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Due to the breaking news that Lewdanon has now made his first forays into animation, our last thread autosaged much earlier than usual. This thread's mainly for containing the inevitable overflow and any last-minute works from our writefags.

All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and whatnot if you're hesitant. I hear Lewd's just giving them out.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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Master smut list:

/a/'s Monstergirl Fic collection: http://pastebin.com/mZEhPMMW

Smut Writing Tips for Aspiring Writefags:

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Maybe get some feedback on the tips from other guys and hopefully update it too.

Don't want it to be biased and maybe have multiple points of view. From like different writefags.

Just my 2 cents.

>> No.28746743

I have been- QTG thought it was pretty good (although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing coming from them).

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That ain't no chubby Gorgon, she's barely even well fed!

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Lewdanon, my offer still stands. I'll write anything you ask for. Except for that Tau fic

>> No.28746836

Like I said, not just those guys but also from the smut threads too and other writefags. Lets leave room for expansion and multiple POV. So others with good tips can input too.

There's always room for expansion, dig me?

>> No.28746871

That was always my intention. I'm always willing to hear additional suggestions for it.

And most of those tips did come from the smut threads, by the way.

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Lewd's an Eldar man, so you don't have to worry about that.

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> wekend

>> No.28747091

Yes, I noticed that after I made the thread, but it's too late to fix it now.

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You taking requests from anyone else? If so, I'd like a sequel to "The Mistresses".

>> No.28747356

New intro to dragonxprincess. Maybe I'll even be able to get some of the smutty parts done tonight.

Don't expect anything approaching finished though.

>> No.28747408

It's going to expire in a day if you don't change that, you know.

>> No.28747452

I know.

I wasn't writing on pastebin. (except a typo I noticed in like, the third paragraph.)

>> No.28747629

But it's still going to delete itself in a day. Should I fix it for you then?

>> No.28747663

If you think the intro by itself is worth saving, I can't stop you.

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Almost done with story!

>> No.28747708

Godspeed, brother.

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master of the smut list, can we get back the recent fics section?

>> No.28747981

Okay, give me a few minutes.

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I dunno if anyone's on, but I would kill for a story of Koriel Zeth femmedomming Saint Celestine. Best combo in all history.

>> No.28748051

Added. I'll try to keep it updated from here on out.

>> No.28748088

He was just giving us a small preview, I think.

Just so you know, you CAN edit the text in the pastebin. If you didn't already know this.

>> No.28748169

Only if you register as a member. Remember when I had to make a new pastebin each time something was added to the list?

>> No.28748224

Ah, I see.

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Which story?

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Um, I don't know if you guys will like it, but I started writing something... So. Babbys first writefag;

"Hello 'Grasshopper'."
The voice behind me didn't scare me. It Effin-TERRIFIED me. I spun around quick enough give me whiplash, and I was availed with a whole, astounding load of... Nothing.
"Quit playing games Lea. I know you've been watching me all day. I may be crazy, but my Spidey Senses aren't wonked." I growl into the air, my breaths becoming puffs of steam.
A throaty, bubbling laugh echoed around the alley, and suddenly, a beautiful woman was sitting atop a dumpster. She was wearing a long green sundress, with a white scarf, mittens, and puffy ear warmers. Fucking faeries, they never dress for the weather. Here I am, freezing my tuckus off in clothes that would make Raggedy Anne say "Oh, honey...", but she gets to flounce around in subzero temperature with nary a care.
"What do you want?" I try to give her my best Harry Dresden glare. It doesn't work. Giggling like a schoolgirl, she flops into the snow and struts her way towards me. I call it "Strutting" but really, "Prowling" is more accurate.

"My, my, my. Aren't we... Excitable today." Her sibilant whispers caress the cold from my ears, I'm sure they're about twenty bajillion shades redder. "I see that your former Master has yet to teach you the much desirable trait of "Obedience", though that was always his way. La, it happens that teaching obedience is one of my favorite parts in rearing a proper hound, and mortals are no different."
In the blink of an eye, she's behind me, scarf wrapped around my neck, and long red nails tracing my Carotid. "It seems as if our lessons are not sinking in child," I feel her stilettoed heels sink into my back, and I'm wondering just how limber Fey can be as I'm thrust into the snow. She leans over me, her designer heel stabbing into my spine, and whispers into my ear "It is high time, child, for you to learn who is the Alpha here."

>Lemme know if I should keep going.

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Yuan-Ti one.

>> No.28748539

Not bad, but a little context would be nice. I have no idea who these characters are or what is going on here.

>> No.28748600

Dresden Files, MollyxLea.

>> No.28748675

How are we supposed to know that? We can't all tell just by looking at it, and some of us (including myself) have never even heard of Dresden files.

You can't just assume that your audience reads minds. In any case, there's not enough material here to make a judgment either way, so go with your gut feeling on this one.

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Where did everyone go?

>> No.28749352

It's 3:30 am. I just got off an 8-hour stretch of revision, reformatting, and hoop-jumping.

Linvala's not gonna happen this weekend. I'm not even sure I'll wake up tomorrow, I might just sleep through till tuesday.

Next week I have off, so I'll have a chance to write.

>> No.28749378

Thought as much. Thanks for checking in at least.

>> No.28749460

I think I'll make sure mine reads fine and release it as I remember next friday.

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OK. Perhaps I was hasty in making a new thread. If I can't delete this one, feel free to just use it to shoot the shit and make lewd greentexts.

>> No.28749584

And I can't. Dammit Moot, why do you even bother having a delete button any more?

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Anyone even on the thread now? I thought it would be far more active than this, but all those scaly faggots must have made it seem bigger than it really was.

>> No.28750260

I'm just lurking. I was skimming through the Master List to see what was new. I wish I could have stuck around in the last thread for longer, things seem to have gotten pretty busy after I left.

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Doing a quick thing for Jeleva before I turn in for the night.

10,000 gild. Enough to supply yourself with food and arms for a year and a half at the very least. All for the blood of this Jeleva. You've only heard the name in hushed tones of mourning for her victims from your mates. You've killed Nephalian neckbiters before without too much of a struggle on your part. A few good potions from a amiable backdoor merchant did away with most of the illusory trickery the usual lot tries pulling over your eyes.

They failed you now. Your overconfidence is going to cost you your life. An empty suit of armor had left a weeping wound in your gut during your attempt to navigate Jeleva's labyrinthine mansion.

You're convinced it's still following you. You think you hear the clank of it's plates in the next alley way, or spy the glimmer of it's longsword in the underpass over there. Only to have it revealed to be nothing. The healing salve you applied earlier is helping you think clearer, and stemming the bleeding as well. You search for an inn to rethink your plan of attack when a aristocrat swoops out of the night sky. You feel your muscles loosen as she speaks

"Why the rush, my dear? INteresting company in this dreadful town is so rare nowadays"

You try to shake yourself back to reality with all your might. Only to have it dissolve when she lays a hand on your chest.

She's so close. Kill her. End her. Do it. Now! Kill the bitch!

But you can't. She won't let you. You don't even have the strength to unsheathe you sabre or act in defiance. She notices the stab wound from her minion.

"Oh you poor thing. Why don't we retire to mine, hmm?"

You can't refuse her offer, you drift off sleep as your feet lift off the sky.

More later, or tomorrow afternoon, if the thread is still up.

>> No.28750334

It did, but in retrospect I'm not sure if it was genuine or just one samefag with a yuan-ti fetish. Right now I'm trying to come up with greentext ideas and failing rather badly- you got some? I don't want this thread to be a total waste of time.

>> No.28750528

Well I've just broken ground on the story I said I'd start in the last thread. For those of you lore masters can you tell me if this is a decently canon Imperial thingy...
>++5am Local Time – Planet Taiga – Subsector Tundra – Calixis Sector – 514.M41++

>> No.28750606

Oh, wait, I just remembered one.

>"Macha? What the fuck are you doing in Commorragh?"
>"What does it look like I'm doing? If there's anywhere I could get laid, it has to be here. But nobody seems to be interested in me, even with that spare wychsuit you let me borrow."
>"I don't think you understand how things work here. First off, we don't bother with willing victims, let alone ones who literally yell "Fuck me!" to passerby. Second, if Vect finds you here you're good as dead. You haven't tried using any psychic powers to make yourself more attractive, right?"
>"By the Dark Muses, you're dense. C'mon,let's get a drink."

And I can't think of anything more to add there. Welp, I tried.
Seems good to me.

>> No.28750664

Working on another /ss/ pic, Deldar and Whiteshield this time

You guys don't mind if I post here for practice do you? I know my work ain't exactly high quality

>> No.28750685

Course not- go right ahead!

>> No.28750704


Gotta get feedback somehow, right? It's more than most writefags get

>> No.28750766

All contributions are welcome, I'm sure.

BTW, what does /ss/ mean? I keep seeing it but can't find any board called /ss/. Google just links me to the Schutzstaffel.

>> No.28750783


Straight shota.

>> No.28750807

Oh. Thanks. It all makes sense now.

>> No.28750809

Straight Shota- heterosexual material where the male partner is much younger than the female one. It's an old favorite across all 4chan, so it's basically a guaranteed audience.

>> No.28750825

What would I have to do to get someone to write a smutfic set in Lenore?

>> No.28750834

>Google just links me to the Schutzstaffel.

I see Google is on our side now

>> No.28750929

What, the quest wannabe? You'll have to write it yourself if that's the case, since most writefags here work better with established canons like 40k, MtG, and DnD.

>> No.28750959

I was afraid of that. It'll just have to go unwritten then.

>> No.28750996

Unfortunate, but it can't be helped. Why not take a crack at it yourself? That guide we got made should help you with it.

>> No.28751030

I'm not particularly good at writing and I've been a bit to preoccupied to write lately anyway.

>> No.28751086

What story was that? Also, that imperial thingy looks fine to me.

>> No.28751092

If you have any other requests within the more popular canons you can just ask. It helps if you have a good, simple idea to spark the author's imagination. That way they don't have to spend time brainstorming the plot and can down to the business of writing.

>> No.28751123

Nah I'm good. I'll just enjoy the ones that are already being written.

>> No.28751145

The progena who is recruited into the inquisition and then goes a journey across the stars hunting Eldar. I don't know how much of it will be smut but I'll try add at least one scene per chapter. Very early days over here.

>> No.28751166

Oh yeah, that one. Always nice to see more of the space elves.

>> No.28751323

Looks good. Keep it up.

>> No.28751791

Hello, /tg/!
I'm not very well-cultured, but I have been lurking around. I really want to get into writing, but I'm having a hard time finding someone to criticize my work.
A lot of the stuff I write about is about monstergirls, and not all of it is smutty, but I figured that this was the best place to look for help.
Here is a pastebin of a bunch of short stories I wrote. Most of these are from Choose-your-own-adventures, and I've labeled them. These are more likely to have nonsensical plots.
The most recent paste should have my E-mail address. Your opinions are much appreciated.

>> No.28751871

Yananon! Your reputation precedes you- welcome aboard.

I've read a bunch of your stuff, and I gotta say you do an impressive job with it. I'll have to read it more closely for a proper criticism, though. If this thread is still up by the time I wake up, I'll post my thoughts here. Otherwise, I'll do so next thread.

>> No.28752052

Actually, I can do a little bit now.

Your sentences seem to be on the short side, but that can actually be a good thing, especially because of the rather frantic actions they describe. Similarly, the girls are a shining example of why getting involved with a yandere is such a terrible idea- it's rather chilling reading how far some people go in the name of love.

While I think you could concentrate a little more on the physical sensations that both parties are feeling, that's just my opinion. I don't know how many people are on right now since this isn't really our busiest time, but I'm certain you'll be able to get some more guidance if you repost your request next thread. I'll also go ahead and add your pastebin to the master list so the others can take a look at it after this thread 404s.

>> No.28752149

Do it anyway faggot!

>> No.28752173

Thank you for the advice!
I'll be sure to avoid posting so late next time. I hope I'll get the chance to hang around here more often.

>> No.28752184

You reawaken. Home. Not your currently place of residence, but your parent's house. Angels guide their souls. Two adolescents, a boy and a girl are horsing around in a field outside.

It's you, and your sister. Realization strikes you hard. Jeleva. She's playing with you, with something that your mind's buried long ago. You try to run before the ghouls come, to prevent the inevitable. Darkness slams down, and with it, the ghouls. Your mother searches for the two of you like a beggar searching for a coin. She finds a ghoul sinking it's jaws into your sister's neck. The hallucination ends with your mother plunging the pitchfork.

You assume that you've awoken truly this time, in a silken bed, a stained glass window filtering the moonlight. A warm hand brushes your forehead.

"How sad. Is that why you've chosen this line of work? A noble cause." You can almost see the sarcasm dripping off of Jeleva's words. A witty retort escapes you, a mumbled 'going to kill you' is all that escapes your lips.

Jeleva giggles in response. "Dedicated, I see. That's good." She props you up against the back of the bed and climbs on top of you. Your addled state somehow notices the warmth between her legs.

She brings her succulent lips to your neck, you shiver as she plants kisses up and down. Her breath in your ear doesn't help your current state

"I could give you so much more, you could live like I do, no more fighting, no more danger" It's quite clear what she means when she nicks an artery, a pinprick of blood forms, which she quickly licks away.

She rubs herself against you getting warmer and moister, accompanying you own growing arousal. She whispers more sweet nothings and moans into your ear, continuing to kiss your neck.

Eventually, the tether snaps. If this is what she want's then your happy to oblige her. A sudden burst of strength has you pin her to the bed, tearing at the undoubtedly expensive dress. To your delight, she's come prepared for the occasion.

>> No.28752228

We're usually most active around Saturdays and most of Sunday- this was one of the rare exceptions. I'm sure that others will be willing to chip in then.

On that note, I think I should really get to sleep now. Goodnight everybody, and stay smutty.

>> No.28752305

Just keeping thread afloat, started to slow down

>> No.28752379

Since the other thread died, here's Lewd's first animation for whoever missed it.

>> No.28752396

That file name.

I'll post the first page of my story in a few minutes. It's just a teaser to whet your appetite.

>> No.28752434

Mildly aroused.

>> No.28752435

I know of weekend smut threads and writefag wednesday. Are there any other threads that pop up for writefags during the week? I'd love to write some stuff, especially some smut.

>> No.28752461

None that I know of.

>> No.28752500

Please hurry, I can see the sun coming up in the distance, I don't have much time

My penis must die happy

>> No.28752528 [SPOILER] 

++3am Local Time – Planet Taiga – Subsector Tundra – Calixis Sector – 514.M41++
Freyja stirred as she felt someone join her in the bed. She wouldn’t have minded were it not for the cold hands that suddenly started touching her. She groaned and tried to move away, but the hands were insistent on groping her under her pyjamas. Soft lips landed kisses on her cheek and whispered in her ear.
‘Wake up’ the intruder said between kisses.
‘I don’t want to. I’m warm and you’re touching me’ Freyja mumbled back.
‘Please? I want to do… things’.
‘Then go to your own bed and do them’.
‘I want to do them with you, typerys’ the intruder pleaded.
Freyja rolled over in bed to face the newcomer but could not find the strength to open her eyes. She felt the warm breath of her friend on her face, followed softly by several more kisses on her lips. This time Freyja responded by putting an arm around her friend’s body to hold them closer.
‘You should have been here early; I couldn’t get you out of my mind’ Freyja teased as she rubbed her nose against her friend’s. Their lips occasionally brushed against each other and a kiss was irresistible to them both.
‘I wish I was. They took us out to some Emperor-forsaken camp in the forest to shout at PDF recruits’.
‘Is that why you’re so hot?’ Freyja giggled.
The sensation of her friend’s warm flesh was pulling Freyja away from her desire to sleep. She rubbed her feet and legs and against her friend’s as her hands gently tugged at her clothes. Freyja opened her eyes and saw the face of her roommate, Cecilia. Her face was a feast for the eyes. Long, elegant lines and gentle curves defined her royal visage, topped off by a pair of emerald eyes. Her short, chocolate-brown hair was strewn across her face, which Freyja was quick to correct. Freyja pressed her lips against Cecilia’s and allowed her friend to roll on top of her.

>> No.28752566

That's a shame. I would start my own kind of write thread but I wouldn't want to keep it up and set up a pastebin and stuff.

>> No.28752574

Why do I always find my spelling mistakes after I post?

Just to clarify, these are two progena.

>> No.28752606

Part of the reason why posting it on pastebin is a good idea- it can point out your spelling errors.

Speaking of which, you should make one for this as well.

>> No.28752625

You don't type in everything in Word first?

>> No.28752655

I do. The problem I noticed was I typed 'softly' instead of 'shortly'. It wasn't typed wrong so Word didn't point it out. A small mistake, but still annoying.

>> No.28752705

Penis was ready.

Heart was not.

>> No.28752783

Requesting a pic of the opening to Smut for the Smut throne. A naked Khorne chained down and gagged while Slaanesh is busy teasing him.

Something about that scene gave me a huge boner.

>> No.28752799

This development excites me.

>> No.28752818

Did I hit you in the feels or did I fail to keep you adequately excited?

>> No.28752930

It's cute, almost too cute to fap to

Almost. Anyway, enjoying it so far, keep at it mate, I need something to keep me warm in my igloo

>> No.28753004

Don't worry, it get's more smutty later on. That was just to show that these two love each other and aren't just fucking for the sake of fucking. I like emotion in my smut. I'm here to provide an alternative to the all Dark Eldar rape and anal sex.

>> No.28753040


Just teasing you. You're doin' good.

>> No.28753123

Honest question, are you a woman?

>> No.28753137

It's okay- vanilla is the best kind. (And speaking of DE, hopefully Hesperax's Pet will get another chapter or two next thread.

>> No.28753169

Loving vanilla sex is my second favorite fetish.

>> No.28753202

Would it matter if I was or wasn't?

All I know about Dark Eldar is that they like BDSM and poisons. Neither of which are really my thing but I might have a go at writing it some time.

>> No.28753220

1d4chan sums them up pretty well. Now I gotta go sleep, this time for real.

>> No.28753576

When they get bored of all this bdsm stuff they could do something really decadent like hold hands

>> No.28753616 [SPOILER] 


You sick bastard.

>> No.28753711

Surrounded by the smoke and rotten stench of battle, two Dark Eldar sat together on what was left of an Imperial tank and watched the fire burn down what what left of an orphanage. Oily black smoke blotted out the sun and settled over the remains of the ruined city. Far away the sounds of the last human bastion being overrun could be heard.

'I had fun today' said the first Dark Eldar.
'So did I' said the second. 'Humans always make the best entertainment'.

The First kissed the Second quickly on the cheek and turned away to blush. The Second didn't say anything but quietly smiled and contemplated his feet. Suddenly a thought occurred to him.

'Hey, we're going to miss all the best slaves! We better hurry' he said, hopping of the ruined tank.

'Oh yeah. We don't want to miss out on all that lovely screaming and cries for mercy' the First said.

She jumped down and took the Second by the hand. Together they walked along the cobblestone road, surrounded by corpses and ruin.

>> No.28754138

Hand in hand, the two of them skipped through the cadavers, and filled their lungs with the nauseating fumes of decay.

However, this rotting field of carnage felt strange. Both of them felt the uneasiness of being hunted, but refused to mention it to the other. Enchanted by the joy of unity, the sadistic duo kept their backs turned to a nasty surprise.

>> No.28754318


It was their Succubus leader in a catsuit.

>> No.28754433

Good answer.

>> No.28754503

"You two! How dare you engage in such lewd acts!" she howled at the giddy couple.

"Well-yousee-I-err-eh..." the two of them stuttered.

"No excuses! Such a disgusting act is unforgivable! That is, unless..."

"Yes, milady?"

"U-unless you permit me to join in."

"A-anything for you, milady!"

And so, the two best friends set off with their new companion.

>> No.28755558

So, /tg/, what is your favorite fetish?

>> No.28755571

Thanks smut thread, you motivated me to finish my shitty fapfic series.

>> No.28755581


>> No.28755618

Futas, and hand holding

>> No.28755631


>> No.28755683

Kisses with abnormal affects (Ie life drain, hypnosis, poison)

>> No.28755698

Don't ask.

>> No.28755705

Made another flyman pic for anon. Sorry about the lines, no tablet.

SFW but spoilered anyhow.

>> No.28755720


>> No.28755732

Good thing it was SFW, eh?

>> No.28755737 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28755753

Not the lovey dovey kind, real romance. With the awkwardness and humor.

>> No.28755934


>> No.28756088

God that image disgusts me so fucking much I don't even know why. Am I just such an animal that I can't imagine love for anything other than something that looks like me?

>> No.28756091


>> No.28756112

I'm a xenophile, so I can't help.

>> No.28756176

> can't into Garrus
Pretty sure you aren't human yourself.

>> No.28756214

Pregnancy, but only as the result of a loving couple (or triple, or harem, or whatever, so long as it's loving and caring)

>> No.28756259

http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/YG/59201/Scrab-love ???

>> No.28756284


/tg/ gets shit done again.

>> No.28756399


is this still in thr works? cuz im aching for more.

>> No.28756418

Ah, I remember my first time in space. So young, so full of conservative ideals and societal judgments.

Then I managed to get onto a first name basis with every human female on board the ship, and it floated every which way in zero gravity from there.

>> No.28756483

You'd prefer an Asari that you can get pregnant without even touching you just by thinking lewdly enough?
Or a human who will constantly whine to you about how you're not doing enough for the rest of humanity?

I'll stick with the spider-faced gypsy to whom we are are Greater Unclean Ones even when going through decon and have rubbed our entire bodies liberally with liquid sterilizer.

>> No.28756523

Garrus's race is ugly to me, anon, and though I would not tap that, I wish you all the best of luck in finding a way to stick your dick in it.

>> No.28756545

I think it's because of the eyes.

All the time Garrus talked in the first game, I couldn't help but think "damn, this dude's got some nice looking eyes. Almost Elijah Wood eyes".
Also why Saren looked so damn evil, his are like blue versions of T-800 eyes.

>> No.28756563

I can't say that I find Turians sexually attractive, but I think I could look past that (and my heterosexuality) for Garrus.

>> No.28756597

So we can agree that Turians are not attractive beings, but everyone is gay for Garrus?

>> No.28756602

So, I read your most recent story, and I've gotta ask, are all of your stories this depressing?
I'm not sure if I want to continue reading if they are.

>> No.28756614


Some are, yes, but there are a few with happy endings (even for a yandere setting). Again, he's here to write some new things, so make sure to be specific if/when they ask.

>> No.28756625

I find the female turian drawn here to be attractive
It just depends on how far along you've developed your xenophilia fetish, I guess.

>> No.28756695

Not really, the time I spent over on /a/ has taught me a lot about the value of a happy ending.

I don't think I've done anything more depressing than Broken.

>> No.28756704

I for one find Turians attractive.

I like the male design, and most of the fanmade female designs, though the actual female design from the game looks silly to me and I try to ignore it.

>> No.28756787

>I don't think I've done anything more depressing than Broken.
I dunno, boogeywoman is a fierce contender.

>> No.28757009

/co/mrade here, I prefer sad endings to be soul-crushing.

Go big or go happy.

>> No.28757088

I never really thought the ending to Iron Giant was that sad. I mean. For some reason, unless it's a romance story (and only when I really FEEL the main character and like him or her), I don't really feel all that down by a sad ending.

>> No.28757156

I always thought the ending to Iron Giant was kinda twee. Id have preferred it if they hadnt shown him rebuilding himself in the arctic but I guess Kids movies with balls enough to even do that are rare enough these days.

>> No.28757172

The grittiest children's movie I remember from my childhood was the one with the rabbits that killed each other.

>> No.28757186

Watership Down. That came as a surprise.

>> No.28757279

>Came to smut thread for fap
>Found Childhood feels
>Am sad instead

>> No.28757365

My memories of the movie are hazy. Beyond the image I have of rabbits covered in blood, I have no idea how a watership was involved in the story at all.

>> No.28757638

Soul-crushing? In a smut thread?
I'll have to get better at writing endings first.

>> No.28757659

Yeah. If I had to describe the way you ended your stories, I'd say that they just seem to trail off at the end. Like, there's no....closure. Or it doesn't feel like there's closure.

>> No.28757688

This thread.
I like it.

>> No.28757723

Don't we all.

>> No.28757789

Huh, were still here. I have got to atop underestimating how long it takes a thread to die here.

Usually fetish discussion turns into flamewars- I'd like to congratulate everyone on beating the odds and somehow managing to keep things civil.

>> No.28757822

Yeah, my habit of rambling has leaked into my writing, but not in the right places. I think the closest I've ever come to closure may have been Cassandra's ending.

>> No.28757877

> dat awesome pic
And I like you and your pic!
source, please

>> No.28757904

A good chunk of them are here:

Not many more I can post, though. They're not all SFW.

>> No.28757939

Thank you so much!
Its awesome.

>> No.28757953

This needs to be a thing. Someone write this into being a thing.

>> No.28757957

>rule 63 Lysander and Helbrecht

Extra heretical.

>> No.28758039

Did that halfling x half-elf lesbian fic ever get made?

>> No.28758045

Is something wrong, Vladimir-sempai?

>> No.28758062

Not yet. It'll be done when it's done. Asking about it constantly won't get it finished any faster.

>> No.28758074

He's just asking for a status update, anon. Not everyone here can lurk in all these smut threads constantly. Like me.

>> No.28758084

Oh. In that case, I have no idea. How do you manage to lurk that long? Even I have to sleep every now and then- what's your secret?

>> No.28758112

I keep a tab open. When I sleep, I off my computer. And when I return, I restore my browser and quickly read through the past conversations (because if school has taught me anything, it's how to skim through text).

>> No.28758123

Thnak you, tg.
I love you, tg.

>> No.28758130

But I already do that. Thanks anyway, though.

Let's try not to bump this too much, since most of our content creators aren't here right now and bumping it on an off-time like this just attracts shitposting.

>> No.28758132


>> No.28758145

Just wait until you get to the Tyranids and Orks.

>> No.28758150

I just pretend that part doesn't exist.

>> No.28758169

Not a fan of green musclegirls?

>> No.28758188

But it does.

>> No.28758192

>> No.28758226

Can't say if it's dumb or awesome.

>> No.28758241

Jesus, even the Spore Mines aren't safe.

>> No.28758248

It's like Pacific Rim.
It's both.

>> No.28758421

I'm just gonna go ahead and call it finished. So things I learned, use india ink for outlining, try to make the poses more dynamic, stop trying to copy legoman's style, colour theory is important.

Things I need to keep in mind, inking requires flow, get more line confidence, learn colour theory, do a better job with values (colours are too flat), try to draw the hands next time

Is there a unified place for uncensored art or do I just have to do my own thing?

>> No.28758428

imgur is your safest bet.

>> No.28758435

what >>28758428 said

if you collect them all in an imgur gallery and post the link here it'll get added to the master smut list hopefully

>> No.28758445

>Is there a unified place for uncensored art or do I just have to do my own thing?
I assume that means there's an uncensored version of this pic.

Also, for a moment, I thought their socks were open-toed. I don't know why, but I find that kind of stuff pretty hot.

>> No.28758471 [DELETED] 

Write smth about this, please.

>> No.28758498

I never asked for this.

>> No.28758502

Cool beans, I'll upload in 5

Also yeah, I'll make the change right now

>> No.28758519

Alright, hopefully I'm doing this right, uncensored pic here


>> No.28758523 [SPOILER] 

It's probably just because of the helmet, but that Eldar looks remarkably chill about things.

>> No.28758553

yeah, it works.

>> No.28758797

Oh,and it's up on the master list with the Rule 63 pics.

Good job guys, I didn't to see this much activity from you this late.

>> No.28759168

Need moar sequel. Preferably with more sucky sucky.

>> No.28759183

Working on another pic, Catachan/Commissar

Hope I put the censor bars in the right place...

Also, does anyone give their works stupid titles? I feel like a little kid again

>> No.28759223

Yes, the censor bars seem to be in order.

And I label the greentexts with ridiculous titles all the time, so don't worry about it.

>> No.28759527

Bumping with my idol

>> No.28759569

>tell the judge I was masturbating in public because Lewdanon does animations now
>instant acquittal

>> No.28759780

This actually works? I never would have guessed that we had friends in high places.

>> No.28759794 [SPOILER] 

>> No.28760001

Sure, bruv. The secret teeg handshake will usually get the coppers off your back, too. They know how to represent.

>> No.28760205

Alright, finished up with another, and in my opinion, of much better quality than the /ss/ pic


I'm terrible at drawing nipples by the way

>> No.28760306

The nipples don't look that bad. Nice work, Anon! Keep drawing and you'll get better. I'm pretty sure there are a thousand guides on drawing female (and male) anatomy online. Don't be shy to look them up and better yourself as an artist.

>> No.28760315 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


Ah, I'd say they're only a wee bit too much on the pink side. Usually the areola is about the same color as the skin surrounding it, just a shade or two darker. The nipple itself is often a bit darker still.

>> No.28760319 [DELETED] 

You might want to censor that- there's an exposed nipple there.

>> No.28760397

>over 25 boners an hour

>> No.28760443

That reminds me:

What happened to that /ss/ fic with the dark eldar and the choir boy?

>> No.28760465

I don't know- its author appears to have vanished again. We should get tracking collars for them, because that seems to happen a lot.

>> No.28760501

Any chance for blowjob /ss/ sequel to your eldar series?

maybe nurse Macha sucking the "poison" out of a lucky choir boy"

>> No.28760584

2nd this.

>> No.28760672

post them
pixiv doesn't seem to accept my 5min e-mails

>> No.28760692

Aye, I'll definitely get to this in a bit, just playing around with my settings so colours don't look so washed out next time

>> No.28760707

There's a link to it in the Master Smut List, labeled as "part 2."

4chan won't let me post it because it thinks it's spam

>> No.28760789

-my dick

>> No.28760827


captcha: release buttcocks

>> No.28761485

Hi. I fixed up Chapter 10 and (hopefully) all the grammar/spelling/etc mistakes in the rest of the story that somehow got missed. If you find one, though, fix it for the love of all that is holy.

>> No.28761510 [SPOILER] 

>> No.28761530

I'll have to look at it later. And I'll try to make threads Saturday morning from now on to avoid embarrassing overflows like this.

>> No.28761550

Butif the thread doesn't live until tomorrow morning, how can I enjoy it?

>> No.28761617

Good point.

>> No.28761619

You should wait till Friday. What a sweet languor.

>> No.28762052

I really don't like how this one came out, I really have to practice anatomy. I'll probably revisit this later.


>> No.28762126

Neat, bro. Definitely checking these out in greater detail when I get home

>> No.28762137

Could be better, but its a decent start.

>> No.28762301

How low you fell, Macha...

>> No.28762536

The proportions of his dong are definitely off- it looks like it might be half the size of his entire torso. And there's something about the way her mouth is drawn that just feels disturbing, although I can't really tell what it is. Decent first try, though.

Fell? That suggests that she wasn't already on this level.

>> No.28762780

Hey, virgins can lick dicks. No foul.

>> No.28762846

Trying to learn how to draw, dont't know if i will bother to finish this, but thought I would share it with you guys before go off tonight

>> No.28762883

What is that, exactly? I can't quite tell by looking.

>> No.28762899

She was not.

They can. But SHOULD they?

>> No.28762920

> But SHOULD they?

If you think the answer is no, you're on the wrong thread.

>> No.28763480

It's either licky sucky, butt spelunking, titgames, handy, footsie, ye olde thighs, or underarm, son. Nothing wrong with licking dicks.

Unless you're trying to quash sexual expression, I guess

>> No.28763586

he must be new if he doesn't remember all the times she went through pic related.

>> No.28763737

Hey, sorry about no updates, the weekend that I thought would be open to write that turned out to be packed with filial obligations.

I'll post it on my pastebin or in next weekend's smut thread.

>> No.28763753

Pretend, a classic!

>> No.28763791

Got it- see you this Friday night, then.(And seriously, how the hell is this thread still alive?)

>> No.28763867

Drawfags and the occasional bump

Are we waiting til next week again?

>> No.28763882

Can we have some smut about callidus? So fetish, much latex, wow.

>> No.28763999

As it turns out,most people don't like waiting, so it'll be the same time as usual (and even if I didn't make it myself, somebody else probably would instead). In retrospect, the sudden surge of activity at the end of last thread that made me think this one was needed (with the yuan-ti request spamming) was probably one or two people samefagging for giggles, as well as others who keep responding to ND in spite of all the reminders to filter him (for the record, fighting his shitposts with your own only makes it worse). Hopefully that won't happen again.

In any case, I'm just happy that this thread didn't devolve into shitposting for once

>> No.28764178 [SPOILER] 

>I'm just happy that this thread didn't devolve into shitposting for once
Question: Is this too lewd?

>> No.28764212

Censorbar is up, so it's safe. More or less.

>> No.28764450 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

I think we're kinda operating on a don't ask/don't tell basis here anyways.

>> No.28764543 [DELETED] 

You never know when a passing janitor might notice, so we err on the side of caution more often than not.

>> No.28764921

She didn't fall that far. Just at knee height

>> No.28765236

Pretty sure she was born for it, bro.
Some women are born for blowjobs, some women achieve blowjobs, and some women have blowjobs thrust upon them.

>> No.28765297

This time I went with the safe route, standard Sister of Battle route. Very lazy job, I think I'll give myself a timeout until next week, feels like I'm spamming at this point anyway.


>> No.28765312

Not even spam, always appreciate contribution. Practice makes perfect, and there will always be demand for good pics of oral sex.

>> No.28765350

>the cries still return. They never really go away..

>> No.28765370

Precisely. Same goes with demand for lewd pictures of any other type as well.

and if there are any drawfags who are willing to illustrate the entirety of Extra Large Heresy's first chapter, let me know. I've been looking for someone to do it for a while now, and if you do it everyone here will love you.

>> No.28765386

>some women have blowjobs thrust upon them.

>> No.28765440

The main thing I'd criticise is that the perspective gets a little bit iffy down at the stomach, though that's pretty much always difficult to get right.
Apart from that it's looking generally pretty solid to me, if a bit rough.

>> No.28765701

Oh god, its amazing. Need another pic of Macha deep throating said shota, with cum bursting near the sides of her mouth pls. Like a sequel to your first one.

>> No.28765731

I'd suggest he works on the first one before doing that. Besides, he says he needs to give things a rest right now.

>> No.28765733


>> No.28765757

What else would those long ears on elves be good for anyways?

>> No.28765788

Well, it doesn't look like Lewd took me up on my offer (this week, at least).
Regardless, I'm going to try having something done by next thread.

With that in mind, I'm open for suggestions and ideas. Just keep in mind that this is exam week for me, so no promises that what I write will be as long or good as my usual fare.

Just keep it tame; if I get into the mood to do something violent or nasty, I'll go back to Darkest Dawn.

>> No.28765824

You too? Ow.

I was going to ask for a sequel to "The Mistresses", but I think it can wait until you have more time to give it the treatment it deserves. Because you can never have enough Dark Eldar twincest threesomes.

>> No.28765854


>> No.28765884


>> No.28765922

Something with eldar or titty fucking if that's okay.

If someone else requests something with either of those, just lump it in. That's cool too.

>> No.28765940

Is this a shota? This is the difference between edging and exploding muh dick.

>> No.28765943


>> No.28765959

Case in point, /tg/s favorite eldar milf.

>> No.28765963

Seconding this. Eldar and tittyfucking would be swell.

>> No.28765980

Are these on the master list?

>> No.28766003

If a big vein-y dick doesn't convince you, you can always pretend

>mfw when it wasn't more shota

>> No.28766008

>Inb4 BDSM Paladins

>> No.28766010

>browsing through the front page
>get to the bottom
>don't check what the thread is
> Eldar and tittyfucking would be swell
>oh you /tg/

>> No.28766052

Mind Break especially if if the woman was a strong figure like a soldier in example. also incest in another boner maker for me

>> No.28766056


That's what I call a real fire crotch

>> No.28766060

There's a big imgur gallery with most of his work. I'm almost positive it's up there.

If you honestly expected anything else, you'd be sadly mistaken. /tg/ has had a thing for the space elves ever since Dawn of War- it was only a matter of time before it started to break loose.

>> No.28766078

I think that's called NTR in smut

>> No.28766098

>Taldeer's anniversary present to LIIVI while wearing a mon-keigh cheerleading costume.

>> No.28766105

Consensual lesbian incest. Preferably with romance and footplay. Ears if it involves elves..

>> No.28766113

And about 90% of our regulars find it morally repulsive. It could get done, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Like in pic related?

>> No.28766208

So what you're telling me here is that about 10% of the regulars need to die.

>> No.28766215

>start writing what is supposed to be smut
>plot explodes into what could be a good action fic
>but now I have futas as the main plot point

Rock<--me-->Hard Place

>> No.28766250

When I said 90%, I was making a parsimonious estimate. The real value is about 95-99% who hate NTR.

Easy. Make it an action fic that also has smut. Problem solved.

>> No.28766345 [SPOILER] 

Eh. I guess somewhat more complex background is alright.
Half the people will likely skip ahead anyway.

>> No.28766365

Give me a context or setting I'll make something happen by next week

>> No.28766399

Haha, this is pretty much exactly me, though mine trends more towards sappy romance and girls buying dresses and going to balls. Oh, and futa.

>"Oh, I'll just write a few paragraphs to get these scenes out of my head and on paper."
>"Hmm,, I kind of like these characters, might as well go a bit further with this..."
>"Hey, how'd this reach 50 pages already?"

>> No.28766400

Loki and that one giant whose horse knocked him up arguing about child support for Sleipnir.

>> No.28766409

Can you manage something involving a Howling Banshee reverse-raping a "lucky" guardsman?

>> No.28766410

One's a lonely, redheaded Eldar farseer. The other is a sexually-frustrated Sister of Battle surrounded by oblivious Guardsmen. Together, in the greatest romantic action film of 2013, they fight demons. And have sex.

>> No.28766419

make me do research why doncha......

>> No.28766433

I'm almost certain that the giant in question was killed by Thor, but when has logic ever stopped us?

>> No.28766452

Steel Legion X Vostroyan Firstborn.
Make the Firstborn male to avoid apoplexy among out fellow autists.

>> No.28766478

A parody of "I Just Had Sex" by the Lonely Island, as done by Farseer Macha.

>> No.28766489

THIS I can do

Macha doesn't gt to have sex.... I forget the sister of battles name.....
This sounds episodic... I might be able to work something here

>> No.28766503

General plot of that story: The gods want a sweet-ass hall built for them. A giant with a magic horse come up to them and offers to build it for them, at great cost. The gods agree, on the condition that he must finish in three days or forfeit the payment.
Two days later the hall is almost built, and they're panicking that they might actually have to pay for this shit. So they order Loki to distract the giant's magic horse somehow.
Loki tries and tries, and fails every time, until he transforms himself into a mare and draws the horse away with sex. Unfortunately for him, the horse was faster and Loki ends up getting raped and impregnated.
Later he gives birth to Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse, and Odin decides that it's so badass he's going to make it his personal warhorse.

>> No.28766509

Title: "I Won't Have Sex"?

>> No.28766531

...how did you know?

>> No.28766572

>Macha doesn't get to have sex
>in the smut threads that have actual Macha devirginization fics.
Its a brand new day lalalala.

>> No.28766573

>Sister and Macha meet in the Pub at the End of the Universe
>Start a friendship
>Slowly turns into budding romance
>Nothing but fifty chapters of foreplay and teasing
>Sister is actually Tzeentch
>But for me it was Tuesday

>> No.28766579

It was Garrus's voice that did me in. Brandon Keener + reverb = Iknowboners.

>> No.28766600

Riding his nephew?
Damn. A crossdresser riding his mpreg nephew into battle.
A bunch of faggots, I tell you.

Wild war Wingthor wie er einst erwachte
und seinen Hammer nirgends um sich liegen sah!
...if you know what I mean.

>> No.28766608

Actually every piece of smut involving Macha actually getting any is just an excerpt of in-universe smut written by Macha herself. Yes, she's that desperate.

>> No.28766639

>An entire board of Macha, the Ever-Virgin
Sounds about right. *sob*

>> No.28766644

Nah, nah, see, it's all OK when Odin does it, because he's riding on top. That makes it manly.

>> No.28766647

Oh my god, we're starting to sound like GW.
"It's all canon, but not all of it's real"

>> No.28766671


The chronology of /tg/ canon is as convoluted and self-contradicting as the real thing, so it's all just a matter of opinion and choosing which parts you want to believe are true yourself. And for the record, your interpretation is wrong, and that's terrible. But work with me here.

As long as you get the Howling Banshee thing done, I'm good.

>> No.28766701

>Macha singing Brand New Day while invoking Bahzhakhain on some Imperial world in sexual frustration

But what about Loki who got fucked by a magic horse cock?

>> No.28766730

While you all wait for next week have some daw and ahh

>> No.28766732

>Farseer Macha's Sing-Along Blog
>Inquisitor Adrastia as the rival
>Gabriel Angelos as Penny

My sides are ready.

>> No.28766739

Loki was a bitch that nobody liked. They just kept him around to have somebody to make fun of, and because sometimes he was useful.
I mean, SOMEBODY had to go seduce that horse, might as well be an asshole like Loki whose reputation can't get much lower.

>> No.28766745

Does the Smut thread have a body of this sort of content out there somewhere?

>> No.28766752

I like the premise. I've worked with something before. Shitty with eldar fluff, will have to read up

>> No.28766770

>not in during

>> No.28766775

Master List is in the second post, anon.

>> No.28766778

I find it rather pleasing that this weekly thread started so innocently several months ago. Lewd Anon, who was just Anon back then, asked for somebody to do some erotica and he/she would turn it into a comic. Well, Just Another Writefag got in first and recieved several pages. I got a few pictures.

But that was the spark, those few fapfics by JAW, myself and several others which spawned this eventually.

Now look at it, more posts, more pictures, skill progression. It's all good.

>> No.28766791

Or, you know, a mare.

>> No.28766800

>Meanwhile, on Planet Killer...

>> No.28766825

So close, brother Anon

>> No.28766846

I'm pretty much just Mad Libbing the lyrics in the first Bad Horse jingle there.

>> No.28766869

Nah, a normal horse would have just stood there and took the dick, then let him get back to work. It had to be somebody who knew to play hard to get and take up as much time as possible. It worked, Loki just botched the last bit and wasn't quite hard enough to get.

>> No.28766893

And then there was me, who asked for the "Macha Gets Laid" fapfic while not entirely expecting it to be filled, only for Edinbro and ELH to step up to a previously unthinkable task and do a much better job than I could have possibly imagined.

Becoming the thread archivist was just the logical conclusion from there- lacking the ability to write worth shit myself, I could (and do) take it upon myself to ensure that nobody's work would ever be lost to the vagaries of foolz or fall prey to the wrath of an angry mod again.

>> No.28766905

Now the nightmare is real
Now Farseer Macha is here
To make you quake with fear
To make this whole world kneel
<Everyone she never...>
And I don't feel
A thing

>> No.28766923

Loki was transformed into a mare, i.e. female horse.

>> No.28766931

Adrastia: Oh, and Macha? The hammer is his penis.

>> No.28767059

Simple version: The Howling Banshees are an all-female group (more or less) of Aspect Warriors excelling in close-quarters combat and use specialized masks that amplify their battle-cries into a piercing shriek. (So if you don't make her a screamer, I'll be somewhat disappointed. Large tits and cumming inside her pussy would be nice too.)

>> No.28767066

Anybody got requests?

>> No.28767087

Is it just me, or does Loki get shit on by all the aesir and vanir combined for no real reason? I mean, he hooks up with this girl, had three kids, and what does Odin and his bunch of aesirholes do?

Jormungandr - Cast into the ocean.
Fenrir - Bound with chains, jaw held shut with a sword.
Hel - Thrown into Niflheim.

..and what reason did they give? Oh there's some prophecies that they fit and they'll cause trouble. Yea, like that doesn't scream 'bullshit'.

>> No.28767127

He was a prick- he also orchestrated the murder of a god literally loved by everyone except him and ended up betraying the Aesir and Vanir to lead the giants.

>> No.28767141

>..and what reason did they give?
Well maybe the bits where the first two were giant horrible monsters? Seriously, it's a fucking massive snake and a giant asshole wolf, I don't NEED a fucking reason.

>> No.28767159

Correction: loved by everyone except him, one particular sprig of mistletoe, and some asshole witch out in the middle of nowhere who hated everybody.

>> No.28767176

That asshole witch was actually him in disguise. Like I said, he was a prick.

>> No.28767179


>> No.28767210

Yea, he did, but both of those events were AFTER his children (who were still being raised, not even full grown) were taken from him. Wouldn't you want revenge?

>> No.28767240

He was half-giant- the only reason that they kept him around in the first place is because he was Odin's blood-brother, and even then they just barely tolerated him.

>> No.28767340

I'll just leave with this
A man walked along a spanning metal corridor carrying a large metal case. The visibility was scare save for the spots illuminated under white hanging bulbs. In the distance stood two armed men. Their weapons held low, armor glinting from the wavering lights. When their eyes caught a bit of light it was reflected in the form of a faint dull purple glow. As the man Approached one of them held out his hand.
"Halt. Name and Authorization" The Guardsman spoke
"Sergeant Torn. Medic. Delta Company" He flashed an ID badge.
"So you were sent to interrogate the wytch?" The Medic nodded. "The damn bitch withstood any punishment the boys gave her, and we do mean any."
"They like pain, Trooper, thats why they sent me."

The men stepped aside, one of the Cadians began the activation rites of the large plasteel door.
"You should know, She killed about 30 men before simply gaving up. She wont talk to us in anything but that blabbering xenospeak."
"Don't worry about that"

The sentries looked at eachother bewildered for a moment before opening the door. It hissed and moaned as the metal slid against metal. The room was black save for one section of track light hanging over a reclined chair. Under several restraints the Eldar sat. Stripped clean of any vestments. Her body covered in cuts and bruises. Despite her condition she has a smug grin on her face. As Torn approached the eldar's eyes narrowed and grin widened.
"More playthings" she uttered in the fluid eldar tongue.
"No, just questions" Torn replied in kind. The wytch shot her gaze to Torn surprised to hear her language
"You'll get no answers from me. Now be a dear and rub my feet"
Torn pulled a metal stool next to the eldar as he set the case down. The latches flipped open revealing an array of glass tubes and liquids. He assembled a needle, procuring a vial of clear liquid. He drew the substance into the needle in full view of the wytch. The needle pinged as his finger struck the side of the needle.

>> No.28767352

Find Smut for the Smut Throne on 1d4chan

Illustrate it plz

>> No.28767367

Illustrate it? More like finish writing it. ELH said he'll owe whoever can take over from what he's got.

>> No.28767402

I'm not gonna write about a sex scene like that till I've got some experience to compare.

But the tension at the end of it is so intense its extremely fappable.

>> No.28767417

Good point. I'm sure someone will rise to the challenge eventually.

>> No.28767476

It looks nice so far. Something tells me those restraints are going to break loose very quickly.

>> No.28767657

He leaned over her restrained form. Her body was soft, skin flawlessly white, marred only form the contusions and cuts on her body. In her vision Torn was but a silhouette. His shadow covered her body. For a moment he simply sat there waiting for her to speak. She watched the needle carefully as it shined in the light.
"I'll bite mon'kiegh, what is it? Some horrible concotion that will turn my stomach fowl and caise me 'pain'?" She licked her lips.
"Yes." He leveled the syringe to her arm.

Her flesh offered no resistance to the instrument. It sunk into her arm to which she let out a playful moan. The man pressed his thumb against the plunger to deliver the medicine to her body. For a moment there was a slight chilling sensation. She shivered in delight as it overtook her body. As fleeting as the sensation came about was as quickly as it left. Soon she felt the dull sensation of nothing again.
"I am not impressed"
"The Eldar physiology is an interesting one." He withdrew the needle. " You see Guaifenesin is a simple cough syrup for humans, it relieves soar throats, and leaves a slight tingly sensation" He watched his chronograph as he spoke.
"But with eldar it becomes a powerful anesthetic." He grabbed her arm. She made no effort to resist him.

He stood up and undid the restraint across her breast. The leather strap loosened and then unraveled, revealing her otherwise flawless breasts. She breathed easy for a moment, almost anticipating his next actions with glee. As Torn fumbled with his case he opened a smaller case inside. There he pulled out a translucent imperfect cube. Simple ice. He then reclined the chair till the wytch was prone.
"Ooh I do love a bit of torture. Tell me, will I scream?"

He placed the cube of ice between her breasts. It sad perfectly still between them, slowly dripping water onto her skin. She felt none of it.

>> No.28767669

go on.

>> No.28767690

Question: is this a Dark Eldar or a regular one?

>> No.28767715

Dark Eldar

I'll continue it later Now I must to bed
Its fun teasing isn't it?

>> No.28767724

Dammit Emperor, you always do this. First Horus and now this thread. you never learn!

>> No.28767731

All right. Looking forward to the Howling Banshee thing. (Remember, "screamer" jokes are a must.)

>> No.28767752


I taught him well.

>> No.28767761

Is the vile Dark Eldar being forced to experience the absence of sensation?

That's pretty horrifying.

>> No.28767779

Absence of sensation.

While he fucks her.


>> No.28767845

It shows. Like where Hesperax's Pet is going, by the way- looks like Lelith's going to show her soft side to him very soon now. (And Muju is going to be absolutely ecstatic with it. Along with everyone else here.)


>> No.28767876

Yay! It's all good. At least we're showing /tg/ gets shit done.

>> No.28767928

this makes me feel uneasy...

>> No.28768056

Just think, if you made Dark Eldar feel nothing, maybe blind them and muff their ears, all they would have to keep them company is whatever hellish sounds and thoughts dance through their heads. They'd be alone with themselves.

>> No.28768196

Well, I'm heading to bed soon.
Any last-minute requests? So far I've got: Eldar and/or titfucking.

I kinda wish I had seen that "female halfling rogue x female half-elf apprentice rogue" idea before another writer claimed it. Something like that sounds fun.

>> No.28768248


Write it anyways

>> No.28768258

Again, I'd like to ask for The Mistresses, Part 2. But I'd prefer that you not rush that one- I liked the first one and want to make sure that the sequel is just as good, if not better. More DE twincest is best.

>> No.28768400

Are you Archive Anon, by any chance?
Speaking of that one, would anyone mind terribly if I retcon the ending?
I kinda wrote myself into a corner with the tease about a Sisters convent. If I do go back to it, it would probably work better if I just went straight back to the succubi.

That would be rather rude to the other author, methinks.

>> No.28768484

Yup, it's me. Changing the ending would be fine with me- I didn't quite get where it was going anyway. As for the material for a potential sequel, just use your best judgment, as long as things remain at the same general intensity and more threesome fucking takes place. Perhaps alternating between their pussies with each thrust or something?

>> No.28768561

Oh, and don't forget the creampie. Pulling out is for chumps.

>> No.28768639

Amen my brother.

>> No.28768744

This... this gives me an idea.

Ya'll know what Trueborn are, right?
How about a story about an Archon making a few via his harem?

>> No.28768792

Could be interesting. Just keep my idea in mind when you get around to The Mistresses, Part 2.

>> No.28768876

My god, that's... That's genius.

More pls.

>> No.28769292

Smutomancer, you still there?

>> No.28769318

What's up?

>> No.28769341

Just making sure you were still alive and taking my request into consideration. It just got real quiet, that's all.

>> No.28769383


You know what we need? An IRC channel on Rizon. Get that set up for next week, or designate one of the ERP ones to hang out in.

>> No.28769387

The Mistresses Part 2, more of the same, add fucking both at once (alternating pussies), creampies for the twins.
Did I miss anything?

>> No.28769424 [DELETED] 

Nope, you got it all down.

I'd get the IRC thing done, but quite frankly I have no idea how to do it. I'll see what I can do to set it up, though.

>> No.28769461

Actually, I'll see if I can't mooch one of the ERP channels if I can't figure out to make my own. I'm no technical expert, but I think I can try it.

>> No.28769490

Nope, you've got it all down. No rush, though- I want to be sure that it's at top quality.

>> No.28769559

Guys how plausible would a titjob from a lizardwoman be? I know scales are smooth both ways but I'm wondering if I'm forgetting something

>> No.28769597

I don't see anything in particular getting in the way. Why do you ask?

>> No.28769649

It's just something I'd never considered before. We often argue about whether lizardtits should exist but never how they would actually be. I'd imagine it'd be like the scales of a python; super smooth and soft.

>> No.28769676

Sounds about right to me.

>> No.28769691

And cold.
My younger brother owns snakes. They're smooth, but chilly.
And I don't think the word "soft" would apply.

>> No.28769700



Come up with a good name, and get with the ERP channel to get a link added to us.

>> No.28769782

Looking it up now, but all this looks rather daunting. It might take me a while how to learn all of it and it's not likely to get off the ground by the next threads, but I'll see what I can do.

>> No.28769883

That really depends. Many depictions of lizardpeople tend to give them something similar to a snake's belly scales on their chests, and a snake's lower scales are very smooth in one direction but extremely rough the other. It'd be like masturbating with a pair of oiled cheese graters.

>> No.28769935


>> No.28770321

I'll say.

>> No.28770400

I tried. I created an abomination of the english language. I deleted it.

>> No.28770501

It can't possibly have been worse than anything ND has tried to make. And he can't kill the thread now- we're already on page 10, so HA!

(I'm still amazed the thread lasted this long and got more replies than any of our previous threads, and on our off-time at that. Good job, all of you.)

>> No.28770562

Yeah, we've been pretty talkative this time.

I don't see why we bother trying to decide whether or not to start these on Friday or Saturday. When we start on Friday, we end up with a 3rd thread that goes into Monday (often lasting until 1 or 2pm eastern US). When we start on Saturday, thread 2 lasts about that long.

We go well into Monday either way. Fairly often, at least.

>> No.28770616

Maybe setting up an IRC will diffuse some of that and slow things down. I've been reading through the link >>28769700
and I still don't understand it all, but I'll try to get something set up as soon as I can (though anyone else who wants to set it up can do so instead).

>> No.28770739

We can always work it out next week.
I'm pretty computer illiterate myself, so I can't really be of any help.

I can't help wondering, though, why bother?
We get a bunch done in these threads, don't we?
Isn't it easier to have everyone gather here at roughly the same time than to use a chat system like that?
To me it seems like too much effort for something that probably won't be used very much.

>> No.28770788

I think so too. It seems to be more trouble than it's worth taking the time to learn, if you ask me.

>> No.28770817

ND? And I think my problem stems from having a little difficulty understanding how people feel or would react to different situations.

>> No.28770826

the problem with having an IRC for this is is that the content made in these threads is very slow paced, hence why we have a couple threads every weekend, and not a daily general, so the IRC would just become a circlejerk hah for requesters and all the writers would only ever pop in to post a link and then scurry away before the requesters could get their sweaty hands on them

TLDR, an IRC for these threads won't work and will actively harm them, if you want somewhere to discuss this stuff, the ERP IRC is more than adequate

>> No.28770888

NiceDaemonette. The less said about "her" work, the better.

Agreed- unlike ERPs, smut takes time and effort to write up and many of our writefags have considerable backlogs as it is. Having an IRC would just be a burden, plain and simple. Besides, setting up the IRC seems like it would be too much work anyway.

>> No.28770902

Well, we're the forth-to-last thread on pg10.

I think it's a good time to say goodnight.

>> No.28770912

Goodnight everyone, see you all soon!.

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