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Are there viable chaos lists that you can use without being Mark of Nurgle/Plague Marine spamming, or Helldrake overuse that are viable and won't make people scream "cheese" when you field it?

How is Chaos in the current 40k edition in general?

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Chaos lord on bike or mount/Demon Prince
2 full squads of Nurgle Spawns
2 Maulerfiends
Whatever you want for troops, hordes of cultists are nice

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Do Typhus and Zombies count as Nurgle spam?

Slaanesh is okay due to ignore cover blast, as well as having superior biker spam than Nurgle.

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Terrible. Literally everything that isn't a Heldrake is a gamble to even field. If there's not a shit-ton of high S AP3 weapons pointing at you in every single army, there'll be shitbaggy environmental shenanigans designed to fuck you but not the enemy, spammy super units better than anything you can field, or the enemy having sixteen different ways to deploy and maneuver on the field while you struggle to have Rhinos survive to turn 2. That cocksmoker Kelly didn't do us any favors.

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Heldrake's aren't even a gamble to field, they are an auto loss because you are guaranteed to play against at least one Tau or Eldar player at a tournament, and you can't get best general with 1-2 guaranteed losses on your record.

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If you like Slaanesh, you could buy one of these and field it as a Maulerfiend. It's also $6 cheaper than the Maulerfiend, but obviously an Exalted Chariot doesn't come with the parts to make a good Forgefiend counts as

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Damn the new daemonettes look stupid.

What ever happened to the old ones? Why did GW have to fag them up like when they took away Noise Marine's guitars?

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>So what are you supposed to field against Tau or Eldar then?

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Tau or Eldar. Or Daemons.

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Ok, what environments are you talking about, cause I have no idea what you mean.
And OP, in my limited experience, I've run Chaos just fine without Nurgle or Drake spam. I do Iron Warriors and so far, I've won every game, my defiler raining down death while out of range of everything. Now, I haven't played against Tau and Eldar, but I beat someone spamming Nurgle this way, as well as a 6th edition Space Marine player. Just cause its not the best doesn't mean its terrible. And, I have felt the pain of other chaos lists when I faced them with my 2nd army, Tyranids. I hate nothing more than Noise marines ignoring cover, or Khorne Berserkers who can easily chop up my gaunts and even wound down some monstrous creatures. And, above all, 40k is about doing what's fun. When people call something over powered, they mean in a tournament sense. 40k is, at its best, a casual game, so just play with casual people and have fun. If you lose, so what, you lost gloriously and had fun. Honestly, people need to lighten up about things.
tl;dr 40k is best played casually, so have fun

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Think he's talking about the types of terrain most players are using. Tournaments and most FLGS have not enough LoS blocking terrain.

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How well does Chaos SM work with Daemons? Can you field a decent amount of units for both to be able to deal with stuff effectively?

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Ah yeah, true. See, I really encourage using LoS blocking terrain, so I can see why that's a disadvantage. I don't think many people realize its how 40k is supposed to be played, with a modest to heavy amount of it.

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You could use the Praying mantis things Raging Heroes makes.

They make some really good female models actually.

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You don't play CSM, you play Daemons.

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But Maulerfiends and Defilers are CSM.

And Noise Marines, I want to have Noise Marines.

Actually,are any of those three units even good?

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They're not bad.

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>khorne berserkers do well in one very niche scenario but they're totally good
>I've won every single game but I haven't played actually good armies
>who cares if you lose?
>won every single game against shit armies, probably got lucky vs nurgle

Wow you are a complete faggot. Pro tip, try losing 5 games in a row and see if you're still "having fun".

I used to play Khorne but not only was it completely I enjoyable due to my own fucking codex working against me, it lacks so much flavor that I could have sworn I was just playing the 4th edition codex.

I play inquisition and guard casually and they always have something fun and new that I can play around with.

Chaos is a shit book and Phail Kelly is the worst fucking codex author. Seriously this book is irredeemably bad.

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Can chaos ally with IG now? I want to make a LatD army with CSM allies and maybe a daemon.

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So would Slaaneshi themed Daemons with CSM allies work well?

What are the good units from Daemons? I don't know really anything about them other than Keeper of Secrets and Daemonettes.

There are mounted Daemonettes too right?

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Tzeentch Daemons or go home. Say with Nurgle CSM. So I guess yeah you could play Slaanesh Daemons. You might as well since you're obviously not making a maximum efficiency list. Just make sure your DPs of Slaanesh have wings.

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So either go full efficiency or full fluffy/casual/fun army?

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S Tier must take if you don't you're a faggot and should go play some Imperial army:

- Fateweaver
- Flying DP with Grimoire
- Screamers

A Tier:

- Flesh Hounds of Khorne
- Plague Bearers
- Pink Horrors

B Tier:

- Seekers

C Tier:

Everything else

SoB Tier:

- Bloodletters

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That's what I do. I mean you can try to make your fun fluffy list as optimized as you possibly can, but if you're locking into Slaanesh it's not even going to matter just because you won't be able to take the really broken shit.

Same with CSM. It's like, yeah, you can try to run Slaanesh not shittily, but without Nurgle and Heldrakes the best you can do is really not going to be much. At least you're better than Thousand Sons!

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Who say's you can't have a Slaaneshi Helldrake?

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If you're going to take Heldrakes why don't you just go pink and purple Nurgle.

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I suppose you could also use that vampire dragon from Fantasy. Paint it skin-color, add metal plating and tubes, piercings, and tattoos and you have a pretty cool Slaaneshi Helldrake.

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>d6 hammer of wrath attacks per hull point that rend at s4
>cheap squads

...if only they weren't open topped at av 10 they would be glorious. i love the slaanesh stuff but oh is it fragile.

to answer the op there are options besides heldrakes/all nurgle.

>khorne lord on jugger with axe
>lv3 sorcerers
>eye of night, s4 ap5 large blast with infinite range, ignores cover, d3 auto penetrating hits for easy first blood
>chaos spawn are amazing now, bikes got cheaper, raptors gained back fear
>noise marines that ignore cover

we're not warriors of chaos level, but the chaos codex isn't that bad. i mean it is bad, but in the sense that they're evil.

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CSM is just a victim of power creep and not lucky enough to be a book like Tau or Daemons. Even Tau is subject to power creep when compared to Eldar.

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Triple maulerfields held in reserve. Y/N?

I run an army of mostly footslogging autogun cultists, a plasma/scourge hellbrute, about 18 marines, an apostle and a sorc. I want something that will spook the shit out of enemy armor, coming in and fucking shit up like those elephants in lord of the rings.

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Why in reserve? Use them to screen the rest of your army and tarpit transports/long range support

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Reserve the cultists and/or marines.

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oooh, both of these ideas sound good
would triple maulerfiends be considered cheese?

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No. Super casual players might complain that your list is "boring" because you just picked a unit and put them in all the slots though.

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My opinion is that 2 of the same unit is ok, 3 is spamming and boring

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ally in black legion for 4 maulerfiends, add in some spawn/bikers and you got a fast list.

also this giant spawn? only 80 points and 1 elite choice. another good choice.

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I love that unit

If I played CSM I'd do this:

3x20 cultists, MoS
2xGiant Spawns
2xSpawns, MoN
2x Maulerfiends

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lol, is that a whole CSM list without any power armor? hilarious.

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brilliant, i've been toying around with the idea of a gun heavy chaos list

>2 defilers
>3 squads of chosen with 5 plasmas, rhinos with havoc launchers
>outflanking noise marines with chaos sorcer
>chaos lord outflanking with more noise marines
>rest is cultists

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Kitted-out Noise Marines fuck up light infantry.

Defilers can be awesome or terrible depending on how you build them, how you deploy them, and what you're fighting.

Can't help you on the Maulerfiend; never used one.

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>gun heavy chaos list
>not traitor guard
>overpriced AV12 walkers instead of battle tanks
>TDA-costed MEQs in cardboard boxes instead of IG vets
>NM without blastmasters, outflanking
>not even trying to win

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Because Daemonettes are not succubi


There is no power creep, Kelly shit the bed plain and simple. TS still pretty damn useless, Berserkers, anything else that wants to get into melee, MoK, and MoS all useless because the only viable way to get up the field fast enough and not shot to shit is a box that costs 200pts a pop and takes up one of your HS slots, MoT useless on anything that doesn't already have a invulnerable save, too bad a majority of units that do are shit as well. Kelly didn't even come up with Battle Focus, Ward did.


I wouldn't heavily consider not even playing with anyone who seriously uses the word cheese.

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our god kelly has forsaken us, what hope is there left for the damned if even the dark one cannot help us?

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Power armor is the worst type of unit in the game right now with very few exceptions (Grey Hunters, Sternguard, etc are okay but not amazing). If you have an option to take a non-power armor unit in that slot it's almost always a good idea. Cultists, Zombies, Scouts, etc.

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Yeah yeah, poor space marines, we get it.

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It's a more constructive post than "LOL ZOMBIES AN CULTISTS?? NO CHAOS SPACE MARUHOONS! NO WAY! LOLZ!"

Fucking educate yourselves.

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Don't get so defensive there sperglord.

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It's amazing how easy faggots like you can be goaded into shitposting.

It's like, gasp, you never had anything to contribute to begin with!

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Yeah, because you are spitting up grade A content right now aren't you? I have no qualms taking a dump in a dead thread.

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The answer is "no". Chaos Space Marines are probably the weakest of the 6th edition codexes released so far, standing just above Dark Angels and Space Marines due to having Heldrakes. Even the "viable" lists of Heldrake/MoN spam aren't going to be able to stand up to Tau/Eldar/or certain powerful Daemon builds.

To create a decent Chaos army, you pretty much need to ally in a force to make up for your short comings. Daemons are a good force for this. My list is generally 2 squads of deep-striking Daemonettes, 2 Blastmaster Noise Marine Squads, a squad of 12 Seeker Cavalry with a Herald with a Grimoire and the Locus that allows re-rolls to wound, and then filling out the rest of my points with Heldrakes, Obliterators, or even a Soul Grinder. IG can also be a good allied detachment, along with Tau (savor the look on your opponent's face when you bring a Riptide and Heldrakes in the same list).

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I rape my friend's CSM with fucking nids. Granted he has no heldrakes, but he just doesn't want to be an asshole, the rest of his list is as competitive as possible.

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>Because Daemonettes are not succubi
Yes, and?
This prevents them from having nice models how, exactly?

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When is the next chaos codex coming out? Will they be good in 7th Edition maybe? Will we get Doomrider back?

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We got fucked the moment Chambers left the studio.

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I play CSMs and have yet to not be raped by Nids. I'm dreading January when they get even better.

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