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Let's roll another Inquisitor, /tg/. Because why not?

For Gender roll a 1d100.

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Rolled 22

Here we go then

>> No.28562819

Male. The majority of the Inquisition seems to be male.
So far so normal!
1d100 for Age.

>> No.28562830

Rolled 75

Hoping for young whippersnapper.

>> No.28562855

Venerable (150-250). By now an Inquisitor may be (in)famous and have cemented their reputations.
Нет. He's fairly old. 1d100 for how much.

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Curious, what book is the roller info in?

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Not a book at all, but an online thing.

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Rolled 6


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Ah thanks!

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Hmm! JUST in the realm of Venerable.
1d100 for Ordo.

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Rolled 13

Ordo, we don't need no stinking ordo to hate xenos.

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Ordo Hereticus: The largest of the Ordos, an Inquisitor of the Hereticus seeks out mutants, traitors and rogue psykers across the Imperium.
Hammer of Witches!

1d3 Titles.

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Rolled 1

Master of Badassery

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Whoops, sorry.
1d100 for what it is.

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Rolled 38

Here then

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Facility title: Steward, Custodian, Administrator, Governor and Castellan are all titles an Inquisitor may possess if they are in charge of a particular facility, ideal for Inquisitors Historical or Theoretical that spend a lot of time in research archives at Inquisitorial strongholds, ‘holding down the fort’.
Decide what you want!
1d100 for his Philosophy, now.

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Rolled 9

Castellan sounds cool enough.

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Radical Puritan: The most hard-line of Inquisitors, their faith in the Emperor is unshakeable. Monodominants dominate this category, with their hatred of anything not born pure human, pouring derision and hatred upon psykers, mutants and abhumans in equal measure to aliens and warp creatures.
Welp. Righteous fucker right here.
This guy's pretty bog-standard so far. Hope that changes.

1d3 Methodologies.

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Rolled 2


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Right, now 2d100.

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Rolled 3, 75 = 78


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Exitus Acta Probat (The end justifies the means): Will go to any length to achieve their goal, no matter the moral implications – blackmailing colleagues, murdering innocents or even selling their own soul!
Oh. Well. This guy's on a one way trip to Carta Extremis.
Officium Primum (Duty First): Duty is everything to some people, taking precedence over all other aspects of their life. Sense of a task well done and accomplishment of duty is all to this person.

Jesus. Heretics beware.
Now for the potentially most fun bit. 1d100 for Psychic Ability.

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Rolled 59, 21, 30 = 110


>> No.28563428

Rolled 18


>> No.28563448

I'll, uh. Take the first one.
Minor: Can exhibit and control minor abilities.
He likely is only Minor because he never tried to develop it.
1d3 Quirks.

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Rolled 2


>> No.28563470

2d100, now.

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Rolled 95, 20 = 115


>> No.28563478

Rolled 60, 35 = 95


>> No.28563550

Family: The Inquisitor has found time to start a family.
I... huh. Okay. Guy's got a wife and kids! And grandkids, and great-grandkids by now.
Paranoid: Sometimes, they may really be out to get you. Other times, this Inquisitor finds they’ve just stabbed their harmless butler.
A PARANOID family man. This will end well.
1d5 Resources.

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Rolled 1


A paranoid and intolerant as high hell family inquisitor-man.

Christmas season must be fantastic

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I imagine this guy does full scale investigations on his family member's dates.

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Feast of the Emperor's Ascension you mean, HERETIC.
Also he evidently is not a popular person. 1d100.

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Rolled 68


>> No.28563616

Rolled 5


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It would be like Meet the Parents.

Only with more executions

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Well established ‘friends’: Influential characters friends in high places, such as nobles, politicians, etc.
He's got dirt on everyone!
He's also a self-hating minor psyker, remember. This man is full of neuroses.

Just need a name, now.

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There's... already an Inquisitor Torquemada.

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do we have a Hellsing?

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Rolled 30

The Spanish Inquisiton!

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I'd rather keep out the cheap anime references.

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How about Ignatius?

>> No.28563787

Rolled 2


But it's not that he got dirt on everyone, but he as assigned as overseer of a Forgeworld after a nasty heretical crysis. Every noble house wants to be on his good graces because of that.

He is also unwavering on his devotion to the Emperor, and terribly paranoid. It was only the fear that his perceived enemies would strike on his family while he was far away that made him bring them with him.

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Castellan-Inquisitor Ignatius Cojocaru
Gender: Male
Age: Venerable (156)
Ordo: Hereticus
Title: Facility title
Philosophy: Radical Puritan
Methodology: Exitus Acta Probat, Officium Primum
Psychic Ability: Minor
Quirks: Family, Paranoid
Resources: Well established ‘friends’

And there he is!

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Consider that officially added to my folder of Inquisitors.
Anyway, wanna do another?

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Yes please. This is a lot more fun that constant crappy quests and stupid arguments.

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You know what to do, 1d100.

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Rolled 12


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Rolled 73

Emperor guide my dice!

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Male again, 1d100 for Age.

>> No.28563990

Rolled 29


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Middle Aged (55-90). At this age some Inquisitors commence rejuvenation treatments, whilst others prefer to appear their age.
1d35 for age.

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Rolled 33


>> No.28564025

Rolled 6


>> No.28564046

88 years young. 1d100 for Ordo.

>> No.28564058

Rolled 66


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Ordo Minoris: The Ordos Minoris cover a plethora of activities that could come under the jurisdiction of the larger Ordos, but have been made into more specific departments to better combat a single threat. These Ordos are tiny in comparison to the big three, and have nowhere near the influence or manpower as the larger Ordos.
Oh, boy. This is the fun part. I'll give you a list of know Ordos Minoris.

>> No.28564097

Ordo Aegis - Remains vigilant over the Cadian Gate.[22a]
Ordo Astartes - Oversees the Adeptus Astartes.[22a]
Ordo Barbarus - Monitors pre-Industrial worlds.[22a]
Ordo Chronos - A ill-fated organization, all the members of which vanished.[10]
Ordo Custodum - Based on Terra.[22a]
Ordo Desolatus - Unknown purpose[22a]
Ordo Excorium - Monitors Exterminatus[22a]
Ordo Machinum - Oversees the Adeptus Mechanicus[22a]
Ordo Militarum - Oversees the Imperial Guard[22a]
Ordo Necros - Unknown purpose[22a]
Ordo Originatus - Tries to uncover the mystery of the Inquisition's origins.[22]
Ordo Redactus - Tries to keep the history of the Inquisition classified.[22]
Ordo Sanctorum - Oversees the Ecclesiarchy[22a]
Ordo Scriptorum - Monitors Imperial records and communiques.[22a]
Ordo Scriptus - Oversees Imperial historical records[22a]
Ordo Senatorum - Unknown purpose[22a]
Ordo Sepulturum - Researches current plagues afflicting the Imperium and determines how best to contain, destroy, and cure them. Created to investigate an increase in outbreaks of the Zombie Plague just before the 13th Black Crusade.[18]
Ordo Sicarius - Founded to police the activities of the Officio Assassinorum following the events of the Wars of Vindication which resulted from the events of Goge Vandire's Reign of Blood.[4]
Ordo Thanatos - Unknown purpose[22a]
Ordo Vigilus - Oversees the Ordo Necros[22a]

Should be noted Ordo Chronos did time bullshit. Take your pick.

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I say Chronos, Redactus or Vigilus

>> No.28564125

Ordo Originatus sounds cool.

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Rolled 41

>Ordo Sanctorum

>> No.28564133

Ordo Redactus

>> No.28564144

Two votes for Redactus. Voting will end in two minutes.

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If we can get him an aristocratic title like Lord to go with it it could be so much fun.

>> No.28564169

Rolled 1

Well, this is a quandary.
I'll roll off.
1 is Redactus, 2 is Chronos.

>> No.28564175

Chrono is such "that guy"

>> No.28564188

Redactus it is. This guy works for Inquisitorial Minitru.
1d3 Titles.

>> No.28564191

Rolled 1


>> No.28564196

>aristocratic title
No. No Doctors in the Inquisition

>> No.28564201

Just the one. 1d100.

>> No.28564210

Rolled 74


>> No.28564222


Only if done wrong. The idea that all his peers dwemered out of existence and he has no idea what happened could be fun. But you are right. If done wrong it is very wrong and there is no middle ground.

Scriptorum could also be good. Super brainy bastard like a spider in a web, pulling strings to make other unknowing puppets do his job for him. Knows all sees all. Also plays with the huge propaganda department of the Imperium and designs poster in his spare time.

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None: The Inquisitor’s only title is that, which should be scary enough!
Well, that was anticlimactic.
1e had a Doctor Who reference, in fact.

1d100 for Philosophy.

>> No.28564232

Rolled 93


>> No.28564260

Extreme Radical: Daemonweapons and alien allies are legitimate means of persecuting the enemies of mankind to this Inquisitor. Of course, to the rest of the Inquisition, the Extreme Radical is an enemy of mankind.
...No comment.
Scriptorum is more boring than it sounds. It's basically Inquisitors who try and make sure the Administratum doesn't fuck up too badly.

1d3 methodologies.

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Rolled 1


>> No.28564272

Simple fellow. 1d100.

>> No.28564282

Rolled 73


>> No.28564286

Welp, best not try to find out about the history of the inquisition
Else you're getting a fucking daemonhammer to the face

>> No.28564318

>1e had a Doctor Who reference, in fact.
Source? I'm not calling you a liar. It makes total sense for a British game full of parodies has a Doctor Who reference. Esspecially during its silly phase. I just want to see it.

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Officium Primum (Duty First): Duty is everything to some people, taking precedence over all other aspects of their life. Sense of a task well done and accomplishment of duty is all to this person.
This guy is serious about deleting historical records.
A daemonhammer is the exact opposite of a daemon weapon. It's confusing, I know.

Now, 1d100 for Psychic Ability.

>> No.28564369

Rolled 55


>> No.28564395

Minor: Can exhibit and control minor abilities.
Well, alright. This guy's a minor psyker too.
1d3 Quirks.

>> No.28564399

Really? Thats weird
A demonhammer then?

>> No.28564406

Rolled 1


>> No.28564410

Duty bound to hide historical records by any means necessary? Seems a bit extreme.


>> No.28564459

A daemonhammer is a hammer that is used to kill daemons. No, really.
Try saying "Daemon Hammer".
Just the one. 1d100.

>> No.28564477

Rolled 11


>> No.28564479

Seems slightly counter-intuitive
But okey dokey
Is a Plasma Gun a gun that kills plasma?
Oh GW u crazy people u

>> No.28564486

Not just records but figures too
That one peasant who say the inquisition run by? they werent there and neither was he or thats what his corpse says.

>> No.28564502

Do the Ordo Redactus and the Ordo Originatus hate the shit out of each other?

>> No.28564517

Shady past: Nobody knows much, but everybody’s heard the sinister rumours…
This actually fits. Just try to look into his past. He fucking dares you.
Yep. That's pretty much why the example was given.

1d5 Resources.

>> No.28564518

No it's a gun that SHOOTS plasma. *wave's hand in air*


>> No.28564533

Yes. I see Originatus like the cops trying to dig deep and uncover the Departments dirty laundry.

>> No.28564626

Rolled 4


>> No.28564638

Rolled 1


>> No.28564669


>> No.28564685


>> No.28564689

Rolled 88, 71, 84, 94 = 337


>> No.28564707

Oh boy, I'm too tired to even roll correctly

>> No.28564774

Hidden base: Roll on the ‘Hidden base’ table.
‘Dogsbody’/Butler: A loyal companion, always close by and ready with a loaded weapon and a dry, witty comment.
Someone needs to keep up the base.
Special armour: A suit of terminator armour, the carapace of a saint or maybe something alien.
You can go wild for this one. Hell, this is one we could roll for with Stars of Inequity.
Expert bodyguards: Roll on the ‘Expert bodyguards’ table.

All in all 2d100.

>> No.28564789

Rolled 29, 45 = 74


>> No.28564822

Captured Riptide

>> No.28564829


An insane, heretical LIBRARIAN in a fucking Tau Riptide who purges the shit of records with plasma blasts.

>> No.28564847

Are thoses eagles real or just an awesome part of the armor? If so wouldn't that be impractical during combat?

>> No.28564848

I say something Eldar. He is a super radical after all

>> No.28564853

Volcano: The classic hidden lair (space-piranhas not included).
Guardsmen: A squad of veterans or stormtroopers form the bodyguard of the Inquisitor.
I refuse to count that as body armor.

>> No.28564855

Can't happen, non-tau get zapped if they try to ride the weaboo suits.

>> No.28564859

Any. Means. Necessary.

>> No.28564871

Either stormtroopers or vets, your choice.
Again, there is a table you can roll on for this if you like.

I still need his name.

>> No.28564884

His name is [REDACTED].
They call him Red for short.

>> No.28564888


Herbert Untine.

>> No.28564897


>> No.28564902


>> No.28564909

Rolled 3


>> No.28564919

storm troopers

>> No.28564928

Rolled 1


>> No.28564935

If it goes to a vote again I vote Red.

Fucker removed himself from the archives.

>> No.28564979

[REDACTED] it is.

As for the armor, I'm going to exercise OP fiat and say roll me a 1d10.

>> No.28565001


Or simply Inquisitor

I say roll for armor

>> No.28565055

So... 1d10.

>> No.28565113

Rolled 8


>> No.28565126

Rolled 1

rolling for armor

>> No.28565138

Rolled 5


>> No.28565162

Okay's it's a super special Assassin's Bodyglove.
1d10 for its origin.
Unless you guys specifically want to choose it to be made by aliens or warp-tainted.

>> No.28565206

Rolled 5


>> No.28565229


>> No.28565255

Have it be a specially tailor made suit just for him. All proper Mechanicus technology blessed by a skilled adept.

It can change colour and texture to an extent. It has good insulation, both electrical and thermal, and yet is light and does not impede movement.

It also possesses extra-spectrum goggles with quite good zoom and night vision.

Also a data-store and tactile interactive display for when you need to plunder an info-archive in a hurry.

The machine spirit is odd. Possibly it has gained sentience but if so it is keeping quite about it. Thankfully it has no parts that can move by itself or concealed weaponry so it can't easily propagate itself in any case if that is the case.

>> No.28565291

That's archeotech. 1d10 for Miracles of the Dark Age.

>> No.28565306

Rolled 1


>> No.28565338

It's Imposing! That means it's a VERY intimidating bodyglove. Now 1d10+3 for Craftsmanship.

>> No.28565343

Rolled 8 + 3


>> No.28565361

Best Quality. No less for an Inquisitor.
2d10 for its Quirks and we're done.

>> No.28565392

Rolled 7, 8 = 15


>> No.28565402

Rolled 7, 10 = 17


>> No.28565448

I should note that Imposing gives, as an example, armor that's "swathed with mysterious black wisps that obscure the user's features". I think that's just perfect for him.
It's Trusty, making it very reliable, and Zealous, meaning it's dispassionate about both him and his enemies.

Inquisitor [REDACTED]
Gender: Male
Age: Middle Aged (88)
Ordo: Redactus
Title: None
Philosophy: Extreme Radical
Methodology: Officium Primum
Psychic Ability: Minor
Quirks: Shady past
Resources: Hidden base (Volcano), ‘Dogsbody’/Butler, Special armour (Best-quality imposing archeotech bodyglove*), Expert bodyguards (Guard formation) Stormtroopers
*Trusty, Zealous

And there he is, in all his glory!

>> No.28565470

This all just fits so incredibly well.

Say what else can we roll up? Techpriest and SoB iirc?

>> No.28565471

So, one more?

>> No.28565510

Don't know about SoB, but techpriest is possible.
So, which? Techpriest or Inquisitor?

>> No.28565536


>> No.28565537

We did 2 Inquisitors already, let's go with a techpriest and see what kind of monster we come up with.

>> No.28565540

let's go with techpriest

>> No.28565541

Techpriest would be cool.

>> No.28565578

Overwhelming Techpriest.
1d100 for Gender.

>> No.28565593

Rolled 99


>> No.28565599

Rolled 34


>> No.28565620

Neither/Both/Unknown/No Longer Applicable. The majority of Tech-Priests who reach any kind of seniority have long passed the point where they can reliably be assigned a gender, if such a concept even matters any more.
1d100 for Age.

>> No.28565627

Rolled 54


>> No.28565631

Rolled 17


>> No.28565654

Old (250-500). It is at this age Tech-Priests will have established themselves, with a host of resources, and will likely have accumulated a great deal of specialist knowledge.
Middle of the road as these things go. 1d250 for age.

>> No.28565661

Rolled 92


>> No.28565664

Rolled 191


>> No.28565665

Rolled 137


>> No.28565687

Only 342, not THAT old.
1d100 for Genus.

>> No.28565692

Rolled 8


>> No.28565696

Rolled 85


>> No.28565717

Magos: Master of technological achievement. A Magos is generally held to have attained mastery in a particular field and usually pursues his specialism single-mindedly. They are accomplished researchers and what original research and invention is done within the Adeptus Mechanicus is usually conducted by Magi.
Neat! 1d3 Specialisms.

>> No.28565721

Rolled 3


>> No.28565749

Damn, this guy, or rather thing, is into a whole lot. 3d100 for what they are.

>> No.28565756

Rolled 100, 26, 62 = 188


>> No.28565757

Rolled 52, 51, 51 = 154


>> No.28565803

Xenologis: Alien Technology
Cerebrus: Neuroscience
Orbologis: Planetary Sciences

Not even slightly connected, it's just cool like that.
1d100 for Philosophy.

>> No.28565808

Rolled 8


>> No.28565812

Rolled 71


>> No.28565833

God damn it dude, do you have a fucking speedpost machine or something?

>> No.28565882


Ultra-Orthodox: The Tech-Priest is a fanatical adherent to the 16 Universal Laws of the Omnissiah and treats Adeptus Mechanicus Dogma as inerrant and unbreakable. Such an individual would never even study an item of xenos technology or the plans for an A.I., much less build or operate one.
Yet his thing is Xenologis. Okay, let's stop this here for a sec because this just makes no god damn sense. Will someone explain this to me?

>> No.28565912

Perhaps he studies Alien Tech with the intention of finding out how to destroy it most effectively?

>> No.28565927

I have my techniques.

I think the admech look down on using and incorporating xeno tech. figuring out what it does and finding way to counter it may still be acceptable.

>> No.28565939

Split personality?
His "evil" side keeps the secret research chamber well hidden from him.

>> No.28565948

Alright, I can deal with that.
1d100 for his Office.

>> No.28565952

Rolled 46


>> No.28565960

Rolled 66


>> No.28565966

Stress testing the materials involved. Subjecting devices to different radiations and such to see how they can be rendered inoperable efficiently. Chucking the metal into a furnace to be melted down and, by the cleansing of holy forge-flame, made into the Omnissians bounty.

>> No.28566003

Wait. Wait.
Those specializations would make him perfectly qualified to experiment on Pandora's whack-ass hivemind thing.

>> No.28566032

Holy shit yeah

>> No.28566049

or Mogo

>> No.28566051

Imperial World: The Tech-Priest is assigned to a world under the Imperium of Man, assisting the Mechanicus' staunch allies in some capacity.
Okay, so now we have this alien technology stress tester cum neuroscientist cum planetary scientist on some Imperial World in some capacity. Alright.
As a matter of fact, yes. Good catch!

1d3 for its major Augmentations.

>> No.28566055


>> No.28566074

Rolled 2


Haha, not this time, robot!

>> No.28566087

Prepare to be recycled, fleshbag

>> No.28566092

I think you just planted a sinister seed of doubt in Wrenloft's heroic heart.
2d100 for what they are.

>> No.28566107

Rolled 62, 24 = 86


>> No.28566116

Rolled 85, 85 = 170


>> No.28566185

Cortex Bibliotecha: The Tech-Priest has a prodigious amount of additional storage space, allowing them to store and access the equivalent contents of multiple datastacks. Of course, such systems can be temperamental.
Well. That explains how it's mastered three wildly different subjects.
Cerebrum in Vitro: The Tech-Priest's brain has been removed and emplaced in a resilient mobile container, perhaps supported by a suspensor or on mechanical limbs.
And it has a detachable brain. Of course! Why not?

1d3 for number of Derangements, Quirks and Eccentricities.

>> No.28566191
File: 2.56 MB, 2264x3600, Old.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do we improve this generator, /tg/?

>> No.28566194

Rolled 1


>> No.28566212

Surprisingly not that crazy. 1d100 now.

>> No.28566216

Rolled 32


>> No.28566235

wrenloft, please fuck off

>> No.28566260

Mortem Delusion: The Tech-Priest suffers from the persistent delusion that they are dead, and only remain in the material universe by some miracle of technology or warpcraft. They may even go so far as to believe that they are a discorporated phantom or spirit, or that they are literally decaying away to nothing.
Considering it's a disembodied brain... yeah. That makes sense.
Also, honestly Wrenloft you're kind of hogging the thread.
1d100 for Wards and Acquisitions.

>> No.28566264

Rolled 3


>> No.28566282

Manufactorum: A complex of foundries, factories and workshops with a respectable workforce and material output.
And done. Need a name.

>> No.28566284

In that case, good bye and good luck.

>> No.28566304

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

>> No.28566305

Just call it Wrenloft.

>> No.28566323

good enough for me

>> No.28566332

Let's not get butthurt now.
Wrenloft what, anyway?

>> No.28566339

The late Magos Sarthahal Ludd

>> No.28566340

Make a chapter next, please

>> No.28566346

It's a first and last name. Comes from a culture where you only have one name, and earn others for your deeds.

>> No.28566366

Rolled 1

That works for me. I'll roll off on it.

>> No.28566368

It might need more detail/explanation for some of the results. I like the Nemesis and Mission tables though.

>> No.28566382

Magos Wrenloft
Gender: Neither/Both/Unknown/No Longer Applicable
Age: Old (342)
Genus: Magos
Specialisms: Xenologis, Cerebrus, Orbologis
Philosophy: Ultra-Orthodox
Office: Imperial World
Augmentations: Cortex Bibliotecha, Cerebrum in Vitro
Derangements, Quirks and Eccentricities: Mortem Delusion
Wards and Acquisitions: Manufactorum

It runs a manufactorum on an Imperial Wrold. Making what, I wonder?

>> No.28566405

do a chapter now

>> No.28566407

I could do that, but I'll need consensus.

What do you guys want to roll next? It's my birthday, this is my gift to /tg/.

>> No.28566428

Happy birthday m80. A chapter is fine with me.

>> No.28566429

Thank you.

Can we please do a chapter?

>> No.28566436

Bro, happy birthday which must be great because I imagine that you get presents on Thanksgiving. I vote for Chapter. Cause why not

>> No.28566463

Thanks, guys. And no, I'm Canadian so no Thanksgiving presents for me.
Gimme a 1d10, why were they founded?

>> No.28566496

Rolled 9


>> No.28566520 [DELETED] 


>> No.28566542

Crusade! Shit needed hitting.
I should note I'm operating off 1d4chan, because I don't have the Deathwatch book on this computer.
1d100 for when they were founded.

>> No.28566556 [DELETED] 


>> No.28566572

Rolled 90


>> No.28566575

Rolled 61


>> No.28566576

Goes in the email field, bro.

>> No.28566585

Thanks. Never rolled before.

>> No.28566611

41st Millennium! That's the 26th founding, the same as the Mentors. They're only 300 years old or so by 999.M41.
1d100 for Progenitor.

>> No.28566623

Rolled 67


>> No.28566630

Rolled 89

We had the best

>> No.28566671

Ooh, the Dark Angels with thine aching lust.
A brand spanking new Unforgiven chapter!
1d10 for their Gene-seed purity.

>> No.28566674

Rolled 1


>> No.28566679

Rolled 6

Pure as fuark

>> No.28566731
File: 242 KB, 741x1000, NONE PURER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Completely, utterly Pure.
1d10 for their Chapter Demeanour.

>> No.28566735

Rolled 7


>> No.28566774

Suffer Not the Alien to Live. Quite typical for an Unforgiven Chapter thus far.
Roll a d10 to see if the chapter mutated.

>> No.28566784

Rolled 5


>> No.28566787

Rolled 10


>> No.28566813

Man, that was close. So close.

1d100 for Figure of Legend!

>> No.28566825

Rolled 96


>> No.28566826

Rolled 29

The biggest badass in the universe

>> No.28566838

A Battle-Brother! 2d10 for his company and squad.

>> No.28566848

Rolled 4, 9 = 13


>> No.28566854

Rolled 8, 8 = 16


>> No.28566880

4th Company, 9th Squad. Doesn't that make him a Devastator?
Anyway, what's his Deed of Legend? 1d100.

>> No.28566886

Rolled 13


>> No.28566904

Rolled 20


>> No.28566934

He killed a whole lot of fucking orks. Suffer not the alien to live!
What kind of world is the Chapter's homeworld? 1d100.

>> No.28566938

Rolled 45


>> No.28566946

Rolled 25

A great place to live

>> No.28566968

A Feral World, of course. And its terrain? 1d100.

>> No.28566976

Rolled 55


>> No.28567023

A feral ice world, ironically much like the Space Wolves.
How do they rule it? 1d10.

>> No.28567030

Rolled 10


>> No.28567062

Distant rule. So, literally the exact opposite. Also, ironically, much like the Space Wolves.
How closely do they follow the Codex Astartes? 1d10.

>> No.28567073

Rolled 1


>> No.28567118

Absolutely! So Codex-adherent it hurts.
What's their Combat Doctrine? 1d10.

>> No.28567123

Rolled 5


>> No.28567128


>> No.28567170

The Lightning Strike. Xenos will never know what him 'em.
What's the Chapter's beliefs? 1d100.

>> No.28567201

Rolled 28


>> No.28567247

Revere the Primarch. Nah, these guys revere stoic Lion El'Jonson.
What's their strength? 1d10

>> No.28567266

Rolled 5

We're errywhere

>> No.28567285

Nominal. Chapter's full-strength, no problems here.
Who are our guys' pals?

>> No.28567304

Rolled 39

We have the best kind of friends!

It's a d100, right?

>> No.28567331

Sorry, right. It's a 1d100.
They're closest of pals with... the Adeptus Mechanicus? Well, these guys must REALLY be well-equipped!
And our enemies? 1d100.

>> No.28567353

Rolled 59


>> No.28567410

Chaos Space Marines! Traitorous wretches! Especially certain ones in black armour, for some reason...

Reason for Chapter Founding: Crusade
Time of Chapter Founding: 41st Millennium (26th Founding)
Progenitor: Dark Angels
Gene-seed Purity: Pure
Chapter Demeanour: Suffer Not the Alien to Live
Figure of Legend: Battle-Brother (4th Company, 9th Squad)
Deed of Legend: Bane of Orks
Chapter Homeworld: Feral World
Homeworld Terrain: Ice
Homeworld Rule: Distant Rule
Chapter Organization: Codex-adherent
Combat Doctrine: Lightning Strike
Chapter Beliefs: Revere the Primarch
Chapter Strength: Nominal
Chapter Allies: Adeptus Mechanicus
Chapter Enemies: Chaos Space Marines

All we need's a name!

>> No.28567457

Seems like the thread is dead. Thanks for doing this stuff.

>> No.28567486

It's been my pleasure, brah.
Chapter Name Generator dubs these fellas the Nova Lamenters. Let none doubt their fury.

>> No.28568499



>Ordo Originatus

>CAPTCHA: THE dmersou

>> No.28568931
File: 26 KB, 1007x799, 1377660352292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.28569009


Something to do with stone or rock.....

>> No.28569060


like with a fortress monestary carved into the base of a mountain and extending down into the bedrock beneath the surrounding rain forrest.

expanding it is a task done both assigned as a minor pennance (mining is brutal shit), to help clear the minds of troubled battle brothers, and as part of the training of initiates.

This has the side benefit of meaning that their fotress monestary has ample space to host visiting setatchments from other chapters or groups from the AdMech.

>> No.28569135


hard demanding, repetitive labor. perfect for a codex adherent chapter.

and they've only been doing it for about 300 years so its not TOO heuge.

it would be a pine forrest not a rainforrest. it IS an iceplanet. unless the equator is thawed.

>> No.28570482
File: 190 KB, 530x498, Cast Iron F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


elaborate underground base


>> No.28573211


happy birthday.

>> No.28575814

Would be nice to run a Quest with these one of these days.

>> No.28575830


>100 Neither/Both/Unknown.
Futa inquisitor is a go.

>> No.28575898

Why no gender and age roll?

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