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Hey guys, my wife and I have been looking for something to do around the house as a couple so I downloaded all the recent 40k Codices. We got to picking our armies and she settled on Space Wolves.

Should I divorce her now or what? Also what army should I pick to consistently stomp her shit in?

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Play eldar, give her your pants and pick purrrtiest skirt from her collection. Wear it. /thread

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>Should I divorce her now or what?
No, why? Space Wolves are fine. Granted their lore is all about them being teamkilling asshats but when get down to it most 40K factions are asshats who'll teamkill at the drop of a hat.

Now if she'd said she wanted eldar for the waveserpents that's when you file for divorce. Mentioning "a couple of riptides" is when you burn the house and salt the field afterwards.

>Also what army should I pick to consistently stomp her shit in?
Any answer but Dark Angels is objectively wrong.
>But Thousand Sons
Not with this amount of tsundere.

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Pick Grey Knight and have very angry sex afterwards.

>yacruca lebone
Oh Captcha, you make me laugh sometimes.

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Dark Angels are space teutons?

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the Dark Angels and Black Templars both draw heavily from the themes of the Knight Templars and teutonic orders. The Black Templars are modeled on the ideal of righteous wrath and perpetual crusade (also the iconography, what with the Germanic cross) while the Dark Angels play more to the Knight Templars' obsessive secrecy, ritualism and paranoia.

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>Pick Grey Knight and have very angry sex afterwards.
The entire time shouting: "YOU'VE SEEN TOO MUCH!"

>picking Space Wolves
mfw, you've failed as a husband OP unless it's a homebrew chapter.

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Dark Angels are a gay joke. Their terrible secret is homosex.

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Necrons typically get looked over these days. I'd say go with them. They can be well-rounded, competitive, and downright cheese, depending on how you want it.

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id say pick Orks. That way you can paint yourself green after you lose and have bdsm sex with her.

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Wouldn't a picture be sufficent?
Vidoes sound kinda boring.

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Play Chaos, apply Heldrakes.

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>Vidoes sound kinda boring.


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Hilarious. Episode 3 came out just 2 days ago, and it's hilarious.

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>Should I divorce her now or what?

She should divorce you for being such a typical marine-hating neckbeard faggot.

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