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You are Reinhold, master swordsman and victor of the Royal Swordsmanship Tournament. The King was so impressed with your skill, he personally requested that you be transferred out of the army and into the Royal Guard! Not bad for an orphan who was raised in a brothel in a poor fishing village.

The only issue at this point is your assignment... you've been charged to be the personal guard of the King's only daughter Marianne. While she is the vision of loveliness that you'd expect from a Princess, her personality is... well... she seems to have some issues.

After your sparring match with Takamaru, Luciana led you to the balcony, which is apparently her favorite place in the castle. It looked like she wanted to talk with you about something, but then a group of four masked men appeared out of nowhere, attacking you and carrying Luciana off...

...like hell you're about to let them succeed.

>Congratuations, you are now a mangy DOG!
>While dogs are loyal, they're not all that smart...
>The Princess now considers you to be her friend!
>But while dogs are man's best friend, they still don't count as people.

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It's time.

>> No.28666966

It's on!

>> No.28666969


There's a masked man attacking you, Takamaru's held up fighting two more by himself, and there's a fourth that's trying to run off with Luciana... fortunately, she's really struggling so he's not able to gain much speed.

But still, you need to get save her before the masked kidnappers(?) are able to get away... and the burning desire to hack all of these fuckers into little bits is throwing you off somewhat.

Setting that desire aside, you try and quickly figure out a plan... this piece of shit in front of you doesn't matter, and Takamaru can most likely take care of himself. Yeah, the best course of action would be to push past this guy somehow and try and get Luciana free.

But how?

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible
>Try and use Holy Shine as a battering ram and get past him
>fuck magic. we are Sword

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>Try and use Holy Shine as a battering ram and get past him


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no other choice

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>>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

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>>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible
>>Try and use Holy Shine as a battering ram and get past him
Combination battering ram

>> No.28667014

>>fuck magic. we are Sword
Its time. Feint then roll past charge toward the one escaping.

>> No.28667019

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

>> No.28667025

>Try and use Holy Shine as a battering ram and get past him

>> No.28667026

>>fuck magic. we are Sword

>> No.28667038

I told you we should have got clay spread, PGQ thread.

I told you

Clay spread would have got us out of this mess.

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>fuck magic. we are Sword

>> No.28667041

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

We should have enough skill with this spell to handle this much.

>> No.28667049

>Try and use Holy Shine as a battering ram and get past him

>> No.28667053


>fuck magic. we are Sword


>> No.28667063

Hindsights 20/20

>> No.28667064

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible


>> No.28667065

I really wish we had gotten it

>> No.28667072

>casting two spells at once

We aren't that great.


>The princess has been kidnapped by masked men

>> No.28667073

If you were ever going to get a good drawfag to do Reinhold now would be the time Arch.
Glorious Muju.

>> No.28667077

use holy shine to use as a battering ram as we catch up with tailwind!

ah yea! it's on now!

>> No.28667103

Use Holy Shine as a ramp, then Tailwind up and over

>> No.28667108

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

>> No.28667111

I don't think we are skilled enough to hold two spells at once are we?

>> No.28667112

>>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

>> No.28667116

Doesn't matter so shut up already.

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible
This can't possible end poorly.

>> No.28667118

I forgot, can magic be cast non verbally? If so it'd be a nice time to remind luciana that she knows some magic.

Also, use tailwind I guess.

>> No.28667120

Don't do that shit.

>> No.28667129


Art thou a bad enough dude to rescue thine princess?

>> No.28667140

The fuck are you talking about and why should I give a fuck?

>> No.28667157

Sword this motherfucker! Use the Eschenwald Style Giddafuckoutmahway technique!

>> No.28667164

Close on him and kick him in the shin. Almost no one thinks about leg strikes during swordplay.

>> No.28667171


I'm terrible at rock-paper-scissors (shrine-tailwind-sword in this case) and sadly failed to find a way to throw "gun" in this situation...

>> No.28667172

we should have picked up a healing spell as well. but it's too late for that

>> No.28667173

Next chance we get

We get clay spread

I promise.

No really.

>> No.28667180

>the Eschenwald Style Giddafuckoutmahway technique!
Boot to the dick?

>> No.28667189

Don't make promises anon.

>> No.28667191

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

We don't have time for you, scary mask guy.

Assassin plz go and stay go.

>> No.28667194

>fuck magic. we are Sword
Hoonding motherfucker. Outta my way.

>> No.28667197

Should we pop a boost scroll for maximum overkill?

>> No.28667201

sword to the dick

>> No.28667208

Yup, but you do it hard enough that they land a couple feet to the side.

>> No.28667209

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

>> No.28667225

Don't think we have time. Pretty sure that popping a scroll isn't a free action anyway.

>> No.28667235

That's a desperation tactic because of the fatigue that hits. We don't know if this will be the end of the attacks.

>> No.28667239

But then you have to worry about overpenetration and it getting stuck in douchebag.

>> No.28667240

>>fuck magic. we are Sword

>> No.28667248

Rolled 7

>>fuck magic. we are Sword

>> No.28667250

>Use the momentum from Tailwind to bat your opponent aside and rush in as fast as possible

I have a feeling that if we roll bad on this we'll either run ourselves off the balcony or push Luciana off, but that would be entertaining, so let's do it anyways.

>> No.28667251

>fuck magic. we are Sword
I really don't think our baby level magic is going to be much use to us, since we can't even turn while using tailwind, and holy shrine is weaker than our enchanted clothing.

>> No.28667271

No because what if this isn't an isolated incident?

I mean, I think we all know by now this is likely Luci's plan to rescue her and then make us her personal officially-sanctioned fucktoy but what if it's not? There may be multiple kidnappings going on right now, which means we probably won't be getting much sleep tonight if it's true.

>> No.28667279

Shrine is about as sturdy as a plank of wood. Still useful for whackin niggas

>> No.28667285

>since we can't even turn while using tailwind
We don't need to turn. We need to get to Luciana as fast as possible. The fastest way possible is a straight line.

>> No.28667328

Unless her captor dodges with her and we swoop off the balcony...

>> No.28667329

And it fucking begins.

>> No.28667330

True, But all we need is to roll badly, and suddenly we launch ourselves off the balcony and knock ourselves unconscious.

>> No.28667335

Oh my god no please no arch don't do it

I hate the stupid "Grand Adventure" epic quest bullshit shōnen mangos and animus pull. Even if this is VN, I still fear that shit.

>> No.28667348

Lovely timing Arch, was getting bored

>Fuck magic, we are Sword

>> No.28667356

Would luci seriously hire armed thugs to kidnap her, with them knowing full well they could be killed or maimed in the process?

>If yes, bitch be crazy, initiate bail-out sequence immediately.

>> No.28667359

>decapitate self and nearest enemy

>> No.28667361

This is standard VN, nothing really happens so you can get to know the girls and then PLOT.

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>> No.28667365

Marie is probably being kidnapped right now.

>> No.28667368


>there are people who actually believe this is the case

even if it was, i don't see why we shouldn't treat seriously

either way you're dumb

>> No.28667372

yea, i am worried this is a surprise attack from this world version of Russian Spetsnaz first strike to make an attempt to decapitate two kings at once, throwing them into disarray. SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL if this is so.

>> No.28667375

Nobody else actually thinks this you paranoid fuck.

cool your shadowruns.

>> No.28667378

This is all just more proof that Dragon Waifu is the one true route

>> No.28667393

Yeah, we really need to find her right after we handle this. If she is with Thierri she's fine, but if she split up with him for the day she's in danger.

>> No.28667394

>Not wanting to go on a big grand ADVENTURE with Takamaru, Gregory, Nicolette, and Therri

What are you, gay?

>> No.28667395

She's with Theirri. Aka King Badass of the kingdom of Badass. She's good.

>> No.28667398

Yeah! Time to PANIC!

>> No.28667414

Have any reason to believe it isn't?

no really, I want to know why you think it's not.

>> No.28667432

That's only if she shows up and saves the day. If that happens, she get's an automatic upgrade to God-tier.

>> No.28667433

She could have went back to her room by now, and it's still our job as her bodyguard to confirm her safety once we handle this shit here.

>> No.28667449

So FOUR GUYS, just randomly decide to try and kidnap the princess when all the badasses are at the castle. Specifically the princess and no one else.

He is right, this is either Luci's big plan, or shit is going down. You need to stop thinking that thinking about this situation as a function of the rest of the characters is 'shadowruns' instead of just common sense.

>> No.28667459

Deculture made a thing earlier.

I made it better.

>> No.28667461

I have no clue why you are calling me dumb. You didn't even provide a counterpoint, just 'ure dumb'.

Please don't start that shit now, it makes you look like a fool.

>> No.28667470

Rolled 10


You sir, are swine.

>> No.28667479

I'm just saying, we don't need to be THAT worried. Yet.

>> No.28667484

What better time to kidnap a princess then at their "most secure"? It instantly sends a message to every goddamn kingdom that "You are not safe".

Not to mention the political fallout. "Why didn't you protect her!?" "Why didn't YOU!?"

>> No.28667488

>Eschenwald Style Giddafuckoutmahway
Also known as "break his weapon" technique?

>> No.28667490

>forgot to add Sylvie
really now?

>> No.28667492


Y'know, I'm pretty sure the Princess isn't supposed to have Reinhold's chin...

>> No.28667493

>Reinhold dons drag so as to act as a decoy to ward off the assassins.

>> No.28667494

Rolled 13


sylvie a shit


>> No.28667496

The non-stupid version:

>> No.28667503

Break a "weapon".

>> No.28667504

Not enough. Not nearly enough.

>> No.28667507

That doesn't sound very convincing at all.

>> No.28667515


>> No.28667527

Your reaching for an excuse right now.
Either way after we get the princess we are rushing towards marry.

>> No.28667540

If this is her "big plan", then she has brain damage.

People are going to die, violently and horribly, and she stands to gain virtually nothing from it. She stands to lose a lot from it if anyone finds out that she engineered it though.

>> No.28667552

BASE DECULTURE! that is awesome!

>> No.28667563

>If this is her "big plan", then she has brain damage.

Do you think a schemer like Lucy cares about shedding a little blood if it means she gets her way?

My guess: The 'bandits' have shade guard on. They're royal guards.

>> No.28667568

>People are going to die, violently and horribly
Debatable, she could have just hired people who she knew could get away with their lives.it could also be the king helping out a girl

>> No.28667587


Every single one of these guys is a total badass. They are all superior to us. This is not a daring move, it's the smart move. She's in an open area accompanied by two guards you can take care of with little issue.

Plus, we have no idea what's happening in the rest of the castle right now. Could be a raid, could be an isolated incident.

>> No.28667599

you're that same guy who was "pretending" to be retarted then posted "lol i trolled you!!" aren't you?

>> No.28667627

i agree, we don't know enough to make sure of what else is going on, but we have a problem here and now.

>> No.28667630


You can't deal with what MIGHT be going on somewhere else.

Deal with what's in front of you first.

>> No.28667634

>Every single one of these guys is a total badass. They are all superior to us.

That's a baseless assumption if I've ever seen one.

>> No.28667636


does it matter

if i'm wrong then hey whatever but if even if it's a joke, again, i don't see why we shouldn't treat this as if it was real and it probably is

but it's okay let's all keep screaming shadowruns and nanomachines and not focus on the fact that this could be serious shit

>> No.28667641

Ok so what do we do after getting her to takky?
Do we run after mary?

>> No.28667647


>> No.28667660

Yes. That's our job.

>> No.28667673


>> No.28667679

Is this why you were waiting for this point in the story, arch? So that you could laugh wickedly as all the anons of the thread theory each other to death?

>> No.28667685 [DELETED] 


>> No.28667688

>"pretending" to be retarted

It's better he pretends than you actually be that way.

>> No.28667689

Well, there's the effortless dodging, the parrying, the instantaneous, well coordinated attack that came right the fuck out of nowhere, and the fact that we haven't already won, just for starters.

>> No.28667694

I love you anon. As thanks, I will fap to this. Please accept my heartfelt creepy emotions.

>> No.28667698

It's kind of our job. Takamura's is to get the Luciana someplace safe.

There's very good odds that these tasks are not unconnected: Whereever Luciana is going is likely where Marianne will be headed - our party knows this castle nearly as well as Luci, even if we're not familiar with it, so the two objectives align.

>> No.28667703

>this could be serious shit
>probably is
Thats just the thing it sounds to me like you are begging for real action.i do agree that we should deal with the situation, but you guys are getting insufferable with its happening shit

>> No.28667708

funny thing is, this is only a "sketch"

>> No.28667715

>a joke
>does it matter

Yes it does fucking matter, if we kill a guard, we have an international incident on our hands.

>> No.28667727

mona lisa/10

>> No.28667739

china lisa/10

>> No.28667742


>> No.28667745

I do my best to ignore the HAPPENING faggots and just vote for us to do reasonable things.

>> No.28667748

Irrelevant. They're attacking the Princess. If we fucking murder one and later it turns out that "oops, they were just pretending to kidnap one of the king's children from under the nose of a professional bodyguard who specializes in making people dead!" well too fucking bad.

>> No.28667769

Too bad for them.

For US? that's another matter.

>> No.28667802

If we kill a guard that, in a country well known for its political backstabbing and constant coup attempts, is presumably a party to the kidnapping or murder of a member of the royal family? I think the people in charge aren't stupid enough to issue more than a slap on the wrists to those that risk life and limb to keep them safe in a situation like this.

>> No.28667837

Jesus Christ, This could be an attack by Super-Ultra-Mega-Hitler-Dragon, and people would still claim that it's just a scheme made by Luciana to marry us.

Stop trying to paint Luciana as some kind of horrible schemer.

>> No.28667844

most guards shit their pants at the idea of sparring against taka or us.

these guys are on a whole other level

>> No.28667850


yeah i guess we won't save luciana then because it might be the guards, guess it doesn't matter if they're basically acting out of treason

it's okay, they're the guards, they didn't know better, let's bake them a cake

>> No.28667863

Sorry for thee slowness in writing, there's a bit of annoying shit going on here in the background that's distracting me.

>> No.28667866

because they would do the same thing if this was yandere quest.

>> No.28667876

>let's bake them a cake
Can the secret only ingredient be essence of lethal sword wounds?

>> No.28667882

Thats the thing she was scheming something, and its just so happen we came into an empty unprotected room where she controls.
No one is saying not to save her, but to see if she is actually trying to pull off this shit.

>> No.28667885

its your sister isn't it?


>> No.28667886

So this is when Monique comes out of nowhere to help us and we become fast friends right?

>> No.28667890

Everyone with taste knows she's a wonderful schemer.

>> No.28667892

If Luciana is a shrewd enough manipulator to recruit S.U.M.H.D. then I'm 100% behind doing whatever's necessary to stay on her good side.

>> No.28667894

Some of you people are just so fucking dumb.

>> No.28667913

Regardless of whether or not this is a made up scheme or not we cannot afford to act in any other way than if we knew for sure that it was a real assassination/kidnapping attempt

>> No.28667916

It's also possible that she got ahold of some super-ultra-mega-evil grimoire that painted her as a target. If they're just not after princesses, that is.

>> No.28667920

No no no you need to add their crushed bones in or you don't get the proper texture.

>> No.28667925

Cool, let's just ask her while she's BEING KIDNAPPED if this is just some kind of ploy to turn us into nobles.

Better yet, ask the kidnappers themselves. They seem like a reasonable sort.

>> No.28667927

She's running a goddamned sewing machine while I'm trying to type.
Those things are LOUD.

>> No.28667928

>These guys may be here because Luci is being a conniving bitch

>somehow thinks "Let's not save her!"

I'm confused, did you even read that post?

>ur stupid sutpidhed

Eat shit.

>> No.28667942

Start bumping her elbow really hard while she's using it.

>> No.28667945

2.Retarded kidnappers
Is the only two logical choices
Where the fuck are you guys pulling these words from?
I didn't say lets talk to her or not save her.

>> No.28667948

>Arch's sister making silk condoms for funtimes.

>> No.28667966


>> No.28667969

Sounds like a cry for attention. She's a brocon to your siscon.

>> No.28667970


I think they're just being retards intentionally because they hate discussion.

>> No.28667971

Clearly she needs to get you a pair of noise canceling headphones for Christmas-Kwanza-Chanukah-SeasonalHoliday this year. It's only fair.

>> No.28667977

It seemed like you were advocating for us to make sure that it was actually an attempt on her life rather than a joke, and I was saying we can't afford to do that. If that wasn't your argument, sorry.

>> No.28667980

Of course you are. You're probably hammering her as fast as a sewing machine. Siscon.

>> No.28667992

>Stop trying to paint Luciana as some kind of horrible schemer.
>implying thats not why we love her

>> No.28667999

>If that wasn't your argument, sorry.

Literally no one argued that. No one even suggested that was what we should do.

The suggestion was: Luci may be a huge scheming cunt that is a danger to herself and those around her. Stay away, stay away.

>> No.28668032

>be a huge scheming cunt that is a danger to herself and those around her. Stay away, stay away.
Now that is pushing it, all i'm saying is i find it more believable that she orchestrated this.

>> No.28668039

So you are saying we should stay away from Luci and let the masked men take her...

>> No.28668043

>2.Retarded kidnappers

I have no idea why you think that. This was a fairly well put together ambush, considering how paranoid the King is about her security.

They outnumber us, these guys clearly aren't pushovers, they've already got their hands on Luci, and we're damn lucky we spotted them coming at the last second or we'd be dealing with this situation with that thrown knife sticking in our fleshy bits.

Just because they didn't instantly win the fight doesn't mean its a bad plan.

>> No.28668061

Where are you getting these suggestions from?
Every one here agrees to getting her away from the kidnappers and handing her to Takky, while we go off to find Marry.

>> No.28668062

i'm jealous.

wa-wait you share a room with your sister?

>> No.28668069

I genuinely can't tell if you're being serious or intentionally stupid.

No, we stay away from her RELATIONSHIP WISE. As in no more quiet walks with her and we always go in groups of three.

>> No.28668074

I hope not, I want to do some plot to occur that will actually make us do our job on a more frequent basis. Plus archelon did say that he was waiting forever for us to reach this point so I don't think that it will just be another of Luciana's schemes.

>> No.28668081

Sewing is a cool hobby. Your sister sounds fun

>> No.28668083

You must be a sylviefag.

>> No.28668100



It's a /marvelous/ ambush and we'd be max-fucked if we didn't roll pretty ace. They're not retarded kidnappers, they just didn't prepare for Reinhold and/or Taka. (Well, they /might/ have, depending on how this goes, we haven't seen their full bag of tricks)

And you can't actually blame people for not realizing that the dude the princess is hanging around with is Reinhold.

>> No.28668110

>considering how paranoid the King is about her security
Which is why i think she set this up some way.
The reason i think they are retarded is because the castle right now is full of Monsters.

>> No.28668111

Arch please hurry up and post so that we can put this retarded discussion behind us.

>> No.28668113

How fucking dare a girl is forward about being interested in us.

>> No.28668132

Please stop posting forever.

>> No.28668133

>the dude the princess is hanging around with is Reinhold
are you kidding? It's reinhold. It's ALWAYS fucking Reinhold.

If there's a dude with a Princess, it's probably Reinhold. They won't fucking leave him alone!

>> No.28668135

Wow you guys sure are easy to troll. I'm all for that plan, just trying to kill some time till the next post

>> No.28668139

You're all fags yet again.

Post your reaction from last thread instead.

>> No.28668140

That logic is so transparent its embarrassing.

If we come up with some actual evidence that she did this then sure, yeah, I agree, but as of now we have zero evidence beyond some people who really want to believe she's a bad person for some reason, despite the fact that she's been consistently shown to be a pretty nice person.

>> No.28668141

Yeah Nicolette not being forward about it is why she's the worst girl.

>> No.28668144

How'd they know Luciana would be there at that moment? I think someone snitched

And these guys are capable anyway + don't plan on sticking around

>> No.28668145

I love how you think that will stop them. That is truly some admirable optimism. You should rid yourself of it ASAP.

>> No.28668151

>Not filtering "Anonymous"
It's like you WANT to read the shitflinging.

>> No.28668164

>How'd they know Luciana would be there at that moment? I think someone snitched
Why do they need to know the exact moment? Stakeouts are a thing.

>> No.28668165

Gotta just put out there the fact that Scheming-Luciana, though unlikely, seems deliciously more interesting if she's really playing the game on this level. It would also imply that she's a he'll of a Mage and not just a hobbyist if she feels safe enough in this situation to put it together in the first place.

>> No.28668171

>How'd they know Luciana would be there at that moment? I think someone snitched
that's actually the primary evidence for this being SOME kind of inside job.

It's a stretch to say it's Luci though. Especially if Rein still thinks that she's just flirting.

>> No.28668176 [DELETED] 

sewing is a nice hobby. unless she's making anime cosplay costumes, then it's awesome. does she read your quest threads?

>> No.28668179

>but as of now we have zero evidence beyond some people who really want to believe she's a bad person for some reason, despite the fact that she's been consistently shown to be a pretty nice person.

To *us*

That's the thing: she apparently has a really fucking nasty side of her that we haven't seen. So much so that the other nobles are AFRAID of her.

What was it Marie said?

>she manipulates people

>> No.28668183

I'm good either way, but i find it annoying that people are straight up denying the idea of this being a set up.
I'm calling them retarded because of when they attack(worst possible time).

>> No.28668184

Reading the shitflinging is part of the fun!

>> No.28668186

The castle is always full of monsters. If anything this is the best time to do it, because there are tons of guests that the castle security don't normally have to worry about so things are stretched thin.

>> No.28668191

Kill your time doing something else, rather than shitting up the thread. Although even if you stopped I doubt it would stop the shit.

>> No.28668193


Well /duh/ someone snitched, I'd be pretty uncomfortable with a high-stakes snatch-and-grab without inside information.

It's probably a servant though. (Or a scryer, if those are things)

>> No.28668194

She said she always went up there alone (Well, as alone as she can get), so anyone looking for opportunities would mark that as the best place to wait for her.

>> No.28668197

Have neither of you ever heard of something called spying?

What about stakeouts? Or stalking? Scrying, even, though that's probably warded against?

>> No.28668207

I'll be sure to do that. I wouldn't want to get between you and your moeblob.

>> No.28668209


>> No.28668225

>reaction from last thread
Yeah, okay. This should do.

>> No.28668231

Those are certainly possibilities, too.

I'm ruling out very little without more evidence.

>> No.28668239

Please, stop while there's still a chance.

>> No.28668243

>tfw you think all girls are best girls

>> No.28668254


>> No.28668262


>> No.28668267


>> No.28668269

Get out we don't want your kind here!

>> No.28668270

Sorry, faggot, but you're defending sylvie which means you have the worst taste in the tread, wrenloft and "fluff provider is here."

I hope you have some ice for that sick burn.

>> No.28668281

Impossible. There is only one dragon waifu.

>> No.28668285

But there's still time to kill until archelon posts.

>> No.28668290

>full of monsters
not to this level, the king is a powerful mage, his best friend is a powerful warrior, he brought his friend Gregory and that is not counting the body guards.
Doing it a party is a good idea, but doing it now of all time with such people in the castle is stupid.

>> No.28668296

Mostly because I thought we would bowl right over them.

>> No.28668302

B-but I'm not, I just don't want this to devolve into waifus

>> No.28668314

Agreed, I'd be content with whoever he does or does not end up with.

>> No.28668315

>yfw all girls turns out to be dragon waifus

>> No.28668318

So are we really at the point where we can't tell the difference from a normal post and a troll now?

>> No.28668321


>> No.28668324


>> No.28668332

>I hope you have some ice for that sick burn.
Still sound like a syvliefag, brah.

>> No.28668336

200 replies already...

>> No.28668341

You're in the wrong thread, son. Waifu quota must - will - be met.

>> No.28668347

I think we went past that point a dozen threads back

>> No.28668350

We still very well might, there has been exactly one story post since they showed up.

I notice some people are assuming we're dealing with the goddamn Hassan-i-Sabah because we haven't effortlessly cut them into mincemeat yet, despite the fact that we haven't even had the time to do a "roll to cut their faces off" roll yet.

>> No.28668353

Think this captures it correctly.

>> No.28668357

And at least 130 of those are shit.

>> No.28668361

Just filter pointless shitflinging and report blatant shitposting, I'm working on a filter list myself to so I wont need to manually do it in the future.

>> No.28668362

We passed that point long ago.

>> No.28668380

And absolutely no progress with the story yet.

>> No.28668383


are you okay bro

>> No.28668385

Share it when you're done, please.

>> No.28668391

We are two sane men in an insane world

>> No.28668394


>> No.28668400

You know what you need to do, now you just need to actually pull it off.

"Howling winds, gather beneath my feet..." you chant under your breath as you swing your sword at your masked attacker. He dodges it effortlessly, however, and lunges at you with his knife. Parrying his attack with a heavy horizontal swing of your sword, you then kick him in the chest, sending him stumbling back a few feet.

Taking advantage of that opening, you dash towards him and continue chanting.
"...and guide me on my journey! TAILWIND!" you shout as your running speed suddenly triples.

As he realizes what you're doing, the masked man plants his feet on the ground and braces himself for impact...

...but you're not aiming for him, changing direction -ever- so slightly and batting him aside with your sword. He manages to block it with his knife, but the sheer momentum you've gained is more than enough to send him flying into a wall.

Seeing you coming, Luciana's eyes grow wide with what you assume is hope. Flailing with renewed vigor, she manages to throw her would-be captor somewhat off balance as he continues his mad dash towards the other side of the balcony.

>roll 1d20

>> No.28668405

He only posted one story related post as well.

>> No.28668406

Rolled 10


>> No.28668409

Rolled 6


>> No.28668410

Rolled 16


>> No.28668413

Rolled 11


>> No.28668417

Rolled 5


>> No.28668423

Rolled 17


>> No.28668424



>> No.28668426

I was ready for like 2 hours and then mistyped captcha

>> No.28668436


>> No.28668440

it's trolls trolling trolls

>> No.28668441

Nice save, bro!

>> No.28668449

We can sword to this.

>> No.28668466

Hey, assassins.

>> No.28668468

But do the rest of us really need to witness their courting rituals? Yes, yes, I understand that they require an audience, but still.

>> No.28668474

Slide for the legs!

>> No.28668488

Don't worry about it just admire nature take its course

>> No.28668489

Rolled 14


>> No.28668492

Rolled 12


>> No.28668508

a little late

>> No.28668533

(sigh) damn it, step away for a moment and miss the whole thing.

>> No.28668546

When/If we get her back, we need to remember to yell "I GOT HER TAKAMARU" as we're running away so he knows that it's time to whip out his Goku Eastern Magic.

>> No.28668548

Are there any really weird incestuous relationships going on with the royalty in this quest?

>> No.28668568

All royalty is related somehow.

>> No.28668572

Well, two characters have been confirmed for having crushes on their cousins in the past.

>> No.28668577


Sort of.

>> No.28668580

Incest is justice.

>> No.28668599

I thought she was just a doll

>> No.28668602

After looking across about a dozen threads, these seem to be the terms that'll most start or be used during these annoying shitfests that are also least likely to pop up outside of them.


Should clean up the experience a bit.
If anyone else has any suggestions they think would be helpful please let me know.

>> No.28668604

just ignore it just like how you would ignore dogs/cats doing it.

>> No.28668610

She is a doll. That was made out of Shoko's daughter.

>> No.28668613

incest is wincest

>> No.28668629

Stumbling due to the sheer vigor of Luciana's flailing, the masked man scrambles to keep his grip on the crimson-haired princess... and then he suddenly drops her and clutches his side in pain.

Luciana falls to the ground and rolls out of your way as you rush in, still under the effects of your spell... and you then swing at the masked man as hard as you possibly can.

Quickly pulling out a knife to try and parry your attack, his defensive actions are rendered completely useless thanks to the added force that Tailwind contributes to the impact of your blow, sending his knife flying and your sword right through his arm.

"GHAAAAAAAA!!!" he screams in anguish. He thought he could get away, but now this piece of shit has both a severed forearm and a stab to his side to deal with...

...wait, you didn't do that one.


>> No.28668635

Just "fag" in general

>> No.28668644


Luciana was packing a dagger?

>> No.28668647

You can never have too many knives, I'm glad Luciana already knew that.

>> No.28668648

>...wait, you didn't do that one.

Time for BRO-UP

>> No.28668650

>...wait, you didn't do that one.


>> No.28668656

Too widespread in usage to be worth filtering.

>> No.28668657

Monique is here to rescue all the princesses
MoniqueXLucy confirmed OTP

>> No.28668658

Rolled 14

Fucking heels man.

>> No.28668666

taing bets:
a) takamaru did it
b) luciana id it [with a spell]

>> No.28668668

Thank you based anon

>> No.28668677

Does anyone not in this kind of setting? In addition to being a weapon, they have a hell of a lot of utility. Don't you carry a knife?

>> No.28668680

I think it's new challenger approaching


He's a peeping tom

This is how he gets his rocks off

>> No.28668682

Our hidden dark side did it.

>> No.28668684

I think its a pity we only have one knife, we should at least have two, one for throwing and one for keeping in case we get disarmed.

>> No.28668685

What if Lucianna just straight up shanked him?

>> No.28668687


>> No.28668692

If Monique is here to steal the show I swear to fucking god.

>> No.28668702

That's why it's in (), as a possibility.

>> No.28668703

That makes him the best girl

>> No.28668708

Again, too general in usage but I'll see if I can find something that filters out swordfags when they get a bit crazy.
Maybe just swordfag even.

>> No.28668711

That's what I am assuming happened.

>> No.28668714

>in before it was a 3rd person who wasn't with us when the ambush started.

>> No.28668716

So, uh..are the murderous urges worrying anybody else?

Have we reached critical niceguy? Are we finally cracking?

>> No.28668719

I'll be okay with it.

>> No.28668720

Was it our bracelet?

>> No.28668725

Then she would take over the spot as best girl in my mind.

>> No.28668735

That's normal. We don't like people fucking with our extended family.

>> No.28668738


is it the bracelet!?
it reacts to emotions too right?

>> No.28668739

I think we've been cracking loooong before this.

For one, everywhere we look, there is a slashable problem.

and we are just a big sword

>> No.28668741

I think this is just how we are in a fight. We don't fuck around, look at our role model.

>> No.28668745

Murderous rage isn't a bad thing in this circumstance. Reinhold has killed before, it's nothing too bad.

>> No.28668748

We could always use that crystal bracelet as an impromptu knife

>> No.28668753

No-one saw who it was because no-one looked down.

It was Elena.

>> No.28668756 [DELETED] 

Was it the jews?

>> No.28668758

I'm pretty sure it's been stated that a big rage trigger for Reinhold is people fucking with those he cares about.

>> No.28668760

anonymous ramparts guard?

>> No.28668778

That's a great idea, I will now advocate that we work for this every time we train with the bracelet.

>> No.28668784

Most of the people who feel this way don't really participate in the shitflinging.

Reinhold hasn't historically had a lot of people who have been close to him, so I assume he'd be more protective than average of people he considered friends.

And look back at how Volker rescued us from a bunch of thugs during the flashback. He just straight up stabbed them like a cold-blooded motherfucker. Because it got the job done.

We're following in dear ol' dad's footsteps.

>> No.28668786 [DELETED] 

Was it our penis?

>> No.28668789

The hat of disapproval will haunt him for the rest of his days if he steals our thunder now.

>> No.28668791


We got to return it eventually.

That that he wouldn't mind giving us another, but it won't be bonded to us.

>> No.28668797

But we have back up knives.

>> No.28668807

he does this every time he fought bandits during the military.

>> No.28668817

Yes, good.

>> No.28668821

Do we have that Sanctuary scroll on us?

This might be the time.

>> No.28668823

I think this amount of aggression is appropriate for the situation.

>> No.28668836

Na, save that in case we need it later.

>> No.28668840

we will thank him

>> No.28668841

Until we go full THIS ASSASSIN IS AN EYESORE, I think we're good.

>> No.28668843

>This might be the time.
Fuck no, we already explained it to you guys.

>> No.28668844

Not really, only if there is no escape. We can use Shade Guard or Aurora Field instead.

>> No.28668845

No. The dude is still right there.

>> No.28668848

I'm sure he would be fine with just examining the results and then giving it back if we asked.
Do we really? I hope so, but it might be cool to have an innocuous object be able to turn into a weapon, might get through security checks if they think its just a normal bracelet.

>> No.28668852

too early.

>> No.28668855

that would be my currernt assumption.

That's how she got out of his grip.

Whatever Luci is or isn't, she's practical as fuck.

>> No.28668867

That's awfully short-sighted of you.

Are you so blind that you can't even see Monique's good intentions?

The fact that he's easy on the eyes certainly helps too.

>> No.28668875

We threw a knife last thread.

Also, I'm trying not to get pissed at you but this is like the 20th fucking time I had to tell someone w hve back up knives.

>> No.28668885

I'll turn a blind-eye to your remarks.
You may live for now.

>> No.28668891

We're the princess's meatshield. We don't have to go through damn security checks.

>> No.28668893

he's also the BEST MC

the more EGO he has the more powerful he becomes.

by EGO i meant women.

>> No.28668899

>Security checkpoint
>Literally the princess' bodyguard

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.28668900


Jay Leno/10

>> No.28668905



We're outnumbered and taken by surprise.

Having someone else on or near our level to help would be an amazing stroke of luck. Not to mention he has a good degree of mobility and can do things we can't even if not with a sword.

Not to mention that yeah, he's easy on the eyes. Giving the priness someone else to fap to may be to our advantage.

>> No.28668916

plz no bully the Tsubaki.

>> No.28668918


and I want to hear his flowery white knight speech, I bet it's so dainty and silly

>he uses magic to summon sparkles and rainbows as he talks

>> No.28668920

>Having someone else on or near our level to help would be an amazing stroke of luck. Not to mention he has a good degree of mobility and can do things we can't even if not with a sword.

Yes. If only we had a spellsword samurai chopping limbs off of assassins twenty feet away. That would be really helpful, wouldn't it?

>> No.28668921


I said LAST WEEK that we need more backup knives and tools for observing our surroundings.

The fuckheads in this thread were like "Nah, this isn't that kind of quest. We'll NEVER need backup knives!".

Then they went back to waifufagging.


>> No.28668926

Sorry I thought we only had the one we threw and that's it still might be cool with the bracelet if it doesn't matter
We might not always be in a friendly environment where they'd let us carry a weapon, but yeah I doubt we'd encounter a situation like that any time soon.

>> No.28668929

that would be awesome though

after the head and bear puns we have this I guess

>> No.28668930

>my dear princess, fear not! For the gazing stallion of your dreams has arrived to whisk you away from the very grasps of danger itself!

>He makes a rainbow to walk on.

>> No.28668931

its Tina finally exerting control and gaining influence of her husbando

>> No.28668934


>> No.28668940

we do got the shape changing bracelet that could be any hand tool we think of so there is that...

>> No.28668943

We've had fucking backup knives since thread fucking 1. You're one of the many retards I've had to remind of this. I remember.

>> No.28668947

We are a Tourney-winning SWORDSMAN, not a Tavern Knifethrowing monthly champion.

>> No.28668948

>Soon she will take waifu form

oh god what then

>> No.28668949

So here is when we give takky the princess and check on our own.

>> No.28668950

calm your tits, we can use that bracelet as need be.

>> No.28668951

He knows 300 variations of Sparkle Shine.

>> No.28668969


He's occupied and also outnumbered and taken by surprise.

Making the odds more even, or better in our favor, is always a plus. Right now we need to get this princess secure, and then rush to OUR princess.

If these guys are in the castle and found our spot we went to on a whim, odds are there's more of them elsewhere. The other bodyguards and regular guards probably have their hands full. If the king and his men didn't spot them he could be seriously injured.

We need to end this fight NOW. We don't have time to fuck around.

>> No.28668980

We're also a bodyguard who should not limit his options, which is also why we're learning magic

>> No.28668991

I'm sure he can actually make his teeth and hair sparkle.

>> No.28668994

Yeah, we need to get back to the princess we are responsible for. Takamaru got this.

>> No.28669016

I just want to inform you that the purpose of my post was not to actually make any sort of statement, although the fact that my joke was coherent enough to prompt serious responses of agreement is rather amusing.

I was simply making a series of eyesight-based puns, as is the custom whenever anyone uses a Tsubaki/Izayoi reaction image.

>> No.28669023


Sorry about that, I couldn't SEE the fact it was pissing you off.

>> No.28669025

We help this princess, and then go to our princess with Mary in tow and Taka for backup, then we can get both to safety.

>> No.28669030

This. Takamaru is supposed to guard Luciana. We need to get to Marriane once this situation is dealt with. Maybe taking them along.

>> No.28669032


yeah, i can get down with that

>> No.28669047

Agreed, however unless there are strict protocols they have to follow in this situation I'd suggest we take this Princes and her guard with us. It's always better to bring more fire power and not need it than to have to do without in a desperate situation.

>> No.28669054

I think taking them along is the best idea. Takamaru will be good backup plus they both know the castle much better then we do.

>> No.28669055

We don't know the castle very well. It's likely to be Takamaru in the lead, followed by the princess, with Reinhold taking up the rear.

>> No.28669074

Yes, we will be harder targets for assasins if we're together, if it gets really really bad, we can cast sanctuary and wait it out with the four of us in some corner.

>> No.28669092

350 post
2 of them are archelons
1 of those two are supposed to be continued soon.
We are getting to ridiculous levels.

>> No.28669101

getting to?

>> No.28669103

>As the castle burns around them and the Kings team up to have a Dragonball-style fight with the BBEG, the Princess group has a pleasant tea part inside the Sanctuary spell.

>> No.28669110

this is the first time the questers is getting some action.

>> No.28669131

Good idea, let's hide in the nearest kitchen/storeroom in case we need to make it an extended camping trip.

>> No.28669139


"How dare you..." Luciana mutters as she rises to her feet, clutching a blood-soaked dagger in one hand. "Of all the times to pull this garbage, you pick TONIGHT..." she says, trembling with anger.

You try to rush in to get between Luciana and her injured attacker, but she pushes you aside with her free arm.

"Let my rigid will bend even the toughest of stones. And all that does not kneel before me shall be instead crushed before my terrible might." she chants softly, raising her arm into the air. "Colossus Hold."

Frantically, the masked man darts his gaze around in anticipation for whatever attack spell that Luciana just conjured up... but said attack comes from a direction that he doesn't expect.

As he backs against one of the balcony's stone pillars, the masked man screams in horror as a massive stone hand sprouts from it and envelops his entire body save his head in its grushing grip.

You can see him struggling to free himself, but it's no use... Luciana has him completely immobilized. Just as the urge comes across you to plant your sword right in between his eyes for daring to attack one of YOUR FRIENDS, you remember that this eyesore isn't the only one around...


You turn around just in time to see the man who you knocked aside rising to his feet and making a beeline for you.


>> No.28669144

That's normal if he's poor.

>> No.28669151


>Princess Guard Quest 74: Reinhold stabs some guy

>Princess Guard Quest 91: Reinhold looks at the other guy

>Princess Guard Quest 127: Reinhold asks Luciana if she's ok

>> No.28669156

Aww yes, best girl

>> No.28669160

Luci stahp
we're supposed to save YOU

>> No.28669161

>this eyesore isn't the only one around...

It's too late

>> No.28669167

>You turn around just in time to see the man who you knocked aside rising to his feet and making a beeline for you.



>> No.28669175

It really is going to be like DBZ! heh

>> No.28669179

>Enraged Luciana

>> No.28669191

Man she really doesn't like people interrupting date night does she?

>> No.28669203


>> No.28669209

Is it not normal if you're not?

I'm 24 and not-poor. I still share a one-bedroom apartment with my sister.
Maybe social norms are just different where you're from.

>> No.28669215

>mfw I posted that image around the time we were learning magic
>mfw I asked if it was possible to learn it
>mfw it actually exists


>> No.28669236

Luciana, your righteous rage and casual use of terrifying magic does strange things to my heart.

This kidnap attempt is going downhill for them rapidly, for their sake I hope they brought more firepower.

>> No.28669238

God I love the South.

>> No.28669244

I remembered that picture just for this very occasion.
I've been planning this for QUITE a while, you see.

>> No.28669245

No, it'll have normal pacing, it's just that 25 minutes of each half hour is commercials.

>> No.28669270

>this eyesore isn't the only one around

This man is an eyesore.
This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore. This eyesore!

Well shit.

>> No.28669273

never get in a way of a maiden's schemes!

>> No.28669297

So fucking true.

>> No.28669298

please don't jynx'd it.

>> No.28669304

>I'm 24 and share a room with my parents because it's cheaper than paying for separate air-conditioners/heaters turned on at the same time

>We live in a 5 bedroom house

My mom hates it but my dad gives me all the money we saved on electricity.

>> No.28669333


>> No.28669357


>> No.28669362

and by that I mean Holy Shrine. Lets get something down between the remaining assailant and Luciana

>> No.28669376

We're doing it because we're cheap, as well.
Although if the landlord finds out we're not a couple, he'll kick us out or force us to move to a 2-BR.

>> No.28669385


Firming your stance, you ready your sword for the attack. After making sure that Luciana is safely behind you and the other masked man is still inside his stone prison, you prepare for another charge...

But just as you're about to rush in to meet your attacker, you hear Takamaru shouting from the other side of the balcony.


With a gust of wind, the masked man is pushed forwards...

...and then apart.

Wait, what?


>> No.28669391

I hate commercials with a passion

>> No.28669392

Sounds like a doujin.

>> No.28669397

Better pucker up when he comes around.

How do you explain having two beds?

>> No.28669398



>> No.28669405

Oh boy I can't wait for the namek arc.

>> No.28669416

See how good offensive spells are at protecting people?

>> No.28669422

Who says they do?

>> No.28669423

>mfw he explodes into gore.

>> No.28669425

Well I guess that is why magic was disallowed for the sparring session.

>> No.28669430

You're not?

>> No.28669434

Yikes, probably a good idea we didn't let him use magic in our duel.

>> No.28669437

Rolled 11

since we started in Granache, wouldn't this technically be the Namek Arc?

>> No.28669438

Wow guys, 16 and 17s.

I'm glad this thread isn't getting crit failures unlike some other threads.

>> No.28669443

Oh, hey, Bloody Mess Perk?

>> No.28669456

That was the uncomfortable implication I didn't want to voice.

>> No.28669461

cover the princess's eyes.

>> No.28669472

We need some for questioning, especially for the paranoid king.

>> No.28669477

Rolled 6

>Glad we're not getting shit rolls

Let's see if I can fix that.

>> No.28669478

Don't jinx it.

Don't even tempt us getting three nat 1s in a row.

>> No.28669481

Uncomfortable? I'm sure it's quite comfortable.

>> No.28669485

She just shanked a someone, you think she cares?

>> No.28669498

I think Luciana has that one covered with that stone grip spell.

>> No.28669500


>> No.28669502

Somewhere else, at the same time, one can hear a faint [cosgrove intensifies] in the wind.

>> No.28669503

I think the guy Luciana grabbed with her angry rock hand might still be alive, unless he bleeds out from his missing arm and gutstab before we can get him some healing magic.

>> No.28669524

Guys, I think this is the thread where we learn how easily Haoh- I mean Takamaru could've killed us if he used magic.

>> No.28669534

We can ask stumpy if the giant rock fist didn't crush him to death.

>> No.28669539

you're right.

her seeing gore could develop to a consoling flag.
disregard my statement.

>> No.28669546



>> No.28669557


>Takamaru slashes someone with magic

>He comes apart in glorious samurai flame


>> No.28669559


What if we just hit the magic away?

>> No.28669565

well we still haven't seen any maiden's balls so yes.

>> No.28669566

Now you're thinking like a pro.

>> No.28669573

We'll be off it in five minutes.

>> No.28669577

Definitely not the most uncomfortable thing between siblings I've seen. Let alone been apart of.

>> No.28669578

Considering Luci is the one who shanked that guy, she probably isn't going to be a blubbering mess just because Taka deconstructed that dude.

>> No.28669594

I think it was more like pic related.

>Holy shit, that part during the spar where Takamaru went full RAGE... That's like in SS where your character turns red if you get hit too much... Oh my god...

Arch you magnificent bastard.

>> No.28669603

>man is pushed forwards...
>...and then apart.
That shit is Fukin Brutal!

>> No.28669606


>Soon we'll get to pet his metal tiger

Actually we're the one with the metal affinity, why don't we have a metal tiger?

>> No.28669615

Not to mention she's probably still looking at the assassin she's been dealing with personally.

I'm sure she's fine as this seems to be rather routine for them.

>> No.28669623

Then you're using the wrong image.

We're still missing a warrior princess.

>> No.28669644

>"Y- yes, we're fine..." Luciana replies, wiping tears from her eyes. "Thank you, Reinhold."

No "Thank you Taka" as well?

>> No.28669646

Wait a second ...Reppuuzan?


>> No.28669649

Sweet mother of god that has to be one of the best image errors ever.

>> No.28669650

Rolled 18

>We'll be off it in five minutes.

Oh you think you're clever don't you? I know you mean 5 DBZ minutes and not 5 real minutes.

That's another 12 damn threads if we go by DBZ time...

>> No.28669654

F/S A Quest hurts my soul to look at sometimes.

While I'd like to correct, some misunderstandings, I've just been release from the 15-minute purgatory of almost-banned-land for being "off-topic" and to not wish to further incur the mods wrath.

So, back to PGQ and its stimulating discussion for me.
Sylvie a shit, Luciana best girl, muh dragon waifu, [Shadowrunning intensifies] etc.

>> No.28669670

Yeah, I was confused there for a moment.


>> No.28669678

Time for some enhanced interrogation of that last guy.

>> No.28669684

Wish you had gotten a more permanent ban since ou obviously are a piece of shit.

>> No.28669695

He's not the one she wants to bone.

>> No.28669700


Man, torture's a terrible idea. You get better results by being awkwardly polite and giving them food and shit.

>> No.28669708


Before he can even get to you, the masked man's body is split in half vertically, sending blood gushing everywhere and his two halves falling to the floor.

While you're relieved that this piece of shit's been taken care of, you can't help but feel a bit disappointed that -you- weren't the one to do it...

Looking over where Takamaru is, you see that he's surrounded by a pile of severerd body parts where there were once two more masked attackers. It looks like Luciana and Andreas wasn't kidding when she said that his magic was geared towards murdering the hell out of people...

"Princess! Reinhold! Are you okay!?" he shouts as he runs towards the two of you.
"Y- yes, we're fine..." Luciana replies, wiping tears from her eyes. "Thank you, Reinhold."

Giving the balcony a once-over, it seems that all of the masked men are accounted for, between the remains of the three that Takamaru killed and the one that Luciana captured. But then a thought hits you- what if Marianne's in danger too!?


>> No.28669718


Mirai what are you doing?

You are neither Batman nor involved in this quest, get out of Arch's images!

>> No.28669719


dat image glitch

To the princess!

>> No.28669722

now Takamaru IS the best girl.

>> No.28669726

Come on Taki, we totally could have dueled you fair-and-square with magic!

>> No.28669729


"Takamura, luciana's in your hands!"

Time to run like the wind.

>> No.28669733

Run Reinhold run

>> No.28669735

>You are neither Batman
Actually, with the TWEEEEST in the latest episode, Mirai kinda is batman.

>> No.28669737


>> No.28669740

>not taking Takamura with you
>splitting the party in two
Bad ideas.

>> No.28669741

Rolled 9


>> No.28669743

Mio will obviously be his daughter or wife.

>> No.28669748

Hey. Guys. Why would we not take Luciana and Takamaru with us to see Marianne?

SInce that's where the warded rooms are.

>> No.28669753

There is no voting at the moment.

>> No.28669758

Rolled 8

Still going to the same place, though. Gotta priotitize which princess to guard.

>> No.28669759

>not shirley

>> No.28669763

Guys. Can we ask Takamaru to teach us the MAXIMUM MURDER magic?

>> No.28669765

What image glitched out?

>> No.28669767


>> No.28669768

>not asking luciana if she knows anything about this

if there've been repeated attempts at this by a known group, they might not have any interest in marianne

>> No.28669776

How about any time except for now?

>> No.28669785

It's our fucking job to confirm she's safe. Personally.

>> No.28669786

Never split the party.

Its not like we can use Tailwind indoors anyway unless we want to re-cast it every time we have to turn a corner, so they'll be able to keep up with us.

>> No.28669789


>> No.28669793

Rolled 5

Just doin' our job, hoss.

>> No.28669797


>> No.28669799

Yes. After this is over and we've had a second to reflect on how much MURDER MAGIC would help with guarding.

>> No.28669810

Let's figure out what's going on BEFORE we run off.

>> No.28669811

we have fucking windrun or whatever turned on, asking luciana if mari is in any danger takes a second or two

also we don't have any choices at this part, this is arch write-dumping

>> No.28669816

We'll just run along the walls during corners.

>> No.28669818

We stopped running, so it turned itself off.

>> No.28669820

It cancelled when we stopped moving.

>> No.28669823

Rolled 15


We Batman Quest now?

>> No.28669827

Tailwind just doesn't let you stop, you can turn.

>> No.28669849

So, Flying Takamaru WHEN?

>> No.28669853

We can't turn with it

>> No.28669859

We haven't gotten enough training with it in to have maneuverability yet. Right now it's mostly good for short dashes.

>> No.28669863

I know, but unless we made MASSIVE progress off-screen and were never informed of it, we still can't handle tight corners or fine maneuvering.

So that would be fine if the castle was all nice wide corridors with no right angles, and no people in said corridors that we would have to dodge.

>> No.28669868


"Luciana, we need to-" you stammer, but Luciana simply shakes her head.
"Don't worry, Reinhold," Luciana sighs. "They attacked on the balcony because they can't get into the castle proper."
"But how can you be sure?"

"The interior of the castle is warded heavily, and I personally made sure that the guards patrolled twice as much as usual," Luciana replies, scowling at her would-be attacker. "And Marianne's with her father all day today, so she'll be fine."
"But even still..." you say, glancing towards the glass door to the balcony.

You can see several guards approaching... it certainly took them long enough.

"These men were after Princess Luciana," Takamaru says as he wipes off his sword and sheathes it.
"Yes, I've had to put up with this garbage for several weeks now... " Luciana sighs. "Ever since a few days after I got back from Granache, they've been trying to kidnap me specifically."

>how do you react?

>> No.28669873

>Not Sanya


>> No.28669893

"Who else knows about these attempts?"

>> No.28669894

Should I be involved? I am still a foreigner.

>> No.28669896

"Why you, specifically?"

>> No.28669897

Do you know why?

>> No.28669899


>several weeks

does anyone else knows?

>> No.28669900


I really hope this is the first one that's actually managed to get to you.

>> No.28669904

"Any ideas as to who they are?"

>> No.28669906

"Any specific reason why?"

>> No.28669911


"Right... balcony was a bad idea then. Sorry."

>> No.28669912

Engage paranoid and bodyguard mode
"Still, I want to make sure that Marianne is safe."

>> No.28669913

It would be bad if we didn't even check on Marriane

>> No.28669915

"You seem very calm considering the fact that you are being constantly attacked."

Sanya what?

>> No.28669919

This happen often?

>> No.28669920

"What reasons would they have to kidnap you?"

>> No.28669921

voting this dood

>> No.28669927

Their incompetence and persistence is astounding.

Surely they would have fucked off when Takamaru put the first wave through a magic woodchipper. Are they the Guild of Retarded Assassins?

>> No.28669928


Quick check on Marianne, then double back to help protect Luciana. Luciana can come with us if she'd like.

We're a bodyguard damnit, bodyguarding is our duty.

>> No.28669929


>> No.28669942


"Shes still my responsibility. I just want to make sure shes safe."

>> No.28669944


>> No.28669945


>> No.28669946

ask our unlucky assassin a few questions. menacingly.

>> No.28669950

Wait a moment trying to process it, shrug, then go wipe off your sword and check up on Mr. Assassin.

>> No.28669953

"I gather you didn't tell your father and don't want him to know about this?"

>> No.28669956


adding on to this >>28669899

>> No.28669963

"Well, I'm glad you're alright. And you're remarkably calm considering the situation.

Any information on where they're from or who they're working for?

Why you? There's a lot of other possible targets in the castle."

>> No.28669965

>magic woodchipper

>> No.28669966

Going with these.

>> No.28669968


I don't think Luci wants Marie knowing about these attacks.

>> No.28669970

Have fun with that
Go find our princess

>> No.28669984

Ask if she knows why. Also supporting
We should at least check.

>> No.28669986

Add on that we should be hard-pointing somewhere safe as we talk.

They may have gotten wise and used multiple groups.

>> No.28669987

>How do you react?

With serious concern. Express some relief that her bodyguard is more than up to the task (and compliment her for being no slouch herself), but ask that she not knowingly endanger herself for us in the future (the balcony was her idea after all).

Ask how she's going to play off the magic if her dad really disapproves.

>> No.28669988

That's not our concern. We're going to check on her because we're worried.

>> No.28669990


And that is STILL not getting in the way of princess guarding.

At all times from now on.

>> No.28669993

I'd rather check on her my self. Why are they after you and why is this spot not guarded?

>> No.28669994

(Sshh, don't let the Luciana-friends know that they are throwing away an important flag in favor of a Marie one)

>> No.28670003


Too bad.

It's our wards safety on the line.

>> No.28670007

Yeah? I bet she didn't want us knowing either, but that's just too damn bad.

>> No.28670009

>Pop head through door
>"Reinhold, why are you here, you're off duty and interrupting our father-daughter time."
>"No reason, see you later Marie."

And thus our duty was complete and Marie was left very confused and none the wiser.

>> No.28670011

Ask her what she knows and go check on Marie too.

>> No.28670013

Didn't she say that she liked going up there alone

What happened the FIRST time?

>> No.28670016

Noone said to go tell Marie about the attacks. We dont even need to interrupt her day with her father. We just need to confirm she is safely with her father. She doesn't need to see us. We can confirm by seeing her, or even asking adn attendant to chech on them with whatever excuse.

>> No.28670026

This sums up the right amount of concern I think. Has my vote,

>> No.28670029

Same thing that just happened.
This entire night has been bait.

>> No.28670033

If she's with her father, our presence won't make her safer. It might make her less safe, since he won't be able to fight as freely as he otherwise would.

>> No.28670039

Check on Marie anyway. After asking about her assailants of course.

>> No.28670048


>> No.28670049


>> No.28670055



>> No.28670056

It's late at night, she might be back in the suite. Also, we're seriously just checking, not interrupting her day.

>> No.28670061

I'm amazed, they got awfully close this time.

Would it matter if we weren't here?

>> No.28670068

>see you later
do you think her father would let us go?

>> No.28670071


>> No.28670075

Reading comprehension anon.
We are trying to make sure she is with her father. If she is, then she is safe and we have nothing to worry about.

>> No.28670077


>> No.28670078

But we don't know whether or not she is still with her father. The proper bodyguard response is to personally check

>> No.28670082

Rolled 16

SHIT. Luciana's in on the ploy to kidnap Marie!

>> No.28670085


Takamaru going full bore with his magic can pull crazy shit.

He probably would have done it, but it'd be close.

>> No.28670087

>Would it matter if we weren't here?

Well, she probably wouldn't have gone to the balcony tonight if we weren't here. Also, I doubt she'd have waited as long to stab and capture her kidnapper, but that's just me.

>> No.28670093

Luciana just smacked a dude down for interrupting her precious time and you all want to run off to do you job.

Why don't you marry your job if you love it so much grumble grumble

>> No.28670096

>Lucianna gets almost kidnapped when she goes to her private balcony which is not warded like the castle is

>Takamaru hacks them to pieces

>Lucianna continues to go to the same place

>More failed attempts

I think Lucianna just loves bloodbaths

>> No.28670104

You know, that only makes me like her more.

I like a girl who can take care of herself and is alright with dead assassins littering the floor.

>> No.28670106

Welp. I am in full fucking paranoia mode. We stick to Marianne like glue for that whole party. Shit is going down.

>> No.28670111

You know what, you're right

>Stay and comfort Luciana

>> No.28670112

She should go stand under the rock hand and make it squeeze.

>> No.28670121



Maybe we'll take our pay slips and our employment contract and stack it around our sword scabbard and put it in a wedding dress!

Whatcha gonna do then, smart guy!?!

>> No.28670125

You know what, I think I will.

>> No.28670127


And thats why she remains so young.

>> No.28670135

Address both Takamaru and Luciana, or at least observe Taka's reactions to Lucy's recount.

"how long has this shit been going on? Who is sending these guys? Does the king have interrogation specialists?"

>> No.28670139

You all know what she'll be doing tonight while everybody else is asleep.

>> No.28670145

>Does the king have interrogation specialists?
Does a lindwurm shit all over the road?

>> No.28670146

We stab the first person who asks her to dance

>> No.28670148


>> No.28670149

Reading grimoires?

>> No.28670151


She's a ginger m8

>> No.28670152

She's not upset, besides that it interrupted her seduction scheme.

>> No.28670155


I knew that her collecting grimoires wasn't just a "hobby"

>> No.28670159

Masturbating to corpses? Is that where you're going with this?

>> No.28670164

>seduction scheme
She was showing him her favorite view, for fuck's sake. Probably ask him to draw her in front of it, that's it. That's not a scheme.

>> No.28670166

>she stabs the guy trying to kidnap her and then immobilizes him with magic

so what's the point of having rein around at all, again?

luciana has shot up in my waifu list

>> No.28670167

And keep on until they get the picture or someone acceptable asks? Almost no one is acceptable.

>> No.28670169

But anon, she's a princess, not a mere baroness.

>> No.28670177

Elizabeth Bathory much

>> No.28670188

Well Rein did take off the dude's forearm. He should be just about done bleeding to death by now.

>> No.28670189

not even ourselves especially not ourselves

>> No.28670200


no dude my waifus

>> No.28670201

Who did Luciana interact with in Granache that would have motive to do this?

>> No.28670205



YOU GUYS, that's right, THIS THREAD, were the ones that were all "guys we gotta load up on defensive magic cuz we bodyguard now, we gonna be the best defender".

>> No.28670215

To be fair, it totally worked.

>> No.28670216

Just the usual people. It might have something to do with the possible spies there.

>> No.28670218



>> No.28670222


And it worked.

>> No.28670227

Why would she assassinate Luciana?

>> No.28670228

so now we have a corpse instead of a prisoner we could interrogate

way to ruin everything, reinhold

>> No.28670237

There's no way they haven't captured one already. They probably take suicide pills or something.

>> No.28670238

How much more retarded can you get?

>> No.28670239

Sylvie was the greatest schemer all along. She pegged Luciana as a rival after her visit, and has been trying to remove her through assassins while maintaining her innocent moe outward appearance.
I wish this was true. At least she'd have depth, then.

>> No.28670241

>not interrogating corpses

>> No.28670243

She could have been targeted for her association with Marie, which would mean Marie is also possibly in danger.

>> No.28670245


It did?

We didn't exactly use holy shine or that other spell I forgot we even had.

Meanwhile, Taka just tore a guy in half. Maybe if we had arctic blade, we could have done that too.

>> No.28670249

>expecting depth in VN quest
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.28670250

The only spell we used was Tailwind, which people were considering as an offensive spell, our defensive spells are too weak, I think we would make the right choice if we were to add some offensive skills (while still working on defense).

>> No.28670256

It's not lethal to disarm someone.

>> No.28670258

We used Tailwind as an opening.

>> No.28670265



>We are the dispenser of sticky foam

>> No.28670272

Most of the other characters have a bit of depth.

>> No.28670275

That's probably in our earth book. We could teach it to ourselves tonight.

>> No.28670276


Fuck off.

>> No.28670280

Priorities, man.

A bodyguard removes the VIP from danger.
A soldier removes the danger.

>> No.28670281

Tailwind isn't exactly a defensive move.

>> No.28670282


We used tailwind.

And artic blade EXPLODES at the end.

You couldnt use it then.

We had the opportunity to use holy shine as a battering ram. Would have worked too.

>> No.28670292

But loosing a limb and not getting medical attention is.

>> No.28670298


It's still the prologue, we'll get more spells later.

We had the option to learn 3 too, but we made Holy Shine better. Still has parry potential too.

>> No.28670307

>teaching ourselves anything
Fuck no, Sylvie said we could call on her anytime. We are marching up to her room and banging on her door until she obliges.

>> No.28670308

Hah, I get it, disarm

>> No.28670330

That's not fucking necessary at all. We have the fucking book for it, we don't need to force shit on her in the middle of the night. We'd be learning magic quicker if we did some shit on our own anyway.

>> No.28670336

I forget if this was answered already, but can we stack holy shines?

>> No.28670345


We could also ask Luciana to teach us her Bigby's grasping hand spell.

>> No.28670351

The idea that several people had earlier of using it as a ramp or a platform to jump off of also wouldn't work.

>> No.28670355

We aren't good enough to maintain multiple spells.

>> No.28670368

So it really is rather useless against tougher opponents. :/

>> No.28670370

We're already pouring effort into hardening one of the damned things, and you want to cast another?

I'd rather have an invulnerable buckler than a tower shield made of tissue paper.

>> No.28670381


Considering it's a sudden burst of light, I wonder if it can be amazingly bright.

You know, like some solar flare bullshit or a quick surprise.

>> No.28670382

"...who else knows about these attempts?" you ask, more than a bit uneasy.
"The guards here in the castle, Takamaru, you... I also told Father when this first started happening," Luciana replies.
"Any idea why they've been targeting you specifically?" you ask.
"I think we ought to ask that now..." Luciana says as she walks up to the surviving masked man, still trapped inside the giant stone hand.

After casting Healing Grace to stop the flow of blood that's surely gushing out from what remains of his arm, Luciana sighs and punches him in the face as hard as she can, shattering his mask.

"I'd like you to know that I'd like for nothing more than to stab you in the face with this dagger here for ruining my night," Luciana says as she holds it up to the man's face. "But I am a lady and I'd much prefer for my friend here to not think of me as some kind of barbarian, so I will ask you nicely instead."
"As if I'd tell you shit..." the formerly masked man mutters through gritted teeth. "...you stupid fucking biAAAAAAAGH!!" he screams as Luciana flexes her hand and the stone one does the same, crushing him.


>> No.28670385

Until we get better at it and it becomes the equivalent of a magic steel tower-shield that weighs nothing and we can control by flicking our wrist.

>> No.28670396

But being inconsiderate is the perfect way to disabuse her of her crush! It can't possibly backfire.

>> No.28670398

So it's.. pretty much worthless at our level.

I think the idea someone had way back when of thinking of ourselves as a riot cop is probably the best way to build from here on out. Clay shooter to immobilize, smoke-bomb to disorient, maybe a flash spell of some kind as well.

>> No.28670406

Except it would be more like passing through a dense wooden building rather than passing through a thin stone layer as I doubt we're going to improve the its impenetrability to a large extent anytime soon, though archelon said no, so my point is useless unless there's another spell that we can stack.

>> No.28670414

Is dom Luci a thing again?

>> No.28670415

Hahahahha Luciana is handling the interrogation

Hahahahahhahahahaha so best girl

>> No.28670419


we rachel now

>> No.28670422

Arch said it's only ever as strong as a solid wood door or so.

>> No.28670434


>> No.28670436

If Luciana is a sadist that hand spell is gonna be making many more appearances if we waifu her.

>> No.28670440

could we repeatedly make barriers and break them over peoples heads?

>> No.28670441

Still, a solid wood door will shrug off arrows and lighter melee weapons almost indefinitely.

>> No.28670443

*handling* the interrogation.

>> No.28670447


At this point.

Further improvement is possible.

>> No.28670452

She casts it on the bed

Suddenly hand made of bed all over you

>> No.28670453

>If Reinhold learns this spell, his METAL alignment will make it a giant METAL hand.

Please. Please I want to learn it. And Takamaru's magic blender.

>> No.28670454




>> No.28670456

No, the maximum of the spell is a solid wood door.

Period end of.

>> No.28670466

>The idea that several people had earlier of using it as a ramp or a platform to jump off of also wouldn't work.
What the fuck why didn't you tell us that BEFORE we wasted our timeskip bonuses and stuff on it.

>> No.28670472

But without either magical truth spells, or at least another prisoner to collaborate stories, anything this guy tells us will be worthless, as we have no way of knowing if it's the truth, or if he's just saying whatever comes to mind to try to get you to stop the pain. Torture doesn't work well if it's the only strategy you have. I also imagine reinhold would be kind of uncomfortable with the princess doing something like that. Probably.

>> No.28670474

For the last fucking time



>enjoy your wood plank

>> No.28670475

Only if it comes out as devils horns. And we only use it to... Umm... I guess poke people

>> No.28670477

No. We are SWORD. We learned:
>Tailwind to stab faster
>Holy Shine to parry harder

Let's focus on things that will make us better at what we're already good at, not become a magical swiss-army knife.

>> No.28670481


>> No.28670493

that might chafe a bit.

>> No.28670494

block arrows and daggers yo
and also streams of magic like fire
we need to learn how to slash harder

>> No.28670507

Specialize later. Learn the basics now. There are a ton of spells that every mage worth shit can cast and we don't know them yet.

>> No.28670512

>make one
>break it
>make another


>> No.28670515

I said the exact same thing the first time it was brought up.

>> No.28670518

Why is it so hard for you guys to comprehend that we are just a beginner at magic. We cant have super strong shield spells or things like that. Anything we learn can be helpful but they will not be anywhere near absolute best. You have to learn these first and gradually get better. Its such a basic idea i dont know why people keep ignoring it.

>> No.28670523

I don't think anyone understands Holy Shine's TRUE POWER

>> No.28670536


but can it be brighter

>> No.28670540


This. It should be about shit like a magnetic pull to draw fuckers into range. Or something windy to make them lose footing as we charge in.

Something that lets us use the skills we have better. We don't have the lifetime of training half the cast does with magic, so we need to focus to make the difference.

>> No.28670552


Then when we get more skilled at magic we develop a spell that does exactly that. For fucks sake stop sperging out

>> No.28670556

Okay I know you guys want Clay Spread, but think about this

Null Sphere/Rose Sphere (that spell Nico's mom used)

You need a sharp object to pierce it, right? Kind of hard to do that once you cut off your attacker's hand. We could use that to immobilize way better once we disarm.

Since we seem so good at disarming, that is.

>> No.28670568

The worst part is there's really no reason it shouldn't do that.

>> No.28670578

We should instead just begin learning to Transmute Flesh to Stone.
It'll start out only making it difficult to move, sure, but we can work on it.

>> No.28670583

Look, just learn what Arnaud tells us to, okay? It's simple. It will make us a badass. And it's impossible for us to fuck it up.

>> No.28670589

Why don't we just get useful spells instead of giving us an arbitrary handicap like we're fucking Nicolette or something.

Clay Spread is a lot more effective at immobilizing since we don't have to close in on them and disarm first. We can stop attackers before they reach us/Marie. If we disarmed a guy that fight is already over.

>> No.28670591

I... Nah. Colossus Hold looks way cooler and serves the same purpose.

>> No.28670593

It's probably because it's bound to us and moves when we move.

>tfw I feel the same way though and wish a liiiiittle exception could be made

>> No.28670604

So... Hoverboard?

>> No.28670607


"I hope you understand your position here," Luciana says to the man. "You have no way to get out of this, and if I see so much as the slightest hint of Script forming anywhere, I'll end your life right here."
"What, so you're going to torture me, then?" the man asks, coughing up blood.
"No, I am going to -ask- you some questions, and then you are going to -tell- me what I want to know." Luciana says, pointing her dagger in the man's face once again.
"You might as well kill me now, because there's no way in hell that I'll tell you a damned thing," the man says, spitting out a broken tooth.

Luciana must have punched him pretty hard...

"Oh, I won't be the one who kils you," Luciana says, a cold smile forming on her lips. "But I could always have someone fetch my father to speak with you... I'm sure you know how scary he can be, yes?"
"Celestino's a grizzled old piece of shiAAAAAAAAAAAGAH" the man screams as Luciana tightens her grip again.
"Do NOT speak ill of my father."


>> No.28670611

But it wasn't at the time we first talked about it, qualities like that were totally unspecified. And still are, in fact. The only reason for archelon to make it not work like that is to shit on people's fun.

>> No.28670624

She should tell him that Gregory is in the castle.

I'm sure his opinion would change very quickly.

>> No.28670634

>build sperging
Luciana giving no fucks while this shit goes on.

>> No.28670644


Lets suggest calling "The Red Mist" for help

>> No.28670671

Man, imagine if Monique would hear this conversation every time he tries to learn a new spell.

>> No.28670688

But anon Monique is the waifu-hoarding powergamer that we are

why do you think everyone hates him?

>> No.28670697


>having fun

>> No.28670731

Even if it DID let you double jump, how practical do you think that would be? And what would be the point?

>> No.28670748

Monique is basically this universe's deadpool.

>started out as a villain, descended into comic relief
>everyone dislikes/iss annoyed with him
>hears voices in his head
>occasionally breaks the fourth wall


>> No.28670754

What a lucky guy.

>> No.28670757

>comic relief

deadpool is a fucking tragic character and nobody takes him seriously, in-universe and out

>> No.28670768


"If you absolutely insist on acting like this, I think I'll just go get my uncle Gregory... I'm sure he'll be just elated to know that you tried to kidnap me," Luciana says.
"Gr..." the man's face goes even paler than it already was at the mention of that name.
"Oh, you've heard of him? I believe 'red haze' is one of his nicknames... perhaps I'll finally get to see for myself how exactly he got that one!"
"You're shitting me, there's no way-"

"Oh, he IS here," you say coldly. "Luciana, you want me to go get him for you?"
"You might as well, he's clearly not about to talk to the likes of me..." Luciana sighs.

As you walk towards the door, two finally arrive and open it from inside.

"Princess! Are you okay!?" one shouts.
"Yes, we're fine," Luciana replies, not taking her gaze off of her attacker. "But would you mind fetching Uncle Gregory for me?"
"Y- Yes, your highness!" both men say with a rigid salute.
"WAIT, DAMMIT!" the man screams, his face twisted in horror."

"Oh, you're willing to talk now?" Luciana says.
"J- just don't call that guy out here!" the man shouts in fear.


>> No.28670773

Rolled 3

I'm not sure what your point was, unless it was to make them seem even more similar.

>> No.28670810

I'm glad Gregory finds us amusing.

>> No.28670811

get out of my head, charles

>> No.28670920

>everyone too enraptured by badass Lucianna to shitpost

>> No.28670927

Tina interlude when

>> No.28670933

We're too engrossed by thinking about Gregory

>> No.28670955

get greg anyway

>> No.28670961

Oh god, that thumbnail made me think that was a crest worm.

>> No.28670968

You have no idea how tempted I am to write a Tina pov story while I wait for Arc to post.

>> No.28670977

This has been going on for weeks and the only reason they captured a single on alive was because Reinhold was there to suck it up.

Way to get in the way and hold Takamaru back, Reinhold! You really did some good there!

>> No.28670978

>It's nothing but screaming
>Just screaming
>5 painful posts of anger and pain
Please somebody kill me

>> No.28670980

Priscilla ain't no crest worm.

>> No.28670992

Hearing the phrase "crest worm" makes me reflexively want to punch someone to death

>> No.28670996

Who the fuck is Tina?

>> No.28671001

As if she isn't, she gets all inside your heart and shows you what real loving is.

>> No.28671006

They decided to nickname the bracelet.

>> No.28671014


>> No.28671016

The bracelet. Duh.

I could never bring myself to cut off her tail.
It's the only weapon I never collected.

>> No.28671018

Don't worry, it's a natural reaction, like "Thalmor".

>> No.28671019

It what the autists in this quest called our bracelet

>> No.28671023


The crystal bracelet. I don't think there's been any explicit discussion of where the name came from, but funny coincidence "Tina" is also a nickname for crystal meth.

>> No.28671025


"Very well," Luciana sighs. "Could you two please wait outside the door?"
"Yes, your highness!" the guards salute once again before quickly leaving the balcony.

"Alright then... would you mind telling me why you and your friends keep trying to kidnap me?" Luciana asks.
"Someone wants you captured, that's all!" the man exclaims. "I don't know why, they just said that it'd be an easy job if we watched out for you and memorized when you were outside the castle!"
"And who is this person who gave you these orders?"
"I- I don't know, that shit was confidential! My buddy just said that it'd be easy money!"

"Stupid, worthless..." Luciana mutters under her breath. "...why did you decide to attack TONIGHT?"
"I- it's our last chance before that fucking party where your father invited all those monsters," he replies. "A bunch of strong bastards from Granache, and then there's Mirakarias from Krassato... we even got word that the King got a bunch of dragons to run security, so we couldn't risk it there!"


>> No.28671032

I was the same man, I didn't want to be more evil that I already was.

>> No.28671045

>Mirakarias from Krassato

Sounds like our next Social Link.

>> No.28671047

Are the monsters going to be living with Luciana from now on? I don't understand this time limit.

>> No.28671048

Behold, the pinnacle of evil.

>> No.28671072

Clearly, they wanted her to be missing for the party, to disrupt the party somehow.



Ok maybe it's not super clear. they might just be retarded.

>> No.28671076


>> No.28671084


Maybe we should ask him?

>> No.28671095

Probably something happens at or after the party that makes kidnapping the princess no longer valid.

>> No.28671098

Your intel is off boy. They've already arrived. Somebody really needs to get new 35Ms.

>> No.28671114

She's about to get sold off isn't she?

>> No.28671127

Wow. So these guys are dumb AND suicidal!
Who did they think all these people coming into the castle were? All the people he should be worried about are already THERE, no one from out of the country comes to a party on THE DAY OF

>> No.28671128

I must crush this flag.

>> No.28671131


>> No.28671133

>sold off

I don't think that's the right way to put it. Married off is probably the better term.

>> No.28671138

>the kidnapping was planned by broking to keep her safe from a forced marriage

>> No.28671139

They probably wanted to capture her to disrupt the party in some way. That's a fairly safe assumption based on what we know, since if just kidnapping her was the end goal they could do it whenever.

There are about a thousand reason why someone might want to kidnap a Princess prior to a major political event, and without more info we can't really guess as to which one it might be.

>> No.28671149

It's effectively trading daughters for increased political standing/alliances/wealth so it might as well just be a very polite sale.

>> No.28671178

>There are about a thousand reason why someone might want to kidnap a Princess prior to a major political event
Really? I'm retarded, please tell me some.

>> No.28671203


"...and why did this person need to have me captured before my brother's party?" Luciana asks, sighing.
"Shit, I don't know!" the man shouts. "Maybe they wanted to fuck up the party by holding you ransom or something, we don't ask specifics like that!"
"Very well, I have one last question for you and then our little interrogation will be done," Luciana says, staring coldly at the attempted kidnapper.
"W- what now?"

"I assume that you were going to have me taken to a rendezvous point," Luciana says, glaring at him. "Where is it?"
"Th- there wasn't one," the man replies nervously.
"Let me ask you again," Luciana says as she flexes her hand, causing her stone creation to contract even more as the man inside screams bloody murder. "There is no way that they'd have you kidnap me and not have somewhere that they wanted to retrieve me from."

"S- seriously..." the man groans. "They just said to grab you and go, they'd find us when they wanted to take you off our hands. I swear, that's all I know."
"Ugh..." Luciana sighs. "Reinhold? Go and find UNcle Gregory for me."
"Alright," you reply as you make your way to the door.


>> No.28671205


>> No.28671206

For starters, canceling the event entirely. Making sure she doesn't meet a certain person, keeping possible marriage announcements from happening, screwing with any of the numerable guests, communist revolution, destabalizing the country, ransom, publicity.
I can go on, if you'd like.

>> No.28671216

Ransom, it makes Celestino look weak if he can't protect his daughter, it disrupts the party which disrupts negotiations which may take place during it, it fosters an atmosphere of distrust among the people at the party, it'd keep Luciana from being married off to any potential suitors there. There's reasons.

>> No.28671224

Could just be a dragon who needs a princess for his tower...

>> No.28671232

So you can make her head appear at the party without her body.

>> No.28671233

Rolled 9

fucking this

>> No.28671238

-Blackmail the King, or any of her other very powerful family members/friends.
-Get mad crazy ransom dosh in exchange for keeping it quiet and thus avoiding a public debacle on the eve of an important international event.
-Use her kidnapping to cast doubt on the King's ability to maintain security in his own castle.
-Create distrust and paranoia between various factions.
-Use the scandal to trick/force the King into firing someone involved with security, on account of the massive fuckup.
-They're planning to murder everyone but don't want Luciana caught in the crossfire for some reason (unlikely, but theoretically possible).

>> No.28671249

if they were invested in whatever was coming up there's loads of shit

they could delay the event, or try and change the outcome. 'we have your daughter, if you don't outlaw x we'll kill her', or going public with 'x couldn't protect his own daughter, who would support someone so weak', or preventing a likely marriage which would cement an alliance, or trying to frame another party to cause a RUCKUS.

>> No.28671258


Case closed.

>> No.28671264

They might not even intend to succeed, they just want to get a bunch of masked goons killed for some nefarious plot.

>> No.28671273

Blood for the god god. Schemes for the scheme throne.

>> No.28671277

You mean like as a motive for Ancelotta to declare war?

>> No.28671278

Luciana's interrogation of him hasn't been that thorough. I'm sure Sir Gregory will cover all the bases, but in case we want to find anything else out right now, we could ask him or Luciana about the following:

Are these guys local? Any way to tell from their accents, or for Luciana to do so? Are there theives' or assassins' guilds? Does he have any tattoos or other distinguishing features? What about that oddly shaped knife? Does Takamaru recognize it?

>> No.28671288

Why do they have maids if they can clean everything by magic?

>> No.28671291

Rolled 3

The entire thing was set up by Celestino, who is a cannibal. He wanted pureed meat fresh. Takamaru purees the 2 guys. Dinner is being prepared now.
what the fuck happened to my brain, I never would have thought of this madness before.

>> No.28671292

Because it feels good to own another person?

>> No.28671294

Because maids who can do magic are more expensive than maids who use a duster.

>> No.28671295

Because nobility ain't cleanin' shit.

>> No.28671301

Ancelottan spy out!

>> No.28671302

Maid Mages are better at cleaning magic than Archmages.

>> No.28671304

Well it wouldn't work directly. But maybe as a way to frame some other nation. You'd think once would be enough for that though. Having lots of repeated attacks seems to indicate that it would be an attempt to influence the mental state of people within the castle, most probably Luciana. Keep her on her toes.
I don't know what good that could do, though.

>> No.28671309

Counterpoint: Niklaus developed an entire line of mantras to clean.

>> No.28671310

M-metaphorically, of course!

>> No.28671313

What about Archmaids?

>> No.28671314


"Very well, I believe you," Luciana says with a sigh.

She then releases her grip, sending the battered man falling to the floor in a crumpled heap of broken bones and blood-soaked clothing. The stone hand that had been holding him then melts back into the stone pillar that it had sprouted from.

"W... what now, are you gonna have me thrown in the dungeon or something...?" the man says as he struggles to get up on his knees.
"You did cooperate, so I'll leave my uncle out of this," Luciana says, a cold look in her eyes. "But there's still the matter of trying to kidnap me, and ruining what would have been an otherwise enjoyable evening... not to mention that your friends tried to murder both my bodyguard and my dear friend here, both of whom are VERY important to me."

The man cringes as it looks like Luciana is about to kick him in the face, but she catches herself and sighs, then turns away from him.

"Takamaru?" Luciana says.
"Very well," Takamaru replies with a nod.

In a single movement, Takamaru unsheathes his sword and then returns it to its scabbard. You then hear a gurgling sound as the man's head slowly slides off from the rest of his body...

>how do you react?

>> No.28671318

He is excellent at disposing documents.

I imagine he'd serve as a pretty good garbage disposal unit too. Incinerate dem leftovers.

>> No.28671326

Their skills are spoken of in legend, but none have been seen in centuries.

>> No.28671327

"I love you."

>> No.28671332

Fucking cold.

Time to check on Marie.

>> No.28671334

No tears, Reinhold. Only dreams.

>> No.28671346

Go double-check that Marie is okay.

I am full red alert for the rest of this trip.

>> No.28671348

"That was rather unnecessary"

>> No.28671352

Blush heavily. Unlike that man, your love for Luciana will never die.

>> No.28671356

Luciana Best Girl.

>> No.28671358


Please don't go all whit knight faggotry here. We were in the army.

>> No.28671360

>"Excuse my forwardness, but I think I saw an assassin hiding in your bodice. It would me irresponsible of me not to check."

>> No.28671362

Well, I imagine slight discomfort at that killing in cold blood, but considering we were A) About to call for a man known as the "Red Mist" to come torture him and B) we were only a few minutes ago dissapointed that we couldn't kill the fucker ourselves, I doubt we'd be too torn up about it. Offer to walk her to her room/fathers chamber/ wherever she tends to go after attempted kidnappings. Then go check in on our own princess.

>> No.28671363

"So all we've got is that they wanted you out of the way before the ball? That really isn't enough to go on but we can at least assume it wasn't for a simple ransom, this is all too elaborate for that. I've got to go check on Marie just to be sure though."

>> No.28671364

Welp. Now that that is over with time to see if our princess is okay.

>> No.28671367

Well, that was a rather disgusting display of excess, in my opinion. Killing him accomplishes nothing except making more work for whoever's job it is to haul corpses away. Alive, he could have answered additional questions, or perhaps been useful in some other way.

>> No.28671368


>> No.28671372

+1 And bed time, don't mess things up guys.

>> No.28671373



>> No.28671374

>Check on Marie
I'm still feeling paranoid about this whole thing

>> No.28671375


>> No.28671376

>Give Luciana a quick scan for damages
>Tell the guards to get someone to clean this mess up
>Escort her into the castle (to her room?)
>Check on Marianne

>> No.28671377

The army doesn't normally kill unarmed prisoners. In fact, the vast majority of armies would frown quite strongly on doing so.

>> No.28671382


Our job.

Check on marianne

>> No.28671386

voting this

>> No.28671387

Going with this.

>> No.28671388

>don't check on Marie

You paranoid fuckers. She's safe.

>> No.28671389

She's with her daddy.

>> No.28671398


Guard marie.

>> No.28671404


>> No.28671407

Paranoia is in the job description, her life is in our hands.
Gotta take that seriously man.

>> No.28671408

Well, that seemed a bit unecessary but whatever, Reinhold seen this kind of shit before.

Go find our princess to double-check on things.

>> No.28671409

>>how do you react?

He was an attempted royal kidnapper, it had to be done.

>> No.28671410

This isn't the rampant Shadowrunning paranoia.
This is legitimate concern, and our job. A check in is warranted.

>> No.28671412

>princess gets attacked
>go protect other princess

>> No.28671414

We are her bodyguard. At least at little paranoia is essential.

>> No.28671418



We should check on Marianne, it's our duty. We should say as much to Luciana, maybe promise to do something with her after the party, or another night (depending on how long we stay afterwards).

>> No.28671419

And how do we know this?
We need to personally ensure the safety of our charge.
We DEFCON 1 now.

>> No.28671422

I like this.

>> No.28671425

I agree, just touch bases. But I think we're getting ahead of ourselves by saying to do it right now. First we need to deal with Luciana a bit.

>> No.28671427

Princess A is safe. Go check on Princess B.

>> No.28671429

The castle has wards all over it. She is with her father or in the even more heavily warded rooms. It is shadowrunning.

>> No.28671431


>> No.28671432

>princess gets attacked
>attack gets thwarted rather easily
>go protect other princess we're assigned as a bodyguard to while first princess still has her own bodyguard

>> No.28671434

Utter and complete apathy towards the man dying.

A lot of respect for Takamaru's iaido, not that we know the word for it.

"I feel sorry for whoever is supposed to clean this up.

My apologies, even though she's with her father I'd like to check on Princess Marianne, I get the feeling that I'm missing something about the situation."

>> No.28671435

Check on Marie. No more fucking around, we're in full bodyguard mode until this party is over.

>> No.28671443

We can easily compromise by escorting Princess Luciana inside as we go to check on Princess Marianne.


>> No.28671444

mild discomfort

rein should be comfortable with death, yeah, but they just executed a disarmed man in cold blood. remember she's like 14 or something, there's something a little bit creepy about her so casually ordering a man's death.

i know rein nearly killed him himself, but that was in the heat of the moment, he was angry and also in combat with multiple opponents, so it's natural to want to get rid of them.

>> No.28671446

It's not about any of that. It's about doing our job.

>> No.28671451

/tg/ is basicaly full shadowrun on 9 out of 10 quests

>> No.28671457

Your JOB is to enjoy your day off.

>> No.28671461

It's our fucking job. You can't just fucking assume shit, you have to make sure yourself.

>> No.28671468


I'll admit it does sound like it's not the first time she's ordered him to cut off someone's head.

>> No.28671470

>but they just executed a disarmed man in cold blood
She did him a favor. Otherwise he would have enjoyed all the joys of the castle dungeons for however long they would have kept him alive.

>> No.28671473

Every time I think it's not possible for this quest to get stupider, someone finds a new way.

>> No.28671479

So? He would have been more useful there.

>> No.28671480

My mistake, I didn't realize I'd wandered into Ignore the Princess and Fuck Off All Day Quest.

>> No.28671483

>Princess Bodyguard Quest
>not Slacker Quest

Anon, haven't you heard of job integrity?

>> No.28671489

>That was pretty crazy Mistress Luciana!

>> No.28671496

Rolled 11

There is always something inevitably stupider.

>> No.28671500

I think you're forgetting the part where they were assassins and trying to kidnap his friend in front of him. That's kind of big, especially for an orphan who has not had many friends in the past. Faggot.

>> No.28671509

That is what we are literally being paid to do right now. You're ruining it.

>> No.28671518

Job time!

>> No.28671520



>> No.28671522

Not..really? Unless their archmage has a need for guinea pigs. And if you're arguing for that, then I agree and am pleasantly surprised by your skill in managing all available resources.

>> No.28671541

Maybe it's just me, but >"W... what now, are you gonna have me thrown in the dungeon or something...?" the man says as he struggles to get up on his knees. followed by his summary execution is just kind of brutal. He's clearly some poor fuck who made some bad decisions and thought this would be a way to make quick cash, not an evil mastermind.

i forgot how to inline greentext let's try this again

>> No.28671545

That would most certainly be an acceptable use for him, though it could also be handy to have a spare captive for other things, including more interrogation from us and others.

>> No.28671546

Sadly for said fuck, there isn't a market for failed goons. His employers would have offed him just a readily. He really got the easy way out.

>> No.28671550

To be honest, attempted kidnapping shouldn't lead to immediate execution without trial is honestly kind of real shitty. But princesses.

>> No.28671555


>> No.28671556

>inline greentext
How do you do this I am a newfag please help me

>> No.28671560

>there isn't a market for failed goons
Well you wouldn't put it on your resume. Doesn't mean he couldn't have managed a decent life.

>> No.28671563

Ahahahhaha you fucking faggot. Really? I mean, really? Oh, by the way, it`s just you.

>> No.28671564

Wow, I really fucked up that sentence.

>> No.28671572

you put spoiler tags with nothing in them before and after the text in question

like >this you see

>> No.28671574

You just do >this and then continue.

>> No.28671577

>Doesn't mean he couldn't have managed a decent life.
Duuuuude...are you whiteknighting the kidnapper/assassin/failed goon?

>> No.28671578

If we do choose running to Marie, promise Luciana a rain check for another night.

>> No.28671582

Alright, >testing

>> No.28671587

You can't, moot disabled it.

Can't you tell?

>> No.28671588

are you 12? do you think calling people faggots makes you sound mature?

>> No.28671591

We could use more practical anons like you.

>> No.28671594

Hm, let me >try that.

>> No.28671598

kidnapper route when

>> No.28671600

You know, that word had a meaning once.

>> No.28671602

This shows interest, running off makes her more determined. There's no way to lose here.

>> No.28671605

Empty tags, Arc >See?

>> No.28671608

no arch like >this.

you >see?

>> No.28671614

aaaand >again

>> No.28671617

Very >interdasting

>> No.28671620

And so it spreads.

>> No.28671621

>not wanting to kill a guy unnecessarily
Yes clearly we are trying to protect this man and claim he's done no wrong in the vain hope for sex. It couldn't just be a normal moral aversion to killing an unarmed prisoner in cold blood, that would be ridiculous.

>> No.28671623

you got it!

I feel like I've derailed the thread enough, maybe we should move on

kidnapper is my waifu

>> No.28671624

Man, I bet you can't even triforce.

>> No.28671632

No, I can't.

>> No.28671633

Okay guys, now learn to do thi̩s.

>> No.28671638

the second set of spoiler tags are only necessary if you want to have >un-greentext afterwards, by the way.

>> No.28671639


>> No.28671644

I can't think of any country that gave quarter to assassins, mate.

>> No.28671645

Man, I haven't been able to triforce for years. I used to when I was new enough to care about such things, but I've forgotten the alt codes for the spaces.

>> No.28671652

Well yes, of course it does. Didn`t you know, if you do not call someone a faggot every other sentence, then you are an immature little boy. Honestly, there was so much stupid in that anons post, that I had to choose between calling him a retard or a faggot. In my defence, I chose something less insulting.

>> No.28671656

He was a kidnapper, though.

>> No.28671657

Do what?

>> No.28671662

u wot m8

>> No.28671665

A̷̩̼̲̯̠̗̝̱͉̥͕͍͇̣̝ͥ̃͒ͩ̀͟m̨̨̭̺̭̹̦̟̞̖̊̌̇̓ͭ̓͊͑̀͑͂ͩ̈́̏͆͊ͥ͝͝ ̶̶̢̦̳̹̳͇̳̲̺̃̓̊ͣͣ̃̔́̎ͩͣͩ͘͝Î̭̹̦̪͉̗̯̲̱̳̗̣̦̺͇ͣ̎͛ͪ̍ͨ̈́ͫ͢͠ ̵̸̨̭̺̖̤̘̘̼̺̩̟̤̪̼̑ͣͭͫ̌̈ͭ̉͆͐͐͘d̶͎̺̹̬̫̯̯̮̝͍̩̘͕̲͇̱͉̹ͨ͌͋ͦͪͤ̇̾́ͅơ̞͇̟̫͇̖̫̭̓̉̌ͮ̈́̑ͤ̉̉͌̍͗̽̈́̚̕i̷̧̳̲̻̞ͯ͐̆͊̐̄̿̚n̛̛ͤ̾̈̃ͦ̿̓҉̛̬̮̫̰̬͉̦̹̫͖̻͇ģ̧͙̱̮̻̜̟̹̟͇̉̈́ͤ̌ͥ̀̓ͭ́ͨ̚͢ ̶̧̯̗͎̱̗̗͉̪̙͕́̐̔̃̄ͯ̓ͨ͋͟ȋ̴̡̧̘̳͎͍̦̦ͣ̒̈̄͆ͭͤ́ͅţ̧̥̞̯̥̹͍̩̇̒͊̃ͤ͌̅̆͒̓ͣ̽̋́ͫ ̵̢̛̭̤̼̥͚̾́̍ͤ̽ͣ͒͂̓ͣ̈́̍̄̐ͧ̋̓͋̚͘͠r̸̛̩̱̹̪͓ͩͯ́ͬ͟i̛̝͚̹̞͇̜̲̺̪̱̪͍̯̩̺̪̫̳̇̌̇̄ͮ̃̄̇ͯ͑ͦͤ̄ͮ͢ͅg̷̹͙̟͔͖͕͓͇̮͍̥̺̮̠̳̪͉̗̽̿ͨ̋̊̕ͅh̑̊́̀̎ͮ̍ͧ̈̔͒̿͛ͧ̐͏́͏̠̗͈̘̝͖͔̲͔̘̮͝t̷̨̛̠̺̜̹͚̱̙̃ͩ͂͒̉̊̆̋͡?̷̨͙̗͚͉̣͍̺͔̙̩͎̖̜̜͓͎̼̻͍̓ͬ̐ͭ̾̉̊̆̓̅̚͢ ̵̖͕̮͍̇̈́̓͆ͦ̆̍̐̄ͬ͛͂̉ͥ̓̎͠G̫̗̣͕͖̖̱̙͈̺̳̘̙̺̻̓͒̓ͬ̌͠ū̷̠̙̲̦̺̹̰̦̗͖̱̰ͣ̉̍ͪ̓̋ͧ̄͐ͦ͒͜ȳ̡̉̓ͤͧ͌̒̓̌̿̎͂̊͏̶̧͕̭̠̘̼̭͍̻͚͓́s̢̙͙͓͇̳̪̜̘͍̖ͯ̅̒ͨ̑̿̎͋͋̃ͪ̽̔̈́̄ͣ̂͆ͅ?̶̐̇̇̈́̈́̆̄҉̨͓͎͔̣̳̫͇̹̗̪͜

>> No.28671666

>can't pick between 2 insults
>doesn't use both
Step up your game nigger.

>> No.28671668

Can you think of any that gave a fair trial to them?

>> No.28671671

arch please make a story post so this stops

>> No.28671672

This. I'd also be really fucking suspicious of any country that goes "Hah, nice try assassin, you're a cool guy. I like you."

>> No.28671677

N̩o̩t̩h̩i̩n̩g̩,̩ ̩b̩r̩o̩.̩ ̩J̩u̩s̩t̩ ̩ p̩o̩s̩t̩i̩n̩g̩.̩

>> No.28671689

That sou̩nds like so̩̩̩̩̩̩̩mething a̩̩quaman might d̩̩̩̩o.

>> No.28671690

But we wasn't an assassin.

>> No.28671692

Double agents? I know that is spies but, might work for Assassins too?

>> No.28671701

That's a technicality.

>> No.28671705


>> No.28671717

>Implying Arc doesn't want this
I have to believe that the shitposting feeds him.
I need to believe it.
Otherwise, I just can't live with PGQ anymore. I can't watch you guys shitpost relentlessly if there's nothing good coming out of it.

So I choose to believe that shitposting is what sustains the QM.

>> No.28671733

It is, that's why he doesn't even̩ try to̩ stop it.

>> No.28671735

He bitches about it, though.

>> No.28671743

Never about waifufaggotry, and that's by far the worst.

>> No.28671747

He's a tsundere.

>> No.28671749

Yeah, but in a 'Don't hit on me, silly boys,' kind of way.

>> No.28671750

Psh, he has twice made tiny posts about us maybe not shitposting quite as much perhaps if we feel like it.

He is a plant. He needs shit to survive and grow up strong.

>> No.28671756

Tru dat. He probably has very specific tastes.

>> No.28671762

the waifufagging he ignores, the powergaming he despises utterly

>> No.28671790

But there is no powergaming, we don't even have visible stats.

>> No.28671795

This is true, but I'm still tired of listening to that one guy bitch about double jumping with Holy Shine

>> No.28671796

and yet you manage to be terrible even without them, that says alot

>> No.28671801

>tiny posts about us maybe not shitposting quite as much perhaps if we feel like it

Never before have I been so tempted to post pony outside /mlp/.

>> No.28671812

I actually prefer the bitching about our powerset than waifuing. At least powersets allow for interesting things to happen during combat. Waifuing accomplishes jack shit and ruins it for everyone.

>> No.28671823

>one guy
It's at least two.

>> No.28671828

Considering the 100:1 Waifu post to combat post ratio, I feel like waifu's are more relevant. That said, I live for combat posts. And the rolling.

>> No.28671839

>I live for combat posts. And the rolling.
My brother in arms.

>> No.28671840

>Not Archelonshy

>> No.28671843

'cuz the janitor watches (participates?) PGQ like a motherfucker and he's gonna turn you into a purse.

>> No.28671853


That was wrong.

>> No.28671855

Where you go, I cannot follow.

>> No.28671863


So Luciana totally just told Takamaru to kill a guy and then he did it.

You're not really horribly bothered by it, considering that he was a worthless piece of shit who you would have gladly killed yourself, but it -was- rather surprising to find out that Luciana can be that cold.

"...so all we know now is that they wanted to get you out of the way before the ball?" you ask.
"Pretty much," Luciana sighs as she turns away from the scene of carnage. "...though I suppose I'm safe for now, considering that they failed. I just need to stay inside."
"Yes, that would be best," Takamaru says.
"Come on, let's get out of here before we start smelling like dead bodies," Luciana says, motioning for you and Takamaru to follow her back inside the castle.

Seeing you coming, the guards open the door for the thtree of you and take care to stay out of your way.

"Princess, are you okay?" one of the guards asks. "There's blood on your hand..."
"Yes, but it isn't mine," Luciana replies. "I'm fine and unhurt, thanks for asking."

"And what about you guys?" he asks, turning to you and Takamaru.
"I am unhurt," Takamaru replies, nodding.
"Same here," you say.

"I'm actually kind of worried about Marianne, so I think I'll go and check on her just in case," you say to Luciana.
"That's okay, I understand," Luciana replies much less energetic than usual.

>Come back over here after checking that Marianne is okay (provided that she is okay, of course)?

>> No.28671865

Rolled 7


Too late!

Save yourself.

>> No.28671870

Well, that was pretty fast. You get banned or just smart enough to scrub the evidence?

>> No.28671878

Rolled 16


Shes got Takamura to look after her, shes fine.


>> No.28671879

Yes come back

Luciana would be 2sad if we didn't.

>> No.28671882

Nah, this is a good time to say good night.

>> No.28671885

>>Come back over here after checking that Marianne is okay (provided that she is okay, of course)?
Sure why not. Comfort Best Princess after making sure we still have a job.

>> No.28671889

Like the Anon said, she is shit at interrogations. I understand that she's pissed, but still.

>> No.28671892


"Goodnight Princess."

No. We're in guard mode now.

>> No.28671897

but this time, we take a sanctuary scroll with us

>> No.28671899

Deleted it myself.

>> No.28671902

Nope, full guard, all guard, most guard

>> No.28671905

I feel the need to get some magic training from our books in before bed now after all this. So nah. We should retire.

>> No.28671906


>-10 Luciana points

Not much point in getting back here, but I guess it wouldn't hurt.

Princess surely needs to change clothing anyway.

I wonder who could be behind this plot. Either Ancellota's feeling suicidal, or it might have been false flag.
>Implying dragons.

>> No.28671907

Clearly what we need to do is put both princesses in the same room so we can watch both of them.

>> No.28671909

No, go to sleep. We need our sleep for tomorrow

>> No.28671911

Sure why not, if Marianne is still with her old man shes probably way safer than with us anyway.

>> No.28671912

Yeah, come back over here after we check up on Marianne. Assuming that she's alright and nothing seems out of sorts.

>> No.28671913

Most wise

>> No.28671914

I think it's time to call it a night/get more serious about learning some spells like Clay Spread.

>> No.28671917

say goodnight and we'll see her tomorrow

>> No.28671919

Yes, we can come back afterwards. Checking on Marie is a formality, but a necessary one.

>> No.28671922

"Good night then princess, hopefully we can do this again without getting blood all over us next time."

>> No.28671925

We could always invite Princess Luciana to come with us to check on Marianne to help explain why we are, and still be able to 'Hang out' once we ascertain that Princess Marianne is alright.

>> No.28671926

Full guard mode, stay with Marianne

>> No.28671928

which animals do the other girls see us as?

>> No.28671929

Takamaru can guard her, it's his job. Let's stay

>> No.28671931

If you want to I can come back afterwards, if the Princess is fine that is.

>> No.28671932


Lucy has Taka to guard her Marie needs hers Retire for the nite

>> No.28671937

These. Lets fucking learn something to help us guard while we can. We kind of weren't really using what we had and Clay Spread would have helped immensely there.

>> No.28671940

Just a note, it's around 8PM at this point.

>> No.28671942

why doesn't Luci come check on Marie too?

>> No.28671946

>>Come back over here after checking that Marianne is okay (provided that she is okay, of course)?

>> No.28671947

>>Come back over here after checking that Marianne is okay (provided that she is okay, of course)?
Why the hell not. And before someone starts a bitching about waifuing. I could care less about waifu, but Rein is a nice guy, too nice some might say, so it`s only natural for him to come back and make sure that Luciana is ok, and if shes not, then cheer her up.

>> No.28671948

You know what, lets do it.

>> No.28671952

We've got that fucking ball tomorrow so let's get prepared for that with some magic training or something. See if we can get Tina to change into something useful.

>> No.28671957

So definitely bed time for anyone on a sane schedule.

>> No.28671959


Not by leaving his charge behind.

Maybe if Marie wants to come back but we do not leave her side now that danger is a real fucking thing.

>> No.28671964

Ask for confirmation that Marianne is safe from a guard, then come back for Lucianna and see if we can help at all.

>> No.28671968

>nighty date with luciana
what could go wrong?

>> No.28671970

>Come back over here after checking that Marianne is okay (provided that she is okay, of course)?
i cant see any reason to do so. its already getting late adn we had two spars and had to stop a kidnapping attempt, we should retire to our room and practice magic and/or read.

she is not really in a good mood and she is already sure of her safety.

>> No.28671972

>Bringing OUR princess to the princess that's being targeted
That's an extremely fucking retarded idea that would just put her in more danger

>> No.28671973

Nope. It's been a rough fucking day.

>> No.28671976


no i think were good

the mood is dead

>> No.28671978

Nah, Don't come back. The event ruined the evening.

Plus guard mode.

>> No.28671981

>> No.28671986


>> No.28671987

Who goes to bed at 8 PM? Seriously.

>> No.28671991

To be fair, that guys shadowruns intensified for a reason, as it turned out.

>> No.28671993

Loose the 'Ara ara?' and its a good enough chart.

>> No.28671996

Seriously, let's learn Clay Spread from our earth book. It would have been immensely helpful back there.

>> No.28671997 [SPOILER] 


Marianne does not known of kidnapping attempts, and seeing Luciana blood soaked might have sent her ballistic.

Do you want to see Marianne going ballistic?

>> No.28671998

People who work actual jobs and get up at 5

>> No.28672001

People who rise before sunrise. He doesnt mean to go sleep right away but we should be turning in in a couple of hours so we should head back to our room after checking marianne.

>> No.28672002

>Do you want to see Marianne going ballistic?
It was pretty fun last time.

>> No.28672004

I approve of this.

>> No.28672007

Guys that wake up at dawn and spend all day doing physical stuff, sometimes intensely physical stuff like sparring.

>> No.28672008


>> No.28672014

A post doesn't have to include the word "waifu" to be waifufaggotry.

>> No.28672022


I disagree with this char. It cuts off the shitposting but at expense of a lot of fun.

Virtue finds and chooses the mean.

>> No.28672030

We dont want all waifufaggotry gone. Its a big part of the quest. Its great to an extend. It tends to turn into shitty discussions whenever the word 'waifu' is used.

>> No.28672034

Sylvie a shit

>> No.28672035

Funposting is shitposting.

>> No.28672038


When everything is shitposting, nothing will be.

>> No.28672039

While you're allowed to, technically, have an opinion, it's also my opinion that you're fucking retarded.

>> No.28672040

To be honest, we should probably inform her. It concerns her best friend and might connect to her in some way.

>> No.28672042

You're right, instead we should rank everybody/every thing on a scale from best girl to worst girl.

>> No.28672047


>> No.28672048

Best girl: mai waifu
Worst girl: you're waifu

>> No.28672049

But they didn't even grope her...

At least not this time.

>> No.28672052

No. It concerns Luciana even more and Luciana IS her best friend. Respect her wish.

>> No.28672057


I recognize your right to your opinion and reciprocate in kind.

>> No.28672059

I don't follow this idea. So since Luciana is best girl, everything is ranked according to how they measure up to her? Like Meido would be 0.11 Lucianas?

>> No.28672060


>> No.28672062


>> No.28672064

>ara ara

Confirmed for homosexual.

>> No.28672065

Where were we told to keep it a secret? What wish are we respecting.

>> No.28672069

So uh, just to confirm, the better girls are further down that list, right?

>> No.28672072

>best girl to worst girl

>> No.28672073

Implying sword isn't best waifu, husbando, bro and MC all at once.

>> No.28672074


>> No.28672075

Everyone else

Or atleast that's my list.

>> No.28672077

They correspond regularly and have had contact since then. It doesn't take a brain to determine that Luciana doesn't want to tell her.

>> No.28672083

Why the fuck is a dragon named for a frog, anyway?

>> No.28672090

And another accurate list. Well done anon.

>> No.28672093

>Meido not even on the list
Being meido is truly suffering.

>> No.28672094


>> No.28672096

Maybe she ascended from frog to human to dragon.

>> No.28672100

Literally anyone else

>> No.28672105

>Does anyone know when exactly "shitpost" become a synonym for shitposting?

>> No.28672112

Now this one I can get behind.

>> No.28672113


>eligible waifu tier (in no particular order)
Luciana Sylvie Nicolette Marianne Rana Melanie

>cannot have tier
Ariane Citrine

>weeping angel quantum waifu potential tier

>running gag tier
Sword Tina Takamaru Monique

>> No.28672115

Does anyone know when exactly "act like a retard" and "shitpost" become a synonym for "fun"? I think it was when /q/ was made.

>> No.28672124

Great list, i approve.

>> No.28672127

Painful death by brazen bull

>> No.28672129

No, it was when /jp/ was made, but it also evolved independently on /sp/.

>> No.28672137

>Literally anyone else

>> No.28672139


That is not the case, though. What we are having is difficulty in reaching consensus on which is which. There are liberals who would consider everything fun, and then there are politically correct faggots who would ban everything but OP posts, and then there are many shades of grey in between.

>> No.28672145

So Monique is a better girl than Luciana?

>> No.28672154

Monique is actually really cute. I would love to snuggle up to him.

>> No.28672157

If Takamaru, Arnaud, and Volker can be, why not?

>> No.28672159

He's a better girl than Sylvie, that's for sure. Sylvie took after her father.

>> No.28672163

What do you know, filtering waifufag and shitpost filters the shitposting.

>> No.28672164

So am I the only person who actually likes sylvie?

>> No.28672169

Monique's a faggot.

>> No.28672170

Am I the only one confused by the fact that Ariane keeps showing up in these lists, but Karel's mother, who actually seems to be a theoretically achievable MILF route, does not?

>> No.28672173

Of course. Monique is the best girl even if a bit too tsundere for her own good.

>> No.28672174


>> No.28672176

Imagine Monique did everything exactly the same, but he was a girl instead. You see? He is a better girl than Lucianna.

>> No.28672177

Probably because we only know her as "Karel's mother."

>> No.28672178

Nah. People have just gotten tired of her/jumping on the bandwagon.

>> No.28672181


>> No.28672182

I like her.

Because she's a bit of a bitch.

>> No.28672184

Probably. Just ignore their autism.

>> No.28672186

You are literally a faggot, aren't you? You don't sound like you're even being ironically gay at this point.

>> No.28672190

because ariane looks really young thanks to magic!
tightness and experience!

>> No.28672191



>> No.28672192

"Umm... I wouldn't mind if you wanted to come back after you went to check on her. If you want, I mean..." Luciana says to you.
"Sorry, it's been kind of a rough day," you reply with a weak smile. "Maybe we can hang out some other time, though."
"Oh..." she says, frowning slightly. "...that's fine, I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow then."

You then wave goodbye to them and make your way back to your room. You can hear Luciana angrily barking orders to the guards and those same guards apoliogizing profusely, but you pay it no mind, for seeing to Marianne is your main priority right now.

Walking as fast as you can without raising suspicion, you pass through the corridors of the castle and make your way back to your suite. Opening the door, you find...

...Marianne, who is casually sitting on the couch while reading a book.

"...hm?" the Princess says as she looks up from her book to face you. "I said that you had the day off, why don't you make the most of it?"

>what do you say?

>> No.28672194

Everyone is just shitposting right now. Dont mind it. I like all the characters we've met so far in their own right.

>> No.28672197

Not literally the only one, but you're in poor company.

>> No.28672203


>> No.28672204

Rolled 18

>Start silently crying

>> No.28672210

Karel's mom is Spinelle-tier. The lists don't go down that far.

>> No.28672213

"I was trying to. Honest."

Also, Luci is gonna fuck some dudes up if they set her off even more.

>> No.28672214

>Check to make sure she's fine, then, head back to Lucianna

>> No.28672215

Luciana is angry in a bad way. This makes me sad.

>> No.28672216


Status report.

Make one, I mean, not demand one.

>> No.28672217

"Today have kinda busy. I wanted to relax a little, catch up on some reading."

>> No.28672219

"Oh, I did. I went into town and everything. Mind if I join you?"

>Pick up one of those books you've been meaning to read, read quietly

>> No.28672221

"I pretty much have. I'm beat. How was your day with your dad?"

>> No.28672222

"i did, but now i'm a bit tired.
that, and i have to be ready for tomorrow, right?

anyway, how was your day?"

>> No.28672223

"I got all i could want and more out of the day. I'll just read some and maybe practice a bit of magic before i turn in."

>> No.28672228

"I did, murdering assassins who tried to kidnap Luciana is what I do in my leisure time."

>> No.28672231

Status report.

How was your day?

I have some reading to do, too.

>> No.28672232

>Start silently crying
This. There is no other course of action left.

>> No.28672233


Well at least that's a thing everyone can agree on. She would make a poor match.

>> No.28672238

"I did, trust me. How were things for you?"

Try to get details and ask if anything went wrong.

>> No.28672243

These. Tell we got more than we would want, and talk to her about her day. Tell her about ours if she asks. then read and drain our magic reserves.

>> No.28672246

"I've made a fair bit of it already, I'm happy to relax now. And I thought I should check on you just to be on the safe side, since there was a minor attack. I have no reason to believe the castle perimeter was breached, but better safe than sorry."

Depending on how the conversation goes we could also just mention that we'd like to read and are happy to chill with her.

>> No.28672247

Apologise, explain, and go back to Luciana . "I've re-established my orders to make the most of the day"

>> No.28672252

Don't we have blood on us or something? Or did we wash up?

>> No.28672258

"I did, things were going pretty well too until some kidnappers tried to take Luciana. After we resolved that problem I came straight back to check if you were still safe."

>> No.28672260


>> No.28672261

Yeah, this works. Ask her about her day and swap stories for the good things in ours. Mention Grandma too.

>> No.28672262

We sworded so hard the blood couldn't stick to us.

>> No.28672265

"Trust me, I did more exciting stuff today than in probably all my days off up to this point combined, I've had my fill. Anything exciting happen on your end?"

>> No.28672270


>> No.28672271

Sigh relieved
"I was worried about you Princess, someone just tried to kidnap Luciana and I needed to make sure you weren't in any danger as well."

>> No.28672273

>mfw butthurt Luciana fags
You lost the vote it's too late.

>> No.28672278

"I have been making the most of it Princess. I am nothing if not obedient. I got in three fights and met a lot of people.

Also, some kidnappers went after Princess Luciana on the balcony, they were dealt with, but I felt it would be prudent to check in on you anyways."

>> No.28672279


>> No.28672282


>> No.28672286

These two.

>> No.28672291


Fuck off.

It was a choice that made sense at the time. I'm not lucianafag but I do feel bad for her.

>> No.28672298

It's fun to watch the Waifufags squirm. Voting for the thing least likely to end up in lewd hand holding is always best.

>> No.28672302

FFS, I was totally on board with ditching her, and then she does the "Oh, I mean, you can come back if you want" in this post, and now I feel like an ass!

I don't even like Luciana that much, I just feel real bad her special night got bungled so much and now she will be sad.

>> No.28672303

>three fights
Two of them were only sparring.

>> No.28672304


>> No.28672305


changing my vote from >>28672222

to >>28672247

>> No.28672306


>> No.28672309

I don't get how you guys can keep reposting 'handholding' like it's something fresh and funny.


>> No.28672311

>I do feel bad for her
Yeah, shit's tough. That's how it goes when you're a teenager, though.

>> No.28672313

A. Seconded
B. how does it feel to be the 1000th reply?

>> No.28672314

>"Umm... I wouldn't mind if you wanted to come back after you went to check on her. If you want, I mean..." Luciana says to you.
>"Sorry, it's been kind of a rough day," you reply with a weak smile.

Wow, Arc. Way to make me feel like dildos.

>> No.28672320

I'm okay with this.

>> No.28672321


>> No.28672324

Yeah, if she had been almost begging us like that before we voted instead of after, my vote would have been different.
And I don't even really like her at all.

>> No.28672325

It hasn't been a rough day even! It's been a rad day! What the hell Reinhold.

>> No.28672326

pretty good actually, i think i'll celebrate this with some nutella

>> No.28672334

The schemer princess needs to learn a bit of humility. It's all good in the long run.

>> No.28672336


Indeed, the day was pretty great up until the kidnapping attempt.

I submit formal request for retconning that sentence.

>> No.28672344

Maybe it's because I helped a ladybro through an emotional breakdown cause her BF was a bitch on what was supposed to be a date night and I'm really sensitive to destroyed plans, but mad empathy right now.

>> No.28672349


She'll have plenty of opportunity after she's thrown into an arranged marriage tomorrow.

>> No.28672351

That's fucking dumb. Her day got ruined by an attempted kidnapping, she wasn't even scheming.

>> No.28672352

That's it for tonight, as I kind of need to make sure that I'm not passed out when UPS shows up in the morning with my laptop.
The next thread will be tomorrow, and I'll try and have that astronomy stuff and some more character stuff done then.

Thanks for playing!

>> No.28672353

She already learned humility from the graveyard thing. She gets that she should be more considerate in planning. This goes beyond that. I mean hell, her "scheming" is just her planning to do nice stuff for us.

>> No.28672355

Hell, the only thing wrong with the kidnapping attempt was that it was basically work on what was supposed to be our day off.

>> No.28672356

Give her the D.

>> No.28672357

To be fair, that was kind of dildos. It was obvious that response was going to make her sad. I don't know how anyone didn't see that exchange coming a mile away.

>> No.28672358

Things never go right for Luci.

First we shat on her graveyard visit.
Then kidnappers shat on her balcony scene.
Then we shat on her attempts to salvage it.

>> No.28672363

Thanks for the thread arch. Combat-mode Reinhold is kind of freaky.

>> No.28672365

Sleep well, sweet QM.

>> No.28672370

Great thread, Arch, thanks for running.
Waiting for those 'character stuff'.

>> No.28672371

Tried that once, made her more crazy, just going the emotional support route now.

>> No.28672373

I can't help but read 'QM' as 'Quim'.


>> No.28672374

What the fuck is your timezone?

>> No.28672376

Thanks OP, you the man.

my request for retcon stands

>> No.28672378

Also we basically don't even like her at this point, in or out of character, while she's really taken with us.

>> No.28672383

You an cool bro OP

>> No.28672386

I think he's US, but on a college/NEET sleep schedule.

>> No.28672389

>implying we need more than one for the staircase trick

>> No.28672390


>> No.28672391

Its ok, I'm sure Takamaru can provide emotional support. Yeah, that's probably what's happening right now, and she's definitely not sitting alone in her room sobbing quietly.

>> No.28672395

Whether he likes her romantically is entirely up to which voice in his head screams louder.

>> No.28672401

I debate that strongly.

Personally, I (and it seems a good number of other people as well) like her just fine, and I can't see any way that Reinhold is any worse than the friendly side of neutral towards her based on our interactions with her today.

>> No.28672402

Takamaru would not.
He would stand there stoically and ignore the crying princess.
Comfort isn't his job. And he does only his job.
Fuck you, Taki. comfort the princess.

>> No.28672403

Not alone. She's crying on Takamaru's shoulder while he looks helplessly into the distance.

>> No.28672404

They did see. They did not care. There is a difference.

>> No.28672405

Retcon of what?

>> No.28672407

Whereas if we'd saved any other girl from kidnappers, they be having romance-novel-tier fantasies right now.

I kid. That's probably unique to Sylvie. Or possibly Melanie, but nobody would ever try to kidnap her.

>> No.28672408

The consensus in the threads, which manifests in archelon's writing, seems to not even like her in the non-romantic sense.

>> No.28672409


Are you trying to make me sad again, Anon?

>> No.28672412

Saying it was a rough day.

>> No.28672413

I knew she'd be a little sad, but I didn't see the puppydog request coming. I figured we'd just say something like "Gun go guard da princess fer da rest uh da nioght"

>> No.28672415

No, in character reinhold considers her a friend and likes her as one.

>> No.28672417

I thought we could get out of it a lot more cleanly than that, I didn't think she'd beg.

The rough day line.

>> No.28672418

Are you daft?

>> No.28672422


To be honest, I like Luciana all along (although not waifu-tier), but her cold blood puts me off.

She would make a good ruling queen, and I hope she gets to play the part eventually.

>> No.28672425

I know it might not be the best of ideas, but if we tell Marie what happened I can't see any way that she wouldn't rush off to make sure Luci is ok, and obviously we would accompany her.

>> No.28672426

We didn't save her, she didn't even need us.

>> No.28672427

He's nice and friendly to her just like everyone else he like and he was definitely fucking pissed that his friend was getting kidnapped. He's side-stepped most of the flags but he isn't mean to her or anything.

>> No.28672434

He treats her kindly, but avoids spending time with her whenever politely possible. That's the worst he treats anyone.

>> No.28672442

You can see him struggling to free himself, but it's no use... Luciana has him completely immobilized. Just as the urge comes across you to plant your sword right in between his eyes for daring to attack one of YOUR FRIENDS, you remember that this eyesore isn't the only one around...

He considers her to be a friend.

>> No.28672446

>This eyesore
Goddamn. That part too.

>> No.28672447

What about the dude he punched or the guys he was hell-bent on murdering because they were trying to kidnap her?

>> No.28672448

>You can see him struggling to free himself, but it's no use... Luciana has him completely immobilized.
At first I thought this was about Reinhold's relation with Luciana.

>> No.28672449

>wanna hang out
Yeah, sure

>> No.28672450


I disagree with your statement.

We haven't been avoiding anyone ever except maybe for Sylvie due to a spike of hysteria on part of some people. We're simply doing our thing and she does not materialize out of nowhere just to interact with us at random places.

So yeah, we see less of her, but on the other hand we've met dragon twins.

>> No.28672452

Oooooh really now?

>Just as the urge comes across you to plant your sword right in between his eyes for daring to attack one of YOUR FRIENDS

Straight from the horse's mouth, Reinhold considers her a friend. In all caps even. If your assertion was that he had no romantic interest then I would say sure, that's a reasonable argument at this time, but the idea that we don't like her as a friend is 100% flat wrong.

>> No.28672453

Enemies don't count.

>> No.28672454

You are just talking out of your ass and trying to reflect your own to character instead of roleplaying. Its not avoiding anyone, he just wants to go to his room after two sparring matches with two strong opponents and then dealing with a kidnapping attempt, not to mention he ate four or five plates of spaghetti sometime during the day.

>> No.28672461


Why the panic about that term anyway?

ignorantfag here.

>> No.28672464

>not to mention he ate four or five plates of spaghetti sometime during the day.
I bet he has to take a massive shit.

>> No.28672468

He probably did that some time between getting back and going to fight Takamaru.

>> No.28672471

Strictly speaking, I think that without our timely interference they would have gotten away with her, despite the knife(!) Luciana apparently carries.

Taka was fine dealing with the two who were distracting him, and at least one more of the attackers at range, but could he have caught up to the one holding Luciana if they'd gotten off the balcony? His magic sounds as if it's mainly damage, and would likely put the princess at risk if he tried to take out the last kidnapper in traditional style.

And from a narrative/gameplay standpoint it'd probably make sense for the attackers to get away if the protagonist fucked up.

But that's getting meta and it boils down to >opinions so.

>> No.28672472

Its a reference to Tsukihime, where the main character stubs his toe on a chair and goes off the handle and KILLS it, which is a prelude to him going full fucking insane later on.

>> No.28672474

Thats actually why he wanted to get to his room.
>reinhold's fw in toilet

>> No.28672478

I'll be honest, I don't actually know what it's from, but it makes him sound like a goddamn psychotic.

>> No.28672485

>I bet he has to take a massive shit.

Hahaha, that`s the best reason I have seen so far for Reinhold to dump Lucianna so suddenly.

>> No.28672487

You know what? I'm so much more ok with this now.

>> No.28672488


How do you even kill a chair?

>> No.28672489

How do you kill a chair?

>> No.28672493

>dump Lucianna

>> No.28672494

ths reminds me of GTO for some reason.

i like it.

>> No.28672497

At the very least they would have gotten off the balcony and prompted a dramatic chase scene.

I like to think that Taka's samurai fightan magics would have been enough to catch them though.

>> No.28672499



And the fighting and the tailwind prompted the needs.

But enough (literal) shitposting.

>> No.28672500

This makes it a lot more understandable.

>> No.28672504

By having magic eyes that let you see how to kill things on a metaphysical level. They also fry your brain and make you go a bit loopy if you use them too much.

>> No.28672508

It's not that he went loopy so much as Nanaya gains more control.

>> No.28672510

Fuck you anon, that was entirely unintentional ...

>> No.28672534

Well, Nanaya is a bit loopy, so I rest my case.

>Innocent supernatural creature standing around minding its own business

>> No.28672596

Just woke up... voting for this
cause I feel bad about running off right after someone tried to kidnap her. Although I admit sitting and reading with Mari also sounds nice.

>> No.28672713


>> No.28672730

>>28672192 #
Man this is why I wish this quest didn't run when I sleep
>>28672247 #
Voting this

>> No.28672735

Quest ended hours ago. Stop samefagging votes.

>> No.28672742

i'm pretty sure it's the people who woke up not too long ago who are voting now

>> No.28672751

Quest ended hours ago. Stop voting.

>> No.28672917


Arch checks the archives, they are free to vote as they please. Although I'm sure OP will be aware of heightened risk of samefagging.

And I think The Moment is too ruined to go back to Luciana anyway, although I guess it depends on how Arch handles things.

>> No.28673208

You know, given the nature of Tailwind, couldn't we technically move its application to something OTHER than our legs? What if we figured out a method to apply it to our sword, thus granting us increased speed, and therefore momentum - which in turn leads to us slicing faster and HARDER than before. Our combat style is already based on the principle of smashing through swords and cleaving shit in half. Now we just need to figure out a way to do it FASTER and HARDER.

Until we can basically pull a Tsukihime the next time we run into 'thiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesorethiseyesore' encounters and reduce them to giblets.

>> No.28673306

Tailwind itself basically acts as a magical jet-booster, but I'd wager that a similar more advanced spell exists that does what you're describing (Boost basically does, except it also amplifies a bunch of other stuff like strength as well, and has that nasty after-effect). The concept seems simple enough, and cut-stuff-faster seems like something that people would want since magical swordsmen are so popular.

>> No.28673315

I think you fear too much and without reason. This Eyesore thing is just OP teasing us and playing with us, just like with that golden witch thing. There's no way the tender, sensitive soul of Marianne would be a psychopatic mass murderer waiting to happen. No, Marianne will gradually develop into the great princess and queen we all know she can be.

>> No.28673339

As the person who posted this >>28668841, I agree, the eyesore thing is obviously (probably, hopefully) just a reference, not some kind of really meta insanity alarm.

Now, if we fucking lose it and senselessly butcher something/someone while mumbling/screaming it then we can worry.

>> No.28673350

Well, if memory serves Tailwind increases momentum exponentially. It's not really a jet-booster move, but it increases the rate of acceleration in some form or fashion. But it seems mainly isolated towards the movement of our entire body itself.

If memory serves, based on Arch's description on how magic functions, so long as something has enough magic imbued in it to be considered 'alive', then it can be targeted with a spell (for example, you can probably cast Sanctuary on a cat, or something like that, but you can't cast it on a rock or some other inanimate object).

The closest I can imagine us reaching a point wherein we could apply Tailwind to our sword is if our sword becomes a sentient, living weapon.

I vote we try to make it a male identity, not a female one. We have enough potential love interests, we need to build up our bro stack.

>> No.28673361

Oh, I wasn't implying that we'd lose our shit and go CRAZY like in Tsukihime with my Tailwind idea. I was more referring to the actual ACT itself of slashing through everything in straight lines until nothing remained, at rapid-fire paces. I could've just as easily said we could go full Metal Gear Rising (I even used an image from there after all), but I figured that since we were already talking EYESORE I might as well follow the train of thought of the thread.

>> No.28673400

>I vote we try to make it a male identity, not a female one. We have enough potential love interests, we need to build up our bro stack.

Also, it'd thusly be all of the righteous win if our sword has some kind of 'memories of being with Volker' imbued in it. Kind of a "If I could've talked back then" deal where the sword snarks about the shit he's seen. Although that does open the possibilities of him talking shit about Reinhold too..

"Dude, when are you going to lay one of these bitches?"

"Hey, you know what they say about redheads, right? Riiiiight?"

>> No.28673465

What DO they say about redheads?

>> No.28673502


>> No.28673513

c check

>> No.28673622

..Now I'm imagining the sword just being a perv without really knowing anything. Like, he talks shit, but he's got no fucking clue beyond just repeating the kind of trashy shit he heard the soldiers at Rein's army barracks and Volker talk about throughout the years.

"Uh, you know.. they, uh.. you know!"

>> No.28673702


You mean the interior decoration thing?

>> No.28673713

Sure, let's go with that.

>> No.28673731

This is what they say.

>> No.28673734


I have personally had no opportunity to confirm or deny. Sorry.

>> No.28673739


Or was it

The rustier the roof, the wetter the basement?

>> No.28673750

To be honest I've never heard anything about redheads before, so I really don't know what they say about them.

>> No.28674067

Use tailwind when we throw our sword, watch it zoom at supersonic!

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