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Gunslingers vs Sword Swingers
Whose side are you on?

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gunslinger ala Roland Deschain

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I personally prefer Gunslingers

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>not using both

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I'll do like the punisher and find an artificer to make me a gun that shoot swords.
Everyone else is bellow me.

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Well, if I've learned anything from Samurai 7, it is that guns are completely useless as long as you have a sword.
Along with 100ft tall mechs.
Serious, the hell were they thinking with that adaptation?!

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WRONG! What Samurai Seven taught us was that only a true samurai could kill another true samurai.

If they died of anything else they weren't true samurai of course.

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They were on the good drugs when they made it.
Although not as good as whatever Trigger use during the writing sessions for Kill la Kill (seriously, I WANT whatever they're on).

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Better question
Gunblades or Bladeguns?

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>wanting the KLK drugs
>not the Inferno Cop drugs

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1) Magic, all day e'ry day
2) Ranged > Swords
3) Game mechanics tend to favour swords
So... magically animated guns and swords

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