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hey /tg/
I just bought the Only war Core rulebook, my first foray into the world or roleplaying. I have, however, hit an immediate snag: i don't know anyone that i can play with. (all my mates are either too "cool", too impatient/childish, or too dumb to play). So my questin is this: is it viable to try and play online over a forum or skype?
As i said, I'm a RP virgin, but i've played 40k fr a few years and know alot of the fluff, so i like to think i'd pick it up quickly.
Anyway, any help would be apreciated, i'll dump pics in return

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Don't bother, it's all faggots trying to be catboys/catgirls fur fags now.
Sorry you wasted money OP, you maybe able to get a good game with some other mates IRL, it's your best bet.

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well that's unfortunate. Was hoping tthere was someone out there that didn't fulfill the stereotypes i've come to expect from 40k lovers in general. Ah well, it's back to sports and healthy social interactions for me *Shudder*

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Don't listen to the shitposter. Go to roll20 or some shit and look into Only War games. Or just go find a gamefinder thread. Only War is fun and people like playing it. You can try your FLGS too if you have one.

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There's usually a Game Finder thread up on /tg/ and yes, you can very easily play over Skype. I'm part of an Only War Skype campaign right now.

Browse the thread for relevant games and if you can't find one post your own details.

You do need to be careful though. Only War you're not likely to find many weirdos with, but I once joined a game involving dickgirls and shit like that.
40k roleplayers are not as bad as the wargamers either.

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google hangouts works well cause you can do the group vid call so you can see dice rolls you just have to find people who aren't cat fags then

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thst's good to hear, i'm pretty keen to try it out. is it difficult to get your head round the rules? I bought it at the weekend but i'm in the middle of my uni exams and haven't been able to do more than give it a cursory flip through.

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and like I said, I'm new to RP'ing

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The system's fairly straightforward, although the FFG 40k RPGs are a little high on the complexity curve, as far as these things go.

That said, once you understand which dice to roll to shoot the xeno, the rest can be pretty easily adlibbed while you're still learning.

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Custom regiment for Felinids pleaws!

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The rules are simple really. Just get through character creation (get the GM to help you if necessary) and leave most of the work up to him. I advise for your first time just go with a straightup guardsman so you don't get fuzzbuckled by all the Psyker shit.
Once you're in combat, open up the book to the actions page and glance down to see what you can do and when. Doing this saves you asking what to do all the time and the group with thank you for it.
Make sure your character sheet is as complete as it can be so you don't have to keep checking the rulebook.
If you find yourself looking in the book for something more than once, make a bookmark for in game quick checking.
Everything else is pretty much the GM's job.

I've read sod all of the rulebook and I'm doing fine.

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Sounds like your diving off the deep end like I did, try some D&D and maybe try only war when you have the hang of the Basics.

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As a forever DM, it's really convenient to have players who know how their characters work and nothing else. When nobody knows the actual rules but me, it leaves me free to keep the story and game flowing.

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I can imagine, because unless you make a blatant mistake who cares what the rules really are? If it makes sense in the situation and keeps the game in flow and fun then do it, even if the rulebook says something different.

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That's why I like Paranoia.
As a Paranoia GM, I can do whatever I need to do and no player can say anything about it even if they do know the rules, because demonstrating knowledge of the rules is treason. And treason is punishable by (Character) death.

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i guess so, but i'm a massive Imperial guard fan ( I play them on the tabletop) and i love the idea of one man, no different than trillions of others, facing down the horors of a galaxy that seems hellbent of fucking humanity into oblivion (quite literally in some cases). I really wanna play that and see what adventures will ensue, and what miracles will occour with only a bayonet with a little guts behind it.

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D&D is even more of a clusterfuck. I've played D&D, Pathfinder and Only War and believe me Only War is by far simpler, if only by restricting the players to humans.

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well damn, the gamefinder thread is finding me fuck all.
and other ideas?

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The very first post is for an Only War game.

Other than roll20 (good fucking luck with that m9) get better friends.

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oops, my bad, totally blanked that one.

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>Have friends who want to play Only War with me
>Have no idea about how these bloody rules work.
OP can we swap?

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