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You are Reinhold, master swordsman and victor of the Royal Swordsmanship Tournament. The King was so impressed with your skill, he personally requested that you be transferred out of the army and into the Royal Guard! Not bad for an orphan who was raised in a brothel in a poor fishing village.

The only issue at this point is your assignment... you've been charged to be the personal guard of the King's only daughter Marianne. While she is the vision of loveliness that you'd expect from a Princess, her personality is... well... she seems to have some issues.

Today's the day of the long-awaited party!

After getting up and greeting the Princess, you headed to Princess Luciana's room to check on her.

>Congratulations, you are now a mangy DOG!
>While dogs are loyal, they're not all that smart...
>The Princess now considers you to be her friend!
>But while dogs are man's best friend, they still don't count as people.

Thread archive:

Character list + descriptions (in progress):

List and descriptions of the spells shown thus far:


Quest compilation that's kindly maintained by a person who isn't me:

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>"I'd like to apologize for last night," Luciana says, sighing deeply. "I know I'm rather unpleasant when I get mad, and that probably scared you off... but, um... I really appreciate that you came here to check on me," she says, rubbing her bloodshot eyes.

"Huh? That's not why I left," you reply. I was just worried about Marianne."
"That might have been the excuse you gave, but I was still pretty awful..." Luciana says, sighing deeply.
"You handled yourself pretty well," you say in an attempt to cheer her up. "To be honest, I'd have killed that guy myself if I could have."

"Seriously though, you don't have anything to apologize about," you say. "If anything, I should be apologizing to you for running off like I did and not coming back after I checked on Marianne."

As she comes to the realization that your words are genuine, tears start to well in Luciana's already-reddened eyes. Taking a deep breath, she does her best to regain her composure.

"Ehehe... you know, it's everything I can do to keep from hugging you right now," Luciana says with a weak smile. "But even ignoring the risk of being alone in my room with the boy I like, Marianne already warned me about being too forward," she laughs.


Before you can even respond to that last comment, you hear someone knocking on the door.

"...oh, they're here already?" Luciana says as she gets up from her seat and hurries to the door. "Just a minute, Reinhold..."

Luciana opens her door, revealing a maid who is standing by a food cart.

"Good morning, Princess," the maid says with a deep bow. "I've brought your breakfast."
"Ah, thank you," Luiciana replies, "Umm, Reinhold? Would you like something too?"

>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...
>no thanks, you'll eat somewhere else

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>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

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A healing spell is always good.
>Healing Grace
An even stronger healing spell doesn't hurt.
>Null Sphere
Good for stopping people.
>Shade Guard
Another good defense spell that should stop any real damage.
>Aurora Field
A good spell for defense and running away.
>Ebon Wing
>Starlight Wing
Getting both of these is good in case some one has a spell designed to take out light and the same for shadow.
>Stardust Wing
I'm hoping we can learn this from one of the dragons we met since it sounds like a better spell than the other two.
>Zephyr Wing
Would love to learn this one if people want to overcome learning curve.
A good spell all around.
>Morning Fog
Helps for escapes and defense from long ranged attacks.
>Fragment Lancer
>Fragment Blader
good spells for when we don't have a weapon on hand or an ally need one
>Arctic Blade
A good ranged spell that works with our sword.
>Glacial Sunder
It worked decently on us and it seems like a good spell for a body guard.
>Colossus Hold
Basically a hand made of earth(metal), it has multiple uses.
>Vajra Spark
A good ranged attack that can be used with our sword or hands.

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>>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

>> No.28749116

no reason to turn her down, it's not like we're the ones that ate 8+ plates of spaghetti

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>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...


>> No.28749132

spells we should learn in my opnion.

>> No.28749141

>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...
Sure why not.
>"But even ignoring the risk of being alone in my room with the boy I like, Marianne already warned me about being too forward," she laughs.
See people, she did listen.

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>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

"If it isn't any trouble I wouldn't mind a bite to eat."

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>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...
>though that was quite a bit of spaghetti
>Maybe a muffin and some toast with something to drink
>gotta watch out of that Reinhard body of ours

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>>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

She could probably use the company, sort of fitting action to words that we're not disturbed by her.

>> No.28749159


>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

No reason to refuse hospitality, that would be rude.

Strike up some conversation, too, ideally. Try to get more of an idea of what we're in store during the ball today.

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she admitted that if it wasn't for her friends warning that she would be groping us.

>> No.28749182

[consuming intensifies]
Spaghetti Quest is go!

>> No.28749195

not gonna argue about the list but we don't really have time to learn a spell right now, what with the party only a few hours away and we shouldn't empty our mana pools

>> No.28749219

>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

"Actually, I'd love something - if it isn't too much trouble."


"You know, if you're dead set, I could probably handle a hug. Just saying."

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Might be better to repost that next time we're about to learn magic. I know I won't remember any of it right now.

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>eat breakfast with luciana


try not to consume too hard

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Oh i know, just saying we should try to get those first, and people should try to stop avoiding the mage as well.

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>>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

Tell her we let our friends hug us.

>> No.28749265

Agreed for now, lets discuss it again in 3 or 5 threads time when we're past the ball.

>> No.28749271

I like this one

>> No.28749283


Its way too many spells and all marked 'good'.

You need to narrow down the list for what would be the best for reinhold to obtain earliest to cover the gaps in his capabilities.

>> No.28749286

Eat food, take a hug. We aren't some sort of robot here, and she is a friend

>> No.28749288

>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

our tummy is probably growling by now.

>> No.28749299

It all good it will probably change a bit as we learn about new spells.
>>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...
forgot to ask if we should improve our understanding of clay spread with sylvie.

>> No.28749302

first we should get is takamaru teaching us that thing he used to cut a guy in half from 20 feet away

>> No.28749310

and if it wasn't for Arch ignoring the suggestions, we would have been groping Marianne during the second thread.

>> No.28749316

this is pretty good, it allows us to hug her but it's not like, leading her on

>> No.28749321

"Actually princess that'd be grea-"
>reinhold slips while trying to stand up
>headbuts Luciana, breaking his nose
>rolls onto the ground, soils self
"O-oh gawd I'm so sorrry"
>attempts to push self up, slips on his own nose blood
>throws up as spaghetti from the contest yesterday falls out of our pockets
Sorry I am too easily amused, i'll be quiet now

>> No.28749322

true, want to try ordering them based on need?

>> No.28749332


I'm doubtful that will work - doesn't he use a katana? That's more of a speed thing, and I think the Eschenwald style is more strength. I don't think we CAN learn it.

>> No.28749381

we could try asking if he has a book based on his peoples spells, and have sylvie or arnuald help us pick a few spells for them to teach us.

>> No.28749383

>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...
>"I wouldn't want to impose..."

>> No.28749386

It's both speed and strength. It sounds like a pretty overwhelming style, actually. Probably takes the whole "best defense is a good offense" to heart.

>> No.28749397


I'd love to but currently on a phone.

>> No.28749400

It seems to me that your opinion is 'learn everything'.

I think the problem is order, they're all good spells.

>> No.28749404

getting a couple of healing spells will be darn useful... if not life saving.
the defense spells are also good ones to pick up for our line of work.
the flight spells will also be needed, because darn it, climbing buildings isn't diginfied.
boost, colossus hold and morning fog is a good one too, but i rate them a the next step up.
the attack spells should be picked up later when we can get them.

>> No.28749410

We should probably have the basics down better and a larger mana pool before we start trying to learn fancy sword magic like that.

>> No.28749411

>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...


>> No.28749415

Does any remember how much mana Reinhold has? Spirit Field sounds like a good indicator to knowing how powerful a magic user is if they use them. I can't wait to see how this will be written whenever it's used, it sounds like it could be potentially gorgeous to outright horrifying depending on the element.

How long until unlimited blade works/ gate of babylon jokes for Fragment Blader and Lancer?

>> No.28749417


>asking takamaru if he carries a book
>takamaru can't read
>he looks all sad and moe
>we scratch our head awkwardly

>> No.28749433

What does Reinhold look like? Like his hair color and build and shit

>> No.28749436


>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...

>> No.28749447

Speaking of The Eschenwald style - Fragment Blader might be nice for temporarily switching to the proper dual-blade version, especially since if the magic one breaks, just recast and keep going.

>> No.28749448


>> No.28749452

i just pruned that list from the ones posted i believe i only cut the list posted in half.

>> No.28749458

>Just finished catching up
>77 threads
>started in Sept.
Jesus H christ arch, do you have caffeine for blood?

>> No.28749462

60 something i think

i thought he just couldn't read our language. though either way asking for a book would be useless

>> No.28749469


shortish brown hair blue eyes built lean and toned like a japanese yaoi game main character

>> No.28749475

That's actually kind of a fun idea. Doesn't matter if Fragment Blade makes swords that are pieces of shit because the sword was never going to survive for long anyways.

mite b cool.

>> No.28749477


>> No.28749487

We'll have to make those spells if we can.

>> No.28749494


There is no definite image to what he looks like, but I like this one.

I hope that drawfriend is still in this thread.

>> No.28749525

archelon said this was the closest to what he imagined.

>> No.28749540

he is in fact an A.I. and does not need sleep

>> No.28749546

since our element is metal i wonder if we may be able to get some kind of upgraded version so that the swords we make aren't poor quality

also modify shock front so it can be delivered through a sword and upgrade our swordbreaker

>> No.28749548

Combined with Boost, it'd be a hell of a blitz tactic.

>> No.28749559


Reposting with the updated image of him.

>> No.28749570

If nothing else, we might be good at it because of our devotion to SWORD. Sorry, couldn't resist.

>> No.28749574

Very nice Mr. Drawguy. Please keep it up.

>> No.28749585

>come to think of it, you haven't eaten a thing since gorging yourself on spaghetti yesterday afternoon...
Lets have at least a little something to eat. Reinhold deserves it, he had a bad night

>> No.28749587

I don't know who drew him , but I really love Reinbrush Threephold.

>> No.28749596


>> No.28749600

It certainly proves he has the work ethic to make this a VN.

>> No.28749603

Caffeine doesn't work on me, actually.
I run on pure stubbornness.

>> No.28749623

Both good ideas. Violently disarming an enemy and creating a wall of swords function as both offense and defense, and so fit into our primary objective as a guard.

>> No.28749627

Tenacity is a man's romance! Let nothing hold you back!

>> No.28749632


And anti-powergaming

>> No.28749687

For some reason I always imagine that he looks like Rudy from Brave Soul.

>> No.28749697

Is there any wonder why all the girls fall for his charm?

>> No.28749701


I really like these.

>> No.28749709

If you want a fast sword, you don't use a fat blade with nonflexible steel.
Which pretty much means a rapier.

>> No.28749733

>also modify shock front so it can be delivered through a sword and upgrade our swordbreaker
Someone else liked the idea!

>> No.28749752

Higher strenght = more speed
Higher speed = more strenght

It's not one or the other, you get both or you get neither.

>> No.28749753 [DELETED] 

Please, we all know you run on Idols.

>> No.28749759

Zeon would be proud

>> No.28749770 [DELETED] 


Ioris you mean.

KI. Kilo Ioris.

>> No.28749772 [DELETED] 

And we all know what Idols run on.

>> No.28749792 [DELETED] 


>> No.28749793 [DELETED] 

he runs on Iori in fact.

>> No.28749834


I was making reference to the katana's design, being meant for high speed slashing as opposed to a straight sword (like ours), which uses more mass for impact. Fighting with a katana instead of, say, a broadsword is different. I imagine Takamaru's style focuses on this, with his spells, and I don't think we can learn them with our weapon and style.


See previous part of this post - it was more a point of weapon design, not a statement on physics.

>> No.28749835 [DELETED] 

>liking forehead
Forehead a shit

>> No.28749888 [DELETED] 


>> No.28749895 [DELETED] 

Quiet you.

>> No.28749913 [DELETED] 

At this rate you people are going to get me to watch Idolmaster.

>> No.28749914 [DELETED] 

pic related.

>> No.28749918 [DELETED] 


>> No.28749926 [DELETED] 

You tryin' to start shit son?

>> No.28749943 [DELETED] 

I bet you guys like ML and CG too

>> No.28749947 [DELETED] 

Yes anon, yessss, join us.

>> No.28749959

Honestly, I prefer not-Adol Reinhold.

>> No.28749963 [DELETED] 

I have to wonder, who saw this gif and decided it wasn't obvious enough, that it needed a caption as well?

>> No.28749971 [DELETED] 


You just called arches waifu a shit.

>> No.28749992 [DELETED] 


I-its not like I want you to watch us, b-baka~

>> No.28750019 [DELETED] 

nor warmed up to ML completely yet. still working though CG now.

>> No.28750035 [DELETED] 

wow, thanks based janitor!

>> No.28750062 [DELETED] 

fucking Janitors come in like a divine wind. If any of you guys are lurking keep up the good work, your talent is appreciated.

>> No.28750085

I do my best.

>> No.28750098

>Stone Shell
>Cost: 4MP (base: 5MP)
>Element: Earth
>Effect: A large half-dome of stone forms in front of the caster's hand, about six feet in diameter. This dome moves along with the caster's hand for as long as the spell is maintained.

I think we should try to learn this spell. It's a shield we can direct made of stone(!metal) we can direct the direction of. Should be a lot more durable than Holy Shrine, and if we combine it with tailwind we could use our battering ram tactic from before. If it changes to metal because of our alignment all the better.

>> No.28750100

So we play to our advantage.

Shockwaves. Swing so hard that everything in front of us explodes. I'm pretty sure Taka's thing was magic assisted, so we can work on making a new style of sword-magic that works in the same way as his, but with different techniques.

IE, don't bother being a hybrid mage/swordsman, after we get the basics we should go full spellsword up in this bitch. Sword magic or bust.

>> No.28750107

Actually, that's not what Katana is designed for, it's designed as a highly effective pulling sword, so you can get as deep of a cut as possible in a single pull.

But it really doesn't matter either way, this is fantasy and it doesn't need to reflect real life.

>> No.28750109

Naturally, it is at this exact moment that your stomach decides to make the fact that its HUNGER hasn't been sated since yesterday afternoon known. As both Luciana and the maid hear the growling anger of your innards, they stifle their laughter.

"Er... I think I'll take you up on that offer," you say with a nervous laugh.
"Very well," the maid says with a bow.

She then proceeds into the room, where she prepares two loaves of bread and several pieces of cheese on plates on the table.

"Actually, I hear that Reinhold here is a big eater..." Luciana giggles.
"Ah, I see," the maid replies as she places another loaf of bread on the table before taking her leave.

So Marianne wrote to Luciana about THAT too... it makes you wonder if she tells Luciana about every little detail of her life.

"Sorry if there isn't much here," Luciana says as she sits back down next to you. "I generally don't eat very much for breakfast."
"That's fine," you reply as you hungrily eye the food tht sits before you. "I'm the one who's imposing, anyways."

>talk about something before you CONSUME?

>> No.28750124

Say that we let our friends hug us. Make sure the implication is clear.

>> No.28750148

ask if she can recommend any spells regarding our element.

>> No.28750151

hey archelon-san, is there a sent number Reinhold can learn in total?

>> No.28750169



>> No.28750174


Talk about the party. Maybe if she got a present for her brother?

>> No.28750179


Ask about her grimoire collection. Why does she find them interesting? How many does she have? And so on.

>> No.28750182

I second this, in the sense that I don't want everyone to treat us like we have the plague.

>> No.28750202

Er, I don't understand what exactly you're asking.

>> No.28750203


Thank her for the food. Ask about the party.

>> No.28750209


Ask about the party and if there's anyone she feels we should particularly watch ourselves around.

>> No.28750223

As much as I'd like to ask what Marianne is saying about us in character....

Reinhold would probably not want that kind of confrontation

so I guess it's gonna have to be casual talk about the party and Emilo

>> No.28750224


I think he means set number of spells.

>> No.28750227

we talked about this when the spell first came up there was 2 major problems people found about it.
1.The upkeep would catch up quickly with us
2.it would be hard to protect the princess in that.

>> No.28750228

if she's okay after last night and if she really needs a hug

>> No.28750235

I assume he's asking if there's a limit to the number of spells Reinhold can learn?

>> No.28750241

.... ask her about Marieanne's habit of giving people animal ranks.

>> No.28750246

That would be a negatory. You can learn as many spells as you can remember the spells for.

>> No.28750255

"So, whats your itinerary for the party? Will you be staying close to your father or mingling with the crowd?"

>> No.28750269

>Watch Twitter constantly
>Decide I'll have time before the next PGQ
>Play DotA match
>Miss thread start
Well, posting it anyway.

>> No.28750286

do we know about that ranking in character? i know she's called us different animals, but the only talk about a rank i've heard is from the openings and the marianne-lucianna talk that we weren't around for

>> No.28750294

Just talk about the party and ask her what her magic affinity is.(we aren't initiating a hug, we will allow one if she gives it.)

>> No.28750300

I'd like to back up the animal ranking thing, its a bit odd

>> No.28750303

Ask about the party and what sorts of things will be happening during it, just in case there is more than just dancing to "enjoy". And maybe consider giving her a dance(as a friend), when she will inevitably ask Reinhold for one, to make up for running off last night.

>> No.28750320

you should make one for the ones being too aggressive as well.

>> No.28750323

There's a point. For all the good projectile spells will do us, our core strength is our ability to sword gud.

So if there's a style that consists of using a sword and magic to do crazy ass things like cutting dudes from 20 feet away, blowing people into the sky or shattering armour, then we should totally learn that.

Maybe ask Takamaru if that's actually a thing, when we get the chance?

>> No.28750327


Offering a FRIENDLY dance to make up for being flaky isn't a bad idea.


>> No.28750330

That'd be a good thing to chat about.

She loves the magic.

>> No.28750337

"I like hugs by the way, you don't have to hold back for my sake."

She'll probably hug us, make sure to hug her back.

For eating we can invent the sandwich, put some cheese in between slices of bread. Talk to her over breakfast.

As we're talking to her mention that if she actually wants to know about our past she can just ask, we don't mind telling our friends.

>> No.28750341


On another note, are there Fragment spells for every weapon? Basically, I'm asking if there's a Fragment Axe to complete the weapon triangle.

>> No.28750362


>> No.28750371

Don't they already have sandwiches in this setting?

>> No.28750385

Don't forget the >MUH TRAUMA ass holes.

>> No.28750406

Fragment Tomahawk.
That series of spells has many variations.

>> No.28750414

That comes under being angry when posting I guess.

>> No.28750424

i think the sandwich already exist and is common in this world. not sure if ice cream exist yet.

>> No.28750428

I'm keep reading "Fragment Blader" as "Fragment Bladder"

Arc, please help me.

>> No.28750458

>"Fragment Bladder"

Sounds devastating!

>> No.28750460

They might have.

The basic idea of the sandwich has been around for a while, though it was seen as something for working men and not that common to the upper classes, at least in Europe, until around the 18th century.

>> No.28750467

"Back to the former topic."
"What exactly did she warn you about?"

>> No.28750509

Well he did say the spell had many variations.

>> No.28750537


>Come to me! Fragment... Bladder!
>a jagged stone bladder forms in your hand
>Sylvie tries her best to be impressed... but is just embarrassed. "G-good job, Reinhold..."
>she starts avoiding you from then on
>you never have dinner with her parents and earn her dad's approval

>> No.28750561

Nonsense, it'd be metal.

And she'd find it really cute.

>> No.28750566

Anyone who knows reinhold would probably just keel over laughing.

>> No.28750567

More like
>Sylvie tries her best not to explode with laughter
>And yet her best is not enough

>> No.28750601

You said every element has a flying spell. It think I have one for earth.

Cost: 4MP
Element: earth
Effect: A large floating rock rises out of the ground, enabling flight. Both the level of fine control and the top speed are less than that of Starlight Wing. The spell still works weather or not the user is the one riding it.
>You could form the rock under someone else and move them around assuming they are close by and don’t move out of the way.

>> No.28750603

>she starts avoiding you from then on
i see her nearly dieing of laughter and teasing us for it for years to come

>> No.28750627

Ah, before I forget:
I added the list of magical spells to the ebooks. For conveniences sake, I also organized them into a standalone .html table (can be found in the dropbox).
If you download the .js file, you can sort the table by name/element/mana cost.

>> No.28750631

[Should get as soon as possible]
A healing spell is always good, plus its cheap and easy to learn.
>Healing Grace
An even stronger healing spell doesn't hurt, but it doesn't fix serious injuries like broken bones.
>Null Sphere
It stops anyone with out a pointed object in their tracks and would work well for trapping unarmed opponents.
>Shade Guard
Similar to holy shine, except it only stops the damage and not the force, it is also affected by shadows
>Aurora Field
A quick drop and forget spell when being chased or setting up traps.
[Spells we should try to get after the above]
>Ebon Wing
>Starlight Wing
Getting both of these is good in case some one has a spell designed to take out light and the same for shadow, plus these combo well with tailwind.
A great buff spell for oh shit moments, we might need to train up our stamina for repeated uses.
>Morning Fog
Helps for escapes and defense from long ranged attacks.
>Arctic Blade
A ranged spell that works with our sword.
>Glacial Sunder
It worked decently on us and it seems like a good spell for a body guard.
[Spells that we should get too after doing the ones above.]
>Stardust Wing
I'm hoping we can learn this from one of the dragons we met since it sounds like a better spell than the other two flying spells.
>Zephyr Wing
Would love to learn this one if people want to overcome learning curve since its the best flying spell around.
>Fragment Lancer
>Fragment Blader
good spells for when we don't have a weapon on hand or an ally need one
>Colossus Hold
Basically a hand made of earth(metal), it has multiple uses.
>Vajra Spark
A good ranged attack that can be used with our sword or hands.

>> No.28750632


Sooo, Earthbending?

>> No.28750656

that sounds like uprise, i think the earth spell would create wings of sand or earth.

>> No.28750705

Wings of fukken' CRYSTAL!

>> No.28750720

its only 17 spells and the possible amount we can learn is 55.

>> No.28750732

No no wings made of metal.

>> No.28750745

this works actually, but would it be metal for us?

>> No.28750757


>> No.28750772

I gotta admit, that sounds pretty fucking metal.

>> No.28750778

Why not an actual earth-trait such as gravity? Basically you levitate or fly by negating your own gravitational pull and propel yourself.

>> No.28750782


>> No.28750799

Can we multicast?

>> No.28750804

>not metal
wings of blades bitch

>> No.28750805

I imagine him to act like a humanoid Skamory.

>> No.28750822

crystal wings

>> No.28750823

That or we just do it in however the hell Magneto does it.

>> No.28750833

Cost: 6MP
Element: earth
Effect: The user creates ceramic(Or metal in our case) surf board that can be used for flight. Like Zephyr Wing both the top speed and level of fine control are very high, but the learning curve is also very high.

This spell was created relatively recently by a mage that wanted a more effective earth type flight spell.
>This spell is not widely used because A) it pretty new compared to the others B) you can fall off it and C) The ceramic board is known to crack when preforming more daring aerial maneuvers.
>This is were being metal attuned come in handy.

>> No.28750839

Aluminium Hang-Glider

>> No.28750846

The ones listed are just the ones that have been shown in the story so far.

>> No.28750854

>wings of steel

>> No.28750855

metal wings
Yeah, but our character never tried.

>> No.28750856

I was thinking more like old timey power armor then mecha. Metal wings stoneskin bam we are ironman.

>> No.28750869

Why don't they all have incantations?

>> No.28750871

>it would be hard to protect the princess in that
It's a giant shield as tall as us made of stone(possibly metal) that follows your hand, not some stone half bubble you sit inside. It would block a lot more stuff than Holy Shrine ever could.

Dudes shooting at you/princess with arrows/crossbows/thrown weapons/some spells?

Stone Shell

Corridor full of badguys you need out of your way?
Tailwind and Stone Shell

Raining and you forgot your umbrella?

Stone Shell

Impromptu sled during winter?

Stone Shell

To the first point of maintaining the spell, if we can't even keep up a single spell we might as well not bother with magic at all.

TL;DR I think Stone Shell is worth learning.

>> No.28750890

Honestly, I don't think it makes sense for Earth element flight spells to be just as good as the other spells.

Earth should have flight spells, but one would expect them to be crummier than those of other elements.

>> No.28750897

The ones listed are just the incantations that have been shown in the story thus far.

>> No.28750917

>It would block a lot more stuff than Holy Shrine ever could.
you got me to laugh there.
The spell is useful, but honestly it has its disadvantages with sight and getting in the way of our blade, plus we could hurt the princess pretty easily with the spell.

>> No.28750925

Hence why I suggested a Gravity-based spell. Not so much flight as it is some level of Levitation magic through weakening our gravitational pull.

>> No.28750941

I want it, Arc.

>> No.28750943

>It would block a lot more stuff than Holy Shrine ever could.
The spell is good, but right now you are exaggerating what it can do right now.

>> No.28750946

forgot pic

>> No.28750948

From the first time this spell was shown in-story:

>"ANYWAYS," she says, smacking Nicolette in the back of the head, "it's kind of dangerous to depend on Earth-based defensive spells like that. They stay even after you release the spell, and if you were using that to defend the Princess just now, she'd have been caught up in the blast."

>Suddenly, an image of the Princess pulling herself out of a pile of rubble like you just did floats into your mind.

>> No.28750955

the reason why we choose Holy Shine over Stone shell is because when Stone Shell shatters it causes shrapnel to fly everywhere compared to the dissipation to Holy Shine

>> No.28750964

While I respectfully disagree, the fact that we know Holy Shrine means that I would avoid picking up Stone Shell.
Don't need the overlap.

>> No.28750968

Keep in mind that, as Sylvie demonstrated rather forcefully, if something hits it hard enough to shatter it it'll potentially create dangerous stone shrapnel backlash.

IIRC that's why we didn't learn it right away in the first place, because we wanted a defensive spell that wouldn't explode and brain the Princess with a rock if hit too hard.

>> No.28750969

can you give us a hint of what it is?(the earth wing spell)

>> No.28750972

is there an incantation that starts:
"I am the bone of my sword..."
if not, can we make one?

>> No.28751000


>> No.28751004

That's definitely Mantra material, we don't Sword enough for that.

>> No.28751011

i want us to do a gates of Babylon instead, shiro is retarded and Gilgamesh rules.

>> No.28751029

our element is metal, not SWORD

>> No.28751032

Don't get me wrong, I love GARcher, but can we not use Nasu-brand Engrish poetry if we can help it?

It sounds really silly and nonsensical when you stop to think about it, even by the standards of magical mumbo-jumbo.

>> No.28751038

Stupid idea but couldn't we make it then shatter it for a kind of impromptu grenade?

>> No.28751056


>Holy Shine
>Cost: 4MP
>Element: Light
>Effect: A shield of light appears in front of the user for an instant, dissipating when struck with enough force. Its strength depends on the caster's skill level, ranging from the durability of paper to about as strong as a thick wooden door.

>Its strength depends on the caster's skill level, ranging from the durability of paper to about as strong as a thick wooden door.

>as strong as a thick wooden door.

I would take giant floating hoplon made out of stone(metal?) than a shield as strong as a wooden door any day.

Why do you guys think Holy Shrine is so good?

>> No.28751061

Shard Breaker
Cost: 3MP (base: 4MP)
Element: Earth
Effect: Forms a fist-sized crystal which then shatters, its shards firing at the target.

Jewel Breaker
Cost: 5MP (base: 6MP)
Element: Earth
Incantation: "Fragile gem, hidden from sight. Let your every facet reflect my will."
Effect: Forms a large crystal which then shatters into several smaller fragments. These smaller crystals are freely controllable by the caster, and explode on impact.
we already have that

>> No.28751063

why not both?

>> No.28751096


Sanctuary + Spirit Field [Metal] + A LOT of Fragment spells

There, you have your impromptu Unlimited Blade Works

>> No.28751115

Jewel Breaker would be bad ass if it turned into a giant cube of metal for us.

>> No.28751137

its for breaking arrows and its a low level protection spell that doesn't shatter into a million pieces

>> No.28751156

Your basing this off of modern doors(which are hollow), doors back then were pretty hard to break and could get pretty thick.

>> No.28751173

>why don't we learn stone shell
we have a shield spell, and getting more diversity (like healing and flight) is more important than a second shield spell, even if it is better

>> No.28751179

I mixed it up with the other holy spell, but it still hurts the princess if it gets broken.
How about Gates of Babylon.

>> No.28751180

Arcane shotgun: the first and last word in both riot control and party tricks!

>> No.28751192

There are going to be rumors about Luciana and Reinhold all over that party now, what with us emerging from her bedroom in the morning just after breakfast. Calling it.

>> No.28751194

Rolled 14


Also, Stone Shell fragments if hit hard enough, as slyvie showed.

It becomes a stone shotgun against the charge we'r trying to protect.

>> No.28751203

>doors are hollow

really? I've lived in a couple of places where I think I could probably kick through the doors, but only because they're made from like, cheap wooden pulpy shit, not because they're hollow.

>> No.28751205

once we master all of the Fragment spells to the point of mass production and learn of the fire then in mid air we can GATO OF BABYLONG
maybe some spell that induces magnetism on a person so that our metal swords would be attracted to the victim

>> No.28751207

>shield spell
not even that its a shield spell for us only, if we get another shield spell i would rather get shade guard and combo it with holy shine.

>> No.28751218

Oh fuck...

Gossipy maids are a thing.

>> No.28751230

Rolled 9


Our duty to utterly deny and dispel all rumours.

It'll harm the Princess' image and standing.

>> No.28751245


Celestino is going to cook our ass like a motherfucker isn't he?

amperes ondonos

Captcha pls.

>> No.28751256


Depends if we can get Fragment spells and there's some spell that can thrust multiple objects at one target.

Something like a gravity spell or levitation spell?

It would start with summoning a shit load of weapons then just throwing them, basically. Not perfect, but close. Sort of like what Shirou did in the Unlimited Blade Works movie, really, it's the same principle.

>> No.28751258

Rolled 11


Then we come clean on why we went to check on hr.

>> No.28751264

"So, uh..." you say as you take a bite of cheese, "you mentioned before that you liked grimoires?"
"...actually, it was MARIANNE who mentioned that," Luciana sighs. "Please don't mention them to anyone, I'd be in a bit of trouble with Father if he was to find out."
"I figured as much," you reply.

"I've been collecting them ever since Aunt Ariane gave me one of hers when I was seven..." Luciana says with a nostalgic smile. "An entire book filled with the lost knowledge of long-dead mages... I thought to myself that maybe I'd be able to approach Father's or even her level if I studied it enough," she laughs.
"You seemed plenty strong last night," you say, munching on one of the loaves of bread.
"Yes, well that was the result of several years of collecting and studying them in secret. I still can't decipher most of what I find, but whatever little information I can find is always useful," she says with a smile.

"Why, just the other night I managed to get Sylvie to help me decipher one," Luciana says. "As loath as I am to admit it, that's yet another area where she has more talent than I do."


>> No.28751267

Keep in mind not everyone around is a musclewizard casting fist.

If it changes to metal it wouldn't even shatter, at least not until something insane hits it anyways. If something hits hard enough to shatter the metal version we are probably dead without sanctuary anyways.

>> No.28751270

Hopefully nothing serious will come of it.

But Luciana did look like she had been crying and we were there. Hopefully mitigated by the fact she got us food.

>> No.28751286

huh i have found it that most breakable doors i find are hollow and i'm basing this off castle wooden doors which were designed to take on attacks.

>> No.28751293

talking to her about people that tried to kidnap her is a reason i think he'll be fine with. though that means she won't be able to keep it a secret

>> No.28751297

It doesn't change to metal.

>> No.28751301

Luciana's the master politician, I'm sure she won't let it get out of hand.

All we have to do when confronted with such things is adopt the Kerry™ brand dead stare and avoid fanning the flames.

>> No.28751319

Rolled 5


It just needs someone strong.

Pretty sure Taka or any of the dragon kids could easily smash something like that.

>> No.28751324


I'm okay with further discussion of magic with Luciana, but I would like to ask her about the party at some point. Especially after last night.

>> No.28751350

I hope some minor drama comes of it. I enjoy such things.

>> No.28751366


>> No.28751372

Only the spells that list their elements as Earth (Metal) actually change, right?

>> No.28751384

>There has to be some sort of sand storm spell. Normal people would use it like a smoke screen.
>Metal element turns the sand to metal dust.
>Spell that magnetizes enemy

>> No.28751403

The guy at the scroll store even said it was bad for protecting others. It's common knowledge that it sucks for this kind of thing.

The entire castle staff is terrified of Luci. DOn't think they'd gossip about her.

>> No.28751443


>> No.28751477

On the pastebin some spells are listed as Metal(Earth) or Ice(Water)."
That's because the base types of those spells are subtypes of another element.
Basically, I don't have anything specified to change to metal on that list.

>> No.28751501

Rolled 13


They dont change to metal.

>> No.28751517

Hes dad used gold dust instead of sand and the guy that had the job before him used iron sand.

So you had 2 better people to choose from and you didn't.

>> No.28751539


Girls being insecure means it's time to change the subject!

"So, uh..." you begin, "...what's your magical affinity?" you ask. "Mine is metal."
"Oh, really!?" Luciana replies, an excited expression on her face. "That's quite rare... you should be proud!"
"Thanks, I guess," you shrug.
"But I'm sorry to tell you that mine is actually even rarer than that..." she giggles. "Just as my name would suggest, my affinity is Light, just like Father!"

"...huh," you reply, impressed. "That's like the rarest one, right?"
"That honor actually goes to Darkness," Luciana replies.

There's one point for Gerhard...


>> No.28751568

>mfw Reinhold is still this savvy despite Anon

>> No.28751579

Isn't that how we found out we had the metal element. Filled the room with metal dust.
>use that spell
>use magnet spell
>we Gaara

>> No.28751580

and you fat fucks wanted to get light affinity.

>> No.28751581

Anon are not Reinhold. Anon are the horrible advice whispering in his ear.

>> No.28751589

What's Marianne's affinity? Assuming we actually know it.

>> No.28751594

do yuu know how retarded you sounded?

>> No.28751597


>> No.28751598

water i believe

>> No.28751600


>> No.28751606

Water, I think?

>> No.28751610 [DELETED] 



Arch should put these on the character sheets.

>> No.28751612

I don't actually know that much about Naruto I stopped watching it a long time ago.

>> No.28751615

Rolled 16


No, that was a test to find our affinity.


>> No.28751618

If I remember correctly her affinity is Water.

There's a strong tendency to Water in Granache's Royal Family.

>> No.28751621

check pastebin

>> No.28751629

I'm happy with metal affinity.

It opens up all sorts of cool nicknames for when Reinhold is eventually able to join the high council of badass. Light just gives you a lot of cheese.

>> No.28751635

I do.

>> No.28751647

>Basically, I don't have anything specified to change to metal on that list.
didn't you mention stone skin changing to iron skin?

>> No.28751652

That info was revealed a long time ago. Several years, actually.

>> No.28751654

I liked metal from the beginning. It fits much better with a master swordsman than Light or Darkness does.

>> No.28751656

correction, anon is the horrible advice whispering into monquie's ear. he reacts to it concously, Reinhold does so not fully aware of it... yet.

>> No.28751671

>on that list.

>> No.28751672

Assuming we DO get away with the whole 'metal wings' thing.. what if we asked the dragon siblings to teach us stuff like how to create a dragon tail and claws, and then make those metal too. We could be the Iron Drake.

>> No.28751682


Yeah, I just realized that, I'm retarded.

>> No.28751695

I'm pretty sure we aren't going to be able to pick up Dragon magic like that.

And a name like the Iron Drake might step on the toes of any already existing Dragons with a metal theme.

>> No.28751704

i wonder if there is a complete opposite of magic, the anti-magic alinement, where spells cast at a person just washes off of him with no effect. sucks if he got hurt, but still.

>> No.28751741

Even better: if we focus on spells that synergize with our swordplay we could eventually be an uber tier swordsman who can pull "you are already dead" bullshit by lightning fast slicing our opponents in half. I would be so happy.

>> No.28751752

We could always ask the little brother if can teach us or show us a book.
A common thing i keep seeing with the dragon spells it that they are also working on your stamina as well as mana, so its probably better suited for dragons since they have alot of stamina.

>> No.28751764

And thus we receive rivals. Actually, I'm pretty sure the only time a metal type dragon existed was when the steel spirit morphed into the likeness of one?

>> No.28751774

i know he said the claw thing was mantra, and don't you have to be religious for mantra

>> No.28751792

Rolled 6


Artic Blade

>> No.28751816

I don't think so, plus it won't hurt to ask.

>> No.28751848

Mantra is more of a mindset behind how you cast spells. Sanctuary for example has a religious mantra so you have to have a religious state of mind to conceptualize the script needed to cast it. We might be able to emulate the claw's mantra in time, but to be honest we would probably be better of focusing on more useful spells that cover our weaknesses at this juncture.

>> No.28751859

I don't think you understand. The Dragon spells are Mantra, Reya said as much.

You don't just pick up Mantra spells, in order to interpret them you need to have a specific mode of thought, we aren't a Dragon, we don't have the same mode of thought, we aren't going to use Dragon Mantra spells in any reasonable time frame just like we aren't going to suddenly become a religious zealot.

Mantra isn't just religious, though that is one variety of Mantra. For example, all the spells Niklaus makes are Mantra because he's kinda crazy.

>> No.28751884

We should work on eventually developing a spell set that perfectly links sword and magic.

Think Tome of Battle from 3.5. Iron Heart maneuvers.

>> No.28751887

>kinda crazy.
i think he just is autistic.

>> No.28751911

>Being threatened by ninjas
>That's an effect
>Iron Heart Surge
>No more ninjas

We best bodyguard when?

>> No.28751920

Building upon this, Reinhold, whom has never had a particularly strong tie with religion, is incapable of conceptualizing sanctuary. So he has to use scrolls. Whether or not we can emulate the mantra for the claw spell at all is still up for grabs. Might be a dragon thing and impossible, or simply a royal guard learned how to cast the claw spell using this one weird trick! Dragons hate him!

>> No.28751933

sort of like how Sylvie's dad created a fighting style that perfectly linked fist and magic

>> No.28751945

Rare doesn't necessarily equal powerful in this case, though, right @ magic affinity?

>> No.28751947

I still wanna figure out a way to swing our sword crazy fast. Since our fighting style is already designed to break swords and cleave things, all we really need is to ramp up how fast we do it and then we can pull some Metal Gear Rising shit

>> No.28751949


What if we develop Mantra based on Martial Practices and Philosophies? That may as well be ToB style blade magic.

>> No.28751954

Essentially, yes. And Takamaru has that spell set which uses his katana and magic. I imagine Reinhold would be able to use something similar, but based on his own style rather than whatever whacky iaijutsu thing Takamaru was using.

>> No.28751956

get a second sword and follow in our fathers foot steps.

>> No.28751963

>i think he just is autistic.
you anons keep using that word...

no, he's not autistic, just a high functioning sociopath most likely.

>> No.28751966

Or artificer style spells. Flaming +3 magic masterwork sword yes please.

>> No.28751974

maybe find a way to synthesize tailwind to our arms

>> No.28751982

The second sword wasn't so he could dual wield, it was a backup for in case he breaks his own sword.

>> No.28751985

Getting a second sword won't make us swing faster. It'll just make us hit twice. Still not enough speed to pull off some crazy badass 'reduce to giblets' slashing.

>> No.28751989

Dude, that would make Sword Throw Attack even better, since it would go in a 60ft line and come back.

>> No.28751990

I think Boost should have that partially covered.
3x Speed and Strength

>> No.28751993

I think Reinhold's style would be more suited to Stone Dragon, actually. Or a mix of both.

>> No.28751995

it does increase the rate in which something gets hit.
he still made it a style of his and we could do the same for us.

>> No.28752044

Nah, I think we'd need magic assistance for that.

So let's do it. Blade magic all up in this.

>> No.28752060

No, no, no.
HOMING sword throw.
"For thy heart for thy heart who hast wronged me!" Farslayer!

>> No.28752067

That's what I've been pondering on, yeah. As far as I can tell, Tailwind isn't so much a jet-booster propulsion spell as it is a momentum modifier. So long as the target of the spell is in motion, it will continously gain forward momentum exponentially and at a heightened rate. The moment the target ceases movement, the spell's effect also ceases.

If we figured out a way to get Tailwind to apply to our swordarm, or perhaps even our sword itself (maybe an enchantment? We've been told we can ask for such things after all), when activated the sword would essentially swing faster and faster the more we keep swinging it without stopping.

>> No.28752068


With your magic-related questions out of the way, you finally decide to give the food on the table your full attention. After you practically inhale the rest of the loaf of bread that you were munching on, you turn to the Princess.

"About your brother's party..." you say, popping a piece of cheese in your mouth, "...is there a set schedule of events or anything?" you ask.
"Umm... not in particular," Luciana replies. "It'll start out with a basic greeting and Father's formal announcement that it's Emilio's birthday, and then it's mostly mingling while other people dance."

Great, so there -is- going to be dancing.

"So there'll be people trying to chat Father up, people playing music to dance to, and others presenting Emilio with his birthday presents pretty much all at the same time," Luciana shrugs. "Oh, but Father -was- planning on doing the big reveal for that painting that was done by your... brother-in-law?"
"Oh yeah, that," you reply.
"So that's pretty much it... why, were you expecting something more formal?"

"Nah," you reply. "Though I suppose I'd be up for a dance if you wanted."
"A d-" Luciana stammers, blushing profusely. "O- of course I'd like to dance with you!"

Luciana then begins giggling as she glances at your face and then darts her eyes away several times.

"That's sure to make more than a few attendants quite jealous," she says with a smile. "Perhaps this means I have more of a chance than I thought..."
"Er, what?" you ask.
"Nothing," she replies in a singsong manner.

>anything else you wanted to talk about before all of the foods are gone?

>> No.28752069


Is there a way to conjure a magical chain that connects to our sword? We could use it kind of like a meteor hammer or chain whip

>> No.28752094

We need some type of bullet time spell. It doesn't actually make us faster it changes our perception of time.

>> No.28752108

Are you suggesting...


>> No.28752111

Its called boost and tailwind is actually a spell that assist the wing spells.

>> No.28752118

*Raises eyebrow*
"You seem awfully excited about 'nouthing'."

>> No.28752121

I think that's good.

>> No.28752123

"You might have to wait until after I'm done dancing with my grandma though."

>> No.28752124

Then we still aren't hitting faster - we just are better able to react to OTHER people trying to hit us really fast.

>> No.28752132

Keep in mind that Reinhold is still a total beginner at magic and wont even be able to imagine half of the stuff that you guys are suggesting, muh less cast it.

>> No.28752141

Read that as >Is there a way to conjure a magical chin that connects to our sword?
I would have supported the idea if it was actually a chin.Swordchucks is dumb tho

>> No.28752146

these two get my vote.

>> No.28752155

i'm a go ahead and second these, as well

>> No.28752159

>That's sure to make more than a few attendants quite jealous
Monique is going to have a seizure. I think this might break him.

Voting for either of these.

>> No.28752162

"your mood improved greatly, but that dance might wait since i'm dancing with my gran first."
Also who are we meeting after this?

>> No.28752164

Seconding these.

>> No.28752167

>"You said you had a bunch of siblings besides Giancarlo and Emilio - what're they like?"

Bitches love it when their man takes an interest, and this is a convenient opportunity to learn about it...

>> No.28752171

Problem with Boost is that it wears off fast and then leaves us utterly drained as FUCK afterwards. It's not a useful spell at all unless we're in a one-on-one against a final encounter boss and basically need to pull a last-ditch effort for the fight.

What we need is a spell that we can activate without basically making ourselves worthless immediately a few minutes after it wears off.

And Tailwind can be used on its own, as has been already proven by us actually using it without the wing spells.

>> No.28752175

Voting in support of these two:


>> No.28752176


>> No.28752187

This. We still don't even know who they are.

>> No.28752188

oh god yes! we must have or make sword chucks!.... wait. the bracelet! maybe it can form a workable set of them?

>> No.28752191

The better question is who are we gonna dance with?
I suggest all the girls.

>> No.28752192

This seems appropriate

>> No.28752201

What if we get someone else to place a kind of speed-booster or 'Haste' style enchantment on our sword?

>> No.28752204

Adding >>28752167 to the list of stuff I'd like to talk about.

>> No.28752216

>making ourselves worthless immediately a few minutes after it wears off.
this is debatable, since the spell is based on stamina and we need to find our limit with that first.

>> No.28752218

isn't it only a little bracelet? i don't think it can get better than a prison shiv

>> No.28752224

Tell her that you taught your bracelet to do tricks.

>> No.28752227

How about whoever actually wants a dance?

Nico, for instance. Probably doesn't want to do that at all.

>> No.28752231

Oh yeah, I know. I'm just thinking long-term. It's nice to have plans to work on in case you have another timeskip in mind.

That said, is martial magic even a thing or was the stuff Takamaru did entirely based in bullshit level strength and skill?

>> No.28752240

too many rolls in my opinion, but i'm good with it since its in character and it would help move the party along.i bet we will dance with the slut who molested us by mistake.

>> No.28752242

I think we could and should totally adapt tailwind for sword use though. Even if it burns through mana like butter it gives us an advantage. Remind me to ask Sophie about it next time we see her.

>> No.28752243

No, we were pretty much outright told when we purchased and inquired about it that after the spell wears off the user is hit with massive fatigue and will be unable to fight until they've rested.

>> No.28752246

Gramgram of course, Sylvie will probably want to, Nico would explode our brain with a deathglare if we suggested it, Marie might have a Tsunstorm but we'll probably end up having one with her anyway.

>> No.28752252

Whoever asks.

>> No.28752256


I'd agree we should try for all of them, or at least see how far we get before Marianne has a tsun-attack. "Ugh, don't you have a job to do??"

>> No.28752260

well nico is the only one, but i do think its proper to at least offer her one.

>> No.28752267

>nico hates the idea of dancing
which is why we need to ask her, just to tease her a bit at least. or ask her permission to dance with luci since she is luci's knight and all

>> No.28752268

Another vote for
Grandma dancing

>> No.28752287

Who would be the worse one to get a nat 1 from?
I think its the loli.

>> No.28752294

oh yea, show her the bracelet and what it can do.
i second as well

>> No.28752308

marie's going to end up going off with her father after a bit so we'll be able to dance after that

>> No.28752312

Effect: For a duration of three minutes, the caster's physical capabilities are increased by three times over, and is rendered immune to fatigue during this duration. However, the instant the spell wears off, the caster is hit with all of the fatigue accumulated during this time.
The spell is based on our stamina limit so it is possible to still be normal afterwards.

>> No.28752316

What a strange way to spell "best."

>> No.28752329


Good idea, I like this.

>> No.28752332

Then we reply, "You said I had today off" or maybe "Isn't this what you do at a ball?"

>> No.28752336

this and this
We taught a bracelet to do tricks.
That's something

>> No.28752337


>> No.28752345

Yeah. If Marie's dancing, we're not. Got to keep an eye out for her. Luckily she doesn't want to dance all that much.

>> No.28752349

you really think its a good idea to have a nat 1 fail in a dance full of nobles and with the loli daughter of the king?

>> No.28752370

Good idea? No. Fun idea? Yes yes yes yes yes

>> No.28752380

Do you really think I was being serious?

>> No.28752395

after the nat 1 from dancing with the princess there were droves of players begging for nat 1s.

>> No.28752404

>If Marie's dancing, we're not.
But what if we're dancing with her?

>> No.28752421

Then we need to pray to god we don't get a nat 1. I don't want Rein to die today.

>> No.28752429

voting in support of this one as well

>> No.28752438

Not even fun. Reinhold does not deserve that kind of suffering.

>> No.28752460


Supporting this.

>> No.28752468

That's because we just saved her then.
Asking to "cut in" is how you politely tell her partner to fuck off.

>> No.28752485

His feet are a little small dont you think?

Also his chin could use a little augmenting

>> No.28752497

i thought we were just going to say her dad wanted to talk with her

>> No.28752504

Can't use the excuse all of the time.

>> No.28752511

Sometimes I wonder how this quest would have gone if we'd played Reinhold as an antisocial dbag that NEVER talked when given the opportunity prompts.

>> No.28752524

We should think of more than that, though. If her dad is obviously engaged in something, it would be an awkward excuse.
Work on our stock of bullshit excuses, /tg/. You're all pathetic slackers and procrastinators, I know you have some!

>> No.28752539

we have been playing like that for the past 20 threads.

>> No.28752543


I really like pic related for Nicolette.

>captcha: blush greennin

>> No.28752544

[dramatic gibberish ear-whispering intensifies]

>> No.28752549

/tg/ is generally too white-knight for that.

But I'd assume we'd have no/little magic and still be a worm.

>> No.28752557



He uses wind magic, right?

>> No.28752558

"Hang on my boss is texting me"
"My supe said I needed to go handle some stuff in the back"
"Our merchandiser needs a sales guy"
I don't think any of mine apply here.

>> No.28752571

To be honest, I like the cutting in idea. We should save it for a real asshole who needs to know neither us or the princess want him around.

>> No.28752573

If we use Boost from full reserves, it would leave us as drained as we would've been after 9 minutes of sustained combat which, while not a walk in the park, should be a tolerable amount of fatigue for a trained swordsman.

For something time-sensitive, or something where the extra force is going to be more useful to us than longevity, Boost seems incredibly useful.

The more important part is that IIRC it takes about a third of our magical reserves to cast, which means we still can't throw it around all the time even if we could mitigate the fatigue aspect. Potential injuries sustained at the end of the 3 minutes might be an issue as well, depending on how exactly the fatigue is fed back to us.

I can imagine that against almost any number of unaugmented swordsmen, 3 minutes of Boosted combat is going to allow us to dispatch more of them than 9 minutes of un-Boosted combat.

If he's at the ball as well, this excuse doesn't work quite so well.

It's probably better to just interrupt politely and say that the princess is needed elsewhere, swallow our pride and apologize a bit to play to their ego. If we're viewed as a retainer of hers, no noble is going to try and stop us for more than a minute or so since if it's worth summoning the princess away during a social engagement over, the person doing the summoning is up on the social ladder. There's no need to drop a name at all, and we can just write it off as being discreet if they ask.

>> No.28752581

nah, that's Ariane

>> No.28752587

Gotta be careful with it though. If we snub the wrong person we'll have a whole lot of entitled noble butthurt on our hands.

>> No.28752591


>> No.28752597


"Your father needs to speak to you."

"Someone you needed to speak to has just arrived."

"Princess, (person we both know, like Nico or Sylvie or something) wanted your opinion on something."

I would recommend not going with the cutting in excuse, because odds are it'll be some douchebag royal who will say something like "Yes, I do mind. Who are you anyway, you filthy peasant?" and we won't be allowed to do anything without making a scene.

>> No.28752599

"luci wants to see you"
"the other king wants to see you"
"elena wants to see you"
"emilio wants to see you"
"gregory wants to see you"

and of course, the ultimate fall back (bonus for causing a massive panic)
"i think someone's about to try and murder you"

>> No.28752604

What does the light elemental spirit thing look like? Angel or something?

>> No.28752607

>"gregory wants to see you"

That'll scare most of them off.

>> No.28752619

And if Marie let's us cut in than it'll be fucking perfect.

>> No.28752626

>"i think someone's about to try and murder you"

You know that's going to bring us serious trouble if we ruin the party that way, right?

>> No.28752631

Er, what?

>> No.28752632

No, we'd be Squall.

>> No.28752641

>"gregory wants to see you"
that'd do it

hasn't been said, and since the fire bros and steel dragon can change form it might not have a set one either

>> No.28752651

"her bodyguard, reinhold volker, my lord. I'm afraid something's come up"

it's common knowledge that we won that competition to get this role and if we drop a family name in there, they'll think twice about starting shit

>> No.28752656

Well, the Steel Dragon looks like a dragon I assume. What about the Light elemental?

>> No.28752676

I thought Volker was his first name, and his family name was Echaklsfdhfdslkasdfh or whatever.

>> No.28752679

Eschenwald. Volker was the first name.

>> No.28752681

I think he's asking what a Light-affiliated Spirit Field looks like

>> No.28752691

oh, shit

yeah my bad

>> No.28752693

>I'm afraid something's come up
that won't work if we're trying to cut in on a dance, and volker was the guy's first name, not his last, and we don't have a last name

>> No.28752701

It'd be Reinhold Eschenwald, Volker was his first name, and I don't think we'd start namedropping that on people.

>> No.28752711

its not common knowledge about volker and we aren't family officially.

>> No.28752716

Stop fantasizing about "saving" the princess during the ball. If she wants our help, she'll ask. Better to just keep quiet and avoid trouble. At this rate we're going to white knight our way into an international incident.

>> No.28752736

we just wait for the ear tug

>> No.28752741

aww c'mon, international incidents are great fun

>> No.28752746

We're talking about because we specifically set up a way for her too ask and we know the nobles here are ass-groping jerks.

>> No.28752752

It's considered very rude for the man to disagree - the partner being cut in on (in this case, Marie) is expected to answer.

>> No.28752761

>ass-groping jerks

oh jeez, i just realised

if any of them get gropey this could go bad really fucking fast

>> No.28752766

It isn't a bad idea to have some prepared excuses just in case she does give us the signal.

>> No.28752772

I think he meant light elementals, plural. Like, do they have a corporal form or something.

I'm thinking something like this.

>> No.28752782

>hey there handsome

>> No.28752784

It shouldn't be TOO bad, she is a Princess.

But then again there's always THAT GUY.

We should be prepared to bitchslap a dude.

>> No.28752789

That's *not* our last name though, furthermore, using a last name that's not ours is extremely fucking rude.

Unless we were officially adopted and I didn't see it

>> No.28752790

Marie's reaction was more because it happened JUST as she was warming up to and starting to trust as our friend. She'll still get worked up probably but not at that level.

>> No.28752795

Better to have a few plausible plans in mind beforehand rather than trying to come up with something on the spot and flubbing it.

I would really like to think that they'd have the presence of mind not to actually grope the Princess of the neighboring country.

>> No.28752802

no, I mean marie. remember what happened when she thought rein tried to grope her? she nearly fucking killed him. I suppose it's unlikely that anyone is brave enough to grope a princess, but if they do, my prediction is it will get messy.

>> No.28752805

Grandma Eschenwald said she viewed us as her grandkids.

>> No.28752806

I figured they would be like FF.

>> No.28752807

Don't worry we know how to handle that.

>> No.28752810

But that does not make us her grandkid, we are not actually her grandkid. There's a very large difference.

>> No.28752814

Still not official.

>> No.28752825

She already told us that she is used to it and at least we weren't doing it on purpose.
The reason she reacted like she did was because she was starting to trust us.

>> No.28752828


Yeah. Ironically, the situation was worsened because both Marie and Reinhold were starting to get comfortable with the other.

Real tragedy, or something.

>> No.28752844

There is an important difference between "like family" and "family."

I basically lived at a friend's house during my high school years. His parents even refer to me as "son" when in private, and I've occasionally caught myself calling them mom/dad.
But I would never introduce myself with their last name.

>> No.28752851

Can we go find Citrine and Marcus after this? I'd like to get to know our brother-in-law some more before the party.

>> No.28752855

It pretty disgusting that she's "used to" being groped.

>> No.28752883

Two buddies of mine had a similar arrangement. His parents' were in Korea at the time, but we were already juniors in high school at that point, so my other buddy's parents were like fuck it.

Then they built a bunk bed. Fucking awesome.

To bring it back on point, he might consider them like surrogate parents, but he's still very much his own man...and own family.

>> No.28752891

she is,but from what i can remember it usually only Lucuainas brother that has the balls to do it.
There are a few other people who could get away with it.

>> No.28752898

>not being used to casual groping
What's it like being fat and/or ugly?

>> No.28752909

It ain't easy being an attractive princess in fantasy medieval times.

Even if she's got an ice hose.

>> No.28752913

Hay Arch, do you have Squatches in your setting?

>> No.28752914

Pretty standard in the era, it's not exactly something that's looked well upon but pretty disgusting is a bit over the top.

>> No.28752944

I mean it makes her disgust as a waifu option. She's been overly soiled by the hands of others.
This is a shitpost and not serious misogyny, calm your tits. Arc plz post soon.

>> No.28752946

And yet, you're applying modern "standards" to a medieval society.

>> No.28752967

there's a difference between you being close to a friend's family, and and being an orphan having adoption lined up only for your surrogate father to die. it seemed pretty concrete that she was taking them in as kids when she told them to call her grandma.

At least, I considered it adoption, and rein has been talking about it as if she's properly adopted him to people, he doesn't say 'Volkers' grandma", he introduces her as his.

It's probably not worth arguing about, it's just not as awful as you're saying it is to use it to prevent some noble from trying to have us arrested.

>> No.28752978

>Calling the crazy post-human symbiotic dudes Sasquatches

>> No.28752999

"You seem awfully excited about 'nothing'..." you say, raising an eyebrow.
"You've just given a lovestruck maiden a bit of hope, that's all," Luciana says to you with a playful smile. "But more seriously, I really would prefer dancing with you over some of the people that I know are going to be there," she sighs.
"That bad, huh?"
"As you know, I'm of marriageable age," she says, pointing in the air for emphasis. "As such, there are lots and lots and LOTS of worthless men who would love nothing more than to get in my good graces... and for some reason, they think that forcing me into a dance will achieve this goal."

"...yeah, that sounds pretty stupid," you reply.
"Unfortunately, people like that don't understand common sense," Luciana says, frowning. "But if they were to see me dancing with a strong handsome fellow like you, perhaps at least some of them will give up!"

"That might have to wait until after I'm done dancing with my grandmother, though," you say.
"Oh, she's going to be at the party?" Luciana replies with a look of surprise.
"That's what she said, anyways."
"Agnes Eschenwald, right?"


>> No.28753001

Because *you* consider it adoption doesn't make it *actual* adoption.

>> No.28753005

wait. Anon, are you implying you KNOW what the fuck those things are or are from?

I beg of you, enlighten me

>> No.28753007

But, it fucking is.
this is people who are worse then monique and you expect them to ignore technicalities.

>> No.28753009

We're in Marconetti. The Eschenwald family is from Marconetti.
If they had formally adopted anyone, the Marconetti nobles at the Marconetti ball would know.

>> No.28753026


Squatches in this universe steal women in the night and take them to the squatch realm in the mountains to breed more squatchmen

>> No.28753036

I can't remember the name for the life of me, but I'll go look, I actually enjoyed the read even if the art was a bit hilariously bad.

>> No.28753049

I'm not saying it's legit just because I think it is, I am literally just saying I thought it was legit. Keep your pants on.

>> No.28753070

Chinhold will forever haunt my nightmares

>> No.28753075

>You will never be as moe as Chinhold

>> No.28753108

I find your lack of bulge disturbing.

>> No.28753111

>"Please give me the Chinhold Anon, I love his big bulging chin so much"

>> No.28753116

>You will never deflect sword blows with your mighty chin

>> No.28753132

>You will never be famous for slaying (being slain by) Chinhold

>> No.28753159 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28753184

It's from this:

I'd link you directly but it tripped the auto-ban spam filter in the past for some reason so I'd rather not.

>> No.28753189

Tiny Feet
Tiny Chin
Tiny S

>> No.28753191

lacking in the groin aren't we mister Reinhold?

>> No.28753211

thanks a ton anon. I am not joking when I say that those two fuckers have haunted my dreams in the past.

Something about the white one's face....

>> No.28753214

It's the fucking stomach eyes that got me. They stare deep into my soul, judging me for looking at his mighty chin

>> No.28753222

Didn't archelon say he hated Chinhold?

>> No.28753229

Lacking in the princess aren't we?

Can't even hold hands with the princesses...

>> No.28753244

Well enjoy the art, because it's only going to get creepier.

>> No.28753245

Princess Guard Quest seems a little slow today.

Not arch's posts, but the thread in general.

>> No.28753268

Probably because Janitor-sama banned all the shitposters last thread.

>> No.28753271

Rolled 93, 93 = 186

it because people aren't bitching or fighting and there is a janitor that does a scorch earth method recently.

>> No.28753272

how's this?

>> No.28753273


Karel is looking good today.....

>> No.28753276

It's a good thing.

>> No.28753283

That's because there's a like 95% reduction in shitposting from previous threads. I love it. So calm. So quiet.

>> No.28753285


"Wow... she usually has zero interest in things like this," Luciana says, brushing some strands of hair behind her ear.
"Really?" you ask.
"Yes, I've actually only met her maybe once or twice. She had a few... disagreements with the popular views of what a lady is allowed to do, and she pretty much stopped interacting with them at all after..." she sighs. "...after her grandson died."
"...oh," you say, frowning.
"I'm sure that Elena would have loved to meet Agnes back in her prime, though," Luciana laughs. "She was pretty much exactly what Elena dreams of becoming- a female swordmaster."

Well, she did say that she raised Volker by herself...

"I'm not sure your father would be too happy about that," you laugh.
"Oh, he'd probably be livid," Luciana replies as she takes a bite of bread. "But she's slowed down with age..."
"Yeah, she was walking with a cane when I saw her."

The two of you then finish off the rest of your food, leaving nothing left aside from crumbs.

"Thanks for checking up on me, Reinhold," Luciana says, smiling at you. "I was really worried before, but I suppose that wasn't necessary."

She then stands up from her chair and stretches her arms.

"There's still a few hours left before the party, so I was thinking about taking a quick nap until I need to get ready," Luciana yawns. "I really didn't get very much rest last night, you see," she says with a weak smile. "Although I wouldn't mind at all if you stayed in here with me until the ball, that wouldn't exactly be proper..."

>anything to say to her before she kicks you out?

>> No.28753287

Because people are being civil, mostly.

>> No.28753291

>425 posts after 3.25 hours

I shiggy diggy etc etc

>> No.28753292

Enjoy the peace while it lasts

>> No.28753294

Much better
The feet were really killing me, like those tiny chinese feet

>> No.28753307

Nah, we good.

Let's go see how the rest of our posse is doing.

>> No.28753311

it's 1:30am on a sunday night. a number of posters are likely gone to bed.

>> No.28753313

Janitors can't ban people.

>> No.28753320

Janitors can't ban

>> No.28753323

Say we'll see her at the party and head on out.

>> No.28753334

Luciana-chan is so lewd.

We should probably track down Gregory, see if we can't get some last minute Do's and Don'ts.

>> No.28753337

They can request ban

Which is always, always approved.

>> No.28753339

I got banned after last thread, but it was hours later when a mod got around to it.

>> No.28753341

Rolled 94, 98 = 192

We are good, lets check up on the others.
So does this mean we can learn our fathers style from gram?

>> No.28753349

"Sorry if I worried you. And thank you again for enabling the spar with Takamura. It was enlightening seeing a different style such as his."

>> No.28753356

Give her a hug.

>> No.28753357

Say we'll try to stave off the Marconetti nobles if our hands aren't full with Marie.

Then go off and try to find Nico. She seemed angry with us.

>> No.28753364

We good. Just the basic pleasantries.

>> No.28753367

pleasant dreams

>> No.28753369

Rolled 30, 89 = 119

we spent a month of listening to his etiquette lessons anon.

>> No.28753370

Rolled 4


Just goodbye.

Nothing excessive

>> No.28753381

"Does this chin look small to you?" luci sketch when?

>> No.28753384

Go find our sister.

>> No.28753388

"as tempted as i am to stay, i should be going. I will be seeing you soon Luciana.

>> No.28753390

Grandma is more awesome all the time.

I get the feeling she's planning to start some shit at the party, now that THERE IS STILL HOPE LEFT IN MAN

>> No.28753392

wish her sweet dreams

to which i'm sure she'll respond by saying she hopes she dreams about you

>> No.28753394


"I guess, heh. See you at the party then." Then check up with another person.

M-maybe Melanie? ;_;

>> No.28753401

how's this

feet are hard

>> No.28753402

ask her what her favorite dance is- we probably don't know it, but mebbe we can try and learn a few of the basic steps

>> No.28753405

That doesn't mean we can't use a refresher.

>> No.28753409

etiquette was the super old butler

>> No.28753413

I'd be cool with Melanie. She needs screentime.

>> No.28753414

This and the rein2 are good

my apologies I didnt know feet were hard

>> No.28753420

Remember, it should be ~1/7th the length of the leg if I recall right.

>> No.28753423

Not always.
I've escaped the 15-minute purgatory without being banned at the end.

>> No.28753429

You know, we haven't chatted with meido the whole trip, lets see how she's enjoying her time off.

>> No.28753430

"Do you still want that hug you mentioned earlier?"

>> No.28753441

Feet and hands get everyone.

Seriously, fucking hands.

>> No.28753446

I can't even rememer meido's name

>> No.28753451

Rolled 48, 100 = 148


>> No.28753453


>> No.28753457

Rolled 2



>> No.28753459

Perhaps you should look at more Feets

>> No.28753465

I'm up for meido.

>> No.28753481

Stop making me think lewd thoughts Luci.

No, just basic pleasantries I think. She's in a good mood and nothing caught on fire during our visit, so mission accomplished.

>> No.28753492

I want to talk to her more. Her parents are monster ranchers and I'd like to learn more about monsters.

>> No.28753493

Rolled 57, 63 = 120

gregory was the one who taught us that the butler is teaching us swords.

>> No.28753494

melon is easier to remember

I think I might actually have it now.

>> No.28753495

this could work. A little cheeky but not overly so.

>> No.28753498

Oh god, hands suck so much. There's two great pieces of advice that people have given me though.

1 - Fingertips are just ovals, and you can make a finger p easily by connecting a fingertip to the knuckle.
2 - The thumb is the same length as your nose.

>> No.28753506

It was the other butler. Gregory teaches politics/history.

>> No.28753509

Maid time

>> No.28753510

gregory was politics, etiquette was a super old and unnamed butler, not arnaud or the ninja librarian

>> No.28753517

All elemental spirits can shift between being a pure collection of whatever their elemental is and a physical body, along with being able to mimic any form of biological life.

Regarding those physical forms, each element has some set physical characteristics that all spirits of their type share- the main one for Earth and Metal spirits being that they are freely able to decide their own shapes, unlike other elements.


>> No.28753521


>> No.28753523

Then why are we getting a refresher from him since other than etiquette we also had him teach us politics for a month.

>> No.28753535

There are two butlers one has OCD(and teachs eitiquit) and the other is arnard(sword guy)

>> No.28753548

Putting chins aside for a bit, who else is pissed that it will be atleast 5 more years before they get off the boat?

>> No.28753554

since even though he's a politics teacher he still probably knows etiquette better than us

>> No.28753561

i cry when another idol master game gets announced.

>> No.28753574

Hes supposed to be writing a whole new series in this hiatus from berserk

I mean hes still got 10 or 20 years of paper pushing left in him but still

>> No.28753583

over a month ago, but i an anxiously waiting for glorious new information

>> No.28753588

the japanese cold is deadly anon.

>> No.28753592 [SPOILER] 


ok so nico is described as a guard when we first meet her so I figured she'd probably wear a generic guard uniform but I couldn't decide on anything so I just made both

>> No.28753605

Blue probably works better. Granache is water country so I'd expect it to be a dominant color.

>> No.28753614

Isn't that a bit short for a 2 handed spear?

>> No.28753615

That face looks pretty man-ish. Kind of too boxy in shape.

>> No.28753617

welp no berserk for this year and maybe the next then.
so what do you even do in the games?

>> No.28753622

Why does he hate berserk so much? It is popular, if he drew it regularly it would be even more popular, how the hell does he justify putting it on hiatus and drawing some other manga which may or may not get enough readers? Only reason i can think is that he hates berserk and doesn't want it anymore but doesn't want to drop it because of fans.

>> No.28753624

thank you base draw anon!

>> No.28753629

>The thumb is the same length as your nose.
... Mine isn't.

>> No.28753637

what about the arms/belt/chestplate?

yeah, I can see that. faces are also hard. shit, pretty much everything is hard.

>> No.28753645

I like them both, gj

Have some art by this guy

>> No.28753650

he has been doing berserk nearly his whole life. even still, if he returned to it right now, at his rate, he'll die an old man before finishing it. damn shame....

i hope archelon's quest won't take as long to complete.

>> No.28753660

Sorry to nit pick, but the black eye line coupled with white eyebrow looks kinda weird. Also, your faces feel kind of flat. But otherwise pretty gud.

>> No.28753668

You're making me want to do art again, anon.
I already spend more of my time than I should on cartography and writing, don't make me add art to it. My grades won't survive it.

>> No.28753677

I remember reading somewhere that writing berserk gets him depressed or something, personally i think hes just gone soft after getting married and kids as well I think

>> No.28753683

Not sure how helpful this is and I kind of don't like the drawing itself too much but there might be some useful advice here.

>> No.28753694

Because its "art is suffering:the manga", and he's super OCD about quality and detail. He burns through assistants like that was the part he got paid for.

>> No.28753704

Feel free to nitpick, never gonna improve unless people tell me what I'm fucking up. Do you have any suggestions as to how to fix it?

do it

>> No.28753710

Arch does more than 4 threads a year, so i think we'll be fine.

>> No.28753719

Once he figures out how to incorporate horrible amounts of monstrous rape, torture and murder to the elfhelm, he will be on that shit like Roxxo on cocaine.

>> No.28753736

I can imagine PGQ: Quarterly Edition.
Three months of condensed waifu faggotry, released in a single thread.

>> No.28753759

Based on what I've seen with other quests, longer lapses between threads usually lessens shitstorms.

>> No.28753763

>guts gets girl
>guts' writer gets girl

also, are are we going to ignore the
>Marianne already warned me about being too forward,"

>> No.28753765

I can dig it

>> No.28753777

You're forgetting pure awesome from Gregory and Aquaman.

>> No.28753781

People ignore Reinhold's spaghetti, it's only polite to pay it forward.

>> No.28753784

We can ask Marie about it.

>> No.28753806


Probably not, we may bring it up with Marianne later...we should be straightforward with Luci as we have been with Sylvie...we aren't looking for a relationship right now; we aren't in a place where we are comfortable with something like that. We're not a quivering mass of PTSD, we can acknowledge what our current needs include and don't include.

>> No.28753809

It's pretty straightforward. There is nothing to do or say about it.

>> No.28753815

I can get behind that.

>> No.28753816

you forgot

>> No.28753841

Uhh... For the eyes I'd say use a lighter color for the line, or remove it and use the yeybrow to imply the line, if that doesn't make it look funny.

For giving the face depth, try adding high- åńd low-lights to denote facial structure. Can't really say though, because I have shit anatomical basic mechanics, I'm only good at refinement and fine polishing.

>> No.28753862


"Princess, Luciana made passing mention earlier today about how you told her not to come on too strongly with me." pause, "Thank you for your concern with my well being. I had a chat with her similar to one I recently had with Sylvie on the matter" "Though seriously, thank you,"

>> No.28753866

you guys remind me that I really ought to regain my ability to draw...

>> No.28753878

>dem random accents on and, tho

>> No.28753886


>> No.28753894

Reinholds a tough cookie, i sure hope he overcomes that PTSD...one day...

>> No.28753908


Mildly intoxicated, that was not my best, not my worst, therefore I am happy. It could have gone into negatives

>> No.28753912

Mmm, trauma higher proof than the whiskey they're drinking.

>> No.28753928

What are you doing? We are not with Marie. It's not suggestion time. That is horrible dialogue. Just never suggest anything.

>> No.28753932

Rolled 10



>> No.28753940

Only mildly? Because it seems you forgot your name, wrenloft.

I deserve to be shamed for that joke

>> No.28753948

"Heh, I guess," you say with a nervous laugh. "See you at the party."
"I'll be looking forward to it!" Luciana says as she runs up to you... and stops herself before she wraps her arms around you. "Sorry, I forgot what Marianne said..." she says, blushing.
"Eh, I'm fine with a hug from a friend," you shrug.
"Oh?" Luciana says, a wide smile on her face. "In that case..."

Before you can say another word, the red-haired princess pulls you into s tight embrace.

"You have no idea how relieved I am that you're not afraid of me or disgusted about how I handled myself last night..." Luciana says as she rests her head against your chest.

After she finally lets you go, you head for the door... but you're stopped by Luciana tugging on your arm.


>> No.28753949

Shit, I think I would start drinking from the bottle at that point.

>> No.28753962

The man has a point, he had to one tough little fish to be able to make the journey from her ass to her womb.

>> No.28753978


>> No.28753995

go on...

>> No.28754008

is this an improvement?

I don't want to turn this into an art critique thread, honest, I'm just trying to contribute

>> No.28754047

Dont worry about it anon, im not even that bothered by the feet

It looks good

>> No.28754050


I remember when luciana wasn't best girl

>> No.28754078

I don't. Even before we had a red head in the quest, I knew the red head was the best girl.

>> No.28754101

Whats the name of that bandit meanie nation, and would Killship be an option if we moved there?

>> No.28754108

Eh, as far as I'm concerned she's just managed to earn sympathy points like Marie did. Definitely ranked up, though.

The players of this quest seem to have a thing for crying princesses.

>> No.28754112

Yes, those eyes look far less obtuse

>> No.28754121

She's a captain and doesn't give a fuck. I think you might want to feminine-ize her clothing a little more, and add some more gold/embellishments to it.

>> No.28754123

my main gripe about it is that it doesn't look very feminine

>> No.28754134

>After she finally lets you go, you head for the door... but you're stopped by Luciana tugging on your arm.
Oh boy here we go.

>> No.28754135

Yeah, the whole build and face are too boxy.

>> No.28754154

No breastplate = needs more curvy
With breastplate = looks good

Also I imagined the spear to look more... ceremonial?

>> No.28754168

Because Nico just screams veins de milo.

>> No.28754171

don't forget magic necklace for spamming fragment spear

>> No.28754182

she isn't best girl yet- everyone else still has a shot. She's pretty close to pulling ahead though, mainly because she's been shown to have a lot of depth already

>> No.28754184

I vote for look for either nico or sylvie.

>> No.28754188

Nico confirmed for Girl version of Lu Bu

>> No.28754203

No the real deal is that people stopped trying to destroy routes and let go with the flow.

>> No.28754207

Speaking of feminine, I picture monique as femron more often then not

>> No.28754211

we still don't know what luci is pulling our arm for

>> No.28754214 [SPOILER] 

>mfw I took classes on it in college and got reasonably good at it - no michaelangelo, but better than your average webcomic level anyway
>best I can do now is pic related

>> No.28754219

I'm up for it.

>> No.28754220


"By the way..." the princess says, a sly smile on her face, "...don't think that I hadn't noticed that you've stopped using my title when referring to me, -Mister- Reinhold."
"Er- sorry," you stammer. "If I offended you or anything-"
"Oh no, I have no problem whatsoever with that," she says with a chuckle. "I just thought that I ought to warn you against doing so when we're at the party, that's all."

"While noone who works in the castle would dare to even consider spreading any rumors about me, I can't say the same about the nobility here," Luciana sighs. "And I'd much rather not get you in trouble with anyone."
"...yeah. Thanks for the heads-up, Princess," you reply.
"Aww, I just said that I don't mind you calling me by name when we're alone~" she says in a singsong manner.

"...but that's enough messing with you for now, I'm honestly rather tired and I should get some more sleep so I don't end up passing out during the party," Luciana says, yawning. "See you later, Reinhold.
"Yeah, see you later," you say. "And thanks for the food," you wave goodbye as you exit her room.

>go and bother Sylvie
>go and bother Nicolette
>go and bother Melanie
>go and bother someone else

>> No.28754230

sure she's a Tomboy but the picture should still exhibit feminine qualities
looking at the thumbnail first i thought it was a male
Nico is a bit on the flatter side but even so her face and her natural curves should be able to show her womanliness

>> No.28754234

>>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754235

I can feel the raw emotion and lust flowing from it, like a chalice overflows with wine

>> No.28754243

>go and bother Melanie
Meido needs screentime.

>> No.28754244

>>go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754246

>go and bother Sylvie
Mess around with magic before the party?

>> No.28754251

>everyone else still has a shot
Meido'd only have a shot if she was the only choice, and even then people would more than likely still forget about her.

>> No.28754252

one day we will have character sheets for everyone

>> No.28754257

that's kind of hard to get across under anything resembling a sensible uniform

>> No.28754261

>>go and bother Nicolette

We don't see enough of her honestly.

>> No.28754264

>>go and bother someone else
Find your sister.

>> No.28754266

>>go and bother Nicolette
Let's see how she is taking getting all gussied up.

>> No.28754268

>Go bother Nico, our spiritual cousin

>> No.28754269

go and bother Nicolette

I kind of want to see if she's still upset with us.

>> No.28754274

>go and bother Sylvie
We haven't talked to her since the fountain.

>> No.28754276

>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754278

>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754279

>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754280

>Go and bother Gregory
see if we can learn more about him- he seems pretty cool and has a scary reputation we don't know to fear yet

>> No.28754283

>go and bother Melanie
since we haven't really talked to her at all

>> No.28754284

>go and bother Sylvie
I wanna show her the bracelet! I bet she'd think it's cool how it's all shift and stuff now!

>> No.28754288

>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754289

go bother Sylvie or Melanie. We spent all day yesterday with Nico.

>> No.28754291

>go and bother Melanie
When was the last time we spoke with her

>> No.28754292

>>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754297

>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754301

>>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754303

>go and bother Sylvie
Maybe we can get some more spell advice, since our last attempt at doing it by ourselves was objectively wrong. Also, who's Melanie again? Is she one that dragon chick?

>> No.28754308

"I am sorry" she says. You feel a sharp pain in your throat, you want to shout "WHAT?" but only thing you hear is gurgling sounds. Your vision begans to blur, last thing you see is Lucianna with tears in her eyes, last thing you see before everything goes black.

>> No.28754310

>go and bother Melanie
We haven't talked to her since we got here. Everyone else got time with Reinhold on this trip.

>> No.28754311

>>go and bother Sylvie
we pissed nico off last night there is no need to bring up bad memories so mage we go.

>> No.28754317 [SPOILER] 

>go and bother Melanie

We shouldn't ignore the meido, its bad luck.

>> No.28754321

>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754325

Bother Nicolette. She seemed angry last time we spoke to her

>> No.28754328


>> No.28754329

>>go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754330

That's his canon appearance, in the old days.

>> No.28754335

>>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754336

>>go and bother Sylvie
Well it only makes sense since we talked to the princess.

>> No.28754338

>go and bother Melanie
We were with Nico all yesterday and spent time with Sylvie the night before. Melanie needs some time.

>> No.28754347

pgq popularity poll when

>> No.28754350

Go bother Nicol

>> No.28754354

>>go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754359

>>go and bother Sylvie
We need to fix up clay spread.

>> No.28754360

My vote before bed goes to the maid.

She does honestly need some more 'screentime' and Reinhold is not one to ignore friends(usually).

>> No.28754362

Melanie. C'mon guys, stop ignoring a friend.

>> No.28754366

Go bother the nearest Ara Ara

>> No.28754370

Dear drawfag-anon,

Sorry for editing your work.
Take it as constructive criticism.


>> No.28754372

>a princess dus nau' chor'ul!

i don't actually know how to type in a Scottish accent

>> No.28754374

yeah, kinda forgot about her- she's not really a main character anymore it seems

>> No.28754380

>go and bother Melanie
Lets see whats meido is up to. Fish her about Niklaus, i wonder şf she knows.

>> No.28754382


>> No.28754387

>Go bother Percy Jackson

>> No.28754393

>>go and bother Sylvie
>>go and bother Nicolette
they are best friends so they should be together if not go for sylvie.

>> No.28754394

Go back to the room and fap, to prepare ourselves for the dance.

Alternately, Melanie.

>> No.28754396

Like four threads ago. I think Marie won

>> No.28754399

Rolled 4, 4, 2 = 10

Already happened. Go check archives for links if they're still working.

>> No.28754400

archelon I want this to be a bad end in the VN if we offend Marianne and Luciana enough times.

>> No.28754402

bother Nicolette

>> No.28754405

>>go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754406

>>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754418

>>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754425

The fuck is this then?

>> No.28754428

>>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754429

>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754431

go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754436

>>go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754438

what's going on here

>> No.28754440

>Go and bother my favorite girl

>> No.28754442

>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754452

Rolled 4, 1, 3 = 8

>go and bother Sylvie
do magic and stuff

>> No.28754458

>go and bother Nicolette

time to check up on our bro

>> No.28754464

>go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754471


>>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754474

>go and bother Melanie
Meido time.

>> No.28754475


>> No.28754488

>go and bother Nicolette

>> No.28754491

time for mage fun.

>> No.28754492

>>go and bother Melanie

Meido pls

>> No.28754506

On an unrelated note, I finally got around to downloading Ren'Py.


>> No.28754508

>>go and bother Sylvie

>> No.28754510

>go and bother Nicolette

Let's tell Nicolette about secret assassins

>> No.28754516

Rolled 4, 2, 6 = 12

I don't understand how you people can have a favorite. They're all awesome. Except that one.

>> No.28754525

There's still too much width under her left arm, makes her bust look deformed, that and it seems to be set a bit low.

I can't remember how well endowed she is, but I seem to recall them as being lesser.

That's the second time, I think captcha really does have a lisp.

>> No.28754527

>go and bother Melanie

>> No.28754543

Okay forget waifuing for a moment, time for guarding

>go and bother KAREL

Time for a situation report on what they found last night.

>> No.28754544

Did we do it

Did we get meido presence?

>> No.28754559


Remember when she did that thing? She's obviously best one.

>> No.28754563

We could show Sylvie we can learn magic without her.

I wonder if you guys where in a certain Freighter Quest not long ago

>> No.28754566

Nah, we'll be back to forgetting her name in t- 1 thread

>> No.28754567


>> No.28754568

We don't know in-character that they even went to do anything.

>> No.28754576

But she just kicked us out because she's going to take a nap...

>> No.28754578 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28754582

Who cares about moving furniture?

>> No.28754589



>> No.28754590

I know, anon. I know. That edited version is but a guide for the real drawfag.

>> No.28754602

It probably meant "ourʃelves".

You don't think ʃ is an f, do you?

>> No.28754615

So who exactly is meido?

>> No.28754618

Fuck off with your dead letters.

>> No.28754620

I'm sorry, it's just that the armpit boob really bothered me.

>> No.28754624

VN when?

>> No.28754633

Furniture has feelings too you know!

>> No.28754634

We could look for tokowhatEverHisNameIs.

>> No.28754657

Last time I checked, [i don't have that character] wasn't made with [technical term for the cross on fs and ts]s on them.

>> No.28754658

Nah man, I wasn't offended. If anything, I'm hoping my shitty edit and your comments will make the final product even better.

>> No.28754664

Rolled 24, 52 = 76


>> No.28754683

ʃuck my dick

>> No.28754686

Final destination voting?

>> No.28754687

Couldn't be a pal and number them?

>> No.28754703

>Furniture has feelings too you know!
i loved that movie

>> No.28754709

i think i might have missed 1-3.
Also there is around 15-18 per girl.

>> No.28754711

By my math:

Sylvie: 16
Nico: 17
Melanie: 15


>> No.28754714

Slyvie 16
Nico 17
Meido 15

>> No.28754738

...yeah, why not.
Reply to THIS POST with the number of your post and nothing else. Anything else will be ignored.

1: Nicolette
2: Melanie
3: Sylvie

Time limit is five minutes.

>> No.28754745

i'm up for final destination voting since they are so close.

>> No.28754747


>> No.28754750


>> No.28754753


>> No.28754755

All meido votes you missedL

>> No.28754758


>> No.28754760


>> No.28754761


>> No.28754763



>> No.28754765

3: Sylvie

>> No.28754769


>> No.28754770


>> No.28754775

While Brave Little Toaster is indeed a great movie, that totally wasn't what I was referencing.

>> No.28754776


>> No.28754777


>> No.28754784

Number of my post? um 28754303?

>> No.28754786


>> No.28754787


>> No.28754793


>> No.28754794


>> No.28754795


>> No.28754796


>> No.28754800


>> No.28754801


>> No.28754802


>> No.28754805


>> No.28754806


>> No.28754807


>> No.28754808


>> No.28754811


>> No.28754812


>> No.28754816


>> No.28754817


>> No.28754819

2 maid

>> No.28754820


>> No.28754821


>> No.28754823


>> No.28754824

I'm impressed that theres always a few people who manage to bugger this up every time.

>> No.28754828


>> No.28754830


>> No.28754831

Just for future reference, guys, these won't count; you're supposed to do just the link to the post and the number to prevent samefagging.

Not that it helps much with that.

>> No.28754832

3: Sylvie

>> No.28754836


>> No.28754837

Rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8


>> No.28754838


>counting the votes now...

>> No.28754842


>> No.28754848


>> No.28754849


>> No.28754850

>Every single time

>> No.28754859

I realized that right immediately after posting

>> No.28754862


>> No.28754875


>> No.28754878


>> No.28754880


>> No.28754884


>> No.28754890

Lewd Mage=12

>> No.28754893

Dang, forgot to remove dice. And I just finished freighter quest to boot.

>> No.28754894

Voting is OVER

>> No.28754896

damn i missed the voting.

>> No.28754903



One of the few chances to see Melon and this...

>> No.28754911

One of those mage votes doesn't count

>> No.28754912


>1 vote

>> No.28754913

We didn't come in last! That counts for something, right guys? It hurts to live.

>> No.28754914

And this shit, right here, is why sudden death votes suck.
Although they determine whose fans are faster and more organised, I guess.

>> No.28754919

>2: Melanie

>> No.28754929

This one doesn't count


>> No.28754932

> archelon is getting RenPy

>> No.28754933

11:11 TIE!

>> No.28754935

This, one of them has an extra line break. Coin flip time baby!

>> No.28754939







>> No.28754942

Fuck this
I'm out. I'm never going to be happy in this quest

>> No.28754945


This doesn't count. 11 vs 11 for mage and maid.

>> No.28754947

they also help stop the samefagging war from before since the votes before are almsot doubled for each girl.

>> No.28754948


>> No.28754952


>> No.28754958

Not for my vote

>> No.28754959





>> No.28754963

looks like he needs to roll a 1d2

>> No.28754968

No shit, Sherlok, there are less votes. Maybe that's because some people aren't fast enough to vote in 5 minutes and some other people mess up their formatting, hm?

>> No.28754971

Dude, we saw Nico YESTERDAY and spent like, a ton of time with her. No need fo' mo' Nico at this impass.

>> No.28754974


>> No.28754975


hope intensifies

>> No.28754978


>> No.28754983

Personally, I was jerking off. Come back and see if there are any new posts and I see that, I vote immediately but find out i'm already too late

>> No.28754985

o shit that could work

>> No.28754986

Oh don't be so dramatic anon. I voted for based Nico too, but this certainly isn't the end of the world.

>> No.28754989

Well, this makes sense I guess.
But seriously, the whole line break thing is kind of pulling at straws.

>> No.28754993

..........................................................holy shit, guys.

Same rules as before, reply to THIS POST with the number of your vote ONRY.

>1: Sylvie
>2: Melanie

Five minutes to vote.

>> No.28754996

We will probably see them both. THEY ARE SHARING A ROOM!!!

>> No.28754998

I say we just go with this.

>> No.28755002


>> No.28755003


>> No.28755004


>> No.28755006


>> No.28755007


>> No.28755009


>> No.28755010

I know, anon. But still, it's pretty obvious that these threads are just going to be a giant Sylvie-princess war, which just aint fun

>> No.28755011


>> No.28755013


>> No.28755015


>> No.28755016


>> No.28755017


>> No.28755018


>> No.28755019


>> No.28755020


>> No.28755024



>> No.28755025


>> No.28755026


>> No.28755029


>> No.28755030



>> No.28755031

How about we just do >>28754959

>> No.28755034


>> No.28755036


>> No.28755037


>> No.28755038

I'm going to assume this one is me. I voted for nico, but failing her, poor Melon needs some attention too

>> No.28755039


>> No.28755040


>> No.28755041


>> No.28755042


>> No.28755044


>> No.28755045


>> No.28755046


>> No.28755052

1 Sylvie

>> No.28755053


>> No.28755054


>> No.28755055

where is the Nico vote?


>> No.28755057


>> No.28755059


>> No.28755061


>> No.28755063


>> No.28755064

Melanie is meido

>> No.28755066


>> No.28755067


>> No.28755069


>> No.28755073


>> No.28755074


>> No.28755076


>> No.28755078


>> No.28755082

thought I missed the FD vote. made it for the second one, somehow.

>> No.28755084


>> No.28755087

We all know she doesn't stand a chance in the long run either, which is a shame as she's my second favorite too

>> No.28755088


>> No.28755089


or both since room share

>> No.28755091

where the fuck is the nico vote?

>> No.28755093


>> No.28755094


>> No.28755096

Nico was eliminated in round 1. Keep up pleb

>> No.28755102

Unless Arch has some reason that THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (which he may very well have, we don't know what he's got in mind here), I'd be fine with the happy "coincidence" of us bumping in to both of them at their room. And I say this as someone who voted for Melon even though it looks like she's winning.

>> No.28755103


>> No.28755104


>tabulating, then finally writing

>> No.28755106


It lost in Rebel Two.

>> No.28755107


>> No.28755112


>> No.28755116


>> No.28755118


>> No.28755130


>> No.28755131


>> No.28755132


>> No.28755133

and yet this is a revote, so I'm forced to vote for the ones I don't want

yeah fuck that

>> No.28755137

I'd be fine with it too. But god would I like some alone time with Melanie instead of her just being the tag along friend like always.

>> No.28755139



>> No.28755142

Just vote for the least of the two evils.

You know who I mean

>> No.28755144


>> No.28755145



Now the question remains, which of the two moe characters plays Noel?

>> No.28755148


>> No.28755149

It's a run-off, not a revote, you idiot.

>> No.28755159


Going for Melon is a flagrant violation of the bro code. We already know Crazy Mage has a crush on her.

>> No.28755162

right, then I'm glad my lack of a vote didn't count to either faction

>> No.28755164

14: 1

2: 28


>> No.28755170

maid won with 27 votes
mage has 13 or close to that.

>> No.28755172


>actually winning


>> No.28755176


>> No.28755178


Holy shit. Not calling samefag, but holy shit did the Sylviefags get wiped out.

>> No.28755179

Well, I mean from a technical point of view not voting or voting for a third party is basically just a vote for the winner.

>> No.28755180

She's always been my second, I'd have gone with her despite whoever else was up.

>> No.28755182

>2: 28

>> No.28755183

And then everyone will forget about her again come tomorrow.

>> No.28755184



>> No.28755185

I don't want to fug her dammit, I just want to be friends with meido but she's too busy being a model silent servant and we never pay attention to her!

>> No.28755188

It was finally seen.

>> No.28755189

Tomorrows tomorrow but today...TODAY WE DINE WITH MEIDO

>> No.28755191

Hell yeah motherfucker.

>> No.28755192


>> No.28755193


Those don't count. Not that it matters, but yeah. Get ur shit right.

>> No.28755194 [DELETED] 

Literally everyone who voted nico went maid. haters gonna hate.

>> No.28755199 [DELETED] 

Nicofags confirmed for alright guys

>> No.28755200

Fuck, my bad. Kind of got confused looking at so many identical post. These two don't count.
I mean, not that it matters...

>> No.28755207

Arch. Do your damn best with this because this may be your one chance to keep her seen.

>> No.28755208 [DELETED] 

well here is hoping we can still meet mage.

>> No.28755209 [DELETED] 

If Nico can't win, fuck over Sylvie and vote for the girl who's name I still don't remember.

>> No.28755210 [DELETED] 

nothing will sour meido time

>> No.28755214 [DELETED] 

slyvie a shit

>> No.28755226

I'm guessing that this means that we have a plurality of Sylviefags, but a majority of anti-Sylviefags, since meido never gets this much attention. Perhaps we also have people who don't give a fuck and want some variety. NAAAAAAAH

>> No.28755228

you know we are hooking her up with mage bro right?
nico and sylvie fags were usually friendly since their girls were best friend, hell mage said she would step down if nico went after Reinhold.

>> No.28755230 [DELETED] 

Your opinions are wrong.

>> No.28755237 [DELETED] 

Did you even read the last two threads? Did you learn nothing? Stop the hate.

>> No.28755241 [DELETED] 

please stop trying to start shit we just got over this and agreed to be civil.

>> No.28755242 [DELETED] 

Guys, you're doing it again, stop doing it.

>> No.28755243

All of the above!

>> No.28755244

This vote didn't really effect me in the slightest, so I just voted meido because we've already seen Sylvie this trip. Marianne still best girl

>> No.28755248


>> No.28755251 [DELETED] 

History repeats itself, like an endless waltz.

>> No.28755252

I don't give a fuck about waifuing her. I just want her to have some damn screentime in the story. She's a friend, I don't want her ignored becuase people keep shooting for their waifus.

>> No.28755255 [DELETED] 

>nico and sylvie fags were usually friendly since their girls were best friend

>> No.28755262 [DELETED] 

Meido will be more fun then sylvie
Luci Stronk

>> No.28755263 [DELETED] 


Only Gundams can save us now.

>> No.28755267

I always vote to ignore meido because she's boring every time she wasn't ignored.

Her interlude was only interesting because it had Elena and her bodyguard.

>> No.28755268

>meido never gets this much attention
that's exactly why i voted for her

>> No.28755273

Archelon how does an Elemental compare to a Dragon, powerlevel wise?

>> No.28755282 [DELETED] 

You are fucking idiots. We haven't spend time with Mel for awhile so we just want to spend some time with her.

>> No.28755292


They're more powerful than the vast majority of dragons, but the oldest dragons, thousand year plus, outmatch elementals.

>> No.28755293

She's less boring then Sylvie. Also, she's always just a tag along. We've never one-on-oned with her.

>> No.28755294 [DELETED] 

Don't fucking respond to them

>> No.28755303

Big fire elemental guy from the book was estimated at around an 800-year dragon at his height. So they seem to be a little weaker than dragons, but they have a longer lifespan.

>> No.28755304 [DELETED] 



>> No.28755305 [DELETED] 

>She's less boring then Sylvie
Explain how either girl is boring.

>> No.28755310 [DELETED] 


>> No.28755312 [DELETED] 

It used to be so nice in this thread, too.

>> No.28755317 [DELETED] 

Why is it always the topic of Sylvie that does this?

>> No.28755325 [DELETED] 

i don't see why he thinks a mage is boring as a character.

>> No.28755327 [DELETED] 

Please stop this before it gets out of hand.

>> No.28755332 [DELETED] 

Please don't try to explain anything.

>> No.28755338 [DELETED] 

Just stop, before this gets any worse.

>> No.28755339 [DELETED] 

Cause she isnt also a loli

>> No.28755340 [DELETED] 


Stop. Please.

>> No.28755345

The best ship is friendship.

>> No.28755351 [DELETED] 

She's the Yukiko of PGQ

I wouldn't dislike her if she wasn't forced down my throat for 20+ threads in a row

>> No.28755356

I like you.

>> No.28755357

I don't know what that's from, but white one best. The rest can go.

>> No.28755359


>> No.28755360 [DELETED] 

S t o p

>> No.28755361

Personally, I give no fucks about waifus since there's no femdom-waifu option

>> No.28755366


>> No.28755370

So how do we convince Luci to convince her dad for Elena to be sent to Granache, for education of course. So that she can be our little sister

>> No.28755374

Luci used to be that waifu anon
and still could be in time

>> No.28755378

Today's thread has been fun so far, so please calm down before things go south.

>> No.28755387


>> No.28755388

best ship is clearly the lunar whale, it can fly through space and has a fat chocobo

>> No.28755396


How the hell did you think that abomination would calm anyone down? Unless you want to direct our rage towards something else, then it is a good plan.

>> No.28755399

Archelon pretty much said "NO" about it.

Seriously though archelon

Why no femdom waifu? There's glasses mage waifu, glasses meido waifu, princess waifu and dragongirl waifu even.

>> No.28755406

But I'm upset, Archelon!

>> No.28755411

We can't, however we could talk to Marie about it and convince her to convince him.
That said, no way he's going to send his last bargaining chip off to the kingdom of adventurers and cool people.

>> No.28755412

Please don't get my hopes up that would be too awesome.

I'm not sure my conscience would allow me as a player to knowingly steal Karel's new little sister though, (s)he's a bro and stuck here with Emilio.

>> No.28755416


>> No.28755419

>Waiting for updates

>> No.28755421

Whats wrong with Terriermon?

>> No.28755426


>> No.28755427

Because, in-character, that would be the one girl Reinhold would never, ever go with because of his past trauma.

>> No.28755431


We likely have yet to meet her. For all we know it could be Spinelle.

>> No.28755432

Oh hey what's with that imageHHRRRRRRKKKKK

>> No.28755445

Guys, what if Guts (Pre-Eclipse, maybe only just after joining the Band) replaced Reinhold in the beginning?

>> No.28755457

What if the femdom waifu is the fluffy tails?

Ara ara, you want to what with my tail? How pathetic~

>> No.28755458

There'd be a lot more rape?

>> No.28755460

Our sword would be bigger

>> No.28755461

Archelon couldn't give us the suffering needed for the rage.

>> No.28755464


>> No.28755468

So would Reinhold take Guts' place?

>> No.28755469

I feel relaxed already.

>> No.28755477


>> No.28755490

Mel would be raped and killed first day. Nico would be slaughtered along with her family and Gregory would be rampaging around. Syl would be troubled psycho mage. Marie would be raped on a daily basis by her dad while Reinhold is on duty in front of the door to make sure noone disturbs them. Reinhold would kill the king after a few weeks, Marie would thank him and commit suicide with tears in her eyes. Reinhold would be held responsible for murders of king and princess and would be on the run.

>> No.28755491

I think seeing Reinhold after surviving Berserk would be at least as interesting as seeing Guts in Reinhold's shoes.

>> No.28755494

lawdy that would be something

>> No.28755501

stop pls I can't handle it.

>> No.28755506



>> No.28755509

why are you posting that horrible thing?

>> No.28755512

He would hate being touched, be a lot more gloomy, and try to choke the first woman he fucks before breaking down and reveal his past.

>> No.28755519

Guts appearing in PGQworld doesn't mean it automatically goes to hell

>> No.28755528

So, pretty much the same? Seems legit.

>> No.28755535

like i said archelon doesn't have the heart to make the player suffer.yet

>> No.28755547

He seemed to enjoy our suffering post nat 1 dancing... Soon, the Reign of Blood begins

>> No.28755548

You think that's going to hell? That's just a side story with some fun moments.

>> No.28755549

I have a fetish for making things dirty

>> No.28755550

no, but seeing griffon does.

>> No.28755551

That sneak-thief we caught during our first trip to town with Marie because he was making sudden movements in her general vicinity?

Bisected. Slice, bam, entrails everywhere.

>> No.28755563


To be honest, the nat 1 was maybe the best thing in the quest. While more nat 1s would be bad, the whole thread and the three threads afterwards were amazing and my favorites thus far.

It has an 81 on suptg too.

>> No.28755569

What to do now... it's only 8:30, so you have plenty of time to waste before you need to head back to your room. While you could go and bother Sylvie, you remember that you actually haven't seen much of Melanie since you got here.

Yeah, that's an idea.

As you head down the hall to the suite that Melanie and Sylvie are sharing, you see... Melanie approaching?

"Ah... good morning Mr. Reinhold," Melanie says with a deep bow. "If you wanted to see Miss Sylvie about something, she's actually in the library..."

>greet the meido!

>> No.28755572

I agree, we need to face more adversity like that.

>> No.28755580

no, in my opinion he should have gone all the way and actually have our rank lowered, but all he did was give the players a slap on the wrist. which caused a few to beg for more nat 1s after that incedent.

>> No.28755582

>Thank you, I"ll be on my way then

>> No.28755585

But The Reign of Blood is a good thing, right?

>> No.28755589

"I was looking for you, actually. Have a good trip so far?"

>> No.28755590

"Actually, I was hoping you and I could hang out. I haven't really seen you since we got here."

>> No.28755596

"I realized i haven't spend any time with my favorite maid friend since we came here. How are you?"

>> No.28755597

I'll go to the library immediately then, thank you.

>> No.28755598

No actually
I wanted you

>> No.28755599

"i was actually coming to see you."

>> No.28755600

"I love you"

>> No.28755602

I'm saving my other ones for a rainy day.

>> No.28755606

"Ah, no, I haven't seen much of you since we got here, so I was wondering how you have been getting along."

>> No.28755609



We should ask how her trip has been and what's she has been doing besides being a meido.

>> No.28755610

"I was actually looking for you. I don't think I've seen you since we got here. Want to do something before the party?"

>> No.28755612

go with this

>> No.28755613


>> No.28755616

"You've swept your way into my heart and wiped away the fear of closeness."

>> No.28755617

Pin her to the wall and whisper in her ear a greeting of your choice.

>> No.28755619


yeah, this sounds good. she'll probably get emberassed instead of realizing she is our ONLY maid friend but lets go with this.

>> No.28755621

treads is autosaging

>> No.28755623


>> No.28755625


>> No.28755627

archelon will soon relent.

>> No.28755628

nah you'll do
Just looking for a quick on in the fanny innit

>> No.28755629


>> No.28755630

Something along these lines, yeah.

>> No.28755633

Might as well.

>> No.28755635

>greet the meido!


>> No.28755636


>> No.28755638

didn't we score a nat 20 immediately after that nat 1 though

also this

>> No.28755639

Really? We haven't realized. Thanks for letting us know anon. You are a real lifesaver!

>> No.28755640

Dese niggas have the right idea.

>> No.28755646

"Roses are red, violets are blue, meidos my favorite, I came for you

>> No.28755647

"You're my friend too. Yeah. Heh. Hi."

>> No.28755652

this works
vetoing this one since we agreed not to go after her since crazy mage likes her.

>> No.28755653

I'd go gay for bishi Sauron.

>> No.28755654

"I the two of you aren't busy, maybe I could join you?"

>> No.28755656

And then another nat 1.

>> No.28755661

Ha ha it's funny because she cleans up messes as an occupation.

>> No.28755662 [DELETED] 

>I cum for you

>> No.28755664

did we?

>> No.28755670

She doesn't like him. Don't decide things for her.

Also, it's a damn joke not a romantic confession.

>> No.28755673

For how hard we cried.

>> No.28755674

>Calling her a friend is going after her
>Not realizing she is our only maid frined.
Waifuing has taken over all of your brain functions anon.

>> No.28755680


>> No.28755681

For the intensity of crying, yes.

>> No.28755687

We rolled both a nat 20 and nat 1 for that.

>> No.28755688

ah ok yeah i forgot that was a real roll.
I wonder what would have happened if the water works didn't come.

>> No.28755701

Rolled 10, 15 = 25

So rolling for crying and how hard.

>> No.28755709

Oh yeah that's right, it wasn't just a crit it was some kind of hyper-charged critstorm.

>> No.28755711

mmmmm delicious femron

>> No.28755718

>I didnt want to see Sylvie, I wanted to see you
>Sylvie overhears it
>We've been avoiding her since the confession

>> No.28755722


>> No.28755730

How would Sylvie overhear Reinhold from the library

>> No.28755734

If she was coming back.

>> No.28755738

Rolled 9, 18 = 27

So who are we seeing after maid?
Should we ask maid if she minds if we ask her to dance later?

>> No.28755742

I have some bad news, Anon...

>> No.28755744

She bugged everyone so she can eavesdrop whenever Reinhold gets mentioned.

>> No.28755748


Please, guys?

>> No.28755755

why do i have a feeling that sylvie sisters are like this character.

>> No.28755763

We dance with all the girls that want to, anon.

It would probably be a good idea to ask her though. She's just a commoner and the nobles here are jerks so she may not get anyone to dance with.

>> No.28755768

Wizard ears.

I'm not sure if meidos are allowed to dance at the fancypants party.

>> No.28755773

Her left hair is a mop. Why.

>> No.28755785

I'd like to get to know our brother-in-law.

>> No.28755797

True, she would probably say yes then.

>> No.28755807

Marcus. Citrine's husband. Who we have barely talked to beyond an introduction.

>> No.28755810

Citrine's husband (whose name I forget).

>> No.28755816

I figured he was hanging out with the king.

>> No.28755819



>> No.28755826

Marcel is Monique's brother who's here with Matthias.

Marcus hooked up with Citrine.

>> No.28755831

I thought he would be trying to set up his piece of art right now.

>> No.28755837

For a moment, my mind though we were talking about the monkey from Friends.

>> No.28755840

Hey guys. You know who we should meet up with next?

The Kings or Gregory

>> No.28755842

He was busy yesterday with that. We should see if he has free-time along with Citrine since we don't know how much time we'll get to talk at the party.

>> No.28755849

One does not just pop in on the King.

>> No.28755850

I think that's what he was doing yesterday. Since him and Citrine were busy all that day.

>> No.28755857

the thing you complain about from seikon no qwaser is the hair?

>I'm not sure if meidos are allowed to dance at the fancypants party.
if they're asked i think it's okay, though people may look down on someone willing to dance with a lowly maid we don't give a shit

>> No.28755861

Yes. We're next.

>> No.28755869

>if they're asked i think it's okay
Ah, that makes sense.

>> No.28755878

No. Not really. Medios do meido things during parties. If we want, we can pull her outside into the garden where no one else is and dance with her while music is playing in the background, but that is a SERIOUS flag.

>> No.28755883 [DELETED] 

lets ask anyway.

>> No.28755887

She isn't here as a maid. She's here as a guest.

>> No.28755888

>SERIOUS flag.
if that gets though, then the other girls better have a similar situation.

>> No.28755894

She will not be a maid during the party. She will not be on duty. She can dance, eat or pretty much do anything she wants as long as she doesnt cause any problems for anyone.

>> No.28755900

She's here off-duty though.

>> No.28755901

>that is a SERIOUS flag.
who cares? i'm not in favor of the maid winning but it seems the nice thing to do and completely in character. we don't give a shit about rank and she's nicer than 90% of everyone else at the party, and we can't let all our dancing lessons go to waste

>> No.28755902

Well, in that case, dance away.

>> No.28755905


Actually, that would be wrong.

Shes here as the personal maid of a guest.

>> No.28755906



>> No.28755910

We can dance with her in the ball room, there is no need to take her out to garden for dancing.

>> No.28755911

She is off-duty.

>> No.28755916

>Caring about flags
We'll do it because we're a nice guy, not because flags.

>> No.28755917

this is pretty common since thread 60,

>> No.28755926

Yeah but this thread wasn't almost entirely shitposting

>> No.28755935

We are here as the personal bodyguard of a guest. That doesnt mean we are not a guest. It doesnt mean we cant dance in the ballroom. Its the same with her.

>> No.28755942

no this time it's like half voting

>> No.28755951

This, we're supposed to be watching out for Marianne anyway, especially after last night. Cakes and plot armour are making us grow increasingly complacent.

>> No.28755957


There is a difference, we are here in a dual role, as the bodyguard of Marianne and the friend of Lucianna. That means the friend invitation takes precedence for this event. Should we be escorting Marianne to another event where we are not known, things would likely be different.

Also imagine what a stink the nobles would make at a maid dancing with them. Even at that, I'd want to spare her such troublesome individuals.

>> No.28755959

My personal stance is that if Marie is dancing, we keep an eye on her. If she's not, we can dance with someone or even her.

>> No.28755971


And if her "friends" don't dance?

>> No.28755980

"Actually, I was hoping that you and I could hang out," you reply. I haven't really seen much of you since we got here."
"...huh?" Melanie stares at you. "You wanted to hang out with... me?"
"That was the plan, but I can understand if you're too busy or something..." you shrug.
"N- no, I actually just got done with helping Miss Nicolette with her hair, and the only other thing I need to do before the party begins is make sure that everything is fine with the dress that I'll be wearing there..." she says, fidgeting. "But, umm... if you want, you can come in while I get things ready?"
"Fine with me," you reply.

Still a bit nervous, Melanie opens the door to the suite that she's sharing with Sylvie and steps aside to let you in before following behind you.

You see that there are a few books lying on the couch of the living room area of this suite, and the table is covered with... brushes and combs?

"Ah- sorry about the mess!" Melanie says, blushing. "Miss Nicolette's hair is so long, and I was trying to figure out the right brush to use in order to get her hair right since she actually doesn't have it in a ponytail today..."

>ask her about something?

>> No.28755983

marrianne is going to end up going off with her father, giving us free time to dance

>> No.28755991

If she don't dance then she ain't no friend of mine.

>> No.28755993


You all known Rein wants it

>> No.28755996

"So what dress are you wearing to the party?"

>> No.28756005

Ask about dancing with her at the party.

>> No.28756008


"Do Dragons/Lamas require combing?"

I don't remember what her parents have.

>> No.28756010

Offer to help her with her hair.

>> No.28756014

these two work since we really don't have anything to talk about and she seems like she will need to change soon.

>> No.28756019

Nah, we wait for the dance to pop it on her. Then we get flustered meido, which is best meido.

>> No.28756021

so just what does that dress of yours look like?

somehow work in a dance request since she's nicer then all the stuck up nobles there

>> No.28756026

"What do you do when you're not being boring?"

>> No.28756027

Chuckle, say something along the lines of "So helpful, even to people who aren't your employers."

Lead into conversation about her

I may be a nicofag, but I'm a team player, goddamnit

>> No.28756028

Seconding. Maybe ask a bit about her.

>> No.28756034


Yeah, going with this along with asking more about her.

>> No.28756042

this works with me

>> No.28756046

These. Talk a bit about her and her family along with the dance stuff.

>> No.28756052

>Talk a bit about her and her family
we already did.

>> No.28756053

Can we get a new thread soon? We're over 1000 posts and it's getting slow to load.

>> No.28756056


>> No.28756061

"If any of the nobles are bothering you at the party, know that I'm here for you."

>> No.28756065

"I can imagine how much of a pain it must have been by the mess. How've you been enjoying your holiday so far?"

>> No.28756066

are you browsing without an extension? You should really look into getting one anon

>> No.28756069

this thread still has 2 or 3 hours left and arch usually finishes around 6.

>> No.28756071 [SPOILER] 

"My hand is all sore from yesterday...perhaps you could give me a ...Hand Massage

>> No.28756073

There probably won't be a new thread until we're close to being bumped off, and we're only on page 8 right now.


>> No.28756082


No, ask her to brush Rein's hair.

>> No.28756087

No we didn't. She mentioned her parents run a monster farm once and we heard a bit about her past in the interlude.

It would be nice to know in-character how she ended up her and became Marianne's friend.

Actually, that's a good question to ask. How she and Marianne became friends. Judging by how it went for us, I can't think it was that easy of a task.

>> No.28756098

How about "I can't even remember the last time my hair had a proper brush, would you mind?"

>> No.28756099

This as an opener. Definitely.

>> No.28756101

I have an extension. It's still slow.

>> No.28756103

Would Reinhold make a convincing trap?
she was there before the incident happened and is a girl.

>> No.28756110


We should give her the brush.

>> No.28756113


>> No.28756117

oy vey. Welp. This thread is massive

>> No.28756123

We could do her hair, considering where we grew up we actually might be well acquainted with hair care and makeup.

>> No.28756125

monster rancher to royal maid would be an interesting story to hear

>> No.28756126


>> No.28756128

I agree, this was definitely a thread.

>> No.28756130


>> No.28756131

why does she make those noises anon?

>> No.28756135

This thread certainly was pretty thread.

>> No.28756136

You are the extinct giant turtle /tg/ deserves, Archelon.

>> No.28756142

Yeah well you're pretty thread too Arch.

>> No.28756147


Night arch, thanks for the thread.

>> No.28756152

I have class in the morning, so I'm going to have to call it a night here.
Today's thread was pretty fun, and I really appreciate that you guys were able to stay pretty civil.
Next thread will be tomorrow night, and thanks for playing!

>> No.28756155

rip arch post

>> No.28756158

My nigga

Night arch.

>> No.28756159

He left because he doesn't have anything to write for the boring meido.

>> No.28756164

y'all makin my ocd flare up

>> No.28756166

You're pretty thread yourself!

>> No.28756173


>> No.28756174

Who said anything about her dancing with some random noble? She wont be going around asking for dances anyways. She can dance with us, or anyone else if they ask her to dance and she wants to dance with them.

>> No.28756182

>yfw Melanie si the most awesome character of the lot, complete with picaresque backstory and hidden powers
>yfw she was the Chosen One all along

On topic: PGQ is adapted into a Disney Princess movie. Who gets to be made into the annoying comic relief character?

>> No.28756188

Yeah, today's fun was pretty thread.

>> No.28756189


Here's a helpful diagram for all you people who forget how to sleep.

>> No.28756191


She just needs to step on the dance floor and the dagger stares will begin.

Perhaps I should have said, dancing among them. At their level. As though she was a noble.

>> No.28756192

Thanks arch! Was so thread tonight.

>> No.28756201

Niklaus or Sir Vincent.

>> No.28756203


>Today's thread was pretty thread
That gave me a good laugh arch. G'night.

>> No.28756206

Instructions unclear; ran into wall.

>> No.28756209

I can't read moonrunes.

>> No.