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1) Go to omegle
2) Put "/tg/" as your interest, and hit chat.
3) Roleplay
4) Was it fun(ny)? Post the log


1) Go to omegle
2) Put "roleplay" as your interest, and hit chat.
3) Hide your powerlevel until the last minute, then go full fa/tg/uy.
4) Post the log

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Can't join the crusade because it would eat up too much time and I'm dealing with Exams, but I'll support your cause with some old goodies.

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I don't understand Magic but this is still really funny.

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Funniest part is that they instantly recognize it.

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>mfw somebody posted my chat
O-oh gosh anon...

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It was pretty well done, really lenjoyed how seamless and serious it was. Would love to see more of your style.

A short one now.

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I'll go get my old laptop and get some more, I had a guy do a really really long one where we actually went to Siberia.

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And that's all for today, good luck on your crusade, valiant fa/tg/uys.

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Everyone leave?

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I am >>28476594
and I just got back with goodies.
Dumping now.

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Fuck the new post timers.

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Why are you all so serious...
Burn the villages...

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This one was interesting to say the least.

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Apparently this wasn't sexual enough

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Finally a chance to post this

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Fucking beautiful.

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I'm flattered this thing still gets circulated. Alas, had I seen this thread before is fling myself into it, but I'm stuck for time. Hopefully this'll still be around tomorrow evening. I've missed sending hapless ERPers on magnificent quests.

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Lets hope my skelebro is here somewhere...

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Omegle wannabe slaves are shit at it, was once convinced to actually play along, person fairly obviously wanted a "slave training role play", and they never gave me any reason to punish them, they roleplayed being used as a foot stool and a drink table for half an hour and never put a foot wrong, how am I supposed to train a slave if they are going to carry out their tasks perfectly?

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Nice one, it's cool to have some actual roleplaying between the trolling roleplaying.

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I can't believe you guys saved my chats.
Still nobody tells me "but that's a mana ability" , so we should conclude that Omegle is worse than /tg/ at mtg.

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>wannabe slaves

Should have made them build a pyramid.

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It's a legal play, though. Who's stupid enough to tell the opponent they just fucked up and wasted their first turn?

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It's Omegle, one person at a time, They kinda already were a 1 person pyramid when I was using them as a foot stool.

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I meant each one of them at a time. If they want to be slaves, go full paraoh and make a monument to make justice for your body.

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Oh god, my sides, can't stop laughing, actually fell off my chair.

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there is hope on omegle

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You. I love you. Full homo.
Anyone have one of those orc ambush ones?

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My sides
I can feel the bleeding
It's not bad though
This is a good way to go
Farewell, tg, farewell.

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>jump on omegle hoping for sum RP
>end up talking to a lesbian about relationships for two hours

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oh god, are there more?

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A few. Should I post some?

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Yes, yes you should

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Well alright then

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Yes, those. God bless you, sir.

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That's the last Brogan I made (for now), but here's a little extra I did a while back.

Later /tg/, and remember: Keep an eye out for those fucking orks.

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I love you. Full homo.

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Thanks M8!

>last Brogan I made
>I made
Are... are you Brogan?
Can I love you?

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Indeed I am, though it's hard to prove such things on an anonymous imageboard.

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Even if you're someone pretending to be the glorious Brogan, it does my heart good to know there are those such as you, opposing the ork menace.

May we meet again, in glorious combat!

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Brogan's exploits have spawned something of a cult following amongst us.

Of course, some of us have chosen a different path.

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Someday, I aspire to be as great a warrior as you.

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Dammit. Another customer lost because of the space-bitches. Gonna have to pack in the Space-mages. They just don't draw buck like they used to.

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Silly soft-hearted capitalist.

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We're all walking the same road, barbar.

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Truly, my superior intellect makes me a master of disguise and deception. I don't think he was any the wiser.

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In which an American girl wanders into the shop of Crazy Ivan and learns about the evils of Chechens.


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It won't fit, so here's the link,
(Don't let sempai down. Read this bugger)

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Koizawa shouldn't worry, she's the MC there's no way she can fuck it up. Also the president is evil, no doubt about it.

I swear I've seen this anime somewhere though.

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I pulled from maid sama and a couple others.

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Loli in the Sky.

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Pure gold.

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another customer of the Eldritch Pot

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So, we goin at it again tonight?

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hahahahaha fuck

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I hope you like tit jokes and violence puns.

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it's almost touching how close that was to going somewhere.

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And then it didn't. That's fine though; we can just have more adventures.

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I have one which went somewhere, although the guy had to leave before it finished.


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Bedtime bump. I think someone can come up with something clever before this thread dies.

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Trying for something clever. Can I get a show of hands for who's lurking?

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I am. I'm not sure how many others there are, but I guess Mondays are just slow for most people.

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I am. Not feeling inspired for something to start us off, though.

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I hate mondays

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If this was /b, someone would suggest a good way to troll omegle again. Then again, I'm glad this isn't /b

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From these guys, I'm guessing I should just let the thread die.

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Also lurking

And I have this:

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Oh dear. http://logs.omegle.com/c907ecd

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Were you taking or recieving?

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