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Fuck you This is how I X/MadePlaySaw/Whatever the fuck picture thread


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This is how I big reveal

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This is how I romance.

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>there is no picture

I know that feel, bro

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Fucking hell, here's the image.

This is how I fuck up Computer rolls, evidently

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This is how I warlord.

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This is how I ERP

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This is how I take constructive criticism in my Dark Heresy.

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this is how I bluff

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This is how I develop settings.

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This is how I Perform (Dance)

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this is how I fighter

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This is how I Lawful Good

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This is how I raise the DC.

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This is how I Archmage.

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This is how I punish the BBEG.

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>This is how I critical failure [Disarm]

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This is how I crit fail seduction

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This is how I Bluff.

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Yep. Surf Ninjas.

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This is how I handle the GM's railroaded combat.

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oh shit I remember that movie

But I didn't remember Leslie Nielson in it

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>This is how I Cursed Item

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Yeah rewatched it a few nights ago, I never noticed either. Gotta say didn't hold up well after all these years.

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Shit son it was a terrible movie when I was kid, I still watched the hell of it.

Mostly because of the magic sega game-gear.

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This is how I Neutral Evil.

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This is how I dungeoneering.

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What movie is that from anyways?

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three kingdoms?

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This is how I make the BBEG seem even worse.

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[Insert Prerequisite rage here.]

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Deal w/ it.

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I don't get it.

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It's from the 3 Kingdoms 2010 China TV show. You can watch the whole series on Youtube, it's like 100 episodes or something and every episode is 1 hr long.

The raughing chinaman is Cao Cao, who is the definition of Ancient Chinese troll, he basically trolls the fuck out of everyone and rolls with huge balls. Also sometimes he straight up murders innocent people but thats life in ancient ching chong land shit

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>This is how I express myself

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>This is how I burn away the toxic jungle

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You sick bastard

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This is how I barbarian
>I came in like a wrecking ball

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I fucking hate you.

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>But i will always want youuuuuuuu


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This is how I rogue trader.

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This is how I party face rogue.

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Be thankful.

This is how I introduce questgivers.

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This is how I alchemist

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Rolled 77

critical failure?

>> No.28627540

Rolled 97

>cardboard door

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He killed them. He was only trying to get their guns.

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This is how I Divine Grace/Cha to AC

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this is how i chaotic neutral

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this is how i fallen paladin

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This is how I Chaotic evil

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This is how I rationalize missing after ten fucking rolls.

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This is how I paladin.

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This is how I Rogue with Improved Evasion

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This is how I lich.

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This is how I Wizard

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This is how i Knight.

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this is how I Monk

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This is how I roll disguise.

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This is how I Bard

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This is how I PC

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this is how i hacker

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This is how I Setting Sun Swordsage

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That anime depressed the hell out of me.

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Rolled 25

WELL dear anon, let me tell you about-*BLAM*
also, how I concealed weapon

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you're not alone

this is how i A.I.

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This is how I Disguise check

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This is how I make trap

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This is how I lancer.

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this is how i deep wild

>> No.28627820

incidentally, that's how I BBEG.

>"What is that thing in the sky?"
>"That's the sun, Wedge."
>"Well, it offends me. Turn it off."

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this is pure evil.

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this is how i disguise

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This is how how I taunt

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This is how I present loot to PCs.

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this is how i SCIENCE!

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>Not connecting with baseball swing.

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Fair enough, I tend to focus more on the parts about resolving the conflict between an oath of obedience with doing the right thing, mutual respect for a decent man on the opposite side of a war, and teaching an entire world that honor is about much more than just glory in battle.

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Errr...He did connect Anon. He hit his sword, and knocked it out of his hand. Were you paying attention?

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>that motherfucking dragon
>that motherfucking sword
I bust my balls trying to get that thing, I get so excited because it looks so cool, and then it turns out to be shit thanks to split damage and C scaling. Fucking fuckers.

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THIS is how I AI.

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I think it was more of a theoretical statement of if the fencer DID move his blade out of the way.

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this is how i BBEG's army


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This is how I crit

>> No.28627945

This is how I AI.

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This is how I mysterious quest giver

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If you didn't actually hit your opponent you failed. Combat isn't like action movies where you intentionally hit the other guys sword.

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>isn't like action movies
>is an action movie

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this is how i AI

>> No.28627988

Think of it as a feint.

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This is how I critical failure: ride

>> No.28628040


Weak, I'd rather have the test cart.

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This is how I Chaotic Neutral.

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this is how i intimidate

>> No.28628129

this is how I Giant monster

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Please never do so.

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This is how I AI.

YES, I finally get to use this pic!

>> No.28628165

I prefer other methods.

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This is how I Quest Giver

>> No.28628191

This is how I heroic mortal in DB campaign.

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this is how i catfolk

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It looks so...premeditated.

>> No.28628228

Sauce please?

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this is how i wizard

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This is how I fuck up a franchise

>> No.28628272

you bastard

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this is how i time distortion

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This is how I rogue/bard

>> No.28628317

This is how I bluff.

>> No.28628320

This is how i play orks

>> No.28628329

This is how i ringmaster

>> No.28628333

This is how I crit fail (surgery).

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see, the reason I thought >>28627778 was so evil was that a lego piece would go mostly unnoticed on a floor, while that elaborate trap would be obvious to everyone except the most drunk of roommates. actually, that gives me an idea...

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this is how i chaotic evil

>> No.28628391 [SPOILER] 

This is how i instigate san checks.

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This is how I nat 20

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Rolled 42


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Did she gave birth, in a pool, with the rest of her family inside the pool?

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Can a nigga get a source?

>> No.28628456

how I alignment shift to neutral evil

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This is how I GM.

>> No.28628468

Well, obviously the c-section was a complete failure. That doctor has no Idea what he's doing.

>> No.28628479

yes, although I don't know whether the rest of the family were in the pool to begin with or if they climbed in afterward.

>> No.28628481

how would that make the bbeg seem worse? Is the BBEG the dog?

>> No.28628483

Don't bother. It's a one-off scene in a kid's imagination. The rest of the show is overdramatic children.

>> No.28628506

Rolled 8

fucked up the dice roll, because I'm evidently an idiot

>> No.28628510

No it's not, it's a scene in AWESOME MAGICAL LASER WORLD, and then the rest of the show is overdramatic bishonen teenagers.

Fuck that show, so much visual design money on the fantasy creatures, wasted because they couldn't think of a better plot.

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Pretty good for reaction images though.

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This is how i asshole transmuter.

>> No.28628590

>Chaotic Evil
I think you mean Neutral Good, True Neutral, and Neutral Evil

>> No.28628592 [SPOILER] 

This is how I Fae revenge.
Don't fuck with the tooth fairy.

>> No.28628608

How I cleric

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This is how i paladin.

>> No.28628629

What's wrong, anon.

>> No.28628639

>eye teeth
What? Who calls them that?

>> No.28628643

This is how I make minor villains.

>> No.28628650

Brits. They don't know shit about teeth, hence why they tend to lack them.

>> No.28628656

This is how I Shadowrun

>> No.28628659

that's a different show

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>> No.28628672 [SPOILER] 


Get on my level.

>> No.28628676

It actually isn't.

>> No.28628679


Britfag here, literally never heard that term before, what part of great britannia?

>> No.28628694

Is that from Regular Show?

>> No.28628696

Why is this skull entire lower face made of teeth?

>> No.28628699

This is how I Bard.

>> No.28628703

At first, I thought "wait, is that a family bathing in Dr. Pepper? Well, I guess that is a little crazy, nothing that would test my sanity."

Then I read >>28628428

God. Oh god.

>> No.28628705

This is how I unit organization.

>> No.28628707

Mutation. Growth tissues where there shouldn't be any.

>> No.28628722

Holy shit does that sound painful

>> No.28628723

Do you know how to read?

>> No.28628734

it's really not

we're probably thinking of different shows anyway

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>> No.28628740


This is how I rogue.

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>> No.28628775


this is how I reconcile

>> No.28628820

I don't know what's worse.
That they would just sit there through the whole thing or that they would willingly climb in after it was all over.

>> No.28628821

Nope, it's normal.

>> No.28628837

Everybody loves a good fight in hockey!

>> No.28628848

Nigga are you trying to say that Chuunibyou and Maou-san are the same show? Cause I will fight you with knives if you are.

Pic related is how I GM

>> No.28628851

this is how I tpk

>> No.28628897

This is how I Rogue Trader/Seneschal duo.

>"Alright, you Heretic Scum. As the highest-ranking Imperial Authority in this system, I order you to return to your ship and comply with Administratum Edict 546.7.M31 154-Alpha."
>"Administratum Edict 446.7.M31 154-Alpha, sir? 'The Kumquat Tithe to the XVIII Legion Astartes from Malion III Shall Be Set at 5 Shiploads Per Annum'? Here we are, staring down a Chaos warlord, and you're worried that the Salamanders aren't getting enough fruit!"

>> No.28628934

This is how I add a new member to the party.

>> No.28628967

>punch at an enemy a billion times
>the enemy doesn't even bat an eye at you

Yep, sounds like a monk alright.

>> No.28629001


This is how I BBEG's army

>> No.28629028

We're friends now, you and me

>> No.28629039

this is how I BBEG encounter

>> No.28629057


This is how I bard battle

>> No.28629061

This is how I evil empire

>> No.28629074

This is how I adventure hook

>> No.28629079

>This is how I inter-party conflict between the Fighter and the Rogue.

>> No.28629080

Except that one time, at the end, Mr. Boomerang doesn't come back ;_;

Goddamn Sokka was so based in the 3rd season when he finished leveling up in badass normal

>> No.28629113

what happened there

>> No.28629131

Boomerang came back. Space sword did not.

...I think.

>> No.28629135

Griffith is so tsundere for Guts

He shows it by murdering everyone he loves and raping his girlfriend

then using the aborted antichrist baby to reembody himself into a giant egg

>> No.28629146


Bone cancer.

It sucks.

>> No.28629147

No, he lost Boomerang during the final battle on the airship too. Took out two firebenders with it, but Suki had to save them at the last minute. He lost Space Sword in the fall that proceeded or followed that, I can't remember

>> No.28629152

That was a good show. Abrupt ending, but a good show.

>> No.28629165

Nope, leg broke, holding Toph from falling with one hand, he throws boomerang at one guy and space sword at another with no way to get either back without scouring the scorched ground below.

>> No.28629175

This is how I BBEG's lair

>> No.28629183

doesn't his statue in korra have him holding boomerang but not space sword?
boomerang always comes back

>> No.28629196

It's too bad his sword of meteoric iron did jack shit. Why the fuck make it from meteoric iron in a setting where cosmological events and celestial bodies have a direct impact on magic if it didn't have any supernatural properties? Missed opportunity.
>This is how I introduce the Dragon

>> No.28629212

It was impossibly sharp and strong while light and easy to wield.

>> No.28629220


This is how I wizard

>> No.28629235

This is how I Rogue Trader

>> No.28629244

this is how i surprise round

>> No.28629245

I believe he has trusty boomerang in the courtroom flashback scene as an adult as well

which only makes me sadder about how lame Korra's cast is compared to ATLA's.

Though to be fair I really liked Korra and the gang until the last three episodes of season one when we found out who Amon was and shit nosedived

>> No.28629248


this is how I giant monster

>> No.28629284

This is how I conspiracy

>> No.28629285

this is how I nat 20 seduce

>> No.28629288

This is how I evil Cleric

>> No.28629290


>> No.28629300

>this is how I nat 1 seduce

>> No.28629305

This is how I rogue knight

>> No.28629321

This is how I cruel irony

>> No.28629340


This is how I chaotic neutral

>> No.28629354

that door is clearly cardboard.

>> No.28629362

This is how I crit fail courage check

>> No.28629380

This is how I Shadowrun.

>> No.28629384

how I asshole transmuter

>> No.28629396


played a damage specced assassin, sadly only had about 1 for will even at lvl 10+. Started using fear checks as convenient excuses for ditching suicidal party.

>> No.28629402

It's Wrestling. What did you expect?

>> No.28629408

I don't know what I call it, but I do it, every chance I get

>> No.28629433

Gatchaman Crowds

>> No.28629436

This is how I mythic creature

>> No.28629443

This is how I BBEG

>> No.28629444


This is how I forgotten beast

>> No.28629448

This is how I Magic Item

>> No.28629450

I like you.

Keep it up.

>> No.28629461


how I BBEG

>> No.28629469

Worse; it's something using the drama building bullshit of wrestling while still trying to pass itself off as something better than wrestling.


>> No.28629471

Worth it for that WW Ganon

>> No.28629477


But that's Maou-Sama! tho


>> No.28629488


This is how I BBEG

>> No.28629490

Which doesn't make any sense either because it's just iron, but I'm not about to get into that argument.

>> No.28629491

>leadership feat
>funny hat

Yep, everything checks out.

>> No.28629492

Wir sind sie essen wie sind der j├Ągar!

Only other reference I can think of is the fact that Goku squeaks when he gets squeezed in DBZ Abridged.

>> No.28629496

This is how I Monnk

>> No.28629508

This is how I experienced party member

>> No.28629523

>This is how I final battle

>> No.28629527

This is how I sneak attack

>> No.28629533

This is how I warlord.

>> No.28629542

This is how I shadowrunner.

>> No.28629548

Otherworldly horror from beyond, but has a plan that makes (almost) as much sense as anything else.

Killing Dagoth Ur set things in motion for the next Kappla/landfall

>> No.28629553

This is how i lawful good

>> No.28629567

>Modern building in the background
Fuck I need to see this movie.
>How I unlikely NPC

>> No.28629574

this is how I BBEG

>> No.28629587

This is how I create a distraction.

>> No.28629598

this is how I plan for player decisions

>> No.28629655

Oh fuck. Post the rest of the set.

>> No.28629662

You're awesome, and should feel awesome.

Aaaaaaaand now I'm depressed.

>> No.28629688


what new kappla? Is current Elder Scrolls not the same dream as in Morrowind?

>> No.28629701


But every part of Dagoth Ur's plan makes sense.

>> No.28629740

It is, but with the destruction of the tower at Red Mountain, we are but one step closer to the world being destroyed (possibly, the elves are really just hoping that destroying the towers and the destruction of man will take things back to the way they were). A new Kapla (sorry too many 'p's in that originally) will happen whenever Alduin pops up in the future if a new hero isn't there to stop him.

Landfall soon stalker.

>> No.28629765


Oh yeah. Destructions of the anchors of Mundus and all that.

Got a link to landfall, haven't checked it in a while. I was interested.

>> No.28629789

Is it to the ES wikia? Or some place else. Cause if it's not on the wikia, post it.

>> No.28629792

As I understand it Landfall isn't really a cannon thing...yet.

We'll see how Beth handles it if all the towers fall. Until then you can find Kirkbrides writings on the imperial library.

>> No.28629802

why are you depressed

>> No.28629806


Wasn't it being released slowly in graphic novel form?

>> No.28629829

Not going to lie. I'd beat the BBEG down. Light him on fire and let him burn to death. Then I'd discover this and dump his body into a river.

>> No.28629839


Whats landfall?

>> No.28629840

Ah, you mean http://c0da.es/

Yeah, have fun with that.

>> No.28629853

You ever play the game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? Im not a big vidya person, but that game was amazing, and had a heart breaking ending.

>> No.28629854

The towers anchoring reality. If all of them fall lots of crazy shenanigans can happen; crazier than normal that is.

>> No.28629881

Like Sheogorath crazy?

>> No.28629891



>> No.28629899


damn... nothing new

>> No.28629901

Crazier. Think of the craziest thing you can think of in tES lore, now take turn the crazy knob to 12.

>> No.28629915

So like... 2.6 Sheogoraths?

>> No.28629929

You're getting closer. This is beyond little old Sheo though.

>> No.28629943

I'd watch that Sitcom.

>> No.28630040

You. I like you.

>> No.28630214

You're playing as the Brits, just put up some stakes brah.

>> No.28630233

English bowman can hold that castle forever. Trust me, the same thing happened to me in Hamburg

>> No.28632058

Which anime is that? I keep seeing the girl everywhere.

>> No.28632448

did one of them die?

>> No.28632562

what is google

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