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> Can use apocalypse models in normal 40k

what the fuck? How is that going to work without massively nerfing them?

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I suspect you wont get to use d-weapons.
so only sonic lance revenants and normalish baneblades.

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yeah but what about the super large blast markers?

I haven't seen the new rules but a base baneblade and turn one whip half an 1500 point army with its main gun

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GW doesn't care. Surprised this shit didn't come out earlier.

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They might still have the same point cost as in apocalypse, so taking one at 1500 or below is fucking stupid, D weapons might get changed to S10 AP1, done

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its only a s9 ap2 10" blast.
it just means we will have a shift to hardcore anti tank weapons instead of the horde of s7 we have now.

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I really hope the scans are quick on the escalation.
I really want to field a Stormblade in my space marine army in the future

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the avg deployment zone for my gaming tables is 15" x 36" for corners

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Just going to change the meta. Without even over thinking it as an ork player I'd be holding my horde in reserve and starting with either fast tank killers like deffkoptas with buzzsaws to suicide attack it, or drop in zagstrukk stormboys to assault straight out of deep strike with his power feet, or put ghaz with snikrot to outflank right behind it.

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So would super-heavies only be allowed during "escalation" games, or will they be available in all games?

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>Necrons vs Chaos

Seems like the book gonna some cool art. I am totally gonna make this my wallpaper once I get the book.

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Stompas are AV13 and I think Baneblades are too.

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>mfw a Lychguard grabbing(punching?) a Blood letter in the face

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>Stompas are AV13 and I think Baneblades are too.
Banebaldes are 14/13/12
But even if it was 13 that with 9 Hp that makes most s7 weapons platforms pretty shit tier.

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>Necrons vs Chaos
There's so many match ups in 40k we just don't get to see enough that could be so cool

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>Walkers get shafted again

I can't understand why GW keep insisting on thinking that Walkers are inherently better than other vehicles, when the reverse is true.

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This is the most important bit to know about Escalation. If it's Spearhead 6th ed., then no one will care. If it's part of the core game? Prepare for the rustlin'

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>what the fuck? How is that going to work without massively nerfing them?

Titans and shit are really good in games where they can actually make use of that 450" range.

With a small table and a 24" no mans land super heavies are awful and can easily destroy their own army the turn they go down.

lets say you are playing a 1500pt game, if you take a bane blade some where around 500pts thats a third of your army. That's a'lot less infantry to be capturing objectives and vital units that keep the army together and working.

The majority of forge world units (OMG SO CHEESE) are now standard units in the game and units that would only appear in apoc have been appearing in the normal game for some time.

The only thing I can think of that might be truly busted in a 2k point game is a reaver titan.

1.2k points for 3k worth of shooting. Though a drop pod full of melta would most likely drop it.

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>playing expansions in 40k
>playing superheavies in 40k

Nobody will use that shit after the month it got released.

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What was that one supplement a few years back that was all about massive battles?

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Dude.. This game is garbage.. You think anybody cares in GW?

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I think they do care and that makes it worse.

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Yes, I too dearly wish more BL writers would give us full-length novels that have no Imperials whatsoever
>Tau fighting Eldar, where Craftworlders find themselves battling a foe whose technology is actually comparable to theirs, and the scenes of conflict between the Castes as those who wish to learn from and attempt communication with the Eldar rub shoulders with the Fire caste who wish only to fight them
>Orks fighting Tyranids with a bunch of great Ork personalities, dialogue and lots of snippets of Ork culture
>Dark Eldar fighting Necrons, with all the challenges the Commaraghans face against an enemy with no flesh to poison and no minds in which to sew terror

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Should link to >>28574593

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>buzzkoptas attacking titan with buzzsaws


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When shit like the Helldrake or Riptide are standard 40k the forgeworld is op shit needs to go

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Did you miss the Carnac series?

It was all about Necrons vs Eldar.

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>fast tank killers like deffkoptas with buzzsaws to suicide attack it

Very expensive and only Str7 against rear armour 12. That's assuming you manage to get across the board, and you can't assault from outflanking or after making a Scout move. A max bare-bones squad without even rokkits to scratch it on the way in costs 300 points, and has LD7.

>drop in zagstrukk stormboys to assault straight out of deep strike with his power feet

Best option so far. 5 Str 9 attacks may do the trick. Not likely however. You've got 9 hull points to chew through, and you have to get a good scatter roll to avoid mishapping and losing the whole squad.

>ghaz with snikrot to outflank right behind it.

The look on your opponent's face will be priceless when Ghaz and Snikrot have to sit there for a whole round of shooting in the open.

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Three-buck e-books...aren't these short stories?

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Didn't want to make a thread but does anyone know where I can look to find the rules for the Macharius or Malcador pattern tanks?

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Imperial Armour Vol 1 second edition

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He never said they're op, he said they're cheese.

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They are episodic so if you joined them together you get a full length novel.

No quit your whining and buy more Imperial books.

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Cool, thanks a lot

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They're also awful.

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They are awesome. Spirit Wars the most.

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Fuck off Carnac.

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>Bloodletters breaking their line
>Defiler and riders charging in
>Lord of War volleying fuckers

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>They are episodic so if you joined them together you get a full length novel.

Not really, unless you've not read a "novel" since primary school.

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>Tesseract Vault

Unless they've got a vortex grenade and a Calgar, Chaos lose.

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>Tesseract Vault opened and primed

Don't worry, my Necron bros.

The C'tan are here to save you!

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Just chuck a grenade at it. That stops Ctan and vaults 90% of the time.

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>Sky full of heldrakes
>Implying there would even be a third turn


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Two C'tan. One in box, one not in box.

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Just need a good caption and this will be great.

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>This kills the C'Tan

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Resolution is what you need.

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>Got your nose

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Is this better?

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Das is good.

>Should I stab him with my halberd
>Nah I'll just kinda push his face

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A see Necron aircraft and is that the Nightbringer?

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If he's getting smacked around by that Super heavy it is probably Night Jobber.

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More like grabbing

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> Get over here!!!

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That needs to be the caption for this Scorpion grabbing the Guardsman.

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Hmmm, you're right here.
That's better.

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This (>>28576025) works.

Or Remove Mon'kiegh!

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Silly Scorpion, chain weapons aren't for thrusting

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Stormblade is best SH.

Macharius Vulcan is also good.

Anyway, why are you guys complaining? This is cool. I've ordered both of them. Plus the Imperial Armour Two: Second Edition.

It's something special. It's like Cities of Death or Planetstrike. It's something to allow you to enjoy SH without doing Apocalypse games. I think it's pretty awesome.

I suspect you won't be able to field too many.

I ASSUME like Storm of Magic. Where you can spend 25% of the total points limit on Lords of War selections.

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The guardsman just wants to show him his sword swallowing trick and the scorp is helping.

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>Anyway, why are you guys complaining? This is cool. I've ordered both of them. Plus the Imperial Armour Two: Second Edition.
>It's something special. It's like Cities of Death or Planetstrike. It's something to allow you to enjoy SH without doing Apocalypse games. I think it's pretty awesome.

Geedub pls
geedub stahp

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>>Tau fighting Eldar, where Craftworlders find themselves battling a foe whose technology is actually comparable to theirs, and the scenes of conflict between the Castes as those who wish to learn from and attempt communication with the Eldar rub shoulders with the Fire caste who wish only to fight them

>Tau tech
>Comparable to Eldar tech

Taufag spotted.

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Tau have the basic "hi-tech" package down, but they have nothing on the "so tech, it's magic" that the older races have

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its not a expansion its a rule book supplement

it is official for all 40k games super heaves for all.

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I reject your reality and replace with my own!

>> No.28576515


>It's something special. It's like Cities of Death or Planetstrike.

I don't why people keep thinking this. It's not something special, they're rulebooks to allow you to take certain Lords of War and Fortifications in your regular games of 40k. Just like you would take something from a codex supplement or an Inquisitorial detachment or Imperial Armor.

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When are these books gonna be out?

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yeah that's right. If you pay for this book, the other player has no right whatsoever to decline playing against you.

>> No.28576697


Well they can but they'll have to come up with a better excuse than "It's not regular 40k".

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> technology is actually comparable to theirs

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Haha pls.
A dozen of dreadnaughts killed a transcendent shard in a close combat.

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... Christ, you people.
Is it really that common to be in a situation where you are powerless to avoid playing games you don't want to?

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>invisible pie

>> No.28576972

Agreed. If I don't find playing against a super heavy fun I won't play against it. Likewise, if I don't enjoy playing against 9 Leman Russes or 5 Riptides I won't. Sure, in a tournament I'd happily play against them, but I generally play friendly games. If I'm not having fun why would I sink a few hours into a game?

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They have Lychguard AND a C'tan shard

Chaos is fucked

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>Remotely threatening

Ctan job like avatars. Lob a nade at it.

>> No.28577145

You need as special rare void grenade to get rid of it.

All these guys gonna have to fight two C'tan shards

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File: 633 KB, 561x757, A Demigod Uncaged!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And as you can see the C'tan Shard caused a lot of mayhem and destruction before it was taken down.

These Chaos dudes in that picture are facing two supported C'tan shards (One of them a transcendent). They are fucked.

>> No.28577287

> implying one of them isn't already getting his shit slapped by the lord of skull right on the illustration

>> No.28577386


>Ctan can't handle dreads and melta bombs
>Thinks he can fight a Lord of War and a bunch of defilers

Even looks like the Ctan is getting volleyed by the Skull-Lord.

>> No.28577430

>The pyramid split down the centre, the pict-feed dissolving into static as a golden brilliance roared through the cracks like the birth of galaxies. A shockwave thumped through the moon’s crust, tossing aside mighty Space Marines like spent cartridges from a magazine. A kilometre away, even the Chimera jumped like water in a hot pan. With a curse, Drax held it steady.

>The pict-feed was clearing up, capturing a ring of devastation around the opening pyramid. There was a being inside it, bound in chains of stellar matter as though caged within the heart of a star.

>Except it wasn’t.

>Drax watched as the earth fell away, a vast canyon that tracked, to the precise degree, the pyramid’s rotation and the eyeline of that shackled entity. Where its gaze fell, Rhinos and Predators were flipped into the air and torn open, infantry consumed by withering waves of fire. Drax couldn’t believe what he saw, but he couldn’t look away. As he watched, a string of meteors materialised out of the sky, hanging like beads on a necklace before they spontaneously ignited, hyperaccelerated, and hammered through the Space Marine advance in huge explosions of ice and fire.

>No, Drax thought, as the pyramid continued to turn, that arc of devastation coming inexorably towards him, like an asteroid destined to cross the orbit of a sun. This being had brought the star into the cage with it.

>‘Try it!’ Drax roared at the screen. It heard him, he knew. He could feel it, just as he had felt its first stirrings from within his cell. ‘Come on. Come get some.’

>> No.28577444

>It turned full face.

>And then Drax really did feel it, the full epochal malevolence of the c’tan.

>The ignition spluttered. The lights flickered and failed and Drax found that he couldn’t move, not even to put his fingers to the ignition keys. He was a child, left in his crib of cold leather and plasteel by a cruel star-god. It saw him, but his eyes couldn’t begin to fathom it and he saw only darkness. Drax might have wept then, but it didn’t matter. The transcendent shard of the c’tan took the time to study him. Not because Drax was special. He was not. It took the time because it could, because time ran to its command. The instant stretched, to an infinity if the c’tan had so willed, but time enough for Drax to comprehend.

>The universe didn’t love him. The Emperor would never know his name. Only this entity, this god of ancient stars, would remember. And in the second that followed, the Chimera flipped onto its back, its belly splitting open. Air, heat and Drax himself were ripped through the hull and out onto the surface of the moon. He floated, falling so slowly. The world was black and silent. It was cold. And the c’tan looked away.

Rape imminent.

>> No.28577452

Unless you want big battles with a few super-heavies without the retarded Apocalypse rules.

>> No.28577479

I thought the C'tan was in the background.

Looks the Lord of Skulls missed and is preparing to blast the C'tan with its skull cannon while the Shard is blasting it with lighting.

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Does anyone realize how epic that mental image is?

Straight up, every Dreadnaught in the clan pumps their fists and starts doing cartwheels into the C'tan. Suddenly nimble due to the machine gods blessing, all the ancient Sphees Muhreens in metal boxes have their chance to rip a god limb from limb.

Jesus Christ.

>> No.28577523



Guess we'll just have to throw a single company of dreadnaughts at it.

>> No.28577549

It just decimated a battle force of marines along with their tanks and sundered the earth with its gaze.

And you choose to focus on what happened to poor Drax!

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So what?
You know, a single soul grinder is capable of turning the tide of battle.
They are bigger, stronger and more resilent than most of greaters, could tear carnefexes without a big effort, oneshot tanks and slaughter infantry by hundreds.
And the lord of skulls is like a soul grinder on drugs. Even bigger, even choppier, with even stronger and angrier daemon inside. And he becomes stronger with each kill. And amount of sulls on his hull says he did alot of kills.

>> No.28577637

Dreadnoughts need better rules. They're my favorite unit in the game and they suck ass in every edition post 2nd.

>> No.28577645


It killed a bunch of nameless dudesmen and the flipped some tanks. It's exactly what the Avatar did before going down to a stiff punch and Ctan job to even more embarassing stuff (watch out a melta bomb!). There isn't a single impressive feat in that passage. Every heavy unit can walk through some tanks and infantry.

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Use Contemptors? They look cooler anyway

>> No.28577696


All the time. As someone who for years only had the option of pick up games at LGS in a town of 150,000 it was either play this person or not get to play at all or weeks at a time.

>> No.28577697

>watch out a melta bomb

Void Grenade!

Which would have worked on everything.

>So what?

The battle is far from over.

>> No.28577712


>Void Grenade!

No a melta bomb. A single marine defeated Night Bringer with a melta. You are thinking of when another Ctan jobbed to a single marine.

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Can't we just say Necron's win and move on with the thread? Chaos is too edgy for all of us anyway.

>except maybe papa Nurgle, he loves everyone.

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File: 562 KB, 892x1167, 2013-10-10_142156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> avatar fights a dozen of carnifexes
> kills a bunch of them then dies
> transcendent shard fights a dozen of dreads
> kills a bunch of them then dies
So isn't it better than a regular avatar? Not even a super-version.

>> No.28577756

You mean threatened the Nightbringer with burying him under earth by denoting a Melta Bomb. That novel was retconned by the newer fluff.

>You are thinking of when another Ctan jobbed to a single marine.

Who had a super special Void Grenade. .

>> No.28577761


Avatars seem pretty much similar to Ctan. Carniefexes are pretty much same ballpark as dreads.

>> No.28577774

WFB player here, what is this anyway? And why are people so upset?

>> No.28577788

Trans-Shards differ in power. Some are the collection of 12 shards others are the collection of hundreds.

>> No.28577795

I mean that was a transcendent c'tan who is supposed to be a super-version of the c'tan shard and he dies in the similar situation as a normal avatar.

>> No.28577805

40K is getting new exciting content. As always, the ungrateful masses of 40K players are whining about it.

>> No.28577808

Pick one.

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Its a debate over which god is superior more or less, considering the Necrons where fucked by retcons, their god has become an Eldar Avatar equivalent.

>> No.28577825


Oh yeah, I forgot it was a transcendent Ctan. Ha ha, fucking wow. So Ctan really do take the jobbing crown from Avatars. I wonder how long until GW make Swarmlords the next victim of Worf effect?


>> No.28577828

Are the books coming out tomorrow or what?

Perhaps next week?

I must know tell me, damnit!

>> No.28577836

It's a retarded spin off that lets you do SUPERCOOLTHINGS that are TOTALLY EPIC but the game itself is retarded but that doesn't stop every fucking game store from running exclusively apocolypse games

>> No.28577841


150,000 is a small population when its 4 hours to the nearest town that isn't 2000 people.

>> No.28577843

>. I wonder how long until GW make Swarmlords the next victim of Worf effect?

Dude....already happened and that guy lost to a Tau.

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> how long until GW make Swarmlords the next victim of Worf effect
Right now.

>> No.28577856


On the table top a C'tan is still infinately more useful than an avatar though. Whithering Worldscape is a thing, my point is proven.

>> No.28577858


>Dude....already happened and that guy lost to a Tau.

Hang on a sec, last I checked it was just that Farsight held his own, not that he killed it. Where does it say he killed it?

>> No.28577868

>not a walking coffin
not interested. I just want carnifexes and dreadnoughts to be important again.

>> No.28577882

>On the table top a C'tan is still infinately more useful than an avatar though
Since when?
Say it to my face m8 ill krump ya with my double bs10 meltashot.

>> No.28577885


>Judging canon by table top

Ahriman cannot into divination according to tabletop. Rules are no measure of lore.

>> No.28577886


When the plan he was buying time for payed off and all the nid's attacking that plan died.

The Tau don't fight nids by trying to out meat grinder them, they Independence Day them but getting a virus into the Hive Fleet.

>> No.28577898
File: 228 KB, 448x675, Swarmlord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Frankly, even Farsight just being able to match it in single combat is embarrassing enough.

>> No.28577901

Stop.. just stop.

>> No.28577911

They need to be MC, seriously fuck all walkers.

>> No.28577919

Lets review what happened.

-The Swamlord the pinnacle of the Tyranid evolution which the Hivemnd spawns at the direst of situations is spawned to take care of just 8 guys on a planet in the middle of nowhere
-Farsight matches the Swarmlord long enough for the Earth Caste dudes to complete their poison
-He withdraws and leaves the Swarmlord, nids, and the rest of the Splinter Fleet to die by the Earth Caste poison.

I think that count as losing.

>> No.28577923

Shining finger!

>> No.28577925


Since Whithering Worldscape. Making all difficult terrain on the table count as dangerous terrain to your enemy and having guns that make units hit by them (not takes unsaved wounds, just hit) treat open ground as difficult terrain in the same list means your enemy is going to have an ass of a time taking objectives and sure as shit isn't going to be doing last turn objective dashes.

People just treat the C'tan like any other MC so they aren't making the most use of them. Use them for the game effecting powers, not a beat stick.

>> No.28577935

Pretty sure Ahriman lost his divination powers.

>> No.28577936

Dreads > Carnifex
They're heroes which means they get heroic sacrifice moments.

>> No.28577940


Doesn't count as getting killed by a single Tau though. So it's not at all what was being claimed. Farsight managed to not die long enough for it to get nuked by poison.

>> No.28577943
File: 41 KB, 245x199, 1297382163141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>give dreadnoughts the same stats as eldar dreadnoughts
this is a good idea

>> No.28577961


Plot armour simply down to the fact dreads have names. Carnifexes are probably a good deal more powerful.

>> No.28577964


This man knows how to play Necrons.

>inb4 tournamentfags say no

Most 40k players do not play on barren desert boards.

>> No.28577974

There is a named one eyed Fex.

>> No.28577984

This also means that Farsight is a match for Calgar

>> No.28578000

>Carnifexes are probably a good deal more powerful.

I doubt it in fluff, Carnifex are just battering rams and in no short supply, like all things Marine Dread power is magnified by their rarity.

>> No.28578012

>Matched post Ichar IV Swarmlord

Yep, Farsight is at Calgar's level or better.

>> No.28578013

Not really, Calgar actually defeated the Swarmlord, rather than simply delaying.

>> No.28578021

Carnifexes are brutes, dreads have intelligence. Hive Tyrants were the big deal, killing one up close was a seriously rare accomplishment.

>> No.28578044

Each time the Swarmlord gets defeated, it gets stronger.

Farsight fought the Swarmlord with the battle experience in gained from fighting Calgar on Macragge and Ichar.

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File: 89 KB, 873x627, m2250533a_99810106013_OldOneEyeCFC02_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying Old One Eye is not a noble champion of the Behemoth guerrillas who will one day lead them to reclaim their lost glory and finally avenge the tragic defeat of his once-proud hive fleet

>> No.28578060


>> No.28578077


>Rarity = power

Doesn't stop nids from having things that easily outpower marine equivalents like warriors. There's a reason why nids are a threat everyone has to unite against. Marines are only rare in the sense they cap them at a certain number due to fear of a repeat horus heresy. That's the only thing stopping them from pumping them without abandon. Hence why you have guys like templars that don't care bout no rules.

>> No.28578146


>> No.28578157

If this was done by the same guy who did the UltraFist tag team versus the Iron Warriors that gave us 'I cast Fist!', which it looks to be, then I hope he keeps doing 40k art. He keeps putting in silly snippets dead center of his work.

And this one is clearly 'Tactical Facepalm'

>> No.28578190
File: 1.29 MB, 1536x2048, 1377910146413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kevin Chin. One of the newer artists, though he's been at GW for a few years now.

>> No.28578219

Not stronger, it learns shit, so unless Farsight is a student of Calgar's Ultrafist style it wouldn't have really mattered.

>> No.28578220

> The Iron Cage
> Lysander
> Calgar

>> No.28578248
File: 1.12 MB, 1536x2048, 1377910189050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They just rang up the Iron Warriors and all got together to reenact it.

>> No.28578251

Obviously a rematch

>> No.28578270

Would love a drawfag to art up an image of a shard trying to crawl away while getting roflstomped by a group of bullynaughts.

>> No.28578282

It's just one. Check out the arc of lightning-substitute that goes from the sh00ard to the tesseract

>> No.28578300

You're fucking sickening

Go drink bleach

>> No.28578319

Right. Your inflexibility isn't the issue.

>> No.28578324

Looks like the defiler freed the shard by stabbing the vault.

Jesus Christ that khorne lord is so big.

>> No.28578334


Maybe League play isn't popular in your local meta but league play is popular in mine. 240 games total, 15 games per player over the year. You get penalized for throwing games and get thrown out for missing 3 games. Tears will be drunk when grognards start refusing to shift to the new meta.

>> No.28578338

Go away.

>> No.28578339

Is MR Strikeforce still in business?

>> No.28578340
File: 169 KB, 605x605, fist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28578363

>>primary school

Eurofag detected.

Go away.

>> No.28578367


For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would subject their hobby to even more rules and structure.

>> No.28578395


Some people crave structure. Armature sports leagues are no different. I think a 40k League would quickly develop into wallet wars just like amateur golf leagues but still come out cheaper than golf.

>> No.28578426

Silly mon-keigh. That's just your inferior

>> No.28578428
File: 1.24 MB, 158x129, 31432.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>checks GW website

>> No.28578434


>> No.28578450

7th December.

Bah....I hate waiting.

>> No.28578462

>An amended force organization chart that allows players to choose Lords of War units as part of their standard Warhammer 40,000 armies.

Straight from the GW site.

This wording, specifically "amended force organization chart" and "part of their standard Warhammer 40,000 armies" tells me that this is non-opponent consent.

They didn't say "scenarios that give you access to Lords of War".

They didn't say "Allows players to choose Lords of War units in regular games/non-apocalypse".

Eat it nay sayers.

>> No.28578469

>laughing Dark Eldar

>> No.28578474
File: 34 KB, 600x146, Eldar_Striking_Scorpion_Chainsword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, thrusting with this thing is generally retarded.
I bet the exarch of that shrine isn't very good at what he's doing.

>> No.28578483


I can still refuse to play against anyone I don't want to.

>> No.28578493


Well I hope you enjoy getting left behind in your local meta.

>> No.28578497
File: 22 KB, 340x264, 84781787418471867814786878148646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A day that will live in infamy.

>> No.28578510


Well be prepared to sell off your armies because if your area plays anything like mine once people drop the money on this book and models for it refusing to play against them because you don't want to have to deal with it is a sure fire way to get shunned out.

>> No.28578520


People do this?

>> No.28578522
File: 182 KB, 242x323, Hurrrr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28578536
File: 135 KB, 1250x938, revenant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> haha, primitive mon-keigh titans, they can't even squat

>> No.28578539
File: 68 KB, 566x578, Duuuurr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28578551

Yep, keep shooting, Guardsmen.

I am sure you gonna stop it with your flashlights.

>> No.28578562

"Sorry, I don't have blood"

>> No.28578567


It's called protecting your investment. We have the same attitude about FW. If someone shows up with a model they paid £95.00 for and you refuse to play against them just because it's FW you will get shunned out. Now if you say "I didn't bring any models that can deal with it, can we have a match next week when I know to bring my fortification models (or whatever)" that's different. Just flat up refusing to play because you don't want to accept the meta is shifting however, people will make you not want to be in the LGC any more and its one of only two shows in town (the other the university club but unless you go to that university you cant join it).

>> No.28578583

Nope, GW miniatures are sold with contractual obligation to duuuuuuel.

>> No.28578612
File: 130 KB, 873x627, m2860478a_99120101096_DeathwingCommand06_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All they need is some plasma.

>> No.28578634
File: 43 KB, 502x525, 1382420738265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is gonna get messy. I'll keep mine off the table until someone decides to escalate things.

>> No.28578651

Hell yea, hadn't seen these two pages before. Thanks for informing me.

>> No.28578673

> "FOOLS ! You thought you could outcheese me ?"

>> No.28578691

>'For Khorne!'
>'Oh sh-!'

And imagining this makes me wonder...why would Daemons of chaos actually bother fighting 'Crons, especially Khornates? No skulls, no blood, and no emotions to feed off of as the 'crons don't have any and they can't self-feed.

>> No.28578707

There is a story of the Daemon Prince who has gathered skulls of the tomb world in the Daemons codex.

>> No.28578709


At s4, scorps could probably ram a steel pipe clean through a guardsman's head. The entire concept of a chainsword isn't even effective in the first place. It's fucking 40k.

>> No.28578754

Eldar Titans have been killed by Dark Angels with PLASMA GUNS. They also got stomped by an inferior force of Imperial Titans in Doom of Mymeara.

>> No.28578759

>Earth caste scientists have studied your super heavy's ass for centuries, and sent me here to kick it

>> No.28578763
File: 102 KB, 594x402, Power sword, Freudius pattern.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28578782

There's a devastator squad taking down a titan right in the BRB.

>> No.28578802

I know that there gonna be a limited list of allowed choices but it would be funny to field An'ggrath in a regular 40k. He's a gargantuan creature after all.

>> No.28578809

So, Eldar Titans a shit.

>> No.28578820

But devs have destroyed a warhound.

>> No.28578822

That's the Burning Blade. It's the Emperor's actual sword that he carried in one hand.
And people say he wasn't huge.

>> No.28578829


As are Imperial Titans getting downed by a single warboss.

>> No.28578854

Dark Angels destroyed a fucking Phantom. With plasma guns.
He went inside it and killed the crew. Entirely different.

>> No.28578911

Okay now.
Phantom is stated to be as tough as a Reaver right in its description.
So they could do this with a Reaver too.

>> No.28578912


>One guy kills a titan
>That's only because he walked in the front door!

That makes it entirely worse and infinitely more hilarious.

>> No.28578924

When Papa Smurf get his revenge.

>> No.28578945

>He went inside it and killed the crew. Entirely different.
He broke void shields ramming them with his bike.

>> No.28578955

Can I get source on it please?

>> No.28578968

Not even close. The weakness of Titans has always been that you can stroll inside and kill the crew. Read the comic about it.
He passed through the void shields. They weren't destroyed. That's why he was on fire.
Well, as soon as I see someone do that in fluff, I'll believe you.

>> No.28578974

Which is more useless than any variant of a Fex, as far as I recall.

>> No.28578982

The actual Dark Angels codex?

>> No.28578985

Compare that one to the one in the picture. Clearly variant blades that allow thrusting.

>> No.28578991

Have just cheked the timeline and there's nothing about it.
Where exactly shoul I look?

>> No.28579001

Just read through it. It's that bit where at the end they pick a Fallen out of the crowd and leave.

>> No.28579005


>He passed through the void shields. They weren't destroyed. That's why he was on fire.

So in other words he broke through void shields by driving into them.

>Imperial titan got killed by a single biker

>> No.28579014

>broke through void shields
That doesn't mean what you think it means.
Void shields can be bypassed by anything that's going slow enough. That's how space ships can be boarded despite having shields.

>> No.28579063

And what makes you think it was a Phantom and not a Revenant?

>> No.28579078

I do not recall a jump pack being mentioned.

>> No.28579116
File: 790 KB, 422x646, 20131130163718515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> fusion pistol
> fucking s8 melta
> stated to penetrate tank hulls
> makes a tiny scratch on the mighty space marine shoulder pad
That's what I call plot armour.

>> No.28579162


>Speedkult warboss
>Going slow

The fact he was on fire shows the shield was interacting with him. It just didn't do shit. Regardless, one ork killing a titan is easily the record for embarrassing titan failure.

>> No.28579176

It would be, if he'd killed the Titan.
The Titan was just fine, the crew died.

>> No.28579180

scorpions are s3, the swords give them +1 strength

so now we'll have super heavies to add to heldrake and riptide spam? not sure i like this... though i would love to build and have a silver tower of tzeentch hanging out near my back line giving 4++ to everything

>> No.28579182


Marines are THAT fucking kid.

>I got you!
>Nuh uh, force field!

>> No.28579196


>scorpions are s3, the swords give them +1 strength

And? that makes s4.

>> No.28579218


Jesus Christ you are splitting hairs in the most pathetic way to avoid admitting all it took to beat an imperial titan was one ork. Way more embarrassing than the stupid shit you tried to fanwank about.

>> No.28579246

someone doesn't like super plasma canon's of death

>> No.28579257

>splitting hairs
He killed the crew.
The Dark Angels killed the actual titan by shooting it with Plasma.
The crew isn't a giant war machine, they're three dudes with laser pistols.
I'm failing to see the impressive part.

>> No.28579277

He broke it's goddamn cockpit.

>> No.28579279


>I'm failing to see the impressive part.

The fact it took one guy to penetrate it's defences and loot it.

>> No.28579287

Not this guy, but indeed, killing the crew of a titan can't be compared to actually destroying the titan. Titan wasn't destroyed by that Ork.

Though it was definitely cooler.

>> No.28579312
File: 50 KB, 378x449, WarlordTitanicus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The cockpit has a fucking WINDOW!
Its defenses being its shields. Which people do all the fucking time with titans, just strolling through them and breaking into it. That's in fact the usual Space Marine way to take them out.

>> No.28579332
File: 222 KB, 689x602, get a loada dis grot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The cockpit has a fucking WINDOW!

10/10 defences. Would loot again.

>> No.28579338

Why did they change it? They had S4 as a default in the old rules

>> No.28579344

That may be how Spess Maroons do it, but the rest of the Imperium does it by loading two Warhounds up with harpoon launchers and having them tie/trip the other titan's legs.

>> No.28579350

> fucking kid
There's also supposed to be some taunt about xenoloving and whining I guess.

>> No.28579364

They've had S3 since 4th.

>> No.28579370

>loading two Warhounds up with harpoon launchers and having them tie/trip the other titan's legs
The World Eaters aren't the Imperium.
Imperium uses Shadowswords, generally.

>> No.28579375
File: 32 KB, 425x351, mein-fuhrer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>where Craftworlders find themselves battling a foe whose technology is actually comparable to theirs

>> No.28579385
File: 21 KB, 272x299, Tau_Sympathizer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>where Craftworlders find themselves battling a foe whose technology is actually comparable to theirs

>> No.28579388

Was it the World Eaters that did that?
Damn. Makes it so much less of a hilarious 'Wat' bit of fluff and more of a 'I can see that happening' bit of fluff...fucking Chaos.

>> No.28579393

So what this means, is that someone can now come into a game with baneblades, titans, lord of skulls or other massive thing, and its alright for them to do so in non apocalypse games now?

>> No.28579397


>Tripping titans
>Walking slowly in the front door
>Smash it's cockpit with a nade

Those titans are more of a threat to their own armies. No wonder death skulls made a habit of looting them.

>> No.28579405

No, Warhounds usually run around behind it and shoot it in the ass till it falls over and dies.

Which is why they have armies of Skitarri (Ad Mech Bio Engineered death machines) walking around their feet murdering anything in their way.

>> No.28579413

This in no way contradicts what I said

>> No.28579416

I will be selling these! It'll be the usual 30% off, but I won't be processing orders until next weekend, being that I'm out of town.

>> No.28579432


And? Before that they weren't.

>> No.28579435

Seems to be that way.
Hope they have additional rules for boarding parties and the such to attack the larger units so we can get some tabletop antics in the spirit of the ones discussed in this thread.

>> No.28579440

Titanhammer squads also smash the things with thunder hammers and a vortex grenade.

>> No.28579445

Yes, but they have readjusted 40k rules instead of normal Apoc rules (so no S-D, for example).
And it isn't any super-heavy, just approved ones (so definitely BB, Tessract, Stompa, and Skull Lord, because "expensive plastic kits no one buys")

>> No.28579455

Yep. They also had a bigger titan, I forget what kind, Reaver or a Warlord. Either way. It had a gigantic harpoon to pull other Titans into CC.

>> No.28579463

Mr. SF, do you do all GW kits for 30% off? Been trying to decide if I should take advantage of Spikeybits' sale or if I should grab stuff from you. And any other methods of trading money for gifts besides a picture of the card yet?

>> No.28579473


And by what logic does that make it a Phantom?

>> No.28579480


You can use D but they get dropped to S10 AP1.

>> No.28579488

Because Eldar have a grand total of like three kinds of Titans?
Unless you want to tell me they took out a Warlock. I'm okay with that!

>> No.28579507

Oh boy, better order my zhanchui warlord titans!

>> No.28579518

While we're talking SH/Titan fluff:
Does anybody have that bit of old fluff that's from a boots-on-the-ground marine's POV of titan warfare during a loyalist marines vs traitor marines battle? Goes pretty heavily into how the titans would just vaporize everything from the grunts to even landraiders and all that sort of stuff. Have a buddy who currently has six titans he's building and I think he'd get a kick out of it.

>> No.28579574

Tell me, is it possible to take down a Reaver with plasma shots?
Without shields.

>> No.28579582

Stronghold assault will probably catch on. We need more fortifications.

>> No.28579601

Reavers are comparable, they're not exactly the same.
And I don't actually know. Maybe.

>> No.28579753


So you don't know that it was a phantom.

>> No.28579868

Considering it was shown moving around...

>> No.28580533

It's not gonna have army-specific fortifications, the one thing we need.

>> No.28580764
File: 34 KB, 354x256, 1353547334965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dat file name...

>> No.28580933
File: 91 KB, 604x588, FUR DUUUR EMPDUURP!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28581026


Needs a crop of the Scorpion choking guardsman.

>Bitch I thought I told yo' ass to get off this maiden world

>> No.28581383

ebook/ipad versions are out now. The real question is when some based anon will share them

>> No.28581441


Still on Preorder on the Black Library site.

>> No.28581614

Baneblades are one thing, but I'm more interested if this book allows to field Crassus transports or Malcadors.
Not as obnoxious as ELEVEN BARRELS OF HELL, but still pretty neat models.

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