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I just read Cadian Blood and I really liked it but did anyone else feel like the ending was really abrupt?
Like they find out what The Herald is looking for and then Seth gets possessed and they kill it with relative ease but whatever Plot Armor.
Typhus after fighting a bunch of Servitors just says "See ya later fuckers!" which is incredibly anti climatic. And that arsehole Kasrkin Sargeant assassinates that Commissar that did not do anything wrong and everyone is fine with it.

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I liked Cadian Blood although I thought its ideas were better than the execution. I remember the book spending a bit too much time on the naval battle when the outcome was pre-ordained (it doesn't create tension to have the Imperials trying to get one last shot off when they're aiming at Typhus. You're not killing Typhus. We know.) and although I got the idea behind offing the commissar, the whole situation could have been avoided with one line of dialogue.

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Good endings are easily the trickiest thing to pull off in fiction

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I liked the Navel Battle fine because we just dont see that much in Warhammer since most of its Land Battles plus the imagery of thousands of slaves toiling away is super grimderp which is part of why I love Warhammer.
And killing the Commisar I felt was a massive over reaction and was just Petty. He was mostly a pretty nice guy as far as Commisars go and the one instant where they clashed could have easily been overridden by the Inquisitor which I would imagine held enough authority to Pardon Thade.

I would agree it is very rare I like an ending in a Warhammer book. The only one I remember really liking is Flesh and Iron
I love that book

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