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No 40k Army List general, and we cannot allow that, can we?

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I've been playing with my DE lately, and realised that they are far too outdated and nerfed during this edition that I will need some allies to be able to do something. I found that my problem was not the anti-infantry thing, but the anti-tank side, as my anti-tank units die far too quickly. As I don't want to be cheesy, this is what I decided to do:

-Homunculus with Liquifier Gun and Venom Blade

-5 Incubi inside a venom with SC
-5 Incubi inside a venom with SC

-9 Wracks with 1 LG and an acothyst inside a Raider
-10 Wracks with 1LG inside a Raider
-10 Wracks with 1LG inside a Raider

-1 Ravager with FlickerShield
-1 Ravager with FlickerShield

-1 SpiritSeer

-5 WraithGuard inside a Wave Serpent with ScatterLasser and Holofield
-6 WraithGuard inside a Wave Serpent with ScatterLasser and Holofield


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>almost literally everything can take dark lances
>complains about not having any anti-tank

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>Almost everything can take Dark Lances
>Almost everything have T3 or AV10
>Trying to kill flyers with Dark Lances

What I can assure you is that I cannot complaing about anti-infantry. But anti-tank is a real issue here, mainly because or you burst their tanks right away quickly, or your "anti-tanks" get blowed up. And when facing flyers or any army with resilent tanks, such as Eldars, that is not an option. On 5th I was fucking happy with my anti-tank options, they were awesome and cheap, but now they just don't work.

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>or you burst their tanks right away quickly, or your "anti-tanks" get blowed up
That's what DE is about. If you want hard guys go play SM.

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I already know that, and that was fine on 5th, but now on 6th we have all those vehicles that can only be killed or with certain weapons (AA), or with saturation, be it with glancing shots or because they are flyers and you have no AA. DE don't have AA nor saturation, only dark lances, because that's exactly what they are about, moving and blowing thing ups with few but powerful shots. That doesn't work on 6th edition anymore. 3 Wave Serpent can fuck me however they want, and 3 flyers will ruin my day every day. I really can play against things like flyersless SM (or with only 1 flyer), CSM or Tyranids, but any other army can flip my shit easily. That's why I want some resilent antitank options.

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>mainly because or you burst their tanks right away quickly, or your "anti-tanks" get blowed up
Well Dark Eldar are the glass cannon race, what did you expect?

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>>what is a ravager?

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>A ravager
>3 S8 Lance shots
>Against a Wave serpent: 3 shots, 2 hits, 1 glancing (because of serpent shield). GJ
>Against Flyer: 3 Shots, 0'5 hits, 0'25 Penetrating hits. GJ

Now tell me how the fuck is this a glass cannon. I repeat, against SM, even with 2 LR and predators and Dreads and what not, I can do fine, I can try and destroy a fucking landraider, even though I will probably only maim it and get blowed up, but that's the risk. Against Eldar or Flyers, I'm plain fucked, that's all. And flyers are everywhere now. The only reason I didn't realized before is because my 2 friends play Tyranids, and the other one play SM but he is cool and only use 1 flyer because he prefer other units. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, everything is fun. Now a friend of mine (a noob one) got their Eldars from 5th and bought the new codex, throw everything he had into a list (1k) and vaporized me only with his 3 fucking serpents. This, and how poorly I managed in the last tornament after an ork with 3 flyers and a CSM with 2 helldrakes stomped me, made me see that I need some support.

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If anything, I'd say DE need more variety of weapons than durability. They've basically only got two starlings for shooting.

However, have you tried either DE flier? They can drop other flyers just fine, and gain reliance simply from being a flyer.

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Here's a list I'm thinking of:


Primary: Sisters of Battle
HQ: Uriah Jacobus
Troops: 6x Battle Sisters, 2x Heavy Bolters
Troops: 6x Battle Sisters, 2x Heavy Bolters
Heavy Sup: Exorcist
Heavy Sup: Exorcist

Ally: Grey Knights
HQ: Inquisitor Coetaz (Divination, maybe Pyromancy too)
Troops: Inquis Hench Warband
** 3x Servitors, each with a Plasma Cannon
** Inquis Chimera
Elites: Paladin squad (5 strong, Psycannons, Falchions, maybe Narthecum)

Inquisition Detatchment
HQ: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (Psyker - Divination, Melee-spec, psykotroke grenades, poisoned dagger, etc)
HQ: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (same as above)
Elites: Inquisitorial Henchman Warband
** 10x Death Cult Assassin, with Power Axes and Mauls
** 1x Munitorum Priest
* Land Raider Crusader Dedicated Transport

My thinking is the Chimera will transport the shooty Paladins while the SoB castle up and just spam ranged pain. The Land Raider will hold the Death Cult Assassins, and deliver both them and both Ordo Xenos inquisitors into melee.

It's a Ordo Hereticus/Ordo Xenos theme with the Paladins being modeled after the Deathwatch. (Because fuck the Grey Knights.)

Seems like it could do ok, but I'm not making it to be super competitive.

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The problem here isn't your lack of anti-tank, it's a problem with Eldar.Current rules for Wave Serpents are RIDICULOUS. Either they laugh at everything that isn't Tau (since they can just spam enough S7 to make those Glancing hits count) or shoot those insane shields at your face, destroying pretty much any tank DE can have in one go.

Seriously, the best advice I can give is to tell the Eldar player to change his lists. Riptides, Wave Serpents and flyer spams are surefire ways to destroy friendly casual games.

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Shit. Wrong picture. Thought that was Celestine but I couldn't read the captions.

Have some SoB/UM instead.

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750 point Guard army

Company command squad 50
-power weapon 60
-plasmapistol 70
-regimental standard 75
-Lascannon 95
-Chimera 150
-Plasma gunb 165

Lord Commisar 70
-Carapas armour 80
-Power weapon 90
-Camo cloak 100

Veteran Squad 70
-Sniper 75
-Sniper 80
-Sniper 85
-Lascannon 105
-Chimera 160

Veteran Squad 70
-Forward Sentries 100
-Sniper 105
-Sniper 110
-Sniper 115
-Autocannon 125

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank 150
-Pintle Heavy Bolters 170
-Camo netting 190
-Heavy Stubber 200

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Off topic, but what's that gif supposed to be?

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Errata gives DCAs power swords.

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They updated the Inquisition codex, Death Cult are back to just having Power Swords like they do in all other versions of the unit.

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Did the Inquisition codex already get errata'd? Shit. I really wanted my lovely ladies to have axes and mauls. :(


A Sisters of Battle/Ultramarines parody of that Rhythm Heaven game.

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Yeah, I agree. Some kind of AA, or something like the Scatter Laser seems good to me. I'm looking for resilent anti-tank right now because I know I won't find anything as mobile as DE.

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Yeah, I agree. Some kind of AA, or something like the Scatter Laser seems good to me. I'm looking for resilent anti-tank right now because I know I won't find anything as mobile as DE.

Also, I haven't used fliers because I don't actually like how they play, nor how they look. I know I'm making it harder for me, but that's how I like it. No flyers, no cheese spam, and some melee.

Yeah, they are. I in fact feel filthy by using them, but there are no other transport on the Eldar Codex. But at the same time they show me how I cannot actually fight against flyers either, and that is a huge problem in any tournament. I won't say my friend to change the list, as he cannot. He isn't spamming serpents, nor flyers or anything, he just have (and need) transports.I will find a way to be able to deal with them, that's all.

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Sorry anon, standard battle sisters can't take the double HBs. You've got the right idea with their AoF though.

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Allie with Craftworld eldar and take some war walkers / serpents?

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Yeah, that's what I did here >>28504845
Though I really prefer WraithGuard instead of walkers, as they are scoring, and look cooler. I think 2 serpent are enough to accomplish things and not going full cheesy.

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I want to make a ridiculously psyker-y Eldar army. If psychic powers were glitter and fabulous, these guys make Mardi Gras look like a 16 year olds trapper keeper.

Suggestions for the 3000 point level?

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Well, good thing this thread popped up.
I've been playing a ton of Dark Crusade, and I was thinking on getting into army making.

What would be the best army to start off with, beginner wise? I was thinking Imperial Guard or Necrons? Mostly just to get into the feel of the tabletop and learn about it from experience.

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Grey Knights, Space Wolves or Ultrasmurfs, specifically. Marines are stupid powerful with no glaring weaknesses. Or any at all, really. They're a very forgiving first race. I can't remember the point costs of Grey Knights, but they're fairly high I think, which would make things cheaper for you.

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Starting Space Yiffs, this is my list for a sneaky 500 point army that's going to the base for an escalation league.

Space Wolf Battle Leader
Saga of the Hunter
Frost Blade
Plasma Pistol

Space Wolf Scouts
Plasma Pistol x2

Grey Hunter Squad
5 GH
Power Sword
Mark of the Wulfen

Grey Hunter Squad
10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns

Shold be 500 Points exactly.

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Probably, go Ilyaden or whatever is called. You can get 5 Spiritseers on a single HQ slot. Or go regular Eldar, 2 Farseers, and as much spiritseers as you can/want. Then, add as many things as you need to be able to deal with most things, as Anti-Tanks, Anti-Infantry, something to kill flyers, and a couple of resilent scoring units.

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Alright then. Mostly just start off with regular Mehreens and work out from there? Have a commander or some sort too.

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How many points are we talking? I'd start with Knights for the smaller point games, otherwise switch to Wolves or Ultramarines, both of whom have different playstyles. Sort of.

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Get 10 or 20 Tactical Marines (regular marines), as you can't go wrong with that. Then, add one HQ, a couple of rhinos, and after that whatever suits you, be it bikes, landspeeders, prefators, dreads or assault marines. Depending on what you like the most, you can build an army with them.

Also, you should first pick the codex. And, do this if you like Space Marines. At the end of the day you should play what you like the most: if you like necrons or Imperial guard, go necron or imperial guard. If there is a tie between those two, you should better pick necrons, as they are more standar and not that outdated. 10 Necron Warriors and 1 HQ could be a good start, always together with the codex.

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I'm not sure, really. Points are just basically like requisition right? You have a starting number and use that to field troops and such, and use as much of it as you can during the game, right?
Alright, I've had a ton of fun as IG in Dark Crusade so I figure I would have just as much fun on the tabletop with them, especially if it's a throw them into the grinder type of game.

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>Marines are stupid powerful with no glaring weaknesses. Or any at all, really.

I have to disagree with that assessment. Marines are pretty much dead center on the power curve. They're the very definition of an "average" army, unless you're running White Scars Bikespam.

The weakness of Space Marines is that they're generalists in a game that heavily rewards hyper-specialization, and they suffer for it. Melee troops will beat them in melee, and shooty troops will outshoot them, because the Marine statblock is halfway good at both, but not good enough at either to stand up to actual focused units.

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I haven't played Dark Crusade, so I cannot know if they play equally on the boardgame. On the boardgame, you field tons of vehicles, part of them being transports with tons of soldiers inside, shoot the enemy to death with your tanks, swarm them with your soldier, and then capture what's left. The thing is, if you want to get the grip to the game, IG plays a bit different from the regular army, and I cannot tell you what is good and bad with them (as I have never played with, nor against, IG).

Points are like... the size of your army. When you go to play a game, you have to set a number of maximun points, so you and your enemy field equal armies (otherwise, you could field 20 tanks, and your enemy 10 guys and 1 HQ, and that would be unfair). So, usually, games are 1500-2000 points. A good starter amount could be 500 points, then going to 750, and then 1000. Buy and assemble a 500 points army, and play with it against a friend, to get the grip of the game. Then, try to paint them, though not need to fully paint them, just enough so you can field them without feeling ashamed (3 colors, no need for shades now). Then, think of a way to expand your army to 750, buy, assemble, play a bit, then paint again. This way, you won't be overwhelmed, will learn how to play, know what you have bought can and can't do, and also feel "good" as you have a painted army. If you do as many people do, buy a lot of stuff aimlessly, build then an army, then buy more stuff because what you got is not what you need, then build it, play, then try to paint, and get overwhelmed because you have 1500 points unpainted and it looks like fucking forever to get it done.

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Ahhhhh, ok. Thanks for the info then.

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>especially if it's a throw them into the grinder type of game.
Take Chenkov and 2 50 man conscript squads with send in the next wave, ally in an inquisitor to cast divination, you'll break the grinder with the weight of the meat you're throwing into it.

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Fun! I'll look into that then and see just how many corpses it takes to turn the grinder into a scrap heap. Well, unless I'm against Orks in which case it'd just be one wave running into another wave.

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My first time playing 40k but not tabletop wargaming, thinking of starting a Raptors Space Marine army. I guess they just use regular Space Marine codex? Kind of disappointed there's no Raven Guard codex, I'd use that.

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There are RG tactics in the codex, champ.

>> No.28507283

Raven Guard tactics are in the book, and Forge World has the rules for Raptors tactics as a free download on their website. Rending bolters, son.

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Cool. I can't recall any named characters in the Guard besides Shrike, but I like Shrike anyway. Can I take him as an unnamed, generic HQ? How good is he on the table? (if he even can be fielded/has a model/rules).
Well shit. Guess I have way more research to do on 40k. Thanks m8s.

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>Can I take him as an unnamed, generic HQ?
Unless your opponent has terminal autism you should be fine using him as a count as, if thats what you mean.
>How good is he on the table?
I play chaos, but i have heard he is bretty guud :DDDD

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Huh. I thought for sure the new codex let them take one Special Weapon and one Heavy Weapon, and that Heavy Bolter was in both groups. I'll double check once I'm back.

Any other feedback on the list? Looks like I might be going against a Dark Eldar opponent.

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Alright, so, I have only the most primitive understanding of 40k rules. However I do like to collect and paint. But I like to make sure that I stay within the confines of rules and reason so that should the madness ever take me one day and I decide to play a game, my army would at least be playable.

But designing an army seems like a huge task with lots of decisions to make that can only really come from experience. I'm way out of my depth. Do you choose between focusing on close-combat or range? Heavy support or Fast Attack? Or build a balance between them? Should you make big squads or small squads? Should you try and focus on specific weapon types, or get a mix? Do you use multiple squads of a specific unit, or is it better to take different types? Who should take transports? What sort of situations do you need to account for and what units/options deal with them? That's before you even get into minor options and upgrades.

So, any general tips for building an army?

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The general rule of thumb is to collect and paint an army you aesthetically and thematically enjoy, then try to make it game-ready.

Tailoring lists and going for straight function first shouldn't come at the expense of your enjoyment of the hobby. (Unless someone else is paying for your models and supplies.)

You can play 40k hyper competitively, sure, but the game was never designed for it. (It's based on dice rolls FFS.) So, imo, it's more important you enjoy the total experience and try to find like-minded people to play with.

And, in gameplay terms, unless you're a twat who custom-tailors a list, just go with a force that has answers to anything an enemy could throw at you. (Such as anti infantry, anti armor, anti tank, etc.)

Picking an army will be your biggest challenge, though. (And I highly recommend against picking a Finecast-heavy army like Chaos Daemons or Sisters of Battle, since your wallet will never recover.)

>> No.28508317


Well I collect CSM, but sort of worry about if I'm making dumb decisions. Like I have my squad of 10 dudes. I gave them a meltagun and a flamer, and gave the champ a plasma pistol and power sword. I have no idea if those weapons are any good, or if it would have been better if I had picked two of the same, or whatever. Then do I keep them as a squad of 10, or make them two squads of 5? Or do I get another 10 and make them a squad of 20?

I guess it's really not that stringent and you can modify stuff fairly easily and no one will care, but I do like the idea of representing your choices on the models and having an army that is designed with a particular method of play in mind.

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I'm going to play some Kill team games on thursday with my Necrons. Was thinking of taking

Specialist Wraith with whipcoils and Hatred
8x Deathmarks, x2 with preferred enemy

I don't expect to come up against alot of vehicles, using the deathmarks to quickly take out their more nasty units while the wraith attacks regular infantry and heavy weapons.

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Two points:

1. Don't be afraid of magnetizing things. You get good magnets cheaply and easily and they're a great way to maintain a what-you-see-is-what-you-get army. (And if you're in Europe, look up an ebay seller called spider_magnets. Highly recommended.)

2. Don't fret about having totally accurate models. Unless you're playing in a GW tournament or with a real tightass, you can get by without having everything exact. It's important to make sure your opponent knows exactly what's what, and that your modifications don't give you any unfair advantages. (Such as trying to proxy a Land Raider with a Rhino, thereby making it a much smaller target.)

A good example here is the latest force I painted. It was a combined Blood Angels (Death Company) group with a Sisters of Battle primary detatchment. SoB models are all pewter, expensive, and hard to find cheapily, so I sure as shit didn't have wysiwyg for most of them. But I did have enough helmeted ones to say 'These ones have heavy weapons', and that was fine with my opponent. I did the same thing with my Death Company. 'The ones with swords have power axes', etc.

Part of it also involves keeping the models straight in your own head while playing.

And for bulks of units (like Imperial Guard regiments or Cultist blobs), the idea is you just have enough models to pick and choose the weapon-appropriate ones on the table. (Meaning, you have (say) a box of Cultists that you can fish through to find ones with the appropriate wargear before you start playing.)

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Oh yeah! Forgot two quick points that should really help you while you're learning the game.

1. Get a copy of the pocket edition of the main rule book. You can find it on ebay and I think GW might even sell it standalone now. Read it end to end. Then re-read it. And keep reading it.

2. Check out 1d4chan's Wh40k tactic section. Lots of interesting tips, thoughts, and unit reviews.

And don't feel bad if it feels daunting. 40k is one of the most obtuse, analog, rules buried in rules games out there. No one can get it all at first blush, and you'll make tons of mistakes in your first few battles; but that's just how it goes.

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You always want your squads focused on doing a particular job, rather than trying to force them to multitask. If you've got a Melta and a Flamer, the Flamer will be totally useless if you need to shoot the Melta at a vehicle. For much the same reason, the Melta will be wasted if you're trying to mow down a horde of guardsmen or the like.

Ten-man squads are good because they allow you to double up on special weapons, and the larger numbers give you some expendable guys to protect your special weapon guys, but the squad can still fit in a Rhino.

Never buy Plasma Pistols if you can help it. A single 12" shot, which has a chance of killing your Champion when you fire it, for 15 points (the same cost as an actual Plasma Gun, which has 24" range and two shots at 12") is a complete ripoff. For fewer points you could just buy a combi-melta, which has higher strength, better AP, the ability to completely rape a vehicle if you get within 6", and doesn't have a chance of frying your champ when he fires it. Sure its only 1-shot, but realistically you aren't going to have more than one important shot at 12" before you're either locked in close combat or dead most of the time.

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I haven't played since 4th and want to start again. I have an old Tau Broadside team and Hammerhead and want to start a Tau army. I made this list from what I have, the Tau Battleforce which seems pretty good, and a few extra boxes.

Does it seem ok? I was never a waac player when I used to play 40k, but I still want to be reasonably competitive.

Crisis Commander /w Fusion Blaster+Plasma Rifle + iridium Suit+ Drone Controller+ Stimulant Injector + X2 Marker Drones

2XCrisis Bodyguards /w Missile Pod + TL-Plasma Rifle + 2 Shield Drones

Stealth Team x3 with Shas'vre /w Fusion Blaster and Markerlight

Riptide /w HBC + Velocity Tracker + Stimulant Injector

Fire Warrior X6 + Shas'ui + 2 Gun Drones
Fire Warrior X6 + Shas'ui + 2 Gun Drones
Fire Warrior X6 + Shas'ui + 2 Gun Drones

Fast Attack
Pathfinder x5
Pathfinder x5
Piranha /w Fusion Blaster + 2 Seeker Missiles

Heavy Support
Hammerhead /w Railgun and Submunitions
Broadside X3 /w Tl-Heavy Rail Rifles and TL-Smart Missiles.

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Try and have more troops than any other FOC slot. Try and have something to fill the following roles: anti-infantry, anti-heavy infantry, anti-transport, anti-tank, anti-air.

>> No.28508518

I'm sick of playing with the shitty, tactically inflexible CSM codex, and I'm thinking of shelving them. Instead, I'm considering playing Dark Eldar maybe with some Eldar allies for access to a psyker and some heavier armor. Here's a sample list I threw together.

Dark Eldar/Eldar List

HQ: 310
Archon (60), Huskblade (35), Shadow Field (30), Combat Drugs (10). Total: 135
Haemonculus (50), Venom Blade (5). Total: 55
Farseer (100), Eldar Jetbike (15), Singing Spear (5).Total: 120

Troops: 1075
Wyches x8 (80), Hydra Gauntlets (10), Hekatrix (10), Agonizer (20), Raider (60), Flickerfields (10), Night Shields (10). Total: 200
Kabalite Warriors x10 (90), Splinter Cannon (10), Raider (60), Splinter Racks (10), Flickerfields (10), Night Shields (10). Total: 190
Kabalite Warriors x10 (90), Splinter Cannon (10), Raider (60), Splinter Racks (10), Flickerfields (10), Night Shields (10). Total: 190
Kabalite Warriors x10 (90), Splinter Cannon (10), Raider (60), Splinter Racks (10), Flickerfields (10), Night Shields (10). Total: 190
Dire Avengers x5 (65), Wave Serpent (115), Twin-linked Scatter Laser (5), Shuriken Cannon (10), Holo-Fields (15). Total: 210
Windrider Jetbikes x5 (85), Shuriken Cannon (10). Total: 95

Heavy Support: 610
Ravager: 105
Ravager: 105
Ravager: 105
Wraithknight (240), Suncannon (40), Scatter Laser (15). Total: 295


The Archon and the Haemy are in the Wych Raider to serve as a counter-charge unit. The Raider Warriors just blast away at infantry. Farseer guides the Ravagers from her jetbike squad, and they fire at heavy armor. The Wave Serpent is anti-light armor, and the Wraithknight is a distraction unit to keep the enemy shooting at it instead of the rest of my army.

>> No.28508522


Well the other thing is of course that the boxes only come with one of each special weapon, so I guess it's really easy enough to say "the flamer is a melta" like this dude mentioned >>28508385

Thanks for the tips guys

>> No.28508529

Chaos Daemons: Sexy Edition
500 Points

Herald of Slaanesh - 90 Points
- Psyker Mastery Level 1
- Greater Daemonic Reward

Daemonettes (13 Daemonettes), Alluress - 117 Points

Daemonettes (10 Daemonettes) - 90 Points

Soul Grinder - 195 Points
- Daemon of Slaanesh
- Baleful Torrent
- Warpsword

Not sure if the Soul Grinder is worth it at 500 points, but it really fills a lot of roles in the army (anti-tank, anti-air,and a big scary thing that will distract them from my Herald and Daemonettes).

>> No.28508538


Some questions:

1. Why no Marker Drones with the Pathfinder squads? Isn't that what makes Pathfinders good?

2. You've got a lot of low volume, high STR anti-armor shooting. What do you plan to do against a horde army?

3. Have you considered bringing along a Crisis Bodyguard who's decked out with shields and FNP to take hits for the Commander himself?

>> No.28508552

I'd give the Riptide an ion accelerator, take more firewarriors, and drop the Piranha for another Hammerhead.

>> No.28508560

If you don't have enough weapons, just buy individual bits. They're not that expensive thanks to the magic of the internet, and if you know anyone who's been playing for any significant length of time they've probably got shit-tons of extra bits they aren't using that they'll probably sell or trade to you for cheap, or free if you're lucky.

I know its easy to just counts-as your weapons, but you should endeavor to eventually make everything actually be what it looks like. Having to do counts-as every single game gets old for everyone involved pretty fast, and looks shabby.

>> No.28508583

replace the command squad shield drones and fire warrior teams gun drones with marker drones. lose the pathfinders they're garbage. give shield drones to your broadsides. keep your commander out front, consider plasma rifles for your broadsides so the can move and shoot if threatened.

>> No.28508586

Ditch the Warpsword on the Grinder, its a waste. Use the points on more Daemonettes, because 23 girls isn't hard to kill even at 500pts, and if they get wiped out before reaching combat you have to pray that the Grinder can solo the entire enemy army.

>> No.28508607

1) I forgot to list them when typing out the list from Battlescribe my bad.

2) I was considering getting rid of the Broadsides and having a Crisis team with Burst Cannons and Flamers for horde killing duties and then using some of the leftover points from dropping the Broadsides to beef up the Fire Warrior squad size, I'm not sure which option would be better.

3) I've heard about that, but in all honesty I need to reread the 6th edition wound allocation rules, I wasn't sure how good an option that would be, and whether spamming shield drones in the squd would be better for soaking instant death weapons such as lascannons.

Thanks for your questions, have given me something to think about, sorry for my poor English and grammar, it's not my first language.

>> No.28508622

Is IA better, I would have thought HBC would be good vs fliers, as I already have lots of anti TEQ in my list? Thank you for the feedback though

>> No.28508644

Really? The AP3 and rerolls seem really nice on the Grinder for dealing with MEQ armies. Dropping the sword, I could take another 3 Daemonettes, but to be honest, the sword seems like the better deal.

>> No.28508683


I think you could go with Missile Pods on the Broadsides to act as a good anti-horde method.

As for having a Crisis Suit being a tank for the Commander, I think it works because the bodyguards auto-pass all Look Out Sir rolls because of a special rule they have. The last game I played with my Tau, I had a suit loaded to the gills with survivability and debuff potential, and he saved the Commanders life at least three times. Good to have shield drones, too. Just expect a lot of firepower to hit the squad if your opponent is smart. (And psychic shit like Jaws of the World Wolf will still ruin your day.)

>> No.28508713

Tau Cadre = 987p

HQ = 50p
Ethereal 50p

Troops = 354
Fire Warrior Team (12) w/Shas’ui = 118p
Fire Warrior Team (12) w/Shas’ui = 118p
Fire Warrior Team (12) w/Shas’ui = 118p

Elites = 403p
XV8 Crisis Team (3) w/Shas’vre, 6x Plasma Rifle, 3xAdvanced Targeting System =175p
XV8 Crisis Team (3) w/Shas’vre, 6x Flamer, 2x Vectored Retro Thrusters, Neuroweb System Jammer = 118p
Stealth Team (3) w/Shas’vre, Fusion Blaster, Homing Beacon, Targetlock 5p =110p

Fast Attack = 180p
Pathfinder Team (5) w/Shas’ui =65p
Pathfinder Team (5) w/Shas’ui =65p
Piranhas (1) w/ Fusion Blaster =50p

Stealth team is for infiltrating a homing beacon for Crisis and tank busting. Piranha is there because of the battleforce. Opinions elegan/tg/entlemen?

>> No.28508753

Its already got AP2 attacks at S10 from the Iron Claw. The sword is completely redundant except for that single re-roll.

>> No.28508791

So it does. Thanks!

Drop the warpsword, and add 3 more Daemonettes to the squad of 13.

>> No.28508907

Always get the chain instead of the hydra gauntlet, numbers have been checked and it beats the hydra in most situations.

The rest seems ok to me.

>> No.28509628

Eldar do have the Falcon as a transport, but it can't be dedicated and so always takes up a Heavy Support slot, can only carry 6 dudes, and I don't think it can carry Wraithguard.
I find it saddening how extensively they've pushed the Wave Serpent in this edition.

>> No.28509677

You could Ally with FW's Eldar Corsair codex instead of CWE.
Corsairs can take 1 squadron of walkers as troops for each squad of normal corsairs, which are like guardians with lasblasters that can be equipped with jump packs and given special weapons.
Corsair walkers are different, too - their shields that provide the invul save are replaced with giant jetpacks, allowing them to jump around everywhere and cause massive havoc (and they might be able to get pulse lasers, I don't know though).

>> No.28510423

The problem with the other gun is killing yourself with Gets Hot! rolls. Tau are good anti-teq, it's part of the army.
I'd drop a fire warrior team and the piranha and get a skyray.

>> No.28510973

Drop the plasma pistols, unless your really ballsy about using them, otherwise theyre a waste of points
Other than that seems pretty solid

>> No.28511159


-white scars tactics
-kor'sarro khan on moondrakken 150

-bike squad:bike veteran sergeant with power fist and melta bomb, 6x bikes, 2 meltas and attack bike with multi-melta 262
-bike squad:bike veteran sergeant with power fist and melta bomb, 6x bikes, 2 plasma guns and attack bike with heavy bolter 262
-bike squad:bike veteran sergeant with power weapon and melta bomb, 6x bikes, 2 plasma guns and attack bike with heavy bolter 262
-tac squad: 9 marines with one plasma gun, sergeant with melta bombs, chainsword and bolt pistol, all on a drop pod 195
-tac squad: 9 marines with one plasma gun, sergeant with melta bombs, chainsword and bolt pistol, all on a drop pod 195
-land speeder squad: 3 land speeders, each one with double heavy bolter 180

TOTAL: 1496 points

first time with white scars, i always played crimson fists and salamanders in the old edition but then got rid of everything, i want a fresh start with neo space marines

>> No.28511301

No. Tactical Marines suck

>> No.28511313

What's your anti-air?

>> No.28511329

fuck the air i have bikes
also, flyers aren't a real big threat, even helldrakes can get destroyed in an instant (and i do that without anti-air)

>> No.28511568

Good thing they can kill 260 points of bikes before dying than

>> No.28511586

i totally want to see hitting 6 bikes and an attack bike in one single flame

>> No.28511880

I seem to recall there being biomorph options for the biotitans in the new Apocalypse rules, but I dont seem to see them. Anyone got a page number handy or can tell me where to find them?

>> No.28512082

He doesn't have to. He just has to kill half to make that squad combat ineffective

>> No.28512095

This is my first list.
1000 points CSM

Chaos lord, MoN 4+ save and black mace

5 PM with meltas
5 PM with meltas
5 PM with meltas

5 terminators( how should I equip them)
3 oblits, MoN

Should I get typhus or a sorcerer instead of a lord, and what should I get on my terminators?
And is there anything I could do better,
Please give me some advice

>> No.28512142

you do know that 3 bikes are still a big threat right

>> No.28512809

I've been contemplating starting an army for almost half a year now, and I have some money saved up (~$300 dollars) to be able to start.

I've read that I should try to play an army I like, especially aesthetically, so I've been juggling over Imperial Guard and Space Marines. I just have one quick question; Are older codecies compatible with the newer rulebook? I know that the SM codex got updated recently, will the same thing happen with the IG?

>> No.28512900

anyway, except for "need anti-air", is the list good enough?
and why are tacs shit?

>> No.28512981

Wait for the new IG codex to come out in about February (so I've heard). The current dex is powerful, although lacking internal balance. ie. Vendettas for fast attack.

Marines are OK but, at the moment, IG just seem to be able to deal with everything much more than marines.

tl;dr - plan your entire army before buying anything.

>> No.28513007

And 5th ed guard codex is still compatable.

>> No.28513093

Spam Gravguns instead of plasma, the bike bolters handle light infantry and the gravs hit meq/teq/mc without killing your dudes

Tacs cost too much to make them work (i.e. full squad + weps + pod or rhino). Scouts can sit on home objectives while bikes are more mobile and have relentless to abuse gravguns

>> No.28513126

how does a gravgun work?
i just use battlescribe, my memory of old codices and some things i got from looking at /tg/ to compose armies

>> No.28513244

Read both codices and go for what you like. I'd wait for february-march for new Imperial Guard stuff though. There have even been rumours for plastic Steel Legion and plastic Mordians.

And you can also go for allies and ally your Guard with Marines and vice versa.

>> No.28513331

Gravgun is 18", salvo 2 / 3, ap2
Wound roll = target's armor save (so 3+ to wound marines, 2+ for termies, etc)
So it's your best wep for tough guys
And it sucks against light infantry but that's what the bike tl bolters are for
That's why biker gravgun spam is the marine cheese du jour

>> No.28513402

well that looks like a good idea.
how does the gravgun work against vehicles anyway?

>> No.28513449

Instead of rolling for armor pen you roll a d6
1-5 does nothing
6 immobilizes vehicle and takes one hull point
So two gravgun bikers will on average do 1 hp + immobilize a vehicle they shoot at

>> No.28513503

jesus christ.

>> No.28513563

He's my Daemon Deathstar list

Herald of Tze
+ Exalted Gift (Grimoire)
+ Disk
+ Mastery Lvl 3
+ Greater Locus of Change
Herald of Tze
+ Greater and Lesser Gift (Greater Aetherblade + Staff of Change)
+ Disk
+ Mastery Lvl 3
Herald of Tze
+ Greater and Lesser Gift (Greater Aetherblade + Staff of Change)
+ Disk
+ Mastery Lvl 3
Herald of Tze
+ Greater and Lesser Gift (Greater Aetherblade + Staff of Change)
+ Disk
+ Mastery Lvl 3

10 Pink Horrors
10 Pink Horrors
10 Plaguebearers

20 Furies
+ Daemon of Tzeentch

Soul Grinder
+ of Tzeentch
+ Bale Vomit
Soul Grinder
+ of Tzeentch
+ Phlegm
Soul Grinder
+ of Nurgle
+ Phlegm


Am I doing it right?

>> No.28513679

That math is wrong actually since vikers have 4 bs

Oh, all grav weapons also have concussive
So you can charge after shooting the fuckers up and then smash them if that's your thing

>> No.28513700

My eldar list (I know troops are awful, but it's all I got, will be getting more after Christmas)

Warp jump generator.
Fusion gun
Power weapon (mainly maul unless against power armour)

5 Dire Avengers

10 Guardian Defenders
Eldar Missile Launcher

5 Rangers

5 Striking Scorpions
Scorpion's Claw
Crushing Blow

5 Fire Dragons
Fast shot
Wave Serpent
Star Engines
Vectored Engines
Spirit Stones
Shuriken Cannon
Scatter Laser

5 Dark Reapers
Eldar missile Launcher
Fast Shot
Marksman's Eye

2 War Walkers
Scatter Laser
Bright Lance
Eldar Missile Launcher with Flakk x2

Should be 1000 points, or else I've fucked up.
Feedback appreciated

>> No.28513720


Way too many points spent in your CCS which shouldn't need to use any of that equipment you're adding.

The Lord Commissar is a waste of points at this low of points, especially when you only have two actual troop choices. You could have two entire squads of guardsmen for the same amount of points.

See me after class
Turn in your minis

>> No.28513839

you can do better bra
war walkers can operate in squads of 2 at low points so that's good
dark reapers are good
same for the fire dragons
take more striking scorpions, trust me a squad of 10 of those fuckers is a big deal for the enemy (plus, if he starts first he can't charge you so you can just keep them in cover)
the guardians are ok, but in my opinion take another box of them and make a big squad for base holding
or just use your rangers, but they are just objective holders and sometimes special weapon killers, it depends
another box of dire avengers and put them in a wave serpent
if you use the warp jump for the autarch, put him in a squad of warp spiders

>> No.28513998

I don't have a real "set" army, just a lot of options to choose from.

---CCS -- 216 pts
-Regimental Standard
-2x Bodyguards
-Carapace Armor

---Lord Commissar -- 110 pts
-Plasma Pistol
-Power Sword
-Carapace Armor
-Camo Cloak

---Sniper squad -- 30 pts
---Lascannon Weapons squad --- 105
---Mortar squad --- 60
---Manticore --- 160
---Leman Russ Battle Tank --- 170
-Heavy Bolter sponsons
---Leman Russ Executioner --- 245
-Plasma cannon sponsons
---Hellhound/Banewolf/Devil Dog x2 ---120-130 pts each
---x86 Guardsmen for various uses
-3x plasma guns
-3x meltaguns
-3x G.Launchers
-4x Flamers
-1x Heavy Flamer
-8x Vox
-8x Sergeants (with various wargear)
1x bolt pistol
1x bolt pistol & power weapon
1x plasma pistol
1x Boltgun
4x basic sergeant/platoon commander

>> No.28514191

Starting a SoB army, not quite sure what I am doing.

I would like to be able to take a few of the relics or something but not sure if I want to get rid of my command squad or exorcist. Maybe cut down on combi's?

1x Canoness, melta bombs, condemner boltgun.

Sororitas Command Squad
1x Hospitaller
4x Celestians, 4x Heavy bolters (can the hospitaller take a heavy bolter?) 2 bolt pistols, 2 chainswords.

Battle Sisters Squad
Sister Superior - Melta bombs, combi-flamer
4x Sisters, heavy flamer, flamer.

Battle Sisters Squad
Sister Superior - Melta bombs, combi-flamer
4x Sisters, heavy flamer, flamer.

1x Exorcist

>> No.28514225

i won't take off straken because i guess you wanna run a "fuck this shit gonna do all the work by myself" army
snipers aren't good enough, you can take them off
for the rest, you have good units and you can actually field a good army with no problems

i usually take the two russes you have- a normal battle tank (take off the battle sponsos, you won't really need more bolters) and an executioner
sometimes i use a hellhound (i have only one) but two hellhounds are THE SHIT
you also have enough guards to be a threat for everyone
if those are catachans, then you are best bro and you just need to run and burn, run and burn
also, one or two vendettas aren't that bad to use, seeing you only have one lascannon weapon squad

>> No.28514228

Should have mentioned, 500/500 points

>> No.28514280

i really want to hel you, but i don't play sisters of battle and only saw them once
but they were beautiful
jesus christ why do they cost so much

>> No.28514296

Dude, those sisters need some kind of transport. They won't get far by walking.

>> No.28514340

Thanks man, willdo

>> No.28514359

So I've only ever played WFB and the RPG games like Dark Heresy. I was wondering can you field and entirely mechanicum army? Is there a book for them in the latest edition? If not, is there a way to adapt a book for them?

>> No.28514376


>> No.28514527


Should I eat the exorcist and get three rhinos or something?

Or could I stuff my two sister squads into a single rhino and get an immolator for the canoness/command squad along with 25 points of fancy shit?

Not sure how important transports are but the Immolator is bitchin.

Everytime I see one I hear a random quote from the DOW1 driver, usually BURNING GLORY or BEHOLD, THE IMMOLATOR.

Cheesy as fuck but amazing.

>> No.28514560

This one was posted here a while ago. It got more laughs than actual analysis.

>> No.28514615

So I want to build up a Carcharodons bike list using the White Scars chapter tactics.

2000 points:

Khan - 150

Bike Squad (5 bikes, veteran sarge, 2 x grav guns) 145
Bike Squad (5 bikes, veteran sarge, 2 x grav guns) 145
Bike Squad (5 bikes, veteran sarge, 2 x grav guns) 145
Bike Squad (8 bikes, 1 HB attack bike, veteran sarge, 2 x grav guns) 253
Bike Squad (8 bikes, 1 HB attack bike, veteran sarge, 2 x grav guns) 253
Bike Squad (8 bikes, 1 HB attack bike, veteran sarge, 2 x grav guns) 253

Attack Bike Squad (3 MM attack bikes) 165
Attack Bike Squad (3 MM attack bikes) 165
Storm Talon (TLLC) 140

Thunderfire Cannon 100

Aegis Line (comms relay)

comes to 1984

>> No.28514622

Can I make a viable Slaanesh themed army, preferably with a list that wont get me called a cheesey faggot like everyone fielding a helldrake seems to be called?

>> No.28514657

I'm trying to fill out my list for Orks, but I don't really know what compliments what well. My main focus is to build an army around the Warboss on Warbike with Nob Bikers squad. What should I look into adding to expand?

Warbike (40 pts)
Power Klaw (25 pts)
Cybork Body (10 pts)
135 pts

Lootas (x10)
100 pts

Shoota Boyz (x30)
Nob w/ PK & BP (40 pts)
220 pts

Nob Bikers (x5)
Cybork Bodies (25 pts)
PK (x1) (25 pts)
Painboy (30 pts)
Waaaagh! Banner (15 pts)
Bosspole (5 pts)
200 pts

Fast Attack
Deffkoptas (x3)
Twin-linked rokkit launcha(30 pts)
135 pts

>> No.28514674

Don't drop the exorcist. You will really need 1 rhino or inmolator. You only have 2 scoring units, so one should try to capture your zone point, and the other should go to the enemy zone. A second one could be great so if one is blowed up, the other can take your units further, but if you do not have points, then 1 will work. Your command squad is a shooty one, so you do not need to take them closer, or move them for that matter. The exorcist kill a lot of stuff, is good where it is.

>> No.28514686

Ok, I also have a SoB list to post but I'll help you out first. The battle sisters AoF gives them PE, so it help them out even more if you gave them a single Heavy bolter and just let them shoot away at a range. Get Immolators.

Put all your Heavy flamers into a single retributor squad. The AoF will buff it up to give you rending flamers, so you can take on something like MEQs. If you're good with placing templates you can really do some damage.

Command squad looks solid enough for what it has to offer. No, Hospitaller can only take default wargear with the additional Chirugeon tool. Ditch 2 CCWs for pistols.

What's the fuss with Condemnor boltguns? Other than messing up psykers?

>> No.28514804

> 11 large blasts every turn, the weakest of which at S6 AP 4 and going up to S9 AP 3
> 14 small blasts at S4

>> No.28514971

2000 point space wolves

Rune Priest: Chooser of the slain, terminator armor

Wolf Lord: Saga of the warriorborn, thunderwolf, runic armor, frost axe, stormshield, wolftail talisman, tooth necklace

Dreadnought: Assault cannon, extra armor, DCCW w/ heavy flamer

Contemptor Dreadnought: TL Heavy bolter, DCCW w/ heavy flamer, extra armor, wolftooth necklace, saga of the iron god

Wolf Guard 5x TDA: Cyclone, chainfist, 3 combi weapons, TH/SS, power fist-Land Raider Redeemer: Multi melta, extra armor

Grey Hunters Pack x10: flamer, melta, power weapon, wolf standard, rhino

Grey Hunters Pack x10: 2 plasma guns

Grey Hunters Pack x10: 2 plasma guns

Long Fangs: 2 lascannon, 2 missile launcher, heavy bolter

>> No.28515131

Forgot to add is the contemptor seen as a horribly overpowered unit? Like will people hate me for fielding one?

>> No.28515157

Huge list incoming. Would appreciate some sort of feedback, good or bad.

Sisers of battle - 1846/1850pts
-Power axe(15pts)
-Bolt pistol
-Mantle of Ophelia(25pts)
Saint Celestine(135pts)

Battle sister squad(60pts)
-5 additional battle sisters(60pts)
-Heavy bolter(10pts)
Sister superior
-Boltgun + Bolt pistol
Battle sister squad(60pts)
-5 additional battle sisters(60pts)
-Heavy bolter(10pts)
Sister superior
-Boltgun + Bolt pistol
Battle sister squad(60pts)
-5 additional battle sisters(60pts)
Sister superior
-Boltgun + Bolt pistol

Celestian squad(70pts)
-4 additional celestians(56pts)
-Heavy flamer(10pts)
Celestian superior
-Power sword(15pts) + Bolt pistol + Melta bombs(5pts)

Fast attack(500pts)
Seraphim squad(75pts)
-5 additional Seraphims(75pts)
-2x pairs of hand flamers(20pts)
Dominion squad(65pts)
-x4 Melta gun(40pts)
Dominion superior
-Bolter + Bolt pistol
-TL Multi melta
Dominion squad(65pts)
-x4 Melta gun(40pts)
Dominion superior
-Bolter + Bolt pistol
-TL Multi melta

Heavy support(410pts)
Retributor squad(60pts)
-x4 Heavy flamer(40pts)
Retributor superior
-Boltgun + Bolt pistol
-Twin-linked Heavy flamer

Aegis defence line(50pts)
-Quad gun(50pts)

>> No.28515686

No, you want Screamers, not furies.

Furies are limp-wristed to the point of uselessness unless you give them Slaanesh for rending, so you'll have a hyper-durable deathstar that can't actually kill anything.

>> No.28515773

So whats the consensus on Redeemer land raiders, are they good? Im very tempted to use one, move 12'' and burn something and then burn two units at a time, it sounds so delicious but, does it actually work?

>> No.28515905


Well fuck me I tallied up this list just to see the price (replacing normal sisters with storm bolter models just for sexy sabbat helms)

And goddam.

This is assuming I bought this list and didn't trade out some equipment for rhino/immolator transports, which are 37.25 each.

253 dollars for 16 infantry models and a vehicle, and I don't even have any paints or brushes yet either. Also intended to buy a small shelf to show them off on.

I think I might take up smoking crack instead.

>> No.28515965

Your best bet is eBay or chinaman.

>> No.28516081

eBay's actually worse than GW.

Try Aliexpress, if anything.

>> No.28516311


Apparently the chinese ones can be over 50% off, but might give you cancer.

Hmm... difficult choice...

>> No.28516397

It's been a long time since I've played, and I'd like to resurrect my guard army from 5th to 6th.

It used to be a footslogger army with two devildogs, lascannon scout sentinels, and if points got high enough, one or two russes for support. I used a gunline backed with orders while a couple of veteran squads would run around going for objectives and dealing with threats. It wasn't exactly the most optimized, but it was fun, and having a few units infiltrate was always good for a laugh.

Any major rules changes I should know about? Have things gotten to where its unplayable if I don't mechanize or air cav my guard?

>> No.28516437

So are Titans included in the super-heavy supplement GW is releasing, because I really need an excuse to scratch build a Warhound.

>> No.28516446

If you use the savings from the Chinese, you'll be able to pay for cancer treatment and still have some change left over.

>> No.28516465

No, if anything 6th ed is addingg so many variables and options that it gives every kind of list a fighting chance, if you want to do footguard then getting a fortification is very useful

>> No.28516485


Considering how much money you would save, that is rather likely.

>> No.28516513

people want way to much on ebay for the overpriced models they bought (then splattered with un-thinned paint, which ironically is easier to strip off) and they are generally disagreable.

I also find that people will also increase bid beyond what GW charges if you get them bid-happy (which defeats the entire purpose of ebay).

Best thing to do is reduce your "want" and maximize your appreciation of what you have, while not caring about 20 or 50 bucks here or there.

>> No.28516516

the supplement has a specific list of what super heavys are choices for the lords of war slot

and no of them are titans

>> No.28516528

I wouldnt think so, I think all the superheavies will have a model made by the main GW team so they can sell the kit at the stores like the baneblade, the super-monolith, stompa and lord of skulls, I wouldnt be surprised if GW released a plastic bio-superheavy, like a harridan or hierodule and other models with this release

>> No.28516541

if you are 16 and are counting your nickels, i suggest literally stealing from Games Workshop during the winter, when the store is crowded.

>> No.28516571

>might give you cancer.
Why do people say this? You are probably sat surrounded by stuff made in china already. GW uses resin too, how is the chinese resin worse?

>> No.28516580

Giving this a try. Non-competitive Exorcists list. Coteaz and Silas go with the Crusader squad, modelled as 10 Tacticals and 10 Inquisitorial Henchmen.

Black Templar Primary
1 Captain Silas Alberec185

10 Tactical Marines 160
1 Melta-gun
1 Multi-Melta
1 Drop Pod 35 35 35

10 Scouts 150
5 Sniper Rifles
5 Shotguns
1 Veteran w/Power Fist
1 Landspeeder Storm 55
1 Multi-Melta

Crusader Squad 250
10 Initiates w/ Bolters
10 Neophytes 4 Bolters, 3 Shotguns, 3 CCWs
1 Sword Brother

1 Thunderfire Cannon 100

5 Devastators 150
4 Lascannons 80

1 Aegis Defence Line w/ Icarus Lascannon 85

Inquisitorial Detachment
1 Inquisitor Coteaz 100

Grey Knight Allies
1 Ordo Malleus Inquisitor 40
1 Daemonblade 15

5 Grey Knight Terminators 205
1 Incinerator
3 Hammers
2 Swords

1 Stormraven 205
1 TL Multi-melta
1 TL Lascannons

1 Dreadnought 130
1 TL Autocannon
1 Psybolt Ammo

>> No.28516635

Cool. I'm actually pretty excited about getting back into it, I've heard mostly good things about overall changes.

>> No.28516665


3 weeks ago I spent 34.00 + 4.00 SnH on ebay for the Dark Vengeance supplements (beginner game guide, 138page 6th edition rulebook, all templates, scatter dice, and 2X quick reference sheets). I got ripped off, but I had that ebay itch. I should've paid 30.00 tops.

As far as 2nd hand units, NOBODY sells well painted models. They sell the shit they started out with or fucked up on. Whats worse is they use shit primer that is stubborn ass fuck to remove.

tldr; quit being a cheap fuck and buy new, save yourself a headache

>> No.28516714


Apparently it is just lower quality or something.

Maybe due to china not giving a fuck and having less regulations, dunno.

>> No.28516730


>encouraging youth to steal.

And the award for the biggest dipshit on /tg/ goes to... ANON!

>> No.28516732

and "unpainted" just means they tried to strip it for you.

Ebay is literally people getting off the toilet, looking down, and thinking... "I could set that!".

Make them throw their shit out or give it away, like they should.

Ebay is worse than GW, because it is filled with faggots. I love sending angry messages to people on ebay, then not reading their epileptic responses.

Pay for GW, or at least pay a re-caster. Don't pay Darrell down the street (he beats his wife).

>> No.28516761

>that dipshit

Ummmm, when your youth you cannot get in real trouble, its the TIME to steal

Get a big coat during the winter. (Remember your coat is your 3++). Buy a few things but make sure you always steal more than you buy (thats like your FNP 5+).

Otherwise your doing it wrong.

>> No.28516782

I got an old seraphin box from my FLGS but then I saw the GW prices and I think I will pass.

They has just been opened to check the inside. They can be yours for 40€ plus mailing rates. Anyone interested?

>> No.28516796

Aw, but the Thunderhawk is the only other good Chaos super heavy!

>> No.28516837

Dont give up on your Adepta Soriroriroritas. They are your salvation.

Emporer protects.

>> No.28516863

Mmmm yeah, I know. I would really like to build a SoB army. But chinaman doesn't sell them, and they are ridiculously expensive. I cannot afford paying 50 bucks per troop.

>> No.28516871


when youre youth ask your parents, you have Christmas and your birthday to get them to shell out big bucks. Take your time painting your models, try to out do the heavy metal team. Make your models the best in your community. Don't steal just to fatten up your forces as quick as possible like a dirty lowlife poor fag.

>> No.28517009

Between the war walkers and the fire dragons and maybe the Autarch you can wreck tanks pretty well. Consider either dropping the autarch or adding warp spiders, though--they're good at glancing tanks and flyers and good against pretty much all infantry.
Reapers are good MEQ openers, and the scorpions are pretty good for a strong melee unit.
Troops aren't bad; I would ditch the guardians and double down on dire avengers. Better range and they can move-shoot-move; you've already got good dedicated anti armor. Not sure how well your volume of fire is, but I think you've got a pretty good list, if a little bit biased in favor of anti tank.

>> No.28517039

not all of us are rich or even have christmas, but i wont stoop to calling you names.

if not stealing, then sell drugs to buy them. but only if your 16 and up.

>> No.28517063

Or buy some recast. Srsly, a regular unit will cost 13€ max. It's not that expensive.

>> No.28517077

you dont have to buy all at once? buy (or steal) one at a time. 30 bucks a month for awhile aint bad.

dont worry 40k aint going anywhere

most likely your "want" will subside and you'll discover internet porn or something.

>> No.28517106

only sell drugs in america though. in europe the drugs are for adults. in america you do drugs when your young.

>> No.28517125

No, dude, you don't understand. I already have a DE army. The thing is, I WON'T pay 60 euros for 10 freaking sisters of battle, not when I could buy a hugeton of CSM with that money on Zanchui. It's just a matter of principles.

>> No.28517164

How much money would a beginner have to spend in paint to have the ability to make about 10 IG troops look semi-decent?

>> No.28517178

Woops, forgot to say 1850 points. Also, using the updated rules for Silas from forge world.

>> No.28517228

Well, buying from GW, you will probably need 6-7 colours, and 1 primer (a spray is cool). Colours are 3'5€ each, so 21€ or so, plus primer. If you buy Vallejo, things get cheaper, probably 2/3 of that, or even a half. The thing is, those paints will last for a lot of troops, so it's not that expensive if you think about it.

>> No.28517229


10? try 5.



>> No.28517289

9 regular sobs are 42 euros. A 10-sob unit with sister superior, simulacrum, melta-gun and assault bolter are 65€. Just checked on the GW web, bro.

>> No.28517309

>Not casting Sisters

>> No.28517335

Ah forgot, dam euromoneys.

Here have a picture.

>> No.28517352

remember they are the key to your salvation. You are completely missing MY point.

The Emperor protects.

>> No.28517379

or save your money for a TENGA (or your favorite male stress toy), now at Walgreens and your local pharmacy (as advertised on 4chan).

>> No.28517406

Yeah, you convinced me. I will keep them just because I know I will sell them, they will release plastic SoB, and then I will like to get some metal ones to have a little variety or because they are more awesome than the new ones.

The box was 15€ after all. I'm not losing that much money.

>> No.28517459

looks nice, I might copy you and use Silas as a BT character, he looks nice for a witch hating chapter

>> No.28517513

What is coolcastornots new password

>> No.28517566

I second this because of reasons.

>> No.28517589

Lootas are 15 each man.

It really all comes down to what you want your army to do. If you want to get in their face quickly turn one of your koptas into Wazdakka so you can take warbikers as a troop choice. Battlewagons and Lootas are almost always a must.

>> No.28517594

Just starting how does this look
Blood Angels 1500 points

Captain Tycho 175

Chaplain 100
with DC

Furioso Dreadnought 160
Drop pod

Death Company 210
8x, Rhino
Tactical Squad 220
10x, Flamer, ML, Rhino
Jump Assault Squad 205
10x, Flamer, HF, MB
Scout Squad 90
Sniper rifles and camo cloaks
Scout Squad 90
Sniper rifles and camo cloaks

Fast Attack
2X Baal Pred

>> No.28517658

Yeah, BT chapter tactics aren't at the top of the curve, but I felt they fit really well and the Crusader squad lets me integrate a BB Inquisitor without worrying about transports.

I'm still not sure about the GK detachment. Its about the same points to do essentially the same set up in the marine dex, but I lose the cool bonuses against daemons.

Silas is interesting for his ability to be part of any codex chapter.although in the fluff don't see the BT liking him too much!

>> No.28517661


>> No.28517768

Cannot find SoB here. Nor DE. Chinaman sure hates me.

>> No.28517888

Besides holding the model to weigh it, would anyone be able to tell, looking at a fully painted model, if it's metal or resin?

Asking because cheap casting.

On a related topic, how bad would it be if someone knew I brought resin miniatures, when they should be metal, to a tournament?

>> No.28517920

Well, if they should be metal then you could have a problem, depends on the FLGS (mine doesn't fucking care, half of the people there have Zanchui armies). If they could be made out of resin, and are a good recast (as zanchui), then nobody will notice.

>> No.28518454

Blood Angels, 8th Company: 2000 points

Captain (goes with Van. Vets.)
+Storm Shield
+Power Sword
+Jump Pack

+Jump Pack
+Storm Bolter

Furioso Dreadnought (Chaplain)
+Frag Cannon
+Blood Talon

Sanguinary Priest (goes with 10 man flamer squad)
+Power Sword
+Jump Pack
+Storm Bolter

Terminator Squad
+Assault Cannon

Assault Squad (5 marines)
+Sgt. Thunderhammer
+Sgt. Infurnus Pistol

Assault Squad (10 marines)
+Sgt. Power Sword
+Sgt. Infurnus pistol
+Meltagun (x2)

Assault Squad (10 marines)
+Sgt. Power Fist

Vanguard Veterans
+Sgt. Power Fist
+Sgt. Hand Flamer
+Power Sword
+Jump Packs

+Plasma Cannon
+Storm Bolter
+Drop Pod

Stormraven (For Captain, Furioso and Vets, or Terminators)
+Hurricane Bolters

>> No.28521059

but i get the same amount of S4 attacks from the Furies as i would screamers, and the Heralds with Staff anf G-Aether are really good in combat and with the greater locus can get 12 S7 Ap2 or S8 Ap4 attacks if i roll well

>> No.28521274

never, under any circumstances, ditch an exorcist. its like one of the few things our codex has. drop the command squad and get those ladies some immolators. ladies love immolators. otherwise, more exorcists better than less

>> No.28522547

Pure Ravenwing

-Ravenwing Command Squad: 5 Black Knights, Grenade Launcher, Banner of Devastation, RW Champion

Ravenwing Attack Squad
6 Bikes 2 Plasma
Attack Bike with MM
Land Speeder Typhoon with HB

Ravenwing Attack Squad
6 Bikes 2 Melta
Attack Bike with MM
Land Speeder Tornado HF and MM

Ravenwing Attack Squad
6 Bikes 2 Flamer
Attack Bike with MM
Land Speeder Typhoon with HB

Ravenwing Darkshroud with Assault Cannon


Pic Related, WIP

>> No.28523030


Drop the Cannoness and take Jacobus instead. Celly is fine to keep, but she's straight melee with a flamer and she'll draw a lot of fire, so you'll need to be smart about using her. (Or you could keep her in reserves and deep strike her at the start of your Turn 2.)

Get Immolators as dedicated transports for your Battle Sister squads. (I think they can be Dedicated Transports.)

Consider going the combi-route for your Sister Superiors and giving them a melta or flamer or something.

Drop the Celestians. They're pretty bad. (Or is it Dominions? I'd recommend reading the 1d4chan SoB 6th edition tactics page.)

Swap the Retributors for another Exorcist. Your Sisters are toughness 3 and have to get within template range to use their Heavy Flamers. And if you transport them, they count as having moved. If your enemy is smart, he'd shred them before they'd be able to use those toys.

Also consider investing in a Simulacrum Imperialis for your Heavy Bolter squads; especially if you take Jacobus since he can give any unit he's attached to one extra free AoF. (One time only, though.)

>> No.28523138


Don't listen to the other anons; eBay can have great deals on SoB if you're lucky.

I have a 20 sisters force including three Repentia (whom I proxy as Simulacrum bearers) and I spent (maybe) $45 to 50 USD on them. They even came with Celestine.

I also found a Land Raider for about $30 USD. It was a little beaten up and was obviously some 12 year old's first model and paint job, but after a fresh coat of black, some gunmetal details, and a few giant red 'X's and decals, I've got myself a respectable Death Company Land Raider.

The biggest way you get fucked by playing SoB is through their vehicles. The Immolators are damn near $40.00 new, the Exorcist is $65 (fucking what?), and the Penitent Engines are all super heavy pewter.

I have no idea why GW charges so much damn money for the SoB plastic kits.

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