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Hobbies? The H stood for Hobbies, right? Yeah. Yeah, that's it. ...Tch, you probably should've made a note of it earlier...hnh. Well, nothing for it. If this ends up with you falling flat on your face, at least you can say to yourself that you tried. You tried your best, and that's enough.

So you ask her about her hobbies. Does she have any others, besides....well, drawing her Miracle Midori manga? She's got some other stuff, not just that, right?


Wait. You...you don't know much about her, do you? You've never taken the time to ask her about herself, REALLY ask her, to know more about who Hanegawa Midori actually is rather than the bits and pieces you learned from her after a brief interrogation in a Silent Room. Yes, you know she'd been a Callidus for the Tenth, that she'd been made to do unsavory things because of a mutant cat bastard that you still need to kill - but you've never really taken the time to get to know her.

Christ, you're bad at this...being a normal, decent person thing. Really bad.

Maybe you could ask Mami for lessons on that, too...?


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At your question, however, Midori seems to perk up, as if relieved with the opportunity to get this date back into track, and into something much less awkward. "Oh, my hobbies, sempai?"

Yeah. Her hobbies. What does she do in her spare time, for fun?

"W-well, besides drawing and writing for Miracle Midori, sempai, I...I do a bit of cooking, too. I try to learn at least two recipes for each kind of national cuisine when I have the time, and i have the kitchen to do it in." She gestures to the spaghetti you're currently trying to polish off, with one of the oversized meatballs proving to be a bit of a challenge. "Miss Mami was kind enough to teach me how to make proper Spaghetti from scratch, and it's something I've been meaning to learn, so...um."

Midori gives you an awkward smile here, before leaning forward on the table. "D-did you know, sempai, Miss Mami has a really, really nice kitchen? It looks almost like something out from those cooking shows from America, where all the pots and pans are hanging from this elegant rack over a counter, and a really big oven, and...and stuff! Some of the things she has there my dad only dreams about for our restaurant!"

Mami's kitchen? ...Yeah, you do remember something like that. Cooking was something Mami took seriously. It's probably the reason why she can make those awesome pancakes of hers.

"I'd...I'd say so too, sempai." Midori smiles at you again, the same as last time, but you detect the faintest hint of something else behind the familiar gesture. ...Was she jealous of Mami, or something?

"W-well, what about you, sempai? What hobbies do you have?"

How do you reply?

[]Talk about your own hobbies. (Write-in)
[]Deflect the question and go for A instead.

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If this thread isn't tagged "MAXIMUM SPAGHETTI" when it gets archived, I will be disappoint.

Not as disappoint as the fact that I have work in an hour or so, though. Why can't you live closer to EST, Decu?

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>[X] Titties and beer.

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[x]Realize that we have no hobbies aside from drinking and murder
[x]quietly spaghetti about this
[x]ask Midori for help finding normal-people hobbies

Seriously, I don't think any iteration of Homura ever has had any hobbies.

...wait, I just had a crazy idea.

[x]vaguely remember that we liked to knit things, once upon a time

Guess who made Wendy's scarf?

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.....we have hobbies????

[X]Deflect the question and go for A instead.
....Aspriations? what does she want to do with her...life...

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we magical grandma now

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That idea was!

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Time for skinship?

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Point at your head and say "Amnesia, remember? I don't really have any hobbies that I remember. Probably time I picked some up, huh?"

Give her an opening to suggest activities, basically

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[x] "Uuhhh...well, not really any at all. But maybe I should try finding some?"

Dat Midori. Choker is hnnnngh tier.

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why does Bayonetta have short hair in that pic?

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Yes, let's do this. "I haven't had much time for hobbies, in the month and a half I can remember."

Maybe we can make those little ships in bottles?

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That idea was great

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"If I ever get some, you'll be the first person I tell."

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[x]Gardening, once. Tried to grow bonsai maple trees. To make syrup with.

It...it didn't really work out.

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[X] "I haven't had much time for hobbies, in the month and a half I can remember."

Maybe we can make those little ships in bottles? Or we can be canonical and steal things and make explosives.

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>[x]Talk about your own hobbies. (Write-in)

Make a joke, "I suppose making a mess of myself doesn't count."

>[x]vaguely remember that we liked to knit things, once upon a time

Then this.

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[x]Talk about your own hobbies.
[x]Rattle down the following stuff in awkward hushed deadpan:

"I like.. uh .. Shooting People. Painkillers, smoking, Pancakes, Mami and my Comfy Chair.

Does *Not getting killed* count as a hobby?"

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[X] Nope on the magical grandma. Yes to the ask for advice.

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We also /v/ideo-game'd at some point, I think. We had a brief flash of it when talking to Jyubey just before the Siberia thing went down... and then we got ripped asunder and rebuilt by our favorite pink haired goddess and got a whole fresh batch of amnesia, so we may not remember. Hell, that may not even be us anymore.

Knitting and video games seem like appropriate hobbies for a bed ridden sick girl, I suppose.

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Making explosives should definitely be listed in our answer, hahaha

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This. So, so much this.

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So...knitting, gardening, vidya and explosives.

...are we some sort of post-modern guerrilla leader?

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>not mentioning Midori
why would you play with a young lady's heart like that

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[x] "Don't really remember much in the way of hobbies. Did steal some jet fighters recently, though. That felt familiar."

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[x]"I.. I think I like weapons. And making Explosives. I dont really remember if I liked other things before."

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Now we have to take Midori for a ride in one of our stolen MiGs, you realize.

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... Yes? Can always say we pick up and drop things to do in our spare time rather frequently. Like jets, and bear hunting.

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Because Chiaki is dense and awkward and it absolutely fits. And I think we should tell her that she souldnt be jealous about Mumi because she got the whole Mami thing wrong in the first place.

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Before her memory loss she was a militant hipster!

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no, that's the hobby we're hoping to acquire in the near future.

Heart. and maybe... other things. hand holding

Oh, shit. >>28692448
>I.. I think I like weapons.
Of course! Our non-MG friendship with Misaka is built on that.

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"Saving Madoka" is hardly a Hobby. Even if she probably spent years trying to get that single month right.

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"I spend a lot of time talking with Misaka about guns." Is an accurate answer, I guess.

Also, Chiaki might be awkward, but she isn't dense enough to miss that Midori is jealous of Mami. She's dodged that one before, no reason to make her slip-up now.

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What is Midori wearing?

Drawing it now.

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For vidya...I bet we liked stuff like Recettear, or the Atelier series.

FPS games, not so much; too much like work, without the satisfaction of killing assholes IRL.

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Online RPGs, dude.

What else would a bed ridden girl play? Whole worlds beyond the bed.

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>What is Midori wearing?
Uh, anon...
As for we, the image is somewhere. Maybe a kind anon will repost.

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This is great, although Moemura DID have an unusual fascination with bombs...

>> No.28692502


We are wearing this. Midori is wearing a black dress with a choker and Opera gloved

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On the other heand we also didnt bother to tell her so far why Mami is to us what she is to us and the Story of Girl A.

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~8 years working on a single project goes a bit beyond "hobby" and straight into "obsession".

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...There's a fair bet she knows enough about Murderface that she knows the story. But it might be interesting to find out what version of it she knows.

For that matter it might be interesting to find out if WE still remember that.

>> No.28692534

An endless repetitive experience where you spend countless amounts of time dealing with the same assholes on a futile quest to achieve something lasting?

No wonder Homura handled the time loops so relatively well!

>> No.28692537

I suspect she would have had some kind of appreciation for tool-assisted speedruns, but couldn't quite pinpoint why.

>and all the while, somewhere deep down inside, there was much screaming about how much easier things would've been with savestates in addition to slow-time.

>> No.28692540

Not to mention a thing I'm not going to mention because Rebellion.

>> No.28692555

If she had savestates she'd probably keep saving over them past the point of no return, given consequences aren't always immediately obvious.

>> No.28692559

But I'm thinking of the blank faced NPC's inhabiting her version of Mitikihara.

I guess I mentioned it after all.

>> No.28692561

Stupid cat appears to be asleep at the switch. >>28692429 was the last vote before the 15-minutes expired. Don't have any of the images on my phone, but...yeah

>> No.28692566

We're bad at this fashion thing.

>> No.28692568

Remember to quicksave every five minutes, or after each XP gain!

>> No.28692569

>to achieve something lasting

Oh.. oh poor you.

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This is Bayonetta 2~ Wii U exclusive

>> No.28692577

Watch your mouth, Mumi picked those for us.

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Huh, Knitting, gardening, & video games...

Maybe Murderface isn't as bad at this "being a person" thing as she thought.

That was Mami. She was just trying to get us into real clothes that were close enough to our costume that we wouldn't immediately start itching and tear them off.

>> No.28692582

She's bad too, then. She probably didn't have much choice to begin with.

>> No.28692583


It's basically Kirigiri's outfit from Dangan Ronpa. It's stylish.

>> No.28692584


I'm still at work, occasionally browsing on a shitty PC, will be home in an hour!

>> No.28692587

Check out my melon

>> No.28692589

>She was just trying to get us into real clothes that were close enough to our costume that we wouldn't immediately start itching and tear them off.
Makes sense.

>> No.28692596

Speaking of video games, there's a monster called Midorin in Cave Story.

I was amused.

>> No.28692602

White Mami

>> No.28692604

Kyoko holding an unopened food item without already having some sort of food in her mouth?

What is this heresy?

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>> No.28692614

Isn't she supposed to be, like, 15? That's ridiculous. The look bigger than they did in the show!

>> No.28692618

>Dem Mammies
>Dat Smirk

Homu homu!

>> No.28692620

>any hobbies, senpai?

>> No.28692622


>> No.28692624

[jelly intensifies]

>> No.28692625

>dat filename

Brilliant. The look on her face says everything. "...Do I have hobbies? God fucking dammit Kyoko, you did not tell me I would need to be prepared for THIS turn of events."

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>> No.28692635


>> No.28692643

Seems quite accurate on all accounts. Especially Chiaki's table manners.

>> No.28692645


>> No.28692654

T-two new arts in the thread already? Truly we are blessed.

>> No.28692662

>Dem Hips

>> No.28692671

Someone colour Midorin's hair in >>28692305 before I pull out the paintbucket tool and do it myself.

>> No.28692672

Chiaki should brush her hair, can't have that on a date.

Certainly in character though.

>> No.28692682

>Not posting best one from that line

>> No.28692687

Not to question Decu's art, but shouldn't Midori's breasts be bigger? I think in that pic they are "barely" Sayaka's sized when they should be close to Mami's.
They should also be a bit higher up.

>> No.28692690


Shoop a cute hat on it

>> No.28692691

They look perfect to me anon.

>> No.28692696

She's not wearing a bra, anon.

>> No.28692697

>Chiaki should brush her hair
Any opportunity for a hairflip.

>> No.28692700

While we wait for Decu to figure out what to write from this voting session, here's some shadowruns to keep us busy: back in the idol arc, did anybody notice that Ruri was using the nickname for Kyosuke that only showed up in NECO's profile of him?

>> No.28692701

>Chiaki vision

>> No.28692704

She's kind of slouching a bit out of shyness. If she had her head back and her shoulders high, they'd look bigger.

>> No.28692715

Pft, you think THAT qualifies as Shadowruns?
It was Mami's idea for Midori to take us all the way out to her love shack, right? Well, maybe we should ask Kyouko whose idea it was to leave the Golden Weapons behind.

>> No.28692725

It was Midori's. Kyouko said so. Midorin didn't want any of that golden shit on our date.

S'probably because of Pinky.

>> No.28692727

eh, it doesn't matter. We know the Deagle, at least, will find it's way back to the shield, and we're one transformation away from an armoury that contains, at it's least deadly, a flight of Migs.

>> No.28692730

That actually isn't something to be all that paranoid about, since IIRC we can apparently summon the damn things to us when we want/need them.

Oh, and a thought for when we try to get Kirika and her murdersword under control: wear the Bangles at the same time, so that we can get Yuu's help. Her aura of pure adorable will make Kirika hesitant to go crazy, and she can punch Kirika into compliance if necessary.

>> No.28692734

>midori gets us all alone
>without our best weapons

>bed-shadowruns intensify

>> No.28692740

>implying mami would be so rude as to murder us while we're on a date
slander lies and slanderous lies, anon

she'd at least wait until later.

>> No.28692748

She's just hoping that one of our hobbies turns out to be "getting laid by a buxom younger woman".

>> No.28692756

I remember Midori agreeing, not suggesting it.
Yes, but can we call them back if someone ELSE is wielding them? Like, say, a certain pancake goddess?
Of course not.
She would, however, attempt to clear up the whole Prophet mess for us.

>> No.28692761

>Midorin didn't want any of that golden shit in our date
Or rather, she didn't want a specifical golden shit in our date: the Shield.
She either knows that Pinky is dangerous for us, or that she's competence for her. And it makes sense, seeing as she's a Callidus, that she deals in subtle tactics.

>> No.28692767

Green is the danger!

Of course, if Pinky gets envious....that puts a much less pleasant spin on "Green is the danger".

>> No.28692768


Ah, poor Midori. She has no idea how much danger her ass is in.

>Yes, but can we call them back if someone ELSE is wielding them? Like, say, a certain pancake goddess?

A good question

BUT it's not a case of -calling- them back. It finds it's way home even when we didn't want it.

So... we'll see, I guess.

>> No.28692773


Those bed-shadowruns should continue until it ends up with Chiaki and Midori without any clothes

>> No.28692783

>>28692332 >>28692359 >>28692446 >>28692448

Your eyes go wide behind your glasses at the sudden reversal of your own, feeling a sudden rush of panic slam against your chest. Hobbies? Do YOU have any hobbies? Any at all?

Besides drinking yourself to sleep on the cold, hard floor of your first apartment, empty Kong bottles strewn around you? Seeing how many days you can walk around in your own costume until somebody actually physically manhandled you into a shower? Or how about collecting empty pill bottles of Interfectum 600, those bitter painkillers you constantly snacked on?

No. No need to tell her about those. You'll just be ruining the night.

"Sempai?" Midori blinks at you, her brow furrowing slightly in concern. "Are...are you alright? Did I say anything--"

You shake your head, swallowing with a painfully dry throat. You take hold of your glass of iced water and take a generous sip from it. It's...it's fine, you tell her. You just had to think about your answer, that's all.

"If...If I'm prying, sempai, I--" The green-haired Callidus tries, working up a smile, but you shake your head again. No, goddammit. It's a question about your hobbies, of course you'll answer it. It's not prying or anything.

"A-ah. Al..alright." Midori blinks again, seemingly taken aback, but for some reason she's smiling. You're not sure why. ...It doesn't look like she's laughing at you, though. Maybe she understands how hard this is for you, or something? You don't know.

You take another sip of your water, before putting the glass back down. It's...well, you don't really remember a whole lot of what you used to do for fun, back then. Amnesia, and all. But you do remember...something about knitting? You might have knitted a scarf for someone, you're not sure. And something about making explosives.

"Making...making explosives, sempai?" Midori's eyes go wide, here. "Y-you mean, um...like bombs, and stuff?"


>> No.28692795


You nod. It's not something you've done recently, mind - if you needed to blow up anything, Misaka could easily hook you up with whatever you needed. But you do remember spending night after night in a room, sitting in front of a laptop and making explosives from scratch.

"A-ah. I....I see, sempai." Midori nods again. "B-but what about the knitting? That's...I wouldn't have expected it from you!"

You manage an awkward smile here. No, you don't see yourself doing it, either. You probably would use the needles to stab someone in the face or in the kidneys or something. But that's what you remember. So...maybe those are your hobbies, even if you don't...do them anymore?

You shake your head again, before murmuring an apology to the green-haired girl sitting across from you. That's not much of an answer, is it?

"Ah..?" Midori blinks again, before shaking her head quickly, smiling. "N-no, no, it's good, sempai! It's great! I didn't even know about the knitting thing! It's...it's actually really cute! And, and the explosives, they're...um...well...!"

She's trying. She's trying very hard, you can see that.

But you can't help but wonder if she's having second thoughts about...well, all this, now. You're certainly doing a good job of mucking things up, even if you're trying not to yourself, and--

It's here that the whine of speaker feedback interrupts your train of thought, and the both of you turn towards its source. ...It's Kyoko, a few ways away from the table, standing behind what looks like a rather jury-rigged sound system, with what looks to be a DJ sound table propped up against some speakers. The red-haired Eversor clapping a pair of huge earphones over her ears and, grinning from ear to ear, flashes you a thumbs-up sign.

Wait. What the hell is she doing? Is she trying to--


>> No.28692797


The speakers under the DJ table thump into life, and you wince, half-expecting a ground-shaking dubstep song to blast out from them and vibrate your dinner off the table - but all that comes out is soft and gentle piano music, with a bit of violin. Not overly romantic or dramatic, but something you'd hear in a really posh restaurant, so that not everything you hear around you are people murmuring about how they're enjoying the tasteless, overpriced mess on their plates.

It's...it's actually a good thing. Something to fill in the holes in the conversation that you'll inevitably dig yourself.

"DJ KYOKO IN THE HOUSE, YEAH!" Kyoko suddenly hollers, apropos of entirely nothing, one hand holding her earphones in place as she bobs her head to an inaudible thumping bass track. It's here that you hear Midori giggle, at the same time that you spot Kumatora hissing at Kyoko about something, which the red-haired Eversor simply waves off, still grinning.

You couldn't help it, you laughed a bit yourself. Well, not a complete laugh, just...maybe you breathed a bit harder and faster through your mouth, if you'll be honest. But as you turn back to your date, she seems to be more relaxed now, smiling through her giggling.

"H-hahaha..s-sorry, sempai. I told Kyoko-san that this would be a serious date, but..." She shrugs helplessly, still smiling.

No. No, it's fine. That's the last thing you should say to Kyoko, you learned. She does what she likes.


>> No.28692803


>> No.28692808


>> No.28692809


You turn back towards Kyoko, and you see her grin again, before mouthing the words 'YOU OWE ME' at your direction. This is followed by a one-eyed wink, and another thumbs-up.


"A-anyway, sempai..." Midori calls your attention again, and you turn to see her leaning forward once more, an elbow on the table. Still smiling, her red eyes staring into yours. Giving you quite the view down her dress, but...that's probably not intentional. "Um, did...did you really mean it? What you said before the mission? That you want me to move in with you..?"

You blink at this. That's...that's a bit of a sudden change of subject. Has she been waiting all along just to ask that again?

How do you respond?

>> No.28692814


[x] "It was just a silly suggestion. You know, fear of the new rank, and all. But I will be fine."

>> No.28692819

[x] Of course I mean it. Why wouldn't I?

>> No.28692826


[x] "It was just a silly suggestion. I kinda like having that much space for me."

>> No.28692828


[X] Wasn't I emphatic enough las time? Answer is still yes

>> No.28692829

[x]"Well, yes, I thought it'd be handy if you boobed in with me. Moved in with me." Fuck. Maybe she didn't notice. Maybe nobody noticed. Play it cool. Sweat bullets. "Since.. We'd be working close together and all. It'd be convenient, and it's probably way better than wherever you've been holding up now."

>> No.28692833


"...I-I meant every word I said.

B-b-besides theres way too much space t-there just for o-one."

>> No.28692834

Blush a cute.

[x] "Ah, well, it sounds a bit too forward perhaps, in this atmosphere. I completely understand it if you'd prefer to stay somewhere else, I assure you."
>that's probably not intentional.
how naive.

>> No.28692836


[x] "Uh, not really. It was just a thing of the moment."

>> No.28692837

[x] Of course it was. I mean, if it is no problem to you, that is. Unless you want me to move in with you. I can do that.

>> No.28692840

>one-eyed wink
When you only have one eye, isn't that just blinking?

>> No.28692844

"It was impulsive, poorly thought out, absolutely indicative of the promised Murderface experience... and it's been something I have absolutely no regrets about.

...I mean, if you wanted someplace of your own, it can be arranged?..

>> No.28692845

[X] Of course we meant it.

>> No.28692847

"Yes Midori, I really meant it."

>> No.28692848

[x] "I have no idea what I'll do with all that space. I'll probably end up doing breach-and-clears every day if I'm left alone in there. And I need... someone, to keep an eye on me. Make sure I don't fuck everything up.
It's not like we'll be sharing the bed or anything."

>> No.28692851


[x] "I think it would be better if you didn't. It's dangerous."


We already had a pseudo-death event, next time it will be for real.

>> No.28692852

Oh no.


>> No.28692857

Not the way Kyoko does it.

>> No.28692859

[X] If you're willing, I stand by what I said. I don't know if I can handle my daily life without your help.

>> No.28692860

[X] I thought you were already finished moving in?

>> No.28692861

[x] What, did I stutter when I said it? Yes, I meant it. Though looking at all the boxes with drawing supplies that you brought here it looks like you planned on moving here. What's up with that?

>> No.28692862

Yes we did. Meant it with all of what we have that could be considered a heart.

>> No.28692866

[x] this

You can't protect what your not around.

>> No.28692876


"Ah, that...sorry. It was an impulsive thing, and after thinking it over, I think it's not a good idea."

Oh god, no, do not want more green. Miss a couple of threads and this happens, fuck. Hope she inevitably dies in a horrible manner, with no stupid ressurrection shenanigans this time.

>> No.28692877

>Though looking at all the boxes with drawing supplies that you brought here it looks like you planned on moving here. What's up with that?
True, we need to broach this topic, and soon.
She can still do her Miracle Midori stuff in our apartment. Hell, we'll even give her some ideas!

>> No.28692880

Which is exactly why we've left Mami alone.

>> No.28692881


>"These duds don't lie."

>> No.28692882

[x] I'd understand if you don't want to.

But, yes.

>> No.28692883


>> No.28692886

[x]"Y-You dont want to? I just thought that this is how the whole dating thing works. I-I don`t dislike being around you, is what I am saying."
[x]Maximum Spaghetti

>> No.28692887

>Interfectum 600

>> No.28692893

[X] Yeah, I meant it. Don't you want to?

>> No.28692894

>Hell, we'll even give her some ideas!
First hand, I hope?

>> No.28692895

>in a puzzled tone of voice: "Yeah, of course. I don't usually say things I don't mean. Is there any reason you'd think I'd have a problem... with..."
>trail off as we realize what "moving in" really implies here
>eyes go wide
>scream and hyperventilate internally
>nod "yes" while turning redder than Clifford The Goddamn Big Red Dog

>> No.28692897


Should have her move into one of the rooms outside our office then. She would see us way more frequently that way. And we probably won't be spending a lot of time at home, too much shit to do at work.

>> No.28692903

This. Definitely this.

>> No.28692904


>> No.28692906

[x] Yes
nice and simple.

>> No.28692907

"Hell yes. I don't think I could manage being a normal person without you with me."

>> No.28692909


[x] "We probably shouldn't. I need space for me and my insanity."

>> No.28692911


Chiaki is very princess.

>> No.28692915


>> No.28692919

Fourthing this.

>> No.28692920

>having shit taste
>being a shit

>> No.28692921


[x]"I'm not sure myself"

>> No.28692924

Mami isn't a law tier calidus. She's an experience MG an officio willing to burn the earth to the ground for her sake. Midorin needs us more than Mami, it's us who needs Mami. Also if she and wreck Wendy then I think this prophet isn't going to be able to get her that easily.

>> No.28692933

Mate, you need to lay off the autocorrect.

>> No.28692940

More like I need to lay on the proof reading. In a bit of a rush.

>> No.28692941


[x] "I don't think it's a good idea anymore. What with this Prophet business and me being in the center of a magical version of the hunger games. We shouldn't no, for your own good."

>> No.28692942

but the real question is, has anyone ever done so much as to be more to look like?

>> No.28692943


>> No.28692945

So tell me, have you ever been far even as decided to use go want to do look more like?

>> No.28692952

>Prophet can't get Mami that easily
>Thinking she can't use knowledge of future events to just get a nonmagical sniper to shoots her in the back of the head from a half mile away while eating takoyaki in the park on her break

>> No.28692954

my brain is bleeding

>> No.28692957

What other way is there?

>> No.28692958

No matter what else happens on this date, one thing is clear:

Chiaki and Midori have to team up and pull the same sort of DYNAMIC ENTRY the next time Kyoko takes Sayaka on a date.

>> No.28692959

Awww yisss.

>> No.28692960

It's like I'm on /int/ again.

>> No.28692961


>> No.28692963


>> No.28692966

>no eyepatch

Oh shit nigger what are you doing

>> No.28692967

Have I yes. </shitposting>

>Thinking we have anyway to respond to that besides following Mami everywhere making us both sitting ducks for a double kill via high explosives.

>> No.28692969

...we could use both hands?

>> No.28692970


>> No.28692972

This man knows what he's talking about.

>> No.28692974

If she wants, we'll recruit extra hands.

>> No.28692979

>Chiaki "stealthily" hiding in the bushes occasionally cupping her hands around her mouth to yell 'JUST FUCK ALREADY'

>> No.28692983

Or the tongue thing.

>> No.28692988


Probably a necessity

>> No.28692993

>And then they do. Just to spite her.

>> No.28692996

what am i doing

>> No.28692997

>Chiakis face when they do so immediately.
>Not according to plan.

>> No.28692999


[x] "We shouldn't. It's dangerous, and will only hurt you, so please...let's not."

>> No.28693000

We need a Kharn-tier tongue for that.

>> No.28693007

More like Sayaka keeps trying to find them by shredding the bushes with cake-swords as Midori uses her Callidus abilities to reposition and disguise them both, only for the whole process to repeat itself.

>> No.28693025

That's not how MG-MG relationships work, dude.

Unlike a normal girl-MG relationship, grief is guaranteed either way, so it's worth the risk.

Simply by being an MG and having associated with us in the past, Midori is already at risk. Pushing her away now doesn't actually make things any safer for her.

>> No.28693028

It just doesn't feel right without the vote banners... NECO? Hat-chan?

>> No.28693029

Truly, an eyepatch suits her.

>> No.28693036


>> No.28693040

Is anybody else noticing the lack of a certain cat in this thread?

>> No.28693043

With Kyoko laughing hysterically all the while.

>> No.28693044

One last addition to this before I go:
>Later Kyouko thanks Chiaki with one hundred percent sincerity for being her wingman

>> No.28693054


And good riddance!

Damn you, thieving cat. I-it's not l-like I m-misses you or anything!

>> No.28693066


Uh, right. Though I still think that being around Chiaki will increase the danger level as time goes on...

You know, better remediate than let it infect and fester.

>> No.28693087

>> No.28693095

Magical Girl Danger Levels are all terminal.

Live as best you can before you inevitably die. Of course, you should try to avoid dying as well, but you can't outrun the inevitable forever. Unless you're in some kind of faustian pact or are a devil or something.

>> No.28693100

H-how lewd!

>> No.28693103


>> No.28693104

Ha ha ha marry me Dan Kim

>> No.28693108


Midori has engaged green-haired succubus mode!

>> No.28693111

Universe destruction seems to be inevitable one way or the other.

I don't think the danger level has anywhere to go.

>> No.28693114

>Unlike a normal girl-MG relationship, grief is guaranteed either way, so it's worth the risk.
Do you also advocate that other people in high risk occupations like police, firefighters, and soldiers also only have relationships with people in similarly high risk positions?

>> No.28693117


Daym Dan

>> No.28693118

>unless you're in some kind of faustian pact

But...but ALL magical girls are in some kind of faustian pact!

>> No.28693120

It's not "high risk", it's literally guaranteed death.

>> No.28693124

Now how about the other half of the image: what's Midori imagining?

>> No.28693128

Poor Pinky, Midori's stealing her wingy-schtick!

>> No.28693130


>> No.28693133

All magical girls die or witch out.

I'd prefer to be with someone who likes me than alone.

[spoilerEven if that speeds the destruction process.[/spoiler]

>> No.28693134

Not really.

Living forever is a real drag if you're not also guaranteed eternal youth.

>> No.28693138

Probably one or all of the parts in M&M where Mayumi takes advantage of Midori in different situations.

>> No.28693151

I think youth comes with the package unless you make a deal with a Baatezu without reading the fine print.

Not much of an eternal life as a pile of dust after all.

>> No.28693156

[x] some combination of these two, while >>28693087 is burned into our head.

I know I'm more than a bit late, but I just woke up. And Goddamn Dan, you are doing gods work. 28 HOURS A DAY

>> No.28693157

Everyone dies, death is inevitable. And no, dying as a Magical Girl isn't guaranteed since there are girls that live long enough to retire. The 17th had quite a few, and we've never actually checked how many from the 9th are still alive and collecting their retirement grief seeds.

Being a Magical Girl is very dangerous, an probably has the same life expectancy of a Soviet conscript during WW2, but it's not literally a death sentence.

>> No.28693167

>All magical girls die or witch out.
Indeed, all magical girls dying is a fate they share with the rest of humanity.

>> No.28693170


That's a bet of long odds. More die or witch out than they retire.

>> No.28693178

Retiring reduces the danger level, but it doesn't eliminate it.

The contract can't be undone - managing your Grief level is still a thing, and it's done via a grief seed pension.

It's also a fair bet that most QB's don't have a witch in the basement producing grief seeds, so the number of witches who survive to retirement is very low, and anyone who witches out becomes fodder for the rest.

No-one who isn't a Magical Girl already should have to be put in contact with this world.

>> No.28693184

Things that can't be posted on a blue board without invoking the wrath of Mod. Like holding hands, or cuddling

>> No.28693187


>> No.28693190

...but they're cuddling right there.

>> No.28693191

This is 100% accurate. I mean, something like this actually happened back in Siberia.

>> No.28693193

Actually, that's probably an advantage of this being a gritty noir world: more familiars will be able to kill enough people to evolve into witches and thus drop grief seeds when they die.

>> No.28693194

But how many retire compared to the number that die or Witch out, and what are the ratios between the different Officio's?
They aren't as good as a peace-time soldier's chances to live until retirement, I'll grant you, but I think that they would probably be around a soldier's chances during war time to survive till the end of the conflict.

>> No.28693196


ohshit this is my headcanon now

>> No.28693203

Death might be kinder.

Look at what ekatarina had to become in order to claim that pension.

>> No.28693207

Fukken hell. Now the problem is, how do we fit Mumi and Midori in the same kitchen without becoming fat.

>> No.28693210

Oh god, I didn't think you'd take me seriously there.

.......AHAHAHA never imagined Midori to be that jealous of Mami. It's also nice that her mind is not constantly filled with MMxMM

>> No.28693211

>It's also a fair bet that most QB's don't have a witch in the basement producing grief seeds
Decu said that they don't need one because there's an Officio solely dedicated to hunting Witches and farming Grief Seeds, and they sell Seeds to the other Officio's who may need them.

>> No.28693214

That had nothing to do with it.

>> No.28693216


Mumi nooooo

>> No.28693218

Now, what's Pinky thinking about all of this?!

>> No.28693220

We should do hair flips more.

>> No.28693221


>> No.28693222

it's the ninth, isn't it?

>> No.28693227


Watermelon time?

>> No.28693228

It's a sure way to raise that Midori love meter.

>> No.28693232

something obscene beyond human understanding that will definately need to be censored on a blue board

>> No.28693233

No, the Australian one with the monster for a Warmaster.

>> No.28693236


If it includes wendy.


>> No.28693241

Sitting everyone down around a table to play a game of FATAL?

>> No.28693242

Fun fact: there are no poisonous creatures in Australia.

Drop-bears are in fact witches, and anyone dying of "poison" was actually killed by a witch.

'Sall kosher, mate.

>> No.28693244

Oh god, Imma dying!

>> No.28693246

No, we're a well-balanced Officio ( though currently suffering from a Culexus shortage) with diversified portfolio.

I think it was either the African Officio, or the Australian one.

>> No.28693247



>> No.28693258

Well, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been a despair factory IRL for the last fifteen years.

>> No.28693263

and that's not even her pissed, that's just her idea of foreplay.

>> No.28693265

the only way i want this date to end is somthing like this....

>reach across the table
>take hand
>confirm feelings for her
>realise we leaned into spaghetti
>try to clean it up
>oh god how is there so much
>make it worse
>"dont worry sempai lets go to the bath and get you cleaned up
>fade to lewd

>> No.28693275

>>28692819 >>28692828 >>28692829 >>28692844 >>28692848

You nod again after a moment. Of course you meant it. It's...you're not the sort to say something and not mean it. Besides, didn't she see the place for herself? You're not sure what you'd do with all that space! You'd probably end up doing breach-and-clears every day if you're left alone in there.

Besides, it's not like you'd be sharing the bed or anything, you add after another moment of awkward silence, not quite filled by Kyoko's ambient music. But if she really has a problem with that, and she wants her own place, then...well, you can probably see about it. You're not Warmaster for nothing.

You look down on your unfinished spaghetti, a quarter of a recently-demolished meatball still impaled on your fork, idly considering being alone again. It's...well, nothing you're not used to. You're fine being alone.

Being lonely is another matter entirely, though. A matter that you also tried to solve with cheap whiskey and stolen painkillers, besides everything else.

"Chiaki-sempai?" It's here that you look up at the sound of your name being murmured by her. Your own eyes wide from behind your glasses as you see Midori smile a shy, contrite smile. "I'm...I'm sorry if I made it seem that way by asking you that. I just wanted to make sure that I..." She hesitates for a second, before shaking her head and forging on. "I wanted to make sure that I wasn't forcing myself on you or something like that, and--"

It's then that her eyes go wide as she realizes just what she'd said, her cheeks burning. "I-I mean, um...of course not really forcing myself on sempai, b-but I guess I just didn't want to impose...um..."

No, no. You...you got what she said. That's okay. And she's not doing that. You're the one who's asking her to stay with you, and she doesn't need to worry about it being some sort of token offer or what. It was a genuine offer, no strings attached.


>> No.28693277

>can't think of response
>hair flip
>so cool.jpg
>never spaghetti again

>> No.28693280

That's just Kharn.
There's the two from the 17th.
We don't see retirees because we haven't looked for them, and why would they be at the Officio instead of enjoying their retirement.
You don't expect retirees to be milling around at an active army base, do you?

>> No.28693295


Despite the furious blush on her cheeks, Midori seems relieved at this. "A-ah. Thank you, sempai. I was...I was really getting worried." Another smile, this time definitely not colored by anything else but the emotion it's supposed to convey. "I was thinking that Sempai was only doing it to be nice, and--"

You blink at her, before shaking your head. No, you don't...you don't do things to be nice. You do things because you want to do them, period.

She giggles here again, a sound that you probably wouldn't mind getting used to. "That's my sempai for you. But yes, thank you. I just needed to make sure." It's then that she reaches forward with a soft, gloved hand, across the table - and places it on top of yours. A warm, soft touch.

Behind her, Kyoko is waggling her eyebrows up and down, making a curious gesture with her hands that you don't really understand.

"Sempai?" Midori blinks at you. "Is something wrong?" She turns to look at Kyoko, who suddenly begins to fiddle with her DJ sound table again.

How do you proceed?

[]Ask her about the boxes she had Kumatora bring along.
[]Ask her about her Ambitions.
[]Ask her about the gesture Kyoko just made.

>> No.28693307



[x] Ask her about Ambitions

>> No.28693313


Though I imagine the survival rate is probably weighted heavily in favour of office Meguca.

>> No.28693316 [SPOILER] 


Bonus soundtrack to Pinky's brain

>> No.28693317


Her ambitions.

>> No.28693319

>[x]Ask her about her Ambitions.
Continuing with the HAD scheme, boxes be next.

Also, Kyoko. lel

>> No.28693321

>Ask about the boxes
>Ask about the gesture Kyoko just made

>> No.28693323


[X]Ask her about her Ambitions.

Damn it Kyoko!

>> No.28693324

[x]Ask her about the boxes she had Kumatora bring along.
Honest curiosity, and DO NOT MENTION THEIR CONTENTS. We aren't supposed to know.
It'll be more funny to see Midorin flounder for an answer.

>> No.28693327 [DELETED] 


Thread the needle? What? This is no time to be knitting. That Kyouko, suck a joker.

>> No.28693333

[X] Keep looking at Midori. Smile, and offhandedly and good naturely lob your knife in Kyoko's direction.

Back to talking about Midori

>> No.28693338

If we ask Mami to teach us how to knit again, will that get us more Mami Points?

>> No.28693339

[X] ask about her ambitions.

>> No.28693342

[x]Ask her about her Ambitions.
Stay on track!
And damn it Kyouko.

>> No.28693343

[X]Ask her about the boxes she had Kumatora bring along.
"Were you planning to stay here a while?"

>> No.28693344

Save that to last. It'll put her on the back foot right before the fade to black.

>> No.28693345

[X]The first two

>> No.28693352

...well, could be worse! She's even smiling!

>> No.28693358

>Ask about the gesture
Realize what it means as we demonstrate it. Glare at Kyoko. Then
>ask about the boxes to get away from the previous topic

>> No.28693366

[x] boxes, its kind of weird to bring people and stuff like that on a date

is she going to draw us like one of her Chinese cartoon girls?

>> No.28693371

>That's my sempai for you.
[x]Ignore Kyoko
[x]"Its Chiaki, not Sempai by now. Say it."

I find it mildly irritating that she is still calling us Sempai.

>> No.28693379

>[x]Ask her about her Ambitions.
doo eet.

>> No.28693383

[x]Ask her about her Ambitions
Stay on task, Chiaki! We'll get Midorin out of her panties yet!

>> No.28693388

>[x]U-unless you want to share the bed...
>Ask her about her Ambitions.

>> No.28693389

>"It's Chiaki, not Sempai by now."
I agree with this. It feels like she's distancing herself by that, and it's about time she called us by name.

>> No.28693396

Oh, actually, that's a good point. That was behavior I kinda wanted to correct.

No-one should be looking to Chiaki as a mentor.

If she insists on using a title, it should be Warmaster. Though Chiaki would be preferable. Especially tonight. Especially every night.

>> No.28693401


What makes you think she's wearing any?

>> No.28693407

[x] Yes, do as anon says >>28693371

>> No.28693408


>> No.28693413

If she's not we'll make her put some on for the express purpose of getting her out of them.

>> No.28693419

[]Ask her about the boxes she had Kumatora bring along.

>> No.28693433

I really don't agree with this because it doesn't mean what you think it means.

And if we're talking about Chiaki being a mentor, Midori is fully aware of her shortcomings and it's Kumatora, who was an actual apprentice to Murderface, that should be more of a concern.

>> No.28693443

>it doesn't mean what you think it means
then elucidate

>> No.28693461

When we're alone (despite Kyoko, right now counts as alone), she doesn't need to use an honorific with our name. Really, she's had that right ever since she died in the process of rebuilding our psyche back in Siberia.

>> No.28693472

Kuma's fine. Mami was keeping an eye over our "apprenticeship", I feel confident she corrected any bad habits that Kuma might have picked up from us from the fact she's not wasted on Kong and painkillers right now.

>> No.28693495

Or any other kind of title. We should be "Chiaki" to her, and nothing else.

>> No.28693506

Warmaster is appropriate for appearances sake.

Besides, it lets her use our name when she wants to "pull rank".

>> No.28693525

That's kind of what I meant. The stuff after the name in Japanese is the honorific, whether it be -san, -chan, -kun, -senpai or what have you.

In public, she should still use the honorifics, or at least she should while we're on the job. Professionalism (aka "not being Kharn") is our watchword.

>> No.28693545

>The stuff after the name in Japanese is the honorific, whether it be -san, -chan, -kun, -senpai or what have you.
Shit, forgot that part. Still, I approve of that.

>> No.28693551

Sempai, in this context, is not just a title to indicate a senior, but includes an implication of trust and closeness.
Just calling us Chiaki only has the intimation of closeness without the additional expectation of protection that sempai gives.

>> No.28693571

True, but notice she just calls us "sempai" without saying "Chiaki". She can call us "Chiaki-sempai" and get both, but she doesn't.

>> No.28693576

>expectation of protection
I'm still not sure that losing it would necessarily be a bad thing in that case.

And I'm certainly not comfortable with her almost always using the honorific instead of the name.

>> No.28693577

...she died to save us in Siberia.

She's one of the few things we currently have that connects us to normal relationships.

I think the "protection" aspect kind of goes both ways here.

>> No.28693592

But do we really want that seniority to be a part of their private life as well? Or rather, it's already an unavoidable part of it, and they'll both be constantly reminded of it, given the situation, so wouldn't trying to limit it a bit be a good idea?

>> No.28693598 [DELETED] 

i may be getting ahead of myself here but...

for this years maximum christmas(assuming the time of year in game is close enough to christmas) we find out that midori hates christmas. her family was poor so she never got presents, in fact she had to word harder in the restaurant because of the extra business. kyoko obviously will have none of this shit and sets out, with Chiakis reluctant help to teach her the true meaning of christmas by having her visited by three Chiakis, the Chiaki of christmas past(momeura), present(Chiaki), future(???)

>> No.28693614


>> No.28693620

She's not calling us Chiaki-sempai, or Matsuda-sempai, but just sempai.
That changes the dynamic, especially between two people that are potentially entering a loving relationship.

It's not as cut and dried as you make it out to be, and is vastly more complex with the subtle societal undertones that the term 'sempai' has.

>> No.28693625

i may be getting ahead of myself here but...

for this years maximum christmas(assuming the time of year in game is close enough to christmas) we find out that midori hates christmas. her family was poor so she never got presents, in fact she had to work harder in the restaurant because of the extra business. kyoko obviously will have none of this shit and sets out, with Chiakis reluctant help to teach her the true meaning of christmas by having her visited by three Chiakis, the Chiaki of christmas past(momeura), present(Chiaki), future(???)

>> No.28693630


present-chiaki, forced to wear a beard by Kyoko because they didn't have enough in the budget for actual time traveling shenanigans.

>> No.28693633

Culturally, in Japanese relationships, no, it wouldn't.

>> No.28693641

If I see spirits of christmas past, present and future one more fucking time, I'll drown a kitten.

>> No.28693648


you'll just have to suck it up and suffer like everyone else.

>> No.28693651

>Armored Fragment of Christmas Future
>Come with me if you want your presents.
Followed shooting down Santa with an anti-aircraft gun

>> No.28693657

What about spirits of alcohol, painkillers and bullets?

>> No.28693660

Then you'll be visited by the ghosts of kitten past, kitten present and kitten future.

>> No.28693664

Oh, suffering, truly the reason why Christmas is the most brutal holiday of the year.

>> No.28693665

All I've got to go on is >>28693551
If my understanding is faulty, blame the explainer.

>> No.28693668

I prefer spirits of spirits, spirits, and more spirits

>> No.28693675

So who plays Ignorance and Want?

>> No.28693682

Sakura in the background!..

>> No.28693691

Well, yes, in that context it seems to be more of an endearment (like "honey" or "darling" or whatnot) than an honorific. Being okay with yobisute would still be an important change in the relationship, though.

>> No.28693698

I'm reminded by someone else who died to save Chiaki.
The first time.

>> No.28693703

I know, right?

It's two girls. That gesture only works if it's a girl and a guy.

You'd think Kyoko would know that.

>> No.28693709

tell that to the dojin authors

>> No.28693712


strap ons?
the pointy finger is a tongue and the round circle is a soul gem?

>> No.28693717

>It's two girls. That gesture only works if it's a girl and a guy.
No, anon, not really, it works fine with two girls too. (or for two boys for that matter)

>> No.28693719

Why not have her call us "oneesama" and be done with it?

>> No.28693723


Shes a lancer.

She lances the sallaka

>> No.28693727

No. That is too hazukashii.

>> No.28693731

The fact that dojin authors can't tell the difference between human and hyena anatomy is no concern of mine.

If it's two girls, the gesture should involve symmetrical docking.

...two guys might still work, though. You're just changing the implied hole.

>> No.28693746

>If it's two girls, the gesture should involve symmetrical docking.
you know girls have a lot of things that the finger can symbolyze right? hell it would be symbolizing a finger.

>> No.28693750

i think you're assuming mgs can't magic dicks into existence and that's silly

>> No.28693754

>changing the implied hole
Or not. If you're into that.

>> No.28693763

>Being okay with yobisute would still be an important change in the relationship, though.
It would be an important change, but it would be one that was forced from Chiaki's side, not one that came naturally from Midori's side.

On the other hand, given how aggressive Chiaki normally is, I suppose that could be a justification, but not one that I like.

"Onee-sama" carries with it too much societal class implications.

>> No.28693773

Yes I know that. I just find it more amusing to change the gesture to account for gender.

Given that a crucial part of being a guy is not having the hole generally implied by that gesture, I'm not sure I want to know how your statement would work.

>> No.28693781

Chiaki didn't exist until the start of the quest. Before that we were Murderface, and Girl A, and before that... Well, who knows?

I do recall that even Godoka was willing to acknowledge that Chiaki isn't her Homura, though. (Which isn't the same thing as not HAVING been her Homura)

>> No.28693800

>I'm not sure I want to know how your statement would work.
I meant for girl-on-girl. Lesbian anal sex is a thing. I think. Honestly, I don't want to know either.

>> No.28693807

This isn't MariMite.

I think Chiaki might have to expressly state that she's okay with it for Midori to start using it. Once that happens, I think Chiaki might actually be the one who finds it more embarrassing to just call her "Midori" as a normal thing.

>> No.28693813

of course it is. anything you can imagine is a thing anon, and someone somewhere enjoys it.

>> No.28693870

Can't really write my lewds now. Should have finished it during the week, but 'oh, Decu's not running till Friday, I have plenty of time'.
And now Midori is being too amazing to abuse and I don't have any ideas for anything else.

>> No.28693874

hyena... what?

>> No.28693884

Hyena female pseudo-penis.

>> No.28693889


Just give us what you wrote anon. Surely someone will have an idea for you

>> No.28693896

Spotted Hyeana only actually

>> No.28693898


>> No.28693913

>and then Kumatora shot her kneecaps out for us and everyone lived happily ever after

>> No.28693921

Best fucking assistant.

>> No.28693924

>>28693371 >>28693307 >>28693321

You push Kyoko's unknowable gesture out of your mind to focus on your conversation with Midori - specifically, on a habit of the Callidus that's been needling at you ever since she started it.

She should be calling you Chiaki by now, not sempai, you tell her.

"Eh?" Midori blinks at you. "But, sempai, you're..." She gestures towards you. "Sempai is Warmaster, and--"

Of course you are. But there's a time and place for everything, and times like these, you'd like to hear her call you by your name instead of something as impersonal as a term for seniority. You want to hear her say the name you took for yourself.

And you'll get mad at her if she calls you 'Murderface'.

"B-but, sempai--" Midori falls silent at your stare, before blushing again and nodding. "I...I mean, yes, Chiaki."

...You tell her to say it again.

"Chiaki...?" The Callidus says it again, as if trying to get used to the word, rolling it around her tongue. She says it again, in a breathier voice this time, as if gasping it out. "Chiaki~"


Well. At...at least she knows how to say your name, and without any honorifics, at least. You hunker down to finish your spaghetti. That'll do for now.

"Well, of course I know how to say it, sempa--er, Chiaki." Midori seems to protest here. "...Wait, you're blushing!"

No. No, you're not, you growl with a mouthful of spaghetti, ignoring how your cheeks are burning.

You're really not.

Not at all.


>> No.28693930


Still waiting on Kumatora profile

>> No.28693935

It's not finished.
And I don't mean 'still needs spellchecking/proofreading', I mean 'literally half of it isn't there at all'.
And it's the good half, too. I'll finish it the next time Mami shows up, assuming she isn't dead. Or dying. Or trying to kill us.
Well, maybe not the last one. I think I might be able to work with that.

>> No.28693936


You work your way through another fist-sized meatball before you pick up the conversation again. Thinking back to that thing Kyoko taught you - the HAD formula, right? Hobbies, Ambitions, something that starts with D? You're probably at A, so that's what you ask her now. What are her ambitions, then?

"Ambitions?" Midori blinks as she takes a sip of her own ice water. "Um, I...well, I'd like to be able to finish Miracle Midori, and then move onto--" It's here that she blinks again, before a smile of realization dawns on her face. "Sempai...you've asked me about my hobbies, and now my ambitions. Are you going to ask me about my dreams, next?"

HUh? Her dreams...?

Wait. That's...SHIT.

Shit shit shit shit--

"I know about the HAD formula, sempai. About how it's a, um, panty-peeler?" Midori grins here, own cheeks crimsoning as well "I overheard Miss Kyoko and Kuma-chan talking about it while we were getting ready. Not that I was eavesdropping or anything, but...well, Miss Kyoko's not really that hard to overhear, right?"

You glance towards Kyoko over Midori's shoulder. The Eversor's one eye wide as she shakes her head furiously, crossing both index fingers against each other in the sign of the NOPE.

How do you react, here?

[]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
[]Deny, deny, deny.

>> No.28693956

>[X]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
"I'm going to be honest here, Midori. I have no idea what I am doing."

>> No.28693957

gb2/17pieces/ cat

>> No.28693960

>[x]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
It's a thing. Any help we can get, goes.

>> No.28693965

[x]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
"I am bad at people and need all the help I can get. Sometimes I get good help. Sometimes I get Kyouko Sakura."

>> No.28693966

"I will neither confirm or deny that the conversation was going to follow that path. But that's avoiding the topic. What do you want to do after Miracle Midori?"

>> No.28693967

[x]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.

>> No.28693968

Potentially this may be the least awkward thing to happen during our date.

>> No.28693971



>> No.28693976


>> No.28693978

>[X]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
"...Did you expect me to be experienced in this sort of stuff?"

>> No.28693979


[X} "Heh, well why fix what’s not broke eh?"

>> No.28693986

>[X]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
"I'm going to be honest here, Midori. I have no idea what I am doing."

>> No.28693993

[X]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.

>> No.28694001

Unlimited spaghetti works

>> No.28694002

This is wonderful.

>> No.28694013

Dreams? It was Dreams? Oh god, I was starting to panic, I was supposed to give you the D but I couldn't remember what it was

>> No.28694014

"Imagine if you were drowning in an unfamiliar sea with no land in sight, and someone threw you a liferaft, Midori.

My "normal people" conversation topics are ...limited. And honestly, they're good questions that I wish I'd thought of myself, forumla be damned."

>> No.28694015

[X] Admit to HAD formula. You... really had no idea how dates like this go.

>> No.28694017


>[x]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.

>> No.28694018


>> No.28694019

[x]Admit to the HAD formula. Tell Midori we really didn't want to fuck this up, had no idea how dates were supposed to go, and went to Kyoko for advice on how people with functioning relationships do these things


[x]ask about the boxes, because we really are curious about them

Maybe fit in some spaghetti about how we really aren't just trying to get her out of her panties, even if she looks amazing in that dress and our reactions are making us pretty sure we were into girls before we lost our memories.

>> No.28694021

[X]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.

"Kyoko said it would help and I realized that I didn't really know YOU so I thought why not?"

I'm not sure whether to have Chiaki blush like a tomato or be confident, or maybe both!

>> No.28694025

>[x] other
Can I kill someone now?

>> No.28694033


[X] Admit.

>> No.28694034

"Myself or Kyoko. I'm not sure which is more appealing at the moment."

>> No.28694036

our options at this point are A) Kyouko B) Kuma and C) Midori. And probably D) NECO but we can't find the damn cat.

>> No.28694037

Hearing that made my day.

>> No.28694042

[x] Admit to HAD, but explain that we are actually legitimately interested in all of those things and this more an "i want to know you better" thing than an "i want to fuck you until you start walking funny" thing but we can certainly go for both if she's up for it

>> No.28694059

[x] "I don't know about 'panty peeler', but it seemed like a good way to get to know you better."

I'm glad. I really like your work, but I don't usually get to participate in the threads, otherwise I would tell you more often.

>> No.28694071

Ugh. In retrospect our first mistake was asking an eversor for social advice.

>> No.28694084

[x]Pull up mission briefing for Mission: Court Curved Angel, see what it says if you're detected and your cover's blown

>> No.28694087

[x]"I´m sorry. I´m not good with people so I asked Kyouko what normal people talk about during dates. I thought it would make you happy to have a conversation outside of.. work-related things."

>> No.28694096


>> No.28694104


I can get behind this response:



Your art is really good! It's nice to see more MGNQ work from you

>> No.28694106

Kyoko already suggested to deny all knowledge, but it's not really our style and lets face facts, we're not gonna outperform a Callidus on her preferred field of battle.

>> No.28694110


[X] Yeah, sorry. I have no experience with this dating thing. I just wanted you to have a good time

>> No.28694135

[ x ]Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
[ x ]Tell her your would really like to know.
"I have to say something or i'll be sitting here awkwardly for the whole thing. And it seemed to be working good enough so i thought why not keep on with it? Although, i really am kind of curious to know what your ambitions are, i'm not asking just because of a dating advice i got from kyoko."

>> No.28694155

Maybe it's just a Kyouko thing, I'm sure not every Eversor is-
>Annie May Springfield

>> No.28694180

>[x] Admit to the HAD formula. You...really had no idea how dates like this go.
>finish Miracle Midori
"Let's make OUR Miracle Midori story last forever, what do you say?"

>> No.28694226

Please no. That is so OOC it hurts.

>> No.28694234

>engagement downast

>> No.28694244


>> No.28694252

I think we're past the point of new votes anyway.

>> No.28694266


We are now. That post was close enough that it might have squeaked in under the wire.

>> No.28694280

Voting ended 15 minutes ago, lad.

>> No.28694288

Huh. I thought it was twenty minutes after the last Decu post, not fifteen.

>> No.28694294

It was changed recently to speed up his posting time.

>> No.28694468



>> No.28694487

Seconding this.

>> No.28694488

>>28693956 >>28693960 >>28694059 >>28694087

You shake your head, letting out a sigh. Yeah, alright. You were following the HAD formula or whatever it was. It's...you really had no idea how dates like this go. Hell, you don't even know what kind of conversation passes for normal with normal people, so you managed with what help you could get. And you got Kyoko. So...yeah.

Honestly, though? They were pretty good questions, and you really did want to know more about her. You wish you'd thought of them yourself. And you do honestly want to know about her ambitions. And her dreams, too.

...She's not angry, is she? You didn't screw up the date completely, did you?

"E-eh? N-no, sempai, of course not." Midori looks slightly alarmed, here, before shaking her head, reassuring you with a smile of her own. "I wouldn't have known if I didn't overhear Miss Kyoko talk about them before our date, sempai, so don't worry."

Ah. Right. Well, you're glad for that. ...And she's still calling you sempai, by the way.

"Sorry. Chiaki." Midori smiles. "Well, if Chiaki-sempai wants to know...after Miracle Midori, I'd like to do something a bit less...um...you know." She giggles here, slightly nervous. "I want to write and illustrate children's books. It's something I've always wanted to do as a kid, write fairy tales that kids can enjoy and learn from."

Huh. Why didn't she pursue that, then? Instead of...well, Miracle Midori?

"I didn't know Miracle Midori was going to take off the way it did, Chiaki-sempai." The Callidus shakes her head. "I thought I'd sell no more than a handful of copies at Comiket, but people liked it." It's here that she grins. "As it is, though, I'm taking the experience from Miracle Midori to use for when I start writing children's books full-time."

Ahh. Well. It sounds like she's got things figured out.


>> No.28694503


What kind of children's books, then? Does she have a story already planned, or what?

Midori shakes her head. "None yet, Chiaki-sempai. Well...I do have a couple of ideas, but nothing really concrete. I'm not in a hurry to get one, though, because I still have Miracle Midori to finish."

Ah, right. Yeah, that's still ongoing, right?

"YeIt's here, then, that Midori she gives you a rather sly smile. "Although, sempai, if it had worked, like it was supposed to. The...the HAD formula, I mean. What would you have done?"

How do you respond?

[]Retreat for now, link up with Kyoko for further instructions.
[]"This...this is flirting, right? Right?"

>> No.28694515

>"YeIt's here, then, that Midori she gives you a rather sly smile.


>> No.28694516

Kiss her. That line kind of begs for it.

>> No.28694518

>[x]"This...this is flirting, right? Right?"

>> No.28694522

I will wear you like a glove.

>> No.28694529


"Well according to KYOKO, the bear rug comes after this."

>> No.28694530


[X] lean in and kiss her

"You figure it out."

>> No.28694531

Turn the tables
>[x]..did it work?

>> No.28694534

[x]"This...this is flirting, right? Right?"

>> No.28694536

[x] go for the kiss, "something like that, probably"

>> No.28694547


[X] This...this is flirting, right? Right?
[X] Other: Been gentle, take things as fast or as slowly as you wanted. Probably enjoy squeezing your butt.

>> No.28694548


>Forgot picture, and sorry for the typo!

>> No.28694551

[x] These

>> No.28694552

[X] Deadpan. "This is flirting, right. I'd do the thing with the tongue."

>> No.28694554

Actually, I'm pretty sure the bear rug is the one thing that doesn't come in that scenario.

>> No.28694555



turn hand over and hold hers.

optional: "S-something like that?"

>> No.28694556

[x] "Well, there was this tongue thing Kharn told me about..."

>> No.28694560


[x] don't make eye contact continue eating

>> No.28694564

[x] "Panic, probably. Followed by the most awkward kiss ever.
The bear rug is definitely off-limits, though."

>> No.28694572

>Dunno. Hadn't thought that far ahead. The macarena, maybe?

>> No.28694573


Ask if we can borrow her soul gem for a moment.

Then lick it.

Say "Something like that, probably".

>> No.28694576


Oh god, that smile.

Go for the kiss! Go for the kiss!

No retreat!

>> No.28694578


>> No.28694580

"As long as we're.... I'm talking to you like a normal person, it IS working."

There's other things we need to talk about, but we're not bringing work or Siberia into The Happy Place.

>> No.28694581

Oh, God, we're going to die.

>> No.28694585


>> No.28694593

"Sleep on the bear rug. I've hear that it's really warm, and it can get cold up here this time of year."

>> No.28694601


>> No.28694602


[X] Go for the kiss

All or nothing!

>> No.28694603

Or mumble something about not really know what happens other than pancakes in the mornong

>> No.28694612

[x] "Wait, you're saying it didn't?"
I figure we can't be stuttering nervousness ALL the time.

>> No.28694622

Our Midorin can't be this smug

>> No.28694631

no. Just no.

Dudes, face is literally covered in spaghetti

>> No.28694636

throw in the soul gem licking too for old time's sake.

flick hair, look smug: "what would you have preferred?"

>> No.28694640


She looks like she's imagining something lewd!

Kiss her!

>> No.28694647

Smooch. Smooch her like the fist of the north star!

>> No.28694651

oh look
classless retards
what a fucking surprise

>> No.28694655

[x] other
"I think kyoko was going like this a moment ago..."
do the hand gesture, you know the one.

>> No.28694658


Damn you are right. Bear rug comment them?

>> No.28694663

[x]try to lick soul gem
[x]accidentally lick own soul gem
[x]stain pants a little
[x]go red-faced, drop soul gem into spaghetti, run from room, fall over at 100 m incapacitated

>> No.28694666



>> No.28694676

Actually, given that whole soul-gem link thing, we might be able to lick our own soul gem and have Midori feel it.

>> No.28694683


>> No.28694698

I fear we may be beyond the help of a simple napkin.

A bath may be necessary.

>> No.28694699

Wtf with all the kiss votes, you really think that's IC?

>> No.28694702

[ x ] Mention that soul licking incident.

>> No.28694703

Hmmm, this merits later experimentation.
That would mean she'd effectively have three g-spots.

>> No.28694705


this picture with a little puff of breath would make it really fucking condescending.

>> No.28694707

Gotta smooch green.

>> No.28694709

[X]Kiss her soul gem

>> No.28694725

Please don't blow up midorin.

>> No.28694730

Midori's line just absolutely requires it.

If a bunch of socially-retarded neckbeards like ourselves can see that, then so can the socially-retarded magical girl we're playing as.

>> No.28694741

The explosion is a metaphor.

>> No.28694745

Alright, pausing for now! Thread to continue tomorrow, same time!

Thank you for everyone's participation, and feedback is always great! Sorry for the typos yet again, hahaha!

I don't think there's any writeups to be posted tonight, so questions answered before I go to sleep!

>> No.28694747


>> No.28694751


>> No.28694760

What's the ratio of retired to 'retired' Magical Girls?
Which Officio's have the highest rates of Magical Girls being able to retire and collect their pensions?

>> No.28694765


>>"What were you going to do?"
>>Wipe mouth on napkin
>>Drink some water
>>Lean in and kiss her
>>"You figure it out"

>> No.28694766

I may have my write-up done by then, so just a heads up for you!

>> No.28694769

It's not, actually. The girl who Chiaki's nervous with going out with has just asked you what would you do if you were intending on "getting her out of her pants".

This is nearly EXACTLY the same reaction we had with Mami when Chiaki found her on her bed; we flopped right into those Mamis.

When she found herself on top of Wendy's rear, groping occured.

Chiaki's full of spaghetti, but she's an opportunistic person with actions instead of words. Kissing someone here makes more sense than her trying to put it into nervous words punctuated with swearing.

>> No.28694782

We got to kiss her with all that spaghetti sauce of course. We cant suddenly get rid of all the spaghetti and be that smooth a player.

>> No.28694786

[x]Switch into cool mysterious girl mode and turn the tables on her
[x]"I would have tried the Tongue-Thing."

>> No.28694807

Is there anywhere in Mami's cabin that Kyoko and Sayaka haven't defiled yet?

You know, for future reference.

>> No.28694811


1:10, at least. Being able to retire is a rare thing.

Also, the Officios that have the highest rate of pension-collecting retirees are the Seventeenth, the Thirteenth and the Seventh.


Oh, awesome! Thanks!

>> No.28694816

Of course, in both of those situations, Chiaki was effectively alone with the person.

I'm not sure having Kyoko and Kumatora looking on would have an effect on proceedings.

Definately want more privacy before we bring up Siberia.

And work can wait until morning.

>> No.28694823

Apply soulgem to mouth.

Thanks for running, Decu!

You godless teasing bastard.

>> No.28694835


The front porch!

>> No.28694845

What sort of lewdfics would you like to see?

>> No.28694856

>1:10, at least
With an Officio consisting of 1000 Magical Girls, 100 will collect their pensions.
Yeah, not good odds, but still better than the near-guaranteed pre-mature deaths that other posters were implying.

>> No.28694857

That's not in the cabin! -That, or it means those two have been going about matters on each outside wall, and the roof!

>> No.28694859


Well, er...what kinds are there? D:

>> No.28694867

Will we get the chance to kneecap the damned cat during this date?

>> No.28694871

At this point? it's possible she might just forget about it for a moment for the kiss.

Then blushes and embarrassment later.

>> No.28694878


Thanks for running, I had been waiting all day for this thread and I am not disappointed!


Thread archived!

I love you all!

>> No.28694879

Decu, how long do most MG's survive AFTER retirement?

>> No.28694901

Wait, if this isn't really MAXIMUM SPAGHETTI, then what is?

>> No.28694911


>> No.28694916

Any kind you like! That's why I'm asking.
Anything from head pats to non-consensual cuddling. I absolutely draw the line at hand-holding though.

>> No.28694936


I thought Chiaki did fairly well so yay!

>> No.28694937

Hey, so, I want to follow some other quest threads and maybe draw for them, too. If I love MGNQ which other ones should I follow? plscakethx

>> No.28694977

Is there anywhere that the various non-Decu prose bits are all archived separately from the threads? Kind of want to read the supplemental material without having to sift through 150 threads first.

>> No.28694984

Depends what you like, Dan. Lots of different kind of things. Most of them aren't with you being the little girl, though.

>> No.28694992

Let's get some Mami x Wendy bondage

>> No.28695004

List your preferences man. Also, do you mind old quests with a lot of archive binging?

>> No.28695013

There's a few pastebins floating around. Check the wiki.
I wasn't asking you, perv. Someone else is doing that I think.

>> No.28695014

Over on Anonkun, there's Golden Empire.

And here, there's Shadow Quest, Peter Parker Quest, Hollow Quest, Attack on Pokemon Hunter Quest, Maverick Hunter Quest, Fate/Stay Again, Princess Guard Quest, and Strikers 89 Quest.

And over on Spacebattles, I personally am following Red Soul, SayakaQuest, A Geeks Guide: Redemption, The Boiling Blood, An Unhealthy Obsession, Penetrator Quest, Gotham Quest, Post Finem Evangelion, Witch Quest, and Black Mage Quest.

...Damn, thats a lotta Quests.

>> No.28695024

Sorry, deleted my post after I realized how dumb it was. I should just crawl through the suptg archive and see what hits my fancy.

Princess Guard is looking okay.

>> No.28695025

Pretty sure the e-books have the writeups listed separately.

>> No.28695034

Yeah Princess Guard is a good one. I'd recommend that too.

If I'm not mistaken, Decu also follows that quest?

>> No.28695049

>Princess Guard
Be warned that the quest has..probably the most toxic fanbase there currently is. gets really annoying the more you catch up. Read only the QMs posts to preserve your sanity.

I recommend you definitely check out Hero Quest. The MC, Rena, is awesome.

>> No.28695050

Polite Society and NEET Quest are pretty nice new blood. Totemist Quest is cool too.

Hey Decu-pyon, how many panties has the HAD system dropped?

>> No.28695058

Look at this, Pinky. You could have had all this. God knows we tried to give it to you.
But no, you just had to leave us and become a goddess. Then we brought you back, and you STILL didn't take the HomuHomu.

My name is Chiaki, and I'm tired of your shit. You are a short, retarded, overly-pink goddess of the undead who spends every second of her day watching and fantasizing about what could have been and handing out golden sex-toys. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun eating the souls of the girls who have the balls to make something of themselves, but you take it to a whole new level. This is even worse than schlicking to the pictures on those weird-ass bibles your cultist fangirls leave behind wherever they go.

Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I'm Warmaster of the Ninth, and even have a bitching hat. What gets you off other than torturing the girl you blueballed for centuries? I also get paid top dollar to purge punk bitches, and have a banging hot girlfriend (We're about to defile a bearskin rug; Shit is going to be SO cash). You are a colossal faggot who should just manifest yourself in magical girl form, then crush your own soul gem. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch.

>> No.28695060

Caution: the fanbase is terribad.
So bad, in fact, that I had to stop following the quest entirely.

>> No.28695067


Well, both sound good, so whatever you'd prefer!

>> No.28695089


Don't be silly anon, Midori isn't the Warmaster!

Also, you mispelled hername.

>> No.28695090

Been a while since I saw this pasta form.

>> No.28695106

That's the problem, I don't have any ideas.
My brain is currently going weird places with Sayaka 'assessing' a new recruit. I don't like it, much too violent.
Sexy, but violent.

>> No.28695114

Decu, can you please answer >>28694879

I'd imagine that most do survive since they're not in active service, but I'd like confirmation.

>> No.28695115

Wow, okay. Maybe I'll avoid that one then.

Any quest that's on par with MGNQ? Or is this the cream of the crop? Maybe I shouldn't split my attention. I wouldn't mind just living here if that's the case.

>> No.28695117

That is a lot of quests, but most of them really aren't much like MGNQ really (even if I like them a lot). I guess GE, AoPH kinda sorta, and some of the SB ones (at least by dint of being PMMM-based) are though. Of course, all are at least somewhat different so checking out the more popular ones makes sense anyway.

>> No.28695133

PGQ isn't bad but for gods sake skip the non quest comments
Shitstorms in there are about as bad as they get

>> No.28695141

>on par with MGNQ
Golden Empire on anonkun is very similar, heard only good things about it. Other than that, check whatever other things catch your fancy on suptg. Personally I think that we have a lot of quests worth at least checking out.

>> No.28695146

Well, I think it's a matter of taste, really, there are one or two I like as much as MGNQ but most of my favorites have very little in common with it. I guess Golden Empire is the closest of those. Also, honestly any really popular quest on /tg/ has a huge risk of bad fan-bases. But yeah, if you want to interact with the threads, maybe stay away from PGQ, for now at least.

>> No.28695151

This is honestly cream of the crop
Other quests aren't bad but they always seem to just not quite get it right

>> No.28695162

>Nobody ever mentions your favourite /tg/ quest


>> No.28695169

Which one is it?

>> No.28695170


Honestly through, we're probably biased. A better place to ask might be the QTG

>> No.28695190

Well if it's not popular, it's not that surprising really, good or not.

But comparing them to MGNQ, in content if not quality, seemed like half the point, no?

>> No.28695201

Decu's probably one of the better writers, but in terms of tone, not much is in the same neighbourhood.
Just check the catalog every few hours over the next week or so, read a few OPs, see what catches your fancy.
The Strike Witches Quest family is prime fodder for butts, though. I don't think anyone will complain if you show up there. China Edition in particular needs art badly assuming it ever runs again, anyway.
Just browse the catalog, make your own decisions, and for the love of god stay out of QTG.

>> No.28695205

>A better place to ask might be the QTG
You don't visit those threads often, do you?

>> No.28695211

AoPH has a protagonist who rolls very well at acting cute and utter shit at everything else which is amusing but I wouldn't say it is as good as MGNQ
PGQ has a great world behind it that the QM has put a lot of effort into but sadly it has been ruined by the fan base
Hollow Quest is good fun in a lolrandumb way that can grate on your nerves if you aren't in the mood but the QM does a good job of making even mundane things interesting
Valkyrian Merc Quest wasn't bad but I can't speak for the second part
GuP quest isn't bad but it is basically strike witches quest in tanks, Strike witches quest if you haven't heard was mainly about being a MAN in a female dominated setting it had its moments and it treated the characters better than the actual series ever did in terms of them being characters instead of stereotypes but that's about it

I don't really know any others because I don't follow them, I quit PGQ like the other anon because the fan base was literally that bad

>> No.28695213

You should draw Merlin from SW89.

Place lots of emphasis on the butt and lewdness.

>> No.28695226

which GuP quest are you talking about?

because Lafayette Academy is cool, though the romance-fags need to tone it down a bit.

>> No.28695244

I honestly didn't know there was more than one, I just saw the original one on the catalogue sometimes and checked it out which lead to that conclusion

>> No.28695258

Thanks for the overviews.
Looks like I'll lurk Princess Guard a bit but otherwise I'll stick around here. I'll try and up drawing quality next time, too.

>> No.28695263

Threadly reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb
link to the Fanart gallery: http://wiki.magicalgirlnoir.com/index.php/Fanart

I've got the writeups in a separate ebook. It's in the pastebin I just linked to.

>> No.28695280

Quality was fine, I loved DJ kyouko
This thread didn't seem to have as many opportunities for great pictures as some others did

>> No.28695309

Well there's GuP quest which is about a dude in a female dominated setting

and there's Girls und Panzer Lafayette Academy quest which is about an american Academy ship which faces a situation similar to Oarai only starting with even more shit-tier tanks. and working to improve the situation

also fascist Irish hall monitors who act like police.

>> No.28695326


I'd like to take the opportunity to suggest Fate/Stay Again, too. Although that one's probably more contingent upon knowing a bit about the Nasuverse, has had it's schedule massively disrupted with some frequency, and has changed hands about three times.

Still, had some fun moments.

>> No.28695333


They survive for quite a long time! I would say ten years past their retirement phase.


Noooo, Dan. Stay here. Don't go anywhere else.

>> No.28695341

House and Dominion

>> No.28695384

>I would say ten years past their retirement phase.
So Magical Girls generally die in their late 30's/early 40's?
Is this due to Witching out or by being killed by other Magical Girls who held a grudge?
Or because of some kind of Incubator-tech related reason?

>> No.28695416

Pls Decu, your favorite quest having zero art is pain. Let him spread the love if he wants.

>> No.28695428

Just kiss her soulgem. That's classy. Also, much more effective. What would you prefer? A kiss on your lips, or a kiss on your SOUL?

>> No.28695429

Thought I'd try to color this.

>> No.28695441

You missed some spots, anon. Unless she has twintails...

>> No.28695450


The eyes could be a little more red but it looks good otherwise!


Oh god, Ruri!

>> No.28695461

Late reply, but needs to be said:

>> No.28695467


>> No.28695474


A combination of all three. But that's the average, actually.

There are of course those who live up until they die of natural causes, but those are pretty rare!

>> No.28695483

>So Magical Girls generally die in their late 30's/early 40's?
They die right before wrinkles appear.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

>> No.28695608

What an embarrassing mistake.

>> No.28695641


I like this.

>> No.28695853

Honestly, I'm thinking about a decade, maybe two. More maybe, with good maintenance or special cases where the wish they made actively contradicts such a death.

>> No.28695960

>getting wrinkles
>aging period

>> No.28695977


>> No.28695982


>> No.28695992

"There is absolutely no evidence to support claims of involvement of incubators or any of their agents in these deaths"

>> No.28696039

So... what am I looking at?

>> No.28696054

>gay sex with no hats on yuri.gif

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