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Who is the best Primarch and why it's Konrad?

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>not glorious Guilliman lord of the best marines and one hope for humanity

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All primarchs are equally inferior to the phoenix lords.

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And all Phoenix Lords are equally inferior to Necron Phaerons.

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Gotta agree.

Guilliman accomplished the most and his work saved the Imperium from annihilation. Dude is the most important Primarch in Imperial history, nobody can dny that.

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REDACTED of the Second Legion, of course.

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I dunno, I think Horus was pretty important. Could just be me though

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And Sanguine. And Lorgar, who started all this Emperor worship and heresy shit.

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At least we can all agree it's defenitely not Lion

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1v1 duel:


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>Traitor Primarchs

Yeah you traitorous keep dreaming. All your faggots are dumb, weak willed faggots.

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>Not liking Tarzan king Arthur.

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Ironfather Smashfucker > all the primarchs anyway

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Fulgrim, cause he gave the Emperor's children swag

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Who's better, Alpharius or Omegron?

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Class > Swag

And on that note, Sanguinius is the best and the prettiest

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>Emperor's Children
>Having nearly as much swag as Ultramarines

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Sheed Ranko.

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Maugan Ra.

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who else rocks magenta power armor son?

and they fornicate with slave hookers.

deese nigghas got swag!

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>implying fornication is a possibility in a universe proven to be completely without genitals.

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>But it wasn't.

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Fucking Alpharius, is his beta bitchboy, plus the Alpha legion are like the fucking viet cong, they can't be beaten by conventional tactics, hell they beat Ultramarines and made Guilliman look like a right mug.

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I love everything about Alpha legion but their colour scheme. It's so ugly it stops me from making an army.

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True dat, the blue and green clashes, I guess you could always alter the colour scheme though.

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Paint them any way you like and say it's disguise. Or make homebrew Alpha Legion warband.

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>not painting the, dark blue, metal accents, and green eyes and icons

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And all Necron Phaerons are equally inferior to RILLY 'UGE ORKZ

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>hell they beat Ultramarines and made Guilliman look like a right mug.

If any of that actually happened.

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And RILLY 'UGE ORKZ are inferior to Wraithblades.

So it comes full circle.

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Magnus or Perturabo.
They were the areas (along with angron and Lorgar, but angron is an idiot and lorgars a prat) where the Emperors stupidity and pettiness were most exemplified. They fell because he alienated them.
Also Magnus is Red Cyclops that kills you with MIND BULLETS
and Perturabo is Cyborg Hammer-wielding Troll (see Iron Cage)

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agreed. I lub konrad but why do they hate the most based faction of marines the night lords?

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If by swag you mean slaanesh's dick in their asses I'm right there with you.

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>Ultramar damage control

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You'd be familiar with dicks in the ass, wouldn't you?

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Battle of Eskrador (Unknown Date.M31) - After the death of Horus at the end of the Horus Heresy during the Great Scouring, the Alpha Legion and the Ultramarines Legion met in battle on the world of Eskrador, where Roboute Guilliman faced his hated brother Primarch in bitterly contested close combat. Both struck one another in an instant, each power sword making a single stroke. For a second the two Primarchs stood facing one another, than Alpharius slumped to the ground. Exalted by their Primarch's victory the Ultramarines renewed their attack and cut down every last Alpha Legionnaire. But their exaltation was short lived, as over the next few days the Ultramarines were harried from all sides by the Eskandor natives as well as remnants of Alpha Legionnaires hiding throughout the mountains. After another week of futile combat against their shadowy opponents, Guilliman ordered his Ultramarines to evacuate the planet's surface. He then used his Legion's ships to bombard the traitors from orbit. Despite Guilliman's protests that he had no wish to fight such dishonourable foes, it seems hard to dispute the fact that the Ultramarines were soundly beaten by the Alpha Legion at every turn, despite the loss of Alpharius.

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>Implying it was Alpharius at all. He's the Ra's Al Ghul of the Primarchs

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>Implying Spiritual Liege can fail

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>implying Inquisitor Kravin was not a heretic

>The following account appears to be the personal log of a member of the Ultramarines strike force, probably a sergeant. It is included in Inquisitor Kravin’s diatribe Lessons of Strife, though other Inquisitors and representatives of the Ultramarines themselves have questioned its validity.

>Shortly after the conclave, Inquisitor Girreaux publicly accused Kravin of consorting with traitors and conspiring to organise cultist uprisings on the worlds of Kartha IV, V and Archos II in the Korren sub-sector (cf. Inq. file 7083662f/M.41). Girreaux challenged Kravin to appear for trial and face the evidence against him, however Kravin’s current whereabouts is unknown. Of course this development has called into question the reliability of all Inquisitor Kravin’s research, and as he was the leading scholar on the Alpha Legion’s history and current activities, much of what was known about them must now be considered a lie. If, as Girreaux claims, Kravin has been compromised by those very traitors he sought to investigate, then everything he has said must be considered misinformation and propaganda invented by the Alpha Legion.

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Ah, the self-entitledness of traitor filth.

Actually believing those Primarchs were not in the wrong.

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Implying the Ultramarine filth didn't get thoroughly rinsed that day.

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My other favourites are The Lion and Vulkan. What does that say about me?

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You are not from /pol/

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That you're still a faggot for sympathizing with the traitor scum?

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Ferrus Manus and Fulgrim

The eventual evolution of 'The weakness of flesh' and 'the pursuit of perfection' really is a draw for me.

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Lion and Vulkan makes you better, but Magnus is literally too stupid to live.

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Space Batman.

And it's Sanguinius, by the way. He was broken, but didn't go evil.

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I loved Fulgrim before he became fucking snake.

What makes me actually mad is the fact that he turned to Chaos because of the fucking Emperor.

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He turned because he was in love with Horus because he was bald.

Plus the Laer sword.

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The most radical primarch of all, Hell's Angels Genghis Khan.

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And originally it was because he went to parley with Horus but was "drugged, pleasured beyond endurance, and finally broken".


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Hence my comment about him loving Horus for being bald.

It's disturbing.

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I much prefer this version of the Alpha Legion, that they had a "war lust" - a desire to battle strong foes and prove themselves the best (hell, it's even in their fucking name - they're the last legion found, but call themselves the "Alpha" legion because they've got such a massive chip on their shoulder). "Closet Loyalists" is pretty much the worst retcon of the Heresy.

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He doesn't even have wings!

He's not even beautiful!

Are you drunk?

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>was "drugged, pleasured beyond endurance, and finally broken".

Its hard to imagine something gayer than the Dark Angels but they did it.

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agreed. To say nothing of Abnett completely binning my favorite primarch story.

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Sanguinius was explicitly the best at combat iirc and he only died to Horus because at that time he was pretty much 4ish gods all standing on each other shoulders.

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I believe so. He was the only Primarch, along with Horus, who could duel Angron and win.

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...and he'd spent the whole day fighting ever daemon ever and suplexing bloodthirsters.

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I've always personally sympathized with Perturabo the most

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>The only cool thing Perturabo ever did

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And yet its so cool it makes up for his inactivity

The Iron Cage was just magnificent..it was art

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And of course, Guilliman holds him off without breaking a sweat.

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No love for Leman? Why?

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>someone says the Ultramarines failed hard
>h-he's a traitor guise!!

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Lion was one of the few primarchs who actually got shit done during the great crusade.

Leman was an angsty cunt burger.

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cool propaganda bro

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I've always liked Mortarion, he fell sort of like Maiden Astraea did...

And Guilliman is a boss motherfucker but what's the deal with Corvus Corax? He seems like the least fleshed out of all the primarchs.

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UIDF go to bed,you're senile

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Percieving Ultramarine's actions as failure is actually failure of observer's perception.
- Special theory of relativity, as formulated by Matt Ward

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Was it the novels that added the "Corvus"? Just Corax was enough. It's like if Leman Russ was called Canis Lupus (inb4 Wolfborn).

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The same one who had the balls to make them lose on Damnos?

>> No.28855204

Almost like if the Primarch of the iron Hands was called Iron Hand and had Iron Hands?

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It was made so to beat Ferrus Manus' name in retardation.

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Little known fact, Roboute Guilliman is Omegon. That's why the Ultras use an omega symbol.

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Only for them to return and utterly crush the Necrons thanks to notorious Ultramarines fanboy Phil Kelly... wait.

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The Big E, Primarch of the Gray Knights

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Ferrus is king

>> No.28855409

With boots that big, it leads me to believe that Mega Man X's fight with renegade robots is the canon telling of how humanity's war with the Iron Men went.

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>Posting the Black Legion version

Get a load at this double-heretic

>> No.28855460

I can't help thinking that Sanguinius looks like long-haired Brendan Fraser in that picture.

>> No.28855476

They'll all be Black Legion in the end anyway.

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I can't help but think his ears are melting off his head.

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That's a strange way to spell Red Corsairs.

>> No.28855697

That's a strange way to spell the Lost and the Damned.

>> No.28855980

>the whole day
More like a week.

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>suplexing bloodthirsters.
I bet Kahn can do a few izuna drops if prompted to get his fat ass off that bike of his.

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But it isn't. Fulgrim stands head and toe above Konrad. Ain't any nigga alive as based as the Phoenician.

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What is your hard on for the Ultramarines? They're like the boring jobsworths of the Imperium.

>> No.28856819

Guilliman did his best to put as much distance between him and Angron as possible.

>> No.28856853

That's no way to talk about the greatest of all Space Marine Chapters, whose martial prowess "is legendary and is second only to the God-Emperor".

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As a point, Sanguinius was estimated the best at combat or capable of dueling with Angron by Corax's estimation (specifically). He judged Sanguinius and Horus perhaps capable.

Also, to the guy with the ranking list: Kurze was a decent combatant, but unless he got to pick the ground several primarchs listed lower on there could beat him. And that's with some precognitive ability. As an example, the Lion could duel him to a standstill just based upon his skill despite Kurze having some premonitions of how the duel could go.

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Yeah. Guilliman wasn't anywhere near the best combatant amongst the Primarchs. He was hands-down the best administrator, statesman, and organizer among them, but several Primarchs (generally the ones whose combat doctrine involved leading from the front) were predictably much better at that.

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The Luna wolves, Death guard, Thousand sons, World eaters are all better.

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I'm pretty sure Curze's precognition is never mentioned as something he can turn on and off or use in combat (unlike Sevatar whose precognition seems to be ENTIRELY combat based) - it just causes him to get sporadic visions of death (his own and others he meets) and general misfortune.

>> No.28857488

Yeah, it was the shitty precognition that ends up driving you crazy.

>> No.28857583

Why rank him so high? I never got the impression of him being in the top-tier above guys like Angron, Sanguinius and Magnus.

>> No.28857669

Please. He ain't even close to the CREAM O' THE CROP.

>> No.28857774

Better at knowing they can never be Ultramarines, yeah.

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>making baby goblins from his chest

>this thread, not magnus as top primarc-
damn, i can't say that with a straight face. at range or with psychic powers he'd be top dog. though he's not the best since he'd rather let the legion die then try to stop the fleshchange and just sulks in his room these days. glad these rubrics can't talk because they'd be asking wtf magnus everyday like i do

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>>making baby goblins from his chest

It wasn't the image I meant to post, but it works just as well, I guess.

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That's a strange way to spell dead.

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Always been a fan of Perturabo myself, but Joseph Conrad, err . . . I mean Col. Walter Kurtz . . . wait, that's not it either . . . . Oh, right, Konrad Curze, yeah, he's my second favorite.

No, but seriously Konrad Curze is pretty fucking awesome, and not just because he's a huge reference to Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now.

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>Night Lords
>most based faction of muhreenz
Not even close. Post-Heresy Emperor's Children are lightyears ahead of everybody else in this regard.

>> No.28861244

>Post-Heresy Emperor's Children
>Aximand's face when

>> No.28861317

>Post-Heresy Emperor's Children
Nigga, do you even perfection?

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The EC were faggots before they started fucking each other in the ass.

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Yeah, Magnus wasn't the sharpest guy around. Then again, most people in the HH series aren't very bright.

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Yeah, but in a way you have to admire their dedication to being such colossal dickheads.

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I wonder if the galaxy would have been a different place if they'd gotten Konrad on some hard prescription drugs.

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>most authors writing the HH series


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