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After spending 100 hours in MSpaint with one of Muju's drawthread headers, we have a new OP image.

All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and what not if you're hesitant. I hear Lewd's just giving them out.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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Master smut list:

/a/'s Monstergirl Fic collection: http://pastebin.com/mZEhPMMW

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If that is supposed to be Lelith you fucked up anon, her hair is fiery red, also she is supposed to be pale white like all other Dark Eldar.

I can't gush over this black haired normal skin-tonned space elf!

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If it wasn't a Muju pic I'd have photoshopped it to all hell and corrected that for 'yall.

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>Not knowing that OP's pic was drawn by Muju

Get out

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The art is fine, the coloring is wrong.

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Where does one go to get the complete collection of Muju's works?

>> No.28705547

Between the foolz archive and his deviantart you should be able to locate about all of it.

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Fair enough.

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Eldar can change everything about their physical appearance on a whim, with hair/eye/skin pigmentation taking seconds.
Dark Eldar do even crazier shit all the fucking time, depending on what's in vogue. Lelith can rock the brunette/not-porcelin look whenever she wants to.

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Request for a picture to the intro of Smut to the Smut throne.

Wanna see a sexy slaanesh teasing Khorne and either Slaanesh holding the ball gag or Khorne stuffed with it. Make that thing pink and it'll be sexy AND funny.

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Waiting fondly for that princess-dragon fic one anon volunteered to write last time.

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Requesting anything involving a big busted yet petite gnomegirl

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There's nothing wrong with OP's picture.

I hope that drawfag let you use it, though, OP.

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Oh no someone used someone's image online and didn't ask them, call the police

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After this week, we need some gender swapping smut my usual site for it has stopped updating

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I was checking to see if I got banned, and needed an excuse to post.

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Yeah, fuck entitled drawfags.

>> No.28705846

Obligatory promotional.

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And you can modify and use one of my pictures if you like. No where near as talented as that artist, though.

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Shit, I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier. Welp, here I am.

I think ELH had a Crohn's attack again, but hopefully he'll recover in time to get something done later.

So how have we been holding up. I've spent most of my time sitting on my ass writing a paper on leprosy. Fun shit, huh?

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Did you read Freaky Faerun yet?

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So, anyone working on anything interesting?

I request a fic about a female halfling rogue that sneaks into rich homes to screw the delicious, wealthy young men that live there while they sleep. I don't know why, either.

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That's an oddly specific request, but I've seen weirder. I think Edinbro said he was going to finish up the Linvala fic, and if >>28687017 is ELH, we'll be lucky to hear from him at all. I can try to take on greentext duty while he's out though.

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He did write it- well, part of it anyway. No real action happened in it, though. But he did say he was open to suggestions.

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Oh hey. If Muju comes by, this is for him.

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Impressive coloring there, Hound. Looks just like the real thing.

>> No.28707221

Oh, no, I was there for that. I was just hoping that he might have done some progress since last week.

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I demand more collaboration like this.

>> No.28707260

Oh, my mistake. These threads always start out slow, so maybe he'll show up later on.

I second this notion.

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Next time Muju's around in the drawthreads, might want to hit him up with a request for another monstergirl.

>> No.28707353

ELH said if he was around he'd ask for my two favorites last time we chatted.

>> No.28707362

I know Lewd's been around today too- I saw him earlier in an Eldar thread. (Protip- never insult Harlequins around him- the man loves his clownbutt.)

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A word on the actual Ushi fic: it won't have smut for a LONG time. In fact, consider the story the focal point over anything else.

This is true.


It's not. Have a random short story because I feel like making some SPESS MARIENS angry:

A Copy of the Codex Astartes. Why in the world did she want that? Still, seeing as how the xenos witch would be executed on the morrow, Commissar Johnathan was more than happy to oblige. After all, if she wanted to study one of the most holy of texts in her final hours, perhaps it was a sign that their race could be brought to see the light of the Emperor. It did not take long to locate a copy, though Johnathan made a mental note to inquire why Sister Emily had one in the first place later. After handing the blue-bound book over to the Eldar, the Commissar retreated from the room and resumed his vigil just outside.

Minutes later, a strange moan met Johnathan's ears. Confused, he quickly glanced inside the cell at his captive, only to freeze up in shock. The Eldar was licking each page of the holy text, then rubbing it against her body. As he continued to watch in horror, she even went so far as to slide the book's edge underneath her loincloth. All in all, a stimulating display, but damned sacrilegious. It needed to be stopped...soon. Maybe after she reached Chapter three...

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I've got a warhammer 40k erotica idea but I don't know how to develop it:
Someone who can fuck-up people but doesn't feel like spreading the glory of the dark princess/prince. I was think this character has a mix of biomancery and telepathy. And that's all I got.

>> No.28707445

Good to see you back.

I give this story an Extra Heresy out of 10.

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What kind of fetishes do you want to write about?

>> No.28707456

Without the overlay of black.

>> No.28707483

mind control and bodily alteration
maybe I could incorporate some good old fashioned violence and whatnot into it

>> No.28707603

Well, you have an idea for the plot along with what you want to happen. Now all you need to worry about is the execution.

Here's an idea of how to start out- how did he fall in with Slaanesh in the first place? Was he seduced by a Daemonette or perhaps he was in the wrong orgy at the wrong time?

>> No.28707666


Have another bit:

Come Chapter Five, the Commissar had made no move to stop the Eldar. It was heresy: pure, concentrated heresy. But he couldn't stop himself from watching. By now, the reason for the earlier fluid application was evident, as the xenos deftly tore pages from the text and began to fashion a paper mache object. It was cylindrical, with a flared base...

(Yes, I just went there. Suck it Ultrasmurfs)

Remind me to steal the PSD file from you later

Add a love interest via an old friend or something. Or perhaps someone they bond with on their run/fight against the Inquisition.

>> No.28707690

Somewhere back in Nottingham, Matt Ward is getting the weirdest feeling that something terrible is happening.

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>> No.28707882

Lewd posted these a while back. His faces are improving, if I do say so myself.

The guy loves his space elves- and honestly, who doesn't?

>> No.28707973


I need to stop having ideas.

Johnathan awoke some time later. Rubbing the pulsating wound on his forehead, he tried to assess his surroundings. The entire camp was on fire, with screams of pain and agony piercing the acrid smoke. Stumbling through the wreckage, the Commissar pulled the first Guardsman he found aside.

"What in the world happened here?"
"It was that Xenos, Sir!"
"She was wielding some sort of power weapon! We couldn't do anything at all!"

And now a word from Macha:
>You will never be horny/desperate enough to make a Codex Astartes Paper-mache Dildo
>You will never cause Sisters of Battle to cry in dismay for not thinking of it first
>You will never give the dildo the Power-field and Tearing qualities via your psychic powers
>You will never...
>"Auntie? Why are you in my room again?"
>"Uhhh...nothing Lofn. Don't worry about it."
>"...You were on the Webway again, weren't you? Stop bothering the Imperials."

>> No.28708037

A Power Dildo?! She got that from Macha, didn't she?

>> No.28708076

>Here is an attempt at a start:
>Less apathy, more exhaustion
It was a long climb. Icalig was tired but alive, and had successfully escaped the inquisition. Both things would've had his mates shrieking in envy if they had been alive. Or maybe they would have been proud to aid in his survival. Either way, he wasn't willing to follow them into the god's mouth by freezing himself to death up here.
He was held to the surface of the spire by fragments of bone and long strands of muscle tendon that fed into his body. It was taking a lot of concentration to keep his body temperature warm but the figurative summit was almost in sight.

>more in a bit

>> No.28708095

Seems good so far, if a bit gruesome. But that's how Slaanesh likes it, I'm sure.

>> No.28708148

Need moar Macha posting on WebwayChan.

>> No.28708284

Need more Macha in general. (Does anyone know somebody who might be willing to do commissions?)

>> No.28708406


Icalig was young but he had been many things in his time (from present to past): A fugitive wyrd, a nascent psyker, a medicae collegium student who enjoyed wild parties, and then finally or first, the son of humble hive-spire window washers. It was from them that he knew the sacred tech rite of opening up airlocks from the outside.
He knew he wasn't safe up here but if he was lucky the chaos down there would've thrown the hunters off his scent.

>Sex incoming

>> No.28708442

>Sex incoming

please continue...

>> No.28708731

u still there? dont leave us hanging...

>> No.28708766

Thank you
Aw jeez, now I'm a little nervous.
When he finally reached the portal chamber, his oxygen sacks were nearly empty. Icalig was thankful that the machine-spirits could be easily commanded with the simple press of a rune-key. Climbing had turned his claws brittle.... would've shattered if he tried to force the door open.
Working on it!

>> No.28709053

I second this. Hopefully Edinbro will return to Extra Large Heresy one day.

>> No.28709339

Before The Party, Icalig's name had been different and he used to think differently about luck.
But afterward it made sense, why would the God-Emperor of Humanity care that he had a date?
She That Hungers had been so very kind to him, and yet he never felt like he deserved it, and therefore never returned it's affections.

The air past the lock was laden with incense meant to drown out the glorious human scent. The airlock doors were silent and opened into a hallway. There were another two doors, one leading to an elevator and the other some private chamber. Sound was possible, which gave Icalig still more evidence that a high power loved him unconditionally:
"But my lord, we can't truly be safe up here," said a woman's voice, warbling between practiced sweetness and deep concern. Another voice, similar to the previous but far more frank gave her an answer: "Shut up Kathera, you're ruining the moment." then a man's spoke up in support: "don't get angry Pyria, Kathera isn't aware that this bed has been blessed by the greatest cardinals in the sector. No unholy spawn could even touch touch us here."

>too tired to continue

>> No.28709382

It's cool- I'm getting rather tired myself and I'm sure this thread will be here in the morning. See you in a few hours.

>> No.28709711

One quick bump before I collapse. Yay, insomnia.

>> No.28709831

I am clinging to hope that some of the writefags who have said they would return for the weekend will do so.

Guy working on the dragon polymorph smut, are you still around?

>> No.28710708

A shame. My Elesh Norn fic I wrote for /tg/ didn't get added to that master list.

Well, here you go /tg/. One of the versions of the fic.



>> No.28711274

I have committed a mortal sin: I have visited TVTropes. I know what has been done cannot be forgiven, but at least I found something we may be able to use:

"Think about Catachan society for a moment. Half the kids die before they're three, another quarter die before they're ten. Just to maintain the population, this means that every Catachan mother must have (at least) eight kids to ensure that two survive to replace their parents (and a proportion of the men join the Guard and leave). Talk about barefoot and pregnant!"

This is a culture that, by necessity, has to practice sex for procreation as often as possible.
I'm sure we can work with this.

>preggers muscle girls
Varying degrees of want.

>> No.28711302

>no Pvt. Jubblowski
Full heresy.

>> No.28711368

TvTropes Will Ruin Your Life.

>> No.28711461

Dat ass.

>> No.28712546

Ooh, yes. I was hoping for another fic on Elesh Norn. The two already on the master list just weren't enough for me.

>> No.28712751


Here's hoping this thread lives long enough to see some new content.

>> No.28713396

Sorry, I must have overlooked it. It'd on the list now.

>> No.28713416

It always starts off kind of slow. Give it time and content will show up. Worst case, Christmas vacation is just around the corner for a lot of people so people will have more time to work on their stuff in future threads.

>> No.28714252

>you will never use Macha's ears like handlebars as she deepthroats you
>you will never be the man she chose to give her virginity to
>you will never be able to fill her with your gene-seed as she shrieks loud enough to put a Howling Banshee to shame
>you will never have your minds touch so you can always orgasm together

Fuck this gay earth.

They'll be back. They always come back eventually.

>> No.28714387

Y'know, I just realized we've been doing this for four months straight now. Hard to believe we've been at it for this long, huh?

>> No.28714506

Requesting a romance fic involving feet, Macha, and a Sister of Battle.

>> No.28714512

These are some sad feels.

>> No.28714543

There will come a day when science perfects the ability to travel between different dimensions, and when that day comes I am sure at least one fa/tg/uy will somehow make his way to the 40k universe to live the dream for us (or die horribly trying).

>> No.28714646

A few days ago, I left a message for Chink over on /vg/ asking him to come over and see what we did with Macha since he left. (He wasn't there to get it, but one of the locals there said he'd be sure to pass it along when Chink showed up there again.) Do you think he might be willing to get back in the saddle again, so to speak? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

>> No.28714687

I draw lizards. I don't think I'm good enough for a trip yet but I've had some positive feedback. I do male and female, any orientation.

^ some of my better work, not enough lewd

>> No.28714734

Hey, I remember you- you also did the fly-man. It was creepy yet inexplicably arousing and I think we need more of them.

>> No.28714753

It wasn't a choice so much as it was a demand.

>> No.28714788

From his perspective, anyway. She could have given it up to anyone before that time, but let's just say that her overactive libido picked exactly the right person for the job, if only through sheer dumb luck. (At least, I think that's what happened, but I'm not 100% certain.)

>> No.28714791

I want to draw some Whiteshield / Farseer /ss/ but I'm not sure if I should make her flat or not

>> No.28714799

Either kind is fine- /ss/ is to be encouraged in all its varieties.

>> No.28714846

Blind Paladin and her goddess when?

>> No.28714848

The sexual frustration got so bad she broke the fourth wall.

>> No.28714901

Actually, that was while she was fucking him, but the point remains that she really needed that release after all that time. Shlicking just doesn't cut it after a while.

>> No.28714912

But not all /ss/ is equal, some are greater.

So what's greater, big breasts or DFC

>> No.28714931

Big boobs would be a decent counterpart to her partner's comparative youth.

Now get to it. Make us proud.

>> No.28714966


If nothing crops up by the end of the weekend, into the backlog it goes.

I should have something Lelith-flavored later. Don't quote me on that.

>> No.28714992

Goody. More Lelith is better- she's basically become our second mascot now, just like she was always meant to be.

>> No.28715336

Bigger is better.

>> No.28715516

So I may get around to FINALLY finishing Linvala tomorrow. NEARLY done writing for the term.

In the mean time, enjoy this thing I got Muju to make. It's pretty.

>> No.28715546

Did someone just say "dragon polymorph smut"?

>> No.28715587

Touch fluffy wing.

>> No.28715606

Did that doc I dropped off last week help out with it? I hope so.

And fortunately for me I got my writings all done. Take it from me, leprosy is not the most fun subject to write about. Or to research, at that matter.

>> No.28715672

It's better without the polymorph

>> No.28715680

Who is your first mascot?

>> No.28715685


>> No.28715704

Macha. Definitely.

>> No.28715717


>> No.28715737

That's fair; I frequented /tg/ about...four years ago? Dropped off the map for a spell, and I don't remember some of these hallowed institutions.
I like these threads, though. It's always neat to see folks making things and sharing them with others.

>> No.28715751

Chapter One of the Knight and the Alchemist has been edited and re-posted as per your critiques.
Tags in order of appearance are: Muscle growth, Nekomimi (ears and tail on a normal human.) Twinkification, self mind control (potion of irresistibility given.), Homosex, Temporary Male hermaphroditism.

Chapter 2 has been extended and I'm editing it right now, possibly to post later today. Chapter 3 is in progress.

>> No.28715807

I know- this kind of thread would have been unthinkable in the days of Nazimod.

Added. Nice job with the editing- looks much better now.

>> No.28715966

Is it okay to form a coma elepsis like .., ?

>> No.28715981

>The last bastion of OC on /tg/ is Smut General

These are the ends times.
At least I have something to jerk it to while I wait.

>> No.28716187

I don't know- I've never seen one before.

Sad but true. But hey, it's a good way for new writefags to get a start, since there's no shortage of demand.

>> No.28716192

No, that's not a thing.
How do you propose that would even be used?

>> No.28716333

Just dropping this sketch here.

>> No.28716390

Impressive. You do that yourself?

>> No.28716651

It's not conventional, no.

>> No.28716710

I used a model as help, my normal style is a tad bit more comic-ish. Checked out the thread and someone was saying more Macha was needed, so I gave it a go.

>> No.28716745

Much appreciated, friend. We can never have enough of her.

>> No.28716812

I'd love to see more works if you'd be willing to show them (both your normal, comic-ish style and your style with model.)

>> No.28716846

Sort of. Working (slowly, due to other obligations) on a SOB-on-(female) Inquisitor fic.

>> No.28716879

RL always seems to trip us up. Luckily we'll have a lot more time to do what we do best when Christmas rolls around.

>> No.28716918

Finally got around to the /ss/ pic, but drawing two characters interacting is friggin difficult, so I pussed out and drew something simple

>> No.28717026

Looks good. Was hoping for a bit more action, but it's a fine start. Now we need a fic to go with it...

Also, I have noticed a distinct lack of Howling banshees around here. If anyone wants to make a fic with one I'd be quite pleased.

>> No.28717038

Greetings all, I was wondering if there was any call for writefags in your pit of smut. I do the flatfics for Hero Quest, and I can post an older fapfic that I did for Sororitas Quest.

I'm up for any fun requests, though I usually don't do anything with straight couples.

>> No.28717110

I might just pick that up. Want something between two banshees or between a farseer and a banshee bodyguard?

>> No.28717205

Welp, I don't really have anything saved for a smut-thread :/ I'm a rather impatient person so I mainly make quick sketches I don't bother finishing/saving. I guess a good example would be this, did it for some cute 40k -thread a while back and feel slightly bad for never finishing it.

>> No.28717341

Hey, it doesn't have to be smut, right? What are the mods going to do, punish you for NOT being pornographic? Outrageous.

Also, that's quite cute.

>> No.28717407

How about a halfling x half-elf lesbian fic.
The elf is a rogue-in-training, learning the ropes form the halfling.

Perhaps there is a lot more to learn about getting out of trouble when caught then the half-elf originally thought?

>> No.28717431

I was thinking something along the lines of Banshee-on-Guardsman reverse rape myself, if that's fine with you.

>> No.28717481

New Anon here, but anything banshees sounds awesome. Favorite aspect.

>> No.28717489

Seconding this.

>> No.28717512

The thing about polymorph is there are so many more interesting possibilities. Maybe the human becomes a dragon. maybe they meet in the middle. Anything could happen.

>> No.28717616

Sure, I can do something along the lines of her ripping through a squad of guardsmen in a trenchline or something, leaving a guardswoman alive, then showing the superiority of the Eldar race and all that.

That sounds pretty adorable, and I wouldn't mind trying my hand at it. I could do something along the lines of a training mission that goes awry, or something cute like punishment after failing a test.

>> No.28717641

Do any of you elegan/tg/entlemen know where can I go for weird fetishes? I tried /d/ but they had nothing.

>> No.28717658

I'd prefer the victim to be male- we have enough lesbian fics to last us for a while and its getting boring now.

>> No.28717689

I said reverse rape, not lesbian rape. Maybe I should have made that clearer.

>> No.28717703

Or a training role-play where the halfling is a guard and the half-elf has to seduce "him" to avoid jail time.
Honestly, any of the three would be delightful.

>> No.28717897

This sounds fun. I'll get to writing it, see what I can come up with. I might blend a few of the ideas or leave them for later if I like the pair that I come up with.

Wow, never thought I'd hear lesbians and boring in the same sentence. As it stands, I probably won't go for the male just because I'm not very good at writing them. I'll do something else with banshees then so that someone else can pick this idea up.

>> No.28717948 [SPOILER] 

You're already here. Now, what's your fetish?

>> No.28717992

For whatever reason I just don't get aroused by lesbians- sorry to burst your bubble there.

>> No.28718023

If you look at the master list you will notice it includes:
A fic about Space Marines drowning a 13yr old girl with piss
A fic about a man fucking a 6 inch tall fairy
A fic about fairies boring into a virgin witch's vagina to tear each other apart as a way of creating new fairies
A fic about a fantasy dinosaur raping an elf woman to death
A fic about an alchemist turning a knight into a furry shota with magic potions
A fic about a dwarf girl raping a thief with a metal strapon while forcing his partner to fuck HER in the ass at the same time.
Also, there's some tyranid stuff in there.

What's your fetish? I can't guarantee someone will write it for you, but by Cthulhu, there's an audience for it.

>> No.28718027

I don't mind in the slightest, I just wanted to make sure that someone else who would do something that you liked would give it a go.

>> No.28718047

Thats fine, no harm done.

>> No.28718090


>> No.28718194

/tg/, in a recent thread we have discovered that the internet is lacking something. Something vital.

Orcish barmaids.

Therefore, I request from you pictures, greentexts, or stories of orcish barmaids, lewd or otherwise. Godspeed, smutlords.

>> No.28718423

Its just how we roll. (Applications for new writefags always open, by the way.)

>> No.28718478

I just love they way you put that :D

>> No.28718577

God Emperor, dat commissar face is drawn hilariously!

>> No.28718655

Needs another comic with her bent over with her head clearly at crotch level while the boy is sitting in a chair in bliss and us with a perfect view of her ass, only for the viewpoint to change and she's tying his shoe and he goes thanks.

>> No.28718659

He was meant to be older but in the end I'm quite content with his looks.

>> No.28718695

Will it be /ss/, then?

>> No.28718729

No. How could it be? It's a female halfling and a female half-elf.

>> No.28718734

Not him, but mine is brown elves being forcibly fattened.

>> No.28718771

I wasn't sure what was going on and wanted to make sure.
What's the lesbian version of /ss/ anyway?

>> No.28718787

/ll/- Loli lesbians.

>> No.28718825

We need a greentext of Lelith passing through Commarragh and finding Macha like pic related just lying naked in the street and going what the fuck. And then Macha explains that its all part of her plan to have a bunch of Dark Eldar finally tap her cherry, only that it isn't working.
Eventually Macha gives up and they decide to go to the nearest bar, where Macha is increasingly seen as a regular and gets the same "depressed drink" every time.

>> No.28718844

That works.

So... who's doing /ss/ again?

>> No.28718848

So they share a drink called loneliness, but it's better than drinking alone?

>> No.28718873

Guys, no time to explain.
Do we have any new harlequins smut?

>> No.28718888

...Why does that sound so familiar?
Oh, wait. Billy Joel, right?
Now we need a 40k version of Piano Man.

>> No.28718889

God damn you, now that song is stuck in my head.

>> No.28718915

Uh... No, no we don't. I think.
I haven't been here the past couple of weeks actually so I wouldn't know.

>> No.28718935


I can write some. Why?

>> No.28718953

A guy I know was going to do something.
I don't know if he is actually doing that.

>> No.28718959

Don't forget about Lelith or the rest of the backlog.

>> No.28718981

At least you have a GOOD song stuck in your head.

>> No.28718992

One can never tell.

>> No.28719025 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28719046


Why is her vulva so puffy?

>> No.28719051


...While this does not answer my question Hound, I highly approve.

>> No.28719099

Boobs are always the answer. Especially the bdsm rapey kind.

>> No.28719115


I feel like a newfag, but I can't find the master list. Is it on 1d4chan, or the catalog?

>> No.28719162

Here it is ---> >>28705213

>> No.28719164

Second post, right here: >>28705213

>> No.28719190

... and then I went from that to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjEq-r2agqc

>> No.28719193

Let's see where we stand in regards to OC providers:
Edinbro is taking a breather for school.
ELH is, obviously, here and quite active.
Lewd was spotted in the Eldar thread a day or two ago.

Was JAW doing school stuff as well? Last week he added quite a bit of content.
I didn't see anything from Smutomancer last week, so I suppose he's still having computer problems (not that he'd been doing much recently, anyway).

We have an anon working on a halfling x half-elf fic it seems.

What else is being worked on?

>> No.28719209

I am hoping the guy from the Girdle thread or the guy from the Polymorph thread actually produced what they promised

>> No.28719226

...is this a trick question or something?

>> No.28719244

I have this half-finished maenad corruption thing I havent worked on for a month. something might get done over next weekend, i dunno.

>> No.28719250

> school

Feeing myself too old for this board.

>> No.28719271

When a woman is aroused, anon, their labia engorge up to three times their "dormant" size.
This is a byproduct of blood swelling to the area, which increases sensitivity and excites the glands that secrete the vaginal juices for lubrication.

>> No.28719273

>halfling x half-elf fic
Hello, what's this? What respective genders?

>> No.28719282


Thanks /tg/.

>> No.28719299

I know that feel, anon.

>> No.28719304

University level, to be fair.

>> No.28719347

Very new development:
The prospective writer prefers lesbian stuff and the request is for lesbians.

>> No.28719388

Try this on for size:
I'm partial to this one, too:

>> No.28719407

>haven't worked on for a month
You make me sad, it sounds interesting.
Still, I know how bad writer's block can be.

>> No.28719513


Not school stuff, but I have been busy with work due to the christmas season. If I get a chance I may take requests for next week or the week after, but time for writing is going to be short as my spare-time is minimal at present.

>> No.28719543

Erratically present.

Did a very little bit on it. Having a lot of trouble. May have to change the premise, a lot of my trouble is with the characters. Which feels like a really lame excuse for smut.

>> No.28719577

You, sir, are a classy motherfucker and I'll have your back anytime.

>> No.28719656

Here I am, sorry.

I was up until 4 playing D&D, if anyone cares I can possibly start writing it.

If anyone is interested I can post the general idea for the story and maybe take ideas, I want to start on something and will probably get something written fast once I get a solid idea where to start.

>> No.28719659

I'm gonna samefag my request one last time before I become a bother and suggest some busty orcish barmaid boobs.

>> No.28719696

Coming in to save the day.

>> No.28719840

>the calm before the blowjob storm.

>> No.28719903

Judging by the filename, its gonna be facesitting

>> No.28719930

Basic idea was that there is a mid-20s noble lady learning the ways of magic, and starts playing around with polymorph and alter self.

She has a rebellious streak a mile wide and uses it to sneak out, at first enjoying the anonymity but then finding more exotic uses for it. She starts experimenting with different races and genders but eventually sets her sights on a higher target, a dragon, specifically a dragoness.

So she polymorphs herself into a male dragon to go and seduce her and live out a masculing power sex fantasy. Thing is polymorph is related to her current hit-die, so she turns into the dragon equivalent of a teenager who can barely 'perform' is flooded with nervous emotions and panic, causing the night to go terribly.

But they sort of become a regular thing, the truth eventually comes out, and she decides to leave the city to live with her new lover, perhaps spending a lot, if not most, of her time in her new dragon form.

That's the general idea at least. Sorry this has been taking so long, but it's been a very hectic week, I'll start working on it now.

>> No.28719935

How do you see the entire filename, mine cuts it off.

>> No.28719951

Mouse over the filename, it will then pop up.

>> No.28719960


I would love if you could actually write it, friend.

>> No.28719963

Just mouse over the filename and keep the pointer there for a second or two. The full filename will pop up.

>> No.28719992

Welp apparently I suck at /tg/. Sheeeit.

>> No.28719996


Take your time, don't rush yourself. Also, from what I recall in the old thread you were mostly iffy as to whether to have the Dragon have a demi-human alias or not: It'd likely be easier to wing-it if they do, but if you don't want 'em to have such that works too.

>> No.28720029

I've written about people turning into a lot of things.
I just happen to dig dragons.

>> No.28720079


What about giant robots?

>> No.28720099

That will come later in the story, so no need to choose right now. I kinda like the idea, but it they know each other prior it removes a little of the fear that is the humor source.

I think she'll have one, but only use it after they meet as dragons, stopping by the castle to hit it off with the sorceress, though neither of them know who the other is at the time.

I'll take ideas too, I think the best way to start it would be to begin in a magical lesson from a tutor some time before she starts experimenting, then show her first 'innocent' try before moving onto the smutty stuff.

>> No.28720109

To add on that, last I heard from Smutomancer was that his laptop was busted and that all his work was saved on it.

(Archivist anon here, BTW. Trying to study, and not doing a good job of it. Good thing my finals will be over by next Friday- maybe then I can pull a greentexts or two out of my ass. Had an idea for an idranel fic, but I had to nix it due to the presence of self-inserts. Creativity never was my strong suit.)

>> No.28720131

Don't worry, took me a long time to get familiar with how this place works.

>> No.28720152

You got me.
I'm now trying to think of an excuse for someone to turn into a giant robot. I'm not sure if polymorph applies here.

>> No.28720173


I was the other idea guy from that thread.

Godspeed, prospective writefag, may your smut flow like dragon semen.

>> No.28720214


God of artifice returns/is woken up, forcefully starts upgrading fantasy world into technology

>> No.28720247

Um. Thanks. I think.

>> No.28720255

Sounds reasonable enough.

>> No.28720321

Forced robotisation pleases me. Would it also be possible if mechandrites are involved? (robo-tentacles)

>> No.28720349


Mostly I just want to see unwilling robotization of elves and such. Yum

>> No.28720409


What? It was a compliment

>> No.28720425

Fair enough.

Really don't know if I'm any shape to take any requests yet. Maybe, maybe not.
Why don't you write it yourself though, if it tickles you fancy?
TF is pretty easy to write, I could even help you if for whatever reason you need it.

>> No.28720481

I may, though I have other things on my plate right now. Sadly nothing I can share just yet. Will let you guys know when I have something up on the ol Pastebin.

>> No.28720516

And that was a joke.

>> No.28720596

What a silly premise. Who would be unwilling to caste off the weakness of the flesh, if given the chance?

>> No.28720636

I'm trying my hand at lewdfics again, or rather I guess for the first time- my friend requested this, and I haven't gotten too far into the smut, I'm just looking for some impartial opinions on whether or not its absolute shit.

It's about a gnoll and some lamia in a modern fantasy setting, which was pretty much all I had to go on.


>> No.28720669


>> No.28720681

Sure, have fun.

That's the spirit. Alas, the unwillingness is usually part of the fun. You don't see willing transformations often in smut.

>> No.28720766

Hey, just wondering, can I update a paste as I go? I would like to start posting as I write so you all can read rather than waiting for me to get a good chunk out, I've already got a page or so ready to go.

>> No.28720791


If you have a pastebin account, you can edit the pastes you make. Otherwise no.

>> No.28720918

Okay, I'll fiddle around with it a bit and get it working then upload.

>> No.28720937

Let me guess- is it that spot on your back that you can never reach when it gets itchy?

>> No.28721089

I got rid of it first! But I miss this little bastard.

>> No.28721094

Right, here's the beginning, I'll post more to the site as I write it. Any ideas you feel like giving me, or comments in general are appreciated.


>> No.28721352

> girl
> older and attractive teacher
> transmutation
Well, you intrigued me. Continue, please!

>> No.28721371

More posted just now, I will post each paragraph or so as I go.

>> No.28721393

There are so many things wrong with the anatomy of that picture I don't know where to start.

>> No.28721428

I know I know, but in the artists defense this is hardly new. Learned in college that a lot of famous classic paintings have impossible proportions. Just thought this was a somewhat appropriate pic for her later appearance.

>> No.28721512

> into someone else
Hope it would not be guy. It's kind my opinion. But it's your smut nevertheless.

>> No.28721527

It's more of an issue of pieces not aligning correctly than intentional exaggeration. Particularly, the parts where the torso joins the shoulders and hips are misaligned.

Although I probably wouldn't have noticed if that other guy didn't point it out.

>> No.28721619

You do realize that you can twist so your shoulders don't line up with your hips, right?

It might be an awkward pose, but it's not impossible.

>> No.28721656

You'll just have to read and find out.

>> No.28721754

I think I might give this a shot after all. Don't expect a whole lot from it though, but at least I'll see about getting something short and concise done today.

>> No.28721769

>You don't see willing transformations often in smut.
In the context of robotization, willing transformation could be pretty interesting.

The juxtaposition of the horrific and vaguely fatal process of being turned into a machine with a consenting "victim" taking pleasure in the experience could make for an appealingly new take on the theme.

>> No.28721837

Do. It.

>> No.28721884

It's not too uncommon to go for "unwilling at first, then enjoying it", but if you want "fully willing from the get go" I can work with that.
Still going for giant robots though because that sounds hilarious.

>> No.28721931

Hey, guy who made that imgur account for Lewd's stuff.
Does anyone know how to make it so other people can add to the gallery? Is that a thing?

>> No.28722007


Nope. Only the person who made the album can add to it.

>> No.28722122

I know it will take a little bit to get to the smut, I'm thinking another time she does this a while later she gets lucky, unless you guys want something to happen this time?

Either really works for me, but do you guys want more plot progression or smut first?

>> No.28722285

I appreciate lots, tons of smut and I'd like to see some now, but good plot can make smut really hilarious. Do the best you can, I like the way the story is going.

>> No.28722343 [SPOILER] 

I just can't resist posting transparencies

>> No.28722388



Quick! Censorbar them! (No I'm not joking, you will get banned for them)

>> No.28722397

Might wanna delete that one, dude.

>> No.28722449 [DELETED] 

Are not its already censorbared? I thought drow nipples should be white.

>> No.28722678

Also, change of plans. I'll deliver it tomorrow night.
Not fond of postponing stuff but it's unfortunately a necessity.
My sincere apologies.

>> No.28722723

No worries.

>> No.28722754

Thanks and bye!

>> No.28722809

My rp partner takes part in a setting where his character has enslaved and uses the primach daughters as breeding stock and courtisans. It's so wrong yet feels so right!

>> No.28722819

No one?

>> No.28722865

Needs moar smut to be honest, so I'm waiting for more.

>> No.28723100

Well, when its done, I'll post it.
It's going to be a femdom fic. Lots of biting.

>> No.28723197

Updated, smut imminent.

>> No.28723495

excellent, that's the best part.

>> No.28723710

Sorry for the delay, got a phone call.

first bit of smut is up. Not too practiced with writing this, but gave it a shot.

>> No.28723767

Seems good so far. Just a heads-up, you set it to expire in a month- might want to fix that before then.

>> No.28723810

Also, taking suggestions/requests for future race/gender options.

What species or gender would you like to see our intrepid sorceress become for a spot of fun? What gender/race would her partner be?

I'll try to make it happen if I like it.

>> No.28724064

This is gonna sound weird, but

Does anyone have the screencap of the story from the PoV of a firefly-like alien who works as a translator, I think? He meets up with a human in a bar after work, who requests to see him glow, and he winds up getting fucked by the human in a bathroom stall?

>> No.28724093

I have absolutely no idea what the fuck you are talking about. And it does sound weird.

>> No.28724141


I swear to god it was a story here at some point and someone screencapped it.

>> No.28724238

I've been here since day 1 and there has been no such story of that type to my knowledge.

>> No.28724258

Updated, I think that's it for writing tonight. Be here all night to take ideas/requests though.

Here you are, found it in the archive.

>> No.28724318

That explains it- these threads didn't start until late August or so.

>> No.28724518


Much appreciated, doctor. Sorry to creep people out for awhile there.

>> No.28724549

Relax, compared to where my story is going eventually, this is pretty tame.

>> No.28724940

OK, you've gotten my attention. Mind explaining?

>> No.28724962

I have a request: a female Knight whom the BBEG brutally and repeatedly rapes, only to eventually have him killed by self-esteem issues when she complains about his inadequate technique. Comedy of course.

>> No.28724982

She's only going to get better with polymorph as the story goes on, eventually being able to switch species and gender, experimenting with all kinds of combinations.

Eventually she decides to become a male dragon and seduce a female, though it all goes hilariously awry. That idea is what started this story, but who knows where it could go in the meantime?

>> No.28725012

Um, no I'm already working on something, and am not really interested in writing that anyway.

>> No.28725284

Male Warforged to female warforged

What an amusing idea. And no, you don't need to write this, I write my own stuff.

>> No.28725394

Strange enough to work. Share the end result with us, will ya?

>> No.28725410

>Male Warforged to female warforged

>> No.28725418


I'll probably go with an orientation change. Or lesbians

>> No.28726435 [SPOILER] 

Drow guise of the thespian wat do

>> No.28726459


Futa guise of the thespian?

>> No.28726504

Thanks, but we already have someone doing a TF fic.

What exactly is everyone else up to anyhow?

>> No.28726768



no no no


>> No.28727041


Why not?

>> No.28727119

Some people just get touchy over futa. I don't have that big of a problem with it, but it seems somewhat unnecessary when 90% of /d/ consists of it.

>> No.28727337


It's only like that because of spammers

>> No.28727413

Isn't that Sylvanas from Warcraft?

>> No.28727474

It's old fanart, I think. Before Dota 2 was made and Drow Ranger still used Sylvanas' model.

>> No.28727480

Too much clothes and not enough purple.

>> No.28727517

Smut from Sororita Quest?!?!
By Slaanesh, POST IT!!!

There have been no stories of Matron Thurda Sudspiller and her cozy little inn, the Fluffy Fanny?

Kaiju attacks, the people need a gigantic robot Guardian to protect them.
May or may not involve sexing up Kaiju.

We all want to be Magitech Robot Girls Anon...

>> No.28727596

And it's that time again, folks.

>> No.28727641

And here is the version for lazy people.

>> No.28727677


No because Sylvanas isn't a futa or a Guise of the Thespian

>> No.28727981

>Thanks, but we already have someone doing a TF fic.

Not even that guy but

>turning down a potential writer

>ishiggidy diggidy

>> No.28728021

I thought he was making a request, not offering to write it.

>> No.28728771

>No because Sylvanas isn't a futa or a Guise of the Thespian

I see no reason either or both couldn't be true.

>> No.28728935

I'm writing a piece about a girl and a lizardman in a pseudo-arabian setting, and every time I almost get to the sex I think 'no, there needs to be more romance first'. It's almost getting annoying. It'll probably be another week at least before it's postable.

>> No.28728973

I know that feel...
...I still haven't even gotten to the part where the Sororita finds out her savor is a Daemonette yet.

>> No.28729001

Does anybody know any good weight gain stories? Preferably where the girl is opposed to the gain?

>> No.28729081

I don't think we have any.

Refresh my memory, when did you first start working on that again?

>> No.28729116

Just ignore that thought the next time it emerges- write it and it'll be fixed in an instant.

>> No.28729177

If the mood strikes you could just write the smut and then later fill in the connecting scene(s).

>> No.28729234

Damn. If I were a more confident writer, I'd do some. Oh well.

>> No.28729326


You should. The only way to get better is to write

>> No.28729508

Let's see...

Ugh, I started the Sixth of October...

>> No.28729591

So tell us, what exactly have you been up to that's been making your work take so long? Really, I'm genuinely curious about it.

>> No.28729634

That's something you shouldn't really want to know. What the word count is would have been a better question.

>> No.28729695

I was trying to be polite about it. It's not exactly normal to make absolutely no progress on something after two months, and I figured there might be something wrong on his end.

>> No.28729731

I'm sure there's plenty wrong.

>> No.28729742

Not much honestly, I just have a terrible time writing and lost my spark when I got chewed out over how badly CuttleDaemonette Attacks came out...

Fuck Word Counts, word counts are the bane of true Creative Writing, trying to hit a certain number of words leads to padding and filler.
You guys got bitchy enough when I was too slow doing the necessary character build-up...

>> No.28729872

Any tips? I suppose for myself I just don't know how to start it or pace the story and feel like my sentences would either be too fragmented or disjointed.

>> No.28729899

What's wrong with a simple fap-n-go? I think your style is a bit better suited to cutting to "and then they had sex".

And you yourself said you came here because you didn't trust other sites to be honest with the quality of your work- you can have people flatter you and build up your self-esteem or you can listen to what the people chewing you out are saying and learn from their criticisms. But you can't have it both ways. Most importantly, don't take criticism of your work as a personal attack, or you'll be no better than the children on fanfiction.net.

Hell, if it's that difficult for you to write perhaps it would be better for you to practice in a lower-pressure environment than this. If your motivation to disappears to write just because people on 4chan said mean things about it, maybe you should think about why you want to write in the first place.

>> No.28729902


If you have trouble writing, try reading to see how sentences are formed. Think of cause and effect.

If you're having trouble, start with the main scene.

>> No.28729930

I'm no writer myself, but a general outline of the plot and the scenes you want to have in it would be a good starting point.

Huh, and we're in autosage again.

>> No.28730006

>motivation to write disappears

Oops, my mistake.

>> No.28730009

Actually no, I love the legitimate criticism, but it's shit like this:
...That get's REAL tiring really quickly.

As for cutting straight to the Sex, that's what CuttleDaemonette Attacks was suppose to be, but I ended up rushing TOO fast and it became a mess.

>> No.28730120

I'm sorry, but a bad reputation doesn't just vanish overnight and a lot of people simply don't have the patience to continue dealing with you anymore ever since your last couple of...episodes. You won't be able to change their opinions of you unless you consistently put out new content to prove them wrong- instead of being frightened off by them, view it as a challenge instead.

Alternatively, if you think the negativity against you is too strong, you look to a new audience that won't judge you by your previous actions here. I know that /d/ could use some new OC and that your interests neatly align with theirs- have you showed CuttleDaemonette Attacks to them?

>> No.28730136

I'll take that to heart, thank you. Now I just need to think up a good story.

>> No.28730159

Problem with /d/ is finding a venue for written smut....
Most /d/evients get pissy if you don't post Animu Chicks with Dicks...

>> No.28730218

Most of that is just idiots who spam dickgirls everywhere. Just posting your CuttleDaemonette pic is bound to get people's attention and from there you can draw them in. (Seriously, they're desperate for non-dickgirl content over there now- they've even begun allowing ERP threads and quest threads over there to stem the tide of futas.)

>> No.28730294

I'll try, hopefully the CuttleDaemonette pic hasn't already been posted in a Tentacle or Monster Girl thread...
And I'm honestly going to try to work on either the Continuation to the Tyranid Sororita Impregnation fic or my SororitaXDaemonette tomorrow...
Actually wanted to get back into the grove LAST week, but depressing shit happened.

>> No.28730316

Writefag here thinking of taking a crack at an idea of mine involving a delicious brown elf and an adorkable human scholar. Anyone interested?

>> No.28730335


If you write it, they will cum.

>> No.28730349

>Fuck Word Counts
>(they) are the bane of true Creative Writing
Yeah, no.
A good writer generally writes MORE than the minimum requirement and has to cut content to fit the guidelines. It forces the writer to keep only the best of the best in their story; anything that isn't absolutely necessary has to go.

Deadlines, restrictions, and hard-ass editors may seem annoying, but it goes back to "art through adversity." When you have to fight to keep something, you make damn sure it's your best.

And it's not like anyone is trying setting up an arbitrary minimum length for you anyway. You're freewriting here.

>> No.28730376

Actually, I just did some research, and apparently 7chan has a fairly active Erotic Literature board that might give you the help you need (and since nobody there is likely to have heard of you, you don't have to worry about trolls jumping all over you). Try checking it out if /d/ doesn't work out for you.

>> No.28730394

There are very few things that /tg/ loves more than brown elves. Never forget that.

>> No.28730567

Well this Anon: >>28718734
Was looking for force fatting of Brown Elves, if you happen to swing that way.

Yeah, try that when you're lucky you can encode thoughts into language...

I'll look into that, thanks!

>> No.28731477

>pubic hair

I was under the impression that Drow didn't have body hair outside of eyebrows and the hair on their head outside of extreme rarities. At least the last time I read a D&D manual. Oh well, artistic expression.

>> No.28731528

Honestly, I don't think any of the manuals covered that kind of information.

>> No.28731810 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

>miraculously unbanned
Thread is sinking, yes?

I think that's supposed to be true of elves RAW, but this is a different setting. Male elves are said to be capable of growing beards, if you can believe that.

>> No.28731828

Like a rock, yes. Want me to set up the next one?

>> No.28731849 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

I don't really have any new content to add, myself.

>> No.28731871

All right- I'll see the lot of you in the morning then. If there isn't a thread up by then, I'll make it myself.

>> No.28731885

Please, STOP posting NSFW content. Spoilering it doesn't work.
These threads are currently tolerated by the mods, we don't need to give them an excuse to start actively stopping us.
Delete that shit.

>> No.28731912

He's right. Remember the censorbar rule.
You mentioned that you got banned once- don't push your luck any further than you already have.

>> No.28731914


>> No.28731931

Dude, there's no need to advertise your imgur- it's already on the master list for everyone to see.

>> No.28731955

I just like transparencies.

>> No.28731963

Good for you, but seriously, you have to watch yourself. Do you really want to be known as the guy who got us all booted off the board?

>> No.28731979

I love your stuff, man. I don't want to see you getting banned for something so silly.
Your style is great and I find the "no anal or BJ" thing to be rather endearing and refreshing.

>> No.28732007

I didn't know what was at stake.

>> No.28732032

Who is the girl in those pics?

>> No.28732073


Too late for that, it seems- your posts are already being deleted, which means you've made the mods mad at you.

Anyhow, setting up the next thread now. Be sure to behave yourselves while I sleep, will you?


>> No.28732082

An elf from a one-shot story about an orc that finds her int he woods. He's only there to help her, but she keeps trying to get him to ravage her. He's having none of it.
Pretty funny and only 8 pages.

And no, I don't have a link.

>> No.28732095

Or he deleted them himself to avoid that...

>> No.28732101

>don't have a link
goddammit, why must everything good elude me.

>> No.28732106

I deleted them. I'll behave.

>> No.28732127

We appreciate it, believe me. You're a damn good artist and we love having you here.

>> No.28732136


The pages are unedited, but they've all been translated with hovertext. I'd give you the pages that have already been typesetted, but I saved them in my other computer.

>> No.28732174

Btw, looks like those are in reverse order. Start with the last one (the one next to the panty-shot) and work your way up.

>> No.28732200

It's always like that, though. Newest is always at top right, oldest at bottom left.

>> No.28732246

Using that gallery to image search turned up an archived thread with the pre-translated version. Thanks.
Now i have this image for future use.

>> No.28734145

Author of that work here.

If anyone recently read it, please give me some feedback. I'd love to hear your responses.

>> No.28734267

A bit too late now. The thread is about to drop off the page.

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