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You know the drill, folks. Omegles RP section is choked with bullshit and /tg/ should do something about it. Use "RP", "roleplay", "rpg", "/tg/", "fa/tg/uy", "grognard" as interests. Meet fellows, disrupt badly written plots, have fun.

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>tfw no partners to purge heretics with

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>Really want to participate a month ago
>Banned, so I wait
>Still banned.
What the fuck

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Gonna post some Brogan to get it going

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did you try resetting your router?

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Only got these four of Mister B, unfortunatly

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I know I'm going to regret this, but how did you get banned?

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This one got a few laughs some time back

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Absolutely no idea, never been able to use it since I moved to this apartment.

Yeah, I wonder if there's anything set up with my apartment's internet to block it/set that off.

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Found another old one. I wonder what happened to you, Battle-Brother...

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Emperor-forsaken xenos trying to trick me...

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I saw a strange git. 'e wasn't rioght an' proppa at all - bolted roight b'fore da big scrap!

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Just went and made this one.

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