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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and what not if you're hesitant. I hear Lewd's just giving them out.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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Master smut list:

/a/'s Monstergirl Fic collection: http://pastebin.com/mZEhPMMW

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what's it like to think a place like /g/ is the best place for smut?

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/g/ has smut threats too now?

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You thought overclocking and water cooling was just for fun, didn't you?

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any requests

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a princess taming a dragon

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ELH waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were anons in the thread. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to pastebin organiser were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. ELH was a smut writer for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the threads and he said to dad "I want to write in the threads daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE REQUEST BY ANONS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the thread base of the /tg/ he knew there were anons.
"This is pastebin organiser" the radio crackered. "You must write smut for anons!"
So ELH gotted his keyboard and wroted the smut.
"HE GOING TO WRITE SMUT FOR US" said the anons
"I will draw at him" said the lewdanon and he fired the lewd drawing. ELH wroted at him and tried to get drawings. But then the thread fell off the board and they were trapped and not able to write.
"No! I must write for the anons" he shouted
The radio said "No, ELH. You are the anons"
And then ELH was a namefag.

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Ok, is it just me, or is Rule 63 Nurgle Disgustingly hot?

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...I don't even know how to respond to this.

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why does this remind me so much of Half like: Full Life Consequences

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Because it is Doom, Repercussions of Evil?

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Would anyone be interested in a short about some adventurers stranded in Dark Sun and their lewd hijinx?

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>Wasting precious fluids for lewd reasons
>Dark Sun

Absolutely disgusting.

Do it, faggot!

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Fear not I will continue the Dark Eldar story I started last week

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Any news about the banshee smut of the last week ?

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sure, I don't know what those things are, but I'll read it


also, any updates to that other story you were writing, the one with the paladin and succubut in training?

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Sup everyone. Just letting you know I'll be available to take requests tonight. I have some other stuff to finish up though so I probably wont check back here for a few hours. When I get back, if there are any requests, I'll pick 1 or 2 of the best/easiest/most aligned with my own fetishes, if thats OK with everyone.

Ideally I want stuff I can do one-shots easily off, and which doesn't contain too many fluids or noncon or extremely weird stuff. Otherwise, looking forward to writing something new for you guys again. :)

P.S: If Cios comes on, just wonderin' if you're still doing that request for a SM image or not? Its ok if not, or if busy or whatever, just want a general idea of whats going on with that. :)

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What are you already working on anyway? I wouldn't want to ask for anything redundant.

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Actually yes. I've been working on that for some time now. What do you last remeber of that story?

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>What do you last remeber of that story?
Honestly I can't recall the last I got up to, I think they were traveling somewhere and rocked up to a town gate or something

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I'd like to see a story about Relan and Izzara and Thrali on the surface, after they've settled down and started their new life together

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Enjoy I've been adding line breaks into the entries so they are less amalogous blobs of text. Working on volume 3 chapter 2

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I've promised myself I wont do any more epic plot writing or anything Seeding Midnight related untill at least early 2014, though I'm happy to see that my characters have reached an audience, heh. For a simple drow domfic request its amazing how much its taken off.

Nothing erofic related or shareable, unfortunately.

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oh the request was nothing epic in scale, just something short and sweet, like a slice of life episode of how they go about their daily lives

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I've yet to see none write anything with sumata. You fine with writing something like that in it?

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Dark Eldar are tall and lithe without exception. Shes got the tits of a 300 pound pooker, ick

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U wot mon-k8?
I rekt u at arena mon-k8!

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This Guy.

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Looking better

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What the frack is a "pooker"?

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Where im from its a fat bitch

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Try saying that to Drazhar's face why don't cha?

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> having access to the best biotechnologies ever existed
> not use it for body modification
> mon'keigh pls go

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I can.

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God that hair, she could be Cousin It if not for pulling back those bangs.

>> No.28856077

>now imagining what Cousin It looks like underneath all that hair.

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Fat wyches would get their flab carved up in arenas

Youre not even ancient

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Lol these are so bad

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Prepare yourself.
> dark eldar cosplay

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That's not how you should venerate your Phoenix Lord.

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Fluffy tail. It needs fluffy tail.

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wish there was one with two of them duelling

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Theyre so bad. Youre bad for approving.

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Tyranids and Daemons from that series are even worse. Or better, depends how you look at it.

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You underestimate wyches.

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She isn't a wych.

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Did you mean duealing or "dueling"?

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I have no idea what sumata is, sorry.

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>not using your delicious flab to mesmerize and distract your opponent before striking

git gut acolite

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Succubus does not mean wych for you?

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Well the Eldar and a few other Xeno are the only ones safe to post on a blueboard...

Nurgle-chan, my god... dat MILF face...

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Oh god the horror. Jes Goodwin save me

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She was the Archon of Flayed Skull kabal.

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Well shit... I seem to be missing the first part to the dark eldar story... does anyone have that perchance?

>> No.28856319

if it was in the last weekend smut thread, foolz should have the thread archived

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Location? or person?

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Oh, my bad. You are right.

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Anyone know what happened to that dragon-princess piece that's been tossed around for the past few threads?

Someone wrote up an introduction, but the pastebin was removed a while ago, and I can't find anything like in in the directory.

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Someone help me rectify my twin loves of foot fetish stuff and girls with hooves. Both are hot, but mutually exclusive, and it frustrates me.

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Nearly missed this again- shows me not to sleep in. Oh well, time to get to archiving stuff.

>> No.28856437

Hmmm... that is INDEED a conundrum Anon...
Outside of shapeshifting, I can't really imagine why a girl would have both...

...Guess you'll just have to go make a Monstergirl Harem then!

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Yeah, the guy left the pastebin to expire since it wasn't complete. A different anon said he'd post it up again, though.

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many thanks I can now continue the story

>> No.28856519

Oh, and I've updated the writing guide a bit. Take a look at it and see if it needs any changes. It's up on 1d4chan as well.


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YES, found my old Doomsmut Greentext from when a non-english speaking Anon mangled his request!

>When Doomguy kalled all the zumbies on Mers, a potato opened and drugged him into the Warp.
>There, he sawed a beuitiful women.
>“You,” said the Doomguy, “You are EVIL, I can SMELL it.”
>“Let’s have sex!” replied Sallnesh.
>“Ok,” said the Doomguy.
>Then he pushed his gigantic dickgun into Sallnesh tight butt hole.
>“Oh, that feels good!” cried Sallnesh.
>“RIP AND TEAR!,” yelled Doomguy, “RIPP AND TEAR YOUR BUT HOLE!!’!
>‘No John,” responded Sallnesh, “You are the Little Grill!”
>And then John was a Loli.

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You mean besides-no, wait. The joke us too obvious.

>> No.28856612

God-Emperor of Mankind here said he'd work on it IIRC.

>> No.28856626

Yes yes, I mangle a laungudge I'm lucky enough to even speak, let alone write with...
Why do you think I'm STILL working on two fics?

>> No.28856642

Yes after the deldar one, and after my deathwatch session today, which starts in a few minutes, so patience for all.

>> No.28856659

Someone want to post the "How to filter ND" image?

>> No.28856660

Purge a few xenos for us, then. Everyone else- well, do the other kind of purging.

>> No.28856684

I don't have it. But now I fell like at last I need it.

>> No.28856689

ND, we have a big guide on how to write smut now. You might want to try reading it.

>> No.28856880

Get out of north korea then.

>> No.28856952

How is he even posting here if he's from over there anyway? Wouldn't visiting this site be considered treason or something?

>> No.28856981

Judging by the sheer number of brown elf threads we've been seeing recently, I'd like to advance a request- there's a brown elf fic in the archives that appears to be unfinished- something which ought to be fixed at once. Link is right here.


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To bump the thread while I am gone
A man walked along a spanning metal corridor carrying a large metal case. The visibility was scare save for the spots illuminated under white hanging bulbs. In the distance stood two armed men. Their weapons held low, armor glinting from the wavering lights. When their eyes caught a bit of light it was reflected in the form of a faint dull purple glow. As the man Approached one of them held out his hand.
"Halt. Name and Authorization" The Guardsman spoke
"Sergeant Torn. Medic. Delta Company" He flashed an ID badge.
"So you were sent to interrogate the wytch?" The Medic nodded. "The damn bitch withstood any punishment the boys gave her, and we do mean any."
"They like pain, Trooper, thats why they sent me." .
She wont talk to us in anything but that blabbering xenospeak."
"Don't worry about that"

The sentries looked at eachother bewildered for a moment before opening the door. It hissed and moaned as the metal slid against metal. The room was black save for one section of track light hanging over a reclined chair. Under several restraints the Eldar sat. Stripped clean of any vestments. Her body covered in cuts and bruises. Despite her condition she has a smug grin on her face. As Torn approached the eldar's eyes narrowed and grin widened.
"More playthings" she uttered in the fluid eldar tongue.
"No, just questions" Torn replied in kind. The wytch shot her gaze to Torn surprised to hear her language
"You'll get no answers from me. Now be a dear and rub my feet"
Torn pulled a metal stool next to the eldar as he set the case down. The latches flipped open revealing an array of glass tubes and liquids. He assembled a needle, procuring a vial of clear liquid. He drew the substance into the needle in full view of the wytch. The needle pinged as his finger struck the side of the needle.

>> No.28857486

He leaned over her restrained form. Her body was soft, skin flawlessly white, marred only form the contusions and cuts on her body. In her vision Torn was but a silhouette. His shadow covered her body. For a moment he simply sat there waiting for her to speak. She watched the needle carefully as it shined in the light.
"I'll bite mon'kiegh, what is it? Some horrible concoction that will turn my stomach fowl and cause me 'pain'?" She licked her lips.
"Yes." He leveled the syringe to her arm.

Her flesh offered no resistance to the instrument. It sunk into her arm to which she let out a playful moan. The man pressed his thumb against the plunger to deliver the medicine to her body. For a moment there was a slight chilling sensation. She shivered in delight as it overtook her body. As fleeting as the sensation came about was as quickly as it left. Soon she felt the dull sensation of nothing again.
"I am not impressed"
"The Eldar physiology is an interesting one." He withdrew the needle. " You see Guaifenesin is a simple cough syrup for humans, it relieves soar throats, and leaves a slight tingly sensation" He watched his chronograph as he spoke.
"But with eldar it becomes a powerful anesthetic." He grabbed her arm. She made no effort to resist him.

He stood up and undid the restraint across her breast. The leather strap loosened and then unraveled, revealing her otherwise flawless breasts. She breathed easy for a moment, almost anticipating his next actions with glee. As Torn fumbled with his case he opened a smaller case inside. There he pulled out a translucent imperfect cube. Simple ice. He then reclined the chair till the wytch was prone.
"Ooh I do love a bit of torture. Tell me, will I scream?"

He placed the cube of ice between her breasts. It sad perfectly still between them, slowly dripping water onto her skin. She felt none of it.

>> No.28857499

Does this artist have a name that isn't in moonrunes? or anyone have a link?

>> No.28857536

>How is he even posting here if he's from over there anyway? Wouldn't visiting this site be considered treason or something?
Not if he is Kim Jong Un.

Come on, the dude is obviously a 4channer. Just look at him.

>> No.28857559

There are links in the master list under "Rule 63 40k characters". I'd post them, but last time I tried it 4chan thought they were spam.

>> No.28857832

I am intrigued and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

>> No.28857917

He'll be back later to finish that, I believe. I'll also pastebin it on his behalf as soon as it's done, assuming he doesn't want to do so himself.

>> No.28857927

Check! Thanks.

>> No.28858334

>>round ears

Pig-disgusting mon-keigh filth

>> No.28858405

And she's far too covered up to pass for a Wych.

>> No.28858581

>tfw this animation business has proven itself to be infinitely more daunting than you anticipated

>> No.28858619


Also, does anyone have the first .gif? I seem to have misplaced it.

>> No.28858643


>> No.28858702

It looks fine to me. Keep it up. Also, the first one is right here.

>> No.28858771

Thanks, boss

>> No.28858775

I did already and I'm working on things, it's just like my SororitaXDaemonette I haven't gotten to anything smutty yet with Canoness Birgette...

...Unless you want to read about how hungry she is...

Go to Pixiv and search for "Warhammer40k"...
All the art should be there, though I don't know if it's restricted to R-18 or not, so you may need an account.

>> No.28858878

Ok, you need a Capital "K" to get the smutty genderfilps...
Da fuq?

>> No.28858987

that whip looks more like electrified anal beads.

>> No.28859184

So adorable.

>> No.28859217

maybe it is...

>> No.28859221

Knowing the DE, that's exactly the case.

>> No.28859276

> Even if you could write porn, all the settings you'd write porn for are uncommon on /tg/.
I did joke to one of my players that he should let me write porn of his PC, and he said okay, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking at all. But you guys wouldn't want to read it anyway.
Because the joke involved it being intentionally bad porn of his PC.

>> No.28859291

You would be surprised as to what we would read.

>> No.28859363

can't remember how long ago, but it was recent, there was a fic about a enchanting apprentice IIRC buying a slave assistant and chose from a bunch of elves and went for the delicious brown elf

was there ever any more of that?

>> No.28859370

Impressive picture. Who did it?

>> No.28859386

Not that I know of, but I would assume that he might still be working on it.

Which pic?

>> No.28859390

the OP, it was drawn by Muju i think

>> No.28859448

Is the fic about the two female rogues, the halfling and the half-elf, still being worked on?
I remember the authoranon saying it might be ready by this weekend.

>> No.28859453


She/He new? Or is it an old drawfriend? It's very good.

>> No.28859471

She is a very old drawfriend

>> No.28859491

No one on /tg/ plays Exalted.

>> No.28859520

Amongst the works gracing the master list, some highlights include:
A fic about space marines drowning a 13 year old girl with piss
A fic about a man fucking a 6 inch tall fairy
A fic about fairies boring into a girl's vagina where they tear each other to pieces
A fic about a dark elf cold one raping a female elf to death, which earlier had another elf facefucked after having her nose broken so she had to stop frequently, prolonging the rapist's pleasure
A fic about an alchemist turning a knight into a furry shota so he can fuck it as a hermaphrodite.
A fic about two young people that love each other and have consensual sex and nothing bad happens.

Evidently, we cater to all kinds here.

>> No.28859569

roughly 3 more hours

>> No.28859652

How acceptable is fetishy stuff here? Written smut is apparently bannable on /d/.

>> No.28859666

put it in a pastebin and post it here and alls good

>> No.28859794

I direct you to:

Pastebin it, link to it here. Someone will read it.

>> No.28860096

My God, my heart've exploded right now. Adorable.

>> No.28860162

>mfw Lewd can into animated BJ's now.
Boner pls stop.

>> No.28860170

I finally finished the finale chapter. I present to you all 3 parts in all their glory. (As before, any critique would be welcome, I'm looking to improve here.)

The Knight and the Alchemist Ch. 1 (Final version)
(MaleHerm!AlchemistxMale!Knight, (Listed in order of appearance) Muscle growth, Nekomimi (ears and tail on a normal human) Twinkification, self mind control (potion of irresistibility given.), Blowjob, Temporary Male hermaphroditism, Vaginal Homosex.)

The Knight and the Alchemist Ch. 2 (Extended Edition)
(Male!AlchemistxTrap!Knight, (Listed in order of appearance) Awkward morning, Trap, Male bulge, Breast growth, Master/Pet, Blowjob, Anal sex)

The Knight and the Alchemist Ch. 3 (And finale)
(MaleHerm!AlchemistxMale!Knight, (Listed in order of appearance) Bath, Teasing blowjob, Fluffification, Piercing, Fellatio, Anal, Temporary Male hermaphroditism, Blow/Cunniling/rimjob, Master/pet)

>> No.28860256

I wouldn't go that far just yet, but it's only a matter of time now.

>> No.28860467

Archived in the master list now. No time to look at it at the moment, but I'll see if I can do so later.

How's everyone else holding up?

>> No.28860526

You know whats even more boner inducing....
Macha animated BJs....

>> No.28860557

I'd kill to see that

>> No.28860948


>> No.28860969

Just blowjobs? I thought we had more imagination than that, but I suppose we have to start with the small things first.

>> No.28860977

Wait, Yananon's here now?
Did the monster girl threads get that bad?

>> No.28861017

But seriously Lewd, that is some veeeery smooth GIF-making. Boner/10

>> No.28861042

Not exactly- he said he just needed a few people from outside of /a/ to give him some critiquing. Naturally, we were happy to help.

>> No.28861058

Just like actual sex. Foreplay first.

>> No.28861156

Why are Incubi so fucking cool?
they have got to be my favorite 40k

>> No.28861450

I'm considering it, though I'll probably post more often in the Writefag Wednesday threads.

>> No.28861478

I'm more of a Succubus person, but Incubi are pretty nice too.

I don't know how well they take NSFW material there, but I'm sure they'll be willing to help.

>> No.28861754

Best choice!

>> No.28861958


>> No.28861973

Da fuq?

FemDrazhar, I like your Animu version better...

>> No.28862058

why do people do this?

>> No.28862197

Wait until you see Milf Nurgle...

>> No.28862465

Hey, I'm back and will be trying to get something written for Trials and Transfigurations.

Any requests for races/genders to be seen next?

>> No.28862473

Thanks, anon.

>> No.28862520

May be something straight?

>> No.28862532

I can do that, races you'd like to see?

>> No.28862621

It is not quite original, but elves' smut never lives me disappointed. I don't want to constrain you, feel free to write the things you love most.

>> No.28862642

Just did elf smut in the last segment of the story.

I could throw in more elves, but one of the partners should be a different species, so I'll take requests for the other partner.

Are you familiar with the story?

>> No.28862675

Is Silent Hill Nurse Burlesque video related to this thread? Looks like in any other place it would not be useful, but I'm not sure.

>> No.28862686

I just finished reading this and enjoyed it immensely. Good job.

>> No.28862740

Barely. I think Silent Hill is more of a /v/ thing.

>> No.28862745

Then what about lamias?

>> No.28862787

I can do that.

Who's who? Audra, her partner or both as Lamias?

I'm assuming you want this straight.

>> No.28862808

Thank you. I was going to add the rest of Chapter 2 soon

So how'd you like it? Gripes complaints areas for improvement?

Also about an hour left of Deathwatch

>> No.28862832

I'd be interested in both being Lamias. I've only ever found a little of that.

>> No.28862864 [DELETED] 

I have never found male lamia's smut. If you could do it it would be great!

>> No.28862875

Yeah, I can do that. It'll be straight for now, we'll get to gender change later on in the story.

>> No.28863051

Last time I read through Aeric and Dalia there were a few chapters of volume 2 I believe that were corrupted/vandalized. Did they get restored?

>> No.28863075

How about trying lesbianism?

>> No.28863079

Check the master list, there's Yuan Ti there, which is pretty close.

>> No.28863088

So, uh. Does /tg/ do robotgirls?

>> No.28863101

I could, if that's what you people want, but I'm going straight unless a few others pitch in, at least for now.

But there will certainly be F/F and M/M as the story goes on.

>> No.28863123

there was some robotization last week, but that probably doesn't count.

>> No.28863214

> robotization
Wow. Is it in masterlist?

>> No.28863228

nope.... I'm going to have to re-write them by hand.....

>> No.28863246

Updates in progress

>> No.28863277

why? wasn't it a girl?

>> No.28863278

Figure there's an interest in that kind of thing? I might be able to fill the niche.

>> No.28863297


You do god's work AAG.

Please keep going.

>> No.28863300

Well I do want to read some robotization.

Xeno went through it, she could be a good subject

>> No.28863369

I can't remember :S
Also windows update killed the thread I had so can't check.


>> No.28863436

It was only discussed, not actually written.

BTW, where did edinbro go? The old Linvala fic link is dead now, and even if it isn't getting done this thread, a replacement with the content that was already in it would be nice.

>> No.28863451

A-10writer on Tumblr writes or more accurately, wrote a bunch of stuff with living planes, which might fall under your interests.

>> No.28863693

So, Lamia...

As in, snake person...

As in snake lady going on the prowl for a one night stand...

You know who she has to run into before she actually finds someone for the night...

Especially because it would be hilarious to see her utterly strike out.

Sorrysorrysorry, I had to.

>> No.28863779

Depressingly no.

>> No.28863915

Not yet, anyway. Who wants to fix that?

>> No.28863969

I might. I have some ideas floating about.

>> No.28863990

pls do dis

>> No.28863991

Is their a pet/slave smut list?

>> No.28864013

> Xeno
pls, no

>> No.28864019

A shame that you have to do so, but I'm excited to see how your new revision will turn out.

>> No.28864057

There's no need for one. All the stories are appropriately labeled, so you can just Ctrl-F "pet" and find what you're looking for easily enough.

>> No.28864083

Shush, you'll scare the writefags.

>> No.28864089


>> No.28864101


>> No.28864123

Why not? She's perfect for that.

>> No.28864166

It's not, in my experience, bannable. You just can't make a thread solely about your smut. Also, any thread that does contain your smut needs to have plenty of pictures, as /d/ is still intended to be used as an image sharing board.

>> No.28864186

I'm more into metal/chrome/technology worship than ditzy meatbags being made into robots. Robotization does nothing for me, also.

We'll see.

>> No.28864189

Ah good, finally found you guys. It's like having to search for a party in a seedy neighborhood

Anyway, just playing around with shading, using India Ink this time. I actually drew the tank top on to cover the nipples but if that's too risque, I can spoiler or something. I'll be doing more /ss/ shit tonight.

>> No.28864215

Only if you overlook the fact that virtually the entire board despises Xeno. I think posting anything with her can actually get you banned if it annoys the janitors enough.

Xeno's own writer hates her now- that should tell you all you need to know.

>> No.28864324

Wasn't Xeno just another waifu of the month? How is different from Cultist-chan or Blue?

>> No.28864334

The tank top will work just fine. As long as the nipples aren't showing its still technically SFW.

>> No.28864351

she was a quest character, she developed into her current persona over the course of two or three years

>> No.28864357

You are hitting all of my fetish buttons. Please keep going!

>> No.28864359


OK session is winding down will get to writing in the next hour

>> No.28864378

who cares about Xeno's writer though?

>> No.28864420

Shitposters latched onto Xeno to such a degree that even the people who did waifu her got sick of her. Even now mentioning Xeno is an effective technique for derailing threads. On a more related note, how is everyone's work going? I'm sure we'll be able to get a bit more done now that most of us are on vacation at the moment.

>> No.28864520

Requesting SoB F/F smut. Extra points if it involves feet, an initiate Sister, and/or some mild BDSM.

>> No.28864568

Good to hear it. Remember o pastebin the completed fic- it's easier on the bump limit.

>> No.28864579

No one is posting things. Im just going to write it here

>> No.28864630

Fine with me.

Out of curiosity, how long is it shaping up to be?

>> No.28864665

Mine is going okay, I'll have another bit up in a few moments.

It's nice to have some reader participation with this story.

>> No.28864674 [SPOILER] 

>how is everyone's work going?
I'm working on a full-color multi-page comic, but I keep changing the story. Something about a selective breeding project for magic potential. It'll be a while before it's finished.

>> No.28864691

>a full-color multi-page comic

>> No.28864822

That last post, I see what you did there.

>> No.28864877

How much /ss/ do you guys have? I'm in for some.

>> No.28865083

Never enough. Feel free to add more.

>> No.28865195

At first she did nothing. She left the weight of an object on her skin, but yet didn't. As if it was located somehow just off her body. She paid it no heed. Continuing to look at the ceiling. The medic placed his hand on the ice cube. pressing down on it.
"Can you feel this?" He asked candidly.
"Of course I can. Your pathetic device will do nothing." She boasted with pride.
"It's not a device. See for your self"

The wytch glanced down. What he was holding in no way reflected what she presumed to feel. The imperfects and smooth edges of the cube slowly trickled cold water other her skin. She saw, but that was all. Torn moved the cube slowly in a circle between her breasts, putting almost no weight on the cube.
"What is this?" she growled.

The circle grew bigger on her chest, with its path slowly running along the inner curves of her soft mounds. It was slight but her expression began to turn from the proud smug smile. Her actions stopped, focusing on the path of the ice. Her mind focused on what was happening. She saw the object connect with her skin, but it felt as if it was passing through, even that feeling was fleeting as soon the weight of the object began to disappear.
"It's just ice, nothing sinister." the Cadian answered
"Look at it. Its rather cold." He smiled to the eldar " Can you not feel it?"

She shot her head up to look away. Torn clicked his tongue in disapproval. He reached for a dial and slowly cranked it, pushing her head to look down. While keeping the cube placed on her he reached with his free hand to run a strap across her forehead. Once it clicked into place he turned a second dial tightening it. The circles began to favor a breast, traveling around the edge.
"Now, you are going to tell me what I want to know."
"Never" She spoke through her gritted teeth.

The medic simply shrugged. His motions slowly moved up her breast, each pass around drew it closer to the apex. Each agonizing pass she would have to watch

>> No.28865356


>> No.28865642

"Where are you operating from?
"I don't answer to you."

Closer and closer it drew to the apex. And the slower he would go. The ice left a shiny trail of meltwater as it traveled. Suddenly, she jostled. Almost unnoticeable, but Torn felt a shake in her body. A small tremor as she was feeling in her mind what her body was not. She filled in gaps that were not there to fill. It played tricks on her. How could she not be experiencing any kind of sensation. Even the tactile response of something being placed on her wasn't there anymore. Yet it was. As she looked on she was watching something connect with her body, and it leaving no noticeable sensation.

She started to shake as the cube circled around the darkened flesh of her breast, dancing around the nipple, occasionally brushing against it. At first her shaking was like before, but her mind focused entirely on the melting ice. 'It simply cannot be.' Her mind not able to process the lack of any feeling. 'It must be a trick!'. Her eyes followed and in her mind she would place in a sensation. as if the signals to her brain were acknowledged, but ignored. Touch, temperature, pleasure. All gone.
"How many is your warband."
"Slaanesh take you you infernal wretch!" she screamed

The Medic let go of the cube. It slowly slid from her nipple, down her breast to rest between the white peaks. Her eyes painfully locked to the movement. the man just chuckled to himself. He snapped off the rubber glove and rested it on her. He placed a finger on the material and began to slowly drag it, making the rubber catch on her skin.
"We've done this to one of your kind before, back when I was part of an inquisitorial 'Special sanctions' team. It wasn't pretty." He pressed harder. " but he was a lesser breed, I read your report, you are a much higher class of being aren't you?" He played to her vanity
"I.." she was interrupted
"So, what is your goal here?" She remained silent. " So be it..."

>> No.28865771

Utter. Shit. I got stranded in London, so I got set back a full 24 hours. I've only had a chance to get back around to writing this evening.

Things look hopeful for tomorrow.

>> No.28865829

Let me guess, Edinbro (I'm guessing you're him, so tell me if I'm wrong)- shitty weather? It always is in those parts.

>> No.28866001

Yup and yup. Any flight that left London late due to the extremely low visibility a few days ago got moved back two hours in the outgoing flight pattern on their other end. Which for me was the leg back to London.

>> No.28866031

His hand followed a similar path the melting ice took. Its fingers lightly skipping along her flesh. She would try to close her eyes. As she did Torn would jab her body violently. She felt her body move, could not tell why. Her eyes would fly open. Casually he fondled her breast, letting the nipple flick between the openings between his fingers. Back and forth he moved his hand as his other reached into his case to procure another item.
"When I was a child back home, I had to constantly see an orthodoctor. I hated it. They would use this chemical called Novocain. It put your face to sleep, and it made if feel all puffy." He puffed his cheeks. " It would last for hours too."

His hand dipped into the small pool of water. He flicked droplets into her face. For some strange reason she felt a warm tingle, but not the drops themselves. his hand slowly reached for her face.
"They would tell you, 'Don't play with your face. You'll feel it when it wears off.'" He tapped the side of her face. First one cheek, then the next. "But you couldn't help but play with it. I'd spend hours just tapping my cheek to feel that strange feeling, and you know what it was?"

She shook her head as each time he tapped her, the muscled in her face wanted to contract at once, as if they were wincing in pain. Her expression had lost the proud look, replaced with a look of mild shock. Her eyes were widening. He continued to tap her face. At one point placing is finger and thumb on her cheeks and squeezing them together to purse her lips. She trashed in her bindings and suddenly stopped when she was met with invisible resistance. Her bindings beginning yet another things she was aware she wasn't aware of.
"It was nothing. That feeling of knowing you are touching something" He began to pinch her nipple. "And yet, not feeling it at all, even if it hurts." He twisted his grip perpendicular to where it was before.

>> No.28866128

Okay, that's all for Trials and Transfigurations tonight.

Got any requests for whenever I am able to write again?

>> No.28866198

Well, it's not like any of us are going to be in a hurry anytime soon.

Nothing I can think of right now, but I'm sure the lamia fans among us will be quite pleased with your work so far.

>> No.28866573

She convulsed against the bindings and let slip a grunt of what would have been pain. Her mind had acted in anticipation. He flicked her nipple between his fingers again. He had to admit he rather enjoyed the sensation. And eldar did look remarkably human after all. Her body was well maintained. Her muscle definition was keen and her form followed a perfectly feminine figure. Were she human she would have been such a beautiful woman. So close, and yet so alien. The medic reached out and gently caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, then back to her breast
"Now, do you want to talk to me?" He smiled, but she spat in his face.

His hand flew from her breast to her cheek. striking her violently. Something that would have given her pleasure. After all the men before simply beat her, it was a wonderful time. Now? It left that strange feeling of false sensation and it started to dig into her. Each time he touched her it sent a shock through her mind. His hands fondled each breast. He pressed is fingers into her skin so they would leave trails like cloth in the light. Pressing and rubbing. She instinctively bit her lip, but failed this very simple action. Her teeth missed entirely, digging into the back of the lip. Perhaps too deep. She felt she may have cut her lip, yet could taste no blood.

The man sat back from her. His hand slowly slid down her sides, sensuously following every detail, till it reached another restraint. His hands departed from her and with a snap, another band was removed across her belly. His hands continued down her body until it reached another. Like the one before, it was undone. Her body was free, but her arms legs and head remained tightly bound. Her first attempt to struggle quickly stopped as Torn pressed against her abdomen.
"It was funny too, when you can't feel, you become aware of so many things you weren't before." He placed his hands under her breasts and dragged is fingertips all the way down to her mound.

>> No.28866633

Glad to hear it, let me know if you think of anything you'd like to see.

I'm considering moving into genderbending soon.

>> No.28866687

anon who wrote the Jeleva short last week

I have no idea how to continue with the mind control/rape thing.

>> No.28866744

These things happen; normally that's a good cue to give it a rest and focus on something else for a little while.

>> No.28867046

"Like your scarf being wrapped too tight, or how you rest your hand on your cheek when you sit." His grin curled devilishly " Or how you have been laying on a cold metal chair."

Almost if on command she felt a frosty tingle on her backside. Torn shook playfully as if he was cold. He grabbed his shemagh and covered his face with the soft cloth. He patted his sides.
"Brrr, its cold in here isn't it?" He faked a shiver for a moment.

She too began to shiver instinctively. She felt a cold wash over her body. Her jaw started to clatter and her breath through her nose became heavy. Torn watched as a peculiar reaction occurred. It was normal for humans, yet seemed strange to watch it happen to her. He watch the skin on her breast tighten and grow darker. Her skin bumped and her nipples began to rise. Torn smiled. Her shaking grew and grew, so did her bodies reactions.
"Cold?" His voice muffled behind the cloth

He clapped his hands together and began to rub them for heat. With his hands extended he placed them once again over her breasts. He slowly placed them back on the skin. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan of comfort, before she realized, she felt none of it. He slowly started to rub up and down her sides. The nontouch replacing the feeling of cold her ind had once had. Torn leaned back.
"It's not cold. Actually it's rather warm in here." He took off the cotton shemagh.

Then he undid the clasp on his helmet. His forehead was dotted with sweat beads, which he wiped away with his sleeve. As quickly as the feeling of cold had come, it left. Her body did not stop shaking as the medic continued to run his hands along her.
"Ready to talk?"

She wouldn't respond, she simply tried to shake her head. A feeling of growing concern showed on her face now. Torn sighed. He noticed her mind was slowly starting to fray, yet she would still do nothing. She was much more resilient than he had anticipated.

>> No.28867076

This was honestly going to be an /ss/ pic but I'm still practicing perspectives and construction, so one thing led to another. Same as last week, here's the uncensored version as well as the entire album since last week. I don't like the colouring I used for this picture actually.

http://imgur.com/WVkWRjA http://peekaf.imgur.com/all/

>> No.28867091 [DELETED] 

just saying, if you uploaded the uncensored version to imgur, that be fine too...

>> No.28867127

As much as I dislike mindbreak, I nonetheless applaud you for your creativity. I wonder if the DE stumbled upon something similar on their end.

Getting better. Oh, and you appear to have set your album to private only- might wanna fix that.

>> No.28867151

Can't view your images. Set them to hidden instead of private.

>> No.28867167

Oh, also; you're pretty damn good.

>> No.28867202

My bad, gents. Should be public now.

>> No.28867253

It works now. Thanks.

>> No.28867269

You're getting better, and pretty fast too.

>> No.28867271

I was actually reading this while drawing, great work so far. I couldn't write this much quality material even if you paid me.

>> No.28867344

I was actually looking for advice as to how to continue. But that counts as advice too.

>> No.28867371

The sister superior looked down into the eyes of the choir boy who knelt before her as she lounged in the chair. Wide, blue, almost cow-like eyes stared back at her from a face that was pristine, round and almost the picture of innocence. Nevertheless, there was still a doleful quality to his looks: the things she had done to him, the pain she had put him through to nurture his loyalty to her and the God Emperor had taken their toll on the boy's mental wellbeing. Even now, there was a definite hint of terror and resistance in his features. While he would carry out the command without question, there was still some bit of free thought somewhere in the back of his head screaming and thrashing around.

Regardless, the sister superior dug her long fingers into his soft brown hair. Her nails bit into the boy's scalp and pulled his head closer towards her naked crotch as she sat, legs spread wide, before him. Tears were gathering in the corners of his eyes, a result of the silent horror and disgust filling the boy's sub-conscience.

Shortly after the boy's open mouth covered her warm, slightly puffy slit, the sister relaxed. She breathed deeply, then released. She relieved herself into the boy's mouth: she could hear the slight hiss of liquid as her amber blessing rushed down his throat. Almost as soon as she started, she felt him jerk. The choir boy moved, ever so slightly, as if trying to pull away. Her grip on his head tightened and she pressed him harder to her crotch.

She finally released his head when she had finished. He had swallowed as much as he could, but some had still spilled from his mouth and even now yellow drips were running down his chin from his lips. The sister smiled and placed her hands under the boy's arms, then pulled him up onto herself. She wiped at his mouth with the back of her hand and hugged him close to her body, whispering praise and comfort to the pathetic, broken thing as he did his best to wriggle in against her.

>> No.28867528

Eh, kind of in a dead spot, I haven't been able to stay in the right mindset for continuing the Canoness Tyranid Mutation and start jumping the gun to her plans to assimilate the rest of the Imperium...

Next you're going to something horrible aren't you, like turning off the lights!

>> No.28867559


>> No.28867574

The man leaned in extremely lose to her. His body hovered just over hers with his lips just out of reach of her ear. He made every effort to make his breaths soft and long as he breathed down her neck.
"I'm going to be honest with you." He whispered lovingly " I've just been touching you, and you are already starting to crack."
He pressed his lips against her ear, gently touching his tongue. She gasped and trembled as he spoke.
"I haven't even begun to torture you."

He slowly with drew his head resting it in front of her. He gazed into her eyes, returning a wanting gaze. Her eyes were the same color as his, a deep purple. Their gaze locked. His expression was stern, hers was worried. He could tell he was going to break her. It was a simple matter of when.
"For your own sake. Talk"
"No..." She whimpered Her face attempting to snarl. " Do your worst. I will not break, Mon'kiegh"
"Very well..." Torn shook his head.

He leaned back onto his stool, quickly reaching for his case. He began to fumble through the contents. He then pulled out an innocuous metal wheel. It has sharp spikes along the rim of the metal disk that was affixed to a handle.
"This is a little pricking wheel. Its used to see if patience have sensation in their body. Rather pointless here don't you think?"
He drove the wheel into her side and dragged it along. the wytch knew where it pressed, but the expected prick was missing. The more she focused the more its absence was unbearable. She protested with an angered grunt ash she tried to move her body out of the way. Yet the contact persisted. Up and down front and back he continued to draw the wheel; the more she protested the more he pressed on.
"Stop!" She finally cried, yet the man did not
"Where are you panning to strike next?"
"I wont say!"

The device continued to roam about her body. He started to roll it down, lower and lower. It pricked across her hairless mound. As it was about to dip lower she screamed.
"STOP! I'll talk!"

>> No.28867619

Dude, he already posted the section after the one he replied to.

>> No.28867628

Of Inquisitors and Cadets http://pastebin.com/TYkvh7GA
The Covenant of Sanctified Souls http://pastebin.com/P1N0BEqb
Choir Boy Delight http://pastebin.com/TAKtQXBA

Convent of Sanctified Souls is great.

>> No.28867642

Do not respond to ND posts
Do not acknowledge ND posts
Hide all ND posts

>> No.28867657

Moar please, especially if he gets a reward for "good behavior"

>> No.28867678

Yes, but that was the section it became clear what horrible torture he'd use... SENSORY DEPRIVATION!!!

>> No.28867709

Actually, that last one you listed is part of a longer work. It's by XS, so don't expect anything lovey-dovey.

Welcome to last week, ND. Didn't you say you were going to take your shit to 7chan and have them critique it for you?

>> No.28867763

could the sister do some "receiving" as well? Maybe the boy refreshing her with some homemade lemonade?"

>> No.28867783

Still writing stuff, plus the plan was to go to /d/ first...
Since /d/ is rather gruff about smut threads, I'll probably try 7chan's Erotic Lit when I have something new to post.

>> No.28867818

Then just lurk until then like the rest of us. Making inane commentary is not going to get the smut coming faster.

>> No.28867969

Writefags post in these threads for feedback Anon.

Depriving a Dark Eldar of her sense of touch is like stringing up a Bloodletter with rubber ropes, it's just plain DASTARDLY!!!

>> No.28868054

But you don't give feedback. You don't do anything in these threads except remind people why they filter you in the first place.

>> No.28868140

The wheel stopped, but the Cadian kept it pressed into her body. His eyebrows raised waiting for her to speak.
"Were I killed all those men..." She began
"That was the most fun I had all week." She grinned.

The wheel went back to work. Its well used frame made it begin to squeak as it rolled around her body. Again she convulsed and fought back vainly. He would pose a question, and she would refuse. The cycle would continue. The harder she fought the worse it became. Ultimately the only thing that was being accomplished was tiring the medic. He stopped taking the wheel from her body. She panted and jeered defiantly.
"Whats the matter?" She took pause to breath. "Is that all?"

The device was tossed to the side and Torn sat back once again. His face stern. The wytch laid back suppressing the shivers in her body, presenting Torn with a defiant smile.
" I really was hoping not to resort to this." He reached in his case again. " You see, this was a rather embarrassing item to acquire. It was particularly hard getting one of the girls to part with it as well."

He leaned back up. The item was held out of sight below the metal chair. He tapped it a couple times against metal plate on his shin. It echoed back with a dull thump, like it item was soft and rubbery.
"And she'll want to know why I'm making her face a lonely night. Of course I don't use, it but I can't exactly tell her why I need it either."

He tapped it again. The eldar was transfixed trying to figure out what he was talking about. She swallowed slowly exhaling forcefully from her nose. All she could do was wait.

>> No.28868177

>animated elven ear gropes

>> No.28868193

write faster, dammit!

>> No.28868356

The file was apparently deleted on imgur?

>> No.28868632

Shouldn't that be daemon princess?

>> No.28868665

If Slaanesh has any say in it, the terminology probably won't matter anyway.

>> No.28868870

"So what is a man to do? Does he swallow his pride and lie? Or do I break many levels of clearance and tell her?" He tapped it again. " Fortunately, I don't have to use it, and fortunately for you, it was designed for your use."
"Stop being so long winded! At this rate you'll bore me to death!" She shrieked

He dragged the stool closer to her, it let out a sharp wail as the metal scratched. He rested his weight upon her propping his head up with his hand. He then leveled a clear purple cylindrical object with a bulbous conical head and tapped it on her side with it. She looked it over. Her suspicions were proved correct. The object was indeed designed to be used by her. She smiled. Her grin turned into a snicker, the snicker turned into laughter.
"Is that supposed to scare me? The one I have is twice as big as that." She continued to laugh.
"Hey, it's not the size, its the function." He responded coyly as he activated the phallus.

It began to hum in the medics hand. He placed it on her navel with the head bouncing against it every so often. Her false bravado quickly dissipated as the medic made his way to her legs. He pulled a lever which laughed her legs to part slightly. He pulled it again and the same happened. Her legs slowly opened before him and her breath became heavy. Soon she was exposed to him. He looked at her beautiful form with a wistful sigh.
"Shame, if only you'd been born a human... Such a waste." He shook his head.

He placed his hand between her legs, putting pressure on her pelvic bone with the palm of his hand. She grunted in discontent as his hand felt the soft curves of her femininity. With his other he reached for his 'instrument' bringing it toward her slowly. His fingers began to press into her, though she objected verbally, her body seemed rather pleased and eager for him. All the while all she could feel with the pushing and shifting of her body. She gritted her teeth in frustration, she wanted her sense to return.

>> No.28868950

Actually, the Slaaneshi pics are all 100% female...
...And include R63 Kaldor Draigo for some reason...

...I don't know how I feel about Slaaneshi being one of the LEAST perverted looking Chaos Gods in a Smut pic set...

>> No.28869054

>brown muscle SoB
Im not even big into /ss/, but I dont care.

>> No.28869175

Okay, I can finally say I actually love how this picture came out, which is something I'm not used to, I feel weird. Anyway, I was gonna add some cum effects but can't really show that on a white background, and I don't have enough practice with colour and shading to do it convincingly. Anyway, here's the uncensored version


>> No.28869347

"I have to admit. I am curious how similar you are." He licked his lips implicitly
"Don't you dare!" She growled

He lowered himself extending his tongue, looking at her flesh with wanting desire. He rested it upon her and enveloped her with his mouth. His fingers continued to press as his tongue danced across her most sensitive skin. He moaned in delight as he took in her impossibly sweet taste. She groaned and shrieked in frustration knowing what she should be feeling, what she desperately wanted to feel. At the hands of a lowly mon'kiegh she begged to feel his touch, even if just a little. She moaned aloud how she wanted it so. Despite her wash of emotions not even her face would feel the warmth of the rushing blood to her cheeks. She panted and groaned as his tongue worked diligently, shaking anticipation of a feeling that would not happen. Torn withdrew himself with a loud smack of his lips
"If only..." He whispered to himself.

His gaze returned to hers. She looked on with the same lust he did moments ago. The flawless white skin of her was clearly showing signs of arousal from her red face. He grabbed the phallus and ran it up and down her slit. She attempted to bite her lips again, failing a second time. He prodded it against the hole, still humming and trembling.
"This is your last chance. I will get answers after this."
"Do it, Make me scream." She spoke trying to convince herself that she was still as stoic as before.
"My pleasure." Torn licked his lips once more

Once again her body offered no resistance, wantingly engorging itself on the phallus as it pressed deeper into her. The vibrations surged through her entire body as the numb sensation tingled through out her flesh. The Eldar's jaw tightened as she tried to feel anything but what she was feeling. All she could sense was the hum it made, and the other wet cacophonous sounds made as Torn dorve the phallus into her over and over again.

>> No.28869387

>R63 Kaldor Draigo
I'm curious but at the same time terrified of this. I must know more.

>> No.28869487

Not half bad, if I do say so myself.

Speaking of DE, where's ELH? I could really use another appearance from Lelith right now, and Emperor knows that His work is pushing the cockteasing towards critical mass.

>> No.28869527

Attempting to link:

>> No.28869539

Howsabout a lewd about a hapless guardswoman who ends up stationed with an all felinid regiment thanks to an Administratum fuck up?

>> No.28869580

I'd do that after I finish Linvala for tomorrow.

Next weekend okay for delivery, and should the felinids be in heat?

>> No.28869617




Doing things. Important things.

>> No.28869718

If not in heat, then toying with her like a cat with a mouse.

Oh! And muscles.

>> No.28869957

Her jaw gave way and she began letting out pained groans. The pressure, the sounds, the sensations, she simply could not fathom them. Her body burned with a strong desire to move. All she wanted was to touch herself, to dig her nails into her skin. She chewed at her lips as she felt her body move from it being pressed in and pulled out. Her groans began to grow as she started thrashing her body in the restraints, rocking the chair violently. Torn continued his rhythmic action, watching her flesh beg for the phallus, and depart leaving it wet with a shine that reflected in the light.

Over and over it plunged into her making a wet sloping sound that both of them enjoyed. Then Torn stopped. The vibrations continued with the eldar shaking with them, but as soon as Torn stopped her groaning calmed into a dull whimper.
"Where is your next attack?"
"I-I don't know..." He pressed
"Where is the next attack going to be?"

He began again. His motions bringing about the uncomfortable fidgeting and noise that rang out and echoed in the metal room. The more it was left in, the worse it became. Her mind was simply breaking all concentration, unable to focus on what was meant to be felt, what was being felt. The numb pain began to grow, even the slightest of touch was multiplied. The vibrations were shaking her violently. Soon she began to scream a horrible shriek, begging for mercy, begging for anything. The restraints did all they could to hold the pitiful creature down.
"Wow I figured you to be a Hecatrix, not a Banshee." Torn jeered.
"You...AAAH Bastard! How..nnnnnhh! Dare you!" She gritted her teeth as it pressed deeper into her, leaving her crotch covered in her own bodily fluids. " I am Valina the true born!

She continued to repeat as Torn continued. She repeated it over and over to mask her wails. to distract her, to give her mind something else to process. That too became drowned in the remaining stimuli she was receiving.

>> No.28870083

A better question is why they shouldn't be in heat.

(And if you can manage it, consider making a continuation for Extra Large Heresy if you get the chance. Don't feel like you have to get it done too soon, though- I know you've got a bit of a backlog and I'd be content just to know that it's something you'll get around to doing eventually.)

Emperor, I'd like to remind you that you should really be putting spoiler tags over the NSFW stuff. You don't want to get banned if a passing janitor sees it.

>> No.28870118

>that when you're the only MtGfag in a sea of WH and DnDfags

M-MtG can be lewd! I-I'll show you!

Anyone want a mtg lewd?

>> No.28870133


Orzhov themed perhaps? Ghost blowjob perhaps

>> No.28870145

Why wouldn't anyone want it? This isn't limited to 40k or DnD at all.

>> No.28870178

Oh, and don't forget to pastebin the completed work so anyone who wants to read it won't have to sift through foolz to do so.

>> No.28870181

>tfw you forgot about MtG deck fapfic greentext.

>> No.28870184

I'm too pissed off at MtG to be aroused by anything related to it

>> No.28870196

>ghost blowjobs
I don't think you'd want a blowjob from an Orzhov ghost

>> No.28870328


... not even from Souls of the Faultless?

>> No.28870371


>> No.28870438

Liliana seduces Elspeth and/or Chandra. Lewdness ensues, potentially followed by a cigarette and a lot of cute, embarrassed girl talk.

>> No.28870490


Something lewd about a planeswalker using mass Polymorph on the minions of his enemy, then having lewd adventures with the transformed soldiers.

Or just someone using Reweave to change an opponent into a sex partner.


>> No.28870528

Her muscles contracted and tensed, pulling the toy in. Her face deepened in red, and she felt her abdomen clench tightly. She thrashed violently as her mind and body was flooded with an overwhelming tingle, but none of it granted her satisfaction. It was yet a dull prod in her body, but she moaned powerfully in ecstasy all the same.. Even her orgasm's would be denied from her. She clenched her eyes, when she opened them tears began streaming down. The only noise that was made was her soft cries
"I am Valina the true born. I am Valina the true born..."

Like before, she continued to mutter to herself. The vibrating stopped as Torn removed it from her body. It remained connected to her through a single clear strand of liquid that quickly broke. Undignifyingly he placed it on top of her belly. He continued to stare at her beautiful lips at the height of arousal. He too noticed that his was showing plainly as well. He became curious again. His mouth watered at the sight, and he began wondering how similar to a human she felt. How her warmth along his length would pleasure him. He stepped closer desperately trying to fight his desire to penetrate her.
"Just do it..." She sobbed " I can tell you want to... Just get it over with."
"I wont if you tell me what I want to know." He pleaded
"No.." Tears continued to stream down her face unknowingly. " Because I simply don't know the answer."
"You're lying." Torn pressed himself into her.
"No I'm not so just defile me. Bring me lower than I am now, you filthy ape."
"I'm not bluffing" Torn stalled himself before began unbuttoning his trousers.
"Just grant me one thing." she spoke softly. " Tilt my head back so I don't have to look."

>> No.28870712

Are you? Hopefully whatever it is will be done soon- Emps' stuff is starting to get a little disturbing, and I'd prefer to read something where the sex act ends up feeling good for all parties involved.

Emperor, if you're reading this keep that last part in mind for the banshee fic.

>> No.28871118

Torn signed and did as she asked. He twisted the dial and her head slowly lowered. She took in a deep breath accepting her fate. To be brought so low by a horribly primitive race. Perhaps it was just punishment for her horrible ways? Whatever it was she was defeated, and broken. She couldn't find the strength to care.
"The funny thing is I believe you. You not knowing. So why do this?"
"Honestly?" She replied swallowing hard. "We only follow our 'Leader' because of his influence, No one knows how many follow him, and his decisions are entirely at random. He is a pointless man that leads us to death. I came here hoping you'd at least give me the freedom of death. I guess I was wrong."

Soon she felt her body moving, and she closed her eyes. Torn had stepped away. He was stepping on a pedal that slowly brought her legs together. Afterwards be drew a cloth from his case and began patting her body down. Her eyes opened.
"What are you doing?"
"We are done here." He spoke packing away his things. " I got what little information I will be getting from you today."

He packed away his things and pulled the stool beside her. As he sat he undid the restrain across her forehead. With her new freedom she rotated her head and then rested it looking at the Cadian. Her gaze was more puzzled than anything else.
"Guaifenesin has another strange effect on Eldar. It cures all addition, but there's a drawback, your body will begin detoxing as soon as it wears off." Her eyes flew open.
"You mean, I'll.." She meditated on the full implications "But I'll die! You injected me with a poison you knew would kill me!"
"That depends on how strong you are. From what I've seen I'd give you some pretty good odds"
"I-I... How do I even respond to this?"
"Survive, and we'll talk tomorrow."

The medic departed. After pounding on the metal door it opened and the guardsmen on the otherside greeted him with shocked faces.
"Did it work? did she talk?"
"Yeah. Get her some Blankets"


>> No.28871285

Not bad. Would you mind putting all of it in a pastebin for me? I'd do it myself but I'm a bit busy with other stuff at the moment.

>> No.28871335

http://pastebin.com/WfF33win here ya go. You'd never expect 2000 character limit to actualy get in the way of the story, but I had to rush the ending

>> No.28871437

And it's now safely preserved in the master list. Nice job.

Banshee fic is up next, right? If I might, I'd prefer that you ease up a little bit on the creepiness factor this time- maybe make it more consensual as it goes on or something along those lines (still femdom, but not outright rape per se).

>> No.28871489

I don't think I've ever been more uncomfortable while reading a fapfic

>> No.28871510

Congrats you got the overall point. If you felt like shit after reading that mission accomplished

yup... though saddly nextweek. Its 5am

>> No.28871558

Ah, you say that, but there's probably some fa/tg/uy out there furiously masturbating to this

>> No.28871574

Fine with me, and I gotta say that I never quite felt so sorry for a DE right now. (Take that "femdom rather than outright reverse rape" consideration into mind, though- I feel like we could use something a little softer now.)

Funny how some of this stuff can move you- the style was excellent and there are no errors that I could see, yet I had that weird gut feeling that something was horribly wrong the whole time. Not exactly conducive to fapping, but it's certainly the sign of a well-made fic.

>> No.28871579

a /k/omando certainly is. thanks for the thread /tg/. I'm going to make it a habit to lurk here more often.

>> No.28871605

We'll see if we can't work some gun porn into the actual porn for you, then.

>> No.28871647


Believe it or not, I actually worry that Lelith's stuff is lacking in the usual "roughness" we see around DEldar. It's why not a whole lot of progress has been made. Hard to tell what needs changing when all I get is "blueballs" this and "moar" that.


Include fine russian rifle in your next fic. That or dual-wielding FAMAS zombies. The /k/omando knows what I mean.

>> No.28871689

>gun porn
Why do I get the feeling this is going to be a Heavy/Sasha fic?

>> No.28871690

>Include fine russian rifle in your next fic.
Well, there is a whole planet in 40K full of NOT!Russians.

>> No.28871696

No stop, please, I just fapped. Well fine if you insist.
That or carrying an arid bird of prey, which is always loaded, in condition fabric.

>> No.28871706

>mfw /k/ommando here too
You the guy I linked the Macha fapfic too a couple days ago in /k/?

>> No.28871715


...please tell me it wasn't the flamer one.

>> No.28871726

Yup, sure is. Sorry I couldn't get to it, I was writing some depraved food porn for the Rena fans due to one of Larro's jokes. I'm not sure whether to be proud or saddened.

This one's the fic that I just wrote, but your's will be done at some point tomorrow:

>> No.28871737

no but it sounds like I'd like it, link it to me /k/omrade

>> No.28871755

Really? I'm very happy with how it's going so far, and honestly I think it's main charm is how it illustrates that not all Dark Eldar are SM junkies who can only get off with intense pain and agony. I should know, being the original requester of it and all..Besides, if you can pull it off with a DAEMONETTE of all things and make it seem both convincing and appealing, I don't see why Lelith should be any different.

>> No.28871996

same here. following the stereotype is something anyone can do, but it takes guts to defy it while still making it good. don't worry quite so much about it; we'd tell you if it wasn't good enough.

>> No.28872010

Naw Edinbro's one.
Its in the original link.

>> No.28872130

I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, but...
of all the D&D 3.5 classes, which one do you think is worst in the sack?

If it's just core Player's Guide, probably the Paladin or the Druid.
But if we're going according to every available rulebook, I don't think it could possibly get worse than a Cancer Mage. Even if she was a 10/10 qt and the party Cleric had cast spells so I wouldn't get every STD ever, that damned talking tumor would probably get me down.

>> No.28872197

>Its in the original link.
am I too high to understand this?

>> No.28872215

Baby, we've got a spell called "Lay on Hands". All it takes is that and a night with the Holy Avenger to get the ladies praising the Sun.

>> No.28872224

He means that it's in the master list. Just look in Edinbro's section and you should find it easy enough.

>> No.28872288

You know, the more I think about it, a qt gril of any D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook class sounds divine.

But as for worst? Literally anything from the Book of Vile Darkness. Seriously, that shit is weird.

>> No.28872449

I need that Lewdanon image of Macha showing Lofn porn. For reasons.

Ah good. There's so many bad weapon puns in the other one that they'd probably castrate the author.

>> No.28872489

>Lelith's stuff is lacking in the usual "roughness" we see around DEldar

I don't see why that would be a bad thing- if anything, it just makes the contrast between Lelith the Queen of Commorragh and Lelith the secretly good-hearted woman (by Dark Eldar standards- she'd still be a bit murderous for most people's tastes IRL) all the greater. If nothing else, anything you write will automatically be many times better than pic related's depiction of Lelith as a Slaanesh-worshipper in a lesbian relationship with a Daemon Prince.

>> No.28872588

yep I am too high to understand words. Thank you for spelling it out man. I appreciate it

>> No.28872617

Original link has it in the lewdanon imgur collection.

>> No.28872664

If anyone did do Slaanesh-Lelith rough sex pron though, by all means it would be VERY appreciated.

Gotta remember that everyones got different fetishes and "itches" to take care of, and I'm sure all that HOT NAUGHTY ANGRY ELDAR sex will attract some fans. So I disagree with your opinion about automatically being better, but I respect it accordingly. Have a good day sir.

>> No.28872681


...So it does. I feel rather foolish now. Have a lamia to make up for it.


They haven't even finished the Slaanesh x Khorne one

>> No.28872867

He said that he couldn't do justice to the concept, but at least he tried. And if anyone else wants to take over they're free to do so.

I'll ignore the implication that C.S.Multilazor's writing isn't total shit. ELH (I'm assuming you took off your name for this), the way I see it you're at your best with the "defrosting ice queen" type of character- cold, callous, and even a bit cruel, but deep down they're not as bad as they seem. There's no need to take the edge off entirely- even at her most loving, I'd expect some nasty scratching and biting from her. That said, I think the best solution is to go at the same rate you are right now.

And let me just say that anything at all will be worth seeing the context for pic related.

>> No.28873058

Admittedly, the SxK is a hard trick to follow. It's either really, really angry sex, or it's the kind of subtle social fuckery that can't really be put into words - Can't kill her, can't bang him, when one of them snaps and decides they've got to have the other one the other guy gets the better-than-sex mental high ground. If you're into it you just jizzed your pants imagining Khorne strangling Slaanesh to death, if you're not you wonder why it's defined as porn.

>> No.28873237

Yeah. I don't think any of us are even close to being able to touch something like that just yet. Maybe none of us ever will. In any case I can't fault ELH for realizing that there's a good chance for it to end as a no-win situation either way.

>> No.28873392

Should I get the next thread set up now or should I give it another hour or so?

>> No.28873501

There were a few grammatical errors that stuck out to me. Little things like missing punctuation, misspellings, or you may have been typing fast and mixed up letters.

I think you did a good job building the characters so that their actions and choices are believable. The lewd scenes were handled very maturely, as opposed to some stories where orgies just happen constantly for no reason.

>> No.28873672


Let this hit page 9 first.


You're also forget the reverse-rape, unbirthing tentacle vore. To use a page out of the ERP thread's book - you'd basically have to go to every kink and select yes.

>> No.28873713

And the end result would give just anyone short of an actual Slaanesh worshipper a heart attack. Even /d/ would probably be horrified.

I'll probably be asleep by the time this hits page 9, but I think I can wait another half hour at least.

>> No.28873803

>And let me just say that anything at all will be worth seeing the context for pic related.

True dat. On a semi-related note, how do you find people willing to take commissions for art like ours? I have a few requests I want someone to do and I think they would be a bit too much for the average drawthread to handle.

>> No.28873823


Have an excerpt that never got posted:

Khorne blinked, then found himself in a stark white void with his captor. She was sitting before him at a wooden table, enjoying a cup of tea as if nothing were amiss. The Blood God's first thought was to flip the table and eviscerate Slaanesh where the being sat, but he thought better of it.

"Where are we? What have you done?" he demanded, begrudgingly taking the seat opposite the Princess of Pleasure.

"Hmmm? Oh we're in your mind. Or is it mine? Hard to tell sometimes."


"Yes. Right now I'm tearing apart your pelvis, and you're frantically ripping off the tentacles digging into you."

"...So why this...this illusion then?"

"Oh it's quite real. Whatever that means for beings like us. And I thought it'd be a nice change of pace. After all, while our bodies are experiencing pleasure beyond mortal comprehension, our minds should be just as stimulated."


And then they have a civilized conversation before having very vanilla sex in mindland. Flashbacks to the "horror" in the "real chaos world" were frequent.

>> No.28873867

>"Yes. Right now I'm tearing apart your pelvis, and you're frantically ripping off the tentacles digging into you."

It's becoming very clear why you dropped it now. I don't think anybody without serious issues could possibly get aroused by that sort of thing.

>> No.28873895


No fetish shaming.

I dropped it because I couldn't find a nice dialogue and come up with enough "disturbing" flashbacks.

It's like trying to define DEldar sex positions. You either end up going to the karma sutra or making shit up.

>> No.28873946

Just a reminder, still looking for requests. Maybe I'm being too picky, trying to avoid 40K but also the other big franchises people want that I dont really know much about(like MTG and Exalted). I may just write some random vaguely-tg fetish-filled smutfic of my own and see how people like it. That OK? I figure original-world stuff is frowned upon, but I'm fine to do more DND/Faerun/Planescape or Warhammer Fantasy or something. Heck, I've been toying with the idea of doing some post-apoc smut, though im not keen on doing out and out rape-fics and its hard to think of scenarios for consenting all-out fetishfuckery in that sort of enviroment.

>> No.28873985


Do a different take on a Dark Matter:

>> No.28874011

There was a request a few weeks back that an anon said they would do, but it seems to have been dropped:

Female halfling rogue x female half-elf rogue-in-training.
The scene requested was a bit of roleplaying as instruction: halfling pretending to be a guard that the half-elf (being very nervous about the whole thing) has to seduce.

I'd still very much like to see this get done.
Cute but sexy being the preferred theme.

>> No.28874016


Interesting. Certainly a concept that lends itself well to smutfic. I'll definitely give it some thought. Will probably not produce anything till next week though, so plenty of time for other ideas.

>> No.28874082

that was awesome, any chance of continuing it the day after?

>> No.28874100

The post-apocalyptic thing reminds me of that one quest in New Vegas where you had to recruit a bunch of people for a sleazy casino owner.


That said, I'd be interested in seeing what you could do with an original setting.

The author's asleep now. Personally, it was a bit creepy for my tastes, but I'm not judging.

>> No.28874120

well I hope he sees my post when he wakes up

and yeah it was kinda creepy but I can't help but want to read what happens when she gets her senses back

>> No.28874130


She probably masturbates furiously.

>> No.28874214

Nothing wrong with that- the Kama Sutra has a lot of positions DE would probably be inclined to use. (Might I suggest a female version of the "Stand and Carry", which is exactly what it sounds like- Lelith's certainly strong enough to carry an average man and she would never pass up the opportunity to remind him of who's in charge.)

>> No.28874250


Considering he already adapted the Amazon, this is a good idea.

>> No.28874369

I think we're just about ready for a new thread about now. Setting it up.

>> No.28874415

It's up now.


>> No.28875442

hey guys. tell me if this sounds interesting.
im currently writting a story about a man receving an 'artifcial woman', that would basically scan his mind to turn into his perfect mate.
now i plan to make this a known thing in the world, to the point where there are resistence groups attemping to stop this from spreading. be it due to religious fervor, or moral highgrounds.
of course it will be filled with sexy times. mostly consensual love. but with some dark passing as well.

>> No.28875460

might want to repost in the new thread >>28874415 as this ones about to die

>> No.28875937

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