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Graft / Flesh-crafting and all things related

Image are appreciated, stories as well.
How do you run such things in your local group? Did you have awesome stories involving this lovely science?

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Tzimisce elders are welcomed

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I played a game once where we had to fight abominations that would use your body as parts to make themselves stronger, arm monsters that looked like sea anemonies made of arms, succubi that would constantly merge the most beautiful parts of those they killed with themselves to become ever more beautiful. even a creature that simply took your muscle mass to become stronger himself.

the players had to graft parts from the creatures onto themselves to fight the creatures, about half way through the game we found out that all the abominations used to be heroes like the PCs and the entire thing was a never ending cycle where each new generation had to protect the cities from the last generation. because there was no way other to fight them. technology was not big in setting and magic was limited to healing and using grafts from certain creatures (lightning abomination shot bolts from its horns you grafted those horns on for lightning shots, fire throwing creature you could graft his arms onto yourself for the ability to manipulate fire) the bigger the graft the more power you could get from it. but you lose your humanity with it as well.

all in all it was a great game.

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>all of that
Muh dick.

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it was great honestly, each time you beat something you could roll to see if there where any salvageable pieces, if there was anything from the salvageable body parts you wanted you could graft it onto yourself. some parts are harder to graft than others and required higher dice rolls and if it failed you would end up wasting the materials. you could try up to three times per game week to graft a limb onto yourself before it was useless for anything. things like fingers and horns where the easiest things to graft, then limbs, eyes and other organs had a high rate of failure but could do awesome useful stuff, like spit acid or see in the dark or see creatures souls (very useful when you are in a fucking swamp and the mosters are lurking beneath the surface)

we once met this crazy guy out in a wilderness, we had no idea how he was surviving amongst all these monsters till he flipped and attacked us. turns out he had an innate ability to cause grafts to fail you sudenly could only use parts that you where born with. our strongman of the group ended up chucking rocks at him from a distance and getting lucky to kill him. we didnt want to but he gave us no choice.

worst part is we could not use his parts to get any power, he had a 100% rejection rate on all his body.

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that sounds like so much fun

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That actually sounds pretty fantastic. What system did you guys use for this, or was it mostly homebrew?

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it was a homebrew. god I wish I could find a copy of it our dm moved to commiefornia later that year and took his stuff with him.

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dude that sounds badass

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is this a woman made of flower petals?

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I love you.

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Im not on comp right now can somebody screencap this for me so I might work on a setting from it?

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I like it when fleshcrafting can be be a simple product of creativity and craftsmanship and or becomming a monster inside and out but dosen't HAVE to be one the other or BOTH.

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how would you download the screencap if your not on your computer?

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that is some good makeup.

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my phone can save pictures if I hold my finger on it for a second

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fleshcrafted amphibious flying submarine battleships.

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wow dude became a literal doorway

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kickass. what kind of phone do you have?


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look at how tiny that windjammer cargo ship looks compared to that thing!

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For screenshots, try pressing volume up + down at the same time. It also could be Power + Home.

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it moves!

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My phone is a palm centro.

what's yours?

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I have motorola thunderbolt I literally CANNOT push the buttons down at the same time like that.

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I like to imagine ti was made from leftovers from from other flesh-crafting experiments and patrol's its owners domain like a roomba from hell.

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that thing reminds me of the thing you turn into from oddworld abes exodus, you know the one? anyone know what Im talking about?

still fucking awesome.

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like predator drones except the can refuel by eating things and they work as ground pounders too.

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what you are talking about is the great god shrykull

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no idea

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More fun creatures in the arsenal of the fiend or fleshwarper serious about his security.

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this guy is right>>28569814

Shrykull is a Mudokon God, in appearance a mixture of Scrab and Paramite. The Shrykull has the body of a Scrab, but limbs similar to a Paramite's forelegs protruding from its midsection. It also has a fringe of Paramite facial-digits around its head, forming a sort of crown. A mudokon who has gained the handscars of Paramonia and Scrabania can become the avatar of this creature for a short period of time. Abe successfully completed these trials and therefore gained the power.

The Shrykull's power is mighty; it can electrocute its enemies, as Abe usefully discovered. However, Abe can only summon Shrykull once he has sent a given number of Mudokons all in one go through a Shrykull Bird Portal, which is a regular-looking bird portal with a number floating inside it. For example: if, during gameplay, you find a Shrykull Bird Portal with the number 3 floating in the center of it, you must send a minimum of 3 Mudokons through it to gain Shrykull's power.

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sorry I had to.

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LG Optimus L9. I know a lot of Android-based builds use une of those two shortcuts. Twas worth a try, anyway.

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oh god why?

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Because love.

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We're doing VtR so the Tzimsce don't really fit in

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have a fishman

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its ok.

I'l love to make a time mioengineered lightning shooter but I figure a GM would find a monster like the one I posted more tolerable. It would give them more excused to make me using it a mixed blessing or more trouble then its worth,

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you can use the translation guide to import them or mash together vicissitude from the mopre esoteric diciplines found in the nwod supplements

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I've put in a lot of gangrel who've gone permanent, and grotesque nosferatu.

I'm trying to bring in a centimani, which would actually allow for a lot of monstrousness, but having a hard time figuring out a way for him to engage the players rather than be an enemy they never meet.

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not sure what they are other than flush prometeans, maybe you should try one of the gangrel instead. the old gangrel are monstrous as fuck. there is one who is literally three bodies with one mind, he had himself chopped into three pieces and came back as a demigod.

theres the wanderer in the wastes who feeds on the very bones of his prey with mouths in his hands and feet.

seriously the gangrel fluff book is amazing. and lets not forget Echidna! mother of demons, she is gangrel.

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Yeah, it's just more of a 'not fitting the theme,' at least of the vampires.
I suppose they'd fit in with a more wamphyri-like angle.

The Necroscope series had vampires that would essentially, I guess, be Tzimsce, Some of the wamphyri (vampires, infected via parasite) would shed blood, flesh, semen, spit, whatever, into vats and grow it like yeast, turning them into...monsters. Zerg-like things of flesh and carapace.

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>time mioengineered

*tiny bioengineered

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tzimisce can look completely normal on the outside and be a very different story inside.

The benefits of not having a running metabolism.

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The current 'top' gangrel is pretty much a dragon-thing. Scales, four arms, wings, no legs, massive tail. I figure she just flies around and snatches people walking around, never to be seen from again.

I'll check out the gangrel book, though.

Centimani are Prometheans who have decided they don't want to be human, that they are monsters and should embrace it. So they experiment a lot, creating new pandorans and such. It doesn't have to be that way but it'd be easy to turn it into a fleshcrafting thing.

Perhaps the Dragon's Eye is trying to set up shop and want to eliminate the competition beforehand, or capture the centimani for experimentation.

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why do so many people gifted with the ability to shape and reshape flesh abuse it like this?

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>The current 'top' gangrel is pretty much a dragon-thing. Scales, four arms, wings, no legs, massive tail. I figure she just flies around and snatches people walking around, never to be seen from again.


Does the have obsuscate so humans can't track her?

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maybe they go to him to see if he can unlock certain abilities hidden from most vampires? if they can mold flesh they might see it as a way to become more powerful.

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I hate to be this guy but...

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Dat Syfy CGI! So bad!

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"I'm suing you for malpractice."

"But why?! Didn't I help you?"

"I asked you to repair my chronic musculoskeletal injuries. You cut off my head and stuck it to a squid."

"But your backpain is cured, yes?"

"My existence is misery. Also, my neck still hurts. Bitch."

Has she ever actually HELPED anyone? I know MOST of her patients are evil, but really, a 100% "Fate Worse Than Death" rate is pretty shitty for a Doctor.

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>a 100% "Fate Worse Than Death" rate is pretty shitty for a Doctor.

Still better than my doctor.

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Necroscope vampires are pretty fun indeed.

On the general topic, I had the idea to go for fun on the mutable flesh and so-on for a superhero character. They'd pretty much run on body horror superpowers. Regeneration, tentacles (or prehensile hair, if they want to be subtle) and so-on, leading up to more extensive things like full-body transformations and pretty much being the same non-differentiated tissue all the way through, and such. I really tend to like the idea of control over one's own biology, and the idea of using that sort of usually horror theme for heroism is amusing to me.

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thats oddly beautiful is that the vamp you mentioned?

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So, what, does your doctor strap you to a gurney and rape you repeatedly with a barbed wire dildo?

I mean, this is a serious question, has Franken Fran ever actually helped ANYONE? I mean in a non-ironic punishment way. Has ANYONE ever gotten medical attention from her that DIDN'T make their life MUCH WORSE? If not, I'm going to file a complaint with the JMA and have her medical license revoked.

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VtM: Is good for flesh-shaping and all, but there are other systems out there. Black Crusade, D&D, Eclipse Phase, Exalted, Rifts, and Scion all have pretty extensive systems for it as well, and cool fluff in their own right.

>Dat Craft (Genesis) in Exalted
>Making completely artificial species based on nothing that exists anywhere in Creation, Yu-Shan, Malfeas, or Autochthon
>Making it sentient and capable of independent living and reproduction
>Watching it wage war with the neighboring city states for dominance 'cuz dominance
>Having it dedicate the monstrously cruel and effective victories it earns to your name as their creator god

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No, but she was a witch beforehand and has some blood sorcery when she needs to conceal herself. She's obviously a Masquerade breach but she's pretty much the alpha bitch of the court, and they look the other way because she sticks to the Everglades.

I think I like that more than what I had, yeah, thanks. Starting them off without an antagonistic relationship, can lead to growth on their part.

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>does your doctor strap you to a gurney and rape you repeatedly with a barbed wire dildo?

I wish.

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Sounds like you guys killed the only way to have a happy ending. Congratulations.

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look at this real life death monster. one of the most venomous things on the planet. the blue angel slug.

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what is a sergal?

>> No.28570491

Because shit like 'changing the physical form is a sin against it' is pretty hardwired into society. As dumb as it is.
also make sure this is saved or around in eight hours. wanna talk 'shop' but sleep is for the brainy meats.

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that was actually on TV?

I thought it was just something some anon on the internet spliced together

>> No.28570518

And then we lived happily ever after!

Until I metamorphosed and ate him.

I really need to read more of that series, but I was seriously not expecting it to be such a bummer. I read Junji Ito occasionally, but I always knew what I was getting with that one.

>> No.28570524

I am not sure but it certainly LOOKS like SyFy's......'DISTINCT' CGI.

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I think there's an X-man that does that recently.

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you are probably right, there could have been more like him but we did our job and killed the bbeg of the setting (the former captain of the guard who had as per tradition become too much of a monster) the truth is if we could have talked this guy down from trying to kill our weakest party member (she was literally mostly human with minor enhancements) we could have made out a lot better. but you live and learn. except for him. cant say I blame him living in the middle of nowhere with literal monsters at his door.

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Yeah I think it might be Decoys or Dagon.

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A shark-wolf-thing that /tg/ was once enamored with but grew embarrassed at the height of the Anti-Furry Crusades and claims that they never loved them.

Look up the "/tg/ Unified Setting" for more information.

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Nope. Image is the human/guana hybrid from Knights of Sidonia. She's an illegal genetic experiment involving horrible alien monsters with perfect control over their own regenerating flesh. At one point, a guana eats one of the mecha, and later turns itself into a copy, complete with a perfect replica of the pilot, all made out of its own tissue.

I do, in general, like the sort of odd monsters and things Tsutomu Nihei does. I can dig around, see if I've got more relevant art floating around.

>> No.28570637

I would love it thank you.

I cannot stand the idea of a creature with an opposable clitoral hood.

>> No.28570733

Thank you for introducing me to Tsutomu Nihei. I will enjoy it immensely. Do you follow any other monstar designers? I'm a fan of Hiroya Oku, if only for Gantz. I really like those seinen-style, graphic, and intellectually stimulating stories, also see Parasyte. Any other recomendations? I know I could google it, I'm interested in YOUR experiences.

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There's more in the manga itself, obviously. Hell, I'll dig up a few pages from the chapters I have saved, even. I do recommend the manga if you like this kind of shapeshifting weirdness and stuff. It's not a major theme, but it's there (and very well drawn). It's also a lot easier to follow than Nihei's previous works.

The aforementioned alien mimicking a mecha, complete with human pilot. The whole suit clearly made of meat with bony organic bits instead of the proper inorganic lines of the original is a fun thing. Same goes for the armor on the mimic itself, it's all bone and such, but in the same general shape.

>> No.28570817

I always liked geiger but its overdone nowdays

>> No.28570836

is the pilot sapient?

>> No.28570849

Anyone know any good sites with stories relating to it?

I've kinda read all the big manga/comics about it

>> No.28570867

In addition to weird monsters, Nihei's god at scenery porn, particularly in BLAME!

I've read most of Parasyte, and agree, it's really good. As far as Japanese designers go, I'm a big fan of Keita Amemiya. He has some very interesting biomechanical horrors and other artistic touches in general.

>> No.28570906

I'm actually not sure. That particular guana behaves notably differently than most do, and definitely displays a greater tactical acumen and understanding of humanity's weapons. However, the pilot itself there is probably not independently sapient, as it's just part of the whole, inexplicably reconstructed, down to internal anatomy. It was once implied that the pilot at least potentially or temporarily is, before the horrible alien that made it takes over, though.

>> No.28570923

Does anyone else find the idea of a tzimisce reworking their upper torso into a complex fusion of musical instruments with their lungs as bellows for the wind driven bits and muscles, tendons and other parts for the bowed and stringed parts as well as powered membranes for speakers to produce other sounds and act as drums?


>> No.28570926

Wow, onimusha. He really is a designer. Thanks!

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I think such things can serve as demonstrations of skill that can be just as intimidating/beautiful/awe inspiring as showing off an engineered monster.

What do you think?

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find it what?

>> No.28570988

I found it because you said it.

I also find it interesting.

>> No.28571052


sorry. Find the idea interesting.

>> No.28571075


touring the hottest vampire venues bringing their own brand of musical delight to bloodsuckers across the nation!

>> No.28571089

Fleshwarpers give the best massages.

>> No.28571111

oh yes I do. I also find it horrifying because I can see them doing this to someone against their will.

imagine the beautiful music it would be making, now you realize the music is actually its neverending screams because its writhing pain is forcing contractions that make it play the music, the screams become the music as well. and it can never die.

>> No.28571182

sorry maybe a better question would be, can a human pilot it?

>> No.28571341

No. The entire imitation-robot and its imitation-human pilot are just the literal meat-puppets of the Gauna's "true body," which is a vaguely egg-shaped thing that generates this fleshy/bony mass and hides inside it.
The previously mentioned chimerical hybrid is "pilotable," in that it can contain a human safely inside itself, but it's basically a pretense since the so-called pilot has precisely no say in what the chimera does. There's ostensibly a direct neural control system installed to allow a pilot to take direct control, but it doesn't actually work.

>> No.28571389

So basically like Evangelion if the characters have any emotion at all while piloting.

>> No.28571394

The original mecha, yes. The human/guana hybrid? Oddly, also yes, although she does posses her own mind and personality (the pilot acts more as an adviser, and is there as a fail-safe in case she goes out of control). I somehow suspect that while there's probably a cockpit space one could enter in the mecha-mimicking guana, whatever controls would be unresponsive, and it'd probably just kill you for trying, or eat you or...something. it's not something anybody tried.

>> No.28571479

Sort of.
Except sapient all the time, and extremely talkative.
And instead of being anyone's mom, she's the artificially created daughter of the gauna-created imitation of the protagonist's dead not-girlfriend.

>> No.28571612

Damn, an actual competitor in terms of convolutedness. I guess that's why there's no anime?

>> No.28571683

Actually...they're working on it.


>> No.28571689

Apparently there's going to be an animated adaptation of some sort, slated for sometime next year.
Unfortunately, judging from the trailer it's going to be entirely in shiny, pristine 3DCG, which is just the worst possible way of translating Nihei's art style into animation.

>> No.28571708

I was actually just kidding, but that's cool, except for the 100% 3d stuff.

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OP here, someone wanted this screencapped earlier on.

It's very inspiring I must say.

>> No.28571786

>all those awkward character models
>all those awkward animations
>all that bloom

>> No.28571828


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one of my favorite
more on the necro-side

>> No.28572140


well yeah but thats less fun

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planeswalker abilities are ordered +, 0, then -, not 0, + then -
Her first ability should read
0: Choose one: put a +1/+1 counter on target creature, or put a -1/-1 counter on target creature, or proliferate

Her second ability should read

+1: Put a Graft counter on target creature. Creatures you control with a Graft counter get +3/+0. Otherwise, they get -3/-0

her final ability should read

-6: Put a -1/-1 counter on each creature target play controls. Proliferate, then Proliferate again.

Now for balancing, her +1 is better than her 0 because it can outright kill creatures and has the utility of proliferating, they should probably be swapped. A planeswalker ult should almost always win the game when it happens, and a boardwipe is a bit tame for an ult that expensive. keep in mind she has to survive and be untouched for 4 turns to ult

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OP here, nice to see my card ending up in here.

Here's the updated version (since 0 abilities are usually in middle, fixed some typos, etc.)

Glad you liked it enough to save it

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oh and updated version was from last time, didn't saw your comment there pal ty for feedback.

Here's an aura from the same set

>> No.28572411
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while I'm at it, here's another. I am aware this one pretty much makes the creature indestructible.

>> No.28572598

looking at this is the mc some kind of mutant? heals freakishly fast

>> No.28572651

No. Or at least, he's no more a mutant than any other character.
The freakishly fast healing is due to being a genetically engineered immortal clone of the Sidonia's previous ace pilot.

>> No.28572930


Got to ask for the source of this image, looks interesting but google isn't giving me anything.

>> No.28573240
File: 327 KB, 1024x768, A possible concept for a sea going vozhd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because shit like 'changing the physical form is a sin against it' is pretty hardwired into society. As dumb as it is.
>also make sure this is saved or around in eight hours. wanna talk 'shop' but sleep is for the brainy meats.

goodnight. I look forward to reading what you post.

>> No.28573262
File: 138 KB, 1024x683, blood collection assistant ghoul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28573277
File: 109 KB, 928x1200, combat synth ghoul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Modern day szlachta war ghoul.

>> No.28573313
File: 1.46 MB, 2000x617, flesh_corruptor_death_colossus_by_leo_2-d3hr0gb NOTE this image has been drastically shrunken to fit on 4chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


One bad mamma jamma.

>> No.28573325


those humanoid things at it's feet are man sized zombies.

>> No.28573363
File: 242 KB, 848x1200, urban amphibious assault ghoul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28573484

ever play rippers?

>> No.28576388
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Fran Madaraki is a lovely girl, kind, generous and romantic. She'd do anything to help save a life, or help out those in love.

She doesn't really understand people though.

Especially that they might not want everything they wish for.


>> No.28576452
File: 604 KB, 1674x1200, FrankenFran_v1_104_105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, a couple of people get off okay - they're usually the "innocent" ones, who either thought things through or weren't saved at the behest of someone else (because otherwise Fran would have saved them, so you know they're gonna be fucked up).

I'm sure some of the students at the school Fran went to were happy in the long run, though most probably regretted it.

>> No.28576467

We were playing in a bit of a schizo tech setting - it was mostly standard fantasy, but there was quite a bit of magitech-style stuff being excavated all the time. The problem was copying such artifacts was beyond the abilities of even the most skilled craftsmen. Even repairing the more complex machines was extremely hard.

During our adventures we've managed to chance upon an actual mostly-intact manufacturing plant. To the best of our knowledge, it was meant to produce various vehicles. We've mostly kept it secret and contacted the local rulers on trying to organize some way to make it operational again. They've rewarded us handsomely and sent us to a famous artificer who could just be up to such a monumental task. Meanwhile during our adventures there was a string of kidnappings and break-ins by half-construct abominations throughout the kingdom - but we've never managed to track them to their source. The creatures were insane combinations of man and golem, and to our horror we've discovered that the fleshy part of the creatures was composed of former kidnapping victims.

Anyway, once we've arrived at the famous artificer's remote mansion, we've only found his apprentice there - the artificer apparently passed away several years ago. We were nicely received and were assured, over some tea, that the apprentice would visit the factory in about month, although she said she couldn't promise she'd be up to the task of getting it operational. In the end we spent a few nice, mellow days of downtime at the mansion. Our host, the apprentice artificer, was quite nice (even though she spent most of her time locked in her workshop) and we were happy to have a new, promising ally. She was quite skilled and (at exorbitant fees, but we were pretty rich) we got some nice equipment upgrades too.

And then the night after we left we ran into several of the abominations returning with some victims, clearly en route to the mansion.

>> No.28576529

We stormed the mansion and were assailed by numerous half-golems, homunculi and other constructs. We broke into her workshop and discovered it lead to a huge underground complex.

Summing up the dungeon crawl and story - it turned out the whole structure was a mostly-intact Archive containing an enormous wealth of knowledge on all kinds of constructs and techniques to combine flesh, magic and machine. The original artificer discovered the complex, purchased the land and built his mansion over it to study it in secret. The Archive itself was an evil sentient construct - there was a demonic sentience called the Archivist sealed within it, which controlled access to data and helped in interpreting it. The artificer realized the corrupting influence of the Archivist and sealed him away alongside most of the Archive. He decided the safest way to access the information would be to unseal it bit by bit to study carefully. He realized this was a work which could take generations, so he ended up getting an apprentice to carry on his work once he dies.

The curious apprentice managed to secretly access the Archivist on a limited basis, and came under his control (or so we assumed). She murdered her master in his sleep, unsealed the Archive and began to study it, making use of all help the Archivist had to offer. Soon she grasped enough of the theory to create fully working constructs which she used to acquire resources to continue her experiments. As her skill grew, the resources started to include humans to be used in experiments combining man and machine.

Our course was clear - we fought our way through the Archive's chambers to destroy the Archivist. We wanted to free the female artificer from his demonic influence and end this madness.

>> No.28576587

In a short confrontation destroyed the Archivist and were quite proud of ourselves. Yet the female artificer wasn't grateful for being freed like we expected. She was FURIOUS.

It turned out the Archivist had no power over her, she had full control. But he was absolutely essential to the smooth operation of the Archive - without an intelligence embedded within the vast store of knowledge accessing it would be absurdly hard. The enraged artificer rallied her constructs and attacked us, shouting in no uncertain terms what insane horrors she would visit upon our bodies for messing with her work. But she overestimated her forces and abilities. In a relatively short engagement she was horrifically savaged, losing an eye and arm. Realizing she couldn't possibly win the fight, she used her remaining constructs to cover her escape and fled. Yet she didn't flee towards the exit, but the Archivist's chamber. We saw various complex controls when we were there and expected she probably has more dangerous aces up her sleeve.

So just in case, we decided to blow up and burn down the bulk of the Archive. Then we found her slumped against a column in the Archivist's chamber, completely broken. We asked her what it was she planned to do. It turned out that faced with certain defeat, she decided to seal herself within the Archive as a new Archivist, and then seal the Archive itself - she was certain we didn't have the knowledge to unseal it, so she hoped we'd think it lost, leave it alone, and maybe one day someone would find it again and make use of it, with her as the Archivist.

But now the Archive was damaged far beyond repair. Years of work, and centuries of knowledge of a lost civilization - destroyed. She said she had nothing left to live for, and we were free to kill her or just leave her to her fate of bleeding to death.

We told her that's nonsense - she has an appointment at the factory in a month.

I healed her and we left her there with that reminder.

>> No.28576617

no, NO, NO! they always come out wrong! this one.. too symmetrical!

>> No.28577782

Rifts has a couple of classes and a wide variety of material for creating Bio-Borgs, symbiote-infested characters, etc.

>> No.28577947
File: 420 KB, 738x509, 1369775653538 some sorf of thing living inside a paerson perhapse a fiend being smuggled to america.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tzimisce elders are welcomed

snakiest way to travel is inside someone else who travels for you.

>> No.28577962
File: 277 KB, 869x612, a punished servant of a tzimisce lord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28578020
File: 86 KB, 686x600, 1370240641930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28578027
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>Some of the wamphyri (vampires, infected via parasite) would shed blood, flesh, semen, spit, whatever, into vats and grow it like yeast, turning them into...monsters. Zerg-like things of flesh and carapace.

Wasn't that how they made Hunters in Prototype?

Throw a human in a water tower with a bunch of infected biomass, and, with enough time, you have a brand-new Hunter.

>> No.28578068
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For when you want to travel in style, the Winnebago is so last century.

>> No.28578083

not that I know of what is rippers?

>> No.28580706
File: 114 KB, 500x678, 1382763554369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28581519

>magic was limited to healing and using grafts from certain creatures

So, where the fuck did all these creatures COME from?
It all had to start from somewhere, and you're just passing around the same bits of creatures over and over.

>> No.28581684

there was a legend that in the beginning about the gods of light and darkness protecting the world for millenia but every so many thousand years another group of gods would make a vie for power in this world, this group of gods raised demons and monsters to try and take over the world and make a place for themselves.

while the gods would fight other gods they did not take part in the mortal world overtly (I thought that was bullshit too) the first human heroes went to fight and eventually became corrupted starting the cycle, the gods eventually drove off the new gods of monsters but this left many of their minions in the world which the humans had to deal with.

over time the corrupting effects of the flesh grafts would lead to the insane monstrous "heroes" to mutate into true monsters. which in turn would beget more monsters.

there where hints that the demon gods had never really been defeated and that was the reason monsters where still in the world and things continued to be pretty shit.

>> No.28582707

That's kinda fucked up

>> No.28583501
File: 646 KB, 1492x1061, tzimisce mermaid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the idea of being able to change yourself to live int water, on the ground, under the ground, or in the air with a bit of planning, effort, and time.

>> No.28583544 [SPOILER] 
File: 979 KB, 500x548, how did they animate Double in this vicissitude fleshcrafting transformation nun.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Being able to do this shouldn't automatically make you crazy.

>> No.28584055

What is this from?

>> No.28584117

I briefly thought about adding fleshcrafting capabilities to some dragons briefly, but thought better about it. I didn't think it would work out.

>> No.28584263

I.... disagree.

>> No.28584297

>putting the obvious controller on the front of the attack form
>not covering the controller in shittons of armor

Nice concept, poor execution.

Awww, who's a cute little puppy!

Should be actual planeswalker. Better than most neos.

>having the blood container exposed and lit up

I am disappoint. Now everyone's gonna shoot at it. Its red and bloaty so OBVIOUSLY it explodes.


Ball O' Fists Man's little brother.

Bitches don't know about my fleshy Space Winnebago.

What's the groinal appendages for?

Of course! Its just the natural evolution of man and its tools, true unified symbiosis. Some go with the tools more dominant, some go with man being more dominant.

We know which one is better.

That game is soooo good. Body-warping parasites AND a 1920's feel! I love the 1920s!

>> No.28584298

Remember the woman who she made a new skin for out of materials harvested from those cockroaches?
Seriously, that was good quality fucking skin, but the woman instead decided to focus on the fact it was made of cockroaches.

Oh, plus that little rich girl who she gave a new body to. Sure, what she did with all her arsehole relatives was pretty mean, but the girl herself was fine (even if her face was a bit different).

And then there was the guy who wanted his own island of girls. He got exactly what he wanted. The only bad side was for the girl who was the baseline for all the girls when she got mixed up with the clones.

So yes, she has helped plenty.

>> No.28584367

I could watch that for hours.

>> No.28584464

>but the woman instead decided to focus on the fact it was made of cockroaches.
She probably has a phobia of the things like I do. I can't stand to be in the same room as one, and feel like touching one would kill me. I have to ignore the fact that they get in our food.

Please no one post pictures of roaches in this thread. I like this thread and don't want to leave.

>> No.28584513

what the fuck do you not put food in a fridge or sealed container?

>> No.28584530

Attempting to grow a sentient fungus?

>> No.28584539

You don't know much about modern food production do you?

>> No.28584550

I do but then again I live on a farm and produce most of our own meat here.

>> No.28584591

What's the best way to build a fleshwarper?

Should I just ignore most of the official grafts and make some custom ones?

>> No.28584603

Alright, be honest here dweebs.

If you had various flesh crafting abilities with no drawbacks to them, approximately what percent of their use would be towards having sex?

>> No.28584716

Using my Flesh crafting powers for sex? DISGUSTING! That is what robotics are for! and as you can see this is not the thread for that.

>> No.28584778

Nope, not even once

>> No.28584852

unless you mean would I occasionally switch genders to lez it up then none.

but I would lez it up for fun occasionally.

>> No.28584857

>Implying I'm not already +3 horsecock.

>> No.28585261

Personally? About 5% barring gender roulette.

Yes because its more fun that way. Flex your creative muscles. Give us some examples and also systems.

>> No.28585513

Hey is there a story behind this?

>> No.28586251

That was horrible and disappointing.

Horribly disappointing.

>> No.28589465

Bump so That This thread Is still There when i get home

>> No.28591273
File: 47 KB, 375x523, Erzebetha the Fleshsculptor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I changed the wording for what you said since it's better that way. Thanks for the feedback!
I also switched the +1 and 0 ability. For her ultimate, you can get faster there by using her +1 and proliferating now if that's the goal.

>> No.28591711

I'Ve always wanted to run this idea in my V;tM group, but some of them are squeamish and i don't want to drive them away. I want to be. Tzimisce and run an "overnight plastic surgey clinic' with some medjargon about healing faster during natural sleep. Secretly he takes a bit of blood from each patient and drinks up. But he takes enough that he has more than he needs, so he builds a big 'ol container in the very very locked up basement out of a few errant thugs and keeps this big vat made of people full of blood. Local prince decides to fuck with me, i mention the failsafe that the blood va - o my blood- is triggered upon my death to dump into the water main. Which would ghoul most of st. Louis. Explain away that breach of the masquerade, sweetheart.

>> No.28593797

AoPH quest has grafting as the only reason humanity is still alive, and so far the quest has been pretty good.

>> No.28594049

I have a story involving fleshcrafting.

I joined a superhero freeform RPG involving superheroes and supervillains. It was on some freeboard site, so it was kind of free and open.

My character was a heiress who could manipulate flesh. She was a perfectionist, so I thought of her as a case of personality powers.

She wasn't played for long, but it was kind of fun how the other players were cagey around me during the short lived time I had played with them.

>> No.28595832


If you're playing 3.5, check out the Necrophage:


It's third-party, but the best grafting class written - and it's not even overpowered. It loses 4 caster levels, but is actually worth it.

The only thing that may need changing is the CR limit on grafts, because it's far too harsh and doesn't really prevent abuse like they intended. As all grafts are already by approval, it's not needed and stops you doing fun things like taking trophies from real enemies.

You can also still take the regular grafting feats - best of both worlds.

>> No.28596792
File: 31 KB, 367x811, looks like Mr Underwood from Timesplitters or maybe an asian guy in western dress suit bowler coat hat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Has anyone tried spelling out exactly what they want so Fran doesn't subject them to a fate worse than death?

>> No.28596818


My GM won't let us have genesis or the knowledge to create first age stuff.

We can steal, scavenge, or purchase first age tech but we can't learn how to build it.

>> No.28596865


>> No.28596909

>The Archive itself was an evil sentient construct - there was a demonic sentience called the Archivist sealed within it, which controlled access to data and helped in interpreting it.

This seems like nothing so much as a massive and intentional design flaw.

why would anyone make something like that be evil?

>> No.28596953


sex and relationships are complicated.

IT would depend on where I was in my life, who I was with, what they were like, what they were into, what I was into, what each of us were comfortable with, and how safe or prepared we could be.

So the answer is yes, if it seems like a good and safe idea.

>> No.28597093


water mains operate under high pressure.

How are you going to force the blood into it instead of having the water flood your basement?

Couldn't you build the blood vat from surgical left overs and fresh bodies donated to science, rather than living thugs?

The brain is one of the first body parts to die since brain cells need so much oxygen, other body parts take longer to die.

When choosing a location for your clinic you will need to take the layout of the cities water system into account.

practice working flesh into various forms so that you can get more use from liposuction leftovers.

>> No.28597178

Or open suicide booths

>> No.28597340
File: 116 KB, 1022x453, whatisawtemplate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am currently playing a 3.5 ravenloft game. I am playing a Doctor (Hes a wizard specializing in necromancy, but only anatomical spells.). Since level 1 I have been gathering pieces of every thing/one we killed. Our DM allowed us 1 magical item to start off with, so I picked a doctors bag of holding and have been keeping the pieces in it.

But the DM also let me have one other thing: A portable hole with a room inside I have been using for a lab. My ferret familiar Hasnt been around for a few levels, until one day the group couldnt stop a horde of were-rats from getting to the squishy caster that is my character.

So I let loose the abomination that was my grafted familiar who had umberhulk skin and legs, kraken tentecles, teeth made of thorns from a vampire bush, cloaker tail and wings, spider legs for climbing, saliva glands of a beetle we kiled that makes you hallucinate. Had to go through a ton of powers checks (lucky on most), but in the end, he is definitely the last part of pic related. I love my doctor and his magic murder bag.

>> No.28598631

Just going to leave this here


I try to leave this in every flesh crafting threads I find. Its 3.5, so if you can get past that its really well done. Lot of work put into it. Even If I am not running the class, I urge GM to consider that graft list over the standard list. Because the standard list sucks.

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