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Hruds are neat! Let's have a hrud thread!

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Are they tiny rat people or bulky insect monsters? The lore contradicts itself there.
Maybe the rat Hrud and bug Hrud are actually two completely separate species, and Imperial scientists incorrectly use the same name to refer to both of them?

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about the Hruds and Space Skaven:

in the first edition of 40k, the Skaven were off-handedly mentioned.

During the second edition, GW planned to introduce the Skaven into 40k tabletop. Concept art was made by Jes Goodwin, depicting them as gasmasked, trenchcoat-wearing, jezzail-wielding ratmen.

BUT since they were cautious about it, they didn't go that far.

With the 3rd edition, the codex+army system had become the accepted norm. Each army had its codex (apart from squats, who were removed) and plans were made to introduce new armies. The dark eldars were the first ones. The necrons already had their WD pseudo-codex. The two main candidates at that time were the Kroots and the Skaven. But since they weren't too sure about the latter, they made a little picture in the 3rd ed rulebook in which was scribbled a little creature covered in rags, with a rifle, and a tail, and called it a Hrud.

It looked sort-of like Jes Goodwin's concepts, and the one or two other bits of fluff at that time made them a subterranean, nefarious race. But nothing outright stated that they were the Skaven mentioned in the 1st edition. Visibly, GW wasn't too sure which way they should introduce the Skaven, and if the Hrud should be them.

The Hrud Fusil was introduced in Inquisitor as a warp-plasma-based weapon, as a variation on Jes Goodwin's concepts, in which Skaven jezzails worked with warpstone gas. A fan-made Inquisitor supplement even suggested using Skaven models to depict the Hrud.

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Now, in the 4th edition, Xenology was published. In this book, the Hrud were depicted as a creation of the Old Ones, poisonous, parasitic scavengers that generate a time-warping entropic field and looked like weird monsters (OP's picture). Their anatomical and cultural description matched most of their previous depictions (a tail, four fingers, cloaks and rags)

Since then, in the 40k RPG (in Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader, mainly) the Hruds have been mentioned a few times. Their entropic field and poison-based equipment were mentioned, suggesting that Xenology has been acknowledged by other authors, but they haven't been described physically.

In the 6th ed rulebook, there's a new illustration of an unknown xenos, extremely similar to the 3rd ed Hrud illustration. We don't know whether it's supposed to be a Hrud, a Skaven, or something else. But it's obviously different from the 4thed/5th ed Xenology Hrud: it could be a Skaven, but seems to lack fur, has a greenish skin, and doesn't seem to have a snout.

To make matters worse, in the 1st edition rulebook, there's a drawing by Jes Goodwin of an unidentified xenos, with a gasmask, a large coat, and a jezzail. But it has six digits on each hand.

So, basically, there are many similar species of xenos that all seem to roughly match the illustration of the 3rd ed rulebook. Hruds could either be green-skinned little critters, Space Skaven, the monsters described in Xenology, or the unidentified Xenos from the 1st edition.

GW's official stance is extremely vague, but the recently-released material points towards their Xenology description.

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Hruds walk around shrouded in mindbreak gas and carry warp muskets.

Hrud are pretty cool.

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Personally I prefer something in between. The big bug monster doesn't really strike me as the sneaky, stealthy snipers that the Hrud are supposedly meant to be, but "Skaven IN SPAAAACE!" just feels lazy, even for a setting that's largely "pseudo-medieval fantasy tropes IN SPAAAACE!" already. It's just that while there's plenty of animal-people in the 40k universe, they're usually just mutated humans. The Hrud should be more alien than just rat people.

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They're neat! And they have a great fashion sense!

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There are many xenos races that fill the "spooky child-molesting fairies" niche, but I feel that hruds have the most potential.

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>The lore contradicts itself there.
The mark of great 40K lore - it must be super true then..., both..., and none of them of course.

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I'm sticking to my "it's actually several separate species that are all called the same thing by humans". Also keep in mind that they are extremely good at not being seen, which is why it makes sense that hardly anyone knows what they actually look like.

But yeah, the real reason is the usual: a lot of different artists and authors trying to do their own thing with the same concept. Also a game of telephone.

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Gee, B'hyll, how come your mom lets you wear two pairs of geos?

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So have they shown up in Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader yet, and if no, why? They're pretty much perfect encounters for a group of Explorers investigating a series of strange murders and thefts aboard their own ship.

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IIRC, 1st ed mentioned ratmen as a species of abhumans, similar to ogryns, beastmen and ratlings (note that the ratmen weren't just ratlings under another name).

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not yet
cause they don't know which direction to take.

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yes, but it also outright mentioned skavens.

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That's a shame, they have a lot of potential. Although that does again show how seriously FFG takes the fluff, which I respect.

They could just leave them vauge, and let the GM decide for himself. There was a monster in the DH bestiary like that: it was left to the GM to decide if the unseen monster that skinned people was a xeno or a demon, and they provided different stats for both. FFG like to leave mysteries like that open, that way it can still surprise players who have already read the books themselves.

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Where's the tail on this one? Or was it removed?

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>Although that does again show how seriously FFG takes the fluff, which I respect.
>how seriously FFG takes the fluff

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FFG doesn't take the fluff even remotely seriously, they're just too imaginative to do anything else than blindly follow the current directives set by GW and shoehorn a few stupid references in it.

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we can clearly see it, are you blind?

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My concept of Hrud makes them a species that is naturally OD'd on the stuff that assassins use to make themselves look like someone else. Complete morphogenic chaos.

Which is why the hrud are both crazy bug people and crazy rat people and crazy inhuman-oids that dissolve after death.

My personal not-backed-by-GW fannon of hrud is that, at some point before 40k as we know it, the Hrud were a fully developed multi-planetary species of their own, but instead of turning to psionics or technology, they went full on genetic engineering. Ultimately cobbling together a means to give them complete conscious control over their body's shape.

It let them grow tools and equipment right out of their skin. Unfortunately, shit went downhill, as it does in 40k, and later generations, ones that were born with the ability to change their bodies around, also came with massive psychosis from never knowing who they really were. Their society collapsed, and the Hrud retreated into squalor, covering their misshapen bodies with whatever rags they could scavenge, and reproducing like rats.

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that one is in the middle of Melting.

yeah, Hrud melt when they die.

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hrud society relies heavily on family ties, though. They don't reproduce like rats.

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Does it make them sad?

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>tfw Codex: Tau Empire's Kroot entry refers to the Hrud as "despicable"


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Never mind them, they're mean, they don't like things that are neat and hruds are neat!

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The fluff about Hrud that I read is probably one of the only really scary parts of 40k.
I don't care about Skaven because I don't know Skaven. I just want my time-bending horrors that lives in pure darkness and keep people as pets.

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It's simple. That's a female
The males have a tail which is also their penis. Straight from Xenology.

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Are the Hrud still fighting Chaos in their own Long War?

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I never said they didn't have familial ties, just that they breed, a lot. In the portrayals I've read, Hrud attack in a swarming, teeming mass armed with stubbers and whatever scavenged weapons they have stolen as a front, and send a few sneaky snipers around the flanks.

But they are numerous, and they are hiding in the walls and underground. Hence: breeding like rats.

Also: where do we learn about hrud families?

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You're just saying that because they look like bugs!

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The Imperial Guard codex mentions Hrud causing the soldiers fighting them to age rapidly. So at least in that aspect GW follows "Xenology".

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Hrud Dessicator Fusil is in Faith and Coin.

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Good ideas about them in this old thread.

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Genestealer Contagii are known to exist within Hrud communities.

This is on Lexicannum.
How do they even?

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terribad ideas as well.

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Usual /tg/

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Fukken Genestealers

Stealin all the genes

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Are there genestealer-genestealers!

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Considering that the Hrud nearly infested a Craftworld and turned it into a rotting mulch....

It's an appropriate description to them.

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>hruds confirmed for trolls given form

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That's a great picture. Where's it from?

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I dunno, man.

Think about it...

They're like...
Pokemon that have gone super evil!

In Warhammer Fantasy, they were even given HAMSTER WHEELS OF DOOM.

That sounds like a premise you could have a lot of fun with! Even if it is lazy.

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The 6th Rulebook.

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Errr... do you mean, "6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Codex"?

>also... I wish this thread was more lively. I was on drama-infested /b/ thread earlier which depressed me!

>posting totally unrelated pic to put people in a slightly better mood

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Are you implying that goofninja aliens with an entropic field who secrete drugs isn't something you can have fun with
Also you sound like a total newfag who just read 1d4chan and think it's funny.

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Da Ruul Buk.

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>Are you implying that goofninja aliens with an entropic field who secrete drugs isn't something you can have fun with
Ok... now THAT is a good point.
Hat's off to you on that one.
>Also you sound like a total newfag who just read 1d4chan and think it's funny.
Oh, lighten up...

"A life lived for the lulz is a life lived well!"

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>hat's off to you
let me guess, it's a fedora, right?
>lighten up
enlighten up?

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It's a cap!

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thank you.

But let me ask you this...
I can see the "space-rat" imagining of the Hrud in the pic: >>28543636

There, in the lower-left.
But, are there any "puddle-monster" Hrud in there? I'm not sure if I see them.

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That is the fattest SHIELD agent I have ever seen. Was she a diversity hire or something?

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Normally I'd agree with you about the whole "xxx in SPACE" thing being tiered and lazy. However this is Skaven we are talking about. Skaven are in an eternal battle with orcs (of all types and spelling) for the title of my faveoritest race of all times. So really I couldn't have any problems if GW decided to pull spaces skavens out of the bag.

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Silence you fools!
You'll get us sued!

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My guess is that she's a nod to "Amanda Waller" from "CADMUS", of DC comics.

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I wish we still had the Squats too, you know.

The early work done with the Squats by Games Workshop was GREAT.

They fit in the storyline terrifically, the models were pretty good, and they were fun.

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the models were bad by all standards
I bet you're the kind of retard who bitches about the recent GW releases.

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I wouldn't have minded if they had gone 80's sci-fi on the squats, made them Alien-dwarfs-in-space instead of just "an independent faction of humanity that worships their ancestors, Emperor included, so the inquisition sorta-kinda tolerates them."

They could have been so much more than just another human faction. Gods know we have too many of those already.

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I'm quite fine with many of them.

To wit...
I actually am intrigued by the idea of the C'Tan having been sharded by the Necrons as it gives more room for playing with ideas that pre-suppose that Necrons are almost always mindless zombie bots.

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Hrud sound scary as fuck because of that time field. When they migrate people age to death because they got too close.

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we have two of those

>> No.28549387

we know that
make your posts interesting

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People are too but hurt that their grim dark murder bots got personality now.

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go shit up another thread

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Meh, maybe later

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I think we have many of those.

◘Space Marines.
◘Space Marine Chapters with their own Codices.
◘Imperial Guardsmen.
>might even be a few Imperial Guard armies with their own Codices like the Death Korps of Kreig... am not sure.
◘Sisters of Battle.
>also non-spacenun Inquisition fighters.
◘Titan legions.
◘Mechanicum Skitari.

Am I missing any other Human forces?

You know... I'm sure I've seen some Necro-loli fanart a little while ago.

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Hey, I just wanted to agree with the man.

>> No.28549515

but it was illegitimate to go so far as to make a post about it
>only recently heard about Lolicron
lurk more
take off that trip
start posting in a few months after you've learnt how irrelevant you are

also faction=/=army

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I thinks that's what made them special. The one murder bot that actually thinks and has a cute face. The necron player I knew was always angry how they weren't like terminator anymore. And that they killed their gods.

>> No.28549547

Fine... I've known about Lolicron for years.

Now then...
>and no, "complaining" doesn't count as contributing.

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Need to chill yer hit bro.

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Alright. How do the insect hrud get around? I like to think they just fly into space because everything they come across turns to dust. Just use them crazy fuck powers to just float into the void and hit up a new planet.

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>your post = doin' it right...!
>keep it up..! but, anyway...

Ah, but's that just the thing you see...
We don't even know for a fact that the insectoid-Hrud are the TRUE Hrud...

Nevertheless, there's at least two rather plausible theories for how they get around.

1. like you said, they fly off into space and ride cosmic or even warp-eddies to get from sector to sector
2. their primary means of getting around really is hitch-hiking. and this could well be the means for getting places if the puddle-Hrud are the true Hrud as well.

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Jesus fuck just read Xenology they just hang around on human spaceships.

It's conceivable that they can also hack into the webway since they managed to invade a craftworld and have known the eldars for long.

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