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Eternal Crusade thread, /tg/. I wasn't sure if this went on /v/ or here, but I don't like /v/ so we'll do it here.

What are you looking forward to? They have a special Christmas Gift we can look forward to, something involving the two authors from Black Library working on the game's story. Do you think they'll make a special Eternal Crusade codex at some point?

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I'm lazy so here's a post of general information about the game already compiled from someone on the game's forums


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>Do you think they'll make a special Eternal Crusade codex at some point?

There used to be a codex of the Eternal Crusade but not anymore..

I hope they implement a system where they give first founding chapters different abilities and the oportunity to paint your character of whatever chapter you want and use the corresponding first founding chapter skill tree

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also anyone notice the 5th unannounced faction on the website?

We got eldar, spehs muhreens, angsty marines, and orkz.

But what the fuck is the fifth?

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It's the Tyranids. They're AI controlled. The devs will eventually implement more player controlled factions later on, however. Providing the game does well.

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Oh cool.

Will definitely look forward to clearing a space hulk with my friends in a suit of terminator armor.

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I'm not sure if Space Hulks will be in the game, but you can definitely do that underneath fortresses or in mines.

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Whatevs I'm still cool with it.

You guys heard about the first person space hulk clearing game yet?

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Yeah, isn't it called Deathwing? I believe it's made by the same people who did the EYE Divine Cybermancy game, so it'll be a solid game.

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YEp. It's gonna be fucking awesome.

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word on the street (from devs) is terminators/chaos termies/wraithguard/meganobz will be temporary suits that will poof when you die, ala planetisde 2 max armors. Which would suck. It makes sense though, since they haven't shown the jump capable elder class. My money is on swooping hawks. Would prefer warp spiders, but they are way better than the other jumping troops.

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also here is a pic with their last livechat answers for anyone interested.

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I'm fairly certain the devs have mentioned Swooping Hawks already, and they'd be interesting to play since they haven't been well represented in video games yet.

I'm not sure about the other factions, but they mentioned having a possibility of unlocking Wraithguard through the Warlock progression tree to represent the relationship the two possess, and explaining in game that when you play as a WG, your Warlock is directing it from a safe location.

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What I'd like, instead of just picking a class when you make your character and then being stuck with it, is having your role determined by your loadout.

You would get a points limit, and could increase it by leveling up. You spend them by taking equipment which changes the way you play and slots you into one of the class roles, heavy armour, jump pack, heavy weapons or tactical/all-rounder. Then you can spend your remaining points on additional weapons and buff items.

Only problem I think is for abilities and classes which wouldn't really make sense for you to just be able to turn on and off, like psychic powers or eldar aspect warriors.

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I'm just hoping they keep to THQ's original plans and that they'll introduce IG (a custom legion whose patron saint is Olinius from what I heard) and Dark Eldar, followed by Tau and Necrons.

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Im hyped

If the Eternal Crusaders wont be in the game then Imperial Fists Sigismund's Templars it will be
They will add IF, right?

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Totally up to the community. All the factions will get a community chosen fifth sub-faction, so you'll probably be competing with all the Black Templar fanatic.s

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Why does that Warlock have a Protoss goatee?

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Because in the minds of game devs Eldar=Protoss=Asari=elves in space.

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I am a Black Templar fanatic and I will vote, I was happy to see the BT beat every other choice by at least doubling their votes in the first poll

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Imma vote for Raven Guard, just cuz I like them and nobody else is going to.

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It just confirms that BT players are proud zealots for their chapter

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where the hell do I vote because black templars need to happen.

Sorry IF dude, but BT are IF if the IF hadn't been bitches who rolled over for the Codex Astartes. Which makes them clearly superior.

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Haven't the Eldar always had that look since forever, though? Taking inspiration from Egyptian pharaohs isnt a unique concept

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>Chaos is a gibbering assortment of edgemasters and kids

>Orks a gibbering tide of Russians and Brazilians with one or two players who are way too good at vidya mixed into the hordes

>Eldar has ERPers and euphorians

What's the Imperium get?

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Amen brother, the poll was closed, BT won with 200 votes, IF was second with 102 votes, none came even close to our righteousness.

It was just a community poll and the devs will do an official one later on, so steel your mind and be ready, the crusade will go on for eternity!

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Worthless forever alone neckbeards. And 13 year olds.

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12 year olds

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>that dark reaper
>"man, I love my job"

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They better make wraithlords and termies wreck every sort of infantry with ease.

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neckbeards, manchildren

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These, and the occasional Gears of War fratbro type.

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I'm very likely to buy Ork classes and rule the hordes of Brazilians. It shall be glorious.

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I doubt they will add the IG, first they would need to find a contrived answer ala DoW to put the IG figthing the Space Marines, then fluff wise the scale is completely different, a regular IG player would be infinitely weaker than the regular players of the other factions, and it would be retared to buff a Guard Soldier to Space Marine levels just for bluff.

I do hope though, they had them as guard NPC protecting Imperium zones

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they're gonna be working on it after launch. it's possible for them to put guard under the space marine race/faction, they're just gonna see what people want

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Well to be honest I really hope not. Don't get me wrong, IG are actually my favorite 40k faction but it really doesn't make sense put the IG infantry at the same level of the infantry of the other factions.

Also all those typos in my post, damn.

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to be honnest, i'm not too keen on this just being another planetside-alike. i'd rather be pve than pvp.

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maybe you look at classes considering all the factors Imps would look less stupidly inferior
things like having less respawn time
or more requisition per kill
and so easy access to vehicles and specialized weapons
also tactical roles like boosting speed of conquering strategic points

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>two authors from Black Library working on the game's story
Which two authors? That could either be very good or very bad

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>and Dark Eldar, followed by Tau and Necron
I wonder how would that work.

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Graham McNeill and Anthony Reynolds, could be worse.

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Personally, I'd love to see the IG as a summoning class.

So you'd start as a corporal, with 2 privates for summoning, as you gain levels, you'd gain rank and be able to summon more/more varied creatures like Ogryns, Stormtroopers, maybe light NPC controlled vehicles, etc. which you can command in minor ways, sort of the way Mass Effect handled it.

And while you'd still probably plowed through, you could upgrade the weapons and armor for each unit seperately. Time consuming, and ridiculously expensive, but when you'd summon a squad of 8 guardsmen, you could have one of them hold a bolter, the other a plasma gun, some lasguns, a flamer, etc.

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That's a way too contrived way of forcibly inserting a faction and I doubt it work in this sort of mmo

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the devs seem like nice guys
I'm relatively sure they won't go with the "we've got personality" thing too far

I hope

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Well at least they seem to be quite fans of the IP, I know at least one of the lead guys is an huge Eldar fanboy and as an Eldar army

>> No.28757052

No Warp Spiders, no buy.

>> No.28757218

I'm taking heart in the "we'll play, but not lead" quote.
It would be all too easy to turn the game into their cult of personality

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>early 2015
>be ork
>ork ru/br legions wreck everything but space marines due to their gynormous fanbase
>early 2016
>IG are added
>all ftp players move to IG
>IG wreck everything
>ork waaagh empty
>only me and Jamal left as orks
>gms buff us
>we're now Gork and Mork
>we plunge the servers into chaos they can't even imagine
>there is only war in EC
I'z wantz to bulieve.

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They've always had that. Avenger exarchs have it too.

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I don't give a fuck if i play among edgy kids i just want that winged helmet

>> No.28760586


I'd love to play Dark Eldar. Imagine going gotta go fast sanic speeds on a jetbike while tearing up everything you pass with your bladevanes or stabbing a huge tyranid with a tiny dagger to watch in writhe in pain and die.

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>What are you looking forward to? They have a special Christmas Gift we can look forward to, something involving the two authors from Black Library working on the game's story.
>Black Library

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it's stunning how little some people know about the 40k-fluff. I mean the webway was even part of the dawn of war games, if I remember correctly.

>> No.28760778


It's stunning how little /tg/ knows about xenos.

>> No.28760821

well fuck me, I totally misread that.
I read something like 'gate'. Butn thank you for reminding me that the goatee was inveted by starcraft.

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Well when a good majority on 4chan only play muh Imperium, it's not too surprising.

>> No.28761093


Just like in the fluff

>tfw dark eldar player
>just don't give a fuck as long as it bleeds

>> No.28761118

>dark eldar

*places electrical pain pad on hand* High five my nigga!

>> No.28761133

So are the Dark Eldar like the BDSM clowns of 40k?

>> No.28761171

Yes, but the Imperium sort of does it too.

No. There's a separate type of Eldar for that.

>> No.28761453


see the falcon here is beautiful, but imagine the nightmare of trying to paint your whole fucking army like that.

>> No.28761461

I hope we can become exarchs just so I can get that missile launcher.

>> No.28762378


Man exarchs are a must. I can't wait to snatch mother fuckers up with THE CLAW.

>> No.28762400

no, they are david bowie of 40k

>> No.28762421


That's the craftworlders. The funky funky craftworlders.

>> No.28762507

I can't wait to be apart of a Seer Council and rip up some filthy mon'keigh.

In all seriousness, I hope this game has a great community. The one thing lacking about another similar game in terms of scope, Planetside 2, is that you lack any real reason to do things besides grinding certs. Sure it's fun, but in Planetside 1, you WANTED To kick that faction off your continent.

Give each faction a reason to fight. Imperium because of their boner for territory, Orkz just to fight as many people as they can, Chaos for making the Imperials rage, and the Eldar for being dicks and making everyone rage eventually.

>> No.28762539

Biting blade is where it's at. You don't want your own Teeth of Dissonance to hack mon'keigh by the dozen?

>> No.28762572


>tfw Harlequins show up and dance you to death

Do want.

>> No.28762634

>Give each faction a reason to fight
I'm not sure I follow. Like, mechanically? The more you win the more cool shit you get or..?

>> No.28762643

Man, i know that letting fans make a game that they are a fan of isnt always a good thing, but seeing that made me smile a bit and feel hopefully. These guys really love 40k, and this might be one of the few labors of love in a shitty gaming world.

>> No.28762649

Is there any indication of what the 4th craftworld is at this point? The other three are pretty clear, but the Reaper could be anything. Alaitoc is a safe bet I suppose.

>> No.28762657

They still don't know how to spell "Slaanesh".

>> No.28762707


Via fluff. Mechanically already exists in PS2, but he's sitting there going 'I lack a fluff reason to care'.

Say, for instance, a random agri-world. Chaos moves in because ancient artifacts they can use, Imperium is defending muh agri-world, Eldar move in because the Imperium will find the artifacts if Chaos doesn't, and in either case neither should have it, and Orkz go 'A fight? WAAAAAAGH!'

>> No.28762717

Like, a reason to keep playing I mean. In Planetside 1, you played because you wanted to kick those filthy NC dog's ass and you wanted to see them stuck at their home Sanctuary because you hated NC.

>> No.28762763

If the game drags in the W40k crowd, I foresee that a reason for killing all others will be present from the very beginning, no problem.

Word Bearer here, you're all blind to the gifts of the Warp and thus worthless.

>> No.28762765

>Can't play Tyranids

LOL why the fuck would I buy this game

>> No.28762776

The only thing that really concerns me about the devs so far is they never seem to be able to say "no." They always respond "not at launch" "maybe" or "anything's possible."

On one hand, if you ever make a definitive statement, someone's going to cry when you go against it. On the other hand, this mentality they're breeding that every single race and feature and idea is inevitable and just a matter of time can lead to some serious resentment if those things never come.

>> No.28762788


I'll probably switch between Chaos and Eldar each world.

>> No.28762803

No one does. In fact. Why do you know that name Imperial Citizen? Perhaps a mind purge is in order.

>> No.28762821

Can't really blame on their approach, look all the whiny "muh tyranids, muh favorite class" kids in this threads

>> No.28762823



And Chain Sabres son. I wanna get all Agni & Rudra on monkeigh.

>> No.28762827

you wouldn't buy it because it's free to play

>> No.28762868


>Safe bet

Aspect class clearly represents Biel-Tan. Alaitoc are only known for rangers who haven't been shown yet.

>> No.28762877

I guess the three of us will have to meet up on the battlefield and see who can get the high score.

>> No.28762890

So guardians clearly represent Saim-Hann?

>> No.28762895



>> No.28762921


Devs have said that Guardians represent the vehicle class.

>> No.28762971

Any word on how exactly God specific units/worship is going to be integrated for Chaos?

>> No.28762975

Guardians represent "I'm the baker and I have no idea what I'm doing on the battlefield" class.

>> No.28763006

At this point it seems like the classes are going to be very general and not associated with one god and then you can get blessings and things like that for each god.

>> No.28763027


Well yes and no. They are the default class to drive vehicles, but they are also well rounded. But yes a wraithguard wont be able to pop in the drivers seat.

>> No.28763029


Or in the case of Saim Hann's Wild Riders, proud blood brothers bound by honour and the joy of GOING FAST.

>> No.28763036

What I'm wondering about is how they will differentiate different players of the same class, and also how they will handle the world and player progression with regards to persistence.

I think it will be very easy for them to fall into the trap of making a standard TPS game and having the MMO aspects amount to little more than a glorified map lobby and cosmetic customisation.

All that assuming, of course, that the game doesn't turn out to be horrible shit and gets enough players to even function.

>> No.28763039

>going all-Nurgle on a Black Legion Tactical Marine
Sounds good to me. See you on the battlefield.

>> No.28763041


It's probably going to be tied into the gifts/mutations mechanic. Beyond that.... *shrug*

>> No.28763052


Biting Blade is at a disadvantage being two-handed, it can't claim an extra attack. It has better AP than Sabers, though. Cuts a swathe of destruction through Medium Infantry, though. You'll only get one Pistol, though.

Chain Sabers are cheaper, so they can load up with Exarch Powers. They tear through Flak armor, but you'll have to rely on lucky 6s for Rending anything else. Still good at chopping up Light Infantry. You get two Pistols for this one.

Scorpion's Claw is the most expensive, but also the most powerful. S6 is Instant-Death to most infantry, but you'll have to pay even more for +1S Exarch Power for S7. AP2 is great too, and lacks the Unwieldy tag of a Powerfist. Great for killing Heavy Infantry and challenging Characters. Also comes with two Pistols.

>> No.28763065

>"We're staying true to the lord with gender. Eldar will have the option to choose male or female..."

YESSS! No classes associated with a gender like Diablo 2.

>> No.28763078


they chose the unaligned chapters so you could take whatever chaos buff you wanted on yours. Want more hackey on your raptor? Slanesh for fasta and khorne for hackier
Want to be tougher on your long ranged fire?
Nurgle for more HP, tzeench for more armor

>> No.28763092

Having at least four factions for each class you can pick from handles that aesthetically.

Being able to upgrade your weapons in different ways takes care of that for gameplay.

.....hopefully at least.

>> No.28763098

>Orks, Space Marines, Chaos and Eldar


>> No.28763144

Now I'm just imagining various close ups of guardian heavy weapon teams and War Walker pilots with 'I have no idea what I'm doing' written on them.

>> No.28763151


It's a shame the Biting Blade lost it's +1s per wound inflicted. Maybe they'll reflect that trait that in the game? Also, exarch powers would be cool.

>Tfw you will have to play the game for 10,000 years to accumulate the experience necessary for exarch-hood.
>Either that or exarchs will be controlled by hundreds of players in one lobby that all controls an exarch

Join the spirit pool nigga. NO GO LEFT. FUCK.

>> No.28763162

Here's hoping I can suit up my Black Legionnaire with a Noise Cannon.

>> No.28763188

>tracking shot of a war walker spinning around in circles while trampling everything in side and tripping and sliding
>guardian inside throwing up inside his helmet

>> No.28763388

They also have said that vehicles are not dependent on classes, so that's up in the air.

>> No.28763518

Yeah, blame GW for that. They're insistent that we always have the original four. I wouldn't have minded Necrons or Tau to swap out for the Eldar to be honest.

Plus, remember all the rage from Chaos players when DoW 2 shipped with Tyranids at first?

>> No.28763568

They know what factions are most popular with people. Who else is to "blame" but the fans themselves?

I personally want every race in, but what's more important is ensuring that the largest number of people are supporting the game possible so you can maybe get one or two more less regular races.

>> No.28763607


You were right: it's Biel-Tan.

>> No.28763672

The only question I have is how they are going to balance out multiple Imperial factions on the field. The Imperial Guard are a popular faction, but I honestly don't like the "pet" class that people keep suggesting

For one, if a lot of people play the IG, you'll have a Commissar + several guardsmen PER player. That's going to be way too much for the engine to handle more than likely. Then, if the IG and SM are on a team, you're going to have by far the most popular faction, which will be pretty onesided to say the least. Or if you have them fight against one another, not only is it dumb, but it's yet another Kaurava/Kronus situation in which Imperials fight each other instead of every other army on the planet.

I'd much rather see Necrons or Tau first. They're both interesting xeno factions, they have substantial fanbases, and you don't have to worry about pesky things like overpopulating.

>> No.28763701

>Necron and Tau
>substantial fanbases


That's news to me.

>> No.28763712


>"Eldar will be fleet of foot, clearing cover and other obstacles faster than the clunkier Space Marines or Orks. Eldar jump packs will also feel and control very differently from Space Marine jump packs, but we want to do more testing before we go into detail."
>Eldar jump packs

So there's a chance that we might see Spiders as well as Hawks? They're the only jump pack users in the Eldar aside from Shadow Spectres (super unlikely).

>> No.28763734

For those reasons I don't see them implementing IG. Keep in mind that the game is two years out or something like that just for release. Any extra races are so far down the line.

>> No.28763736

Okay, not as substantial as any Imperial faction, but the Tau at the least are fairly popular, even before they apparently became FOTM among power games. Remember how GW sold out of the new 6e Tau models for a few months because they didn't anticipate the Tau's popularity?

>> No.28763746

>I'd much rather see Necrons or Tau first. They're both interesting xeno factions, they have substantial fanbase
>Necrons interesting
>Substantial Tau fanbase


>> No.28763758

Any other faction would have the same surge if they got something like the Riptide.

>> No.28763763


Yeah but I'm hoping for more than that. You can have weapon and cosmetic customisation in games like TF2 but no one would call it an MMO.

I'm looking for things like: One instance of each map/zone per server, being able to control zones and having benefits/reasons to visit them when they are under control. As well as no set "victory conditions" or other "game-rule" type restrictions that would compromise the openness or persistence of the game world, like not being able to enter an area because of a match going on, or things like vehicles, fortifications and weapon emplacements despawning/"resetting" after a fight.

It'll be hard I think.

>> No.28763770

I have no idea how many classes each race will have (these guys seem to think that everything is on the table and they'll have the ability to include them all) but from what they've said it seems like hawks would be in before spiders.

>> No.28763778

People dig battlesuits, always have.

>> No.28763788

Eldar got the Wraithknight.

>> No.28763814

Their fanbases more substantial than the DE and they are twice as interesting, I will give you that.

>> No.28763833


Can't we just enjoy a game without making assumptions? Don't turn into /v/ guys.

>> No.28763838

Eldar were already popular as fuck.

>> No.28763840


Certainly no complaints about Hawks, I'll be pumping the Ace Combat soundtrack while I dance with the angels.

It's just that there are so many aspects that would be really interesting gameplay wise that I want them all. Teleport mechanics would be insanely fun.

>> No.28763850

Two years shy of release and people already know what the playerbases are like.

>> No.28763863

> they are twice as interesting
> tau
> than DE
Taufag detected.

>> No.28763883

Really? You saw more Tau than Eldar before both codexes got upgraded. Eldar were only relevant because they were GW's whipping boys. More seriously, they've been a staple of GW's lineup, but I always felt the Tau were more popular. I'd say they're roughly even now.

>> No.28763891


Well I'm pysced for it.

>> No.28763908

>I'm mad at someguy's opinions
>I'll make an assumption that he's a fanboy
/v/ pls

>> No.28763909

From a business standpoint, if what you say were true, why wouldn't the Tau be in over the Eldar then?

>> No.28763936

I think they're roughly the same in terms of popularity, with the Eldar getting the spot above the Tau simply because they've ALWAYS been one of the main four for GW to fall back on, and they're more flexible story wise. The Tau usually have to stick in the Eastern part of the galaxy.

>> No.28763938

They will be over Eldar, but GW needs few more years of force-feeding them to players to achieve it.

>> No.28763951

spiders unlikely
they can't figure out a proper warp jump mechanism for em

>> No.28763962

That's a shame. Swooping Hawks are still cool though

>> No.28763966

Dream faction to be included? If nothing else but for visual customization?

>> No.28763983

That's a neat drawing. That Fire Warrior is fuccccked though.

>> No.28763986


Eldar have always been relevant as one of the founding factions of 40k. If you are honestly surprised that the starting faction are orks/eldar/chaos/marines then I don't know what to say to you. It's the obvious dichotomy. Crons and Tau don't have as flexible reasons to equally fight chaos/marines at the drop of a hat and just aren't as popular or iconic.

>> No.28763989

Not touching the game until SWAG incarnate graces it (Either in PC or NPC form).

I just want to play a Triach Praetorian and bring justice and retribution, in accordance to the ancient codes of the mighty and righteous Necrontyr Empire, on the heads of all the savages and primitives infesting this galaxy.

Give it to me, Develop whatstheirface. I DEMAND IT!

>> No.28764019

I'm not surprised Eldar got in at all, I'm just saying that Tau are more popular than people give them credit for.

>> No.28764028


Maybe if warp jumping had cooldown making it a major commitment that could leave you over extended if done recklessly? I can see it being balanced okay.

If not I'll just have to take to the skies and PRAISE THE SUN.

>> No.28764050


Well, yes. Charcharodons tend to do the fucking.

>> No.28764060



>> No.28764081

>Crons and Tau don't have as flexible reasons to equally fight chaos/marines at the drop of a hat

Tau it a given.

But Necrons don't have a reason to fight when they are everywhere and can appear at anytime and want to conquer all the worlds in the galaxy? Really?

>> No.28764084


>> No.28764103

I could see necrons as another NPC race for the devs

>> No.28764108

>it's Emp0rah TAIM!!
>no, Brother Kambele, no!!!

>> No.28764111


What do they have to gain from fighting Chaos? Hell, why do they even have beef with Orks?

>> No.28764119


>> No.28764132


Crons can work as NPC or PC, and there's enough fans for them to be PCs.


>living people fucking up muh worlds

>> No.28764166

I'll be fine with that.

Really, man?

Are you asking why an imperialistic faction with desire to conquer the galaxy would fight against other rivals and obstacles that stand in the way of their goal?

>> No.28764167

Why would you call this Eternal crusade and not have it be about Black Templars?

Would you call a game Blood for the blood god, and not include khorne affiliated factions?

>> No.28764172

If the devs stay true to their multi-world campaign, in which we switch worlds a lot, then I can eventually see the fight moving closer to Tau territory. The Tau love expansionism, so it's not a stretch so long as it's close to their little Empire.

>> No.28764186


Yeah but why would chaos fuck with their worlds? There's nothing for their Gods to gain from mindless robots? It'd be a totally pointless conflict.

>> No.28764190


>> No.28764202

Daemons codex.
Khornate DP harvest necron skulls just because why not.

>> No.28764205

Aren't nids in the game?

Nids are mostly in the eastern and south parts of the galaxy, right?

I guess Tau are doable if its the case.

>> No.28764210

currently around half the forums are voting on black templars to be the 5th marine faction so there highly likely to be in

>> No.28764225

This felt appropriate.

>> No.28764246


Because, to the Necrons, EVERY world is their world.

Jeez, it's like you don't even into fluff.

>> No.28764251

Nids are approached the galaxy from at least 40% of the perimeter.

>> No.28764254

Chaos doesn't need a reason to fuck anyone. Chaos is ''Fuck you'' Incarnate here to ruin your day.

Heck, in the Necron Codex, Chaos Daemons invade Necron dimensions to fuck with them.

>> No.28764280


Wow really? I thought it specifically said crons have no warp resonance. Khorne really doesn't give a fuck where the blood... er circuitry, flows.


That has nothing to do with my point though does it? Point was there's no reason for chaos to fuck with there worlds because there's no emotion to feed off.

>> No.28764287

I wouldn't bet on it. But more to the point, It's like the developers didn't know better. I dunno, I feel worried they don't have too good a grasp of the lore.

might be reading too much into it, but really there's no good explanation.

>> No.28764306

whoever wins we lose

>> No.28764320

I understand them wanting to keep the chapter to first founding. I can't understand them naming it "Eternal Crusade" and not getting the connotations of that.

Yes, technically that's what all Space Marines are on, but that's a bit of a stretch.

>> No.28764338

>Heck, in the Necron Codex, Chaos Daemons invade Necron dimensions to fuck with them.

How come? Is it no longer canon that crons don't feed the warp gods or is it just because necron fluff is horribly written and makes no sense?

>> No.28764350

>Wow really? I thought it specifically said crons have no warp resonance. Khorne really doesn't give a fuck where the blood... er circuitry, flows.

war is war and skulls are skulls.

>Point was there's no reason for chaos to fuck with there worlds because there's no emotion to feed off.

Chaos doing something Chaotic, oh dear!

There is no emotion to be had in Necron dimensions but Daemons invade them anyways because ''why not? Lets ruin their day''.

>> No.28764358


Many Necron tomb worlds have people living on top of them, because A: the Necrons were not always deathbots, and B: their tombworlds often have some useful resource.

Also, Necrons will happily travel to some world where they don't innately have 20 billions deathbots on the surface JUST TO GRAB IT FROM THE STINKING NON-NECRONS (they're very glad they have no olfactory sensors).

My point here is, WH40k was specifically designed so EVERY FACTION could have a reason to fight EVERY OTHER FACTION.

>> No.28764376

You don't know much about Daemons do you?

>> No.28764386

>Chaos doing something Chaotic, oh dear!

Chaos aren't lolrandumb. Even Tzeentch has been said to want nothing to do with necrons.

>> No.28764415


Jeez dude, pay attention. They said warp spiders are too dissimilar in function to the other races jump troops to be practical and not OP. Calm your OP boner down.

>> No.28764429

>Chaos aren't lolrandumb.

Yes, they are. They are mostly very chaotic and their desgins and machinations are hard to fathom.

>Even Tzeentch has been said to want nothing to do with necrons


According to Tome of Fate, Tzeentch hates their guts and wants them destroyed.

>> No.28764442

But what if there's a MacGuffin they both want?

>> No.28764448


>Calm your OP boner down.

What? I never said they're OP. Did you reply to the right post?

>> No.28764458


being the cock gobbling op flavor of the month army does not make it popular. It makes cock gobblers play it, until its inevitably one upped by the next hot thing and dropped like a stone. If it were popular it would have a fan base from release, not recently.

>> No.28764470

I think he was implying your penis is so massive it is OP. It was a compliment.

>> No.28764476


>> No.28764487

Image if they decide to add warp spiders but to compensate for it add teleporting terminators.

>> No.28764490


I name it the Wailing Doom.

>> No.28764497

They call it a D-cannon for a reason.

>> No.28764512



>> No.28764517


Oh and shit like changing classes/builds on respawn or buying temporary "battlefield boosts" or whatever. I'll be disappointed as fuck if you respawn and then can choose to come back with terminator armour or a dreadnaught for one life or something because you got a lot of "cool points". Characters should be persistent too.

Really, anything which would cause the game and its rules to somehow subvert the integrity of the world (as a setting) and player decisions/actions. If you want to wear terminator armour, you have to be a terminator. No bullshitting.

>> No.28764518

>Tzeentch hates their guts and wants them destroyed.
So why doesn't he have them destroyed? Worthless weak god

>> No.28764519

A question to Eldar fans.

If the Avatar is a soulless thing, then where does the Avatar soul/essence reside?

Can't be in the Warp because Slaanesh or its minions will grab it. So where is it.

>> No.28764521

That part in Path of the Warrior gave me chills.

>> No.28764527

Imperial Fury/10

fucking perfect

>> No.28764545




>If it soulless where is it's soul?

I... don't understand the question?

>> No.28764553 [DELETED] 

Dungeon keeper 1&2

How has no one suggested this yet?

>> No.28764560


Probably something about the Necrons being remarkably resistant to chaos taint and thus mutation.

>> No.28764581

> If the Avatar is a soulless thing, then where does the Avatar soul/essence reside?
> Can't be in the Warp because Slaanesh or its minions will grab it. So where is it.
I'll surprise you, but daemons are soulles too.

>> No.28764590

Every time I see that pic, I can only think of what a good metal album cover it would make.

>> No.28764591

Let me try again.

Where does the essence of Khaine go when it's not inside the Avatar?

>> No.28764600 [DELETED] 

oops wrong thread

>> No.28764603


I remember something about Tzeentch having no power over Necrons because lolnowarp. Once again, makes me wonder why Chaos bother with necrons at all.

>> No.28764609

Avatar's iron form == his essence.
It can't be truely destroyed for a reason.

>> No.28764612

Slaanesh's butthole

>> No.28764631

>Once again, makes me wonder why Chaos bother with necrons at all.
Necrons want to kill all life in the universe, if they succeed that means Chaos has no one fun to play with anymore.

>> No.28764634

>only 4 races
>humans, bad humans, orcs, elves


>> No.28764650

> muh tau
> muf spess undead

>> No.28764651

Daemons are warp energy/essence (similiat to a soul that's why they replace it when they hop inside a mortal) given form. They normally reside inside the Warp.

Avatars are tied permanently to real space and is a soulless statue of metal and wraithbone.

>> No.28764669


I dunno. No concrete answer, but I always thought whatever power the Avatar has is given to him by the Eldar's worship. Like Khaine is a mental construct of the Eldar that reflect their fighting spirit and not a this independent entity. Hence why needs an aspect warrior to wake his spirit.

>> No.28764691

Trust /tg/ to be more concerned with whether the factions will have a believable reason to fight each other than if the game will actually be any fucking good.

>> No.28764692

Let's try again.
You are assuming that essence == soul.
It is wrong.
Only living beings have souls, daemons are soulles.
Their essences are kind of un-souls.
Avatar works in the same fashion except his essence resides in the realspace and reformes there when destroyed.

>> No.28764704


necrons win the war.
every other race wiped from existence/made mindless soulless machines thru mindshackle scarabs for slaves.
chaos influence in galaxy removed completely

Also same thing day after day, FOREVER. If anything nurgle should be rooting for them. But they have no love, so hey says FUCK YOU GET IN MAH BELLA!.

>> No.28764722

You know that the Chaos Gods are spiteful if something defies them and lays out of their control, and hate things mucking up their plans?

The Necrons are a race with no threads of fate. No threads of Fate means Tzeentch has a hard time controlling them or ''just planning'' against them. With them he is forced to rely on guess work rather that divine powers.

Also the Necrons ''Just as planned'' shenanigans offend Tzeentch because they are scripted and boring. Like a dreadful soup drama on loop.

>> No.28764730


spess dorfs were eated by spess not aliens from the movie alien/s series

>> No.28764734


>Necrons want to kill all life in the universe

Wasn't that just Oldcrons? Now they're just subject to the zany schemes of saturday cartoon villain overlords who kinda just squabble over petty territorialism.

>> No.28764762


> No threads of Fate means Tzeentch has a hard time controlling them or ''just planning'' against them. With them he is forced to rely on guess work rather that divine powers.
>Also the Necrons ''Just as planned'' shenanigans offend Tzeentch because they are scripted and boring. Like a dreadful soup drama on loop.

So they're simultaneously predictable and unpredictable? That makes zero sense.

>> No.28764786


Especially to bitch about shit that's already covered by the base material, about a faction that's not even in at start.

"We don't have enough problems with this game, because wee can't actually test it to see if it's good. LET'S BITCH ABOUT SOMETHING THAT WON'T EVEN BE THERE AT LAUNCH!"

>> No.28764792

They don't want to just show up to your planet and sit on a throne. These cocksuckers are coming, gonna put a metal beetle in yo skull, and you gonna be a slave with no free will. The most powerful/insane of the factions though want to wipe out all life. And there are even a few that want peace/good for the universe. But we all know they are gonna lose because LOLGRIMDURKFUTUAA

>> No.28764798

So any Daemon can possess the Avatar because its a hallow thing unless somebody puts something in there!

The Avatar essence doesn't reside in the Avatar or and it isn't the Avatar.

>> No.28764803


"I can't see exactly what they're going to do, but every time they do it, they use the same scripted lines and canned laughter. IT'S LIKE WATCHING FRIENDS FOREVER!"

>> No.28764831


If it were scripted and obvious then they'd be predictable even without warp shit to manipulate them with.

>> No.28764836


boring methodical never changing tactics and plans do not=chaos, and thus being naughty in mine sight, shall snuffit!

>> No.28764854


Or, realistically, nowhere near launch.

>> No.28764861

Oh shit nigguh!
Do you realize daemons can possess virtually anything in 40k universe? It doesn't really mean something.
Also, damn, can you not carnac even for a day?

>> No.28764894

When divining Necrons there is a great chance of error when trying to predict the actions of the Necrons or their whereabouts. Something gets missed or remains unseen because its mostly guess work and seeing the ripples of their actions rather than their actions themselves (That's my interpretation for it).

And when the Necrons desire to be totally unpredictable, well, just ask poor old Starbane.

>> No.28764922


"Hey, these guys have a general pattern that varies in specifics, so it's 100% predictable!"

It's why I said it's like watching Friends forever. The general pattern is the same and horrible each episode, but the details change. And those details are what Tzeentch cannot predict to fight against them.


Damn straight.



It's like they have made a statement, and now they have to WIN, regardless of right or wrong.

Captcha: >his entargyp

Yup, they're gypping his entropy.

>> No.28764939

I never seen a Daemon....possess another Daemon.

No, well....maybe on Mondays and Wednesdays

>> No.28764940

To be fair, that's because it's implied that Orikan can travel through time so his "predictions" are forced to come true even when they aren't supposed to. (Of course nobody knows how he does it, and there's rumors that he's secretly a Shard of the Deceiver.)

>> No.28764963


That adresses literally no point that has been made about how chaos interacts with Necrons. Tzeentch can't simultaneously have no place for Necrons in his plans because they are soulless non-warp being and find them painfully boring and predictable.

That's a complete contradiction that has nothing to do with Starbane being a fuckwit excuse for a seer, but considering you are carnac you would bring it up for no reason.

>> No.28764991


I think Tzeentch would rather have them not in the universe he wants as his plaything.

>> No.28764994

Actually, he can. Chaos is weird like that.

>> No.28764998

Imagine avatar as a 70% of daemon missing something important of a daemon nature.
Some thing that got broken at the moment of his shattering.
When some eldar feeds it with his soul, Avatar becomes complete for some period of time.
Without it shit like Kher-Ys could happen.

>> No.28765011

>That's a complete contradiction that has nothing to do with Starbane being a fuckwit excuse for a seer,


Even Eldard failed with the Necrons.

Cut Starbane some slack.

> (Of course nobody knows how he does it, and there's rumors that he's secretly a Shard of the Deceiver.)

Yeah, I noticed the working in the ''Stars are right'' rule the other day.

Seems to imply something dark (darker) about Orikan.

>> No.28765027


>> No.28765037


Weird or poorly written?

>> No.28765051

This gets in the mood to look up some Chaos Avatar conversions.

>> No.28765054

Probably both. Or it could just be completely insane.

>> No.28765055

>Even Eldard failed with the Necrons.

Eldrad actually succeeds most of the time. Starbane has achieved nothing ever. He exists to be a named character that jobs and will never learn or develop.

>> No.28765065


>expecting chaos to make 100% logical sense

It has reasons, yes, but it's also capable of multiple mutually contradictory states being true at the same time.

>> No.28765093

And if you look closely at his stat block when the "Stars are Right" thing is active, you might notice that it's exactly the same stats that a C'tan Shard has. That seems a little too improbable to be a coincidence.

>> No.28765115


That is a complete cop out to hand wave the fact there is no reason for chaos to bother with a soulless race. Lolrandom is not how you write chaos well. They're the flipside of all emotions. They can't have a conflict with a race that has none to play off of.

>> No.28765126

>Failed to convince Iyanden
>Failed to kill Abaddon
>Failed aboard the Talisman
>Failed Maedrax

His failures are piling up.

Just a small note : Starban managed to win the battle for the Stars of Khaine but somehow got napped by Imotekh.

>> No.28765156


>a race that is the complete antithesis of chaos
>they have no reason to fight it

Tell me, what color of stupid pills did you take this morning?

>> No.28765163

I don't think GeeDubs realizes that fact.

>> No.28765185

Notice something else...

The wording says ''restore a portion of ancient power to him''

Not give, not bestow, restore.

I think that kinda confirms it.

>> No.28765200

Also failed to warn the imperium of the heresy. Seriously, he warned a daemonically possessed fulgrim who proceeded to murder with only a couple captains as back up - several throusand aspect warriors and sent all Eldrad's friends' souls to slaanesh.

>> No.28765207


>Punching out Abaddon

Name someone that achieved the same thing? Eldrad isn't even supposed to be CC and he just fucking caned his shit in like an old dude with a stick. Also the remnant souls stones implied he had a long term plan in effect. Wish that didn't get retconned. It was actually interesting.

>Failed to convince Iyanden

Iyanden being dumbasses wasn't his fault. He was right on the money and 100% correct.


>Starban managed to win the battle for the Stars of Khaine but somehow got napped by Imotekh.

Ultramarines won. Starbane got knocked out and ragdolled like a fucking chump because that's all he's good for.

>> No.28765232

Well unless they include vehicles (or at least bikes) probably wouldn't get to be a Reaver. I would imagine Incubi, Scourges, Haemoculi, Wracks, Wyches, Trueborn, and Hellions might be some of the choices DE players would get.

Still, wouldn't mind sacrificing durability for GOES FAST.

>> No.28765233

Eldar never win in fluff people.

If they ever won anything people would cry out 'mary sues' and 'overpowered' so GW just makes them lose again and again. We can't have someone who isn't human win a battle, and we certainly cant put anyone anywhere close to as good as the SPACE MARINES.

>> No.28765245


>Are motivated by feeding off of emotions
>Let's focus on this race with no emotions

Because they're just lolrandom right? Because they are named 'Chaos' right? That's all there is to this faction, hurr random amirite?

>> No.28765254

The sad thing is they can't even win in their own stories.

>> No.28765263

Again you know nothing of Daemons.

>> No.28765280


see sometimes they are that way (>28765263)

>> No.28765299

Too much marine wank. We need BL to get some real authors than arent busy covering their manuscripts in semen.

Either that or we need people to start writing good fanfiction and getting it popularly accepted as canon.

>> No.28765315


>make decisions according to opportunity and their intrinsic nature

And Eldar are random too because their reasons are beyond mortal understanding. EVERYONE IS PURELY RANDOM. WHAT A GREAT SETTING.

>> No.28765330

I don't even know if that's the problem. I just can't wrap my head around them not winning in a story written specifically about them. As if that would do some damage to the lore.

>> No.28765331


God damn it you double heretic.

If the Necrons win, there is NOTHING to give chaos power!

This is not a fight where, win or lose, Khorne wins. This is a fight where, if the Necrons win in the long run, Chaos loses.

Tzeentch gets that, because he knows that if he ever wins the game is over and everyone, including him loses. But so long as the game continues, he does. And there's a form of winning for chaos that pretty much means his only opponents will be the other chaos powers, which is his preference.

The Necrons have the ability to destroy chaos' foothold in the galaxy, and perhaps shut them out forever. They are a MAJOR menace to his power and continued existence (along with the rest of chaos).

So, he will fight them. As will the rest, because they figure Tzeentch knows something they don't.

>> No.28765336


>Eldar never win in fluff people.
>Iyanden supplement gives them two game winning deus ex machinas
>Stomp marines on every page

Spiritual Liege always delivers.

>> No.28765359

>Chaos Daemons invade Necron dimensions to fuck with them.

Source? I own it and haven't seen anything more than "They see it as something to be corrupted etc etc"

>> No.28765363

>Name someone that achieved the same thing?

A grey Knight character. Crowe, I believe. He engaged Abaddon when he went after Creed and forced he to flee.

>Iyanden being dumbasses wasn't his fault. He was right on the money and 100% correct.

He couldn't try harder? Show them a psychic image of the huge hivefleet that's coming their way.

>Ultramarines won. Starbane got knocked out and ragdolled like a fucking chump because that's all he's good for.

The Eldar got the Stars of Khaine. So it's a win for them.

>> No.28765367

40k is probably the only setting where the humans are the most interesting race.

>> No.28765384

Just re-read you are right.

So they actually have a reason to invade the Necron realms.

>> No.28765385


please...as if you understand the machinations of tzeentch.

>> No.28765405


What was the reason?

>> No.28765417

I feel the idiocy overtaking me. It is a pleb pain.

>> No.28765431


That was a quote from your own pic.

>Contradicting your point with your own pic.

>> No.28765432

They want to steal and corrupt Necron dimensions and planes of existence.

Make it their party realms and do with it as they wish.

>> No.28765457

No, I meant there is no lore in it that says they break into Necron dimensions.

>> No.28765478

>according to opportunity and their intrinsic nature

>Ahh...An opportunity for me to spread war, corruption, ruin on the fresh victims like my destructive nature tells me to.

Also another reason why Daemons invade the mortal realm, they enjoy causing damage there because the destruction and corruption they do is lasting.

>> No.28765509

>>Ahh...An opportunity for me to spread war, corruption, ruin on the fresh victims like my destructive nature tells me to.

So they do have clear motivations and desires then. Do you remember what your point even was or do you just feel a need to be contrary in the short term?

>> No.28765527

Heeey I am over here (>>28765478).

Daemons can have no other plans or goals other than destroying stuff. Daemons of Khorne are instinctively drawn to war and skulls and will take the any opportunity to war with anything.

>> No.28765542


>he thinks he's only talking to one person, not three
>despite the fact that one of them is namefagging

You're kind of bad at this whole logical reasoning thing you seem to be trying to do so hard.

>> No.28765547

>To fight a Daemon is to fight a tornado of unreason and despair.

My point still stands.

>> No.28765562

If they add Red Scorpions, I will go Apothecary.

>> No.28765584

Makee IG/Cultists as a class for Space Marines / Choas, IG working as weapon specialists and technical operators and cultists working with possession

>> No.28765613

> Eldrad is a failure, Starbane is a hero
> t-totally, guys
Carnac pls.

>> No.28765622


>> No.28765626

Not saying he is a hero that title belongs to Illic.

I am just saying cut him some slack.

>> No.28765666

>Daemons can have no other plans or goals other than destroying stuff. Daemons of Khorne are instinctively drawn to war and skulls and will take the any opportunity to war with anything.

Which wasn't the point that I was initially arguing.

The fucking retarded reason being put forth was that they fight necrons 'because lol random, they're chaotic'. If all chaos did whatever for no reason then Khornate woshippers would be free to do sorcery and avoid challenges because 'lol no rules, I'm chaotic'. They have "intrinsic" natures and follow them accordingly.


You don't even understand chaos at all. Unreason in the sense they embody certain contradictions as the flipside of all emotions. Nurgle is entropy and death, but also represents a jovial love for life. Khorne is murder, but also martial honour. Tzeentch is change, but also ambition. Slaanesh is excess, but also perfection.

This doesn't mean hurr fucking durr, daemons do things for no reason and Slaaneshi daemons will suddenly revel in pestilence because RANDOM and CHAOTIC. They have structure through conflict.

>> No.28765668

So will Eldar be the only faction with playable female characters?

>> No.28765675

>An Imperial planet with an ongoing Ork infestation
>There is a shrine with a powerful relic that Chaos covets
>The relic is actually Necrontyr tech, which the Eldar want to deny to all parties
>Optional: The fighting wakes a Necron garrison

There. Perfectly good reason for any given faction to interact with the battlefield. That would probably result in Necrons-as-NPCs.

As a player race, it would be a lot of fun if objectives were somewhat inscrutable and game-y, thereby driving theater balance somewhat, ie "Go to Sector XYZ, and eliminate all the Orks there. Fire on other factions only if fired upon, and respond with overwhelming force."

>> No.28765679

For the moment, at least.

>> No.28765686

For the foreseeable future, yes.

>> No.28765693


>> No.28765706

Or alternatively, the planet is a Maiden World and the Eldar want it back.

And of course the Tyranids are there because they're hungry.

>> No.28765735

Wont that sort of limit the target audience?

>> No.28765748


>Chaos coveting Necron tech

Do you write for Black Library?

>> No.28765749

To what?

>> No.28765760

If someone refuses to play Space Marines or Orks because there are no female characters, they don't fucking belong playing the game.

>> No.28765763

Eldar are covered in armour from ears to toes.

>> No.28765774


40k fans? I don't see how a sausage fest drives them away.

>> No.28765778

>Which wasn't the point that I was initially arguing.

The whole argument got meddled up to hell and back. You have points in your good points and I will concede.

However, my original argument was ''would Daemons fight the Necrons? hell yes''

>> No.28765780


Yeah, if each faction has its own personal 'win/lose/draw' conditions, that will make it far more interesting.

>> No.28765810

Tome of Fate has heretics and Dark Admech looting Necron tech. They can even use them if they are skilled enough. Even Ahriman is hinted to be after Necron Dolmen gates.

Also in the Word Bearer novel, Traitor Marines hunt a Necron artifact.

>> No.28765834

good points in your post*

>> No.28765837

I want to slice through hordes of orks as and Incubi....

>> No.28765853

All in all, this has the potential to be bretty guud, although it's not very likely.
Still, I have hope

>> No.28765859


Chaos "coveted" Cadia because it's covered in Necrontyr tech. That they want to destroy. For the actual theater objectives, I would have:

>Imperium: Purge the Xenos and Chaos filth.
>Chaos: Take the shrine and hold long enough to defile it, destroy the artifact.
>Eldar: Take the shrine and hold long enough to complete handwave webway gate ceremony and bounce with artifact.

And that's assuming Necrons as a PC race. I'd see them more as an NPC race, say a "season 2" stand-in for Tyranids on certain worlds (so that the PvE content doesn't get stale).

>> No.28765877

Dark Eldar never lose in their own fluff.

>> No.28765890

Not even against each other?

>> No.28765897

>Providing the game does well.
I hope this game does well, I hope it does great.

The least I'm hoping is that it hits that nice spot where the fans of mmo, and the fans of warhammer as a whole over lap and we get nothing but sweet sweet goodness out of it.

>> No.28765901

whoops left that name on....

>> No.28765903

That's because they have nothing to lose.

And I believe they did lose when that space marine battlebarge or whatever showed up in their city.

Though that was mostly dark eldar fucking eachother over which makes sense.

>> No.28765908

They actually never lose even in others fluff.
I mean they lose, but goddamn, they manage to humiliate opponent in exchange every time.

>> No.28765920

>I play games and read books for the pussy

>> No.28765929

Another thing about the Dark Eldar.

They managed to talk the Necrons into allying with them despite the intense racial hatred in Crusade of Fire.

I would kill to read the conversation.

>> No.28765935

> And I believe they did lose when that space marine battlebarge or whatever showed up in their city.
> making three chapters of raging marines just a part of own plans
> a part that has worked perfectly
> lose

>> No.28765955

>232.M41 A Dark Enemy

>In the aftermath of a battle on Cullrak, in which the Eldar of Mymeara successfully fight off a daemonic incursion, a huge raiding party from the Kabal of the Fiend Ascendant threatens a clutch of the Eldar’s spirit stones. It is greatly feared that the Kabal will retreat to Commorragh and debase the souls of Mymeara’s dead. With their numbers already considerably depleted from the previous battle, the Eldar of Mymeara have little choice but to command their Spiritseers to unleash the ghost warriors in their defence. The wraith-constructs launch one of the most vengeful strikes in the craftworld’s history and numerous Kabalites and their Raiders are incinerated by searing Wraithknight plasma blasts.


>> No.28765957 [DELETED] 


Vect won so it was seen as a big when for the Dark Eldar.

>> No.28765958


Salamanders handed them their shit. It was handwaved as being all part of Vect's plan. Also recent ghost warrior data sheet had them getting beat on. And hilariously enough, I think it might have been Alaitoc that beat them.

>> No.28765981


Never mind, it was Based Mymerea. >>28765955

>> No.28765984

He was planning this for thousands of years.

>> No.28765990

>811999.M41 - The Trials of Ghoroi V

>A Third Sphere Expansion coalition is engaged by Eldar raiders over the quagmire world of Ghoroi V. The vast majority of the Tau fleet is crippled or destroyed. The only survivors to reach the planet’s acidic swamps are the three Firebase Support Cadres intended to reinforce a far more numerous army. Though they are at first assailed by the same Eldar slavers that decimated their comrades in orbit, the Tau drive them off with a combination of shared targeting data and relentless missile bombardment.

>Though the Eldar raiders sustain such heavy casualties that they abandon the fight, the trials of the Tau stranded there have only just begun. When the surviving battlesuit cadres are finally evacuated from Ghoroi, their members have bonded together with an impromptu ta’lissera ritual. Their rescuers are surprised to see the foetid mangrove swamplands around them choked with the scaled and segmented bodies of several hundred mega-predators whose appetite proved stronger than their wits.

>> No.28765992

Well, okay.
However, marines encounters with them in the recent marines codex are still ridiculous.

>> No.28766002


>Foolish monkeigh, you killed us in droves exactly according to plan!

Ah yes, classic Eldar.

>> No.28766012

Yeah, but DE got the War of Dark Revelations.
Which is way more funny and painfull for someone.

>> No.28766019

>Grandest of all his schemes was his vengeance upon the survivors of the battle of Lohiac. Loatheheart set a trap at the Death World of Raith by slaughtering its Imperial Guard garrison and waiting for a Dark Eldar raid to arrive. The Dark Eldar quickly sensed a trap and turned to depart but found their escape blocked by the Murderval. Scores of Dark Eldar were dragged screaming into the Warp and their Archon was run to ground and captured by Loatheheart within Raith's thick jungle. Loatheheart then proceeded to break both the Archon's arms and legs and gift her helpless body to Slaanesh's Palace of Pleasure as a tribute from the new master of the Murderval.

>> No.28766022

that is mesmerising to look at.

>> No.28766026

So, I was sitting there thinking about how Eldar would work, vis a vis four classes, especially with the whole 'psyker powers need to be unlocked' thing that I read at some point.

Maroons will have the three basics and then apothecary or techmarine. CSM will have their three basics and then... I don't know.

Orks will probably have Boyz (weaker version for f2ps), Stormboyz, Shoota Boyz and either Doks or Meks

Eldar will likely have three aspect warrior paths (or at least branch options, since one class is going to be jump/jet, that's likely Swooping Hawks) and Rangers.

I'm still curious as to how psykers will be handled, exactly.

>> No.28766034

They have killed who Vect wanted them to kill. Not his people, his enemies. It's reasonble as fuck.

>> No.28766036


>Mfw cultural exhange

I love that fluff.

>> No.28766049

That's not classic Eldar. That's classic idiotic writers.

>> No.28766061

>Of the mortal races that have been summoned to Nurgle’s garden at the whims of the gods, few have lived to speak of their efforts. The Archon Drekarth X’uskul once veered off course and spilled unexpectedly from the webway into Nurgle’s domain. While he was in this strange realm, he took the opportunity to capture beasts that would make good sport for the gladiatorial arenas in Commorragh. He led a band of Wyches with an array of advanced weaponry on a raid through the dark forests, but little did the Archon realise that his incursion would lead to his own raiding party becoming the sport itself.

>Bladed whips lashed against Nurgle’s putrid offerings. The Wyches’ web-needles raked through pus-bloated forms. Great phials were filled with all manner of toxic substances. However, the Lord of Decay cheerfully sent forth dozens of his Plague Drones to chase down the raiders. Fierce combat raged beneath low-hanging tendrils and in bacteria groves, as the membranous-winged Rot Flies thundered this way and that. Yet the strange weaponry of the Wyches brought down the bulging airborne beasts, and X’uskul’s swift blade liberated the fallen riders of their heads. Through guile and violence, the Archon and a sole Wych endured; they managed to leave with a captured Rot Fly.

>X’uskul did not question the ease with which he acquired the beast. Much as the Plaguefather had hoped, the Archon returned with it to Commorragh. Within days, whole sections of the Dark City were contaminated by a strange plague and were accordingly quarantined. Asdrubael Vect himself was forced to kill the beast that X’uskul had brought back, and the Archon has not been seen since.

>> No.28766063


It's still Dark Eldar dying en masse in their own turf to a single barge of marines. Vect gets to go JUST AS PLANNED, but as a faction they got punked.



>> No.28766064

How does it feel to never truly be free Space Marine? To think and do whatever your mind wants what ever pleasure your heart desires?

>> No.28766071

I'm still curious how EVERYTHING will be handled, exactly.

I was here thinking 16 classes would be a tall order to start the game with and the more I read the more classes and systems and paths they have planned.

>> No.28766101

We just make more Dark Eldar in the labs, their are much more of the Dark Eldar than normal Eldar now.

>> No.28766107


I actually like Deldar more than space meringues. Just fed up with Eldar jobbing and suffering heavy casualties while getting away with some pointless plot device artefact that will never even be mentioned again. That is not how you write a dying race.

>> No.28766115


Well, they have two years to work on shit.

And the basic conceptual framework is all around, honestly, there's quite a few different ways of doing this shit, the trick is finding one that works and is close enough to asymmetrically balanced (if we're lucky, it will be balanced by the end of Beta).

>> No.28766116

>It's still Dark Eldar dying en masse in their own turf to a single barge of marines. Vect gets to go JUST AS PLANNED, but as a faction they got punked
You.. You just don't get it at all.
It's just not a roflstomping victory like marines have.
Vect lost like zero of his men.
It shows him being a genius while not shitting on marines.
Why is this concept so alien to people?

>> No.28766131

Does anyone have a copy of the Eldar email they sent out? Have they sent one out? If it did, mine seems to have gotten lost in the warp.

>> No.28766137

>It is even whispered that among the Mortifactors, the warrior who hunts and slays the killer of a former Company Champion and takes the foe’s skull will be named as the new champion. It is said that such hunts have taken battle-brothers of the Mortifactors as far afield as the hidden city of the piratical Dark Eldar and into the depths of the Eye of Terror itself. It is true that when the Mortificators march to war, their Captains often go unaccompanied by a champion, lending credence to such wild-seeming rumours.

The Dark City isn't beyond the reach of the Marines it seems.

>> No.28766139

Warhammer fantasy MMO did it, sort of. I believe some of the classes did not release until later.

But their line up of classes was fucking awesome. Mostly everything the dark elves had. Disciples of Khaine were really cool, and the suicidalness of witch elves was fun. And then the insane ego of the blackguard and ticking timebomb backlash mechanic of the sorcerers.

A shame that MMO is shutting down.

>> No.28766143


Because it makes Deldar look a bit laughable when marines can go on daytrips through their own turf and wipe out entire kabals. Only Vect gets to look good.

>> No.28766146

Space Marines also had to retreat. What happened to know no fear?

>> No.28766161

Dying =/= there's twelve left on the craftworld.

Dying can mean they've passed the tipping point and are on the way to decline.

>> No.28766172



>> No.28766182


That MMO mainly shut down because A: bad press from their beta (which also killed Tabula Rasa) and B: very few people are willing to shell out for a subscription to an MMO that is not WoW or EVE.

>> No.28766192


Dying race means every Eldar life is valuable and you don't just toss waves of guys to pick up some artifact.

>> No.28766194

I guess that is a good point. WAR has 32 classes now? It shipped with 28 or something like that?

>> No.28766197

See this is why we need more Dark Eldar threads.
And I meant when I said Dark Eldar don't lose in their fluff I meant we at least don't have losses in our own Codex.

>> No.28766204



>> No.28766236

What if you spent 100 lives to get an artifact that saves 1000 lives? I agree with you that that is pretty much what all GW writers can seem to come up with as of late.

My opinion is that if you go into it thinking every single Eldar life is an immeasurable loss, it backs you into a corner as far as what kind of storytelling you can do.

>> No.28766264


See, it's only an immeasureable loss if they don't retrieve the soulstones.

The Eldar race plans to die, and in dying, kill Slaanesh.

>> No.28766302

>What if you spent 100 lives to get an artifact that saves 1000 lives?

But that's the thing. We NEVER see how it saves thousands of lives, it's always just an afterthought to justify them jobbing. It's so overused and rarely followed through.


Will people please actually read Iyanden supplement before trying to talk about Ynead fluff?

>> No.28766316

No they aren't.
It were actually limited forces both in the assault of this barge and the battle with marines reinforcements.

>> No.28766344

>It's so overused and rarely followed through.

Well, obviously. That's just weak or lazy writing. Grand schemes and moves and counter-moves and counter-counter-moves just doesn't translate at all to an entertaining plot.

>> No.28766371

In the extreme long term, I meant.

>> No.28766431

>Always wondered why the Dark Eldar enslaved the Tau.
>Small warp presence, short lived
>Buy a short story collection for BL
>Mfw I read that Dark Eldar throw Fire warriors armed with nothing but crude melee against bloody marines in arena fights

When it comes to being a dick, the Dark Eldar made an art form.

Such dickishness can not go unpunished!

>> No.28766458

Damn I miss playing that game, I had an absurd ammount of fun when it came out.

Had to leave due to money issues and never resubscribed since people kept saying it was dead.I wonder if there are private server out there.

>> No.28766476


Now watch as only 5% of the promised is delivered on, and the whole game turns into pay2win.

Screenshot this. Keep it secret, keep it safe. You'll need it.

>> No.28766549

It's a bit silly to consider anything at thing point as definite.

>> No.28766569


They talk about a 5th sub race here. Bet its Tau.

>> No.28766574

It's called "fun", little prey-thing.

>> No.28766598

I believe in that statement they're referring to the web site. The web site has a section for races with 5 parts. It's probably the 4 races and then the Tyranids for the 5th.

>> No.28767180

'Strange Sciences,' p.85

the relevant bit of fluff being:

"Yet, as confounding as these techniques might be to the other races of the galaxy, there is one enemy against whom they are no defence. To the Daemons of the Warp, such technological conjurings are merely another flavour of existence to be corrupted and devoured."

>> No.28767286

Why's that one dude circled?

>> No.28767430

dont know, but i think its supposed to be the transcendant c'tan? looks like its got a gauss-y umbilical cord connected to the vault

>> No.28767525

I think they are giving everyone max level characters right now for a few weeks and then shutting it down forever.

>> No.28767630


They're talking about 5th chapter/Legion/Craftworld/Ork... whatever they use for Orks.

>> No.28767655

I know but till 18 December I have limited bandwidth and can't download it, and the game closes exactly on that day.

Also walking around in a doomed world that will cease to exist in a couple of days it's way too sad

>> No.28767962

Yeah pretty much exactly how I feel. Even the internet part.

>> No.28768793

We're gonna have a /tg/ Ork clan right?

>> No.28768980


>large scale resource management is something only leaders will be concerned with

Great, I can't wait to be ditched with no ammo and no pickup right in the middle of the hive fleets jaws because some asshole REMF is drunk.

>> No.28769031

Sounds like the ideal IG experience.

>> No.28769059


That's the authentic 40k feel they are trying to maintain.

>> No.28769253

Sounds like the IG.

>> No.28769627

>Farseer, we desperately need more reinforcements!
>Exarch... did I ever tell you that your banshees have TIGHT asses?

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