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What could be some cool artifacts and relics that a Craftworld of Eldar archeologists might have on hand? Can be anything from doomsday weapons to useless trinkets, and they don't necessarily need to be perfectly functional. I'm asking for a game of Rogue Trader.

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A star map that he found and which leads to that one Craftworld that has the armor of the Warp Spider Exarch in there.

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A bauble that looks pretty but lights up and warns of the presence of chaos or a demonic incursion.

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A box of masterfully carved crystal skulls. Within is a delivery manifest for a number of worlds with primitive xenos populations and a number of wraithbone camcorders for recording what happens when the each skull is found.

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Any kind of ancient legendary weapon or just a trinket used by the mythical person.
Eldar have many things like "Ultanash's water pistol".

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An intricately carved wraithbone wand. Dates back tens of thousands of years, long before the Fall. It glows subtly and plays a very soft but beautiful song when it's pointed in a particular direction, roughly to the galactic south-west.

The players won't know it, but there's a beautiful tiara on the ruins of what was once a maiden world. The planet was long since overrun by Tyranids and stripped bare. The tiara doesn't do anything but look pretty. When the wand is pointed at the tiara, it starts up.


A pair of armbands. The wearer can ignore the effects of gravity for one second when jumping. It was created as a dance aid, though obviously it has adventuring and combat potential.


A carved frieze, clearly cut away from its original building in some bygone era and taken as loot by some other alien culture. It depicts a partial map of a city on a world that's since been consumed by the Eye of Terror.


A wide chalice. When pure water is consumed from it, the the drinker will fall asleep and have spiritually uplifting dreams (could be very weird and potentially life-changing for a skeptic!) When a fine eldar brandy is consumed from it, the drinker will have a vision of the future. Nothing on the chalice indicates how to use it; the players will have to discover this by accident and/or trial and error.

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A wraithbone plinth, slender and elegant. A psyker can activate it, causing a projection to appear of two eldar women, one of whom immediately begins seducing the other. In short order, they are wrapped in the throes of passionate love-making. One is pale, a small woman with an athletic build but nice curves (for an eldar). The other is more tan, with golden hair with just a hint of red, and more willowy. Both are indescribably beautiful in appearance and voice. The plinth itself is covered in eldar runes, depicting in metaphorical fashion the tale of two eldar maids in love.

What the players won't know is that buried in the plinth are two spirit stones. The plinth dates back to the dark times immediately before the Fall. Both girls were killed to create what is essentially elf-porn.


Another map. This time a map of a very small part of the Webway. The players won't know it, but this is pre-Fall and the downfall of the eldar ravaged this part of the webway. The map is no longer accurate. They have two entrances reliably mapped; the rest is a shambles that could lead to the Eye of Terror or somewhere equally awful.

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God that is metal as hell.

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Spiritstones didn't exist back then.
They were invented on Iyanden after the Fall.

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>spirit stones

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Yeah I know. However, since exodites have their own spirit storage system in the form of the world spirit, and since psytech is a major eldar thing, presumably there was SOME variant in existence pre-fall. Notice how these aren't really behaving the way craftworld spirit stones operate. The makeout sessions imply that they're not really forming new memories-- just coming into existence and then fading out again.

In those days, trapping the spirits of murder victims to spend eternity like this would have been horrific. Probably, the evil eldar who did this to them got off on the necromantic cruelty.

The joke's on them. Those two aren't being consumed by Slaanesh, where as the ones who did this to them almost certainly were.

No doubt whatever evil technique was used here is a distant cousin of the technique used to create the spirit stones we know and love.

BTW, here's another idea: a chest of spirit stones, looted long ago from a dead (minor) craftworld. Do the players return them to the Eldar? Sell them? Or what?

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> Do the players return them to the Eldar? Sell them? Or what?
Make an armour fully covered in spiritstones.
> meet some eldar
> can't touch this

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>The eldar makes your brain explode and spends a century purifying your guts from the inside.

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Pre-fall Eldar had Infinity Circuits and avatars.

Why wouldn't they have Spiritstones?

Source is the Maugetar Fluff book from 40K digital fluff books..

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> Source is the Maugetar Fluff book from 40K digital fluff books...
> Source is one tiny thing that contradicts everything else

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>I don't like it s it's not true

Everzing is canon. Deal with it!

>>Before he could build his mighty weapon, Maugan Ra first needed to gather the necessary materials: wraithbone touched by death, to craft the body of the cannon; metal tempered by the blood of a god, to form the scythe-blade; and the spirit stone of a powerful seer, to saturate the weapon with psychic energy. Maugan Ra’s quest took him, with a group of his acolytes, to a crone world, one of the planets of the Eldar empire of old that was consumed by the Warp after the Fall. Once home to billions of Eldar but now nothing more than shattered ruins, this unnamed world had become home to hordes of gibbering Daemons, cavorting under the baleful gaze of an impossible black sun. The death-infused wraithbone he took from the planet’s World Shrine, an ancient repository of souls. It was guarded by a mighty Keeper of Secrets, who was drawing the countless spirits from within it, soul by tortured soul, for the delectation of She Who Thirsts. While his Dark Reapers fired volley after volley of starstrike missiles into the Daemon, weakening it, Maugan Ra approached and slew the beast with a single mighty blow, before harvesting the black deathbone from the infinity circuit. The Phoenix Lord proceeded, accompanied by a lone Exarch, to the very heart of the stricken world, to a hidden chamber that housed a shard of the Bloody-Handed God himself, an Avatar of Khaine. There, Maugan Ra turned on the Exarch, sacrificing him and conducting dark rituals to awaken the Avatar. As the war god’s mortal proxy awoke, Maugan Ra took up a piece of starmetal in the shape of a great scythe and thrust it deep into the Avatar’s heart.

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> Deal with it
> !
Hello, Carnac-kun.

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The body of a farseer overtaken by wraithbone in the dome of Chrystal seers, animate once more, shooting phsycic wraithcannon.

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A psychic distress beacon.

Insert third party here.

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>As the war god’s mortal proxy awoke, Maugan Ra took up a piece of starmetal in the shape of a great scythe and thrust it deep into the Avatar’s heart.
Did…did an Avatar just get killed by a Phoenix Lord?

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Nah, no.
He bathed the blade in Avatar's blood and then let it to go and kill some daemons.
> The creature’s molten blood tempered and hardened the blade, and imbued it with the strength of Khaine himself. He unleashed the Avatar upon the Daemons, and went in search of his final target.

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Hello, Eldar-Senpai!

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So an avatar has a heart?

Then why it's such a big deal when he got blinded and chocked to death when its confirmed he has organs?

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>mfw her body is made of Eldar poo

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it also states its one of a dozen other stories the harlequins tell about how he made the maugetar

meaning it may not be true

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If it's not true, then the Harlequins are piss-poor keepers of Eldar lore and history.

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Because he is stated to be unblindable and not needing an air to breath.

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The text actually says they tell that story because it pleases Muagan Ra.

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He just wants people to think he's DARK and DANGEROUS.

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No, it says they tell conflicting stories but sometimes Ra would appear to to watch the dance. Throwing his dark gaze on the murder clown playing his role.

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I imagine that would be incredibly awkward for all involved.

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> As the players cease their dance, a hush will fall and the Reaper will nod once before disappearing to bring death once more to the enemies of the Eldar.
He nodes in approval.

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To be fair, he kind of worked his ass off to be legendary like that. Now he sticks around to make sure everyone gets it right. It's vain and narcissistic, but he earned that right, even if it is rather dickish.

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His peers don't work that hard for their status and reputation.

He comes off as a tryhard sorta guy.

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I think he's doing an exact opposite thing.
In fact he didn't mutilate bonesinger and other edgy stuff but he likes to have such image.
It's also mentioned that his true deeds stay in shadow save for a bunch.
For example, no one talks about his part in the defence of Iyanden.
But everyone knows that Maugan Ra is kinda spectre of death and when he is somewhere around you'd better prepare for all the shit.
People don't understand that it looks so just because he goes where the fight is thicker and bloodier. Ofcourse when you see a guy with a skullface and a scythe at the battlefield where thousands were slain it looks rather scary than heroic.
Why is he tryharding while stories of his deeds could make him the greatest of PLs? It can be just a lifestyle and this flaw is forgivable since he still kicks asses.

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or maybe everything that's said about him in legends is entirely right.

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They didn't have them because as >>28588754
pointed out, they were invented later.
>Everzing is canon. Deal with it!
Everything is canon, unless it comes from one thing that contradicts everything else. Then it is not canon, it's shitty research. Also as evidenced by the block of text you quoted there, it's shitty writing. Sorry, but you're the one that has to deal with it.

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no, it's canon even if it contradicts everything else

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Either that Avatars, Infinity circuits, and most likely spititstones too have existed Pre-fall or the Harlequins suck as historians and are bullshitters (as expected from those who would deny the ''Last Hope'').

I'll be happy to deal with one of these options to handwave this ''contradiction''.

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The Helm of Eldanesh, a Warrior Helm that allowed Eldanesh to see the future. This Helm allowed him to accidentally see his death at Khaines hands.

Stuff like that

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You mean the PL? A Mymerea style campaign to recover a lost Phoenix Lord would be cool.

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>So an avatar has a heart?
>What is figurative language

Fuck me anon...

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Pre-fall Eldar artifact. Small wraithbone sphere, incredibly dense, requires serious tech to manipulate or even move it. Approx 1m radius.

When activated (by psychic channel) begins to expand until it forms a five thousand kilometre cock and balls (With: "To that weakling seer Emperor, love, the Eldar) with its own locomotive ability that begins to fly straight for Earth - sublight.

Artwork made of pieces of Eldar and other species. Statues, paintings, sculpture. Still life is some poor bastard human kept alive and conscious, but in stasis, for 20,000 years.

Wraithbone harp. When played, any wraithbone within 'hearing' range liquefies and collapses as though water until the last note fades away, and it resolidifies.

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Holy fuck. Are Phoneix Lords autistic or something?

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Why is Maugan Ra a cutie.

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Fine then.

The Avatar was figuratively blinded by Heartslayer.

The Avatar was figuratively strangled to death by Fulgrim.

Happy now?

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>Mfw I remember making that post

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And he is figuratively stated to be made of iron and figuratively not needing oxygen.

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Of course.

Heartslayer slashed the Avatar's figurative eyes rendering him figuratively blind, and Fulgrim figuratively denied figurative air to the Avatar's figurative lungs causing him to perish in a figurative death figuratively.

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And GW figuratively gave him rules that made him immune to gas attacks due to not needing oxygen and figuratively made of molten iron.

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Figuratively, they don't care about their figurative rules when they are writing their very figurative lore.

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Figuratively, they right the rules to figuratively model the background. Something as figuratively arbitrary like figurative immunity to gas and poisons isn't done for nothing, figuratively.

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More Blanche Eldar time,.

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You made my day anon, thanks.

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Because he is Big Boss.

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>Pre-fall Eldar had Infinity Circuits and avatars.
Eh, no. They had Infinity Circuits, but not the repurposed and modified kind that Craftworlds have. And they didn't have Avatars – those only came into existence when Khaine was shattered.

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bump for more

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