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I have some various things (lots of magi, lots of lizard folk + anthros, some dorf) but I need a blonde human rogue/ambassador, preferably super green in clothing although I'll settle for human blonde rogue.

Anything you guys need, if I have it I'll post it.

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Oh the human blonde rogue has to be male, hence the problems I face, I've scoured tgbooru, google, deviant art, some other fringe character art depots and nadha to be found.

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I also got a bunch of sci-fi ranging from Shadowrun to Ghost in the Shell.

And a few oddities here and there

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oops I fucked up that file upload somehow

MFW I fucked up so bad

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Every time I see this as a thread OP in the catalog I click it without reading, hoping its the return of that one skellington quest.

In the meantime have a desert treant lady.

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Cool saved, also I think QTs are stupid, but feel free to keep supporting them as I'm not one to stop your fun. I just ignore 'em and move on.

Sorry to get your hopes up!

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Funnily enough I don't much enjoy quests either, but I remember reading the first couple of that specific skellington one and ripped off the lazy lich boss as an npc.

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Hehe yeah, good times

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oooh neat, grabbing that one

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Rakshasa are hairless creatures in their origin tales, even when they are cat-headed. There are so few representations.

Thanks for this dapper gent.

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>what is this, a character for ants?

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Yes, its from a unit window in a game from the late 90's. Did you even Majesty?

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100x100 is so narrow (in its application), works on some sites though (bad ones HUEHUEHUHE)

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Ah, didn't know that about Rakshasa. I've been using it as the portrait of a high class triad sort, running the regional arm of a criminal syndicate specializing in gene mods, industrial espionage, and the like for a Traveller game.

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Yeah. He is unfortunately correctly thumbed, but it is difficult as fuck to find a hairless cat man, much less one with the correct thumb orientation.

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That feel when you see OP pic and think Lich employee quest is back on.

MFW I realize it's just the same picture


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Might have to commission an artist if that's what you're specifically looking for. Have a sprite.

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I hope BBB doesn't offend anyone

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Some for engine heart.

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ambassador you say. that sure sounds like some noble shit.

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No one ever minds the busty barbarian bimbos.

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It's for a Birthright game and this picture is perfect, you wouldn't happen to have more similar pictures by chance?

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Some mean people think BBB is objectifying women

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sadly no.

It seems that there is a rule that female barbarians have to be busty. not necessarily bimbos, but definitely busty. I'm not one to complain though

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I used to know that trash who wrote engine heart, he's a douche

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I've noticed I've got a lot of beastmen and abhuman and mechanical art but almost none of actual people. I guess I've never had to actually look for people art beyond a few image searches.

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the hands aren't mirrored though.

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I'm definitely not a feminist, but using the SLUT acronym and calling the intelligence stat "uhm" and calling them bimbos instead of babes just strikes me as needlessly unpleasant.

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Depends on the combination of adjectives I suppose.

Or you know better sites than I do

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You mean it would be offensive if I made a street lingo filled 70s blaxploitation game called Big Black Cops and had the HP measured in slices of watermelon?

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Yeah you would be upset you good for nothing SLUT

>also it's a joke, in the back they make fun of men and warhammer 36DD

>it is great

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Honestly i think it's satire over how they have been treated previously.

It's overly sexist to parody how they tend to be treated in a sexist manner.

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Sounds reasonable, 10/10 would kickstart

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You guys should discuss while postin' or requestin' :D

anyone else have nobles/advisor pictures?

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O man I miss the Erik the lich. Adventure Guy never finished that did he?

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Last time I use this picture that's for sure

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Friendly reminder that Joints & Jivers is a thing.

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Noble art coming up

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Clearly we need some skellingtons in here. My undead character folder is woefully inadequate as well.

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Thank you
I'll do my best

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Armoured fist fighters?

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Mummies are undead yes?

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looking for armoured fist fighters

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Sorry, had to post this, probably my favourite liche group shot

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you can crop the mace out of this one, and it's kind undead... very hard to have armoured fist fighter, hold on I think I can find one online

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Yeah, just thought ask, been having a hard time finding anything like one myself.

If only I could draw.

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bingo, only downside is you're the burger king DUPLICATE FILE?

touche art guy touche

>human noble

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Yeah, it's a tough concept because everyone wants to be tolkein (or today ASOIF, which is ripped off from birthright)

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armored fist fighter you say?

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oh shit yeah I gotta post skellies and shit...

I've got a lot of this day of the dead type skelly stuff, for dat voodoo fix

Jesus how many TERABYTES of STUFF do you have?

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Shit like this, which I love, for the right campaign it's a silver bullt

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>hurp da durp questaroo!
Dont be that guy. Quests dont own character art.

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in my journey of character art discovery I found this blog:


Very talented, much viral, would save all pictures

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2638 files, 630 MB

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>dem pauldrons
10/10 would rampage the countryside for

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So few, wow, do you just save like, corner case GOLD? Or what?

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Man, riding poses are the best.

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Not sure if undead, but it's cool

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Now back to the nobles

Dunno, i would say i just save what i find relevant. Like i never play sci-fi so i don't save that, and i will never play a monster race, so i'm very limited in that section too.

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Someday I will be a t-rex on a motorcycle, someday.

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Yeah I like how much personality is embedded in riding poses

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I've snapped up monster races because they can be quite rare--also I DM, gotta have baddies

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I love art pictures, so I grab ones that stick out, not always useful though...

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True. I GM as well, but for monsters i usually just point at the picture in the book (covering the name) or describe it to them. For humans i'm pretty well covered.

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I own this book IRL.

Green ronin's "The Noble's Handbook" bought it because it was on sale and the cover

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It is pretty damn bitchin'

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Cheers by the way, do you have any demi-human nobles? Or just human?

Birthright is mostly human nobles anyways

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Yeah, get a lot of gears turning when I see stuff like this.

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Look at that style

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He is DEFINITELY "bout dat lyf"

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Sure i have a few. i recently posted in a dwarven art thread so all my dwarf nobles are there. Anything specific you are looking for?

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undead + sexy

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Nah, just fodder, I'll go browse the dorfs too

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That is one suave as fuck lizard.

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He's sowing his head back on because he decapitated himself in order to suck his own rotted dick

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I could have sworn that Berelain was a blonde. May have been a while since I last read the books.

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could use some delicious elf-lords I s'pose

Also how about some female nobility?

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Not sure how much more skellies I got

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This guy's a lad

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Alright, i'm nearly halfway through my human nobles, i can either finish that and then look for demihuman nobles, or i can stop the humans for now and switch to demihumans. Any preference?


Females should be up in a few

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Female humans + demi humans of both sexes would be much <3

danke comrade

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Anything you need art guy?

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Okay. considering i'm at the human females now i'll do that first, then we'll get to the demihumans next.

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sounds like a great plan

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Nothing i need per say, but i'm playtesting the swashbuckler soon, so some male swahsbucklers with charisma through the roof would be cool. nothing pirate-y, i'm going for a D'Artagnan kind of guy.

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I have that exact outfit. Down to the gloves.

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>> No.28613175

Like this?

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>> No.28613192

perhaps too piratey

>> No.28613205

here's a sick skellie for the skellie guy if he's still around

>> No.28613209

Bit too pirate-y. more like this.

>> No.28613218

That's a pretty badass skellie.

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>> No.28613235

Ah you want rapier pimp

might only have ant-sized skellie pimp

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>> No.28613242

I'll check some of my fringe folders, here's female elf kind of, not as flamboyant though

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Liking watermelon is not really bad, its predictable, like having your game about women warriors feature a "shoes" stat.

Stats being called "unemployment" or "retarded nigger" would be a lot closer.

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>> No.28613267

Maybe this guy, not enough swag prolly though

>> No.28613272

That is pretty pimpin' tho.

But yes it's the rapier pimp i'm going for. It's okay if you don't have anything, i have a bit myself, it's just always nice to have a wide selection.

>> No.28613279

I know its a joke. I have 10x more vitriol aimed at joke RPGs other than BBB, as comedy is going to be in an RPG 99% of the time anyway.

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>> No.28613282

Prolly not what i'm going with, but it's a pretty cool image i didn't have so thanks for that

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>> No.28613291

I personally find him dopey looking, let me peruse my dusty folders

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>> No.28613298


Female? Maybe too piratey

>> No.28613307

Sure but sometimes you need dopey characters.

>> No.28613309

Jesus, I found 8 pirate pictures and a million more skellies

>> No.28613320

Nah. I'm pretty said on it being a human male. Huge bonus if there's a fancy beard in the vein of green arrow in the justice league cartoon.

>> No.28613327

Got some more toned down ones, also you want "Musketeer" which isn't really medieval so I might not have a lot

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>> No.28613338

This guy is top, green arrow goat though

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>> No.28613355

Not going to post the 3.5 image, too shit imo

>> No.28613364

That's a pretty cool one actually. But otherwise don't beat yourself up about it, as i said i already have a few.

That is pretty bitching. Considering i considered ifrit for race the fire is pretty cool too.

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Oh man look at this guy

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Daaaamn. This glorious bastard is getting all the ladies. I love this guy.

>> No.28613420

I'll post more of dese skellie undead dealios

>> No.28613428

>> No.28613430

because I ran out of swashbooklors, I lied, now this guy has subtle style

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>> No.28613456

i'm liking this one, but i think we'll have to take it to a new thread soon.

>> No.28613460

That's my last swooshler for real

>> No.28613478

Yep there's the limit.

>> No.28613490

Lead me and I shall follow

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