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Hey /tg/, I could use some of your creative juices.

My playing group is getting excited for this dark heresy game I will be starting in a few weeks, and so am I. I would like some input on the ideas I have so far, and future sessions ideas.

Around 900 years ago a massive space hulk vanished after sailing through a warp storm. A few weeks ago the hulk re-emerged from the warp. The players are one of many acolyte groups that Inquisitor Barnabus has called to board and retake the ship for the Imperium.

The acolytes would be sent to different parts of the ship for their missions, which could range from "meet up with this other team to take care of this troublesome warp beast", "the dataslate that held the information on the cargo in deck 42-B was last seen in the hands of a mad psyker" to "I heard there was a fine vintage in the officers dining halls, fetch it for me."

Different areas of the ship have been influenced is a variety of ways, on some areas of the ship only a few weeks have passed, while in others it's been hundreds of years. The ship has cities of it's own, a working economy, etc.

I see it as a sort of "The City of Rapture meets the Event Horizon."

Thoughts on the setting? Any interesting adventures or tidbits you can think of?

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I think you have the wrong idea, space hulks are an amalgamation of several ships from several races and with no discernible layout, not one ship. Also they are usually only in real space for some time before going back to the warp. This sound more like a universe-class or some other large cargo ship got lost to the warp and reappeared scenario.

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"Hulk" is a generic term for a derelict ship floating around at random. It could be anything, or any combination of things, that was at some point artificially constructed to travel around space in.

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