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Character Art Thread?

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Looking for high class vampire/dhampir female

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Hey! I'm looking for Dwarves of various genders and professions for a Dwarf only game my DM is running. I'm a little stumped and could use the insipiration

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Yaas dwaaaarfs various gendaaars

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I'm looking for characters using crossbows if anyone has them. Preferably more fighter-with-bow than nature-loving ranger.

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you know since a vampire is just a person they can look like whatever you want

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Here's another of mine.

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And the last crossbowman I have, though he's using more of a man-portable ballista.

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... And I forgot the pic.

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Good point, she has red/auburn hair and yellow eyes (optional), if you have anything like that, i'd love to see it

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sadly all my pictures seem to be of ranger women. Dumping anyway

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I'm making a dwarf fighter with a focus on non-stop charging, anything that could fit a reckless fighter dwarf?

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K that narrows it down. I got one with yellow eyes...

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something like this, but pathfinder-esk

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and two with red hair

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wait make that three

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sorry took a while to find the last one

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So...what a hooker?

Cause I mean, you gotta narrow it down

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>Human Ranger(5).png
Oh boy.

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I love me some thighs, but those are a little out of proportion.

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Nice, I like it.

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Not really, if anything, it's her waist.

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I think it that combined with the fact that the they flair out a bit above the elastic band on the tights but not below.

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Just one of the more clothed images out of my cheesecake folder

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What? I name all my character art by race then "class" as a general guide. I'm working on adding tags to each picture then categorizing them in deparate folders, but I don't have time for that shit.

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>Delicious thighs
I want to use those like earmuffs...

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>Naming your art files
You'll give up.
Everyone gives up.

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Yeah, I know I will. But at least it makes me feel productive while I do it.

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This is beautiful, who is the artist?

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Damn it! I wish I could play this game without getting laughed out of my FLGS. Still, that artist can draw some damn nice thighs.

Pic unrelated to that discussion, but does anyone have pictures of older looking characters? Preferably ones that aren't just old crusty wizard dudes?

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Is that from something?

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Which? The one I posted or the one he did?

His is from Kingdom Death

Mine I just have a habit of naming character art so that I can just pop the character in later.

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It's from some dudes Deviant Art, there's no more art of her. It was for some fantasy/colonial thing. Was some good pictures of MAGIC MUSKETS.

yeah here

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Any requests?

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I was just assuming you didn't get it was Boba Fett.

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I don't know how many times I've used this as a profile pic

Kudos to anyone who plays a lady

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do you have any aristocratic female dhampir/vampire?

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Is it weird that i kind of prefer the proportions on the black gal in the back?

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Yeah I've got this halfling bard, that's wearing Studded leather armor. If you could make his armor Kinda tight, dark brown (or if you're gonna go B&W on me that's awesome too)

With a small circle and a black dagger on the right breast.

Elk ears on a crown made of silver, A Rapier and a dagger (rapier is in the left hand and the dagger is in the right)

And give him kind of a smug look but one that's midly weary. If you could just have him playing the lute instead of a battle stance thing that'd be great too. ;_; Gotta get offline though, Email in field if you wanna send it to me.

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and also this

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Anyone have any pictures of gangers? I remember seeing one of a girl with a respirator, spraycan, and SMG, but I can't find it.

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Gotta love that chocolate!

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420 blaze it faggit

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It appears the majority of my halfling folder doesn't exist on my laptop, really need to update my art folder on this thing.
This is the closest I've got for you then.

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she's got huge thighs but no biceps, Nice abs but... I donno seems disproportion.

guess we both like lolis.

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Go home Lanfear, you're drunk.

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on the right track! can you give her dark red hair?

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I could recolor but.
>halflings don't have beards
>that's obviously just a midget, Or maybe a tall gnome.

Looks good otherwise though.
aww... C-Could you email it to me anon... Lem is pretty much the closest thing to my character.

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I'm a sucker for bottom heavy girls, what can I say?

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nothing wrong with liking delicious brown hips, anon

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Try the halfling folder in here:
It's probably more up to date.

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yeah except none of them seem to play D&D, two black girls play at my encounters store but one seems kinda... MEH, and the other seems like she might be there just to check it out.

Finding a awesome darkskined girl is hard it seems.

Oddly theres another black guy in our encounteres group.

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>Road to El Darado
>Used to watch that shit every night
OOOOOOH that explains it.

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Don't think I have winzip here at school.

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Kinda makes me want to watch it now...

>> No.28627203

Just download 7zip or copy it to a usb.

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Not really no
It is a gnome, but who says halflings don't have beards?
see pic

Black people love weaboo shit, try playing some Animu shit

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nothing new in there...

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Would greatly appreciate Orc Barbarians if possible.

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but anon I am black...

And I'd rather not date a weeaboo, I'd rather date a otaku like me.

Also D&D next seems to say halflings don't have beards... So yeah theres that.

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>likes otaku shit
>doesn't realize he's weaboo

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Because let's be honest: Ilmater is pretty much a deification of Toki.

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major difference though, I do appreciate anime but I'm not gonna flip shit over it. I'm not gonna jump on the flavor of the month bandwagon and shit on stuff that becomes too popular. I like things what they are and what they might become. I don't want to move to japan, get a japanese wife, or do any atypical weaboo

>meh bait posting.

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Would greatly appreciate Orc Barbarians if possible.

>> No.28627386

i was bored and watched scared straight

i want to play an ex-convict or something now.

do you have art of someone who is still on the young side but looks "hardened"?

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see >>28627383

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My melee dwarf uses a sword instead of an axe, is this ok?

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Would greatly appreciate Orc Barbarians if possible.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Shh, I do too.

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My wizard uses a sword instead of a staff, and is a spry young thing instead of a bearded, be-hatted crooked elderly man. Is this okay?

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>dat spoiler

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I uh... I don't get it. Are you calling me sixty niggers, do you see sixty niggers, are you being raped by sixty niggers, do you need sixty niggers for a science experiment?

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Would anyone happen to have art of halfling females? Looking for brawlers and/or monks specifically, but I'm not picky.

Assuming such art even exists.

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im shockedbecause i do it toim so ashamed

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Rolled 94

for some reason the eyebrows make me think Azula, what setting is this supposed to be anon?

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Giving up is the way to go, at 15000 files I gave up long ago.

>> No.28628416

Is there a version of this for dwarves and elves? Also contributing

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You seem ignorant of the fact that "otaku" is Worse than "weeaboo"

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depends on who you ask, I've only heard otaku in a non-derogatory use

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Thank you based anon!

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Anyone have any Orc Rangers?

>> No.28628636

Looking for Celtic Barbarians like pic related

>> No.28628637

Have a list:

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Does anyone have that one picture of the blue-scaled lizardman spinning around a halberd?

>> No.28628735

do you have any with a tanned woman with auburn hair and golden eyes?

>> No.28628770

Not him, but this is as good as I can do

>> No.28628787

May I request warriors/knights/whatever carrying flags or banners?

>> No.28628813

Or perhaps if you want something more traditional with less noticible eyes

>> No.28628836

/r/ing ratfolk, preferably swordsmen. I can't find any decent ones just skimming through google.

I've basically been playing >pic related in a recent campaign, except with more armor.

>> No.28628954

Tanner, with more musculature would be nice, it's for my fighter

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Out of curiosity, why are character art threads so popular, yet setting threads are incredibly rare?

>> No.28629047

A better question is, why so few handsome men without helmets or face coverings?

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I let him cum inside, hot damn.

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I'd let him cum inside, hot damn.

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character art is much more plentiful, and setting art is difficult to pin down in easily definable categories

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Kind anon, if you're still around, do you remember the deviantart page? I'm a huge fan of magical muskets and would like to expand my meager collection.

>> No.28629739

not him- but I want to see more art from that pic, anon.

>> No.28629872

Unfortunately these were the only two that I saved. I think there is more, and I'll dig around and see if I can find anything more for you.

>> No.28630469

Anybody have more male driders/nagas? Male art that looks decent is hard to come by.

>> No.28630484

I might as well dump what I got in the meantime

>> No.28630498

Anyone have more of warriors/knights dual-wielding? Not rogues, people fully decked out with armor and stuff.

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/r/ing bearded armored paladin-looking fellows
I need a portrait for BG2 because the selection isn't up to snuff

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>> No.28630540

Sure, I'll dump some of those after this, I'm trying to drawfag a male drider that's not ugly as fuck, and I'm having a hard time finding reference art

>> No.28630549

oh god my freedoms

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Comin right up

Are christian Crusaders ok?

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Does anyone have Orc or Half Orc Rangers?

Cunning Hunter Barbarian types

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>> No.28630600

Sure, thanks!

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>> No.28630617


I got a bunch of Knightly looking guys so I will keep dumping till someone has another suggestion

unless you would like to Narrow it down and be a bit more specific?

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>> No.28630636

I'd like some knights without helmets.
As stated, bonus points for facial hair.

>> No.28630644


Ah ok I got a few of those

pic related ok?

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>> No.28630654

Not Helmless but its an Open Faced helm and he has a rad beard

>> No.28630657

As abovementioned, dual-wielding armored fighters

And it would be the fucking holy grail if you have any with T-shaped visors dual-wielding.

>> No.28630659

Kind of pretty boy, was hoping for more like pic related.
Fucker used the same picture I had in the first game and I need a unique identity

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>> No.28630697


I will post Duel Wielders after Knights

I dont have many I dont think because I dont usually gravitate towards duel wielding
Sword and Board guy through and through

Fair enough

I like both kinds of Knights
The gritty veteran as well as the romanticized Chivalrous Noble
both cool in their own way

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>> No.28630720

This one is pretty good, I'll add a beard or something later.
Thanks you!

>> No.28630721

>I dont have many I dont think because I dont usually gravitate towards duel wielding
>Sword and Board guy through and through

Me too, but I'm looking to switch up my characters

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>> No.28630756


Should I dump the rest or is that good enough?

>Dem big fuck off pauldrons
>Dat weird looking shield

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>> No.28630771

That one is even better than >>28630697. My bearded knightly needs are now satisfied.

>> No.28630832


Fair enough and glad I could help

Now I am going to be posting Duel Wielders for that other guy
starting with this Lady Samurai

>> No.28630853

Have a Viking Barbarian >>28626776

And whatever the fuck this guy is

>> No.28630886

some more samurai

is duel wielding guy still here?

>> No.28630892

>And it would be the fucking holy grail if you have any with T-shaped visors dual-wielding.

Shit, I've been looking for this as well.

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>> No.28630912

wow I never realised this model was meant to be from artwork

>> No.28630922

Ah sorry its just the thread as gone a bit quiet

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>> No.28630945

I'll post what I can

I'm looking for more of pic-related, heavily armored dual-wielders, then lightly armored ones

And as I said, T-shaped or Y-shaped visors are the holy grail for me

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>> No.28630967


Armored Duel Wielders?

hmm I have one or 2 I think

Pic related ok?

>> No.28630985


>> No.28631000

Beastmen ok? lol

>> No.28631008


If anyone had more of that it would be great

Too many times is dual-wielding restricted to rogues and barbarians

>> No.28631021

Posting what I've got

>> No.28631023

any female human dual wielders? preferably of the ranger look?

>> No.28631033

This guy has an Axe and I think a sword

Cool I just wasnt sure you would like it because of the obvious Christian imagery.

Unless you were playing a game set during the Crusades then shit thats convenient

>> No.28631048

>> No.28631050

>> No.28631062


I will check after dumping Armored Males

>> No.28631067

Well if the artist took away the hilariously out-of-place cross on his head and turned his lower-case t visor into an upper-case T or Y, it would be pretty much perfect.

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>> No.28631072

>> No.28631076


>> No.28631080

late for a character art thread TT__TT

>> No.28631100

Captcha Eigaryin Lafayette, found my characters next name.

>> No.28631108

Duel Wielding Short Sword and Spear ok?

Never noticed that cross on his head before

>> No.28631113

>> No.28631119


Oh cool I have been waiting for ages

dont suppose you have many Bow users like that?

also he looks like a Predator

>> No.28631133


>> No.28631142 [SPOILER] 

Spoiler-ed for possible nsfw

>> No.28631145


>> No.28631161

Don't have many halforc rangers over all

>> No.28631165

>> No.28631169

Is this a thread looking for art for your character or a sort of recruiting ground or what? Pic related if former.

>> No.28631170


>> No.28631182

>> No.28631205

I believe that is all my armored Duel Wielders

Any other requests?

fair enough

any would be great though

I only come here to post and save bad ass art

>> No.28631211

>> No.28631217

Due to dwarves being a cave dwelling race, and taking into account that you can't stab with an axe... Yes, that's perfectly fine.

>> No.28631230

>> No.28631365

I don't know why but there's something about the image of a dwarf monk that I find awesome.

>> No.28632215

No one else wants anything?
I got a crap ton more art
for both Fantasy and Sci Fi

>> No.28632251

dual sword female ranger would be awesome please.

>> No.28632252


I'd like some sci-fi stuff.

>> No.28632262

Demons, infernals and fire elementals

>> No.28632270

Ah I dont have any of that sorry

Anything specific?

Also Image limit reached I will have to start a new thread

>> No.28632284

I will dump that soon

maybe after the other guys Sci Fi stuff

>> No.28632293


Infiltrator types?

>> No.28632308


btw get in this thread guys >>28632300

>> No.28632405

It's Boba Fett.

>> No.28632464

I wonder why black guys love anime so much. Maybe it's because it doesn't have the same nerd stigma as in the Big Republican White Guy community.

>> No.28632900

Could anyone tell me how /tg/ images should my categorized on my harddrive?

>> No.28636071

People in the west who use "otaku" as a badge of pride don't seem to realise that the term is a massive insult in Japan.

It's akin to calling someone a sad, pathetic bastard. It's not something you can shrug off and use a genuine label. It's an insult.

>> No.28636118

Well western otakus are sad, pathetic bastards. They'll identify with anything if it makes them feel more japanese. The term is still being used correctly

>> No.28636164

>Not calling your mates a bunch of sad pathetic bastards
Do you even Australian, ya dumb cunt?

>> No.28636272

That's shaky logic at best. People use the term as a banner to unite under due to shared interests, seemingly ignorant of its actual meaning. Heck, that ignorance has been demonstrated in this very thread. I doubt they do it because they feel they're actually pathetic.

The term "otaku" isn't supposed to denote a subculture along the lines of "goth" or "punk". It's a pejorative. It's not something where you can say "Yeah, I'm an otaku. Proud of it, man."

>> No.28636368

It doesn't matter if they feel they're actually pathetic, or if they even know the true meaning of the term. The fact is they are pathetic, and they refer to themselves with a word that denotes being pathetic, hence the term is being used correctly, regardless of the user's intentions

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