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>GMing Deathwatch
>players read about the Omophagea, do a double take, then start doing things like stealing a Tau plane and eating a little bit of its erstwhile pilot every so often so they can keep doing it
Is this normal? Because this shit is fucked up.

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No because they're using heretical xenostech.

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Uh... there are relics in the Deathwatch books that are of alien origin. One's even of Necron origin. Clearly the Ordo Xenos doesn't give a shit about heretical xenotech.

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Ordo Xenos aren't above using xenotech to suit their own ends, but each decision to do so is taken very lightly.

Hell, there's even a story in the fluff about an Ordo Xenus Inquisitor (Valeria, I think) who is all but at war with an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor because he blew up a planet with a super important alien artifact on it entirely because, in the Hereticus' Inquisitor's mind, all xeno tech is evil.

Even though this artifact would have allowed the Imperium to greatly combat the forces of Chaos.

Ordo Hereticus can be pretty fucking dumb.

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They're not eating the plane, they're eating the pilot.

Which is to be commended, since they're using the Emperor's gift to hasten the end of xenos both on the micro and macro scales. Just make sure they get a visit from the Adeptus Culinarius once in a while to ensure that they remain loyal to good human food.

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Yes, but they're eating the pilot's mind so they can use the plane. Heresy.

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Who I should note has been revealed to be this guy, who had remained nameless for a long while.

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I like how he has a big glowing neon sign above his head proclaiming thta he is indeed a member of the Inquisition, incase you couldn't tell from all the ][ symbols on his power armour. I don't think he carses much for subtlty.

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>I don't think he carses much for subtlty.
Emil Darkhammer is by all accounts a Monodominant. What do you think?

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>telling death watch space marines that what they're doing is heretical

That's like telling the CIA black ops team that torturing a guy with a fillet knife is evil.

You don't do that.

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No, you can do it

then you all have a big laugh about it and go back to Waterboarding civilians that you're holding without a charge

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Maybe they shouldn't have blown up the two towers eh

Why do you hate freedom, communist?

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It's the Deathwatch. They can do what the fuck they like.

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I like his style. I really do.

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You are aware that only -recent- memories are available from the eating of the brain, right?

They don't get everything he learned, nor do they get perfect pictures of what they get from the brain eating

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All I can say is that the last time I played deathwatch, I ate the brain of every xeno-scum I came across. The xenos were so freaked out by the unstoppable brain eating killing machine that they abandoned their campaign and left in fright.

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The benefits of the omnophaegae are intentionally vague and the benefits of it are left up the GM.

Re: Deathwatch and Xenotech

Just because the inquisitor uses Xenotech doesn't mean the marines have carte blanche to. Just because its in the reliquary/omega vault does not mean they can use it. Since everything is canon in 40k, just be consistent(even if that means actually being inconsistent).

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>They don't get everything he learned
According to the actual rules as well as various BL novels it's used in, yes they most certainly fucking can use Skills the deceased had.

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Oh, I don't mind them using it, I just find it fucked up that they murderize a tau and snack on him while flying into Tau territory.

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Ian Watson would approve, especially if there was a later section about the pain of shitting out goat man chunks.

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Ian Watson thought of everything.

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In one of the ultramarines books there was a sergeant who ate a tau brain to get the knowledge of piloting a tetra to infiltrate.
He kinda freaked out though but he didn't consider himself a heretic or impure.

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Didn't he mention wanting to get his blood filtered so he didn't have icky alien DNA in it?

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In Courage and Honour an Ultramarine Sergeant learns how to pilot Tau vehicles by eating Tau.

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Well it's not like he was about to lose a finger and a nose and shrink, he was just a bit paranoid.
See the freaking out bit there.

Oh eating the brain also told him how to use markerlights.

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