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Character Art thread continuing from this one >>28625602

Some guy wanted Sci Fi shit so I am gonna dump as I go until he gets specific

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a guy wanted Cyber Spies
so I am posting Cyber Spies

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Requester here, amusingly enough I just finished playing Syndicate today and you start the thread with a Syndicate boss (I think).

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Snipers Infiltraty enough?

I heard that the game is shit but I really liked the style it had going for it

Banned in Australia though.

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I wouldn't say shit. Stylish and competently executed, but soulless and uninspired (except for the style.) I'm not unhappy that I played it, but I will never play it again.

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This guy look like Micheal Weston to you?

>Burn Notice In Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

yeah I understand

the like I said the style looks really cool But like most FPS games once you play it once theres no real reason to do it again

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The fuck?

Is that a p90? What sorcery is this?

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Two really specific but different requests here:

1. Werewolves, but in the future.
2. Robots that are humanoid in shape but very clearly not human - like, if you've ever seen the robot characters from Phantasy Star Online, that sort of thing.

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Yes. It's the magic of an artist who liked the P90 and didn't really care that it wasn't a pistol.

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Probably my favorite Spy picture
wish I had more

Cyber Mini P90

Technology aint gotta explain shit

anyway thats all of my spy type stuff

anyone else want to request

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The Noisy p90.

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I always liked played emotionless Gmen in cyberpunk games. That picture is definitely one I'd use for one of my people.

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Alright. Don't have a whole lot Sci Fi, but i guess i can dump from my modern folder, see if anything useful pops up

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I dont have any werewolves but I have a few humanoid robots

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Cool glad I could help

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It's actually pretty cool looking. If I didn't know guns/watch Stargate, I probably wouldn't have recognized it as anything other than a future pistol.

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Geeze woman, it's the future. We grow lips in deep fryers. Just get it fixed.

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oh you

Looks like a mini p90 spliced with a beretta.

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Last of Humanoid Robots

any other requests?

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Do you have any average joe looking people in space?

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Corporates. People in fancy outfits spitting on the little people.

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Are Drug Addicts Average Joes?

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I have some of that coming up

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/r/ing armored soldiers dual-wielding guns

Like pic related

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the last and probably most average dude i have

any other requests?

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Do you have guys with huge, two handed axes?

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Not a boss, but one of the co-op characters.
It's not shit, though the story is kind of meh.
And, heh. Soulless is all about what Syndicate is about.

I liked the game.

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dont have those sorry

Boy do I

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Ah, I didn't actually play the co-op, I thought she might have been one of the twins.

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any more pics of brawlers?

Maybe Medievil era pitfighters and boxers?

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let me see what i can find

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Well he certainly looks like a brawler

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>d20 Modern
My nigga

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Is 4chan not updating for anyone else? it's hella annoying.

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is it martial artists or big muscly kind of guys you are going for?

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Happy merchant banker you are our greatest ally

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Yes more pics like this

why is it so hard to find Fantasy Prize Fighters?

And why is every mark a kung fu guy?

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Alright lets get to some twohanded axes

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Prize Fighters
Bar Room Brawlers
Catch Wrestlers
Stuff like that

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The co-op is great fun. Facing down enemy Agents? Pinning them down in a crossfire and healing your own allies while turning their chips into slag before they can reboot?

Tackling two heavy dudes with flamethrowers and having to distract them while your buddies upload a virus into their neural net? Hell yeah.

It's a lot of fun. It's pretty much the progenitor of the Payday games.

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I have a weird request. I need medieval cyborgs. Humans with flesh but some obvious mechanical, perhaps magical, parts. If you've played the Genesis-era Phantasy Star games, like the androids from that, Wren and Mieu and Demi.

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Anyone got any armoured undead? Zombie-knight type, ideally.

I'll pay you in intertube-kudos.

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Can I get some jolly bards?

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Not jolly enough, honestly!

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GOD, he has like 10 belts.

>> No.28633760

When your the rouge god of being drunk and fucking all the bitches you it takes 10 belts to keep the bitches off your dick long enough to get shit faced

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What is this, a portrait for ants?

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Found the original.

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Requesting a human male wearing a white robe. Wizards, monks and anything else!

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Is this thread still got people in it?

Any requests?

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on orc chick that looks like shes getting her ass beat and enjoying it, using fisticuffs, for a shadowrun character

>> No.28637734

Oh damn sorry none of that

Anything else?

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I would like to request some reinassance era gunslinger, prefery holding two pistols, but rifles are also welcome, for a Warhammer Fantasy game.

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Wouldn't be adverse to more giant axes.

>> No.28637978

I will see what I have for this gentleman first
Not exactly a gun fighter I am just going to post all my Fantasy pics of people using guns as I do not have a lot

might have something your looking for

then Axes

In the mean time what are you looking for specifically? Barbarians or Knights? Good or Evil?

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Not guns but Duel Wielding Crossbows mitebkewl

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im looking for a male dunmer with a dagger wreathed in magical stuff

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>> No.28638060


Either or, only requirement is it has to be hueg two handed ones.

>> No.28638085

this I think would be perfect
but he looks more like your Rank and File soldier then an Inquisitor >>28631145

Sorry man I dont have anything like that

>> No.28638093

This one would be extremely perfect if it werent for the lack of beard.

>> No.28638147

Fair enough I have a fair few of those
I will post them after dumping these

>> No.28638170

Yeah I really like that one too

but I will try and limit my search to bearded ones

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Oh, dont feel compelled to do so, might find a great look in a shaved one, like this one, eliminating the simbol in the hat its almost perfect, the character in mind its more or so a bandito/adventurer.

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Rolled 5

Happy old man wizard! preferably with an outrageous hat and beard

>> No.28638224

That seems to be the end of Gun users sorry

hope you found what you were looking for

Onto axes

>> No.28638257

Nah, didnt found the perfect one, but I saved everything you posted, they works great in other characters, and you never have enough Witchhunters. Thank you.

>> No.28638262

Axes are always more of an Evil weapon for some reason

>> No.28638310

Whoa ok
I guess I already posted all of my axe users as they are showing up as Duplicates

sorry axe guy
go through this or the other thread to find what you need

Any other requests?

Maybe get someone crafty to edit the images? You said one would be great without the badge on his hat.

Anyway sorry I couldnt do more

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How about some monks? You never have too many drunken masters in your sheets.

>> No.28638382

I dont have a lot of monks
and the ones I do have are posted in this thread


They have a lot of good ones

anything else?

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please, i need a HAPPY wizard and the older the better

>> No.28638471

I will try my best but I warn you I dont have much

>> No.28638504

He flying on a fluffy cloud, he has to be happy

>> No.28638506

Mooore jolly baaaards!

>> No.28638514

Rolled 1

its ok i just cant find any where the crazy old wizard is smiling

>> No.28638536


Actually I may have a couple you will like

Dont have any

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Is a Wizard playing with Baby Unicorns happy enough?

>> No.28638551

I'm sure there's a smile under all the hair

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I'm starting a viking campaign and I need ALL SORTS of different vikings or just cool freaking dudes who fit in wintrary landscapes.
This thing >>28638471 is a great viking wizard.

Much appreciated for anything really!

>> No.28638587

Is it possible to get some art of people fighting with golems/constructs that they control, but are not inside of?

Or if they have to be inside of them, the pilot is visible?

Will dump my Tanks.

>> No.28638606

You smile with your eyes as much as you smile with your mouth, you know.

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>> No.28638628

Is a Wizard playing with Baby Unicorns happy enough?

>> No.28638648

Only if you have a soul

>> No.28638652

Rolled 7

THIS IS IT FUK YEAH thanks anon

>> No.28638676

Sorry but thats all I have for Wizards

though I think these last 2 are what your looking for

Glad I could help and please check all through this and the other thread

plenty of viking stuff
I would just be posting duplicates

>> No.28638687

dmpc in a campaign im in right now is basically elminster/baccob but senile and jolly as fuck.

>> No.28638706

You can still be Senile playing with unicorns right?

>> No.28638729

Any other suggestions?

>> No.28638757

that was part of it, unicorns are cute as shit so lets conjure up a dozen or so.

he showes up around level 8 and turns a dragon into parrot because parrots are funny. hes saved our asses as much as hes put them in mortal peril and does it all whilst smiling.

>> No.28638775

Rolled 5, 6 = 11


>> No.28638778

Fuck you Captcha

>> No.28638792

That really does sound adorable

>> No.28638802

>> No.28638809

Man Captcha can suck my dick

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>> No.28638840

Looking for tired knights,soldiers

>> No.28638925

yeah but it seems to work both ways we had to find his puppy at one point before he would let us use his library

pic very much related

>> No.28638950

Only got one, I hope this'll do.

>> No.28638956

I still have a lot more art if anyone wants anything specific


I just hope he isnt LOLSORANDUM or breaking the 4thwall
because thats just annoying

>> No.28638977

Already have that one
but thanks anyway

>> No.28638988

/r/ing any and all town guard / city watch / common medieval footsoldier pictures you dudes have.

>> No.28639034

Rolled 8

is not quite LOLSRANDUMB but hes never serious or straight with us which can get annoying at times but being friends with a god certainly has its advantages. its also nice because he never solves our problems, only helps.

>> No.28639036

yeah let's get some vikings going

>> No.28639040

I got plenty of those! huzzah!

Also thats adorable

>You will never be a shy city guard giving flowers to the blacksmiths daughter

>> No.28639050


>> No.28639065

Are battle scenes ok?

>> No.28639075


>> No.28639082

Battle scenes are great too

>> No.28639092

This guy looks like a Sheriff

not your Basic guard but might work

>> No.28639102


>> No.28639114

Cool I will post those as well

>> No.28639131


>> No.28639151


>> No.28639178


>> No.28639198


>> No.28639214

Not really a Guard he looks more like an Adventurer but I think his look is similar enough

>> No.28639216


>> No.28639239


>> No.28639250

You rock dude! Keep 'em comin' if you have 'em!

>> No.28639251

Ignore the obvious LOTR imagery.

unless you are planning a LOTR game

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>> No.28639287

That's a good one. Kinda reminds me of Fable 2 somehow. Keep posting!

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>> No.28639306

That one's great as well, saved.

>> No.28639312


>> No.28639320

but dem ears son

>> No.28639332

Female Soldiers?
Unrealistic but she looks right

Yeah the Guards in Fable look really similar

>> No.28639357


>> No.28639359

Female is perfectly acceptable, so is any metahuman fantasy race you might have lying around.

Especially when the pictures are as great as this one

>> No.28639368


>> No.28639391 [DELETED] 


Fair enough

I have mostly Humans however

>> No.28639395

Man, I have to say this in every fucking thread: when i name my images i name a hundred at a time. I'm only looking at the thumbnail. Sometimes mistakes happen.

>> No.28639408


>> No.28639412


Well SHIT.

I'm stuck between picking that image or pic related for an Ulfen who's going down to Taldor to join the Ulfen Guard (Varangian Guard, essentially.)

>> No.28639420


Fair enough

I have mostly Humans however

>> No.28639428


>> No.28639430

Human's preferred, definitely, I'm just saying if you got any great ones of an elf or something don't hesitate posting.

>> No.28639444

I love this picture

tired Soldiers are always awesome

>> No.28639448


Or pic related, actually.


Is that a Viking Halfling?

>> No.28639457


>> No.28639476

Jesus, her shlick hand is nuts!

>> No.28639504

Giant slayer son

>> No.28639505

Well you could correct it then?

>> No.28639529


Ah fair enough

how bout this drow?

>> No.28639547


>> No.28639563

It actually is a halfling. The art was used for some halfling prestige class in 3.5 if I recall correctly. Though Giantslayer could work too

>> No.28639578

haha, I love the puffy pants

>> No.28639587


>> No.28639614

I tend to, but as i said, mistakes happen, and i keep getting more character art. there will always be some mistakes, between them.

And sometimes i just don't want to look it up it the folder. Hell, the name doesn't transfer when you download it, so it shouldn't matter to you anyway.

>> No.28639646


>> No.28639678


>> No.28639689

Well It would help you more easily find it and related images were it tagged correctly. If you don't care, whatever. Just saying.

>> No.28639703


>> No.28639718


>> No.28639729

Maybe a bit too Fancy but for a Knight hes pretty Low Key

>> No.28639768


>> No.28639775


>> No.28639807


>> No.28639834

thats the end of normal looking Soldiers

Did you find what you were looking for?

>> No.28639850

It feels to me that I really should know what those kind of tattoos are called, me being Norwegian and all.

>> No.28639861


>> No.28639878

I saved a good couple yeah, I think I might go with uhhhh.. >>28639251 this one.

Although I'm starting to consider switching the gender of my character so I can go with >>28639332

Either way you helped out a lot, thanks!

>> No.28639886

This might help for the Viking guy

>> No.28639922


Happy to do it

>> No.28639925

>> No.28639941

all the other viking stuff I have

I posted all of mine before in other threads
Any other requests?

>> No.28639961

>> No.28639992

>> No.28640065

I actually think they're celtic

>> No.28640112

new thread? I got a request to make and this one's reached image limit

>> No.28640194

The best answer I could find was that it's called knotwork. Norse knots are fairly closely related to celtic knots. the most famous norse one is the Valknut, a tribute to the fallen warriors (which has sadly been associated with neonazis in modern time - do not let them take it!).

One major difference from what i could gather is that celtic knots tend to be a closed system, whereas norse knots are more freeflowing.

>> No.28640195

There is a ton of bleed-over between those cultures from viking times, anon.

>> No.28640203

Sure start the thread and request and I will try my best to post

>> No.28640235

Thanks dude!

>> No.28640296


New thread

>> No.28640313

dammit wrong thread i linked to


>> No.28640315

Apparently even Croatia had a version of it


>> No.28640402

/r/ing any sort of colonial/supernatural combination. Similar to Dishonored or Sleepy Hollow/any Tim Burton movie

>> No.28641541

Fucking hell Innistrad, why were you so cool?

>> No.28641630

who dis?

>> No.28641744

Anyone got any alien soldiers? Going for a generic soldier look, not anything monstrous or vicious.

>> No.28641851

best be going to the newer thread mate

this ones dead

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