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GW can't into web design, that's what I think.

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interesting, where did you find this?

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I can't say.

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> warlords shit
> special snowflake centurion
> spirit warriors
> forwhatpurpose vampire counts
On the other hand, chaplain+ dataslate and Terminus Est look promising.

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> that fucking BL section

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Cypher won't show up until the 24th, won't he?

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> We considered stories about an ogre Santa sneaking down Old World chimneys and eating children, or tales of the presents that dark eldar find in their stockings (I still have nightmares about that), but then we realised that what we all wanted was to explore a few of the named Space Marine characters from the background. Many of them have appeared in novels, novellas and short stories past, but some we are seeing for the first time.
>– Graeme, King of Advent (I wish)

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> we considered doing things that weren't space marines, but then we realised that we all really like space marines, so fuck that

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>Story is about a BT driving a LRC to avenge a librarian from another chapter


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Nah, I'm rather happy about it.
It's better than face an another Graeme's attempt on eldar.

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>attempt on eldar.
watson was the only one who managed to not fuck it up.

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Was he?
He wrote the Inquisitor breaking into the Black Library like it's not something difficult. I bet it makes Ahriman cry.

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Pfffff, oh god it really is in the code. But only as far as the 15th, sadly. Yeah everything looks lackluster to that point, however, I wonder what that vanguard clash is? Will it be the starts of actual content?

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>He wrote the Inquisitor breaking into the Black Library like it's not something difficult.
If by breaking in you mean let in by the harliquins sure.

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Vanguard clash sounds like rules for skirmish, maybe mordheim-like rules are coming back?

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Wait, wait.
Watson == Draco.
Sanders == Czevac.
Czevac was let in while Draco interrogatet harlequin (lol) to get the Library's location and sneak there.

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Reclusium Command Squad looks interesting. Probably just let's them take a holy banner, but still interesting.

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And then somehow fused himself with the webway. While fucking a Callidus. And having a chat with the motherfucking EMPEROR. Nope, not a Mary Sue at all, right?

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You're right, I don't know how i confused the two...

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What was that one like?

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You know, even while harlies are probably my favourite faction, I think Sanders has overdone them.
I mean, they came right on the Ahriman's ship to show how they are so badass that even the Galaxy's greatest sorceror sucks in comparison.

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Eh, it was written around the start of 4th wasnt it? when people still remembered the horrifying old harliquins.

People seem to forget how much of an influence the earlier editions have had on the fiction.

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Yeah, I like Lewd's Harlequin's better. So much clownbutt, so little time.

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Like he knows eldar only by the article on lexicanum.

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Can you please elaborate?

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> Eldar guy who doesn't believe Slaanesh exists.
> Crimson Hunters exarchs have no spirit pools due to the high chance of the spiritstone being destroyed in crashlanding (even if spiders have them and Hunter exarchs have warrior powers in codex).
> Avatar can't stab a Damned Legionare with the Wailing Doom because "lol they are warp ghotst". Despite even the fact that the Doom is stated to be effective against that exact thing.

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Oh yeah, that one.

Why does nobody at GW know how to write Eldar?

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shut the fuck up about vampire counts

like you even GET it nigga

the Restless Dead formation is the best thing to ever happen to Fantasy, and if the Scavengers one is anywhere near as good the entire game is about to GIT GUD

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>the Restless Dead formation is the best thing to ever happen to Fantasy

I dont play fantasy, why is it so good?

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1) Flavourful wight-themed army without being forced to take necromancers/vampires
2) Marching within 12" of Wight King allows you to separate your forces and hit two places at once, or even just flank your enemy. And it's flavorful - the vampire is sending his most trusted lieutenant to operate semi-independently.
3) Arikan the Black can now take Vampire Counts unit and be a true disciple of Nagash
4) People who want a lot of black knights/grave guard aren't limited by 50% special choices any more
5) Get a BSB without eating into your hero points maximum if you play Vampire Counts
6) The Restless Dead bundle itself is an actual discount from GW.
7) The 5$ pdf contains all the magic items and other rules you need to run the formation, so you don't even need the Vampire Counts book if you're using it as an "allied formation"... Or even STANDALONE.
8) Every army now has access to cheap tarpits (skeletons), killing bow infantry blocks (grave guard), a killy lord (wight king), and killing blow heavy cavalry (black knights)
9) all this is balanced out by the fact that it is a large investment to actually use (you are forced to bring at least 1 wight king, 20 skeletons, 10 graveguard, and 5 black knights, you can't just pick the ones you're interested in, so there will always be SOME dead weight), meaning this is actually pretty damn well balanced for everything it gives
10) brings hope that GW will continue to release Battlescroll formations and/or include them in the armybooks, the rule book, or an expansion book, and we can get REALLY cool formations like Slayer formations, Ogre maneater mercenary formations, etc.

Phew... I think that's... most of it.

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Also, 11) If I'm remembering rules right, Vampire Counts can now get 2 battle standard bearers...

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not a fantasyfag but who all can take the formation? is it like the tau one where nearly everyone but the buttmonkey army (poor, poor, nids) could take it?

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Anyone have the restless dead blackscroll?

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Literally everybody can, it's just differing levels of alliance. Fantasy has no "Come the Apocalypse" trustiness. Now, this fucks with most armies (if you're enemies, you can't march within a certain distance of eachother. march is, fyi, double speed movement, and it's pretty damn important for most armies.)
That's... that's really the biggest downside.
Dwarfs, though? Dwarfs can march even when there are "enemies" about...

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so mercenary wights. sweet. what are the fantasy levels of alliance?

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Anyone got this Battlescroll to upload?

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Trusted, Suspicious, Desperate. Trusted = same "Force" (Order, Non-aligned, Destruction). Suspicious = Non-aligned with anybody. Desperate = Order and Destruction together.

>> No.28667322

This handy table summarizes what each level means.

>> No.28667343

And finally, a special level of alliance, for super best friends only.

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>mfw no Necrons

At least lore about Typus's ship would interesting.

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>Reclusiam Command Squad
>All models in the command squad equipped with a Power Maul gain the Zealot and Independent Character rules

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>black templar players are still in denial about being Tsundere about psykers

oh, how delicious

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So did someone already get it?
Don't really intrested in rules, but maybe there's some new fluff.

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So did someone already get it?
Not really intrested in rules, but maybe there's some new fluff.

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To be fair, Space Marines blindly hating their Emperor-sanctioned Human Space Telephones, as well as the Navigators who keep their ships from crashing into warp storms and exploding, was pretty retarded. Not wanting to have psykers in their ranks and hating the shit out of unsanctioned and xenos psykers is one thing, but hating guys who have the official Emperor Seal of Approval just because is dumb.

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But BT didnt hate, they were tolerated as useful tools, less than human mutant scum that must be overworked to death, for the Emperor.

But no, now we fucking revere psykers..THANKS GW FOR DOING A COMPLETE 180 ON THE FLUFF!

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Where do I find the Ultramarines thingy from BL at the top? it should be out by now, shouldnt it?

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>And then somehow fused himself with the webway.
Because he went insane, possessed himself with two daemons at the same time, and was killed by his resurrected girlfriend who he had forced an innocent girl to take the shape of. So Mary Sue amirite.

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>Distinct lack of FOIGHTAN AN' WINNIN

I don't know why I expected different.

>captcha: andayvn 40000

Yeah, any day now Orks will get something more than a VN, captcha. You keep wishing.

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But doesn't taking that formation in any army without the lore of vampires result in a crumbling formation for lack of necromancers/vampires?

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Yay. I hope he has some good psychic rape fluff.

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Tigga Tigga Tigga

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No, period.

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No, because the rule of the vampire general is an armywide special rule from the VC's armybook, it has nothing to do with the Undead rule, and it is not listed in the Battlescroll, nor does it say in any place the Battle Formations use their army's armywide rules.

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>like it's not something difficult.
except for, you know, losing nearly an entire company of imperial fists, and nearly getting TPKed by a Harlequin.

>> No.28672527

A company of space marines isn't even closely enough to assult the Library.
It is impossible to cross its doorstep without pure mind.
It is impossible to interogate its location.
And so on.

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Well currently only Phil Kelly and Mat Ward know how to write Eldar

everyone else just knows its "they're a dyling race"

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When is the new Ork and IG codex coming out?

>> No.28673807

Its kind of sad when one of the better writers the Eldar have is Your Spiritual Liege of all people. I'd hate to see what the bad ones are like *cough*CSGoto*cough*

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Never. They're being squatted for being shit armies no one plays.

>> No.28673814

With Jesus at the Rapture, at this rate.

>> No.28673815

its been out for a while, I haven no ideal why that's there

its that short The Eye of Vengeance

>> No.28673820

Next year, most likely one in March and one in May, assuming GW doesn't throw a curveball in there to break up the alternating fantasy-40k-fantasy-40k monthly release pattern.

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So they're basically all Dark Apostles?

>> No.28675271

Spirit Piss Slate

>> No.28675750

Goto gave us THE LYKHOSIDAE, which seems to have been an attempt to write in a Phoenix Lord of the Warp Spiders - though being a spooky statue that eats little Eldar boys to power up is perhaps a bit off target.
He also finished his Eldar book with a loli Farseer having her eyes and ears and tongue and nose gouged out before being consoled by a Slaaneshi Farseer who wants to tap those face holes mmmm gurl

So yeah, there's bad writing and then there's Goto's brand of insanity.

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However, Formations follow the Allied Armies rules (p 136-137). Allied Armies are each allowed to have BSBs. Allied Armies of the same book are allowed to benefit from eachother's battle standards.
A formation is an Allied Army.

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He really goes that far?

>> No.28678293

nigga his only settings are "too far" and "that far"

>> No.28678349

I just want that sick-ass Lizardmen art on the front.

>> No.28678370

40 skeletons, I think. Doesn't each unit have to contain 20 of the fuckers?

>> No.28678386


>Warlords: Vulkan He'Stan

About fucking time

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>> Avatar can't stab a Damned Legionare with the Wailing Doom because "lol they are warp ghotst". Despite even the fact that the Doom is stated to be effective against that exact thing.

The only thing that pissed me off is that the Legion of the Damned can't hurt the Avatar.

For fuck sake, dude. The Damned burn with the flame of their faith in the Emperor. The blessed fires born from the devotion to the Emperor should have triumphed over the heathen flames of a weakling Xenos godling.

>> No.28678412

Shit nigga, I never use battle standards at all, but running a that WK with a Battle Standard and getting stuck in with the enemy unit that he HATES... that's 2 less crumble. Put my own BSB in there (if that's allowed) and it's 3 less crumble every time we crumble. Suck it, combat res!

>> No.28678415

Yea, but you only need to bring 1 unit of 'em.

>> No.28678459

>Phil Kelly
>Open the current Eldar Codex
>Ctrl+F doom

Ah...also remember that Ward and Kelly gave us Illic Nightspear aka ''The Last Hope''

>> No.28678497

I thought it was 2 units of 20 skellingmans?

Fuck, nobody's uploaded the scroll and now I'm talking out me bum.

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>2 units of graveguard
>2 banner of the barrows

>> No.28678655

Can... can you DO that? Whah... buh... how can... whuzzuh... I need to sit down.

>> No.28678773

As I read it, formations count as a distinct army, so one-per-army things like magic items and standards go right out the window. Main force = VC, take your normal 35 graveguard+Banner of barrows, but your killy lord in it.
Take a Restless Dead formation, 20 skeletons, 5 black knights, 35 Grave Guard... give them the Banner of Barrows for THEIR "army", make the Wight King killy...


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I'm sorry, but the Allied Formations rule only works for Formations not chosen from the same armybook.

>> No.28678845


Formations do not have to be chosen from the same army book as the rest of your army.
If you decide to do this, then formations made up of units from different army books
follow the rules for Allied Armies on pages 136-139 of the Warhammer rulebook.

>> No.28678885

Ah, right. yea. Sorry for hyping that up, y'all.

>> No.28678933

Wondering about this, does it make Tomb Kings and ogres trusted or just auto downgraded to suspicious.

>> No.28678956

> no necrons

Why do I even bother?

>> No.28678961

Non-aligned are always suspicious to everyone, even each-other.

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You know, if all of that things are written for people like you than I'm not surprised by the amount of marinewank.

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So, I'd been thinking of getting into fantasy, as I've got like 30 square bases lying around from conversions. I'd been considering Bretonnia, Empire, or VC, leaning towards a LOTR style Wight army.

Is this a way to do it? And would you recommend getting into Fantasy and if so what army?

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So do they all get a special rule?

>> No.28682144

First, I would suggest joining us in the WHFB general, which is basically Vampire Count themed right now. It's here
(I hope I did cross-thread linking right)

Secondly, this could certainly get you started. A good thing about it is it basically takes away most of the choices and streamlines to a very basic, themed list. Perfect for people who could easily get overwhelmed by all the options. Instead of having to choose "oh, do I want a vampire lord, or a necromancer lord. Do I want core zombies or ghouls... Blood Knights or Varghulfs?" The list says
"You. You take these. This is now your army. Learn the game, and expand from here."

>> No.28682362

(And you did)
Any advice on converting?

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