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Peter Parker Quest: Issue #35

>Rules: http://pastebin.com/w5G3aG3Y
>Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/q1AqTT5h
>My twitter: https://twitter.com/QuestOpCosgrove
>Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Peter%20Parker%20Quest
>Story Arc database: http://pastebin.com/fR0Z1SNK

You’ve finished talking with Felicia and Harry. You’ve been roped into heading to the school’s costume party with Harry. Felicia might show up, but she’s unsure because of her temporary house guest. There’s also the weird reactions Mary Jane Watson has been giving all day, too. There’s also the fact you should probably talk with Gwen…

You hurry back to your locker and grab your coat, scarf, and bag. Wrapping yourself up, you see that most people have already headed out. You’ll probably miss the bus if you try to stop and talk with anyone else, though.

>[ ] Get on the bus, head home
>[ ] Check on Mary Jane
>[ ] Go talk to Gwen
>[ ] Head somewhere (write in)
>[ ] Write in

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>[X] Go talk to Gwen


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>>[ ] Get on the bus, head home

Keep our health up.

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>>[ ] Get on the bus, head home
We have to go, get our costume. Take Stella trick or treating. and chill with Haryy/Take Felicia to the party.

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>[X] Go talk to Gwen
Only one we haven't.

Also supporting this plan >>28785205 for tonight if it's possible.

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>[ ] Go talk to Gwen
I think we've given her enough time so things aren't super awkward.

>> No.28785490

Remember guys, keep calm and don't do Richard.
>>[ ] Go (not) talk to Gwen
Can we just drop her our new phone number and say that we could try to explain SOME bits of stuff that happen last week?
Or ad least tell her that Doom/Latveria can support us in case feds came up.

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>Go talk to Gwen
We should probably TRY.

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>[ ] Head somewhere (write in)
Didn't Felica want us to stop by? We should probably head over there and check on her and Stella.

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We can't talk through her phone. It might be wired by the stalker.

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>[ ] Check on Mary Jane
>[ ] Go talk to Gwen

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>> No.28785530

>[X] Go talk to Gwen
>[X] Head somewhere (write in)
This >>28785497

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How about we buy her an pre-paid phone in upcoming weekend so we can talk freely?

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I'll support this after talking to Gwen since we'll miss the bus anyway.

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I support this after talking to Gwen. It has been a few days since we saw Stella.

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I'm pretty sure she didn't tell us to stop by, but it might be a good idea if we want Stella to experience trick-or-treating.

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Supported, agreed, and other such things.

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>> No.28785595

Go see Felicia

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>Ok, if MJ is stabbing herself in public her instability has clearly reached a level where she needs more thorough care than her Aunt/Grandmother/whatever can provide. We need to alert her guardian and see if we can get her the help she desperately need.

But that's latter. For now:

>Go talk to Gwen. Do not give out the phone number for the rediculously expensive sat-phone our girlfriend just gave us until she has an untraceable phone as well.

Seriously, no need for people after us to be sent Gwen's way instead.

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Not now and no she didn't.

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I'll support it but don't forget to pick up the costume

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...Why were we supposed to root against Doom in that event again?

Was it because muh status quo?

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Oh god damnit spell check, what's wrong with me today...

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I just started reading this quest. I'm not going to suggest yet, but I swear to fucking god if you somehow end the quest now, I will hunt you down individually and set each of you on fire.

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Cosgrove, how much cash to we have on us?
We need to buy some more materials for anything we want to build with our engineering skills.

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>Ok, if MJ is stabbing herself in public her instability has clearly reached a level where she needs more thorough care than her Aunt/Grandmother/whatever can provide. We need to alert her guardian and see if we can get her the help she desperately need.

It said she accidentally stabbed herself with the fork.

As in the thought of being in a party surrounded by other people caused her to make a reflexive motion with the hand holding the fork, and by chance it hit her other hand.

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>Felicia looks tempted for a moment. “Maybe. I don’t really feel safe leaving Stella around unattended for too long, though. You should also think about stopping by.”

Longs she didn't say you /have/ to go... Still it's a woman hinting at doing something...

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No, not now.

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Not only did she not tell us to come over to her place, I'm pretty sure it would be unwise to do so unless we want it to be a surprise.

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You the guy from QTG?

>> No.28785693

Oh, I guess I missed that.

Never mind then, if she said so it's probably a good idea.

Though I'd kind of like to stop by our house first?

Not sure when exactly Harry will be dropping the costume off.

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Isn't all Marvel fandom secretly (or not so secretly) rooting for Doom?

Also, is it me or does our Doom seem like the closest thing we're likely to get for a Cosgrove self insert?

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See >>28785650

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>> No.28785718

Do you believe her?

>> No.28785725

Mmm... Agreed agreed. We do need to be around for Harry to drop off the costume. So much to do so little time.

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Ok, how about dropping Gwen a note "Victor Von Doom (Latveria leader) is ally KNOWS about me. If You get in troubles, seek him in embassy" ??
After that we just go either to Felicia or home.

>> No.28785745

We got spiderman. We can swing by right? Right?

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>Cosgrove self insert?

Nope. DOOM and I aren't even close in personality.

>> No.28785757

Things we have to do tonight:
Get non-spiderman costume
Talk to Felicia
Maybe take Stella trick-or-treating since this is apparently a big thing for Americans
Come back home and wait for Harry
Have a good time

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Oh hell no. We don't want more trouble for DOOM.

Seriously, Let just go somewhere private and TELL HER EVERYTHING.

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I'd rather not put something like that in writing. Not with /tg/ dice and Parker Luck working against us.

>> No.28785772

I'd rather not blow her off. We need to have an honest talk.

>> No.28785784

Let's see Felicia, she said to drop by and we need to discuss prom and stella

>> No.28785800

No, don't avoid one of Peter's problems

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So list is:
>talk to Gwen
>swing by home for costume
>go to Felicia's
>take Stella trick-or-treating
>find Stella a babysitter(Aunt May and Uncle Ben?)
>go to party
>fight Sandman

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Eh, why would her NOT setting off our spider-sense make us MORE suspicious?

Also my theory is that our subconscious was able to connect that MJ=Alice, even if our conscious mind is stupid in that area. That new information overrode the instinctive MJ=Thread thing our childhood trauma caused.

Because otherwise somehow Cletus Kasaday being arrested means MJ no longer wants to hurt us/everyone.

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>discuss prom
I read that as discuss porn.

>> No.28785820

I was thinking about Doom heeding Pete's advice about time travel. Maybe the scene was less symbolic about future directions of this quest than I'd thought...

>> No.28785828


>honest talk
Is Peter in shape to talk about his spectacular PTSD adventures with out passing out?

>> No.28785832

>[ ] Go talk to Gwen

>discuss prom and stella
But we don't have to right now

>> No.28785849

When we swing back at home I feel like we should go next door and apologize to MJ for triggering her, and ask if she'd like us to bring some form of baked goods back?

Pity is a strong emotion, and it might give us more opportunity to find out what her deal is.

>> No.28785859

We talked to Flash and can still feel his body that was blown to bits onto us, so yeah.

>> No.28785861

Gwens not going anywhere. We dont need to deal with her immediately. Let's focus on the immediate issue and talk to her on the weekend

>> No.28785867

>[x] Go talk to Gwen
Trial of the dragon!

>> No.28785872

>fight Sandman

>yfw Phil Urich saves the day instead of us

>> No.28785880


>> No.28785881

>[ ] Check on Mary Jane

Also any info on what Richards is doing right now? You'd think the smartest man in the world would notice two people "close" to him missing from the building.

>> No.28785889

The sooner the better, man. We've kind of ignored her too long as is.

>> No.28785897

if we can stand flash, we can stand gwen.

She needs to know.

>> No.28785898

And I'm thinking that someone MJ was starting to admire just (superficially) proved the self to be a phony. This, in addition to the weather, explains the extra antisocial moping she's been up to today.

I still think there's more to Alice than that, but I haven't read all Cosgrove's post game Q&As.

>> No.28785931

What do you mean by that? You mean she looked up to Cletus for some reason?

Also while the circumstances of how MJ got mauled by Gwen and/or CARNAGE aren't clear, it doesn't seem hard to connect the dots.

I don't buy her having Gwen's soul/being Anya somehow.

>> No.28785932

We just fucking got back, remember the whole stop trying to do everything immediately ourselves? Are we even fully recovered

>> No.28785948

So what? That doesn't mean we can blow this off with her.

Besides we should at least see just how high the DC is for clearing the air with her, for future reference.

>> No.28785953

Because we used the symbiote to hamper our spider-sense when we were fighting Carnage. Our spider-sense no longer recognizes the symbiotes as a threat, which means if we're NOT getting the usual warning from MJ, that she could very well have a symbiote.

We should investigate that.

>> No.28785957

Well, we can use her help on this.

>> No.28785962

Yes we are. And I'm not talking about filling her in on the future. I'm talking about the whole stalker and love triangle bullshit we ignored for so long it blew up in our face with fluffy tail touching

>> No.28785963

What the fuck does that have to with talking to Gwen who the majority believes isn't going to attack us?

>> No.28785987




>> No.28785989

It was 30 years. We are not in a rush. Getting Stella taken care of is more important

>> No.28785999

...That's not how it fucking works?

Symbiotes don't exist outside the timestream.

>> No.28786006

That's what I'm thinking.

>> No.28786025

Richard Parker created the Venom symbiote. We saw it in that memory/dream we had after getting injured by the Hobgoblin.

>> No.28786028

Also: We never got Doom or Sue to check our blood for Carnage residue from when it stole our blood.

Also how would Cassidy stab someone and give them superpowers without him moving if not for a symbiote?

>> No.28786045

You're joking right? That's retarded even by comic book logic.

We didn't sense the Venom symbiote because it bonded off our molecular structure. However even when she got our blood, we could still sense Gwenage.

If, say, Eddie Brock got the symbiote on him in this timeline, before it bonded to us, he'd still set off our spider sense if he tried to attack us.

>> No.28786050

Probably still tinkering of how to present the Thing and him self to public >pic very related
we dont know that IC or OOC

>> No.28786051

She's fine for a few days faggot, Felicia told us that already and she's trying to use the almanac once for some money which eliminates another issue.

>> No.28786057

We check our blood later.

BUT we might deal with SPIDER CLONES FROM DOOM.

But I trust Doom. Seriously, DOOM is our closest ally to fight against the future threats.

>> No.28786062

No, it was confirmed las thread we could still sense Carnage after it drank our blood.

>> No.28786063


The fuck does that have to do with anything, considering that we could notice CARNAGE's killing intent quite acutely.

>> No.28786072

Agreed on !Anya, I just think Alice ended up being derived from MJ and that that's different from her actually being MJ. Depending on how you think about it that might make sense or sound like bulshit, no worries. I get that I'm making what may seem like an arbitrary distinction, but it means something to me.

And no, I think she was following the Maximum Carnage Killer, not Cletus. Having the mystery ripped away from an idol tends to crack the pedestal they've been placed on. Plus the guy that was sticking it to society or whatever just gave in it...for now.

>> No.28786076

And how will we explain the magic bank account

>> No.28786081

How many times do I have to tell you guys that the Carnage symbiote was made to combat alien invasions? It doesn't exist yet.

>> No.28786082

>we dont know that IC or OOC
We do.

Because that's fucking retarded.

>> No.28786103

We already covered that. Her "dad" is paying for the expenses.

>> No.28786107

Carnage might not exist but MJ does.

>> No.28786116 [DELETED] 

Why would we have to explain that to Gwen? I doubt she'll question us having a phone unless we go out of the way to say how expensive it is.

>> No.28786122

That doesn't mean there's any reason for her to be immune to our spider-sense now that makes even a smidgen of sense.

>> No.28786123

If her dad could do that why send her away, or why not to actual family. That's a shitty excuse

>> No.28786138

Also does anyone else feel like we should get a spare phone to use when talking to Aunt May/MJ/Harry/Flash etc?

Just as an extra precaution?

>> No.28786147

Do you even folow the quest "Mr Hardy" doesn't exist, its just cover up for our auntie so she doesn't question who pump all the money to take care for Stella.

>> No.28786155

Yeah, but Doom's the kind of guy apt hat assumes that if you aren't asking for help (or accepting it when offered) then you've got your own shit covered. We didn't ask for medical help or observation of any kind when we had one of the foremost biologists in the room and access to all of Doom's local resources. What's he going to do? Quarantine us like Richards did to his allies? Fuck no, Parker has it in hand or I can deal with it later, thinks Doom.

>> No.28786156

Ya that would probably be a good idea. Though it would look a little odd if we're caught with two phones

>> No.28786158

Did you even read the cover story? Felicia's dad is too busy to take care of the sick son and daughter he already has. He wants Stella(an orphaned distant-relative) to have a family environment to grow up in rather than be left alone.

>> No.28786171

>I didn't even read the cover
Get out

>> No.28786188

also gives us an excuse to funnel some money to our parents.

>> No.28786202

No shit fuckhead,I'm pointing out why its a bad excuse. What dad sends her daughter to live with his other daughters boyfriend despite not being together for a month

>> No.28786223

Stella isn't Mr. Hardy's daughter. She's like his niece or something.

>> No.28786224

read >>28786171 and >>28786158

>> No.28786231


No, I think the theory that she has a symbiote holds water.
She might have the Venom symbiote instead

>> No.28786241

Whatever. Question Stoll stands.it's an extremely flimsy story

>> No.28786244

Since when is Stella going to be Felicia's sister? I though she was a cousin or more distantly related.

>> No.28786245

Once again. You didn't read the fucking cover story. Stella isn't the daughter. She's a relative's daughter who was orphaned. Mr. Hardy is already too busy to take care of the kids he has and wants Stella to live with an actual supportive family. He's going to pay for her to make it easier.

>> No.28786249

>What dad sends her daughter
>dad sends her

You're not thinking straight go do something else for a few minutes.

>> No.28786251

Have faith. Felicia is good at this, and we have every reason to trust her.

>> No.28786265

Feel free to provide a better cover story if you have one.

>> No.28786267

>Yeah, I'm going to need you to roll me a willpower test.

1d20+4, DC20

>> No.28786274

Rolled 5 + 4


>> No.28786280

Rolled 18 + 4


>> No.28786283

Oh come on. Flash's DC wasn't this high

>> No.28786284

Rolled 6 + 4

Son of a...

>> No.28786285

Why fucking send him to live with someone unrelated then.

>> No.28786286

Rolled 4 + 4


>> No.28786296

Praise the gods.

If I recall right... we did take her head off.

>> No.28786301


>> No.28786303

We didn't have to beat Flash into a bloody pulp then decapitate him.

>> No.28786305

And safe!

>> No.28786313

Her, rather

>> No.28786315


Because his "daughter", Felicia, who we ought to reveal we're dating to out Aunt and Uncle, put in a good word for us.

>> No.28786318

You! You brilliant roller you!

Thanks for the save.

>> No.28786320

Thank you anon for ending the PTSD ride.

>> No.28786330

Answer me this. If a busy dad got stuck with another kid he couldn't take care of and obviously there was no other family he could turn to(otherwise he wouldn't be stuck with her in the first place) and he didn't want to put her into the hell of foster care, what would he do?

>> No.28786344

Hm, I guess that'd make a difference. But we still had Flash remember us, get blown up all over us and it was our first death that we witnessed. That must be worth more than this DC.

>> No.28786350

Well, that and he knows us from tutoring Felix and thinks we'd be a good influence.

>> No.28786354

The one we've dated for less than a month? It'd be one thing if she was with felicia, but she's not

>> No.28786358

Damnit, just once I wanted to fail a future shock willpower test.

>> No.28786366

We kind of crushed Gwenage's body to a bloody, messy pulp with the Venom symbiote, and she sucked a good amount of our blood out of our body with a very painful, wide needle.

>> No.28786371

Be quiet you.

>> No.28786381

Because obviously if HE is the first choice there's no way other family could take her in.

Peter has been good to both his kids and Stella warmed up to him already.

>> No.28786389

>> No.28786398



>> No.28786399

We didn't have to beat the living crap out of the Flash for hours so...yea that might be little more traumatic

>> No.28786417

Where exactly is this from?

>> No.28786426

You do mean MINUTES.

It was ten minutes of beating and then decapitation.

>> No.28786435

I guess it just seems worse to me because when we were the vehicle Peter was literally a roll away from sobbing.

>> No.28786437

Send her to the daughter or parents or siblings, not someone unrelated

>> No.28786441

There was a lot of bone snapping happening. I can't people forgetting how long that fight was.

>> No.28786446

Flash is an acquaintance we saw die, Gwen is a close friend we might still have some romantic feelings toward (though nothing we'd act on since we're with Felicia) that we watched murder flash, abuse Felicia and ended up beating her to a paste who knows ow many times.

Yeah, that second one's worse.

>> No.28786451

Fearless Defenders.

>> No.28786454


>be dad
>son is tutored by nice, brilliant Peter Parker, and they become good friends
>daughter takes a shine to Peter and they start dating
>have third child who you are unable to take care of and don't want to burden 17 year old daughter with
>Well, how about that Parker boy? He lives with his aunt and uncle who have been having financial difficulties, so maybe with a few greased palms they'll be willing to take my little girl in.

>> No.28786465

>I can't blame people

Words. Where did they go.

>> No.28786478

No, Peter was literately breaking her/it bones for at least two hours with no breaks just to slow down the her/it insane regeneration power.

>> No.28786502

Why not the son, or daughter

>> No.28786507


"You keep pummeling CARNAGE, not letting her take a moment to recover. She tires, again and again to get up, but you continue to pummel her. The sounds of bones breaking and healing has become a constant sound over the past ten minutes."


>> No.28786516

I think the DC is harder less because of the PTSD and more because, how do you not suspect your friend at least a little bit after all that?

Same thing happened with Harry after we figured out about what happened to our parents.

I just said in that fucking post that other family isn't an option because otherwise he wouldn't have been chosen to take care of her in the first place. There is no one related to take care of her. That's why it's going to someone unrelated.

>> No.28786526

Because both the imaginary son and the daughter are 17 and still go to school.

>> No.28786529

So why fucking accept in the first place

>> No.28786533

The son is in the hospital and the daughter is almost 18 and has his trust.

>> No.28786537

The son is technically in a medical facility out of state, if I recall.

>> No.28786539

Because Felicia lives alone, and Felix moved to California when transferring to a new highschool.

That's the cover story.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben can provide the adult support where there is none at Felicia's.

>> No.28786555

Son is sick and daughter is in high school. Or why not send them away too? Because their his fucking kids. Stella, on the other hand, needs a loving environment with attentive parental figures because she's a young oprhan.

Because leaving a girl in foster care is a bad thing to do. Foster care is totally shit.

>> No.28786561

He didn't accept, everyone else was dead and he cares enough about her to not want her in foster care

>> No.28786577

Because ditching a family member like that in foster care is cruel.

>> No.28786583

There was no one else. Period. No other family, no close friends of her parents, just Mr. Hardy or the foster system, which in America is a crapshoot with the dice loaded against you. This is his hail Mary to find someway to spare her the worst possible outcome and do right by his Brother/Sister/Whatever while still focussing on everything he already has on his plate.

>> No.28786585

Because she's our adopted imouto and has crazy superpowers. Not only that, but she's imprinted on us and will be very useful in a practical sense when her powers become more developed.

>> No.28786661


Did we ever agree to try and sell the soundproofing material we made that one suit out of? Might help out on money and such.

I know people said Felicia has money and then some at the same time I don't feel right to have her put all the money up for.... well for a lot of things really.

>> No.28786682

We have the almanac money to offset that now, but anyway the patenting of our science stuff is more a long term goal.

>> No.28786687

>Feeling bad about mooching off your rich girlfriend.

>> No.28786706

She made a lot of cash from the sports almanac we got from the future, and considers half of what she made to be Peter's.

Money isn't a big issue at the moment.

>> No.28786717

Didn't say it was Carnage, said it was reminiscent of a symbiote. Peter should make the connection at this point and want to investigate.

>> No.28786720

Forgot about that. Still a thought though.

>> No.28786727

We should learn to make it in a different colour, like white or off white.
I mean we did clearly wear that suit in public right?

>> No.28786732

Hiring a patent lawyer to see if there aren't existing or competing patents for the same thing is kind of expensive. But we should be able to now.

>> No.28786734

>quickly reared Issue #32
Sorry anon for being wrong. I have no idea why Im remembering it different
I think Peter should share the recipe for the webbing/soundproofing material, he might have some ideas how to use them better.

>> No.28786743

Don't forget we have an explicit offer from Norman Osborne, CEO of one of the biggest scientific research and technology companies on the planet, to work there.

>> No.28786745

We're using the money she made from our Sports Almanac. Which she has already said is part ours. Though I want to do pic related eventually.

>> No.28786761

Yellow is one of our identifying colors now.

We have a TON of stuff on our plate right now.

Also we need to slow down a bit. 166 replies and we're not even an update in.

>> No.28786762

Fuck Oscorp. Let's finish the Iron Man arc and work for Stark.

>> No.28786774

Eh, it's not a big deal, nobody knows Spider-man's new suit is made of the same material.

>> No.28786785

See that's what I want to do also.

>> No.28786787

We've worn red and blue twice(Gwen's costume and the bad end costume) plus that. That's all our public appearances. Different costume each time.

>> No.28786794

We should make sure Harry's okay with it first, like make it clear that it'd just be because no one else is hiring.

And even if he's okay with it, Felicia would have to be as well. Maybe Gwen in addition to that, if we can sort out what her problem is.

>> No.28786811

Well, you should probably go ahead and deal with the Gwen situation. There’s a lot that you need to talk with her about, after all.

You head over to her locker and see her and suppress EVERYTHING you’ve dealt with from the future. Every single instance of dealing wither her- the memory of Flash’s death, the unnerving way she recovered from damage- you blood bring dr-

Nope. Stop remembering. Now.

Taking a deep breath you head over to Gwen who is putting things away in her backpack. She pauses as she hears you walk up, her face a bit uneasy. “…Hey, Peter.”

You wave awkwardly. “Hey, Gwen.”

The last time you saw her was, technically, the night she saw Felicia on top of you. “So, how’ve things been?”

Gwen looks into her locker, away from you. “…Fine. The stalker’s quit, whoever he is. Guess he got scared off or decided it wasn’t worth the effort.”

Her tone’s sarcastically self-demeaning as she closers her locker loudly. “Look, I’m glad things turned out well for your girlfriend, Peter. I know I’m not blameless, but I think I’d like a bit of normality- I’ll help out if there’s someone like the Hobgoblin that shows up, but I…”

Gwen adjusts her glasses and turns away, her voice a bit rough. “…I’ve got to hurry- don’t want to miss my bus.”

And she’s off. Again.


Well, Felicia’s invited you over. You should probably go ahead and head over- it’d be nice to see Stella anyway. You walk through the streets with the cloudy skies overhead, thinking.


>> No.28786815

That's all kinds of metagaming.

Plus working for Oscorp could give us an "in" with our investigation.

Remember how we were supposed to do that?

>> No.28786816

Can we at least make it less piss-yellow and more of >pic ?

>> No.28786820

I wonder when the Kingpin's men are going to show up at her door. Or if she happens to not be there whenever they come around, maybe they'll stop by her boyfriend's. Fisk can't like the idea do someone playing him and his gambling racket.

>> No.28786825

I can't believe you are actually considering Oscorp as an option when they could easily nick some of our blood and realize what happened.

>> No.28786826

The only way I'd take that job is to infiltrate. Besides, that would piss off Harry, and possibly Gwen and Felicia too. Taking that job is like selling out.

>> No.28786830

You’ll need to refill your webbing- you’ve only got the two cartridges in your webshooters left and haven’t been able to make more since getting back. Speaking of which, you should probably think about renovating those and upgrading them, too. You should also think about designing a new costume, too.

With your thoughts in hand, you reach Felicia’s house and knock on the door. After a few moments, the door opens with a somewhat irritated looking Felicia at the door, who perks up the moment she sees you.

“Oh, Peter, I didn’t expect you to stop by, considering the costume party.”

“Yeah, I thought I’d stop by, since it’s the first day I’m off of sick lockdown at my house.”

>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[ ] Where’s Stella at?
>[ ] I was thinking of not going to the party to spend more time with you
>[ ] write in

>> No.28786847

Dude. working for Oscorp is basicaly selling our soul for money.

>> No.28786849

You don't think she had proxies do the gambling for her?

And I wouldn't be surprised if she robbed Fisk in the past, didn't she use to do things like that?

>> No.28786854

>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[ ] Where’s Stella at?

>> No.28786857


You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.

I was thinking of not going to the party to spend more time with you

>> No.28786858

>>[X] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.

We have to at least make an appearance at the party for Harry's sake. He got our costume and everything.

>> No.28786862

>You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.

>> No.28786863

>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[ ] Where’s Stella at?

>> No.28786865

>[X] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[X] Where’s Stella at?
Maybe see about taking Stella trick-or-treating and getting our aunt and uncle to babysit while we go to the party.

>> No.28786874

>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[ ] I was thinking of not going to the party to spend more time with you.
We can just show up to say hi to Harry.

>> No.28786876

>[X] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[X] I was thinking of not going to the party to spend more time with you

Make an appearance for the sake of Harry but dont stay all night, we need to give waifu more of our time after all

>> No.28786877

>>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>>[ ] Where’s Stella at?
>[ ] write in
"I was thinking that after the party I could get back here and we and Stella would do some trick-or-treating? If you green-light it of course"

>> No.28786880

>>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.

>> No.28786884

This. Can't ditch Stella, can't ditch Harry, can't ditch Felicia. Got to cover our bases.

>> No.28786894

>>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>ask her to the party

>> No.28786895

But by picking that option you're implying we're not going at all and just staying with her.

You should Write In if you want to be more specific.

>> No.28786897


>> No.28786907

This works. Make an appearance for Harry and then go trick-or-treating with Stella and Felicia.

>> No.28786911

They don't know she exist yet. We probably introduce Stella on weekend or something.

>> No.28786922

>Are you alright? Even if it's temporary I know I'm really imposing on you having Stella as a room mate. How are you two holding up?

>> No.28786925

I like it, hang out for a while to satisfy Harry and then spend time with these two.

>inb4 Sandman ruins everything

>> No.28786928

Oh Christ fuck no.



>> No.28786933

>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[ ] Where’s Stella at?

>> No.28786942

I'm pretty sure he was saying to ask Felicia about it.

>> No.28786954

Voting against

>> No.28786957




>> No.28786961

>[X] You alright?

She's our girlfriend so right now let's just focus on her. We can pivot to Stella in a couple of minutes, but we want Felicia to know she isn't getting bumped down our priority list.

>> No.28786964


>> No.28786980

>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[ ] Where’s Stella at?

>> No.28786981

I thought the vote was to ask if she was alright, then about Stella. Why waste time with another round of voting?

>> No.28786982

>Parker face when
"Really? Turning in to sand? Like how in the word am I suppose to web you dude?!"

>> No.28786985

>"getting our aunt and uncle to babysit while we go to the party."

No, he was not. He wasn't thinking.

>> No.28787000

>[X] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[X] Where’s Stella at?
>[X] write in
>"I was thinking that after the party I could get back here and we and Stella would do some trick-or-treating? If you green-light it of course"

>> No.28787001

>maybe see about
That means inquiring if it's possible, anon.

>> No.28787006

Parker isn't stupid.

"I wonder how much more mass his body can take before he can no longer re-form? Perhaps being soaked in water will be a good test...?"

>> No.28787031

Surely Stella can handle a couple of hours on her own, right?

>> No.28787037

>[x] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>[x] I was thinking of not going to the party to spend more time with you

>> No.28787044

Because if you don't write out that kind of distinction Cos might interpret it as "Ask both A and B simultaneously" which I don't want, rather than "ask A and B sequentially with a conversationally appropriate transition between the two" which I'm hoping for. Just figured I'd explain what I was voting for in full so as not to accidentally contribute my voice to something I expect to be suboptimal.

>> No.28787047

"Hey Stella, you mind staying by yourself after I fousted you on someone you didn't know for a week?"

Way to be callous to the character who is essentially our daughter.

>> No.28787057

She IS Loki's kid.
"I tried to make you guys a cake, but I accidentally rekindled the Chinese Mongolian boarder wars. My bad."

>> No.28787067

And then the apartment is suddenly burnt to the ground and both Stella and Felicia end up bunking with us.

Just as planned?

>> No.28787070

Is there anyway we could start working on redoing our web-shooters

>> No.28787074

Well gee, maybe you shouldn't have fousted her on someone she didn't know for a week then?

It's not like the girl who had a girl she doesn't know pushed in her care for a week needs some time either

>> No.28787086

Yeah this. Make it clear we're paying attention to her first.

>> No.28787087

What apartment? Felicia lies in a house.

>> No.28787090

She'd break up with us. Ladies don't like it when you burn their house down, according to my ex.

>> No.28787092

Say Cosgrove, I'm a big fan of your quest and I like how the system you made works. Is there any chance you might make some sort of document outlining it in full so other people could use it?

>> No.28787099

You know, I agree, I kind of figured we'd ask them both sequentially, but you know what they say about assuming.

Cos, I vote we ask sequentially, asking simultaneously might come off as rude

>> No.28787104

She's already dealt with several hours on her own and Felicia doesn't want to increase that.

Also, how would you feel if you got brought here by your "brother" only to hardly ever see him for a whole week and get ditched by him when he does have time to see you?

>> No.28787111

Am I the only one confused here? Felicia is around Peters age, maybe a little older, but you always upload images of this anime girl who looks like she's 7 one 8 years old.

Did I miss something? Do I need to go through the archives again?

>> No.28787117

Agreeing with these.

>> No.28787118

Yea i agree with this as well. Let's show concern for Felicia first.

>> No.28787123

Well I guess I'd feel glad that I didn't get wiped out of fucking existence.

>> No.28787125

No more social link building its time to improve our equipment.
New Web-shooters and Impact Webbing.
Lets get on it damnit

>> No.28787137

Maybe you and all these other faggots shouldn't have taken her from the future you stupid morons. By far the worst arc.

>> No.28787138

Fucking fuck in fucking hell. Twitter didn't message my phone until an hour after the tweet announcing thread start. FUCK

YAY! Peter Parker Quest. Good evening, how is my favorite collection of cooperative anons, namefags, and tripfags doing tonight? Getting caught up now. How goes, Cosgrove?

Alright. Lets have a good night and not repeat the night of madness and sorrow!



>> No.28787139

You can't into empathy can you?

>> No.28787143

It's hard finding art of short haired girls with white hair.

>> No.28787147

Web shotgun that fires out an absolute fuckton of web all at once.

>> No.28787167

It's perfectly understandable considering he has a life of his own, and he's trying to get her into his house. A little time away really is not such a big deal

>> No.28787168


When we make the Web Shooters 1.1 or 1.2 we shouldmake a second pair for Gwen.

>> No.28787169

Felicia's a petite girl.

This is a good point. I agree.

Autism is truly a curse upon humanity.

We can handle that later, mang. don't worry.

>> No.28787170

Why don't you upload pictures of, you know, the actual character?

>> No.28787184

I hear you.

>> No.28787188

You -really- can't into empathy, can you?

It's not about it being understandable or not. Also, she's 12. She won't get it the way you do.

>> No.28787192

PQ Felicia has a much more athletic build

>> No.28787194

Weird how a single episode changed my opinion to hatred to love.

>> No.28787203

We've waited long enough.
I'm putting my vote to improve our equipment as soon as possible

>> No.28787210

I spent time away from my parents when I was 12. It wasn't that big of a deal

>> No.28787212

I'm more concerned about making a new costume (the classic Spider-Man), our utility belt for our inevitable special webbing, and other things, as well as improved Spider-tracers that we can detect for miles.

>> No.28787217


That sounds like one of the late 2000's Spider-Man action figures.

It happens, Cos, it happens.

Because Cosgrove's written Felicia with short hair and slim build, far unlike canon Felicia Hardy who has luxuriously long hair and va-va-voom.

>> No.28787218

If by athletic build you mean a 8 year child build, then yeah, I guess you're right.

It just doesn't make sense to me.

>> No.28787232

Yeah, now you're a fully productive member of the internet community with your own friends and keys and everything.

>> No.28787249


You didn't imprint on one person shortly after being awoken from months of sleep during your short existence.
She only LOOKS 12. She's in fact MUCH younger than 12.

Stop being an autistic faggot.

>> No.28787251

The best comparison in build I can suggest would be this girl from "My Mental Choices are ruining my highshcool love life"

>> No.28787257

Were you just coming from a post-apocalyptic future, stuck with a girl you met just a week ago while the only person you trust and really cares about you couldn't find the time to do something with you when?

It's not comparable at all.

>> No.28787268

>I'm more concerned about making a new costume (the classic Spider-Man)

I really don't see any reason to do that until the summer at least, when our current costume becomes too hot to wear.

>> No.28787271

Me? You mean "us" right? We are the collective controlling apparatus for Peter Parker.

Dude, I have just caught up with the archives, I am in no way responsible for any of the decisions made in the future arc. And further: if you didn't like a particular vote that everyone else voted for, suck it up, you got outvoted.

And you weren't a specialized weapons project made in a world where society crumbled and designed to have a handler act a moral compass and targeting computer, the self-same handler who made it clear self-determination and empathy were important before naming you family. Your experiences aren't applicable.

>> No.28787281

How about the girl from Darker then Black?

>> No.28787284

I'd rather have an agility costume we can wear under our clothes. Especially for this party.

>> No.28787294

We have social obligations. We can go home and get more webbing, but we can easily work on new things after school tomorrow.
Today we need to spend time with our gf and imouto. Their happiness is more valuable to us than anything we can invent at current.

>> No.28787298

>>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>>[ ] Where’s Stella at?
>>[ ] I was thinking of not going to the party to spend more time with you

I say all of these. Honestly, we have been a horrible boyfriend for Felicia so far. We need time to talk over everything with her as well as just spend regular time together.


I really like her character. The fact that she looks like she might win is also good.

>> No.28787300

Stop your bitching and fuck off.

>> No.28787303

Did you meet your parents 2 weeks ago? Are you from a post apoc future? Did you have anyone else in the world you could trus?

>> No.28787304

Her hairs way too long. Also, purple eyes (if I remember correctly) instead of green and she's a bit too short.

>> No.28787305

>if you didn't like a particular vote that everyone else voted for, suck it up, you got outvoted.
Shame not everyone thinks ahead and just goes with their first instinct. We're still in fucking high school, no job, superhero on the side and still living with our grandparents. And yet people decided it would be a good idea to take in a gothic loli for some reason.

I'm still pissed.

>> No.28787315


Huh, she would probably work too.

Also, friendly reminder my right honorable friends, lets all not bite the bait or throw any trolls our scraps, they'll just keep coming back.

>> No.28787317

We can't wear either of our current costumes underneath our clothes.

Look at it this way; how many times have we had to double-back somewhere to get our costume because we were forced to leave it someplace?
We need an agility suit to wear under our street clothes, and that;s that.

>> No.28787323

Because the alternate was to let her die you dumbass.

>> No.28787328

And I'm pissed people bought a fucking statue because they knew it would be cursed. Can't alays get what you want.

>> No.28787333

>B-but we her nonexistence would be filled with pain and regret
>she'd grow up with abandonment issues with the whole nonexistance thing

>> No.28787341

Hear hear.

>> No.28787344

Then you can kindly fuck off and deal with it.

She's a half-Asgardian with amazing superpowers and crazy weapons. She'll be our biggest asset one day. It's a long-term investment.

>> No.28787347

And it was the right choice. Shouldn't have taken anything from the future other than the cure.

>> No.28787355


I'm ambivalent and happy about the statue thing. I enjoy my shadowruns, and that choice gave us more shadowruns than we knew what to do with.

...I'm a terrible person.

>> No.28787359

I'd rather we upgrade our slingers, trackers and existing costumes before making a style/agility costume.

>> No.28787360

It either take her with us or let her get erased with the timeline.

Ask yourself that. Would you let that girl die because you felt You could't take care of her?

If you say yes, your a dick.

>> No.28787367

And you can go fuck off also.

>> No.28787369

We can just fix up the proto-costume Gwen made for us?

Also I'm pretty sure we only needed to double-back once when Hobgoblin attacked. Like we're not the kind of guy who rushes to save the day or goes on patrol for criminals.

>> No.28787373

Your point Anon? I'm the guy who encouraged us to date Gwen specifically for the benefits to our cover it provided to us, and I didn't act like a whiny bitch when everyone decided to start dating Felicia.

So suck it up, you got outvoted.

>> No.28787378

Dying is not the same as nonexistance.
She shouldn't have existed in the first place

>> No.28787379

Because of that statue we now have Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Victor von DOOM as friends.

>> No.28787383

Yeah, still a bit sore about that, but at least we got Stella out of the deal.

>> No.28787389

You guys are monsters.

>> No.28787392

You are a douche bag. Next you tell me that superior spiderman was the best arc in spiderman history.

>> No.28787398


Hey now, this is supposed to be a game and fun, there's no reason to direct outright hostility toward one another. That is exactly the kind of behavior that made Cosgrove almost drop this quest. What does it serve *ANY* of us to carry on with that kind of attitude right now only a few days after a meltdown and blowout by our own hands?

>> No.28787401

>Like we're not the kind of guy who rushes to save the day or goes on patrol for criminals.

Would be kind of stupid not to, considering we now have the Good Karma perk.

>> No.28787408

How is leaving a 12 year old to die in character?

>> No.28787413

That pretty good.

We are also warn of future threats and got future tech.

2 year from now, alien invasion. Get ready for that.

>> No.28787419

I have to agree. Being pissed at the choice of the statue is entirely meta on my end. Peter, in game, with have no way of knowing. Also, I do love that we opened up the Marvel Universe more here and got these Amazing Friends.

>> No.28787439

Maybe we'd have gotten to exchange a social responsibility for crippling guilt and nightmares?

>> No.28787443

Guys, calm down all this arguing is going to irritate, Cosgrove again

>> No.28787450

>2 year from now, alien invasion. Get ready for that.
Yeaaahhhhhhhh. We should probably start warning the military or something. Try to get proof first. Or contact SHIELD about it.

>> No.28787454

>All this arguing

Hey, Cut it out.

>> No.28787458


Motherfucking DOOM is our friend.

This is, hands-down, one of the best things that could happen to us.

The statue thing was asking for trouble, yeah, but it paid off in the end. In spades.

>> No.28787460

Agreed, let's change the subject. How does everyone think Hercules will enter things?

>> No.28787462

They are aware anon. That may in fact be the entire point of this out burst.

>> No.28787478

Why don't we bitch about the current dumb choices we're making instead?

>> No.28787482

And letting a 12 year old (likely just 3 year old) girl to die.

PARKER LUCK UP THE WAZOO. And super crippling guilt for letting a girl die for no damn reason.

>> No.28787485

Hey Cosgrove, wanna go race gokarts?

>> No.28787488

Or maybe people have serious problems with a full retard gothic lolita from the future with God powers?

>> No.28787492

Shut the fuck up already

>> No.28787494


It feels like there are 1 or 2 people who seem to want a rise out of us and thus far, they're succeeding.

Sorry Cosgrove.

>> No.28787499

A string of bars emptied of beer and then destroyed by the ensuing bar fight.

>> No.28787506

Sorry cosgrove.

Let talk about Hercules. What he going to do in Halloween?

>> No.28787511

We can have DOOM confirm he sent us to the future, so we should be able to get someone at SHIELD to take us seriously, but with only some Avenger buzzwords and nothing specific...

We can't do much other than get training from them. Either way, 2 years is a long time.

>> No.28787517

When will Peter meet the son of Jesus Christ, whom all bow to and grants his blood to Peter transforming him into an Elder God and winning the metaverse?

Clearly we can't be that far away. We just got a future loli.

>> No.28787518

Taking Stella was an emotional decision, not a logical one. It's also a far more interesting, meaningful, and plot/character shaping decision than just not taking her. Just because we aren't set up to easily take care of her doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

Stop being a lazy powergamer who only picks super optimal insta-win shit and actually try to be in-character and work hard to accomplish a goal for once.

>> No.28787520

As I recall there were only around 2 votes to leave Stella in the future so that seems likely.

>> No.28787523

No need to worry right away

>> No.28787525

He's still asleep/suspended as far as we know.

>> No.28787526

I think Herc is still a stone statue right now. We got an interlude about him, remember?

>> No.28787533

I thought it might have been a good curse, rather than a 'You have three days before becoming a retarded catgirl' curse.

I was wrong.

>> No.28787534


Well, >>28787506 this probably.

>> No.28787538

Could everyone cool down for a while? Please? Just stop responding to arguments. Please just chill.

>> No.28787541

or it's just one sad dude samefagging himself.

>> No.28787545

>This thread

>> No.28787558


Go be butthurt somewhere else. Seriously. If you can't be civil there's no point in you being here.
I can tell you're going to try and be disruptive for the whole thread with the way you're acting.
Want to prove me wrong, please?

>> No.28787567

When are you going to go back to Bleach quest you homolord?

>> No.28787575

You may or may not seen cosgrove saying cut it out.

If you didn't, please stop.

If you did see it, cut it out or cosgrove might get mad.

You don't want a mad cosgrove. Mad cosgrove may not GM or you could continue the shit storm that will kill the thread.

>> No.28787579

On another note, those weapons that mysteriously dissapeared? Is it possible that they just teleported to there former owner (Hulk) due to obviously being magic? I know Thor's hammer is able to return to him.

>> No.28787584

Yeah, it's not a big deal. But Richards on the other hand? Man opened a singularity on an entire nation, we probably should be there when Susan and Jonny talk to him next time so we can try and push him off the path of a super-villain. Because I don't think Reeds right now is capable of lashing out like that, but giving it time to fester, like say 20 years? That's a different question.

>> No.28787592

When Peter Parker Quest stops being the best quest on /tg/.

So, never.

>> No.28787593

Hercules reclaimed them. He doesn't see it as stealing since they were his to begin with.

>> No.28787599

>Is it possible that they just teleported to there former owner (Hulk)

>320 posts in two hours

When he feels like it sperglord

>> No.28787608

How about we discuss those missing weapons? Do you think Sue took them? Maybe we should ask Felicia if Sue stayed there the entire time we were gone, so we can know if she had the time

>> No.28787610

Talking to Commuter, we both agreed that we freaked Doom out when he found out how far his grudge with Reed goes. I think we need to push the two to be rivals working at protecting Earth. A Fantastic Five is a bit too much wishful thinking, but we may be able to heal their rift a little bit.

>> No.28787614

You are right anon.

Fuck them, we got a thread to go through and stella to take care off.

>> No.28787616

Concerned you look at her- she seems more tired than she did earlier, and she’s breathing a little heavier. “You alright? It seems like something was bothering you a moment ago, Felicia.”

Felecia lets you in as she lets out a deep breath. “Look, Peter, I love you but the moment things go through, that girl’s out of here. She’s in my guest room for the night.”

You frown as you look at the clearly frustrated Felicia. “What happened?”

She flops into her chair, annoyed. “Well, what didn’t happen? I told her to stay out of -one- room. Just one. And today I see her -in that room- fiddling with an expensive vase- it was something I kept to commemorate my first theft. And then she drops and breaks it.”

Felicia leans over hands running through her hair. “She’s probably a nice enough girl, but her and I mix like oil and water.”

Felicia lets out a sigh, hitting her head against the back of the chair she‘s in. “I won’t stop you from going to see her, I’m sure she’s worried about you.”

You grimace. Seems like you’ve been causing Felicia a lot of problems by having her take in Stella temporarily. You sit down in the chair next to her and rest your hand on hers. “I didn’t mean to cause you further problems, Felicia.”

Her eyes shoot open as she waves her hands. “Woah, I’m not mad at you, Peter. I’m just in a bit of a bad mood, that’s all. Neither of us wanted to be roommates and she’s getting impatient. I’m mad, but I can’t blame her, really. I probably wasn‘t much better as a kid.”

Felicia gets up and stretches. “I’m going to go get myself something to drink. You can go see Stella if you’d like, though.”

She gets up and heads towards the kitchen.

>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- bring up the party
>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- ask about Trick or Treating
>[ ] Go see Stella
>[ ] Write in

>> No.28787620

Oscorp's security would have picked him up if he stole them. Herc can't turn invisible, last I checked.

We only know Sue stealing them is a possibility. Let's not go throwing around accusations at our friends, okay?

>> No.28787622 [DELETED] 

>You’ll need to refill your webbing- you’ve only got the two cartridges in your webshooters left and haven’t been able to make more since getting back. Speaking of which, you should probably think about renovating those and upgrading them, too. You should also think about designing a new costume, too.
>With your thoughts in hand, you reach Felicia’s house and knock on the door. After a few moments, the door opens with a somewhat irritated looking Felicia at the door, who perks up the moment she sees you.
>“Oh, Peter, I didn’t expect you to stop by, considering the costume party.”
>“Yeah, I thought I’d stop by, since it’s the first day I’m off of sick lockdown at my house.”
>>[ ] You alright? Seems like you were a bit annoyed a moment ago.
>>[ ] Where’s Stella at?
>>[ ] I was thinking of not going to the party to spend more time with you
>>[ ] write in
Since people seem to have forgotten this is what we're discussing.

>> No.28787626

The problem is that you expect /tg/ to play a character as anything other than a white knight who does everything right without thinking about the consequences or troubles it will bring. /tg/ hates fun.

>> No.28787628

I like how the Panther Spirit is shocked at the mere concept of Doomworld

>> No.28787633

Meant to type it Herc there, and yeah, that's what I thought anon since as far as I know hercules has no invisibility powers.

>> No.28787641

For our inevitable new Costume, I WOULD like to make the classic Spidey look, but there are other looks that I like as well, like Assassin Spider-Man from the Spider-Man & Wolverine What-If issue where his Spider Sense is developed to the point where he can see into the immediate future.

Or Gerry Drew Spidey's look, from the Spider-Girl series.

Then there's the Ben Reilly Spider-Man costume.

I realize that two out of three don't have both red and blue as predominant colors, but they could be used as visual references, kind of like how we made "The End" costume, sans the reversible aspect of the costume.

>> No.28787642

>Write in
Blow up the planet

>> No.28787648

>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- bring up the party
>[ ] Go see Stella
Felicia needs boyfriend time, we can talk to Stella about listening to people afterwards

>> No.28787649

>>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- cheer up and/or hugs

The loli can wait. We've been a bad boyfriend lately.

>> No.28787665

The problem is that you expect /tg/ to play a character as anything other than a white knight who does everything right without thinking about the consequences or troubles it will bring. /tg/ hates fun.- You realize that was the opposite of what he was saying right? Also TG can only play a white knight? You don't play many quests do you?

>> No.28787676

>>[ ] Go see Stella

>> No.28787678

>[X] Write In
"I think I might make an appearance at the party for Harry's sake. He got me a costume and everything. After I do that for an hour or two, should I swing by back here? No pun intended."
>[X] Go see Stella

>> No.28787682

>[ ] Go see Stella

I, for one, do not expect to find the master of illusion in the guest room.

>> No.28787689

>[X]Continue talking with Felicia- ask about Trick or Treating

Go see Stella afterwards.

>> No.28787694


>Lets continue talking to Felicia, she probably doesn't want us too bring up the party as she said she doesn't want to leave Stella alone. Lets ask her out on an actual real honest to goodness date once we get everything squared away with Stella being put up at our place.

>> No.28787699

>[X] Go see Stella

>> No.28787700

>Also TG can only play a white knight? You don't play many quests do you?
The only time /tg/ won't play as a white knight is when the entire premise of the quest is to be bad. When given a blank sheet character, it will ALWAYS be a saint.

>> No.28787706

>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- bring up the party

>> No.28787710

>>[ ] Write in: Continue talking with Felicia
>I've been a bad boyfriend lately. I've done a multitude of idiotic things without thinking about your feelings. Honestly, I don't know why you continue to stick by me, though I know that with you by my side I feel like I can do anything. Stella can wait a little bit. We should talk a bit, we need more boyfriend/girlfriend time.

>> No.28787715


>> No.28787725

You're that shithead from Saiyan Quest? lol good luck fucking up this thread.
Seems you get butthurt at a lot of quests when they don't go exactly your way.

>> No.28787727

>Continue talking with Felicia- ask about Trick or Treating

Feel like the least we could do is give her some time to herself, since she more than deserves it.

>> No.28787733

I do like this.

And do I also wonder about the trick or treat idea also.

>> No.28787735

I like this idea.

>> No.28787739

I was thinking about a Spider-Man STALKER costume
You know... for hunting stalkers.

>> No.28787753

>asking if you should swing by
No, say that you'll swing by later. No "should I"s

>> No.28787759


Maybe we can bring up trick-or treating when we get back from the party.

>> No.28787760

That was the funniest episode of the quest so far. And everything seems to be going pretty good in that quest so far. Makes sense, nothing too wacky and retarding going on. Unlike this one.

>> No.28787761

This is good.

>> No.28787767

Yeah that seems good.

Eh, maybe a bit too mopey. I feel like it would be better to make it up to her after Stella is living with us.

>> No.28787770

I like this

>> No.28787774

We're playing fucking Peter Parker. This has nothing to do with /tg/'s playstyle or a blank slate who ends up a Saint. This is who he is.

>> No.28787778

That's a good idea, I like that. I'd still prefer to ask her to the dance though.

>> No.28787791

Okay, yeah. More confidence and self-assurance. Chicks dig that.

>> No.28787797

The only time /tg/ won't play as a white knight is when the entire premise of the quest is to be bad. When given a blank sheet character, it will ALWAYS be a saint. - I'm starting to think white knight just means anything with a morality, because tg tendency to play characters who love pillage and conquer the lands. For that matter, we don't have a lot of quests that don't start with some character input from the GM.
anyway >[X] Go see Stella

>> No.28787804


This is good, though most places end Trick or Treating by 8 PM, which would probably be when the Dance starts. We should take Stella out Trick-or-Treating to give Felicia a break and then go to the Dance for a little.

>> No.28787805

This. Maybe also mention that we may have soured a secret admirer she has (mention the kid crushing the rose/flower at school).

>> No.28787807

Going with this.

>> No.28787820

>Peter Parker Quest

>> No.28787823

stop feeding,

>> No.28787824

>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- bring up the party

>> No.28787829

I'm pretty sure your description of saint means "not a huge asshole".

Like "letting an innocent little girl be erased from existence just because taking her back with us will be inconvenient" ISN'T exactly high on the meter of morality.

It just means that you're not a fucking sociopath.

>> No.28787833

This is also good.

Also, the school probably has an in-service or something on Friday. I mean I don't know of a school that would have a dance with a school night the next day.

>> No.28787845

No. Namefag obviously can't into social interactions with a girlfriend. Not surprising really

>> No.28787847


>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- ask about Trick or Treating

>"I think I might make an appearance at the party for Harry's sake. He got me a costume and everything. After I do that for an hour or two, I'll I swing by back here. No pun intended."

>[ ] Go see Stella

>> No.28787848

stop feeding.

>> No.28787859

Not wanting to take a chance fucking with space and time to bring a girl you can't take care of properly isn't exactly responsible either

>> No.28787872

Oh right we should mention that. Maybe she knows who he is.

You make a good point, we should probably take Stella out for a while first, and then do the party.

>> No.28787881

Stop responding to b8 posts, guys. It's not worth it, and all it does is make the thread die faster.
I don't want this thread to die too quickly.

>> No.28787889

This argument is shit and has been the moment DOOM told us to trust our spider sense you fucking faggot

>> No.28787890

Both of you make points, would you both please just agree to disagree and leave it. Please.

>> No.28787891

>[X]Continue talking with Felicia- bring up the party
>[X]Go see Stella

seriously, we need to give Felicia a GOOD TIME in the school Halloween party.

Stella can go trick or treating with us BEFORE the party starts.

We will then ASK her like a good big bro to be nice to Felicia and don't mess with her home.

In fact, tell her we going to get her a costume. She will be a witch.

>> No.28787892

gbtSB, Zeity, or stop feeding trolls, please.

>> No.28787893

Question for the trick or treat Anton's. The plan is to take Stella ourself and give Felicia an hour or two of freedom, right?

>> No.28787901

Spider sense would have went off if time and space was going to have a problem with it. Also not trying to help someone just because you don't immediately have everything you need to do it is fucking dumb.

>> No.28787909

not a bad idea.

>> No.28787913

Already into autosage, bud.

>> No.28787914

stop feeding

>> No.28787920

Not wanting to take a chance fucking with space and time to bring a girl you can't take care of properly isn't exactly responsible either - You do realize we only weren't allowed to take people who existed twenty years back, right? If she's still a risk, then every molecule we picked up from there is

>> No.28787921

Just because it wouldn't explode space and time doesn't make it a good decision, it just means it won't destroy anything.
The fact of the matter is that we're still in highschool, with no job, and (at the time) had little money with no income in a financially troubled home.
Yeah yeah, fine

>> No.28787924


>> No.28787931

Yes. Felicia is a 17 year old that was saddled with the responsibility of looking after a 12 year old. Even parents that chose to have kids want a break every so often.

>> No.28787932

My main question is who was that guy that was clearly pissed that we were talking to Felicia. Also we really need to get on top of completing the Hoblgoblin arc.

>> No.28787936


Continue talkign with Felicia, bring up the party AND ask about trick or treating as an alternative

>> No.28787939

That's a fine plan.

>> No.28787947

>every molecule
nice b8

>> No.28787949

Yeah, ideally before the party.

Really wish Harry would have given us a specific time for when he'd be coming over.

Or when the party is.

Or what time it is now.

In fact

Check Cell phone to see what time it is.

>> No.28787952

>The problem won't immediately solve itself for me so I don't want to deal with it.

>> No.28787953

Um, do you think leaving a sugar high daughter of Loki by herself for a few hours is that good of an idea? She only has a few days worth of experience in modern earth society and by virtue of being a Demi-god can probably get away with any impulsive scheme that strikes her fancy.

>> No.28787955


We trick and treat, then party then ALONE TIME with Felicia.

Then plan a date for The weekends and to hang out/raise Stella.

>> No.28787957

It's like everyone went and took two doses of retard this morning.

>> No.28787958


>> No.28787960

Don'cha just hate it when a quest goes into autosage with barely any ground gets covered?

... Part of me wishes I had this problem, while the saner side of myself is slapping that part of me.

>> No.28787966

>>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- ask about Trick or Treating
>>[ ] Go see Stella

>> No.28787971

stop feeding.

>> No.28787979

We did complete the Enter Hobgoblin Arc. It just wasn't a perfect completion. We have a lot of Arcs we are part-way finished that we need to get on. I think the Fantastic Two Arc, and the Fantastic Four Arc by extension, can be realistically done this coming weekend.

>> No.28787983

It's funny you should mention that guy and the Hobgoblin in the same post.

>> No.28787984


>> No.28787989

>[ ]Continue talking with Felicia- bring up the party

>> No.28787997

Random thought on the Trick or Treating idea. Stella is a kid, whom we will be giving candy, unless we're taking her to Denny's for a turkey meal and then having her run back to Felicia's place, she'll be bouncing off the walls of Felicia's pad.

>> No.28788009

Buy why Felicia and not Gwen?

>> No.28788013


How are we so sure it's Phil Urich just because he has a camera and likes Felicia? I don't get it.

>> No.28788029

We can take the candy with us and web it somewhere to pick up later. We can give it back to her when she moves in.

>> No.28788047

I didn't know who hobgoblin was until I googled it a moment ago.

On an unrelated note the CARNAGE Super Arc doesn't say it was completed. Is this a mistake?

>[X]Discovered the existence of CARNAGE
>[ ]Discovered CARNAGE’s real identity
>[ ]Stopped CARNAGE


>> No.28788049

DO NOT WORRY, if this thread dies, we go to another one.

>> No.28788057

Because he finds Fe more attractive and switched his fixation? Dunno.

>> No.28788060

Has a camera and looked villainous.

Because he's not the stalker, he was just hired when someone put a hit on Peter Parker.

>> No.28788061

He stalking Gwen before, but gave up to pursue Felicia. He was cockblocked by us again.

>> No.28788063

Because speculation and Hobgoblin is active and we're already on autosage and page 5
thanks fishers and baiters

>> No.28788066

Hobgoblin is gay for us. We're attracted to Gwen, he stalks gwen, We're dating Felicia, he's trying to stalk her.

>> No.28788072

She doesn't have to eat the candy immediately. We can tech her to value sweets only in moderation so she doesn't get fat later in life.
Remember, she takes everything we say to her very seriously.

>> No.28788073

Well, Phil DID get his tech from oscorp, which was recently robbed.
Then again it just kind of disappeared, so who knows how he did that IF he did that. Goblin king was a pretty cool dude

>> No.28788079

If Cletus is CARNAGE, then we most CERTAINLY haven't stopped him by letting him get jailed.

In fact, I'd say thats the worst possible place for him to be, considering he turned Marko into Sandman at the end of last session.

>> No.28788086

We stop the MAXIMUN CARNAGE arc in the erased timeline.

We still need to end this before it goes that bad. We have a time limit and it slowly closing.

>> No.28788092

No, that's correct. Time shenanigans.

>> No.28788097

So what he's really after is sloppy-spider-seconds

>> No.28788102


I think someone hired Hobgoblin, and then backed off and now Hobby is annoyed he "scared" Peter off of Gwen for his job and now he's with the girl he was crushing on.

hilarity will probably ensue.

>> No.28788108

A time limit of what, 30 years?
Stop being a workaholic or you'll end up like a certain scientist we know

>> No.28788116

Except Gwen was stalked before we met her?

>> No.28788119


What a beta.

Also, the stalker isn't after us. Otherwise, he wouldn't have ATTEMPT TO KILL US.

>> No.28788121

"Hey Uncle Ben, I'm going to give this girl that just moved in with us a giant bag of Halloween candy.

Why do I have a giant bag of Halloween candy? That's a pretty silly question."

We cannot help but look sketchy as fuck with that.

She's also a kid, and you can't have thought, "I'll grab one when no one's looking, it can't hurt," when you were her age.

>> No.28788131

I think we should upgrade our gear and get Stella out of Felicia's home before we pursue CANRAGE.

>> No.28788136

Speaking of Cletus, anybody else get the Kotomine feel from him?

>> No.28788139

And technically even if he's the Carnage killer, he might not be CARNAGE.

>> No.28788145

I meant like just before she move in. Like, "Oh this bag, it has all my Halloween candy!"

>> No.28788149

Of course we should get Stella out, that's the immediate goal.

>> No.28788150

Don't know who the fuck that is.

>> No.28788162

We're introducing her this weekend and halloween just happened.

>> No.28788164

Dude. It was twenty years.

The world got super fucked in 10.

Maximum carnage will start even earlier.

When you see such a fuck up future, you attempt to prevent it in anyway and form.


I mean, it JUST the fate of the earth and all humanity right?

Right? But let not continue this. Cosgrove told us to cut it out

>> No.28788166

...You do realize that Cosgrove posts a picture of Kotomine when Cletus appears on-screen right?

So yes. Yes people do.

>> No.28788191

Carnage Symbiote wasn't made until the alien attack, which is in 2 years.

>> No.28788202


>> No.28788210

Priest that feeds off the suffering of people because he can't get his jollies anywhere else.

>> No.28788211

>I mean, it JUST the fate of the earth and all humanity right?
This. Richards does his thing because m-muh science and vicious rivalry. Peter Parker just wants to stop the apocalypse.

>> No.28788213

Yeah, ten fucking years.
It's nothing we need to get a hardon over and try to fix within a week.

If you want to stop it, you let DOOM handle it. DOOM is influential, and powerful. DOOM has connections, and a lot more power. DOOM can mobilize secret organizations and talk to the other superheroes about it. Sure, that doesn't mean we ignore it, we should train, but we shouldn't become some hero-obsessed dick like Richards. We're just one small time hero, it's not just about us.

>> No.28788236


We should also get on stopping crime and being a vigilante. Start being that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man when we're free.

>> No.28788244

We also need to plan and stuff too. We already know that we shouldn't rush off half-cocked, and that we have friends. I think this coming weekend other than talking with Gwen and Felicia, we should talk to the Storms and Doom and then try to go talk to Reed.

>> No.28788247

>assuming the symbiote is the end all to Carnage's powers
Carnage is Dio Brando. It's likely he'll get superpowers before the symbiote.

>> No.28788254

We should focus on building alliances and connections, yes. Really need to get those other heroes arcs done and meet Dr. Strange.

>> No.28788261

I'd just like to point out just because Doom can do a lot of work doesn't mean he doesn't need more help saving the world, and that a lot of the stuff that happens is relatively recent

>> No.28788269

Yep. A lot of preparation first, though. Have patience.

We got this shit.

>> No.28788282

Maximum Carnage doesn't happen until the symbiote comes into play though. The world isn't going to fall apart in two days, or even in two weeks or months. Take things slowly.

>> No.28788287

We can't you plan when a new thing comes up every day. Fucking hell, New York is now Academy City and we're some Touma analogue

>> No.28788289

Of course. Just don't let MUH FUTURE become the single driving force behind everything we need to do. Of course it's important, but I think you guys are putting way too much emphasis on it. Simply having the information that it's coming should be enough to make a giant change since we can prepare.
The alliances and connections will come naturally, we don't need to particularly focus on it though. If we get the chance to go bro up with Strange sure, take it, but we don't need to devote our everything to it, you know?

>> No.28788291

I bet Dr. Strange has already moved on from NYC. I'm pretty sure he was only filming his show there for the weekend.

>> No.28788311

WhenThor shows up what will we do if he finds out about Stella and what she is?

>> No.28788315

I really need to get around to finishing that series.
And starting Jojo.

>> No.28788326

If by slowly, you mean run through our rogue's gallery summoned by Cletus and his mysterious mutating agent,

I bet you that it's either Oscorp's fault, or Apocalypse's fault. Depends on whether Sandman is a science experiment or a mutant.

>> No.28788332


>> No.28788336

I'm still pissed that fluffy tailt and a poor sense of direction ruined our chance to meet the Sorcerer Supreme. DOOM is cool and all but I hope more magic shit happens so Stephen will show up.


>> No.28788339

Ahh actually no I didn't. I only know of him through fanfic, I never sat through the Fate/Anything.

>> No.28788341

Go to Asgard because he will most assuredly want to show his parents their granddaughter and we will go with her. Peter will then joygasm if it is magic science like the movies.

>> No.28788343

We don't know and won't know until we figure out more about Stella's parentage.

>> No.28788358

Look, just watch the first two anime series of Jojo, it's a great introduction to Jojo and Stardust Crusaders starts next year.

>> No.28788362

We haven't been traumatized by uncle Ben's death. The green goblin, carnage murders, Felicia's curse, and the Future adventure are defining moments. We didn't become Spiderman to stop petty crooks. We became Spiderman to stop things beyond the norm and do Something! to Oscorp.

>> No.28788364

Start with the anime
here you go


>> No.28788371

>type-moon fanfics
>I never sat through the Fate/Anything

>> No.28788372

I don't really see any reason to do that just because we have the Good Karma perk.

I mean we have a lot of work to do, remember Norman Osborn and Alistair Smythe?

>> No.28788378

I honestly like that interpretation. Spider-Man does stop crime if he happens upon it but usually doesn't step on the police's toes. He fights the fights the police can't handle.

>> No.28788391

“I think I might make an appearance at the party for Harry's sake. He got me a costume and everything. After I do that for an hour or two, I'll I swing by back here. No pun intended."

Felcia nods as she gets out a cup. “Are you sure you don’t want to go? I could take Stella trick or treating beforehand to give you some time to yourself.”

Felicia shakes her head. “No, that’s probably not a good idea. The papers are almost done- another day or two and I’ll have them. I’d rather not have her show up before she legally exists. Besides, I don’t want to see what she’s like hopped up on sugar. That is, besides the point that she’s stuck in her room for the night for breaking my vase, if you haven’t forgotten.”

She waves a spoon at you as before putting some cocoa mix into the mug she’s holding. “But, yes, I’m sure. I’m trying to stop dressing in costumes all the time, after all. Tell me before you leave, though, I’ve got something for you.”

You take a moment to kiss her on the cheek before heading to Felicia’s guest room. Opening the door, you see Stella leveling a flat glare at the door before her eyes widen as she tackle-jumps you. Taking the tackle in stride- man she’s strong- you pat her on the head.

“Peter, I missed you!”

>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>[ ] How have you been?
>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.
>[ ] Write in

>> No.28788393

I remember reading somewhere that Thor was pretty pissed when someone(Stark?) took his DNA and made a half human- Asgardian

>> No.28788394

Thanks for the protips

here's hoping an update hits soon so people can calm their tits

>> No.28788399

Because we're fucking spiderman.
Spiderman is your friendly neighborhood hero.

Lighten up, this isn't the watchmen

>> No.28788403

>>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>>[ ] How have you been?
>>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.
All of the above.

>> No.28788416

>>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>>[ ] How have you been?
>>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.
Easy way out

>> No.28788417

>>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.

>> No.28788419

Future arc is what happens when Spidey isn't there, though. I'd think he'd take up crime-fighting all the same since Great Power/Great Responsibility is still something he's about and he wants to help.

>> No.28788422

>>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>>[ ] How have you been?
>>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.
To be fair to her. She's probably just bored being stuck in a house all day

>> No.28788423

>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>[ ] How have you been?
>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.
All of these

>> No.28788425

>>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>>[ ] How have you been?
>>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.

All of these. We are happy to see her and want to know how things are going on her end, but she does need to be told to listen to someone's rules when in their home.

>> No.28788426


>> No.28788427

>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella

>[ ] How have you been?
>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.

>> No.28788428


We stop crime if we see it but we are there to fight the fights police can't fight against.

Like sandman.

>> No.28788432

>[x]D) All the above

>> No.28788437

>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>[ ] How have you been?
Then we bring up the vase thing to her and try to find out why she's acting out or why she doesn't like Felicia.
it's like my ex-wife x-stepdaughter all over again

>> No.28788441

>[X] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>[X] How have you been?
>[X] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.
"You need to learn to be careful with things that aren't yours. You hurt Felicia's feelings when you broke that vase, even if it was an accident. Have you apologized to her?"

>> No.28788447

>[X] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>[X] How have you been?
>[X] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.

Have some fun first then transition into serious talk.

>> No.28788467

>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>[ ] Write in
"So, I heard from Felicia about the vase, what's your side of the story?"

Because I feel this is a little more neutral and impartial than the other options. And we might end up coming off accusatory saying it the other way.

>> No.28788476


"It's good to see you too, Stella. How've you been? Felicia says the paperwork for your identity will be ready in a few days, so by the weekend we should be able to start getting you set up with my aunt and uncle. Also, we need to talk about what you've been up to,"

>> No.28788478

No I mean if we SEE a crime, I agree that we'll probably stop it.

But with our sister, girlfriend, tutoring, sciencing, and what not, I don't really see us as having the motive to become like Spider-Man is in the comics.

>> No.28788492

I agree with this. We should ask her why she's doing this.

>> No.28788500

>>[X] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>>[X] How have you been?
>>[X] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.

All three.

>> No.28788501

Yea I know shamerul dispray I'll look into it soon
I won't sorry

>> No.28788503

You're right.

I vote for this one. And if it turns out she did break the vase, use the write-in for >>28788441

>> No.28788512

Yeah that might be a better way of phrasing it.

>> No.28788541

>It's good to see you too Stella!
>We need how have you been?
Once it's appropriate (she voices disapproval at being punished or expresses dissatisfaction at being cooped up with Felicia)
>We need to talk about what you've been up to.
Be patient and explain how it's important to respect your host, and that that vase meant a lot to Felicia since it tangible represented her taking up her father's legacy. Tie it in to how she feels about the good doctor from her training vids.

>> No.28788546

>But with our sister, girlfriend, tutoring, sciencing, and what not, I don't really see us as having the motive to become like Spider-Man is in the comics.
Well there was that somewhat insignificant POSTAPOCALYPSE THAT WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT OUR INTERVENTION so yeah.

>> No.28788552

changing my vote to some combination of this
>>28788467 and >>28788441

>> No.28788554

While I agree we should bring up the third thing eventually, it's important that we don't come across as wanting to talk to her just to chastise her.

Like maybe wait a good fifteen minutes of conversation or so before bringing up the vase.

Remember that she hasn't seen us in a while.

>> No.28788558

We will still go out and patrol. Are you going to tell me that Spidey won't patrol and just wait around for a super-villain to show up on the news? He needs to be proactive to stop things before they become news.

I don't see why people think they need to make a distinction over normal and super crime. Peter will still be doing the same thing he does in the comics because he still needs to patrol and he won't ignore a crime in front of him.

>> No.28788568


>> No.28788575

DOOM, Sue and Johnny now know about it, so they can think of contingency plans for us until it becomes important.

>> No.28788578

This is really good.

Let use this,

>> No.28788586

>>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>>[ ] How have you been?
>>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.

>> No.28788588

Fucking Sandman...

>> No.28788590


>> No.28788596

This is a fair point. We have to let her know we came because we wanted to see her.

>> No.28788597

I also vote for
>[x] Maximum Dad

>> No.28788610

That has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with fighting street crime and you know it.

It means we should keep an eye on weird stuff.

>> No.28788613

Gotta agree with this. We focus on the threats the cops can't handle and if JJJ gets the mayor gig, try to find a legal way for us to get paid to do what we do without compromising our identity. But I don't see us ever doing nightly patrols.

>> No.28788615

Fuse these and I'm good.

>> No.28788617


>> No.28788619

Jesus fucking christ, we all know about the fucking wars already.

Stop obsessing about it

>> No.28788651

See >>28788558

>> No.28788658


Because web-slinging around looking for trouble has NEVER worked out for us so far.

Without a crushing guilt complex, we don't have a reason to do something that doesn't really work.

>> No.28788685

You mean the ONE time we did it so far?

>> No.28788687

So, because we tried to patrol half-dead we shouldn't patrol at all?

>> No.28788697

We have a lot of social obligations today. Woah nelly.

Friday Flash will check back with us on tutoring and we can schedule something, and then the same day we can put our skills to the test, making a new costume, utility belt, improved webbing and web-shooters, and better spider-tracers.

>> No.28788707

Have we tried going out web-slinging much before now? I'm sort of wondering how people expect us to find this weird stuff if we don't go out looking for it.

>> No.28788716

We also did it looking for Doctor Strange.

And we have a LOT on our plate. Why do you think we would just websling across the city at random hoping to find criminals in the act of committing crimes?

>> No.28788735


>> No.28788739

Are you baiting or have you just not read the archives? We don't find trouble, it finds us.

>> No.28788740

what if we started carrying tear gas and had like, a built in gas mask? Could deal with certain criminals easier.

>> No.28788747

Between Carnage, Hobgoblin, and now Sandman; super-villainy is on the rise. And it's reasonable to suspect the trend will keep up since more heroes and villains are starting to appear. You need to be out there to stop it.

We were looking for Dr. Strange. Not patrolling. Are you retarded?

Also, the stuff on our plate is stuff we need to be out patrolling to take care of.

>> No.28788766

I see that image posted a lot, along with another of that character.

Is that like an OC of a female venom or something? I legit dont know that character and would like to know if she's real or not

>> No.28788768

Well besides investigating Oscorp with Felcia

>> No.28788772

Tear gas is fucking cruel, man. I'd rather punch a guy.

>> No.28788777

Hey Cosgrove got you some pitchers of girls with short white hair.


>> No.28788780


What? This must be your first time at a /tg/ quest.


>Rules: http://pastebin.com/w5G3aG3Y
>Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Peter%20Parker%20Quest

Please read these.

>> No.28788788

I saw it and slightly disagree with it. We have important commitments to keep including the Oscorp infiltration. I have no intention to go showboating around, wasting time and resources when there are more important things to do.

Or do you want Norman to develop a new synthetic symbiote and bond himself or Harry with it?

>> No.28788792

>making a new costume

Why would we do that now, unless we use the future-fabric?

It seems like people are jumping towards just doing Spider-Man stuff for no real reason?

>> No.28788806

I don't see how you expect to stop anything if you're just sitting around waiting to get clued in after the crime probably happened.

>> No.28788809

She was a character is the now axed Venom comic starring Agent Venom, AKA Flash.

>> No.28788827

Oh yeah, we did it twice, one time where it lead us to getting doctor doom as a ally, getting a heads up on the apocalyptic events that will visit the earth, managed to get a godling, and cured out girlfriend. If our patrols are anything like that I think it's a pretty good arguement in favor of it.

>> No.28788833

We need something we can change into easier for emergencies. So an agility suit we can wear under our civvies.

>> No.28788840

Much appreciated!

>> No.28788847

>It seems like people are jumping towards just doing Spider-Man stuff for no real reason?

It really does feel that way doesn't it? Guess we have a lot of new blood in here.

>> No.28788872

And your counterpoint is random chance?

New York City is a big place.

>> No.28788889

And they aren't even reading the archives.

>> No.28788893

I've read the archives, I'm asking because my memories is fuzzy on whether we've actually gone out on patrols just looking for criminals. The first time was looking for doctor strange, the second was looking for Carnage.

>> No.28788894

No real need right away, though I kind of agree with something we can put under clothes but we have a lot on our plate so it's not top priority right now.

>> No.28788908

>All that r63 Accelerator

>> No.28788914

...click a post number to quote it.

Also, note our
>Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/q1AqTT5h

Note our websling skill, please.

It's a migration...

>> No.28788922

>femme accel
So damn cute

>> No.28788932

It's just like when Bleach Quest collapsed. Funny enough, around the same thread number too (40).

In any case, when the night finally starts for real things are going to get crazy. Hopefully all the kids will be in bed by then.

>> No.28788938


>> No.28788956

...You honestly want to wear our costume 24/7 under our clothes?

Just because Hobgoblin showed up at our school once? We don't really have a reason to assume that'll be a thing.

Plus we could modify our current costume to have a reversible jacket?

>> No.28788959

Not really. Peter has minimal interest in garden variety criminals. He's smart, he knows that anything a single person like himself can do would be a drop in the bucket, and that it might actually hurt the public respect and moral of the NYPD, which would more than offset the good he would do personally.

>> No.28788960

Then spend a few days doing research on local crime patterns. Spend some more time observing/preventing crimes. Figure out who's pulling the strings, acquire admissible evidence against them and pass it along to the Bugle. JJJ can do more with it than us anyway. We can take down an operation, the Bugle can out the full organization.

>> No.28788962

Ah I see, what was her name?

>> No.28788964

I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.28788971


>> No.28788981

But he doesn't ignore a crime if he sees it.

>> No.28788982

On the edge of my seat for what is to happen next. Yay being a big brother to Stella.

>> No.28788988

I'm aware we websling dude, and thanks.


>>[ ] It’s good to see you too, Stella
>>[ ] How have you been?
>>[ ] We need to talk about what you’ve been up to, Stella.

>> No.28788998

I know, anon.

>> No.28789004

When you have a patrol route and various equipment for listening in on police radio it's not random chance at all. It's being proactive.

We know that the alien invasion will happen. We know that a bunch of other bad guys and problems will happen, and we don't know how or when. Why would you sit on your ass over that?

>> No.28789021

We haven't, we've gone on targeted operations only, some with significantly less preparation than others.

The only actual patrol we've gone on was central park (the wrong location entirely) for Carnage (who was not going to strike that night anyway). Random patrols aren't useful for getting real things done yet.

>> No.28789025

That reminds me, we should get in touch with Eddie Brock.

Maybe next month we should ask Aunt May and Uncle Ben if he could come to Thanksgiving dinner, assuming he doesn't have someone else to deal with?

>> No.28789026


We know some guys called the Avengers wind up falling as well.

>> No.28789034

Another time. Right now we have to get things sorted out with Stella so she can live with us and Felicia can take a well-deserved breather.

>> No.28789054


"Hey Eddie, are you okay? I know the new priest at your church turned out to be a serial killer, how're you and your girlfriend holding up?"

>> No.28789072

Mainly because we don't plan anything out or think it through. We need to get equipment, a route, all that kind of stuff.

I agree with that. I was arguing because apparently some people were saying we should never patrol at all. I'll leave it at this.

>> No.28789077

We don't have a police scanner for one.

>> No.28789092

Again. Let people who can actually do something handle that.
We don't have influence, or connections, or super labs, or multi-billion dollar coorporations.
Maybe tip reed off, let doom do his thing, you know, the guys who aren't nobodies. We need to handle things that are actually our level

>> No.28789095

No, I meant we can only upgrade our every time we defeat a villain or end an arc. Random sweeps won't do any good.

>various equipment for listening in on police radio
Felicia lent us that equipment? I do not recall this equipment.

>Why would you sit on your ass over that?
Because lack of information or misinformation can magnify the shitiness of a situation.

>> No.28789099


That should be easy enough to correct.

>> No.28789110

Well we can maybe start a website to investigate weird things.

A patrol route is stupid because that'll let anyone observant to know our schedule. And listening in on police radio is similarly pointless because in most cases, they'll get there before we do.

>> No.28789124

Dude. Relax.
this is what we do. We see a crime, we stop it.

Otherwise, we focus on the damn big ass picture. Carnage THEN Oscorp THEN aliens.

>> No.28789129

I'd actually like to know this too

>> No.28789137

That's sort of the point. If the police find something can't handle, we'll tag in.

>> No.28789142

Yep, just punch a cop and jack theirs. We have what? Approximately $250 left of our Black Cat take? Is that even enough to legally buy a police scanner in NYC?

>> No.28789150

We should probably ask about Felicia to since we know she has no where else to go.

>> No.28789153

>Keep in touch with Doom and the Storms
>Spend time with Harry

We may need to facilitate the Storms (and possibly Doom) and Reed dealing with each other

>> No.28789164


Is there a particular reason we can't do both? I mean, have DOOM or Reed look into this stuff but also try to help when it comes up? It sounds like the sort of thing Peter would do, and I hate to be meta, but hasn't Spiderman fought aliens and a lot of other powerful threats to some success in the various marvel timelines?

>> No.28789170

Mania, I'm pretty sure.

>> No.28789183

>>Investigate MJ (acting weird)
Also "(Spider-sense weirdness)"

>> No.28789196

>we shouldn't patrol for regular crime because it's below our level
>we shouldn't patrol for super crime because it's above our level

What is our level, then?

>> No.28789214


Being Spider-Man and dealing with things as we find them? Super Crime and Mundane Crime and cats in trees.

>> No.28789221

By the way, I believe the little girl Carnage was going to kill was Anya Corazon, right? Doesn't she become Arana/spider-girl in the 616 timeline? By the way, are we going to work on finding the doctor's younger self to give the letter too soon?

>> No.28789223


>> No.28789225

Somewhere in the middle. We're not taking on the goddamn Skrulls, bro.
And like we said, we'll always intervene if we think we can do something.

>> No.28789231

>Tutor Flash
>Date Felicia
>Mentor Stella
>Investigate MJ (acting weird)
>Hang out with Harry
>Try and patch things with Gwen and keep an eye on her
>Continue looking into the Carnage and Stalker issues
>See what's good with the Storms
>Investigate Oscorp
>Liberate "The Suit"
>Avenge parents deaths
>Look into Museum issue
>Build better webshooters
>Craft a costume we can wear under cloths
>Get more cash (patents)
>Crack Dad's hard drive

And I'm sure there's more. We're going to be busy.

>> No.28789238

You guys make valid points but we just got back from the future, I know we need to prepare for other things but no need to rush everything.

I can see why in all animated/apated version of spider-man, he has a hard time keeping a sceduale together

>> No.28789249

Because we already have enough to do.
We still haven't broken in and investigated oscorp, we have a new daughter, school, tutoring, and a super hero facade on the side. Deal with it as it comes. Sure we can lend a hand when needed, but we shouldn't try to take everything on.

We have friends, let's use them, let's trust them

>> No.28789259

Yes and yes. Which is why we were extra focused on saving her.

And yeah we should totally do that as well, but maybe first ask Felicia for help in doing a background check of some kind.

Or just google her.

>> No.28789264

>We have friends

>> No.28789266

Don't forget checking up on our pal Eddie Brock and learning how to fight.

[we're on page 7]

>> No.28789269

This. We learned this lesson the hard way, and Peter learned it in character.

>> No.28789272

I vote we read it first. I mean, just to make sure she wasn't giving instructions on how to successfully make a super doom anti-human bioweapon to take over the world.

>> No.28789283

This. I feel that this was one of the lessons we learned through the whole returning from the future thing.

I actually like how the future arc was this Peter's Uncle Ben's Murder. This is what drives him to start really being responsible with his powers.

>> No.28789288

Yeah, we probably shouldn't get too proactive, otherwise it'll lead to Spectacular PTSDMan again.

>> No.28789293

She's already saved.

>> No.28789297

I'd say even if we didn't like the Doktor very much, we can trust her.

>> No.28789309

>the note is in German

>> No.28789316

I think the debate is what we'll set our level at. Spider-Man traditionally fights up two weight classes, so do we focus on the baseline human criminals and then deal with the Goblins and Rhino on occasion and let the avengers handle the alien invasions etc. Or, do we aspire to make a real difference instead of just treating the symptoms of a city in distress. Do we form our own group of capable people to deal with our home's problems both immediate and long term? Do we want to have a legitimate role as a hero, to make scientific and political contributions instead of just bringing in bodies destined to find their ways back to the streets? Do we really want to be 616-Parker or something even he would aspire to be?

>> No.28789317

It doesn't hurt to be safe. What's the worst that can happen, it tells us her menstrual cycle?

>> No.28789318

No, she's not, so long as Carnage is around.

But, Doom has that shit well in hand already. Anya is probably a trap for Carnage.

>> No.28789327


Yeah, we need to deliver that sooner than later.

>> No.28789343

>what is google translate
And then we end up completely misinterpreting the letter because lol google translate

>> No.28789347

Doctor Doom could probably read it, but its probably also sealed to.

>> No.28789351

>I actually like how the future arc was this Peter's Uncle Ben's Murder. This is what drives him to start really being responsible with his powers.
Not even close. Plus we were never irresponsible with our powers in the first place

>> No.28789367

>finding the doctor's younger self
I completely forgot about that. We should certainly do that when we get a little free time.

>> No.28789371

We're in fucking high school. That automatically limits us to above the police's paycheck, but below Avengers.

Wait until school becomes less of a problem.

>> No.28789381

I think the only reason Spider-Man traditionally goes out of his way to fight baseline human criminals is due to the soul-crushing guilt he feels over being partially responsible for Uncle Ben's death.

Since that didn't happen to us, we don't really have much incentive.

Also, we should ask Uncle Ben to tell us about his time as a police officer when he's still alive.

>> No.28789386

Christmas Break ought to make things at least a little easier.

>> No.28789387

Yeah, she just wanted to do science. She would be more than happy to help.

Peter being the catalyst for forming the first super-group would be cool.

I meant that before we only used our power for dealing with things that were connected with us in some way. Spider-Man was originally about making money, something we succeeded at. We only fought Hoby because he was after us. This is what gets us to start using Spider-Man beyond helping those immediately important to us.

>> No.28789395

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the future arcs moral "this is what happens when you aren't around to help" not "these specific things need to be taken care of."

It was called A World Without, after all. I think people are taking what happened too literally and not looking at the full picture.

Obviously, we should ease into being a hero. We've got a lot to deal with right now and should focus on that. But I feel like people are fighting being like comic book Spider-Man out on patrol just because.

This guy makes a good point, though. Spider-Man in this Marvel-Verse is basically the hero who started it all, it seems. The one everyone is going to follow the example of. We should really capitalize on that and make a difference.

>> No.28789416

Very well put anon. I agree.

>> No.28789429

Bingo and agreed.

>> No.28789450

You're not wrong in least bit as far as I'm concern. Question is; do others catch on to that?

>> No.28789452

Here Here, well said

>> No.28789460

Hugging her back, you pull back and smile at her. “It’s good to see you too, Stella.”

Closing the door behind you, you sit down on a chair next to the bed. “So, how have you been?”

Stella glances at the door before smiling. “Well ,it’ll be better when I can go home with you. When will that be, Peter?”

She seems a bit urgent as she rests her hands on her dress, one of the ones she grabbed from the shops. Seems like she’s a bit nervous.

“Well, according to Felicia, it should be another day or two before your paperwork is finished. After that, if everything goes well it should only be a day or two. So, hopefully, before the weekend is over. However, I can’t make any promises.

“Also, I’m sorry for not being able to see you until now due to having been sick.”

Stella seems to snort at Felicia’s name. But at your apology, she’s smiling again. “No problem- like the Doctor always said- ‘You shouldn’t be around others if you’re sick- can’t risk them catching what you’ve got.’”

She grins sheepishly. “Well, I haven’t been sick but I guess its about the same?”

The two of you spend time talking, especially about how she’s adjusting. Seems like she’s been doing reading on society and how to blend in- Felicia knows her stuff on that is what Stella admits, albeit incredibly reluctantly.

Eventually, you have to get around to the elephant in the room. "So, I heard from Felicia about the vase, what's your side of the story?"

Stella shrinks inwardly. “…it wasn’t my fault it broke- I was being perfectly careful. She surprised me.”

Well, all those times of watching Full House is about to come in handy- Bob Saget, please give you strength! “Well, she told me that she didn’t want you in that room. Is that true?”


Stella voice is soft as she looks at you worriedly, like she’s afraid of how you’ll react. You take a few moments to mull over a response before coming up with one.


>> No.28789470

what are the chances we can get shield training and just become a super spider spy?

>> No.28789478

If we ever did run into that situation with the robber, I would have supported we do stop him, but just take the cut we were supposed to have out of the stolen money, throw the rest at the manager, and then maybe a minor display of super strength to dare him to call us on it.

>> No.28789482

“Stella, you need to be respectful of the rules people give you. Especially if you’re going to be living with Aunt May and Uncle Ben. What you did to Felicia was disrespectful, not only did you not respect her rules despite the fact she’s helping you so much, but you also broke the vase.”

Stella crosses her arms. “So what? It was just a stupid vase.”

You lift up your glasses and rub at your eyes. “The vase was more than that to her, Stella. It was a memento she kept since it meant she was tangibly taking up her father’s legacy. You wished the Doctor was your father, right?”

Stella gives you a small nod as your brow is furrowed as she tries to comprehend what you’re saying.

“Well, let’s say that you have something that you keep to remember him. Like… a vase, for example. You don’t want it broke so you keep it in a room and you tell people to stay out of it so nothing happens to it. And then you come home and someone not only is in that room, touching that vase, but they broke it. How would you feel.”

Stella, with the beginning of understanding looks at you, slightly horrified. “...I’d be angry, and sad.”

You slightly shrug. “See. That’s why Felicia’s angry. But it seems like there’s something else there, too.”

“…I just want to be able to live with you.”

Stella looks at you, absolutely miserable as you wrap her in a hug. “I know, but Felicia’s helping so that you can live with me with no problems legally. We don’t people to try to take you away because you don’t legally exist.”

Her arms wrap around you tightly. “…I’m sorry, Peter.”

You pat her head lightly with one hand as you return the hug before pulling away. “I know you are, but I’m not the person you should be saying that to.”


>> No.28789485

I forgot spider-man had a giant japanese robot.

It is inspired by Harry or the japanese ripped off spider-man

>> No.28789514


We've been talking for several threads now about wanting to have Leopardon (the giant robot). It appears the Toketsu Spider-Man show didn't exist in this world, as far as we know.

>> No.28789520

>But I feel like people are fighting being like comic book Spider-Man out on patrol just because.
Yeah, /just because/ we don't have any fucking time and can't handle anything more especially with Cletus dicking around. No one is disagreeing without a reason.

>> No.28789550

>Obviously, we should ease into being a hero. We've got a lot to deal with right now and should focus on that.
Way to ignore this entirely, man.

>> No.28789556

Because an actual patrol is the most counter-productive way to accomplish ANYTHING except "let's see who's ambushing me today".

The only way it works is if we get the right number on the random encounter rolls, or Cosgrove makes it work against all logic.

Like I don't think you understand how unrealistic the idea of going on patrol actually is.

>> No.28789573

I don't see how dicking around waiting for Cosgrove to throw plot at us is any different.

>> No.28789577

>just because

>> No.28789591


>> No.28789593

Can we go patrolling soon?
I mean I get building social links is important but I kind of want to stop regular crime.

>> No.28789604


>> No.28789605

...Dicking around?

You mean actually managing our many obligations and getting shit under control to take down Norman Osborn once and for all?

Do you remember him? Because I don't think you do.

>> No.28789611

Checking your phone to check the time, you stand up. “I’ll be back later in an hour or two, Stella. I’ve got some things I promised to do.”

“You promise?”

You lean down and extend a pinky. “I pinky promise, Stella.”

She links her pinky with your, hesitantly, before grinning at you. “Okay, I’ll see you later, then.”

You wave goodbye before closing the door behind you. On the outside, you see Felicia leaning against the wall. “You know, you make a good dad, Peter.”

“Ah, well I wouldn’t know about that. I‘m a bit too young.”

Felicia takes you by the hand and leads you to the living room. “No, I’m sure you’ll be a great dad for her.”

Keeping th couch block form your vision, Felicia pulls you into a deep kiss before breaking it and stepping aside. Laying over the chair is a red and blue outfit with black webbing over the red. Two large, white eyepieces frame it’s mask.

It’s a Spider-man costume.

Felicia gestures towards it with a flourish before biting on her thumbnail. “So… what do you think?”

>[ ] It looks amazing!
>[ ] You made yourself a costume?
>[ ] I did already have a Halloween costume, you know.
>[ ] Write in

>> No.28789612

Patrolling would also make us use all of our webs and stress our used and roughly made webshooters even more

>> No.28789613

I'm going to admit, even if she is super messed up, I can't help but imagining our Hikkimary having hilarious Watemote side stories as the B plot to several issues since her introduction. Even if she was planning on following Carnage's footsteps and stole the thermal weapons

>> No.28789622

>counter productive
Actually, patrols start working out once the native super villain population reaches a critical mass. That should happen in 1-3 years unless Cos drops a couple events to accelerate the process. I'm factoring both Cletus' current actions and a mutant emergence event into that timeline.

>> No.28789624

Patrolling kills our personal life, tires us out for the actual opponents and possibly sends us to the other side of the city when shit happens, the other only gives us a 15 minute prep-time.

Take your pick.

>> No.28789625

see >>28788959
its one of the things I like about current Spidey.

>> No.28789634

On another note, Doctor Doom is a super genius with a secret intelligence agency right? Is there any reason we shouldn't ask him to take a look at out father's hard drive as soon as possible, in a effort to decrypt? I hate to burden him with our personal problems, but the arc reactor he was working on could grant Latveria energy independence like no other source, and I'm sure there's other useful things in there for him so it's not like he'd get nothing out of the deal.

>> No.28789639

We literally don't have the time for that right now. Holy shit please read the thread before posting.

If we see a crime when we're out doing something big, we'll intervene. Beyond that, no patrols. We have better things to do, and that will eat up hours at a time for maybe a single petty crime to stop.

>> No.28789642

>>[ ] It looks amazing!
>>[ ] You made yourself a costume? (Jokingly)

>> No.28789643

>>[ ] It looks amazing!
Thank you Felicia, even with all you're doing you still found time to do this for me.

Start arranging a date sometime next week, after the Stella matter is settled. Maybe buy her a brandname gift

>> No.28789646

>>[ ] It looks amazing!

>> No.28789649

I just want to fight crime.
I mean I get that socializing is important but we're not really Spider-man if we don't fight street level crime.

>> No.28789651

>>[ ] I did already have a Halloween costume, you know.

Then hug her.

>[ ] It looks amazing!

>> No.28789654


It looks amazing
You made yourself a costume?

>> No.28789655


Pick it up, "It looks spectacular, Felicia,"

>> No.28789656

>[ ] It looks amazing!

>> No.28789657

>[ ] Write in

>> No.28789669

And after we're done with that, what do we do?

This is the point I'm trying to make. After we take care of what we've got on our plate, what are we going to do besides just waiting for Cosgrove to throw more plot our way in the form of a news report or whatever?

>> No.28789671

>[ ] "Wow. it's amazing Fe!" Smile like an idiot.

>> No.28789673


>> No.28789679


>> No.28789682

>[ ] It looks amazing!
"The Mistress at work...wait that came out wrong."

>> No.28789684

>It looks amazing

More than Amazing, it looks Spectacular!

>> No.28789687

>>[X] It looks amazing!

"I can wear this under my street clothes! God, I love you."

>> No.28789688

... YES!

>> No.28789690


Actually I don't mind this idea that much. Infact shouldn't we start trying to bro it up with DOOM a little more?

>> No.28789692

>father's hard drive
There's your reason. It's personal and probably our most important item. Gwen was only told because we needed to spill to someone.

>> No.28789694

>[ ] It looks amazing!

>> No.28789703

>[ ] It looks amazing!

>> No.28789712

Back-burner. We have a note to deliver to a mad scientist as well.

We also aren't a senior, so fuck.

>> No.28789713

What's the name of the quest?

>> No.28789715

This isn't Spider-Man quest, its Peter Parker quest

>> No.28789717

Because it's peters father. It's for nobody but peter.

Nobody sees it, not DOOM, reed, Captain America or Static shock

>> No.28789741

Well, we just have to say that now.

>> No.28789742

Is it for her or us?
Assuming us for the way it's being presented.

>> No.28789744

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Problem is, we need a plot hook or Doom to open it.

>> No.28789746

>[ ] It looks amazing!

Amazing, marvelous, spectacular!

>> No.28789748

Didn't we have some spiel about doom earning our undying respect and gratitude when we got out of the time machine?

>> No.28789749

You really don't think resolving things with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane won't result in all kinds of plot?

>> No.28789755

And ruin Felicia's life once someone notices. No.

>> No.28789772

It's just Static. Static Shock is the name of the show.

>> No.28789773

>[ ] It looks amazing!
>[ ] So you made yourself a costume?

I feel the joke needs to be made. I just yes it needs to be. Honestly though, thank her and don't stop.

>> No.28789774

Eh, only if we're expecting trouble.

Wearing it all the time is pointless.

>> No.28789780

Holy shit, reread the fucking archives if you actually don't remember anything

>> No.28789784


>> No.28789788

Incidentally? Static is a DC character.

>> No.28789791

"If you wanted to see how my butt looks in tights, all you had to do was ask."

But seriously....

>> No.28789798

Though he and Spidey would probably get along famously in a crossover.

>> No.28789803

This Anon gets it.

We should definitely strive to make a difference, but we need to start small and build up. We got big dreams, but we can't act on them until we've gained some steam, as it were.

People -look up- to us. To Spider-Man. We've become something more than kid looking to capitalize on his awesome new super-powers. We're seen by others as a hero. We've seen what a world without us around for twenty years is like. We can work towards making sure that doesn't happen, because we are -the- Spectacular Spider-Man.

>> No.28789813

Zeit, stop reading summaries, and just admit you leap into this thread, okay?

>> No.28789819

>"If you wanted to see how my butt looks in tights, all you had to do was ask."
...I feel like we have to say this.

No matter how much we'll regret it when we do.

>> No.28789827

What I'm saying is that just having more plot happen and going on patrol to encounter something are practically the same thing and the only difference is that patrolling makes us look like we're actually trying to stop things instead of just sitting around. We have an example to make. A presence to maintain.

>> No.28789833

Static and Spidey would get along great

It'd be fun watching them play tabletop games together

>> No.28789846

>We should definitely strive to make a difference
But we can't yet, Peter said this in the earlier threads. Thinking about the future right now doesn't gain anything. Stop day dreaming

>> No.28789856

It was a rhetorical question.

>> No.28789861

But the wall of china wasn't built in a day. We have the time to make sure our affairs are in order, we should use it to get those affairs in order.

You guys have no idea how depressed I was in thread 1 when I realized there was no possibility for a Static crossover.

>> No.28789865


Yes, this.

>> No.28789869

>I was just pretending to be retarded

>> No.28789878

Zeit, shut up.

>> No.28789880

I'd rather see Spider-Man and Terry McGinnis.

>> No.28789890


Never say never, maybe we'll grab a worlds collide style event, and we get to be amid all the young heroes hanging out and teaming up. We get to chide the starcrossed love of Jubilee and Tim Drake.

>> No.28789897

Oh, I'm aware of that. We, as in Peter, have big dreams, but it doesn't hurt to start small after we get our shit together, right?

>> No.28789898

>[X] It looks Spectacular!
>[X] You made yourself a costume? (Jokingly)

>> No.28789899

Do we?

I think the idea that we just show up out of nowhere is better, because it implies that we really DO have better things to do, but are helping out anyway.

Like that's what impressed JJJ at last.

>> No.28789900


..and that is now in my images for this Quest

>> No.28789902

Then you have terrible taste because Static is just as fun as Spidey when he's out heroing.

>> No.28789922

>>[ ] It looks amazing!

so you're going to wear it right?

>> No.28789931





"I want you."

>> No.28789935

>after we get our shit together
Yeah, those are some big dreams.

>> No.28789937

Um no, those things are functionally different in this quest. Random encounters involve a few choices and a successful roll to happen, otherwise we just get tagged by the media as being out and about but not stopping any crime. Advancing open plot threads means we don't have to do all the work (ie get lucky) to find things, instead we have to gear up, acquire intel (may involve infiltration sub quest), and formulate a plan. Then come more rolls. So dumb luck in finding something, or a number of posts and side quests in preparation for something big.

I prefer the latter personally, but I get it if you're just feeling bored and want to beat up some criminals or whatever.

>> No.28789943

Eh. What I'm basically arguing is that patrolling is just a way to make plot happen, and not doing it is just having Cosgrove make plot happen another way. However, being on patrol means being there when the crime happens instead of hearing about it as it happens or after it happens. It paints a better picture.

>> No.28789953

Guys, guys guys...

What about Spidey, Static AND Terry?

It'd be a glorious trifecta of pure snark!

>> No.28789959

Anybody know what our next level of Spidy sense is? I'm imagining it giving us some bonus to defensive rolls in combat.

>> No.28789961


Yay! I'm helping!

>> No.28789972


you should wear your outfit too, you know for uh.. holiday spirit?

>> No.28789981

But how do those plot threads start? I'm not talking about advancing them, I'm talking making them.

>> No.28789983


>> No.28789986

Then why don't we go ahead and throw in Stark as a DM?

>> No.28789989

>patrolling is just a way to make plot happen
We have enough plot right now, and we don't need any more until we get about half of the shit on our to-do list done.
Why are you so eager to go beat up some groady-ass NY thugs?

>> No.28790001

We don't need any more, drop it

>> No.28790003

I know we're not doing it right now.


>> No.28790004

>being on patrol means being there when the crime happens

Yeah, this is what I disagree with. We've missed crimes happening right under our nose before, I'd rather get another rank in Observe before seriously considering it.

>> No.28790007

Well I guess a start could be the stolen historical artifacts since we know magic exists.

>> No.28790015


That's a Crisis...also DC is a thing in Parker's world.

He was playing DC vs. Capcom: Crisis on 52 Worlds first with Harry, later with MJ threads ago.

...Oh man, we would nerd out.

"Yeah, you guys are totally comic book characters where I'm from"

"Comic book characters?"

"Really, yeah right?"

"Yeah, Terry. Virgil. Lets get out there and fight the good fight,"

>> No.28790022

We have so many plot threads we can barely manage them all. Seriously, have you even read the archived threads before jumping into this quest?

Stop with your incessant whining. We'll fucking get there when we get there and not a moment later.

>> No.28790031

...Actually that'd be kind of lame.

Crossovers with things that in-media are fictional never really work out.

>> No.28790053

I'm stopping now. It's mostly that people keep switching from arguing about patrolling being something we should never do to something to do later. And being anonymous doesn't help me keep track.

>> No.28790057

plus with the sheer amount of Marvel characters we could potentially partner with, it would be a waste of a good setting to just go out of universe.

>> No.28790068


hmmm...a fair point...lest we gloss over that aspect outright if it did happen.

>> No.28790071

On the subject of cross-deminsional team-ups, Invincible when?

>> No.28790078

Well let's see. Iron man and the fantastic points opened when we turned on the news. The goblin happened when he bombed the school. The stalker when we got Gwen to talk about her problems. The suit when we unlocked the info from dad. Carnage unlocked itself...

Hell, Doom got unlocked by the statue.

Nothing has been unlocked by patrolling, but we did nearly die of symbiote and blood loss related issues last time we tried without a plan.

>> No.28790079

While I'm also a little frustrated it's never a good idea to be that hostile to the new blood.

New participants are the lifeblood of any quest.

Also so Cosgrove doesn't get more frustrated, we should tone it down.

>> No.28790083

Never. Because out-of-company crossovers are lame.

>> No.28790103

I know. It's just that he's made about 5 posts complaining about the same thing without listening to a thing anyone else has said.

>> No.28790114

Page 9 guys

>> No.28790119

We've never patrolled. Of course no plot points have been unlocked by it. All we did was go out to stop Carnage while half dead once even though the crime wouldn't happen till far later. Following the police car would have been the new plot point but we were half-dead so it didn't happen.

>> No.28790123


>> No.28790141

I don't like the implication that just choosing a random adjective is really any better.

>> No.28790145


I would like to respectfully disagree, because the big Marvel DC crossover the ended with Amalgam happened when I was a kid and I loved the ever loving fuck out of it.

...Jubilee X Tim is my never to be realized OTP ship.

>> No.28790160

It was because people were switching between arguing about patrolling itself to arguing about patrolling now, while I was always talking about just patrolling in general.

I've decided to stop because it really is me causing the continued arguments.

>> No.28790162

Hmm, I guess aaving MJ that one time could conceivably count as patrolling. So I guess there's that.

>> No.28790199

I don't think she needed the help.

>> No.28790224

Ah, I see. I apologize for misunderstanding. I think I continue to disagree, but mainly in that I want us to set up some sort of cohesive organization of heroes working together before we start acting like a professional vigilante. But we can have that debate later.

Thank you for your honesty and persistence in expressing your views.

>> No.28790240

Not saying she did. Just that that's the only real patrolling we've done, and that it was out of costume.

>> No.28790254

Like he got the right to say that.

What about BATMAN.



What up robin, what you going to say about that? Wonder Woman? super Girl? SUPER BOY?

Huh? What? I can't hear you through your Bullshit.

>> No.28790258

I'd agree with that. An infrastructure would be better. Also, no problem, I guess.

Admittedly, I was just being frustrated that people were telling me something I already knew(of course it's not something we should be doing right now). If I stopped for a moment and took a step back I'd have realized that instead of keeping up the argument.

>> No.28790271

You pause and look over at her. “You made yourself a costume?”

Felicia looks like she’s about to say something as you wrap your arms around her. “It looks amazing, Felicia. Thanks.”

You move over and pick up the costume, examining it. It seems to be made out of a durable spandex-like material. It’ll cling pretty tight, but it’s well made. There’s even a belt with some small pockets built in.

“No, I changed my mind. It’s not amazing. It’s spectacular.”

Pivoting around you kiss your girlfriend, who looks pleased and embarrassed as you give her a devilish smile. "But, you know, if you wanted to see how my butt looks in tights, all you had to do was ask."

You feel a hand grope your rear as Felicia leans in, whispering into your ear. “Careful, Peter dear, I might have to take you up on that invitation.” As she lightly nips your ear, causing you to shudder lightly.

Pulling back, she picks up the mask and smiles fondly. “Well, I thought about how much trouble you’ve had because you’ve had to go and retrieve a costume, so I worked on something that you could war underneath your clothes- there’s a zipper on the arms here so you can even wear short-sleeved shirts with it.”

She picks up the legs. “The ‘shoes’ have more durable soles so you’ll be able to cling but not suffer from not having shoes, as well. There’s also a small belt, that has little pockets. “I left the gloves as something simple considering your webshooters- if you ever need to have the arms revised just tell me.”

Stepping back, you see her seriously analyzing the costume. “I also widened the eye-lenses with a white color- completely see through on your end, but with the costume’s lighter colors, it gives you a slightly more comical but friendly appearance. Which should help.


>> No.28790275

Or his fucking dad, who's called Omni-Man.

Fuck Invincible.

>> No.28790276

Yeah, I'm also hoping she's this reallity's Jean Grey. The undiagnosed telepathy would explain the social anxiety and anti-psychotics...Well, it's a highly unlikely hope I admit.

>> No.28790277

That's Invincible not Nightwing.

>> No.28790293

“I like your old costume, Peter, but it’s rather dark and intimidating in its color and design. A bit punk-like, actually.”

She glances over at the clock before handing you the costume. “You should be heading out if you want to make the Party, Peter.”

You kiss her on the cheek as you hide the costume in your bag and head towards the door. “I’ll be back, Felicia!”

Heading out, you hurry on home- it takes you about twenty minutes at a brisk pace. When you get back, you open the door to see Aunt May smiling at you. Harry’s sitting in the living room with Uncle Ben and gives you a smile filled with relief. “There you are, Peter! We’ve been waiting for you.”

Harry hands you a bag. “Here’s your costume, man. Hurry- your Uncle said he’d drive us so we aren’t late.”

He almost pushes you towards your room. To be fair, you are kinda pushing the time limit here. You close the door and look at the costume. It’s actually a decent fit- but it has enough slack that you could try out your new costume, if you’d like.

>[ ] Just the costume Harry gave you
>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath
>[ ] Write in

>> No.28790305


>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath

>> No.28790310

What do you expect to happen?

>> No.28790315

Goddamn. She even better in costumes and cosplaying than Gwen.
Gwen never stood a fucking chance did she?

>> No.28790317

>Wear your new Uniform underneath

I guess we have no choice but to follow the course laid before us.

>> No.28790319

>>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath
My spider-sense is tingling

>> No.28790320

>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath
I mean come one, shits gonna go down at eventually.

>> No.28790322


And one of his best friends: Robot.

>> No.28790325

>[X] Wear your new Uniform underneath
Always prepared.

>> No.28790327


Wear our new uniform underneath.

>> No.28790331

>[ ] Wear uniform underneath

>> No.28790333

>>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath

Boy Scout's Motto of "Be Prepared." Better to wear the costume and not need it than to not wear it and need it. I wonder who else Harry roped into the Sentai costume gig. There has to be 5 of us.

>> No.28790335

>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath

>> No.28790340

>>[X] Wear your new Uniform underneath

Gotta be prepared.

>> No.28790349

>[X] Wear your new Uniform underneath

>> No.28790354

Of course she did. She just keeps undermining herself. That girl seriously needs some help with her self esteem.

>> No.28790363

>>[x] Wear your new Uniform underneath

>> No.28790365

>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath
Let's not tempt fate and not wear it

>> No.28790368

>[ ] Just the costume Harry gave you
Spandex on spandex or tights on tights is a bad time. Trust me.

>> No.28790371


So Cosgrove, can we have a word on this costume's stats/bonuses? Huh?

>> No.28790372

I thought we were going as Char?

>> No.28790375

>>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath
I have a bad feeling both ways. Like we will need if it we don't have it but if we do have it flash will see and think we are trying to upstage him or harry will be upset you didn't like his costume
Better them hate us then be dead I guess

>> No.28790404

I'm guessing it's an Agile costume, so no agility penalty, but no small damage reduction like the one we made.

>> No.28790405

>>[ ] Wear your new Uniform underneath

>> No.28790409

We could just say our girlfriend made it for us by surprise and asked us to wear it, and we felt like she put so much effort into doing it, we might as well, even if we were wearing another costume on top of it?

>> No.28790415


Wear the new uniform underneath

>> No.28790417

>>[ ] Just the costume Harry gave you
Come on guys, stop being paranoid we don't want to cause trouble

>> No.28790426

Neither does Jackie Chan, but he gets it.

>> No.28790428

+2 added charm
+20 to some people

>> No.28790429

>“Careful, Peter dear, I might have to take you up on that invitation.” As she lightly nips your ear
careful Ms. Hardy. the cat might get into the bag

>> No.28790439

We only know it is red and has a mask. We also know that Harry is a weeaboo. It could be Char, but I'm betting Super Sentai.

>> No.28790447

It's an Agility costume with maybe a point or two of Style (positive social/publicity modifier, negative intimidation factor).

>> No.28790448

The way Felicia described it, it appears to have a fellowship bonus too, kind of like our first costume

>> No.28790449

Is probably Agility/Stylish judging by what Felicia said and the fact that she has experience costuming.

>> No.28790462

But when someone suggested that before Cosgrove responded with a Char pic.

>> No.28790469


>> No.28790475

>Character sheet updated

>> No.28790482


>> No.28790525


>> No.28790527

+3 fellowship, not bad. Need to get some thermals soon though. Getting colder.

>> No.28790528

Be patient. He probably will when we get to the dance.

>> No.28790532

Ah so it's a stylish focused outfit.

Also shouldn't Felix Hardy be changed to Felicia and our tracer count lowered to two?

>> No.28790537

Stop yelling child

>> No.28790542

Patience. He's building up to a very silly reveal, obviously.
It will be worth it.

>> No.28790566


Then we just wear the soundproof costume with the stylish mask. That'll be warm.

It better be, I hope we're Char or Zechs.

>> No.28790579

It's Danbo

>> No.28790581

Thermals, huh? Are those like those little heat pads you put in your snowboots so your toes don't get cold, or something else? I'm a little confused.
Also don't forget it has a belt and pockets. We now have space for more web cartridges and special webbing to whip out when we need it.

>> No.28790587

>It's another thin spandex number
>"Perfect fit Pete! ... ... ... ffffff you been doing polotties buddy?"

>> No.28790591

I just realized that we haven't introduced or even told Harry about Felicia yet.

>> No.28790598

Thermal underwear

>> No.28790619

I, for one, like Peter's sexy new costume.

>> No.28790633

He's seen us with her right?

I don't think we kept that we were dating her a secret?

>> No.28790634

Full body undergarments, basically.

>> No.28790635

Thermal underwear
They're form fitting full body underwear people use in cold climates especially when venturing outdoors.

And so the age of Spider-Ass began

>> No.28790637

We need to. That way Harry can just make the assumption we haven't been hanging with him as much because we have a girlfriend. He would be okay with that.

>> No.28790638

Ah. We can store the battery pack in our belt!
The New York winter might be too much for even our first costume.

>> No.28790658


>> No.28790661

I think only MJ and the kid whose hopes we crushed have seen us together.

>> No.28790663

>Thermal underwear


>> No.28790665

Then we do it when we get to the party. Wait for him to be mid drag on a cup of punch.

"So, Harry...I'm seeing Felicia Hardy,"

>> No.28790668

Especially since this is 2013 and we saw what happens first weekend of December. Hopefully we don't villain fight in that snow storm.

>> No.28790678


New thread when?

>> No.28790686


I agree with that for the humor of it but then again she kissed our cheek in the hallway after school. The rumor-mill is probably going nuts that a hot girl kissed Parker.

>> No.28790692

It's October, we've got a bit of time to cook up some crazy science for keeping us warm

>> No.28790706


Its actually preferable to fight Sandman in the Winter.

I believe the Sinister Six clip is around here somewhere.


>> No.28790708

Cosgrove always runs it until it wears out. We'll get a new one when this one 404's.

>> No.28790717

>> No.28790725

Cos likes to live on the edge.

>> No.28790732

I thought thermal underwear was powered by electricity or something. Electric undies would be toasty, even in the snow.

Good point. Sandy's powers are gimped when he gets soaked. When he gets frozen they're useless.

>> No.28790749

Well, it never hurts to be safe- putting on your uniform underneath, along with a good dose of deodorant, before turning to the costume Harry gave you. It’s got red- a lot of red. And a mask/helmet thing. Luckily, it doesn’t look to be too hard to see through. Putting on the wig it comes with after dressing, you pocket your spider-man gloves and mask on one of the costume’s inside pockets. Making sure you have your wallet and the like, you go and head downstairs.

As you gown the stairs you look down at Harry, who has put on his own wig- he’s wearing some sort of blue uniform as well. You have no idea what this is referencing, so you feel kinda bad for Harry, but it does look decently cool.

The two costumes also don’t seem to be that hot or constricting, which is another benefit. However, after Aunt May takes a picture of the both of you because of ‘how cute you two look’ - you give Harry an embarrassed apology but he waves it off, looking happy to have people who care enough to gush over the both of you.

Still, it’s a good ten minutes to the school. You could talk with Harry on the way, or your Uncle Ben.

>[ ] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week
>[ ] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?
>[ ] Talk with Uncle Ben- write in
>[ ] Remain Silent
>[ ] Write in

>> No.28790757

And somehow, it'll have a link to the new thread.

>> No.28790769

>[ ] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week

>> No.28790785

>thermal underwear

>[ ] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?

>> No.28790787

>Talk to Harry - Tell him about Felicia
>Tell him you might duck out early to spend time with her, he'll understand
We can go trickortreating

>> No.28790790

spidey looks weird in this, that is this?

>> No.28790791

>>[ ] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week
>>[ ] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?
>>[ ] Write in: So, I probably should have told you earlier, but i have a girlfriend. (Ben is also there to provide embarrassment)

>> No.28790798

>[ ] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week.

Perfect opportunity to catch up with a friend we haven't had a chance to talk to in a while.

>> No.28790809

>get agility suit
>wear it under Char costume

>> No.28790813



>> No.28790814


>[X] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week

>[X] Talk with Uncle Ben- write in
"Thanks for driving us, Uncle Ben."

>> No.28790818

>[ ] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?
>[ ] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week

>> No.28790822

Talk with Harry- Tell him about Felicia.

>> No.28790823

I don't know who that is either.
>[ ] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?

>> No.28790826

Put together this costume and go see Harry.

>> No.28790829

>>[ ] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?

>> No.28790833

>[ ] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week

>> No.28790834

>>[ ] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week
>>[ ] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?

>> No.28790836

Yeah, that.

>> No.28790838


I guess Harry hasn't gotten Peter into anime. Or Harry tried to get Peter into anime by watching Evangelion and Peter hasn't watched anything he has recommended since

>> No.28790847

I have to third this

>> No.28790858

Future Foundation. It's after he got drunk at a party and made out with an inhuman.

>> No.28790860

>Talk to Harry - Huh, I thought we were dressing as giant fighting robots for some reason?
>Talk to Harry - So what's your coming week looking like?

>> No.28790864

I agree, we should do this. It's only right we warn him that we'll have to duck out early.

>> No.28790872

I'm not sure about the second option, but I'll second the third one.

>> No.28790878

>Electric undies would be toasty, even in the snow.
until they get wet and shock the wearer. Or get too hot and the maker gets sued for burning/sterilizing some weakling who couldn't take the heat. Just not worth the costs.

>> No.28790898

>Radioactive Spider-Sperm not surviving a little heat.

>> No.28790908

>"What the... is Shinji jerking off to Asuka while she's in a coma? And- oh god. Oh GOD! Why are they showing his sperm-covered hand?? Dammit Harry! Why would you do this to me??"

>> No.28790922

>New bleach out
>Things happen
>Entertaining as hell

>> No.28790923

Why does that inhuman have black bolt's tuning fork?

>> No.28790924

Don't forget Felicia said she was against something that could dump a sugar-rushed Stella on her. Next year for sure though.

I have no problem going there to hang out though.

>> No.28790934

>Dude it's cool, it's deep symbolism!

>> No.28790937

That's why on the warning label you say that they're not meant to be worn. They're a novelty underwear-shaped sandwich toaster.

Just like how q-tips say not to put them in your ears.

>> No.28790955

>he’s wearing some sort of blue uniform as well
Amuro, ikimasu!

>> No.28790959

It's just an excuse, we can go spend a nice night with Felicia instead.
Plus if our spider sense goes off we can excuse ourselves early, but that's pretty meta

>> No.28790970

>Just like how q-tips say not to put them in your ears
Then what the hell are you suppose to do with them? Stick them up your nose

>> No.28790972

Didn't say anything about spidey suing, just explaining why you'll never see that kind of electric undie on the market. Someone tried 30-odd years ago. Lawsuits galore.

It's a royalty thing. All the highest members of inhuman royal families get those.

>> No.28791001

>[X] Talk with Harry- what he’s up to in the coming week
>[X] Talk with Harry- what am I dress as again?

WE are a fucking newtype aren't we? sensing the future threats, we can go on a gundam and fight in space without being fuck due to not fighting in 2 dimensions anymore.

We can even use spider sense to use tracers AND those octo mini robots in Spider Island.

We can use spider sense to control funnels if we want to.

>> No.28791003

>He jerked off to an unconscious girl's breasts. forgive me if I don't notice the symbolism.

Stella should have a somewhat early bedtime. I'm sure we'll get some quality time with our gf. Lord knows we need it.

>> No.28791008

I use them to clean out the earwax buildup in my headphones.

I also stick them up my ears, though.

>> No.28791025

Commuter and I were discussing on a road trip this weekend how it is totally in character for Harry to drag Peter to Otakon, who tries to enjoy the vacation only to meet Baltimore's resident superhero.

>> No.28791027

Yeah, we should duck out early and pick up a movie to watch with her

>> No.28791050


>> No.28791056

>It's just, too deep for you, man. You don't understand the art, you'll get it on the second watching

>> No.28791059

There's just the possibility of rupturing your eardrum if you manage to accidentally shove it in hard enough. That's no small fear, but if you're not an idiot it will never happen.

>> No.28791061

>implying there are any superheroes that don't live in New York City

>> No.28791084

>"I'm sorry Harry... I... I just can't. It's all just gibberish. None of this makes any sense and they're just saying words... well typing words. Whatever."

>> No.28791089

>Baltimore's resident superhero.
Scrub-tier Marvel fan here. Who?

>> No.28791090

>Picks up Night of the Cat People. Felicia gives Peter a black-eye.

Agent Venom was in Philadelphia if i remember right. And even Paris and England have their own heroes.

>> No.28791117

We just made someone up, there is no one as far as I know. It was a 2+ hour drive and we needed something to talk about.

>> No.28791150

>"...Yeah, you know you're right. I think it is too deep for me. Can we watch like, I dunno, Dragonball Z or something? I loved that back when Toonami aired it."

>> No.28791151

>Sandman escaped
>Uncle Ben driving a car

>> No.28791164

...the X-Men still aren't public in this quest. The U.S. government's official position is that Captain America was a publicity stun to sell war bonds (Rodgers may or may not still be on ice)....

You now what, I probably missed something in this conversation. Time for me to pass out anyway, good night thread mats, play wisely and roll well.

>> No.28791170


I jokingly suggested a Baltimore Crab hero of some kind, however it should be noted that Spider-Man villain, The Beetle (who later turns over a new leaf as the hero Mach) was born in Baltimore. Additionally, Baltimore Maryland first appeared in Marvel Comics continuity when Namor stopped Nazi saboteurs from attacking the naval base there back in the 40's.

>> No.28791175

Or Tokyo Mew Mew the movie, because Harry thinks it's deep.

>> No.28791177

>Every time Uncle Ben does anything he is a hair's breadth from death

>> No.28791183

Uncle Ben died to Karma more than anything. As long as we don't let a guy go because it's "not our problem" he'll stay alive.

>> No.28791193

...He wouldn't... Cosgrove would never....

...There is no way Cosgrove would stoop to using the death from the Spider-Man 3 piece of crap.

>> No.28791210

Unlike letting girl's go because we not only got a monetary reward we get to cop a fell and make-out with her.

>> No.28791222

You're right. He'd kill Aunt May instead

What the hell are you even talking about?

>> No.28791227

>Felecia ends up murdering uncle ben
I don't even know how peter will react. Fall into despair or unstoppable rage

>> No.28791243

I'd prefer that.

>> No.28791252

We let Felicia go because we caught her and after that it wasn't our problem. I was only kidding anyway. Felicia is usually a good person in the multiverse at large.

>> No.28791257

Come to think of it. Wasn't it Felicia's dad that killed Uncle Ben in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon? I thought that was a really damn interesting twist to the old origin story.

Too bad the cartoon got cancelled after that season and it never really went anywhere.

>> No.28791271

Then we turn into "The Spider" and become a deadlier menace than Carnage ever was.

>> No.28791272

Ehh, Black Cat is basically harmless so it's not the same thing. Letting a violent or malicious criminal go is a much different scenario than letting a criminal who commits victimless crimes for shits and giggles go.

>> No.28791277


....I'm not sure what he's saying either.

>> No.28791281


>> No.28791294

I do.

>> No.28791313

I get the feeling Peter doesn't know who he's dressed as because he's only seen Wing and G Gundam.

>"So who the heck am I dressed as, Harry? I wanna say Zechs Marquise, but the helmet and uniform aren't quite right."

>"You can't be serious Peter."
>"Oh god you are serious, aren't you?"

>> No.28791319

Wow. If you have no idea what I'm saying then I'm just going to stop for a bit. I'll be back to typing when Cos posts.

>> No.28791325

I think Arachnophobia is a better name for a supervillain Spidey. Is that name already taken by anybody?

>> No.28791343


>> No.28791364

Oh god...

Do it.

>> No.28791370

It's just word order and context. I get what you were trying to say, but it just comes across incomplete.

>> No.28791373


No, Cosgrove! No!

>> No.28791376

>I actually like that outfit
>I like DeFoe
>table jazz scene confirmed
>Page 10, 6 from bottom

>> No.28791378


>> No.28791380


>> No.28791392


Halloween is the NIGHT OF THE GOBLINS

>> No.28791410


>> No.28791418

I can't wait for christmas.

Bring out the mistletoe

>> No.28791420

>Hob goblin murders Harry when he blows up Ben's car.

>> No.28791422

pls dun bully da spider

>> No.28791443


...this can only end in the long term with Harry being the pilot of Leopardon

>> No.28791456

“So, exactly who am I dressed as again?”

Harry gives a long suffering sigh as he gives a rough explanation of the character and how it relates to his. So, you’re dressed as a crazy space nazi or something who was a good guy but decides to try to kill all life on earth named Char. While he’s playing the good guy who your character is the rival/enemy of named Amuro. Or something.

Your summations of what he says make him cringe. “Peter- I swear I’m going to strap you down and force you to watch every anime I own one day.”

So, quickly changing the subject you think of something you SHOULD tell him. “So, I might have to leave early to meet my girlfriend Felicia, figured I’d give you a head’s up. I plan to stick around for a while though. It was a last minute thing.”

Harry nods. “No problem, at least you didn’t bail entirely.”

Uncle Ben gives a curious note of interest as you turn to Harry. “So, what are you up to this week?”

Harry glances at you and shrugs. “Dunno. My dad hasn’t said anything, so I should be pretty free. If you want to hang out, just give me the word.”

The two of you arrive at the school and get out. “Thanks for the ride, Uncle Ben!”

He waves at the two of you before driving off. You and Harry each take a deep breath before heading inside.

Peter Parker Quest Issue 35, END
To Be continued
>Have you ever walked with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

>i'll be around for a few, but have to call it early tonight.

>> No.28791462

You know, I really did like the design for Tallgeese. Hell, I like most of the designs for Wing out side of the Gundams themselves.

>> No.28791467

Those shows were on Toonami, weren't they?

Yeah do it.

>> No.28791475





>> No.28791476

And then Harry lends us his copies of the Gundam: The Origin books.

Or more likely, he'd lend us the entire series/all three compilation movies on DVD.

>> No.28791506

If you grow up in money you might as well throw it around for the stuff you love.

>> No.28791514

Just as well. Thread's sort of closish to being KO'd


Also also... Halloween party; how real is shit about to get?

also also also; heard you canceled KRWQ... bummer, but I hope you work the bugs out.

>> No.28791520

>“Peter- I swear I’m going to strap you down and force you to watch every anime I own one day.”
>anime I own

>> No.28791524


>Have you ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

What the fuck, Me. Get your shit together

>> No.28791526

That's okay. Thanks for the quest, Cos!
So are we getting an interlude this time?

>> No.28791531

Walk with the devil pale moonlight.

What the hell, I don't understandl

>> No.28791536

Also, good thread Cos. Thanks for the game as always.

>> No.28791538

>Joker crossover confirmed
Guys, I think we might have damaged the walls between universes with our time stunt.

>> No.28791544

who else thinks Stella will love gundam?

>> No.28791545

Next Thread when?

To be honest, once or twice a week works best for me, but I'm not gonna ask you to slow done if the creative juices are flowing.

>> No.28791547

Thanks for the run, Cos.

>> No.28791557

>Sure. What flavor would you like?

>> No.28791565

>Rider Quest canceled
>work the bugs out

>> No.28791570

Thanks for running, Cosgrove! Always fun.

>> No.28791576

Something sweeter and uplifting.

Or hikkiomary B-plot.

>> No.28791577

Or someone is going to be dressed as the Joker?

Maybe Phil Urich?

Also I can't find any pictures of what his non-costumed look was back when he was a good guy.

>> No.28791580

and by that I mean-

The Hanged Man
The Fool
The Devil

>> No.28791582

Can it be Goblin flavored?
Alternatively, Sand flavored?

>> No.28791584

Anyone you feel like writing about would be good with me since time is short.

Cheers and thanks for another fun night.

>> No.28791586


Ah, we have a bemused Uncle Ben.

I'm surprised with Harry.

"Wait, that's it. I drop that I'm seeing someone and you take it in stride?"

>> No.28791587

Can we just see something nice and totally unrelated to Pete for once? Like maybe what Mar-Vel's up to or something? Thanks.

>> No.28791589

>The Devil

>> No.28791593

>The Devil

>> No.28791599


>> No.28791600

Something Felcia or Stella related?

>> No.28791603

The Fool.

I know my tarots. Everything begins with the Fool's journey

>> No.28791605

>The Fool

>> No.28791607

The Fool

If the thread is pruned before you are done you can always post to the next one whenever that is.

>> No.28791609


Hikkimary B Plot

>> No.28791615

>The Hanged Man

>> No.28791616

>The Fool

Always a bastard of a tarot card.

>> No.28791617

I would think she would love everything Harry has truthfully.

Oh god. If we ever get Joker tier villain... Shit's going to be bad.

But then again I loved Joker.

I would like see something Stell- >>28791580
The Fool I guess.

>> No.28791618

Fuck, you can't ask that and not have me answer the Hierophant.

>> No.28791619

>The Fool

>> No.28791621

The Devil

>> No.28791630

>The Devil

>> No.28791633



The Fool

>> No.28791635


The Fool

>> No.28791638

The Devil

>> No.28791640


Or flashback to Uncle Ben's days on the force.

>> No.28791642

These guys get it.

>> No.28791657

"You're a smart handsome boy, Peter. Why would I be surprised? And when can I meet this Felicia girl?"

>> No.28791661

>The fool

>> No.28791674

>The Devil

>> No.28791678


>> No.28791683

thanks for running

>> No.28791685

Fool. Nothing good ever happens when you draw The Fool.
I'd rather see it coming before it does.

>> No.28791704

>The Devil
>The Fool
Potential. Gwen? Stella? Anya? MJ?
>The Hanged Man
Sandman. Cletus.

>> No.28791705


>> No.28791708

Could be worse. Could be The Tower.

>> No.28791712

Thank you for the fun evening.

>> No.28791723

I don't into tarot the black rose

>> No.28791736

The Fool is not a bad card. It can also be about beginnings and youth. Still better than the tower.

>> No.28791746

>Implying The Devil isn't that blasted buffoon REED RICHARDS.

>> No.28791749

the fool

>> No.28791757


Then I would be scared.

>> No.28791758

not to be a pest, but will you be running this again on saturday? Hype levels have been set to max since the future arc started.

>> No.28791766

In our own personal story Peter has been the Fool, Doom is the Magician. It would be interesting if we could map other's to our Peter's personal journey.

Also another really bad card is the 10 of Swords.

>> No.28791772

Maybe the Fool is Johnny Storm?

>> No.28791778

Reeds may be a man of wealth, but lacks severally in taste.

>> No.28791792

Fucking autocorrect.

>> No.28791796

Well, the Devil is all about being absorbed in the pleasure of something while not realizing(or not caring) how bad for you it is. Devil's temptation.

Would fit any of the symbiotes or their users pretty well.

>> No.28791797


Except where toasters are concerned.

>> No.28791830

>Sandman. Cletus.

The Hanged Man is one of the most mysterious cards in the tarot deck. It is simple, but complex. It attracts, but also disturbs. It contradicts itself in countless ways. The Hanged Man is unsettling because it symbolizes the action of paradox in our lives. A paradox is something that appears contradictory, and yet is true. The Hanged Man presents to us certain truths, but they are hidden in their opposites.

The main lesson of the Hanged Man is that we "control" by letting go - we "win" by surrendering. The figure on Card 12 has made the ultimate surrender - to die on the cross of his own travails - yet he shines with the glory of divine understanding. He has sacrificed himself, but he emerges the victor. The Hanged Man also tells us that we can "move forward" by standing still. By suspending time, we can have all the time in the world.

Maybe. Maybe not.

>> No.28791848

No, that definitely looks like Cletus's schtick.

>> No.28791856

Or the restraints placed on the self, or trickery, or whateves. Googling tarot cards always gives me crap because I get like 6 definitions in the first 6 links and they're all different.

>> No.28791869

Yeah, he's right where he wants to be.

>> No.28791882

In my opinion our lack of superheroing may soon bite us in the butt.
Lets say a villain crashes the party?
We have to stop hin right?
But that narrows down the "who os spiderman" field drastically.
Shield will put two and two together and figure out we are a student.
What do we do then?
Also... whatever happened to the Storms?

>> No.28791889

That sounds like Sandman to me. He is a very contradictory character. He's a hardened criminal, but only does it for the sake of his daughter, whom he loves dearly. He doesn't particularly want to be a criminal, but he doesn't really have any options.

>> No.28791903

Tarots are like that. But restraints on one selves and trickery both fall under fucking yourself over and temptation.

>> No.28791904

I just use wikipedia, though it's wikipedia so take with a grain of salt. Though, it does point out that The Hanged Man is connected to divinity.

Sacrifice ----- Letting go ----- Surrendering ----- Passivity
Suspension ----- Acceptance ----- Renunciation ----- Patience
New point of view ----- Contemplation ----- Inner harmony
Conformism ----- Non-action ----- Waiting ----- Giving up

Yeah, Kassady does fit.

>> No.28791928

That's because each card has more than one meaning. The true meaning of each card can only be understood by the context the card is used.
Basically fortune tellers have free reign to make shit up and use any definition is most convenient to appease the audience.

>> No.28791940


It often becomes clear quite quickly where Spidey went to highschool. Ultimate Universe figured it out right quick, hell his principal figured it out and was fine with Peter, and then the guy stood up for the school's mutant students.

>> No.28791951

What about hobgoblin?

Besides, it hard to ignore a fucking sandman.

Also, stop whining, we got too much shit to go look out and patrol,

>> No.28791953

>But that narrows down the "who os spiderman" field drastically.
Maybe, but if we were to go outside, get changed, then swing back in a dramatic fashion, we can reduce the suspicion. Midtown high is huge anyway, so don't worry.
>whatever happened to the Storms?
It's been less than a week since we saw them, calm your tits.

>> No.28791977

>The Devil
No matter what we call him, the Devil is our symbol for what is bad and undesirable. From our human perspective, we see the world as a struggle between light and dark. We want to vanquish the bad so the good can prevail. In fact, good and bad cannot be separated, just as you cannot separate a shadow from its source. Darkness is simply the absence of light, and it is caused by errors that hide the truth. Card 15 shows us these errors.

First is ignorance - not knowing the truth and not realizing that we do not know. Second is materialism - the belief that there is nothing but the physical. As spiritual beings, we long for the Divine, but we lose contact with this source of truth if we trust only our senses. There is also hopelessness, which robs us of our joy and movement toward the light.

Traditionally the Devil stands for evil, but it does not have this rather frightening meaning in a reading. This card lets you know that you are caught in an unhealthy, unproductive situation. You may be in the dark about something - ignorant of the truth and its implications. You may be obsessed by a person, idea, substance or pattern that you know is bad for you (or maybe you don't!). Sometimes this card reflects back the negativity that has made you doubt yourself and your future. We are prone to many errors in life. Card 15 lets us know when they are serious enough to require attention. When you see the Devil, examine your assumptions carefully. Make sure you are not working from a false picture of yourself and the situation. Hold fast to the highest vision of who you are.

Osborne and Richards both qualify. Doom also does, to a certain extent.

>> No.28791979

True, it might just narrow it down to Spidey living in Queens.

>> No.28791989

>In my opinion our lack of superheroing may soon bite us in the butt.
Are you STILL complaining about this? I thought you said you were going to stop.

>> No.28792000

>The Fool
In medieval courts, the court jester was someone who was not expected to follow the same rules as others. He could observe and then poke fun. This makes the Fool unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the unlimited potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. There is a sense with this card that anything goes - nothing is certain or regular. The Fool adds the new and unfamiliar to a situation.

The Fool also represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him and brings him joy. In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction - one that will guide you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem.

Stella and Johnny really, really fits. Also, HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!

>> No.28792032

Thanks for posting these anon. Helps to understand things.

>> No.28792033

>FOOL (1&2)

All Hallow’s Eve- the day the evil spirits walk the earth.

Regardless, its time you have the chance to do something. It’s Halloween, so naturally, you’ve got to be out there. The day tricks and treats come forth.

Well, that’s what daddy always says. Where is he?

He said he’d be here.

Daddy always keeps his word.


Grimacing in pain, you grab your chest, coughing into the bag like the doctors tell you.

It hurts- it hurts so much. That red stuff isn’t supposed to be coming up!

Wheezing, your body tries to curl up. You grip the side of bed as you head something breaking. Pulling back your hand, you see a handprint where your hand had been- looking at you hand you see it a grayish color before it turns back.

What’s happening?

“…Daddy, where are you? I’m scared…”


“You can’t make that jump, stupid!”

You look at the kids down below you with contempt.

Humph! Spider-man could make that jump easily! So naturally, you’ll have to make it yourself! How else would he accept you as a sidekick?!

Taking a deep breath you rush at the edge of the rooftop and prepare to jump.

You’re making it! You’re making it! You’re…

Not making it!

You eyes close in terror as you feel yourself falling before you hear the sound of chains as you feel something grab you and pull you up.

The chains pull you to the roof you were reaching for as you see a shadowed figure under a red cloak as the chains retract to it. A rough, mysterious voice echoes from where it’s mouth would be.

“Next time, I won’t catch you.”

Snorting at the figures, you look over the edge again before heading to the fire escape. So… next time you’ll try it over a less.. Tall height.

But, one day, you’ll be Spider-man’s sidekick!

>> No.28792036

That's not me, man. Just look at his formatting. Totally different.

Besides, I didn't want to do it until after we took care of our other shit.

>> No.28792048


>> No.28792054


>> No.28792060

>The chains pull you to the roof you were reaching for as you see a shadowed figure under a red cloak as the chains retract to it. A rough, mysterious voice echoes from where it’s mouth would be.

Get out of here Spawn, you aren't Marvel.

>> No.28792066

>rough, mysterious voice

>> No.28792072

Who is the guy that takes on the property of materials he has touched?

>> No.28792080

Absorbing Man.

>> No.28792084

>a shadowed figure under a red cloak as the chains retract to it. A rough, mysterious voice echoes from where it’s mouth would be.
No way... Spawn?? What are you doing in the Marvelverse?

>> No.28792089

Anya is really hard to keep alive.

>> No.28792094

...Goddamn, Sandman's daughter is worse off than I thought.

Also Damnit Flash, we need to have a talk with him.

>> No.28792097


Wait, if Cain Marko became sandman magically, does this mean his daughter goes full Cement by...nice one.

>> No.28792103

So it looks like the little girl DOOM's watching has the Carnage symbiote?

And the second is... Flash and Spawn?

>> No.28792106

i thought that too.

>> No.28792108


#1 is Sandman's daughter.

>> No.28792117

It's Anya.

>> No.28792124


>> No.28792128

No, the first is Sandmans kid. Easily.
Second is Flash though no doubt. Rescuer might be Stella wearing a disguise since it can't be Ghost Rider.

>> No.28792136

Second is Anya and probably whoever Doom had tail her. First is Sandman's daughter.

>> No.28792144

Yeah, probably not Spawn. While we have had original characters we haven't had any out-and-out crossovers.

>> No.28792150

Now I have some things to rack my brain on until next Tuesday!

Have a great week Cosgrove!

>> No.28792153

That's a good theory. I think it's the most likely one.

>> No.28792156

It's Anya. She wants to be just like Spidey, remember? I don't think Flash is that stupid. Or would hang out with a bunch of children.

>> No.28792163

Who else do you think I was referring to?


Flash is not that stupid and childish.

It's Anya.

>> No.28792171

... next thread when?

>> No.28792177


Definitely Cement and Anya.

...and we have the first two of the third wave of Heroes lining up.

>> No.28792191

Never heard of Cement. Did Flint's daughter really get superpowers?

>> No.28792203

I'm still baffled that people could be so gaga for Spidey considering how little he's been around.

>> No.28792206


Cosgrove, have I mentioned recently how much I love your Threads.

>> No.28792220

Interesting stuff, though we don't know who that person who saved Anya was.

I do too.

Anyways, time for bed. Cya all next thread!

>> No.28792228

He's the very first well-known superhero since everyone today thinks Captain America was a World War 2 propoganda stunt.

>> No.28792251


In some versions it's his biological daughter from after Flint became Sandman, in other cases it's kinda like when Clayface split off a part of himself and it became it's own identity.

>> No.28792252

That might owe some to JJJ. No such thing as bad press right?

>> No.28792255

Flash is obsessed with Spider-Man too. Also how would a little girl get up on a building like that and have her father or guardians not notice?

It's unlikely, but I'm throwing it out there,

>> No.28792265

He stopped the black cat.

and saved people from the hobgoblin twice.

All of which was reported by the bugle.

There are time gaps by a couple of week but should be fresh in everyone's minds

>> No.28792267

He is a fucking super hero.

He caught the black cat, save a school and beat the crap out of hobogoblin while saving a reporter and the police who were shooting him more than the bad guy.

Also, GOOD PR from JJ and Eddie.

>> No.28792277


Flash can be that stupid when he is young. He still has that belief of being invincible during his football days.

>> No.28792293

This quest...

>> No.28792298

He's 17. There's no way he's that stupid.

>> No.28792302

...now was the Stand arrow a red herring and turning to sand was just a bad reaction to Cletus, or...

>> No.28792318

>can't be that stupid

>> No.28792349

Sandman seems like he's going to be a rampaging can't control himself villain, which will be interesting.

If people don't immediately start shooting us, we should make a statement about super humans after we win against Sandman.

Man I hope when the X-Men get rolling we get the Evolution versions.

>> No.28792353

It a JOJO thing. It must have past down the bloodline and affect his daughter too.

>> No.28792354

"Once gods walked upon the world amongst men. They waged their wars among the primitive people and used them as tools to worship them.

But not all men who to be cowed. Not all Gods were loyal.

They came up with weapons and tools.

Warriors to equal the gods.

These warriors have faded as the ages have passed, their bloodlines killed off, potential wasted.

But, the gods have not forgotten this little Earth. Midgard, they called it.

Nor have all gods disappeared, as they sleep within the earth and beneath the sea.


For when the gods return, they shall awaken.

And a new age of Marvels shall begin."

-???? (Writer's identity had been lost to history)

>> No.28792357

First appearance, rougeish mercenary looking to do a job. Professional nonetheless.

Second appearance, shows up out of nowhere right in the middle of an attempt to bomb a school, fails to take in the perp, but manages to completely stop the bomber from continuing his rampage. He's clearly hurt by the exchange.

Third appearance, calls out this mad bomber, believed murderer, and fights him, being hampered by the police, before taking a nasty wound and going out of his way to save a civilian on the scene and the police. The police are openly criticized for interfering in Spider-man's fight and potentially leading to more people being killed.

Fourth Appearance, picture taken by a little girl while he's swinging around, potential tip to the police about the Carnage killings.

Spider-man is seen as a selfless figure who does his best to save people, even at the expense of his own health, and when the people he's trying to save attack him. And he's not a distant aloof figure.

It's not hard to figure out in retrospect, is it?

>> No.28792364

Especially true when thus far the (Bugle) press has been balanced bordering on outright supportive. Brock has our fucking back, for now at least.

>> No.28792367

Have you ever met a 17 year old? Or been one? Also Flash isn't exactly the brightest guy and a (reckless) test of physical capability like this is entirely in character for him or anyone else at that age.
Teenagers are fucking stupid.

>> No.28792380

You pissed off the gods, guys.
I hope you're glad

>> No.28792398


I blame Hercules.

>> No.28792399

Herc you gunna be a catalyst

Delicious updates... I love you Cosgrove.

>> No.28792404


Did we piss off the Gods? I don't think we did anything.

>> No.28792405

>For when the gods return, they shall awaken.
Stella's only half god. Maybe 'they' are only slightly more aware now and not completely awake.

>> No.28792407

Comm, get some sleep or ask your wife for a second opinion on that. 'K?

>> No.28792408

wooo Asgardian villains and heroes soon.

>> No.28792416


>> No.28792417

look at me
do I give a fuck?
I'll give you a hint; NO

>> No.28792421

>Half clone of Loki or something
>Is here now
Awwww sheeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt

>> No.28792422


Hell yeah motherfuckers

>> No.28792423





>> No.28792447

> Loki

>> No.28792450

Cos, just so you know, I'm grinning like a maniac over here! It's too soon but we asked for it, things are about to accelerate.

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