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Why don't you serve glorious Phyrexia?

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Sorry, still loyal to my queen.

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Are the Mirrans all dead yet?

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because they got Phyrexian Obliterator

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You're alright

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Not as long as red mana stands strong.

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Sliverexians vs Kami-Eldrazi confirmed for next block

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Yeah, there was recently a story article written from the perspective of Elspeth. The Mirran resistance is entirely shattered and Elesh Norn has all but conquered the territories of Sheoldred and Urabrask, to the point where she felt confident saying she was last non-Phyrexian life left on Mirrodin by the time she left.

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Urabrask and Batman's parents have something in common.

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>Not Sheoldred

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So why exactly were the praetors fighting each other exactly? Weren't they supposed to be some kind of unified force?

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Wait, really? Shit, coming back to a civil war between the phyrexian factions would have been awesome.

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Sliverazi vs everything.

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So much for all the effort put into giving the impression that the Mirrans might actually make a comeback.

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Read it for yourself.

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>Slivrakul, the Fanbase Torn

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Because due to the influence of the various colors of mana on the phyrexian oil, they ended up having very different ideas on how to spread the Word.
Ain't no war like a Holy war.

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They were unified in the face of a common foe. Phyrexia has only ever been composed of black aligned creatures. With additional colours added to their forces, it's created disharmony among them in terms of goals and ideals. Red in particular because it's the colour of emotion, chaos and compassion.

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>We had to cross the Butcher Hall to reach the secret chamber

My fucking god who writes this tripe? Is this the same person who wrote that fanfiction level girly argument between Gerrard and what's-her-tits on Innistrad in the form of a series of letters? Sometimes it's better to do nothing than to do something badly.

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Geralf. No, not Gerrard. Certainly not Gerrard.

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I'm glad Wizards understands who the best preator is.

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I'll admit, this is one of the worst ways they could have handled Phyrexia.

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They could've and fucking should've just said what the place is like now with maybe a page of information tops, lots of which could be in bulletpoint form, not tried to tell it through some awful "storytelling". It really does read like something a 16 year old did for school.

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Shut up. Just stop, please.

I thought Elesh Norn and the concept of white Phyrexia was fucking fascinating until suddenly a swarm of neckbeards descended on the character, proclaiming it their new waifu and completely destroying its character in favour of a grotesque looking moeblub.

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The purpose of the article isn't to talk about Phyrexia, it's to talk about Elspeth and how she ended up in Theros because apparently these shitty planeswalkers and their antics are important to some people.

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>Not Jin-Gitaxias

You all will bow down to the blue colour!

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>it's to talk about Elspeth and how she ended up in Theros

She wanted to fuck the sun god, theres the story of Theros for you

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Congratulations, you prove my point.

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I like you, but hating a character because of its fanbase is still ridiculous.

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Actually, I just find it funny how you seriously think anyone has Elesh Norn as their "waifu"

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>I thought Elesh Norn and the concept of white Phyrexia was fucking fascinating until suddenly a swarm of neckbeards descended on the character, proclaiming it their new waifu and completely destroying its character in favour of a grotesque looking moeblub.

Isn't Elesh-Norn partly made of flesh? I mean the old Phyrexian didn't like the concept of flesh

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>Actually, I just find it funny how you seriously think anyone has Elesh Norn as their "waifu"

There are people out there that do

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The white phyrexians have their flesh removed. Elesh Norn is no exception. The red is her muscles.

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Fairly sure muscles are considered flesh.

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>muscles are not flesh


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I meant skin, my bad.

But yeah, flesh is fine by phyrexian standards, as long as its mixed with metal.

If its metal, they like adding flesh to it.

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White Phyrexia seems to quite like muscle and sinew, while absolutely hating skin more than anything else. Their aesthetic is all exposed muscle and circulatory system, covered in certain places with cracked white porcelain as armour. It's interesting how they're far more unified in their appearance than any other Phyrexian faction.

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>If its metal, they like adding flesh to it.

Just like my Chinese cartoon porn.

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And for more info:

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As I understand it, it's the skin they don't like. The skin is a seperation between you and the world, a barrier that must be flayed if you are to be One with Phyrexia. It must be removed and replaced with good old phyrexian material.

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It actually looks more like circuitry than muscle. Just looks blood-stained because Elesh Norn loves distorted symbolism

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>far more unified
That's White for you.

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Shut up, man. She's cute.

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Anything can be cute if you want it to.

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Yeah, but I was shocked when it came to the effort they put into making the colours all distinct. Black Phyrexia under Sheoldred actually felt more black than the old Phyrexia.

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Congratulations anon, that's the worst fluff I've read for any game I play.

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Have some anti-rage

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Hint : Karn's Ult.

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The Reapers discover New Phyrexia

What happens?

An alliance of biomechanical horrors? Or just all out war?

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Phyrexia dominates them

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The Reapers get covered in dirty Phylube

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The Reapers are defeated by either green, red, or blue magic. It depends which ending you choose.

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Haha! This guy...

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Phyrexia gets space ship technology and proceeds to conquer the universe.

Bad End. or best end?

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>Reapers destroys New Phyrexia
>Leave carrying phyrexian oil taint
>All is compleat

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How? She ran a religion that wanted to convert all to their perfection. She was a xenophobic monster that believed those not under her order were imperfect. That's super white phyrexia for you. Black phyrexia was always too busy fighting for power to ever stop and establish itself, I think there was something like 7 different leaders for black phyrexia when we left.

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>Phyrexia gets space ship technology
>Starts cruising around looking for a place to conquer
>"Hey Sheoldred what's this place called?"
>"I think someone called it... Zendi-something? Can't remember the full name. Why?"
>"Wanna land and conquer it?"
>"Sure, what could go wrong?"

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opps, thought you thought new phyexia wasn't correctly colour pied

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>the void =/= space
>eldrazis are beings of the void anyway

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>implying sheoldred would lead black phyrexia long enough
>implying blue wouldnt build the technology
>implying white wouldnt be the ones to go out into the aether
>implying this isn't written on Elesh Norn's flavor text "The Gitaxians whisper among themselves of other worlds. If they exist, we must bring Phyrexia's magnificence to them."

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I mustn't have read that one. I was too busy probing my Gitaxian

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"Am I Kawii yet Yawgmoth-san? >^.^<"

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It's alright, soon you'll understand.
White Phyrexia is best Phyrexia

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Because I don't want my parts to serve Phyrexia elsewhere.

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>everybody likes white phyrexia
>nobody likes black phyrexia
Check your privilege!

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But planar travel isn't space travel. Though, the soul traps might still exist, but I'm not sure they work right anymore thanks to the Mending.

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Serve Green Phyrexia. Survival of the fittest and we get to keep our skin.

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Even resist results in serving the Grand Orthodoxy

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Get on my level.

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>2 mana for a 3/1 first striker in any colours

Fuck yeah. Though I think Spike Jester is still the king of combat focused 2 drops.

>> No.28738391

Eh, Spike Jester dies uselessly against a vanilla chump.

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Yeah, old Phyrexia was more artefact/black.

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Too busy working to impress the Firemind. Or explode by trying.

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How exactly would I go about serving Phyrexia? We seem to be lacking the technology to fuse with machines in this day and age.

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Also, fuck golems.

>> No.28739645

You are thoroughly incorrect.


Get to work and start stuffing magnets in your fingertips.

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Wow, who would have guessed that Yawgmoth is a qt3.14 British goth girl.

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Who is completely fucking mental.

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They need an Eldrazi Sliver

>4 cc
>All slivers have Annihilator 1.

>reCAPTCHA: late tingling

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>"When Reapers leave play, all players win and lose the game."

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She doesn't seem all the crazy to me.

Just a bit short on actual material science knowledge and overly concerned with the law.

>> No.28740048

Self-harming and calling it pioneering or experimentation is a good indication of crazy.

>> No.28740086

>Self-harming and calling it pioneering or experimentation is a good indication of crazy.
Or it's a good indication that you're from /fit/.

>> No.28740090

Compared to the old alchemists that would end up drinking toxic solutions of mercury and other substances in an effort to create an elixir of eternal youth, she's barely harming herself at all.

>> No.28740107

I thought we were enlightened enough not to resort to that sort of 'science.'

>> No.28740164

We're enlightened now because people did the dangerous sort of science in the past, laying down the groundwork for more cautious and rational scientists to build upon.

Any new field of study needs a few mad scientists getting injured along the way, like the early electrical experimenters or radiological experimenters in the 19th century.

>> No.28740168

>5 mana for infinite 1/1 monsters, infinite health, and an infinite/infinite demon

Yeah you done fucked up.
That's a terribly designed card.

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i want a plushie of that thing now. fucking making an eldrazi adorable n shit.

all out war, because why not.

>> No.28740262

Or we could save lives and not potentially kill ourselves in the pursuit of knowledge by choosing a more cautious path that doesn't involve shoving toxic materials into our bodies.

>> No.28740349

Name one scientific fact that we've gleaned from alchemists drinking mercury besides the fact that mercury is toxic.

>> No.28740403

Alchemy wasn't science, you 'tard.

Now name several dozen scientific facts that we gleaned from Marie Curie giving herself radiation poisoning. This one is actually possible.

>> No.28740407

Oh come on, where's the fun in that? It's not like an apparently uneducated young woman with no fear of death would accomplish anything more useful if she wasn't doing surgical experiments on herself.

Hopefully she documents her projects well so when she inevitably ends up accidentally killing herself, her death will provide useful information to future experimenters like one of Dr. Mengele's victims.

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But it was the example first posted you buffoon. The difference between marie curie and this crazy bitch is that marie curie didn't know what she was doing was dangerous.

>> No.28740486

Nothing she's done is providing any new information. All it's doing it showing that it can be done, which we already know - it's just that the benefits are outweighed by the cons, something that she should be smart enough to realise.

>> No.28740495

>The difference between marie curie and this crazy bitch is that marie curie didn't know what she was doing was dangerous.
Yet the scientists of the Manhattan Project DID know that what they were doing was dangerous. Name several dozen scientific facts we gleaned from their work.

Science isn't about risk known or unknown. It's about formulating a hypothesis and testing it. Is that not what this chick is doing?

>> No.28740566

Did any of those scientists die of radiation poisoning? I'm legitimately curious, but I doubt it, because they probably took proper safety precautions.

They were also at war. So it wasn't a totally scientific endeavour. Is this crazy cunt at war with anything but her own survival?

>> No.28740584

I wonder if a single color golem deck is feasible.

>> No.28740656

>do something badly
Poorly. You meant poorly. Regardless, you're point is still entirely valid.

>> No.28740684


Actually yeah, a fair number of them got irradiated to motherfuck.

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Purphoros actually makes it possible.

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File: 29 KB, 223x310, purphoros2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28740733

I'm willing to excuse them because of the situation they were in. They had motive beyond scientific pursuit and mental illness.

>> No.28740800

>They had motive beyond scientific pursuit and mental illness.
One of them died because he was playing with the casing, and accidentally almost made the device reach critical mass.

But you're probably right. I'm sure he had a higher purpose in mind when he accidentally exposed himself and 5 other people to fatal doses of nuclear radiation while playing with a warhead.

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>Why don't you serve glorious Phyrexia?
Because Phyrexia is already taking over the world without my help.

>> No.28741278

The fuck is that?

>> No.28741431

Calcified bird

>> No.28741432

It's a lake in Africa full of chemicals that basically turns animals to stone if they get in the water.

>> No.28742340

At least it was a mistake.

This girl's killing herself on purpose.

>> No.28743038

>At least it was a mistake.
Semantics. Science isn't about intent. It's about results. If this woman mutilating her body advances biotech, then why should you judge? It's her choice.

>> No.28743144

You obviously didn't see the tap symbol there.

But yeah, it's a goddamn awful card.

>> No.28743452

The water doesn't instantly fossilize animals in place like that pic suggests. The photographer found the stone corpses lying in and around the edge of the lake and posed them like that to make it look more dramatic.

Still bad news to touch it, but not medusa-tier instant death.

>> No.28743592

I don't into MtG fluff.

>> No.28743861

It ranges from really good to really bad, generally depending on the design team and what block(s) came before it.

For instance, Theros so far has been a very shitty block, fluff-wise, with a few exceptions. Cards not matching their flavour, references to ancient Greece ham-handedly shoved wherever they can, etc. But it's come at the end of a long line of decently fluffy blocks (Scars of Mirrodin went crazy detailed on the Phyrexian factions, Innistrad is probably the most flavourful block in modern bar Lorwynn/Shadowmoor, and RtR comes from a very solid foundation and concept), so it's understandable they'd be burnt out by now.

Similar thing sort of happened with Kamigawa, another top down design set that came after both Mirrodin and the Otarian storylines, which both in turn came on the heels of the Apocalypse.

At least, this is all in my opinion, and I'm probably biased against Theros for other reasons, but yeah. There's some really nice stuff in this game if you look for it.

>> No.28744064

Since we're chattering about MtG fluff, what are your favourite factions for each colour when it comes to the flavour?

>Hard Mode: No Ravnica guilds.

>> No.28744370

Lorwynn/Shadowmoor Elves. Great way to do both B/G and W/G, I think, though the B/G was better.

Barring that then the Nezumi from Kamigawa were a nice way to do monoblack, what with them being more individualists, outcasts and ambitious, craven thieves than just plain PURE EVUUUUUUL (something monoblack defaults to too often).

>> No.28744592

>Eternally Yours, Elspeth
Wait. Elspeth wants the furry dick?

Wizards, what the fuck?

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File: 1.73 MB, 1600x1146, Phyrexian---Glissa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying pic related isn't the best representation of B/G

>> No.28750372

>a fictional character is destroyed because I don't like someone else in the fanbase
I'b be glad to see you go.

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>Implying... Glissa of all things is.

>> No.28750475

>and overly concerned with the law.
Because who cares if you get locked up.

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I've always preferred this version of phyrexian Glissa.

More of dat delicious green skin left intact.

>> No.28750502

What would the Kami side of that be contributing at all?

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Sigh... Kids...

>> No.28750547

It's part of the mad scientist experience.

Any proper mad scientist has to go to prison at some point to develop the connections with the criminal underworld needed to later buy things like uranium and stolen lab equipment, and to help nurture an all-consuming hatred of the established order that will drive them to build a doomsday machine.

>> No.28750584

"Elesh, stop enslaving your siblings right this instant, or it's off to time-out with you!"

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Very good, and MY genetic pet "The Queen" is loyal to me...

And I am loyal to...

>> No.28750586

>Whenever you cast an Eldrazi or Trap spell, ...

>Splice onto Trap

>Essenceshift 7 (When this creature dies, you may return target Eldrazi card with converted mana cost 7 or greater.)

>> No.28750626

The Queen wasn't Volrath's creation and wasn't loyal to him.

All he did was take Slivers from Shandalar and make them look like tentacles with scythes instead of humanoids.

>> No.28750647

I do serve glorious Phyrexia. I am compleat.

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File: 23 KB, 282x250, Upset Rigby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not "Nothing" but just ever so slightly above worthless that you have to sigh first then admit to yourself that they have added "Something." Then disregard it.

But if it makes you happy- sure anon. The kami have contributed.

>> No.28750758

>The Queen wasn't Volrath's creation and wasn't loyal to him.
Try again, Original slivers were uncontrollable and queen-less. So Volrath's exposition to Karn went.

Also Shandalar is still unconfirmed if it's their "Orginal" plane or a new plane they infested.

>> No.28750798

>mad scientist
>not crazy

You seem to not understand what "mad" means.


It'd probably be more

Splice onto colorless or spell with CMC greater than 7.

Splice itself would have been an interesting mechanic if they either: continued it after kamigawa, or made it not as parasitic.

>> No.28750832

> made it not as parasitic
And how would they do that?

>> No.28750857

>splice onto green
>splice onto blue
>splice onto any number of conditions that existed in the game before "arcane"

>> No.28750863

How about this then!

Creature - Spirit Eldrazi Zubera Spawn
Sacrifice this creature: Add 1 to your mana pool for each Zubera Spawn put into your graveyard from the battlefield this turn.

>> No.28750914

No, the Queen cared about her Slivers and not about Volrath; that's why she let them past.

No, Slivers aren't planeswalkers and can't infest other planes without someone moving them.

>> No.28750942

Until a sliver gets a spark. Then the multiverse is doomed.

>> No.28750995

Source? I need to see what other stuff this guy's made.

>> No.28750998

Fortunately, they don't appear to be sapient. And just one having a spark wouldn't necessarily be a problem, since it couldn't bring the others with it.

>> No.28750999

Phyrexians can't have the spark, so you can counter a sliver planeswalker with a phyrexian sliver.

>> No.28751165

Sheoldred is dead. Urabrask is MIA. according to the mothership

>> No.28751188

Bleh, I rather enjoy Theros fluff compared to a lot of other blocks.

>> No.28751193


>> No.28751208

Links and direct quotes on both or you're a liar.

>> No.28751225



>> No.28751309

Being compleated just makes you need a little stress relief, and when you have two great big golems following you, obeying your every word...

>> No.28751362

Could someone link me to a gallery of art of her, please? Grimdark AND moeblob welcome. I have a hard on for faceless monstrosities.

>> No.28751406
File: 335 KB, 900x900, Norn 14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have any galleries, but here's a pic of her by our very own Technomancer, from back before he became a faggot.

>> No.28751853

Just search "Elesh Norn" on Google Images.

>> No.28751885

>Shitty fluff

All they fucked up was Bestow and the Enchantment Artifacts, which, yeah, don't really have a good explanation beyond vague "influence of the gods". Mind, that makes it far from perfect, and probably less good than your others, but shitty? I'd still say it's probably one of the best representations of Greek mythology that's on the entertainment market right now, although that might say as much about its competition as it does about Theros.

>> No.28752023

I really like Red Phyrexia, if only for how specifically non-Phyrexian it is. It really does evoke the image of an uncaring and automated machine, simply churning away despite the presence of the Mirrans around it. It seems like the one part of New Phyrexia that could survive its defeat and become a part of a restored Mirrodin's ecosystem.

And if Urabrask and the Red Phyrexians have lost their territory to Elesh Norn, that only increases the probability of outright rebellion and defiance against the other factions of New Phyrexia.

>> No.28752051

Bestow is a goddamn fantastic mechanic, though, so some leeway.

>> No.28752734


well, red is the color of unpredictability. What's more unpredictable that a race of destructive infections not destroying or infecting?

>> No.28752821

I like the idea of red as the creation color too. I love seeing them work on art. Red Phyrexia had that.

Theros Red has it too.

>> No.28752832

not that guy but the last lines mention their statuses

>> No.28753973

Always reminds me of Kerrigan in that art for some reason.

>> No.28755994

Thematically, it actually seems like White, Green and Blue Phyrexia fit the theme of New Phyrexia far more than Black or Red Phyrexia - that could be why they've gotten rid of Urabrask and Sheoldred, because they don't really fit with this theme of a nation obsessed with the pursuit of perfection through recreation.

>> No.28756690


I wouldn't have been surprised to see that quote in some flavor text.

>> No.28756731

I'm willing to bet that if we ever go back to mirrodin (Which we will) It's gonna be Bant colored Phyrexians Vs a jund colored resistance

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