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alright /tg/ my players have shown interest in playing as a squad of specially trained tactical operators who have the sole purpose of removing... something via violence.
Would you be so kind as to help me brainstorm what they shall be removing (please no suggestions of Kebab). I need a powerful enemy for them to combat that is not cthulhu because they need to be able to win if they plan and assault.
So How about /tg/

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Operatives of the modern American bourgeois dictatorship tasked with removing political dissidents.

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General freaky horrors of all kinds and various beasts from mythology work. The SCP wiki should be a good source of inspiration.

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Big mutant killing machines? Something like Resident Evil's Tyrants or other mutant weapon things.

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what system are you using?

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While I admit a kebab genocide would be a good campaign and that Serbia holds a special place in my heart I'm afraid that Kebab removal is not the mission for this group.
A good suggestion but I was hoping for something a bit less mundane. Though Hunting Edward Snowden would be funny.

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Tags from mattresses

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I was planning on using GURPS

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> I was hoping for something a bit less mundane.
Ok. No. Wait. I got it. Operatives of the satanic jewish kabals that pull the puppet strings of the modern American bourgeois dictatorship, tasked with rooting out enlightened hermetic sages under the guise of removing political dissidents.

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/pol/, please stay.

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Player Characters.
It's very meta.

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How about this: There are 100 immortals that live on Earth. They're not immortal in the traditional sense; instead the always reincarnate immediately after dying. Basically they die, ~9 months later they're born again. They slowly regain their memories of previous lives as they grow up.

Since they've lived hundreds, maybe thousands, of lives; they have built up power bases (corporations, cults, royal lines, etc.) that they reassert control over when they reach adulthood.

Your PCs could be employed by one of the immortals in their fight against other immortals or part of an organization fighting them.

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GURPS fanatics took over, you must now shut down the DnD groups.

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You want to give them "The Void"

The game is basically cthulhutech in space but with fudgedice rather than dice-poker, and a simple attribute+skill system for resolving shit.

The character classes are wardens. Their entire job is to investigate weird cthulu shit going on that's been cropping up in the solar system, then slag, tag, and bag the gribblies crawling across the solar system.

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Rules can be found here >>28465388

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I can't help but feel that OP is subconsciously asking for a Delta Green thread.

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Or a Hunter thread.

Anyone else run Delta Green as a subsection of TFV?

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Honestly, this sounds like a job for Night's Black Agents.

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Seconding SCP. I've been running a game for about a year now based loosely around SCP mindfuckery.

The key is getting a mix between combat and intrigue. I find it works best to play it like Event Horizon. If you haven't seen it watch it.
There should be a long build up of freaky shit. Most of the players resources should go to finding out what's going on and how to deal with it. If there is any fighting, it should happen at the end or just before. When shit hits the fan it should be fast, combat will start and then end very quickly. Whatever system you use should be lethal enough to accommodate.

If you want any ideas, I can share some of the things I've run my group up against.

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Yes I do, I just call them Theta Group.

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Nice. I've always wanted to run a WWII TFV game as well, force the players into as much a resistance based mindset as a tactical one.

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First contact was made three years ago when a ship almost 5km long appeared in geosynchronous orbit over the pacific ocean. Directly beneath this great ship the Selarians deployed a floating city where they've established a an embassy to the nations of earth and a massive hub of trade. This teeming metropolis grows every year as people flow in from all over the world, new construction racing outward in every direction to accommodate them. Through this teeming capital information, commodities, new technologies, and dangerous ideas flow freely. Earths nations jockey for influence with the aliens in hopes of securing more of their wonders for themselves. Captains of industry move heaven and earth to corner markets that appear and disappear on a daily basis. Kingpins of the underworld carve out empires in the ever growing back alleys. And always the Selarians pursue their own inscrutable goals here amongst the primitives.

They cold be working for any(or all) factions present.

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I've never actually played Delta Green. Always wanted to.

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Are you blind? The Delta Green logo is right there.
Also in the filename.

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Apparently I am blind... neeever mind.

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With good enough tactics they should be able to remove any enemy. Just look at Batmanif you disregard his wealthyeah yeah..

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This reminded me of a short story, so I spent 40 minutes finding it.

Look for "Punch" by Frederik Pohl, published 1963.

The aliens are very liberal with their gifts.

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Removing overpowered murderhobos with no sence of right and wrong?

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Sounds like Delta Green to me.

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Try out something like a BOPE mission into the favelas of Brazil.
Reference: Tropa de Elite.

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The Council has decided to reactivate the XCOM project, Commander.

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75pts characters.

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Remove snackbar.

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Obligitory Traveller mention is obligatory.
It can do operating and squad-based tactics. Trust me.

Just cut it off at Tech Level 7 or 8

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I'd recommend Traveller, good luck min-maxing character with Traveller's chargen.

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>not cthulhu
Get Delta Green.

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Not playing Cyberpunk 2020 as CYBEX team. Glorious removal of cyberpsychos and ultra-violent booster gangs from the streets of Night City.

Not playing as corporate undercover strike team. Kidnapping/exfiltrating enemy assets. Preventing kidnapping/exfiltration of friendly assets. Counter terrorist operations. Assassinations. High risk personal protection missions. Sabotaging of enemy facilities. Stirring political unrest in some 3rd world shit hole. Preventing rebellions and removing rebels in 3rd world shit holes...

Not being a vigilante group that decided to remove organized crime (mafia, yakuza, triads or whatever you want) from Night City. Planing raids on drug labs or other strategic assets, assassination of key figures, kidnapping and interrogation of syndicate members, stealing useful resources from the syndicates, stirring a gang war...

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Only one proper answer, and that is XCOM.

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