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Rolled 7

Warhammer fantasy General

I'm trying to update beastmen, how does it look so far (probably crap right? i dont even have magical items or magic yet)

did the rares go down too much

also if the rules isnt specified in this book, you'll have to either look back at the beastmen book or monstrous arcanum or storm of magic

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oops left a dice roll in for no reason

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I wonder if slayer army will ever come back

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I would like to start playing WHFB, because I played for a long time during 7th, but in 8th skavens turned a bit boring (full hordes all the time it is in fact a bit boring, and they nerfed monks), so now I'm looking for something to play.

I like light calvaries, scouts, flying things, big monsters. I know wood elves would be good, but I do not want to suffer eternally, so I thought about High Elves. Could an army based around shadow warriors, light infantry as troops, and some phoenix and such work?

I also like manticores, but I was told DE heroes and lords with manticores doesn't work that well. Is this true? Because I would leave everything to get a manticore-heavy army.

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Slayers are outcasts and often loners. Even unit of them doesn't make much sense lore-wise, let alone whole army.

In my opinion Slayers would work way better as "upgrade" to standard dwarven units (in way similar to Fanatics and Nasty Skulkers) - unit of Warriors/Quarellers/etc. can be accompanied by up to 2 Slayers. Slayers are part of the unit as Upgrade Characters in a way that Champions are, but they can't get Look-Out Sir and must always issue/accept Challenge when possible.

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>Could an army based around shadow warriors, light infantry as troops, and some phoenix and such work?

>8th edition
>No big 3 units

hahaha I hope you like losing

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> Even unit of them doesn't make much sense lore-wise, let alone whole army.

too bad its in the fluff

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No, I do not. That's what I'm asking you. I understand that I will need some kind of blocks, but I don't want to base my army around that. I would prefer to focus on skirmishers and/or scout units, ligh calvary and flying things. If it is not possible... well, I will look something else up.

Still, a DE army with 3 big blocks, but a 2/3 manticores and some light calvary could work for me. Does this work?

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The problem with Manticore Lords is the problem with all monster rider lords: warmachines will crush them, instagib spells can still murder them, and they're a lot of points invested in a relatively small area. I still run Abyssal Terror Vampire and Carnosaur Oldblood, so I say fuck 'em all, run what you want. But not everybody likes that philosophy.

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HE can work without anvil blocks, but in that case you're not playing to stomp faces with 20:0 wipe but to maneuver, deny points and end up with 12:8 and very frustrated opponent.

>no big 3 units
well, ther is also "the tower of madness" list...

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>deny points
There are points now?

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>tower of madness list
what's in that anon, sounds pretty interesting

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well i'll repost this just for fun
settra train of love list

settra the imperishable
liche priest (hierophant), lore of nehekhara, 2nd level, talisman of preservation
liche priest, lore of nehekhara, 2nd level
bsb tomb herald on chariot with shield and standard of the undying legion
6 chariots, full command
6 chariots, full command
6 chariots, full command
5 horse archers
3 necropolis knights
18 tomb guards with full command

2495 points

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>25% in Lords one of them has Folding Tower
>25% in Heroes
>Great Eagle
>Great Eagle
>custom made 10+ stores Folding Tower
You deploy with the Tower, put everything but Eagles inside and shoot & spam magic at whatever comes in range.
The way rules for "defended building" work there is pretty much no way getting you out.
The reason why the Tower has to be so high is that number of models that can shoot out of it is specified "per floor".
It's very much a "no fun allowed" list, opponent's choices are to remain out of sight/range and end the game in draw or attempt to get you out somehow and most likely fail.

It's the main reason why tourneys often ban Folding Tower.

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fuck I forgot
>rest of the points in one big unit of Archers

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Couldn't a giant just push it down?

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Can Battle Formations be used standalone? Like, could I make a "Vampire Counts" list using only a Restless Dead formation (therefore bypassing the need for a caster?)
Not saying it would be good, but it would be cool.

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Wouldn't a cannon just cause all sorts of hell to that list? Or do you specify a floor you're hitting. Otherwise, everything is taking d6 hits when a cannonball passes through.

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Battle Formations? There was some update I missied?

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First, gaze here:
Now, gaze here:
And finally, for continued goodies, gaze here:

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It says in the rules you can make an army entirely compossed of Battle Formations.

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What? 3.5€?

brb buying it

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Wait, is that basically a "DLC" as we know it from computer games?

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can you put the pdf here too?

>> No.28656979

There is no pdf, only .epub and .mobi

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Hey guys, I'm actually really glad that there's a thread on this. I'm thinking about getting into WHFB, but know literally nothing. Where can I go to read up on fluff and lore and such without paying any money at all?

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just put something
we can convert it into pdf

>> No.28657110

I don't know guys, the fact that you are not willing to pay even 4 pitiful dollars is a bit rustling.

>> No.28657119


I would have but sadly don't have a credit card

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my rule is
don't pay for what you won't use
but I'm curious and I'm the one in my group to actually update the others looking for new rules and background of army we don't play
that's all

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so if you will be so kind to share with /tg/ the pdf we will be thankful for that
if you won't
well at least I tried
have a good day

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Ok I'll just copypaste this, as it is all it's about.

• 1 Wight King
• 1-2 units of Black Knights
• 1-2 units of Grave Guard
• 1-4 units of Skeleton Warriors
Each unit of Skeleton Warriors must include at least twenty models

Death Mission: After both armies have deployed, the player in command of this
formation must pick one unit in the enemy army, or a terrain piece that is at least
partially in the enemy deployment area. All units from this formation that are within 12"
of the nominated unit or terrain piece suffer one less Wound than they normally would
due to the Unstable special rule, or following the death of the army’s General.

Master of Undeath: The Wight King, and all units in this formation within 12" of the
Wight King, can March, even if they are not within 12" of the army General. This special
rule can no longer be used if the Wight King is removed as a casualty.

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Slayers Band together to fight in large scale battles.

Hence the units.

The slayer Army had fluff that basically means it's sort of a slayer crusade designed to march into hell.

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Chaos Lord with Mark of Khorne, Chariot, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Daemonblade – 450pts
Exalted Hero with Mark of Khorne, Chariot, Shield, Great Weapon, Scaly Skin, Chalice of Chaos and Battle Standard – 304pts
Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith, Level 2 Wizard, Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll - 160 points
8x Chariots with Mark of Khorne – 960pts (120pts each)
5 Chaos Warhounds – 30pts
5 Chaos Warhounds – 30pts
3 Dragon Ogres with Shartak and Great Weapons – 214pts
5 Chaos Knights with Mark of Khorne – 240pts
3 Skullcrushers with full command – 255pts
Hellcannon – 210pts
Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon – 145pts
TOTAL – 2998pts

How bad an idea is this list?
>reposting from previous thread because i'm a dickhead

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Chaos Lord with Mark of Khorne, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Daemonblade – 330pts
Exalted Hero with Mark of Khorne, Chariot, Shield, Great Weapon, Scaly Skin, Chalice of Chaos and Battle Standard – 304pts
7x Chariots with Mark of Khorne – 840pts (120pts each)
5 Chaos Warhounds – 30pts
3 Dragon Ogres with Shartak and Great Weapons – 214pts
5 Chaos Knights with Mark of Khorne and Ensorcelled Weapons – 255pts
15 Chaos Chosen with Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne and full command – 375pts
Chaos War Mammoth with Mark of Khorne and Battle Howdah – 650pts
TOTAL – 2998

And would this one be better?

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Huh. So... it CAN be taken not in a Vampire Counts army, but still takes casualties after the death of the Army's General?
And then just crumbles because there won't be any Vampires casters?

>> No.28657486

Actually, theoretically, this one can't be taken outside of a VCs army, because in the Vampire Counts/Undead rules, the General must have the LotV, and there's nothing here saying that this isn't the case.

>> No.28657505

Nope, sorry.

The Restless Dead is a formation that is considered to be part of an army chosen from
Warhammer: Vampire Counts.

>> No.28657529

Oh, damn it. Oh well.

>> No.28657581

When you choose an army, you can take one or more Battlescroll
Formations as part of your army. The Battlescroll will tell you what
units you need to take in order to field the Formation, and what, if
any, extra options or restrictions apply to the units that make it up.
The Army List Entries for each unit in the Formation (the units’
profiles, points values, unit size, options, special rules, battlefield
role etc.) can be found in the army book for the unit in question.
Each Formation includes one or more special rules associated with
the units that make up that Formation. The special rules for a
Formation only apply to the units that make it up (even if there are
other units of the same type in your army).
Formations do not have to be chosen from the same army book as
the rest of your army. If you decide to do this, then Formations
made up of units from different army books follow the rules for
Allied Armies on pages 136-139 of the Warhammer rulebook.

This is from Be'Lakor's one. Unless I'm reading this wrong, doesn't this mean that the army that it's "chosen from" doesn't have to be the same as the army it's taken with?

>> No.28657608

I bet >>28657505 is just bad wording and you can actually take the formation as an allied formation in any army.

The rule of the general is in the VC's armybook as an armywide special rule, but it is not present in this formation.

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plz respond

>> No.28657707

so, here is my first converted Chaos Dwarf.

Any thoughts?

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>> No.28657735

Not a fan. Chaos Dwarfs have two different aesthetics (the Babylonian old!ceedees and the metallic, grimdark FW!ceedees), but both are very different from that of the WoCs.

>> No.28657744

>Chaos Dwarf

Better believe that's a grudging.

>> No.28657805

I know, but my Greenstuffing skills aren't good enough to sculpt a babylonian beard or hats.

and I like the helmet look, since it reminds me of third edition chaos dwarfs.

>> No.28657814

Its more like the original Chaos Dwarves, which were just short Chaos Warriors.

>> No.28657850

thanks, friend anon!
So... how do Formations work vis a vis army percentages? Do these units count toward the core army's percentages? Do they act completely separate?

>> No.28657899

It's separate.

>> No.28657941

It's more the really old chaos Dwarves, who are basically stuntie Chaos Warriors.

I like it. Also I like how FW combined all aproaches.

>> No.28657954

By Grungi, he just achived repeating Double runes?

>> No.28657968

So if I have, for example, exactly 500 points of detachment in a 2500 list, I still also need 625 Core? Or do I now need 500 Core (25% of my primary detachment's point level)?

>> No.28657998

>Christmas advent is a Dwarf release.

How cool would this be?

>> No.28658065

>Christmas advent is a Dwarf release
the hobbit dwarves are technically still dwarves

captcha: arachnoid smagoo
yes they're probably next

>> No.28658173

The rules for the Formation are the same as in the Be'Lakor's pdf. They only count towards the total army points, it doesn't change the fact that you still need a 25% of that total on core, nor does it affect the percentages in any other way.

>> No.28658277

Okay. Good to know.

>> No.28658821

All this means is is it follows the Allied Armies rules from 136-139, as if it were chosen from Warhammer: Vampire Counts.

>> No.28658864

Find all the relevant pdfs (rulebook, army books ,background books) here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2qbp22o8ch8qc/Warhammer%20Fantasy%20Battles

>> No.28658963

Thanks for the rules. Does the thing have any fluff at all, though?

>> No.28659008

> Does the thing have any fluff at all, though?
Well, there's plenty of fluff inherent in the mechanics there (A Wight King with a small detachment of skellingtons separate from the main army who get given one specific mission that is their driving goal) so I dunno what more you expect?

>> No.28659018

It has like, 5 pages of fluff.

>> No.28659023

Just 3 pages.

>> No.28659109

actually, like 11

>> No.28659127

if its on the iphone

>> No.28659136

anyone hee familiar with lizardmen?
im painting an army of them, and i dnt really know any tactics or stff outside mass saurus
i could use some pointers

>> No.28659163

I suppose that's true. I'm reading it on my Nook.

>> No.28659173

In the pdf it's 0.5 +1 +1 + 0.5 pages.

>> No.28659174

There's a Slayer keep and a Slayer King.

>> No.28659253

>>Chaos War Mammoth with Mark of Khorne and Battle Howdah – 650pts
What is the look on your face when my 126 point paladin oneshots that on turn 2?

>> No.28659256

Played an army that threw out 24 fanatics today.

ruined the fucking game.

>> No.28659273

Then don't play that list any more? No shit minmaxing your list to that extent ruins casual games.

>> No.28659332

I wasn't asking if it's fluffy in and of itself, I was asking if it _has_ fluff i.e. some short story.
Thanks guys. Was hoping for a bit more, but oh well...

>> No.28659371

What is the look on your face when my multiple 30 points hound units chaff your paladin into oblivion?

>> No.28659404

>FW rules
Not even once.

>> No.28659430

Thought there wasn't any pdf... Mind dropping a link?

>> No.28659490

Thank you so much kind sir. If you ever need your dick sucked, just let me know.

>> No.28662356


I meant my opponent did... He thought it was hilarious

>> No.28662433


What unit can do this, has fantasy gotten even worse?

>> No.28662459

wow I thought the NO FUN ALLOWED fags only existed in 40k

>> No.28662679


What armies have paladins?

>> No.28662732

Brets get a Vow that gives Killing Blow vs anything (essentially Heroic Killing Blow).
Brettonia, of course.

>> No.28662769


Their Hero fighty character

One lord/hero can take Heroic Killing Blow vow

>> No.28662815

>What unit can do this, has fantasy gotten even worse?

wow so many newfags

Bretonnia had the ability to do this for THREE FUCKING EDITIONS

Bretonnia, you know, the army with ONLY 2 ARMY BOOKS IN THE ENTIRETY OF WARHAMMER




>> No.28663112

New O&G player here, wondering if its possible to make a relatively low model count army using this book? cbf carrying, ranking up etc a huge mob

>> No.28663164

two kitted out Big Un units (one of them is savage) for core as a start

>> No.28663182

Are big-uns a seperate model than regular boyz?

Also would black orcs work instead? I don't have savages and they're bloody expensive, but I have got Black Orcs and can convert more

>> No.28663263

>>Relic rule from 10 years ago
>>Perfectly in line with faction fluff
>>Fantasy getting worse

Bretonnians are supposed to play herohammer, you silly peasants.

>> No.28663317

>>One lord/hero can take Heroic Killing Blow vow
Two can, but the second has to play double price.

But really, Lord with HKB and rerolls to hit+wound against models with higher base strength is murder. Especially on a Pegasus.

>> No.28663324

Any word on when they get a new book? Those models anon posted above are sexy as fuck and dirt cheap... but I already play a shitty army in 40k so I don't want to play something thats out of date

>> No.28663400

>Are big-uns a seperate model than regular boyz?

technically yes fluffwise

but they technically dont exist modelwise unlike 40k Ork Nobz

>Also would black orcs work instead?

well not as core, but yea BO will be useful for a small model count orc army

keep in mind you are going against the grain when it comes to O&G strengths though with low model count

>> No.28663421

Sorry for wanting to play standard rules known by everyone and not having to deal with special snowflake kinds of shit no one cares about.

>> No.28663449

>Any word on when they get a new book?


>> No.28663479

Bretonnians can still work. How many cavalry units can have 5 ranks in Fantasy?

Breaking steadfast isn't the big problem. Your knights just cost about 20% too much and you have rather limited magic.

Paladins and Lords can still dish out hurt like crazy, and 126 point paladins can hold their own against 200+ point kitted combat lords. Grail Knights are quite feeble, but 18 S6 WS5 I5 attacks and M9 is still pretty good. (take the banner of swiftness you dolts, attach a Paladin with Virtue of the Impetuous Kniget and charge 9+3D6 picking two highest+D6.

>> No.28663568

>hating on chaos dwarves

its official, /tg/ has sunk to an all time low

>> No.28663687

Hello Arikan army. Welcome to being the combination of Tomb Kings/Vampire Counts you were always meant to be

>> No.28663739

But it has to be said, Bretonnia was almost king of the hill back in 6th/7th due to pretty much no one being able to strike back at their chocolate rape trains. They also have possibly the best hero- accessible armoury and abilities. 8th nerfed a lot of them, but for the mentioned 126 points you can get various crazy shit, like rerollable 1+ armour and killingblow/poison immunity or WS10, reroll to hit and wound in challenges. Or just a regular lance powerhouse with rerolls to hit with lances and killing blow.

For more exiting combinations take a Lord, give him +2 WS, +1A and +1I, give him a lance that hits automatically and mount him on a pigeon-horse. That's 5 S6 hits at I7 that hit automatically. Enough to hurt most stuff quite badly.

People are boring and spam peasant archers with stakes and lore of life, which is entirely the wrong way to play Bretonnia.

>> No.28663882

God I wish people played something else than High Elves and Slaanesh demons in my group.

Some honest, straightforward beastmen, orcs or khorne chaos to fight honourably, too-to-toe. But no, it's all "no, I won't accept your challenge" and "yes, I brought as many mages as I can possibly fit into a list.

>> No.28663931

I played against the Tamurkhan list with my Empire and Bretonnia both, they're a pretty cool army. Magma cannons are a bit on the cheesy side, but otherwise they're a really fun army to play against.

>> No.28664650

What is the best army for going all archers? As in archers with bows/longbows, not crossbows or other ranged weapons.

Wood Elves?
High Elves?
Tomb Kings?

>> No.28664679

Tomb Kings. Khalida. 100 Skeleton Archers.

>> No.28664761


They dont suffer To Hit penalties so they always hit on a +5


queen gives poison arrows

And you can have Ushabiti with Bows (but they're expensive)

and you can have a Giant with a Bow

>> No.28664918

I swore never to paint another undead after my Nechara army was finished, but Egyptian archers might just change that.

Please tell me they can put archers on chariots.

>> No.28665033

Chariots don't have the option to NOT take archers (besides lords/heroes)

>> No.28665076

Damn it, now I have to find Tomb Kings on ebay.

>> No.28667008

Contentless bump for a pretty chill thread

>> No.28667464

speaking of that

I am very surprised Wargames Factory hasnt made an Egyptian Conversion kit for their skeletons. seems so obvious (well that, and a medieval conversion kit for Vampire Coutn players)

>> No.28667793

Doesn't that only apply vs large targets?

>> No.28668521


plastic slayers are rumored for Feb

if they were core I'd actually buy them

>> No.28668779


daddy, what's a ward save?

>> No.28669284

>> No.28669728

I like it a lot and would make my own if I wasn't already swamped down in projects. It has a very rustic feel to it.

The halberd seems awfully long for a dorf, though.

>> No.28670274

Generally speaking, light skirmishing anything sucks this edition.
Second thing? Wood Elves are probably a better bet for that, High Elves mix survivability (for elves) with mobility and offensive capabilities.

So yeah, Shadow Warriors, Great Eagles, core of Silver Helms (medium cavalry, decent in melee) and/or Ellyrion Reavers (light cavalry, don't let them get bogged down).

Then someone on a flying mount, most likely a mage.

Prepare to be cannon bait. But theoretically, you can wreck the shit out of Undead armies with luck or armies you can kite all day and night like Tomb Kings and Warriors.

>> No.28670288

Bullshit, Folding Tower uses the watchtower template.

You can only jam 15 things in there.

>> No.28670303

>No Sisters of Avelorn.
You have failed.

>> No.28670338

Wood Elves have the best archer option, Sisters of Avelorn who are mobile miniguns with incendiary rounds.

Tomb Kings overall, since they can literally take a damn viable entirely archer army.

>> No.28670353

Shit, I mean High Elves. High Elves have Sisters of Avelorn.

>> No.28670460

I've found a new hobby in my hobby

>> No.28670487


it's still very rough, i'm going to use elastis bands cut up to make bindings and I'm going to make some greenstuff boulders, a large one to hang from he front bar, and a one to fire

>> No.28670498


>> No.28670503

Right now High Elves and Tomb kings, but when Wood Elves get their Ward dex they'll probably do it best.

>> No.28670597


That's actually pretty good.

Slatter some greenstuff on it to carve a wooden surface, add some rivets, ropes, potential extra decorations and it will look pretty ace.

>> No.28670727

I hope he doesn't ditch the dark twisted nature they got going at the moment in favor of camp.

>> No.28670993


thanks, going to pick up the last of the supplies tomorrow and I'll post a pic

>> No.28671172

I look forward to it and I might build my own if yours turns out good.

>> No.28672364

Are those huge chaos monsters viable?

>> No.28672804

Define 'viable'

>> No.28672835

>Yes we exist.
>But we use vastly inferior models because fuck you GW.

The reason why bretonnia doesn't work, is because they have little to no buy base

>> No.28672868

Ward first wrote them as Dark and Twisted.

Also one of Ward's favorite movies is Pan's labyrinth.

I am so fucking stoked for Ward writing the Wood Elves again

>> No.28673044


There are just too many better options for medieval cavalry in the market for Bretonia to get a worthwhile investment by GW.

>> No.28673078

I personally disagree on the grounds that the Bretonnian models are pretty damn bitching and don't come off as Wimpy scrawny people.

>> No.28673087

Just look at the pic here >>28662815. Those are not bretonia models, but are definitely 100x better. I'm sure they are cheaper too. Why on earth would I buy official bretonia cavalry?

>> No.28673108

>100% better
>Less designs
>Less detail
>Molding on some of the helmet's make them look special.

I'm fucking sorry. But Bretonnian Knights are supposed to be glorious noblemen with pride and strength.

Not a bunch of preKKK retards wearing their mother's buckets and sheets with shitsticks.

Anyone who uses those fucking horrendus Teutonic Knight models are no Fellow Noblemen of I.

>> No.28673122

Teutonic Knights = Realistic, dynamic models of actual knights.

Bretonia knights = Silly hats and static poses.

>> No.28673138

>Realistic Dynamic Models
>Required for Warhammer Fantasy.


>The Lead Teutonic Knight as a weird deformed baby arm or a giant head.

Bretonnia IS Silly hats. The static poses are not much of a problem really. The only "Dynamic" part of the Teutonic knights are the arms and the horse poses.

The Bretonnians are modeled obviously to be in the Marching stances, while the Teutonic Knights are in a charge.

>> No.28673144

> playing Warhammer
> not wanting silly hats
You came to the wrong game motherfucker. We silly now.

>> No.28673149

>Realisitc models
>For Warhammer
Why would you want to field an army of bland, uninteresting models when you can be Silly hats and BRENTONNIA?

>> No.28673165


If these are the people who play bretonnia now, no wonder they are the least played faction.

>We don't want to be Feudal England/France on Crack with all the glorious Knighthood and Arthurian legend, we want to be racist german inbreds with no fun allowed

>> No.28673167

To each his own.
But really, as >>28672835 says, you dont buy their models, they dont put out a new book. They are a miniature company, remember.

>> No.28673193

It's especially true when you don't buy their bread and butter units.

Vampire Counts got around this buy offering tons of unique units besides skellies and zombies to buy.

Bretonnia? They're shit is knights.

So when people buy cheap stuff to count for their

>Errant Knights
>Knights of the Realm
>Grail Knights

Then they lose three groups of sales to be had.

>> No.28673257

>Why would you want to field an army of bland, uninteresting models
Well, shouldn't have chosen Bretonia then, they are the blandest faction.

>> No.28673268

Im pretty sure GW ll counter this with the next book. I just wonder if Bretonnia ll ever get a book before 9th..

>> No.28673313

What happened to your ' ?

>> No.28673596

>Not a bunch of preKKK retards

I think someone is mad

also protip, GW pretty much made bretonnia into a bunch of assholes like true crusader orders

>> No.28673627

So, I've just made the big step and finally started collecting a fantasy army to have a break from 40K. I've looked around a little bit and came to the conclusion that the Vampire Counts please me in everyway when I look at how they work and look.

>Undeath who keep coming
>Angry vampires riding undeath dragons

I got the army book already and will start reading it soon. But give me a quick overview on what I've gotten myself into (Besides painting ALOT).

>> No.28673645

>people getting mad over 3rd party minis

do we have some gw employees in here?

>> No.28673663


tl;dr spam mages, raise shit, tarpit shit, win.

>> No.28673668

Its a cool army, but the hordes of skellies to paint can be daunting. Expecially so if you are obsessed with painting everything to best standard.
I also love ghouls models, so I would probably field them a lot too.

>> No.28673669


not to insult you, but I'm guessing english isnt your first language



I dont think I've seen anyone seriously use an undead dragon. Terrogeists yes, but never a dragon

anyways as for VC as a whole...

You need a strong caster to keep the army up, but you can easily have a fighty vampire lord.

Your core hoards may be "hoardy", but they're also kind of crap. Spend the minimum points needed on core. Dump rest of points on Specials and Rares, especially things like Graveguard

single unit ghost swarms are hilarious

>> No.28673703

Now that we're on the subject of VC I must ask: Are bat swarms worth the effort? I was thinking of having some of my units to be supported by batswarms for their special rule that gives the enemy Always strikes last. Worth it in a 1500 pts army?

>> No.28673712

Speaking of VC.....

Has anyone used their UNDEAD PIRATE SHIP MECHA? Shit looks hilarious to use

>> No.28673719

>not to insult you, but I'm guessing english isnt your first language


>I dont think I've seen anyone seriously use an undead dragon. Terrogeists yes, but never a dragon

The dragon might become purely for painting and putting on display then. But why a Terrogeist over a dragon?

>single unit ghost swarms are hilarious


>> No.28673726

if you have a vampire that can raise creatures of the night, then I'd say yes

>Or have a Vamp that uses Lore of Light and then SPEED OF LIGHT the heck out of your troops

>> No.28673738

Ghosts are ethereal which means only magic attacks and magic can affect them

ghost swams can be bought in units of one. so for like 50 or so points, you can hold up an entire enemy unit since most units dont have magic attacks

of course you'll lose combat rez, but one turn is sometimes all you need to get a good charge

>> No.28674148

> back row, second from right

He's doing the air jerk.

>> No.28674167

>not to insult you, but I'm guessing english isnt your first language

>hoards, hoardy


>> No.28674860

I probably stop playing against you, because I'm a dick.

>> No.28674871

>Also one of Ward's favorite movies is Pan's labyrinth.
Wow, Ward has good taste. Who would have thought.

>> No.28675053

Long time Dark Elf and Lizard player here and I'm looking to expand into a third army.

I like the aesthetics of all the armies so I'd be looking for one that would give a different gameplay experience to my current armies.

Any advice?

>> No.28675090


I agree, single unit ghost swarms are hilarious because you can kill them with a flank charge, banner and 1 rank without even having to hit them.

>> No.28675100


but they're even more hilarious when a 30 point goblin hero with a 5 point magic sword and a wolf charges them.

>> No.28675203

I play VC and love them. They're very different from either of the two you listed. Ogres are also quite different. Empire, Dorfs, HE, or TK shooting army could give you a new experience.

>> No.28675334

How does your average Bretonian noble view Kislev? I've been looking through the WHFRP books and Kislev seems to be unmentioned.

>> No.28675398

Kislev has a sourcebook, 2ed but still has one

as for bretonnian nobles, probably see them as a bunch of cultured savages too much like the Norse and Kurgans

>> No.28675423

"They're just like us, but smell terrible. Must be the bear droppings and the alcohol"

>> No.28675624

> French Nobility
> not smelling bad
> in a GW game
Pick two. Or, if you picked French Nobility, pick one.

>> No.28675632

So... equally-priced chaff units squaring off?


>> No.28675775


>> No.28675787

are ghouls gud?
also, i don't know if i should get back to vampire counts or empire.
which is the funnier to play in 8th edition?

>> No.28675797

they're ok if you want a fighty core unit

>> No.28675830

well i found a guy who sells imperial troops and ghouls for 13 euros per box, which are around 10 euros cheaper than buying them in a GW
i already have 10 ghouls i bought years ago to build an army based around a big unit of grave guards, where the ghouls were used to advance fast and get more models in the game, bringing trhem from 10 to 20-30
now they dropped most of the things i used for the list so i am doing it all over again, with these boxes i could make a big unit of 30 ghouls and maybe buy one day the christmas box from gw, adding 20 more ghouls and a morr grave for fillers.

>> No.28676512

Ghouls are good. They're twice as expensive as skeletons and thrice as expensive as zombies, so be aware of that when building your list. That said, they're also tougher, faster, have better WS, and put out more attacks, plus they have poison so they can solve some of the problems you might otherwise have with big, hard-to-kill mans.

>> No.28676996


So I already own everything required for the Wight King formation. It looks like I could run a TK/VC list by building half a TK army? Cool idea to collect another faction without having to buy a complete army.

>> No.28677029



>> No.28677151 [DELETED] 


Vamps cant use Lore of Light anon. Only Vamp, Shadow and Death.

>> No.28677194


Look up the Terrorgheist - Death Shriek. It wrecks most things.

>> No.28677712

Posted this up before, but it got lost in the topics swirling around the board.

1500 (well, 1480) point VC list. Am I doing it right?


Master Necromancer
Level 4 Wizard (Lore of Vampires)
240 points


Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Vampires)
Barded Nightmare
Heavy Armor
Red Fury
230 points


Zombies x30
Standard Bearer
100 points

Zombies x30
Standard Bearer
100 points

Skeleton Warriors x20
Standard Bearer
130 points

Crypt Ghouls x20
Crypt Ghast
210 points

Dire Wolves x5
40 points

Dire Wolves x5
40 points


Corpse Cart
105 points


Blood Knights x5
Standard Bearer
285 points

>> No.28677757

>Silly hats
I fuckin' love silly hats

>> No.28677950

Thinking of getting back into WHFB. Was playing Dwarfs and Empire back in 6th. Dwarfs main army and Empire was Stirland themed, so a shitload of free company.
Anyway, is it worth getting back to it, or did GW fuck everything up? (Prices seem to be doubled anyway).

>> No.28678226

Yeah, I'm surprised Ward wrote that fluff. It seems a bit too subtle for his taste.

>> No.28678242

Seems ok. A bit lacking in the killing dept.

Drop Nightshroud. Its bonus doesnt really make sense for a lone Necro. You dont want your General wizard engage usually. Find alternatives if you want protect him (Ironcross Icon, Talisman of Endurance, ect.)

>Vamp on Barded NM
mah nigga

Too much core.

>Corpse Cart
Not very good with Zombies/Skeletons. ASF on WS 2 attacks is meh. Your core is more of a diversion than a unit killer. If you insist on using CC give it Grave Guard.

>> No.28678249

I don't. I have never liked the fuckhuge helmets GW seems to love.

>> No.28678257

Drop a unit of zombies for another unit of chaffwolves, use your extra points for a necromancer (you should have 85 if my lazy math is right... if you can squeeze 5 more in somewhere you can get a naked lvl 2 necromancer if I remember the book right)

>> No.28678476

Too much core. Drop a zombie block or the skel block, replace with some fukken Grave Guard.

Corpse cart sounds good, but is actually kinda disappointing. Ditch it for MOAR FUKKEN GRAVE GUARD.

Seriously GG are amazing infantry.S6 2a kill blow yass pl0x.

Take Nightshroud off of your Necro, put it on your Vampire. Now he's a 1+ save rape monster that generously donates ASL to his new neighbors, who proceed to die like little bitches when he and The Revolution get to him.

>> No.28678492

what's the best gear for on foot vampires and what's the best banner i can give to a bsb to put him in a grave guard unit?

>> No.28678542


Haha, so Grave Guard is where it's at.

What about a Spirit Host for chaff instead of more Dwolves?

And yeah I shall remove some core and add in more exciting units! Grave Guard are fucking sexy looking too.

>> No.28678692


>> No.28678740

Grave guard take the Banner of Barrows. BSB doesn't take a magic banner, he takes magic items to make himself killy/survivy.

Vampires always do good with Quickblood/Red fury, a +S sword, and a ward save

>> No.28678765

I kinda miss the sexy looking 5'th edition Grave guards with halberds. They had such nice basic designs.

But I guess batwing helmets are okay.

>> No.28678787

>not using the fear bomb vampire in a GG unit with BotB and a King BSB with banner of sreams so you hit at 2+ with everyone and they hit you at 5+

>> No.28678813


>> No.28678873

All this VC talk so Ill throw in my list.

Vampire Counts

Master Necromancer - Lore of Vampire, lvl. 4, Channelling Staff, Ironcurse Icon - 220 pts.

Vampire - Lore of Death, lvl. 1, Barded Nightmare, Quick Blood, Sword of Battle, Dawnstone, Shield, Heavy Armor - 202 pts.
Necromancer - Lore of Vampire, lvl. 1, Dispel Scroll - 90 pts.

Skeleton Warriors x30 - Hand Weapons, Command - 185 pts. <Vampire>
Zombies x20 - Command - 70 pts. <Master Necromancer>
Zombies x20 - Command - 70 pts. <Necromancer>
Direwolves x5 - 40 pts.
Direwolves x5 - 40 pts.

Grave Guard x30 - Great Weapons, Command, Banner of Barrows- 430 pts.

Cairn Wraith x3 - 150 pts.

1497 pts.

>> No.28678879

If you're gonna have a BSB, make it a wight king. Sure, he doesn't have a wizard level, but fuck if he's not the toughest sumbitch in the land.

Usually, magic banners are unnecessary on your BSB. He's in it for the combat res (and the reduced crumble). For a WK BSB, I'd suggest the Nightshroud, to be honest. Making the enemy strike after your King and simo with your Great Weaps is not bad, and between Nightshroud, shield, and heavy armour, he's got a 3+ save on foot, which is pretty damn good.

>> No.28678904

> channeling staff
Meh. There are better ways to spend 15 points. Enchanted Shield and Sword of Might spring to mind.

>> No.28678940

Quick, Empire is asleep.

Post vamps.

Lvl 2 Necromancer with dispel scroll

4 units of dire wolves
20 ghouls
20 zombies

29 graveguard (BotB, GW)
1 spirit host

Roughly what I play (from memory)

>> No.28678989


Cool. Ive had those point just bouncing around trying to find a use for them. I wasnt entirely clear if I could take an Enchanted Shield on a Wizard since they dont have the option for a mundane shield. I agree that item was an afterthought.

>> No.28679027

No, I meant boosting the shield on your vamp to Enchanted Shield. you can't put it on your necro.

Make your vampire more fighty. T4/W2 is not terribly resilient, and he'll need a lot to make up for that.

>> No.28679049

So slow...

>> No.28679502

Ah yes I understand. Dropped Channeling Staff and Shield for Enchanted Shield (on the Vamp) and 3 more Skeleton Warriors. Vamp is maxed on magic items now.

>> No.28679553

>racist german inbreds with no fun allowed
That's the Empire's job, and that's why they are a man's army.

>> No.28679683

Been asked to play 3000 point Night Goblins list

was told today

>It'll be... semi competitive, you might want to bring the best list you can

W-What do


>> No.28679899


>> No.28680004

if you are gobbo's fanatics

IF playing against them chaff, eg 30 point unit of wrahounds is a better than something expensive to bait fanatics then kill them with normal units as anything with arms can tear goblins a new asshole

>> No.28681971


I'm the night goblins player, fanatics are a given how many... I don't want to ruin the game

>> No.28681999

3 mangla squigs

go to town!

>> No.28682183

Does anyone have that "63 goblin fanatics" image for this guy?

Make them play against that, and they'll think twice before cheesing you out ever again.

>> No.28682481

So, I'm considering getting into Fantasy; I've got ~30 small square bases, 4 medium ones and ~6 cavalry bases from conversions.
I'm considering Bretonnia, Empire (pike and shot), and VC as a LOTR Barrow Wight style army.
What do you all recommend?
(And any advice on turning spare 40k bits into a fantasy army/making fantasy go further?)

>> No.28682647

Bret is outdated and needs an update, I'd suggest against that.

>> No.28682830


I need an awesome squig colour scheme, red seems a bit dull

>> No.28683020

Oh, also, what's a typical sized game for Warhammer?

>> No.28683086

fantasy is generally quite large. 2k is common

>> No.28683108

Most of the games I play for WHFB are 1000, 1500, or 2000 points.

It's nice to have more than that though. It gives you options on what you want to bring, and huge battles between two massive forces can be pretty fun from time to time.

>> No.28683202


Thanks, so then with VC (Barrow Wights) I'll need a shitload of bodies? But you can have filler models to reduce the amount of dudes you need?
And would this Restless dead minilist be a good way to start?

>> No.28683414

>But you can have filler models to reduce the amount of dudes you need?

oh yea

its pretty easy with undead. Gravestones help which are usually quite cheap

>> No.28683597

So while I'm asking stupid questions, Wight Kings can't cast, right? Does that mean I need a caster or are there other ways to handle magic defensively?

>> No.28683646

He's pretty good with Fantasy fluff.

Crunch or 40k fluff is where he fails.

>> No.28683670


>> No.28683714

Yup, you need a necromancer or a vampire to do more than roll the default dispel dice in the opponent's magic phase.

>> No.28683741

Just because it's third party doesn't mean it's good.
Look at Mantic elves. Or Perry Miniatures minis that are supposed to be someone specific from real life instead of a nameless soldier.

Reaper is generally the only "can do no wrong" company, but buying exclusively from them for an army is GW prices or more at times (that said, they make great models for champions, heroes, and lords).

>> No.28683762

Their what?

>> No.28683770

I'll take GW vampires over that shit you posted anyday.

>> No.28683773

So as I understand the undead stuff, if I had a flank lead by a Vampire (Lord) I could have a two pronged assault with the Vampire's magic able to buff both groups?

>> No.28683819

How would that work in the fluff?
Necrarch who studies the enemy magics with the same morbid fascination that a human does necromancy?
Strigoi channeling moonlight magic?
Blood Dragon Bretonnian who now sees nothing as out of bounds for his perfectionism, including magic study?
Von Carstein who was a light mage in life?
Lahmian nun turned during a plague with the promise she could help the sick directly without fear and now thinks vampires can be blessed by Sigmar?

>> No.28683877

>Do no Wrong
>smiley McHappy Face Vampire


>> No.28683978

Kislev is fucking DIRT poor. It's Russia during the early days of Catherine.
For info: she gave birth in a castle that was built entirely out of green wood and mortar, and due to that green wood construction the entire wall was warping. She was in labor in a room where she could look in the corner and see it snowing through a hole you could crawl through as the two walls bent outwards away from the floor. Said castle was merely painted to look like it was made of stone.
That was the "palace" of the Czarina. But towards the end of heir reign, she brought European decadence to the nobility and the marvels of Russia like the Amber Room were seen.

So yeah. Similar to Bretonnians, but with FAR less nobles who most likely don't ever go to war unless shit is dire. But said nobility indeed holds themselves properly, so...nation of ladies, cowards, and filthy peasants? Similar to how Dwarfs would view the Empire I'd guess.

That being said, no real hostility. Although Bretonnia is on the verge of conquering the Empire and Kislev is BFFs with the Empire, Kislev only really cares about Chaos invasions and Orcs.

Random pic from my /tg/ folder since I lack Kislev pics for some reason.

>> No.28684024

Not fucked up, but the longer it's been since an update, the weaker the army in 8th.

But everyone is getting an update before 9th. Empire up to date and is decent, Dwarfs will be getting theirs next year.

>> No.28684025

Depends on the buffs you want to use (some are relatively short ranged). Excepting some units, it's generally best to have a Vampire around with every group of unit blocks you have (so one on each flank, for instance).

>> No.28684038

>Although Bretonnia is on the verge of conquering the Empire


citation needed

>> No.28684054

Spirit is tarpitting chaff, good for fast enemies. Dire Wolves are fast chaff, use for the average army.

Generally, Spirit Hosts tend to be better since it makes up for your slow and easily flankable hordes. .

>> No.28684079

>Empire is asleep
As long as nobody pokes them, they'll stay that way.

I'm looking at you, Strigois.

>> No.28684099

Ever seen Orc Stain?
Go with that. 1960's fucking pastels.

If your army doesn't look like a display in a headshop, you ain't doing it right. They're kind of built that way anyway.

>> No.28684143

HOT DAMN those are nice looking.

Are there any nordic non-Chaos factions? Or those areas GW doesn't describe but are on maps that could possibly have polder-building tradesmen?

>> No.28684158

Let's wake man-things and frame it on dead-things.
They will begin to squabble, while true masterrace conquers all, yes, yes!

>> No.28684177

How about this as an Empire musician?
Good for a nobleman's son if that's your fluff.
Hey, the models are amazing. But finding a decent pain-job image of them is fucking difficult.

>> No.28684196

Ah, ok, so like 3 Vampires and a Wight King at ~2000 points?
(Thanks for answering all my dumb questions)

>> No.28684198

>Ever seen Orc Stain?
I can recomend. >dat Bowie

>> No.28684202

>Are there any nordic non-Chaos factions?

the Norse. They're not all chaos

also I guess some Dwarf Clans are nordic

maybe northern parts of nordland

>> No.28684225

Everything in the Restless Dead box is descent. Wouldnt be a terrible purchase.

Correct WK can't cast. To further that point VC General must be a Wizard (Necro or Vamp).

My guess is anon is referring to Mortis Engine?

Not sure exactly what your question is but each caster can only cast each spell they have once per turn. Assuming you had 2 different augments this would work.

Well only way I can think of this occuring ingame is Vampire with Forbidden Lore - Lore of Light. So that narrows your fluff explaination.

>> No.28684270

Every fluff account of either group prior to whatever edition Undead became VCs and TKs. I've got a White Dwarf that's announcing Vampire Counts as their own army, and it details that whole setup.

That's when the GOOD Emperor had died of old age, and Karl Franz who was a weak willed man blowing the treasury of the Empire trying to regain lost territory (losing to EVERYONE, including Dwarfs who were at war with them).

Later fluff retconned Karl to being the awesome Emprah who was quite alive and well, with no word at all on Bretonnian/Empire conflict other than it happens. Dwarfs are tsundere BFFs with the Empire now, and High Elves stopped raiding them other than one single event in the fluff where an elf admiral got pissed because Marienburg let a pirate ship that raided a town in Ulthuan dock so he fucked up the harbor. Like a century or two ago.

>> No.28684292

At 2k you might wanna try 2 vampires, a wight king and a necromancer, otherwise you might be too low on points.

>> No.28684299


>> No.28684316

I'd thought that there was a radius that Undead had to be within of a leader so as to be able to march and stuff. As a result, having multiple such leaders means that I could split my army into two flanks.

>> No.28684332

Oh. Well, personal experience is Mortis Engine either makes your army into a tank that runs over Warriors of Chaos, literally, or blows up and takes out your Vampire and loses you the game.

Skaven Vampire Counts basically.

>> No.28684335

Why has no one else made plastic Minotaurs

GW are so ugly

>> No.28684345


Don't forget your army limits.
25% points in Lords max
25% points in Heroes max

Youd have a hard time fitting in 3 Vamps at 2k. Also depending on how competitive you are trying to be a level 4 Necromancer is pretty valuable.

>> No.28684355

Well, taking "Forbidden Lore" just means your vampire is rarer since that's something that's usually not what your master sends you to his library to learn. It'd be something undertaken on your own.

>> No.28684385

Reaper, mate.
They've got a female and a pirate too.

>> No.28684404


Youre Undead units without the Vampiric trait have to be within 12" of your General to march. You only have 1 General no matter the army size. This is the Wizard with the highest LD score in your army.

>> No.28684467

New Forgeworld model, looks neat.

>> No.28684505


Cool. How's a Master Necro on a corpse cart? I'd assume he'll be squishy as all hell but will buff like a mother. (I'll model as a dread altar or something to keep the barrow wight theme.)

>> No.28684528

And the reason the Restless Dead formation is so awesome is because it lets that Wight King make the dudes around him march, thus giving you a dipolar army? (Otherwise, I'd assume VC hits like a ton of bricks right in the center, but is vulnerable due to its slow flanks?)

>> No.28684559

Has anyone posted anything other than a type-out of the rules from that thing? pdf, or maybe even mobi?

>> No.28684562

TL;DR: shit save, shit T, no look-out, will die to anything that packs shooting or magic
retinue of 20 zombies(skeletons) will be better 9 times out of 10

>> No.28684595

Unfortunately not, and I'm just getting the game figured out, so shrugs.

>> No.28684615


Pretty much. CC is slow and vulnerable. Youre better off hiding the Necro in a group of Zombies. CC also needs to buff specific units to be worthwhile, namely Grave Guard which makes for alot of opportunity for things to go wrong.

>> No.28684733

Cool. So then am I trying to keep the Zombie Unit out of CC at that point and just using them as bubble wrap so my caster can buff real cc units? (I'm assuming the Necro is too squishy for CC and I ought to leave that to the Vampires and Wights)

>> No.28684796

Actually, to expand on this, I'm thinking that I will try spamming cheap core blobs, keep them basic and derive most of my killing power from units like Crypt Guard and Dark Knights?
Though through magic, even my chaff can be deadly, like properly buffed Zombies.

>> No.28684988


Yea you can make something along those lines. Grave Guard and Black Knights but I understand what youre saying. Generally a VC player is gonna get alot of their killing power through Magic Phase and their Special/Rare unit choices. Core is there to tie up the enemies important units.

>> No.28685225

What Warhams scenery is worth getting?

>> No.28685226

That's pretty sexy and feels very Anglo-Saxon ghosty also, I'm thinking a Wight King on a barded Skeletal steed with lance and shield in a unit of Black Knights is fuckawesome, right?

>> No.28685370


Currently I dont use my Black Knights but theyre a perfectly reasonable choice. Their skeletal steed is a nice bonus. Wight Kings are very tough for their cost but you do have to spend Lord/Hero point that don't help your Magic Phase. Either way with some magic items WK can be a fine killy hero.

>> No.28685415

This image may prove useful in your battles, /tg/.

>> No.28685568

>Go to GW website today
>Nope just stupid Hobbit minis

>> No.28685740

So how's something to the tune of:

Master Necromancer (general)
2 Vampires with some bling
1 squad of 30 Zombies (necro goes here)
2 squads of 20 Skeletons
10 Ghouls
~20 Grave Guard, a vampire on foot goes in here
A few vargheists

Restless Dead:
Wight King on his Pale Horse
1 squad of 20 Skeletons
2 squads of ~10 Grave Guard, another vampire goes here
20 Black Knights <--Wight King goes here

Modelwise, I'm thinking of using LOTR Riders of Rohan and Warriors of the Last Alliance painted pale with rusted armor.


>> No.28685812

a squad of 10 ghouls, or 10 grave guard, isn't going to do much. Neither is 20 grave guard.
20 black knights in one unit is... a bit much. Do 9 black knights + wight, combine the restless dead graveguard with the main detach, use points you saved from taking out black knights to buff heroes/lords with items, get 30 ghouls (maybe 20/25?), banner of barrows for your graveguard block...


Master Necromancer (general)
2 vampires with some bling
1 squad of 30 zombies
2 squads of 20 skeletons
25 ghouls
a few vargheists

Restless Dead:
Wight king on horse
1 squad of 20 skeletons
34 graveguard with Banner of the Barrows
9 Black knights

>> No.28685848

well at least LotR rules are nice

>> No.28685896

Alright, that sounds good.
So what's the general rule of thumb about unit sizes?

>> No.28685983

20 Zombie minimum is fine.

Skeleton/Grave Guard - Bigger unit are generally better than a few small units. Read up on Hordes in close combat. 2 units of 30 instead of 3 units of 20. Combine your Grave Guards as well. 10 Ghouls also wont do much.

Vargheist + Grave Guard + Black Knight more than likely that will be more than 50% of your points.

Figure out what point total you'll will be starting at.

>> No.28686050

Formations don't count towards %. If he takes all Grave Guard and Black Knights as part of the formation, only his vargheist is counting towards 50% special allotment.

>> No.28686070

you may want to swap the unit of 10 ghouls for a few units of min wolves, for chaff.
Wolves are really, really good.

>> No.28686102


Ah nice. Thanks for the clarification. I havent seen the Formation PDF yet. That makes it more interesting since VC players tend to never have enough Special Unit points.

>> No.28686358

I'd assume 1000-1500 would be a good way to start?
And what makes wolves so good? The attacks on the charge and that they're fast enoug hto outflank?

>> No.28686447

Cheap chaff unit useful for redirecting charges, hunting skirmishers and warmachines and being an all-around general nuisance.

>> No.28686505

Cheap and mobile. Units of 5 costs 40 pts and can buy you a turn to get your army engaged. Helps with your other slower units and VC lack of ranged attacks.

>> No.28686535

Bigger is better for core units, except for zombie blocks which can usually be bought in minimum groups of 20 and then boosted with Nehek. You'll want to outrank your enemy so that they don't get the benefit of Steadfast, because you will never win combat until your Hammer units get into play.

After a certain point, more casters becomes a matter of diminishing returns. Having 7 or 8 wizard levels in your army, and only 2-12 power dice to throw at them in a given phase, means a lot of those points are going unused. Once you hit about 2k points, I find the WK to be a totally raisinable investment.

>> No.28686800

Extra good if you escort them with a few Black Knights and the Restless Dead Wight King, because then them mahfukkas can MARCH

>> No.28687942


Thanks guys! I'll have to get started/try some vassal to make sure I like the play style.

It is odd coming from 40k, the units here are so much bigger; initially I'd been hoping that I could just use spare bits and have a working army, but given what I'm seeing here, the hordes look fun enough to justify expansion.

>> No.28690172

8th edition is shit. Here is the latest errata:

>cavalry lances get always strike first
>cavalry models count as being 2 models (so a unit of 5 can disrupt enemy formations)
>hordes don't get rank bonus
>there is no 6th spell
>use v7 army building thing 1-3 heros, 2+ core 0-2 special 0-1 rare
>terrain that actually affects movement, 1/2 movement in rough terrain.

>> No.28690602


Is this real?

>> No.28690724

>Army that got trashed.
>Still higher tier than Tomb Kings, Beastmen, WE.
>Top tier in ETC.

Stop being such a pleb.

>> No.28691590

Of course not. It's not bad, but it's not as great as this moron thinks it is.

>> No.28692171


>> No.28692302

The only decent-looking minos I know of are Scibor's.

>> No.28692383

They released a bundle with 2 towers and some other thing, and you actually save money with that bundle, you might want to take a look in their web.

>> No.28692397


>> No.28692556

Well, uh, my Skaven fail morale tests less than my friend's dwarfs.

>> No.28692603

>lizardmen vs high elves (few points)
>stegadon at full health charges prince on griffon
>impact hits with multiple wounds destroy prince faggotry the eleventh
>stegadon charges the archers
>dies without doing damage (impact hits were nullified by the tower)
>oldblood and 5 sauri proceed to obliterate the 20 archers
>but swordmasters charge the few sauri
>I have an oldblood
>he has the banner of the dragon
>sauri die
>single ripperdactyls fucking charges
>he fucking challenges
>he fucking wins
>he fucking run towards the panicking elves
>me: fucking 11"
>him: 12"
>the elves start running and finish 1" from the border
>squad morale is restored
>ripperdactyl die
>all is lost
but that ripperdactyl has been the greatest hero of my life and now that ripperdactyl is my only fixed choice in the army

>> No.28692612


>> No.28692649

Once upon a time, in 6th edition, I played a 5000 points battle. I was using WoC and my friend was using Dwarfs.

>Archaon, Galrauch, mortals, daemons and beasts joined in a glorious sight
>his main units were a unit of 50 Slayers, a unit of 60 Hammerers with BSB, Lord runesmith and unkillable Lord, who was his general
>there were also 20 Ironbreakers somewhere
>"Well, tough shit, let's get down to business"
>I start flying my Galrauch around his unit of Slayers, puking down breath attacks and OP tzeentch magic in each turn
>nearly all his warmachines are engaged or dead so Galrauch is free to do his dragon-demon things
>slayers are far away from any other thing, so they can only bite the pillow and die while Galrauch dances around them wrecking havoc
>Meanwhile, I charge the Ironbreakers with Motherfucking Archaon
>He loses 4 to 5
>He fucking fails the test
>my facepalm created a little universe within my forehead
>oh fuck I can't do anything to kill his huge deathstar of hammerers
>I flank charge the hammerers with 5 marauder horsemen
>the horsemen kill 1 hammerer
>"welp, I guess that's it for them, pretty pathetic"
>"oh FUCK"
>only 2 hammerers can attack back
>they do nothing
>his 60 man unit of dorfs with bsb and 2 lords loses 5-4
>"come on, he only fails at 11+ and even then he can reroll"
>friend rolls
>I clench my ass
>friend rerolls
>his unit is overrun easily by the horsemen
>my sides have left the old world

>> No.28692918

Those look really good, but they're monstrously expensive :(

>> No.28693508

Is... is that a dick?

>> No.28693918

I think those are in fact testicles.

>> No.28693933

Mmmmm, dem mountain oysters.

>> No.28694385

thats Darklands in a nuttshell

5 of their trolls is like $100, but they look so damn cool

>> No.28694532

Here you go, guys - The Restless Dead (finally found it on a torrent)

>> No.28694615

Based anon!

I don't know what the fuck that means, but I think it translates roughly into "man who deserves his dick sucked."

>> No.28694700


ok now I need the pdf version, triumph and treachery and my collection is complete for now...

>> No.28694713

Fuck. Now I have to figure out how this unintuitive-ass Kindle app works.

>> No.28695130

Okay, I have screencapped everything, but I only have Adobe Reader, not Acrobat Pro or whatever, so if I do a picdump, can someone else make pdf happen?

>> No.28695203

maybe I can
sometimes 4chan doesn't accept the pdf I make

>> No.28695230

If no one else can I can probably do it in a hour or so, just post the pictures and see if miracles happen.

>> No.28695283

k, it's shit-icy out here and I'm trying to get someone to cover my shift at work, so as soon as I'm done taking care of business I'll make a new thread. This one's dying out anyway.

>> No.28695340

Cheeky request for full fluff version of new dark elves book

>> No.28695372

there's no such thing

dark elves are sadistic faggots

I-I said that finally

>> No.28695600

Is there Warriors of Chaos army book PDF out there? I want to look at the rules for these guys before I drop £190 on an army on ebay

>> No.28695670

ive only seen rules for them

>> No.28695688

this guy has the biggest collection of pdf's on warhammer

I wonder if he has warhammer 40k too

>> No.28695700

forgot link

>> No.28696092

New thread!

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