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How did Little Jim the Human convince the Dread Sharks to let them join their pirate fleet? Aren't pirate sharks notoriously xenophobic?

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Are you blind?

Mermaid poon, son. Right there on his shoulder.

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But can they see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

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They are bigger cutebolds

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Cutebolds are the biggest faggots, so no. Also sharks hate getting their nose touched.

They love belly rubs, though.

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the reason they go tonic with the noserubs is they're willing t stop swimming to get more noserubs because it feels so good. hell your video says they love noserubs.

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>Implying cutebolds are not the best for nose-rubs.

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because little Jim isn't called "Little" for his size, but for the size he makes his victims into.

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Little Jim the Human has sharks for hands. Respect.

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Delicious Delicious noodles

Fleshy Jimm can cook surprisingly well

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how did that guy fasten his belt with no fingers

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I'd assume somebody else fastened it.

If a fuckhuge land-shark tells you to help him put on his belt, are you going to argue with him?

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I think he has stubby fingers, you just can't see them.

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He does. But he only has two fingers, check the hand holding the merfolk.

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Pirate ships were notoriously multicultural. In a time when most white people has never seen a colored person, pirate ships had blacks, native savages, etc. fully integrated into the crew.

I can only assume this would apply to a fantasy setting as well. Maybe shark-people in general are racists, but their pirates would probably be cool with sailing on a ship full of all sorts of cut-throats.

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i thought that too, but why would a shark-man that massive need pants? he can't use his pockets, his dick is inside of him (i think that's how shark dicks work), and his skin is probably better protection than the pants; i think the shark man just has his pants put on cause he's actually very lonely and likes the interaction with whoever pants his pants on--being a man shark probably is a very isolated life

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Yeah, it looks like it's curved inward to me. I dunno, maybe he also has psionic powers.

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Why do lizardfolk girls wear shirts over their tits, despite not having nipples or nursing their young?

I'd assume he wears pants to be socially accepted by mammalian races.

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but why would he care about being accepted unless he is self conscious?

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That's what they have Jim for.

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Them sharks is crazy, mang...

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Why do I find him so attractive, hmm...

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But everything change that night, when Little Jim got himself a sharkmermaid. And one thing led to another, and Little Jim got a lot of rep in the sea.

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Maybe they do.

Fucking fictional races, how do they work.

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Yeah? But they don't.
Your move.

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That's what he's carrying the mermaid for.

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>shark mermaid
That clearly looks to be a different 'shark' than the sharkman in OP.

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no one posts skad

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>shark man

>he has arms, legs, stands upright, breathes air

>so obviously his dick is exactly like a normal shark

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