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Hey /tg/ didn't see another thread after last one died and I have a piece for an anon that I never got to put up. Also draw friends and requests welcome.

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Also here's the full comic I promised. Hope you enjoy anon!

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damn it that comic is too adorable.

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I'm not really sure how to react to this. I feel like "D'aww" doesn't cover the explosive nature of it, but "I came" isn't really appropriate either.

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Oh god that is adorably sad.

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I'm b'awww-ing right now.

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This shit right here is goddamn adorable. In a perfect world he would meet and befriend Lofn and together they would be sad no more.

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mfw his message is responded to by slaanesh

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Thats it you draw a sequel one with the emper coming to hug him and giving him the soulstone.
I can't handle this feels ;_;

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This, please. That was super sad, but daww, but sad.

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No. This is bad, and you should feel bad.

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Original requester here.

I fucking love you.

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in the thread where that came from,

someone later wrote that one day Athan found in an airlock pic related.

i think that is the best end.

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request a sister of battle looking curiously at an enginseer doing some maintenace stuff and the enginseer being all blushy like.

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Oh awesome! I felt super shitty since the last thread died out before I could put it up, I'm so glad you found it!

Also, shucks you guys~ I'm glad you like it

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That would be awful
Sauce on pic, if you don't mind? I tried reverse image search and got nothing but 4chan links

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Oh my god. That's great.

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rule 34 on one of Naruto characters

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You realize how little that narrows things down?
Thanks anyways

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More thoroughly embarrassed Sister of Battle x Guardsman wouldn't go amiss.

Failing that, something of Lelith or Khornette would be neat

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Totally on it.

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An adept of the Inquisition and an initiate of the Ministorum being all tsundere to each other.
I don't much care about what careers they are, I just think it would be cute.

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dat kid is sooo gonna boltered to death.
for the emperor!

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Xeno playing scientist by throwing various gene samples and mutagens into a big cauldron and stirring.

Xenorita comes out of it.

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>kid eventually grows up
>doesn't have spirit stone
>goes to the warp
>almost caught by Slaanesh
>saved by Emps
>"I never got those hugs you promised"

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>why do you think I'm here son.

>> No.28483539

hoh gog hoh mam

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Do you do requests?
Could I get an adorable loli nurgling?

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>40k daww drawthread
>not calling it a dawwthread
You had one fucking job OP.

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Some more Felinids please?

Perhaps a scene where female IG are sleeping in their bunks and the Felinid PDF member is sleeping on the bed like a regular cat? You know, curled up?

I think it'd be cute.

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Baby C'tan Shards being chased by a mean Necron Lord.

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I originally thought it did say Daawthread.

I was disapointed, but, it's late, so I forgave OP.....

Or I will if he/she kindly does my request. For the good of /tg/!

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Which one was yours? I'm working on
right now, kinda thought some more draw friends would come, but oh well, more practice for me.

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It was this one:


If you can!

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Can I get an octopus in vaguely shadowseer garb holding tentacles with a cuttlefish in vaguely fire dragon garb?

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Thank you for making the request,
(offtopic, but love the comic that's from, and anybody who knows what I'm talking about will know which particular 40k deity I'm invoking by saying that)

and thank you Op!

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I remember that thread.

>> No.28483872

Hinata. God only knows where from

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I demand a radical inquisitor picking up the letter and doing just this goddamn it.

OP. Make this real!

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>making young Xeno believe Big E is the good guy

>> No.28483917

Bonus points if the kid gets it from a Harlequin at one of the festivals they put on, favor called in from said inquisitor.

Inquistor chances upon it in space, or in a market somewhere picked up by a drifter. He's got no idea who the kid is, but is a psyker and can use that to pick up something of the kid, he has a trail. He thinks 'why the fuck not' and as he's traveling doing inquisitorial things, his job being ordos xenos, he knows where the battles happen, and he gets an idea of where to find the spirit stone. He finds it, and gives it to a harlequin with the return letter and a blanket with the imperial aquilla that's super huge. The Harlequin owes him a favor and just wants him off his back, AND he gets a spirit stone to be returned to where it needs to go. Everyone wins.

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I figured as much from the general character design, but there's so much fucking Naruto porn that I could search for days and never find it

>> No.28483925

We need more cute techpriest pairings. Any cute techpriest pairings.

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>Size: Astartes


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But what happened to her mothers spirit stone?

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if it was that easy anon, we'd all be snuggly.

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I want a pic of Horus bonding (or trying to) with his dad, and then a flash forward to the heresy complete with melancholy reminiscent flashback. MAKE IT HAPPEN BRUV.

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Emps found it.

>> No.28484041

Hopefully lost rather than destroyed. Probably cut from her body in the confusion of battle.

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I'm going to need a source on that image. Google isn't giving me anything.

>> No.28484047

It's the blue shiny thing on the blanket size paper, right? Emps found it.

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It was lost in battle obviously!
Nope, radical inquisitor enacting the Emperor's will to weaken the beliefs of the xeno and make them into better tools for humanity's glorious existence.

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> his message is responded to by slaanesh
That's more plausible in all likelhood.
Somebody write this.

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I legit teared up. I have never teared up at 40k before. Goddamnit.

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In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only cute gifts.

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How about no.


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I think the other Eldar had it, they just took it off her body before they wheeled in the corpse. So the stone and the mom are in the Matrix.

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Idk if its really daw worthy, but might I request a lone imperial guardsmen carrying on his back a injured blushing female eldar farseer? Lets just say he himself is battle scared and is a defector or something.

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>and they both get hit by a stray artillery shell
Sorry, i couldn't resist.

>> No.28484225

>implying the Emperor didn't plan it all from the start.

>> No.28484233

You wrote Battle Scared instead of Scarred, and now I want that to be a thing.

Like, he's terrified of this adorable farseer on his back, and has this look of combined AAAUUGH XENO and D'AAWWWWW GIRLY.

Bonus points if it's a big ol' Catachan or something. Actually, double bonus points if it's an Ogryn who doesn't know any better, Cap'n told him to take care of the girlies and he's going to take care of the girly.

>> No.28484243


I got you:

> Dear Athan:
> Your letter didn't quite make it to the Emperor, but I thought I'd reply anyways since you've been a *good* little Eldar. I dug through my little collection of souls, and I found your mother's. She says hello, and hopes you're doing well. Maybe you can come visit her some time. Until then, have this perfectly crafted blanket for your dad, and a cookie.
> Love,
> S <3

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> an Ogryn who doesn't know any better, Cap'n told him to take care of the girlies and he's going to take care of the girly.

YES! Make it happen!

>> No.28484256

if we do Slaanesh route, this.

>> No.28484273

>See you soon

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Shit it just occurred to me you wanted the enginseer to be the chick in the pic. Dammit I'm sorry, but this is what I got so far.

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Okay guys, I'm going to try and sleep, it's 6:46am, hopefully pain killers will work.

If some kind drawfriend is doing my request, I love you. I hope I see it when I come back.

If the kind drawfriend does do it and the thread is about to die, I hope somebody else will save it and maybe pass it on to a lowly tripfag (though I rarely wear it now)....

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>Slaanesh was grossly misunderstood and was nowhere near as bad as people portrayed it
>Being part of him is mostly like that blissful place near his palace, all the Eldar gods they thought were killed just decided to take a tea break

>Isha voluntarily married Nurgle and just she really likes his cooking

>> No.28484313

Oh man, all that promethium spaghetti from the pockets.

>> No.28484315

I gotcha, go to sleep, it'll be here for yo in the morning

>> No.28484330

>The reply letter has a spell on it that would activate when the reader finished reading the letter.
>Child and parent finally reunited

>> No.28484351

>Khorne just likes sports and friendly competition
>Tzeentch is all about reading and teaching little eldar and monkeigh children

In the bright cuteness of the future, there is only dawww'

>> No.28484356

Whelp I need to spell better, and I'm ok with this too.

>> No.28484372

>Emps finds letter
>feels kinda sad
>grabs blanket but can't find mom's soulstone or a way to get it to her
>goes and asks Slaanesh for a favor

>> No.28484375

Thank you kind sir/madam. You're place in the Pantheon is secure.

>> No.28484390


I also look forward to seeing more artwork from everybody else!

>> No.28484403

How about an Ork babysitter?

>> No.28484409

>Cure little girl growing up into the greatest Farseer of the 42nd Millenia

>Manages to out-dick Eldrad, gets half the Imperium to attack the Eye of Chaos at the same time, ruining Abbaddon's 14th crusade.

>Also an Ork Waaaaaugh!

>Also manages to get the Tau to use their tech to "bump" a Necron Tomb World into the Eye

>Finally, gets entire craftworld armed and heads into the Eye herself, a finely crafted path of bone, blood, sweat, and Space Marines giving her a wide berth inside. She hands a certain well-worn pipe and a signed cigar case to a man in military uniform, and a small envelope to a Space Marine with enormous fists.

>Makes her way into Slaanesh's realm, a feat impossible for an Eldar - If it weren't for all of the perfectly content Orks doing their damnedest to pick a fight with everything and anything. Hands a hat to a Warboss and tells him that the pink tentacled thing on the left called him "mini-Ghazzy."

>In the throne room, a knight adorned in silver tussles with a Necron Lord, his humility and honor tarnished from his time in his realm almost as much as the Lord's Necrodermis. In the midst of the struggle, she whispers one word to the Lord - A name he heard once and had forgotton, the most important name in his life - And the struggle is re-born, the two figures fighting more furiously than ever... and perhaps the Lord is... smiling, now? Do robots smile? His troops slowly re-form now, as though their protocols only now had the will to kick-in, and she moves in further.

>Inside a room filled with light and fury and the Warp itself, she points her wraithbone-blade and shouts at the grasping power before her.

>"It's been a while, S. I believe you have something of mine."

>> No.28484419

Athan is a dude, holmes.

>> No.28484446

I have to ask:

what kind of heretic are you to think the emprah would waste a moment of his time helping xenos?

heresy, burn them all.

P.S. was cute though, I will say that.

>> No.28484504

Huh, learn something new everyday.

Eldar have more than one Gender? They all look alike to me...

>> No.28484518

I like this...

almost as much as I like the inquisitorial one.

Can we get timeline's A and B please if somebody does the comic??

>> No.28484633

Dear SandyClawz

I been a gud boy dis year. I followed me Warboss all da way into a daemon's mouth and out da other side. I been extra nice to da other boys too, I gave a git back some of his teef after I kicked his face in.

What I want for Gorkmas is wun o dem offishul Red Ryder Karbine acshun 2000-shot range Big Shootas.

Tell da little grotz in yer workshop ta paint your squig pulled sleighcopta extra red so it goes fastah. I left some squig cookies and a barrel o squid milk outside da fireplace just for yez and I krumped some thieivng magpies who to steal em. I even had to beat a git who tried to pretend he was you, had big sandy clawz, sleighcopta squids, grotz and all. Tried bribe me wit a fancy shoota he did. I killed him his own shoota and looted his copta.

I'm still waiting for you ta arrive.

- Dursnig

>> No.28484669

>>Isha voluntarily married Nurgle and just she really likes his cooking
Where are the drawfags when you need them?

>> No.28484689

>Dear Dursnig
Gud job boy, ya krumped all da gits pratendin ta be me did ya? Youz gunna get an xtra-speshul present dis yer.
Dont shake it ya git, it might be a puppy squig.
PS: You ain't gettin a shoota, u'll shoot yer eye out ya git! Have a choppa insted.

>> No.28484694

Depends on the craftworld.

>> No.28484697

>implying Anthan isn't from craftworld Idharae
>implying the Emperor didn't send in the Invaders
>implying the letter didn't lead the Imperium to their doorsteps
>implying their world wasn't doomed by the innocence of a small child

Shhh, no more dreams, only tears.

>> No.28484764

> implying invanders search specially what to INVADE

>> No.28484835

I don't know! I only have two hands and there are so many things I want to draw!

>> No.28484856

'fuckin saved

>> No.28484876

That is delightful.

>> No.28484932

papa nurgle and mama isha?

>> No.28484934

I tried to make a good SandyClawz, but I kinda suck.

>> No.28484948

We need a Khornette (or bloodletter-chan, w/e she's ACTUALLY called) trying on a frilly dress and feeling pretty.

>> No.28485891

thanks for picking my request honestly its better then i expected i cant complain

>> No.28485982

A old Green Marine image, but I'd love to see more of Khornette and the other demonettes.

Like all four of them sitting on a couch, playing vidya, Khornette getting mad, Tzeentchette (?) with the biggest shit eating grin, trolling Khornette.
Nurglette watching in awe, and daemonette doing lewd things behind them.

>> No.28486046

Gork and Mork join in by fightan. They want them hugs too. Slaanesh tries to protest on everyone stealing her Eldar, so gets wrecked and stomped.

>> No.28486075

Reposting this since it was so great. Thaaaaank you, luth!

>> No.28486076


Or better yet, Valkia the Bloody.

>> No.28486083


nigga wut

>> No.28486154

When the Lady Admiral commands you to give Medicae aid to the fallen techpriest... she gets creative.

>> No.28486173


Hope you get this in the morning. I love lady parts guys, but they are hard to goddamn draw.
I'll do a couple more here and here but I might have to call it a night soon. Hopefully another kind draw friend can tap me out by then.

>> No.28486284

is anyone around to take requests?

>> No.28486297

I haven't really seen any other draw friends, they might be asleep and such. I can give it a shot though if you're up for it.

>> No.28486310

Ask a lady friend to show you her bits for artistic study.

Worked for me. Yes, of course we had sex after.

>> No.28486342

Okay, here's a tough one for you. It'd have to be a landscape.

A long line of skeletons, armed and dressed in armor, walking in a single file off a cliff, and falling into a giant pile of bones.
And from the bottom of that pile, a long line of skeletons. armed and dressed in armor is assembling and walking in a single file.

>> No.28486365


Pics or it didn't happen.

captcha: phyperf pleasures

>> No.28486401

>implying the Emperor didn't influence events so that they'd find their target

>> No.28486604

Here you go, hope you like it.

>> No.28486616

That's witty.

Really interested in doing some of the requests. But workload today wouldn't allow it.

>> No.28486631

That's cute as fuck.

Any chance for the other daemon girls?

>> No.28486650

Superb, Anon. Man, why are people who can draw so awesome?

>> No.28487029

Holy awesomesauce Batman!

That's amazing. It's going alongside other drawfriend Felinid pictures.

Also, I wish I could draw, I mean, I bought a Bamboo Wacom with the Manga programs for a sweet deal, never even opened it. Too tired, too ill.

I've always wanted to do a Oglaf style webcomic, but with plot with plot (if you get this, you're even more awesome).

Maybe one day, but I feel like I'll never get good so I don't even try. It's hard to just, you know, start.

These are my very old "half trace" pictures. Bout 8 years old now.... Can't do anime eyes, can't keep lines smooth....

Thanks again man.

Because they have a skill many don't, plus some people get a buzz out of being nice to people, hence my trip. I put it on cause I used to go searching for hard to find pics. It's fun. Plus all the 40k fap fics. Plus, drawing has lots of personality in it.

>> No.28487373

THanks dude! I'm glad you like it. I think I'm packing up for tonight, it's almost 4 where i am. But if I may shoot advice and be sappy for a moment? You can start drawing like any time friend. You got the equipment, and I kow time constraint-believe me, if I had time I feel like I'd be where I want to be in my art, cause there's always a next level.
Also I love Oglafs style too, and one day I hope to be as good if not better(I'll be the best! You'll see!). I leave you gentlemen tonight with the words of Bob Ross.

Thanks for the comments guys and I'm glad you like the pics :)

>> No.28487573

This is so cute. And tragic. My poor, old, blackened heart! What strange feeling do you bring me?

All my spaghetti.

Reminds me of that elf slave picture.

Looks like someone forgot to turn the swag off.

>> No.28488993

Someone requested a Sister Custode Friendship pic last time I saw one of these threads about a week ago and it looked like someone started to draw it.

Was it ever finished?

>> No.28489113


And I'm now picturing a keep calm style poster:

Keep Practicing
<Bob Ross afro outline>
& Pursue Interests

>> No.28489464

Can someone please do this one?

>> No.28489899

So Max and Eshwe from Heretical Love?

>> No.28490066

This one is my favorite.


>> No.28490088

now i want to fuck shota emps

if this is heresy, i dont want to be pure

>> No.28490114

Nice dubs combo.

>> No.28491381

Okay, I've got one.

Requesting a 40k version of the classic Dieto-scene from Panty and Stocking with the two Rogue Traders Magellan Galba and Bianca Amaretto in the place of Stocking and Panty (references in picture)

Speech bubbles optional but welcome!

Amaretto: "Magellan...!"
Magellan: "W-What!?"
Amaretto "Could it be you're.... BEGGING!?"

Because let's face it, what greater shame can befall a mafia don of a Rogue Trader than being reduced to begging for money?

Video for the uninitiated!

>> No.28491521

Ave Bob. Ave Arry. Ave Tarla.

>> No.28491533

Ave it your way.

>> No.28491548


>> No.28491568

That... was not what I wanted to post.

I swear.

>> No.28491609

Can I request a Necron Lord in a Samurai-esque armor?

>> No.28491622

Elven fetishist, wot do?

>> No.28491630


Yes it was.

>> No.28491659

Dis is wot you do ya git!

>> No.28491679


Beautiful work

>> No.28491805

Stop being a Scraploota.

>> No.28491809

Putting up my old requests just in case anyone's still interested:
>Sicarius and Kantor locked in a flamenco duel
>Two Dreadnoughts high-fiving
>Astartes goofing off at Disney World Imperium

>> No.28491839 [DELETED] 

Go away.

>> No.28492016

I'll make a request too, if no one minds.
>A sprirtseer and his dear wife(who is dead and placed in a wraithguard long ago) give each other a hug after a battle. It's just like old times for them.

>> No.28492307

Take your fetish stuff elsewhere.

>> No.28492366

What fetish?
I wanted this to be a heartwarming moment, when they remember how they killed mon'keigh when she was still alive.

>> No.28492417

Either he is shitposting, or its a joke about hugging and handholding.

>> No.28492472

Ah, I understand. I'm not sure if someone will take my request, though.

>> No.28492628


OR here, thanks! We need more adorable writefaggotry to go with this.

>> No.28492671

>Still waiting for sequel to OP's comic
>Will it be inquisitor using resources and own psyker abilities to track down the spirit stone and send it back with harlequins
>Will it be Anthan single handedly fucking over the eye of terror to get his mommy back from Slaanesh?

>> No.28492721


No no no...

> Slaanesh invites Anthan over for tea
> It's quite literally just a tea party in the Formless Wastes
> Anthan's mom is there, Slaanesh brought her along
> Lil'E shows up with pastries
> Khorne and Tzeentch provide entertainment
> After Anthan leaves back to normal space, the gods + Emps break out the card table again

>> No.28492765

I would like to request a dirty and tired-looking Imperial Guardsman, being handed a bento box by a blushing Eldar girl. Or Tau. Or hell, even Human would be fine!

>> No.28492780

Hey ELH. If you still wanna get that alarune greentext done, the smut thread is still alive and well.

>> No.28492924

Gonna post this for your benefit.

Could I get a continuation with the Space Marine dropping her off with some Sisters of Battle and telling her to be good?

>> No.28494656

Well have to admit. It's one hell of a cute thing. Plus...
I too second this idea.

When I saw how many people wen daaaaaw on that pic, I decided not to post my request. Maybe next drawthread...

>> No.28498176

>All the eldar gods are there too
>And Gork and Mork because why not?
>Khorne and Khaine having an arm wrestling contest with G&M

>> No.28498747

Considering all we've done for your Fantasy counterparts, you could at least answer a child's letter.

>> No.28498804 [DELETED] 


ITT: Fetish and weeaboo bullshit.

>> No.28498877

The following scene please: Khorne and Khaine sitting on the couch drinking Bludweisers and watching Blood Bowl, the Khornate team is playing/slaughtering the Human team (the High Elf team lost earlier in the season, so Khaine is rooting for Khorne's boys). Ereth Khial and Slaanesh are having fun preparing to bast a (living) turkey in the kitchen. Lil' Lileath and Lil'Cultistchan are playing princess somewhere.

>> No.28499053

>> No.28499153

Top shelf!

>> No.28499183

>That fucking purity seal hair bow

>> No.28499249

You know, purity seals make great accessories.

>> No.28499401

Nope. I'm dead, too cute
Nice knowing yuh.

>> No.28499446

Them kitties.

>> No.28499477

>> No.28499504

Any interest in this one?

>> No.28499527


A collab work? I approve!

>> No.28499684

I require a picture of Doomrider on his bike, with Kharn the Betrayer riding in the sidecar of destruction, most likely holding a bucket of throwing axes.
This is actually for a death squad game I'm GMing.

>> No.28499698

deathwatch, damn I haven't slept in a loooooooooong time

>> No.28499823


I think this thread would be better without your self-insert Mary Sues.

>> No.28499848


>> No.28499931

Is that farseer going full lessie?
Once you go mon-keigh you never go back.

>> No.28499951

Taldeer and Macha can certainly vouch for that.

>> No.28500049

There's also a fanfic where Farseer Caerys captures and rapes Canoness Selena Agna and it ends with the suggestion that Selena has fallen for Caerys.

Not sure of /tg/'s cannon in regards to those two.

>> No.28500176

And that one about the Angel Forge chick getting it on with a flatseer.

>> No.28500200

Last I checked, it was that she actually had the hots for Vance Motherfucking Stubbs the whole time (apparently the IG and Eldar made a few deals behind the scenes and their professional relationship eventually escalated).

On a related note, Caerys is rather self-conscious about her bust size.


That would be Idranel. Apparently in another story, she decided to take out her sexual frustration on a guardsman who had become smitten with her (the Orks were invading, and she was sent to defend a trading post on his planet).

>> No.28500586 [DELETED] 

I want fetish shit to leave.

>> No.28500629

I usually only hang out in /mlp/ drawthreads.

Are these much different? Besides pone?

>> No.28500642

That depends- do you know the basics about 40k or are willing to learn about them?

>> No.28500660

I'm on board with this

>> No.28500703


Basically, expect 40k, a typically grimdark setting, be applied in a cute manner. While we're *thinking* of expanding to a sort of blanket "cute" thread to allow for other content from other sources, this particular thread is pretty limited in scope.

>> No.28500720

"Cute" in this case would mean the softer, lighthearted side of the setting (sometimes comically so) in contrast to its natural tone of gloom and doom.

>> No.28500727

One I requested and am unbelievably happy with!

>> No.28500745


>> No.28500767


How is that Tzeentch! It's a supper-cute navigator!"

>> No.28500802


I know a decent amount about 40k, I used to play it a lot.


Cute sounds ok, I wanted to try some action more serious stuff though. Ponies are already pretty cute. Maybe I'll lurk some more and try to see if I find something.

>> No.28500819


Action/serious is welcome too. Just lurk away until you find/come up with an idea that strikes your fancy. It should probably go without saying that pony-art should stay on /mlp/, even if it's 40k-related

>> No.28500827

>no third eye

>> No.28500829


i really like this idea. Innocent eldar child prays to emperor. Emperor hears him through the warp and decides to genocide all over him. I just hope he survives to feel bad about it.

>> No.28500831

I'm pretty sure it was an astropath.
>Ponies are already pretty cute
Don't shit on the thread, dude.

>> No.28500876


It was an astropath that I requested, but I stupidly managed to post a pic of a navigator for reference. i'm very happy with the picture either way.

>> No.28500911

Still waiting on that art of the Tau, Kroot and Vespid children playing in a sandbox with an adult Ork while an Imperial Guardsman and Eldar Guardian watch from a park bench.

>> No.28501007

It's a Navigator

Well, if you're still interested, you can take a stab at this:

>> No.28501400

Yeah, it's pretty damn cute.

>> No.28501470 [DELETED] 

>I want fetish shit to leave.
Then saying shit like this is the opposite of what you should do, now they will stay just to spite you.

>> No.28501606

He was trolling. Everyone knows that cuteness and lewdness don't have to be mutually exclusive.

I present to you Exhibit A: Lelith Hesperax dressed up as a catgirl.

>> No.28501629


>> No.28501739

Told you so. Have exhibit B. (Notice the naked apron.)

>> No.28501929

I went to see a Skeleton Time Lord.

>> No.28501983

That's not 40k.

>> No.28502178


>> No.28502198

>naked apron
>clearly visible panties

>> No.28502201


>> No.28502227


>> No.28502255

Half-naked, then. I can still tell that she's not wearing a bra.

>> No.28503005

Personally I'd like to see the Emperrasque suddenly appear, toss the kid the stone, be all like, "here ya go", then vanish leaving the craftworlders all wtf.

>> No.28503203

Requesting Sister of Battle crying as she tries to keep an Imperial Guard from bleeding to death.

>> No.28503225

>40k D'aaaaw

You know what?

I want to see someone, be it a Sister, a kid, whatever, giving a Lamenter a hug.

>> No.28503241

Fuck you, Trazyn! Stop stealin' my gimmick!

>> No.28503354

Bonus points if the Lamenter looks surprised.

>> No.28503467

Stupid kiddie stuff, leave.

>> No.28503592

How about a female techpriest with two medical mechandrites, one of them an electronic bone saw, the other a syringe. She should like frustrated or angry.

>> No.28503964

They made/are making an Anime of I'm not Popular?


Meanwhile, related to the thread. Here's one I requested a while ago of a Hospitaller and her pet Gryinx.

>> No.28504115

That's some heresy, stroking a xeno-cat

>> No.28504139

>Being this heartless

>> No.28504163

>Being this faggy

>> No.28504247

I requested ol' Zila here in another one of these threads, just hangin' back and chewing on some beef jerky, but it never arrived. So 'ere we go!

>> No.28504285

Gryinx(es?) in old fluff were accepted in the Imperium to a degree. The only real iffy point about them is they psychically bond to their owners.
The biggest issue here is if the Sisterhood would allow this or not.
Rarely certain Sisters are psychically bonded to Cherubs so the issue here isn't the bond itself but more if there has been any major retcon involved with the Grynix since the days of yore. (I personally think GW has just forgotten they existed, really. So no retcon will ever actually come)

>> No.28504287

Made, finished, largely forgotten.

>> No.28504358

Well, they are a pretty blatant ripoff of Honor Harrington. Blatant by GW standards, I mean.


Yeah, it was pretty much crap. The manga, too.

>> No.28504458

I wouldn't go that far, it was just "well that was amusing- oh, it's over? So what else is on?

>> No.28504484


Where are these razormouth lady pics from?

>> No.28504526

I sadly have no idea, Google Image Search didn't help. But I do have the original here.

>> No.28504717

"Hellshock" on Pixiv and the *boorus. He's one of the few artists that draws Nechronica character art.


Naturally, most of it's R-18G, so you won't be able to get to that specific image set without an account.

>> No.28504816

Being this bait.

Where have all the drawfriends gone, anyway? I mean, OP's comic was adorable, but it's been nothing but re-posts for hours now...

Still enjoying the cute though

>> No.28505000

>Well, they are a pretty blatant ripoff of Honor Harrington. Blatant by GW standards, I mean.
One of these days I'll have to actually sit down and try and read a story or two in the series.
I tried once but got bored and gave up.

>> No.28505071

Ohoho, you bet. Just see the picture.

Thanks, mate. Shame I don't have any account.

>> No.28505174

Actually brought tears to my eyes.

>> No.28505286




>> No.28505300

That pic doesn't have an infinite number of dicks. I am offended.

>> No.28505365

Who knows, with those space elves...

>> No.28505664

How do you draw infinite dicks?
Penis Fractals?

>> No.28505722

YES! The slaanesh penis fractal will penetrate all.
...That's not really appropriate for a dawwwthread though, so have the lictor friend an awesome drawfag drew for me.

>> No.28505730

And the second one.

>> No.28505864


>> No.28505895


Something like this (well, kinda-sorta) happens at the end of the second Shria Calpurnia novel. A Rouge Trader's charter gets vented and goes off drifting through the galaxy.

>> No.28505916


The imperium isn't mithered about xeno-fauna - they're just animals. It's only sentients that get exsanguinated.

>> No.28505937

Aww, who's a cute little psychic bonding kitty.

>> No.28505982

Working on more Xenorita

>> No.28505991

How about a little psyker girl having a tea party with various stuffed animals and a chained and bound daemonhost who may or may not look like it's secretly enjoying the hell out of it?

>> No.28506036

I second this suggestion.

>> No.28506041

>Purge la Purge

>> No.28506043

And a Carnifex totoro.

>> No.28506057

>"Oooh, ooh! Can I come? Can I come!? Will there be pie? Don't worry, I brought my own!"

We demand more of this... Xenorita. Perhaps even with a bit of capture.

And then it kills you. Because it's a cat and therefore not just evil, but ambitious as well.

>> No.28506191

Real classy image!

>> No.28506210


>> No.28506255

Not my work. Posting just because.

>> No.28506281

It says D'aww Drawthread, what did you expect?

>> No.28506282

Now we know what the banshee howl sounds like.

>> No.28506325

Between Xeno and Blue, I'm starting to think the Tau have latent cuckoo-like tendencies to leave their young with other species so they don't have to raise them themselves.

I request a picture (pictures?) of Tau babies being left with non-Tau parents. A tau baby suddenly in the midst of a clutch of hormogaunt eggs. A tau baby suddenly in a crib with a human child. A tau baby staring up at some very confused looking eldar. A tau baby being held by a Slaan that has no idea what to do. An ork runtherd being overun by a swarm of tau babies.
Anything you can think of that would be adorable or otherwise cute.

This is obviously the REAL reason the stealth suit was invented

>> No.28506374

Oh brilliant.

>> No.28506384

Fourthing this

>> No.28506395

>Looks like someone forgot to turn the swag off.
>Woke up covered in pussy

>> No.28506409

Seconding, sounds cute

>> No.28506418

Better yet, a Tau child being dropped off with the Hrud. Hell, anything having to do with the Hrud in general. Should make for a nice challenge.

>> No.28506431


Why can't I hold all this DAWWWWW?

>> No.28506503

I just named it DAWWWWWWWWWWW when saving it.
All my other daww pics have describing pics.

>> No.28506522

Describing names.
Have a cute crying commisar as compensation. Thanks again drawfag who made this.

>> No.28506525

That would be like dropping a candle in candle in an oven.

>> No.28506591

How about a short comic:
Frame 1- The Emperor on the Golden Throne
Frmae 2- Same image, but a baby tau is now sitting next to the Throne
Frame 3- A Custodes looks over and scratches his head.

>> No.28506613

This gives me the idea of instead of primarchs being stolen away by chaos, they're being replaced by Tau.
And no one ever notices.

>> No.28506644

That would explain why Tau and Marines are Battle Brothers.

>> No.28506740

reported for immense faggotry

>> No.28506807

No... No pie..? None?

>> No.28506823

No interest in this?

>> No.28506854

This is all I had time to work on, I'll most likely have it done this evening because my day is completely full; I'm getting a new dog and helping my grandparents decorate for Christmas and prep for Thanksgiving dinner.

>> No.28506869

this makes me think that there is a Space marine Make a wish foundation that sets up crusades for dying little children

>> No.28506881

" Make a War Foundation"

>> No.28506885

The cutest I have is this.

>> No.28506910

>"S-Stupid Guardsman, it's not like I'd regret executing you or anything"

I fucking lost it. A+ post!

>> No.28506935

>> No.28506936


Think of it. You're a little kid dying of cancer, the saddest thing there ever was, but you still want to do your bit to help the Imperium before you go, contribute in some small way to the glory of Man. So Imperial childcare charities bring in condemned criminals into the hospital and set up the dying kids with a little pistol so they can execute the felon from their hospital bed. The criminal himself can't help but smile at the young child's expression of weak but fulfilled delight, shortly before he's blammed.

>> No.28506953

That armor looks delicious.

>> No.28506974

Some serious child propaganda right there.

>> No.28506985

>Hello Timmy!
>Timmy here has been in a crossfire between guardsmen and Dark Eldar, and caught a dart of filthy Xenos poison, which is now slowly killing him.
>But today, we are here to give him his heart's desire, and with whom else than our sponsers, the ADEPTUS ASTARTES!

>> No.28507026

I laughed way harder than I should have.

>> No.28507052

A patient, older, Mentor Legionnaire teaching a Sister of Battle "Remedial Melta" lessons, with plenty of "You can do it if you try!" attitude. She should be horribly embarassed and blushing.

Also, this gave me an idea;
>Stand and Deliver; 40,000
>The scene is grim
>It is also dark
>In walks a member of the Mentor Legion, pan to the class; Khorne Bezerker, Imp Guard joes, a ditzy Felanid, a genestealer, a squat, the Sister of Battle who just can't make her melta work, etc.
>Do rest of Stand and Deliver.

For some reason, this is hilarious to me, and when I make my Mentor army, Edward James Olmos shall be their chapter master.

>> No.28507062

The Scraplootas were a lot more clever than people give them credit for.

>> No.28507072

>It appears the child has died. The best of Imperium technology could not save him...

>> No.28507103


what is the Xenorita?

>> No.28507126

>You Olmost got away, Heretic.
>I shall educate you on the meaning of pain!
>Quit being an angsty Mexican!

>> No.28507144

One of the previous 40k dawwthreads has xeno make a human clone based on herself and she became a Battlenun.

>> No.28507178

Its from the Xeno twitter, actually.

>> No.28507228

Ah, didn't know. I just saw someone make the request in the thread. I don't do all the stuff outside of 4chan itself.

>> No.28507233

>> No.28507251

Is anyone actually still here to take requests? It seems like muju is gone again, luth is still busy, and all we're getting now are reposts and more requests.

>> No.28507259


>> No.28507272


>> No.28507281


>> No.28507285


I would actually buy a blanket like this, lol... As long as it was not the scratchy kind.

Who else things that a blanket with an enourmous Omega on it would be cool (even to those without 40k reference).

>> No.28507301


>> No.28507326

I'd rather have one with a bright crimson with an eight-pointed star. Still, damn awesome.

>> No.28507331

WHy don't you make yourself useful and draw something, then?

Oh, right. Useless neckbeard.

>> No.28507410

Incredible. What a withering rebuke, replete with valid criticism and wit in equal measure. Guess that teaches me not to ask questions, huh?


>> No.28507482

I like to imagine there's a happy ending to it. Back in September Black Library did a bunch of 1000 word short stories like they are wont to do at times. The theme was Angels of Death, so all SPESS MAHREEN ones. The one starring the Grey Knights featured them on a dead Eldar craftworld that had been infested by daemons, which they purged then stuck around a few weeks to return the soulstones they found to an Eldar Seer. I choose to imagine that is the little Eldar's future. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only hugs.

The Emper keeps his promises through his blessed angels.

>> No.28507487

Got me spooked there, boy. I best watch out before you hurt me.


>> No.28507549

>No third eye
Pretty shitty navigator if you ask me
How does she even navigate?
Bitch doesn't even melt people with Lidless Stare

>> No.28507601

It's an Astropath, my bad, my bad.

Pic related. The way you Navigator-Loli the right way.

>> No.28507659

and suddenly, these faggots

>> No.28507764


Well, if we were being strict about it all Astropaths are blind, but she could be wearing fake eyes, r just be a regular psyker.

>> No.28507829

Rolled 4

>The Tau are desperate allies for the Chaos Demons

>> No.28507858

Still no third eye.

>> No.28507864

Awww this reminds me of that one comic with the immortal creature meeting a little girl and he stays with her till she dies and he just cries his heart out at the end

>> No.28507872

Blind, yes, but not without eyes. Some keep milky-white husks, others keep actual eyes. Some get replacements. Either way, my bad for mistyping Astropath as Navigator.

>> No.28507875

Now we need a little tau girl raised by daemons. Maybe shes a Fire Caste raised by Khorne and has playdates with Khornette and Cultist while Grandpappy Nurgle babysits.

>> No.28507895

It's under her bangs, you double-heretic.

Of course they are! After they killed Slaneesh, they teamed up with the red-faced Kh'o'rne race! Sure, they are a violent and primitive species, but the Ethereals have high hopes that to uplift these noble savages.

>> No.28507904

why do you have to do this to me?

>> No.28507930

Ah shit, I got it saved, but not on my laptop or I'd post.

>> No.28507943

That just makes her a loli

>> No.28507953

How could you possibly tell that it was a Navigator without being explicitly told it was, then?

>> No.28507970

Yes, and?

>> No.28507973


The flash duds aren't enough for you? All navigators and navigatrixes are as rich as fuck and they like being pimp.

>> No.28507993

Not entirely sure what you mean, anon... I said the Astropath drawing up ahead was a Navigator, which I was wrong about. Then I posted a picture of Manah from Drakengard as an example as how I'd play a Loligator.

>> No.28508008

So I'd like to make a request: a Canoness scratching an embarrassed-looking felinid Sister behind her ears.

>> No.28508028

No idea who Manah is, but even if she does have a third eye, if it isn't visible, someone without the prior knowledge that she has one would never know that she's supposed to be a Navigator. Flash duds aren't a good indicator, either, since there are far more rich little girls in quality clothes than there are loli Navigators.

>> No.28508047

Usually wouldn't the iconography be enough? And don't a lot of Navigators wear headbands or stuff like that to hide their warp eye?

>> No.28508068

Huh? I think you're confused, anon. The pictures I posted of the blonde loli, named Manah, are only what I said would be my ideal inspiration for a Loli-Navigator. That is, the character herself. I never claimed that she actually *is* a Navigator in that picture.

What I meant by "Pic related" was just the personality of the character.

>> No.28508078


>> No.28508087

In fact her clothing doesn't even look very 40K
Both of which she has none of.

>> No.28508095

Their eye also glows with the light of the warp, so add some nifty light effect?

>> No.28508097

don't forget the little sidebraid!

>> No.28508108

I love the name almost as much as I do the picture itself

>It's under her bangs, you double-heretic.
Then we should be able to see the stuff that surrounds the eye itself, furthermore, there are splits in her bangs which shows her forhead, bereft of a third eye

>> No.28508112

Which kind of hruds? The gothninja bugs or the steampunk rats?

>> No.28508122

>Then we should be able to see the stuff that surrounds the eye itself, furthermore, there are splits in her bangs which shows her forhead, bereft of a third eye

Anon, I didn't mean that literally. I just used the character as an example.

>> No.28508127

"I just....Woke up with Doomrider's hand.... in my power armour.
That's how my day went."

>> No.28508143


>> No.28508218

Seconding this one.

>> No.28508246

Thirding it.

>> No.28508305


Samefag, go home. No one wants to see your furry shit.

>> No.28508344

>Her eye is open
Thanks for melting us all, jackass

>> No.28508369

That's just some bitch from Drakengard

>> No.28508452

>Thanks for melting us all, jackass
mind explaining this to me?

>> No.28508631

The Warp Eye is basically a tiny little portal to the warp. It murders anyone who looks directly at it.

>> No.28508669

Catgirl /= furry

Its a 10℅ at most.

>> No.28508672

Good job, Anon Slowpoke! I mean, we did explain this earlier in the thread and her name is right in the description, but I'm glad you came in half an hour later to point this out. Nothing gets past your eagle eyes, I see! What ever would we do without your keen-eyed insight?

>> No.28508725

Hence, why they are always covered.

>> No.28508760

Don't engage the shitposter, just report and ignore.

And have a 40K version of that chart.

>> No.28508771

this is missing all the permutations between 10 and 50%.

>> No.28508890

Is there really anything between the two other than various degrees of fur?

>> No.28508994

>>Sicarius and Kantor locked in a flamenco duel
I agree on this one.

Sadly, it's d'awww thread, so not really for requesting non-ambitious-yet-powerful-denizens-of-Commoragh playing strip poker that I was thinking about since someone made a topic about Drazhar...

>> No.28510092

That chart is so effing saved.

>> No.28510163

That chart is so fucking saved.

>> No.28510386

Dat chart is so fuggen saved.

>> No.28510439

So fucking saved, man!

>> No.28510450

saved, great work to whoever that did this

>> No.28510467

We still got any drawfriends here? I have a request: I want Ragnar Blackmane posing like Lion-O with his Frostblade above his head in place of the Sword of Omens, crying 'Space Wolves, hoooooooo'.

Around him, other Wolves look embarassed and are glancing away. Or are really into it, dealer's choice.

>> No.28510538

does the imperium actually officially has "restrict births to homeworld" and "restrict movements, purge eventually" categories?

>> No.28510565

Fuck if I know, though the former seems possible for abhumans who are localized

>> No.28510599

I am so fucking confused right now.

>> No.28510659

It's some sort of joke, but I don't get it.

>> No.28510711

They do not. Some assholes who don't understand evolutionary biology read, "endemic and restricted to," to mean that Felinids aren't ever allowed to leave Carlos McConnell even though in the exact same section it specifically calls out beastmen as being subject to travel restriction.

>> No.28510731

and me without the thread-cap of Commissar Johnny Bravo saying he'd help her if he'd introduce him to all those hot exarch mommas.

>> No.28510792

wait, 40k canonically actually has catgirls?

... holy crap they do. You can find any type of furry variant you want within the imperium... they even have "scalies".

>> No.28510823

Its a joke on how felinids are restricted to their homeworld - some claim for biological reasons, others for political ones - whereas beastmen are restricted to about 3,000 planets and have a history of getting purged just in case they're Chaos Spawn.

>> No.28510831

Yeah, abhumans are still looked down on but it's not like you're going to be executed for being one. Just welcome to shitty jobs forever and always.

>> No.28510847

>3,000 planets
Make that 300,000.

>> No.28510853


Are those just really tall people? Weird.

>> No.28511799

Or it's a more literal read on "longshanks", meaning unusually long legs.

So it's either tall people or stilt men.

>> No.28511801

What's a troth?

>> No.28511909

Either a green human or a kawaii plantgirl human, judging by the name. That tiny line of text is literally the full extent of our knowledge on troths.

>> No.28511916

Googling says faith or loyalty.

>> No.28512110

Bumping with a sub-par attempt at original art.

>> No.28512169

...or I would if the thread wasn't past bump limit.

>> No.28512370

>IG stormtrooper hiding his child during Invasion
>Gives child his helmet
>Be wastes of horrible city battle
>Sad child wearing Cadian storm trooper Helmet walking though wastes to find his dad killed.
> See's waving Standard with image of Terra on it.
>Finds dying space marine (Imperial fists in my mind) keeping his standard upright with his last strength.
>Child helps him hold it.
>Space marine explains it can not fall for standard reasons but more importantly because it is the image of Terra the Heart of the Imperium.
>Flash forward
>SM party comes to recover geneseed/bodies relics etc.
>Find Child holding Banner alone now bearing a purity seal given to him from the deceased Space Marine.

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