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What would it be like to be a psyker on the black ships?
What is life like on the black ships?
How do they train the psykers to control their powers?

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Does that thing have a big chest or is it just me?

Regardless, I've always imagined life on the Black Ships to be somewhere around 'livable but nowhere pleasant' myself. As for the training, who even knows.

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I'm asking because the lexicanum has nothing, and google is letting me down.

It's probably some kind of grimdark, but like, is it a fate worse than death?

If I psyker was tasked with hunting down other psykers would the black ships being so horrific that killing them be more merciful?

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Imagine what life would have been like on the ships carrying convicts to Australia and you've got some idea, just increase the size and the technology. Cramped cells stuffed to the limits with psykers, covered in wards to protect them from daemons and to shut off any psychic activity. They're likely treated like little more than animals and subjected to the bare limit required to keep them alive. That's the low quality weak psykers at least. The stronger ones are likely going to have their own personal cells that are frequently maintained, whether they're likely to end up being sanctioned or whether they're just too powerful to cram in with the weaklings.

These black ships likely carry hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of psykers from sector to sector. They've probably got it down to an almost conveyor-belt level of science where the psykers are little more than cattle to them.

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There is a description of it in the Inquisition war trilogy.

But basically they spend most of their time praying, training, and being brainwashed to submit themselves to the emperor willingly. They are actually treated quite well.

IIRC it's also where they are tested to decide who becomes an astropath, sanctioned psyker, inquisitor, or emperor food.

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Imagane if you will.
You were born on some Imperial shithole of a planet. So your life was most likely a fight since birth. now at some point you ended up doing something you don't really understand, but are now labeld a filthy witch/soccerer and hated by most of the population. After spending some time in the prison of your world, under conditions meant to keep you "under control", a black ship appears. They take you with a others, just as misfortunate as you, and throw you cuffed into a dark dirty big room. The light hurts your eyes and mind when you look at it. At unregular intervalls a noise appears, wich torments you into a powerless husk, puking out all the food you weren't given. There is no medical attention and you have to fight for the scraps of food and water thrown in this massive cage. If you somehow survive the journey, spend next to halfdead insane man and those who have already passed on, you are taken out, on to special training grounds.

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The circumstances are not much different then before, only that now the dead are taken away, and the insane get shot, but still, there will be that horrible noise, so you can't manifest your powers. The training is still somehow worse than the passage here, and much more tormenting on your unstable mind, crippeld soul and failing body. Should you still survive this, without being judged corrupted they may take you to the golden throne. Here you will behold the psykik glorie of the holy emperor of mankind. If the light doesn't drive you into madness, and shortly after to death, allowing the emperor to consume your soul, so he may keep powering the astronomicon, your eyes will simply burn away as your soul becomes permanently attachet to a tiny part of his holyness, what a horner. Without wasting any time you are brought on another ship, to some war plagued planet, were an older psyker is expected to teach you what he has learned so far, so you can take over after he dies in a week or so.
But hey, you are now a sanctioned psyker, so do your best to die in battle, least you be judged corrupted and purged under circumstances, which will still hunt your soul back in the warp, before you are consumed by demons.
Such is life as a psyker.

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Wow, son. Way to oversell it. There's a whole lot wrong with that.

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go on...

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Only astropaths are soul bound to the Emperor. The sanctioning is different. Based on DH the sanctioning varies greatly as does the outcome

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I'm not perfectly sure on the circumstances of the Black Ships, but considering the value of psykers, even the fodder, as resources, I somehow doubt they'd keep them worse than animals. Then there's the part with the Golden Throne and the supposed training. Psykers are sorted into three groups: the chaff, who feed the Astronomicon and Big E. Astropaths, who get training and are soul melded to Emps, going blind in the process but getting attuned properly (I might be a hint confused about that, and they may be ones who survived being throw at the Emperor, but I don't recall that). And there are the sanctioned psykers, who do not get melded, do not go blind, and are separated from the others to be sent off to weird-ass schools to learn. Not fun, basically scarring for life, but they are usually not taught one on one, and are definitely not astropaths.

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So a Dark heresy pyromancer who finds a little girl, a frail 11 year old who has been pinging on his psyniscience as a strong psyker (like as strong as him or stronger)

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would he pass the girl on to the black ships, or kill her to save her the suffering?

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As I understand it though, the ones sent to the asteopathic choir are actually pretty powerful. They also get an insane amount of training and are honored highly

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different anon, but >>28674393
Is the only canon depiction I am aware of.

It's only logical they would be treated quite well, considering they are quite valuable, and needed to keep the imperium from falling apart.

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Well, I can agree on having the training aspect wrong, but there really isn't much mentioned about.
But the conditions on the black ships are pretty bad for psykers, least they manifest their powers.
The the training for non astropaths is properly different, but there will still be an inhuman testing process, this is 40k after all.

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what is the cannon description?
any links?

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From what I recall, those especially talented in some areas get sent to be sanctioned, since those are mostly specialized areas, and require quite a bit of power to even work. Astropaths are the most well-treated and viewed psykers for sure, and they do require a lot of juice to send those signals, and have a whole lot of training just to safely send the messages, know the encryptions, codes, and if we do not discard the Inquisition War from canon, may have various special measures implanted subconsciously.

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depends is he a nice guy, and how high is the power level, how loyal is he

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They don't. The Black Ships are prison vessels that keep psykers bound, gagged, blindfolded, and power-dampened, if not in stasis. There is no training, no living quarters. Just psy-damping prison cells and the constant wails of despair of thousands of psykers on their way to their own execution. Sometimes they'll be tortured or experimented on, but other than that, it's just holding cells.

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He has a psy ranking of 3, (so omega level) and is deeply cynical and depressed.
His parents were BOTH Clerics, and his younger brother became a cleric as well.
Because of how he has stacked things he can actually burn the shit out of people, and his claim to fame is when he killed a whole squad of sororitas with a ridiculous "shape fire" modified "firestorm"

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It's a book, hang on, I have the mobi so I will paste it here.

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well, as long as he doesn't want to seed chaos, he will either kill her or send her off, you have that part right. A psyker deemed to powerfull will just become food for emps, since he could not be controlled. So yeah, the girl awaits either suffering, more suffering and then death, like he got, or suffering and death. It is still your charakter so, make your own decision.
(secretly teach her and have her spread chaos)

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I meant those who become part of the astromicon. From what I gather there is a school at the Hall of the Astronomicon where they are trained and wait for someone in the choir to die. But yeah astropaths are treated well.

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>AS THE PASSENGER capsule whisked through the crystalline tube above the blurred green hell of jungle, Jaq scrutinised his personal Tarot card and recalled his trip to Terra as a boy aboard the Black Ship.
>Only en route had he understood the true implications.
>To his keen senses, that cavernous crowded ship had been awash with psychic turmoil – despite the dampening field projected by a suppressor adept linked in to arcane machinery. This deadening field was subtly nauseating, a psychic equivalent of the stale, rebreathed air. In spite of it, Jaq easily read raw talent, hope, muted dread; and on the part of some of the officers boredom mixed with disgust, on the part of others fierce dedication, occasionally mixed with regret.
>The suppressor field seemed to work perversely on Jaq, who already knew how to hide his own light. He hadn’t read moods before, but now almost everyone on board appeared to broadcast sludgy feelings.
>Stray whispers in a hundred distant-cousin tongues twittered through the ship, as if voices were trying to inform him of his fate, the ghost echoes from a million previous passengers, ten million down the centuries that this ship had been in service.
>Of course, the ship was rife with ordinary gossip too, in various versions of Imperial Gothic, some halting, some fluent, in a waveband of accents from mellow to harsh, sibilant to guttural.
>AS THE PASSENGER capsule whisked through the crystalline tube above the blurred green hell of jungle, Jaq scrutinised his personal Tarot card and recalled his trip to Terra as a boy aboard the Black Ship.
>Only en route had he understood the true implications.

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Nah, he's loyal as you can get.
He will send her on to the black ships, and maybe try and keep in contact with her.

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Black ships are in part prison vessels but I don't recall them being hell scares in any cannon.

It is true they are power damped by lighting and sound and it can be pretty displeasing and oppressive.

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>‘A great fleet of ships like this tours the galaxy—’
>‘They trawl for promising psykers—’
>‘Wayward, twisted psykers are hunted down ruthlessly on a host of worlds. They’re preached against and purged. The Inquisition scourges them. Planetary governors destroy them—’
>‘At the very same time fresh, uncorrupted psykers are being harvested. They’re sent to Earth in Black Ships such as this—’
>Psychic talent was the floodgate by which the malevolent lunacy of powers in the warp could invade and ravage worlds, could corrupt the human race into polluted slaves of evil.
>Yet psychic talent was also the hope of the future, of a galaxy in which the human race, free and strong, could defend itself mentally.
>Meanwhile, the God-Emperor must defend all his scattered multi-billions of subjects by ruthless sacrificial force. For a terrible equation prevailed: that which would ultimately save the human race – the evolution of a higher consciousness – was, in its long and vulnerable gestation, exactly what could so easily destroy humanity by letting it be corrupted, polluted, warped and ruined. Only the utter ruthlessness of one ravaged, machine-sustained tyrant and the overstretched forces of his fierce yet fragile Imperium kept the human race tottering along its fraying tightrope.

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>Sacrifice on his own part, yes indeed. Was not the Emperor tormented and exhausted by his own ceaseless vigilance?
>But also by the sacrificing of his own subjects...
>Of the gathered talents on board the Black Ship, a fraction – the brightest and the best – were destined to be recruited as psykers in the service of the Imperium. Most of this fraction would be soul-bound to the Emperor for their own protection.
>‘Soul-binding is agony—’
>The ghastly mental ritual would burn out optic nerves and leave those chosen psykers blind forever.
>Many of those on board who were of merely ordinary calibre would serve by yielding up their vital force to feed the Emperor’s insatiable soul, so that he could continue to be a watchful beacon and protector. After suitable lengthy training for the sacrifice, these psykers would be consumed within a few scant weeks or months, drained of their spirits until they died.
>Which did not pleasure the Emperor. Oh no. Each soul he devoured lanced him with

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>anguish, torment, it was rumoured. Such was the cruel equation by which humanity survived in a hostile universe.
>No passenger on board the Black Ship was older than twenty standard years. Many were as junior as Jaq. One girl in particular... he refused to think of her right now. As the ship’s officers administered tests and counselled their human cargo, it became evident that almost all were going to their deaths.
>Worthy deaths, necessary deaths; but still, deaths.
>In what manner – other than its worthiness – was this fate different than being slaughtered on one’s home world? The difference was...
>Some young psykers wept. Some prayed. Some raged. Those who raged were restrained. In later life, Jaq understood that this particular Black Ship had been carrying a higher percentage of individualists hailing from less longstandingly pious worlds, than most such shipments. Yet many of the young passengers adopted an air of cool nobility, even of passionate complicity in their own fate; these were praised. Devout dedication was the desideratum for soul-sacrifice.
>Death laid a numbing hand on Jaq’s heart. He bargained in his soul with fate, promising to dedicate his life to Imperial service without scruple – if only a life was left to him to dedicate.
>Jaq still clearly remembered his reprieve and how annoyed he had been not to have foreseen it.

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>‘You can blank out your light, boy,’ the goitrous officer had told him, almost respectfully. ‘Without training, that’s rare. You’ll certainly be recruited. I suspect you won’t need soul-binding. I may well be addressing a future inquisitor—’
>To hunt down those who resembled him, yet who had gone astray? To purge his – cousins – who had been twisted askew? To destroy his diseased psychic kin without a qualm?
>Jaq had spent the remainder of the voyage feeling exalted, yet pitiful. Sad for the bulk of his travelling companions; glad that his own destiny was different. His fellow travellers saw him praying to the Emperor, as he had been schooled to. They presumed that Jaq was honing his soul serenely in expectation of sacrifice. His example had a calming effect on others. Already he was mentally a secret agent, privy to hidden knowledge.

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My psyker couldn't really tell you what it was like. It's all kinda fuzzy.

The ship changed her, though. She boarded as a normal girl with a gift. What came out was a girl that exploded things with mind bullets who had a simple goal:

Hug. Everything.

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