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>go to search
>search for "drawthread"
>not a single one

let's change that, fa/tg/uys.

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I'd like to see my knight in a Crusade themed Vampire Dark Ages game drawn. I've attached a reference image.

He's a leper knight (Nosferatu) who follows the 'scholarly warrior' approach to his life in the Levant. He looks pretty much exactly like he image attached, with a few minor alterations.

Thank you in advance!

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workin' on it

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Think you could try your hand at one of these guys?
It's for an upcoming session.

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If someone could, a dwarven wizard with a Rod of Fireballs. Said rod of fireballs is actually a heavily-enchanted battering ram he hoists on his shoulder. Hair and beard are stuck in a constant "blown away by explosions" style

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Awww yiss.
Time to knight it gooooood!
Thanks BF, is there anything you'd like me to draw?

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Glad you like it. Could you do a female pre-Columbian navy officer, body type kinda like pic related?

>> No.28603782

If you can find me a referrence of a pre columbian naval officer's attire, sure!

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Does anybody want wh 40k?

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no harm posting your request anyway! Let's hear it.

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Anybody wants me to draw anything 40k that is.

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Can I get an Imperial lord and two space marines kneeling Japanese style? The sm's have powerglaives and are holding them straight up on the ground. The perspective is over the shoulder of a Dark Eldar archon, as if they've come to surrender or ask him for something.

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kinda like the blue dude bowing before the king (I guess, naval history is not my strong suit)

>> No.28603896

not sure if good enough

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Any chance of a drawing of a very curvaceous Asian woman CEO of a cyberpunk mega-corp?

Ridiculous big 80s hair, business suit, tablet computer and smart glasses.

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I kinda forgot about the hair and beard, will fix soon. Have this in the meantime

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Rolled 15

If anyone could be so kind as to draw a handsome half-orc Paladin of Shelyn for me that would be fantastic.

I have attached a picture of what I'd like his head to look similar to, a picture of what a Shelyn Paladin might wear, and a picture of Shelyns holy symbol.

He doesn't need a weapon, but if you did give him one I'd like it to be a bill hook. Preferably though he'd be painting a picture and/or singing.

Would be much appreciative.

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Woops. Forgot my picture.

>> No.28604095

and FIXED! It's 0017 where I live and I've got an exam tomorrow!

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Thanks, mang. Now get some sleep. I'd hate to be the reason you wonk your exam.

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Cool beans drawfriend. Sleep well.

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I am not sure if I understood the positions.
Is this correct or not?

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Hey here you go.

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That perspective is perfect. Two things though:

You might want to make the marine on the left smaller.
Could you make the lord wear robes and a big hat instead of a military uniform?

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I'd say that's damn close either way

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can you draw a whaler with a beard tired up in a chair with a creepy man trying to make him eat food ?

>> No.28605179

Also, this is the color scheme for the marines. Just for shading and detail purposes.

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I was hoping I'd get a sketch of a superheroine I'm going to be playing in a "Super Academy" setting. Pretty much I'm looking for a "Civilian" and a "Super" look for her. The civilian look for her is long hair in a fancy japanese schoolgirl outfit; consisting of a sailor collared blazer with a white blouse underneath with a bowtie, a long skirt and black patent leather shoes. She has long hair in twin ponytails and wears glasses in this mode. As a super she has a suit like the example, except the white areas in the upper chest cover more of the chest (like armor), with the two rib-like white bits on the torso on each side aren't present. The helmet is the same as the example, but doesn't have the cat-ears.

She's the exchange student from Japan, and her suit allows her to fly, and she can lift heavy things. Her super-intellect allows her to calculate quickly, and she uses that to take any sort of card and use it as a throwing weapon. Her suit also has two modes, it's base mode amplifies her reflexes, but in the other mode the suit blows up to absorb impacts better. It's just a Mark 1, and she's still figuring out how to properly absorb kinetic forces, and she doesn't have access to supertech, so some of her ideas are rather garage in concept.

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just some advice, writing a huge chunk of text is kind of off-putting from a drawfag's point of view, who prefer short, snappy descriptions so they don't have to worry about minor details constantly.
It also lets them play with the image more.

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I've heard the exact opposite, and I've been told detail is important.

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Batman, No parent's alive please.

I'll take that to go.

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A male orc with a mohawk, wearing leather armor and a bandolier of assorted adventuring shit, slumped against a wall, bleeding from several wounds, aiming a big-ass crossbow.

Please and thank you oh most gracious of drawfriends.

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Requesting sci-fi operator operating; a pistol in one hand with a chain-feed running to a pouch on their back, and an energy shield projecting from the other arm, lots of webbing and a big visor/night vision googles/whatever pulled up from their face. Gender's up to you. Bonus points if they're killing a necromorph style monster.

Much obliged drawfags!

>> No.28605747

Draw me an imperial missionary but more of the Eastern Buddhist monk style.

That would be cool.

>> No.28605974

I tend to gloss over walls of text, honestly i don't even finish reading them sometimes.
A couple of lines is enough.

>> No.28606037

any requests? probably going to pick 1 and piant it out somewhat lol. trying to improve

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hey this is a repost of mine "can you draw a whaler with a beard tired up in a chair with a creepy man trying to make him eat food ?"

>> No.28606692

Is this the sort of style you wish me to go for?

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I second what this guy is saying. I've never read your request the multiple times it's been posted. Today I finally did and you should just really leave out her personality, it doesn't add anything.

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/tg/, your powers are needed.

>> No.28609590

Sorry for the late response, but yes. And good work on the light source. But one last thing: Can you put in the background the outlines of some incubi or kabalites? They don't have to be very detailed, just suggestions.

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I have two characters I'm looking for art for, with somewhat lengthy descriptions. One is a Warforged weaponmaster, and the other is a Half-Elf Ranger.

Any takers?

>> No.28610200

Can somebody draw a raging, falchion wielding barbarian taking a running jump through the air at an Elasmosaurus (think loch ness monster), which is in the middle of a pool of water?

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Can I get some one to draw me two elves fighting?
The first is a desert elf and is copper skinned with small devil horns and dual scimitars.
The other is white skinned with deer antlers, he wears hides and leather and uses a mithril longsword enchanted with a greenish mist and throws force axes.
On the white ones skin is pic.

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Who's that at the top?

>> No.28610483

Just a random dragongirl, I think.

>> No.28610538

Action scene request!

I would like a Viking-looking dude (no horns please) jumping off the deck of a beached longship and burying his axe into the skull of a foe on the beach.

Bonus points if you draw another Viking dude on the deck nailing some poor sap on the beach with a throwing axe.

>> No.28610968

I need an image of a recurring character, well we never see her, the player just makes references to her.

I need this character "Lady Adamant" dumping a box of lobsters off her balcony, prehaps a cry coming from below

>> No.28611347

Picture related. Half-elf ranger. Made in heromachine 3 so it looks like mule piss.

>> No.28611817

bumping thread in general

>> No.28611818

wip, I'll be back after a while

>> No.28612234

Is this still being worked on? I'd like to see the finished product.

>> No.28612887

>Drawfags will never draw your request

>> No.28612899

Have faith.

>> No.28612947


Now stop bitching.

>> No.28612967

I'd like to request a character I play. She's an early twenties human in black-and-brown robes with long brown hair and brown eyes, who tends to have a dirty, dusty look, with dirt and earth in her hair, and a general earth-and-acid theme. She's also moderately crazy.

>> No.28613148

Really wanting my Half-Elf Ranger drawn properly.

>> No.28613470

>drawn properly.

You know what they say about beggars.

>> No.28614351

A soldier with a carbine rifle or telescoping pike; either looking casual or on guard. Male or female is acceptable. If you're any good at designing military ammo carriers feel free to slap some on there if you can.

>> No.28614989

This sci-fi themed?
Lemme know and I'll have a bash.

>> No.28615518

Final result. Hope you like it.

I'll turn up again tomorrow, see you guys.

>> No.28616270

And GOD said "Let there be OP, for he shall deliver" and the people rejoiced and sang praise to GOD the Allmighty!

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>> No.28616321

Any pixelart drawfags think they can add in the gladius' handle for this one? I've been editing this thing from the original giant boobs version and the gladius is the one thing I've been having the most trouble with.

>> No.28616326

What in the world would you need a picture like that for,

>> No.28616332

Is there anyone here still taking requests?

>> No.28616335

>Roman Imperium
>all of northern Europe included

made by Dumbass Inc.

>> No.28616352

I believe it's supposed to symbolize how the Roman Empire had influence over the known civilized world, not that places like Germania were actually within its borders (though I do believe Roman armies did cross the Rhine and settle for a while at some point).

>> No.28616594

replace top with a notable character, if you just use random pics it's not as fun, it has to be characters with some significance.

>> No.28616661

This is the only dragon girl with a name that I can remember off the top of my head.

>> No.28616746

Is that a no, then?

>> No.28616748

And the convenient updated fusion chart.

>> No.28616761

I'm here, but I'm not gonna be able to deliver in the next ~12 hours

>> No.28617035

Hey there, Anons. Any chance you'd be willing to draw a wind elemental and a tall, intimidating monk gently smiling at each other? I could give more details if you wish

>> No.28617197

Can I get our sorcerer floating on a hot-air balloon coming out of his backpack?
Something akin to Tingle from the Zelda games

>> No.28617216

wait a sec
it was so obvious

>> No.28617267

>ruining lewdelf

>> No.28617294

Requesting a warforged with a big drill for his right arm (Mr. Bubbles). I'd like a bracing handle jutting out of the left side of his drill arm (the better to two hand it with), "E.U.43" on the forehead, and luminescent eyes. Bonus points for covering the drill in runes.

>> No.28617297 [SPOILER] 

C'mon, you remember what happened last time when /a/ tried something like this...

>> No.28617309

Can I get a Vudrani Bard female with black hair and brown eyes playing a piano please?

Pic related

>> No.28617340

No requests here, but I do have a gift courtesy of our smut threads. Take a look and see what it is!


>> No.28617366

>comparing /tg/ drawfags to /a/ drawfags

>> No.28617375

I wonder how /tg/ feels about the fact that /v/ gets more shit done than them.

>> No.28617383

>/a/ drawfags
He is referring to something much, much worse.

>> No.28617404

the fusions are /co/ in origins I believe

also Top Waifu

>> No.28617436

I'd fuck her.

>> No.28617441

Add some spider girl and Sister of Battle in there.

>> No.28617464

to be fair, /v/ has more characters with simple and iconic designs than /tg/ does.
though their lord of the d pic is solid gold

>> No.28617476

Was that thing really spawned on /a/?
I've seen that abomination on Japanese websites.

We used to have drawfags that good and better, but they got run off the board because their drawings were "too weeaboo and that bullshit doesn't belong on /tg/" and other garbage like that.

>> No.28617495

No, it was because Nazimod hated creativity, really.
>"Creative people are like Kleenex. You ban one and another pops up in his place."
-Nazimod, caught posting on /q/

>> No.28617501

>Was that thing really spawned on /a/?
I'm not quite sure, but I believe it gets point across.

>> No.28617539

>-Nazimod, caught posting on /q/
You've got to be kidding, was that really something that was said?

>> No.28617563

Yup. Apparently he spent quite a bit of time terrorizing /mlp/ as "Scruffy the Janitor" as well.

>> No.28617573

True, but /v/ has certainly been running with them. Heres Samus + Patty Wagon.

>> No.28617578

And if you want to scour through foolz' archives of /q/, part of his ID was "MQr".

>> No.28617585

/tg/ did something similar once. They created the ultimate waifu. She is Brown Catgirl Cultist Tyranid Dryad Pirate Ninja With More Dakka-chan. I think I missed some stuff, too.

>> No.28617658


New to these sorts of threads, but here goes.

Could I possibly get a picture of a psyker (pictured at the top left) wearing a cap like the psyker units from DoW (also pictured here) petting an enormous spider-ant monster? (That's there too)

I also tacked on a sort of suggestion for the way he dresses, but that's honestly not too big a deal, I just very much envision him wearing simple robes over very ostentatious armor.

Preferably could he be visibly terrified/disgusted as he attempts to speak soothingly to it?

>> No.28617995

Not quite, the term I use is Para-Modern. Contemporary materials applied differently.

>> No.28618062

It's kind of an 2chan/4chan /a/ thing.

2chan invented it and soon forgot about it, /a/ picked it up, 2chan rediscovered and this is the result.

They call her Chimera-tan, if I remember right.

>> No.28618139

Couldn't resist.

>> No.28618163

Viking fireman, with axes.

>> No.28618664

Could I get a psycho from Borderlands riding a meat bicycle? If you can, try to draw it in a Steamboat-Willie style with happy looking, loot filled trees and a winking sun.

>> No.28618818

An Imperial Priest with a grenade launcher throwing a bottle of vodka at foes.

He looks like Ivan the Great, reference included.

>> No.28619016

Could you possible draw a plague marine looking at a rotting murder cruiser from the ground? Just the idea brings a tear to my eye. No detail needed except maybe for the plague marine holding a Bolter in both of his hands. Nurgle bless you whatever you do

>> No.28619825

Can I get this guy done? He's 15, a coward, and uses 2 swords like the one on his leg

>> No.28619945

Oh and he also dons the red hood anytime he is in a fight so the enemy can't see how scared he is

>> No.28620397

Requesting my character from a Weird Wars 2 game.
He is an English priest.
Now working for the organization.
His face got burned pretty bad.
He is pretty curious and more happy go lucky.

>> No.28620449

anyone interested in this request?

>> No.28620522

Have you ever been to /v/? The board is just a video game flavored /soc/. And Shantae is a piece of shit.

>> No.28620631

I'm not sure if this will be successful, but I'll give it a go. Tried starting a thread but maybe have more luck here.

I've been putting a race named the Jets together for a homebrew setting, actually having some fun fleshing out their biology and society. Problem is: I can't find any artwork that would match their description, and can't draw worth a damn myself. One of my friends made a rough draft for what they look like, and I was hoping someone on here could finish what he started just so I have a simple picture to show what they look like.

Jets are an aquatic race that live in an iron-rich ocean. Each one has a central body shaped like two turtle shells glued together at the stomachs. Nine evenly spaced eyes run along their equator, between each eye is an arm socket. A hole runs straight through the center of their body, which they can run water through in either direction.

Each individual has a varying number of arm segments, though the average is five. A ball and joint segment attaches one segment to the other, with no ligaments or tissue connecting them to the rest of the body. This allows them to turn an infinite number of degrees in either direction without a problem. Each arm segment is actually a self-contained creature in of itself, with a complete digestive system, its own set of water pumps, etc. Electrical signals passed along exposed nerves relay messages from the central brain on how to move. Segments also flatten out a bit at their sides, letting them act as a propeller when they spin around.

Stubby spikes grow over both the top and bottom of the Jets, sprouting, growing, and eventually breaking off like teeth. In actuality, each spike is the larva stage of another creature, eventually going through metamorphosis to reach their adult stage: one of the arm segments.

I don't know if I'm making any sense or not, or if the description is thorough enough.

>> No.28620692

A bit more futuristic than I was thinking, but thanks anyway!

>> No.28620807

There is cool, there is awesome, then there is this. I'm floored. Thanks!

>> No.28621050 [DELETED] 

Robot with cowboy hat, boots and pancho getting fucked in the ass by a burly nigger

>> No.28621152

Which chapter?

>> No.28621342

I'd like to request a young(in her 20s) merchant girl in a dress like the picture with light red hair and brown eyes and a collapsible shop(that can fit in a cart)

>> No.28621365

I need her for a recurring character

>> No.28621475

Does this display the idea you were looking for?

>> No.28621515

Like this?

>> No.28621555

/a/ a shit

>> No.28621573

I should remember to attach the image.

>> No.28621635


>> No.28621765

Pretty much.

>> No.28621773

top left corner belongs to this fine lady

>> No.28621842

All that useless fle- I mean economy. All that useless economy.

>> No.28622024


>> No.28622060

>dat economy
but Anon, it contains all our hopes and dreams

>> No.28622070

I have something for you, OP.

A greatsword. The hilt is about 1/9th of the weapon's total length, crossguard included. The pommel is crescent-shaped, with the open side facing to the left or right (instead of opening directly away from the direction of the blade). The crossguard itself is in an obtuse V shape, with the blade emerging from the concave surface.

The blade is particularly broad, and the blood groove goes only half-way up its length from the crossguard. The edge seems somewhat wavy, almost like it was made of a viscous liquid.

The blade narrows twice before the final taper, expanding back to its full width both times and making a sharp V shape. See the attached image, and the sword on the left. It's a bit like those jagged patterns, but in reverse. They're spaced evenly along the blade at the 1/3rd and 2/3rd points.

Best way I can describe it with a simple text image is:


Needlessly complicated request, complete!

>> No.28622282

Since you're not there to answer me, I'll abandon this request.
Anybody else wants anything wh 40k?

>> No.28622329

That we do indeed! See here:


>> No.28622412

I'd like to request a Giant Martin Luther King battling King Ghidorah (pic related).

>> No.28622444

Appreciate the effort anyways. saved. Has a certain odd charm to it, actually.

>> No.28622492

Half-elf bro here.
I really dig your art style. Would you be willing to draw my character in some kind of dungeon room with an arrow knocked in the bow?

>> No.28622522

Started this, though >>28621573
would likely do a better job than me.

>> No.28622584

Surely not, drawing is not a competition.

It takes me at least an hour to start shading, sometimes longer.

>> No.28622628


Heh, so says you.
Not that guy, but I've always wanted to drawfag. I've tried it a couple of times.
Man, am I shit. I can't even bare to try when people with actual skill are around.

>> No.28622655


>> No.28622705

Requesting Cyberpunk Nier, because I saw >28620721 and found myself thinking "Damn! That'd be awesome!"

>> No.28622758


Your link is broken. Fixed that for ya.

>> No.28622795


I call this one.

>> No.28622845

Pretty generic, but since I draw like my hands are slices of bologna, I'd like some assistance:

A gruff, somewhat grizzled looking guy in his late twenties, shaven bald, but with a full, bushy beard and thick eyebrows. Over the top of his head runs a long, ugly scar.

Not particularly tall, but very sturdy built. He wears a breastplate, pauldrons and greaves but is otherwise mostly unarmored and dressed in durable clothing. All of it has obviously seen battle and is slightly scratched or dented but otherwise kept in good condition. The same goes for his two-hander. The breastplate is decorated with the holy symbol of Gorum (as seen in pic related).

If possible, put him in a battle-ready looking pose or something, I'm really not very particular about this.

I'm sorry if this isn't exotic enough, but sometimes all you get is generic warrior dudes.

>> No.28622857


My body is ready.

>> No.28622892

Not the requester, but it looks like you misunderstood his description. Reads that he wanted robes and shit. Plus, that helmet covers the eyes.

Gotta say though, that's some spiffy art alright. Very expressive.

>> No.28622927

Anyone want to touch up my Santa Claus warrior? He's pretty great already, I know, but I figure I could benefit from seeing him drawn by another talented artist.

>> No.28622946

Guess I should include the drawing.

>> No.28623118

The robe ain't drawn yet and he wanted an expression of disgust, since the helmet looks like it can be swiveled back I decided to add the eyes for more expressiveness.

>> No.28623246


Sometimes I think about where my life has lead me.

>> No.28623280


And in that moment you step back and look to your work. A single tear courses down your cheek and you smile, knowing it is a life well lived.

>> No.28623295

only to good places, Trench.

Only to smiles.

>> No.28623300


>> No.28623304

>The robe ain't drawn yet

And here I am looking all the more foolish!

>he wanted an expression of disgust, since the helmet looks like it can be swiveled back I decided to add the eyes for more expressiveness.

Well, shows what I know about art, then! Disregard me, I suck cocks.

On that note, though, I do have a 40k-related request if anyone's still taken. Based on FFG's Rogue Trader RPG and, more exactly, some of the iconic characters of my group. First we have the former Rogue Trader, Magellan Galba. Italian mobster kind of guy and all around clever fatcat. Then we have the current Rogue Trader, Bianca Dolcetto Amaretto, a semi-competent Conquistador-wannabe of questionable sanity but unquestionable piety.

As can be seen from the reference picture, I would like to request them in a setup quite similar to the infamous PSG scene* though in this case about something far more shameful than dieting: having to beg for money!

Seeing the two in a similar kind of picture to the PSG example is quite enough. But a speech bubble is welcome if possible! Either way, Magellan would be chomping a cigar and looking quite uncomfortable, with Amaretto herself intruding with that lovable derp-face.

Amaretto: Magellan...!
Magellan: W-What?
Amaretto: Could it be you're.... BEGGING!?

*scene here, if interested.

Take it or leave it, as drawnons see fit.

>> No.28623567

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but how easily he can trounce gigantic reptiles."

>> No.28623609

Requesting Lloth in giant drow form walking with Tarrasque on a leash.

>> No.28623627

hey are you the same guy who did drawings of NPCs a few days ago?

>> No.28623657

For anyone who is interested:

I would like to request an image of a seemingly ordinary bear lying on its back. Its belly is split open, revealing various mechanisms, wiring, and circuitry.

>> No.28624011 [SPOILER] 

Requesting this character in a non-lewd manner (or lewd, if you prefer), being haughty and domineering, or just whatever you like. Keeping the glasses and the stockings/gloves, preferably. Most of all I'd really like her in...

>> No.28624038

...the dress this woman is wearing, or something similar in style. Thank you!

>> No.28624096

Requesting a writefag slumped over his desk crying while the imagined forms of Lelith Hesperax, a spidergirl, and a daemonette try to comfort him.

>> No.28624260

Do you like this?

>> No.28624344

NVM, I just re-read the request and this is completely wrong.

>> No.28624412


Ok, this is as all I can do tonight and not far where I can take it with my meager skills. Though this was great practice.

Still looks great.

>> No.28624457

Oh well, it's 3 AM and I'm heading to get some sleep.

>> No.28624501

>northern europe.
>Dat armor.

>> No.28624775


Gave this guy a shot.

>> No.28625996

i know this isn't /ic/ but could you gaiz help me figure out wtf is wrong with the chest-shoulder anatomy here?
i feel like it's perspective, and more of the chest should be hidden by the way his body is twisted, but i'm also thrown off by how the fuck to foreshorten the arm reaching into the camera. these are my achilles heels.

>> No.28626065

I thought I had something for foreshortening, but I did not. I'm sorry.

>> No.28627084


I'm not sure if this is any help but I think the back arm is making things looks weird. I was trying to move it around some.

>> No.28627254

ff i don't wanna redraw it all but those ARE much better..
i think i'll try my best to adapt the foreground arm like in the pic on the right, though i don't wanna move his neck forward like that because then there's no way he could have it turned towards the camera..

>> No.28627552

Cool I hope it helped some I think over all it's looking good.

>> No.28627721

Ok I've got a collection of antagonists for a game I'm running. Their common traits are iron skulls of various animals and primitive, tattered dress.

My request is a muscular female orc with very large tusks and somehow wearing/ornamented with a Brontosaurus skull.

Pic related it's a previous drawfag's take on one of the other antagonists.

>> No.28627748

I mean brachiosaurus...since brontosaurus wasn't actually it's own thing.

>> No.28627806


>> No.28627874

to be precise, a brontosaurus skull is a diplodocus skull

>> No.28627971


Sorry, was busy for a bit.


These are both great! I appreciate it, and thanks for drawfagging for me.

>> No.28628107

Can I get a catgirl witch fishing? She has long hair and wears a stereotypical witch hat and a dress that goes down to her knees. Bonus points if you include the raven familiar looking bored.

>> No.28628663

re-requesting this with an addendum that she appears younger than she is, and is short.

>> No.28628814

Haha, awesome

>> No.28628881

you know that might be a pretty good villain if portrayed right

>> No.28628919

I Humbly request my player's characters standing like a
Their attire should be (clothes wise) mostly like the top guy of pic related with the cuirass, gloves and boots of the bottom.
The first is a large male sorta russian/gypsy type dude scarred with intricate facial tattoos, a manly beard and shaved hair. Kinda taciturn. Has a bandolier with several old style grenades, four flintlock pistols with hatchet bayonets on them, a pair of large and scary trench knife/swords whatever and an ushanka.
The second small, slim, shifty, but overall fairly happy looking guy, small mohawk, wields a scoped longmusket with a shorter musket stored on his back plus a knife and pistol. Clean shaven.
The third should be fairly handsome, short wavy hair, clean shaven, looks a little more prim and proper than the other two (who are both a nomad and an ex-rogue), but also looks a bit gullible. Wields a saber, a musket w/ bayonet, two pistols and perhaps a tricorn.
All of them posing together in front of a large cannon

>> No.28628955

I request a Cyber-Corgi.

>> No.28628998

There is such a thing as too cute to fuck, though.

>> No.28629002

A viking paladin. What that entails is up to you.

>> No.28629005


>> No.28629044

I'm considering this but probably won't happen tonight.

>> No.28629098

Is there a way to keep in contact if you decide to work on it later?

>> No.28629261 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry

>> No.28629262

here you go

>> No.28629282 [SPOILER] 

I'm sorry

>> No.28629335

I'm usually in these threads. If this one 404's I'll be in the next one.

>> No.28629403

Alright. I'll look for this thread tomorrow, and if it's gone I'll keep an eye out for the next drawthread.

>> No.28629593

Well, it could've been worse.

>> No.28629999

Polite bump

>> No.28630263

Here you go.

>> No.28630360

thats actually a pretty good concept and execution

>> No.28630398

>fisted monk

>> No.28630458 [DELETED] 

One of our Bi-weekly games after our /tg/ GM quit will add more later

>> No.28630466

wrong thread

>> No.28630678

One bump for this?

>> No.28631586

I like the whole picture, but purity seals used as wrappings are genius.

>> No.28631956


>> No.28632579

Requesting a Seraph model Engel like pic related but with horns like the ram skull pictured and the Hebrew name provided painted on the armour somewhere, perhaps the pauldrons.

>> No.28632664

An elven and pirate ships engaged in ranged skirmish. Elven commander is shouting at the single knight, wearing full plate armor, who's standing beside her "Why are you even here!?".

>> No.28632817

I need an Orc adorned with animal hides, in a shaolin-monk style pose with a quarterstaff.

>> No.28632923


>> No.28633010


Oh cool, thanks!

>> No.28633039

If this is still going then I humbly request:

Middle aged guy, scarred up face and an eyepatch
Clothing as pictured but without the quiver
Pictured sword either in hand or sheathed, doesnt matter and wearing a flatbrimmed stetson with a feather

>> No.28633501

I'd like to request pic related as a Toreador. She could be wearing anything, casual or formal/gothic, as long as it's stylish and somewhat girly.

>> No.28633674

requesting a scene to be drawn for me
a girl (pic related, the mask can be omitted) is sitting in a hospital bed, her gear nearby.
she has a hangover, her face is sleepy/angry
she tells a dude (looks like roy mustang from FMA), who is sitting next to bed on a chair: "Why do you guys drink that stuff?"

this is quite important to me
the game is dark heresy

>> No.28633754 [DELETED] 

Requesting hanging from a high tree smiling.
(Hung as in with a noose around his neck)

>> No.28633792

Requesting this guy hung from a tall tree smiling at the observer.
(Hung as in with a noose around his neck)

>> No.28634142


>> No.28634254

I'm not one of the skilled drawfriends, but I hope you appreciate this sketch I made.

>> No.28634335

Politely bumping this.

>> No.28634611


you've got my attention

>> No.28634921

Can I get a shoggoth wearing some reading glasses and filling out tax forms while nearby people are going insane?

>> No.28635535


>> No.28635640


Bumping request

>> No.28636206

Eh, my tablet's broken at the moment so I'll only be able to muster up a crappy mouse drawing. But hey, it's better than nothing.

>> No.28636521

If a friendly anon wants to touch it up that'd be swell

>> No.28636983

I've got carried away.

>> No.28637009

That image reminds me how much the Time Lords remind me of Lovecraft's Elder Evils.

>> No.28637025

As they regenerate I mean.

That's some fucking Shoggothy shit right there man.

>> No.28637027

Requesting a female shaman changing into a dragon, but only the arms/claws are being changed. There's an older guy, dressed in what look like dragon-cultist robes overseeing it.

>> No.28637082

My request:
A mongol horseman with a scimitar. A composite bow with quivers hanging on his back. His hands are deformed and are giant crow claws. His hair is replaced with pitch black feathers.

>> No.28637089

Thank you kindly. I just love asking for outlandish situations. That's what my campaigns run on.

>> No.28637121

All the same, thank you! Above and beyond what I can do with a mouse, that's for sure!

>> No.28637127

Solo Wing Pixy: Knight Edition.

>> No.28637146

Addendum: Finally spotted the image name. That's way funnier sounding than it has any right to be.

>> No.28637153

Glad I could help

>> No.28637200


>> No.28637222

i am still here, if anyone is willing to do my request

>> No.28637813


>> No.28637831

i am not a drawer.....oh fine...

>> No.28637881


>> No.28637887


buping this please >>28633039

>> No.28637897

>i sleep in a drawer!

>> No.28637904

oh, may bad
bump still stands though

>> No.28637932

Moar Felinids!

I would like some Felinids from 40k grav-chuting out of a Valkyrie transport!

Please & Thanking you!

>> No.28638012


>> No.28638018

What furry percentage are they again? Is it just catgirl tier?

>> No.28638053

catgirl tier
minimal fur
lets not mistaken them with beastmen, they are clearly 2 different things as stated by 6ed rulebook

>> No.28638056


>> No.28638057




>> No.28638100

In my head they are Captain Amelia - tier.

>> No.28638140

Brontosaurus came about when someone stuck a Camrasaurus skull on an Apatosaurus.

>> No.28638155

oh i thought it was a diplodocus skull on an apatosaurus. i'll try to remember that but camarasaurus is such a no-name

>> No.28638189

I'd tackle this, but I can't really do kawaii

>> No.28638193

I'd assume catgirl tier, like this, but since GW is so vague...

See, two different ideas!

>> No.28638230

No worries! I'm just adding pictures to a general collection as they're pretty barren in fanart.

But I love seeing what /tg/ comes up with, it's why it's such a good board.

I also saw them as Mithra like from FF11+14.

>> No.28638306

I can't tell if she's yelling at someone or orgasming.

>> No.28638333

Then she would call for sheathing, not drawing.

>> No.28638347

Is it a classic dragony dragon or a wyvern? Quite important considering it's her arms that's transforming.

>> No.28638363

classic dragon. Think Generator Rex, but with big dragon claws.

>> No.28638439

Right, I need to sleep as medication is kicking in. If somebody kindly does a drawing, I might not get it before the thread sages when I wake up.

If not, thank you for your time + effort, hopefully somebody else will save it and pass it on to me. If not yourselves.

Hopefully that won't be the case, but just in... well, case.

>> No.28638477

Alright, what the hey, I'll give it a shot

I just hope this thread is still up by the time I finish, seems to moving a bit slow at the moment

>> No.28638556

I am no draw fag and not the other guy but i thought i try if its really good for your health.

>> No.28638817

And could you post a picture of how a dragon cultist looks?

>> No.28638929

Hm...hadn't thought about that part.. Imagine a shaman/high priest. Tattered robe seemingly covered in or made from scales. Also has dragon parts. Hands, feet and scales starting to creep up the sides of his aged face. Perhaps the start of some horns showing through wispy grey hair?

>> No.28639019


>> No.28639143

Thanks its rad dude!

>> No.28639278

Bump in case said drawfriend is back but didn't see the response. Might post again next thread to catch you.

>> No.28639566

Hope this is what you had in mind.

>> No.28639866


Yet another bump for the space Tsar.

>> No.28639884

This looks great, thanks!

>> No.28639919

Finally done.

>> No.28640217

Thanks, anon. Looks great.

>> No.28641951

just a tiny crit (and for the record you are amazing at shading, way out of my league in that regard), her breasts should be lower than that. (i suppose you were trying to keep them under that necklace)

>> No.28642530

Glad you like it. I love doing monster concepts like that in my free time so I can appreciate the thought you put into the design.

>> No.28642554

Still a shit tier drawfag at the moment, but I'm taking it day by day

Next time I'll do better (once you wake up from your medication)

>> No.28642600

I'm trying to collect art for a project. Looking for people using monster hunter style gear (clearly made of bone or armored plating and such).

Specifically I've been hoping to get one with two warriors, one who is seriously wounded and the other who is trying to help the first up. They would both be sharing a grip on one sword held in continued defiance.

>> No.28643756

I thought I was lame at shading (light from below, cheap effect, ho ho). Also I made them tityays that high because I wanted ger to be in bent back pose. Didn't turn out so great I guess.

>> No.28643885

ah yeah i didn't pick up on that at all
but drawing a torso bent is HARD man

>> No.28645139


>> No.28645294

If anyone wants to polish this up, feel free!

>> No.28645332

Not the OR, but having come from the thread that spawned the idea I love it all the same.

>> No.28645374

ok there are like three threads so I'll try this one

Lewd pin-up of the Iconic PF witch

>> No.28645625


Bump for hope.

>> No.28645630

Hey I finished it
thanks so much for your advice! I ended up using both suggestions to some extent

>> No.28646116

Am I too late to the party?

>> No.28646210

Daww, that's adorable. I like how the catgirl and squat made it in before ratlings.

Needs more plantgirl and fishgirl.

>> No.28646280

dunno if I can fit them in there

>> No.28647088

I was mostly joking about the other abhumans mentioned in the codex and the /tg/ interpretations of their name. Mostly. The picture is great as it is.

>> No.28647139


That big guy's obviously a mutant. Why are they suffering him to live?

Also catgirl.

>> No.28647143

I gotta sleep, but if this thread (or it's sequel, or one of it's many sister threads) is still around I'll check for requests!

>> No.28647178

also, thank you very much! these pics are my first posted on /tg/. I'd post more, but the thread's nearly full and I don't want to use up all those precious image responses

>> No.28647204

never heard of an Ogryn?

>> No.28647516

I requesting a Valhallan and Vostroyan guardsmen playing checkers.

>> No.28648010

This drawthread can be for original characters, too, right?

>> No.28648218


>> No.28648259

daily bump

>> No.28650019

Ridiculous enough?

>> No.28650091


>> No.28650172


Truly outrageous!

Now to see the cyberpunk misfits that confound her convoluted plans of mass market domination.

>> No.28650567

Shit, if you're this good at cyberpunk, I've got a request for you. A trucker from the South with a cyberarm and cybereyes driving a race truck. He should have a baseball cap on, and a CSA flag would go nicely somewhere in the frame.

>> No.28650630

You do the best Cyberpunk.

>> No.28650788

this is for yesterday's thread

>> No.28650835

Thanks. That thread kind of devolved into mass stupidity and chaos once you disappeared.

Are you still taking requests?

I was the one who asked for the Won Bin as a Knights Hospitaller.

>> No.28650861

I have to go shopping now but maybe later when i come back

>> No.28650872

Sweeeet. Happy shopping.

>> No.28651004

If at all possible, could I perhaps get your take on this character, Muju? Perhaps the little runt of an unsanctioned psyker forcing a battle sister to partake in pie?

>> No.28651077

This is fantastic and may unfortunately have possibly awakened something in me.

My request from the last thread.

A female supervillain in a ridiculous black and red Silver age outfit wielding a super science rifle.
She looks like Marisa Tomei. Long black hair, in a beehive hairstyle, goggles on her forehead and a smarter-than-you grin.

Its a character from a comic I'm working on so I guess it fits into original character territory.

Either way, happy shopping.

>> No.28651181

I'll put in a request too, if possible. These two pictured here, a tall and muscular merc and the little lady she's been tasked to kidnap (Yes, the size difference is that big. 200 cm vs 150 cm). Big Zila holding the girl up high by the scruff of her neck and smiling at her futile attempts at breaking free. The girl in question too tied up to do much but glare back. To add insult to injury, she's been gagged too, so sh can't even fling back insults.

>> No.28651369

At the risk of sounding 'jealous' I'd just like to say that it's always disappointing to see request directed at a specific person instead of the entire thread. It seems really against the spirit of these threads and more suited for /i/. It basically says to every other artist in this thread to not even bother with your requests because you want it done by someone who is either better at art or will draw it in a special way.

>> No.28651560

Well, if you feel jealous, why don't you take up the requests, directed as they may be, on your own initiative? I'm sure that the requesters would appreciate your effort and, well, if they don't then they can all go suck a bag of dicks.

>> No.28651595

I only requested Muju personally because he/she had a thread up earlier and I was reposting it, because he/she WAS the specific individual I wanted to take a crack at mine. I didn't mean to infringe on this thread or its spirit.

>> No.28651846

You win forever

>> No.28652236

While I realize the chances of this getting seen are slim, given the autosage, does anyone feel up to drawing three minotaurs in a game of poker at the dead-end of a labyrinth?
One should be looking smug, while another is about to flip the table they're playing at.

>> No.28652558

Here you go anon did i make it?

>> No.28652616

Freakin awesome man.

>> No.28653312


>> No.28653322


>> No.28653334

The thread is already in autosage, there's no point in bumping

>> No.28653413


>> No.28654323


Thanks man!

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