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okay lets go~

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Can you draw a tan elf girl wearing a cheongsam, thin rimmed glasses, and with her hair in a ponytail?

Holding a shotgun too, if you could.

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Ok can I get a beautiful brunette woman in platemail with a cape and tit window like Powergirls ignoring a sergant offering her a chainshirt

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...I'm stealing this for the Smut Threads. You glorious bastard you.

Request wise, just do more Lelith. It doesn't matter what - cute, sexy, just more Lelith.

Or, if you'd like non-40k, take a stab at doing a monstergirl. We could always use more Ushi Oni art or of 682 (pic-related).

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Delicious Muju...

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Could you please draw a human with a scraggly beard in a dark robe (no visible face) while the remnants of a zombie explode off in the background? The character is a blind alchemist/necromancer that fills his zombies and skeletons with explosives and sends them to run into battle and detonate. He's the boss for a campaign I'm planning to run.

Please and thank you so very much!

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can I get a sketch of the last guy?
or the sorcerer

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A muscular half-Demon Drow. She's about 6 feet tall, very, very muscular - as noted, but still has Dem Boobs going on, and a pretty face. Speaking of, red eyes, and large horns - I leave the design of the horns to you, but probably either ones that slope back or ram horns.
In terms of clothing, something red with spider motifs and that's also, being Drow, pretty revealing. She likes showing off her body and her muscles alike. Besides the horns and her abnormal size she appears as though a regular Drow woman - the horns and size are her only physical signs of her heritage. Long and wild white hair..
Picture related as a horn type and skintone reference

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I'm trying to collect art for a project. Looking for people using monster hunter style gear (clearly made of bone or armored plating and such).

Specifically I've been hoping to get one with two warriors, one who is seriously wounded and the other who is trying to help the first up. They would both be sharing a grip on one sword held in continued defiance.

Any help would be appreciated you beautiful drawfriends.

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Here's an Ushi Oni in case you decide to take this one up.

For my own request - how about something with Lofn?

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An elf woman sitting by the deathbed of her aged human lover.

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Can you combine a fiddler crab and Gravelord Nito?

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I want Mazinger Z fist bumping a Battletech Atlas

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Is there a template for that sort of image? If so, can I have one for my party?

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I'll bite.
A man wearing some light armor, holding an old rifle, the key point of him his that he has four shields around him, originating from a backpack he is wearing.
Specifics i don't care, so long as the shields are in place.

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Can you draw a tanned skinned guy with black hair, a cloak that looks a bit like Taokaka's from Blaz blue, large metal claws over his hands, and a shining night caste solar mark on his forehead, which basically looks like a shiny gold ring.

He's a Lupin style trickster sort of thief, so if you could convey that I'd be greatful.

Also how are things going? I haven't seen you around /tg/ in forever.

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an R63d stalker being all shy and tsun tsun

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Right here

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Could I get a waifish young woman in noble 40k garb. Other than her clothes, though, she should look disheveled, with unkempt hair, circles under the eyes, and a general gaunt appearance. In her hands or under her arm should be a large tome with a rather heretical symbol on it. Thanks!

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Requesting a loli Succubus. Go for a "cute," feeling rather than "sexy."

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Catboy in a STALKER suit wielding an AK.

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Pin-up of the PF witch?

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>loli succubus
>not sexy

What is this blasphemy?

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Hey! I'd like to make a request please.

Ok, so he is a Rouge Trader, fancy pirate like attire (over coat), bald, some cool bionic limbs and has the "Just as planned." look to him.
And if possible can one of the bionic arms have a wrist gun? Thanks!

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I need a Mech pilot in a pilot suit. or just a pilot suit. I REALLY NEED A PILOT SUIT!

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I need an image of Maxima from KoF as if he was a Red Scorpions space marine Captain.
Pic for reference.

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Hey muju can I get a female Eldar Harlequin fawning over a male Fire Dragon Exarch

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I was thinking "innocent looking."

There was a thread several months ago where people listed their fetishes and sexual fantasies, and a writefag or two described how we'd work as a succubus.

Mine was I'd be a sweet and innocent looking loli succubus that I couldn't go three street blocks without being raped.

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Can I get these two standing over a wooden wall shooting a bow and throwing a bomb repectivly? If you can only do one it's fine

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sup Muju. Good to see you are still alive.

You just drawing the booty today or can I request a monster from you?

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oh and if you do the thief have him look scared with his red hood up

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Why is your alchemist Jojolion?

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update. hang on i need to go do something for 10 mins

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Cowboy wearing a robot poncho. Am I doing it right?

Actually requesting the Sicarius-Kantor flamenco duel again, since it hasn't been picked up.

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Another sexy DE Wych in a nightie, please?

Or maybe just a Warpsmith swinging his fance axe into the midriff of a Tau Crisis Suit while one of his Mechatendrils bites a drone, please.

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Any chance for a muscular, swarthy-looking man of desert origins wearing a pair of weather-beaten pants and no shirt? In places, his skin has become stone, with rivulets of lava tracing his arteries and veins.

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Because on the day before the game started, when the GM wanted me to review the sheets and make the pieces, the fuckwad gave me the sheet and left.
Him: [link]
Me: Oh right call?
Him: Nope
and went off-line

The next day we had to cut into game time to fix the things he got wrong on the sheet

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Can I get a picture of a human archivist? Cropped brown hair, no facial hair, dresses practically.

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If anyone is interested, I would like to request a young witch girl with ram horns and a really worn out witch's hat and broom, who wears a tattered dress with a shawl and owns a horribly cramped trinket shop.

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The worst part is we had been asking him to get his sheet together 2 weeks before hand

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Oh wow, that's really nice! Would you be able to lengthen the dress just a smidge?

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Could you do a female Asian wizard with this sort of hair style and wearing a cross between a kimono and more traditional wizard robes? She should also be carrying several books and looking ticked off.

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is this a thread exclusively for female requests?

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A Inquisition style storm trooper, slumped against a wall clutching a bleeding side wound, its clear he's not going to make it. He's desperately trying to light a cigarette with his free hand. Battered armor, short Mohawk, bandoleer across his chest, and a faint smile on his face. Your work is awesome btw.

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I'd love to see my current PC done Muju.
She's a half ice giant with pale skin and icy hair and eyes. Despite being nearly ten foot tall and a barbarian there is something meek, mild, and maternal in her posture and attitude.

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Requesting a drawing of my Deathwatch Kill-Team's tame racing driver. Some say his gene-seed was infused with the essence of Michael Shumacher during incubation. Others say that his left areola is shaped exactly like the Nurburgring. All we know is that he's called the Khan.

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Guys I don't need a request but I need to find an old request of mine.

It was a female orc gunslinger with big tits and long black hair, she was also missing one of her arms.

My harddrive shit out on me like a week after I requested it, and I stupidly didn't upload it to the /tg/ booru. Does anyone have it?

Picture completely unrelated; I'm shamelessly using it to draw attention to my post.

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There's a few guy requests mixed in there.

It's just more tempting to ask for females since Muju draws foxy ladies.

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No, you draw attention to a post with a picture like this.

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Can anyone tell me what program is used to make art like this?

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Sweet, merciful god.

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is there some sort of archive where I can view some of this fine drawfriend's work?

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I'm pretty sure PS and a tablet are all that's needed

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And pure, concentrated sex-in-a-can. You can't do anything without your sex-can

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Mario and lugi as Adeptus Mechanicus.
Please and thank you.

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>Photoshop for drawing

Are you a masochist or something?

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Muju, did you ever get to do that Amberley Vail pic you said you were working on last time?

I k-kinda want to see it.

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I request a drawing of Boone the psyker playing with a cat (her use of telekinesis is optional).

>> No.28667561

this one

>> No.28667565


Not OR, but lovely work as always!

>> No.28667574

Could I get a tall human woman in tight fitting body armor, wielding a sword in one hand and with a smoking sphere of magical destruction in the other?

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I miss Mr. Culexus.

>> No.28667584

Oh goody

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That is amazing! Thank you!

>> No.28667629

Are you the person playing 682-chan?

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Too late

>> No.28667682

Oh I won't judge you.
If anyone reads this spoiler, they should REALLY be familiar with this image by now.

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> Yeah, Freddie, you're not even in this class!

>> No.28667693

a Muppet space cowboy on a land Loch Ness Monster steed, the both of them being accosted by a lich wearing a Unabomber hoodie.

I need it for a thing.

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If the drawfag who drew this picture is still here (or anyone else interested) feels like it, I'd like a couple more scenes from our campaign. Any or all of these would be quite fine.

Gnome and barbarian chop head off of sleeping mid-boss, who is napping at his desk.

Gnome, barbarian, and ranger find girl (far left) in the middle of magic circle in a featureless room.

Ranger grabs rogue (far right) and bends her over a barrel, threatening to break her arm, as the rest of the party looks on.

Barbarian tries to push open a pull door.

Gnome drinks spiked beer that changes his hair, skin, and eye color.

Barbarian, Ranger, and Gnome talk to a man in a mirror.

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seriously, what the fuck program are you using to do that?
and what medium is it simulating?

>> No.28667771

A female and male guardsmen couple together.
Extraneous details: The male is from a noble family, while the female is middle class.
The regiment is from Planet Cyberpunk and uses boltguns and Stormtrooper Carapace Standard (Justified by being a relatively small regiment from a very rich world).

It's based off my PC OTP of an Only War campaign I'm DMing. The Noble took the stormtrooper class and took a bullet for the girl, basically been shipped by the party since. Hoping to give this to the players with their x-mas gifts.

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The girl from this pic taking a selfie with a very exasperated Captain Titus.

>> No.28667790

an adolescent female vampire dress in a flapper girl outfit

>> No.28667795

Are you good at this type of thing? You can do this with a few different art programs but it takes knowledge and skill to get 'er done. Knowing the program will only help you so far.

>> No.28667824

forgot to attach pic

>> No.28667846

Actually, modifying the idea. The fangirl, helmetless, is revealed to be Lt. Mira from Space Marine.

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however you feel fit to draw him
there aren't enough good drawings of Fulgrim

>> No.28667889

You just haven't been looking in the right places, Kaiba-boy.

>> No.28667910

>there aren't enough good lewd drawings of Fulgrim

You will never drive your crusade deep in his eye of terror

>> No.28667932

>...I'm stealing this for the Smut Threads. You glorious bastard you.

>Request wise, just do more Lelith. It doesn't matter what - cute, sexy, just more Lelith.

I approve on both counts. More Macha would be nice too.

I swear to god I am going not going to miss this week's threads. I'd certainly prefer going about my business archiving new stories than sitting here writing up a report on what leprosy does to the human body (very bad things, in case anyone's curious).

Relax, ELH- we all have a few skeletons in our closet. Just keep churning out stories and we'll love you just the way you are.

I never did realize the similarities between him and Fulgrim until now.

>> No.28667991

ELH does stories?
Links please?

>> No.28668000

I'll repost my request here from the other thread, then.

>> No.28668015

more sexy thick women in general

>> No.28668023

to be more specific, pre-heresy Fulgrim please

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>> No.28668029

ive been drawing for my whole life but i never really got into color, so i dusted off my old bamboo tablet and tried to go digital, only been using it about a week, but it works pretty well. i just cant get the control i have with a pen yet and im not sure which medium i want to get used to.
ive been using artrage and im split between watercolor/pen or oil paint
i have no idea what people normally use
pic is something i did a few days ago, like i said, im not very experienced with it yet

>> No.28668058

Oh okay, then I guess you would benefit from the answer to your question pretty decently.

Unfortunately I don't actually know what Muju uses so I can't help you...

>> No.28668087

Basically this, only as a proper drawing.

>> No.28668090

Is the drawfag still here?

>> No.28668125

He works kinda slow

>> No.28668134

I'll toss mine in here from the last thread: >>28664817

>> No.28668143

I think he's working on someone's request right now

he takes awhile but his art is amazing so who cares

>> No.28668149


A female supervillain in a ridiculous black and red Silver age outfit wielding a super science rifle.
She looks like Marisa Tomei. Long black hair, in a beehive hairstyle, goggles on her forehead and a smarter-than-you grin.

It started as an rpg character and then inspired the comic. I am working on.


Star-Saphire semi related.

>> No.28668169

Muju doesn't talk much when drawing. Just goes through the requests from beginning to end and works. If there are comments, its not under the artists name.


>> No.28668170

Here's his list so far:


He's still looking for someone to take over doing "Smut for the Smut throne", BTW. Any takers?

He works pretty fast given the general quality of his work though.

>> No.28668201

is there an archive of his work?

>> No.28668206

Requesting a heavily scarred human wearing Dark Eldar armor, charging with a bayonet mounted to a splinter rifle.

>> No.28668211

agreed. I'd love to see a live stream of him working.

>Captcha says; uomily Hydroarion

Thanks I'll home brew that monster right away

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>> No.28668265

Can someone do a full-body picture of Florus Silverleaf and Williams the Robin? Preferably in a filthy green robe and one boot, with a "staff" that is clearly just a wooden stick.

Oh, and if Williams had glassy, dead eyes, that'd be great. Much thanks, /tg/-senpai!

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>> No.28668280

What's it from

>> No.28668287

Vulgar the Viking

>> No.28668464

Ah, thanks.

>> No.28668479


A giant lobster shaped like a centaur, with one arm/claw bigger than the other, please

>> No.28668564

should i color it?

>> No.28668642


>> No.28668671

I want to have man-babies with you, Muju.

>> No.28668686

could you give he slightly longer hair?

>> No.28668689

Ah man, not the guy who asked for it but that looks great. Good job as always!

>> No.28668712

You know, I keep thinking you're dead Muju, and then you keep showing up to surprise me.

>> No.28668715

I'd still like a lamia in full plate.

>> No.28668728

this one

>> No.28668751

Thank you based anon

Yes please, with cool textures and whatnot.

>> No.28668790

I wonder if it's gonna be more Lelith or a monster girl?

>> No.28668795

Which part- Lelith, the ushi-oni, or 682?

>> No.28668809

wouldn't wanna ruin the surprise

>> No.28668860

That's a pretty good point.

>> No.28668878 [DELETED] 


[Fangirl squeals intensify]

>> No.28668907 [DELETED] 



>> No.28668962

Is anyone interested in doing this one?

>> No.28668963

In my ever vigilant quest to get some glorious drawfag to draw this for my gaming group, here goes:

In our Dark Heresy campaign, our Inquisitor PC has a Cyber Mastiff named "Duke". Over the course of the campaign, through sheer luck he has had numerous confirmed kills, and through their effective usage of him he has saved them many times. They love Duke.

If possible, I would like you to draw a picture of this dog shooting lasers out of his eyes and vaporizing someone (doesn't matter who, just assumed to be a heretic of some sort). He should be wearing some sort of general's hat, but a commissar's hat should be fine as well. His name, "Duke" is painted on his side, and in a speech bubble he is saying "Bark Bark!"

If you do this, you will make a large gaming group very happy, and this drawing will likely hang in a gaming store in which we play. Pictures for references:




>> No.28669056

If someone does happen to take this task up, I believe our inquisitor envisions him to be more like the flesh looking dog up top (but still clearly a robot), but you can take any creative liberties you want or need to. Even if you draw him without the lasers and death, I think a portrait would still make them very happy.

>> No.28669109 [DELETED] 

You have fallen victim to the Image Swap. Happens sometimes. At least it wasn't outright porn.

If I could get some character art, I've got a sylph viking I like done.
She's a red head, has swirling blue marks across her skin and face and currently wears the heaviest armor in the party, which I imagine looks a bit like the suit on the right.
Maybe hacking at a snake or giant lizard with an axe or sword?
Currently in a jungle campaign and has a bit of a grudge against snakes now.

>> No.28669137

If I could perhaps get some character art, I've got a sylph viking I would like done.
She's a red head, has swirling blue marks across her skin and face and currently wears the heaviest armor in the party, which I imagine looks a bit like the suit on the right.
Maybe hacking at a snake or giant lizard with an axe or sword?
Currently in a jungle campaign and has a bit of a grudge against snakes now.

>> No.28669276

In muju's last drawthread someone requested a catgirl comissar, with reference using this picture.

>> No.28669316

>with reference using this picture.
Actually, someone else piggybacked the reference onto the request. As the OR, I honestly don't much care for that picture, but wouldn't mind terribly if the drawfag used it anyways.

>> No.28669348

Well I need to practice painting and I liked that reference. So I thought: why the fuck not?

>> No.28669409


Not OR, or the piggybacked one, but this is nice.

>> No.28669445

Not bad, I like it.

>> No.28669458

work on the perspective, it doesn't make much sense the way her arm and the gun are going.

>> No.28669464

Interested in more 40k work?

>> No.28669538

Bumping my request for moar Macha.

>> No.28669640

Thanks for the feedback everyone, usually I do not do 40k, this was a random thing that got my attention. Sorry but no time for more must go to work.

>> No.28669675

No problemo, drawnon. Another time

>> No.28669676


>> No.28669697


I...I can die happy now.

>> No.28669717

Bumpin' dis and lettin' Muju know I'm still here and very much hopeful.
Seriously, Muju, I can't believ eyou do work of this quality for free.

>> No.28669777

Not until you finish your backlog.

>> No.28669828

Yeah more macha would be great, sexy or adorable or anything in between.

>> No.28669881

this one

>> No.28669931


Trips confirm. Anon cannot die happy till that fukcin' backlog is done!

Also, I'd like to throw in a request if you're still taking?

I'm in need of an image of an old woman in a wooden/bark mask with a large bearded spirit around her. Vaguely Celtic in theme if possible.

The idea was that her husband's ashes were buried with the seed of a tree, and these trees grow to act as her culture's gravestones.
One day her village came under attack and she decided she wasn't gonna just sit there and go nothing because she was old. So she quickly chopped some of her old dear husband's tree off and now channels his spirit to do battle.

>> No.28669947

>Silly mon'keigh, don't hit on me~
>... Dammit

>> No.28669981

Wondering if someone can turn the black company banner symbol into a flat image.Trying to make a decal but i can't find a good picture online and my artistic skills are lacking, thanks.

>> No.28670006

I tried. I'm not the greatest colorist.

>> No.28670032 [SPOILER] 

I'd personally prefer something on the "sexy" end. Speaking of which, here's one of Lewd's newest works with her.

>> No.28670066

This is a good thread to wake up to.
Also fuck colds.

>> No.28670067

I don't really understand this one

>> No.28670072

Reverse Tsunade Macha?
Me likey.

>> No.28670086

Is there an uncensored version?

>> No.28670114


Daddy issues.

Wet dream about being a slut to upset her Dad. Wakes up in tears because the idea upsets her conscious mind. Looks down and realizes that the fantasy got her wet. Thus, her sheets are ruined.

I assume anyway...

>> No.28670116


That's goin' on the character sheet, I'll tell ya hwut.

>> No.28670126

Reverse Tsunade? What's Naruto have to do with Macha?

>> No.28670136

Damn why am I always late to these

>> No.28670150

Woops misspelled it. Didn't know it was something else.

The jap word that means pissy woman that gets all passive agressive with their crush.

>> No.28670172

The implication is that she had a wet dream and (the first panel is her dreaming of getting fucked and her dad's reaction to her being fucked).

The funny thing is that when she did get herself devirginized, Eldrad was watching her going at it like a deranged gyrinx the whole time. And so was her mother. That...would make for some rather awkward introductions, I'm sure.

None that I know of, although I'm sure Lewd's hiding it away somewhere.

>> No.28670219

Yes. In your heart.

Have this imgur link instead.

I don't think she was upset about the idea. Rather, that she was upset that it wasn't real.


You're definitely not moe at all, anon.

>> No.28670232

Oh shit, forgot my link.


>> No.28670268

Muju, do you have like a tumblr or deviantart profile or something?

>> No.28670284



>> No.28670291

Good reading comprehension there.


>> No.28670339

>/tg/ invites /vr/ over for a game of Dungeons and Dragons
>/vr/ completely misunderstands what /tg/ meant and shows up with a Shadow Over Mystara arcade cabinet, wheeling it in on a dolly

>> No.28670348

That gallery is distressingly full of censor bars.

>> No.28670363

It's Lewdanon- it comes with the territory. His uncensored works are said to be more valuable than gold.

>> No.28670378

That gallery, despite the censor bars, gave me at least 12 boners

>> No.28670430

Gonna go ahead and re-request these. I think they'd be neat to see.

>> No.28670470

Seems to me that Muju is going by post order.

>> No.28670478

There's also another drawfag in here that doesn't seem to be going by post order.

>> No.28670496

Not really, he skipped mine.


I mean, another drawfriend drew it, but I was really fishing for Muju's style.

>> No.28670525

Not that guy, but he is still going in order since he only skipped yours as it had been fulfilled, no to mention you were responding with being pleased with the result.

Is right in that other drawfags could draw stuff too (but doesn't seem like any are active right now?)

>> No.28670565

What, am I supposed to blow off the other guy? I mean, it's cool, but it wasn't was I was specifically looking for.

>> No.28670618

So in other words, you're not just ungrateful, but you're passive-aggressive ungrateful?

>> No.28670639

Hear my humble request oh drawfriends!

I request a tall (but by no means hugely built) fellow, roughly in his late twenties/early thirties, but still quite boyish in manner. He wears an ill tended, crimson cloak bearing lion motifs, with a now mangy fur trim around it's hood, bound together near his neck with a button-strap deal. Beneath the front-opened cloak his cuirass is visible- a typical maximillian style gothic brestplate, that appears blackened, as if something has partially scorched it's surface. The man leans on the cross-guard of his zweihander in the same manner a plucky young janitor would lean on the handle of his mop after a long day, and gives the same haggard smile through dirt cheeks and strands of his ragged blonde hair that have escaped the bonds of their short ponytail. All of his gear seems to have started as part of a detailed, finely crafted kit meant for a highborn knight, but it is all in a state of great negligence. His helmet, an equally burnt sallet, lays discarded at his feet.

Good colours to include would be earthy reds/burgandy for the cloak, dark greys for the brestplate/gauntlets/sallet, and maybe some thin gold/orange lines for decoration on the cloak and engraving on his armor and weapon.

>> No.28670650

No, but you do have a kind of loaded situation.

If you are happy with the art given but want more (i.e. one from Muju too of the same thing) some people might think you are greedy.

If you aren't grateful for the other art and would rather have Muju then you sound like a dick after the effort made.

The only third option is being normal and not complaining that you didn't get two drawfags to draw the exact same thing twice.

>> No.28670668

>The only third option is being normal and not complaining that you didn't get two drawfags to draw the exact same thing twice.
Cowboy robot wearing a poncho

>> No.28670672

>Request in a drawthread
"Hey sure would like this done"
>Drawfag does it

Goddamnit. I'm not even a drawfag and I hate these ungrateful spergs

>> No.28670675

That request is lower down the list, though.

>> No.28670694

To be fair, he was grateful.

Until Muju specifically DIDN'T draw it. Then he went weird.

>> No.28670708

That one is a special case from a...special person.

But lets stfu and wait for him to get back before we kill this thread like last one.

>> No.28670709

In retrospect, you guys are right, I'm being an asshole. I don't see why it's greedy to want more art, since I sort of thought of the other guy as being on top of the fact that Mu *was* going to draw it. But I can see why people would think that, though.

I respectfully apologize.

>> No.28670711 [DELETED] 

Anyone up for drawing a dragonborn fighter or warlock wielding a short spear + shield and wearing scale mail?

male of female is up to the drawfag as wella s all other details. I just need a pic of such a dragonborn for a minicon one-shot game

>> No.28670720


It's not your fault.

It's all Muju's fault. It's his fault for not being a perfect drawfag and servicing us all.

>> No.28670730

Now you're putting words in my mouth. I apologized, let's drop it and move on.

>> No.28670736

My request is like 25 posts in so I know Muju wont get to it, but I'm really happy just to see how the requested art turns out (and then stealing it for future campaigns because I'm an asshole).

If only Muju could fellate us all at once, too bad he is only human...

>> No.28670746

Anyone up for drawing a dragonborn fighter or warlord wielding a short spear + shield and wearing scale mail?

male of female is up to the drawfag as well as all other details. I just need a pic of such a dragonborn for a minicon one-shot game.

(fixed all the spelling errors)

>> No.28670747

Yeah, that's some bullshit right there. Stop shitposting.

>> No.28670749

There's always the next drawthread if worst comes to worst.

>> No.28670750

Muju? MUJU!

Thank you so gorram much for this one, she's very quickly become one of, if not THE, favorite character I've ever played.

PS if you are feeling super-nice could you draw her in a frilly country-ball style dress while looking very annoyed that she has to do so? Maybe with some detached sleeves, hair ribbon thingies, the works. Actually happened in-game.

>> No.28670755

Just making a joke. My fault for watching musicals while browsing 4chan.

>> No.28670762

Sniper armpit miko? Neat.

>> No.28670784

>go through this thread
>find the imgur gallery of Lewd's stuff
Now I kinda want to see his take on Pvt. Jubblowski.

>> No.28670792


this is taking kinda too long to do

>> No.28670813

Hi Muju. Did you ever do that Won Bin Hospitaller Knight? The thread died by the time I came back again.

>> No.28670822

Muju, what brushsets do you use?

>> No.28670831

try these http://miconart.com/films/ps_brushes/

>> No.28670846

Sniper SPACESHIP PILOT armpit miko.

>> No.28670853

Can I play in your games man, sounds way fuckin' cooler than what I deal with.

And I live in Japan.

>> No.28670874

Holy Jesus @[email protected]
Muju, do you upload everything to your DA? Cause I'm probably gonna pass out soon, but if you wind up doing any more on that I'd hate to miss out on it.
Seriously, though, that is fucking wow.

>> No.28670883

There's the archive

>> No.28670886

There's always foolz, anon.

>> No.28670887

I know that feel man, I don't want to miss a single request being fulfilled...

>> No.28670888

Sure, if you like Firefly/Serenity and can move to Bumfuck, Illinois.

>> No.28670892

Hey, have a request from a previous drawthread. Would be great if someone could get it done.

Could I get a psycho from Borderlands riding a meat bicycle? If you can, try to draw it in a Steamboat-Willie style with happy looking, loot filled trees and a winking sun.
Thanks in advance.

>> No.28670903

We started a Diaspora game here. I was really excited for some goddamn Firefly/Serenity-ing. One of our players outright refused because "bloody space westerns a shit" (he never watched the show ever), and the rest of them just made space murderhobos.

The shit I put up with.

>> No.28670926

You better believe I'll be ready. Gonna keep my request copied for quick pasting. A little extreme? Perhaps. But Muju makes it aaaaaall worth while...

>> No.28670958 [DELETED] 

Queeeestion. Do you have a site where one can view your art, and are you available to hire?

>> No.28671005

Dude really?
Read the thread, friend.

>> No.28671015


Musicals... well there's your problem

>> No.28671035

I think from my place in the queue old Duke here might get passed up. I think you guys have the right idea of having what you want copied and ready to paste at the first sight of a draw thread.

>> No.28671050

My apologies, shoulda figured that would have been asked.

I was more so curious about the work for hire aspect of things, but that is no excuse for my ignorance.

>> No.28671069

i'll just leave it like this or it will take too long to finish

>> No.28671071

That's harsh, bro. Apart from my nun-on-the-run daddy's rebellious girl blockade runner, there's our wiry, fast, naively dense muscle, our alcoholic kung-fu Irish doctor, pregnant mob-boss' runaway wife engineer, continually exasperated former Alliance captain constantly looking for tail to bone and fights to run away from, and his massive, black former first sergeant who's constantly looking for cockblocking opportunities and fights to run towards. Also, the doctor's spoiled little sister NPC (a fashionista, made my character's dress when a villain's good-hearted son asked her to a festival) and a very, very important NPC I won't detail because it's a big game-specific deal. The game centers around 6 months+ after the Miranda Wave, the resumption of Alliance/Browncoat hostilities, Neuvo-Reavers who understand gunz and cover, and VERSE-SHAKING REVELATION that hardly anyone knows about yet. We're trying to run from everyone BUT the browncoats, while staying neutral because if anyone found out about NPC... holy gohsa.

It's... glorious.

>> No.28671145

The fact that something that fantastic is somehow unfinished to you boggles the mind.
Seriously, man, thanks a lot.

>> No.28671167

I'm kinda tired... i'm going to go take a break

>> No.28671187

>It's never done
Common artist thing. But I see what you are saying, that's miles beyond my best work by far.

>> No.28671189

Muju what time zone you in, is it just really early in the morning, or evening like me?

>> No.28671192

It's all good.

Enjoy your break!

>> No.28672524


Balls, I forgot to attach the image and just it sit there for 7 hours. Go me.

>> No.28672658

>> No.28672779

Could somebody please do >>28661167
>Would anyone mind drawing my accordion playing half-orc bard?

Someone said they'd draw it but that was a joke

>> No.28672819

I need the sexiest Lucerne Hammer you can manage.

>> No.28673119

Wow, so sexy!

>> No.28673203

Requesting a beareded, long haired guy who can't be older than ninteen, who looks like he's gone through quad hell and back, before then getting into a bar fight. He's wearing a set of U.S Army ACU pants and boots, a German Wehrmacht jacket with a popped collar. I'd prefer it if he was carrying an SG 550 rifle, but anything will do, as he's gone through weapon change a billion times at this point.

>> No.28673210

Two female knights/warriors in skimpy bikini armor watching voluptuous sorceress walking by. She's angry because her spell backfired and her clothes were ripped making her almost naked. Knights are saying "What a slut." or something.

>> No.28673355

He's somewhere over in southeast Asia, so it might be a while for him to get back.

>> No.28673597

Bumping because I know someone must have saved this image aside from me.

>> No.28673635


>> No.28673651

so some of you may have noticed that Fusion Template thing.

Well I made a rather /tg/ related one. Thought someone would be interested.

>> No.28673693

So a Squat techpriest that deals in artifice and artifice accessories?

>> No.28673848

something like that yeah.

Or a techpriest that uses promethium to forge things.

>> No.28673953

OP can you illustrate the beginning of Smut for the Smut throne?

>> No.28674001

Requesting a Necron Lady.

Feminine but without being too obvious (like bewbs).
Metallic cloak and loincloth (skirt?) preferable but not necessary.

>> No.28674018

Muju isn't here at the moment, but maybe he'll take up the request next drawthread he does.

>> No.28674037

Requesting a drawing of a toddler hugging a space marine's leg.

>> No.28674059

Damn. Allright thanks anon.

>> No.28674099

I've always likened them to mint condition Black Lotus cards. There's about 8 in the whole world.

>> No.28674159

Isn't Lilith a red head?

>> No.28674165


>> No.28674178

Anybody think they can make Some sort of War Angel based on this pic?

>> No.28674231

We have been having recurring threads about the cursed belt of genderbending recently. Mind doing some art for that?

A before and after with appropriate reaction could work, or even just a sufficiently expressive After where the clothes and reaction make it clear that the girl used to be a guy.

>> No.28674359

But at least he sees fit to leak a new one out every now and then. Always a cause for celebration when that happens.

>> No.28674368

>tfw I always end up in these threads 100 to 200 posts too late

>> No.28674398

Why is this pic so cute

>> No.28674421

Either Muju can just redo the coloring later or you can just say that she felt like dyeing her hair black that day or something. Either way, it doesn't detract that much from his work.

Time zone issues- he's from Singapore, and it's about 20 minutes past midnight over there. He's probably sleeping right now.

>> No.28674470

Being in the UK is suffering. I can only hope there's a Muju thread while I'm home for winter break.

>> No.28674510

Because it wants to give you hugs.

>> No.28674522

Mah spider negro.

I was surprised at how many fellow Ushi lovers are on /tg/.

>> No.28674684

because you haven't seen blair witch project.

>> No.28674814

That reminds me (since the other thread is sinking)
Xeno trying to juggle resurrection orbs.

>> No.28674820

But I want to give it hugs first!
Not the original version though, fuch that with a fire

>> No.28674928

She might break your spine man. Not intentionally but she doesn't know her own strength.

>> No.28674962


time for a few more maybe

>> No.28674969


>> No.28674975

pls do dis

>> No.28674978

I know you take it from the start, but would you consider Linvala from MtG's Zendikar block being kuudere? Looking disinterested, but doing a little <3 with her fingers?

>> No.28674983

Woohoo! Keep chugging along man. Even if mine doesn't get answered, it is still cool to see what you create.

>> No.28674984

I don't know if the people at the top are still here though

>> No.28675010

I don't play magic i don't know who that is

>> No.28675042

Do you want those of us who are still here to check in?

I'm >>28666990

>> No.28675051

Sicarius-Kantor flamenco guy here. I'm still around

>> No.28675052

Muju is lovely and would make for a great waifu.

>> No.28675061

If he wasn't a guy.

>> No.28675063

okay doing that then

>> No.28675067

Guy asking for the robot dog is still here. See:


>> No.28675075

A four-winged angel. I had a reference image saved somewhere, but the link was faster than finding it and won't contribute to hitting the image limit.

>> No.28675076

>Bark Heresy

>> No.28675092

Yes he's a guy. And?

>> No.28675094

Haha yes! In a much similar manner to that. Very relevant.

>> No.28675098 [DELETED] 

Hi muju! Definitely here as well. >>28668149

>> No.28675104

Speaking as a man who stays home all day, cleans the apartment, takes care of the dog, and cooks dinner, nothing about being male prevents you from being a waifu.

>> No.28675117

>>28675010 #

Hi muju! Definitely here as well. >>28668149 #

>> No.28675132

there's a term for that: husbando

>> No.28675137

Could you do a banshee fangirl ? The creepy kind of fangirl. Cuteness is optional

>> No.28675141

Could you do a Human female Pirate Captain (red headed/freckles/green eyes) obsessing over a treasure chest with a Human Rogue and an Elf Fighter, both female, in the back looking disappointed or something like that?

>> No.28675148

>trusting a Korean to cook dinner
you brought it upon yourself

>> No.28675162

Asking again, I need something for the game I am running.

>> No.28675165

i can cook very well you know

>> No.28675182

I wonder what girl Muju would look like.

>> No.28675199

Like Lelith, minus the pointy ears?

>> No.28675210

Had to sleep and go to classes but I'm

>> No.28675240

Having never seen actual Muju, and having no particularly overwhelming desire to do so, I have no fucking idea.

>> No.28675272

Muju! Draw a rule 63 version of yourself!

>> No.28675310

yeah, not much of a drawfag, but anyway had a little fun with the idea

>> No.28675336

I like it.

>> No.28675378

Space dwarves. That is all.

>> No.28675407

Which pyramid is that? I feel like I should know.

>> No.28675421

If you've got time; an imperial guard tank sergeant sitting on the side of his Atlas ARV, cleaning a las-pistol. He's wearing a tankers cap, a boiler suit and a white undervest, with the the top of the boiler suit half rolled down and the arms tied around his waist.
He's pretty nondescript- stubble and some small scars on his face, not especially tall, but he's evidently quite strong.
Thanks in advance!

>> No.28675477

dunno. pyramid of the moon?just grabbed one of the pics in my google search.

>> No.28675479

Oh wow, requester of this one image here, I'm kinda surprised this thread is still alive after I crashed to bed. Drawthreads usually fill up really quick.

Anyways, uh, I'm about to head out to work, but I'd like to bump my request a little, hopefully the thread will be around when I get back home.

>> No.28675510

Making a request from the last thread.

I'm in need of a goblin NPC character. His appearance is more homely than evil, Bright green (like kermit the from green) skin tone, and he's dressed in rags and nothing more. Sitting on a gigantic pile of junk, that appears to possess it's own magical aura. And beneath the pile of junk you can see glimpses of magical items (and possibly the head of vecna).

Pic related for appearance wise

>> No.28675656


>> No.28675663

Holy shit you're still awake. Amazing!

>> No.28675668

Requesting this.

>> No.28675672

It's perfect! Thank you, Muju!

>> No.28675716

So, did >>28675075 give you enough to work with maybe?

>> No.28675732


>> No.28675767


You definitely captured the swarthy.
There's not enough swarthy in the world.
Excellent work.

>> No.28675851


I'm >>28666427 and I'm still here as well.

>> No.28675900

bumping for hope

>> No.28675985


I just got back from work Muju! I'd still love to see mine done >>28667105

>> No.28676034


Oh hi, Babe. What are you doing here?

>> No.28676066


>> No.28676128

Could I get >>28671069

with out the horns?

>> No.28676140

Not got a request, but just wanted to thank our resident drawfags for all the great work they're doing. I'm saving all of these regardless anyway.

>> No.28676155

Autosage so soon? Guess that goes to show how popular our drawfags can be.

>> No.28676157

And normal human ears if possible

>> No.28676162

I don't know if I should go to /co/ for this or what, but I'm looking for someone to do a lot of character art for an M&M game that I'm going to be running. Like, a LOT. I guess if there's anyone looking for a lot of practice drawing superheroes and robots, we could get in contact? I dunno, just figured I'd put it out there.

>> No.28676183

A wild Cross appeared.
It was super effective.

Could this day get any better?

>> No.28676197

I'd like a lich done please.

He hasn't been a lich for very long, and still has skin (although heavily dessicated, like my pic) and a full beard of medium length and slicked back semi-length hair, all white. He wears a suit of crusader-type platemail without any helmet, and is casting a ton of flames.

As menacing as possible.

>> No.28676198


This is a good day.

>> No.28676218


>> No.28676233


Won Bin Hospitaller? :D

>> No.28676266

I don't understand why people keep making requests; Muju is doing them in order. So only the first few will get drawn

>> No.28676294

Because it's likely other drawfags may be lurking as well.

>> No.28676728

You. You're a stylish motherfucker, and you should feel good abut yourself.

>> No.28677061

Requester here. I was expecting a leggy angel, but this... this is WAY better. The balance of adorable to gorgeous is just right.

Seriously, I kind of want to use this as sleeves for one of my decks that runs Linvala as a combo piece.

>> No.28677178


>> No.28677229

For the anon who wanted the lizardperson in "traditional clothes". I interpreted a bit.

>> No.28677309

god rid of the black edge crap

>> No.28677550

Not OR, but it looks good to me.

>> No.28677570

Muju's stuff always reminds me of charcoal drawing.

>> No.28677584


>> No.28677804

Can I get a sketch of a monster for my AdEva game?

Man-sized, bird like, very slim body and head. It has a black granite-like appearance and very few physical features. It's wings are similar to a folding fan.

Here's a rough sketch I made.

>> No.28677931

Meerlinda one of the highest ranking Tremere vampires does something magical? Like channeling lightening between her fingers or something obvious like that.
Or just her being angry.

She's one of the main NPCs in this Vampire game I'm in.

>> No.28677958

In case anyone's interested, looking for a redheaded young woman, with a quarterstaff and chain shirt and a fur cloak. Athletic, but not buff.

>> No.28678098

I need someone to draw a tree that has the saddest look on its face possible. The anti Bob Ross

>> No.28678183


>> No.28678237

>not posting the screenshot from the HD version
What a pleb.

>> No.28678387

has muju picked a new project? if not we may have to wait for a new thread

>> No.28678434

Re-requesting from last night, in case somebody skimmed over.

I know. I'm awful.

>> No.28678445

Maybe, but we're already deep into autosage anyway.

>> No.28678466

Pretty sure muju should be sleeping by now.
Unless he's like those Korean animators who do without sleep to work more for their grorious Western masters.

>> No.28678484

What if realised muju was not the only drawfag

>> No.28678619

I had no idea Muju is korean.
From what I've seen other drawfags dont tend to post in Muju's threads, which is an oddity.

>> No.28678654

I actually remember some dude whining in the last drawthread about people only wanting muju to do their requests or something :DD

>> No.28678673

I'm here but I've only really taken lizard people requests

>> No.28678697

His DA says he's from Singapore, and it's about 6AM over there now.

>> No.28678861

Bumpin again

>> No.28678892

There's no point- the thread autosaged hours ago.

>> No.28679542

I made a sketch, hope you like it.
God knows I'm no Muju and total shit with drawing on computers but I tried my best ;___;

>> No.28679613


>> No.28679652

Hey, at least you got here before the thread died.

>> No.28679682

Can Someone Draw Spiderman and Yandere/Yangire Carnage Gwen

>> No.28679684

Less whining, more drawing.
Practice beats self-pity in terms of progress any day.

>> No.28679697

At the very last moment :D
It kinda sucks to have 2 drawthreads at the same time, this one will die soon with Muju being gone.

>> No.28679729

It's probably more the autosage.

>> No.28679752

Yeah. Chalk it up to how popular Muju's work is more than anything else.

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