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Hey /tg/,

My DM has asked everyone to write a bit of fluff that takes place during the 6 months our Rogue Trader characters have been separated. Is there anywhere I can read what a typical ship or fleet battle is like, from the perspective of someone on the bridge? I'm not really well versed in the minutia of 40k fluff but would like my short story to be reasonably accurate and not just an episode of Star Trek with the names changed.

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HH: Betrayer, there's a couple of chapters that are from the perspective of the captain as she ploughs through the ultramarine fleet.

Priests of Mars: Again, a couple of chapters.

Battle of Phall: Mostly space battles and boarding actions

Night lords trilogy by ADB: I think there's a couple of chapters that may be useful.

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>Not recommending Execution Hour

Get the fuck out.

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Its like he hates the good stuff

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Havent read it yet, will correct that soon

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would be good if not for the glaring oversight in naming their hip after Macharius, who wouldn't be born for CENTURIES after the Gothic War

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BFG would be worth a look. There's a decent amount fluff mixed in with the rulrs

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Emperor preserve me from this kind of thinking.

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Its a huge crippling oversight of monumental proportions

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Maybe it happened to be the same name?

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Hey man, what if Lord Solar Macharius was named after the ship Macharius

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Some Battlefleet Gothic lore should be going your way. Go find BFG and BFG: Armada and read their fluff sections.

In the second Grey Knights novel, there's a scene where a Mechanicus ship gets in a fight with a large Chaos battlecruiser. It has no chance, and the Inquisitor on board the vessel talks about how agonizingly slow space combat is, how he sees techpriests flying out of airlocks as the Chaos ship blasts holes in their vessel. It's near the end of the novel.

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Macharius sounds like a name people in 40k might have more than once in one place at one time.

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LORD SOLAR though?

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Maybe the dude was named after the ship.

But seriously though lord solar sounds like a title. Is it really so far fetched that in 10000years of history of a whole galaxy there'd be two guys with the same name and title.

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Considering SOLAR segmentum is a thing, and it seems like a title more than a name, and things like dinasties existing, it's not too farfetched that 2 guys with the same name and title exist centuries apart.

And then you get to things like time warpery and everything becomes too complicated

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All these fa/tg/uys, and nobody recommends Relentless.

Go for that one, OP. It's a 40k novel set on an Imperial Battlecruiser patrolling the fringes of a sector, and the main character is the ship's captain. The climax of the book features a confrontation between the cruiser and a dark eldar cruiser, and is a great description of what space battles in 40k are like.

Abnett has written a few space battles, but he tends to portray ships as fragile and easy to defeat, with battles taking only a few hours.

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It's not even fucking available in a convenient digital format. You have to pay $25 for a reprint straight from BL.

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>not just pirating it

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Last I checked the /rs/ links were dead.

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For a second it looked like he was holding the ship like a bazooka

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>mfw the only aspect of space combat 40K fags care about are yo ho ho Rogue Traders and never a thought is given to the admirals and officers in the Imperial Navy who fight for the Imperium's honor

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> Not pounding your players into the ground with superior enemy forces until they appreciate the plight of constantly being beset from all sides

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>using only /rs/
>not knowing where else to go

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that has nothing to do with what he said

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It's an alternative title for the Warmaster of Imperium, ie. the guy who is the de-facto commander of the entire Imperial Guard. Warmaster has bad connotations after the whole Horus incident so Lord Solar is often used instead.
In practice it's a largely seremonial position sometimes given to a distinquished commander leading a large crusade at the High Lords' behest.

What I'm saying is that it's pretty unlikely that two completely separate people with the same name just happened to be made Lord Solar. Sure, it could've happened, but it's more likely that the ship got accidentally sent back in time in the Warp and the Imperium never bothered to rename it. Or, you know, the writer made a mistake and though the Macharian Crusades happened before the Gothic War.

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Considering you can only PLAY as rogue traders if you want space battles...

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Warmaster/Lord Solar refers to the leader of an Imperial crusade, the Lord Commander Militant is still above Lord Solar as he is the leader of the IG and a High Lord of Terra

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dude use the ebay for books shit i got my brand new copy cheap

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This, it's just a shame the free online version doesn't have the fluff

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This is how I Imperial Admiral:

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some of the mobile frame zero people build really fucking cool space ships out of lego.. I wana have a go at building the BFG ships after I finish my MF0 armies

GW still sell the BFG dice.. which says a lot imo

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I got mine now on amazon for 0,24€

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Watch this.

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I think there is a bit at the beginning of Deliverance Lost where uses maximum Primarch knowledge to be stealthy with his ship Corax to escape the Istvaan system after that little dropsite massacre thing. You should have a story about how you crash landed on a planet with an island of crossdressers and trannies. You had to learn to hide and escape and eventually you learnt to run on air. Or fly ships really well and stealthily. Eithers fine.

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>animu shit


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It happens to be the best anime ever though.

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>Calling LOGH shit

no sir, it is you who has shit taste

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you did not just say that

LOGH is a fucking classic you fucking philistine, get the fuck out of here forever you piece of human garbage


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Yes it does.

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It's buried in there, but there is a nice description in Cadian Blood of a battle barge fighting a battlecruiser and almost biting the dust in the process.

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Hey, we've had at least one quest on that subject; albeit, you were a lowly Lieutenant serving on a tiny destroyer.

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>Torrenting an ebook

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This is a case of inconsistent fluff.

Earlier material states that Warmaster/Lord Solar is a term used by only one individual at a time, who is given supreme command and rights over the forces of the Imperium. This includes all military forces (Guard, Navy, Astartes), though in practice the politics of the Imperium mean you're not some all-powerful military dictator. Because of this power, Lord Solar's have a position on the High Lords of Terra.

What's been happening lately is that there are multiple Warmasters/Lord Solars hanging around at inconsistent time periods, and the impression is that the title is only granted for the duration of a crusade or something like that. However, the Lord Solar is still considered to have a position among the High Lords, leading to some debate as to whether the terms are still synonymous.

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Is that even still around? I couldn't find the core rulebook for the life of me.

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Not necessarily, the RT space combat rules are compatible with the other 40k RPGs

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