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Latest update from the Kingdom Death kikescammer:

KD:M Kickstarter Black Friday Only, Late Backers are welcome
Every day, our inboxes are stuffed with a variety of people asking to become backers. For this black friday only (November 29), we have decide to make our final exception, the last back door pass, the absolute final opportunity to become a very late supporter of the Kingdom Death:Monster kickstarter. If people miss this, they will have to wait until our warehouse is full, backer fulfillment is underway and we open pre-orders based on final retail prices.

We have three mega late pledge options. Late backers will not have access to the pledge manager. It's the only way to do this and keep things manageable for us. Late backers will be added to a separate late backer fulfillment list and will be emailed when we have KS updates. Late backers will get all post delay upgrades.

1. Bronze - Survivor Level
2. Silver - Survivor Level + All Expansions
2. Gold - Survivor Level + All Expansions, Plastic Promos & Plastic Pinups.

No I'm not Poots.
But if he was here I would give him a neckbearded blowjob.

shop dot kingdomdeath dot com

You late niggers who are interested in this scamrunner but didn't get in on it got 17 hours on you.

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The official Kickstarter page, silly.

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Lets see if this works.
kickstarter . com / projects / poots / kingdom- death- monster / posts / 678369 ? ref = activity

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And there will be a 20 page comic.

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Didn't notice the toe nail until you mentioned it. God damn that would hurt like a motherfucker...

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And that was the last of the update pics.

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I can't wait till I have my own copy of fetish quest in my cheeto dusted hands.

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None of us can. Is someone still planning to scan everything in for online play?

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I'm pretty much sure that Scanon will scan everything once it's done. There isn't much to say about KD now though, but for the updates.

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I still want to plan a /tg/-based inter-settlement meta-game thing.

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The idea is really appealing.

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>Is someone still planning to scan everything in for online play?
Kingdom Death: Monster Quest

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What? I was thinking something more along the lines of a tabletop campaign, with perhaps diplomacy aspects between different pods of players each building their own settlements (everyone moving along at the same schedule as far as in-game time goes).

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Why the nope? It's a mature game for mature people and the pinups are not canon and everything is awesome and you should totally get it anyway and... what have I forgotten from the KD defence manual?

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I'm so in love with that art style (broken stone stuff)

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Ok, time to blast some aliens. The temple ship wont go supernova by itself.

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I only care about the monsters and the hero models looks kinda meh.

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Bumping for others who might be intrested.

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>sanity-blasting /d/eviant shit

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After thinking more about it, I can't help but realize KD is basically XCOM/Monster Hunter/Berserk all wrapped up in a miniatures board game.

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XCOM is a new comparsion, but the other two are pretty much spot on in terms of /tg/ conensus.

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Spoiler those kind of pictures at least man. Come on.

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You sick pervert. I hope you get v& for your deviancy.

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Her chin, or lack thereof, will always bug me.

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Anything further on the rules? Tidbits like >>28557187 are very useful.

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It kind of fits, especially if you decide to do a solitaire run, which from what we know of the rules seems like its very easy to do.

>hunt monsters
>research innovations
>build base
>outfit your survivors
>pray you survive the next mission

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Damn. I can't unsee it now.

I got last years Black Friday deal when one came available. I don't play miniature games due to health, but I couldn't pass up on this awesome sounding game.

Shame most of my spare money is going into Star Citizen, so many ships, so little money.

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>that nail
Too much. Too far.

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Now that you mention it, yeah it does fit.
Not much in terms of rules, but here are a bunch of notes some anon/s has collected.

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What. What's that update. Since when? I have the knight, do I need to open my pledge manager now and drop more dosh?

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It's from the latest update that got sent out today. I am 80% sure it's included with the Dung Beetle Knight. I am 100% sure you don't have to pay extra for it if you have already pledged for the Dung Beetle Knight.

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I'm kind of intrigued, not sure if I should get Bronze / Silver... 510g is a major kick in the crotch... Especially if you haven't played it yet...

I'm thinking bronze...

WHY should I buy this? Is it like a grown up version of HeroQuest?

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I'd rather want
MYTH instead,

>> No.28558775

Then clearly you didn't play it at Gencon.

>> No.28558794

So I guess MYTH wasn't good then? Did you play it yourself or do you just know from someone else?

Are you getting Kingdom Death?

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Ah I just read that update.

>customs declaration equal to the reward level
Aw yeah. Saved like 40€ on that.

>> No.28558809

It's why I liked the idea of it. The problem is:

1. Me finding somebody to play with
2. Getting them to read rules
3. Keeping them interested enough
4. Not wanting to paint and ruin the models, let alone stick them together.

$300+ on something I'll just keep somewhere.

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>190g for Pic Related
OK, I'll do it...

>> No.28558866

It works as a solitaire game too
As for models, do what I plan to do, only build the models when you finish a successful run.

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Yea, thats exactly how I feel. The board game friends I have are Mormon.... So I don't think they'll stay sitting for this game...

>> No.28558880

And use bare survivor starters in the meantime?

I'd probably put together some of the full sets anyway. Will only paint them greyscale though because I'm clueless and I think fits the style.

>> No.28558941

Pretty much, most of the equipment rules are on the cards already, and you might not end up having a full set and might have to mix and match, so the model parts are for aesthetics overall.

Plus it just feels awesome to let your gameplay decisions dictate what kind of survivor you build. It makes for a lot of unique designs.

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I-its... ZYZZ!!!

>> No.28559029

Would it be possible to play this as a.... Family Game?... I mean, most of the survivors are covered... And for the more 'risque' models you can just use a different miniature from your collection.... Right?

>> No.28559030

He's bulking with the angels, now.

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Mother FUCKER.
I already blew the exact price of the Bronze package on Reaper Bones last month. I can't let myself get tempted by this in turn despite actually having a group to play it with ughhhhh

Good thing all the extra cool shit like the Lion and Flower Knight are in the $500 package, because I definitely don't have the audacity to throw that many shekels at a currently unreviewed board game.

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The one time I could of bought some KD stuff, but have no money to spend.

Just have to play the waiting game.

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You can play with tokens if you feel uncomfortable putting pic related on the table in front of your mother/underagedb& sibling. Really, if you don't buy the pinups then it is fairly safe in terms of nudity. The starting survivors only start with a sheet, so that is pretty much the only nude canon boob you will see. Also, don't plonk down the Gorm model because it has a very detailed anus and ballsack. No I'm not joking. But the Gorm is an expansion and doesn't come with the base game, nor is it required to play the game either. The game world itself is very dark and extremely unforgiving and unfair though, so keep that in mind.

tl;dr don't buy pinups (has no rules, not required for game) and don't use the Gorm (expansion, not required for the game) and you should be safe. IF you are ok with the starting survivors might be showing boobs.

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I just hope that model will be in the next kickstarter.
Kingdom Death is a truly horrific place. And pretty cool how a relatable thing like that can squick people out much more than BIGHUEGMONSTERCHOMPCHOMPOMNOMNOM can.

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That's what it reminded me of! I couldn't remember!

God, when is that manga going to end!???

>> No.28559207

Meh, I think I'll just get HeroQuest 25th~...

Oh.... Nevermind....

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Probably when 40K gets perfectly balanced.
Hurf hurf hurf.

>> No.28559214

Also Monster Hunter and, that I just learned, XCOM.

>> No.28559217

>That's what it reminded me of! I couldn't remember!
There even is a bonus miniature that's homage to Guts.

>> No.28559222

Berserk is on hiatus. Mangaka is drawing his Gigantomachia project about Olympian gods kicking Titans asses in futuristic space, I think.

>> No.28559226

Also hi Foron. I knew you would show up. I actually debated with myself if I should've posted the dragon sacrifice or just wait for you to show up.
Oh shit, I actually forgot that model. Here's a pic of it. It's too bad that they didn't go with the concept art in terms of facial expression.

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>> No.28559264

You should know I'd show up sooner or later, tempted to dump the cheesecake or play some Xcom.
Oh it's such a hard life.

>> No.28559273

Did you check out the hard plastic pinups in the update? Theirplot is really graspable.

>> No.28559281

No I haven't, do tell me more.

>> No.28559286

Especially Lantern Festival and Regeneration Suit pinups.

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>> No.28559302


Oh my.

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>> No.28559312

This should be a computer game...

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>> No.28559324


With all that Jew gold, maybe he'll branch out to do something like that.

>> No.28559333

Not gonna lie, I'd love to find a girl with thunder thighs.

>> No.28559335

I think he said a few months ago that the shipping alone cost 400k USD. I wouldn't hold my breath for anything but what he promised in the kickstarter.

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>> No.28559360

"Oh god! I hear the neckbeards coming!"

>> No.28559366

When the writer runs out of ideas to how to rape Casca.

>> No.28559367

The power of Daz.

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>> No.28559379

I cast harden.

>> No.28559382

I forgot how much I want the Lantern Festival.

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>> No.28559395

Who doesn't?

>> No.28559401

That's not the right version.

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>> No.28559422

Hey Foron, are you able to bump the thread in four hours. I'll be away at work for eight hours, and that is the usual time it takes for a thread to fall of page ten if no one post in it.

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>> No.28559445

Sure, I'll leave the thread open and bump it every so often.
Fancy play some Xcom now anyways.

>> No.28559461

Ah, so you downloaded my folder.
Yeah, played some earlier today. But it's time for twerk in twenty minutes.

>> No.28559472

Indeed I did, can't only have cheesecake in my KD folder, And have fun and werk.

>> No.28559484

Spanks and spanks.

>> No.28559496

>optional shirt
Haha oh wow

>> No.28559513

The power of tumblr feminism.

>> No.28559527

The perfect waifu for this setting.

>> No.28559536

Damn it, moot. Stop trying to make throw shekels at you.

>> No.28559551

Or you know considering the things said in this thread the power of people wanting to play this with their family or Mormon friends.

>> No.28559594

No, only tumblr would raise a stink about. "Erhmahgerd bewbs" -type people would just not play.

>> No.28559697

I figured I'll just get the Bronze one for 190g, then get the expansions / pin ups that I want if it lives up to the fun

>> No.28559722

In the long run, this is true... But then there are 'Myst' people that insist on a deeper experience without the nudity...

And honestly, if the game is good enough, it won't need boobs.

>or a nude supplicant carrying your weapon for you...

>> No.28559739

How can I play this with family & friends if I constantly have the urge to fap while looking at the miniatures

>> No.28559814

I would say get a cuckold fetish, but I don't think that would apply here.

>> No.28559828

Read the thread?

>> No.28559839

God, this game.

I have no problem with cheesecake and fan service or anything, i'll jerk it to the miniatures as much as any other basement dwelling fa/tg/uy worthy of the hairs on his neck

But when it gets to this point it just seems to take away from the actual aesthetic of everything. All the art i've seen of this that isn't cheesecake is fucking astounding. It's like a horrific cross between dark souls and berzerk, grimdark in the RIGHT ways, and just abstract and horrific enough to pull it off.

And then: tits.

>> No.28559863

Yup, tits make everything better.

>> No.28560139

I would be all for this, if it weren't for the whole "having to assemble and paint" thing.

>> No.28560225

>> No.28560340

I think you can buy individual models on their website.
Including monsters.

>> No.28560432


>> No.28560473

Why I can't find women like this in real life without fugly faces...

>> No.28560530

Not a lot of bald girls

>> No.28560548


>> No.28560558

Who the hell would wear that for anything other than a low budget porno.

>> No.28560561

Because it's a caricature and exaggeration of human proportions.

>> No.28560585

People created by a naughty man to face off against monsters he also created.

Also I'm not an expert of low budget porno but I think that outfit is already worth more than 10 low budget porno sets and props combined

>> No.28560595

Power Girl?

>> No.28560598

I'm not even sure how to feel about that image. My dick has no such problems.

Rolling to resist picking up another fetish.

>> No.28560604

Rolled 83

Fucked up, let's try that again

>> No.28560606

Don't anon. No chin women is a disgusting fetish.

>> No.28560714

ill admit that i know nothing of this but if what i see is right this is some weird combo of monster hunter, xcom and a bunch of table top games?

man i wanna play this

>> No.28560983

Yo hello. Sorry im late. Someone mention scanning?

I'm still planning to. I've also been learning to code, so if VASSAL ends up being a poor choice for online play, I might attempt to build a plugin for OCTGN instead. Its MUCH harder to code for, but would probably handle the card aspect of the game better.

>> No.28561035

"Why can't I hold all these bitches!"

>> No.28561043

Scanner anon again. I'll be making paper tokens to print out for the monsters and survivors, for anyone that doesn't want to ruin their beautiful minis with a terrible paint job, or more likely, with the other players Cheetos stained fingers.

>> No.28561056

Not... exactly the point of that post.

Good effort, though.

>> No.28561067

It's only 3 bitches. Why can't he hold them?

>> No.28561089

Pic related is something I have been experimenting with.
Prime, then brush on some quick shade (dont dip. Dipping is disgusting) then seal, and you are done.

Someone asked that on BGG. Poots replied. The answer was no. Not even close, unless you plan on rewriting the story. The actual game events are very gore filled. Tits arent even CLOSE to being the problem.

>> No.28561510

The best meat is in the rump.

>> No.28561569

Edward Scissorhands-syndrome.

>> No.28561663


>> No.28561704

I wish we could have Kingdom Death threads without >b-but I don't want tits

You are on one of the porniest places on the internet, in one of its more deviant corners. Fucking WHY.

>> No.28561723

The obvious solution is to play an all-male settlement, like a kind of inverse-Amazon society.

>> No.28561769

I'd be okay with too.

>> No.28561815

A shame that it is getting pushed back a month or two, but eh. I've been waiting all this time, I can wait more.
Kind of tempted to get the grab bag of bits, but eh... he takes a while to ship and the models' scale aren't fit for any other games.

>> No.28561822


>> No.28561858

I bet I can make her in Dark Souls.

>> No.28561949

Floating butts.

>> No.28562076

This is just a fucking board about traditional games. Stop pushing this "lel /d/ 2" shit to justify your erp and elf rape what do threads. Have you ever fucking been around 4chan? You can discuss your favorite compiler, fight over the best album of that bearded folk band, ask people what disease your cat might have, talk about how you prepare your steak, trade pokemon and find out what boots to wear in winter on 4chan without any rampant pornography. This hasn't been a secret club or dark side of the internet for a long time.

>> No.28562242

Yep, old /tg/ with his magic and weird, funny and derailed threads of glory are all gone. Now the derails are more about /tumblr/ or /pol/ shit, people is pissed about everything and anything than doesn't fit the mind of a few provoke large shit-storms.

>> No.28562418


>> No.28562633

Why are slightly chubby girls so damn appealing?

>> No.28562657

Because you know they'll be able to survive for longer if your settlement fails to find food for a longer time? Or perhaps because being plump means a better chance of being fertile/the mother and baby not dying during childbirth?

>> No.28562690

This must be true!

>> No.28562889

I'd let her defend my village.

>> No.28563279


>> No.28563293

This is generally referred to as selective memory. The thing that makes you remember the old days so fondly.

>> No.28563304

WTF? The Silver pledge is cheaper than what the $129 early bird backers would have paid if they added on all the expansions.

>> No.28563375

My boardgame friends are hardcore feminists... I haven't even told them about this and I'm not looking forward to their reaction when I bring this to boardgame night.

Could be $400 down the drain.

>> No.28563434

Might be the first model I paint.

>> No.28563446

>complaining about /d/-lite
>on /tg/
>in a fucking kingdom death thread

You're doing this to me on purpose, aren't you anon?

>> No.28563480

How much would a paint job like that cost per model?

>> No.28563547

Has it ever crossed your mind that sometimes having no group at all just might be better?

>> No.28563596

Well it's fun to play boardgames even if they replaced the female miniatures in Super Dungeon Explore with 40k female dark elves (They think they're more modest or some shit)

>> No.28564096


>> No.28564105

>yfw there is an old man face in that beak

>> No.28564245

>Mfw I first notice that.

>> No.28564337

Your girlfriend if she is fun enough.

>> No.28564404

I wish mine would.
But the sad thing is I don't have one ;__;.

>> No.28564442

Oh, and thank you for keeping the thread alive Foron. Hopefully a few of those who wanted to get in on KD has... well, got in.
I know that feel.

>> No.28564488

I do try my best.

>> No.28564489


>> No.28564578

Those with Mormon friends or want to play with family. This is the Gorm. You don't want the Gorm expansion.

>> No.28564592

Her hips are doing some weird shit.

>> No.28564614

I think her pelvis is broken straight through.

>> No.28564640

Fully clothed, canon, and dope-ass pimp gear.

>> No.28564653

Her hips do a lot of things.
Aww yeaaaaah.

>> No.28564682

...They are aware of the BACKSTORY of 40k Dark Eldar women, right?

"Rape and drug murder blood!" is hardly "modest"

>> No.28564716


>> No.28564740

I can't wait till I have the rulebook in my hands, cracking it open, and be greeted with images like this. It will be glorious...

>> No.28564769



>> No.28564782

I already did

>> No.28564800

I'm going to play by myself and keep a detailed log of the survivors lives, maybe even start a blog about it.

>> No.28564820

I'm struggling to find the differences between the "old" and "new".

>> No.28564821

mite b cool. I'd give it a look if you do.

>> No.28564832

Second pic on the right. Compare backsides.

>> No.28564862

what a strange thing to change.

Also it seems like the thighs got a bit larger, or the lantern had its position changed.

>> No.28564898

There's a qouta to fill, citizen.

Also, it seems there has been at least two anons who pledged for the Black Friday stuff. MY WORK HERE IS DONE!

>> No.28564954

>taking on that lion like a badass
>people will still probably complain about her attire and how the game objectifies women.
God damn that lady is a pimp.

>> No.28564961

I'm sorely tempted to get the Chosen. The model is just so... faboulous!

>> No.28564992

The game is basically like that pic of FUN for Dwarf Fortress, but instead of FUN there will be HEROICS.

>> No.28565019

>the actual model won't be scowling
why poots pls

>> No.28565045

I swear this game is simply boner inducing. I there will be a kickstarter for a video game, then I'll give my money for it.


>> No.28565046

"You make me sad."

>> No.28565059

I wouldn't expect much more than a tablet game.
He has plans for another game, though, one in the distant future of these initial survivors.

>> No.28565067

See that lure on its forehead? It's a third testicle. Gorms put it in other gorms mouths as a show of affection and tenderness.

>> No.28565107

So it's both a lure and a dick?

>> No.28565130

I'm not complaining about anything but that guy's attitude.

>> No.28565144

A dick is not a testicle Anon.

>> No.28565153

I'm not sure I want to delve further into gorm sexuality and mating habits to be honest.

>> No.28565174

So how do they reprodu...oh yeah. No questions anymore.

>> No.28565228


If I blow my entire pay check not including savings stuff on this, I can just afford to buy the version with all the expansions... if I don't want to give anybody christmas gifts.

>> No.28565248

Maybe you should go with the bronze pledge instead if you want KD, and bite the bullet and buy the expansions for the retail price once released.

>> No.28565250

Tell everyone not to give you gifts if you do that. It would suck for them to buy you something and not get something in return.
christmas sucks that way
Or you could ask them to give you a gift early and have them donate to this cause.

>> No.28565273

>getting roughly 100 models from pledges
>still only getting 10 stone face bases
God damn I wish I knew how to recast.

>> No.28565325

I don't think they've ever read a 40k source book in their life.

>> No.28565335

My one thing I don't like about the setting. I want some more fucking beefcake pinups damn it! I don't mind the cheesecake (the playing models for females are all well armored and look sensible) but damn it, I'd throw even more money at them if they had beefcake.

>> No.28565360

Do you mean you want male pinups? Or do you mean you want more men in the actual game? If t he former, though luck I guess. If the latter, it will be the same number of males and females.

>> No.28565405

Don't show them the pinup models for god's sake. Make sure the first thing they see are the normal female models, none of the ones showing off the semi-nude females (like the Lion or Sunchild or Wetnurse) Forge master also works if you have it, showing them that.

Just make sure not to bring the pinup models until they've been fully exposed to the NONpin up female models, which are almost universally sensibly dressed.

>> No.28565422

No I want male pinups. The ratio of male to female in the game is just fine from what I can tell. And anybody who argues that "the monsters are all male" like the dungbeetle knight and the lion knight are just assholes.

>> No.28565441

Never heard that particular complaint to be honest.

>> No.28565450

Think I'll go with this.

Nah, some of the people are close friends and their family is made up of assholes who WON'T give them gifts. I'm not going to do that to them.

>> No.28565464

>not wanting to be the Lion Knight's nubile slave

And you call yourself a fag

>> No.28565473

I have a few times. It's an eyeroller. It was particularly prevalent for things like Warhammer Fantasy Online. Everyone complaining about how the orks were all purely male.

But yeah, I just want more beefcake. Guys got their eye candy, so should girls. And given that they're not exactly mass producing these things in the first place and most of them are going to be made-to-order, it's not like it would be a massive loss to have some male pinups.

>> No.28565491

Talk about being a dickhead.

>> No.28565498

Does the Lionking have a nubile male slave? I'd be down for that. Guy seems to be one of the most bro adversaries in the game. He'll actively help you out if you're focusing on trying to advance human culture and will only attack if it looks like you're going to start making shit worse by going purely on war footing.

>> No.28565534

I think it's simply an economic question. My guess is that female pinups sell better than male ditos. Not saying that there isn't a market obviously, but not enough to warrant the production cost.

>> No.28565569

He doesnt have slaves.

>> No.28565672

Thought I would just drop in and give everyone a quick sneak peak as thanks for helping getting the word out. I would love to hang out more, but I just got waaaayy to many things to do and a pile of questions to answer before the day ends!

Anyway, here is the 1st Lion Knight, sculpted by Thomas David. The effects he did on the wailing smoke that circle his base is just a little mind melting. How he does this stuff at scale and by hand is STILL shocking even after the few years we've been working together.

Sorry about the shitty pic, its just a crappy iPhone shot.

>> No.28565760

That guy looks pretty cool. But is that a Lion Knight? I thought the Lion Knight was a kitty dude with claws and babes?

>> No.28565761

>tfw Poots in my thread
Do you want the complimentary blowjob now or after the release hurr!?

You have a solid team behind you and your vision is really something else and nothing I've quite seen anywhere else.

I had a 60 hour week last week and it is draining. But you poor bugger with your 16 hour work days is just... just know that you have a bunch of guys and gals that love what you have created and are eagerly awaiting the final product.

>> No.28565841

Really neat! I can't wait for the finished product!

but relating to this (if you're still around): >>28565534

Is it a simple economic cost? Cause I really think there's a market for the beefcake market. It's not like geeky hobbies are even 75% male anymore, it's almost directly split down the middle with girls around 45-55% of the market at this point depending on which particular demographic. I'm not saying making a ton of beefcake models by any means, but even just a few would pretty much kill any complaints about sexism in your game and would probably sell better than you might expect.

>> No.28565884

That looks amazing. But what's it got to do with lions and how will he be available?

Also nice 4chan ad ass in he background.

>> No.28565910

I think you can consider the scribe beefcake. And that angel which isn't part of the game though.

>> No.28565943

Also it's not like you'd drive away us male gamers by including male characters in the pin up line by any means.

Anyway, sorry for bringing in the whole feminism discussion into this, just something that real.

Yeah, I have to agree there, but I was more meaning specific pinup models who are OBVIOUSLY sexualized males in the same way the female pinup models are obviously sexualized. It's hard to ogle the scribe when he's sitting on a throne of dismembered body parts and has a cracked open ribcage as his book stand.

>> No.28565964

Poots, let me sing the song of my people for you. I hope it will lift your spirit.

>> No.28566020

I want to make them, but they need to meet the KD quality standard. Sadly myself and Lokman lack the artistic sense to really make it shine, to give it that little special something extra. Anna is long term friends with Hamlet Machine and we have been bothering her about working on something with us, but she is very busy with Star Fighter and it just hasn't come together yet.

Priorities right now are KD:M first, then everything else.

>> No.28566044

>TFW there's no way I could justify this purchase to my wife

>> No.28566081

I hope you managed to enjoy a nice slice of pie and some turkey yesterday poots.

>> No.28566112

And that is screencap'd for future reference. It's nice to know it's not off the table for the ladies who want some beefcake.

>> No.28566189

Have you ever thought about doing anything local? I'm pretty sure a KD event/demo at 20-Sided Store would do well.
Also, what are the chances we'll see a new/plastic Forsaker anytime soon?

>> No.28566241

Once more, thanks for visiting my thread! Going to bed.

>> No.28566312


Tell me that people made that joke to you a million times already

>> No.28566456

That's awesome. Good to know!

>> No.28566560

Can you post the screen cap for all of us? And screen cap what he's responding too?

>> No.28566956

The problem with male pinups it's than females aren't that interested in them. How do you look, though important, aren't as important as: Confidence and than you are a protector. If you can make them look like this, they will sell (not as much as the female pin ups because to males looks are like 90% of attractiveness). But hey will be more interesting.

Also any info about the setting it's cool.

>> No.28567020

Oh my that's neat.

>> No.28567312

I'm not so sure you're right about that. I know plenty of girls who would love to have some male pinup models. And if nothing else, it would pretty much obliterate the accusations that the game is inherently sexist just because it has sexualized female models not even meant to be used directly in the game

Ditto! If you guys ever release a pure lore book I'd buy it in a heart beat.

>> No.28567337

If you need any inspiration, I'd say the Greco-Roman nudes are the way to go for male pin-ups.

>> No.28567339

Wait, wait, is this ONLY for Black Friday? Cause if it is then I'm kinda sunk I just realized. I don't send out my invoice until the last day of the month and then I don't get paid for about a week after that...

>> No.28567418

Pretty much. Just pick some of your male hunters and use that. Also look up Final Fantasy guy's clothing, and just reduce the skin covered until it's about equal to the clothing covered by the girls.

Male Great Hunter Pinup. Banana hammock style lower garment, open shirt or vest, some fingerless gloves or something, not sure how to handle the boots, might just go with sandals, sexy pose while holding his crossbow.

Heck, look up Fabio or any of the guys who get onto the covers of romance novels, they work as good bases too, just show more skin than they tend to.

And remember, bulging veins and grotesquely huge muscles aren't sexy as a rule (though I'm sure people will disagree). Scribe = Good Start, Angel = A bit too far on the muscles department.

But yeah, greco-roman nudes are the way to go for male pinups.

>> No.28567477

And for regeneration suit pin up, how hard is it to make a well endowed, well built guy in a kinda leaning back "come at me bro" pose with that skin tight armor on him? Heck, the pose of the Lion Knight but in the regeneration armor with a greco-roman body and a bulge in the right place would pretty easy to do wouldn't it?

>> No.28567559

Or hell, take the scribe and put him in a slightly sexier pose and setting, no dismembered body parts thronage, and you've got yourself a male pinup model right there.

Other places:
>Any marvel movie with Thor in it.
>Beefcake magazines and calenders, sexy fireman etc.

>> No.28567951

That's not anywhere close to being correct.

Females dont buy as many pinup models because NO ONE OFFERS AS MANY MALE PINUPS. Not the other way around.

The thing is that girls, usually, dont want beefcake. Yeah, some bara guys should be sold, but you also need some twinks in the line as well. Just like how some guys like slender and others like some chub.

The two starting survivors are a good example. White haired twink for the effeminate line of minis, and the dark haired bara for the more rugged line.

>> No.28568041

No its not.

I think you are including the promos, which it doesn't include.

>> No.28568135

She looks really miffed at having to cram all that delicious thickness into that skimpy outfit

>fuck it's cold
>this thong is riding up on me
>does it make my ass look fatter
>this garter is too tight
>my boobs are too cramped
>where are my nipples

>> No.28568204

>why is my nose so tumblr

>> No.28568208

Build lithe and pouty. If you're aiming for the distaff counterpart of the people who would buy female pinups, big burly guys aren't the way to go. Think those guys from Supernatural or the guy who plays Thor.

>> No.28568424

Thank you so much for doing this, my fiance just bought me the bronze level, I had been kicking myself since last year for going over board on Christmas gifts, and missing out on this.

>> No.28568486

>tshirt size

>> No.28568495

>tfw poor and can't afford this
I-It's breaking my heart /tg/

>> No.28568546

Just be sure to join the online thingy-thing that's in the very, very, early planning stage.

>> No.28568873


>> No.28569226

sekreet club

>> No.28569331

I must know!

This game is awesome, elderitch horror, city-building, survival game play. If there's some online thingy I want in.

>> No.28569751

People are planning on scanning the content and attempting to play it online.

>> No.28569844

Aaaah, so basically making a roll20 conversion?

>> No.28570022

somewhat, yes. also possibly hacking out some sort of trade system or league where our settlements coexist.

>> No.28570224

Oh now that sounds cool. A kind of league where players can transfer survivors between them?

>> No.28570436

perhaps, but honestly there's no real way of policing who has what. so no real accountability or way to keep someone from just. exporting infinite imaginary monsterguts.

and it might be more than survivors, probably resources a well.


>> No.28570494

Hopefully people will play by the honor code. Also having a site so all the settlements will move through in-game time concurrently should help things out.
Also it'll be fun to see how different survival strategies work out in 'real' time, especially with their being a possibility for a vanilla settlement, a Dragon-King one, and a Sunstalker one.

>> No.28570551

Yeah, i imagine everyone will have to be on the same "lantern year".

>> No.28570574

we'll just have to see how the mechanics work out.

>> No.28570586

I mean for days and phases even, if possible. Also, in my opinion, people should be running their settlements as role-play intensive as they can- making their game decisions from the viewpoint of the survivors, allowing each survivor to have his or her own personality, coming up with a system of governance that works best for them (tribunal, elders, champions based on combat skill, theocratic rule by a priestly caste, democracy,etc, etc).
Then we can have skirmishes, or battles or one-on-one champions' duels between settlements for resources, land or survivors.

>> No.28570632

This is why I'm considering doing a blog thing when I play alone. I'll make it as fluffy as possible.

>> No.28570640

This sounds awesome.

Where's the community planning this?

>> No.28570659

Right in front of you....hopefully. I was thinking that there'd be one main roll20 campaign page (they have their own forums) for inter-settlement coordination/governing, then each pod of players in the individual settlements can play through their days/phases/whatever as they see fit, as long as they keep up with the time-line set up for all the settlements.

>> No.28570802

faggot that posted these, nicking up.

i imagine that outright wars will be difficult as fuck on populations and resources unless it's agreed to be some sort of ritualistic manner where "casualties" aren't really death or disabling.

also i guess we don't have to be on the same lantern year as each settlement has their own watcher and whatnot. Just a newer settlement would have less to offer in trade than a more established one.

>> No.28570858

Well I mean others could start in later on, but things would have to be scheduled to avoid some more prolific pods going like five times faster than others and being more powerful because of that.

>> No.28570886

right right. i wonder if the lantern festival and the implications of the great hunters from the cities ean we could possibly become citystates eventually

>> No.28570901

are the only videos on the kickstarter?

>> No.28570910

>we could possibly become citystates
I'd imagine if Poots is still around, he's laughing at the idea that a player settlement could become remotely that big.

>> No.28570938

Well, he has said that he is planning on working on an rpg called Kingdom Death: Heroes in the far-flung future...

>> No.28570947

And that it's quite far removed from Monster.

>> No.28570960

Psssh, well whatever. Someone has to start the settlements that are the forerunners of those enduring cities.

>> No.28571062

All right, best way to do online community settlements while staying in /TG would, I believe should have 6 players each group/pod. 4 active players, 2 watchers. Its the watchers job to write down "things/actions of note" about the players. When a active player dies and they will, you get rotated out as a watcher and one of them comes in. Then if successfully ran, we get community pods/groups involved, in such we can have pods run into each other/wars/trade/crap like that.

>> No.28571138

Well then, you should set up the stuff to do it in then. Now. Look up how the /tg/heim mordheim league got their stuff going for an idea.

>> No.28571139

Seems utterly useless the "watchers" are observing a different group. Otherwise, if there's any cheating going on as a group, there's no reason for them not to just go along with it.

>> No.28571163

Why not just have a witness system set up?

Look, this all worked with the /tg/heim system. People played in public rooms and people didn't cheat because that would undermine the point.

They had the same questions being asked when we set that up too.

>> No.28571177

I would say have all of the different settlements' stats be public knowledge, then you can also rank each other, and know who to trade with if you want more of X resource.

>> No.28571222

Trading should be set up to actually take up time based on distances.

We could set up a map of the world, and have it so that different settlements grow at different rates.

You can expend missions to explore outward. At risk to your settlement.

If you don't have enough of the 'world map' explored, then you can't trade with others.

And beware map eaters! They'll obliterate your maps and make you start from scratch or until someone comes to trade with you!

>> No.28571275

Sounds decent, kind of like a Risk/Civilization game overlaid on top of the game, with each Settlement having their own, randomly assigned, map location, and perhaps homebrewed Event cards that signal inter-settlement activity.

>> No.28571606


My thought was more that we have a big old hex grid or square grid.

Players keep record of which squares they've been in (or we put little dots on those squares).

We'd probably want to overlay it on a real map.

>> No.28571856


>> No.28571882

It's a good purchase and you'll probably be able to flip it on ebay for more than you bought it for come release if you run into financial issues.

>> No.28571935

Yeah. And that someone is the scribe. Or at least, the city state he built for that purpose.

Hunters are one of the hero classes. The fact that they work AGAINST you in KD:M is very telling.

>> No.28571956


I'm a fiscally responsible adult...
I'm a fiscally responsible adult...
I'm a fiscally responsible adult...
I'm a fiscally responsible adult...

>> No.28572018

The creator has shown a remarkable attention to detail and an uncompromising stance on quality. He's more interested in building a brand then turning a profit with this game.

Every post Poots makes reassures me as a backer that I've made the right decision.

>> No.28572041

I'm pretty sure the great city state isn't part of The King's Domain, so they're not bound by the law of The King, nor The Scribe.

>> No.28572138

And I'm awake from my slumber, per se. I'll do it.

>> No.28572206

One of his latest comments to aa backer was that they will PROBABLY end up in the black when this is all done, but only slightly. He is using every dollar from backers to make the actual product, and get it into everyone's hands, plus an additional 3.5k copies to sell after all is said and done, to actually make a profit off of. Till then, he is using the resin models he has been selling for any expenditures needed.

Which makes me happy, that he isnt working for profit, he is using the added funds to actually improve the game.

I'll admit to some buyers remorse when my card got charged, but that ended quickly after actually seeing the product he is putting out. jesus Christ you people weren't kidding. I DO sound like a fucking viral marketter.

>> No.28572210

... Alright.

I'll do it. But I'm not doing Gold! I don't care how hot little plastic tits and birthing hips are. I've got the hentai gallery. This is for the monsters.

>> No.28572220


>> No.28572248

Want to take a knee besides me? I'm sitting in front of Poots's crotch.

>> No.28572439

It's done.

S-so cold. Feel money... empty...

>> No.28572735


>> No.28572820

He already made one though.

>> No.28572901

>that and the F Great Game pinup for 25$
>don't have any money
Shit. Oh well.

>> No.28573186

Damn son
those models are fucking ridiculously fappable
do want

>> No.28573410

How do the armor kits work exactly?

Are we supposed to mix and match them on the base survivor model or is each it's own model?

I'm curious cause this is gonna be some real nightmarishly hard rare-earth-magnet making if it's all modular...

>> No.28573433

Each part of each armor kit is a body part, there is no such thing as an unarmored figure (besides the starting survivors). They're all interchangeable based on the same joint system.

>> No.28573502

So do we glue them together or are they meant to be switched while in play?

And if switched while in play, how? That's going to take some serious work with rare earth magnets to get anything done.

>> No.28573508

They're meant to be permanent, but I know quite a few people are keen on trying to magnetize them.

>> No.28573533

Actually, the game comes with 4 in armored figures, two of each gender, not counting the starting survivors.

Other then that, yes, the kits are all a standardized joint system. Minis are divided into head, torso, legs, left arm, right arm, right hand, and left hand. Hands obviously includes weapons.

People who have magnetized KDM minis in the past have stated some difficulty with it do to their size.if you really need to, dont magnetize arms. Just do it at the neck and the torso.

A popular idea seems to be to make one "full set" of the kit for both male, and female, and then use the remaining two models in the kit to piece together your MVP champions when they pass away/beat the game. Or just building whatever looks neat.

Although, its important to remember that WYSIWYG does NOT apply to this game. Statistics are determined by gear cards, not minis. As long as all the players can easily tell apart their pieces, everything will be fine.

>> No.28573550

also, suspiciously similar offspring are a thing.

>> No.28573552

Well doing it without ruining the models is going to be a trick.

Yes, but the idea of making them modular is just such a cool idea I'm loathed to pass it up...

I need to get into contact with my material sciences bros back at college. I remember one of them talking about a "paint on Velcro" or something... I wonder if it'll work for this.

>> No.28573581

I personally planned on keeping the originals as 'back ups', and recasting to use for magnetizing/painting to be actually played with.

>> No.28573659

That would be a cool idea. Make molds of survivors and armor kits, then at the end of the game everyone gets to take home their survivor.

I plan on messing around with the extra armor sets I get to see if I can get them to be modular. Maybe with magnets or pinning.

>> No.28574988

This thread is too close to being deleted! I did not spent $800 to allow KD threads to die


>> No.28574990

That so much bro science bullshit. Yeah women are generally attracted to more than looks (a Hannibal pinup could just be him in a suit with an open shirt and dick hanging out) but that's easily conveyed with pose and the fucking lion knight who is clearly confident and protecting his ladies is not a pinup because he's just not sexy.

Source: any fandom

>> No.28575494

Kingdom Death: Monster is still in the store, for anyone who may still want it

>> No.28575565

>that faggot that posts the pinups was here
>nobody posted this
The fuck, /tg/.

>> No.28575710

does anyone have the link to all the info on KD Monster?

>> No.28576629

Yep, it has been posted earlier in the thread. But here's the link again.

>> No.28576817

Does OCTGN handle rules though? Most of the OCTGN games rely on you knowing the rules and it just functions as a board.

>> No.28576906

New thread, yay or nay? Not sure if a new thread is warranted.

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