbering bipedal weakspot targets

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

>> No.28880401

I'm a Clan player. I'm even a Jade Falcon player. And I don't feel mocked in the slightest. Half of the novels have clanners who talk like this, it's part of the fun.
I agree with >>28880007, and >>28879938, and >>28879927 in that you're reading way too much into this. Go make yourself a cup of tea or something, reread that passage, and ask yourself why it got you so worked up in the first place.

>> No.28880472

What is it?

>> No.28880497

>>using lumbering bipedal weakspot targets
>I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

Shush. Your pea shooter can't even get through my mech's armor.

>> No.28880510

>Using shit tier tanks

murrica pls

>> No.28880512


smallRE 1.5 ton, 1 crit, 5 heat, 4 damage
medRE 2.5 ton, 2 crits, 7 heat, 6 damage
largeRE 8 ton, 5 crits, 10 heat, 9 damage

The small RE is fewer crits, but worse heat and damage, the medium RE loses outright to regulars, and the large wins on heat and crits, but loses on damage. When accounting for special armors, the small and medium still lose, but the large comes out a bit ahead, and is generally regarded as the best of the lot. Still, 5 crits ಠ_ಠ.

Ranges are all the same as normal lasers, and BV is similar. Weapon BV is based entirely on range, damage, and odds of hitting, so since the range and odds are the same and the damage changed only slightly, this is not a surprise.

>> No.28880514

What is what?

>> No.28880539

What's this thing everyone's whining about that the author wrote?

>> No.28880550

>medium: 2.5 tons
>large: 8 tons
Holy Hanse.

>> No.28880601

The only thing that could possibly be it is this:
"Ben, performing his best Jade Falcon imitation, proclaims to the Inner Sphere opponents:
“I am Ben of Clan Jade Falcon! What forces does House Steiner have to stand against our awesome might?”
After the snickering dies down, Bill speaks for the Steiner force, and states that they have a company (12 ’Mechs). Ben then nods, thanks Bill, turns to Paul, and bids that he can defeat these “Spheroid surats” with 8 BattleMechs. Paul scoffs (he’s doing his best Jade Falcon impression as well), and declares that he can defeat these “Steiner scum” with 5 ’Mechs. Ben—who’s probably played against Bill before— won’t match that, so command of the Falcon force will go to Paul."

>> No.28880608

>Holy Hanse.
Blessed be his name. I mean, wait, what?

Seriously though, yeah that's pretty heavy compared to the normals. And if you think that's bad, better not look at Variable Speed Pulse Lasers.

>> No.28880664


That's what the rules change was for, yes.

One of the site admins decided that it would just be hilarious to screen-cap the backstage discussion on who to ban and PM one of the targets with it.


Yep. R-E Lasers are sometimes lighter on crits, but heat is close enough not to worry- 1 point the difference between 2 Medium R-E Lasers and 5 standard Mediums.

There are three basic problems with R-E Lasers.

First is that they're just a bit shit, even before considering their special rules.

Second is that there's really no need for them, since existing weapons already do their job. Reflective Armour a problem? Load SRMs or something. Ferro-Lamellor an issue? Acid warheads (IIRC they get a bonus, if not disregard and replace with other options). Hardened armour getting you down? Take an equivalent mass of standard lasers and spam away.

Finally, specialty armour is just not that common. Yet, at least- the game may be moving that way, but with thousands of 'Mechs and hundreds of fighters you're unlikely to run into anything that they'll give you an advantage against.

There are two situations where an R-E Laser *might* be better than standards, or just using other weapons systems (missiles or ballistics).

First is when facing brick ASFs with a shitload of Reflective armour. You may get lucky and gib one with a threshold roll, but pure damage is more reliable for killing them any way. On the other hand, ASFs have slot restrictions too, so having fewer but harder-hitting weapons can be better for you.

The other is against Reflective-Armoured BA, where you can eliminate single troopers more quickly compared to banks of standard lasers. However, you'll probably wind up killing the Point/Platoon at the same time regardless, so it may or may not really help there either.

So two really niche uses.

>> No.28880675

Wait, the line from Alpha Strike? How's that's mockery? It was a nice joke. I chuckled at it. How can that be misconstrued as insulting to people who play Clans? I thought everyone was talking about some novel where he portrays Clan warriors as wearing wifebeaters and talking like trailer trash.

>> No.28880759


As an in-joke for writers or existing players, probably not too bad, but still doesn't need to be in print.

As part of a product intended to showcase the game and bring in new players? Dopey move, but completely in line with TPTB's approach to both the player base and promoting the game.

Especially since, as was pointed out earlier, if a non-Beemer said that on the official boards they'd be sanctioned.

>> No.28880824

I dunno, I like the Med and Large ReLaser's effective 12 and 18-point hits against hardened armor; 'specially since a lot of those hardened 'mechs don't have anywhere close to near-max armor.

One thing that *does* annoy me about ReLasers is this: http://bg.battletech.com/forums/index.php/topic,33515.msg780650.html#msg780650
Making it harder for ReLasers to force PSRs is a big minus, considering that hardened armor makes PSRs harder.

>> No.28880900


>> No.28880934

It's the Large that's actually usable. The Medium and small are crap.

See pic, the Large is the only one that really does what it sets out to do. And that ruling doesn't make it harder for Re-Lasers to force PSRs, it's just clarifying the rules. The same thing happens with AP ammo and TC SRMs, which both have the same effect against hardened armor (ie: they remove full points instead of the half-points other weapons do). Hardened does NOT change the raw damage the unit takes, which is what matters for PSRs. Same thing is true for Reflective, Reactive, Ferro-Lam, Ballistic-Reinforced, and Impact-Absorbant.

>> No.28881001

I'm aware of that chart, and it's my opinion that a medium ReLaser is worth is against most canon 'mechs with hardened armor. It's a matter of personal preference; I prefer the effective 12-point blast over the scatter-shot effect of multiple medium laser hits.

What I meant with ReLaser PSR thing is that 5 tons of medium lasers will be able to force a PSR against hardened armor, while 5 tons of medium ReLasers will not. That's a bit of an annoyance IMO, and reduces the effectiveness of taking ReLasers in the first place. 'Specially since my key strategy at taking out stuff like the Viking IIC and Stalker II is forcing PSRs from them as quickly and often as possible.

>> No.28881312

Thoughts on the Shockwave? It doesn't have a lot if staying power ammo wise, and no mobility enhancements. It seems like a raider or something you'd use as a follow up for something that punches holes and causes PSRs. I guess it has both fists and decent armor, so maybe it could do some brawling too. Anything I'm missing here?

>> No.28881459

VSPLs should be compared to other pulse lasers, not normal beams. And in that regard VSPLs are worthwhile and seem to be specifically made with C3 networks in mind.

RE lasers have a ridiculously niche purpose for an immense cost. Do they have any idea what they're doing with balance? It is like they're just making crappy shit up as they go along just to reinforce the idea that classic BT equipment is forever and everything new is just gimmicky shit.

>> No.28881594


Yeah, I'm not arguing that VSPLs don't serve a useful purpose, just commenting on the sticker shock of seeing a 4 ton medium laser. Even compared to pulses, that's a lot.

>> No.28881664

You aren't missing much.
It's an ammo-hungry 'shock trooper'. It can hit hard for a while, but it can't keep up the pace for very long.
A bit more ammo for the RAC and the LRM-10 would help, but not by much.

>> No.28881837

>VSPLs are worthwhile and seem to be specifically made with C3 networks in mind.
no, seriously.

>> No.28881975

Its the -3 TN's at short range bonus. Makes them brutal up close.
Not sure if it syncs with C3 or not though.

>> No.28882012

It doesn't.

>> No.28882020

Like the damage, the to-hit bonus is based off the actual range to the target, and thus doesn't play nice with C3.

This is, incidentally, one of the reasons the Vandal sucks.

>> No.28882584

I'm pretty sure it does

>> No.28882616

Also, try to not expose your side armor, Motive hit chances increase when doing so. Side hit arcs are much larger than on mechs, making up the four leftmost and rightmost hexfacings. "Front" is only the front-most hexface, "Back" is the backmost.

I find that when it comes to tanks, they work best as filler, not as the basis... but I've had some good luck with tank forces, too.

>> No.28882642

Even with Vee Effectiveness rules on vees suck shit. It's better to think of them as a one-shot weapon.

>> No.28882679


This is getting ridiculous. Alpha Strike was written by nckestrel, with assistance from Herb. The vast Alexander Knight/Freemason/Reptilian conspiracy was derailed, in this case.

>> No.28882692

>Herb being a faggot

As usual

>> No.28882753

No, it doesn't. The C3 range only matters for determining if you get the +0 from short range, the +2 from medium range, or the +4 from long range. It does NOT apply when determining damage or to-hit modifiers (such as minimum range or VSPL bonus) that vary depending on range.

Also, see:

>> No.28884942

This talk about VSPLs made me come up with something for this. The MRM 20s and ammo are replaced with LVSPLs, a HPPC replaces the ERLL and the MPLs, and a heat sink is removed. Oddly enough, it ends up with the exact same BV as the LRM variant (the SHY-5B) at 1603.

>> No.28885366


>Implying the guys who are the most active in trying to sell AS on the forums and who are extremely chummy with the author had zero input on what it contains.

Top kek.

>> No.28885369

That's actually not horrible. I really want to act like it's bad, but the idea of only using the Stealth with the PPC and dropping it to fire both VSPLs when something tries to close the range is kinda brilliant.

The main problem is that at that weight and BV, it's likely to have more than one mech's attention.

>> No.28885761

Yes, I'm certain it was Alexander Knight who encouraged the Alpha Strike authors to insert that one (absolutely, incredibly, extremely insulting) blurb on how bidding works.

Man /btg/ gets ridiculous sometimes.

>> No.28886051


Who needs facts when innuendo will do?

All hail Alexander Knight, once and future king of BT.

>> No.28886342

Except that, and I may be wrong, I don't think that Re KLasers do double damage against reflec/ferlam/hardened? Those armors just don't -reduce- the damage the Re Lasers do. So whereas a Large Laser would deal 4 damage to reflect, Large Re Laser would deal 9. It wouldn't be doubled to 18 though.

>> No.28886501

The fuck are you talkin about
ReLasers have never been mentioned as doing double damage, they only negate the effects of specialty armor.
Which is why they're so unbelievably shit.

>> No.28886646

Nearly every weapon (save a few specialty ammo types IIRC) needs two points of damage to blast through one point of hardened armor. This means that when a Large ReLaser blasts through 9 points of hardened armor, it's dealing the equivalent of 18 points of standard laser, missile, or autocannon damage to one location. Thus the "effective".

>> No.28886707

Right, but >>28881001 and >>28880824 were talking about 12 and 18 point hits against such armor; maybe I misunderstood, but I took it to mean that they thought Re Lasers did -double- damage to reflect/hardened/ferlam, and figured if that was the case I should correct them, cause it's not how they actually work. Apologies if I misunderstood their meaning.

>> No.28886935

Tinkering with a Cheap, Low-cost low-Bv BA Transport. Can carry 2 squads of Medium or Light BA or one full Assault Sqaud under TacOps rules.

>> No.28887284

All this AK faggotry bores me. Time for a /btg/ TRO worthy machine.

>> No.28887512

Reminds me of an R10.

Uhh..did you factor in walking/running into your heat tuning? After the first turn at +9, how are you gonna get to that sweet spot again?

>> No.28887592

I was more concerned with which components I should armor. Sorta just tossed the er meds on seeing i had 2 tons to work with and minimal effort. more small lasers would do the trick.

>> No.28887646

A bit like the R10, but that thing costs a mint thanks to the XL fusion.

>> No.28887741

Uh.... you've looked at your own price, right? Compact is ~as expensive as XL.

>> No.28887776

Derp, got mixed up. Ignore me.

>> No.28887863

Was gonna say, did you even look at my monstrosity's cost? who knew making something as stupidly unkillable as possible would be expensive. Might unarmor the guns and spread it around to the spikes/throw on more lasers

>> No.28887936

Eh, honestly the spikes are probably fine unarmored. If you're gonna unarmor the guns, I'd keep the HPPC armored because main weapon, and use the saved weight for some backup ER and normal small lasers for fine tuning heat.

>> No.28888098

It is a silly concept that boils down to spikes and armor everything on the centerline to go hug things as hard as possible. But now I am starting to think this would be great for a silly solaris match.

>> No.28888160

Just occurred to me that i made a mech version of knight kirk from dark souls.

>> No.28888282

And the Black Knight from Monty Python.

>> No.28888391

I am now really proud of myself. Need to come up with more ridiculous concepts.

>> No.28888437

Chill out there amigo

>> No.28888527

Anon does have its downsides at times.

>> No.28888592

>absolutely, incredibly, extremely insulting
I'm really not seeing a problem with it. It's written and reads like how actual people playing the game in real life would behave. That makes it perfect for an introductory book and a nice change of pace from all the other examples' cut-and-dryness.

>> No.28888628

You still need to calm the fuck down

>> No.28888726

That was sarcasm, but I'm glad yet another person agrees. Makes me feel a bit less crazy 'round these parts.

And for the second time this thread, I find myself posting this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN1AaHaqj4Q

>> No.28888768


no anon u are the faggot

Seriously, if you think you need to post that multiple times a thread, maybe you're the problem

>> No.28888800

Not sure if I should go with AES or downgrade the pulses to er or something. Basically going for a flying ammoless AC20. Have it work in concert with a mech with similar profile to crit seek whatever holes this opens up.

>> No.28888828

You're literally telling a guy who said "I am now really proud of myself. Need to come up with more ridiculous concepts." to calm the fuck down.

He's having fun, dude. Christ.

>> No.28888847

I'm not the first guy

>> No.28888879

>40k players
>waaaah cruddace, waaaah mat ward
>Exalted players
>waaaah morke, waaaah ink monkeys, waaaah neph
>Battletech players
>waaaah herb, waaaah knight, waaaah literally everyone
God, you people just can't stop whining about authors.

>> No.28888893

should read

go with AES or downgrade the pulses to er or something to put in a tarcomp.


>> No.28888902

So...you're telling me that I'm the problem for telling some other guy to relax and let guy #1 have his fun?

>> No.28888999

No, I was telling off guy #1 and you objected under the theory that it was one person. Which is not the case

>> No.28889074

This would all be so much easier with semi-anonymity. Each thread gives a poster a random name and/or number that's constant in that thread. Each thread would have its own though. Make keeping track of who said what much easier, and would keep things from "Well you said X in this other thread!" and egotripping.

>> No.28889111

I'm confused. But that's ok. As long as we can all get along and stop fighting with each other.
I feel like /btg/ is my mom and my dad, and I want them to stop throwing stuff at each other and start loving each other again, like they used to.

>> No.28889137

That sounds like a good idea.

>> No.28889160

/b/ kinda did this for a bit. Made following conversations much easier. Pretty much everyone had their own auto trip.

>> No.28889214

Dude, label that shit! My mom and dad fought when I was a kid and now I get ~flashbacks~. You just triggered me!

Ah Tumblr. A common foe we can all hate together.

>> No.28889278

Goddamn! Label your crap, you insensitive cretin!
I was threatened by a gun once and now the word trigger gives me nervous breakdowns.

>> No.28889360

Woah man! I was once accosted by a highly religious person and now the word God makes me vomit continuously for minutes on end! Why couldn't you label your post?!

>> No.28889382

Gosh darn it!! I was molested by God when I was a kid!! Check your privilege, fedscum!!

>> No.28889413

You just gave me a mild anxiety induced seizure because of that second word you used there.
Check your gender name using privilege.

>> No.28889423

Woah, kindred spirits. Want to become my trigendered cis-spirit?

>> No.28889460

For someone in the IRC

>> No.28889528

So you guys see the very last comic of Solaira that Beuller Manga Corp. published when Robinson got sacked?

I hear Steve Nagato-Sandoval lost his head for this.

>> No.28889666

Wow, that's so insulting towards clanners.
I blame Catalyst, more specifically Alexander Knight, for this horrific and unprofessional display.

>> No.28889793

Anyone else find it odd that Mobile Structures of any and all sizes can mount capital missiles and sub capital weaponry in turrets, but large support units cannot? Despite things like large naval support units having the potential to mass up to dozens of thousands of tuns, and the Rattler being less than 5,000 tons? This aside from the fact that they cannot even mount cap-grade missiles at all, despite Mobile structures and dropships being allowed to.

>> No.28890185

Fuck that shit. Making 4chan less anonymous is a bad thing.

>> No.28890231

>the Rattler being less than 5,000 tons
That's not the Rattler's actual tonnage. That's just the weight of its equipment.

The construction rules for Mobile Structures are... odd.

>> No.28890280

Guys, I'm still having incredible trouble getting Mercenaries to work. I can't find how to get it from MekTek and though I got it from TPB it still refuses to work. It opens to a black screen the immediately closes.

If anyone here installed and ran MW4: Mercenaries without a disc, could you help?

>> No.28890336


>> No.28890373

Hot on the heels of other anon.
MW4 and BK (which I too got from TPB a few threads ago) requires a disc at launch. How do I get around this?

Pic unrelated

>> No.28890511

You construct Mobile Structures like buildings, not conventional units.
They don't have actual set weights, but rather weight capacity per hex.

>> No.28890552

Ah. Well I mean if that's the weight of its armor, structure, engines, etc, then isn't that total the weight of the unit?

>> No.28890610

Except there is no listed weight of the structure and motive systems, only for power systems, armor and equipment.

>> No.28890652

That's.... kinda dumb. Like. A lot.

>> No.28890685

I had no problems with discs for MW4 or BK because I left Disc 1 in the virtual drive I installed it in. It detected it and read it just fine.

>> No.28890812

What would you even need the mass for? They're almost by definition bigger than a Dropship bay by volume. Their transportation requirements are "Haha, no. Build on-planet." Material mass to build a mobile structure would be only vaguely related to their actual mass at best. Charging damage is just "Everything in the path is flattened, including terrain." so no mass use there.

Don't tell me you want to use mass to balance forces... That's just not even right.

>> No.28890842

The MekTek release got pulled man. Fucking MWO led to it getting yanked.

>> No.28890900

I don't know how that works, but even without any MekTek MTX shit, the TPB one should be working. But it isn't.

>> No.28890963

No, I want to know it so I can bitch about something much lighter than a large naval support unit can turret mount subcap weapons when the large naval support cannot. And again, larger than a dropship? Do you know how big a Template E naval support ship is? 25 hexes! That's bigger than the Wrym. They also count as being at least 6 levels high, 3 below and 3 above the water line. Unless a Rattler is just ridiculously dense in terms of materials, I can't imagine it being heavy enough to somehow be able to mount subcaps when a 100,000 ton multihex unit cannot.


>> No.28891074


>Not building your ships as mobile structures

Well now there's your problem.

>> No.28891134

Fuck your ship, I'm building a dropship next. It'll be super big and amazing and have all the guns! THEN I'll try making a Mobile Structure.

>> No.28891362


>It'll be super big and amazing and have all the guns!

12 per arc before you run into fire-control issues. The new Sub-Caps help a bit there, though.


Dunno about the other games (though I am familiar with Ward's SPIRITCHOOL LIEGE shit- nicely played in Unremembered Empire where the Lion showing up nearly causes Roboute to jizz himself in fanboi glee) but there is something to it as far as BT goes.

Most of the CGL staff are highly biased for or against certain factions, and on top of that think that PR means being actively hostile to the fan base. Herb, for example, had to step down as line manager after going apeshit on the official forums then continuing to rant on social media, and Alex managed to get several posters banned for the sin of disagreeing with him.

Ben Rome and Jellico are pretty cool dudes. Everyone else? Not so much.
>God, you people just can't stop whining about authors.

>> No.28891467

Can you say iHGRs and AR-10s? I sure can! Also Laser AMS; I'd assume those don't count towards the weapon limits for arcs.

>> No.28891541


AMS counts towards the limit.

Part of what makes having adequate anti-nuke protection on custom designs problematic.

I wouldn't bother with AR-10s, either. Just mount Killer Whales, they're what you need to fire Santa Anas any way, and they'll save you some mass.

>> No.28891675

Pfft. I don't need to nuke -everything-. Just most things. But yeah, no, you're probably right; why even have the smaller launchers if they do less damage and have a lower crit chance vs aero targets?

That being said, iHGRs. Some people say why. I say, why not?

>> No.28891676


>Not mounting Krakken T's with Peacemaker Warheads.

Yes I know it's against the current rules. But come on.

>> No.28891928

Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're thinking they don't track those?
If that's the case, know that while the Rattler may not list that stuff, you do have to assign weight to motive and power systems on a mobile structure.
>No, I want to know it so I can bitch about something much lighter than a large naval support unit can turret mount subcap weapons
Here's the thing:
They can't. Hexes on mobile structures that mount capital/sub-capital weaponry can't mount turrets. It's not specified in the sub-cap construction rules entry because it falls under what;'s referenced in the mobile structure construction rules, namely "For Mobile Structures, mounting a Sub-Capital Weapon follows the same rules as for mounting capital weapons (see p. 267)."

>> No.28892142

>If that's the case, know that while the Rattler may not list that stuff, you do have to assign weight to motive and power systems on a mobile structure.

Okay, yes, that is what I want to know. I look to the weight of a unit to know how much it weighs, not simply how much the total amount of weaponry and combat equipment it carries.

>They can't mount them in turrets
.....well damn. You are correct, I thought they could but I'd misread. The fuck good are subcap and cap weapons on them them, if they're fix mounted to one facing? If the enemy is behind you you have to turn the whole thing around, that's ridiculous. Also please correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I looked and could not find any rules for subcap or cap weapons being able to fire outside the normal arc given by being hull mounted and not in a turret. This seems especially silly to me when considering cap aned subcap missiles who supposedly devote a good deal of tonnage to targeting systems; to say that they could not fire upwards (which makes sense given they'd be used vs orbiting forces) and then angle to the direction they need to go strikes me as quite silly. Also, you can mount Cruise Missiles in turret, which is fun. What's not so fun is that despite each missile on a CM120 weighing 60 tons (a Manta Ray subcap missile is 100 tons for 3 missiles, or ~33 tons each) and having excellent range, apparently they cannot hit orbiting forces. This saddens me, as they would do 12 cap-scale damage.

>> No.28892148

Alright well fuck MW4: Mercenaries, I'll finish it some other time. And MechCommander Gold's interface bugs me.

MechCommander 2 is better. Let's play that.
Clan Star Adder Alpha Galaxy up in this. Make way yiffers, best Clan coming through.

>> No.28892377

>Also please correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I looked and could not find any rules for subcap or cap weapons being able to fire outside the normal arc given by being hull mounted and not in a turret. This seems especially silly to me when considering cap aned subcap missiles who supposedly devote a good deal of tonnage to targeting systems; to say that they could not fire upwards (which makes sense given they'd be used vs orbiting forces)
Also on pg 267, under "Mobile Structure Firing Arcs":
"Capital weapons—including capital missile launchers and sub-capital weapons (see p. 343) receive a special upwards-facing firing arc when assigned to Mobile Structures, and thus do not receive a firing arc that can be projected onto a ground battle."

Which also ties into the sub-cap game rules on pg 343 talking about how only sub-cap missiles can make ground to ground attacks, and do so like artillery.

>> No.28892416

Look at this bitch. Thinks she's Queen Amidala.

>> No.28892552

Yeah, I looked down and read that literally 5 seconds after posting. Boy is there egg on my face!

>> No.28892556


Where's that Lewis Black motherfucker who says Dah-vion? It still gets on my nerves.

>> No.28892573

I was just about to take a screenshot of that but didn't want to alt+tab during the video in case I'd miss it.

I thought of him as Lewis Black as well! And the Dah-veeuhn bugged me too!

>> No.28892628

Katrina Steiner is a kilobitch. She is three magnitudes of bitchniess higher than the average bitch. She frazzles my nerves. Not only does she hire mercenaries to deal with her "civil disobedience" troubles, she convinces a Dahvion that it's in their best interest to stand by and watch!

>> No.28892700

Here he is.

>> No.28892748

britbongs go home

>> No.28892774

Oh shoot. I think that southern Urbie just headshot my Bushwacker. Time to restart the mission.

>> No.28892790

Do a lot of you guys use/play Megamek?

>> No.28892811

Yes. It's the default method of play for most of us.

>> No.28892845


It saddens me to agree. Breaking out the minis and dice is like breaking out the fine china for me nowadays. Such is the life when no group at the FLGS and no time to form a new one up.

>> No.28892890

at least they have managed to fix game balance for the most part. Theres still some shit like the HGN-733C cheese master, and the Awesome is still a giant target with legs, but most else is balanced.

>> No.28892932

Aw yeah, stole me a couple of Urbies.

Last time I played this game, I remember getting to work for either Kurita or Liao, then getting stuck on a hard mission and quitting.

>> No.28892996

A bald white commander and an attractive heavily Asian Asian. It's just like Command & Conquer 3!

>> No.28893005

In MC 2 you do some work for Liao iirc.

>> No.28893047


For R63 Lo Pan no less. Some of my favorite Liaos. That bitch was probably born during the 2nd war.


>> No.28893079

I play a ton of megamek, but I've been wanting to play Alpha Strike for ages now. I think it'll give me what I want outta actual tabletop btech.
Really all I'm waiting for is the new boxed set. Then I'm gonna get all of my friends hooked on Btech, and it will be glorious.

And here is what tonight's megamek game looked like.

>> No.28893352

Ha ha ha. I like this, Back to my old strategy of big guns and heavy armor on every 'mech.

>> No.28893535

Is there a way to conceal mines during a game? I want to launch T-Aug, but my opponent can see it and easily avoid it.

I know, I know, terrain denial. But still.

>> No.28893545


Yes, use regular mines and lay them in the deployment phase for the game.

>> No.28893578


Slap a heavy AC or a GR on that motherfucker anon. The excitement of a quartet of jumping GR toting Urbanmechs made it a banned mech in our lan parties with MC2.

I play both semi-frequently. TT less right now, as I have to finish unpacking stuff and finding table space to play. Plus finishing the repainting of my 49th SD L3. The LGS nearby is all 40kfags, so I can't get table space without going 50 miles out to Destin.

>> No.28893597

The main problem for me is that double-blind is for men and anything less is for Canopians. And double-blind is a huge pain in the ass to do on the table.

So I play Megamek.

>> No.28893598


Double blind and lay them around corners or in the better areas of cover.

>> No.28893635


You wot m8? Double blind is only slightly harder on the TT than you'd think. A bunch of markers and the ability to keep track of who's where along with TMMs and you're set. Hell, if you add in Sensor Rules, it becomes even more exciting, especially in areas of high metal content or heat.

>> No.28893647


50 miles which way?

I'm 200 miles to the west.

>> No.28893657

Indeed, DB is fantastic.
Now if only we could get simultaneous movement in MM, and shit would get real.

>> No.28893663

Anyone in the Battletech Tactics beta? I want it to be good but I know it'll end up p2w.

>> No.28893700

>"durrrr I don't need jump jets on my 'mechs I'll use the space for more weapons instead"
Stupid Thoughts I've Had Today.

I would put some AC/20s on them but I'm afraid of drying up my funds too quickly. I ran into that in MCG and I don't want to hit that here too.

>> No.28893716


I'm in Panama City Beach. A change from where I lived where there were no lgses, but I had enough space to run regimental scale games

>> No.28893728

Wait a second that salvaged Urbanmech has jump jets on it. Sweet!
Meat! Get jumping!

>> No.28893803

It's literally impossible to truly ambush someone in double-blind without the assistance of a third person.

>> No.28893820


A good plan for MC2 is to have at least one jumping mech to capture turrets and gates. The AI always knows where the holes in the wall are. Also! The Cyclops will become your rapetrain mech. It can mount advanced sensors *and* guns.

>> No.28893978

Ha ha, yes, all this salvage.

Wait a second, even if I salvage them during a mission, I have to still pay to keep them?

Well, great. I won't even need light 'mechs after I get that.

>> No.28893981


Which is why you play with Sensor rules. Or have a GM, which I use both.

>> No.28894008


>> No.28894031


Nope, you won't. Though it's a late game mech. However, the Men Shen shows up decently early, and is a solid mech to use as your sensor boat. Pic related is my preferred Cyclops.

>Wait a second, even if I salvage them during a mission, I have to still pay to keep them?

No, any mechs salvaged with RP are "free" excluding what it would take to repair them afterwards. Mechs not salvaged that way you have to pay for out of pocket. (Thus, it's a good idea to start getting your pilots to headcap, as you can get a few damn good mechs without having to pay for them.)

>> No.28894034


Nope, they're free.

That's why I always saved every scrap of points I got for salvage. Usually you get enough for 2 mechs and an MFB if you capture all the resources. Sometimes up to 3 or 4.

>> No.28894056

Hahaha, what is this, a child's cash register toy?
I really should have though. I didn't know what it was until I finished the mission and went to Sarna.

>> No.28894097

Silly boy
You'll get tired of urbies and hollys real quick in the first half of this campaign

>> No.28894119


If he played his cards right, he could have gotten the Starslayer and 2 Urbs out of the first mission for free.

>> No.28894134

How could I have known?!

>> No.28894154


Also, look at these stone cold motherfuckers. Almost 200 kills between them.

>> No.28894198

>twitching meat
Shadow's a cutie.

>> No.28894215


>Meat higher than Twitch
>No Longshot in sight

I don't know whether to curse you or applaud you, but you have my respect.

>> No.28894264

I hate when games do this. They give me a text entry box of such size but only let me use a portion of it. If any of you are game designers and you do this you deserve to be in the same circle of hell as Hitler.

>> No.28894291


Longshot got dropped after she missed an urbanmech 4 times, which then cleaved her bushwacker's legs out. I used Psycho and Hacksaw until I got Claymore and Steel. Now my endgame lance is Steel, Claymore, Worm, Twitch and Meat.

>> No.28894321


Plus, I won't lie, I use Twitch because I thought he was Rimmer from Red Dwarf.

>> No.28894339

As a corollary, if your text box has a letter limit? Put a counter there. Neverwinter Nights 2 gives you this smallish screen to put your char's background, but it does scroll if you put more text than it has room for. There's still a letter limit though. Seriously, just let us know how many characters we have room for!

>> No.28894350


Just use Urbanmech A or B or w/e. Letter designations worked for the Clans dammit.

>> No.28894505


Or shorten it down a bit.

Urb PPCx2
Urb Armor JJ

>> No.28894511

I've gotta keep my own variants in check so I remember them and don't make two dozen variants that differ only slightly.

So, a Light AC deals 0.66 DPS. Its equivalent slot space of 4x LRMs deals 1.32 DPS, twice as much. I gain the ability to fire over terrain but presumably I will miss a lot of those LRM shots. The LRM setup is also more alpha strikey than the AC setup, firing all at once versus firing over time.

Still, since heat isn't a concern and we're likely to have higher ground, I think either setup will work well for this next mission. I'll use both.

Just how much do the Specialist traits help? And are there prerequisites for LRM specialist or is that not in the game at all?

>> No.28894561


The long bracket people are your missile boat go-to.

Longshot in a Catapult is pretty great.

>> No.28894571


When your pilot levels up they gain specializations in weapons (generally) on what they used the most on a mech. Though MC2 just rolls to see whether you get sensors, toughness, weapon specialization or range specializations.

Also, Light ACs are crap unless your pilot is specced in them and is in a Jagermech. You'd be better off with Lasers or LRMs.

>> No.28894610


Unless they have PPC specialist or what have you. Then you might be better served throwing them into a Mad Cat. IMO, this game's pilot skills made it better to spread the experience out to see what you got until you liked, then stick with it and just replay missions if pilots die.

>> No.28895003

I wish they'd tell me when a new primary objective is going to be added so I don't blow all my RPs before being surprised with a counterattack. I have to redo the mission now.

>> No.28895188

Well, redoing it makes it go a whole heck of a lot better. Mines are great.

>> No.28895288

Star Adder got its Starslayer. It looks like I have enough time to quickly salvage one 'mech before a mission ends, so that's good.

What a goofy-looking guy.

>> No.28895380


>Hating on grorious SL medium revived by Lyran war industrial complex

>> No.28895500

I'm surprised none of the bipedal clan assault omni got a redo using new DA tech.
In an attempt to fix that, here's the 'Goyle II. A 400 clan XL and shitloads of engine HS along with ES internals and max armor go a long way to fixing what was messed up about it in the first place.

I don't feel like fixing up an actual omni sheet right now, so y'alls just get the prime config, an updated take on the old Gargoyle Prime.

>> No.28895523

Oh no, no, he's got the speed and armor of a Bushwacker and the energy loadout of a zombie. He's good. He just looks like a deathwheel that was given legs, that's all.

>> No.28895557

>400 clan XL
Meant XXL.
And yes, that is a 100,000,000 BV price tag.

>> No.28895567

>100,000,000 BV
>Try to correct myself
>Fuck up something else
Haha, well then. 100,000,000 C-bills.
What would even cost 100 million BV. Can you even get a single unit to put you that much in the hole?

>> No.28895600

Somewhere, some Sea Fox merchant just creamed his pants. In the world of "Not just no, but hell no." I would say that this really wouldn't work out.

>> No.28895675

>assault 'mech
>XXL engine
>only 26 torso armor and squat-all rear armor

>> No.28895678

Painted it gold as bonus, sell it any would be despot!?!

>> No.28895681

Probably not. But I do want to see more variety in mehs, and replacing the Gargoyle's XL with an XXL is honestly pretty logical. There's really no reason to take it over a Mad Cat, but whatever.

It's maxed for an 80-tonner, mang.

>> No.28895750

Really? After all that he's still only Green? Come on.

>> No.28895768

His piloting isn't 50, or else he would have ranked up.

>> No.28895776

Let's play Spot The Liao Spy.

Is it the white man ordering you to violate Liao territory?
Or is it the Asian woman continually protesting the violation of Liao territory?

Choose wisely, you only have one try.

How does that work? I don't know the mechanics.

>> No.28895801


It's not logical so much as expected for a Gargoyle to be full retard. Variety might have been less speed with an emphasis on survivability. This is just Sea Fox merchants playing 32nd century pimp my ride.

>> No.28895853

>How does that work? I don't know the mechanics.

Jumping and piloting a mech the pilot isn't rated for (heavies and so on) raise piloting skill, as does the use of the weight class a pilot is specialized in. Gunnery is incremented (slowly) based heavily on hitting the target, with kills giving a bonus.

>Or is it the Asian woman continually protesting the violation of Liao territory?
She's actually a Davion spy.

>> No.28895887


Well yeah.

She's obviously from Kittery.

>> No.28895984

>mfw Clan Wolf khans buy two each

>> No.28896015

Does that mean any Green pilot in any mech will raise their skill?
And does it mean I can powerlevel guys by putting them in jump-capable mechs and spending the whole mission jumping back and forth?

>> No.28896025


Hans Ward and Franz Kerensky?

>> No.28896049


Green pilots will gain skill pretty much all the time in a mech, yeah. Though you can't power level because there's a cap per mission. Something like 10 points or so on each stat, with diminishing returns. So yes, at sub 40 stats you can bounce around and gain decent xp, but past Regular, it's harder to gain points.

>> No.28896080


Sort of. I think there's a limit on how much you can gain per mission, but the other guy probably knows better.

It really helps to keep ordering EVERYONE to go for headshots and headshots only. At the beginning of the game, the threat level is low enough to just do that for every mech you come across. Sooner or later your pilots will have enough skill to constantly nail headshots with heavylaserboats. Super cheesy.

>> No.28896144

Thanks for the tips, I'll get to doing that.

>> No.28896174

Is battletech a pen and paper roleplaying game or a miniatures game? I'm thinking of getting a friend the rules but only if it's a P&P rpg.

>> No.28896194

>Is battletech a pen and paper roleplaying game or a miniatures game?
Minis game. Kinda.

>> No.28896203

Battletech is a setting, primarily a miniatures hex-map wargame. There is also a roleplaying game that is intertwined with the miniatures game.

>> No.28896206

tabletop minis wargame. There's a PnP RPG for it, A Time of War, but primarily it's minis.

>> No.28896207

>Is battletech a pen and paper roleplaying game or a miniatures game?

>> No.28896210

Both really. There's a wargame that acts as a base, and an rpg that can be played on it's own or as a component of the wargame

>> No.28896473

Just finished counting my sourcebooks and novels with my new shelf.

159 SB's
15 of those are doubles

105 Novels
5 of those are doubles and probably like 9 are reprints/different editions.

2 Box sets

Don't even know how many map sets.

Still have one original print novel and like 14 sourcebooks to go for a full set not counting other cool stuff like blueprints or my DA card sets or the various magazines and comics I have almost none of.


>> No.28896519

Time for a new thread. I'll make it.

>> No.28896544



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