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New Phyrexia invades Ravnica.

What happens?

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A thousand and one neckbeards jerk off to a dolled-up conventionally attractive female and proclaim how hardkkkore /d/eviants it makes them.

Then Wizards has Jace and Niv'Mizzet fight off the invasion because status quo.

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Niv Mizzet thinks he is too cool to be controlled by the oil, then he is controlled by the oil and becomes the new father of machines.
Golgari just go along with it.
Azorious dig the new docility of the compleated citizens.
Simic likes the evolution of perfect organisms.
Gruul be mad.
Orzhov be mad.
Boros be mad.

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Here's what's going to happen:

New Phyrexians are going to become unified under the rule of Elesh Norn. They'll find themselves dissatisfied with Mirrodin after fruitlessly trying to recreate Phyrexia with the 9 spheres, and begin frantically searching for a new home world.
That's when they ultimately discover Ravnica.

The Machine Orthodoxy then declares Manifest Destiny in which they capture and re-purpose the 10 Guilds to form Phyrexia Complete, a society of 10 phyrexian guilds.

The invasion begins with the House of Dimir and the Golgari Swarm. While the rest of the respective houses are aware of the infection, the rest of the Guilds are unsuspecting, right until Simic Combine falls under their command.

Simic Combine, now under the control of New Phyrexia, declares war against all of the White Guilds.

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How is elesh norn a perfect being when she is defeated by doorways?

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Don't forget Rakdos.

Rakdos would just go fucking crazy.

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Isn't the Cult of Rakdos just this weird murder circus carnivale?

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Guys, whatever happened to Urabrask?

Did he died?

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Well, yeah.

So they're pretty much going to end up doing everything they were doing before.

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but they do it for the fun
phyrexia is all about duty and obedience and perfection and servitude
Rakdos would go ape shit crazy at the though of the whole plane becoming a giant Azorius BDSM wankfest

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no, he just does not like the rest of phyrexia

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I like to think that Phyrexia was only able to overwhelm its opponents in both wars simply because their foes had little experience with the necromantic arts. Ravnica is essentially the greatest boiling-pot of magic; its mages regularly Wrath of God various parts of the plane.

Phyrexian forces wouldn't even touch the ground. And if they do, it will eat them. That plot-oil won't do shit.

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I think Simic would go crazy and form an alliance with phyrexians.
Simic will gain the secret of the oil, phyrexians a new plane

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I was under the impression that Elesh Norn invaded him and killed everything in sight.

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>The invasion begins with the House of Dimir and the Golgari Swarm.
the selesnya are so phyrexia if they were not the first vessels they would go rubbing themselves unto whatever oily puddles they find, hoping to get rexian AIDS

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they had black mana user up the wazoo, and a Justice League of Planeswalkers, old walkers btw, Old Phyrexia was Lex Luthor having magical powers and an undead army with no superman to stop him

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Phyrexian Oil is the killer. Forget about attacking, don't even bother with political implications down the track, what do you do about the oil?

It corrupts, it builds up, and it doesn't go away. It multiplies within an infected host, and from a few drops can eventually convert a whole person, often without any indication until far too late.

If no-one on Ravnica finds a good solution to an increasing amount of oil being created then they lose the long game.

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The Simic and Izzet will team up and science all over that shit.

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he was kill

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the simic would insert vials of oil into their anuses just for the chance of becoming a perfected being
izzet would probably dislike the phyrexians, mostly because the dragon is too petty and vain to stand to any authority thinking itself better than him

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Simic will go full Phyrexian in no time flat.

Izzet will be infected at first, but ultimately purge themselves before teaming up with Boros and Gruul while secretly being housed in underground with Urabrask, who has granted amnesty on the condition that Izzet keeps the furnaces running.

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>the dragon is too petty and vain to stand to any authority thinking itself better than him

Which led to the best art in the block.

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Here's what happens:

Golgari and Dimir become infected. No one immediately notices, because Golgari is already a rotting pile of stink and Dimir is secretive.
Immediately after, though, Simic gets infected and shit hits the fucking ceiling fan like no other.

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Simic would get accidentally infected, they'd be doing what >>28661369 said the instant they could get hold of that shit.

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>would get

Wouldn't get.

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Why does everyone think Dimir will go down easy? They are so secretive and highly skilled at evading shit that they would probably be one of the guilds that will contribute the most in Ravnica's war effort.

If anything, it would be Azorius to go down first.

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Of all the praetors I liked Urabrask the most. In the shitfest of phyrexian invasion, he kept minding his business, he didn't gave a shit about sheoldred bitching, gained Vorinclex and some of the mirran factions at the same time, and it took Jin to understand what he was planning.

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>"Miss Norn, I'm here with a warrant for your arrest."

Just imagine the next 5 seconds.

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Here's the order of events:

1) The infection starts off with Golgari and spreads to Dimir.
2) Dimir spreads it to Simic
3) Simic goes crazy and attacks Azorius and Selesnya

By this point:
Elesh Norn establishes full authority over Azorius and Selesnya
Vorniclex gains control of Golgari
Jin-Gitaxis gains control of Dimir and Simic

After this:
4) Izzet gets infected, but purges itself
5) Rakdos becomes infected and succumbs entirely
6) Orzhov gets infected, but maintains independence.
7) Boros, Gruul, and Izzet unite to fight off the invasion.

After this, I have no fucking clue.

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azorious and selesnya are the one more likely to embrace new phyrexias white, blue and green
they have complete disregard for individuals and want to subsume all passions for either the law or the unity
perhaps only the simic would be as welcoming to the phyrexians as those other two
everyone else has an agenda pretty much contradictory to what phyrexia is

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Rakdos would be gargling Phyrexian oil by the end of the week. Chances are the big man would awaken at some point in response. If he's as powerful as we're led to believe, it could be interesting seeing Rakdos v a Praetor.

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Didn't old Phyrexia send sleeper agents before the invasion to negotiate alliances? Would Norn bother with such underhanded tactics?

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>Would Norn bother with such underhanded tactics?
a better question would be if they have the means to do it, old phyrexia still seems more powerful

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Dimir's secrecy would be its own downfall. They'd get infected, hide it as best as they could, and then suddenly find themselves spreading it everywhere like aids. Just like what happened with faggots in the 1980s.

Rakdos is part red and would be fighting it at first, then fully absorbing it once it took hold. That said, I imagine Rakdos becoming the new Lord Geth, becoming a Praetor in his own right.

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>Would Norn bother with such underhanded tactics?
I don't think it would be intentional.

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Ravnica falls

Phyrexia II

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No argument with Dimir. The Dimir authority would fight against the phyresis but their guild also consists of the undercity where the infection would probably spread quickest.

I think the redness is a little too prevalent in Rakdos to ever allow them to submit to Phyrexia. Considering how self-destructive their mechanics are, they'd probably fight to the death rather than submit.

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Why is she so perfect? She obliterated Urabrask and Sheoldred and is obviously going to become the next Mother of Machines. I feel so bad for the plebs who thought any other praetor was going to come out on top.

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Can we all at least agree that Sheoldred is the best Praetor?

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/tg/ steals my original block idea, that's what happens!

I started a block about Ravnica getting invaded by Phyrexia. The plan was that half the guilds became Phyrexian and half stayed Ravnican, but I couldn't decide which.

I wanted each color to appear in at least one guild for each side, but I couldn't decide which red guild should be Phyrexian. Enough other guilds were naturals for Phyrexia that I planned for three of the red guilds to all be Ravnican.

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Hey, nothing ever specifically said she killed them, just that she conquered their territory.

I'd rather think that at least Sheoldred was kept as a servant. A sexy mechanical crab-girl servant.

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Boros would never submit, Gruul would never submit, Rakdos would never submit, Izzet would probably be indifferent but Niv himself would never submit. Red just doesn't do submission, that's why Urabrask himself was an oddball.

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>negotiate alliances
No, Phyrexian sleeper agents subvert and undermine. There is no possible alliance with Yawgmoth, only submission.

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That's what MTGsalvation's wiki says. It also says that it's unknown whether he survived.

Fucking white. Just gotta destroy the only bro phyrexian ever.

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Both Orzhov and Azorius have spells that can wipeout swathes of land. Once the Ghost Council is forced into action, making them use their big ass spells, it'll be a piece of cake. Hell, Aurelia is even fucking scared shitless of the Obzedat.

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I'd kill to see New Phyrixia get fucking smacked to shit.

Hate Phyrexia.

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Yes. Never said whether he lived or not, but the Mirrans that had been living in the furnace layer are all dead, as are most of the red phyrexians

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They're still Black, though. They completely lack the organization to properly fight off the infection to cull en masse once it takes hold.

The red part of them will fight for a while. But Izzet, Boros, and Gruul would easily hold off.

>but I couldn't decide which red guild should be Phyrexian
Rakdos is the best bet.

My predictions would be that Sheoldred and Urabrask would eventually become shadow praetors.

Sheoldred would wind up being in control of Orzhol and Dimir eventually.
Urabrask would end up housing Boros, Gruul, and Izzet in secrecy.

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First things first the infection is instilled when some of Jin's minions finally shiggy into the aether and find ravnica. Subtle changes happen initially, things that are unnoticeable when viewed from the grand scheme.
The Infection is first brought to the underworld. The dimir get a hold of it and first use it for assassinations, not fully understanding it's potential. The assassinated people are brought to the golgari where, during their rotting processes, the infections take hold and the infections spread much faster through the golgari. Only thing that slows it is Vraska.

After infecting the golgari things happen to the other guilds. The Selesnya group love sense a change in the world soul, so they begin growing armies.
Gruul are no match at all and nearly all fall to the infection in a few weeks.
Azorious arrests begin and they are nearly running out of detention spheres to deal with their prisons whom they assume are more of niv's experiments. They return the experiments to Niv-Mizzet which he sends some scientists to check out. He doesn't recognize them so he sends samples off to the simic. The simic are next to fall as they, after not figuring out what the oil is, decide to test it in their kraks and shit.
The Orzhov begin noticing a larger amount of their contracted souls coming in, but don't complain. Money is money. Souls are souls. Contracts are Contracts.
Finally shit hits the fan and the boros bros are sent in to deal with this shit, which doesnt help and aurelia becomes the newest member of Sheoldreds sweet legion. lesbian fan art explodes at this point

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Sheoldred is a lesbian rapist. That's not leadership material.

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This stupid asinine block idea has been repeated ad nauseum since RTR block was fucking announced. No one is stealing anything, retard.

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Look at this pleb thinking his waifu is still alive. Why don't you just move on to the superior option?

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Now our story goes a few ways here folks, based on how the public reacts,
First way) Holy shit everything is going so damn badly! ...Oh wait. There's Jace! Suddenly he forces all the citizens to share a collective conscience. Phyrexia realises their bad and they peace out.
Second way) Oh thank god it's karn, he comes along and is all "No worries guys here's some overpowered artifact bullshit" and suddenly we get new strictly better reprints of all the moxen. Wizards releases a new's print stating that everything in their corporate office will be coated with gold.
Third way) Gideon realises that the new sexy art aurelia isn't who she seems to be. He goes back to zendikar and get's emrakul to invade Ravnica. This results in a fuck-splosion of oily eldrazi tentacle raping ravnica in ways you don't want to know/couldn't imagine.
Fourth Way) True-name nemesis is printed en-mass and weirdly enough is the good guy, understanding how phyrexia works he goes to work destroying their hierarchy leaving the underlings with no idea of what to do.

All of these end with Wizards printing "FTV:Sweet Oil Covered Ladys" where they have full art cards, double foil, releasedof each neckbeards wet dream of a character sheoldred is the final spoiled card Every Wizards employee retires a billionaire and the world economy crashes as all money goes to SCG

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You were doing so well until you said Niv-Mizzet would ask for the help of another guild.

>> No.28661959

>Gruul are no match at all and nearly all fall to the infection in a few weeks.

Gruul would be one of the few alliances that could effectively fight it off.

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So...New Phyrexian fags are basically waifu-fags?

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Red does submit in the end, as Urabrask shows. The question is which one.

Phyrexia's strongest in green and black, but does Gruul or Rakdos philosophy lend itself most readily to Phyrexia?

But which black guild should stay Ravnican? Dimir and Golgari are totally Phyrexian, but are the Rakdos really more Phyrexian than the Orzhov?

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She uses her feminine charms to persuade her will. She's the compleat leader

>> No.28661991

Just wait till Nicol Bolas sends them against Zendikar and they get beaten by Eldazi Slivers.

>> No.28661996


Gruul are anti-civilisation, and Rakdos are just chaos. Neither could assimilate.

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I want Mirrodin back...

>> No.28662024

Fine, back to Eldrazi invading Kamigawa.

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How can anyone hate them?

Phyrexia is love. Yandere love.

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Sadly yes, on /tg/ at least

>> No.28662048

Those are the reasons there were no red Phyrexian cards in SOM block.

>> No.28662052


Because all I see in New Phyrexia is that weird red chick.

>> No.28662059

Ravnica loses, because MTG Creative made the oil a fucking zombie virus that infects you whether or not you win or lose.

Seriously, there's no way anyone beats the post-retcon Phyrexians without a deus ex machina at this point. There's making your villains scary, and then there's making them unbeatable.

>> No.28662073

People don't keep their ideologies when they become complaet
They are reborn. New to the perfect world where they feel no emotion or senses just understand they must do what is told as they are now a cog in a complaet machine.
Only reason red phyrexia went down was because Urabrask had no allies when Sheoldred waltzed up to his door. Red phyrexians (the upper ones) felt fleeting moments of empathy and felt sorry for the mirrans
The only one that actually almost cared (almost) is Urabrask.

>> No.28662081

Considering it's phyrexia, I don't imagine any black alliances surviving. I imagine all of them inevitably falling.

>Rakdos are just chaos
So is Vorniclex.

Rakdos would put up a strong fight in the beginning before succumbing and becoming one of the strongest praetors.

It's possible to win as long as a cure for the virus is created.

My bets on Izzet creating it.

>> No.28662099

>Sheoldred waltzed up to his door.
I thought it was Elesh Norn.

>> No.28662111

>Rakdos would put up a strong fight in the beginning before succumbing and becoming one of the strongest praetors.
nah, Jin's little 'uns got him in his sleep.
The carnival loved the little guys initially, "THINGS THAT CAN DIE REPEATIDLY HOLY SHIT!" was their reaction

>> No.28662120

Except they can plot a cure into existence whenever they want.

The oil retcon was stupid in any case.

>> No.28662133

it was, my bad
All the other praetors were set up to fail save for elesh norn

>> No.28662134

>Niv Mizzet ... becomes the new father of machines.
Yes I am okay with this.

>> No.28662137

>It's possible to win as long as a cure for the virus is created.

It'd be simic if it's anyone, but I'd bet against it.

>> No.28662149

>Considering it's phyrexia, I don't imagine any black alliances surviving. I imagine all of them inevitably falling.
I wanted each side to have some of each color, but then again, there were no Mirran black cards in New Phyrexia...

What retcon?

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they did, pic related

>> No.28662167

That's what happens normally, though.

>> No.28662194

Simic's not red while Izzet is.

That right there I think is the distinguishes the two scientific factors.

>> No.28662197

Didn't koth go kamikaze and blow up elesh

>> No.28662202

Oil didn't used to be some stupid Borg virus or what ever it is now, it was just their blood.

See? They've already done it.

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File: 1.85 MB, 1149x826, Phyrexian---Glissa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blame /tg/'s oddly specific fetishes for that.

There are plenty of other qt Phyrexian waifus that get no love at all.

>> No.28662216

why is she an outcast?

>> No.28662223

Simic deals with life (and by extension medicine), izzet deals with explosions and being steampunk.

>> No.28662228

She was born with no metal in her body, all mirrans are part metal. Because of this the oil doesnt have anything to nuzzle up to on her and she can somehow cure those that are infected

>> No.28662230

Apparently, he failed to actually kill anyone important.

>> No.28662232

Anon I sincerely hope WoTC is somehow in this thread and stealing this idea. I need this to happen. I need to play the Blue/White Phyrexian guild.

>> No.28662233

>If no-one on Ravnica finds a good solution to an increasing amount of oil being created then they lose the long game.
Jace will solve it.

>> No.28662244

Before the Phyrexians showed up she was that weird freak with no metal parts

This is roughly equivalent to being born without any fingernails on our world.

>> No.28662247

So entirely organic people are not very vulnerable to the oil?

>> No.28662274

The oil was what was causing Mirrans to be part metal in the first place.

No. She's just immune for some reason.

>> No.28662287

What about all the other planes Karn Visited when he was doing his cosmic tourism thing? Wouldn't all of them have a good chance of having some phyrexian presence on them? Maybe not as much as Mirrodin did, since Karn created the entire thing. But out there in the universe, there should be some phyrexians, probably with vastly different methods and beliefs than the Mirrodin based ones.

Well of course. Blue is the noblest, most powerful color, it's scion is thus the noblest, most powerful hero.

>> No.28662295

yes. yes everyone on this bread hopefully realizes that ravnican's are organic. deal with it

nah the mirrans had metal since karn birthed the world

>> No.28662317

what if there are sliver-phyrexians out there somewhere?

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I'm suspecting that the Phyrexians complete what Memnarch was trying to achieve all along, and turn the entire planet into a planeswalking machine to become an invasion nexus.

>> No.28662331

Yes. Old Phyrexians are too, but their waifu is Yawgmoth.

>> No.28662337

Organic people can still be infected/converted by the oil, it just takes more time and greater exposure.

>> No.28662350

But that's wrong

When Karn birthed the world, there weren't ANY creatures except the blink moths. Memnarch brought them to
Mirrodin using the soul traps, at which point they were unaltered fleshy beings. The same oil which corrupted Memnarch started turning the metal world organic, an the imported organically metal.

Seriously, this is the goddamn intro to the first Mirrodin book. Read them.

>> No.28662369


>> No.28662396

>What retcon?
It used to be just oil, it didn't auto-convert anything. You needed vat-priests to insert it into people's veins, along with a host of other necrocybersurgical procedures.

>> No.28662403

We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

>> No.28662406

As long as no-one knows, they'll never get off their plane. Any planeswalker that visits must never leave, lest one escape with him or the temptation to summon one for battle grows too strong.

But of course, there'a other things than can move through the Blind Eternities, things that might see such a world as ripe for the feasting. Who knows what would happen if the Eldrazi found such a world...

>> No.28662420

Eldrazi vs Sliverexians

now THAT would be one hell of a fucking block

>> No.28662428

It had been inside a planeswalker, swilled around the Mirari, and had decades to seep and change.

>> No.28662443

phyrexians are actually just slivers. They aren't complaet yet and that's why they are so crazy about it, they think the world isn't complaet when it's just them that's why slivers were given the edgy new art, to help explain how phyrexians become perfect

>> No.28662450

>People don't keep their ideologies when they become complaet

Well then it wouldn't really be the Gruul or Rakdos joining them, it'd just be a group of people formerly associated with the Gruul or Rakdos.

>> No.28662456

So THAT's why they look so different now.

>> No.28662463

If they fluffed like that, sure, whatever. Acknowledging it having had been in the Mirari might actually make that clever - the Mirari caused one last fuck up! But no, now it's always been this way.

>> No.28662471


Nope, sorry, they look different because MUH MARKET RESEARCH.

>> No.28662481

Cite this claim. It's never happened to my knowledge.

>> No.28662486

Kami-Eldrazi born when the Eldrazi consumed Kamigawa's spirit world.

They can have abilities that trigger "Whenever you cast an Eldrazi or Trap spell" and splice onto Trap instants can be their secondary mechanic. Eventually they develop a new keyword, essenceshift, which returns an Eldrazi with a greater converted mana cost from the graveyard.

>> No.28662488
File: 216 KB, 620x481, 324_crucibleofworlds[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd love to see Phyrexians perfect the Rathi invasion scheme and start firing Phyrexian mini-planes into opposing planes machine-gun style

>> No.28662514

No, that anon's wrong. If ideology didn't matter, SOM wouldn't have seen people voluntarily joining them, and red and white races would have been compleated as easily as green and black ones.

Did they say it's always been this way, or have they just not commented?

>> No.28662544

>swilled around the Mirari
Oh right.
That actually makes it make sense. Fuck the Mirari.

Where even is it in the current canon, do we know?

>> No.28662578

>Where even is it in the current canon, do we know?
New phyrexia, possibly geth. Some overpowered artifact that was used to create holes to other worlds.

"The Gitaxians whisper among themselves of other worlds. If they exist, we must bring Phyrexia's magnificence to them."

>> No.28662660

Karn left it with some prominent folks on the plane, who are now compleated.

So New Phyrexia is actually probably fucked.

>> No.28662746

I think it's implied to have been a change. Story wise it makes sense. Karn had a phyrexian core from the start of his creation. He is a phyrexian. And now he's the first phyrexian planeswalker. It would make sense that the oil that was along for the ride might get an upgrade.

>> No.28662756

Sure! The first plane they teleport to is the one inhabited by the Eldrazi.

>> No.28662789

He only got caught by the praetors after losing his spark and he escaped before getting Venser's. He's not phyrexian and planeswalkers still can't be phyrexian (because phyrexians can't have a spark).

>> No.28662813

The Eldrazi inhabit a plane? I thought they floated aroudn between planes normally, like jellyfish.

>> No.28662820

>the oil doesn't properly corrupt them because of extraplanar interferance
>the eldrazi form a symbiotic relationship with the oil and those touched by it
>eldritch techno-horrors
Fuck. Where's Urza again?

>> No.28662823

>because phyrexians can't have a spark
says who, ya dingus

>> No.28662836

>Jellyfish float between planes

Fuck I'm never going in the sea again.

>> No.28662837

>phyrexians can't have a spark
Why not?

>> No.28662851

And when he had his spark he traveled the multiverse spreading space aids. He's as phyrexian as they come, he just didn't know it.

>because phyrexians can't have sparks
>because oil was just their blood.

Things change anon, and they usually change after major plot developments. Like say a guy with a phyrexian core becoming a planeswalker.

>> No.28662880

Like, Rosewater, everyone involved in the lore, the novels.


>> No.28662896

[citation needed]

>> No.28662897

She's dead. Died with all the other survivors in the forge when the waifufags' waifu crashed down the doors and won New Phyrexia.

>> No.28662899

Stupid fan boys and fan girls post more shitty waifu uguu~ elesh norn art, only her doing shitty kawaii uguu shit with ravnica stuff thus ruining ravnica.

In Short: Grim Derpness derps up ravnica, and I have to find a new magic setting because little fucking teenage fuckers like guro porn and can't stop fapping. Then eventually there becomes some sort of crazy cross plane final countdown one side wins and then the shit isn't brought up for another ten years.

>> No.28662925

>Did they say it's always been this way, or have they just not commented?
I don't know if they ever said so specifically, but it certainly implied to be.

>> No.28662926
File: 259 KB, 607x800, 1330560926313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best waifu

>> No.28662939


Wow that card sucks ass.

>> No.28662940

Something about the nature of phyrexians means they can't hold a spark. We don't know any more because it's for plot reasons.

This was the case in Yawgmoth's day and is the case for New Phyrexia. It's one of their defining features and it makes them anti-planeswalkers.

It's, like, a huge part of the plot. Like, it's why they used planar portals. Yawgmoth captured a planeswalker and dissected them to try to get the spark, but couldn't.

Search Rosewater's tumblr for "phyrexian" and "planeswalker".

>> No.28662942

nvm found it, they aren't born so they don't have ones, theyre produced and a spark cant be produced
still a dingus though.

>> No.28662955

How was it implied?

Also, this contradicts what >>28662746 said.

>> No.28662961

so much this

>> No.28662962

Karn wasn't born, he was produced, and yet he got a spark for plot reasons

>> No.28662969
File: 948 KB, 800x1130, ssbs__elesh_norn_by_pastelletta-d57gugu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sounds like someone is a bit buttmad.

>> No.28662982

See >>28662350

They've said a million times that the weakness of the Phyrexians is their inability to hold a spark. Try paying attention.

>> No.28662996

No, that's not why, else they'd be able to have sparks transfered to them (like Memnarch wanted to and like both Karn's sparks were). But yeah, it is true that they can't.

Nah, you made a stupid wrong assumption about well-known fact, and now you're even wrong about how you were wrong before. Double dingus.

>> No.28663006

Their weakness? So anyone with a spark is somehow incredibly strong? Please, tell me about the huge effect Tibalt had on Innistrad or Vraska had on Ravnica.

>> No.28663008

He gave the spark to karn. multiple times cause karn breaks his shit all the time
He wasn't produced with one, just given it

>> No.28663016

"there are no Phyrexian planeswalkers" doesn't mean "a Phyrexian can't be a planeswalker". Yawgmoth can't make a spark, but that doesn't mean that somebody with a spark couldn't be compleated. Nothing about phyresis destroys sparks or anything. Hell, the first Phyrexians were basically just cyber punks.

>> No.28663035

Urza already had a spare spark laying around to give Karn. That's not the normal way.

>> No.28663038

>Their weakness? So anyone with a spark is somehow incredibly strong?
Do you understand just what, in the lore, is the difference between a player and a 1/1 Human Wizard token?

It's, you guessed it, having a spark.

>> No.28663050

Growing metal isn't the same as phyresis. That's just the Mirari being the Mirari.

>> No.28663059


At stale plots, over japanification of random shit and the word waifu. Granted, I shouldn't give a fuck because I can't change MTG because it's not what I do for a living nor do I really play standard. Point is, people show up, post random shit that is pretty much boner killing for most people and claim it as best waifu and wonder why people look at them like they are autistic at the shop they play mtg at.

>> No.28663074

Which is why Tibalt is so powerful and profound a being?

>> No.28663075

>Also, this contradicts what >>28662746 # said.

Hence why it is a retcon.

>> No.28663085


No, phhyrexians can't hold sparks. When Yawgmoth captured a planeswalker, he couldn't transfer it to a phyrexian. Planeswalkers can't be compleated while they have a spark (that's how Tezzeret was able to trick them into thinking he was a phyrexian, because anyone where he was without a spark would have been).

>> No.28663094

Hell, Yawgmoth beat an unawakened spark-holder, and only needed treachery and a powerstone dagger to beat a full oldwalker, all around the time he first got his plane.

>> No.28663105

He's a player who made a shitty red deck. What's the difference between a bad player with a shitty deck and a Goblin token?

>> No.28663122

The point was that both of you were just giving anecdotal "I think it's this way" stories, never conclusive.

>> No.28663131

No it's not dipshit. The Mirari had fuck all to do with it. Read the book and stop being ignorant.

>> No.28663139

Niv-Mizzet is watching you fap.

>> No.28663188

Who the fuck is Rosewater?

Also, the Ineffable shame on you for using his name couldn't get the spark inside of himself. Because he thought it was a gland of some kind, or a section of the brain. It was neither.

Although interesting... I wonder... now that the spark has changed...?

I also want them to bring [email protected] back and have him utterly wreck the multiverse.

>> No.28663217


It's a custom version of the original. They tried to make it better. It's still awful.

>> No.28663238


>5 mana
>in a deck that deal damage
>all my nope

It's like they're not even trying.

>> No.28663253

>Who the fuck is Rosewater?
Biggest Troll wotc ever created, even bigger than Thrun.

>> No.28663256


Just because Yawgmoth couldn't do it doesn't mean it couldn't be done. Yawgmoth's sciences and magics could not interact with the spark. That's the reason he couldn't harness its power. It was completely intangible to him. You know to whom it isn't completely intangible to? Planeswalkers.

The Phyrexians may or may not ever find a way to interact with Sparks, but there is always the possibility of outside influence getting involves. We have no evidence to suggest that sparks just fall out of Phyrexian devices. Karn's design included a Phyrexian device and he had a Spark. Even if a fully Phyrexian being can't hold a spark they can keep a neo-walker with only some Phyrexian parts under duress until that person does what is demanded of him/her.

>> No.28663266

>Who the fuck is Rosewater?
nope. How long have you been playing Magic?

Yawgmoth isn't coming back and Phyrexians couldn't and can't hold sparks before and after the Mending. Rosewater says so.

>> No.28663268

The original implied reason (as seen in the Thran) was that Yawgmoth (and the Phyrexians, by extension) are masters of biology and artifice. The spark is neither, and hence is beyond their ability to manipulate.

This is why the best Yawgmoth could ever do against walkers was temptation or brute force.

>> No.28663284

>Just because Yawgmoth couldn't do it doesn't mean it couldn't be done.
Just because Rosewater said it DOES mean it can't be done. /topic.

>> No.28663341
File: 30 KB, 280x383, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>who the fuck is Rosewater
Is this nigga serious

However much you think you know about magic, you pretty much have to know nothing.

>> No.28663362


>b-but muh headcannon!

>> No.28663363


Since 5th ed, actually. I still remember Banding.

That doesn't mean I pay attention to what some random asshole says (you).

Until you can give me the quote where he says "Phyrexian manatech augementations are incompatible with the spark" you're talking out of your ass.

Because let's say we got a walker. He has a spark. A negator priest (special Phyrexians built for fighting old walkers) shoots him with a black mana cannon, and he get's KOed. He wakes up compleated. Why on earth would his spark go away?

>> No.28663422

>I've been playing forever but I know nothing about Rosewater
Way to be a faggot

>> No.28663430

Phyrexians don't need no spark. They simply peal back the aether with science.

>> No.28663455

I don't care how long you've been playing.

There are people I literally taught to play last year who are better informed than you.

>> No.28663462

Depends entirely on how they invade. If I have a handle on the fluff, they have access to Memnarch's soul traps. That seems like the most likely means to me. There hasn't been any mention of them having access to planar portals. Though I'm sure Jin could do it seeing as Venser could. I imagine that they would steal people from other planes with Soul Traps, alter them just enough so that they don't die and their soul falls out. Then they just send them back and let the oil finish its work. Those agents of Phyrexia do their thing in the shadows until the infection properly takes hold.

If they just use portals than subterfuge is out the window and the Azorious and Boros would render all the area immediately around those portals into a no-mans land. They have enough firepower to obliterate anything that comes through. Wrath effect, burn, detention spheres. Not even a Blightsteel Colossus could make its way into the city.

>> No.28663492

>Until you can give me the quote where he says "Phyrexian manatech augementations are incompatible with the spark" you're talking out of your ass.
Normally I'd do this for the simple pleasure of spreading knowledge, but you're such an idiot, and such an asshole about your idiocy, that you don't deserve it.

>He wakes up compleated.
No he doesn't. Because he's a planeswalker.

>> No.28663500
File: 181 KB, 480x680, Phyrexian Obliterator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Negators have been phased out and replaced with a new model. Behold, the iPhyrexia 5.

>> No.28663510

I would imagine Karn removed/destroyed the soul traps went he sent everybody home, but I suppose they never actually said so.

And god knows they did retcon what the book DID say about sending everyone home hard enough that it doesn't matter.

>> No.28663511

What basically happens is a lot of hub-bub that doesn't matter, the designers will get bored, move onto something else while promising to 'finish up later' and forget about that plot in a year and handwave the status quo being maintained.

So buy more cards.

>> No.28663524


I don't CARE. I don't care if he's the CEO of Hasbro. Wait, isn't he the guy in charge of the creative department? Is that the asshole?

Yeah, he's basically a dumbass, who can't keep his own shit straight, and bends over backwards for the marketing people. I have no respect for him ever since the WoTC imageboard wiped the "Continuity" forum, and I had to move to Phyrexia.com



You infidels.

>> No.28663528

>the ΦRexia 5
>new complaetion apps!
>Fun for the whole family!

>> No.28663537
File: 8 KB, 130x121, 1280294624365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If Memnarch was able to use Mirrodin to transfer creature from other planes to inhabit his own, then couldn't the New Phyrexians use Mirrodin to spread their plague across the multiverse?

I mean, the Mirari is still stuck in Mirrodin, right?

>> No.28663559

Whoops. Meant фRexia

>> No.28663566

>I ignore the creative director of the game I'm talking about and still expect to be taken seriously

>> No.28663586

But anon, we have to take him seriously because HE CAN TYPE AT US IN ALL CAPS!

>> No.28663615


>> No.28663621

So, what you're saying is that you're talking out of your ass. Gotcha.


You KNOW that's how they're going to invade our world.

>*clicks and hisses*
>Buy our new mechanically augmented LiePod
>Be cooler than Macfags

>> No.28663628


I'm on your side and all man but how the hell do you not know that having a spark makes you immune to the conversion process if you have been playing for this long. If it was that simple than we'd have a Phyrexian planeswalker by now because Yawgmoth had Dyfed completely at his mercy.

>> No.28663642

Speaking of creepy little machines, whatever became of teh Myr?

>> No.28663648

Once again - if he agreed to the Continuity part of the forums to be shut down - if you even know what this is, then I can completely disregard anything he says.

>> No.28663654

They come in in a time of unrest and squabbling, with Jace off on some extraplanar mission. The Phyrexians crush all meaningful resistance in record time, despite having little to no contact with the Mirran Phyrexians (the method of invasion turns out to be a one-way trip.)
As the Phyrexians, in their firm position of dominance, slowly rebuild the city of Ravnica in their image, they forget or, quite possibly, completely fail to notice one thing. A mighty enchantment scribed into the very fabric of the city. Though the guilds as they were have fallen, the Guildpact still stands.
Just as Mirrodin's five mana suns shaped a divided Phyrexia of white, of blue, of black, of red, and of green, the Guildpact shapes a Phyrexian city of ten squabbling Guilds.

>> No.28663674

>I'm bitter about something
>This means I can ignore the head designer

>> No.28663693

Alright, so future crossovers I'd like to see:

1) Eldrazi invades Kamigawa
2) Phyrexia invades Ravnica

>> No.28663701


BAM: http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/53575750879/could-a-planeswalker-from-phyrexia-cost-phyrexian-mana

Though Its not much of a weakness as >>28663430 points out.

>> No.28663710

Once again, quote book and verse at me. Back when the Ineffable was blendering her brain, he didn't have the full compleation process down yet. He actually had to do the surgeries himself. It's been a while since I read the Thran.

>> No.28663714

>what you're saying is that you're talking out of your ass.
Yup. It's all true. I was just lying.

The whole "phyrexians can't have the spark" thing was just a silly mistake that I ran with, because I was too ashamed to admit being wrong.

All those other people who agreed with me and called you a faggot? They were me samefagging, or users I'd tricked somehow into thinking I knew the game better than you do, with all your experience, ever since banding.

I tried to get out of providing citations for my bullshit, but you stuck at it, and at this point I think I just need to come clean and admit nobody ever said that.

Sorry for lying.

>> No.28663746

It's okay, they'll change it as an actual retcon just as soon as they can tell a better story that way.

Besides, custom sets and fanfics can always have exceptions. It's not like canon doesn't do that all the time, like Melira.

This. Totally this.

>> No.28663750


Okay. I will admit to being wrong about that.

Though my question still stands - if you've got a walker who becomes compleated, what then? Is the spark just naturally incompatbile with compleation?

>> No.28663797

I'm under the impression all or most methods of compleation involve killing the prospective Phyrexian first. Your spark does not survive your death, even if your soul does.

>> No.28663826

I just want more white phyrexia. Not for norn, but for seeing how their fanatical traits affect different worlds.

>> No.28663854

In particular, I want to see how it works with Selesnya.

I imagine that the guild would have some serious synergy with the Machine Orthodox.

>> No.28663878


It would seem they are not compatible according to some of the comments on the same page. Though those are not official statements so take them with a grain of salt.

>> No.28663887

>Phyrexian samurai from Scars of Kamigawa
>Phyrexian Orzhov from New Ravnica
>Phyrexian kithkin thoughtwefts from Lorwyn Besiged

>> No.28663913

Does it? I thought part of the big deal was that you're alive for the whole procedure? Plus were there actually any Phyrexian undead?

>> No.28663962


The only reason we know that is because of a mandate from the lead designer. In-universe we don't know why. All we know is that a Planeswalker has never been successfully completed. That when Yawgmoth had a planeswalker on a slab for dissection he couldn't compleat her. We also don't know if the changes in the Spark with the neowalkers have changed the rules. I suspect that the Spark is inherently connected to the soul and the process of compleation effectively kills the person and the soul departs.

Though with what we know about Karn there are probably plenty of work-arounds to the problem. Coercion, mind control, implanting phyrexian parasites within the flesh of the planeswalker so they carry them while they planeshift. Neowalkers aren't much compared to Oldwalkers after all.

>> No.28663987

I know the Machine Orthodoxy generally takes a sledgehammer to your ribcage then puts you back together (better) from the scattered pieces. And yeah, there were a bunch of Phyrexian zombies (pretty much their signature creature type back in the day, I think) plus some vampires like the Chancellor of the Dross. And I figure a lot of fleshy Phyrexians are zombies in the same sense the skaabs of Innistrad are, at the very least.

>> No.28664012


Sounds plausible enough.

Though from what you mentioned I will take it a bit further.. It's thought that the Spark cannot be transferred. This is untrue, as seen with Urza and then Karn.

Then, Karn had a Phyrexian heart. And he held the spark.

>> No.28664040

ravinica has the 10 guilds
and there are the remaining mirrians
Karn could come into play at some point
and then there's Jace, Ral, Vraska, Koth, Gideon, Elspeth, and Tezzeret who possibly would com into play most of whom would be fighing for ravnica

lets face it if it came to a war Phyrexia would have met its match

and whats worse for them is that at least 4 of the 10 guilds would probably turn the there own oil against them

>> No.28664059


A huge portion of biological tissue present in Phyrexians is animated by Necromancy. Most of it even. They grow people in pods and then harvest them for parts. Sometimes those parts still need to be alive, sometimes they are just magic-ed into working. Regardless of whether the material is still undergoing cellular respiration or not, you couldn't consider those bits alive and with a soul any more than you could consider discarded fingernail clippings, amputated body parts or preserved organs intended for transplants the same.

>> No.28664091

Remember that new Simic is all hippies and has no virus/plague creation.

>> No.28664115


However, Karn was never completed.

>> No.28664133

I vaguely remember hearing about Momir Vig getting into that sort of thing while in the process of going nutso. I could be wrong about that though.
But yeah, that's mostly the Golgari Swarm's job.

>> No.28664175

>ravinica has the 10 guilds
At least 3 of those guilds would be infected before the invasion even officially started.

>> No.28664277


Why is pyramid head a chick now?

>> No.28664288

and the very second 4 of the guilds learned of the oil they would immediately study and find a way to use it against them
think for a minute all the shit the 10 guilds create when they are fighting each other could you imagine what would happen if even 7 of them worked together

>> No.28664323

It's really more like a boomerang than a pyramid.

>> No.28664361


Speaking of old versus new Simic, does anybody else feel that both incarnations are a complete waste of the blue/green color combination? Old Simic just felt like a retread of Izzet. Blue represents the quest for knowledge and green represents the natural order. The blue in the old Simic completely perverted the green.

I believe that instead of doctors and magical biologists, Simic should have been natural philosophers and historians. Dedicated to trying to understand the natural order and going boldly into places that have crumbled with time to preserve the information as to what they used to be. That would have been a proper meshing of blue and green.

What I'm saying is that Simic should have been the guild of Indiana Jones and Steve Zissou rather than the guild of Dr. Frankenstein. Don't get me started on the generic crap of the new Simic.

>> No.28664450


They have less time and lesser minds than what was available to Tolaria.

>> No.28664510

Girdle of Oppose Gender.

>> No.28664546

>lesser minds

And Lazav, the Obzedat, Isperia and Zegana are all masterminds too.

>> No.28664681

I'm not very knowledgeable on pre-Mending lore but wasn't Dominaria consistently getting fucked up by ice age-inducing nuclear explosions, time rifts, magical mutations, and planar collisions among other things? I imagined the Tolarian resistance as being somewhat cobbled together

>> No.28664748

I am fapping to this

>> No.28664985

Okay, but how does that compare to a roughly ~3000 year old old 'walker, and his buddies who are just as older.

The fight between Urza and the Ineffable was basically two chessmasters going JUST AS PLANNED at one another. It just so happened that the Ineffable was also a good psychologist - something that Urza wasn't.

>> No.28665057

Trying to save Mirrodin because they're one of the few things that can't be infected because of plot reasons, I think.

At least all the Myr are Mirran.

>> No.28665067

Isn't Niv-Mizzet 10,000 years old? Or rather, was already a mastermind and guild leader 10,000 years ago.

As well as being the smartest entity on the plane, and not just a tiny bit smarter than others, but whole leagues smarter. With all the libraries and arcane universities a plane-worth of city and two colors worth of minions can provide him.

>> No.28665108

Niv-Mizzet and Rakdos are two of the signatures on the Guild Pact.

Also, what about all the shit on Ravnica that has Protection from Monocolored?

>> No.28665130

Karn wasn't a walker when he was corrupted - he gave up his spark to deal a rift. They cured his corruption by giving him a spark.

Having a part that happened to be part of a Phyrexian at one pint did not make him a Phyrexian. Also, the spark prevented his corruption. This is why he freaked out the moment he lost his spark, and why a spark instantly removed all traces of phyresis from him.

>> No.28665133

And anyone saying that Rakdos would be all for it... probably not. They'd flip their shit with everyone being a buncha Azorius like order zombies as one anon already said.

>> No.28665155

Hardly. I think you underestimate the scale of Urza's preparations.

>> No.28665184

>confusing fluff with mechanic
I bet you think some random assassin could kill Emrakul too

>> No.28665197

my dick explodes

>> No.28665210

you do know we are talking about "new" phyrexia right
I can only assume you are referring to Yawgmoth
Yawgmoth died a long time ago

not to mention the dozen walkers that will be fighting for ravnica

>> No.28665259

I still maintain that Sheoldred is going to become the new red praetor. Urabrask has been corrupted and with all the thanes constantly trying to overthrow Sheoldred I could imagine one almost killing her and her little worm body being separated from the tank thing she rides in. Barely alive she escapes to the furnace and finds Urabrask slacking off/showing empathy causing her to get proper pissed.

I don't know what this would have to do with Ravnica but praetor threads are rare these days.

>> No.28665272
File: 224 KB, 600x439, stf141_jor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

working on it

>> No.28665282

Neo-Phyrexia does not began to compare to old Phyrexia, no matter how much power creep and retcon bullshit they have. I'm sure the plot will put them there eventually, but they're small time atm.

>> No.28665288

They also had oldwalkers on their side though. Barrin could probably have conquered Ravnica on his own if he was so inclined.

>> No.28665296

So I'm the type of guy who loves theme decks. I happened to get an Elesh norn in a recent trade and wanted to build a deck that would fit her perfectly. Not just in a mechanical sense, but in a "this is the kind of deck she'd support" sort of way. If possibly I plan on getting a vorniclex an doing the same thing, but for right now I want to focus on Norn and her fanatical antics.

Any suggestiosn

>> No.28665310


O-oh. S-sorry.

The Father of Machines will rise again!

Does anybody have an e-book version of the Thran?

>> No.28665328

Taxes, breaking spirit.
Suture Priest
Isolation Cell
Due Respect
Blind Obedience
Lapse of Certainty
Priests of Norn
Arrest and similar variants.

>> No.28665356

No he couldn't have. He could have razed the Tenth, certainly, but he couldn't conquer the whole thing.

he also just a mortal, though.

>> No.28665383

No he won't.

He's dead and gone. Forever. Seriously, forever.

Magic doesn't want to be comic books. When someone is dead, he stays dead, no matter how much we may miss them.

>> No.28665396

Sorry bro, Melira's dead as a doornail along with every other member of the Mirran resistance except for Elspeth.

>> No.28665403

I see your point an am reluctantly forced to agree.

But the Ineffable would make be so much better as a BBEG for the MTG universe than that faggot Bolas.

>> No.28665412

>The Father of Machines will rise again!
and on that note

karn still exists
there's always bolas who I would assume would do something because even he has a reason to be concerned where Yawgmoth is involved

>> No.28665447

actually many of them aren't confirmed dead
and there is karn you know the guy who made mirrodin. not that he'd make another but he's not exactly pleased with the way things turned out

>> No.28665541
File: 64 KB, 648x479, plague-myr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all the Myr are Mirran.

>> No.28665584

On myr is infected, that means all the myr are infected.

>> No.28665627

>implying anything will remain uninfected

It's really not feasible. Mirrodin is dead, sorry broseph.

>> No.28665635
File: 68 KB, 620x453, ichorclaw myr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, a few myr have been infected.

>> No.28665810
File: 72 KB, 414x305, hovermyr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Though actually not all of them.

>> No.28665842

So, is getting Phyrexian'd a generally good thing, or is it an undesirable fate?

>> No.28665877

Depends on how averse to pain you are and how much you value all the qualities that make you you rather than some sort of horrifying zombie nightmare machine.

>> No.28665944

I dunno, do you value not dying? Because the first step in the usual process is tearing you apart. This usually kills you.

>> No.28665963

And before you ask, no, they don't bring you back.

>> No.28665980

Well, you might just be infected by the most horrible disease imaginable. Then dying is the LAST step, not the first one.

>> No.28666014

probably because they all had the same presence of mind, being all of black mana. the availability of the other 4 sources fragmented the phrexian forces, dividing them into 5 separate factions (maybe 4 now, if urabask is dead - which would suck because he could have sparked a phrexian civil war).

>> No.28666069

>Would Norn bother with such underhanded tactics?
"Conniving and wise, Elesh Norn maintains an appearance of Phyrexian grace and respectability at all times, but secretly she manipulates Phyrexian dogma and the interpretations of the Argent Etchings to suit her own ends."
There's precedence enough to suggest she might in fact be that sneaky.

>> No.28666090

The vast majority of Phyrexians are basically slaves with no free will. And the conversion process generally involves being flayed and having your organs removed and replaced with spike mechanical bits, all without anesthesia.

So unless that's your thing, you probably wouldn't like it.

>> No.28666120

It's more like because Yawgmoth was an unquestionable leader with an absolute will that could not be denied. Even in his babby stages, when he was still learning to control Phyrexia, Rebecca could only successfully betray him by abusing his trust and his power.

They also don't have the advantage of several millenia of accrued bio-engineering knowledge, on top of the technology of the most technologically advanced society in magic's history, stolen straight from the mind of their greatest genius, as a STARTING POINT.

>> No.28666162
File: 103 KB, 620x453, Glissa corrupted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glissa for Praetor.

>> No.28666287

To be fair Old Phyrexia also had Yawg.

Also the Plot Oil is much stronger than it seems.

>> No.28666521

Funny thing is as long as someone reasonably powerful, and had the general sentiment of take over the multiverse emerged, AND could keep their free will after drinking the Phyrexian cool aid. Phyrexia would pretty much bow.
Norn is the most powerful faction at this point, and one of Elesh's characteristics is that she will serve faithfully the Father of Machines, who so ever that might be.

For all we know Bolas might just come and take over one day (or maybe Zombie Venser)

>> No.28666570

>Also the Plot Oil is much stronger than it seems.

Eh, Venser was kind of a bitch. Phyrexian bolas would be dumb but a credible threat.

>> No.28666602

Why did Elesh Norn invade?

Aren't the Phyrexians on the same side?

>> No.28666685

"When the Mirran resistance arrived, the furnace dwellers looked to Urabrask for guidance. His decree stunned the others: 'Let them be.'"

>> No.28666687

Electric bugaloo?

>> No.28666731

Not at all.

The Praetors all want control. It's a power struggle, pure and simple.

>> No.28666740

Yeah, but why does she give a fuck? Doesn't she have other things to do like 'perfect' her fucking murder machines?

She already knows they are great at raping mirrans.


>> No.28666744

Venser was building a second Weatherlight If the Phyrexian's can somehow extract the info from his brain (which I'm pretty sure is still intact) it could explain seeing them outside Mirrodin.

Same side, but all are fighting to be top-dog while not explicitly being the FOM (since the other 4 would suddenly work together to stop that).

She found out from Gin that Ur was hiding Infidels and she did not take kindly to that.

>> No.28666774

While they'd happily take the info, I doubt they'd want him as a father of machines. They'd take what he has to offer, then cut him up and dump him in the vats to be recycled.

>> No.28666775

I just picked up magic as RtR was in standard and mostly play EDH, who the fuck is rosewater, and can you give me a link to some lore? I LOVE me sum flavorful shit

>> No.28666785

Dude. She's a Phyrexian. Of the Machine Orthodoxy no less.
All Will (and Must) Be One. Urabrask chose to interfere with that.

>> No.28666822

So that's why they're afraid of Yawgmoth.

>> No.28666945

Rosewater is magic's head designer. He's very vocal about the game and writes a shit ton, mostly about the design of the game. You can find his blog here:

He also writes a weekly column on wizard's magic website, which is often called the Mothership. You can find a bunch of other cool columns there too, about flavor, decks, whatever. Note that most of it isn't very competitively useful.

One of the head creative guys. Doug Beyer, also has a blog:

Old lore can be found here. It's cool, but pretty irrelevant to the modern story.

There's no centralized depository of modern lore, sadly, but you can find some decent explanations of modern magic's storyline on MtG Salvation's wiki, along with brief explanations of older stuff.

>> No.28667167

Thanks dude, some guy had mentioned he was a giant troll, so I figured he was a card I hadn't heard about. I appreciate the effort to point me in the right direction.

>> No.28667218

There's a card with that's named after his nickname but it's an elemental.

>> No.28667242
File: 33 KB, 223x310, maro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People refer to him as MaRo a lot (Mark Rosewater)

>> No.28667346

See, that would be all well and good if not for the fact that MaRo has explicitly said that Indiana Jones is UR and Dr. Frankenstein is UG. The first time around at least.
At the very end of these articles.


>> No.28667427

There's pretty much nothing green about Dr. Jones.

I would personally find Frankstein to be UB, wonder what the rationale behind UG is.

>> No.28667471

Urabrask was more about isolation and didn't seem interested in conquest, though.

>> No.28667485

Urabrask wasn't interested in conquest, true, but he had to oppose anyone else becoming Father of Machines, lest his precious independence be endangered.

>> No.28667585

Artificial (U) Evolution (G) is about as UG as it gets.

The new Simic are really boring though.

>> No.28667596

On the topic of Urabrask, I really wish they had more of him.

Both he and Elesh Norn were the most interesting Praetors in my opinions, just because of how alien the Red and White colors are to something like Phyrexia. The juxtaposition both of those factions just fascinates me to no end.

>> No.28667606

>There's pretty much nothing green about Dr. Jones.
He wants to preserve. Green is the color of preservation and keeping things how they are. Other colors want to change things; green things things should only change as much as they change themselves.

>wonder what the rationale behind UG is.
Monsters = green. Simple of that.

Why would you say black, though?

>> No.28667646


You and me both. It's a shame one of them had to decimate the other.

>> No.28667718

Yeah, Doctor Jones is pretty solidly UR.

And as to why Frankenstein isn't UB or GB, that's actually addressed in the article. He was doing what he did not out of self interest or because it would do anything for him but because he thought that by obtaining a greater understanding of human physiology through the construction of the monster he could help mankind. He's UG because U: he's in it for the knowledge, not the power, and G: He wants knowledge not as an abstract, but of the natural processes of our world, specifically the human body.

The reason Jones isn't green is because his motivation isn't strictly the preservation of those artifacts, it's the Joy of discovery. In MaRo's words "Indiana Jones is an interesting mix. He's an archeologist because he clearly has a quest for knowledge, yet he has a great passion for what he does. Even more so, he makes many decisions based on emotion. It is this combination of a desire to learn with a need to do things his way that lands him in the Red/Blue camp."
When talking about the color of non-MTG characters, Motivation is the most important feature, since that ties in most heavily to philosophy.

>> No.28667733

Well, we can't be sure that Urabrask is dead, and not, say, in hiding somewhere alongside the remaining Mirran rebels. Unless I forgot some explicit part in that one Uncharted Realms.

>> No.28667832

Personally, I was expecting (an am still expecting) Jin-Gitaxias to get assassinated.

>> No.28668119

Honestly, Phyrexia invading would work up until it stops being hidden political intrigue and starts turning into actual warfare. Whatever advantages Phyrexia appears to have, Ravnica basically has twice as many.

>Powerful Praetors leading the action?
There's ten guildmasters, most of them are at least on par with a Praetor for how flippin' powerful or crazy their are.
>Armies of machines
Armies of soldiers, giants, beasts, spirits, elementals, thrulls, plant zombies, mutant beasts and more. It's true that Phyrexia is known to take prisoners for conversion, but with the rate at which the Ravnicans are likely going to recycle their dead in response, it sort of levels out the advantage.
>Organized, blanketing invasion
These aren't a bunch of Mirran tribes spread out to their own lands, then forced to defend for themselves. Ravnica is a city where the presense of all ten guilds meshes throughout. If you want to take over a single district, you're going to be fighting all ten guilds for that turf at once. You can't even keep your attack plans secret anyway, because House Dimir is GOING to find out anything you're hiding.

Also, this may or may not mean anything:
>The Guildpact is in effect
This noise effects the whole plane. Whether that means the Phyrexians can be shut out is qusetionable at best, but unlikely. However, Jace can make calls on what Ravnicans are permitted to do that they normally aren't to increase the potential havoc the guilds could unleash on the Phyrexians.

>> No.28668643

Most of the guild masters couldn't take a praetor, not even close.

Whichever bitch angel is leading the Boros could take one, and Rakdos could stomp somewhere between 0 and 2, depending on how resourceful his opponents are. The ghost council could maybe, depends how strong they are when not using jew magics. Niv could hold his own. The rest would get fucked. Note - speaking fluff, not card stats.

>> No.28668672

Azorius investigates. Investigators don't come back. They wall off the area and arrest anyone they suspect may be remotely involved before tossing them into the walled area. Supreme Verdict the whole motherfucker into Aether.

>> No.28668956

>What about all the other planes Karn Visited when he was doing his cosmic tourism thing? Wouldn't all of them have a good chance of having some phyrexian presence on them? Maybe not as much as Mirrodin did, since Karn created the entire thing. But out there in the universe, there should be some phyrexians, probably with vastly different methods and beliefs than the Mirrodin based ones.
Welcome to Elspeth's backstory. She was born on a plane with Phyrexians, but she is not from Mirrodin.

>> No.28669097

The head designer of the game is not the man in charge of the forums. Are you serious?

>> No.28670416

All in all, it was a good thread, thanks /tg/

>> No.28670704
File: 76 KB, 648x484, dimirstone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guild Reactions to Phyrexian invasion:

Dimir: Buy in early to become Phyrexian leaders.
Orzhov: Join for the corrupting absolute power.
Izzet: Uses Izzet tech to win battles, then falls to infection while tinkering with Phyrexian technology.
Golgari: Infected early, sort of indifferent.

Rakdos: Joined for the fashion, stayed for the bloodshed, kicked out for being uncontrollable.

Azorius: Resist on principle and out of vanity.
Simic: Uses Bioscience to defeat the infection

Obviously, the black-aligned guilds fall in closest with Phyrexia and WRG resists the most. I'm gonna call the war in favor of Ravnica, because of population density, the city environment and the guild system. You'd have pockets of resistance everywhere and the word would spread quickly. You'd basically have to sneak-attack the entire plane to get it done quickly.

>> No.28672926

By, say, overlaying your plane on to theirs and instantly deploying mass numbers of troops?

Also Orzhov probably wouldn't want to join. They're all about the power of debt, contracts, and money. None of these exist in Ravnica. The only guild I really see joining is Golgari, and even then their leadership wouldn't like it.

>> No.28672944

>spirit of ravnica now resides in jace
>jace hulked out and defeat all praetors
>jace absorbs em, turned into mecha jace but still pure inside (speshul snowflake rule)
>jace now controls both ravnica and phyrexia
wotc will push for this to happen

>> No.28674543

Die Krabben (Brachyura) – auch echte Krabben oder Kurzschwanzkrebse – sind mit ca. 6800 Arten die größte Infraordnung der Ordnung Zehnfußkrebse. Die meisten Arten leben im Meer, einige aber auch im Süßwasser oder an Land. Krabben haben einen zu einer kurzen Schwanzplatte umgebildeten Hinterleib (Pleon), der umgeklappt unter dem Kopfbruststück (Cephalothorax) liegt – der Zwischenraum dient bei den Weibchen als Brutraum.
Die männlichen Begattungsorgane (Gonopoden) der Krabben leiten sich von doppelästigen Spaltfüßen ab, welch letztere sich bei den Weibchen noch als Pleopoden finden (diese werden bei der Brutpflege eingesetzt und können hunderttausende von Eiern tragen). Bei den Männchen sind Pleopoden rückgebildet oder ganz verschwunden. Nur die beiden ersten Pleopodenpaare sind regelmäßig als Gonopoden erhalten: Das erste Paar ist röhrenartig, das zweite meist fadenförmig und in der Röhre des ersten gelegen, vermutlich nach einem Kolben-Pumpen-Prinzip. Das erste Beinpaar des Rumpfes ist zu großen Scheren umgebildet, die Augen sitzen auf Stielen. Krabben können bemerkenswert schnell seitwärts laufen („Krebsgang“).
Einige Krabbenarten gelten als Delikatesse, vor allem Taschenkrebse, Tiefseekrabben und die japanischen Riesenkrabben.
Auch diverse andere Krebsarten haben einen krabbenähnlichen Körperbau und werden dementsprechend so genannt, insbesondere die Familie der Stein- und Königskrabben. In der Küchensprache sind mit Krabben üblicherweise Garnelen, speziell Nordseegarnelen gemeint.

>> No.28674599

Mind Sculptor gets reprinted and remains unbanned in standard on the grounds of card pool size, MaRo found dead shortly after.

>> No.28674621

Why the balls are you talking about crabs?

>> No.28674677
File: 131 KB, 620x462, All Phyrexian germ-vehicles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rav loses. Period. Because that's the plot point we as players decided for the Phyrexians: That they are unstoppable.

Really until you come to the match up of "Phyrexia vs Eldrazi," Phyrexians win against everything else. That is their new "Schit" that they are unstoppable.

Stopping the Phyrexia is going to take a large plot point dictated by wizards now (Or another voting event).

>> No.28674701


Phyrexia isn't unstoppable, just incredibly powerful. A single Eldrazi would wipe them out with a sneeze.

>> No.28674812

Did you finish reading his post at all? Or did you just not understand that. He mentioned that already.

>> No.28674829

What about the Slivers?

>> No.28674895


cause crabs are awesome.

Even if there aren't many cards of them.

>> No.28675440

Did we even vote? I mean by the time SoM was released NP was already in print. Did we have a voting earlier than that? Did you actually by into the choose a side hype?

That said I otherwise agree with your post.

Also since there are phyrexians in other planes I wonder if any will find the incomplete weatherlight

>> No.28675642

The amount of plot bullshit that would have to happen for Ravnica to lose is immense, oil or no.

>> No.28676182

>Selesnya not joining Phyrexia
>Simic not joining Phyrexia
Come on. The Selesnya are basically already Ravnica's Phyrexia, minus infection and artifice.

If New Phyrexia's anything to go by, green is at least as readily compleated as black.

>> No.28676619

Green and white are traditionally Black's enemies. That counts for something, even in a block where black is absorbing the other colors.

Simic is biological science - evolution. They might be tempted by Phyrexian tech but would be repulsed by the means of implementing it. That's why Izzet would eventually become Compleat.

If Selesnya is not against Phyrexia, then who the hell would be?

>> No.28677640

>That counts for something
Nope, Ravnica ignores enemy colors and Phyrexia isn't about traditional ally/enemy relationships.

>even in a block where black is absorbing the other colors.
That's not how Phyrexia works.

>> No.28677661

>but would be repulsed by the means of implementing it.
That's bullshit with no reasoning behind it.

>If Selesnya is not against Phyrexia, then who the hell would be?
The nine guilds that care more about individuality, perhaps?

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