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You will never be swag enough to be a Soul Drinker.

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>In this moment I am euphoric, not by some phony Ecclesiarchy's blessings, but because I am enlightened by the Imperial Truth

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>tips spider leg

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>Implying these heretics have more righteous swag than me, a champion chosen personally by Him on Terra.

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I don't really want to. Looks kinda icky.

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Are there any fanmade FFG DW rules for Soul Drinkers?

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>Space Marines converted by a random old man

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I'm sorry, but Star Phantoms are too busy to associate with hipster chapters.

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None Purer

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Anyone want to share the last Soul Drinker novel "Phalanx"

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Oh I'm sorry, which chapter has the only gene seed that didn't take a trip through the Warp?

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Is the Grey Knight Gene seed really that of the Emperor's? I mean, the Emperor wasn't a giant super human, he merely used his psychic powers to project himself as such a figure. Pertuabo once said he saw the visage of the Emperor flicker between that of a giant and a shriveled old man for just a moment.

Who is the real doner of the Grey Knight's gene seed?

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Do any chapters other than the Black Templars still partake of this title?

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You humans will never be swag enough to be anything more than playthings.

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I only got recently introduced that big E wasn't huge.
For the last 10 years I believed he was abnormally huge.
Which was a bit shitty in my opinion.
But thats way cooler now.
I mean, this means everything he did, he did psychic wise and his physiology was far more fragile?
How powerfull of a psyker is he if he can survive a battlefield as a squishy human.

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> The Emperor projected himself as a giant
That's actually a really cool detail.

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No idea, would be stealing their shtick.
Wouldn't it?
But I believe some of Dorns sons might do it.
Maybe even the Fists.

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>small head

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How's it feel to have the genestock of Horus?

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I want to be a Hospitaller when I grow up.

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His specialties were manipulating the perceptions of others and Biomancy. The shriveled corpse we see on the golden throne is probably closer to how he really looked towards the end of his life rather than the giant he's remembered as.

Here he is in his youth as a normal sized human.

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Um... Grey Knights are based off of the few remaining Son's of Horus. I mean Garviel Loken? Luna Wolf

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That's a huge ork.
Why is this ork so huge?
But I remembert hat forgeworld imperial armour ork boss who had strenght 8 and was a monstrous creature..right?
Ork-bosses can get big.

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The donor is the Emperor. There is no Chapter purer than the Knights. Even if one of them DID fall.

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>Is the Grey Knight Gene seed really that of the Emperor's?

Yes, been confirmed in their Codex.

Can you clone the Emperor from that Geneseed. I am curious because Abaddon got his hands on a Grey Knights founding number geneseed an he intends to use it in his schemes.

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Whatever he used it for it was for something in the 13th Black Crusade.

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We are talking the guy who is 0-13 with Cadia

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He's clearly a warboss with extensive cybork upgrades.

He should be enormous.

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What if the Grey Knights were the Emperor's desperate last chance do redeem his favored son Horus?

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Despite none his previous crusades were aimed at taking the Cadian gate?

I wonder if he will implant them into himself.

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>Counter's faggot Chapter

Bitch, please.

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Maybe Abaddon knew this and that is why we wanted a first generation Grey Knight geneseed so bad.

Probably used it to create an elite Black Legion warband for the 13th Black Crusade.

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Batman Marines don't count.

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1-4 were the others were ancillary targets 8-10 were as well 11 was another ancillary one 12 was the gothic war, and 13 was the big one. Though all of which involved activity in the Cadian sector. Ghothic included even though it was no where nearby, he sent a diversionary effort to Cadia to make the Imperium send troops there.

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Poor guy, so old.

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How powerful of a psyker is the Emperor?

Oh boy.

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>Probably used it to create an elite Black Legion warband for the 13th Black Crusade.

He could call them the Emperor's Children - oh, wait.

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None Swager than a Storm Warden

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Keep telling yourself that, slave.

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That's a ship behind him. It may have been him during the beginning of Great Crusade, but that's not him in his youth.

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Extemsive cybork upgrades?
Thats a Klaw and a metal jaw thingy, both normal, I odn't see anymore robot-ish parts

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Personally, I would like to see a Grey Knight Abaddon wrecking everyone until Draigo's fateful return from the Warp to face the Arch-Traitor himself in an epic battle for the soul of mankind.

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super-man powerful.

There debate weather he was actually a warp god in the beginning or a man that became so powerful that he became a gestalt god

LOTSA debate

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Oh hey guys what's going on in this thread. It's just me, Jaundice. Homebrew Chaos Lord.

Anyway, you folks have a great day.

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Keep being angsty, my friend

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I like the gestalt god idea.
With all these shamans and stuff in-carnating together or whatnot.
It stands to reason that the effect a race has on the warp corrosponds with breadth of emotions and of course numbers.
Humanity, I believe, got more pschic potential going the more refined etc and numerous they became over evolution and history.
Sadly now he is held in his dying form and can't be reborn as the star child (is this right?).
Or he dies and everything is daemons.
Hem ight actually get more powerfull due to all that tasty believe.

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If it's Swag you want.

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Uh, no, there's an objective account of it. He was a kid in which the shamans of Terra reincarnated to fight chaos.

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>Abaddon got his hands on a Grey Knights founding number geneseed an he intends to use it in his schemes.

Maybe using the emperor maxed BLUFF stat to appear like a not-failure and shame to the whole warp and material world ?

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Could Draigo take someone like abaddon?

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>Lorgar calling anyone 'angsty'

Nice irony there, bro. Maybe you should go find someplace to sit down and pray about things, worm.

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I would like to point out that the Eldar Gods were once psychic constructs created by the Eldar as weapons against the C'tan and the Necrons.

When the Old Ones started dying out and became short of number, they couldn't guide the Eldar in controlling these weapons. The weapons evolved in the Warp Gods and took control of their creators.

What I am going with this is that the Emperor could evolve into a Warp God since his origin is more or less similar to the Eldar Gods.

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What type of Chaos Marine is this?

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Yeah, okay.

Who's alive, and who got killed like a bitch by an Imperial Assassin?

Hint: it's Konrad Cruze.

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Aren't all the loyalist Primarchs dead?

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Noise marine raptor.

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I-i-i-is that Sister still alive?

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Konrad let himself get assassinated to make a point about the Imperium being exactly as corrupt as he said it was.

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Even for tiny head syndrome, that's impressive.

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Wouldn't be any fun if she wasn't now would it?

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Oh, look out, Lorgar! It's Corax coming for your boypussy!

Keep to your scribblings, little priest, you only shame yourself with your cowardice.

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No, they're off in the Eye of Terror fighting in the name of their misguided father

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>>28602051Basically a couple of things happen if and when Big-E dies
1) DAEMONS DEAMONS DAMONS. The Emperor dies and Terra is plunged into chaos because he's no longer protecting is and pacifying the warp. Daemons fall imperium dies off till all their planets loose contact with eachother and there are so few humans left that chaos withers and becomes stable. As per prediction of Alpharius

2) British Mustache of gods is a-go. The Big-E decends into the warp and simply overpoweres Chaos pacifying is leading mankind into a new golden age. Freedom from the Warp the Emps ( now an actual God) Takes mankind into a state of false peace where he guides mankind in a very close and limiting way. Emperor falls daemons die. Sceintific advancment is started up again, mankind conqures the Galaxy and wants to expand to other galaxies. The Emperor cannnot go there as he is tied to the warp in this Galaxy. As more dependence on the warp is severed the Emperor grows weaker.

Cue second Dark Age of Technology as Big-E is no longer able to spoon feed Humanity anymore. Chaos begins to grow and the Emperor exists only as a shadow of his formerself.

Basically a pendulum effect of Emperor and Chaos starts to happen around 50k

I am saying that is why it is Debated

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Except in last church there is obviously some weight
Maybe permanent biomancy?
Anyone got a link to where someone asked abnett at a signing and he let out the shrivelled image on the golden throne is the real one as he is using his psychic power for other stuff?

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Noise Raptor. Sadly, not even legal in the Codex.

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Pandorax novel - one of the founding brothers described as having original geneseed replaced with emperors own
And there's precedent for that - custodians

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Is this from a particular warband?

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Wow, mind blown.
This is so fucking awesome.
They taught them some ways of thinking etc and guided them to manifest thesep owers like that creepy war persona thing with ther helmets.
This is so cool.
It's this meme idea of dawkins, they evolved and shaped the eldar with them, becausen ow the old ones didn't show them the "hard copy" and they were left alone with it.

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Space Conan!
Flee, you fools.

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>The Emperor cannnot go there as he is tied to the warp in this Galaxy.

What if humans worship emperor in ANOTHER galaxy ? The shadow in the warp doesn't seem to give a fuck.

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>night lords
>claiming swag
they're like.. hobos.

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Mighty Pimpmarine

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Hm, this sucks.
But there are enough other species important enough to sustain the chaos gods..right?
Even if the eldar who created slaanesh are gone (mostly), there are lots of other people left.
Even though some are tau-ish.

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Its actually been stated that each galaxy has its own form of a warp and its on set of gods and shadows and the like. I think it was asecend ed so its probabaly false now

Though I know Orks spread to other galaxies

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But yeah, that surely is edgemarine.
I saw some of his/her work before.
A bit to roleplay-ih dark for me.
Don't know, because its very very detailed but not as polished as the "official" stuff.
Still quite good , disregarding taste.

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Could you link me some sources?
Is this older stuff lik malal and inquistor serhlock obi-wan costeau?
This name is so ....awesome?

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Because they cannot lived separated from each other and of course don't have the same gods. Emperor worshiping in andromeda would surely still makes the emperor stronger. Or would maybe create a "second" emperor that would surely fuse with the other one if met. That or universal wars between 10 different emperors.

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Daily reminder that the Templar High Marshall got his butt kicked by an old senile old man with a limp.


>> No.28602537

Oh god that is a scary thought

"Neither of us are evil, but we must destroy eachother for there can be only one Emperor, only one Imperium. To the strongest goes the empire"

It's going to take a while I don't have it off hand

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Dammit, imagine 5 different slaanesh meeting. It would be like K-on but with more, MORE, dicks.

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>Implying that's any different than dead

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>> No.28602720

This sounds a bit funny to me, but might actually be.
even though I don't like the idea.
The warp can't exist without emotions and living creatures, so if there are enough for a long enough stretch of space.
No warp I guess, at least there.
But I think emps is human andt he other emperors wouldn't be human.
The eldar have their own gods too even if they were mental constructs to waponize the eldar psyche.
Aspects of Khaine and shit, so awesome.

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Swag Custodes style

>> No.28602804

>Not inquisitor

U wot m8?

>> No.28602813

well if the Emperor is a Nascant god in the warp, where are his demons?

>> No.28602878


space marines duh

>> No.28602887

Space Marines. Their faith makes them strong
Much like every devil has demons every god has Angels

Angels of death

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This guy challenges Imotekh the STORMLORD to a duel. Imotekh beats him up and forces him to kneel before him in defeat before severing his hand and taking it as a trophy.

Then Imotekh throws Helbrecht off the bridge they were fighting on but not before verbally abusing him.

Take note that Imotekh is already slow being a Necron and suffers from a limp and considering the Necron martial art, Helbrecht was fighting a mostly standing still opponent and still lost royally.

For shame, Templar!

>> No.28602908

Wait, what about Necron martial arts?

>> No.28602915

Technically, yep.

The Legion of the Damned are the Emperor's Daemons but you forgot to include the Living Saints.

>> No.28602949

Stand still, get hit, wait for an opening, and STRIKE HARD!

>> No.28602966

I imagine Draigo will eventually ascend and achieve some level of opopiosis not unlike the Sanguinor.

>> No.28602979

Fucking power creep, swarmlord severs marneus hands and helbrecht also looses one?

>> No.28602984

Implying Draigo didn't fall to Shota Slaanesh

>> No.28603000

Don't forget the Sanguinare.
or how do you write that.
Sisters have faith powers.

>> No.28603029

> Implying he did.

>> No.28603061

So he smacked Imotekh until the Stormlord found the perfect chance and one shotted him?

>> No.28603089

Is he comparable stat-wise?
Is Imhotekh a good fighter or as shitty as most necrons?

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Clones don't really work in 40k. You can clone bodies, but they become mindless beasts because proper souls are not included.

Also, Abby traded away the GK to Fulgrim.

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>> No.28603135

Oh noes.
That fucker.
Stupid sexy Fulgrim.

>> No.28603148

Emperor's Children are the best Legion.

>> No.28603156

DEldar seem to clone just fine

>> No.28603168

They traded blows.

Each time Helbrecht dealt a blow, Imotekh's Living Metal body repaired itself in seconds. The blows Imotekh delivered, however, took their effect of the Marine.

After Helbrecht was dealt some serious wounds, he collapses from the pain and blood loss. Imotekh stood over him victorious and gloating before humiliating him even more.

>> No.28603194

He's decent, but not really beastly in CC.

>> No.28603197

Ruleswise, he's nothing special. No better than a standard Overlord.

>> No.28603199

What is the most powerful Daemon Primarch?

>> No.28603202

Abaddon gave Fulgrim the Psyker but the Geneseed he kept for himself.

>ut they become mindless beasts because proper souls are not included.

This is why you get a Daemon to possess the bodies to act as their souls.

With these cloned bodies the greatest of the Chaos Gods servants will find suitable vessels.

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>> No.28603268

What about the Traveler?

>> No.28603276

>You can clone bodies, but they become mindless beasts because proper souls are not included.


The fluff around the Krieg Death Crops seems to indicate cloning without problems.

>> No.28603280


I do enjoy those exploding eyes.

>> No.28603360

wait what? Iv just read that somehow they managed to stop the taint of the warp?!?

>> No.28603363

Same stats except for the armour save, though Anrakyr actually has a warscythe (all the gauntlet of fire does in close combat is re-roll To Hit and To Wound).

>> No.28603370

Dark Eldar don't clone. All but the Trueborn gestate in tanks, but they're not cloned. The Dark Eldar who get revived have their bodies regenerated out of their remains, and that only works while the soul still has a connection to their physical form.

I don't want to derail this thread with a debate about this, as that happens way to often. If you really wanna talk about it, please go make a new thread.

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All the Clones of Horus came out wrong. All of them were mewling mindless beasts.

Source anything Black Legion (Try the Supplement)

>> No.28603416

>the Geneseed he kept for himself

>> No.28603433

Even if Emps wasn't a god before he got Throne'd, he will be eventually. Emps was formed by a collective of powerful psyker-shaman souls. Emps has "devoured" (I think melded) with millions upon millions of psyker souls since then. If that doesn't boost him to God level, I don't know.

On the other hand, they could simply be psychic cannon fodder, sacrificied too keep the Emps collective big/strong enough to stay around. I prefer the latter theory.

>> No.28603449

The novel implies it.

The geneseed was ripped out and the body was given to Fulgrim for his summoning of Slaanesh's Avatar (The Shota) ritual.

>> No.28603476

He disgusts them and he produces waste. So he doesn't fully consumes them.

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>> No.28603537

You forgot to mention that he came back for revenge, soundly stomped the Stormlord in a duel. Imothekh then flees like a bitch and Helbrecht punts his flagship in to a star.

Get stomped on, Imothekh.

>> No.28603541

Yeah but that's Horus. He was an avatar of the primordial annihilator, and the Emp soul blasted him into nothingness. It makes sense that his clones would be messed up, but it doesn't follow that all clones would be dysfunctional.

Doesn't Fabius bile have a bunch of clones of himself running around, and the tech to create cloned armies?

>> No.28603623

IIRC, DAoT humanity had functioning cloning tech, but it was mostly lost in the Age of Strife. Current humanity have cloning tech, but it's absolutely crap and they have less than half an idea of how it works. It's sometimes used to clone Space Marines from retrieved gene-seeds, but it can backfire horribly. The problem seems to be that even slight mutations can be exacerbated to produce catastrophic results. Bile is just reinventing the wheel, basically, except half the parts are irreparably broken and the rest are just barely understood.

>> No.28603631


Helbrecht didn't get a rematch with Imotekh. Imotekh taunted Helbrecht and teleported away.

That's why he got mad and decided to blow up Imotekh's ship to get some revenge on the Phaeron.


>885.M41 The Corrupted Tomb

>The Black Templars board a Necron Tomb Ship that veers into the Segmentum Pacificus and hangs inert in space without apparent purpose. Two Assault Centurions from the 2nd Company carve a path through the sealed corridors of the mysterious ship, allowing Terminators to investigate and eliminate any threats. The Tomb Ship suddenly explodes, taking with it every Space Marine onboard. The reason remains unclear due to the garbled communications from within the ship in its final moments, but to this day the Black Templars suspect it to have been a trap laid by Imotekh the Stormlord.

It's 2-1 for the Necrons.

>> No.28603635

>implying it wasn't all according to his master plan
>implying that it wasn't a ruse
>implying Cruze wasn't the greatest ruse master in the galaxy
>implying you are not a Imperial faggot.

>> No.28603662

Yeah, but don't forget that the Emperor had burned himself out annihilating Horus's corrupted soul. His personal power was exhausted. All of the power from the psykers he's "consumed" since then has gone into sustaining him and keeping the Astronomicon lit.

The real question is, if the Golden Throne fails, will the worship of trillions of loyal followers be enough to save the Emp and empower him as a god in the warp?

>> No.28603708

and it tears me up inside

>> No.28603750

>Also, Abby traded away the GK to Fulgrim.

>> No.28603849

>??????.M?? / Somewhere in the Eye of Terror

>The heavy door to the cell creaked open slowly, sending two of its occupants scurrying to the corners. If they could, the other two beings in the cell might have done likewise but, fused together and suspended from chains made from an unbreakable warpforged metal, that was beyond their current abilities.

>Abaddon stepped into the darkened prison, the amber eyes of one of the xenos blanks regarding him with fear. On the other side of the cell, the female human blank, naked and caked in filth, snarled like a cornered beast. The Warmaster ignored them both, focused solely on who – or, more accurately – what was hanging in the centre of the cell.

>powerful arms bound at the wrists, Epimetheus’s similarly shackled feet hung a metre above the cold stone floor of the dungeon. His skin was a ruin of scar tissue, his black carapace having been removed early in his captivity, and his eyes and mouth had been sewn shut with fibre hewn from the sinew of daemons. Behind his sealed lips sat the void where his tongue used to be, Abaddon making good on his promise at the time of capture, and a clean surgical wound ran along the side of his throat where the progenoids had been extracted.

>The price in oaths and fealty that the Warmaster had received from Fabius Bile and his ilk in exchange for this particular genetic material was immeasurable.

>When next he launched a Black Crusade upon the Imperium Abaddon would not only reap the benefits of that loyalty but, with the blessing of the Four, have new and more powerful troops at his disposal.

>And, if his ultimate plan should come to fruition…

>No, similar ventures had been attempted in the past and come to naught. The Warmaster dealt in practicalities and actualities, not what ifs.

>> No.28603883

only the ones that are bound.
There are enough he drains completely.

>> No.28603915

>Sensing a presence in the room, Epimetheus twisted on his chains, his enhanced physiology still granting him the strength to do so in spite of the unknowable amount of time he had been in captivity. As he spun above the ground, the true extent of the horrors wrought upon Epimetheus became apparent, driving a smirk to Abaddon’s lips.

>His limbs removed, the third blank was grafted to Epimetheus’s back, one last failsafe should the emasculated Grey Knight slip his bonds and attempt to escape. The man was barely alive, the dull eyes set below a heavy brow barely open, and tubes protruded from holes bored in his torso through which flowed dark liquids, sustaining his hellish existence.

>Abaddon drew close to his captive, causing both Epimetheus and the symbiotic blank to flinch. The Grey Knight’s nostrils flared. Despite being deprived of most of his senses, he could tell that the Warmaster was near.

>Leaning in close to his prisoner’s ear, Abaddon whispered, ‘Soon, Epimetheus. Soon.’

>The breath being forced from Epimetheus’s nose became grunts, and he pulled and twisted more forcefully at his bonds causing the blank joined to him to murmur a plaintive wail.

>Exiting the cell, the Warmaster left the Grey Knight to struggle against his restraints, safe in the knowledge that he would never be able to break them no matter how long he hung there.

>Abaddon had waited ten thousand years to depose the Corpse-Emperor and claim the Throne of Terra. To break one of the founding brothers of the Grey Knights, to have him bend his knee in unswerving allegiance, the Warmaster could wait for all eternity.

Abaddon did a little ''modifications'' to the tribute. I hope Fulgrim wouldn't mind.

>> No.28604113

So much for the part about Slaanesh's vessel being "unblemished."

>> No.28604215

His honor is not blemished.

If you know what I meant.

>> No.28604670

I roll with Sicarius. None but the High Suzerain himself match me in swag.

>> No.28604936


>> No.28605104

>Helbrecht didn't get a rematch with Imotekh. Imotekh taunted Helbrecht and teleported away.

>Helbrecht commanded the crusade that came to the aid of the Ice World of Schrodinger VII. The Necron Phaeron, Imotekh the Stormlord of the Sautekh Dynasty, had already shifted his armies into defensive configurations. Helbrecht's assault bogged down in a series of impeccably placed ambushes on the drop pod and Thunderhawk drop zones and Helbrecht and Imotekh met face to face on an ice bridge. They traded blows until Helbrecht collapsed but, instead of finishing him, Imotekh severed his right arm so he would always be reminded of the humiliation. The Black Templars retreated with Helbrecht, leaving Schrodinger VII in the Stormlord's hands.

>Following a five year Crusade of penitence to atone for his defeat, Helbrecht made a pilgrimage to the Phalanx to pray at the hand of Rogal Dorn. There, the Chapter Master came to realize that the loss of his hand was symbolic of his Primarch's sacrifice and a sign from the Emperor. Helbrecht faith returned to him.

>Helbrecht, aboard his Battle Barge Sigismund, later sought revenge for his humiliation by attacking Imotekh's Tomb Ship Inevitable Conqueror while in route to Davatas. Boarding Torpedo attacks by the Black Templars succeeded in capturing the ship and Helbrecht and the Stormlord come to blows once more, but this time the Marshal is able to use his rekindled faith to prevail. Realizing the battle is lost, Imotekh teleports to a nearby escort vessel to safety, but not before congratulating Helbrecht on 'one victory apiece'[2b]. In a rage that his enemy had escaped, Helbrecht destroyed the Inevitable Conqueror from the inside out.

>> No.28605256


That is one ugly looking nigger

>> No.28605544

>In a rage that his enemy had escaped, Helbrecht destroyed the Inevitable Conqueror from the inside out.

He didn't destroy it from the inside out, he made it fly into a sun.


>> No.28605879

maybe it was a small star and Helbrecht flew the ship into it so hard it crashed through the bow, slammed into the engine block and blew the whole thing up from the inside.

>> No.28609761

>> No.28609787

SWAG changes when you turn it into an acronym (sex with a ginger). Makes all those lad photos much more entertaining.

>> No.28609908

Gingers don't exist in 40k

>> No.28609959

>mfw this backfires and he accidently makes a legion of loyalist marines in his vats.
>they proceed to kick daddy abbys ass and he tries to send them away.
>just according to Supreme Sassmaster's Draigo's master plan

>> No.28609993

Speaking of Swag

>> No.28610008

>> No.28610059

Vorpal Swords...

>> No.28610286


>> No.28610415

So... he kind of failed at the whole "have him bend his knee" thing, then.

>> No.28610686

So are there any books that are worth reading to show how fucked up Slaanesh can get? Because mostly I have managed to pick books from Nurgle being the main antagonist. So lots of zombie plagues and disgusting imagery. I would like a change of pace

>> No.28610730

The book to describe how bad, perverted, evil, and psychotic slaanesh is would be 666,000,000 volumes long, each volume having 130,000,000 pages of sheer mind blowing depraved evil.

You gotta ask yourself; do I really want to read this?

>> No.28610731

Sure they do. What do you think Culexus are?

>> No.28610768


but considering most Warhammer books are about 200 pages long that would be fine

Just usually dont see Slaanesh Marines in books much...least the ones I read

>> No.28610862

They're trying to impress the Ultramarines, so they can be taken under the wing of their spiritual liege.

>> No.28610871

But will any Soul Drinkers ever be swag enough again to be Deathwatch? I think not.

>> No.28610881

Daemons or Webway creatures spew out of the webway instead. The imperium goes into chaos because no more astronomicon.

>> No.28610911

>I mean, the Emperor wasn't a giant super human, he merely used his psychic powers to project himself as such a figure

Except he was. He was immortal from age and wear, and was a middle aged looking giant for millenia on end.

>> No.28610919

>wait what? Iv just read that somehow they managed to stop the taint of the warp?!?
They are like the dark eldar, but drink HERESY and CHAOS instead of pain.

>> No.28611011

Why don't they just let Draigo loose on the universe? He's basically a primarch, since he's continually curb-stomping them.

Walking through the warp unscathed.

Bitchslapping Daddy Nurgle.

Draigo for Emperor.

>> No.28611040

He just burned down a a garden and knocked over some buildings.

The Fire Hawks/ Legion of the Damned been doing stuff like that for years in the Warp before Draigo even graced the Warp.

He isn't special.

>> No.28611074

Gotta imagine the Dark Gods are pretty pumped to have Draigo in the place he can do the least possible damage.

I.E. in a realm where literally anything he does will be undone within instants of him having done it, where time has no meaning whatsoever, and possibility is entirely contingent on the whims of the Great Game.

...which also lets you know the only reason he's still around is because there's never been a point that at least two out of the four chaos gods weren't laughing their asses off watching him beat up on one of the other ones.

>> No.28611172

Shit chapters have swag

Ultramarines have class

>> No.28611292

Venerable Oldfag here,

For genetically bred Übermensch, your High Gothic is appealing.

"Swag" is either goods taken by thieves and pillagers or free merchandise given at a convention. (So, technically, everything On Sale at Gamesday is swag. Yay Shoplifting!)

I'm assuming you lot are speaking of "Swagger", which is an arrogance befit for Rogue Traders and not suitable for the sons of the Emperor.

This sort of talk is bourne from the same low-gothic prattling hive-scum who cannot differentiate between "ratchet" and "wretched"

>> No.28611322




>> No.28611550

There were Emperor's Children in Xenos, but they were interchangable with any other Chaos Space Marines.

>> No.28611619

None of what he does is permanent.
The gods keep him around to have their own Samurai Jack to watch.
And like Samurai Jack, his hijinks will never have any end.

>> No.28611767



Pretty sure it's draigo who's getting pumped now.

By Slaneesh.

In the ass

>> No.28611779

really? thats a shame

is there no books that really showcase them?

>> No.28611863


>> No.28615356

Pariah has a cool independent emperor children sorcerer
But in general they are just too over the top for most writers
and if they weren't written that way people would complain about them not being edgy enough

>> No.28615801

>Fuck you

>> No.28615846

I wish Draigo was a Pokemon

>> No.28615858

So who are all the Inquisition Chapters?

- Deathwatch - Anti-Xeno Force
- Grey Knights - Anti-Chaos Force
- Red Hunters - Anti-Astartes Force

>> No.28615900


-Charchanodons - Anti-Fuckingeverything Force.

>> No.28615925

Minotaurs are also a Anti Astartes force right?

plus they're a loyalist World Eaters chapter!

Then theres also the Exorcists who posses their own space marines with daemons to make SUPER anti daemon marines

>> No.28615988

It's actually not that super anti-demon.

Exorcists are simply exorcised Space Marines.

Which means they can NEVER be possessed. Possession works only once you see.

They also know a lot about demons (since no one has to worry about them going traitor because they're incorruptable because dey be Illuminati yo) but beyond knowledge and their incorruptable nature they have no real other demon hunting skills.

>> No.28616054

Abaddon just cut out his tongue, made a few holes in his body, and grafted a Blank to his back. It's not mint condition, but it's almost as good as new.

>> No.28616793

Oh yeah, I likedt he white dwarf article about yur own 21st founding chapters.
Like those dudes that were burning and had always cover saves.
But couldn't improve them either.
T'was more fun back then.

>> No.28616839

Are these actually forces exclusive to the Inquisition like the three others?

>> No.28616852

>> No.28616867

sooo... alpha stage Grey knights?

Remember the words of wisdom: "Alpha is alpha, beta is beta".

>> No.28616872

>> No.28616883

Oh man, oh man.
I started in that edition when there were about 3 inquisition codex thingies.
Haereticus with sisters.
Xenos got the Deathwatch with rules in a white dwarf if I remember correctly.
Daemon hunters had the grey knights (who were cooler because more mysterious and less mary sue).
The Minotaurs may serve the high lords of terra directly, the charchadons are an old style crusade chapter.
Red hunters are new, but I like the general idea.

>> No.28617227

I fail to see how the CarCharodons fit into this whole schema of Imperium sanctioned chapters.

They seem more like just another feral chapter.

>> No.28617981


>> No.28618120

>Which means they can NEVER be possessed. Possession works only once you see.
They can be possessed, but it's very rare for it to occur. Only 1% of the Exorcists suffer some sort of Daemonic infestation after the initiation has been completed. And even then, only the really powerful Daemons can even perceive them. That's what having a pure, noble, incorruptible spirit nets you.

>> No.28618164

In the case of the Emperor's Children, that would be a step down.

>> No.28618167

Good thing, their first novel was easily the worst putrefied bullshit by Black Library I have ever had the pleasure not to finish.

>> No.28618213


>here he is in his youth
>A thing who is 40K+ years old
>Gothic battle ship in background

I'd stop you right there, but naw.

>> No.28618273

how so?

>> No.28618398

>Exorcists are simply exorcised Space Marines.
Fucking pussies is what they are. Seriously, their exorcisms are lame as hell. One Space Marine, brainwashed and psycho-surgery'd to shit, in a controlled environment with failsafes and psykers on standby, versus one of the crappiest Daemons known to Mankind. And they still don't ace that shit every time.

Meanwhile, there's an old goddamn hag who summoned Greater Daemons into her body. And she did it three times! And every single time she just pushed it all down and went about her business until she felt like doing it all over again.

>> No.28618520

Has Draigo ever fought a Greater Daemon?

>> No.28618614


>> No.28618685

The codex has one confirmed battle, and two possibles (it's not clear whether he actually fought M'kachen or N'kari).

>Atop the Blood Falls, where the acrid ichor of Khorne’s fallen champions tumbles endlessly into the void, Draigo slew the great Bloodthirster Kar’voth. With cleansing fire he drove daemonic taint from the beast’s great axe, and used the molten remains to reforge his sword, sundered in battle with M’kar the Reborn so long ago.

>At the gates of the Inevitable City, the Lord of Change M’kachen offered Draigo a path homewards, but in reply the Grey Knight smote the city walls and left the bird-Daemon entombed amongst the ruins.

>However, the mortal world was not yet done with Lord Draigo. When the Prophet of Jostero forged an alliance with the Daemon N’kari, he drew a portion of the Realm of Chaos into the mortal world, and Draigo was drawn through along with it. So was Draigo briefly reunited with his Chapter, for a Brotherhood had arrived on Jostero to combat N’kari’s threat. Draigo was clearly long adrift in time, for he knew these warriors not, yet they embraced him as brother, and fighting side-by-side they cast down the mad Prophet of Jostero and banished his daemonic allies.

In WD376 (Grey Knight release) he banished Fateweaver in the battle report, and I believe the 6th edition rulebook has him banish Fateweaver again after popping out of the Warp before he went in.

>> No.28619580

Is Pariah part of a series or can I just jump right in?

>> No.28620248

Swag gets in the way of my ripping and tearing

>> No.28620301

it follows the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies. You could jump in but you might get a little lost until the plot finally explains itself.

>> No.28620427

damn thats a lot of prerequisite reading material

>> No.28620956

What kind of helmet is that?

>> No.28621094


Angel Exterminatus gives you some glimpses into Slaaneshi fucked-upness via the Emperor's Children, but it's still basically them in the early stages of debauchery, experimenting and perfecting techniques and depravities.

>> No.28621334

cool thanks for the tip

Is that part of a series at all?

>> No.28621430

I don't think so, the fluff seems to have been changed since 3rd so that the Emperor's Champion is a title passed on through the Black Templars chapter in honour of Sigismund's badassery in the defense of the imperial palace, and is bestowed upon a guy who is sent visions by the Emperor before the battle.

>> No.28622230

.>still believing that meme as fact.

>> No.28622292


>> No.28622357

But I like the Emperor's Children

>> No.28623959

Yep, go Fulgrim, The Reflection Crack'd, and then Angel Exterminatus. You can also pick up Perfection, and that's pretty much all I can think of.

>> No.28624503

arent they all books in the Horus Heresy Series? Shouldnt I read them all in order?

>> No.28624747

I've heard from many people that a lot of them were shitty, so far I've yet to find any I really dislike

I've read:
Horus Rising
False Gods
Galaxy in Flames
Flight of the Eisenstein (and the rest of the Garro audio saga)

So far my least favorite was Fulgrim, with my favorite being Galaxy in Flames

And other than a few minor details nothing has been particularly fluff-rapey

>> No.28624780

I just thought it was a huge expansive chronological space opera and if I jump around on what to read I would get confused fast.
or is that not the case?

>> No.28624996

Only the third first books are strictly a series, the others are pretty open.

In my opinion if you just up and grabbed Fulgrim or Flight to start it wouldn't be a problem, but personally I feel a bit of the magic is lost if you can't make the connections, like if a random corpse is mentioned to have certain characteristics, just in passing, but if you read the previous book you know it is the corpse of someone that was very important

Also, I recommend audiobooks. Martyn Ellis and whoever it was that narrated Eisenstein are freaking brilliant

>> No.28625058

>Only the third first

Only the first three

Pardon my substandard English

>> No.28625130

Well I am a stickler for chronologically reading books so I may just start from the beginning

It also seems there are books that are not part of the main series?

man this is confusing

>> No.28625166

there's a list on wikipedia that shows the sequence, if that helps

>> No.28625200

I just looked it up now actually

Its annoying because I have SOME of the books but not all and its all out of order

>> No.28625214

What chapter is this?

>> No.28625254

oh ok I just double checked and I have all the books from 1 to 15 except for 11

but still that is a lot of books to read before that becomes a problem
I heard they are planning a fuckton more though

>> No.28625298

Deathwatch, but he belongs to the tigers argent

>> No.28625349

But those aren't the colours of Tigers Argent. They are silver, not gold.

>> No.28625380

I know, but I also know for a fact that Brother Pardis is a Tiger Argent, take it up with FFG

>> No.28626548

>> No.28626588

I'm surprised Sanguinius' wings weren't transmutable via his gene seed.

>> No.28627157

>> No.28627224

Are Grey Knights outright enemies with any other chapters?

>> No.28628207


>> No.28628462

Hi! I'm a merifat over the age of 35. SWAG stands for 'secretly we are gay'. Invented in New York just a few months before the Stonewall riots. They used to advertise their parties with SWAG! on the upper left corner. Maybe you don't want to be that, with your huge bodies and small heads. But that's your call, I don't think the Emperor cares, since he's basically dead except for a few well wishes from the Immaterium.

>> No.28628499

They are, but judging by the Badab War, they give exactly 0 fucks about anything that isn't a Space Shark and will kill anything.

>messing up greentext

Thousand Sons and Legion are pretty good. I've fallen behind on some of the novels, but K sons was the last I read.

Who says they aren't?

>> No.28628542

>words never change meaning
>space marines have small heads
>the Emperor is dead

Wow. I didn't know one person could be so wrong.

>> No.28630571

> merifat

Surely you jest, no one truly of the lineage of the Merican Kings of old would ever use such degrading terminology to refer to themselves.

>> No.28630900

But it is god damn delicious prerequisite reading material!

>> No.28631010

I'll bet it is

bit daunting is all but it will be fun

>> No.28631096

Not exactly, but they won't hesitate to purge your sorry ass if they see it fit.

"Todays ally is merely tomorrows enemy"

>> No.28631700

I read the final story of the Soul Drinkers, that was pretty exciting and fairly implausible, but okay.
My pals are going to run a one shot of Deathwatch, can anyone share an exciting moment or battle or campaign from either the Death Eagles or the Blood Ravens?
If not I'll dig through loyalist wiki and just make it up.

>> No.28632009

Anyone have that writefag about Leman russ bitching about his brother primarchs while they fly through the eye of terror fucking shit up?

>> No.28633999

So where are all the Primarchs now?

Lion El'Jonson
- In stasis at the deepest level of the Dark Angel's "Rock", a fact known only by the Emperor himself.

(Second Primarch)
- Presumably dead, dealt with and expunged from the Imperial records under unknown circumstances long before the Horus Heresy.

- Currently a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh.

- Holed up with his traitor legion in an ever growing fortress on the Daemon World Mendrengard waiting for the Imperial Fists to strike back

Jaghatai Khan.
- Lost in the Maelstrom while hunting the Dark Eldar.

Leman Russ
- Lost in the Eye of Terror presumably searching for the Tree of Life.

Rogal Dorn
- Dead, his skeleton preserved in amber with each of his skeletal fists preserved in two separate shrines. Conflicting accounts draw many of the details of his death into question.

Konrad Kurze
- Killed by an Imperial Assassin inf fulfillment of the very prophetic vision that prompted him to rebel against what he saw as the Imperium's corruption.

- Slayed by Horus during the Horus Heresy. Presumably his noble half manifests as the winged warp entity known only as the Sanguinor with his darker side manifesting as the Black Rage and Red Thirst which plagues the bearers of his gene seed.

>> No.28634317


Ferrus Manus
- Dead, decapitated by the traitor Fulgrim. Though some argue his body was recovered and repaired on Mars where it remains waiting until the day it will be reunited with his chapter.

(Eleventh Primarch)
- Presumably dead, dealt with and expunged from the Imperial records under unknown circumstances long before the Horus Heresy.

- Daemon Prince of Khorne.

Roboute Guilliman
- Dead, killed by the traitor Fulgrim, his body perfectly preserved in a stasis field, some saying that the mortal wound that fell him is slowly healing itself slowly over the millennia.

- Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

Magnus the Red
- Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

- Dead, his very soul wiped from existence by the Emperor himself. His legacy continued by his alleged clone Abaddon.

Lorgar Aurelian
- Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided, holed up in isolated meditation on the Daemon World Sicarus.

- Disappeared allegedly three millennia after the Horus Heresy leaving behind a tome listing 9 sacred artifacts spread throughout the Galaxy for his Sons to find. It is said when all 9 are found he will return.

Corvus Corax
- Set out to the Eye of Terror seeking absolution for his sins.

Alpharius & Omegon
- Omegon was slain by Roboute Guilliman while Alpharius continues to serve till this day as an agent of Chaos Undivided seeking to prove himself the superior stragiegan by challenging Guilliman's chapters.

>> No.28635098


>> No.28635238

Actually, second or eleventh is kinda... Stuck in a klepto-necron's private collection, allegedly.

>> No.28635362

why are 40k artifacts even so important as stand alone weapons.

i understand if people from some old tech like a STC sure, but say someone finds some old sword of doom... it wouldnt really change anything.

>> No.28635622

Certain weapons become powerful by those who wield them or by what accomplishments they execute.

Draigo's Titan Blade is now arguably one of the most powerful anti-daemon weapons by virtue of the journey it has taken.

>> No.28635966

More like possibly.

>> No.28636001

Why would that warrant him being expunged from the Imperium's records?

>> No.28636012

Khan is in the webway, not Maelstrom.

>> No.28636072


Why aren't the Grey Knights allowed to exceed the number of chapter members laid out in the Codex Astartes?

>> No.28636186

He chased after a bunch of Dark Eldar into a Warp anomaly. After that, nobody has any idea where he ended up.

>> No.28637028

>the Exorcists

>> No.28637208

>>powerful arms bound at the wrists, Epimetheus’s similarly shackled feet hung a metre above the cold stone floor of the dungeon.
>>His limbs removed, the third blank was grafted to Epimetheus’s back,
What a fucking retarded writer.

>> No.28637958

A limbless blank is grafted to the back of a chained-up Grey Knight.

>> No.28638341

Yeah, got that part right after I posted. My bad.

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