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Tell me the most horrible, depressing, fucked up thing to ever happen to your characters,

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I played in a game where everyones character took their backstory from /r9k/ and the DM used material entirely from /x/

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The OP said characters, not players

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They were never used. Their stories never told.

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My old GM ran a solo game, where my character's party (her close friends) wound up being abducted by a hag. She got to her lair just in time to see her eating one of them alive. Unfortunately, being a first level wizard, there's wasn't much I could do about it.

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>Be me
>Let an BBEG necromancer get away
>Go back to kingdom
>The King tells me it's alright and the necromancer will probably never come again because of me
>Settle in, get a wife
>Finishing quest comes back to kingdom
>Everything dead
>Necro guy killed everything
>Had to kill my neighbors
>Had to kill my friends
>Had to kill my wife
>The Necro got away again

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Got mindraped.

There was a lot more stuff, but it all kinda built off of that, so that's the concise version.

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Threw self into rift to seal it from the other side.

Turns out it was sealing anyway. Rift was portal to metaplane of beings who were wholly capable of killing him, bringing him back to life and torturing him eternally. Three seconds there - three thousand years of 'regular time'.

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>GMinga game, Setting is a wasteland, post-apoc of a high-tech feudal civilization
>Party is a street prostitute with a heart of gold, a steadfast and strong knight, another knight who uses a holographic face changer to infiltrate, and a technomancer

>Party are all fairly "heroic"bar the facechanger knight, Vladmir.
>Every time something dirty has to be done, Vladmir does it and lies about it
>Everyone has at least half figured it out, Technomancer doesn't care, Prostitute has suspicions but doesn't want to accuse him, Knight knows but doesn't want to bring it up since he'd have to admit complicity
>Vladmir gets more and more erratic in his behavior, slowly losing his mind due to all the awful things he has to do, and he can't tell anyone

>All so the other party members could be heroes.

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Getting tortured by adamantium worshipers, losing a foot from gunfire from said worshipers. Almost losing my right arm to a heavy bolter (and only being saved from the bloodloss because the navy guys thought I was an Inquisitor at the time). Losing my whole family (and a chunk of my sanity) to a daemonic incursion. Getting irradiated, umm, other times i've been shot. Poor girl, i'm not sure if she's even fertile anymore after the irradiaton and that stab wound from the rak'ghoul.

Only 4 insanity points away from her first disorder!

Still managed to do accomplish more things and amass more power than anyone in the party (including the RT himself). From almost nothing mind you (started with just the standard starting items, now, I am on my way to my own warrant).

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I played in a Werewolf the Apocalypse LARP where my character was sent by my pack totem Bacchus to fuck some water elemental spirits as my rite of passage. But I failed my chops and they ended up violently raping me to the point that my character was brain damaged by them.

I was so pissed, I had to restrain myself from punching the ST who ran the scene in the face. He ruined my character and it humiliated me as a player. I quit the LARP not long after.

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... LARP?


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Should have played an elf and gotten that longsword proficiency.

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Then that's no problem. Your party has a whole lifetime to save you before you even realize you fucked up.

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But then after that first second he knows that not only is he fucked but that everyone who would even remember him has been dead for centuries.

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Mitsuhama Computer Technologies slowly and excruciatingly vivisected my Techomancer, cutting him open and removing parts until he was nothing more than a brain in a jar.

Oh but it didn't stop there, his mind fracturing over the next few weeks as he was hooked up to a server to act as a sentient bio-computer until he finally managed, in a moment of lucidity to kill himself through summoning a stupidly high force Dissonance sprite (all that torture fucked him up bad) to tear MCT's systems apart.

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Think of it this way, they have one thousand years before a single second will pas for him.

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We were captured by Bane (the god) and tortured over the course of weeks. The DM tried to make us give up secrets and wish atrocities on one another to try and break us. Eventually the monk convinced the demons holding us to release us to a plane almost completely removed from the usual Faerun cosmology so we could not stop their master's plot. The price? We had to perform the last tortures ourselves. The paladin tried to resist but they made him a marionette in his own body and made him do vile awful shit to the removed body parts. The monk came back as a deathless because of awesome roll and it drove us to escape and kill a god, but still it haunted us. We didn't play for two and a half weeks after excluding solo adventures.

For my character personally, I had to personally kill a platoon of orcs I commanded (my character owned a PMC) because they misunderstood an order to protect my only living family, an older sister. Those orcs were my friends and I killed them one by one, lighting their mostly dead bodies in grief stricken madness. It is the only time I cried both in and out of character.

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Got sold as a slave to an Escher gang that was ran by a Slaaneshi daemon.

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>Be in a low level campaign
>We all Paladins
>Awesome feel good campaign helping people and townsfolk across the land
>Get wind of town plagued by their dead rising against them
>Arrive after weeks of travel to find down almost overrun
>Attempt to stop a Nercomantic Ritual from being realised
>Manage to release captives
>Fight our way to Necromancer
>Necromancer laughs
>From all directions come undead, amongst them captives we saved earlier
>Bullshit hopeless situation, all die
>New campaign. Hear from a Town Cryer of corrupt degenerate fallen Paladins who slew a town of innocents in revelry of an evil god.
>Paladins now the Horsemen of the Necromancer and laying waste to all the places made better from earlier campaign.

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Played a Ravenloft campaign as Frollo (Fire Domain Blaster cleric with Lawful Evil alliance was one of the stupidest things I've ever done. Only my second time playing a tabletop game ever...

The sad moment was...I played Frollo and... <spoilers>didn't even get to burn one gypsy.</spoilers>

Nah, the real sad moment was watching my friend as LoL Darius being the only one that wasn't dominated by Strahd (whatever his name is spelled like) and we just watched him fight alone and die.

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I played a game where we had to play between the ages of 11 and 15(Pokemon Tabletop). Since my ranger girl was CHA-based and I needed to gather information, I headed to the local bar to poke around and see what I could learn. The barkeep gave me a free drink because I rolled exceptionally well.

The DM then made me roll for CON. Shit. Okay. Rolled a 4. I was absolutely pissed off of one drink. Without telling me what they were for, he made me roll a WIS check with a -10 penalty, then three more CON checks with -10 penalties. All negatives.

The next day, he makes me roll one more CON check with a -15 penalty for a hangover, but at least I know for a fact that I got laid the night before because of the physical evidence and bruising. Turns out that I had gotten pregnant during an underage date-rape with twins BY twins who decided to tag team me, but then I died later that day because of shitty rolls. The good news is I was resurrected with bullshit DM fiats, the bad news is I miscarried while dying and had to deal with a full two weeks of period to go with psychological trauma.

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I think you're smooshing two universes together and I'm not really liking it.

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>Implying this actually happened

Yeah, no. Nobody actually goes along with shit like that. And you're a faggot for telling us about your underage rape fetishes.

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My completely tripped out speedster character in Aberrant, who had put his massive starting points into one specialized corner, ie, being ridicilously fast and having no other talents, lost his initiative to some stupid jack of all trades npc opponent because the DM was an ass.

Dude had nothing left to live for at that point

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>poke round

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None of the party was ever nice to him, even if he saved there life more times then they saved him, always looking for acceptance, he died saving the party yet again. He died feeling like her never had any friends and that he wasted his life, some of the party still disliked him. I dont want to play that game anymore

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I was too shocked to say anything, to be perfectly honest. I lost my son a little over a year before the game during pregnancy, well into the third trimester, and this just brought everything flooding back, so I just shut up and let them have their giggle while I tried not to hyperventilate or cry. Thanks for attempting to invalidate my feelings and story, though.

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Should have rerolled that CHA stat bro.

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His bear cub friend got punched by a huge ass goblin and died

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I did have a extremely high CHA, they hated me because they had a low CHA and were generally rude people who did not like half elves.

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He's a Fallen Dark Angel, does that count?

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Well, fuck those guys then.

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Yo faggot. You should know that Foolz archive doesn't delete deleted posts.

>I was too shocked to say anything, to be perfectly honest. I lost my son a little over a year before the game during pregnancy, well into the third trimester, and this just brought everything flooding back, so I just shut up and let them have their giggle while I tried not to hyperventilate or cry. Thanks for attempting to invalidate my feelings and story, though.

You are a filthy, shitty liar, and even entertaining a story where this didn't end with you punching the DM and leaving is ridiculous.

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I was a comic relief character, and now they want me to make another comic relief character, I dont think I want to play with them anymore

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They're a race in 40k, if you noticed the different spelling. Multiple limbed, almost orkish bastards that use all manner of atomics.

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sex and rape in a larp? what the hell?

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Mastered the Death Arcana by killing someone's will to live and being forced to watching as the character's life just spiraled into utter despair.

Worst thing is that he didn't master it out of a need for power, but more of necessity. There was a huge chunk of the abyss that needed to be killed and he was the only Death Mage for the job.

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Haven't been to a Nordic larp, I see.

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Playing Dragons & Demons, visiting the Dorfs, one of the Dorfs gives us a quest. They want us to capture a Fire Beast, since they need one for their forges. Since we had met one before and it almost caused a party member to rush it out of fear, we were unsure if we wanted to try capturing one.

Another Dorf gave us a different quest, kill an Iron dragon. We took that one instead. so we go to the Iron Dragons lair, then we attack it. When we had weakened it, the Iron Dragon uses its Magma breath attack. All in party dodge AoE except one who is burned to death while encased in stone. We find massive hoard, take lots of gold and cool weapons (like weapons made of Rokiron = Iron fused with the blood of Iron Dragons). Come back, Suddenly Dorfs fucking everywhere.

they are around 50 at least, around 20 are Zvorda or Troll-blooded Dorfs. They are pissed as fuck that we killed an Iron Dragon (reason, source of Dragon Blood for making RokIron). The Dorf that gave us the mission to kill the dragon is beheaded in front of us, we are given the choice to fight or surrender.

We surrender and get captured, all our stuff taken and we are forced onto an underground train. For several days, we are brutally whipped while we are forced to power the train, using levers together with other slaves. Can't see shit, total darkness. When we finally see the light, we are out of the mountains, shortly after, we are taken to some woman that purchased slaves from the Dorfs. We are sold to her, get taken to really not nice place and forced to quarry rock.

Get fed some drug-like plant to make us not escape. most of us get to eat boiled version which lulls its effect to some degree. One party member gets to chew such roots to soften them up, suffers the effects allot more than the rest of us.

One day for some reason, one of the stone towers by the quarry collapses. My brother's character gets crushed by it. Later on we attempt to escape, Still having chains, we flee on a winter day.

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Apparently you do not into Ordo Xeno. But, if you feel better, the pretend Inquisitor and the Rak'Ghoul were 2 separate incidents.

Or you are just a no fun allowed person. Or you are a dogmatic imperial to the core. Either way, I got no time. I have a heavy cruiser to go claim and restore. If you have any further bitching, take it up with my rogue psyker senechal.

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>Tell me about the time your DM fucked you in the ass and you sat there and took it

Fix'd that for you, OP

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That... Actually sounds fun. :\

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I can't for the life of me feel bad for white phosphoring' those polygons

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I GM'd for a pathfinder campaign involving an Oracle, Gunslinger, Fighter, and Bard.

> Gunslinger tries to shoot through Oracle's legs to hit a beast
> Rolls a 1.
> Shoots Oracle's dick off.

>Oracle finds himself covered in 2d8 rock golems, cinderblock sized
> Golems are squeezing tighter and tighter, crushing his bones
>Gunslinger tries to pull a radical 4-golem shot, spending a grit point
> Oracle is filled with bullets.
> Most of his limbs are completely crushed by the golems
> Living on a prayer, they make him bionic-Oracle. With only his weak left arm still intact.

> Oracle ran into ridiculous amounts of trouble in the cities
> Imprisoned on multiple occasions
> Failed saves to avoid prison rape

> Shaves head, decides he's gonna dye the whites of his eyes a different color to 're-invent himself'
> Fucks up the dying, completely blinds himself in one eye, half-blind in the other.

The list only goes on, and Cipriano the Oracle lived a fucking horrible life. The guy playing him had a ridiculously fun time though.

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Not exactly.
Characters can get themselves in such a position simply because the players choose it's more interesting from a narrative perspective.

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Srry, forgot about the March. between when we were sold and when we reached the quarry, we had a long and tough march to deal with. Each of us were forced to carry at least 50 pounds of stuff. Those that failed to do that were killed by decapitation by our captors. Think my character had to take someone else's ''baggage'' due to them being to weak to handle it.

It was not only that we were forced to carry 50 pounds minimum, it was also during a forced march in winter conditions with no shoes and rags for clothes. A few of the captives froze to death or had their heads knocked off before reaching the quarry. Forgot about this part, until I started to write about it. srry

One of the party members, a female priest suffers very hard withdrawal symptoms from the drug (it was called Thornroot, the settings version of caffeine or some shit like that). We tried to knock her out with a snow shovel, since that was the only weapon-like things we could get hold of before fleeing.

One of the party members attacks the priest, in an attempt to knock her out cold. We then remember that this game has exploding dice, the snow shovels had a damage of D10 ÖP 10. that meant that if a 10 is rolled on damage, then you roll the D10 again and add the results until you stop rolling within the ÖP. The results are not that nice, at least to the priest. she has ehr leg severed off completely and dies from bloodloss. We cannibalised her, seeing that we had no other way of getting food, hunting was not an option and we could not go back to get anything.

That whole ordeal was pretty brutal, not a few of us in the party developed an intense hatred for that tribe of Dorfs.

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After traveling the long and hard road or adventuring and getting better and better, and helping people and places, finally my character saved the world. He started out with lots of friends, but along the way they died one by one at different threats. New friends showed up, but eventually he was the only original person left, with still the original quest to save the world, the others just tagged along at that point. In the final battle at the end though, by sheer rolling better than the others he was the only to survive. Still though the fight was won and the world was saved, and everyone knew it.

Or rather, they knew THAT the world was saved, not really by who. In fact, as I recall, a bard and a wizard managed to take the credit.

Either way, my character wandered back along the path towards the start. He saw Kings, Nobles, Grand Wizards, Fair Maidens and the like, all of whom he'd met before and helped and done quests for. Nothing, no response, the entire way. Finally he ended up back in the bar the entire game started at, and at least there, hoped he could get a free drink (the party had purchased the bar at a later date). In the process, he was literally roughed up and thrown out of the bar. Standing up out of the mud, he tried to look through the window back into the bar, but saw his reflection in the process realizing that he had become an old man (the game taking place over many years, since no one else had the same character, the DM took a liberty). Even trying to explain who he was, was met with similar failure. He tried pretty hard to prove who he was to no success, and while there were obviously ways he could definitely prove himself, after trying so hard he just gave up.

For all the people he had met and helped and saved the world for, it wasn't that they weren't grateful, or even that they didn't know he saved the world. No, they didn't even remember him, none of them had any idea who he was. I don't know why, but that even made me the player sad.

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>player has saved up for months and wants a magic item crafting
>goes around all the blacksmiths and artificers trying to get it crafted
>finally one steps up and says he can make it for 10k
>player is happy as it's 2k less than he thought it would cost.
>shopkeeper tells him to come back within a week and the item will be ready
>group goes off to adventure, comes back a week later
>shop is gone. Dude sold his old equipment and skipped town

needless to say my player was pissed. At least he learned a valuable lesson about paying before receiving goods.

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Horribly maimed while crossing a border, and went a good while more or less as a worthless cripple. Thankfully she was given robotic prosthetics, but still suffered some residual effects from the incident (unable to have children, for example).

Eventually, after much urging from the other characters, she sought out the scientist that fixed her up after the incident in the first place to try and restore her to her normal self. The guy was an unethical fellow though, and while he restored her, he did so with dragon genetics without telling anyone, as an experiment to observe the effects.

At first everything was fine and she was happy and back to normal, and everyone was happy for her. But like something out of District 9, the dragon DNA started taking over. She started to grow scales, her teeth, nails and hair started to fall out, her bones started to change as horns and a tail began to develop, etc... the change was very long, very painful, and very traumatic. In the process she ended up losing her mind before she turned into a full-size black dragon that to this day goes on mindless rage-filled rampages. The party though I think plans to find a way to put her down here soon. That is, assuming they can, what with the mad doctor holding her reins effectively.

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Not many of my characters meet horrible demises but I do remember a Horror Rules campaign were I lost two characters damn near back to back to the same type of creature.

On a farm visiting my characters uncle, walking down the dirt road to the house, two pumpkin monsters sprawl out of the field, my character freezes up and gets eaten before anyone can react. Second character drives up that night to help figure out whats happening, doesn't even make it out of the fucking car, sinkhole + pumpkin monsters = character getting sucked out of the car through the engine block.

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Dude. People grieve in different ways, be it in silence or by talking about their feelings. Parents who lose a child aren't exactly given an all-encompassing guide book on how to deal with their emotions. Also, dick move posting about her miscarriage after she deleted the post.

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My Fey Taskshaper took on a rather powerful pugilist (whose appearance reminded me of Il Palazzo) after a near-TPK and lost. She spent the next three decades hooked up to a power-sucking rape machine as a living battery for his mobile fortress along with countless other fey who were suffering a similar fate.

The fact she was ridiculously powerful basically meant that he conquered the world through her pain and suffering, and she had a front-row seat to the entire thing.

Yes my GM is a fan of The Matrix and Urotsukidoji

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He got the power he wanted but the power corrupted him

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This. How someone grieves is quite literally -the- most personal aspect of someone. Attacking someone for grieving in a way that doesn't fit your standard is just fucked up.

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>How someone grieves is quite literally -the- most personal aspect of someone

I dunno mate

I didn't grieve at all when my grandmother died(and before you leap to conclusions, this was a really great woman who was in my life consistently for 20 years, not a distant figure at all) but I reckon I still have a personality

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This is really fucked up - or at least I always thought it was fucked up.

Played in a really long running Promethean game after Saturine Nights came out - we were Zeka, nuclear prometheans, and there were only two of us. We both knew the other was out there, but we couldn't travel to each other - I was living alone in Siberia and she was living in the Australian outback, in an old atom bomb test site. The game eventually took the form of a series of letters we'd write to each other, over a span of decades, where we described our lives, what we could remember, our realisation that we'd been alive for decades and would probably be alive for centuries. We eventually realise, from comparing our experiences, that we share the same progenitor so we go to Argentina to confront him. We eventually find him, and it's revealed he was a nazi scientist, held by the soviets, who was responsible for creating us.

He recognizes us, and explains that when the corpses from the penal laborers ran out, he paid corrupt guards to bring him families from the near by villages. We were brother and sisters. But not just brother and sister - he combined our parts when sewing us together and exposing us to the radiation: I was half my sister and she vice versa.

We'd been sleeping together - as you do when you think you're the only radioactive mutants like you alive. Then it turned out she was pregnant, through some strange, radioactive alchemy. There was no way the child, mutated and twisted, could ever live outside my sister's nuclear womb - but our progenitor had a solution: he'd remove it by c-section, and remake a new promethean from it but he lacked the necessary parts. So I volunteered, my half-me sister killed me, and they grafted the bits that didn't melt down onto my son. The result was a monstrous abomination that went thermonuclear and wiped out all life in Latin America. Leaving my sister, alone, in a nuclear wasteland, ashamed of what she'd done.

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Urotsukidoji, now that's a name I've not heard for a very long time.

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Not grieving is still a means of how you grieve. If you don't, well that's how you are and anyone who gives you flack for it can be the next corpse in the graveyard.

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Fighting against a Greater Daemon Lord of Tzeentch for decades. Realizing nothing can be done against such a terrible monster. Realizing he plays everyone as his puppets, is almost omniscient and that every your action only furthers his plans.
The character suffered terribly, lost most of his body, survived daemonic posession, lost the ability to feel most of the emotions except cold hatred, was declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the inquisitorial conclave and hunted for decades, lost all his friends, went batshit insane (97 insanity points) but still continued to fight.
It was a good and fun campaign.

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>character is fun loving feral guardsman who is in general awe and positive attitude at the wonders of Man outside of homeworld
>join Inquisition
>horrors are fine, I have my new friends
>slowly turned into insane, half-demon monstrousity as every single one of his new friends die around him
>almost can literally not die

Though I suppose that's how most DH campaigns go.

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>Character is a CIA Paramilitary asset who has gone through two years of Delta green.
>During that time, there's been the incident where a shoggoth threw a log at her, the time they blew up an entire group of innocent women and children that could have been saved, direct mental contact with what I'm pretty sure was Y'golonac and the destruction of the first cell due to various corrupting factors.
>No fucks given, let's just keep trucking.
>So we cut to another Opera gone FUBAR.
>The entire populace is going crazy, massive riot and everything.
>Be cut off from the cell and ultimately end up shot to pieces.
>Just about to bleed out when some guy comes to the rescue in the nick of time.
>Turns out to be the character's closest friend who had been in a coma for years now.
>He's starting to explain all this shit and enlists help in dealing with the cause of what's happening in this town.
>This has to be a hallucination, especially when he requests the help of my half crippled character. But let's roll with it!
>Due to the awkward circumstances, all that the character wanted to say got quelled in favor of professionalism.
>Just at the last moment, it looks the worst.
>Buddy looks like he's about to get eaten or blown up.
>Instead of pulling off the heroic rescue, all my character can do is colapse over in a puddle of mud and watch her best friend blow himself up roughly an hour into their reunion.

Welcome to Delta Green.

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His girlfriend fell in love with the villain, after the bad guy kidnapped her. When he rescued her, she went:

> "Please don't hurt him. I...I'm in love with him."

That was a low blow, DM.

That was a low blow.

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Dude. Get over it already. You don't have to trot the story out every single time.

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He really should have seen that all coming.

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Once I lost my Muse. And I didn't had any backups.

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I once dropped my new sword in the ocean. And I never saw it again.

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My paladin lost his family to a giant attack on his hometown, a few days before he was set to graduate from paladin college. He had goofed off a lot, and wasn't the best paladin. But he developed a kind of survivor's guilt deal where he believed that if he was a better paladin, if he had just paid more attention and put more effort into his learnings, that he could have saved them. He later takes up drinking in secret and is an alcoholic for many years as he helps out as a doctor around his hometown, healing people where he can. And this is all just his backstory. In the game proper, one of the other characters, a gnoll, takes a very intense interest in him. She gets him drunk and fucks him pretty early on, effectively trapping him in a relationship since he felt it was wrong to hit it and quit it, and she wouldn't take no for an answer anyway. This continues for the rest of the game as he struggles with his own feelings as she stockholm syndrome's him.

The party travels with a few major and a bunch of minor NPCs as a part of a caravan, and at one point a raid caused all the minor ones to die. The paladin, at that point, could only resurrect one person a day, and they'd be available to res for ten days. There were 12 NPCs. Though he had advanced in skill as a paladin tremendously, he felt even worse. He had failed the two left dead, and they couldn't afford a resurrection in the next town over. Though the gnoll had attempted to stop him from drinking with a little bit of success, but he fell off the wagon completely after that.

To be continued 1/2

>> No.28635471

The worst part, however, was at the end. Through the course of his journey, he had developed feelings for one of the major NPCs. He really connected with her, and had been friends with her for years before the game, and she, too, had lost her family in the same string of tragedies that he had lost his in. They had been flirting on-and-off, when the gnoll wasn't around, but the paladin always felt guilty about it since he was technically already in a relationship (even though he couldn't leave it). She was about to be crowned the empress of a country, and he had helped her with every step along the way. It would have been great for them to get together, but they couldn't.

The gnoll wanted to continue to adventure, but the paladin wanted to stay and help his friend, at least for a while. He didn't get his way. The gnoll had gotten it into her head that she wanted to get the paladin transformed into a gnoll, too, from a human, because he would be much more attractive to her. He refused, of course. He wasn't about to say goodbye to his humanity and everything else in his life, much to her anger, but she never dropped it. His alcoholism was never treated or resolved, either, and he likely died from it years in the future. Unless, of course, the gnoll found some way to make them both immortal. She had been researching something to that effect.

>> No.28635486

He got a job and stopped going on adventures.

>> No.28635605

Man, losing your best friend since childhood :c

>> No.28635695

...and if that second passes it means it's been 1000 years and they're not coming to rescue him.


>> No.28635944

>Be a lesser angel walking among man to right wrongs.
>Party questions angels contrived reasons for helping them.
>Can't quite explain why Celestial lords aren't giving me orders right now either Dm leaves it a mystery
>fall in love with human and become her guardian
>revealed throughout the story that Celestia is doing some dark macabre things to triumph over evil and prevent armageddon.
>recieve guidance from on high to raid a cult ritual, discover ritual requires spell component; angel's heart.
>Ritual provides a method to cripple the BBEG doomsday device if instructions are worded incorrectly or differently.
>Tell party I hate them with a righteous fury and they must redeem themselves in the face of this evil if angels will ever walk amongst man again.
>leave girlfriend character heartbroken, she finds out later I went to commit suicide.
>Higher powers grant my wish to be ruinited with her and help her
>Return to the world in a human body to find out im under a GEAS of diefic proportions which barrs me from ever telling her what I remember or who I am.
>Watch her fall in love with other hero PC who trash talks about the old angel
>Engage in the Final Battle
>Party never figures out why the BBEG was easyish and brags all the time, my new human character glossed over as a henchman.

>> No.28636313

I don't go nothing but, yet have never come across rape.

>> No.28636325
File: 2.79 MB, 2216x2842, MarioNSMB2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28636387

ow. did you at least manage to get revenge?

>> No.28636474

Are you me?

It was a low fantasy, low-ish magic campaign about a somewhat normal feudal world beng reintroduced to magic gradually by various oddness in the heavens.

We had a Druid, a paladin, a bard, and me, the rogue/fighter.

Midway through the campaign, after we'd cleared a fiefdom of some bandits and their lord, we were making our way back through the forest when the next plot hook hit us.
We'd heard rumors of a mad wizard researching ancient forbidden necromancy, but the bandit attacks were much more pressing, so we went after them first. A mistake, as it turned out.

we found this out later, but The wizard had found a way to reopen an ancient planar gateway to the plane of negative energy and basically set off the equivalent of a necromantic nuke.

All around us, the forest began to wither and die, and we all had to make multiple titanic fortitude saves. I'm the only one who somehow manages to make each one. The others were not so lucky.

They're all afflicted with various stages of what is essentially radiation sickness. Things are looking grim. Most of our food is now inedible and we're miles yet from unaffected civilization.

We press on as best we can, eating our horses as they drop dead from under us. It's not going to be enough.

And then, I remember. We're passing back through the bandit lord's lands. They're still green, alive. We bed down for the night in various states of pain and misery, but I remain awake, and go scouting via notes to and from the dm.
It's quiet. No wildlife, no bees, no birds.
Sure enough though, the bodies of the bandits we slew just a few hours ago are still there.
Still fresh.


>> No.28636478

>Born in Cyre
>Friends die during the Last War
>Discover village, including loved one and family, has been sacked and burned
>Gets addicted to drugs and cheap thrills, runs terror campaigns in other kingdoms
>Close enough to Cyran borders during The Day of Mourning to get his body combusted, but not close enough to die
>Walking cooked meat and weeping sores
>Gets taken in by the very people he hated with every ounce of his being
>Given a new lease on life
>Although they "couldn't do anything about his looks" (lies)

And that was just the background.

>> No.28636499

It's morning, and I've prepared a hearty breakfast. The paladin and Druid are suspicious, but the bard agrees that it was a most fortuitous hunt and they all dig in.
We make it back to the land of the living if not in good health, then at least alive.

The paladin is shooting me dark looks, and as we break to resupply at the township we've arrived at, he passes a few notes to the dm.

We reconvene at nightfall and the paladin throws a small parcel at my feet. It's some of the dried meat from the day before. He'd had it tested by an apothecary, and his suspicions were confirmed.
As the horror of what I did sinks in among the party members, he draws his sword.

"I'm sorry." I tell him.
"You were my brothers. I couldn't let you die. I'd do anything for you bastards... And I did. I did, and would again.
I'm sorry."

With tears in his eyes, the paladin strikes me down. I don't resist.

>> No.28636512


He's a Paladin in a campaign of Eyes of the Lich Queen.

Faith in the Silver Flame is basically the only thing keeping him functional at this point.

>> No.28636527

>Close enough to Cyran borders during The Day of Mourning to get his body combusted, but not close enough to die.

That's now how the Mourning worked....

>> No.28636563


DM allowed it all the same since it was barely different from "insane magic radiation."

>> No.28636620


> be me
>visit the chan to reclaim sanity.
>All fave boards are shat up except a humor thrrad in /k/.
> decide tp see what other boarfs are up to.
> see this post.

I love you Anon. I don't shit about you but thanks. /tg/ is aight. I can't into /tg/ , but your aight.

>> No.28636807

My T5 chaptermaster failed four 2+ saves.

From lasguns.

>> No.28637179


Wasn't it basically subtle, except for millions of people suddenly falling down dead and then getting reanimated?

>> No.28640221


Out of curiosity, what made the Inquisition turn on him?

>> No.28640588

you are an asshole

>> No.28640686

Bitch ass party member stole my hover car and used it to taunt the heavily armed enemy. Nigger didn't even have the decency to die in the crash.

>> No.28640695
File: 62 KB, 471x694, m127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


then how was the rift a threat?!

even if the baddies congo lined through the rift, there would be decades before the next one showed up.

>> No.28640796

We ended up slaying the Necromancer, but by the time that happened the world was already beyond ruined. The Paladins names were never unsullied.

>> No.28641144
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>(Pokemon Tabletop)
Okay, seems normal enough.

>rape of a minor
>underage abortion

What in the ever loving fuck were you collectively smoking, to turn POKEMON into that miasma of crass and foul storytelling.

Fucking shame on anyone involved in that.

>> No.28641173
File: 43 KB, 1000x716, 1465740_565690183504954_179930293_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play oWoD.
My character fell in love with a really good looking businessman and thought she had this really romantic semi-forbidden love story going on.
The DM thought otherwise

>mfw he actually is her uncle and his "friends" like to call him "Cuntface" while walking him on a leash.
>mfw Black Spiral Dancers don´t do disco
>mfw she is pregnant and the only "doctor" around looks like Trevor from GTAV
>mfw he whips out a silver knife
>mfw "everything for the family, now lets make you pretty for mommy!"

Then we fade to black but it is heavily implied that they are gang raping my character for good measure after she just gave birth.

>mfw "I think you should roll up a new character"

But oh well, I think I deserved it after ignoring every clue the DM gave me. At least she finally reconnected with her mother again...

>> No.28641426

Ahh, the Demonic Nazi Fuckmachine of Death. How I remember it fondly.

To be eleven years old again and for that to be my first introduction to Japanese animation.

>> No.28641527

>the result was a monstrous abomination that went thermonuclear and wiped out all life in latin america


happy parents, d'awwwwww

>> No.28641609


>implying the paladin shouldn't fall for murdering his not-evil companion that did what was necessary to keep everyone alive

>> No.28641696

Dm actually threatened to make him fall if he didn't slay me. Cannibalism was actually a major crime for the faith he'd taken.

Funnily enough, in a later campaign our party led a crusade into a mouth of hell to CLOSE SHUT THE JAWS OF OBLIVION and you'll never guess who was there in the afterlife to lend aid?

>> No.28644093
File: 171 KB, 452x400, 1385407532020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the other players int he group rolled up a human rogue for kicks with prostitute as a profession.
I thought this was hilarious my halfling proceeded to hit on the character in game. When we stopped for the night, our characters ran off behind some bushes. After everyone went to sleep I rolled sneak to gtfo and get my gear back on. Lucky thing I did because 5 minutes later, zombies started crawling out of the ground while I was checking out a huge ancient door.
Friend's character was gruesomely eaten alive while mine barely escaped with his life.

It made for some really interesting rp, since my character keeps seeing his comrades (ones he's actually developed friendships with) being torn apart by monsters. He's developed a slight case of PTSD and recently acquired the book of the dead, so we'll see where that goes....

Pic related: What my character's face looks like, only on a ridiculously small body.

>> No.28644290

Eaten alive by sonar-guided sewer rats.

>> No.28649118

I played CoC. The Keeper convinced an overly cautious PC to fight Deep Ones. After a botched roll shooting roll, the deep ones ripped him into two. The top half was eaten and the bottom half was sodomized.

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