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I see no board game thread. Unacceptable.

Has anyone played Kings of Tokyo? Looks fun, I'm thinking of picking it up.

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Yep, it's fun. Get the expansion pack too.

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It's alright. Light, fast game. Good for a group. Get the expansion, though. Suggest houseruling evolutions to either need 4 hearts or not apply hearts to healing as well, because now there is no downside to going for them.

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King of Tokyo is amazing. If you can, get the expansion pack and the halloween expansion pack. The halloween pack is pretty small but it really adds to the game.

How about descent second edition - are the expansions worth it? I got the standard game and I played a few levels with my wife (2 players, she controls 3 characters, Im overlord) and Im strongly considering more of the game.

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Its nice and fun, but I got bored after 5 games.

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Then you did it wrong. We have a house rule where you have to talk like your character if you attack anyone.

>GIGAZAUR DEALS 3 MIGHTY DAMAGE TO TOKYO! *in a croaky badly accented japaneese accent*

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Any opinions on Warhammer: Invasion?

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No idea but if the 3rd edition of the roleplaying game is anything to go by (which was also made by Fantasy Flight) then it sucks major balls. WFRP 3ed is the worst edition of warhammer at all and it doesnt even feel like warhammer in any way.

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I did notice the card illustrations didn't have that Warhammer feel to them.

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Has nothing to do with the 3rd Edition of WHFRP. It's a nice game with a great cardpool and lots of factions. Very enjoyable if you like Warhammer Fantasy and Customizable cardgames.

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King of Tokyo is a great game for people that don't like board games. It's fast and easy enough to hold the attention of almost anyone, short of a sever attention deficit disorder.

If you're lucky you can use it as a gateway drug. Or to find out who in your group is terrible at decision making.

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I will admit I am bad at having my attention stay with the game, which is why I like games like Catan where I always get to be somewhat involved, so yeah hopefully I can get better and use it to play bigger games without having my attention stray.

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Are you shitting me? 80% of the art from that game is either old art repurposed from GW boxes and army books or done by similar artists. The art depicts Warhammer Fantasy as accurately as possible.

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Just my opinion from what I saw on the box.

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Im taking it to my next group meeting.

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Get Cosmic Encounter

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The big expansion is totally worth it. It includes a whole new campaign so you'l pretty much get double the game out of it.
The smaller expansion is really only worth it if you want the extra options. Particularly the champion class is nice for the heroes.

I'd highly recommend the conversion kit and proxies though, it adds so much variety to the monsters.

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This is my favorite board game in my collection, by far. Anyone else play Seasons? What are your thoughts on it?

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Is it comparrable to the LOTR LCG at all, and if so which do you prefer?

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descent 2nd ed gets very unbalanced after a while in the champions favour though, atleast just using the standard starter box (the monsters don't scale well enough).

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You mean Heroes?
Also I've heard that it's best described as "it's unbalanced in favor of the better player(s)". In the two campaigns I've run the heroes won consistently and thoroughly for the whole thing, but when we play single sessions the game seems a lot more fair.

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I´d love the conversion kit but unfortunately I dont have first edition. We always played a mates version of descent back when we played 1st edition so Im guessing a conversion kit wouldnt be worth much.

I do have the full bones kickstarter from the first one and getting the second one though so loads and loads of different proxy minis but that wont help with the rules

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the synergy between the heroes once abilities, skills and gear just gets silly at a stage in to the quests. something a couple of extra cards, that you then draw at random, in the overlord deck just don't balance out. the monster groups themselves need amplifiers that you pick and chose from and add to the packs of monsters. after a few quests/adventures the heroes just walks through each pack like nothing and has to good sustainability and to many resources to pull from.

But then itw a sthe other way around in the 1st editions campaign mode.

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The conversion kit is all the 2nd ed rules for 1st ed monsters & heroes in a box. You don't "need" anything from 1st edition, it's just that that is where they expected you to get the minis.
Worst case scenario you could make tokens out of the art and use those for markers. I would highly recommend the conversion kit to everyone who has 2e because it adds so much variety for so little cost.

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I don't think monsters are really supposed to threaten the heroes though. They are meant to pester, annoy and slow them.
Bhargests are made to stand sideways in a corridor, not maul the heroes into submission.

Also when I say single session I am including all three levels in the back of the rulebook.

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It is not extra cards you know. You remove old cards and replace them with new cards - that makes it much much more likely that you will draw the good stuff and if you want you can specialize which makes you kind of a dick against many players.

Quinns from Shit up and Sit down put it pretty nicely. He told a story where he would be approached by someone about Descent who said that it was totally unbalanced. He would ask "oh, how?" and the answer would be that the overlord had no chance of winning. Then another day he was approached by someone else who also said that it was totally unbalanced. He would once again ask how and the answer was that the heroes had no chance of winning. He even had two different people complain about the exact same creature for the overlord - but one would say that Shadow Dragons were super overpowered while the other would say that they were useless and a waste of a good card.

You do the math mate.

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Shadow Dragons are totally OP if you're playing a melee character who isn't Nanok. They are totally worthless if you're playing a ranged hero or Nanok.

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I once got told the I would be punched in the face if I summoned another shadow dragon.

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Love it, though I've played it so much that I've repeatedly gotten the same encounters, so it kinda lost its magic with me.

Risk Legacy is something I've been meaning to pick up after hearing alot of talk of it. The factor of changes carry over through games looks awesome, but does it do much else to improve upon the gameplay of Risk?

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You need to get a couple VPs rather than world domination so it's a lot quicker. We had a game done in two or three turns because three people once their capitals 2 or 3 countries away from each other.

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Anyone else played this?

I've had a couple games so far, and it seems good if pretty easy. It looks like it's harder with more people so I'd like to see it played with 6, and hopefully the adventure decks will get harder as it goes on.

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Just started playing talisman

Got two issues: firstly a friend who thinks half the characters are OP and wants to ban them (he's an idiot but he's loud, and keeps shouting until he gets his way)
Secondly, some of the item combinations seem to encourage huge multipliers in strength and ability to avoid the things that can bring them down - i.e discard the hag card and choose something else.

How would you guys deal with these?

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Should mention we have base game, city, sacred pool, dungeon and reaper expansion

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A couple of the characters ARE brokenly good, notably the Prophetess. Stacking shit is what happens when you only have a couple of stats. And even the mightiest character can be brought down by a Frog curse at a bad time.

That said, the base game is very swingy. A death in the mid game pretty much puts you out of the game.

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Isn't talisman pretty much just roll, move & see what happens?

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True. i dont see the point of banning things personally except perhaps the prophetess. The thing is, he'll play an easy video game and laugh about how OP he is

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This game has a lot of really cool ideas and mechanics but I think they were implemented horribly. The result is a game that should be fun, but isn't.

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Get out.

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It's decent. The "actions carry over" thing is really cool. At first you think that they've fixed the main problem with Risk, which is the exponential increase of troops that you get from turning in cards, but then you realize that it hasn't been fixed at all.

Still a pretty cool game though.

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Is your friend DSP?

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Allow him to play a character he thinks is broken. Destroy him him. Rinse and repeat.

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>playing King of Monsters for first time
>one player is stockpiling energy and the Shield ability, can't die
>get Total Destruction or something where I get 9 out of 20 Victory Points to win, if I roll one of each die face - rerolls allowed
>roll 5/6 die faces and get it on the reroll twice in a row, wnning the game

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three different overlords i know personaly and me all came to the same conclusion that the synergy in a four hero group is to much and that the critter scaling per hero aint enough after the first couple of games. a monster group, no matter what kind, only gets one round or two at the most after the first couple of missions (which are fun and challenging, but that gets lost quickly a steh heros progress).

that said, first edition had the reversed problem.

to be fair we're all experienced gamers, but even the best overlord combination only gets you so far once the heros gets their synergy with skills and gear going.

the designer can lie how much he wants about it, but the monster cards need modifiers, to create synergy and a dept of choise, not just the overlord deck.

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in a four hero game when the two (as they are two then, if you so chose) shadow dragons first can appear in the campaign they pretty much gets obliterated in a blink of an eye (they didnt even register as a speed bump).

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it's talisman, randomly pick characters, some are OP, they have tried to rebalance them in later editions.

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It's not out yet but I hope it will be fun and entertaining to play.

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It's a solid game, but you need to buy the expansions as playing it straight from the box without doing any changes to decks gets super old super fast.

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I can't wait!

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I keep picking this game up at the shop, I really really wish I had someone to play it with.

My favorite "board game" right now is Smash Up. My family loves it.

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Trust me. It's a giant letdown.

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Having to wait till May for the Aliens Vs Predator boardgame is going to be almost painful.

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Not a fan of Seasons at all, and I feel bad because my friend loves it.

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Operation Tanhauser

The Pathfinding system is fucking brilliant, unit abilities varied and interesting, asymmetrical objectives, easy to play and the setting is sopping wet with flavor.

Hands down my favorite boardgame. Second place goes to Monsterpocalypse, but that is a miniatures game.

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